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Polluters in Wyoming
Pacificorp_naughton Power Plant8225672,073,454.87
Basin Electric_laramie River Station7928580,702,398.09
Black Hills Corporation_simpson 2791186,972,349.24
Pacificorp_jim Bridger78265131,755,728.25
Pacificorp_dave Johnston7718080,234,061.50
Lincoln Cty Wy-Thayne Sanitary Landfill292919,526.67
Lincoln County / Cokeville Landfill2828357.01
Lincoln County / Kemmerer South Landfill28282,826.69
Labarge Landfill2828352.46
Salt Creek Joint Powers Board Landfill2828654.68
Natrona County Parks / Alcova #2 Landfill2828136.45
Fremont County Swdd / Lander Landfill2828473.18
Torrington #2 Landfill28281,477.25
Eastern Laramie County Sw Disposal District2828701.90
Lingle Landfill2828271.68
Fort Laramie #2 Landfill2828297.54
Thermopolis Landfill2828139.11
Cheyenne Landfill28281,605.24
F. E. Warren Air Force Base Landfill2828324.45
Kaycee Landfill2828461.64
Buffalo #1 Landfill28281,218.23
Park County Swdd / Clark #2 Landfill2828413.61
Park County Swdd / Cody Landfill28282,215.88
Sublette County / Marbleton #1 Landfill2828136.45
Sublette County / Marbleton-Big Piney Lf28283,693.13
Park County Swdd / Powell Landfill28281,323.57
Park County Swdd / Meeteetse Landfill2828443.18
Manville #2 Landfill2828669.07
Guernsey Landfill2828662.16
Wheatland #2 Landfill28281,229.68
Glendo #2 Landfill2828297.54
Sublette County / Daniel Junction Lf2828222.97
Clearmont Landfill2828352.46
Sheridan Expansion Landfill28281,723.41
Sublette County / Pinedale #1 Landfill2828735.21
Encampment Landfill/Ts Since 19972828476.41
Sinclair #2 Landfill2828297.54
High Country Joint Powers Board Lf2828357.01
Saratoga Landfill2828517.34
Rawlins Landfill28282,117.27
Dixon Landfill2828136.45
Douglas Landfill28281,735.27
Sundance Sanitary Landfill2828441.68
Moorcroft Sanitary Landfill #22828411.96
Glenrock #1 Landfill2828440.03
Fremont County Swdd / Hudson2828305.29
Fremont County Swdd / Shoshoni Lf & Ts2828184.66
Fremont County Swdd / Sand Draw Lf2828961.74
Baggs Solid Waste Disposal Site2828230.75
Fremont County Swdd / Dubois #12828369.31
Torrington Disposal Service Landfill28282,670.81
Lagrange Landfill2828720.24
Campbell County Balefill #2 Ts Since 199728282,925.82
Shirley Basin Landfill2828297.54
Shell Landfill2828297.54
Manderson #2 Landfill2828297.54
Hyattville Landfill2828297.54
Emblem / Burlington Landfill2828381.61
Laramie Landfill28284,044.93
Rock River #2 Landfill2828461.64
Big Horn County Solid Waste District South28282,872.19
Sweetwater County Swdd / Point Of Rocks Lf2828324.45
Sweetwater County Swdd / Reliance Lf28283,641.00
Sweetwater County Swdd / Superior Lf2828324.45
Eden Valley Swdd Landfill2828337.37
Granger #1 Landfill28284,514.35
Teton County / Horsethief Canyon #128281,499.58
Bairoil #2 Landfill2828461.64
Wamsutter #2 Landfill2828271.68
Uinta County / Bridger Valley Landfill28281,573.13
Uinta County / Evanston Landfill28282,035.28
Ten Sleep Swdd / Ten Sleep #1 Landfill2828461.64
Weston County Dump / Central Landfill2828136.45
Newcastle #2 Landfill2828575.15
Upton #4 Landfill28282,921.92
Sinclair Oil Corp-Sinclair Refinery2115311,764,139.19
Williams Field Svcs_opal Plant1848707,279.99
Oci (Rhone_poulenc) Wyoming16417,602,511.05
Williams Field Services _ Echo Springs1659508,700.01
Kinder Morgan Igt_casper Extraction1548376,591.00
Sinclair Refinery - Casper14903,806,642.29
Frontier Refining, Inc.141105,138,636.42
Kinder Morgan Igt_guernsey1417212,262.00
Kinder Morgan_douglas Gas Plant14641,026,605.01
Kinder Morgan Igt-Sand Draw Comp Stn142034,516.00
Tbi Field Services_pavillion Stn1335213,099.00
Cordero Mine13178,627.14
Kinder Morgan_gopher Station1318638,068.99
Kinder Morgan_west Porcupine Stn1320327,381.01
Kinder Morgan_amos Draw Booster131887,647.00
Williams Fld Svcs_labarge Compressor Stn131728,080.00
Wyoming Refining Co_newcastle Refinery13511,908,251.20
Solvay Minerals, Inc.123410,747,019.84
Kinder Morgan_hay Booster Stn1218141,967.00
Kinder Morgan_archibald Booster111898,070.40
Louisiana Pacific_saratoga Mill1116202,616.00
Kinder Morgan_house Creek Booster1114230,962.00
Kinder Morgan _ross Booster1121131,450.00
Kinder Morgan_hogs Draw Station1121146,895.00
Kinder Morgan_teckla Booster1119141,119.00
Kinder Morgan_powell1119137,899.00
Kinder Morgan_scott1115206,670.99
General Chemical116520,838,599.68
Wyoming Medical Center10132,047.95
Kaneb Pipe Line_cheyenne Terminal1013220,484.60
Kinder Morgan_irwin Ranch Station1015211,071.00
American Colloid_west Colony1014109,527.60
Kinder Morgan_ha Creek Booster Stn101463,843.00
Kinder Morgan_thunder Creek Booster1013262,643.99
Kinder Morgan_ Bunker Hill101342,068.00
American Colloid Co_lovell101266,614.00
Amer Colld_upton Plant101145,413.00
Fmc Wyoming Corp _ Soda Ash Plant1013398,230.00
Fmc Soda Ash Facility-Green River Plant1028998,039.98
Williams Field Svcs_frewen Lake Comp Stn915178,328.00
Wyoming Pipeline Co_mush Creek Station912476,133.01
Hiland Partners, Llc_hiland Gas Plant924713,629.02
Bp America _ Anschutz Ranch East9531,564,240.01
Mountain Cement Co9122,411,432.96
American Colloid_east Colony912282,282.81
Devon Sfs Operating_beaver Creek827474,293.00
Bitter Creek Pipelines-Landeck Central821120,579.00
Rocky Mountain Pls_labarge Station88352,539.99
Northwest Pipeline_kemmerer Compr Stn816132,956.40
Williston Basin Ipc _ Elk Basin Comp Stn822214,960.00
Howell Pet Corp_elk Basin Gas Plant8313,477,864.05
Rocky Mountain Pls_medicine Bow Station810186,400.00
Williston Basin Ipc_worland Comp Stn825604,960.00
P4 Production_rock Springs Facility8101,741,487.39
Rocky Mountain Pls_granger Station81080,637.00
Northwest Pipeline _ Green River81724,393.40
Rocky Mountain Pls_wamsutter Station81293,268.00
Black Hills Corporation _osage8155,784,799.35
Questar Gas Mgmt_blacks Fork Gas Plant720293,054.40
Questar Pipeline_ Eakin Station71514,309.20
Bp America - Whitney Canyon72418,563,720.50
Silver Eagle Refining-Evanston7135,647.99
Sf Phosphates, Inc7174,206,599.91
Ondeo Nalco Energy Services7131,820.00
Encana Energy-Heart Mtn79135,120.00
Dyno Nobel Inc. - Cheyenne Plant7451,285,178.00
Sinclair Oil_bairoil Station711173,405.00
Williston Basin Ipc_lovell Compr Station71186,800.00
Western Sugar Coop_torrington Plant621523,713.00
Conoco - Casper Pump Station614112,442.00
Williams Field Services_saddle Ridge619527,440.00
Overland Trail_north Baxter Comp Stn610123,879.00
Fmc Corp_green River Plant_sodium Prod62410,660,619.80
Anadarko E&P Co-Table Rock Gas Plant510119,258.00
Mountain Gas Resources_granger Gas Plant532666,726.00
Chevron Carter Creek5171,807,352.02
Crown Cork And Seal Co_worland Plant #2512329,600.00
Questar Pipeline _ Dry Piney57206,649.99
Merit Energy-Halfmoon Station581,148,600.02
Colorado Interstate Gas_rawlins Comp552429,398.99
Western Gas_hilight (Md_124)538850,281.00
Black Hills Corporation Simpson 1562,221,594.90
Georgia Pacific_gypsum Plant41148,523.00
Colorado Interstate Gas_desert Springs415137,036.00
Exxon Shute Creek I43118,165,599.89
Wyoming Sugar Company_worland Plant410282,650.01
Western Sugar_lovell4975,358.00
Neiman Sawmill38270,400.00
Dakota Coal Co._frannie Lime Plant3371,800.00
Marathon Oil Co _ Oregon Basin Gas Plant37627,600.01
Merit Energy_luckey Ditch Gas Plant32936,000.00
Duke Energy Fld Svcs_emigrant Trail314221,580.00
Wexpro Canyon Creek/Vermillion324511,200.00
Univar Usa36244.00
Questar Gas Mgmt_south Baxter Compr Stat3892,800.00
Mountain Gas Resources_ Fontenelle318359,799.99
Southern Star Central _ Riner3698,200.00
Wyoming Interstate Gas Co_baxter Comp St31191,800.00
Mountain Gas Resources_red Desert Plant3962,800.00
Duke Energy Fld Svcs _ Patrick Draw336228,220.00
Western Gas Resources-Storm Shelter Cmp38153,600.00
Northwest Pipeline_muddy Creek Comp Stn3433,559.20
Burlington Resources_lost Cabin3147,578,600.03
Colorado Interstate Gas_table Rock Comp37105,200.00
Bear Paw Energy - Prairie Dog Booster319388,380.00
Questar_rock Springs Complex31563,200.00
Colorado Interstate Gas _ Elk Basin36144,400.00
Williams Field Services_hares Ear3641,800.00
Univar Usa36423.00
Colorado Interstate Gas_laramie Comp Stn314222,300.00
Western Gas Resources _ Kitty Plant324376,046.00
Bear Paw Energy-Antelope Valley Cs311138,400.00
Migc, Inc_bonepile Comp Stn318187,246.00
Merit Ener_north Buck Draw Unit#13_1731545,740.00
Uw Centrl Heat Plant39291,760.00
Black Hills Bentonite _ Casper Plant3337,000.00
44 Lumber And Timber33423,300.00
Buckingham Lumber33482,700.01
Thunder Basin Coal_black Thunder37121,800.00
Wyoming Penitentiary39840.00
Sheridan Va Medical Center - Heating Plt3689,600.00
Union Tank Car Co._evanston Facility3311,800.00
Bentonite Corp_colony Plant3365,800.00
Migc _ Reihmann Comp Station2657,040.00
Colorado Interstate Gas_lost Cabin/Madde2510,600.00
Big West Oil & Gas -North Grieve211189,520.00
Kern River Gas _ Painter Reservoir243,200.00
Conoco - Rock Springs25131,600.00
Chevron Usa_waltman Unit 1621548,240.00
Conoco - Sheridan28103,040.00
Cig Wamsutter Stn2328,000.00
Bentonite Corp_lovell Plant2295,200.00
Black Hills Bentonite _ Mills Plant2319,600.00
Interline_well Draw Gas Plant2818,700.00
Colorado Interstate Gas_muddy Gap Comp21012,640.00
Fmc Wyoming Corp_caustic Soda Plant224,400.00
Western Gas Resources-Hay Creek Station213201,960.00
Williston Basin _ Billy Creek Compressor2691,160.00
Western Fuels-Wyoming Inc.220.03
Thunder Creek Gas Svcs-South Kitty2818,620.00
Thunder Creek Gas Svcs-Fb1156213122,980.00
Triton Coal Co. L.L.C. North Rochelle Mine231.50
Excal Inc.2210.00
Defense Techs. Corp. Of America236,330.21
Wyoming Lime Producers245.61
Williams Fld Svcs_eight Mile Lake Stn28200,040.00
Western Gas Resources-Black Thunder Cs2775,980.00
Western Gas Resources - Little Thunder219303,200.00
Santa Fe Snyder-Baggs Mainline Station2463,920.00
Western Gas Resources-Porcupine Booster27222,739.99
Big Horn Gas Proc-Big Horn Gas Plant223,800.00
Migc, Inc._carter Comp Sta2423,440.00
Paladin Energy-Silo Gas Plant2939,400.00
Pittsburg & Midway Kemmerer/Skull Point111,000.00
Viking Explosives & Supply Inc.115.00
Schroll Cabinets1121,120.00
Church & Dwight116,400.00
M-I Drill Fluids12142,199.99
Aec Express Holdings_guernsey Station1242,560.00
Platte Pl Co_chatham Station1239,400.00
Kern River Gas Trans. _ Muddy Creek158,800.00
Belle Fourche Pipeline_donkey Creek17485,200.00
Custom Fiberglass Inc.1113,934.00
American Wyott Corp.111.10
U.S. Air Force Wyoming Ang1214.99
Triton Coal Co. L.L.C. Buckskin Mine110.20
Crown Asphalt Prods. Co. Rawlins Asphalt Terminal120.31
Antelope Coal Co.110.96
Red Butte Pipeline _ Byron Station1233,600.00
Casper Balefill1118,820.00
Aec Express Holdings _ Casper Stn12142,800.00
Bitter Creek Ppl-Gladewater Central11186,900.00
Belle Fourche Pipeline_south Hilight11196,600.01