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Column information
Polluters in Texas
13stinnett Booster 14732225,200.00
1604 Plant153507,695,910.19
3m Austin Center630440,246.29
6666 Ranch Comp Station516345,359.99
69th St Sludge Drying798150,572.80
A & A Fertilizer Ltd.1229,506.00
A-Z Terminal Corporation125510,518.20
A1 Platform1281240,580.40
Abb Vetco Gray Inc.24272.00
Abbott Labs. Daignostic Div.1248.00
Abbott Labs. Lvs Mfg. Plant1235.76
Abc Compounding Co. Of Texas Inc.5101,775.00
Abernathy Terminal1597121,823.00
Abilene Plant44491284,756.01
Abilene Plant9301171,765.80
Abilene Power Station660.00
Abitibi-Consolidated Corporation Sheldon Mill131682,143,067.01
Accent Marble Co. Inc.119,994.00
Acme Brick Bennett Plant181571,345,052.90
Acme Brick Bridgeport Plt18121804,115.03
Acme Brick Company1821512,176.07
Acme Brick Company18188514,327.51
Acme Brick Company181171,352,537.08
Acme Wallboard20410521,797.00
Advanced Aromatics, L.P.13304105,050.40
Advanced Micro Devices14239186,822.00
Aerospace Techs. Inc.1177.00
Aes Deepwater Inc7713513,932,484.44
Agrifos L L C101711,101,985.01
Agrium Inc1079834,086.19
Air Conditioning Mfg.165867,314.00
Air Contioning3753,866.00
Air Force Plant 4301099209,136.80
Air Liquide America Corp1122226,242.80
Air Liquide America Corp.112,505.00
Air Liquide America L.P.226,470.00
Air Liquide Bayport Compl7514,725,674.57
Air Liquide Corpus Christi Smr Plant127,222.00
Air Prods. L.P.125,380.00
Air Separation Facility44339,813.00
Air Tractor Inc.112.07
Aircraft Engine Overhaul9106119,184.40
Aker Plant1177887,544.40
Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Inc.14503696,896.20
Alamo Manufacturing62665,556.60
Alamo Marble113,419.00
Alazan Compressor Station11118312,586.00
Albemarle Alkyls Unit251371930,599.00
Alcatel Usa112.70
Alcatel Usa Sourcing Inc.118.00
Alcoa Home Exteriors365.75
Alcoa San Antonio Works12159523,925.73
Alcoa Sandow Plant371505181,962,031.96
Alcohol Purification & Esters666108,362.40
Aldon Marble Mfg. Co.118,194.00
Alford B Compressor1040131,020.60
Alkek Gas Plant556142,338.00
All Waste Railcar Cleaning62021,280.00
Allan Products, Inc.14116104,222.60
Alliance Maintenance Base822692,006.20
Allied Aviation Fueling Co. Of Houston Inc. - Iah6126,911.00
Allied Aviation Fueling Co. Of Texas Inc.48767.00
Allison Compressor533364,815.00
Alon Usa Southlake Termin1110869,951.60
Alpha Omega Recycling Inc.24126.13
Alternative Fuels Dev5140.00
Alum Extrusion Operation18120273,083.00
Aluminum Extrusion Pntg.24356113,076.20
Amarillo Compressor Sta716509,500.41
Amarillo Facility133201,316,249.99
American Acryl L.P.3519,512.00
American Airlines Dfw3726029,504.60
American Chrome & Chemicals Lp12364646,512.00
American Coatings Inc.7142,616.00
American Electric Power Welsh Power Plant1318252,249.40
American Envirotech1616116.42
American Materials Inc872184,044.60
American Spincast Inc. (Dba Amstock Supply)361,255.00
Americhem Inc.3311.00
Ameripol Synpol Corp.24283,468.00
Amfels, Inc.857557,291.99
Amoco Chemical Co., Dock No. 51 - 52.71213,191.32
Amoco Oil Co., Docks Nos. 37 And 38.121817,945.50
Amrep Inc.446,807.00
Anahuac Compressor Station11161101,184.40
Andector Petroleum Stn7482,151,739.96
Anderson Plant641293,519.40
Andrews Booster7531,557,359.99
Andrews Plant1055244,458.01
Andrews Waste Treatment Plant211637,631.20
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.14568922,821.60
Anthony Forest Products1056600,909.20
Apac - Texas Inc. Leston Asphalt Plant12381.11
Apac Texas Incorporated71139,512.00
Apac-Tx Inc. Paris Asphalt12481.93
Aquatic Industries Inc310147,560.00
Architectural Woodwork17810.00
Arco Pipe Line Co94567,578.80
Arlington Terminal158531,197.80
Arlon Signtech Ltd.124,248.00
Armstrong Compressor Station1141169,358.20
Armstrong Gas Plant689874,539.59
Aromatics & Olefins Plant234753,698,417.42
Arrington Gas Plant121481,300,110.20
Arrow Marble L.L.C.1117,128.00
Ashbrook Corp.115.00
Ashcraft & Southern Marble Co.1116,701.00
Ashe Compressor Station1338284,071.40
Ashland Distribution Co.8164,552.00
Ashland Distribution Co.10186,581.00
Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.24337.00
Asphalt Prods. Inc.220.58
Associated Marine Services Dock No. 1.5516,005.05
Atascocita Recy & Disp1666605,925.80
Atco Rubber Prods. Inc.12255.00
Atlas Roofing Corp.121.42
Atmi Inc.33750.00
Atofina Chemicals Inc312781,089,145.78
Atofina Chemicals Inc.11250.00
Atofina Inc252031,953,947.51
Atofina Petrochemicals Inc.463,639.00
Atomized Prods. Group Inc.11187.30
Austin Community Recycling And Disposa Facility2134219,675.80
Austin Counter Tops92148,316.00
Austin Division1512013,497.20
Austin Fabrication Facili15120128,083.60
Austin Hot Mix2460124,032.00
Austin Research Laborator1333786,354.80
Austin White Lime Company81212,978,962.23
Autotronic Controls Corp.111.10
Bae Sys.1153.00
Bailey Boswell Site1821752,554.40
Bailey Gas Plant73174,853.60
Baker Hughes Mining Tools Inc.12494.00
Baker Petrolite Channelview222637,309.20
Baker Petrolite Kilgore Blend Plant6124,605.00
Bakersfield Compressor Station6311,900.00
Balcones Plant103148,441,930.39
Ball Metal Beverage12177132,486.60
Ball Metal Beverage Cont896359,915.41
Bammel Gasfield1123247,437.00
Bandera Compressor Station10263,704,345.47
Barge Cleaning And Repair33301392,761.60
Barge Cleaning Facility18218166,233.80
Barker Plant52129,396.80
Barney M Davis Power Sta411114,896,700.71
Barnhart Compressor Stn4160.00
Barton Chapel Plant1045568,136.80
Basell U.S.A., Inc.5211456,701.79
Basf Corp., Freeport Marine Terminal Dock.553,002.28
Basis Petroleum, Barge Dock No. 2 Wharf66770.78
Bass Nr Wrd Edwards Pt10409525,440.00
Bastrop Clean Energy Ctr17541,024,752.40
Battleground Plant14981,310,762.39
Bay 1 Paint Booth5437067,894.00
Bay Chemical & Supply Co.1301301251.00
Bay City Plant2712263,040,104.20
Baylor College Of Med1411650,197.20
Baylor University620206,536.01
Baylor University Medical Center51569,140.00
Bayport Facility23321332,703.60
Bayport Facility40363284,104.40
Bayport Hdpe Plant11393694,305.40
Bayport Plant628344,641.61
Bayport Plant231899666,770.41
Bayport Plant1184332,815.00
Bayport Plant22567622,403.80
Bayport Site97648,721.00
Baytank Houston Inc391149135,511.18
Baytown Chemical Plant4820445,303,527.18
Baytown Cogeneration1253639,800.41
Baytown Landfill Facility636307,743.00
Baytown Olefins Plant3810696,241,055.56
Baytown Plant832629,045.59
Baytown Plant5317051,023,536.64
Baytown Plate Mill7135633,223.98
Baytown Terminal14190139,273.40
Beasley Facility2215557,646.00
Beasley Pump Station51641,157.40
Beaumont Chemical Plant269007,453,788.23
Beaumont Facility16341,922,058.00
Beaumont Plant1618756,708.40
Beaumont Plant10289532,104.20
Beaumont Refinery40328948,151,465.80
Beaumont Site30278477,156.64
Beaumont Terminal14212123,868.00
Beaumont Terminal11257296,067.97
Beaumont Terminal1310559,166.80
Beaumont Terminal15446285,168.04
Beaumont Works3710881,690,139.38
Beef Prods. Inc.1211,000.00
Belco Manufacturing Compa311217,120.00
Belva Booster7551,114,223.99
Bemis Custom Products8156207,373.40
Benavides Station844870,723.82
Benchmark Electronics110.00
Benchmark Energy Prods. L.P.243,515.60
Benedum Gas Plant122161,232,893.80
Benedum Gas Plant14239815,320.00
Benjamin Moore & Co. Dallas2210.00
Bep Western Facility206747,626.80
Berridge Mfg. Co.1142.00
Berryman Prods. Inc.994,505.00
Bessmay Sawmill1566650,120.00
Best Gathering Station92174,195.60
Bethel Comp Sta1079257,802.20
Bethel Compressor Station627157,893.60
Bethel Gas Treating Facility6118279,212.00
Bethel Salt Dome13132131,091.80
Bi 1st Pumping Plant67810,254.80
Bi 2nd Pumping Plant6677,007.60
Big Bend Np / Panther J2828328.68
Big Bend Np / Panther J / Bcd2828476.41
Big Brown80480215,277,626.56
Big Hill Spr108350,020.00
Big Lake Plant1196695,655.20
Big Sandy Chevron Instln1210481,637.80
Big Spring Booster722460,882.81
Big Spring Carbon Black1210229,160,081.57
Big Spring Cogeneration7582,290,430.59
Big Spring Refinery3417539,463,461.48
Big Thicket Gas Plant1244117,683.00
Big Wells Gas Plant No 278662,466.00
Binet Plant1568349,496.60
Birdwell Comp44155,800.00
Birthright Plant678221,534.00
Bishop Facility1826665,875,114.15
Bl0321s.S.T. Truck Company15125129,810.60
Blalock Booster742899,153.03
Bldg. 376--Central Boiler52030,260.00
Blending Facility610260,225.00
Blentech Corp.2345.60
Blessing Compressor Stn7501,714,179.79
Block 16 Green Plant13601,701,533.58
Block 31 Area141883,638,699.99
Blue Ridge Landfill2031141,274.00
Bluebonnet Recycling And Disposal Facility617211,035.20
Bmc Holdings Inc81023,762,519.76
Boa Gas Treating Plant1038269,754.21
Bobbit Station14790.00
Boc Edwards Kachina12500.00
Bodycote Thermal Processing116.00
Boeing Aerospace Support32246145,765.00
Boeing Defense & Space1318418,336.00
Bolfing Bros. Marble Inc.127,950.00
Bollinger Shipyards, Inc.1810394,468.80
Bollinger Texas City Lp199145,700.00
Bon Wier Plywood Plant161262,683,812.17
Bonanza Marble Company3664,580.00
Bonney Forge Texas L.P. (Dba Wfi Intl.)3315.00
Booster Station 15464821,621.00
Booster Station 1681138165,703.00
Borden Chemical Inc.5914,711.00
Borden Chemical Inc.245,933.00
Border Steel, Inc.12103656,248.71
Borger Carbon Black1041130,110,594.62
Borger Carbon Black Plt1121714,163,434.68
Borger Refinery36215143,576,593.56
Bowie Station810430,499.81
Boyd Compressor Station14124559,980.00
Bp Amoco Chemical Co.579,456.00
Bp Amoco Chemical Co.126,835.00
Bp Amoco Chemical Texas C227633,962,188.43
Bradford Ranch Plant151351,271,984.00
Brand Fx Body Co.1110,768.00
Brannon Compressor1259205,629.20
Brazoria County Recycle3060104,318.60
Brazoria Natural Gas Booster10100304,277.80
Breckenridge Booster Station1246366,698.60
Brenntag Southwest Inc. Dallas9187,574.00
Brenntag Southwest Inc. Elmendorf12484.00
Brenntag Southwest Inc. Houston48807.00
Brenntag Southwest Inc. Longview7142,862.00
Brewster County / Marathon Landfill2828199.12
Brewster County Landfill2828110.52
Bridgeport Plant294301,034.00
Brisco Road Compressor Station122398,692.80
Brochsteins, Inc.1612438,633.80
Bronte Common Tank Battery555116,374.60
Brookeland Gas Plant11167668,040.00
Brooks County Compressor Station629413,294.40
Brown & Root Greens Bayou144916,797.20
Brownfield Compressor71986,620.00
Brownwood Facility11562654,630.60
Bruce Hardwood Flooring11101733,724.36
Bryans Mill Plant111563,128,281.06
Bryson Plant1155199,229.80
Buccaneer Plant53010,505.80
Buckley Oil Co.9188,743.00
Buckley Oil Co.9183,692.00
Buffalo Wallow1368440,386.81
Bulk Fuels Terminal1389162,087.20
Bulk Gasoline Terminal18151141,882.40
Bulk Mineral Handling112232,222,156.00
Buller Locke Production Facility104675,726.60
Burkburnett Station824112,796.40
Burkett Compressor Station732127,352.80
Burnell Station1135737,852.59
Burnet County28281,457.16
Burnett Booster "A"420284,440.00
Burnett Booster "B"412233,142.20
Burnett Main Compressor7381,196,038.03
Busby Cmprssr Sat935175,680.00
C & T Regional Landfill282827,863.59
C-2 Platform167958,739.80
C.E. Newman Plant386516,107.38
C.O. Mfg. Group Of America1563292,341.60
Cabeza Creek Compressor Station632229,719.60
Cabinet Manufacturing Fac1363254,031.60
Cabot Crude Gathering Station71159,458.40
Calandria Comp Station1251330,269.40
Camden Facility211159,014,027.77
Can Holdings Inc. Ticona Gur Bayport Plant127,850.00
Canadian Plant142082,270,996.80
Canadian River Station1445415,500.00
Candle Corp. Of America128,354.00
Caney Compressor Station714131,731.60
Canyon Station527214,031.60
Carbon Black Division131713,690,924.18
Carbon Black Plant101077,779,823.21
Carbon Booster721360,000.00
Cardell Cabinets Inc1251334,660.00
Cardell Cabinets Inc. San Antonio Facility2234,838.00
Cargill Turkey Prods. Waco Texas Processing Plant121,384.00
Cargill, Inc.123371,325,304.20
Cargray Booster 431191475,253.40
Cargray Booster 441171206,288.20
Cargray Booster 451234307,207.40
Cargray Booster 461254445,867.01
Cargray Booster 47115583,817.80
Cargray Booster 501133174,669.60
Cargray Plant12136465,010.60
Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing Inc.36305.00
Carotex Incorporated76627,880.40
Carrier Corporation51791,521.60
Carrizo Springs Comp St1123415,329.59
Carry-On Trailer Corp.1114,108.00
Carson Booster640807,879.99
Carter Field Facility204247,183.60
Carthage Cmpsr Stn 2112002,321,557.81
Carthage Compressor Station5581,393,113.79
Carthage O.S.B. Plant13991,450,090.17
Carthage Sta No 1761351,165.80
Casita Enterprises Inc.1020116,580.00
Castle Drive Landfill612380,958.01
Cb&I Constructors Inc2411099,391.00
Cci Mfg. Inc. (Dba Custom-Crete)115.00
Cci Mfg. Inc. (Dba Custom-Crete)110.89
Cedar Bayou 411238,873,342.46
Cedar Bayou Plant5110171,526.00
Cedar Bayou Station10727,265,660.00
Cedar Hill Plant1871107,769.20
Celanese Ltd, Bayport Terminal Barge Slip.181858,581.56
Celanese Ltd. Corpus Christi Technical Center12180.00
Cello Wrap Printing Co72949,029.20
Cemex Cement Of Texas L.P.3456.02
Cemex Cement Of Texas L.P. Balcones Cement Plant3419,771.30
Center Rrf1923179,946.43
Central Battery Ctb 18536195,258.81
Central Compressor Station770788,270.00
Central Expressway Site33965591,678.01
Central Heating & Utiliti630722,659.40
Central Plant529167,440.00
Central Plant #1631190,300.20
Centrifugal Castings Inc.361,196.00
Ceramic Cooling Tower Corp.1231,530.00
Ceramic Tile Glazed Mfg.11170530,011.00
Ceramic Tile Mfg. Facility7139627,284.00
Champagne Fine Printing94134,604.40
Champion Coatings Inc205436,475.50
Champion Techs. Inc.7122,984.00
Champion Techs. Inc.8159,327.00
Champion Techs. Inc.12943.00
Champlin Compressor Sta412550.80
Channel Energy Energy36332111,398,462.20
Channelview Cogenergation Facility17991,724,354.35
Channelview Complex40185818,048,817.14
Channelview Facility206960,878.94
Channelview Plant239494,353,942.21
Channelview Plant171172,847,798.99
Channelview Plant7234166,362.40
Channelview-Fuel Oil Term5191210,235.20
Chap Booster730282,405.80
Chaparral Steel Midlothian111945,702,872.46
Charco Compressor Station833438,038.00
Cheairs Fac1487374,403.80
Chem Central Houston151337,880.60
Chemcentral Southwest L.P.2021940,390.40
Chemcentral/San Antonio121,000.00
Chemcomm Inc.364,500.00
Chemical Lime Ltd.335.26
Chemical Lime Ltd.110.87
Chemical Lime--Clifton Lime101373,614,512.62
Chemical Manufacturing22104015,739,100.51
Chemical Specialists & Development486,892.00
Chemical Specialty Plant22671203,374.60
Chemical Waste Management698318,261.70
Chemicals Inc.671,750.00
Cherryhomes Cmprssr. Stn.1246600,957.01
Chevron Chemical Co2111155,669,028.77
Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. Dock, Port Arthur.7737,448.13
Chevron Pipe Line Company105135,039.20
Chevron South224542,522,719.17
Chevron U.S.A., Inc.1615176,528.90
Chocolate Bayou Chemical215333,902,096.80
Chocolate Bayou Plnt239827,811,044.40
Chocolate Bayou Polymers1188891,927.59
Cinco Ltd No 1 Facility116163,806.60
Cisco Compressor Station48153,640.00
Citation Navasota3315.00
Citgo San Antonio Terminal991138,091.60
City Of Alice Landfill28282,373.13
City Of Alpine Landfill28285,342.96
City Of Aspermont2828827.74
City Of Brackettville28281,262.10
City Of Brady2828544.67
City Of Bryan63651,066.00
City Of Camp Wood Landfill28282,607.37
City Of Childress Landfill28281,073.62
City Of Cleburne1430372,986.02
City Of Coleman6430.00
City Of Coleman / Lake Coleman Park28281,297.14
City Of Coleman Landfill2828435.53
City Of Cotulla Landfill2828165.55
City Of Crowell & Foard County Landfill2828214.21
City Of Crystal City Landfill2828923.28
City Of Dalhart Landfill2828907.61
City Of Del Rio Landfill282810,133.12
City Of Deleon2828124.90
City Of Dickens Landfill2828288.21
City Of Eden Landfill2828338.46
City Of Fredricksburg Landfill28281,156.49
City Of Friona2828135.38
City Of Glen Rose Landfill2828189.54
City Of Hedley Landfill282818.84
City Of Hondo Landfill2828332.60
City Of Jayton Landfill282812.88
City Of Llano Landfill2828206.93
City Of Mason2828529.92
City Of Matador2828312.47
City Of Melvin Landfill28287,964.80
City Of Memphis Landfill2828396.28
City Of Menard Landfill2828142.81
City Of Mount Pleasant Landfill28284,328.06
City Of Novice Landfill282839.25
City Of O'Brien Landfill28285,500.64
City Of Post Landfill28281,103.63
City Of Premont Landfill2828135.38
City Of Presidio Landfill2828499.28
City Of Rockwall Landfill2828215.80
City Of Sabinal Landfill2828165.55
City Of San Angelo Landfill282812,681.03
City Of San Saba2828608.90
City Of Santa Anna Landfill282838.65
City Of Seymour Landfill2828258.24
City Of Smithville Landfill2828167.46
City Of Spur Landfill2828208.88
City Of Texline Landfill2828176.11
City Of Tulia Landfill2828718.54
City Of Tulia Landfill (#2)28281,008.47
City Of Turkey282841.39
City Of Uvalde Municipal Landfill28281,338.98
City Of Valentine Landfill2828300.25
City Of Wellington Landfill2828161.36
Clam Lake Compr Sta 11046230,210.00
Clark Booster1565556,920.01
Claude Compressor Station11223,020.00
Clean Harbors Deer Park, L.P.90273537,716.58
Cleaners Hanger Co.1112,104.00
Clear Lake Gas Plant11199937,074.80
Clear Lake Manufacturing2718636,046.00
Clear Lake Meter Site 121024,536.00
Clear Lake Plant6210458,500,887.99
Clearstream Plastics Div.1141.22
Clearwater Intl. L.L.C.6111,055.00
Clemens Terminal8169415,239.41
Clement Heard Compre Sta993522,519.80
Cleveland Booster Station51411,580.00
Cleveland Plant115493,717.20
Cleveland Plywood Mill161981,513,539.02
Clint County Dump3535,853.20
Clodine Expanded Shale &104312,123,499.49
Clorox Prods. Mfg. Co.115.00
Cmc Industries Inc9137148,063.57
Coal Handling Facility32780,452.20
Coastal Chemical Co. L.L.C.36940.00
Coastal Chemical Co. L.L.C.362,344.00
Coastal Compressor Stn1155584,338.40
Coastal Oyster Creek Ammonia Chemical Plant12160.00
Cogeneration Facility659231,840.00
Cogeneration Facility14491,686,629.61
Coleman Co.000.00
Coleto Creek Plant7310437,330,060.45
Colex Terminal21880,050.40
Collard Amine Plant637308,161.39
Collin Steam Station395387,865.74
Collum Plant624390,804.01
Colonial Cake Co.794122,116.00
Colonial Pipeline16163107,819.20
Colonial Tank Farm6109,196.00
Color Dynamics2013773,948.00
Colorado City Station21232,593.60
Colorado City Stn8121304,066.00
Colorado City Tank Farm9122244,112.60
Columbia Industries Inc813326,051.40
Commercial Printing13192156,491.00
Como Plt131716,826,179.94
Complex 6b 7 824117317,186,441.69
Compressor N0 30012691,051,565.61
Compressor No. 81252815,092.40
Compressor Site1286317,365.40
Compressor Sta 340550.00
Compressor Station1286959,561.19
Compressor Station 10525172,440.00
Compressor Station 1551173527,058.80
Compressor Station 2835307,247.61
Compressor Station 3011171133,089.60
Compressor Station 30322411,414.00
Compressor Station 34162843,605.00
Compressor Station 411531,128,428.01
Compressor Station 800527220,540.00
Compressor Station 80212691,072,860.42
Compressor Station No 145646245,398.01
Compressor Station No 16626402,130.00
Compressor Station No 81738508,500.01
Concho County / Lowake2828490.60
Concho County Landfill28281,298.41
Conger Gathering Facility11631,558,766.01
Conger Sales Facility12106680,728.00
Conley Plant638578,180.00
Conner Steel Prods.1132,592.40
Conocophillips San Bernard Terminal348,082.00
Conroe Central Station64227,356.20
Conroe Compressor Station11175715,442.00
Conroe Facility17665744,244.00
Conroe Gas Plant12198864,109.81
Conroe Landfill (81-A)613150,024.00
Conroe Manufacturing Fac629123,640.00
Continental Airlines, Inc.17223110,159.20
Cook Composites & Polymers Co.5103,997.71
Cook Composites & Polymers Co.14287,786.07
Copper Refinery141312,798,151.96
Copper Substation911215,200.00
Cornudas Plant732363,265.80
Corpus Christi Army Depot27391146,306.60
Corpus Christi East Plant399324,174,297.20
Corpus Christi Energy Center 2040678,366.95
Corpus Christi Plant173813,577,720.08
Corpus Christi Plant1117887,323.00
Corpus Christi Refinery31111218,232,303.21
Corrigan Mill10856,774,810.59
Corrugated Services9117259,120.60
Corsicana Techs. Inc.6119,962.00
Cosmed Of Texas1154.00
Cottonseed Oil Mill615213,700.00
Covel Gardens Rpd Facility2141618,703.61
Cowden Booster735347,020.00
Coyanosa Compressor Stn103219,816.80
Coyanosa Gas Plant161411,667,993.02
Coyanosa Gas Plant122447,481,927.22
Coyanosa Waha Compressor Station529205,100.00
Crane Booster7492,272,219.93
Crane Compressor Station4896,160.00
Crane Gas Plant7118762,492.00
Crompton Corp. Marshall Facility3520,923.00
Crosby Facility15208212,573.60
Crosby Facility12355122,042.70
Crouse-Hinds Div. Of Cooper Inds.000.00
Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc11101240,368.00
Crude Oil Pipeline93416,261.60
Crude Petroleum Pipeline126147,595.60
Crystal Crk Ceramic Tile890604,036.00
Cte Pittman Comp Station626131,300.00
Cushioning Manufacturing9266119,275.60
Custom Blast Services Inc2093175,835.60
Custom Blast Services, Inc.2410286,062.60
Custom Pipe Coating Inc1624105,105.80
Custom Quality Marble Inc.111,681.00
Cybershield Of Texas Inc.24793.00
Cypress Plant12466297,615.60
Cypress Semiconductor (Texas) Inc.1173.00
Cytec Engineerd Materials24530.00
D & R Metal Finishing365,908.00
D'Hanis Clay Products, Inc159029,173.63
D.-F.W. International Airport24269126,657.00
Dairypak Fort Worth94548,326.40
Daisetta Underground Storage65439,515.20
Dal-Tile Corp.1273,385.00
Dal-Tile Corporation8263536,153.80
Dallas Chemical Techs. Inc.1110.00
Dallas Fort Worth Suburba3330,152.00
Dallas Plant1219152,904.00
Dallas Semiconductor Farm2610665,436.80
Dallas Terminal138828,553.80
Damon Station121976,331.20
Dana Brake Parts, Inc.1614744,960.20
Dannon Co. Inc.115,583.00
Dap Prods. Inc.110.01
Dark Canyon Compr Stat1136558,316.19
Dartco Of Texas Waxahachi8161,169,559.98
Davis 1 Battery116292,925.80
Dayco El Paso Plant72540,643.20
Dayton Manufacturing Unit1244131,766.20
Dba Azteca Milling Co6209335,800.00
Decatur Compressor Station1245296,125.80
Decker Creek Power Plant391402,289,078.90
Decordova Compressor1018268,876.81
Decordova Steam Electric4111612,781,809.25
Deep Sea Terminal811590,668.00
Deepwater Station384485,389.79
Deer Park Energy Center66518,684.00
Deer Park Plant3232081,294,763.39
Deer Park Plant441097,477.60
Deer Park Plant--Houston17221573,069.21
Deer Park Site11161186,330.80
Deer Park Site75741243,496,468.19
Deer Park Terminal311025988,908.41
Deer Park V C M Plant40116564,312.56
Degussa Construction Chemicals Ops. Inc.244,342.00
Degussa Construction Chemicals Ops. Inc.1230.00
Degussa Engineered Carbons Lp127015,941,006.14
Delmita Gas Plant101875,032,698.20
Delta Centrifugal Corp.4420.00
Delta Engineering255571,020.80
Dept Of Defense Us Army6934122,607.20
Dew Gathering System440500,746.00
Diab Inc.22255.00
Diamond Fiberglass Fabric3555,800.00
Dianal America Inc.242,199.00
Diboll Facility4588512,608,134.07
Diboll Fiber Prods.67544,008.00
Dickinson Facility610898,582.20
Dime Box Natural Gas Sta523341,360.00
Dimmit Compressor Station614346,716.59
Dimmitt Compressor7491,393,073.20
Direct Fuels Euless Termi12187118,290.40
Dishman Road Compressor412243,149.40
Ditntrotoluene Plant154141,210,047.23
Dixie Electro Plating Co.2312.92
Dock Yard143812,538.00
Dolco Packaging86189,766.00
Dollarhide Gas Plant12131552,464.79
Dora Roberts Cmprsr Stn1231437,136.00
Dow Chemical Co.11304,317.06
Dow Chemical U.S.A., Texas Operations A-6dock.91855,298.20
Dowdy Ranch Central448476,813.20
Dpc Inds. Inc.241,129.00
Dpc Inds. Inc.12183.00
Drey Booster634285,252.01
Driver Compressor Stn1244419,232.00
Du Pont Beaumont Industrial Park, Lower Barge Whar132494,503.13
Du Pont Dallas Refinish Service Center121.90
Duke Energy Alice Booster644283,580.00
Duke Energy Hidalgo Lp1759802,914.49
Dumas Plant72057,660.80
Dumas Plant7152421,144.60
Dupont Dow Elastomers, L.L.C.22241194,579.45
Duratherm Inc.481,755.00
Durkee Field92113,094.80
Durol Western Mfg. Co.368,059.00
Dxi Inds. Inc.231,012.00
Dynegy Chico Gas Plant121481,673,660.19
E Lake Creek Compressor1032156,203.60
E Texas Gas Plt6157472,044.40
E Texas Plt1048306,588.00
E. Line Booster739683,826.59
E.B.A.A. Iron, Inc.34364132,189.60
E.G. Hill Compressor111738,905,263.36
E.S. Joslin Power Station3848503,138.23
Eagle Circuits Inc.110.20
Eagle Mountain Station461542,343,117.58
Earthgrains Dallas Bakery108434,471.60
East Birch Booster625487,560.01
East Chico Compressor Station1349800,941.20
East Houston Tank Farm821342,926.00
East Rhome Compressor Station651578,437.40
East Sherman Booster1333688,759.99
East Storage/Splitter Iii66851,482.40
East Texas Engraving11504.00
East Texas Gas Plant165026,188,515.98
East Texas Gas Plant111670.00
East Vealmoor Gas Plant122462,670,112.98
East Village Mills1162170,718.00
Eastex Forest Prods.2210.00
Eastman Chemical Co.8161,750.00
Eastman Cogeneration Facility17361,271,481.82
Ebaa Iron Inc. Albany Div.1240.00
Echo Carbon Black Plant112089,149,750.63
Ecolab Inc.12500.00
Ecs Refining Texas L.L.C.2492.72
Ed Bluestein Site23805219,862.00
Eddins Walcher Co.44265.00
Eddins Walcher Co.441,000.00
Eddins Walcher Co.661,255.00
Eddins Walcher Co.551,005.00
Eddins Walcher Co.551,005.00
Eddins Walcher Co.881,265.00
Eddins Walcher Co.55760.00
Edna Compressor Station151262,541,497.82
Edna Compressor Station510268,480.00
Efw Inc.127.00
Ei Du Pont De Nemours49181510,705,930.72
El Capitan Pump Station633181,545.20
El Dorado Nitrogen L.P.234,050.00
El Paso Bulk Terminal86035,965.00
El Paso Compressor Station72151,191,407.00
El Paso Field Services Almeda13164361,877.20
El Paso Field Svc871144,333.80
El Paso Marketing Termina96322,240.20
El Paso Plant142601,076,900.19
El Paso Plant1021543,100.20
El Paso Pvc1110.00
El Paso Refinery205803,715,122.80
El Paso Terminal1012799,488.80
El Vista Tank Farm13131112,489.40
Eldorado Plant16530.00
Electra Station85424,354.60
Electric Power Generation19681,868,616.03
Electric Services1836628,526.14
Elgin Plant845431,406.00
Elgin Plant18135785,484.02
Elk Corporation8146242,416.80
Elkhart Railcar Shop15122201,482.20
Ellery Production Fac62337,540.40
Elliff Compressor Station1150434,449.20
Ellwood Texas Forge103262,903.00
Em Solutions L.L.C.110.10
Embridge Energy Teague Pl12207643,576.41
Empak Inc5996746,467.60
Emsolutions L.L.C.120.20
Encina Compressor Station #14872984,122.00
Encinal Plant1456234,814.99
Encinal Station16136261,064.81
Encontrado Booster Station776833,943.99
Encore Wire Limited1451393,950.00
Encycle Texas Inc.35108.00
End Finishing733174,410.00
Enduro Composite Systems93871,568.40
Enduro Sys. Inc.125,205.00
Ennis Tractebel Power1821462,707.48
Ensign-Bickford Co. Goex Intl. Inc. Div.1120.00
Enterprise Products Operating, L.P.123884,148,113.23
Enterprise Transportation606254,554.40
Enterprise Transportation Company45656,265.00
Ep Sibley C Comp. Sta.515101,400.00
Epgt Texas Pipeline Lp6261,014,856.00
Epgt Texas Pipeline Lp612150,019.60
Equilon Lubricants Co. Deer Park1115190,704.80
Equistar Chemicals L.P. Bayport Polymers472,250.00
Esperson Dome Field1012123,419.00
Espy Compressor Station1139161,971.80
Etheredge Compressor1251398,927.81
Ethicon Inc151,702.00
Ethyl Corp.16325,703.00
Etter Booster12612,158,943.94
Eustace Plant61261,890,760.01
Evadale Mill54127913,863,496.97
Evans Booster Station823292,801.99
Evans Houston Corporation195960,174.06
Excel Corp.11272,684.00
Excel Corp.11260,495.00
Exhaust Fan 773455,010.00
Expando Compressor Station618364,335.81
Expro Engineering1145260,009.39
Exxon Marketing Terminal17227117,120.10
Exxon Mobil Sarita Compre11125577,426.20
Exxon Pipeline Co721107,260.40
Exxonmobil Oil Corp. Center Terminal6121,833.06
Exxonmobil Ref & Supply52668734,487,591.40
Exxonmobil South Houston Terminal147444,444.02
Exxonmobil Viboras Station713293,251.20
Exxonmobil Waskom Terminal1510646,387.85
F.M.C. Corporation2311075,944.59
Fab. 81411140,444.20
Fain Gas Plant112142,386,521.21
Fairway Gas Plt101035,543,618.04
Falls County / Perry Landfill282826.03
Falls County / Reagan Landfill282821.39
Fandango Plant1053528,240.79
Fannie Heard Lease1057645,021.61
Fashing Plant131483,983,697.78
Fauna Station85643,088.20
Fayette Power Project83415110,553,983.27
Feldman Station1335524,602.00
Ferro Polymer Addives Div. Fort Worth122,360.00
Fiberglass Mfg & Fabr Fac7773,256.00
Fiberglass Pipe Mfg. Fac.19326162,240.20
Fiberglass Specialties1151,443.00
Fiberglass Truck Parts61481,189.40
Fibergrate Composite Stru9103145,595.60
Fields Comp Station44180,379.99
Fiest Central Facility511228,200.00
Fig Ridge Central1510195,218.00
Firestone Building Prods.000.00
First Chemical Texas L.P.369,085.00
Fixture Exchange Corp51020,540.00
Fleetwood Travel Trailers Of Tx Inc. #401116,465.00
Flexible Foam Products85642,909.40
Flexible Plastic Packaging13158181,837.20
Flint Hills Resources L.P. West Plant2845544,617.00
Flores Compressor Station723465,903.80
Florida Gas Transmission1442762,668.00
Flour Bluff Station1057378,924.00
Fmc Energy Sys.11250.00
Foam Enterprises000.00
Foam Insulation Board Plant51150,628.40
Foamex Carpet Cushion Inc.332,150.00
Follett Booster721492,540.00
Food Preparation6400.00
Forbo Adhesives L.L.C. ( Formerly) Reichhold/Swift Adhesives12500.00
Forest Park Facility12162157,627.20
Formosa Plastics Corporation4717599,787,406.47
Fort Dearborn Fort Worth84690,105.20
Fort Hood39456237,901.20
Fort Stockton Power Stati550.00
Fort Worth Terminal13880.00
Fort Worth Terminal1278117,546.40
Fort Worth Terminal1717695,318.40
Fort Worth Terminal13155108,625.00
Foster Products Corporation202364,198.20
Franklin Building Materials3340,295.00
Freeport Hyco Plant1355696,622.79
Freeport Plant121274,491,919.50
Freeport Plant1593137,252.60
Freeport Site4730034,238,547.95
Freeport Terminal 1912859,001.60
Freer Compressor Station631164,090.40
Freer Compressor Station220.00
Freer Gas Plant54364,682.40
Freestone Central Compres1170425,271.60
Freestone Energy Center769914,820.00
Friendswood B C Station280.00
Friendswood Inj Cmp Sta 12200.00
Friendswood No 111760.00
Frisco Battery Recycling264072,988,066.02
Fritch Booster Station745160,860.00
Ft Worth Facility62227,740.60
Ft. Worth Regional Landfill260.00
Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.51813,141.20
Fullerton Gas Plant1933610,264,036.17
Furnace & Steel Mill143053,601,526.82
Furnace Plant54016,469.60
Furniture Contractors163436,666.80
G & H Mfg.2216,240.00
G.A.F. Materials Corporation6137207,920.00
G.C.W.A. #1 Production Facility102631,447.60
G.E. Interlogix Inc.126.50
G.S. Roofing Products15433389,097.40
Gageby Creek Compressor5509,595.20
Gaines Station1054303,999.40
Galena Park9102135,095.99
Galena Park Plant750351,400.00
Galena Park Terminal1513898,753.42
Galena Park Terminal21218107,360.60
Galena Park Terminal1526681,555.80
Galvanizing Services Co.Inc.22765.00
Galveston Bay Processing62112,941.20
Galveston County Landfill1930264,974.00
Galveston Island Comp105540,200.40
Galveston Island Gath Station1210275,262.00
Galveston Sulphur Terminal639140,354.20
Garden City Compressor St48121,480.00
Gardner Asphalt Inc.120.14
Gardner Glass Prods. Inc.2324,044.47
Garland Facility15283376,337.40
Garlock Metallic Gaskets3315.00
Gas Processing Facilities796147,173.40
Gas Turbines6634,235,119.98
Gasket & Seal Mfg Fac25475498,370.20
Gatx Rail42195211,983.80
Gb Biosciences Corporatio302284450,647.67
Ge Betz Orange Facility24265.00
Ge Betz-Garland Facility1210.00
Ge Engine Services Dallas8757,219.00
Ge Engine Services Mcallen L.P.3630.00
Ge Sealants And Adhesives125520,393.60
Ge Zenith Controls Inc.127.40
Gem Microelectronic Materials L.L.C.12255.00
Gem Microelectronics Materials L.L.C.241,000.00
General Cable Inds. Inc.2312,472.00
General Electric "Aep/Aps"23126108,657.40
General Motors Corp314941,846,538.77
Gentry Compressor4463,540.00
George Gray Plant741705,864.20
George Ranch Tank Battery774103,620.00
Georgia Gulf Corp., Pasadena Plant Ship Dock Wharf121638,956.08
Georgia-Pacific Corp.3433,372.00
Georgia-Pacific Resins Inc.24269.00
Gibbons Creek8811830,179,555.62
Gibson Compressor Station1247384,066.40
Gibtown Compressor Statn.1239386,398.41
Giddings Plant91181,420,880.00
Gillock Compressor Sta41243,502.00
Gilmer Compressor Stn625275,820.01
Gilmore Gas Plant1182673,663.59
Ginger Field Station634161,920.40
Gladewater Central Facility641100,529.20
Glass Center10684,204,884.42
Gohlke Treating Station52010,131.60
Gold Star Marble Corp.11721.00
Golden Triangle Landfill283552,898.00
Goldsmith Gasoline Plant81826,507,433.12
Goldsmith Landreth Water529696,719.98
Gomez Complex151062,487,448.02
Gomez Compressor Station1252311,076.00
Gomez Gas Plant12921,566,419.98
Gomez Station6321,362,780.01
Gonzales Mfg. Co.3315.00
Good Booster Station1161428,885.21
Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P.718242,134.60
Goodpasture, Ltd. - Dimmitt121,500.00
Goodrich Compr., Stn 555630186,756.60
Goodrich Compressor Sta8692,344,099.41
Goodyear Houston Chem Plt2119842,094,627.11
Goodyear Tire And Rubber12121101,076.77
Gooseneck Trailer Mfg.Co. Inc. .2462,822.00
Gordin Estates Compr Fac1268154,746.40
Gordon Gas Processing Plant121641,080,883.40
Graham Compressor Station1337146,351.00
Graham Division94717,040.00
Graham J Cmprsr Station518183,080.00
Graham Steam Electric Sta411045,364,485.72
Grayco Booster12431,379,868.03
Great Lakes Carbon Llc52821,822,370.19
Great Western Press, Inc.143266,625.80
Green Lake Plant303471,749,252.63
Greens Bayou Electric3879482,160.04
Greenville Division168166,031.00
Greenville Electric Syst.388730,273.46
Gregory Compressor Stat5361,736,056.00
Gregory Plant1584818,600.01
Gregory Power Facility18462,030,196.98
Greif Containers Inc.4815,932.00
Gresham Station6143,956.40
Grey Ranch Compressor1657300,304.59
Grey Ranch Treating Plant9791,272,164.01
Groesbeck Station73740,632.20
Grover Printing Company121222,971.00
Groves Compressor Station41045,558.00
Gsf Energy Llc632114,198.40
Guadalupe Compressor Station7161,561,374.00
Guadalupe Generating Station17981,628,737.79
Guardian Industries7594,089,616.06
Gubert No. 1 Production Facility102432,356.20
Gulf Coast Fractionators132991,023,873.41
Gulf Coast Waste Disposal616901,426,266.82
Gulf Energy Runge Gas Pla8450.00
Gulf Plains Gas Plant152972,102,386.00
Gulf Reduction Corp. Greenwood Metal Div. Of U.S. Zin12809.00
Gulf States Asphalt Co. South Houston Plant123.30
Gulf States Tube Division7865,863.00
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.2812060,780.00
Guymon Compressor5340.00
Gypsum Production Oper10175251,374.80
H O Clarke Station6364,256.40
H. C. Chandler & Son Inc.1146,959.00
H. C. Ind. Inc. (Dba Rmax )000.00
Hagist Compressor Station520330,892.60
Haiduk Station14790.00
Hainsville Gas Processing539150,644.00
Hal C. Weaver Power Plant17601,853,834.97
Halar Terpolymer Powder1413871,021.20
Haldor Topsoe, Inc.12237327,721.20
Halley Gasoline Plant655368,840.00
Halley Site103854,631.00
Halliburton Energy Services - Cps Mfg. Sawyer111.00
Halliburton Energy Services Cps Mfg. & Tech.3487.00
Halliburton Energy Services Inc. Security Dbs1180.00
Haltermann Plant 124649284,576.00
Haltom City Facility2343,898.00
Hamill Estate Compressor Station115163,281.20
Hamlin Gas Plant1492576,353.80
Hampshire Chemical Plant9271321,311.80
Handley Steam Elec. Sta.392587,089,431.71
Hanley Paint Mfg. Inc.22500.00
Hanna Nash Facility127139,615.20
Hanover Compression82477,569.60
Hanover Reinecke Site12165461,125.20
Hanover Smith Inc.1121,300.00
Hansford Site121513,030,860.00
Hanson Brick - Athnes Plant1829202,213.49
Hanson Brick - Mineral Wells Plant1842340,035.92
Hanson Pipe & Prods.113,150.00
Hanson Pipe & Prods. Inc.11150.00
Hanson, Plc1530195,721.99
Harbison-Fischer Mfg.122.00
Harcros Chemicals Inc.11126.00
Hardy Road Location1816129,553.60
Harlan Tank Farm236262,660.00
Harper Booster719241,265.99
Harrington Station8036688,018,871.41
Hart And Cooley91354,406.00
Harwood Inds. Inc.1220,530.00
Hastings Compressor Station1541103,527.00
Hawkins Gas Plant104246,373,593.14
Hawkins Station715180,552.19
Hayes & Stolz Indl. Mfg. Co. Inc.221,196.00
Hayes Keith #1 Production Facility113143,348.20
Hays Energy Project6581,552,397.98
Hazardous Waste Disposal119913245,909.40
Hdpe Unit-Victoria Plant968438,381.00
Headlee Dev Gas Plant121972,008,183.99
Hearne Station1624188,880.60
Hearne Steel Inc.22423.00
Heat Treatment Services7724428,331.40
Heatset Web Printing132124,101.60
Hebbronville Station1353190,600.00
Hebert Station16100241,690.40
Hempel Coatings (Usa) Inc.81629,865.00
Hemphill 1737129,287.60
Hemphill 3147318,062.20
Hemphill Compressor525310,660.00
Hemphill Gas Plant855500,991.80
Hemphill Number 216685,002.80
Henderson Mill1062712,810.61
Henderson Plnt 11853552,560.39
Hendrick Station9133163,580.20
Henkel Adhesives112,756.00
Hercules Inc. An Aqualon Div.248,162.00
Heritage Press146848,488.40
High Island 1401037214,316.00
High Island Terminal55344,839.80
High Pressure Gas Cylndr.10150106,084.60
Highland 116 "A" Platform1138238,062.40
Highlands Facility3716051,208.00
Hilcorp Wilson Compressor51296,318.00
Hill Lake Compressor Sta12139115,339.00
Hillje Terminal824274,970.60
Hinkle Comp Sta647591,428.00
Hobart Ranch Gas Plant11157616,851.80
Hobas Pipe Usa Inc711376,464.60
Hobbs Gaines Pump Station967420,612.01
Hobby Airport Jet Fuel3249,158.00
Hockley Facility38972,219.80
Hodges Booster Station723424,240.00
Holcim (Texas) Lp2035227,815,857.76
Holland Usa Wylie Facility1261.00
Holly Avenue Station3892415,447.62
Holly Power Plant40171741,248.53
Holt Ranch Booster724389,059.99
Holt Station1053839,480.02
Homa Booster Station734566,742.01
Hoover Co. El Paso Plant116,882.00
Hoover Gas Plant627144,151.80
Horsehead Resource Development Co. Inc.4542.00
Hot Mix Plant No. 151152,593.20
Houston Almeda Sims73868,310.00
Houston Asphalt Terminal5207,861.80
Houston Central Gas Plant131373,086,440.02
Houston Chemical Complex1110382,063,682.20
Houston Facility31151,747.80
Houston Olefins Plant47845902,838.21
Houston Plant93968,725.60
Houston Plant88190,170.00
Houston Plant95227,402.20
Houston Plant2413116,465,456.00
Houston Plant & Forklift15169110,550.80
Houston Plating Co.117347,238.00
Houston Plating Company137056,276.60
Houston Refinery29227610,367,003.75
Houston Retail Support Center111,516.00
Houston Site114635,569.00
Houston Terminal105843,390.60
Houston Terminal21400488,632.58
Houston Terminal14229295,020.56
Howard Booster Treater736723,480.99
Howard Compressor Station760170,129.80
Howmet Corp.3630.00
Hoyer Terminal Services51138,644.00
Huck Fasteners Inc.3420.00
Hudson Booster638860,900.00
Hudson Compressor Station730503,326.00
Hueco Compressor Station72352,448.60
Hughes Christensen Co.23657.10
Huish Detergents Texas12530.00
Hull L.P.G. Terminal65397,843.60
Hull Station12224,514.60
Hulldale Treater6117252,023.00
Humble Common Storage92981,758.40
Hunter Plant204224,671,601.26
Huntsman Corp.686,350.00
Huntsman Corp., Oxides And Olefins (O & O) Facilit55144.32
Huntsman Ethyleneamines528548,249.20
Huntsman Petrochemical Corp.483,655.00
Huntsman Petrochemical Corp., C4 Facility, Port Ne55144.32
Huntsman Petrochemical Corp., C4 Facility, Port Ne55144.32
Huntsman, L.L.C.4277387,058.00
Huntsville Comp Sta680.00
Hutchinson Co 17252,920.00
Hutchinson Co 29600.00
Hutson Inds. Inc.24654.96
Hw Pirkey Power Plt82143110,883,288.70
Hydril Elastomer & Indus9370.00
Hydro Aluminum121.36
I20 Compressor Station537343,098.80
Ibp Inc.3585,760.00
Igloo Prods. Corp.000.00
Igloo Prods. Corp.000.00
Imperial Compressor Stn.658569,080.01
Imperial Marble112,389.00
Imperial Sugar Company671667,448.00
Indian Rock Gas Plant1399304,338.40
Indian Rock Plant114680,900.80
Indian Springs Gas Trtmnt11128572,316.00
Industrial Chrome Plate1272.00
Industrial Metal Finishing182623,016.60
Industrial Wastewater Department501010488,638.20
Ingersoll Rand Company17132177,837.20
Ingleside Marine Terminal1016656,549.00
Ingleside Plant432501,313,491.06
Ingleside Transfer Facility88269,639.99
Inkjet Inc.241,000.00
Integracolor Group1115592,418.60
Integrated Circuit Mfg17319117,624.40
Intercoastal Trmnl Inc1478138,590.40
Intercontinental Terminal3416727,753,514.47
International Extrusion Corp. Texas331,549.00
International Paint, Inc.1210128,720.60
International Paper Co.11441,163,408.00
Iowa Park Plant8357106,563.00
Irion Co No 1 Sta828386,079.99
Irion Plant952678,862.00
Irving Counter Top Co., Inc.6654,040.00
Isomedix Ops. Inc.13140.00
J L Davis Pearsall Plant1161385,563.99
J.L. Bates Power Station38923,658,346.11
Jacks Creek Tank Battery1261293,449.60
Jacksboro Compressor Station766258,058.80
Jacksboro Station93999,255.00
Jackson Heirs #1 Production Facility115628,858.60
Jacob Stern And Sons Inc51027,983.60
Jamak Fabrication Inc.111,232.00
Jameson Gas Plant111963,014,690.40
Jarvis Press101239,521.60
Jasper Osb Mill181081,489,120.71
Jefferson Davis County Landfill28284,022.21
Jefferson St Truck Rack T11118147,071.60
Jeryco Industries, Inc.159938,285.80
Jet-Lube Inc.1112.00
Jim Wells County Landfill282823.54
Joaquin Compr Sta734286,202.80
John Jordan Survey "A-27"620196,566.39
Johnny Morris Road13173189,882.40
Johns Manville132173,185,871.19
Johnson & Johnson Medical Inc. Sherman342,543.00
Johnson Pump General126247,133.40
Jones Blair Co.61014,896.00
Jones Booster Station1699148,920.00
Jones Creek Terminal24624,098.60
Jones Station39994,328,544.77
Jonesville Plant73355,621.20
Jose Cherino Survey A-168515119,968.80
Josey Ranch 2, 4, 5 Production Facility104280,271.80
Jourdanton Facility113090,037.00
Joy Saltwater Central616344,600.00
Judkins Booster742299,440.00
Jumpking Icon-Texas000.00
Junction Comp Station430218,026.00
Juno Compressor Station1164473,472.80
Justin Industries1530951,909.38
Justin Industries1530390,351.33
K & K Tank Cleaning Systems, Inc1928122,351.80
K-T Galvanizing Co.22683.00
K-T Galvanizing Co.221,186.00
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical2241.00
Kamal Inc. (Dba Venetian Marble)128,270.00
Kaneka Texas Corporation14148454,696.60
Karon Plant1341234,030.60
Kaspar Wire Works Inc2711943,021.20
Kast Marble Inc.112,405.00
Kathleen Tharp 283227,580.00
Katt Booster737222,437.60
Katy Compressor Station931198,162.40
Katy Compressor Station723660.00
Katy Compressor Station630192,512.40
Katy Gas Plant122823,249,661.01
Katy Hub & Storage Plant10146234,588.60
Katy Station 221419,427.40
Katy Station 431733,895.00
Katy Station 521426,314.00
Katy Station 5531139459,619.80
Keasler Central Facility616166,690.00
Keller'S Creamery L.P.116,600.00
Kellerville Booster 41233340,002.79
Kelly Compressor Site821582,715.01
Kelly Springfield Plant29331212,983.39
Kelly-Moore Paint Co, Inc.73586,491.20
Kelsey Central Tank Battery311122,631.60
Kelsey Compressor Station111101,024,744.99
Kemin Inds. Inc. Port Of Houston1210.00
Kenedy Compressor Station1141302,261.80
Kermit Plant727309,460.00
Kerrville Landfill282816,544.60
Kessler Industries Inc69013,885.60
Kettle Cooked Foods7114758,459.98
Keystone Compressor Stn729479,407.61
Keystone Compressor Stn.71327,230,497.81
Keystone Plant152546,639,482.59
Keystone Station826228,603.40
Kik (Houston) Inc.338,334.62
Killeen Marble116,355.00
Kimberly-Clark San Antonio Ops.1210.00
Kinder Morgan Texas Pipeline Co119275,321.80
King Ranch Plant113418,649,769.20
King Sneed517387,779.60
Kingsmill Complex131791,059,894.21
Kiowa Creek Booster825377,300.00
Kirby Lumber Tank Battery63954,400.00
Knox Lee Power Plant411741,869,780.88
Koch Pipeline Co. L.P. Austin Terminal8159,680.00
Koch Pipeline Co. L.P. San Antonio Terminal9155,722.10
Koch Pipeline Co. L.P. Waco Terminal7135,574.00
Kohler Co.231,911.00
Koppers Inc.1210.00
Koral Industries39126,160.00
Kosse Plant6178243,970.80
Koster Vastar 1 & 293354,563.00
Kuraray America Inc7426347,430.40
Kwikset Corp.110.08
Kysor Panel Sys.000.00
L-3 Communications Integrated Sys. Ltd.110.04
L. & H. Compressor Station13781,632,684.81
L.A. Pan Gas Storage Fcl.1382156,525.20
L.B.C. Houston, L.P.27566254,907.40
L.F. Mfg. Inc.1235,426.00
La Gloria Gas Plant62226,981,640.00
La Gloria Oil & Gas Co65452,030.60
La Grange Booster Station280.00
La Palma Power Station38701,978,293.95
La Perla Station1172713,859.98
La Porte Complex4211353,216,876.29
La Porte Facility793330,238.00
La Porte Plant331444748,312.20
La Porte Plant41977414,404.61
La Porte Plant4530212,242,518.97
Lackland Air Force Base336211,272,065.59
Lafarge Road Marking (Dba Centerline Inds. Inc.)61010,782.00
Lagrange Plant679676,440.00
Laguna Park1873632,100.86
Lake Creek Plant1097582,789.20
Lake Creek Steam Electric Station3917212,385,420.97
Lake Creek T B 393119,371.60
Lake Creek Tank Batt 4106525,756.00
Lake Pasture Field1369537,010.80
Lake Pasture Lp Lease16170719,658.39
Lake Pauline Power Station550.00
Lake Ray Hubbard411342,583,348.29
Lamberti Usa Inc. Wharton Chemical Complex481,438.38
Lamesa Cotton Oil Mill780845,920.02
Laminate Facility9207636,374.20
Lamson & Sessions110.05
Lane Supply Inc.22133.00
Laporte Methanol Co. L.P.1241,000.00
Laredo Power Station401461,565,873.26
Laroche Inds. Inc. Waxahachie115,100.00
Lasco Bathware427282,588.80
Lateral E Compressor536327,086.40
Laurel Inds. Inc.242,524.00
Lbc Petrounited, Bayport Terminal Barge Dock Slip.81653,502.12
Lead Prods. Co. Inc.24160.00
Ledbetter Booster Station524452,840.00
Leemah Electronics Inc.110.40
Lefors Gas Plant131551,437,010.40
Lefors Red River Compressor Station1128572,932.60
Lefors Station88113,160.00
Leggett Partners Lp2406.80
Lehigh Portland Cement7703,007,118.02
Lehman Compressor Station12103305,457.60
Leon Creek Plant6180.00
Levelland Gasoline Plant732559,360.01
Levelland Plant6600.00
Lewis Creek Plant38827,103,704.29
Lf Manufacturing Inc751395,423.40
Liberty Truck Station3736,043.80
Lignite-Fired Power Plant779943,549,759.16
Linde Gas Llc8109710,231.20
Lippert Components Inc.2217.63
Lippert Components Inc.445.68
Litton Electron Devices510731,759.00
Live Oak Facility11600.00
Lively Compressor Stn1337501,044.41
Lnva - North Treatment3410263,813.20
Load Trail Inc.24103,264.00
Lon C Hill Power Station38172673,328.79
Lone Camp Plant987481,872.60
Lone Star Circuits110.10
Lone Star Circuits1210.00
Lone Star Heat Treating Co. Ltd.2210.00
Lone Star Power Plant373732,981.95
Lone Star Steel Company142112,181,662.60
Longhorn Glass81661,175,870.47
Longhorn Imports Inc63025,176.20
Longview #2 Compressor Station735104,620.00
Longview 2 Comp Station52011,480.00
Longview Division22498489,008.80
Longview Gas Plant1194494,878.21
Longview Gas Plant91812,576,892.80
Longview Station23489,846.00
Lonza Incorporated14305226,422.00
Lost Lake Fleeting Service, Loaded Barge Fleet Moo44167.22
Lost Pines 1 Power Plant18401,115,819.10
Love Field1513744,608.60
Loving Booster528612,540.01
Lower Colorado River Authority381762,235,973.36
Lubricants & Petroleum155444,204.00
Lucas Station12114197,470.80
Lufkin Foundry13217682,650.41
Lufkin Industries, Inc.51559,432.00
Lufkin Mill294256,979,702.95
Lufkin Resin Plant1066292,340.80
Lufkin Trailers1023101,736.00
Luling Gas Plant12822,520,031.15
Lyondell Chemical Bayport13777775,872.21
Lyondell Petrochemical Co., Heavy-Haul Dock Wharf.7714,317.19
M D Anderson Cancer Ctr716132,095.20
M-I L.L.C. Zavalla12500.00
M.E. O'Connor Facility946294,352.00
M.R.X. Facility--Brownwood Plant341145812,895.30
M.T.B.E. Production Facility885711,219.01
Mabry Acquisitions Co. Ltd. ( Dba Mabry Castings Ltd.)000.00
Macco Adhesives Glidden116867,458.40
Macco Stewart Facility62839,016.40
Macdermid Inc.12500.00
Magasco Compressor Stn147319,498.80
Magic Valley Generating Station17511,838,091.15
Magnablend Inc.33161.00
Magnet Withers Comp Sta1150798,167.60
Magnet Withers Station1052549,493.60
Magnet Withers Station63360,548.80
Mainland Custom Marble Inc.117,983.00
Manchester Terminal Corp., Ship Channel Wharf.1129.88
Manchester Terminal Corp., Sims Bayou Wharf1129.88
Mansfield Compressor Stn.1232289,185.81
Manvel Compressor Station143194,800.00
Manvel Field Central Compressor Stn.1243118,219.00
Manvel Pump Station418196,312.79
Marathon Ashland Pipe Ln13136214,963.60
Marble Manufacturing Faci66138,500.00
Marble Masters Of Texas Inc.114,230.00
Marble Prods. Inc.123,761.15
Marine Loading Docks936442,052.80
Marine Terminal Operation47862285,122.74
Market Street Plant337,145.00
Markham Compressor Station6106,001.60
Markham L P G51234,860.20
Marlow Industries96228,897.00
Marshall Minerals Inc.11250.00
Marshall Plant1818330,337.68
Marshall Plt15336104,835.20
Marshall Street Facility2220059,206.49
Martin Booster735405,859.99
Martin Gas Sales Inc. (Stanolind)112.58
Martin Lake Electrical Station78669268,954,798.16
Martin Marietta Materials12369542,683.80
Martin Marietta Materials Arcola Plant110.06
Martin Sprocket & Gear175232,559.00
Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc.23462.00
Maryneal Cement Plant163733,865,851.40
Massengale Station1628415,448.56
Massey Road Facility61448,943.60
Master-Halco Inc.127.30
Matagorda Gas Plant1068173,077.00
Matagorda Island95494,845.40
Matagorda Plant12116809,298.61
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.341,010.00
Maurbro Comprsr Stn 11266303,819.80
Maverick Arms Inc.110.89
Maxair Four Seasons Fort Worth Ops.11315.00
Maxwell House Division6584791,976.60
Mcalister Booster631378,409.81
Mcalister Compressor Stat645586,969.80
Mcallen Ranch Central Facility13103664,358.39
Mccarty Rd Landfill Flare1735259,862.00
Mccombs Municipal Landfil357,482.20
Mccommas Bluff Lfg Processing Facility723324,481.99
Mcconnell Station14600.00
Mcfarland Facility103379,697.60
Mckee Plants26216210,645,983.75
Mcleod Gas Plant128078,639.20
Mcmullen Compressor Station1597334,878.60
Mcp Industries, Inc157520,544.81
Mcqueeney Plant766410,120.00
Means Gas Conditioning Facility1020161,665.99
Medical Center29100533,366.69
Medina County / City Of Castroville Landfill2828292.30
Medina County / City Of Lacoste Landfill282887.69
Medina County / Devine Landfill2828366.36
Medina County / Yancey Landfill282865.51
Medina Electric Coop618245,813.20
Medina Landfill2828245.53
Melendy Operations Site9150129,377.36
Memc Pasadena Inc11140108,837.80
Memc Southwest Inc.3611,415.00
Mentor Texas Ops. L.P.112,325.00
Merchant Metals Inc.22409.00
Merisol-Greens Bayou Plt271317526,535.40
Mersiol Usa L.L.C.245,490.00
Merten Station815142,659.99
Mertzon Gas Plant121761,266,592.00
Mesa Mccamey Tank Farm9294381,086.00
Mesco Metal Buildings2410,820.00
Metal Parts Fabrication2823,840.00
Metal Prep., Inc.102287,944.20
Metal Product Fabricate207025,221.60
Metalplate Galvanizing L.P.115.00
Metalplate Galvanizing L.P.1110.00
Metl-Span I Ltd.000.00
Mfg & Sale Ind Gases1028147,641.00
Mi Vida Gas Plant71471,426,127.98
Micropac Inds. Inc.110.70
Midkiff Gas Plant143453,806,248.59
Midland Coating Plant1312257,582.40
Midland Gas Plt1065831,750.99
Midland Mesa Station13166403,308.60
Midland Mfg. Co. Inc.1227.00
Midland Station9127211,958.20
Midland Station133191,092,083.59
Midland Tank Farm9100179,919.20
Midlothian Energy Lp6963,796,658.40
Midlothian Plant109103015,127,694.28
Midway Lane Gas Plant12109945,081.59
Millenium Petrochemical17247648,679.63
Millennium Rail, Inc.33122195,872.20
Miller Brewing Company1084492,978.99
Miller Cut Off Rd Plant614253,174.60
Millers Bend Comp. Stn.1478398,302.20
Mineral Wells Clay Produc1091264,364.40
Minnie Bell Comp Station610152,756.00
Mirror Inds.1230.10
Mirror Mfg Facility81878,199.60
Mission Petroleum Carrier122610,204.00
Mission Plant69400.00
Mitchell Compressor15641,010,789.81
Mitchell Compressor Station521382,800.00
Mitchell Huckabay Gas Pla845882,052.02
Mitchell Plant16104706,640.02
Mobil Pipeline Company15312360,994.80
Modern Welding Co. Of Tx.82241,195.00
Monahans Compressor Station148695,770.20
Monco Compressor Station519363,381.80
Monierlifetile L.L.C.112.20
Monotech Of Texas33170.00
Mont Belvieu Facility52552,178.00
Mont Belvieu Fractionator113311,007,470.20
Mont Belvieu Plant112102,449,979.81
Mont Belvieu Plastics Plt11621874,335.00
Mont Belvieu Station637457,129.41
Mont Belvieu Storage Facility71433,002.96
Mont Belvieu Terminal1211648,180.80
Mont Belvieu Terminal1113643,225.80
Mont Belview Storage727237,672.01
Mont Belview Storage641225,889.40
Monterey Comp Station51634,080.00
Monticello Stm Ele Stn77672292,552,260.73
Moody Prntg. & Mail Mktg.237939,095.80
Moore County Plant373941,600.06
Moore'S Orchard Field62814,369.60
Morgan Bluff Field1441672,151.60
Morgan Creek Steam Electric Station392026,352,481.35
Morgans Point16216819,467.74
Morwet Detergent Plant8406366,662.00
Mosbacher Energy Co.739242,346.19
Moss Bluff Hub Partners13121227,734.20
Motheral Printing Company168145,389.00
Motiva Enterprises Dallas16242155,806.40
Motiva Enterprises L.L.C.Port Arthur Terminal61217,518.00
Motiva Enterprises Llc20288144,107.40
Motorola Inc.1132.00
Motorola Oak Hill Facility23485.00
Mount Pleasant Terminal19170120,945.00
Mountain Creek Station413102,625,426.27
Mpi Leggett & Platt000.00
Mrs Bairds Bakeries67048,595.40
Mrs. Baird'S Bakeries6172133,527.80
Ms Welder Prod Facility536312,372.00
Mt. Belvieu Compressor Station748201,524.20
Mueller Co. Gas Prods. Div.115.00
Muldoon Booster2100.00
Multipurpose Organ Synth1613635,757.60
Municipality Of Chambers County, Resource Recovery Center214131,611.55
Mustang Electric Station18582,321,799.81
Myrtle Springs Compressor Station1297136,676.20
N Riley Central Tank Batt1264435,310.01
N Ward Estes Co2 Plant534219,766.60
Naco, Inc.15106187,166.20
Nacogdoches O.S.B.18822,467,832.17
Nafta Region Olefins Complex141992,115,878.20
Nalco Energy Services Lp47107858,623.82
Nasa Ellington Field4110363,632.20
Nasa Lbj Space Center83703243,521.40
Nash Manufacturing Co.13330.00
National Electric Coil Co. L.P.115.00
National Casein Co.12500.00
National Oilwell22449.00
National Oilwell L P2312567,868.60
Natural Gas Odorizing, Inc.12133304,815.60
Naval Air Station4421398,553.20
Navasota Coating Plant11108170,084.00
Navasota Site168387,776.20
Navasota Treating Plant1154310,578.00
Nch Corp. Mohawk Labs. Div.11620.00
Nci Building Systems L P83850,074.80
Neches 1 Pumping Station6100114,976.00
Neches 2 Pumping Station68592,694.00
Nederland Marine Terminal16938736,350.80
Needville Compr Station13294,781.60
Neleh Gas Plant1059707,238.81
Nelson Booster634269,270.80
New Braunfels Facility12260.00
New Braunfels General Store145898,314.60
New Ngc Inc.110.50
New Waverly Waferboard21617,912.00
New York Storage Station13109408,041.80
Newgulf Power Facility17195,436.61
Newman Station441534,954,870.01
Newpark Shipbuilding39324126,932.40
Newpark Shipbuilding-Pasadena152138,505.15
Newpark Shipbuilding-West Pelican Island Inc.111.00
Nibco Inc. Nacogdoches Plant12292.00
Nichols Station391262,033,375.96
Nine Mile Pt. Cmpsr. Station1150171,983.40
Nissan Chemical Houston Corp.23989.00
Nitric Acid Mfg. Facility31358,000.00
Noble Construction Equipment Inc.1190.00
Nolanville Plant12728,782,582.40
Noltex Llc7215161,952.20
Noma Cable Tech.110.40
Nona Mills C & W114519,170.40
Nona Mills Tract 185116280,747.40
Nona Mills Truck Station3626,052.40
Norbord Texas Lp Jefferson Osb1159988,494.63
Norco Division2720586,065.00
Norit Americas Inc94214,099,687.05
Norris Booster103855,446.00
North American Galvanizing Co.1110.00
North American Galvanizing Co. Fairbanks1110.00
North Cross Comp Station4721769,500.00
North Cross Gmv Compresso1152368,920.00
North Cross Membrane Unit510124,240.00
North Houston Terminal189366,621.04
North Lake Steam Electric Station411992,812,229.66
North Main Stm Elec Sta.3941208,102.06
North Milton1232118,924.60
North Point Bolivar Field126047,892.20
North Sherman Gas Plant141411,288,891.80
North Star Steel Of Texas18982,450,503.28
North Texas Cement Co.2547916,504,723.11
North Texas Power Plant38564,928.32
North Tx. Steel Co. Inc.202427,953.20
North Ward Estes Tb2816,800.00
North Word Gas Plant930150,342.00
North Word Plant12107695,526.99
North Yard8227,712.00
Northwest Ozona Plant1173848,524.39
Norton Booster618284,340.00
Nova Molecular Techs. Inc.361,500.00
Novus Intl. Inc.57419.00
Nucor Building Sys. Tx.33152.00
Nucor Steel121145,223,642.76
Nucor Vulcraft3317,499.00
Nueces Bay Power Station38963,111,529.16
Nueces Compress Stat1562760,386.60
Nw Menota Gas Plant11124473,604.00
Oak Creek Power Station3838316,556.57
Oak Farms Dairy117,000.00
Oak Hill Compressor10280.00
Oasis Pipeline Comfort Co8413,260.00
Occidental Chemical--Dallas663188,453.20
Oceanic Systems Inc92488,160.00
Odell Terminal51216,420.00
Odessa Cement Plant73307,856,119.40
Odessa Petrochemical Plt3513524,857,955.73
Odessa Pump Station15117634,307.20
Odessa Terminal13217258,237.40
Ogre Inc. (Dba The Mur-Tex Co.)1221,921.00
Oil States Inds. Inc.2444,268.00
Oil Tanking Pasadena76691,823.80
Oklaunion Power Station7411026,031,808.16
Okmetic Inc.114.00
Old Ocean Facilities11159588,300.00
Olefins & Aromatics218702,576,676.13
Olton Pump Station1034682,892.00
Ondeo Nalco Energy Services Plant 114482,613.00
Ondeo Nalco Energy Services L.P.6118,446.80
Optek Technology, Inc.155778,099.60
Optoelectronics Division163950,523.20
Orange Plant16137255,361.19
Orange Plant7707588,573.41
Orange Truck Station31727,119.40
Orange Yard104342,289.40
Orangefield Station9318,056.00
Overwraps Packaging, L.P.1620579,560.00
Owens Corning13246343,299.39
Owens Corning965289,754.61
Owens Corning25262279,493.20
Oxy Vinyls Lp79393,336.00
Oxy Vinyls, L.P.333691,033,216.49
Oyster Bayou13154360,728.60
Oyster Lake Facility11115138,334.60
Ozona Compressor Station73565,400.00
Ozona Gas Plant111291,074,716.39
Ozona Gas Plant11921,749,517.60
P Chem Inc.243,030.00
P H Robinson Station382039,484,207.44
P.F.C. 107331,275,900.41
P.F.C. 11725363,147.19
P.F.C. 15 G. & M. Survey11451,179,778.00
P.F.C. 2272997,906.20
P3 Station1166273,659.99
Packaging Corp Of Amer956169,853.40
Pactiv Corporation7143131,183.60
Padgett Printing Corp.125735,981.00
Paint Creek Power Station4089197,316.86
Paint Mfg.2669453,593.47
Paint Mfg.39522158,849.40
Pampa Booster113671,446.40
Pampa Compressor Station6225,560.00
Pampa Plant22416103,000,924.22
Panam Expr Fab & Ctng1288326,900.00
Panola Co. Wte88179,812.00
Panoma Plant 11059509,648.02
Paper Company19389622,758.40
Par Products72132,885.40
Para-Chem Southern Inc.247,578.00
Paris Generating Station16741,764,524.98
Paris Plant2969107,840.60
Paris Plant19286121,159.80
Paris Plant7237390,484.80
Parkdale Steam Station391541,261,201.62
Parkens International16163,086.61
Parks Booster Station1147727,502.39
Pasadena Cogeneration12581,647,907.98
Pasadena Plant2711761,248,244.01
Pasadena Plant303935,616,507.23
Pasadena Plant16129701,002.60
Pasadena Plant256216,973,684.20
Pasadena Pulp Mill318822,803.00
Pasadena Pvc Plant112851,251,805.98
Pasadena Station12177160,099.20
Pasadena Terminal168932,181,012.22
Pasadena Terminal1014878,808.00
Pasadena Terminal16397387,406.47
Paul Carroll Welding Supply Inc.123,360.00
Pawnee Gas Plant111122,543,413.67
Paymaster Facility73271,030,866.00
Pd Glycol12183660,578.59
Pecos County 7 Compressor1245310,440.00
Pegasus Gas Plant101965,700,248.00
Pelican Island Inc8494,781.04
Pelican Island Stg Term86223,226.20
Penatek Inds. Inc.481,129.31
Penbrook Compressor Stn1230258,420.00
Performance Friction Prd93320,823.80
Performance Plastic Produ56036,006.00
Performance Printing Co., Inc.104460,043.20
Perkinelmer Automotive Re10704359,872.20
Permian Bsn Stm Elec Sta391247,080,981.49
Permian Fiberglass32686,405.20
Perrin Compressor Station1242335,021.80
Perry Comp Common Point1165164,922.80
Perryton - Barlow747354,433.00
Person Plant1010395,583.80
Peterbilt Motors Company41258414,053.00
Petra Chemical Co.11500.00
Petroleum Pipeline99971,061.60
Petroleum Refinery9308138,826.40
Petrolite Corporation26830339,259.40
Pfc 19723228,687.80
Pfc 2610221,888.40
Pfc 20 Panhandle Field741821,074.00
Pfc 211569619,930.00
Pfc 3727452,844.80
Pfc 6753231,554.40
Phelps Dodge Copper Prods. Co.124,600.00
Phelps Dodge Magnet Wire14704159,335.80
Phibro Energy Usa Inc., Dock No. 56 - 57.6616,506.92
Phibro-Tech Inc.12457.00
Philips Semiconductors241,010.00
Phillips Cogeneration Plant8362,210,859.97
Philtex & Ryton Plant247781,698,141.42
Phyto-Source L.P.241,015.00
Pierce Chemicals/Royal Bond Co.24305.00
Pikes Peak Plant12517,364,230.21
Pilgrim'S Pride Corp. Dallas Processing Plant113,849.00
Pilgrim'S Pride Corp. Lufkin Processing Plant117,400.00
Pilgrim'S Pride Corp. Mt. Pleasant Complex2214,386.00
Pilgrim'S Pride Corp. Waco Processing Plant114,000.00
Pilgrim'S Pride Nacogdoches Processing Plant114,520.00
Pilot Chemical Co.36765.00
Pinehurst Compressor Station934343,602.80
Pinehurst Tank Battery21037,592.80
Pioneer Frozen Foods Inc.111.00
Pipe Inspection Division41480,382.00
Pitts Central Facility513108,818.00
Pittsburg Plant1175642,501.80
Placedo Terminal136630,300.00
Plains Comp Station71181,742,405.19
Plains Cooperative Oil Mi66431,720,664.20
Plainview Compressor51514,880.00
Plainview Pool Manufactur4426,753.00
Plano Rod Mill821380,946.31
Plant #271965,251.00
Plant 148480103,442.60
Plant 5 On County Road 2291710649,329.00
Plant 5a48383226,311.60
Plant 62133027,765.60
Plant B921142727,969,224.99
Plant Number 2--Channelview31903568,338.80
Plant X371652,174,136.06
Plastic Bag Mfg.108950,813.20
Plastic Bags72659,120.80
Plastic Parts138918,044.60
Pledger Facility104148,800.80
Plum Creek6170.00
Plumbing Fixture41482,060.00
Plywood Cabinet Plant14177248,464.60
Point Barrow Facility126819,554.80
Point Comfort Plant186575,733,510.32
Pollok Lumber Mill538429,420.00
Poly-America L.P.1132,000.00
Polyethylene Plant83621,777,675.41
Polyethylene Plant138821,420,909.00
Polyguard Prods. Inc.241,500.00
Polymer Prods. Inc.000.00
Polyone Corp.115.00
Polyone Corp.1121.00
Polyone Corp.22255.00
Polypropylene Plant781856,316.00
Polystyrene Molding67532,639.60
Polytherm Plt879101,537.00
Ponderosa Compressor Station1171169,317.60
Ponderosa Pine Energy1725761,511.97
Port Arthur99181,750.80
Port Arthur16388295,915.60
Port Arthur Gas Plant774659,055.59
Port Arthur Plant1923732,419.60
Port Arthur Plant3712249,391,094.07
Port Arthur Plant1325011,411.40
Port Arthur Plant237632,223,917.01
Port Arthur Refinery2512668,899,241.34
Port Arthur Refinery33152123,888,814.91
Port Arthur Terminal17139292,924.99
Port Lavaca Compressor Station155467,880.00
Port Neches Field16107132,500.00
Port Neches Plant5917355,582,728.94
Port Neches Terminal98266,347.40
Port Of Corpus Christi, Oil Dock No. 11.44202.63
Port Of Corpus Christi, Oil Dock No. 7.442,009.74
Port Of Corpus Christi, Oil Dock No. 9.664,927.45
Portilla Gas Plant749412,734.00
Portland Cement2243010,433,920.53
Post Oak Booster Station638698,200.01
Powell Electrical Manuf C108065,200.80
Power Service Prods. Inc.34261.00
Powerflow Sys. Inc.2289.00
Powerlab Inc.116.28
Ppgaf Monarch Waller7712,675.00
Prairie Lea Compressor Station17641,800,739.96
Pratt & Whitney Engine Services Inc. Airfoils & Coatings2452.20
Pratt & Whitney Engine Services Inc. Digt2468.40
Precise Hard Chrome12255.00
Premcor Refining Group Inc. Port Arthur Refy.172696,174.08
Press Corps Inc2212,362.00
Pride Refining Inc.8169,093.00
Promotional Printing177917,574.20
Prospect Compressor Stn.1234342,304.60
Providence Memorial Hospi62425,920.00
Puckett Compressor1416301,003.61
Puckett Compressor Station131142,721,185.57
Puckett Compressor Stn610949,155.63
Pueblo Plant12134639,517.60
Pulp & Paper Mill57202312,346,413.13
Pure Castings Co.2285.00
Putnam Treater11370.00
Pvi Industries Incorporat1211049,552.00
Quality Cabinets3669,600.00
Quality Doors109892,337.00
Quality Electric Steel Casting, Inc.15195455,828.20
Quality Product Finishing128374,407.40
Quality Sausage Co.111,072.00
Quarry Compressor Station13472,720.00
Quarry Plant2440.00
Quebecor Printing Dallas12177527,491.00
Quest Chemical Corp.5714,139.00
Quest Separation Techs. Inc.8141,136.00
Quietflex Mfg Co Lp51529,447.60
Quik -To - Fix Foods1122,500.00
Quintana Station82036,921.00
Quitman Pipeline Sta512217,408.00
R & D Marble Inc.117,718.00
R.W. Miller Plant441451,671,685.43
Ra Wolters Lease41825,339.80
Rachal Station629556,835.19
Racol Booster733766,116.00
Railcar Services Group2260107,360.00
Ramsey Gas Processing Plant620188,724.60
Randolph Air Force Base31364186,549.00
Ranger Gas Processing Pla1198367,707.80
Ratliff Booster738202,670.00
Ray Olinger Plant441411,679,001.16
Raytheon Company1513834,757.00
Raytheon Company1112716,960.20
Raytheon Ti Systems Inc41737,019.40
Raywood East Facility1210662,892.20
Raywood West73022,220.00
Read Booster632547,839.98
Reagan County No 2 Stn71792,260.00
Real County / Leakey Landfill2828128.19
Recycling Disposal Facility1446302,455.59
Red Ewald324114,700.00
Red River Army Depot22795993,092.41
Red River No 2 Lamesa112439,157.00
Red River Sc No. 1 (Wheeler)114749,048.20
Reddy Ice #311 Dallas111,000.00
Reed Compressor Station730269,256.20
Reed Hycalog Lp6125162,547.80
Reef Chemical Co. Inc.1244.30
Reef Chemical Co. Inc.486,254.00
Reef Industries Inc32023,417.40
Refined Products Terminal15129109,489.80
Refugio Cmprssr Station81041,579,399.40
Refugio Station820583,168.40
Regency Conversions22429,220.00
Reichhold Chemicals Inc1418258,455.00
Reilly Inds. Inc.61012,920.00
Reinecke Compressor Station1164263,043.80
Reliant Energy Limestone8655794,674,894.80
Republic Inds. Inc.36128,947.00
Republic Industries Inc12164474,913.20
Rescar Inc163576,200.00
Rescar, Incorporated176958,200.00
Rexam Beverage Can Company16249625,792.40
Rexcel Coatings Corp.363,397.00
Reynolds Parks Compressor626125,429.80
Rgv-Thompsonville Station618733,170.60
Rhino Pak L.P.12500.00
Rhodes Inc137842,135.20
Rice Eng. Corp.000.00
Rice University839165,939.00
Riddleville Plant51721,280.00
Riley Booster739838,540.01
Rio Grande Station1169209,953.00
Rio Nogales Power Plant621479,100.01
Rio Pecos Power Station3880631,867.44
Rita Compressor Station1125317,773.80
River Crest Stm Elec Sta39553,235.08
Riverview Plant17301,743,135.86
Riviana Foods Inc8207195,774.40
Rki Inc84723,336.00
Robbins & Myers Energy1510539,026.80
Roberts Ranch Comp. Stn.1024383,619.40
Roberts Ranch Gas Plant61465,243,533.24
Robstown Utility Systems1366823,646.81
Roche Vitamins, Inc.119986,540.00
Rock Creek Plant71299,921,520.02
Rock Pam Booster1141432,912.00
Rock Tenn Company1668460,942.60
Rockne Landfill2828297.54
Rockwell Collins Inc.110.00
Roger W. Powell Plant1446735,494.60
Rohm & Haas Texas Inc.1730235,982.60
Rohm And Haas Company17131105,065.20
Rojo Compressor Station1020141,792.00
Rol. C. Dansby Power Plt.4188775,884.48
Rosani Foods560467,011.99
Rosenberg Compressor Sta426147,160.00
Rosenberg Plant685149,078.00
Rotadyne Roll Group12377.00
Round Rock-Abbott Labs.115.24
Round Top Booster533305,360.00
Royal Baths Mfg. Co.119,196.00
Russell Compressor Stn.123024,442.00
Russell Stanley Sw Inc19169141,108.40
S P L Co Liberty Sta828126,985.80
S-60 And S-61 Compressor113665,440.60
S. B. Foot Tanning Co.1118,447.00
S. Fullerton Booster Station6341,106,560.02
S.R. Bertron Station392151,638,157.55
S.W. Overhaul Facility114093,145.80
Sabine Co Pct 2 / Green Acre Landfill28283,372.74
Sabine Co Pct 3 / Gravel Hill282819.55
Sabine Compressor Station51616,556.00
Sabine County / Sabine Town282828.18
Sabine County Landfill282818.10
Sabine Plant3821915,835,509.99
Sabine River Works68324215,302,406.87
Sabine Station95613,434.60
Sable San Andres Unit12100400,499.80
Sabre Tubular Structures194919,304.00
Sachem Inc.362,050.00
Sacroc Co2 Treatment63876,789.60
Safety Kleen Systems Inc1420619,475.20
Safety Railway Service21245,806.40
Safety-Kleen Sys. (604903)118.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (616901)112.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (619401)129.00
Saint Gobain Containers12891,337,668.98
Saint-Gobain Abrasives31438,961.10
Saint-Gobain Abrasives Inc.113,251.00
Saint-Gobain Norpro844209,886.80
Sale Ranch Gas Plant151111,303,963.00
Sallie Odom Station1034298,336.20
Salt Creek Field Gas Plant121352,492,074.19
Salt Creek Field Wis. No. 8626609,982.19
Samsung Austin Semiconductor225,470.00
San Angelo Power Station39611,057,159.75
San Antonio Bakery84468,600.00
San Antonio Facility2115556,837.80
San Antonio Market Terminal13168117,054.00
San Antonio Retail Support Center112,309.00
San Antonio Terminal1510761,261.89
San Antonio Terminal East1171115,216.20
San Bernard Terminal95617,169.00
San Jacinto Steam Ele Sta17421,235,326.98
San Martin Gas Plant630390,762.99
Sand Hills Plant142101,978,237.20
Sanderson Farms Inc.1122,000.00
Sandow Steam Electric7615873,181,922.65
Sandy Booster1143403,499.99
Sandy Lake Field12660.00
Sanford Booster6441,147,379.98
Sanford Compressor Station7290.00
Santa Fe Terminal13305,209.00
Santa Rosa Gas Plant720191,044.00
Sara Lee Fresh Inc77551,220.60
Sartomer Co. Inc.36551.00
Sas Shoemakers, Inc.89935,989.00
Scan-Pac Mfg Inc51458,756.60
Schafer Facility1285768,367.40
Schenectady International10568567,357.40
Schlumberger Reservoir Completions11115.00
Schlumberger Tech. Corp.1140.00
Schlumberger Tech. Corp.2214.00
Schumacher Co. Inc.34147.42
Scott Mfg. Inc.115.00
Sea Lion Tech. Inc.11250.00
Sea Lion Technology Inc1524353,847.20
Seabreeze Land Co. P.R. Facility1210418,360.60
Seabreeze Truck Station3837,134.20
Seadrift Coke L.P.13139993,783.00
Seadrift Plant83440213,308,052.89
Sealed Air Corporation62042,365.20
Sealy Station86670,191.60
Security Dbs113,740.00
Security Recycling & Disposal840169,980.00
Seegott Inc. Cron241,426.00
Seeligson Gas Plant57111,400.00
Sem Pipe75029,472.00
Semiconductor Mfg2814061,007.80
Semiconductor Mfg Fac1522657,768.00
Semiconductor Mfg.17274194,398.00
Seminole C.O. 2 Rcvy. Pt.71314,371,140.02
Seminole Creek Ltd93346,505.60
Seminole Station1143105,948.00
Seminole Station152648,154.00
Septon Co. Of America361,582.00
Serbin Booster620530,860.00
Set Environmental Inc.1210.00
Shackelford Plant1357902,942.02
Shackelford Plant14731,386,690.59
Shafer Unit72211,434.60
Sharonlee Gas Treating Fa628106,080.00
Shaw Fabricators Inc.2262.00
Shell Chemical Co. Deer Park2237536,380.07
Sherhan Plant133768,090,204.01
Sherman Wire Co. (West Plant)111.00
Sherman Wire Co. East Pl Ant122.00
Sherwin Plant74442,232,033.80
Sherwin-Williams Co.365,086.00
Shintech Incorporated9488789,835.99
Shippers Car Line Div176238,425.00
Shoe Mfg612591,867.40
Shore Acres Compressor104010,932.80
Shoup Gas Plant111191,577,122.18
Sid Richardson Carbon Co.57139,131.20
Silas Ray Power Plant173945,677.56
Silsbee Compressor Station1391319,461.20
Silsbee Osb Mill11189825,223.20
Silsbee Particle Board778187,540.00
Silsbee Plant323165,406.00
Sitech L.L.C.1195.00
Sitz Compressor Station1272490,891.99
Skeeter Products Inc466286,980.40
Skyline Mfg Facility28221162,354.00
Skyline Recycling And Dis2541507,791.99
Slag Plant2120.00
Slaughter Gasoline Plant112183,439,902.02
Slaughter Pump Station1034612,572.01
Smith International Inc231504935,544.20
Smithers-Oasis Texas11810.00
Sneed Booster78815,085,972.18
Sneed Plant871398,768.20
Snider Industries Incorpo525445,207.60
Snyder Brick And Tile1515215,035.64
Snyder Gas Plant112593,607,931.81
Solectron Texas L.P.110.20
Solid Waste Disposal3974585,561.17
Solutia Chocolate Bayou P3113822,192,335.21
Solvents Plant113872,875.80
Somerville Booster523346,299.99
Sommers Deely Spruce Pwr8445982,513,838.50
Sonora Compressor Sta664446,501.00
Sonora Compressor Station6262,104,540.00
Sonora Gas Plant91282,079,531.99
Sonora Gas Plant680613,551.40
Sonora Gas Plant No 21161975,130.99
Sony Semiconductor San Antonio365,439.00
Sour Lake919197,572.80
Sour Lake Olefins5154,948.00
Sour Lake Station84057,189.00
Sour Lake Truck Station514149,718.80
South Blalock Booster746347,940.00
South Coast Terminals Lp2130057,504.00
South Decatur Compressor Station7122660,664.39
South Hampton Refining Co.12262244,082.00
South Kermit Plant542108,460.00
South Mayes Station115920,733.60
South Pyote Gas Plant581231,520.00
South Texas Chlorine Inc.12454.00
South Texas Electric Coop952255,719.19
South Texas Project667117,541.20
Southeast Landfill121430,482.00
Southeast Wood2210.00
Southern Clay Products588151,732.20
Southern Cotton Oil2276920.00
Southern Manufacturing Co36235,200.00
Southlake Terminal14104213,464.20
Southline Metal Products21174377,818.20
Southwest Freeway122338,895.80
Southwest Galvanizing Inc.22235.00
Southwest Galvanizing Inc.221,783.00
Southwest Ice Cream Specialties1123,500.00
Southwest Ozona Gas Plant61181,066,493.78
Southwest Research Instit7441,029,250.01
Southwest Shipyard, Yard B, Sandblasting Wharf.11299.04
Southwest Solvents & Chemicals1517026,655.20
Southwest Steel Casting C934200,958.30
Southwestern Fndy. Ltd.115.00
Southwestern Plating Co. Inc.1117.00
Spearman Plant111042,123,165.03
Specialty Coatings Corp.362,525.00
Specialty Container Corp.108163,030.00
Spencer Station Generating41152132,676.39
Spine Fin Machine1262130,452.00
Spraberry Gas Plant72522,112,953.80
Spraberry Plant151931,989,497.99
Spraberry Station12120.00
Spraylat Texas L.P.1211,888.00
Springtown Gas Plant112652,150,334.42
Sprint Press, Inc.216732,169.00
Spx Dock Prods.2414,005.00
Srw Cogeneration Limitedq1746984,414.83
Staley Steel Inc.110.00
Stan Trans Incorporated24440137,452.60
Standard Gypsum Mcqueeney Wall Board121.00
Standard Motor Products31544,372.80
Stanley Mechanics Tools2452.00
Star Lake Terminal2815,394.00
Starrfoam Manufacturing21020,080.00
Stateline Compressor Sta436556,720.00
Station 10730337,440.01
Station 111 P P 1615230.00
Station 1491376338,038.20
Station 149729302,820.00
Station 20 Refugio2100.00
Station 30211751,482,404.78
Station 304119629,738.60
Station 34312991,272,852.81
Station 34411287,687.00
Station 3881110886,428.20
Station 4015118338,325.80
Station 5811387185,932.20
Station 80452741,070.20
Station 80664562,022.80
Station 809647298,624.79
Stavinoha Compressor Station53086,997.80
Steel Acrylic Bathware710445,761.80
Steel Production20216443,439.00
Stemco Mfg Co1484178,010.00
Sterling Gas Plant977752,694.60
Stewart & Stevenson Tactical Vehicles L.P.35760.00
Stiles Booster62898,799.80
Stiles Compressor Station614199,960.00
Stillman Compressor Stn1183445,748.40
Stinnett Booster 101148213,708.40
Stinnett Booster 121152337,699.80
Stinnett Booster 131129193,527.20
Stinnett Booster 21180335,457.20
Stinnett Booster 4644255,166.80
Stinnett Booster 5743278,327.60
Stinnett Booster 6730128,943.40
Stinnett Booster 7122865,090.60
Stinnett Booster 8636337,776.20
Stinnett Station 1701392598,259.20
Stork Booster11290.00
Stranger Station1174521,810.00
Stratton Compress Station740161,203.20
Stratton Ridge Facility78466,584.00
Stratton Ridge Station72934,966.00
Stratton Ridge Storage Facility104353,958.80
Streetman Plant103669,898,002.40
Stryker Creek Electric Station461451,975,784.19
Styrene Modernization Pr19277950,885.80
Styrochem U.S., Ltd.8124233,219.40
Subsea Ventures Inc.2313,007.00
Sugar Land Bulk Oil Co21827,566.00
Sugar Land Plant10203352,379.01
Sugarland Compressor Station622160,515.40
Sun Chemical - Gpi12129.00
Sunbelt Asphalt And Materials, Inc.3241298,761.41
Sunbelt Chemicals11412.00
Sunoco Inc. (R&M)354,476.00
Sunoco Inc. R&M La Porte Plant1244,908.00
Sunray Compressor Station151562,899,128.75
Sunray Compressor Station735853,150.40
Sunray Gas Plant996840,480.01
Sunray Plant152391,413,799.99
Superior Fiberglass Inc.2218,464.00
Suzorite Mineral Products52811,710.60
Sw Dumas Booster7451,150,239.99
Sweeny Complex225505,974,199.15
Sweeny Compressor Station614120,901.20
Sweeny Refinery Petrochem38175212,944,346.73
Sweetwater Compressor Sta510106,540.00
Sweetwater Generating Plant1868852,296.24
Sweetwater Gypsum Plant8113289,796.00
Swift & Co. Wet Blue Tannery2227,037.00
Swimming Pools And Spas4472,346.00
Sykes Compressor Station82211,588.00
Syntech Chemicals Inc.117,539.00
T.C. Ferguson Power Plant38741,527,834.96
T.H. Wharton Station38120837,288.72
T.N. Gas Ppln. Station 32132474,055,357.81
Taft Compressor Station1372123,364.00
Tamko Roofing Prods. Inc.222.50
Tamko Roofing Prods. Inc.123,420.00
Tamko Roofing Products8110414,239.81
Tarrant Dallas Printing219327,727.00
Tarrant Interiors Inc1410336,171.80
Tarzan Booster Station651228,240.20
Tarzan Compressor Station117018,202.00
Teague Townsite Plant1160443,599.99
Teccor Electronics2214,560.00
Technical Chemical Co.6123,872.00
Teknor Color Co.111.00
Tellabs Ops. Inc.126.00
Tem-Tex Solvents Corp.12500.00
Temple Diboll Lumber Ops.2339,497.80
Temple Inland Forest Prd.8712,681,144.06
Temple Plant252063629,737.20
Temple South Plant10171281,843.80
Tenaska Frontier19672,377,531.12
Tenaska Gateway Generating Station 20603,741,582.71
Tenn Gas Pipeline St 17637311,211.00
Tenn. Gas Pipeline Sta.1152231,726,188.60
Tennessee Gas Pipeline 9676413,228.00
Teppco Crude Olney Station818245,218.00
Terminal Bulk18170158,663.40
Terrell Compressor17541,555,220.99
Terrell Gas Plant11863,957,333.99
Tessenderlo Kerley Inc.121,215.00
Tessman Road Landfill2032395,680.00
Tetra Pak, Inc.127064,040.20
Tex Booster Station13842,149,733.98
Tex Trude Lp22438,275.00
Texaco Chemical Company16161,526,283.41
Texaloy Fndy. Co. Inc.2227.00
Texarkana Facility211921,227,695.01
Texarkana Mill5668610,968,643.45
Texas A. & M. University101131,390,838.41
Texas Aircraft Milling Inc.118,840.00
Texas Barge & Boat, Inc.3025179,579.40
Texas Circuitry Inc.121.20
Texas City13393,205,500.04
Texas City13311621,800.40
Texas City640903,459.98
Texas City Plant4710622,366,805.59
Texas City Refinery2173310,205,891.40
Texas City Refinery3820608,509,222.24
Texas City Refinery37182736,646,125.63
Texas City Terminal Railway Co. Dock No. 59.55995.12
Texas City Terminal Railway Co., Dock No. 14.664,200.89
Texas City Terminal Railway Co., Dock No. 15.554,148.17
Texas City Terminal Railway Co., Dock No. 16.5510,748.20
Texas City Terminal Railway Co., Dock No. 18.558,058.84
Texas Clay18117966,226.45
Texas Dept Of Mental Health/Kerrville State Hosp282841.39
Texas Dept Of Mental Health/San Angelo State Schl282841.39
Texas Electric Co-Op. Inc.122,344.00
Texas Fibers000.00
Texas Finishing Company2221959,373.80
Texas Galvanizing Inc.2479.00
Texas Hobby Auto Auction127419,538.00
Texas Hydraulics Inc.11250.00
Texas Industries1515174,630.86
Texas Instruments19228,942.46
Texas Instruments Staffor2932195,182.80
Texas Lehigh Cement Co.913315,660,450.91
Texas Lime Company61182,758,323.33
Texas Manufactured Marble Inc.1112,331.00
Texas Medical Center1067179,882.80
Texas Nameplate Co., Inc.2513122,571.60
Texas Operations68591217,815,212.06
Texas Pan Service Inc755129,718.80
Texas Recreation Corp71392,200,918.00
Texas Tech Cogeneration55611,771.60
Texas Tst Inc.333.00
Texmark Chemicals, Inc.12186106,690.80
Texwood Industries, L.P.18373279,758.00
Tgp. Sta. 25111575,760.00
The Boeing Company1410818,408.00
The Dallas Morning News1511014,760.20
The Earthgrains Companies78629,851.00
The Earthgrains Companies63040,923.40
The Folger Coffee Company16122184,466.00
The Houston Chronicle133226,066.00
The Sherwin Williams Company20112102,113.60
Therma Foam, Incorporated6831,769.20
Thermal Energy Coop113110,054.40
Thermal Energy Plant51593,482.20
Thermo-Elastomer Plant9143169,471.00
Thmpsns Lockwood & Sharp2787,196.20
Thomas & Betts Corp.1145.00
Thomas Steel Drums Incorp122737,985.40
Thomaston Comp. Stn.7511,124,705.60
Thompson Gas Plant121602,452,700.41
Thompsons Jhp Davis 52325,176.40
Thompsons M Gbls Bt 121814,339.20
Thompsonville Extraction643561,288.60
Three "D" Oil Co.661,255.00
Three Rivers Plant9113717,966.81
Three Rivers Plant114539,204.00
Three Rivers Refinery2810074,023,585.92
Tige Boats Inc51332,263.80
Tilden Gas Plant11804,847,673.10
Tile And Oil Field Products138364,165.20
Timco Facility175021,529.40
Tippett Compressor Station 1 Incinerator733278,400.00
Tippett Plant121022,155,752.82
Tippett Plant Compressor Station No. 26220.00
Titan Specialties Ltd.115.00
Tkm Plastics Lp.115.00
Tm Chemicals Llc3710921,442.80
Tm Deer Park Services L.L.C.816163.00
Tnp One Steam Electric St10036517,620,014.13
Tolk Station8024179,518,461.24
Tom O'Conner Compressor Station1441294,809.60
Tomball Compressor Station634489,664.80
Tony Lama159275,804.20
Tordilla Compression Stat630209,623.80
Townesquare Furniture1244143,339.80
Tradinghouse Stm Elec Sta106111,911,914.88
Transcontinental Gas Pipe151241,204,327.99
Transpetco I2340.00
Transpro Inc.116.00
Traulsen & Co.000.00
Trawick Ctrl Treating Stn11116465,392.60
Trawick East Station725274,446.40
Trawick West Station1132310,243.21
Tri Cities Sta13142473,449.20
Trico Prods. Corp.246,741.00
Trigeant Ltd19105852,243.28
Trinidad Gas Plt1173943,207.81
Trinidad Steam Elec Stn3947606,897.62
Trinity Inds. Head Div. #5633750.00
Trinity Inds. Inc. Plant 19411592.00
Trinity Inds. Inc. Plant 200361,550.27
Trinity Inds. Inc. Plant 2233260.00
Trinity Industries1369226,553.00
Trinity Industries Inc92220,474.40
Trinity Industries Inc21390.00
Trinity Industries, Inc.18955,128.80
Triquint Semiconductor Texas L.P.223,732.00
Triquint Semiconductor Texas L.P.334,998.00
Trnscntnntl Gas Pipeline157184,108.40
Trunkline Gas Co1171128,731.60
Tube Forming Inc3897,160.00
Tuboscope A Div. Of Varco Plant 3668,916.00
Tuboscope West Little York Coating Plant1914372,701.20
Tuboscope, Inc.17188193,639.20
Tufco-Fallon Del. Sta.1038114,888.20
Tunis "A" Compressor Station414172,006.80
Turkey Creek1332183,184.40
Twin Grove Booster726393,220.00
Twin Oaks Power L.P.7134,476.77
Tx Petrochemicals Lp234145,531,967.80
Tyco Fire Prods.12255.00
Tyco Valves & Controls Harlingen22185.00
Tyco Valves & Controls L. P. Stafford4727.00
Tyco Valves & Controls L.P.361,500.00
Tyler County / Woodville Slf28281,677.05
Tyler Pipe Co4917505,975,794.03
Tyler Refrigeration115.00
Tyler Terminal610773,954.40
Tyson Foods Inc.11204.00
Tyson Prepared Foods Inc. Nrh1123,700.00
U.C.A.R. Anahuac Compressor4829,007.00
U.S. Army Camp Bullis Training Site11174.50
U.S. Department Of Energy1710558,984.00
U.S. Doe Pantex Plant1116.00
U.S. Galvanizing L.P.24109.00
U.S. Gypsum Co.110.07
U.S. Gypsum--Sweetwater7174430,867.40
U.S. Navy Kingsville Naval Air Station Kingsville1116.00
U.S. Navy Naval Air Station Corpus Cristi222.10
Umbrella Point--Trinity Bay14208147,208.60
Union Carbide Corp. Garland Latex Plant5109,521.00
United Elchem Ind. Inc.115,900.00
United Galvanizing Inc.225,498.00
United Salt Corporation84129,968.00
United States Aluminum Corp.486,118.00
United Structures Of Am520117,004.00
Univ Of Texas At San Ant515106,209.40
Univar Usa2430.00
Univar Usa12242,877.00
Univar Usa24507.00
Univar Usa24204.00
Univar Usa9182,588.00
Univar Usa7141,668.00
Univar Usa3691.00
Universal Compression104033,098.00
University Block 31 Tank644245,508.60
University Of Houston67561,324.00
University Of Texas Medic121322,950.33
Upham Chico Gas Plant640242,086.00
Urban Compressor Station818426,400.80
Urschel Booster638977,619.97
Uvalde County / Utopia282858.64
V.H. Braunig Plant451962,285,964.10
Valero Almeda Refined Prods. Terminal6124,158.00
Valero Amarillo Refined Prods. Terminal6124,338.00
Valero Edinburg Refined Prods. Terminal6124,000.00
Valero Harlingen Refined Prods. Terminal6126,500.00
Valero Laredo Refined Prods. Terminal5103,500.00
Valero Refining Company3510718,785,236.01
Valley Co-Op Oil Mill7147753,520.01
Valley Steam Elec. Sta.411795,112,990.14
Valspar Coatings126848,985.60
Van Der Horst Usa Corp.115.00
Van Gasoline Plant 1914152341,325.80
Van Tank Farm645440,426.40
Vanderburg Compressor1129338,057.00
Vantran Electric Corp.11848.00
Varco Quality Tubing Tuboscope Div.1115,818.00
Varco Shaffer Facility117050,693.00
Vastar Fee 3103022,804.60
Vastar Resources, Inc.14102180,380.40
Vealmoor Compressor Stn1192652,228.60
Venetian Marble Of Lubbock Inc.119,771.00
Vent Booster7772,660,480.01
Vernon Plant732194,064.80
Vernon Power Plant660.00
Vertis Incorporated823176,582.00
Vertis, Inc.61879,860.00
Veterans Administration Medical Ctr.62455,916.80
Vibores Compressor Station1097885,981.00
Victoria Compressor Stn1355470,772.80
Victoria Power Plant3889509,511.54
Vidor Compressor Station781245,572.00
Vidor Compressor Station19553935,054.40
Vidor Production Facility1042147,473.20
Vidor Transmission Sta1314138,966.00
Village Creek Wastewater26133542,823.99
Vinyl Acetate Facility 57479929,954,010.41
Virginia Kmp Corp.12500.00
Viron International Corp.3358,080.00
Vistawall Architectural31302390,326.80
Vought Jefferson St Facil431407247,513.20
Voyager Basecoat Robot12520.00
Vp Racing Fuels Inc.444,950.00
Vulcraft Company765759,200.40
Vychopen Compressor Station844437,812.39
W & W Fiberglass Tank Co.118,945.00
W A Parish Station82671178,173,095.39
W R Cowley Sugar House7424,712,354.05
W Ranch Comp Sta Vanderb132984,193,051.81
W Silver Incorporated835112,955.00
W. W. Henry Co.112,837.00
W.B. Tuttle Plant38161206,027.30
W.F. Cogeneration Plant722334,387.79
W.T. 2 Station16642,302,914.36
W.T.U.-Ft. Phantom Power Station39832,603,169.06
Waco Booster733341,883.80
Waddell Compressor Station122057,261,588.56
Waha Compressor Station52427,620.00
Waha Gas Plant111895,133,290.70
Waha Plant121568,553,239.35
Waka Booster727528,600.01
Walhalla Booster Station638796,640.00
Walker Wood Preserving Inc.2210.00
Wallace Compressor Sta442560,095.01
Waller Compressor Station3173,148.20
Walton Gas Plant1377223,604.20
Walton Plant7210.00
Warda Booster Station518342,740.00
Warminster Fiberglass Co.128,827.64
Warwink Compressor Stn.626567,440.01
Waskom Comp Stat52731,096.20
Waskom Gas Plant111561,003,870.20
Waskom Terminal1517339,127.20
Wasson "Co2" Well Injection728829,060.00
Wasson Pumping Station31142151,078.40
Waste Control Specialists L.L.C.710286.54
Water Sta 45120.00
Waxahachie Plant173444,597,219.99
Weatherford Aerospace117557,266.80
Weatherford Artificial Lift Sys.3315.00
Weatherford Artificial Lift Sys.2328,651.00
Webster Station87279,533.80
Webster Station3850242,056.55
Webster Waterflood Stn6421,258.40
Weimer Plant1113551,454.00
Weir Booster760719,997.00
Welch Co2 Plant1149786,101.99
Wellman "Co2" Recovery Plant651432,802.00
Welsh Power Plant74294183,964,377.73
West Beaumont Gas Plant659548,020.00
West Clear Lake Peaking12226185,543.40
West Decatur Plant626234,871.80
West Port Arthur Tank Far93527,553.40
West Refinery242112,720,132.90
West Refinery3821049,012,366.61
West Storage4829,910.80
West Stratton Compressor62056,606.20
West U Marble111,935.00
Western Lithotech24755.00
Western Pyote Compressor Station141041,659,120.00
Western Refining Co. El Paso Refy.142221,565.90
Western Towing Co., Cleaning Plant Wharf.55362.52
Western Towing Co., Loaded Barge Fleet Moorings.55453.12
Western Towing Co., Oversize Empty Barge Fleet Moo55453.12
Western Towing Co., Regulated Empty Barge Fleet An55453.12
Westhollow Tech Center2371201,577.60
Westside Landfill Recyl2128467,420.40
Westway Feed Prods.11200.00
Westway Feed Prods. Inc.11250.00
Wetmore & Company138665,468.40
Wharton Gas Plant838808,599.79
Whelan N Comp Station1034292,861.80
Whelan South Comp Sta1157421,679.60
Whip Industries Inc71410,861.20
Whirlwind Bldg Systems4777,920.00
Whispering Pines Landfill101998,286.00
Whitmore Mfg. Co.231,005.00
Wichita Falls Basin Station11222377,050.00
Wichita Falls Comp Sta614149,738.40
Wichita Falls Plant244452,015,140.41
Wichita Falls Terminal22165122,884.73
Wiginton Booster Station628434,559.99
Wil Ron Manufacturing Corporation1179248,227.40
Wilcox Gas Plant161502,084,185.22
Wilkes Power Plt411353,833,888.20
Willard "Co2" Separation Plant1182509,472.00
Williams Terminal Holdings, L.P.8144279,698.20
Willow Springs Plant1161623,054.40
Willow Springs Plant1167246,294.80
Wills Point Compressr Stn73186,208.40
Wilshire Plant11110939,580.60
Wilson Storage Station630886,727.99
Wilsonart Intl. Adhesive Div.61222,263.00
Wilsonart Intl. Gibraltar125,946.00
Winchester Compressor1571276,220.00
Window Frame Mfg.14126187,672.20
Wink Station881144,825.60
Wink Station West773146,866.40
Winnie Compressor Sta 1642472,074.00
Winnie Spindletop Compr7111972,104.20
Winters Gas Plant51344,326.00
Witco Corporation26802359,656.80
Wizard Wells Cmprsr. Stn.1253180,980.00
Wizard Wells Comp Sta742181,745.80
Wooden Picture Frames1099216,278.39
Woody Butts Inc.11250.00
Works No 41226112,212,305.39
Worth Division73526,730.00
Wyman-Gordon Forgings Inc.592,265.03
X-Fab Texas Inc.12156.00
Xerxes Seguin Plant441209,600.60
Xytronics, Ltd.110.74
Yates Field Tract 75 Plant745795,604.02
Yates Gas Plant81493,961,385.99
Yates Tract 17 Compressor610160,220.00
Yeary Compressor Station614198,805.00
Zavala County / Batesville Landfill282887.69
Zavala County / La Pryor Landfill2828463.90
Zofness Booster1041198,128.40