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Polluters in West Virginia
Ac & S Inc.362,757.00
Acf Industries, Inc.666,158.60
Afg Industries, Inc. Jerry Run Plant7593,132,955.06
Aker Plastics Co., Inc.45118,270.00
Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals Llc221050201,708.14
Alcan Aluminum Corporation743503,206.00
Allegany Ballistics Laboratory35415774,748.13
Allegheny Energy Inc. Pleasants/Willow Island Power Stations12211,427,615.20
Allegheny Wood Products,Inc. Plant 4713214,925.37
Allegheny Wood Products,Inc. Plant 861591,280.35
Alpharma Inc.1212,500.00
American Bituminous Power-Grant Town Plt15728,309,801.66
American Fiber Resources, Llc67260,380.00
American Foam Techs.112,600.00
American Woodmark Corp. (Moorefield Plant)5924,627.30
American Woodmark Corporation -Hardy Co.21443,858,028.62
Ames True Temper - Plant #193281,965.90
Ames/True Temper-Plant #2103220,371.72
Appalachian Mining Inc.112,063.00
Appalachian Power - John E Amos Plant74256326,253,812.10
Appalachian Power - Kanawha River Plant7517848,277,105.70
Appalachian Power - Mountaineer Plant7490122,157,943.77
Appalachian Power Co.-Philip Sporn Plant74398113,752,480.31
Ashland Chemical Company10361,268,065.99
Automated Merchandising Sys. Inc.000.00
Ball Metal Food Container Corp.1828487,728.00
Basf Corp.4731,017.00
Bayer Corp.243,168.00
Bayer Corporation423661,108,980.48
Bayer Corporation - South Charleston1441154,654.42
Bayer Cropscience6830313,144,009.92
Beech Fork Compressor Station30118329,106.04
Berkely Solid Waste Authority Landfill28284,346.86
Big Sandy Peaker Plant, L.L.C.78467,760.00
Bonham Compressor Station30164466,688.40
Bradley Compressor Station30187543,261.38
Brenntag Mid-South Inc.11198.00
Brentwood Industries, Inc.5544,763.80
Brooke County Landfill293399,373.84
Bruce Hardwood Flooring, Llc1235478,152.14
Buckhannon Landfill28281,547.19
Buffalo Coal Co. Inc. Prep Plant1223,597.00
Cabot Corporation-Ohio River Plant1219626,448,893.99
Camc - General Division11293,188.71
Capitol Cement Corporation1026012,987,252.18
Capon Valley Marble Inc.127,360.00
Catenary Coal Co.11302,311.00
Central West Virginia Refuse Inc2828429.74
Century Aluminum Of West Virginia1157947,140,168.41
Chem-Pak Inc.33300.00
City Of Charleston Sanitary Landfill3233222,686.68
City Of Wheeling / North Park Landfill282838,933.81
Clarksburg Casket Company1634174,341.40
Clarksburg Landfill2828595.07
Clearon Corp.997374,332.08
Coastal Lumber Co. Dailey Yard114.71
Coastal Lumber Co. Hazelton Yard112.07
Coastal Lumber Co. - Poe Run Sawmill111.08
Coastal Lumber Co. Buckhannon113.93
Coastal Lumber Co. Elkins112.75
Columbia Gas - Adaline Cs1381564,980.00
Columbia Gas - Carbon Cs1021341,913.82
Columbia Gas - Ceredo Cs8794,764,760.00
Columbia Gas - Clendenin Cs7452,013,340.00
Columbia Gas - Cleveland Cs7821,087,140.00
Columbia Gas - Coco Cs1175653,880.00
Columbia Gas - Ellamore Cs1329134,620.00
Columbia Gas - Files Creek Cs7762,647,360.00
Columbia Gas - Flat Top Cs737106,460.00
Columbia Gas - Frametown Cs829353,200.00
Columbia Gas - Glenville Cs7391,593,040.00
Columbia Gas - Hubball Cs1344192,080.00
Columbia Gas - Huff Creek Cs1347396,880.00
Columbia Gas - Hunt Cs61972,500.00
Columbia Gas - Kenova Cs7663,021,800.00
Columbia Gas - Kermit Cs13341,375,740.00
Columbia Gas - Lanham Cs7753,021,000.00
Columbia Gas - Lost River Cs8851,161,800.00
Columbia Gas - Mabie Cs716153,580.00
Columbia Gas - Majorsville Cs82848,560.00
Columbia Gas - Ripley Cs827152,280.00
Columbia Gas - Rockport Cs83994,160.00
Columbia Gas - Seneca Cs83178,400.00
Columbia Gas - Smithfield Cs82558,440.00
Columbia Gas - Terra Alta Cs882559,500.00
Columbia Gas - Walgrove Cs714162,300.00
Columbia Gas-Glady Cs1367692,260.00
Columbia Paint Corp.221,000.00
Columbia West Virginia Corp.1112.00
Columbian Chemicals Company1612894,688,342.50
Comet Compressor Station #4375363,275.00
Consol- Blacksville #2 Preparation Plant9341,091,075.36
Consolidation Coal Co - Amonate932668,347.65
Consolidation Coal Company-Robinson Run430344,130.36
Continental Brick Co1530194,490.84
Corhart Refractories115.00
Crompton Corp. Sistersville Plant434441,672,443.91
Crown Cork & Seal Company (Usa) Inc.17751,003,828.56
Curtisville Compressor Station #501131118,230.94
Custom Marble Corp.114,988.00
Cytec Industries - Redacted Non-Confid504717,414,318.86
Dalb Inc.2314,153.64
Danville Compressor Station30157704,601.96
Diamond Electric Mfg. Corp.110.04
Disposal Service, Inc. Sanitary Landfill3133156,770.02
Dominion - Bridgeport Compressor Station1455308,069.26
Dominion - Camden Compressor Station12511,543,865.00
Dominion - Cornwell Compressor Station161374,322,501.65
Dominion - Craig Compressor Station1538724,661.58
Dominion - Deep Valley Compressor Statin1329822,106.40
Dominion - Hastings Compressor Station13954,035,661.30
Dominion - Hastings Extraction Plant16632,729,444.00
Dominion - Jones Compressor Station1329508,529.60
Dominion - Kennedy Compressor Station15341,243,757.30
Dominion - L.L. Tonkin Compressor Statin112044,560.00
Dominion - Law Compressor Station924627,895.80
Dominion - Lightburn Compressor Station151112,138,120.38
Dominion - Loup Creek Compressor Station13451,103,235.18
Dominion - Orma Compressor Station1329619,363.80
Dominion - Oscar Nelson Compressor Stn13643,572,508.90
Dominion - Pepper Compressor Station919586,460.00
Dominion - Schutte Compressor Station1124348,922.10
Dominion - Sweeney Compressor Station1676958,362.12
Dominion - Wilsonburg Compressor Station1236653,377.00
Dominion - Yellow Creek Cs14371,381,903.24
Du Pont Potomac River Plant128,149.00
Dupont - Belle362434,748,553.89
Dupont Washington Works72222613,686,632.17
Eagle Glass Specialties Inc.111,500.00
East Gulf Prep. Plant - Left Fork Proces71672,372.87
Ecolab Inc.1235.00
Elkem Metals Company - Alloy L.P.2533214,599,362.87
Elkins Landfill28282,241.65
Elkrun Coal Co - Chess/Blue Pennant315536,314.82
Equitrans - Burnsville Cs #711145519,923.64
Equitrans - Copley Run Cs 701158498,694.22
Equitrans - West Union Cs 5310431,082,324.71
Ergon - West Virginia, Inc.151301,732,868.34
Evergreen Mining Co.118,107.53
Exxon Mobil Corp. Charleston Terminal6121,828.05
Fayette County Landfill28282,595.59
Fenton Art Glass Co.111,414.00
Flexsys - Nitro Plant636092,655,241.04
Fmc Corporation - Spring Hill Plant421409,676.27
Fmc Corporation - Steam Plant11372,802,703.79
Ge Speciality Chemicals Inc. South Plant31028,310.00
Gemark Services Of West Virginia73853,076.32
General Electric Company, Inc.16271990,684.75
Georgia Pacific Corp. - Green Valley110.20
Georgia Pacific Corp. - Rainelle Wv111.00
Georgia Pacific Corp. - Richwood Wv111.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp., Mt. Hope Osb33771,101,689.79
Glenville Compressor Station #37734393,494.00
Goals Prep. Plant - Goals Coal Company31244,895.94
Goodrich Corp. Deicing & Specialty Sys. Div.3522,072.00
Goodrich Corporation Spencer Operations5542,520.00
Gravefork Coal Handling Facili Ty120.70
Great Lakes Chemical Corp.61110,089.00
Green Valley Coal Co.241.76
Greenbrier Eastern Landfill28281,518.15
Greer Lime Facility251041,209,308.86
Guardian Fiberglass, Inc.1177611,120.06
Guttman Oil Co. Elkins Bulk Plant7131,565.00
Halltown Paperboard Company2327672,223.33
Ham Sanitary Landfill Inc28286,617.84
Hampshire County / Northern Lf2828324.45
Hampshire County / Southern Landfill282825.96
Heizer Compressor Station309080,746.54
Helmick Corp.2210.00
Hobet Mining Inc.11225,091.00
Holcim (Us) Inc.120.70
Hollinee Filtration2417,448.19
Horsemill Compressor Station3075195,836.34
Huntington / Dietz Hollow Landfill282810,382.35
Huntington Alloys - A Special Metals Co.1676541,535.95
Idamay Landfill28284,579.36
Impress Usa, Inc17162177,058.29
Independence Coal Co.242.32
Industrial Plating & Machine Inc.112.00
Industrial Resources Inc.116,298.00
J. H. Fletcher & Co.113.30
Joe S. Towing Co. Dock.1169.42
Johns Manville Corp.1215,341.00
Jt Fleming Landfill28287,786.76
Jupiter Holdings L.L.C.246.14
Kanawha Western Solid Waste Authority Lf28286,520.28
Keystone #2-Herndon Processing Company1933833,171.32
Kidde Fire Fighting11143.00
Kingsford Manufacturing Company957672,565.54
Kingsford Manufacturing Company91471,724,541.20
Koppers Follansbee Tar Plant28228403,181.25
Koppers Inc.125.50
Lcs Services Landfill28286,944.67
Lippert Components Inc.2223.00
Little Creek Dock Co.230.52
Logansport Compressor Station #49113879,838.41
M&G Polymers Usa, Llc17444514,970.33
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc912699,261.14
Marfork Plant - Marfork Coal Company315817,772.60
Markwest Hydrocarbon - Cobb Facility862155,118.40
Martin'S Branch Compressor Station303869,562.58
Matthew Bronze West Annex Facility122.00
Matthews Intl. (Wv) Corp.244.00
Mcdowell County Landfill28281,168.01
Meadowfill Landfill3237317,220.42
Meadwestvaco Corporation36271898,648.78
Mercer County Landfill282810,659.69
Midwest Disposal Landfill282827,698.45
Mingo County Landfill28287,786.76
Minova Usa Inc.127,300.00
Monongahela Power Co-Albright9834453,857,858.79
Monongahela Power Co-Harrison7838395,055,233.00
Monongahela Power Co.- Fort Martin Power74255213,686,669.07
Monongahela Power Co.-Rivesville Power7421514,110,787.28
Monongahela Power Co.-Willow Island7925543,340,890.64
Monongalia County Wv Solid Waste Lf28285,474.66
Montgomery Solid Waste Authority28282,595.59
Morgan County Health Department Landfill2828499.89
Morgantown Energy Associates13604,073,194.88
Mount Storm Power Plant74353133,264,633.71
Mustang Survival Mfg, Inc.111125,336.00
Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2644258,878.44
Nestle Purina Petcare Company1430219,496.00
Newchem Inc.241,716.00
Nicholas County Solid Waste Authority Lf28282,571.81
North Branch Power Station792663,647,064.35
North Mountain Sanitary Landfill3334220,745.20
Northwest Pipe Co.2315.00
Northwestern Landfill3136409,740.42
Ohio Power - Kammer Plant74247109,470,207.69
Ohio Power - Mitchell Plant74173185,125,992.38
Ormet Aluminum Mill Prods. Corp.3510.15
Panther L.L.C.241.76
Patterson Landfill28281,499.58
Pechiney Rolled Products, Llc.152983,092,928.00
Philips Lighting Co.112.59
Pleasants Energy Llc78316118,382,716.81
Pocahontas County Landfill28282,250.50
Pocahontas No. 51 Preparation Plant19302,158,040.19
Power Mountain Coal Co. Preparation Plant2413.94
Ppg Industries, Inc.2016137,049,974.32
Praxair Hyco Plant1742294,176.72
Praxair Inc.1179,640.00
Prebena N. A. Fastener Corp.119,087.00
Prichard Landfill2828666.76
Quad/Graphics, Inc.13117363,647.61
Quebecor World - Martinsburg979105,866.00
Raleigh County Landfill & Recycling Center282810,620.01
Rawl Sales & Processing Co.121.00
Raybo Chemical Co.11750.00
Remington Coal Co. Inc.230.55
Rex-Hide Inds. Inc.2210.07
Rocklick Preparation Plant - Eacc315670,824.30
Rocky Fork Compressor Station303566,828.18
Roll Coater, Inc.2144451,134.94
Royal Vendors Inc.000.00
Rubberlite Inc.115.00
Ruskin Co.111.00
S & S Landfill2828149,515.62
Safety-Kleen Sys. (414503)115.00
Saint-Gobain/Norton Ind. Ceramics Corp.8362106,862.56
Sal Chemical Co. Inc.33300.00
Sardis Compressor Station14301,055,577.40
Second Sterling Corp. - Keystone No. 1937544,818.38
Short Creek Landfill3131104,299.84
Smr Technologies164350,269.12
Spectratech International, Inc.156526,514.41
St. Marys Refining Company1390308,956.54
Staten Run Compressor Station29145230,937.72
Sturm Rapid Response Center2284.00
Sunoco Chemicals Neal Plant1177943,811.51
Swanson Plating Co. Inc.1220.00
Swva, Inc.16882,903,177.10
Sycamore Scenic Landfill28284,550.06
The Homer Laughlin China Company11160221,281.96
Thomas Memorial Hospital25302,990.24
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Wv Inc.1199113,313.56
Transfab Inc.7711,169.90
Trus Joist A Weyerhaeuser Business1154616,261.52
Tucker County Solid Waste Authority Lf28286,657.60
Twelvepole Creek,Llc, Ceredo Station1810855,776.38
U. S. Silica Company549245,749.88
U. S. Steel Mining Company, Llc351222,123,576.55
Ucar Carbon Company Incorporated20405812,931.60
Union Carbide (Dow) - Institute Site301552,015,389.80
Union Carbide (Dow) So. Charleston Plant803755,710,033.64
Union Carbide(Dow Chemical)Tech Center3593256,156.20
United Dairy Inc. Valley Bell1116,770.00
United States Can Company18229484,558.78
V&S Pilot Galvanizing Inc.115.00
Venco Moundsville Calcining Plant1118521,751,163.49
Viking Pools Inc.111,436.00
Wayne Compressor Station30193278,586.66
Webster County Landfill2828640.94
Weirton Steel Corporation1646155,930,569.47
Wescoat, Inc.7980,966.20
West Union Plant1331408,831.42
West Virginia Steel Corp.118.92
West Virginia Steel Corp.115.00
Wetzel County Sanitary Landfill303428,878.62
Weyerhaeuser - Heaters Facility52188876,665.45
Wheeling Corrugating Company17157589,519.37
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation285086,708,496.07
Willert Home Prods.122,118.00
World Kitchen Inc. Martinsburg Plant231,626.00
Wv Group Dba Republic Container15314,162.48
Wyoming County Landfill/Pineville Ts Since 199228281,356.07
Zinsser & Co. Inc. New Parks Div.24755.00