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Column information
Polluters in Virginia
Hopewell Cogeneration Ltd Partnership893061,126,756.13
Dominion - Yorktown Power Station8632395,016,321.85
Dominion - Chesterfield Power Station81455189,877,277.89
Dominion - Altavista Power Station792112,259,531.54
Dominion - Possum Point7826754,969,673.62
Dominion - Chesapeake7846487,548,755.16
Dominion - Southampton Power Station762162,707,213.40
Dominion - Bremo Power Station7621037,828,104.38
American Electric Power Glen Lyn7428234,687,280.33
Dominion - Clover Power Station7418925,556,253.99
American Electric Power-Clinch River Plant7427883,235,949.97
Potomac River Generating Station7237547,168,395.40
Philip Morris Usa Inc - Park 500622917,084,959.74
Philip Morris Usa Manufacturing Center614852,467,712.91
Ethyl Corp61174149,833.63
Stone Container Corporation Hopewell5540316,058,917.23
Georgia-Pacific/Emporia Plywood46871,795,403.87
Stone Container Corp (D/B/A Smurfit-Stone Contain)4117227,062,017.89
Hrsd Army Base Sewage Treatment Plant3969347,146.16
Hrsd Virginia Initiative Plant3957692,552.04
Bfi King And Queen Landfill3744103,875.40
Middle Peninsula Landfill3650204,184.33
Defense Supply Center Richmond36887131,399.57
Hrsd Boat Harbor Sewage Treatment Plant3670672,133.55
Hrsd Williamsburg Sewage Treatment Plant3559646,948.39
Columbia Gas Transmission Corp-Prince Georg3582168,662.04
Honeywell Nylon Inc-Hopewell3433829,378,535.31
Solite Corp33133828,711.51
Georgia Pacific Corp Big Island Plt3322023,930,057.24
Solite Corp, Virginia Solite Division321321,628,999.24
Univar Usa Incorporated - Chester315083,211.10
Spsa Refuse Derived Fuel Plant311655,303,948.27
International Paper Company3028134,991,169.71
I-95 Energy Rrf (Fairfax) (Nti42226)2990108,549.58
Flint Hills Resources Lp298962,743.02
Kinder Morgan Operating Lp "A"-Deepwater Terminal28154103,476.07
City Of Radford Lf2828245.82
Ingles Mountain Landfill (Nrra)28284,980.08
Vcu East Plant28147113,594.90
Salem Landfill28281,297.79
Holland Landfill / Suffolk2828309.68
Suffolk City Landfill / Hozier Rd.2828881.70
Holley Disposal Landfill28281,997.12
J H Smith Landfill28287,813.69
Few Inc Debris Landfill28281,267.02
Lakeside Construction28281,133.22
Centerville Tpk / Mt Trashmore Ii28281,059.98
Waynesboro City Landfill28283,025.42
Williamsburg County Lf28288,132.57
Camp Peary2828189.52
College Of William And Mary2828828.94
Petersburg County Lf2828412.83
Poquoson Landfill2828886.05
Thrasher Debris Landfill282823,544.46
Petersburg City Landfill28287,849.63
Hercules-Aqualon Lf2828377.96
Hopewell Landfill28282,602.89
Campbell Landfill2828133.05
Lynchburg / Florida Avenue Landfill28281,459.90
Lowmans Pit2828248.32
Minchville Rd Landfill / Newport News282812,459.36
Newport News City Landfill282817,172.61
Fort Eustis Landfill282813,713.37
Harrisonburg Landfill28281,028.28
Williams Paving Co-Big Bethel282813,713.37
Hampton City Lf282814,429.67
Fredericksburg County Lf28281,751.18
Big Bethel Rd Landfill / Williams Paving Co28281,958.58
Williams Big Bethel Rd Lf2828306.79
Chesapeake City / Civic Ctr Lf28285,674.43
Danville Lf28281,428.37
Us Army / Fort Belvoir Landfill28285,056.47
Winchester Lf28281,494.29
Qualla Road Demolition Landfill28288,455.02
I-66 Lf282832,801.06
Rainwater Concrete Debris Landfill2828135,763.60
Fairfax County / Hidden Lane Landfill28283,903.03
Floyd County Landfill2828416.79
Gloucester County Slf28281,361.28
Grayson County Landfill2828484.16
Goochland County Slf28285,646.83
Fluvanna County Landfill28281,050.15
Winchester Landfill282818,125.26
Highland County Landfill2828352.27
Edwards Agricultural Lf2828207.50
Nine Mile Rd Lf28281,166.94
State Fair Grounds Slf2828277.88
Springfield / Nuckols Road Landfill28289,309.65
Willie Cosby Sanitary Landfill28284,093.88
Cox'S Darbytown Road Landfill2828357.63
Henrico County / Springfield Rd Lf #1282817,121.99
Henry County Landfill28289,262.10
Emporia Foundry Landfill2828180.59
Greensville County Landfill28282,246.25
Halifax County Landfill28288,107.62
Mechanicsville Lf2828231.31
Elmont Lf28281,246.28
Georgetown Lf2828198.56
Hanover County Landfill28284,319.20
Kings Dominion Landfill2828452.52
Montpelier Lf2828231.31
Chesterfield County / Paper Site28283,957.55
Craig County Landfill2828363.14
Culpeper County Lf2828401.67
Dickenson Co Landfill28281,262.10
Charlotte County Landfill2828929.64
Buchanan County / Adkins Site Lf2828245.82
Buchanan County Landfill28282,709.11
J F Love2828401.67
H W Bryant Slf2828377.96
Campbell County / Carwile Lf2828401.67
Campbell County Lf2828412.83
Campbell #12828377.96
Altavista Lf28281,324.47
Caroline County Landfill28281,495.00
Us Army / Fort Ap Hill Landfill2828862.77
Carroll County Lf2828878.37
Carroll County Landfill28284,956.19
Charles City County Lf2828538.86
Bedford County Landfill2828757.24
Bath County Landfill282821,788.38
City Of Bedford Landfill28283,156.83
Bland Co Landfill / Dehart Site28281,494.29
Botetourt County Landfill28283,361.85
Brunswick County Landfill2828881.69
Accomack County Northern Landfill28282,897.08
Byrd Foods Lf2828207.50
Accomack County Southern Landfill28283,044.50
Albemarle County / Keene Lf28284,337.38
Kim-Stan Slf2828245.82
Amelia County Landfill2828522.92
Amherst County Lf28281,493.33
Amherst County Landfill28281,354.90
Amherst County / Thomas Site2828401.67
Appomattox County Landfill28281,585.39
Madison Heights Lf28281,116.63
Augusta County Svc. Authority Landfill282812,397.27
Craigsville Town Sanitary Landfill2828184.04
Orange County Landfill28282,657.44
Patrick County Landfill28281,654.54
Page County Landfill28283,184.34
Lovingston / Nelson County2828278.31
New Kent County Lf28281,703.83
Northampton County / M & B Campground2828412.83
Northampton County / Kmc Foods County Lf28287,132.44
Northampton County Landfill28281,164.37
Tri-County / Northumberland Co. Landfill28281,825.44
Nottoway County Landfill28281,766.25
Fort Pickett Landfill2828198.56
Petersburg Federal Correctional Center28281,113.50
Quantico Mcb Lf28282,834.10
Independent Hill Lf-Pr William28287,592.62
Bradford Landfill28286,279.66
Robertson Landfill28282,646.36
Dublin Sludge Landfill28282,669.65
Fort Lee Debris Landfill2828338.64
Pittsylvania County Landfill28286,359.06
Chatham Slf2828238.71
Powhatan County Lf28281,286.16
Kenneth Martin2828115.03
Prince Edward County Landfill28281,512.97
Farmville Landfill28281,461.49
Smithfield Lf-Cofer28281,324.47
Isle Of Wight County Lf2828238.71
Butler Campground28288,358.59
King & Queen County / Dahlgrens Corner Landfill28287,140.86
King & Queen County / Newton Landfill2828813.91
King & Queen County / Mascot Landfill2828151.06
King George County Lf2828252.65
James City / County Landfill28284,992.67
West Point Lf28287,652.50
King William County Landfill2828453.55
Central Garage Lf28281,286.16
Loudoun County Landfill28289,036.74
Randolph Lf2828443.16
Bullock Trash Service Landfill2828112.63
Louisa County Landfill2828542.01
Lunenburg County Landfill28281,084.20
Crippen Industrial Waste Landfill2828362.29
Matthews County Landfill2828418.06
Mecklenburg County Landfill28286,777.55
Chase City Landfill2828385.92
Storemont Landfill2828385.92
Wades Lane Landfill / Christianburg28282,062.42
Vpi & State Univ Landfill2828149.08
Montgomery County Solid Waste Authority28289,836.88
Montgomery County / Mid-County Lf2828377.96
Nelson County Landfill2828416.46
Yorktown Naval Weapons Station2828189.52
York County Landfill28282,206.25
Alexandria/Arlington Rrf287413,233.30
Bristol City Landfill28281,063.48
Westmoreland County / Templeman Lf28287,652.50
Wyatt Tires / Wythe County28284,201.29
Warren County Landfill28281,753.79
Westmoreland County Landfill2828278.31
Westmoreland County / Baynesville Lf28287,652.50
Wise County Landfill28286,014.61
Wythe County Landfill28281,452.56
Franklin Lf2828252.65
Union Camp Industrial Waste Landfill2828774.03
Southampton County / Ivor Lf #22828261.65
Southhampton Correctional Facility28287,813.69
Central Site2828215.59
Southampton County Landfill / Boykins2828160.13
Lee Hill Lf2828390.05
Berkley Landfill28281,452.56
Chancellor Lf2828238.71
Livingston/Chancellor Sanitary Lf/Ts Since 6/30/912828901.53
Livingston Landfill28285,954.90
Quantico Landfill2828217.41
White Oak Lf2828377.96
Stafford County Landfill282810,495.94
Wakefield Lf2828245.82
Sussex County / Robinson Rd Landfill2828592.88
Sussex County Landfill / Gin Hill28285,826.24
Tazewell County Landfill28285,307.96
Russell County Landfill2828844.81
Lebanon Lf2828198.56
Russell County Landfill / Copper Ridge2828166.27
Rockingham County Landfill28288,858.13
Shenandoah County Landfill28286,244.98
Smyth Co / Parker Field Site28281,499.58
Smyth Co. Landfill / Doss Site28283,175.27
Smyth County Landfill28286,015.98
Pulaski Town Lf28281,116.63
Rappahannock Regional Landfill28281,390.36
Clifton Clark Lf28286,856.38
Rappahannock County Landfill2828511.54
Roanoke Valley Landfill28283,327.72
Reeves Brothers Landfill2828948.86
Rockbridge County Landfill / Buena Vista28282,790.31
Turkey Lf2828226.28
Maplewood Recycling And Waste Disposal2730131,146.05
Petersburg Hospital Company, Llc2713972,616.95
Richmond Paperboard2796126,859.39
Hrsd Chesapeake-Elizabeth Sewage Treatment Plant2644533,510.98
Meadwestvaco Packaging Resource Group2616941,659,082.07
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Co-Spruance Plt261461,221,188.26
St Josephs Home266135,057.78
Merillat Industries Inc2574966,574.47
Us Army Fort Lee2517558,848.50
Hopewell Wwtp2542392,736.97
Sampson Coatings Inc Hull St Office2570110,949.29
Philip Morris Usa Inc Leaf Processing Facility24141211,877.66
Giant Yorktown Refinery2412258,133,899.56
E I Dupont De Nemours & Co Inc - Front Royal2335305,031.50
Cook Composites (Freeman Chemical Co.)233029,971.21
Johns Manville Corporation235836,787.72
Bear Island Paper Company Llc23994,357,642.67
Interflex Group Inc - Virginia Plant223934,641.29
The Rochester Corporation2212142,477.33
Virginia Textile Service224931,708.69
Prince William County Sanitary Landfill2260336,083.71
Us Courthouse225068,427.19
Henkel-Harris Co Inc - South Pleasant Valley Road2236109,775.60
Vaughan Furniture Company Inc/E C Dodson2247445,826.44
Virginia Union University21252621,204.88
E. A. Clore Sons Inc215431,372.27
Belding Hausman Inc - Weldon Mill214260,288.18
Georgia Pacific Corporation Skippers Plant20681,466,499.79
Nevamar Company Llc20891,638,235.65
Iluka Resources Inc20174298,219.71
Hercules Incorporated2022229,774.35
Intrapac Corporation2022294,424.42
Brenco Inc1929319,664.78
Interbake Foods Inc192851,283.22
Kinder Morgan Southeast Terminals-Rchmd Terminals19296154,163.32
Tcs Materials - Deepwater Terminal Rd193962,560.22
International Paper-Waverly Facility191751,326,082.97
Merck & Co Inc - Stonewall Plant19117384,914.73
Radford Army Ammunition Plant192023,810.33
Volvo Trucks/North America Inc1928486,831.56
Brick And Tile Corporation - Governor Harrison1922494,740.27
General Shale Products Llc1854879,825.28
Roanoke Cement Company186413,671,604.12
Old Virginia Brick Co1818291,555.86
Brick And Tile Corporation-Brickyard Street1821267,802.02
Fontaine Modification Co182140,747.08
Glen-Gery Corporation - Capitol Plant1842430,742.14
Keyser Brothers Inc182763,702.82
West Point Veneer Llc182579,304.93
King George Landfill Inc1820136,864.98
General Shale Products Llc1853770,217.96
Philip Morris Usa Inc - Blended Leaf (Bl) Plant181531,584,637.61
Altadis Usa184529,771.68
Old Virginia Brick Co1836329,445.55
Ford Motor Company Norfolk Plant18341,756,336.15
James River Cogeneration Company185714,243,116.45
Yokohama Tire Corp17103394,377.67
Nuline Industries Inc1754183,432.47
Henrico County Dpu Springfield Road Landfill171766,493.26
Blue Ridge Solvents And Coatings Incorporated171963,298.53
Dominion - Darbytown162388,324.83
Blakemore Construction Corporation Ashland Rd164081,460.22
Celanese Acetate Llc167827,290,439.96
Merillat Corporation16251,023,226.86
Birchwood Power Partners, L.P.16334,811,855.42
Danchem Technologies Inc1660164,881.71
Amerada Hess Corporation - Chesapeake1646206,004.02
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation159757,477.44
Cogentrix Of Richmond152267,740,165.86
Miller Manufacturing Company156173,601.84
Tmd Friction Inc1544254,827.24
Wienerberger Group (General Shale)1530372,545.83
Goodyear Tire And Rubber Company Danville15831,589,432.14
Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company15771,475,138.40
Dupont Teijin Films15204634,963.10
Honeywell International Inc-Technical Center1568275,850.49
Greif Inc15996,620,760.57
Jewel Coke Company Llp154612,648,273.31
Acadia Polymers1434157,499.72
Georgia Pacific Corp Brookneal Plt14471,286,179.14
Stanley Furniture Company, Inc.1426350,392.24
Harrisonburg Rrf14221,433,486.63
Fergusson, J W And Sons, Inc.1410294,599.72
Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc1437187,670.22
Polyone Engineered Films, Inc.1490701,155.74
Dan River Incorporated Schoolfield14913,323,504.91
Nasa Refuse-Fired Steam Generator14221,009,989.31
Hercules Inc Aqualon Div1428986,617.60
Newport News Shipbuilding141243,270,310.29
Southside Virginia Training Center1365451,570.71
Us Navy - Norfolk Naval Shipyard13119404,728.01
Webb Furniture Enterprises Incorporated/# 4133780,593.03
Meadwestvaco Virginia Specialty Chemicals Div13130834,940.30
Bp Products North America - Fairfax138866,092.82
Apex Oil Company - Chesapeake Terminal Division136173,099.78
Bp Products North America-Rchmd1316948,645.71
Carpenter Company, Richmond Plant1347106,689.02
Packaging Corporation Of America134230,127.11
American Furniture Co Inc1349860,705.76
Noman M Cole Jr Pollution Control Plant1359407,318.50
Chaparral Steel13463,954,858.48
Intermet Foundry Archer Creek1356927,428.20
The Hon Company1352304,763.17
Rehrig International Inc133654,716.26
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation Chester12100268,024.47
Bwx Technologies Inc1272106,136.76
Stanley Furniture Co Inc12331,740,153.67
Cadmusmack Byrd Press Division1234125,002.11
Quebecor Printing Richmond Incorporated12632,787,207.73
Doswell Limited Partnership12229958,402.33
Walker Machine And Foundry122653,989.91
Vaughan Furniture Co Inc-T George Vaughan Plt1237338,589.51
Custom Wood Products Llc Aerial Way Plt1217158,409.37
Us Navy Little Creek Amphibious Base1281928,562.00
Vaughan Furniture Co Inc-T G Vaughan1246578,851.27
Goldschmidt Chemical Corp124238,813.03
R R Donnelley Printing Co11541,417,881.94
Griffin Pipe Products Company11453,239,399.92
Intermet Corporation Radford11552,071,943.52
American Waste Industries, Incorporated112388,022.05
Cogentrix Virginia Leasing Corp11675,783,312.52
Hooker Furniture Corp1129441,661.05
Wythe Park Power Inc Richmond Plant111763,997.69
Sonoco Products Co1136126,275.36
Invista Inc - Waynesboro111734,396,997.11
Burlington Industries Incorporated Hurt Fin. Plant11581,836,508.29
Doc - Nottoway Correctional Center1118108,601.45
Gordonsville Energy11247523,791.79
Wolverine Gasket Division - Eagle-Picher Ind.111644,001.79
Rowe Furniture Corporation111573,085.14
Virginia Tech11911,054,895.12
Alliant Ammunition & Powder Company Llc1117013,746,042.70
Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation Roanoke Plant111011,806,061.21
Huber Engineered Woods, Llc1125960,429.65
Bassett Chair Co1142117,872.00
Bassett Fiberboard1129222,948.30
Infineon Technologies Richmond11101127,711.28
Ridgeway Clock Co1123333,573.06
Hooker Furniture Corporation Martinsville1171426,657.79
Wythe Park Power Inc Petersburg1166114,444.66
Mw Manufacturers Inc1125380,584.27
Chemical Lime Company - Kimballton Plant11793,410,625.49
Dan River Inc Brookneal Plant1153871,010.38
Reynolds Metals Company Bellwood Printing Plant11112909,884.44
Consolidation Coal Co - Buchanan Mine #11134639,459.77
Arkay Packaging Corporation114530,693.58
University Of Virginia10941,552,185.87
Rbx Industries Incorporated1096460,717.26
Thomasville Furniture Ind Inc-Va Operations1026347,190.60
Alsco Metals Corporation10120162,909.35
Wabash Aluminum Alloys Llc1010160,985.23
Charles City County Landfill1034203,420.22
Super Radiator Coils101460,811.80
Trelleborg Engineered Products Inc1013336,488.71
Georgia Pacific Corp Jarratt Plant10263,368,740.00
Fdp Brakes Of Virginia101946,060.03
Hollingsworth & Vose102544,871.50
Martinsville Thermal, Llc - Frith Drive1016430,686.39
Pulaski Furniture Corp Pulaski1035730,625.29
Mohawk Industries Inc - Lees Carpets Division10561,310,588.10
Royal Mouldings Limited1017552,697.60
Global Stone Chemstone Corporation10681,190,014.17
Transprint Usa103582,030.66
Wolverine Gasket Div Eagle-Picher103497,368.97
Mecklenburg Cogeneration Facility10353,304,666.57
Carry On Trailer Corp1015619,715.77
Basic Construction Company Llc-Portable104750,997.15
Columbia Flooring1013119,433.60
Masonite Corp10951,120,739.98
Federal-Mogul Friction Products1035219,963.39
Norfolk Southern Railway Company East End Shops1051998,851.89
Graham White Mfg Co104751,754.14
Pow.Gen.(Suffolk) & Suff Energy Partners1014228,958.56
Spsa Regional Landfill 1 Bob Foeller Drive1012163,500.00
Boehringer Ingelheim Chemicals Inc.101927,404.00
Us Navy Norfolk Naval Base-Sewells Point104472,005,951.43
Norfolk Shipbuilding And Drydock - Berkley1082491,206.47
Rock Tenn Co Mill10691,667,772.84
Howmet Castings, An Alcoa Company102298,090.50
Galax Energy Concepts Llc1025408,555.88
Webb Furniture Enterprises1050734,256.76
Hampton University1065277,857.18
Citgo Petroleum Chesapeake Terminal104194,888.25
Corning Inc1059150,049.97
Dimon International Inc925100,259.72
Allied Terminals Incorporated - Chesapeake94753,369.47
Transmontaigne Product Services96260,114.42
Nova Chemicals Incorporated97073,585.51
Hampton/Nasa Steam Plant9181,104,134.42
Us Department Of Veterans Affairs Medical Ctr92336,494.80
Mead Westvaco Corporation Headquarters972268,953.84
Aqua Clean Environmental Of Virginia9972,208.94
Us Navy Naval Air Station Oceana91121,734,871.10
Multitrade Of Pittsylvania Co Lp9281,505,542.93
Magnox Pulaski Inc962714,044.49
Thermasteel Corporation911121,771.47
Nevamar Company954401,026.95
Anheuser-Busch Incorporated9165807,873.27
General Dynamics-Armament & Technical Products93288,577.00
Ethan Allen938504,418.01
Bristol Compressors92347,971.68
Cpfilms Inc.9331,749,643.39
Bassett Table Company936125,852.20
Emporia Foundry Incorporated939141,230.63
Graphic Packaging International, Inc.920170,902.38
Stone Container Corporation Lewis Rd93195,735.94
Dominion - Remington992144,501.86
Bush Center For Intelligence (Cia)979141,405.92
Covanta Fairfax, Inc.9544,033,956.76
Columbia Gas Transmission Corp-Goochland924145,459.62
Apac Virginia Inc Rockville Plant947117,592.08
Green Bay Packaging Inc92447,963.02
Global Stone Chemstone Corporation9271,026,901.38
Ronile Inc952245,450.90
Apac - Virginia, Inc. (Chesterfield Plant)93662,364.16
Kaiser Bellwood Corporation995387,083.33
Honeywell Nylon Incorporated9229455,352.13
Charter Of Lynchburg Inc91574,045.46
Dominion - Ladysmith96593,079.48
Perdue Farms Incorporated - Accomack924482,905.26
Dynax America Corp Usa92968,327.63
Abb Inc915101,648.30
Adams Construction Co-Blue Ridge91957,218.12
Brunswick Waste Mgmt Facility Llc9940,040.00
O Neal Inc8855,826.00
Taylor-Ramsey Corporation82448,035.44
American Safety Razor Company816201,456.00
Bergmanns Inc81371,056.15
Tyson Foods, Incorporated853859,440.81
Arlington - Pentagon816327,084.20
Hyosung America Inc81988,188.02
Abbott Laboratories Ross Prdts Div83778,362.58
Buckingham Correctional Center82459,214.17
Dupont De Nemours E I & Company Inc James River Pl8132,301,035.55
Westpoint Stevens Inc Drakes Branch817128,247.20
Maruchan Virginia Inc81688,091.57
Erath Veneer Corporation Of Virginia84176,358.45
Cooper Wood Products Incorporated854159,786.35
Galax City Sw Steam Recovery Unit88254,498.83
Scott Manufacturing Inc81033,843.60
Lee Hy Paving Company815161,078.26
Va Correctional Center For Women828171,833.14
Us Army - Fort Belvoir8123171,253.51
Exxon Mobil Corporation824157,367.09
Philip Morris Products Inc Export Processing Facil887231,173.57
Virginia Linen Service Inc83593,773.74
Us Silica Company Montpelier Operation8114265,816.21
Kraft Foods Global-Richmond Bakery8139162,502.92
Doc Greensville840210,627.88
Tomkins Industries Lasco Bathware824572,614.85
Tyson Foods Inc87660,555.47
Fieldcrest Cannon Inc Sub Of Pillowtex85991,602.75
Us Navy Naval Weapons Station Yorktown86759,738.18
Sam Moore Furniture Inds Inc827168,172.14
Smythe Companies Inc - Bedford81767,073.45
Strongwell Corporation/Bristol Division850293,782.51
Covanta Alexandria/Arlington, Inc.8421,340,736.50
Valley Proteins Incorporated - Emporia823227,780.46
Carrols Foods D/B/A Brown'S Of Carolina, Va Div847247,103.69
Doc Sussex814638,904.38
Dominion - Surry Gravel Neck88599,426.10
American Of Martinsville/Plant # 12824302,891.75
Valleydale Foods, Inc.82274,640.59
Rr Donnelley & Sons81722,276.98
Koppers Incorporated Salem Plant811144,758.90
Ethan Allen Inc - Bridgewater Division824448,977.66
Virginia House Furniture/Plant 2822314,757.77
Haynesville Correctional Center83296,266.16
John W Hancock Jr Incorporated822314,728.21
Owens-Brockway Glass Container8402,199,437.45
Corning Inc Blacksburg Plt836204,688.04
Cmi Industries Incorporated United Elastic Divisio82951,138.70
Liberty Fabrics Div Sara Lee843136,307.27
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline - Station 18081438,000,697.01
Concophillips - Manassas Terminal82878,888.66
Micron Technology Incorporated82274,757.77
Times Fiber Communications Inc81356,262.19
Virginia Metalcrafters Inc83839,379.62
University Of Richmond877347,383.12
Citgo Petroleum Corporation839123,277.90
Dominion - Bellemeade865382,328.16
Richmond Barrel & Box Co Inc82033,844.62
Transmontaigne Terminaling Inc Richmond Atlantic812053,424.55
Reynolds Metals Company Richmond Foil Plant8863,771,661.95
Us Navy Dam Neck Annex8123146,806.43
Blue Ridge Paper Products Dairypak Paperboard81778,469.62
Motiva Enterprises Llc83677,159.00
Bethel Landfill828182,130.56
Us Air Force Base Langley838128,436.12
City Of Harrisonburg - Resource Recovery Facility819313,951.96
Vaughan Furniture Company Incorporated/B C Vaughan829427,154.86
Insteel Wire Products824115,715.59
Royster-Clark Incorporated - Chesapeake Plant82254,441.01
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation - Chesapeake877133,190.56
Center Terminal Company - Norfolk85635,458.26
Us Army Fort Eustis (Army Transport Center)842147,166.16
Southern Finishing819100,487.40
Mica Company Of Canada Inc817503,663.08
Metro Machine Corporation84860,833.75
U S Gypsum Co8157282,406.74
J H Miles & Company Incorporated82851,152.12
Radva Corporation Portsmouth81667,909.42
Us Navy Portsmouth Naval Hospital78896,587.87
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital747226,249.41
Norfolk Shiprepair And Drydock72043,760.05
Colonnas Shipyard Pescara Creek To Railway 472290,785.90
Delta Star Incorporated71075,849.80
Vertis Inc.717191,057.65
Virginia Mirror Company Inc715140,526.68
Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products71943,880.17
Perdue Farms Incorporated7352,246,917.25
Roslyn Converters Inc71860,849.02
Intertape Polymer Corp78284,099.00
Webb Furniture Enterprises/# 2736335,576.01
Us Nasa - Langley Research Center711543,572.75
Consolidated Glass & Mirror Corporation715189,898.60
Exxonmobil Roanoke Terminal718165,794.18
Stihl Incorporated71086,337.18
Golden West Foods Inc72560,415.30
Howell Metal Co716151,705.00
Crown Beverage Packaging Usa Inc715459,920.75
Couvrette Building Systems71024,429.27
Frito Lay Incorporated72168,543.55
Halmode Apparel71474,109.05
Valley Proteins, Inc.717147,559.72
Tyson Foods Inc Burkeville7871,458.83
Southern Processors743137,221.90
Longwood University732179,440.21
Johns Manville742286,314.62
Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation72470,240.05
Eastman Chemical Resins Incorporated727320,992.84
Blackstone Manufacturing7995,413.13
Lockheed Martin Manassas714345,036.88
General Shale Products Llc-Plant 37715349,245.80
Omega Protein Inc7421,006,253.88
Columbia Forest Products717156,468.39
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc7381,116,274.33
American Woodmark Orange Dimension Plant723155,421.75
Transco Gas Pipe Line Corp Station 1657894,714,418.64
Burlington Industries Inc Clarksville76976,083.92
Doc - Mecklenburg Correctional Center7768,894.59
Nestle Purina Petcare Company746316,194.71
Dominion Transmission Inc - Cng Leesburg Station73156,641.10
Dominion Virginia Power-North Anna72438,291.35
Loudoun Co Asphalt -Newton Asphalt71373,281.46
Air Bp7142,776.00
Bennett Mineral Company Inc720124,559.19
Pine Products Incorporated712319,355.57
W-L Construction & Paving Incorporated/Castlewood712107,540.08
Pilgrims Pride Corporation - Timberville76398,758.68
R R Donnelley & Sons Co Inc722184,786.80
Lear Corporation - Strasburg726216,253.92
General Dynamics-Armament & Technical Prod/Plant 1740119,715.20
Us Marine Corps - Quantico7133195,471.75
Progress Press Inc71374,639.11
General Products Company Inc71671,488.52
Wolf Hills Energy Llc73734,562.26
Paramont Mfg Llc71064,923.01
East Tennessee Natural Gas Company713281,842.32
Bfi Waste Systems/Gas Recovery Systems714141,551.49
Blakemore Construction Corp Portugee Rd73556,554.38
Compton Wood Products717125,559.09
Smithfield Foods Inc7188278,959.72
Burlington Industries Inc Halifax72355,910.72
Purgo Inc75075,839.71
Branscome Inc - Richmond Asphalt73091,070.90
Motiva Springfield Terminal71995,140.49
Crown Central Petroleum-Newington Terminal73930,316.60
Inova Fairfax Hospital75566,543.41
Motiva Enterprises Llc73364,975.29
Short, B P And Son Paving Company Inc Jack Plant71132,872.52
East Tennessee Natural Gas Co-Station 3401732363,364.30
Columbia Gas Transmission Corp734420,793.06
General Electric Company, Winchester Lamp Plant749123,901.15
Virginia Industries Inc722681,628.41
Kyanite Mining Corp Mullite Plant712170,650.30
Transco Station 17077711,732,328.29
Commonwealth Chesapeake Power Station745231,788.04
Reynolds Metals Co74999,268.86
Pentagon Reservation796127,988.75
Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation Gala Compres720186,022.62
Neuman Aluminum Usa61149,998.60
The Homestead615170,315.20
Hershey Chocolate Of Virginia Inc63595,482.99
Apex Chemtech Incorporated61379,965.52
Us Nasa - Wallops Flight Facility64886,085.91
Conectiv Delmarva Generation Inc - Tasley6665,192.60
J F Jones Lumber Company Incorporated6868,225.20
Bacova Guild Ltd6973,185.27
J Bruce Barnes Inc61049,784.36
Kyanite Mining Corporation653411,197.53
Vdoc - Keen Mountain62290,986.39
Wayn-Tex Inc.61732,385.65
Berryville Graphics Inc66088,792.84
Pactiv Corporation6171,720,123.20
C.E.D. Enterprises, Inc.6724,646.99
Stowe Woodward Company61444,821.80
Allied Wood Products Inc61838,332.57
Horizon Milling61760,220.25
Equitable Production Company/Wampler 16662,865.38
Colonial Pipeline Company Mitchell Junction616178,402.41
Michigan Cogeneration Systems Inc612635,180.00
Cpfilms Inc. Plant 2612752,498.00
Pc Virginia Synthetic Fuel # 1 Llc62460,348.29
Sandvik Mgt Llc62237,990.39
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corporation612239,001.79
Motion Control Industries Inc61678,426.34
Narricot Industries Lp (Boykins Narrow)61249,354.98
Visador Company/Marion Main Plant618102,259.92
Doc - Southampton Correctional Center - Belfied62546,058.65
Stillwater Incorporated Goshen Plant610221,488.35
Mountain View Rendering Company63291,333.98
Columbia Gas Transmission Corp - Strasburg Com Sta61236,862.08
Virginia House Furniture617103,676.06
Gemini Coatings Of Virginia Inc6655,054.00
Pilgrims Pride Corporation - Hinton61434,345.86
Bowman Apple Products Co Inc62255,105.82
Vfp Incorporated/Concrete Shelter Division62128,841.52
Tyson Foods, Inc.61689,763.68
Pilgrims Pride Corporation - Broadway Feed Mill623114,257.40
Patrick Henry Asphalt6932,010.01
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corporation6391,174,524.59
Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation62846,100.01
Columbia Gas Transmission Corp660121,041.66
Naval Surface Warfare Ctr-Dahlgren630183,869.98
Davis Frost Inc61138,635.00
New River Energetics6754,539.22
Vf Jeanswear - Wrangler61456,886.06
Southside Manufacturing Inc6636,739.39
Bayshore Concrete Products Corp - Cape Charles61348,139.88
Arbortech Forest Products Inc612488,872.00
Southside Community Hospital61174,369.49
Moore Wallace Usa Inc61022,004.93
A C Furniture Co66181,596.00
Potomac Supply Corporation62152,491.21
Global Stone James River Div Chemstone Plant 267155,464.07
Coors Brewing Company - Shenandoah Brewery686249,047.33
America Online Incorporated62233,994.88
Stuart Flooring Corp620178,022.63
Atlantic Wood Industries Newsoms61370,151.33
Abb Inc627169,178.50
R A Yancey Lumber Corp66209,960.00
National Reconnaissance Office6649,029.60
Flippo Lumber Corp617398,079.98
Salem Frame Co61479,320.15
Bfi Old Dominion Landfill614135,320.00
Gs Industries Of Bassett Inc61453,326.15
Tuscarora Incorporated627152,678.19
Madison Flooring Co610121,004.90
America Online Inc61167,116.45
Atlantic Waste Disposal Inc - Waverly619307,378.50
Frederick County Landfill61170,380.00
Washington Gas Light Company664547,929.09
Ingenco - Maplewood Plant66147,814.00
Scott Wood Energy Incorporated68296,778.00
Double Envelope Company6954,127.60
Keller Manufacturing Co Inc617162,121.93
Perdue Farms Inc61449,625.57
Interstate Construction Corp612154,338.00
Old Dominion Grain63173,052.80
America Online Incorporated61731,816.23
Fbi Academy68684,449.73
Ingenco - Dinwiddie Power6118269,188.45
Valley Proteins, Inc652352,055.81
Adams Construction Co Dublin61651,783.80
Us Army - Fort Myer62066,845.43
Ferguson Land And Lumber Company61244,980.65
F E Jones & Sons Grain Inc61272,702.75
Apac-Virginia Inc Rchmd Plt #41261661,768.28
Mega Contractors Inc Powhatan61784,164.15
Hb Mellott Estate Incorporated61131,801.57
Virginia-Carolina Forest Products Inc613177,404.93
Wayn-Tex Inc63081,173.65
Hp Hood Inc6644,981.75
Science Applications International Corp.61250,480.00
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation613842,881.86
Us Army Ft. Story62648,300.98
Servitex Incorporated611295,944.80
Ingenco - Virginia Beach610317,912.00
Intermet New River Fndy.683,050.72
Carter Printing61433,017.04
National Textiles Llc62580,540.56
Jmu - James Madison University64446,483.40
Crown Central Petroleum Corp.6112,458.50
Bontex, Inc.63044,271.99
Bristol Virginia Integrated Solid Waste Facility61362,100.84
Imtt Chesapeake64564,655.52
Mundet-Hermetite Inc617880,505.16
Dave'S Cabinet6723,368.18
Chesapeake Hardwood Products Inc611208,806.72
Norcraft Companies Llc6675,078.00
Pilgrim'S Pride Corporation62862,980.88
Norfolk Southern63041,471.92
George'S Foods Llc62841,683.32
Kinyo Virginia Incorporated617207,175.53
Shorewood Packaging Corporation610107,538.50
Basf Corporation Portsmouth Plant66324,624.00
U.S. Coast Guard, Portsmouth Support Center, South55636.26
Plumly Flooring Llc51444,337.67
Piedmont Geriatric Hospital51056,257.85
Harmony Shenandoah Valley Llc51468,157.97
Carpers Wood Creations Inc51023,733.06
Town Of Culpeper / Electric Power Plant54027,985.05
Shoosmith Brothers Inc523389,476.88
Virginia Beach Landfill Ii511113,244.75
Brookneal Flooring Division5890,068.60
Lafarge Calcium Aluminates Incorporated514168,463.95
National Fruit Product Co Inc53447,994.47
Mid-Atlantic Foam5627,787.55
Adams Construction Company51286,545.78
Manassas City Of - Dominion Station51057,851.67
Commonwealth Atlantic Limited Partnership-Chesapea530188,128.33
Island Creek Coal Co-Virginia Pocahontas Mine515464,202.21
Evan Energy Company, Lc - Amvest Station5561,141.21
Dickenson-Russell Coal Co./Moss #3 Prep Plant541264,585.49
Kinder Morgan/Elizabeth River Terminals, Llc521186,016.41
Augusta Lumber - North Garden5773,386.04
American Velvet Co51630,626.52
Basic Construction - Newport News518146,953.69
Conectiv Delmarva Generation Inc - Bayview530330,100.80
Klockner Pentaplast51850,362.90
Marvin V Templeton & Sons51134,854.65
Superior Paving Corp - Leesburg Plant519116,301.20
Central Virginia Electric Cooperative51544,943.53
Morgan Lumber Company56169,864.00
Mayflower Floors Inc51849,689.77
Richmond Newspapers Incorporated - Hanover51285,695.00
S L Williamson & Co - Shadwell51259,004.44
Branscome Inc - Suffolk52077,088.55
S L Williamson & Co - Red Hill5651,509.98
Sure-Wood Dimension Ltd51496,281.50
Printpack Inc56562,461.02
Cellofoam North America Inc5785,219.92
Lawhorne Brothers Inc5673,041.00
Ingenco - Rockville Plant5200232,886.21
Riverton Corporation52388,337.21
Kirk Lumber Company5997,176.01
Powell Valley Stone51434,485.40
Auto Rolls Of Virginia5683,501.11
Middle Peninsula Landfill And Recyc Fac - Portable5539,241.64
Apac-Atlantic Inc-Thompson Arthur Division55132,726.00
Blair Bros Incorporated51589,082.17
Stuart M Perry Incorporated5990,552.00
Blue Ridge Lumber5562,562.70
Prisma Fibers Inc.51751,550.02
Pigeon Creek Processing Llc518110,673.18
Chips Inc58144,177.15
Quikrete Of Virginia51674,529.01
Blue Ridge Wood Products Inc52891,093.49
Flowers Baking Company Of Norfolk5646,193.60
Transco Station 16751032,864.20
Contractors Paving Company, Incorporated 121 Chest519180,781.52
B A Mullican Lumber & Manufacturing Company Incorp514215,971.64
Superior Paving Corp - Centreville Plt510110,836.49
Apac Virginia Incorporated- Manassas Plant51196,252.34
Banta Book Group516107,247.81
A. Smith Bowman Distillery Incorporated51041,124.87
Lear Corporation - Winchester Division51338,701.83
Barb & Shumaker Incorporated5740,818.00
Vdoc/Bland Correctional Center51897,818.02
Virginia Paving Company Alexandria Plant528202,124.58
Storopack Incorporated5627,200.10
Gt Energy Corp.5565,959.45
Manassas City Of/Church Street53046,157.63
Dickenson-Russell Coal Co/Mcclure River Prep Plant522341,398.06
D-Scan Furniture51255,192.83
Wheelabrator Abrasives Incorporated56122,869.68
City Of Manassas/Vmea515247,560.00
Unimin Corporation51455,281.05
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline-Station 185581660,568.11
Gallimore Paving Corp5559,752.80
W T Jones & Son Inc5661,013.75
Apac Virginia Incorporated 800 Constitution Avenue546111,285.35
Walters Grain And Supply5726,075.40
Fleet & Industrial Supply Center52041,898.04
Bock Drum Company, Incorporated5734,299.12
Shenadoah Properties Lc520255,949.40
Buncher Rail Car Service5753,285.18
Taylor Ramsey Corp Blackstone Wood5569,235.35
Branscome Inc - Lee Hall520142,376.55
Capps Shoe Co5541,400.00
Uae Mecklenburg Cogeneration L.P.561,758.00
Agi Klearfold51841,892.38
Smith Gap Regional Landfill5545,535.76
Bassett Furniture Industries Inc59392,200.86
Allied Aviation Fueling Co. Inc.510801.00
Equitable Production Co-Wampler 24464,546.00
Butler Woodcrafters Incorporated4567,737.62
Bassett Table/Superior411825,093.62
Haskell Chemical Co. Inc.482,875.00
Print South Corporation4822,888.05
O'Sullivan Industries Inc4629,273.48
Rea Algonquin Hanover Manufacturing Plant41212,914.57
Equitable Production Co-Hurricane4780,356.00
Cives Steel Company4643,559.32
Medeco Security Locks Inc.445.00
Strongwell Corporation/Highlands Division48158,027.00
Virginia Gas Storage Company4864,052.00
Virginia Marble Manufacturers Inc410128,166.00
Sartomer Co. Inc.485,360.00
Toray Plastics4871,468.25
Chesapeake Grain Company4826,842.85
Lynchburg City Sanitary Landfill4588,344.28
Virginia Paving Company Stafford Plant4438,315.20
Mega Contractors Inc Rockville4826,726.71
Central Virginia Services, Inc.-Wintergreen44110,474.00
Island Creek Coal Company/Virginia Pocahontas Mine414320,712.74
Ivy Landfill46146,160.00
Ivy Tygart Acquisition Corporation4637,931.80
Wako Chemicals Usa Inc.4821,100.00
Slocum Adhesives Corp.441,820.00
Canon Virginia Inc.483,864.00
General Chemical Llc48132,302.14
Pre Con Inc.35313,245.20
Mitsubishi Chemical America Inc. Opc3310,464.00
Transmontaigne Product Services Inc - Fairfax32048,780.00
Consolidated Glass & Mirror Corporation38134,184.60
Carlisle Motion Control Inds. Inc.33116,454.00
Citgo Terminal3966,153.38
Tenneco Automotive Virginia Beach36185.17
Equitable Production Company-Station B3338,802.57
Paramont Coal Co. Virginia Llc37142,042.13
Central Virginia Services Corp - Keswick Corp3333,810.89
Equitable Prod. Co.-Powell River-Comp. I23343,342.00
Pitts Lumber Company Inc3393,044.00
Equitable Production Company-Station J3340,035.01
Crown Orchard3335,065.20
Camp Friendship3336,332.31
Geo Specialty Chemicals Incorporated33301,026.01
Central Virginia Services Corp - Chips Inc3328,728.00
Cnx Gas Company Llc-Station 3 Skid 91-1133362,098.00
A T Massey/Knox Creek Coal Corporation3928,122.13
Paramont Coal Company Virginia3983,834.87
Equitable Prod. Co.-Powell R.-Comp. I33343,342.00
Equitable Prod. Co.-Powell R.-Comp. I13337,934.25
Vanguard Plastics Inc3756,413.20
Creative Playthings Limited3372,656.83
Central Va Services - Valley Green Shopping Ctr3335,954.86
Pocahontas Gas Partnership - 2069b36122,254.00
Equitable Production Co.-Station C3339,229.77
Virginia Marble Manufacturers Inc36107,400.00
Carlisle Motion Control Inds. Inc.3319,928.00
Home Pride Incorporated3455,329.32
Appalachian Plastics Incorporated311118,196.68
Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company3548,416.00
Merillat Corp. Atkins3399,991.00
Fisher Scientific Co. L.L.C. Fisher Diagnostics334,558.00
Trex Company Inc34387,244.14
Bhk Of America3328,217.92
B. C. Vaughan Plant3526,143.38
Lynchburg Steel & Specialty Co3422,602.12
Alcoa Home Exteriors247.00
Neuman Aluminum Usa23155,758.00
Degesch America Inc.235,153.00
Groendyk Mfg.248,100.00
Shaw Connex Inc.2291.00
Mottley Foils Inc.226,780.00
Barker Microfarads Inc.232,213.31
Southeastern Adhesives Co.241,466.00
Cpfilms Inc23282,000.00
Tyson Foods Inc. Processing Facility22696.00
Trinity Packaging Corporation2840,514.00
Sheridan Books Inc21340,976.15
Rohm & Haas Powder Coatings2210.00
General Shale Prods. L.L.C. Plant 35 & 3622116,355.00
Kik (Virginia) Inc.22420.00
Tyson Foods Inc. Processing Plant2223,856.00
Lear Corporation2721,683.13
Wood Preservers Inc.229.70
Federal-Mogul Corp.222,105.30
M & B Metal Products2243,320.00
Gwaltney Of Smithfield Ltd. Smithfield Va.2216,003.50
Mehler Engineered Prods.24755.00
Smithfield Packing Co. Inc.2330,691.50
Carbone Kirkwood Llc2233,867.00
Commodore Corp2231,280.00
Torque-Traction Integration Technologies Inc2859,266.16
Seward Lumber Co Inc2672,068.00
Knox & Sons Oil Company Incorporated2667,652.00
Banker Steel Co Llc2336,716.00
Jewell Smokless Coal Corporation2863,741.23
Carolina Steel Fabrication Incorporated2473,722.01
L.P. Rigsby Lumber Co.28383,727.87
Martin Marietta Aggregates Anderson Creek29443,533.65
Bay Mechanical Incorporated2360,218.00
Excello Oil Company Incorporated/Bluefield2836,586.45
Ashland Roller Mills22281,820.00
Mechanicsville Concrete Inc Portugee Rd2647,332.00
Sorrentino Mariani & Company Incorporated2336,120.00
Port Allen Marine Services2230,344.26
Brett Aggregates Incorporated - Meadow Road22789,017.67
Glad Manufacturing Company2533,629.32
International Paper - Franklin Lumber Mill25294,246.03
West Point Chips Incorporated26516,452.00
Powell Mountain Coal Preparation Plant25116,045.49
Vulcan Materials Co - Skippers222304,092.30
Blackwatch Coal Prep Plant #32734,916.05
Martin Marietta Aggregates Doswell Quarry211472,836.01
American Buildings Company2461,591.98
Everbrite Inc2745,560.00
Martin Marietta Aggregates Midlothian Quarry28958,409.25
Jefferson Millwork And Design2720,050.19
Central Virginia Services, Inc.2224,172.00
J&E Finishing Incorporated2280,974.52
Hutchinson Sealing Systems North Amer, Inc.2450,931.36
Daltons Enterprises Incorporated2244,084.00
Southern Structural Steel, Incorporated2322,490.00
Great American Shelving Co Inc2337,208.00
Commonwealth/Southampton Gin22105,040.00
Associated Naval Architects2447,704.00
Worthen Ind. Inc. Upaco Adhesives Div.22500.00
Univar Usa Inc. Suffolk Facility231,013.00
Sonoco Products Company2445,512.00
Kollmorgen Inland Motor238,980.20
U.S. Amines (Portsmouth) L.L.C.244,429.00
Quarles Petroleum-Fredericksburg211127,968.53
Bennette Paint Mfg. Co. Inc.24853.00
Southern States Co-Op. Inc.2213,106.00
Chesapeake Soy Crushing23414,000.00
Koch Materials Co.2325.68
C.S. Polymer Inc.24197.10
Dominion Chemical Co. Inc.24755.00
Siegwerk, Inc2563,041.26
Parker Powertrain1117,000.00
Nationwide Custom Homes Inc.1118,432.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (205801)126.00
U.S. Navy Craney Island Fuel Terminal12128.25
Custom Marble Concepts111,969.00
U.S. Navy Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek11118.24
Applied Extrusion Techs. Inc.121,025.00
Ge Heat Transfer Prods.115.00
Georgia Pacific Corp. - Buena Vista Va110.10
Coyne & Delany Co.1140.00
Quarles Petroleum Inc. Harrisonburg Bulk Plant121,000.00
Maida Development Co.1210.00
Webb Furniture Enterprises Inc. Particle Board12880.00
Danager Kollmorgen Indl. Drives110.40
Associated Asphalt Inc.1137.00
Ge Drives & Controls110.58
C. F. Sauer Co.11108.00
Venetian Marble Inc.1111,162.00
Southwest Specialty Heat Treat Incorporated1189,900.00
Crown Cork And Seal (Usa)1744,621.95
Bp Products Montvale Terminal1273,283.50
Praxair Inc.11112.40
Reddy Ice Cassco Harrisonburg113,500.00
Transmontaigne Inc Montvale Piedmont Terminal11756,674.92
Hallmark Iron Works1228,600.00
Hermes Abrasives Ltd.113,115.00
Quarles Petroleum Inc. Winchester Bulk Plant121,000.00
Amoco Oil Co Bedford1321,504.00
Siemens Vdo Automotive Corporation12113,980.00
Mid-Atlantic Trailer Manufacturing Inc.1137,000.00
Motiva Enterprise Llc - Montvale1133,040.00
Equitable Production E Region - Ramsey Ridge1120,660.00
Dominion Terminal Associates1124,000.00
Master Print, Inc1334,620.00
Armkel L.L.C.12463,684.00
Marathon Ashland Roanoke Terminal12361,042.62
Miller Milling Co1751,504.61
Liphart Steel Company Inc1324,860.00
Dyno Nobel115.00
Pier Ix Terminal Company1454,465.07
West Point Log Corporation1128,000.00
Falcon Foam Division/Atlas Roofing1157,032.00
Waytec Electronics Corp.116,528.00
Vitex Packaging Incorporated1241,420.00
Maple Leaf Bakery11155,772.00
Mays Farmers Service1334,000.00
Bond Cote1428,715.99
Delphi Incorporated1162,400.00
Quarles Petroleum Inc1931,206.49
Hollister Inc1348,576.00
Team/Ibs Inc11248,000.00
Boar'S Head Provisions Co. Inc.1113,900.00
Royster Clark1121,620.00
Transmontaigne Montvale Terminal1131,140.00
American Gfm Corp.1113,290.00
Flowers Baking Co Of Lynchburg Inc1287,262.00
Bull Run Stone11221,447.38
Amsco Prods.1213.00
Walker Manufacturing Company11023,624.00
Commercial Ready Mix - Gordonsville1126,698.00
Agmark Intermodal Systems Inc1124,670.00
Tri State Foam Products Inc12209,800.00
Butler Lumber Company1157,952.00
Riggs Oil Company Incorporated/Big Stone Gap 11397,520.00
Vico Construction Corporation - Portable 612401165,988.00
Griffin Oil Company1324,970.60
Vulcan Construction Materials, Lp1631,061.51
Buffalo Air Handling1120,120.00
Fleetwood Homes #191223,503.75
Sun Chemical Corporation Gpi1758,675.65
Waller, R P Oil Bp1424,996.07
Quebecor World Inc11428,092.48
Shorewood Packaging Corp Of Va1260,840.00
Trinity Packaging Corporation1327,060.00
Lovelace Petroleum Co1342,571.20
Presto Products Inc1134,800.00
Petroleum Products Incorporated1345,281.60
Davis Oil Company1363,595.00
Virginia Oil Company Facility1621,898.10
Dynamic Details Inc. Virginia121,940.00
Reiss Corporation1250,272.00
Motiva Enterprises Llc Roanoke1560,690.47
Lesco Inc. Disputanta Plant1160.00
Fieldcrest Cannon Inc. Dumaine Towel Mill1110,707.50
Universal Automotive Of Virginia Inc.12255.00
Perry Judd'S Inc. Strasburg D Ivision124,700.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (315501)112.00
Itt Inds. Night Vision Div.125,050.00
Xaloy Inc.1110.00
Mar-Bal Inc.113,085.00
Atlantic Research Corp.111.10
Betco Block & Prods.110.10
V&S Bristol Galvanizing L.L.C.125.00
World Of Marble124,636.00
U.S. Coast Guard, Reserve Training Center, Pier No11173.26
Georgia Pacific Corp.110.40
Shenandoah Fiberglass Prods. Co.125,577.00
Joy Mining Machinery1121.00
Pyott Boone Electronics1210.00
Isomet Corp.120.00
H. Warshow & Sons Inc.11146.23
Sicpa Securink Corp.11250.00
Fiberglass Eng. Corp.1116,680.00
Seaward Intl. Inc.126,430.00
Bohler-Uddeholm Speciality Metals Inc.12472.00
Lasco Bathware Inc.12284,140.00
Jci Jones Chemicals Inc.1226.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (315401)113.00
Weidmuller Usa Richmond Virginia110.50
Vfp Inc.116,280.00
Timken Co. Altavista Bearing Plant111.00
U.S. Army Fort A.P. Hill Training Ranges Dptms Faph11134.90
Brookneal Chips Inc.110.08
Gammapar L.L.C.122,860.00
Taylor & Boody Organbuilders124.00
Ge Fanuc Automation Americas1210.00
Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center110.78
Utility Trailer Mfg. Co.000.00
Trim Sys.000.00
Findlay Inds. Inc. Dublin Div.000.00
Metl-Span I Ltd. East000.00