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Polluters in Utah
Main Base4017931,061,725.08
Promontory Plant2711561,985,774.35
Deseret Chemical Depot (South Area)591078190,469.71
Salt Lake Operations12918282,323.74
Phillips Refinery235403,523,775.31
Salt Lake Refinery254265,858,486.31
Interstate Baking Company - Ogden540587,615.38
Petroleum Products Refining18394637,134.62
Interstate Baking Company - Salt Lake538157,890.00
Tooele Army Depot29362115,291.53
Manufacturing Facility1134532,421.68
Hunter Power Plant7532661,265,501.92
Utah Test And Training Range19298320,957.61
Steel Manufacturing Facility20297498,931.89
Flying J Refinery (Big West Oil Co.)222852,425,586.26
Huntington Power Plant7626055,933,537.64
Cricket Mountain Plant172595,414,990.57
Intermountain Generation Station7024772,073,726.47
Salt Lake City Refinery292393,749,840.20
Smelter & Refinery222363,176,623.53
Devil'S Slide Plant102345,241,210.70
Salt Lake City International Airport720326,732.80
Carbon Power Plant7520121,810,631.00
Bacchus Works: Plant 1/Nirop/Graphite Structures20195221,779.35
Point Of The Mtn - Aggregate Production29186506,048.46
Power Plt/ Lab/ Tailings Impoundment1718411,091,319.00
Detergent Manufacturing10178203,669.50
U.S. Army-Dugway Proving Ground211721,560,856.05
Gadsby Power Plant451711,153,125.19
Zirconium/Halfnium Production Plant161644,273,294.82
Sunnyside Cogeneration Facility541573,364,964.63
Ogden Dialysis Products Manufacturing7148113,511.80
Grassy Mountain Landfill Facility1714370,057.81
Cabinet Manufacturing16140179,135.99
Delta Airlines At Slc Int'L Airport1314023,959.57
Fiberglass Manufacturing1212815,847.44
Leamington Cement Plant1512671,384,349.30
Automotive Oil & Air Filters - Clearfield1012460,140.83
Commercial Bakery9122264,016.89
Hot Asphalt Storage Terminal1212122,128.30
Bridger Lake Plant19121661,324.55
University Of Utah Facilities13120227,817.61
Vernal Phosphate Operations17116333,513.74
Mine & Copperton Concentrator101084,266,021.40
Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing Facility810846,838.00
Utah Air National Guard At Slc Int'L Airport510717,281.60
Salt Lake City Plant5106126,308.20
Walker Facility16105210,890.00
Salt Lake Valley Landfill & Transfer Station23103636,186.30
Kastler/Marushack Compressor Station111022,002,969.60
Lisbon Natural Gas Processing Plant111014,969,544.00
Main Campus15101583,651.14
Rowley Plant1210016,722,923.68
Hazardous Waste Storage/Incineration51100289,996.46
Nucor Steel151002,856,850.83
Bonanza Power Plant779923,558,173.14
Orem Asphalt Plant F3 & Batch Plants2497177,512.95
Gunnison Correctional Facility159666,033.91
Ironton Coal Tar Refinery119316,610.00
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing269169,774.56
North Salt Lake Asphalt Terminal118919,798.63
Production Plant789587,390.00
Steel Plate Manufacturing168630,518.00
Main Campus: Heating Plant - Primary Source1185113,573.72
Aluminum Case & Container Mfg.68538,400.69
Laundry Facility6846,633.27
Skywest Airlines At Slc Int'L Airport158315,649.84
Salty Snack Plant68278,579.22
Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant68230,996.27
Utility Trailer Assembly Facility68268,048.60
Cabinet Manufacturing Facility1181116,938.66
Rubber Engineering 1680117,437.00
Bluebell Gas Plant1180878,458.00
Wood Furniture Mfg. Facility67946,903.04
Plastic Film Printing Facility178162,730.40
Aircraft And Parts Manufacturing137714,921.24
Delta Mill1475571,494.85
Perry Pit - Sand & Gravel Operation147556,312.60
Bacchus Pit1375101,655.20
Twin Mountain Rock27528,244.20
Auto Parts Remanufacturing107393,970.36
Grantsville Plant771514,846.58
Whitehead Power Plant1070543,580.30
American Fork Hospital5707,948.00
Brighton Ski Area5655,906.76
County Landfill & Energy Recovery Facility (Dcerf)3265782,742.47
San Arroyo Plant1465725,038.86
Unrecycled Aluminum Scrap Production116462,465.21
Hobusch Facility66473,962.60
Brick Manufacturing - Lehi Plant56379,858.80
Pipe Casting Plant13633,183,379.18
Power Plant962149,513.51
Altamont Main Gas Processing Plant962972,512.00
Sigurd Plant962125,816.98
Shale Processing962689,058.00
North Operations Center86169,422.60
Western Fiberglass - Salt Lake City Plant1459481,775.20
Brick Manufacturing Plant1859333,925.70
Welby Pit: Asphalt Plant/ Crusher/ Sand Plant135838,469.63
Gravel Pit - Concrete Plant65612,620.00
Safe Manufacturing Facility656110,425.90
Manufacturing Facility115649,199.01
Hudson Printing65631,916.00
Sewer Plant & Energy Recovery Facility55546,198.62
Steel Tool Box Manufacturing Plant55521,638.60
Wastewater Treatment Plant754688,554.65
West Jordan Yogurt Production31547,685.53
Cedar City Yard & Ready Mix Plant2154124,473.09
Furniture Manufacturing Plant175374,776.45
Gateway Shopping Plaza Blocks A&B6538,466.00
Fort Pierce Pit215390,223.06
Salt Lake Printing Center - Lds Church75272,360.46
Chemical Distribution Center21519,216.16
Basketball Standards & Picnic Table Manufacturer135194,800.90
Alta Ski Area5508,303.80
Trans-Jordan Landfill1949189,382.55
Centerfield Asphalt Plant214842,753.26
Trailer Manufacturing Facility104884,637.90
Salt & Potash Production Facility74898,026.00
Power Plant1647115,924.26
Meat Packing Plant94793,383.04
Salt Lake Terminal Company1546271,631.01
South Weber Pit1346140,223.70
Mount Jordan Operations1246111,106.20
Moab Compressor Station946915,569.00
Industrial Laundry546106,117.00
Yellow Creek Gas Plant645552,040.00
Westwater Compressor Station1345348,833.98
Panguitch Pit214482,023.95
Stansteel Asphalt Plant Sn#413104488,009.76
Oil Recycling Facility2437,352.16
Payson City Power1343660,296.26
Concrete Batch Plant743130,400.68
Brigham City Operations64297,244.00
Tubing Manufacturing Facility942111,093.45
Cedar City Concrete Batching Plant74297,920.03
Helper Station (Prev. Castlegate)1342417,400.00
Trailer Manufacturing Plant1142107,005.68
Salem Pit641108,976.00
Timpie Salt Processing Plant741157,561.00
Steel Coating Application Facility124169,456.02
Electrical Generation Plant640163,930.86
West Valley Power Plant840289,643.50
Geneva Nitrogen Plant739306,072.00
Kimberly-Clark - Ogden Plant638103,420.00
Cement Plant G673872,340.10
Altamont East Compressor Station938571,753.00
Cement Plant G1773878,220.30
Salt Lake Concrete Batch Plant G1673845,200.21
Murray Concrete Batch Plant G-263859,000.20
Electro Acoustics Division11385,927.30
Rubber Conveyor Systems Manufacture133844,332.22
Aggregate Mining53857,928.00
Sand & Gravel + Concrete Recycling63812,695.20
Steel Products Manufacturing1037442,553.73
Asphalt Mixing Plant63735,240.00
Sand & Gravel Operations73647,613.08
East Carbon Landfill3036175,530.70
Ogden Concrete Batch Plant G1973615,920.10
Ogden Building Products Distribution73522,597.29
Bayview Landfill133547,162.03
Trojan Explosives Manufacturing83580,997.34
Cabinet Manufacturing Facility1135100,394.00
Utah Metal Works73531,208.40
Weber State University Campus5357,100.00
East Plant63449,081.20
West Ogden Operations634122,520.00
Point West Operations23346,488.00
Soils Regeneration Site63330,700.00
Altamont South Compressor Station833771,067.00
Architectural Woodworking Shop193337,305.86
Oak Spring Turbine Compressor Station83265,402.80
South Weber Operations23221,304.00
Beck Street North Pit And Hot Plant632258,852.00
Marble Mine63119,709.24
Precast/Prestress Concrete Manufacturing Facility63132,140.20
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility63165,877.60
Electrical Wire Manufacturing Plant5309,896.00
Aggregate Crusher & Asphalt Plant63051,866.40
Cove Pit: Rock Crushing & Screening Operation6302,103.49
Concrete Processing Equipment2305,878.05
Pit #1063036,540.00
Primary Children'S Medical Center530171,920.00
Altamont West Compressor Station830232,633.00
Aluminum Dross Processing Facility63011,831.80
West Haven Asphalt Storage Terminal73014,269.03
Prepared Foods Processing103089,870.18
Weber County Landfill292965,415.32
West Haven Asphalt Plant122886,364.42
City Of Wendover Landfill28281,144.87
North Orem Landfill28287,140.86
Orange Street Operation62811,032.00
Boise Paper Solutions - Packaging62824,380.00
Bentonite Production62810,544.00
Cabinet Manufacturing Facility92894,070.32
Grand County / Moab28283,549.19
Davis County Landfill282816,601.29
Bountiful City Landfill28283,625.00
Little Mountain Landfill2828378.26
Box Elder County / Brigham City Site28285,529.05
Tremonton Landfill28282,117.92
Park Valley282814.22
Yost Landfill28282.65
Logan City Landfill28283,373.79
City Of Blanding Landfill2828165.17
Monticello City2828105.95
San Juan County / Halls Crossing2828381.61
Salt Lake Valley Solid Waste Management Facility282880,780.43
Waste Control Management Landfill282833,976.77
Sanpete Valley Waste Disp.28285,738.87
3 Mile Canyon Landfill28282,425.47
San Juan County / Bluff2828351.47
San Juan County / Mexican Hat28287,116.18
Cereal Food Processors52763,540.00
Highland Aggregate Pit22734,873.80
St. George City Power Plant1327304,816.00
Ogden Painting Facility13272,277.30
Washington County Sanitary Landfill82629,201.90
Central Heating Plant82617,880.00
Lehi-Peck Pit62692,625.20
Salt Lake Valley Sand And Gravel22678,000.00
Coldset Printing Presses & Stamping52635,410.60
Aircraft Components Manufacturing5263,767.60
Salt Lake City Marketing Terminal112612,381.00
Gravel Pit2259,560.20
Pit #5 - Salt Lake County62555,220.00
Flour Milling Division (Dba Horizon Milling Llc)72570,456.00
Chemical Manufacturing Facility62533,763.87
Aggregate Processing & Concrete Batch Plant22516,860.00
Aggregate Pit #24 - Brown Canyon625760.00
Steel Fabrication82447,262.47
Kearns Facility2246,094.22
Aggregate Pit22480,312.60
Aggregate Processing2243,144.00
Geneva Pipe Coating Facility2246,930.00
Fiber Science Division6245,330.72
Anschutz Station6249,363.47
Regent Street62335,864.00
Santaquin Pit523170,960.00
Rubber Hose Manufacturing Facility1523337,591.71
Ogden Sand & Gravel Pit62325,400.00
Concrete Block Facility4239,380.01
Spanish Fork Box And Bag Plant102330,602.00
Hildale City Cogeneration Facility922176,233.79
Pleasant View Pit (Crushing/Screening)52237,440.00
Daniels Canyon Aggregate Plant62218,306.00
Commercial Woodwork Manufacturing52247,620.00
Sand & Gravel Operation62210,200.00
Murray Asphalt Crushing Plant62243,027.88
Kennecott Utah Copper Mine Concentrators & Power Plant132117,900.70
Legacy Highway Project62158,944.00
Plant 2192112,153.94
Gadsby Tank Farm Asphalt Transfer Facility5219,632.42
Skyline Mines62112,703.02
Parleys Canyon Aggregate Facility2217,228.00
Limestone Quarry - Crushing Plant & Grinding Plant32129,042.00
Wood Fixture & Store Display Fixture Manufacturing32134,800.00
Powder River Livestock Handling Equipment521107,778.01
Printing Press & Dryer112122,746.70
Vernal Asphalt Plant82020,663.91
Polystyrene Foam Production Facility620135,001.62
Pit #16 Parley'S Canyon6203,140.00
Barney'S Canyon Mine92090,055.93
Mcguire Pit Crushing Operation22014,336.00
Little Mountain Power Plant720548,680.00
Murray Fabrication Facility102013,552.00
Printing Press - Crossroads Corporate Center51961,920.00
Pit#23 Near Manila6192,892.00
Smithfield Cedarapids 29.013 Asphalt Hot Plant61986,528.00
Huntsman Cancer Center131914,230.53
Beck Street South Hot Plant61972,216.00
Spanish Fork Pit21923,180.00
Printing Presses51810,750.26
Ekins East Gravel Pit51898,474.00
Cove Pit61822,757.20
Ogden Generant Facility91813,538.11
Salt Lake Operations171830,928.71
Montek Company - Salt Lake Operations131821,320.61
Hallmark Cabinet161817,137.08
Dug-Out Canyon Coal Mine71812,010.51
Pit #14 - Point Of The Mountain6181,080.00
Kane Springs Well #19-1a51842,860.00
Kane Springs Well #27-151838,480.00
South Temple Central Heating Plant61848,000.00
Pump Shop 6187,992.00
Sufco (Salina Canyon Coal Mine)61837,666.94
Sand Blasting And Painting Operation111848,983.23
Salt Lake Plant131786,775.00
Wellsville Pit61734,333.40
Kane Springs Well #10-151740,340.00
Banta Book Group61615,200.00
Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc.161614,429.99
Hercules Aerospace16165,206.04
Division Of Wildlife Resources Area Landfill161662,557.32
Pleasant Grove Batch Plant5166,366.00
Kane Springs Well #25-19-34-151611,640.00
Federal Well #33-8-N51633,380.00
Central Heating Plant6166,403.20
Ogden Chrome Plating & Bumper Exchange6151,114.89
Rail Road Wheel Bearing Refurbishing Plant6152,384.87
Audio Components Manufacturing131537,624.09
Custom Plating Facility8153,412.00
O.C. Tanner Manufacturing Facility71510,135.53
Cisco Compressor Station715141,400.60
Rt Manufacturing - Orem Facility815176,377.00
Distribution Terminal5151,414.42
Interpace Industries Inc151597,587.83
Salt Lake City Bag Manufacturing Plant61545,626.00
Rocky Point Aggregate Processing Plant5147,498.00
Federal Well #33-7-L41433,560.00
Cereal Food Processors - Salt Lake51437,280.00
Main Office/Pit #66144,628.00
Bountiful Sanitary Landfill1214233,766.40
Aluminum Recovery Facility61494,040.00
Cottonwood Coal Prep Plant21442,520.00
Bluffdale Sand Quarry21413,390.00
Bmg Drum Mix Asphalt Plant13138,500.22
N. Davis Cabinet Manufacturing Facility91350,399.00
Payson Facility51362,200.00
Elberta Compressor Station612109,021.07
Power Plant61229,840.00
Animal Rendering Plant7129,506.80
Bfi Medical Waste Incinerator111247,817.04
Pineview Station6121,208.27
Wahsatch Station6127,385.15
Truck Top Manufacturing51219,639.00
Ogden Module Facility6125,314.60
Lehi Manufacturing Facility6123,776.60
Desert Power Plant712387,438.00
Tool Design Engineering & Mfg6113,660.00
Cabinet Manufacturing11139,600.00
Blanchard Metals Processing Co.8113,191.30
Clean Harbors Grassy Mountain L.L.C.1111122.70
Asphalt Plant #Adm 277-935117,884.00
Horizon Coal Mine2113,808.44
Salt Production - Bagging Plant61121,200.00
Aggregate Crushing - Sr 9 Pit5115,016.40
Beck Street Sand And Gravel Pit2103,000.00
Kane Springs Well #16-15103,780.00
Ethylene Oxide Commercial Sterilization71010,888.00
Tyco Printed Circuit Group Inc. Logan Div.51010,015.00
Elsinore Pit510105,904.00
Morton Salt610100,100.00
Ogden Trailer Manufacturing51031,070.00
Lark Compressor Station510659.00
Medical Products Manufacturing198,916.00
Fillmore Compressor Station7998,864.00
Lifting Machinery Mfg. Plant6913,018.04
Valley Paint Mfg.598,100.00
Ashland Distribution Co.591,078.00
Western Pipe Coaters And Engineers6924,418.00
Chromium Electroplating881,051.79
Chemcentral/Salt Lake City483,500.00
Brush Resources Inc. Mill68178,111.80
Draper Facility7817,445.70
Thatcher Co.482,265.00
Hexcel Corp.4859,683.00
Eimco Process Equipment486,140.00
Cargill Incorporated - Feed Division2722,786.00
Deer Creek Mine272,520.00
Veyo Compressor Station77103,546.07
Salt Lake Chrome Plating Bumper Exchange674,065.16
White Mesa Mill273,160.00
Sme Steel Fabrication5728,380.00
South City Campus664,275.60
Wastewater Treatment Facility26312,400.00
Lifetime Prods. Inc.56916.61
Redwood Campus6611,676.40
Expanded Polystyrene Mfg. Plant16141,140.00
Silica Stone Quarry263,780.00
Jordan Campus661,923.80
Grain Elevator152,938.80
Shipping Terminal154,973.74
Hurricane Pit151.80
Laminated Wood Beam Manufacturing5544,038.00
General Office Total Energy Plant55192.20
Omg Apex353,935.00
Agi At Slc Int'L Airport14256.20
Crown Plating Company Incorporated44260.10
Maaco Auto Painting And Bodyworks145,140.00
Foam Insulation Manufacturing Facility2418,812.00
Rocky Mountain Fabrication3310.00
Johnson Matthey23700.45
American Pacific Corp. Utah Ops.231,084.60
Crown Asphalt Prods. Co. Cowboy Asphalt Terminal230.63
Autoliv Asp Inc.23483.00
West Jordan Pit13500.00
Murray Terminal13120.00
St. George Steel Fabrication Inc.2292.00
C & C Cast Polymers125,684.00
Basic Elements Mfg.1211,430.00
Cabinet Manufacturing Facility2221,760.00
Ims-Nucor Plymouth22511.19
Bonnett-Geothermal Power Plant2260,260.00
Jardine Petroleum120.17
Jardine Petroleum120.07
Companion Sys. Inc.128,259.00
Browning Arms Co.124.30
West Jordan Manufacturing Facility2253,876.00
Salt Lake Manufacturing Facility2279,853.00
Guidance & Control Litton Sys.122.83
Southwire Co.222.05
American Welding & Tank Co.12755.00
Alta Group L.L.C.12255.00
L-3 Communications120.41
Crown Asphalt Prods. Co. Gadsby Asphalt Terminal120.31
Usa Inds.110.49
Jordan River Galvanizing1141.00
Atwood Mobile Prods.112.00
Brody Chemical116.00
Circuit Graphics Inc.111.00
Steel Coatings Inc.1112,113.00
Mark Steel Corp. Jordan River Plant1138,249.00
Adp Lemco Inc.113,683.00
Paint Booth - Mission Support110.66
Hill Brothers Chemical Co.11250.00
Chromalox Inc.1110.00
Kroger Corp. Smiths Food & Drug Dairy Div.1133,835.00
Metal Shredder/Recovery113,480.00
Amcor Masonry Prods.110.10
Shaw Naptech Inc.11102.00
Syro Inc.112.00
Autoliv Asp Inc. Oea Initiator Facility1118,000.00
Autoliv Asp Inc.115.00
Storm Prods. Inc.1111,901.76
Dyno Nobel Inc. Lehi Site B11250.00
E. A. Miller1115,570.00
Chemical Lime Grantsville Plant110.77
Mity-Lite Inc.117,500.00
Autoliv Asp Inc.115.00
Valmont Coatings Intermountain Galvanizing1180.00
Moroni Feed Co.114,800.00
Honeywell Intl. Inc.000.00
Bd Medical Sys.000.00