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Polluters in Wisconsin
Madison Gas & Electric Co Blount St Stn9661020,030,131.44
Manitowoc Public Utilities964408,415,441.17
Northern States Power Co-Bay Front Gen Stn935314,485,848.26
Wi Public Service Corp - Jp Pulliam Plant8068733,099,994.12
Wis Public Service Corp - Weston Plant8038639,088,205.53
Wis Electric Power Oak Creek Station8042841,345,453.83
Wis Electric Power Valley Station8042837,137,981.17
Wis Electric Power Pleasant Prairie Station80374114,937,501.01
Wp & L Alliant Energy - Edgewater Gen Station7833158,992,106.13
Alliant Energy-Nelson Dewey Gen Station7733043,043,991.54
John P Madgett 779928,701,256.40
Alliant Energy-Columbia Generating Station7721489,836,238.70
Dairyland Power Coop Alma Station7682823,858,237.78
Dairyland Power Coop Genoa Station-Eop7618643,543,744.39
Wis Electric Power Pt Washington Station7432124,635,197.12
E J Stoneman Station72152652,182.03
Fisher Hamilton Inc. Main Plant5522797,936.93
Reedsburg Hardwoods4567105,037.65
Birchwood Mfg Co4355127,114.02
Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District42105487,292.70
S & S Wood Products424535,049.64
Cook Composites And Polymers Co.42122516,537.53
Norco Of Wisconsin425429,315.67
Appleton Coated L.L.C.421953,893,278.62
Bombardier Motor Corporation Of America4115633,026.53
Alliant Energy-Rock River Gen Station37921,385,913.81
Mmsd-Jones Island Wastewater Treatment Plant371131,217,069.30
Timberline Trail Rdf3645157,178.72
International Paper, Kaukauna Facility3450125,265,140.85
Wrr Environmental Services Co., Inc3462284,772.30
Onyx Cranberry Creek Landfill3435160,228.79
Stora Enso No. America-Wis. Rapids Pulp Mill3337522,105,648.04
Pitlik & Wick Inc326816,299.03
Fort James Operating Company3251341,447,818.08
Marshfield Door Systems32116567,102.77
Wis Doa / Capitol Heat & Power3190365,701.61
Wis Doa / Uw-Madison Walnut St. Plt.30110243,033.11
Algoma Hardwoods Inc30100245,108.45
Lacrosse Co.2952369,279.88
Wisconsin Paperboard Corp2958255,389.76
A.A. Laun Furniture Co293648,168.97
Procter & Gamble Paper Products Company292447,155,296.85
Louisiana Pacific Corp-Northern Div-Hayward291991,608,883.62
Sheboygan Co Highway Commission294766,394.25
Sca Tissue North America - Menasha Paper Mill291571,338,190.29
Domtar A. W. Corp-Nekoosa2925715,475,724.06
Deer Pit / Wisconsin Rapids2828297.54
Town Of Grand Rapids Landfill2828166.27
Town Of Port Edwards Demolition Site Landfill28286,569.06
Deer Pit / Babcock2828297.54
Town Of Winchester Landfill2828297.54
Town Of Poygan Landfill28281,410.16
Weyauwega Landfill2828198.56
Town Of Helvetia Landfill2828198.56
Town Of Larrabee Landfill2828198.56
Redgranite Correctional Institution281099,776.03
Future Parkland Development Inc2828181.69
Orchard Ridge Landfill & Mrf282832,225.57
Muskego Landfill2828834.91
Omega Hills Landfill282852.31
Barrett Landfill Inc28287,140.86
Village Of Embarrass Landfill28284,997.63
Village Of Tigerton Landfill2828271.68
Town Of Aniwa Landfill2828813.91
Village Of Birnamwood Landfill2828271.68
Town Of Almon Landfill2828136.45
Town Of Grant Landfill2828813.91
Sauk County Sanitary Landfill28286,340.52
Town Of Hayward Landfill28286,569.06
Town Of Lenroot / Eytcheson Site2828198.56
Town Of Angelica Landfill28284,997.63
City Of Shawano / Phase 2 Landfill28282,400.53
Town Of Richmond Landfill2828271.68
Town Of Wescott Landfill2828151.06
Town Of Green Valley Landfill2828246.83
New Richmond City Landfill2828246.83
Hudson City Landfill28281,069.83
Town Of South Fork Landfill2828198.56
Town Of Stubbs / District 5 Landfill2828461.64
Smoky Lake Reserve Landfill2828271.68
Town Of Conover / East Site Landfill2828714.09
Town Of Plum Lake / Sayner Site Landfill2828981.09
Town Of Clinton Landfill28281,069.83
Town Of Christiana Landfill282835.70
Westby City Landfill2828595.07
Viroqua City Landfill2828813.91
Independence City Landfill2828322.03
City Of Sheboygan Falls Landfill282825,908.60
Town Of Pershing Landfill2828297.54
Town Of Roosevelt Landfill28285,500.64
Town Of Manitowish Waters Landfill2828981.09
Town Of Arbor Vitae / Hwy 51 Site Landfill28281,635.22
Troy Area Landfill Inc282834,599.18
Mallard Ridge Landfill282825,301.85
Town Of Gull Lake Landfill28286,569.06
Central Wisconsin Landfill Inc28283,041.42
Oneida County Sanitary Landfill28283,277.65
Town Of Brazeau / Kelly Lake Site Landfill2828166.27
Town Of Brazeau / Upper Site Landfill2828271.68
Oconto Falls County Landfill28284,997.63
Village Of Suring Landfill28284,997.63
Town Of Townsend Landfill28284,997.63
Town Of Schoepke / Stump & Brush Site Lf28282,326.67
Town Of Angelo Landfill28281,069.83
Town Of Oakdale & Town Of Orange Landfill28281,069.83
Monroe County / Ridgeville Site Landfill28282,484.24
Town Of Little Suamico Landfill2828246.83
Village Of Lena Landfill2828151.06
West Allis Memorial Hospital289228,270.58
Richland Center City Landfill2828147.73
Rock County / Janesville City Landfill28286,024.25
City Of Phillips Landfill2828271.68
Racine County Highway Dept. Landfill2828271.68
Outagamie County Landfill282822,036.20
Town Of Center Landfill28281,718.24
John Marsh Landfill2828271.68
Village Of Ellsworth Landfill2828489.05
Village Of Clear Lake Landfill2828198.56
City Of Amery Landfill2828324.45
Town Of Alden Landfill2828324.45
St. Croix River Valley Landfill2828324.45
Portage County Landfill28284,858.77
Town Of Ogema Landfill28281,069.83
Village Of Prentice Landfill28281,069.83
Hughes Landfill28281,069.83
Town Of Cable / East Landfill2828182.09
Town Of Port Wing Landfill2828381.61
Ashland City Landfill28284,223.64
Town Of Adams Landfill2828735.21
Adams County Resource Recovery Landfill2828923.28
Town Of Cedar Lake Landfill2828257.72
Town Of Pilsen Landfill2828178.00
Town Of Grandview Landfill28281,635.22
Eagle Knob Lodge Landfill28286,569.06
Town Of New Denmark Landfill282811,925.78
Village Of Denmark Landfill2828271.68
Sexton / Brown County West Landfill282817,757.80
Sexton / Brown County East Landfill282812,603.17
City Of Alma Landfill2828271.68
Brillion Iron Works Inc28272640,940.52
New Holstein County Landfill2828196.07
Town Of Cleveland Landfill2828271.68
City Of Stanley / Chippewa County Landfill2828380.35
Town Of Ruby Landfill2828324.45
Perrenoud Inc Demolition Landfill28282,496.69
Bloomer City Landfill2828246.83
Town Of Edison Landfill2828136.45
Town Of Mayville Landfill28284,514.35
Town Of Colby Landfill28286,024.17
City Of Greenwood Landfill2828222.97
Town Of Seneca Landfill28281,262.10
Madison-Kipp Corp - Waubesa28267255,587.19
Town Of Scott Landfill282817.13
Town Of West Point Landfill28286,569.06
Dekorra / Poynette Village Landfill28284,514.35
City Of Portage Landfill & Ts28281,328.56
Lodi Landfill28287,136.20
Village Of Maple Bluff Landfill2828271.68
Rtrv Partnership Landfill2828635.19
Town Of Verona Landfill28286,850.75
Village Of Cross Plains Landfill2828258.52
Village Of Boyceville Landfill28281,069.83
Pope & Talbot Wis Inc Ash Monofill28282,318.55
Town Of Fence Landfill2828392.39
Superior Seven Mile Creek Landfill #228288,734.18
City Of Menomonie Landfill28281,796.15
Town Of Red Cedar Landfill28286,569.06
Town Of Wilson Landfill2828198.56
Town Of New Haven Landfill2828324.45
Village Of Wheeler Landfill28281,069.83
Town Of Barnes Landfill28284,514.35
Town Of Menomonie Landfill2828222.97
Cascades Tissue Group - Wi, Inc.2843471,383.66
Superior Glacier Ridge Landfill282819,885.51
Carl Schmitt Landfill2828198.56
Rest & Recoup R&R Landfill28281,923.33
Door County Sanitary Landfill28282,753.72
Superior City Landfill28289,202.31
Lincoln County Sanitary Landfill28281,785.07
Ridgeview Landfill282836,700.45
City Of Abbotsford Landfill2828596.70
Marathon County Landfill282810,450.08
Mar / Oco Landfill282814,257.15
Deer Pit / Marinette28281,069.83
Town Of Grover Landfill2828895.83
Town Of Peshtigo / Kozuzek Road Landfill2828151.06
Marinette County / North County Landfill28281,369.26
Town Of Peshtigo / Heath Lane Site Landfill2828166.27
Town Of Peshtigo / Old Peshtigo Road Lf2828813.91
Town Of Athelstane Landfill2828151.06
Town Of Goodman Landfill2828246.83
Town Of Crystal Lake Landfill28285,014.33
Lacrosse County Sanitary Landfill28286,519.22
Ruef'S Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Wiederholt Sanitation Engineers Landfill28281,069.83
Antigo City Landfill28281,148.79
Kewaunee County Solid Waste Balefill2828951.08
Village Of Luxemburg Landfill28281,369.26
Juneau County / Landfill #22828849.42
Village Of Lyndon Station Landfill2828166.27
Town Of Aztalan Landfill28285,500.64
Pheasant Run Landfill282821,763.66
Green County Landfill28282,769.85
Town Of Exeter Landfill28281,069.83
Valley Trail Recycling & Disposal Facility282817,471.79
Town Of Laona Landfill2828196.07
Eden Village & Town Landfill2828324.45
Town Of Metomen / Village Of Brandon Lf2828122.42
Village Of Oakfield Landfill28281,069.83
Town Of Rosendale Landfill2828198.56
Town Of Albion Landfill28286,569.06
Jackson County Sanitary Landfill Inc28283,731.13
Watertown City Landfill28283,603.90
Superior Valley Meadows Landfill28285,265.57
The Trane Company - Main Complex2795109,993.80
Secured Juvenile School - Prairie Du Chien271207,160.65
Ampi Falls Dairy Divis2745826,312.41
J. L. French Corp.2754149,210.84
J.L. French Corporation, Gateway Plant2742212,189.03
Aarrowcast, Inc.2685602,302.15
Gkn Sinter Metals266830,488.96
Waukesha Cherry Burrell26291,669.30
G E Med Systems - Waukesha Complex267516,857.41
Northern Mfg. Co., Inc.263933,863.56
Green Bay Packaging, Coated Products Div.26240224,047.30
Scientific Protein Labs2669180,767.00
Wi Air National Guard 115th Fighter Wing265646,411.75
Stoughton Trailers, Inc.- Plants #5 & #62674103,759.16
Wisconsin Porcelain Co263936,758.57
Kenosha Water Utility264617,745.83
Badger Paper Mills Inc2667178,255.89
Falk Corporation - Plant 2263414,320.00
Treat All Metals Inc253232,663.75
Winsert Inc256346,588.76
Brakebush Brothers2515498,966.67
Wilson-Hurd Mfg. Co., Inc25293,161.67
Monarch Ware Inc25331,930.91
Cargill Malt - Jefferson2558249,180.71
Land O' Lakes, Inc. - Mauston253717,138.49
Freudenberg-Nok Gen. Part. - Farnam Sealing Prdts255156,787.24
Dura-Tech, Inc.253228,822.01
Northwest Hardwoods, Div. Weyerhaeuser255878,830.17
Saputo Cheese - Tompkins St.255716,328.24
Chiquita - Ripon253624,516.77
Sensient Flavors Inc.2551128,930.61
National Rivet & Manufacturing Company255726,909.77
Conley Printing255614,815.42
Wolf Paving And Excavating Co., Inc.253363,871.53
Madison Area Technical College Dist #4252513,335.89
Kraft Foods North America, Inc.-Madison25117419,358.25
Bay Shipbuilding Company2531125,936.23
Conley Printing25294,113.48
St Agnes Hospital258219,342.07
Ripon Foods253137,219.02
Packerland Packing Co Inc - Green Bay254357,910.23
Tufco Industries, Inc.256910,990.00
Pioneer Metal Finishing253940,640.06
August Lotz Co.Inc.253630,471.10
Lodi Canning Company25323,808.84
Fleetguard, Inc. - Neillsville East253145,940.91
Schumann Printers Inc255213,539.90
Didion Milling-Cambria25120290,597.18
Thermoset - Jackson Facility253921,490.29
Industrial Towel & Uniform Inc2546106,800.20
Neenah Printing-Wide Web Flexo Plt-Promo Edge252649,726.40
Kikkoman Foods256059,433.47
Stone Container Corporation253035,995.36
West Bend Co256427,924.58
Ncr Corporation - Viroqua253617,151.20
Blount Inc. Foresty & Industrial Equip Div.255063,853.74
Worzalla Publishing Co256261,961.91
Wolf River Lumber Co259028,733.86
Morning Star Foods-Richland Center253215,200.51
Stoughton Trailers Inc. - Plant #7257242,733.73
Milwaukee County House Of Correction253717,013.50
Mcadams Graphics, Inc.254840,156.39
Land O' Lakes, Inc - Little Chute253551,233.80
Gulfstream Aerospace244239,284.52
Rhinelander Paper Co241499,488,755.86
Wausaukee, Inc.242926,691.10
St Mary'S Medical Center246924,583.69
Kraft Pizza Company2417243,552.44
Maple Island, Inc243011,091.16
International Truck & Engine Corp.24125192,138.59
Usg Interiors, Inc.2480244,153.05
Trostel Specialty Elastomers Group246127,146.26
Phoenix Coaters, Llc242676,640.76
Marion Plywood2456418,057.92
Kcs Industries24313,701.13
De Pere Foundry Inc2491343,878.09
Mercury Marine - Plants 3,4,10,12,15,17,98241211,770,720.16
Barko Hydraulics L.L.C24267,471.95
Action Floor Systems, Llc2436166,013.58
Foremost Farms Usa2469240,785.97
Northwest Asphalt Products Inc2446839,779.98
Domtar A. W. Corp.-Port Edwards241518,188,280.22
Milwaukee Forge233019,482.41
Specialtychem Products Corporation234452,012.55
Watertown Metal Products Division2342102,808.61
Isola Laminates Inc.238313,511.09
American Italian Pasta Company234715,311.15
Alto Dairy Coop - Alto2313559,959.54
Prestige Pak2324160,579.32
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Company239225,165.81
Agrilink Foods - Green Bay237232,223.83
Northwest Hardwoods-Dorchester233249,743.41
Ace Ethanol, Llc2392236,680.02
Converting, Inc.23248,855.44
Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc.-River Street23811,602,364.48
Industrial Towel And Uniform2352109,311.08
Main Tape Company23243,047.94
Curwood, Inc2342376,191.93
Imerys Pigments And Additives2348109,463.94
Case Corp Transmission Plt234421,084.11
Frank Bros., Wi233671,115.61
Mmsd-Southshore Wastewater Treatment Plant2382860,194.62
Glenn Rieder, Inc.232523,894.25
Sherwin Industries Inc.234311,306.37
Voith Sulzer Paper Technology, Inc.222410,641.16
Rib Lake High School222811,626.69
Waupaca County Highway Department222212,231.68
Chilton Products2234104,724.61
Larsen Converting Industries222614,091.49
Coating Excellence International222619,635.71
Rice Lake Weighing Systems22239,148.72
Hydrite Chemical Co.229031,924.85
Firestone Building Products22232,998.73
Bush Brothers & Co Inc224428,521.22
Conagra Inc, Elevator 'M'2250363.29
Lutheran Hospital - La Crosse229229,285.74
Northland Cranberries Inc.22229,222.73
Packaging Corporation Of America2114430,525,469.28
Lincoln County Highway Department2124881.17
Wis Doa / Uw Eau Claire Heat Plant2196385,806.63
Parker Hannifan - Chetek212711,308.46
Nagel Lumber Co Inc2127187,077.90
Rockland Flooring Company, Llc213337,852.34
Gm- Nao Janesville- Truck Platform201323,472,893.27
Wis Doa / Uw-River Falls Power Plt.20121314,221.53
Lionite Hardboard201201,244,541.10
Manning Lighting, Inc.202113,823.43
Bodycote Thermal Processing2061327,494.03
Wis Doa / Northern Wis Center2049159,920.70
Mosinee Paper Corp201626,245,162.53
Weyerhaeuser Company201391,819,444.09
Wis Doa / Uw-Lacrosse Power Plant2059378,099.32
Alliance Laundry Systems (Fka Raytheon)202235,387.52
Wis Doa / Uw-Platteville Power Plt1960209,478.19
Stora Enso No. Amer. - Niagara Mill191206,639,691.62
Biehl Construction Co., Inc.19244,186.93
De Pere Energy Center1929183,907.69
Krueger International, Inc.197525,285.32
Wis Doa / Uw-Stout Power Plant1986246,774.81
Wis Doa / Uw-Superior Power Plant1960206,212.87
Wis Doa / Hillfarms Heating Plant1944114,991.25
Silgan Containers Manufacturing Corporation1974506,481.70
P H Glatfelter Co - Bergstrom Div1976261,426.75
Advanced Coatings Inc192147,715.41
Fraser Papers Inc.19150683,885.21
Wis Doa / Uw-Stevens Point1968436,906.65
Tomah Products, Inc.198234,858.69
Baker Mfg Co1891215,547.09
Thomas & Betts Corporation182896,018.38
Kohler Co-Metals Processing Complex184572,779,963.76
Wis Doa / Uw-Oshkosh1863409,608.57
Wis Doa / Mendota Health Institute1836659,261.58
Murphy Oil Usa18725,780,827.59
Thyssenkrupp Waupaca, Inc.-Plant 4181682,578,152.49
Aluminum Casting & Engineering Co Inc18156219,434.52
Mcloone Metal Graphics Inc182137,174.67
Wood Cnty. Hwy. Dept.183030,002.88
Eastman Resins, Inc.176242,648.68
Wis Doa / Uw-Milwaukee Power Plant1783154,896.01
Wis Public Service Corp1758448,932.69
Kimberly-Clark Tissue Company Marinette1742249,737.34
Moore Response Marketing Services177357,195.06
Fort James Operating Company, Green Bay Mill-East17591,426,221.76
Wis Doa / Winnebago Mental Health Institute1756226,702.94
Waupaca Foundry-Plants 2 & 3174313,329,528.27
Generac Power Systems-Waukesha1745178,526.55
Leick Furniture, Incorporated174535,151.20
Appleton Papers Inc - Appleton Plant1768510,500.64
Stora Enso No. Amer. - Kimberly Mill171116,263,897.07
Ppg Industries Paint Plant1736746,096.46
Spx Dock Products-Milwaukee162157,210.29
Earthgrains Baking Companies, Inc.-Milwaukee1634129,964.66
Miller Electric Manufacturing Company1697459,382.40
Donaldson Co Inc1634115,787.65
Waupaca Foundry Inc-Plant No 1162602,887,967.39
Independent, Inc.164529,159.77
Barron County Waste To Energy Facility1626346,393.06
University Of Wisconsin At Madison161633.75
Earthgrains Baking Companies, Inc - Madison Bakery1682147,291.99
Signicast Corp162313,349.19
Fisher Hamilton Inc. Columbus Street162584,660.91
Harley Davidson Motor Company-Tomahawk Somo Fac.16176172,626.16
Metz Baking Company Of Lacrosse166514,824.26
Northern States Pwr Co French Island Gen Plt1538821,403.64
Mercury Marine - Plant 36 (Hi-Peformance Engines)1526603,874.76
Jefferson County Highway Dept152516,640.07
Wausau-Mosinee Paper Corporation15952,106,481.76
Briggs & Stratton Corp Wauwatosa Plant152281,629,317.44
Metalcraft Of Mayville Inc1524104,228.43
Aurora Baycare Medical Center155823,668.52
C. Reiss Coal Company -Ashland152318,105.10
Mule- Hide Manufacturing Co., Inc.1533109,006.02
Arcadia Municipal Electric1510866,975.18
Voith Paper Service Central Lp152713,206.12
Crystal Lake Crushed Stone Co Inc154410,153.81
Milwaukee Valve Co144557,484.44
Sta-Rite Industries Inc W E D1487110,048.05
Stora Enso No. America-Biron Mill1411417,493,341.34
Kaukauna Utilities142514,215.67
Donaldson Co., Inc.142793,149.14
Case Corporation - Racine Foundry Plant14131664,133.48
Tecumseh Products Co-New Holstein Operations14511,065,270.00
Wisconsin Structural Steel142547,496.23
Wilco Cabinet Makers, Inc.143926,124.16
Green Bay Packaging Inc Mill Division14452,734,323.47
Dahlberg Light & Power Co.1414494.77
Marinette Marine Corp145883,747.16
Manitowoc Public Utilities - Custer Street1419172,126.02
Invincible Metal Furniture Co143352,511.93
Red Arrow Products Company Inc.1351348,578.00
Eggers Industries Custom Plywood Div,134388,787.98
Grede Foundries Inc Liberty Plant1395266,250.80
Hentzen Coatings Inc.134136,069.06
Spx Lindberg, A Division Of Spx Corporation13286,984.04
Wis Doa / Oak Hill Correctional Institution13488,705.98
Wis Doa / Uw Madison--Charter St13425,093,473.85
3m Prairie Du Chien Building 501366144,674.54
Wis Doa / Green Bay Correctional Institution135713,520.86
In-Sink-Erator Div. Emerson Electric Co.1364345,290.16
Packaging Corporation Of America - Burlington133726,971.88
Dept Of Admin./Racine Correctional Inst.137710,719.63
Stora Enso No. Amer.-Whiting Mill13552,616,983.99
Charter Steel131331,803,847.64
Roloff Mfg Corp135643,033.54
Outagamie County Solid Waste And Highway Facility1365156,246.96
Master Lock Company137842,725.56
Electronic Assembly Corp - 585 Enterprise Dr.13309,729.76
Fwd Corporation133264,057.48
Waukesha Electric Systems133563,219.42
T.J. Hale Company133294,169.48
Grede Foundries, Inc.131296,048,238.72
Donaldson Company, Inc.131980,985.12
St Josephs Hospital132921,553.89
Seneca Foods Corp - Vegetable-Div1229283,349.93
Crucible Materials Corp Trent Tube Plt 2 & 31257543,229.61
J And L Fiber Services1255227,234.20
Neenah Foundry Co - Plants 2 And 3 (W2179)12951,293,598.27
Mid City Foundry Co1280198,801.17
Grede Foundries Inc-Milwaukee Steel Division1285387,174.68
American Roller Company, Llc1288138,357.37
Modine Mfg Co126235,569.24
Hufcor, Inc.122727,027.38
Goldschmidt Chemical Corporation1251208,310.47
Coltec Ind., Fairbanks Morse Engine Div.1219285,697.99
S.C. Johnson & Son-Waxdale/Polymer1297602,975.57
Anamax Corporation1267301,687.18
Cumberland Municipal Utility125319,331.65
Moore Response Marketing Services124459,196.57
Packaging Corporation Of America122628,861.14
Ttm Technologies, Inc.1239120,416.53
Tuscarora Incorporated1213111,227.88
Angelo Luppino, Inc.122011,553.06
The Vollrath Company, Llc123434,479.14
Rust - 0leum Corp122236,601.86
Falk Corporation - Plant 1123848,505.56
Motor Castings Co - Plant 112105179,756.48
Milwaukee Gray Iron, Llc1253390,101.15
Maynard Steel Casting Company12283277,873.82
Federal Mogul Piston Ring Inc.122514,653.98
Heresite Protective Coatings Inc.122989,053.84
Eggers Industries, Custom Plywood Division123131,916.80
Crystal Finishing Systems Inc.1239211,567.08
Apogee Wausau Group Inc., Linetec Division111876,020.06
Ansul Incorporated113563,245.15
Ladish Co., Inc.1133172,184.45
Patrick Cudahy Inc119283,615.28
Egs Electrical Group - Appleton1199231,682.08
Cudahy Tanning Co Inc1145198,301.77
Kewaunee Fabrications, Llc112030,020.02
Trek Bicycle Corporation114590,122.01
Wis Doa / Taycheedah Correctional Inst.11357,305.49
Nicolet Hardwoods Corporation1124372,603.78
Monroe Truck Equipment, Inc.116952,761.06
Citation Wisconsin Castings-Browntown1191427,567.33
Webcrafters, Inc.118934,810.08
Silgan Containers Manufacturing Corporation1125171,863.32
Milprint Inc112872,062.48
East Brown County Landfill1112375,906.89
Miller Electric Mfg Co116135,193.97
Silgan Containers Manufacturing Corporation1121533,075.69
Milwaukee Plating Co11363,760.98
Eggers Industries Inc.112053,737.32
Electronic Assembly Corp - 2121 Harrison11193,973.63
Prime Leather Finishes Co.11127,361.06
Cooper Power Systems1129116,094.75
Premold Corporation11214,027.97
Raabe Corp111813,223.20
Ksm Industries Inc11231,767.11
Kohler Co - Pottery Plant1146116,414.83
Rusk County Highway Department11113,059.97
Vulcan Materials Co Chemicals Div113458,895.68
Felker Bros. Corp.10186,503.05
Mcfarlane Mfg Co. Inc.105452,157.12
American Lafrance North Central101718,100.37
Aldrich Chemical Company103129,909.70
Sheboygan Paint Co.101872,414.97
Ready Fixtures102148,642.25
Borden Chemical102520,433.72
U.S. Filter/Castalloy109398,399.58
Silgan Containers Manufacturing Corp.1018353,566.29
Tekra Corp., Coating/Laminating Div.10161,410.26
Wisconsin Centrifugal10213123,433.14
Mirant Neenah, Llc1034184,898.24
Sca Tissue North America Llc101082,453.43
Gerett Products1012147,983.28
Kitzinger Cooperage Corp1083153,135.52
Black Diamond Group, Inc.102035,564.48
Commerce Indl. Chemicals Inc.10163,510.00
Red Arrow Products Co Inc1070154,490.68
Hillshire Farm & Kahn'S1080301,509.92
Appleton Medical Center105323,458.78
Interstate Forging Industries, Inc103212,994.38
Stora Enso No. Amer.-Stevens Point Mill1083562,028.13
Biewer Wisconsin Sawmill1020153,985.14
Johnson Brass & Machine Foundry Inc10154,310.22
Ganton Techologies-Intermet105879,661.70
Morgan Corporation104731,191.99
Weather Shield Mfg - Ladymsmith Div1043270,952.95
Conwed Designscape102214,206.27
Richland Center Foundry Company1049138,089.30
Case Corporation - Racine Tractor Plant103193,466.69
Carver Boat Corp1037386,615.07
International Paper-De Pere Facility10481,942,703.79
Mastercraft Industries Inc1023301,273.15
Columbus Manufacturing, Llc10127,448.00
Elk Mound Generating Station104311,333.94
Emerson Motor Corp-Sturgeon Bay Div Emerson104928,698.18
Pride Manufacturing Company1021141,003.58
Nea, Inc.- #55102037,109.35
Gordon Diesel Plant1038310.42
Silgan Containers Manufacturing Corporation1020161,645.68
Quad/Graphics Inc - Lomira10140679,369.38
Perry Judds Inc.1029165,164.72
Nestle Purina Petcare102633,656.60
Mastermold, Llc.1027202,095.82
Ppg Industries-Resin Plant1051338,902.87
Brady Usa, Inc., Florist Ave. Plant1097256,398.53
Milwaukee County Power Plant10322,835,532.18
Bucyrus International, Inc.101857,296.07
Metal Technologies, Inc.-West Allis Ductile Iron10104647,129.34
Marathon Electric Mfg. Co.10122175,324.49
Pdm Bridge (Wausau)101760,692.18
Greenheck Fan Corporation101325,577.28
Merrill Iron & Steel Inc.1017101,938.46
Rockwell Lime Company10501,635,321.82
Vulcan Brunswick Bowling Pin Co.102388,068.53
Louisiana Pacific Corp Northeastern Div Tomahawk954583,356.02
Agra Construction, Inc.91212,895.66
Manitowoc Ice, Inc.94411,450.45
Weyerhaeuser Packaging Plant9187,051.14
3m Co Wausau Plant980318,745.53
Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co Inc920305,877.88
Stainless Foundry & Engineering Inc92122,083.19
Karl Schmidt Unisia Inc94940,212.57
Metal Container Corporation928170,894.19
Charter Speciality Steel9225,588.35
Albany Chicago93516,198.28
Daimlerchrysler Corp Engine Plant96363,251.58
Olsonite Corp., Algoma, Wi Division94875,361.66
Walker Stainless Equipment Co.91716,190.60
Iea, Inc.92211,071.31
Metaltek International - Wisconsin Investcast Div9406,878.39
Walker Stainless Equipment Company93218,174.57
Laminated Products, Inc.91753,016.19
Onyx Glacier Ridge Landfill927423,262.66
Waunakee Alloy Casting Corporation94351,229.88
Hartung Brothers Inc.94444,635.62
Webcrafters, Inc. - Westport910449,063.32
Bureau Of Correctional Enterprises - Waupun91710,295.44
Dept Of Adm -Waupun Correctional Institution938385,065.86
Chippewa Co Hwy Department92021,532.15
Spectrum Manufacturing91813,873.73
Halron Oil Co.(Quincy St.)9178,748.63
Omnova Solutions, Inc.93740,392.53
Columbia Forest Products-Mellen920180,896.38
Johnson Truck Bodies915117,743.30
Carver Boat Corporation92291,960.70
West Brown County Landfill910413,607.23
Structural Components Corporation91013,371.99
Spirit Fabs, Inc.92152,962.68
Wis Doa / Uw-Green Bay Power Plant92423,726.20
Sanford Business To Business9915,882.78
Janesville Water Pollution Plant9326,651.69
Unit Drop Forge Co Inc92729,010.84
Artistic Plating Company9302,598.62
General Electric Marquette Medical Systems9534,860.22
P & H Mining Equipment92985,403.98
Krones, Inc.9122,761.03
Delphi Corporation93780,309.51
Aldrich Chemical Co. - Teutonia Ave.996,654.33
Wenthe-Davidson Engineering Co.91020,014.76
Oshkosh Truck Corp - West Plant944301,209.24
Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Neenah Paper Mill943154,791.99
Stowe Woodward Company92014,423.78
Minergy Neenah Llc-Fox Valley Glass Aggregate Plt911984,944.28
Regal Ware, Inc.92311,399.92
Quebecor World-Brookfield Division98076,155.53
Henschel Coating & Laminating, Inc.92059,726.29
Kohler Co-Engine Plant924897,199.97
Kohler Co. Cast Iron Div.91650,493.00
Ashley Furniture Industries928188,935.90
Brunk Industries, Inc.91210,626.90
Wis Electric Power Germantown Station963387,970.06
Willman Industries961149,860.99
Richardson Brothers Company944183,691.01
Dynea Overlays Inc.914204,699.00
Stora Enso No. Amer.-Wis. Rapids Paper Mill968183,428.91
Weinbrenner Shoe Co. Inc.81049,988.39
Harley-Davidson Motor Company863162,564.74
Hormel Foods Corporation85734,806.14
Praefke Brake & Supply Corp.84022,135.37
Ampi-Portage Div82211,126.75
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co.83912,713.95
Lear Corporation82060,032.68
Bemis Mfg. Co. Plant B842404,024.01
St. Nicholas Hospital84614,640.06
Tigerton Lumber Company81456,766.21
Pace Industries8812,821.39
D.L. Gasser Construction Plant # 65825307,943.99
Scott Construction Inc - Jackson Quarry83197,964.22
Broan Manufacturing Company Inc863108,221.44
Northern Precision Casting Co8127,238.86
B. R. Amon & Sons, Inc.81961,270.33
Wis Doa / Wis School For The Deaf8323,860.51
Birdseye Foods - Darien81530,623.65
Fleetguard, Inc.-Arcadia81621,545.48
Trempealeau County Highway Dept81925,011.59
Phillips Plastics Corp - Medford Div816261,945.92
The Vollrath Company, Llc82093,353.00
Payne & Dolan -#1282152,111.07
Quad/Graphics, Inc.8231222,594.51
Carlisle Tire & Wheel81018,965.70
Payne And Dolan - #281662,511.13
Northwest Standard Llc82052,981.79
Wis Doa / Ethan Allen School8239,044.02
Fiberesin Industries, Inc.83351,858.70
Waukesha Foundry Inc.82238,836.27
Scott Construction Co828116,767.73
Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc.- Marathon Avenue832804,156.05
Sun Chemical Corporation81958,121.84
Theda Clark Regional Medical Center85822,427.75
Sonoco-U.S. Mills, Inc-Menasha Mill821280,550.90
Winnebago County Landfill847177,753.39
Oshkosh Correctional Institution81421,409.15
Oshkosh Truck Corp - Main Plant836193,305.85
Southwest Metal Finishing8118,494.70
Wis Doa / Wisconsin Veterans Home84019,659.53
Payne And Dolan - #481860,344.92
Universal Foods/Red Star Yeast878451,184.19
St. Luke'S Medical Center86258,213.13
St. Mary'S Hospital86126,340.38
Hydro-Platers, Inc.8301,137.49
Bilsons Industries(Formerly B & K Finishing)81040,864.22
Xymox Technologies Inc.86122,387.24
C & D Technologies, Inc. - Dynasty Division85989,810.78
Acme Galvanizing Inc83511,955.18
Tower Automotive Products Company, Inc.834276,095.41
Everbrite, Llc.85216,977.11
Rexnord Industries, Inc.86249,963.95
Simmons Juvenile Products Co849372,759.11
Curwood, Inc.817150,651.17
Musson Bros Inc82910,626.32
Oneida County Highway Department8183,896.85
Cruisers Plant #1 Div Of Kcs Int. Inc.817250,370.85
Wis Doa / Wi School For Visually Handicappd8163,315.39
Met-Al Inc81934,585.46
Beloit Memorial Hospital84050,325.69
Anr Pipeline Co.,Janesville Compressor Sta828454,243.43
Rock Road Companies, Inc. - Townline Pit82981,102.14
Southern Wisconsin Metal Fabrication, Inc.8103,134.37
Thermal Transfer Products8185,441.36
Wis Doa / Southern Wisconsin Center81630,769.23
E C Styberg Engineering Co Inc81538,991.16
Color Arts, Inc.82637,418.47
Payne & Dolan, Inc. #3181826,773.06
Racine Plating Co.8159,092.79
S C Johnson & Son Inc (Howe Street Campus)83427,933.83
Mc Cain Foods Usa842278,993.41
Weather Shield, Inc.81324,875.32
Vishay Cera-Mite Corporation83215,905.14
Thermoset-Mequon Road Facility8136,205.90
Ozaukee County Highway Dept83053,913.35
Tecumseh Products Co-Grafton Operations8309,617.34
Bauer Built Inc81420,805.32
Valley Cabinet, Inc819100,429.17
Alwin Manufacturing Co.8946,864.52
Jennie-O Turkey Store Company Inc.859351,522.23
Wright Products831115,873.49
Senn Blacktop Inc81415,803.07
Fall River Foundry Company82828,461.48
American Packaging Corporation8691,089,795.14
Poynette Iron Works, Inc.81251,985.14
Rayovac Corp Portage #18206,694.54
Columbia Correctional8167,324.13
Cuna Mutual Group816632.84
Apw Mayville Llc894,317.12
John Deere Horicon Works - 101 Building8206,449.33
Georgia Pacific Corp.83523,527.29
John Deere Horicon Works874181,633.88
Eau Claire Asphalt Corp8835,318.64
Wood Ecology Inc898,542.63
Northeast Asphalt - #5782235,732.77
Lakehead Blacktop&Materials Of Superior Inc.83611,637.99
C L M Corporation-Superior8602,317,051.85
Payne & Dolan #5 - Verona Plant82693,215.85
Prefinished Millwork Corp81231,481.30
Drs Ltd8259,713.81
University Of Wisconsin (Mad) Safety Dept8513,728.38
Prairie Du Chien Memorial Hospital8312,496.35
Springs Window Fashions Lp838102,596.42
Dane Cnty Landfill Site #2815247,663.37
Rockgen Energy Center84558,846.10
Payne & Dolan #6-Vienna82991,620.02
Sub-Zero Freezer Co Inc893,628.71
Third Wave Technologies884,567.51
Royster-Clark Incorporated81552,723.39
Kirsh Foundry Inc83456,182.48
Generac Power Systems - Waukesha826299,461.46
Wis Doa / Uw-Parkside Power Plant85324,263.75
Matthews Paint Company885,650.06
Snap-On Tools Company83214,779.02
Kewaunee County Asphalt Plant82232,429.41
Torrance Casting Inc84649,383.95
Mathy Construction Company Plant #68829,714.16
R. B. Royal Industries8119,865.72
Homette Corp. Dba:Skyline Corp.8819,864.21
L & W Construction817674.43
Forest County Highway Department81425,114.17
Ad Tech Industries Inc83493,446.91
Wis Doa / Uw-Whitewater Power Plt.8145,210.65
Fort Atkinson Memorial Health Services8445,752.85
Geiger International Inc.83914,978.69
Citation Wisconsin Castings-Berlin8128116,086.36
Waupaca Pallet, Inc819144,624.90
Ansul Co Fire Technology Center Pierce Plt82775,057.44
Milw. Asphalt, City Of8226,422.98
Graphic Packaging Corporation83599,308.75
Wausau Chemical Corp.81632.00
American Asphalt Division Plant #2281389,333.35
Wausau Hospital86721,014.81
Springs Window Fashions, Lp816152,796.18
Woods Equipment Company8830,960.38
Lignotech Usa, Inc.84154,067.80
Manitowoc Cranes, Inc.827112,282.98
Mirro Co. Plant #5855111,912.59
Manitowoc Grey Iron Foundry Inc87286,441.95
Foster Needle Co., Inc.81259,789.52
Eck Industries, Inc.8159145,655.72
Waste Management Of Wisconsin, Inc.814188,364.50
Weinbrenner Shoe Company Inc81125,226.03
Langlade County Highway Department81834,052.82
Metallics Inc75254,877.44
Mirro Co. Plant #6730217,907.64
Jagemann Plating Company7919,530.96
Cher-Make Sausage Co.72021,602.40
Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry75593,026.74
Wis Electric Power Point Beach Station7810,737.72
Krueger International72910,387.29
Sne Enterprises Inc71863,885.36
Hammerblow Corporation71041,431.19
Jefferson Smurfit Corp.71520,886.83
Waldorf Corporation7935,145.73
Perlick Corporation73817,163.43
St. Michael'S Hospital75924,397.07
S K Williams Co7219,093.43
Hoffers'S Coatings , Inc.796,279.75
Wausaukee Composites, Inc.71391,913.19
Rodman Industries73431,875.63
Goodman Veneer & Lumber Co.719663,589.56
Iowa County Highway Department791,276.80
Woodbridge Corporation715393,553.31
Wilson-Hurd Mfg. Co., Inc.7814,784.45
Fleetguard, Inc. - Mineral Point71239,716.30
Fiberdome Inc., Plant #271527,526.92
Walnut Hollow Farm7163,170.35
Jones Dairy Farm770109,086.47
Fleetguard, Inc. - Black River Falls7837,570.73
Foremost Farms Usa71235,372.97
Western Lime Corp - Eden Plant745848,037.64
Snow River Products71668,892.71
Advance Transformer Co - Boscobel734316,381.41
Universal Silencer Division-Muscoda 257723,796.89
Ito Industries, Inc.798,580.04
Wisconsin Energy Operations, Llc79251,509.09
Holcim (Us) Inc.72114,169.48
Advanced Fiber Process7938,547.00
Pheasant Run Rdf Gas Power Plt716304,613.45
Christ Iron Works, Inc.78632.08
Vacuum Platers Inc723153,405.41
Spacesaver Corporation South71534,542.16
Federal Industries7925,610.15
Berntsen Brass & Aluminum Foundry Inc72846,196.39
Rexam Medical Packaging, Inc.71422,002.38
Exxonmobil Corporation-Madison Terminal71413,673.57
St Mary'S Hospital Medical Center74930,787.98
Hutchinson Technology, Inc.71058,345.72
Quad/Graphics Inc - Hartford790232,502.47
Myers Manufacturing, Inc.783,521.92
Zalk Josephs Fabricators Inc.7981,454.98
Coating Place Inc71551,785.50
Diamond Star Wood Shavings, Inc.71711,514.31
Appleton Papers, Inc.71786,780.43
Tape Incorporated73138,448.42
Western Lime Corporation726878,816.67
Rebox Paper, Inc.7822,395.60
American Tool Company (Formerly Irwin)7945,939.40
Hartzell Manufacturing71827,605.30
St. Vincent Hospital72624,048.74
Green Bay Packaging Shipping Container Div72940,030.26
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation - Green Bay Terminal71629,648.81
Grantek Inc.78179,696.63
Fox River Fiber71428,562.36
Nickelson Plastics, Inc.71332,101.41
Kenro Incorporated71090,580.97
Foley Wood Products, Inc.7716,879.66
Simplicity Mfg Inc.72215,782.36
Polaris Industries Inc.770185,232.48
Mid-City Foundry Corp. - United Div.74649,514.73
Molded Dimensions71128,114.38
Lees0n Electric Corporation73610,520.83
Great Northern Corporation - Appleton Divisi74031,590.50
Kestrel Hawk Rdf710219,767.59
Facility Speciality Tapes77477.54
Varco-Pruden Buildings72572,486.88
Iki Manufacturing7128,139.09
Saint-Gobain Containers7351,799,027.84
Oconto Falls Tissue, Inc.730242,810.59
Warvel Products Division Of Trm Inc.793,844.49
Evenflo Company, Inc.72324,290.05
Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.72377,490.80
Strattec Security Corp.74343,547.77
Toro Co78574,530.54
Sparta Mfg Co Inc735132,720.21
Nohl Electrical Products Corp.7109,986.04
Southeastern Wisconsin Products Co75356,312.00
Spic And Span Inc7848,652.63
America'S Best Quality Coatings Corp7176,192.47
Milwaukee Composites, Inc.791,483.75
Metso Minerals71013,338.72
Fontarome Chemical777,995.91
Quad/Graphics, Inc79299,536.87
Vilter Manufacturing Corporation - Cudahy7811,783.62
Brady Usa, Inc-Cameron Avenue Facility72380,767.74
Frantz Company, Inc.714335,126.17
Mccann Barrel Co., Inc.71050,759.03
The Oilgear Company71113,036.33
Hercules Incorporated7158,876.69
Pressed Steel Tank Co Inc74633,329.72
Trail-Et, Inc.71023,934.06
Milsco Mfg. - Red Granite71026,383.28
Cellu Tissue Neenah787108,187.27
Leach Company71774,301.75
Pluswood A Div. Of International Paper717302,869.26
Ashland Chemical Company719619.24
Menasha Elec & Water Util713298,293.02
Maysteel, Llc71812,206.86
Wismarq Corporation71952,611.97
American Printpak7838,440.93
Rexnord Elastomer Production Div. - Moorland Rd.783,725.98
Quad/Graphics Inc76569,051.81
Dynex-Rivett, Inc7819,197.43
Glenroy, Inc.73257,719.06
Itw Graphics7940,180.91
Gilman Forest Products, Inc.7720,485.81
The Mayline Co.(Steel Plant)71350,036.30
Sharon Foundry Inc740312,943.59
Abitec Corporation72125,926.88
Cityforest Corporation730225,400.62
Alcoa Wheel Products - Beloit72473,624.02
Perry Judds - Baraboo Division723142,144.60
Kohler Co - Town Of Mosel Plant777191,683.38
Austin Gray Iron Foundry72161,980.36
American Excelsior71165,694.33
Lakeshore Display Co., Inc.71838,898.89
Lakeland Sports Center, Inc.71035,051.77
Wisconsin Veneer & Plywood Inc741443,620.38
Weber Veneer & Plywood72232,330.24
Midwest Express Airlines, Inc.7187,963.26
Waukesha Engine Dresser Inc.726142,291.15
Endeavor Hardwoods Inc71535,166.43
Bemis Films (Curwood, Inc.)736486,240.79
Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc72047,078.43
Gkn Sinter Metals-Manitowoc727186,276.60
Lsp Whitewater Cogeneration Facility738457,215.31
Genesee Aggregate - Hillview Plant75828,371.08
Lawrence University73724,913.29
Milprint Inc.71898,051.21
Federal Mogul - Power Train Systems7171,866.49
Capitol Incorporated72816,063.94
Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers788,124.11
Land O' Lakes, Inc.71735,513.77
Wisconsin Air National Guard7815,397.24
Adams Industries Inc.797,171.75
Moore Wallace Inc.73835,112.75
Southwest Metal Finishing - Dakota St. Plant782,484.95
Huf North America Automotive Parts Mfg Group7158,612.38
Thermoset - Baehr Road Facility799,036.53
Associated Milk Producers Inc (Ampi)-Whey731228,544.52
Redi-Serve Foods Limited Partnership710181,154.66
Northern Natural Gas-Belleville Compressor S73240,713.89
Neenah Paper - Whiting Mill739219,330.86
Cargill Inc. - Little Chute793,061.30
Ncl Graphic Specialties74517,724.56
Curwood, Inc.7932,813.80
City Brewing Company74298,475.61
Kimberly-Clark Corporation, West Office73715,532.70
Seneca Foods Corporation72512,953.43
Birdseye Foods (Fka Agrilink)73213,629.26
Associated Milk Producers Inc (Ampi)-Cheese71320,536.76
Pactiv Corporation724624,597.01
Advance Bag Company7813,171.25
Northwestern Wisconsin Electric Company7511,928.84
Anderson Custom Processing73132,817.96
W B Place7957,690.03
Cardinal Fg7243,457,610.14
Lannon Stone Prod-Jackson Quarry72212,973.72
Southwest Metal Finishing- 2445 Calhoun7833,048.89
Everbrite. Inc. - Elkhorn7118,159.67
Western Building Products, Inc.71451,035.59
Marion Body Works74039,135.42
Showcase Kitchens71231,197.34
Columbia-St. Mary'S Hospital72124,447.38
Curwood Inc. North Campus7976,530.31
Emmpak Foods Slaughter And Boning7739,159.98
Shipbuilders Of Wisconsin, Inc., Dba Burger Boat C7812,183.57
Nakano Foods Inc.7932,112.76
Alto Dairy Coop. - Black Creek Div.71327,375.13
Flexographic Packaging713111,270.53
Anr Pipeline Company - Marshfield Comp Stn7553,649,628.16
Seal Fab. Corp. Ltd.783,523.44
Parker Hannifin Corporation - Quick Coupling74220,018.56
Marquip, Llc73413,234.45
Mullins Marshfield71379,507.54
St. Joseph Construction7197,221.64
Northwestern Wisconsin Electric Company7453,328.87
National By-Products72912,245.33
G & K Services - Menomonee Falls72026,447.21
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc.714283,106.23
American Family Insurance Groups76119,029.76
Daanen And Janssen-Ebben Quarry71149,098.23
Pan O Gold716119,778.92
Stora Enso No. Amer.-Water Quality Center77254,257.56
Banner Packaging721238,338.25
Intertape Polymer Group7265,007.27
Arvinmeritor Commercial Vehicle Systems71913,152.00
Waukesha Mem. Hosp.7511,066.66
Advanced Food Products, Llc73435,321.88
Formrite Tube Company7723.51
Green Bay Dressed Beef72535,162.82
Miller Brewing Company Milwaukee Plant746908,040.92
Cardinal Fg7183,238,896.69
Western Products7227,030.11
Southwest Metal Finishing - 2785 S. 167th783,662.72
A F Gelhar Co Inc - Readfield Plant6819,356.00
Mondovi Foods Whitehall6122,498.26
Patz Sales, Inc.6173,748.99
Primera Foods Corporation61528,303.42
Usaf 440 Aw/Afrc6436,116.00
The Mayline Co.(Wood Plant)6116,294.06
Land O Lakes621156,617.28
Foremost Farm Usa62036,019.63
Frito-Lay Inc6145398,676.80
Froedtert Malt Corp630176,153.06
Delzer Lithograph Company6108,181.56
Lycon Inc6825,421.84
Paper Converting Machine Company62224,224.00
Doskocil Food Service Company, L.L.C.62157,408.42
Saputo Cheese - Scott St.62213,118.36
Drummond Lumber614153,456.57
Belarus Machinery671,518.51
Sacred Heart Hospital63116,353.67
Gillett Cement Products Inc61490,374.24
Wmfb, Incorporated661,943.11
Times Printing Co Inc64444,738.99
Foremost Farms Usa625103,969.59
Northeast Asphalt - #566122,162.29
Briggs & Stratton Power Products, Llc-Sullivan6648.91
G E Medical Systems: Electric Ave. Facility61813,867.95
Walzcraft Industries Inc.620131,746.87
Seneca Foods Corp61125,750.06
General Thermodynamics - Franklin61713,044.07
North Port, Inc.61421,236.41
Froedtert Malt, Division Of Imc, Llc.622265,715.82
Robin Ii, Inc6844,081.35
Johnson Timber Corporation6855,768.77
Monroe Truck Equipment (Conversion Shop)6213,397.93
Fiberesin Industries Inc-Ashippun Plant6207,190.42
Scot Forge Company61762,702.63
Maysteel Corp./Columbus Div.6103,476.88
The Monroe Clinic62514,522.71
Payne & Dolan - Wl&S62438,885.47
Nemschoff Chairs Inc63143,187.83
Schmidt Lumber61561,587.62
St Josephs Hospital6259,067.97
J.G. Van Holten & Son, Inc.662,480.33
Rock County Jail-Sheriff'S Department6123,105.79
Chilton Mfg.61310,749.34
All Glass Aquarium6811,906.45
Parker Hannifin Corp. - Paraflex Division6107,226.94
Kolpak Refrigeration Inc.61433,798.83
Viking Gas Transmission Company618123,379.92
Hurd Millwork Company618102,780.17
Foremost Farms Usa, D/B/A Morning Glory Dairy6174,768.57
Milwaukee Valve Co Inc616364.10
Friday Canning Corp., Country Garden Div.61219,520.10
International Ingredient Corp.6747,957.58
Spartek Inc61231,909.75
Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group, Llc62635,272.47
Onvoy/Division Of Badger Plug Company676,137.11
Drs Power & Control Technology62013,036.45
Seaquist Closures61010,580.78
Packaging Corporation Of America61517,577.68
Galloway Co61213,197.42
Parker Hannifin6817,693.95
Graphic Packaging - Menasha Carton Plant6976,169.95
Calibre, Inc.6125,283.06
Crystal Print Inc68186,192.13
Fox River Paper Co632391,965.79
Dm Conversions673,034.12
Northern States Power Co Wheaton Gen Plant660342,439.03
Chiquita Processed Foods New Richmond62322,176.83
Wisconsin Whey International, Inc..633224,266.00
Mcp Inc.699,004.26
Grande Cheese Co.65543,720.62
Schawk - Milwaukee6919,940.51
Del Monte - #11661221,986.18
Foremost Farms Usa62558,430.63
Maysteel Corp Menomonee Falls Division691,032.14
Lakeview Properties Llc663,249.43
American Materials Corp.6164,248.46
Northern Engraving Corporation - La Crosse Nort6810,670.76
Harley-Davidson Motor Co630118,112.52
Gunderson Cleaners, Inc.6866,151.49
Sne-Stevens Point6185,201.59
Chart Heat Exchangers Limited Partnership6227,204.91
St Marys Hospital Ozaukee66211,294.57
Mercy Health System61214,685.96
U S Veterans Admin Medical Center61124,873.23
Green Bay Packaging Inc.61758,698.34
Schmidt Engineering6717,783.82
Kerry Ingredients - Jackson63738,328.26
Badger Paper Mill, Flexible Packaging Division621130,917.71
Vilter Manufacturing Corporation - Milwaukee65012,552.54
Murphy Concrete And Construction (Mcc)61318,349.63
August H. Wulf Co.684,117.46
Northern Engraving Corporation65970,726.03
Amron L.L.C. - Antigo6623,641.52
Adm - Cocoa62042,116.25
Michels Waterloo Quarry6810,801.13
Research Products Corp6141,594.76
Mason Shoe Mfg. Company66740,744.89
Hynite Corporation682,573.54
Retail Fixture, Llc6913,994.44
Rice Lake Area School District61244,099.45
Foremost Farms U.S.A.61836,309.15
Portage Casting & Mold Inc62310,382.02
Oshkosh Truck Corp - South Plant6814,552.83
Alliant Energy (Fka Wisc. Power & Light)624243,124.11
Black & Decker681,007.82
Viking Gas Transmission Co6301,141,956.33
Kraft Foods Na-Beaver Dam61724,197.93
Lynn Dairy62131,116.29
Af Gelhar Co Inc - Markesan Plant676,168.54
Parker Hannifin Corp. - Hpd6852,632.78
Del Monte Foods, Plant #10761234,874.70
Foremost Farms Usa6367,055.83
Green Bay Packaging Inc.-Depere Shipping Container61729,861.59
Buckstaff Co62955,079.93
Sweetheart Cup Co. - Hoffmaster/Ceg/Fonda Brands61251,216.68
Kraft Pizza Company-Medford64340,361.04
Madison Gas & Elec Fitchburg Generating Stat62487,138.93
Dunn County Health Care Center6125,273.99
Fort Mccoy U.S. Army Base61359,002.85
Quality Ingredients Corp.61330,005.27
Shurpac, Inc.685,027.78
Grande Custom Ingredients Group63826,672.97
Serigraph, Inc. - Plant 16810,142.34
Badger Mining Corp - St. Marie6113,595.13
Necedah Pallet Co Inc687,669.38
The Metal Ware Corporation6213,592.42
Eclipse Mfg Co6172,080.48
Bissen Blacktop Inc663,021.73
Tri Clover, Inc6627.93
Madison Gas & Electric Co Sycamore Station61845,674.97
Racine Railroad Products61010,735.38
Wis Electric Power Company - Concord648378,535.70
Century Foods International6239,849.26
Isp Minerals Inc.692637,234.48
Banta Company - Anhaip St.64427,983.73
Trane Company Bldg #176124,636.37
The Antigo Cheese Company61816,093.40
Thiele Tanning Co.6711,234.35
Jor-Mac Co Inc6816,660.04
Wis-Pak Of Watertown Inc.62915,470.66
Mile Bluff Medical Center6368,812.63
American Finishing Resources Inc (Thermal Clean)629109,582.82
Midwhey Powder Co61211,186.97
Wisconsin Furniture, Llc61082,230.37
Pemco Inc.685,313.45
Calibre, Inc. -- Dakota Dr.61342,416.04
Nestle Chocolate & Confections683107,998.21
Fey Publishing Company66243.15
Lycon Inc6827,996.79
Industrial Combustion, Inc.6395,262.10
Curt G. Joa, Incorporated686,320.78
Blended Waxes, Inc.6243,425.43
Morningstar Foods, Inc.61814,121.79
Paper, Calmenson & Co.6133,163.18
Semling-Menke Co633211,668.35
Park Falls High School61217,609.30
Combination Door Company6878,807.01
Crescent Printing Co Inc6186,068.32
Us Department Of Veterans Affairs64553,549.14
Plymouth Industries Inc.674,097.95
Union Semiconductor Technology Corporation6776.20
W M W I Stone Ridge Recycling And Disposal6629,792.87
Sulpaco West6264,367.17
Foremost Farms Usa61231,775.15
Pechiney Plastic Packing, Inc.61332,928.90
Bodycote Thermal Processing61220,738.74
Green Bay Packaging Inc. - Folding Carton Division61426,216.37
American Excelsior Co.63051,382.72
Super Steel Products Corp6710,577.74
Tecumseh Products Co.-Sheboygan Falls Operat62346,532.58
Delta Finishing/Division Of Ruud Lighting6156,276.91
Metz Baking Company Of Eau Claire61931,705.23
Putzmeister, Inc.61625,192.70
Webster Industries, Inc.6183,052.57
Bba Nonwovens Simpsonville, Inc.6722,517.41
Great Lakes Gas Transmission-Comp Station #66111,179,619.65
Plating Engineering673,692.16
Land-0-Lakes @ Greenwood61846,299.25
Baptistas Bakery62625,579.93
Sells Printing Co61827,385.11
Amerifab Corporation671,657.80
Kenosha Medical Center Campus64914,931.30
American Asphalt Paving Inc6123,802.66
Gerber Products Co. Baby Care Div.6112,072.75
Banbury Place6129,758.41
Foremost Farms Usa61240,138.64
Decor Products, Inc.675,728.85
Twin Disc Inc., Plant 3 (21st Street)62021,662.53
Kerry Inc.62416,568.78
Dejno'S Inc.668,800.78
Birchwood Lumber And Veneer Co618212,598.88
Carnes Company61520,989.59
Oxford Federal Correctional Institution64823,119.83
Waste Management Of Wi, Omega Hills Landfill6179,223.75
Wis Public Service Corp-Eagle River Peaking61235,828.69
Milk Specialties Company62546,417.13
Graetz Mfg Inc6136,777.03
Rayovac Corp Madison6122,493.15
Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc.-Industrial Drive61411,795.18
General Chemical Corp6104,358.25
Tnt Crust - Cedar St. Plant62316,005.78
Wolf Paving Co.61233,972.98
Murphy Concrete And Construction (Mcc)61316,709.90
National Presto Industries Inc6246,273.51
Exopack Llc63591,532.57
Nestle Usa63384,325.04
Brady U.S.A., Inc. - Good Hope Rd. Facility62313,078.49
Adell Corporation636213,065.14
Monroe Truck Equipment61210,882.50
Kerry Ingredients63045,631.07
Briess Industries610960,473.86
J C Penney Catalog Division66478.43
Ampco Metal Manufacturing Inc6376,356.48
Koch Industries62018,614.28
G & K Services - Green Bay61457,715.84
St. Joseph'S Hospital - Milwaukee612442,243.24
Hatley Veneer Corporation612122,927.58
Briess Industries, Waterloo Malting Division64281,356.46
Wisconsin Public Service-Clear Lake Substation6611,286.20
Mosinee Converted Products62427,340.95
Everbrite, Llc62426,780.77
Wi Public Service Corp Kewaunee Plant6242,156.09
Foremost Farms Usa62023,860.18
Watertown Hops Company61613,287.58
Wildeck Mezzanines Inc62181,289.33
Mirro Co, Plant # 9664,671.94
Award Hardwood Floors, Llp6724,101.21
Berntsen Foundry614735.04
Banta Company - Midway Rd.69862,427.27
Norse Premium Wood Products68206,763.73
Bemis Mfg. Co. - Plant D62428,820.11
Alliant Energy-Turtle Generating Station663,478.49
Reindl Printing , Inc.6830,379.28
Hoard Printing Company, The6167,622.97
Monroe Truck Equipment6123,199.18
Schweiger'S, Division Of Kcs62738,184.65
Laidlaw Corporation618196,573.42
Vinyl Plastics,Inc.61552,300.88
Symet, Inc.61321,392.75
Seidel Tanning Company61238,155.82
Daanen & Janssen, Inc.61049,080.82
Madison Gas & Electric Co Nine Springs Stat662,488.03
St Mary'S Hospital6194,968.14
Joy-Mark, Inc.6134,363.66
A H Stock Mfg Corporation61924,422.25
Hurd Millwork Company Inc.629143,128.91
Midwest Industrial Fuel Inc63410,585.48
Arlington Experimental Farms-Uw Madison61276.40
Conagra Foods Retail Products Co.630138,791.05
Hi Liter Graphics Inc688,598.72
Mount Mary College6246,398.63
Ssi Technologies, Inc.6714,229.33
Doane Pet Care Company61622,958.41
Foremost Farms Usa-Sauk City662,894.16
Foremost Farms Usa6128,498.89
Castle Rock Container Corp.61024,731.05
Leather Rich Inc61826,356.11
Allcast, Incorporated610104,748.32
Northern Steel Castings Inc62912,782.83
Great Northern Corporation - Racine Division61540,694.64
Heartland Eps (Fka Wisc. Eps)68238,935.27
Harley-Davidson Motor Co- Industrial Park Facility6913,138.18
Northwestern Wisconsin Electric Company6182,801.01
Ariens Company Incorporated64858,908.81
Kerwin Paper Co.613182,348.24
Owen Manufacturing Inc.6922,563.13
Wingra Ready Mix, Inc.682,506.00
Miller Compressing Company62119,247.99
K & K Screw Products Inc674,933.31
Pliant Corporation6919,971.82
Standard Process Inc.62117,236.34
Payne & Dolan-Franklin Aggr.61432,826.50
Inx International Ink Co61516,619.90
Cellox Corporation - Industrial St.6834,593.43
Seneca Foods Corp - Janesville Plant61233,852.72
U S Badger Army Ammunition Plant6123,981.80
St Croix Valley Hardwoods Inc6857,177.04
Lakeside Nursing & Rehabilitation6183,476.33
Barron Senior High School61130,645.46
Wisconsin Web Offset, Llc6817,315.28
Sunrise Medical - Continuing Care Group63645,749.93
Dome Petroleum - Superior Terminal61425,900.24
Nestle Purina Pet Care Co641116,044.35
Blackbear Forest Products Inc.669,323.33
De Pere Cabinet61335,165.23
Northern States Power Co - Flambeau Gen Stn6617,076.23
Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery63969,632.34
Farm City Elevator Inc.-Orfordville61534,304.64
Mayville Engineering Co. Inc.62711,969.87
International Paper - Fond Du Lac6916,633.43
Lake Ellen Stone Inc.61439,744.67
Morris Material Handling, Inc.681,547.43
Milsco Mfg Co6148,043.08
Del Monte Foods Plant 108 Cambria62415,673.40
F & A Dairy Products Inc61633,653.83
Land O'Lakes Farmland Feed Llc (Formerly Growmark,6187,491.83
Adm Milling62431,330.41
Coulee Region Ent, Inc61422,915.57
Cargill, Inc., Malt Americas - Sheboygan62553,741.74
Dane Mfg Co Inc.682,048.16
Kraft Pizza Company62814,274.69
Mercury Marine Plant 666205.33
Appleton Supply Company6916,853.07
Wausau Homes, Inc.661,415.96
U.S. Postal Service - Processing/Distribution6373,858.77
Northern Steel Casting-Kenosha62092,758.78
Walworth Woodcraft, Inc.61127,835.35
Smurfit Flexible Packaging613109,023.48
Mercury Marine - Plant 33/64671,091.05
U.S. Filter - Plymouth Products Division6123,109.83
Amerequip Corp - Plant 3 (Kiel)61830,904.01
Alliant Energy- Sheepskin6634,757.50
Ike International Corp.61614,488.07
Principle Fixtures & Millwork, Inc.6747,028.01
Sonoco-U.S. Mills, Inc, De Pere624225,475.87
Safety Kleen Corp.6158,735.82
Serigraph, Inc.- Plant 261728,565.35
Alsco American Industrial Division6735,099.81
Menzner Lumber And Supply Co.61425,496.30
Bay Shore Cabinets, Inc.6712,993.12
Sharp Packaging Systems, Inc.61125,473.26
Merrick'S, Inc.63281,641.71
Koch Materials Co62031,399.00
Metso Paper Usa,Inc. - Neenah Service Center62214,865.02
De Pere Wastewater Treatment Plant611274,767.60
Horizon Milling Llc615271,113.14
Wis Pwr & Light Blackhawk Gen Station612158,745.28
Allied Processors, Inc.627119,468.76
Waukesha Waste Water Treatment Plant6648,627.49
Sentinel Structures61218,737.06
Longview Fibre Company62012,454.27
Tab Products Co675,523.39
Construction Forms Inc681,657.04
Bayside Timber Corporation612113,294.46
Wisconsin Homes Inc.696,841.66
Badger Mining - Fairwater6923,870.16
Plymouth Foam Incorporated617109,361.22
Anr Pipeline Co.(Kewaskum Comp. Station)654121,263.83
Marine Travel Lift6712,247.13
Nemschoff Chairs, Inc.61841,300.76
Kraft Foods North America, Inc.63828,262.27
Lycon Inc6826,425.22
William S. Middleton Memorial Va Hospital6172,717.01
Luther/Midelfort/Mayo Health System64223,846.59
Fredman Bag Co.6848,647.94
Neenah Packaging (Div Menasha Corp)618150,127.62
George Weston Bakeries, Inc.-Brownberry63640,588.27
Harley Davidson - Pilgrim Rd.62174,471.76
Dm Conversions672,828.52
Madison Pre-Hung Doors & Pre-Finishing61229,345.04
Robbins, Inc. Dba Yawkey-Bissell Plant614249,138.49
Advance Transformer Company-Monroe648132,215.74
International Paper-Cedarburg62128,470.36
Hotz Manufacturing Co6620,281.64
Walworth County Institutions Boiler Plt.62414,246.04
Westwood Aluminum Casting, Inc.65156,382.74
Kretz Lumber Company62036,587.78
Pukall Lumber Co., Inc.6878,436.70
Twin Disc Inc., Plant 1 (Racine St.)674,506.06
Little Rapids Corp - Shawano Specialty Papers638869,517.64
Memorial Medical Center62940,102.17
Gold'N Plump Poultry - Feed Mill63064,139.94
Cargill, Inc.6717,476.78
Dennis Ovyn Trucking & Excavating6133,999.31
Nor-Lake Inc62921,412.56
Chiquita Process Foods-Cambria62414,198.66
Roberts Concrete Products614358,302.04
Mayville Limestone Inc63260,838.19
Dueco, Inc.6817,551.71
Bemis Wood Flour Mill6919,702.42
Meriter Hospital/Park61828,488.39
Seneca Foods Corporation63023,687.70
Northern Engraving Corp67080,880.80
Weathershield Mfg Inc-Millwork Div623381,525.43
Gehl Company6927,089.90
Huffy Sports - Sussex6714,581.66
Weyauwega Milk Products, Inc.62671,463.81
Foremost Farms Usa635220,078.57
Birdseye Veneer Company6688,802.86
Anr Pipeline Co.-Mountain Compressor Station62448,246.18
New Lisbon Electric & Water Dept63010,565.90
Wis Electric Power Co - Paris648736,741.37
Schroeders Flowers,Inc.61233,405.52
Wisconsin Central, Ltd.61012,753.20
Color Craft Graphic Arts, Inc.695,504.84
Busch Agricultural Resources Inc640323,858.47
Quikrete Wisconsin Inc.6911,280.17
Cooper Power Systems-Dist Trans Div62914,208.31
Corenso North America61317,968.72
Badger Coatings, Inc.62432,598.95
Wisconsin Label Corporation61145,922.97
Wmwi Muskego Sanitary Landfill6632,035.05
B & B Metals Processing Co Inc61448,619.35
A F K Corp621207,811.76
Lacrosse Milling Co62853,909.59
Wi Public Service-Venus Substation61284,313.43
Foremost Farms Usa - Appleton62754,856.29
Emmber Foods, Inc.61225,336.85
Ibi Inc.66755.21
Georgia Pacific Corporation61524,403.51
Land 0' Lakes Inc. - Cheese Division62472,885.65
Venture Coating Technologies Inc.6611,866.69
Fleetguard Inc., Viroqua6851,929.61
Tankcraft Corporation6812,572.71
Helgesen Industries Inc61265,490.08
Bergamot Brass Works Inc.6115,884.31
Intertractor America Corporation6816,479.46
Midwest Composite Technologies Inc61243,428.66
Brenntag Great Lakes L.L.C.6127,678.00
A F W Foundry, Inc.61014,372.94
Generac Power Systems, Inc. - Eagle612148,934.35
Onyx Emerald Park Landfill, Llc611160,335.91
Schunk Graphite Technology6117,657.57
Fleetguard, Inc.-Wautoma6850,692.70
Neenah Printing - Commercial Plt-Div Of Promo Edge6610,039.93
Polyone Corporation698,428.06
Kramer International6838,606.46
Bp Granville Terminal61528.04
Wayne Pigment Corp6102,837.42
Zenar Corporation6613,641.12
Northern Engraving-Adhesive Division69190,404.85
Cruisers Plant #2, Div Of Ksc Int. Inc.6926,582.96
Johnson Polymer - Waxdale6129,060.00
U.S. Oil Co., Inc. - Kimberly Bulk Plant673,104.29
Team Industries, Inc.6855,180.13
Milwaukee Sign Co. - Plant 261134,770.66
Leeson Electric Corp. - Saukville686,456.53
Legget & Platt-Est Div.6914,657.10
Amcast Industrial Corp. - Amcast Automotive62296,645.36
Washburn Iron Works61427,175.46
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc61313,633.81
Larson-Juhl, Inc.614217,110.91
Bay Engineered Castings622249,105.61
Carboline Company61115,998.50
Cenex Harvest States Cooperative64329,763.96
Indianhead Plating, Inc.65247,595.28
Fleetguard, Inc. - Neillsville West6832,224.98
General Thermodynamics-Iron Ridge6710,708.79
Wisconsin And Southern Railroad Company6619,237.39
Columbus Chemical Industries, Inc.6143,254.95
Koppers Inc677,393.85
Mastermold, Llc6845,443.32
Crown Cork And Seal Co. Plant 66612386,318.84
Graphic Packaging International Inc.6790,926.83
Fiberdome Inc-Plant #151124,868.78
Central Sanitary Lf Deer Track Park58317,985.97
Loudspeaker Components56262,947.89
Leer Limited Partnership51016,281.12
Silvan Industries, Inc.5637,781.15
Pdm Bridge, Llc57106,460.96
Sta-Care, Inc. Visioneer Plant5122,699.79
American Roller Company51830,609.58
Printing Developments, Inc.583,486.35
Cera-Mite Corporation51016,486.76
Cooper Power Systems51411,274.66
General Automotive Manufacturing, Llc-W. Airway51313,522.14
Aldrich Chemical Co. Inc.5105,656.00
Steinberg Mfg Co. Inc5932,017.28
Lake Area Disposal Landfill5880,283.78
Weather Shield Mfg-Custom Products Division51445,093.18
Specialty Minerals, Inc.519164,303.31
Maysteel Llc - Mayville Division550.52
Snc Manufacturing Co., Inc.5710,385.31
Sweetheart Cup Co.51024,410.60
Wisconsin Frac Sand, Inc57185,751.75
Super Steel Products Corp. - Tower52218,717.47
Northern Aluminum Foundry5192,717.60
Serigraph, Inc. - Plant 45815,142.71
Banta Specialty Converting5145,030.00
Inland Printing Company521149,985.83
Gardner Mfg Co5616,804.53
Badger Mining Corp-Taylor Plant5726,523.23
Halquist Stone Company-Lannon Quarry51915,088.43
Northern Engraving & Machine Co.51016,929.48
Marth Wood Shavings Supply Inc557,139.17
Printpack Enterprise Inc.529470,993.97
Renard Machine594,809.85
St Croix Press Inc52114,323.46
Research Products Corp.56307.02
Grove Charcoal5524,597.48
Northern Engraving Corporation52052,194.84
Woodgoods Industries, Inc.5623,646.92
Brown County Publishing Company577,006.97
Prepolymer Products Inc.5820,889.03
Seville Flexpack Corp5296,404.06
Spx Dock Products-Muskego579,073.58
Northern Engraving Corporation - Galesville5929,045.50
Weycogroup Inc51233,211.42
Miller - St. Nazianz51336,516.54
Great Lakes Calcium Corporation569204,246.92
Mill Waste Recovery5732,654.27
H&S Manufacturing Co., Inc.5791,971.77
Feeco International, Inc.574,519.92
Central Blacktop55165.49
Halquist Stone Co Inc-Sussex53134,318.72
Union Coop Assn513122,113.45
Republic Services Of Wisconsin, Ll.P.57108,700.36
Royle Printing, Inc.5612,583.55
Stoughton Trailers-Plant 441020,118.64
Stora Enso N.A. Wisconsin Rapids Paper Mill4467,300.70
Waste Management Of Wis, Inc.412183,360.96
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.43010,940.28
Serigraph Inc. - Plant 34616,702.01
Mcdermott Cue Mfg. Co.456,713.26
W M W I Valley Trail Landfill41056,118.98
Chippewa Brass & Aluminum Foundry, Ltd.467.40
C & H Packaging Company, Incorporated41578,276.61
Kimberly Clark Neenah Nonwovens Facility4949,032.74
Sunny Industries41510,594.80
Stoughton Trailers, Inc. - Plant #3466,078.74
Intaglio Vivi-Color Alliance, Ltd.4480,820.76
Plastics Eng. Co.475,768.50
Kohler Co. Brass Div.46155.00
Ashley Furniture Industries423333,374.54
Wisconsin Precision Casting Corp.442.48
Lear Sheboygan Substrates461,302.50
Vollrath Co. L.L.C.48775.00
Crown Cork And Seal Company4758,213.93
Mid-America Steel Drum Co48168,715.87
Charter Wire Division Co41357,983.07
Cerac, Inc.46314.20
Usemco Universal Sanitary Equipmt Mfg Co4536,582.27
Pierce Manufacturing435128,904.72
Belgium Foundry Corp41545,151.67
Steel King Industries, Inc.4978,516.01
Onyx Special Services, Inc.441.08
Milwaukee Sign Co. - Plant 1482,236.93
Schoessow Feeders Inc4520,296.88
Flexible Foam Products Inc454,811.66
Astro Industries Inc477,427.41
Samuels Recycling Company-Green Bay Division41072,505.90
Badger Iron Works Inc41945,290.92
Samuels Recycling Company-Madison Division41051,528.41
3m Co. Wausau Greystone4510.90
Universal Silencer - Plant 22447,366.92
Martin Petersen Co. Inc.4484.60
Trane South Lacrosse Ops.44222.22
Avon Hi-Life, Inc.4113,381.76
Scot Industries42381,629.12
Brenner Tank Inc479,061.42
U.S. Chrome Corp. Of Wisconsin34261.00
Giddings & Lewis Llc389,993.80
Rayovac Corp Fennimore339,101.24
Hydrite Chemical Co.36491.00
Woodcraft Finishes Inc.3321,560.00
Webster Wood Preserving31616,910.28
Empire Screen Printing3372,562.40
Five Star Stock Car Bodies3419,677.81
Wausau Tile Inc39116,302.02
Woodcraft Finishes3381,837.98
Ball Metal Food Container Corp37296,519.02
Belleville Division-Sico North America3415,917.68
Advanced Centrifugals Ltd.3315.00
Premium Prefinished Products, Inc.3737,249.27
County Materials Corp.3534,761.00
American Phoenix, Inc.378,533.74
Burgess-Norton Mfg Co.31048,605.30
Apache Stainless Equipment Corp.3315.00
Mapleton Wood Products Inc3911,295.01
Integrated Products, Inc.330.40
Online Packaging Inc.361,010.00
Stora Enso N.A. Water Renewal Center33940.00
Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc.3348,726.39
Janesville-Sackner Group364,594.47
Wisconsin Vault Company, Inc.3611,351.12
Precision Twist Drill Co - Rhinelander3510,472.21
Bradley Corp.336.78
Elite Finishing, Llc3312,512.85
Bell Aromatics338,973.00
Midwest Tops, Inc335,874.45
Waupaca Pallet Inc36225,245.89
Walker Forge Inc.3630.00
Bradley Corp.3317.66
Lippert Corporation3754,274.14
Cooper Power Systems-Transformer Products32057,857.45
California Dream Inc.3359,373.03
Signicast Corp. Hartford Mfg. Complex331,174.00
Steel Craft Corp.339.00
United Stars Inc.3525.00
Getzen Company3318,603.19
Ashley Furniture Inds. Inc.3657,756.00
Howard Johnson'S Enterprises, Inc3154,515.56
Jacobus Petroleum Products378,653.99
Customized Transportation, Inc.3313,139.28
Crown Prince, Inc.3529,524.36
Leeson Electric Corporation3514,186.79
Polar Ware Co.3106,256.38
Suttle-Straus, Inc.3615,304.49
Lincoln Wood Products374,324.20
Custom Fiberglass Molding3832,378.98
Gcr Truck Tire Centers (Firestone)333,126.34
Amorim Industrial Solutions349,868.18
Tnt Crust - Elizabeth St. Plant31532,610.25
Power Packer3613,737.13
General Binding Corporation-Plastic Center Plant 23612,248.00
U.S. Filter/Zimpro, Inc.338,643.02
Counter-Form Corporation31286,436.37
Sca Tissue N.A. L.L.C. Menasha Paper Mill2412,747.90
Duni Corp22813,027.70
West Bend Sand & Stone, Inc.21726,349.49
Wick Building Systems, Inc.211106,931.92
Stora Enso N.A. Transportation Center2210.00
Jefferson County Farmco - Ixonia 221814,129.52
Shoreline Of Wisconsin Inc21418,502.48
Kaytee Products - Plants 1, 2, 423422,807.62
St, Mary'S Cement24152.29
Continental Plastics Corporation2225,422.13
Rock Road Companies, Inc - Van Allen Quarry21287,954.25
Larson Quarry222,631.98
Burlington Consumer Cooperative-Kane St.2973,209.35
Milestone Material -1311242,147.59
Westshore Industries2534,047.85
Lafarge Corporation North America Inc.2816,776.23
Peavey Co - Connors Point21857,919.42
Spancrete - Green Bay2619,544.50
Burlington Consumer Coop - Clinton - Feed Mill269,374.79
Midwest Energy Resources Co.218766,187.04
Sadoff Iron & Metal Co2215,847.60
Consolidated Nutrition, L. C.243,527.60
Payne & Dolan: Honeycreek Site243,286.92
Shawano Quarry246,620.14
Agri-Grain Marketing2551,642.72
Harvest States Cooperatives24120,952.42
Holcim (Us) Inc242,571.33
Nedland Industries, Inc.2219,170.87
Wissota Sand & Gravel Co21218,934.25
Slinger Manufacturing Co. Inc.22602.54
Federal Foam Technologies2767,931.58
Lannon Stone Products-Lannon21638,873.72
Vulcan Materials Co. Franklin # 30621810,681.83
Aelco Foundries Inc210119.35
Genesee Aggregate - Genesee Depot Plant25213,984.92
Vulcan Materials Company22012,457.73
Milwaukee Bulk Terminal Inc221,629.50
St. Mary'S Cement Co.2428,103.40
Janesville Sand & Gravel2861,820.39
Tomahawk Foundary, Inc2425,456.08
Spancrete Industries - Waukesha2651,140.02
Summit Lake Timber Corp2106,462.09
Spancrete Industries - Valders2851,007.56
The Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co.2221,972,005.47
Vulcan Materials Company22012,847.33
C Reiss Coal Unloading21224,174.18
Southern Wisconsin Grain2107,907.63
Northern Metal Fab., Inc229,324.13
Dresser Trap Rock Inc21218,806.34
General Mills, Inc.21657,561.75
Milestone Material - 1349222,318.86
Milestone Material 1353241,077.09
Valleycast Inc26193.10
Vulcan Materials Company Racine #38321819,345.28
International Mill Service2233,600.00
Alby Materials Inc. - Elkhorn2219,007.40
Cemex, Inc.21022,886.42
Jefferson County Farmco - Jefferson23217,780.62
Prairie Sand & Gravel21378,797.69
C. Reiss Coal Company21443,271.69
Vulcan Materials Company2165,328.04
Mid-State Core Company2248,258.15
Btr Wood Products2721,409.45
Plastics Eng. Co.23583.40
Kohler Power Sys. Americas2413,601.00
Bj Wood Products, Inc.2629,835.28
Mcmillan Electric Company2340,343.50
Industrial Coils269,605.95
Ellingers Agatized Wood Inc.222,075.97
Vpi, Llc2184,909.44
Ajs & Associates, Inc2316,275.33
Molded Rubber & Plastics Corporation213437.14
Barton Products Corportation239,578.78
Ega Products Inc2226,815.08
Husco International Inc2733,692.77
Quality Castings Co.24150.86
Alloy Prods. Corp.2210.00
Casting Impregnators Of Wisconsin, Inc.2213,766.42
Luitink Mfg. Co.22500.00
Hydrite Chemical Co.241,170.00
Asi Technologies, Inc.2511,576.41
Monopanel Technologies, Inc.253,499.76
Univar Usa Inc. Milwaukee2413.00
Dic Imaging Prods. Usa Inc.241,728.00
Badger Meter Inc.22255.00
Tulip Corp. - Keefe Facility2222.00
Snap-On Tools Mfg. Co.2412.00
Citgo Petroleum Corp238,713.51
Chrome Tech Of Wisconsin Inc2864.59
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc236,199.11
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.24124,122.00
Rockwell Automation Inc.22201.30
Henkel Surface Technologies23579.00
E. R. Wagner Mfg. Co.2210.00
Imprex Inc.2212,812.59
Lake Shore, Inc.222,454.48
Rath Mfg. Co. Inc.2223.00
Ametek Lamb Electric2814,777.43
Phillips Plastics Corp Custom Division2314,721.64
Johnsondiversey Inc.244,561.00
Specialty Tapes222,374.99
Bergquist Company-Prescott Ops.2416,404.50
Amery Technical Products Inc (Amtec)210139,395.80
Brown County Cabinets Inc2632,766.93
U.S. Oil Fox River Terminal231,018.81
U.S. Oil Quincy Terminal2214,739.99
U.S. Oil Green Bay Products Terminal241,574.16
Citgo Petroleum Corporation242,807.16
F/G Products Inc2633,626.34
Cabinetry Plus2512,611.84
Leslie Marble Prods. Inc.244,775.07
Mason Shoe Mfg. Co.2220,846.00
Fleetguard, Inc. - Bloomer2422,618.87
Prefinished Staining Products2219,961.20
Fox Valley Metal-Tech Inc.22110.00
La Force Inc.2282.00
Badger Sheet Metal Works221.02
Four Corp.2213.50
3m Menomonie24111,500.00
Fiberesin Inds. Inc.234,347.00
Federal Mogul Sintered Products267,601.13
Spuncast Inc.2246.20
Uniroyal Engineered Prods.23414,629.00
Universal Presentation Concepts227,056.40
Marshall Towne Millwork, Inc.2652,421.38
U.S. Oil - Madison Petroleum Products Terminal24527.43
Citgo Petroleum Corporation242,264.00
Northland Stainless Inc.22500.00
Sonoco Consumer Packaging Group2257,181.17
Gpi Corporation2570,043.90
U.S. Oil Milwaukee North Terminal232.81
W Shore Pipe Line Co, Granville Station227,947.94
Fiskars Inc.221,750.00
Ansul Fire Tech. Center2422,505.00
Apv Prods.2210.00
Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.245,570.00
Converse Inds.226.00
Rapid Die And Molding2330,812.42
Rapid Die & Molding Co Inc Amelia St Plt2414,810.21
Flint Hills Resources, L.P.273,021.12
U.S. Converting Of Wisconsin, Inc.2234,872.38
Phoenix Coaters L.L.C.122,760.00
Wells Mfg. Corp. Electronics Plant120.46
Electronic Techs. Intl. L.L.C.110.16
Everbrite Inc. La Crosse111.20
Marinette Casting Corp.112.12
Mekco Mfg. Inc.122,902.00
Northern Labs. Inc.11510.00
Mirro Co. Plant 811690.00
Mirro Co. Plant 021257.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (515001)123.00
Spartech Plastics Inc.11250.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (519701)112.00
Bell Labs. Inc.11561.00
Polyone Corp.120.38
R.E. Phelon Co.122.00
Future Foam Inc130.56
Third Wave Techs. Inc.118,728.00
Midwest Rubber Mfg. L.L.C.111,711.00
Hallman Lindsay Quality Paints112,253.00
Genesis Equipment & Mfg.11250.00
Calwis Co. Inc.121,000.00
Chilton Plating Co. Inc.128.00
Trowelon Inc.111.00
Wisconsin Plastics Inc.1272.00
Associated Milk Producers Jim Falls Div.11168.63
Dca Mfg. Corp.110.20
Rockwell Automation Inc.113.40
Est Co. Mole Creek Div.114.00
Surface Mount Tech. Corp.111.60
Bend Inds.110.03
Electro-Pro Inc.120.47
Safety-Kleen Sys. (517601)1215.00
A-C Compressor Corp.112.00
Plexus Corp. - Awi110.02
Surface Mount Tech. Corp.115.58
Wisconsin Plating Works Inc. Plant 1116.28
Alliant Precision Fuze Co. L.L.C.110.50
Racine Water Utility115.00
Fibertech Inc.1211,738.00
Quick Cable Corp.111.64
Vishay Cera-Mite Inc.125,282.00
Kcs Intl. Inc. Cruisers Yachts Div. Plant 21210,491.00
Dana Corp. Victor Reinz Div.123,469.00
Aldrich Chemical Co. Inc.12500.00
Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc.111.00
U.S. Army Fort Mccoy Ranges1156.80
U.S. Army Fort Mccoy110.20
Western Metal Specialty11250.00
Mec Midwest110.13
Clariant Corp. - Oak Creek12663.00
Stroh Die Casting Co. Inc.120.11
D. R. Diedrich & Co. Ltd.115.00
Vulcan Lead Inc.110.10
Athea Labs. Inc.12213.02
Rocore Inds. Inc.1214.21
Studio One Art Glass Inc.11440.00
Pierce Mfg. Inc.126,600.00
Neenah Water Filtration Plant1120.00
North American Bioindustries Corp.115.00
Gkn Sinter Metals115.00
A & A Mfg. Co. Inc.1235,180.00
Gaco Western Inc.12184.00
Northern Stainless Corp.11250.00
Essential Inds. Inc.11250.00
H.O. Bostrom Co.1228,125.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (510001)1210.00
Wacker Corp.110.01
Slinger Mfg. Co. Inc. Plant 1115.00
Bend Industries-Ready Mix110.13
Trostel Ltd. Polymer Compounding Div.110.00
Bend Inds.110.16
Krueger Intl. Inc.117.00
Teel Plastics Co. Inc.1220,983.00
Niro Inc.115.00
Rietschle Thomas Sheboygan Inc.110.04
Trw Automotive116.80
Hudapack Metal Treating Inc.1216,670.00
Frank Holton & Co. Inc.120.03
Invensys Motor Sys. (Ecm Motor Co.)115.00
Conserv Fs16666.65
Burton & Mayer, Inc.1211,541.22
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co.114,698.00
U.S. Oil Milwaukee Products Terminal117.62
The Printery1225,318.00
Presto Products Company1970,026.16
The Carlson Company129,464.93
F. Barkow, Inc.1197,226.55
Wood Model Shop1315,866.79
Sheboygan Paperbox Co.1226,474.01
3m Touch Systems1118,087.74
Gossen Corporation1635,264.79
Saint-Gobain, Sgppl1122,900.98
U.S. Oil Madison South Terminal121,316.66
Grassland Dairy Prods. Inc.1150.00
Belmark, Inc.1384,427.92
Karak Machine Corporation114,827.58
Burlington Graphic Systems, Inc.1316,526.27
Kdv Label Co. Inc.11415,049.06
Wisconsin Oven Corporation133,054.06
American Welding & Engineering124,734.89
Merkle-Korff Industries133,616.86
Color Ink Inc.1223,204.91
Midwest Prefinishing Inc.1111,817.28
Action Printing127,059.05
Transmontaigne Terminaling Inc. - Wisconsin12483.93
Crossmark Graphics, Inc145,217.53
E-S Plastic Products, Inc.111,428.64
Valley Sales Corp Dba Spectra Print Corp1443,051.54
Reinz Wisconsin Gasket1736,917.41
Kendall Packaging - Jefferson Division12195,954.88
Internaltional Thermal Systems142,839.04
Sig Pack - Doboy Division118,808.75
Interior Systems17183,566.91
La Darling Co129,725.26
Tru Line Lithographing Inc.129,664.67
Kuhn Knight Inc12101,242.06
Gw, Inc1116,588.52
Advertisers Press Inc.1314,113.07
Badger Press Photographics, Inc.126,195.74
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co. - De Pere113,372.92
Flexoprint, Inc.1358,642.55
American Printing1222,232.18
Ries Graphics Ltd1137,708.31
Kopfmann Co. Inc.1317,455.51
D & S Manufacturing Co Inc1520,579.14
Rexnord Corporation11336.29
Corrim Company L.L.C.1319,842.11
Bishop Fixture And Millwork Company1231,753.21
Utility Tool And Body Co. Inc1112,264.98
Hydrite Chemical Co.121,460.00
Litho Productions1211,915.52
Associate Engineering Corp.1110,120.02
Twin State Inc.127,605.00
Milport Ent. Inc.121,000.00
Royal Finishing, Inc.1110,871.65
Oec Graphics Inc1442,234.82
Bock Corporation1212,288.58
Victory Graphics, Inc.1212,041.13
Planar Systems Inc1315,499.21
Morgan Manufacturing, A Division Of Jeld-Wen.11507.23
Castle-Pierce Printing Company199,650.07
Journal Sentinel Inc.129,324.59
Sta-Care, Inc.115,965.79
Poly Vinyl Company Inc114,751.43
Amerequip - Plant 2 (New Holstein)118,030.17
Promo Edge Division Of Menasha Corporation1268,126.65
Hydrite Chemical Co.12650.00
Romo, Inc1211,125.55
Microelectronic Modules Corp186,477.82
Outlook Graphics Corporation1244,341.67
Tom-Cin, Metals, Inc.1222,401.83
Badger Press, Inc.1210,220.16
Kubin-Nicholson Corporation1237,816.89
Imperial Industries, Inc.1166,379.38
Wastequip Manufacturing Co., Dba Rayfo1233,418.04
Pro Label, Inc.1933,776.91
Andersen Corporation1124,493.85
Commercial Communications Inc147,670.38
Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.1234.07
S & S Coatings Inc./ Plant 2137,929.58
Decrane Aircraft Seating Co., Inc.132,093.02
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co. - Chippewa Falls111,947.46
C - Graphic Inc129,197.24
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation121,087.04
Hm Graphics1228,856.19
All Glass Aquarium Co. , Inc.1461,977.51
Shoto Corporation1324,227.63
Enbridge Energy Co.163102,407.13
Hawk Trailers1519,069.06
L P I, Inc.111,406.73
Cooper Power Systems-Rte Power Products11616,156.30
Kleen Test Products (Meridian Industries)1223,164.87
Solvox Mfg. Co.1278.00
Visual Systems, Inc.1415,449.83
Swiss Tech Inc.1113,060.94
Appleton Marine, Inc.126,282.88
Orc Industries Inc.1130,624.44
Label Makers, Inc.156,259.40
Northstar Print Group119,691.13
Moxness Products, Inc.1112,893.40
Johnson Litho Graphics Of Eau Claire, Ltd.1715,795.86
Stock Lumber117,925.37
Presto Products Company1441,670.26
King Manufacturing Corporation111,903.48
Lakeland Sports Center1613,969.05
Franzen Lithoscreen, Inc.1289,463.11
Gunner Press And Finishing, Llc1247,682.23
Megtec Systems125,444.17
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co. - Sun Prairie113,312.69
Iseli Company1114,890.61
Harman Wisconsin-North Plant110.02
Neroco Engineering112,508.94
Wetzel Brothers, Inc.1122,414.99
New Berlin Plastics Inc.111,971.05
Reiss Industries, Inc.177,346.30
Ingersoll Equipment Co115,371.33
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co. - La Crosse112,610.00
Color Coating1251,294.97
Ripon Community Printers1615,072.56
A To Z Printing Company Inc.1216,232.19
Wisconsin Oven Corporation138,520.34
Kieffer Company126,225.52
Great Northern Cabinetry1532,028.57
Miller-O'Connell Corp.1211,273.19
Cenex Petroleum Terminal12446.65
Lucas Milhaupt Inc.1217,779.12
Sunlite Plastics Inc.126,617.66
Miller Electric - Light Industrial143,902.97
Lakeland Co. Of Barron County, Inc.1414,316.25
Terminal Oil Group, Ltd.1279.31
Western States Envelope Company1145,946.79
Faustel, Inc.134,778.35
O'Keefe Incorporated1127,589.26
Philipp Lithographing Co.1312,479.82
Reedsburg Industrial Coaters, Inc.1354,389.39
Trustor Corporation11646.48
St Services1252.78
Universal Lithographers148,194.10
Yunker Industries1312,733.79
Northwestern Motor Company112,401.42
Poblocki & Sons Inc1212,361.84
Center Terminal Company - Madison12489.09
Wisconsin Film And Bag Speciality Division1338,132.26
Inland Press1212,729.77
Imation Enterprise Corp.111,087.00
Post Printing, Inc.1715,779.68
P & H Mining Equipment154,010.91
American Colloid Co.110.60
Plexus Corp. Nwi 5110.16
Patch Prods. Inc.000.00
Midwest Mfg. Prehung Plant000.00
Epic Resins000.00