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Polluters in Wyoming
Basin Electric_laramie River Station7928580,702,398.09
Pacificorp_jim Bridger78265131,755,728.25
Pacificorp_naughton Power Plant8225672,073,454.87
Pacificorp_dave Johnston7718080,234,061.50
Sinclair Oil Corp-Sinclair Refinery2115311,764,139.19
Black Hills Corporation_simpson 2791186,972,349.24
Frontier Refining, Inc.141105,138,636.42
Sinclair Refinery - Casper14903,806,642.29
General Chemical116520,838,599.68
Kinder Morgan_douglas Gas Plant14641,026,605.01
Williams Field Services _ Echo Springs1659508,700.01
Bp America _ Anschutz Ranch East9531,564,240.01
Colorado Interstate Gas_rawlins Comp552429,398.99
Wyoming Refining Co_newcastle Refinery13511,908,251.20
Kinder Morgan Igt_casper Extraction1548376,591.00
Williams Field Svcs_opal Plant1848707,279.99
Dyno Nobel Inc. - Cheyenne Plant7451,285,178.00
Oci (Rhone_poulenc) Wyoming16417,602,511.05
Western Gas_hilight (Md_124)538850,281.00
Duke Energy Fld Svcs _ Patrick Draw336228,220.00
Tbi Field Services_pavillion Stn1335213,099.00
Solvay Minerals, Inc.123410,747,019.84
Mountain Gas Resources_granger Gas Plant532666,726.00
Howell Pet Corp_elk Basin Gas Plant8313,477,864.05
Exxon Shute Creek I43118,165,599.89
Lincoln Cty Wy-Thayne Sanitary Landfill292919,526.67
Merit Energy_luckey Ditch Gas Plant32936,000.00
Newcastle #2 Landfill2828575.15
Upton #4 Landfill28282,921.92
Fmc Soda Ash Facility-Green River Plant1028998,039.98
Bairoil #2 Landfill2828461.64
Wamsutter #2 Landfill2828271.68
Sweetwater County Swdd / Point Of Rocks Lf2828324.45
Sweetwater County Swdd / Reliance Lf28283,641.00
Sweetwater County Swdd / Superior Lf2828324.45
Eden Valley Swdd Landfill2828337.37
Granger #1 Landfill28284,514.35
Teton County / Horsethief Canyon #128281,499.58
Uinta County / Bridger Valley Landfill28281,573.13
Uinta County / Evanston Landfill28282,035.28
Ten Sleep Swdd / Ten Sleep #1 Landfill2828461.64
Weston County Dump / Central Landfill2828136.45
Lincoln County / Cokeville Landfill2828357.01
Lincoln County / Kemmerer South Landfill28282,826.69
Salt Creek Joint Powers Board Landfill2828654.68
Natrona County Parks / Alcova #2 Landfill2828136.45
Park County Swdd / Powell Landfill28281,323.57
Park County Swdd / Meeteetse Landfill2828443.18
Eastern Laramie County Sw Disposal District2828701.90
Fremont County Swdd / Dubois #12828369.31
Torrington Disposal Service Landfill28282,670.81
Lagrange Landfill2828720.24
Lingle Landfill2828271.68
Fort Laramie #2 Landfill2828297.54
Thermopolis Landfill2828139.11
Cheyenne Landfill28281,605.24
F. E. Warren Air Force Base Landfill2828324.45
Kaycee Landfill2828461.64
Buffalo #1 Landfill28281,218.23
Park County Swdd / Clark #2 Landfill2828413.61
Labarge Landfill2828352.46
Manville #2 Landfill2828669.07
Guernsey Landfill2828662.16
Wheatland #2 Landfill28281,229.68
Glendo #2 Landfill2828297.54
Sublette County / Daniel Junction Lf2828222.97
Clearmont Landfill2828352.46
Sheridan Expansion Landfill28281,723.41
Sublette County / Pinedale #1 Landfill2828735.21
Park County Swdd / Cody Landfill28282,215.88
Sublette County / Marbleton #1 Landfill2828136.45
Sublette County / Marbleton-Big Piney Lf28283,693.13
Fremont County Swdd / Shoshoni Lf & Ts2828184.66
Fremont County Swdd / Sand Draw Lf2828961.74
Baggs Solid Waste Disposal Site2828230.75
Fremont County Swdd / Lander Landfill2828473.18
Torrington #2 Landfill28281,477.25
Fremont County Swdd / Hudson2828305.29
Douglas Landfill28281,735.27
Sundance Sanitary Landfill2828441.68
Moorcroft Sanitary Landfill #22828411.96
Glenrock #1 Landfill2828440.03
Rawlins Landfill28282,117.27
Dixon Landfill2828136.45
Encampment Landfill/Ts Since 19972828476.41
Sinclair #2 Landfill2828297.54
High Country Joint Powers Board Lf2828357.01
Saratoga Landfill2828517.34
Shirley Basin Landfill2828297.54
Campbell County Balefill #2 Ts Since 199728282,925.82
Big Horn County Solid Waste District South28282,872.19
Laramie Landfill28284,044.93
Rock River #2 Landfill2828461.64
Shell Landfill2828297.54
Manderson #2 Landfill2828297.54
Hyattville Landfill2828297.54
Emblem / Burlington Landfill2828381.61
Devon Sfs Operating_beaver Creek827474,293.00
Williston Basin Ipc_worland Comp Stn825604,960.00
Bp America - Whitney Canyon72418,563,720.50
Hiland Partners, Llc_hiland Gas Plant924713,629.02
Wexpro Canyon Creek/Vermillion324511,200.00
Fmc Corp_green River Plant_sodium Prod62410,660,619.80
Western Gas Resources _ Kitty Plant324376,046.00
Williston Basin Ipc _ Elk Basin Comp Stn822214,960.00
Western Sugar Coop_torrington Plant621523,713.00
Bitter Creek Pipelines-Landeck Central821120,579.00
Kinder Morgan _ross Booster1121131,450.00
Kinder Morgan_hogs Draw Station1121146,895.00
Kinder Morgan Igt-Sand Draw Comp Stn142034,516.00
Kinder Morgan_west Porcupine Stn1320327,381.01
Questar Gas Mgmt_blacks Fork Gas Plant720293,054.40
Kinder Morgan_teckla Booster1119141,119.00
Kinder Morgan_powell1119137,899.00
Williams Field Services_saddle Ridge619527,440.00
Bear Paw Energy - Prairie Dog Booster319388,380.00
Western Gas Resources - Little Thunder219303,200.00
Kinder Morgan_amos Draw Booster131887,647.00
Kinder Morgan_archibald Booster111898,070.40
Migc, Inc_bonepile Comp Stn318187,246.00
Kinder Morgan_gopher Station1318638,068.99
Kinder Morgan_hay Booster Stn1218141,967.00
Mountain Gas Resources_ Fontenelle318359,799.99
Northwest Pipeline _ Green River81724,393.40
Chevron Carter Creek5171,807,352.02
Cordero Mine13178,627.14
Kinder Morgan Igt_guernsey1417212,262.00
Sf Phosphates, Inc7174,206,599.91
Williams Fld Svcs_labarge Compressor Stn131728,080.00
Northwest Pipeline_kemmerer Compr Stn816132,956.40
Louisiana Pacific_saratoga Mill1116202,616.00
Merit Ener_north Buck Draw Unit#13_1731545,740.00
Kinder Morgan_scott1115206,670.99
Kinder Morgan_irwin Ranch Station1015211,071.00
Questar_rock Springs Complex31563,200.00
Colorado Interstate Gas_desert Springs415137,036.00
Questar Pipeline_ Eakin Station71514,309.20
Williams Field Svcs_frewen Lake Comp Stn915178,328.00
Black Hills Corporation _osage8155,784,799.35
Chevron Usa_waltman Unit 1621548,240.00
Duke Energy Fld Svcs_emigrant Trail314221,580.00
Conoco - Casper Pump Station614112,442.00
Burlington Resources_lost Cabin3147,578,600.03
American Colloid_west Colony1014109,527.60
Kinder Morgan_ha Creek Booster Stn101463,843.00
Kinder Morgan_house Creek Booster1114230,962.00
Colorado Interstate Gas_laramie Comp Stn314222,300.00
Kinder Morgan_thunder Creek Booster1013262,643.99
Thunder Creek Gas Svcs-Fb1156213122,980.00
Kinder Morgan_ Bunker Hill101342,068.00
Wyoming Medical Center10132,047.95
Ondeo Nalco Energy Services7131,820.00
Kaneb Pipe Line_cheyenne Terminal1013220,484.60
Silver Eagle Refining-Evanston7135,647.99
Fmc Wyoming Corp _ Soda Ash Plant1013398,230.00
Western Gas Resources-Hay Creek Station213201,960.00
Rocky Mountain Pls_wamsutter Station81293,268.00
Wyoming Pipeline Co_mush Creek Station912476,133.01
Crown Cork And Seal Co_worland Plant #2512329,600.00
American Colloid_east Colony912282,282.81
Mountain Cement Co9122,411,432.96
American Colloid Co_lovell101266,614.00
Georgia Pacific_gypsum Plant41148,523.00
Williston Basin Ipc_lovell Compr Station71186,800.00
Bear Paw Energy-Antelope Valley Cs311138,400.00
Sinclair Oil_bairoil Station711173,405.00
Amer Colld_upton Plant101145,413.00
Bitter Creek Ppl-Gladewater Central11186,900.00
Big West Oil & Gas -North Grieve211189,520.00
Wyoming Interstate Gas Co_baxter Comp St31191,800.00
Anadarko E&P Co-Table Rock Gas Plant510119,258.00
P4 Production_rock Springs Facility8101,741,487.39
Overland Trail_north Baxter Comp Stn610123,879.00
Wyoming Sugar Company_worland Plant410282,650.01
Rocky Mountain Pls_medicine Bow Station810186,400.00
Rocky Mountain Pls_granger Station81080,637.00
Colorado Interstate Gas_muddy Gap Comp21012,640.00
Uw Centrl Heat Plant39291,760.00
Wyoming Penitentiary39840.00
Western Sugar_lovell4975,358.00
Paladin Energy-Silo Gas Plant2939,400.00
Encana Energy-Heart Mtn79135,120.00
Mountain Gas Resources_red Desert Plant3962,800.00
Western Gas Resources-Storm Shelter Cmp38153,600.00
Questar Gas Mgmt_south Baxter Compr Stat3892,800.00
Williams Fld Svcs_eight Mile Lake Stn28200,040.00
Conoco - Sheridan28103,040.00
Rocky Mountain Pls_labarge Station88352,539.99
Merit Energy-Halfmoon Station581,148,600.02
Thunder Creek Gas Svcs-South Kitty2818,620.00
Interline_well Draw Gas Plant2818,700.00
Neiman Sawmill38270,400.00
Western Gas Resources-Black Thunder Cs2775,980.00
Thunder Basin Coal_black Thunder37121,800.00
Questar Pipeline _ Dry Piney57206,649.99
Colorado Interstate Gas_table Rock Comp37105,200.00
Western Gas Resources-Porcupine Booster27222,739.99
Marathon Oil Co _ Oregon Basin Gas Plant37627,600.01
Belle Fourche Pipeline_donkey Creek17485,200.00
Migc _ Reihmann Comp Station2657,040.00
Sheridan Va Medical Center - Heating Plt3689,600.00
Southern Star Central _ Riner3698,200.00
Univar Usa36244.00
Williams Field Services_hares Ear3641,800.00
Colorado Interstate Gas _ Elk Basin36144,400.00
Univar Usa36423.00
Black Hills Corporation Simpson 1562,221,594.90
Williston Basin _ Billy Creek Compressor2691,160.00
Conoco - Rock Springs25131,600.00
Colorado Interstate Gas_lost Cabin/Madde2510,600.00
Kern River Gas Trans. _ Muddy Creek158,800.00
Santa Fe Snyder-Baggs Mainline Station2463,920.00
Kern River Gas _ Painter Reservoir243,200.00
Wyoming Lime Producers245.61
Northwest Pipeline_muddy Creek Comp Stn3433,559.20
Migc, Inc._carter Comp Sta2423,440.00
Black Hills Bentonite _ Casper Plant3337,000.00
44 Lumber And Timber33423,300.00
Buckingham Lumber33482,700.01
Black Hills Bentonite _ Mills Plant2319,600.00
Defense Techs. Corp. Of America236,330.21
Triton Coal Co. L.L.C. North Rochelle Mine231.50
Cig Wamsutter Stn2328,000.00
Union Tank Car Co._evanston Facility3311,800.00
Bentonite Corp_colony Plant3365,800.00
Dakota Coal Co._frannie Lime Plant3371,800.00
Aec Express Holdings_guernsey Station1242,560.00
M-I Drill Fluids12142,199.99
Aec Express Holdings _ Casper Stn12142,800.00
Crown Asphalt Prods. Co. Rawlins Asphalt Terminal120.31
Western Fuels-Wyoming Inc.220.03
Excal Inc.2210.00
U.S. Air Force Wyoming Ang1214.99
Bentonite Corp_lovell Plant2295,200.00
Platte Pl Co_chatham Station1239,400.00
Fmc Wyoming Corp_caustic Soda Plant224,400.00
Red Butte Pipeline _ Byron Station1233,600.00
Big Horn Gas Proc-Big Horn Gas Plant223,800.00
Church & Dwight116,400.00
Pittsburg & Midway Kemmerer/Skull Point111,000.00
Casper Balefill1118,820.00
American Wyott Corp.111.10
Custom Fiberglass Inc.1113,934.00
Antelope Coal Co.110.96
Triton Coal Co. L.L.C. Buckskin Mine110.20
Belle Fourche Pipeline_south Hilight11196,600.01
Viking Explosives & Supply Inc.115.00
Schroll Cabinets1121,120.00