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Polluters in Washington
Tesoro Northwest Company5583423,685,643.92
Bp Cherry Point Refinery4755911,769,589.00
Longview Fibre1536015,355,369.00
Transalta Centralia Generation7333681,828,413.89
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group - Everett623081,358,535.00
Agrium Us Inc82571,848,950.00
Conoco Phillips 302548,399,357.98
Sds Lumber Company92381,068,060.00
Puget Sound Refining Company3423812,144,740.67
Kaiser Trentwood27225791,582.21
Novean Kalama, Inc.17221716,475.05
Weyerhaeuser Co2719714,045,363.80
Evergreen Aluminum, Llc Dba Vanalco, Inc71960.00
Fort James Camas Llc201875,692,734.00
Shields Bag & Printing Co141841,126,653.00
U S Navy Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Psns62159523,098.00
Pse Fredonia2614971,405.00
Intalco Aluminum Corp Ferndale1213438,186,847.00
Northwest Pipeline Corp Sumas14125750,187.00
Nas Whidbey38119468,296.30
Western Rv29115127,852.70
Inland Empire Paper20114506,924.40
Grays Harbor Paper Lp241103,140,221.00
U S Oil & Refining Co1398717,516.00
Fairchild Afb897116,484.60
Daishowa America28912,694,990.11
Boise Cascade 198114,522,795.07
Terrace Heights Landfill3876142,624.10
Simpson Tacoma Kraft20746,026,146.10
Pse Whitehorn26730.00
Graymont Western Us Inc23711,335,637.40
Simpson Timber Co25712,316,244.00
Clark Public Utilities / River Road Generating Station2369314,362.48
Waste To Energy3768832,170.17
Pt Townsend Paper18677,876,895.70
Morton International863174,152.00
Roosevelt Regional Landfill763834,000.00
Trail Wagons Inc2462144,074.00
K Ply27612,233,637.00
Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc1260498,068.00
March Point Cogeneration1060746,312.00
Transalta Centralia Mining, Llc14596,211,577.30
Aluminum Co Of America Wenatchee Works2059195,662.02
Longview Aluminum, L.L.C.115738,032.00
Boise Cascade - Yakima6573,269,800.00
Kaiser Aluminum Mead Works7560.00
Weyerhaeuser Co.19565,081,091.14
Goldendale Aluminum11553,701,889.00
Northwest Pipeline Mt Vernon1255742,274.00
Kimberly-Clark Corporation15544,308,485.30
U.S. Dept Of Energy852138,501.00
Encogen Nw Cogeneration Plant949384,156.00
Simpson Door Co2546536,409.00
Boise Cascade Corp Plywood13452,320,921.01
Huntwood Industries1744617,540.00
Mutual Materials1840440,780.73
Cascade Coatings1140282,974.51
Weyerhaeuser - Raymond2140451,950.00
Greater Wenatchee Regional Landfill & Recycling Center74070,000.00
Attbar, Inc.1737157,148.40
Tenaska Ferndale Cogeneration936490,205.00
Pud No. 1 Of Klickitat County735644,000.00
Northside Landfill353515,053.03
Port Of Tacoma7350.00
Emerald Services Inc.18346,240.40
Nucor Steel Seattle, Inc17342,179,056.37
King Co Ntrl Res Wastewater Treatment1733395,336.00
Seattle Steam Co, Western533694,575.00
Tecnal Corp932204,230.00
Williams Pipeline1031271,560.00
Northwest Pipeline Company - Washougal10292,724.06
Pg & E Gas Transmission Northwest1229401,844.00
South Landfill282826,303.91
Whitman College Site282828,518.43
Marshall Landfill28286,549.97
Maak Tire Recycling Service282831,413.10
Stimson Lumber Co Arden9281,134,180.60
Thurston County Landfill28289,232.82
Stevens County Landfill28282,272.29
Busy Bee Landfill28289,264.46
Colbert Landfill282831,413.10
Mica Landfill28281,369.26
County Construction Recyclers282834,132.00
Sudbury Road Landfill282861,056.11
Okanogan County Central Landfill28281,945.89
North County Landfill28281,162.20
Hidden Valley Landfill282815,302.90
Fort Lewis Landfill28283,061.46
Tacoma Landfill28285,094.98
Mason County Landfill2828785.49
Ellisforde Landfill/2828198.56
Centralia Landfill28283,374.26
Odessa Landfill282835.70
Olalla Landfill28283,514.27
Point Roberts Landfill2828970.67
Kittitas County Ryegrass Landfill28283,057.91
Ryegrass Landfill2828198.56
Ryegrass Tire Pile Facility28281,069.83
Horsethief Landfill2828136.45
Gibralter Landfill28283,726.20
Darrington Landfill28281,499.27
South County Landfill282827,833.62
Bryant Landfill2828222.97
Cathcart Landfill282823,907.70
Torboy Landfill2828222.97
Csr West282864,415.52
Y Road Landfill28282,131.55
Orcas Island Landfill2828168.71
Sauk Landfill28281,069.83
Leichner Landfill28281,499.58
Cox Tire & Wheel Dump Site28281,069.83
Richland Sanitary Landfill28282,142.39
Bruce Landfill2828786.90
Asotin County C&D Landfill28283,605.31
Asotin County Msw Landfill28287,886.79
Cashmere Landfill2828895.83
Dryden Landfill2828198.56
Box Canyon Site28283,729.51
Carlson Circle C Landfill2828181.69
Lake Creek Landfill2828222.97
Port Angeles Sanitary Landfill28284,616.41
Manson Landfill2828246.83
Ephrata Landfill28284,086.34
Hoquiam Landfill2828282.52
Pine Canyon Landfill2828324.45
Delano Landfill28281,967.44
Pasco Sanitary Landfill-New Waste Inc282810,326.43
Garfield County Landfill2828390.05
Cowlitz County Landfill / B28283,350.76
Island County Landfill28282,173.43
Jefferson County Landfill28282,380.29
Enumclaw Landfill28281,178.82
Carnation Landfill2828196.21
Midway Restricted Landfill2828196.21
Vashon Landfill2828618.23
Coal Creek Development Landfill28281,178.82
Kent Highlands Landfill282843,458.04
Duvall Landfill28286,014.90
Cedar Hills Landfill282847,506.21
Hobart Landfill2828878.70
Olympic View Landfill28286,744.86
Whitman County Landfill28281,257.71
Yakima County / Snipes Mountain Landfill28281,320.12
Us Army / Yakima Firing Center (Training)28283,514.27
Yakima County / Cheyne Road Landfill28284,746.82
Sumas Cogeneration Calpine1026188,486.00
Amtech Corporation625102,957.00
Vaagen Brothers Lumber Inc1124594,382.54
Ash Grove Cement Co, E Marginal8235,808,136.90
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp1022461,836.00
Washington State University12223,514.30
Chevron Texaco Natural Gas Liquids72154,000.00
Canam Steel Corp1021193,346.00
Saint-Gobain Containers Inc6201,329,662.00
Conoco Parkwater Product Terminal11205,298.57
Hampton Lumber Mills - Wa Inc./Randle Facility10202,150,446.68
Hampton Lumber Mills - Wa Inc./Morton Facility1019501,045.61
Reliance Trailer Co Llc91913,904.00
Westport Shipyard Inc91971,248.00
Lasco Bathware318690,290.00
Northwest Pipeline Company - Chehalis10181,648.90
Pacific Gas Transmission Co Station 8518568,608.00
Rexam Beverage Can Co1217581,896.00
Rudd Co. Inc.81611,169.00
Pacific Gas Transmission Co Station 76161,012,806.00
Mutual Materials Co1515202,023.93
Lafarge North America Inc9136,798,837.61
Lianga Pacific Inc913230,916.00
Guy Bennett Lumber713550,002.00
Tidewater Terminal Co. Snake River Terminal7124,913.40
Conocophillips Renton Terminal6122,127.00
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc. (Dba Valspar Coatings)7128,635.00
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group Renton61152,962.00
Northwest Terminalling Co. (Pasco)6115,011.00
Fiber-Tech Industries61186,101.82
Equilon Seattle Terminal5103,500.00
Bp West Coast Prods. Co. Seattle Terminal5101,784.00
Spokane Industries Inc.38285.00
Atlas Castings & Tech. Tacoma48335.07
Benton Public Utilities District #1787,875.00
Ershigs, Inc.7792,641.00
Feed Commodities Llc77268,407.00
Toray Composites (America)3642,350.00
Farwest Paint Mfg. Co.361,010.00
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group North Boeing Field4614,035.00
Univar Usa Inc. (Formerly Vopak Usa Inc.)362,674.00
Wafertech L.L.C.362,086.00
Albina Asphalt Vancouver Ice & Fuel55220.00
Bp Marine Americas, Port Angeles Wharf.551,753.55
Boeing Bcag Auburn3534,837.00
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group Plant 2351,005.00
Honeywell Electronic Materials Inc.3511,011.00
Cook Composites & Polymers Co.244,662.05
Canyon Creek Cabinet Co.2416,303.00
United Coatings Mfg. Co.242,375.00
Melcher Mfg Co Inc2418,349.00
Dynea Overlays Inc. Tacoma3473,350.00
Cap Sante Marine, Fueling Dock And Boat Hoist.442,353.59
Pioneer Americas L.L.C.24191.00
Gaco Western Inc.444,154.00
Alaska Marine Lines, Dock No. 2.4414.55
Genie Inds. (South Campus)348,151.00
Seh-America Inc.24970.00
Harder Mechanical Contractors Inc.24235.00
Port Of Vancouver, Oil Terminal Dock, Berth No. 5.441,010.28
Tessenderlo Kerley Inc.241,982.00
Maax Hydroswirl34107,946.00
Ibp Inc.2325,305.00
Brooks Mfg. Co.230.30
Framatome Anp Inc.232,932.00
Alaskan Copper Works33260.00
Ponderay Newsprint Co.2340,728.30
Atlas Castings & Tech.33750.00
Columbia Paint & Coatings Co.339,077.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (709201)1225.00
Hampton Lumber Mills Darrington Div.123.01
Hampton Lumber Mills Arlington Div.120.71
Aerocell Inc.12642.00
Applied Technical Services Corp.122.94
Achilles Usa Inc.226,213.00
Industrial Finishings L.L.C. Dba Calvert Ind.1232,057.00
Kettle Falls Lumber2283.00
Univar Usa Inc. (Formerly Vopak Usa Inc.)12283.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (118301)1222.00
Goodrich Corp.22255.00
Inland Fndy. Co. Inc.1297.00
Travis Pattern & Fndy. Inc.127,200.00
Hampton Lumber Mills Packwood1210.67
Praxair Specialty Ceramics125.00
Boeing Co. Bcag Frederickson1217,130.00
Girard Custom Coaters Inc.1227,121.00
Romac Inds. Inc.2210.00
J. H. Baxter & Co.220.90
Rainier Ballistics L.L.C.22723.00
Cascade Pole & Lumber Co.221.00
Parker Paint Mfg. Co. Inc.122,525.00
U.S. Army Fort Lewis Range Facility22207.00
American Reinforced Plastics Inc.1214,348.00
Superior Wood Treating2210.00
Caraustar Mill Group Inc.22375.20
Temtco Steel - Washington Div.22250.00
Equilon Seattle Lubricants Plant22387.00
Genie Inds. - Z452211.00
Genie Inds. - Moosewerks2237.00
Ttm Techs. Inc. Redmond224,599.00
Non-Ferrous Metals Inc.1231.00
Genie Inds. Main Campus2296.00
Viox Corp.1237.00
Qualitel Corp.120.50
Modine Aftermarket Holdings Inc.121.10
Dyno Battery Inc.1213.27
Travis Ind.1211,624.00
Machinists Dsr Inc. (Dba Pugetsound Coatings)2239,773.00
Kenworth Truck Co.1224.00
Sound Propeller Services Inc.22500.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (118101)1228.00
Starrow Ents.121,000.00
Hexcel Corp.1210,080.00
Sandvik Special Metals Corp.1255.00
Kemira Chemicals Inc.22270.00
Silicon Forest Electronics Inc.120.00
Ge Betz Washougal1210.00
Varicast Inc.12500.00
Macdermid Printing Solutions128,496.00
Cytec Inds. Inc.1229.00
Solvay Interox Inc.12205.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (118302)1226.00
Solar Grade Silicon12542.00
Moses Lake Inds. Inc.125,642.50
Genie Inds. Moses Lake2241.00
Chemtrade Perfomance Chemicals L.L.C.120.10
Howard Moe Enterprises Inc.122,993.20
Yakima Complex22166.00
Northwest Alloys125,232.00
Grant County Pud No 2 Ephrata112,000.00
Praxair Inc.1119,060.00
Lamb Weston111,400.00
Mccain Foods Usa Inc.112,500.00
Bay Zinc Co. Inc.111.70
U.S. Army Yakima Training Center Range Ops.11290.00
Sea Sport Boats Inc.1110,909.00
Oceanus Plastics Inc.117,977.00
Glacier Northwest Inc. Woodland Ready-Mix Plant110.00
Echo Bay Inc. K2 Mine110.70
Glacier Northwest Inc. Longview Ready-Mix Plant110.00
Linear Tech. Corp.11121.00
Fabricated Prods. Inc. (Dba Seafab Metals Co.)110.80
Stowe Woodward113.55
Corrosion Controllers Inc.1118,165.00
Glacier Northwest Inc. Vancouver Ready Mix Plant110.00
Exterior Wood Inc.11135.00
Glacier Northwest Inc. East Vancouver Ready-Mix Plant110.00
Glacier Northwest Inc. West Vancouver Ready-Mix Plant110.00
Christensen Shipyards Ltd.117,269.00
Columbia Machine Inc.1115.00
Gl&V Usa Inc.114,111.00
Tree Top Inc. Cashmere Plant110.02
U.S. Doe Hanford Site115.00
Tree Top Inc. - Prosser Plant110.01
Formula Corp.11750.00
Western Pneumatic Tube Co.1130,446.00
Tally Printer Corp.110.08
Genie Inds. Fab Services111.00
Schippers & Crew Inc.110.47
Heckett Multiserv Plant 6511124.00
Genie Inds. - Bothel111.00
Art Brass Plating Inc.1115,665.00
Wescor Graphics Corp.1115,420.00
Burlington Environmental Inc.115.00
Transpro Inc.1112.00
Todd Pacific Shipyards Corp.1112,019.00
Arima Marine Intl. Inc.119,588.00
Duwamish Shipyard Inc.1110,168.00
Trim Sys.113,225.00
Asko Processing Inc.1113,625.00
Philips Oral Healthcare Inc.110.25
Monierlifetile L.L.C.111.50
Pioneer Americas L.L.C. Bleach Plant110.10
Regency Thermographers110.28
Jci Jones Chemicals Inc.111.00
Ace Tank & Equipment1112,363.00
Thermafiber L.L.C.1120,046.00
Janicki Inds. Inc.112,999.00
General Plastics Mfg. Co.1114,183.00
Quarry Tile Co.111.50
Adm Animal Health & Nutrition112.00
Agilent Techs.111.40
Apollo Plastics Inc.1197.00
Oeser Co.110.00
Nelson Irrigation Corp.1115.00
Koch Materials Co. Spokane Hillyard Facility110.10
Nordic Tug Inc.1111,492.00
Fibrex Corp.116,507.00
Reynolds Corp.111,668.00
Chevron Prods. Co. Richmond Beach Asphalt Refy.110.13
American Boiler Works Inc.1110,140.00
Us Marine/Bayliner Marine11111,970.00
Spectrum Glass Co. Inc.1114.00
Plexus Corp.- Bwa110.01
Foamex L.P. Lakewood000.00
Johns Manville Intl.000.00
Pacific Coating & Laminating000.00