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Column information
Polluters in Tennessee
Tva Johnsonville Fossil Plant811089309,684,376.08
Tva Kingston Fossil Plant78912238,758,424.78
Tva Cumberland Fossil Plant78290153,610,685.36
Tva Bull Run Fossil Plant78140136,926,576.09
Eastman Chemical Company61905116,146,376.58
Tva Gallatin Fossil Plant81605103,210,638.77
Tva John Sevier Fossil Plant7841596,836,889.39
Aluminum Company Of America - South Plant2153987,951,925.41
Allen Fossil Plant92123473,927,044.19
Dupont White Pigment And Mineral Products1727767,968,054.70
Bowater Newsprint & Directory - Calhoun Operations2236962,946,979.30
Liberty Fibers Corporation1910752,519,830.39
Inland Paperboard & Packaging, Inc.146439,413,798.00
Packaging Corporation Of America2523436,247,902.94
Willamette Industries, Inc. - Kingsport Mill2031130,864,360.17
E I Dupont De Nemours & Co Inc3547129,766,002.70
Jack Daniel Distillery, Lem Motlow Prop.92416,366,160.00
A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company2016715,841,612.20
Lucite International, Inc.127513,849,607.21
Seaman Corporation112913,660,974.00
Gerdau Ameristeel1719513,057,627.73
Cargill Corn Milling2922612,957,079.49
Ucar Carbon Company, Inc.1231012,680,003.73
Ormet Aluminum Mill Products Corporation1514511,814,005.60
Afg Industries - Greenland Plant10678,484,593.40
U.S. Department Of Energy, Y-12 Plant17888,393,516.00
Cemex, Inc.896,844,395.80
Nissan North America, Inc.401376,506,412.10
Five Rivers Electronic Innovations, Llc. - Cabinet Division7566,447,011.40
Pcs Nitrogen Fertilizer, L.P.11406,058,595.03
Jack Daniel Distillery101005,850,910.73
Chemetals, Inc.121375,619,056.82
Viskase Corportion13395,289,974.90
Aqua Glass Corporation102035,157,446.59
La-Z-Boy Of Tennessee, Inc.121324,536,323.80
Signal Mountain Cement Co.19264,529,019.84
Holston Army Ammunition Plant (Hsaap)131394,393,581.28
The Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company104384,334,233.35
Quebecor World11454,316,075.77
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company17784,302,231.34
Hartco Flooring Company101704,282,419.58
Federal Mogul Corporation Friction Products, Inc.152584,275,934.56
Intertrade Holdings, Inc.13894,223,932.61
Hoeganaes Corporation142114,212,035.93
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company - Station 860101304,199,484.00
Quebecor World Memphis8754,175,021.00
Saturn Corporation247214,075,973.12
Bruce Hardwood Flooring, L.P.101584,029,742.00
Pasminco Zinc, Inc.151873,888,299.40
Norandal Usa, Inc.122183,750,953.26
Moltan Company10463,725,339.52
Columbia Gas Transmission - Hartsville Compressor Station10603,720,120.00
Arch Chemicals, Inc.7743,656,338.69
Quebecor Printing Kingsport, Inc.101593,653,202.32
J.M. Huber Corporation - Wood Product Division15953,458,217.00
Williams Refining & Marketing, L.L.C.328793,363,562.72
University Of Tennessee Steamplant7383,294,800.00
Dyersburg Fabrics Limited10933,269,739.20
Anr Pipeline Company10833,268,639.40
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company - Station 87102403,262,940.07
Columbia Gulf Transmission Company - Hampshire Compressor Station10903,226,180.00
Vanderbilt University101053,203,304.77
American Magotteaux Corp.101923,101,958.40
J. M. Huber Corporation104523,079,515.60
Johns Manville International, Inc.132933,040,759.64
Aluminum Company Of America, Inc. - North Plant101312,979,678.70
Havco Wood Products, Inc.10662,865,651.80
Becromal Of America, Inc.14562,763,550.50
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Company, Inc.141832,759,800.69
Holliston Mills, Inc.72442,629,633.80
Visteon Corp - Nashville Glass131982,598,903.00
Aqua Glass Corporation - Performance Plant10632,526,738.78
Global Stone Tenn Luttrell Company121142,401,319.76
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company - Station 71102902,354,575.45
Honest Abe Log Homes, Inc., Pallet Pro, Inc. & Etc9572,353,552.00
Fuji Hunt Specialty Products Company18772,341,789.11
Burroughs Ross Colville Company101312,319,437.60
Metalico-College Grove, Inc.13662,312,506.77
Owens Corning113172,165,749.80
Ebbtide Corporation8782,144,346.36
Tennessee Electroplating131002,101,928.00
Ucar Carbon Company, Inc.111232,081,385.20
Kimberly Clark Corporation10782,075,998.84
Spontex, Inc.7312,048,728.00
Texas Gas Transmission, Llc. - Kenton Compressor Station10951,987,796.00
Martin Brothers Container10161,948,610.40
Teksid Aluminum Foundry, Inc.124821,888,842.42
Quebecor World - Dyersburg14801,866,586.04
Anr Pipeline Company10801,852,361.00
Hughes Hardwood International, Inc.10561,833,958.40
Alchem Aluminum Shelbyville, Inc.12611,823,155.76
Usi, Inc.2141,641,600.00
Tennessee Dickel Distilling Co.6351,623,828.00
Allied Signal, Inc.122161,609,665.96
American Colloid Company10531,588,075.50
Fortafil Fibers, Inc.141741,580,373.40
Rogers Group, Inc6121,549,585.80
Franklin Limestone Company6301,395,716.00
Florim Usa, Inc.6421,364,372.00
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company143551,350,872.62
S-R Of Tennessee191881,336,175.20
Carlisle Tire Corporation11431,324,057.29
Dyersburg Compressor Station/Trunkline Gas Company5401,323,800.00
Wellmont Holston Medical Center10121,318,301.80
Westvaco Consumer Packaging Division10351,260,350.00
Vulcan Corp10741,258,395.00
Microporous Products, L.P.11801,237,451.08
Tennessee Aluminum Processors, Inc.111401,204,043.18
Rogers Group, Inc.6181,191,578.60
Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire, Llc143011,155,612.54
Monterey Mushroom, Inc.9181,143,646.00
Quebecor Printing - Hawkins6551,124,306.00
Vulcan Materials Co.6181,110,386.00
Denso Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc.162021,080,115.62
Parker'S Charcoal10101,070,000.00
Solae, L.L.C.72411,061,336.34
Cleo, Inc.5151,040,514.00
State Industries, Inc.171261,022,608.80
American Limestone Company6241,015,324.40
Hertiage Graphics, Llc, Mpg, L.P.10401,009,096.80
Triton Boat Company5411,001,244.00
Nashville Thermal Transfer Corp1771977,967.13
Hartco Flooring Company887963,101.18
Western Mental Health Institute1010955,608.40
Sea Ray Boats Sea Ray Blvd.1215935,941.00
Afg Industries, Inc. - Blue Ridge Plant1026933,797.20
Southern Cotton Oil Co.883914,127.86
Resource Authority In Sumner Co.1422909,050.02
Texas Eastern Transmission - Gladeville1011904,344.30
Harris - Tarkett, Inc.1026899,674.56
General Shale Products Corporation1836886,970.16
Holston Army Ammunition Plant (Hsaap)1171882,600.00
Olin Corporation1363873,822.40
General Shale Products Corp.1836869,087.77
H. C. Spinks Clay Co., Inc.911864,044.80
Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire, Llc - Warren Plant14156861,244.60
Dtr Tennessee, Inc.10139843,712.00
Vaughan Furniture Company - Empire Division13165819,938.20
Quebecor World - Clarksville1345817,368.72
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company1450816,751.74
Wilson Sporting Goods Company1341796,723.00
Standard Gypsum Llc.10124788,748.00
U. S. Pipe - Valve Plant2399784,273.90
Haywood Company11516784,034.11
Mueller Company1035766,820.01
Sea Ray Boats, Inc.344755,215.00
Crompton Corporation9151748,174.19
Sea Ray Boats Island River Drive1316745,389.00
Camden Casting Center, Inc.1174699,764.08
Kantus Corporation1048698,061.70
International Playing Card & Label Company, Inc.1026692,658.20
Wabash Alloys1652685,913.90
Chestnut Ridge Landfill3890667,426.68
Fleetguard, Inc.870660,808.00
City Of Chattanooga Summitt Landfill55652,920.01
Aeroquip Inoac Company1363634,028.60
Praxis Industries, Inc.34633,376.00
Aurora Hardwoods, Inc.1076633,058.60
Polyone Corp.16255631,704.23
American Limestone Company66627,732.00
Cleveland Chair Company1030622,116.00
City Of Chattanooga Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant35616,199.98
Cresent Manufacturing Company12139615,800.07
Trigen-Biopower, Inc.612615,460.00
Batesville Manufacturing, Inc.756614,406.00
G.F. Office Furniture, Ltd.1040609,117.40
Vulcan Materials630608,358.00
Shelby Williams, Inc.11138606,046.40
Harris - Tarkett, Inc.964600,579.33
Cps Corporation1037592,964.76
Atofina Chemicals, Inc.526580,959.60
Rock-Tenn Company, Mill Division, Inc.1326564,875.60
General Shale Products Corporation1836562,874.69
Cytec Industries, Inc.19118562,400.14
Resource Authority Landfill11559,100.00
Dura Automotive Systems723553,921.00
Tennessee Technological University1038552,736.20
Bryce Converting Services, Llc622551,540.28
Arnold Engineering Development Center (Aedc)11618548,216.46
Vacumet Corporation - Metallized Paper Division1142546,767.60
Aqua Glass Ii - Composite Concepts Division824541,817.61
Eston Corp1262540,560.60
Cosmolab, Inc.722536,643.20
Apac-Tn, Inc./Harrison Construction Division1016536,212.00
Boral Bricks, Inc.1836524,637.58
Precision Printing & Packaging, Inc.1061522,453.43
Armstrong Cabinet Products1040513,691.80
Macdermid Printing Solutions1248506,569.00
S. M. C. Lumber Co., Inc.1022504,126.00
Ceco Door Products1160501,566.36
Plus Mark, Inc.936499,520.00
Matsushita Refrigeration Company1053493,781.28
Sanford Corporation623486,128.00
Tva Lagoon Creek Combustion Turbine Plant11308483,008.89
Drew Foam Company Of Tennessee613482,530.60
Essex Group, Inc.1144476,684.60
Brooks Furniture Manufacturing, Inc.1262472,253.00
Omega Cabinetry1329469,807.72
Walter Dimension Company1048466,763.80
Dickson County Sanitary Landfill11466,000.00
Marvin Windows Of Tennessee, Inc.714455,302.00
Ken-Koat Of Tennessee, Inc.842433,213.00
K-T Clay Co.535432,177.20
International Playing Card And Label Company, Inc..13105428,703.48
Hinkle Chair Company952426,834.00
Claiborne Constion & Supply Company66418,946.00
Resource Authority In Sumner County, Tennessee714415,000.00
Shelby Williams735404,090.20
Intercontinental Polymers, Inc.1091395,287.00
Bruce Hardwood Flooring1141395,170.04
Bruce Hardwood Floor1261394,425.42
Sonoco Products Company732382,827.00
Rhodia Inc.747380,441.80
Texas Gas Transmission, Llc - Covington Compressor Station555377,366.00
Tecumseh Products Co.710372,223.00
Buckeye Technologies Inc.836363,445.94
Stratos - Javelin Boats763363,121.60
Owens Corning Trumbull Asphalt Plant17277361,324.27
Natural Gas Company - Tenneco Energy 33081038361,281.20
Rohm And Haas2528357,656.10
The Rtr Group, Inc.88357,582.20
The Custom Quarry814349,720.00
Plastech Engineered Products468349,622.00
Bunge Foods Corporation829349,027.80
Erlanger Medical Center66344,529.99
Tennessee Watercraft, Inc.9101339,671.78
Young Furniture Manufacturing Company, Inc.1067339,083.64
Swarco Industries11338,000.00
Sea Ray Boats Inc. Knoxville Facility22335,801.00
Torrington Co., Fafnir Bearing Division616335,534.00
Sequentia, Inc.1261334,745.28
M M Nashville Energy, Llc2370332,518.00
Summers-Taylor, Inc.713331,746.90
Opryland Usa Inc968330,530.00
Ucar Carbon Company, Inc.66328,444.80
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company - Station 791030324,068.58
Plastic Industries, Inc. No. 2929322,965.00
Vincent Printing Co., Inc.812319,684.00
Foamex International, Inc.1056319,369.00
A.O. Smith Electrical Products Company617316,558.00
Memphis Hardwood Flooring Co.56316,000.00
C-E Minerals Teco Plant1088315,954.20
Allsteel, Incorporated785315,571.20
Zanini Tennessee, Inc.734314,212.00
Five River Manufacturing77313,970.40
John Deal Company47310,360.00
Emerson Motor Company - Copeland Electric312309,020.00
Dayco Product, Inc.1011306,480.00
International Comfort Products Corporation (Icp)15305,580.00
Ckr Industries, Inc.570304,338.00
Master Craft Boat Company9179301,559.88
Coors Brewery829298,454.20
The Trane Company1060296,926.00
Goodman Company, L.P.1129296,795.00
Galaxy Carpet Mills1020296,577.80
Fleischmann'S Yeast828296,236.00
United States Tobacco Mfg Lp1254293,298.00
Bon L Manufacturing Company1892291,323.00
Marine Group, Llc624288,174.00
Sonoco Products Company77284,364.00
Gillette Company965283,420.00
Delbar Produts, Inc.420281,699.00
Conagra Foods Grocery Foods Group / Wesson629280,590.22
Hardwood Frames Of America555279,118.80
City Of Chattanooga Landfill55278,949.99
Thyssen Krupp Elevator651274,686.00
Brach'S Confections713272,800.00
Tamko Roofing Products, Inc.722271,392.86
The Bryce Company, Llc617270,742.30
Chicago Metallic Products, Inc.841269,496.64
Penn Spcialty Chemicals, Inc.1189267,876.60
Enenco Incorporated918267,458.60
Allegheny Energy Supply1040264,971.37
East Tennessee State University1080260,416.54
Fedex Memphis Aoc (Air Operations Complex)527259,220.00
Smith County Industrial Coatings, Llc516257,270.00
Southern Wood Products - Division Of Winsloew49257,200.00
Kilgore Operations612252,449.00
Foamex L.P. - Plant #3117251,940.00
Hbd Industries, Inc.10136248,984.29
Lauderdale County Landfill11248,000.00
Mohon International418246,892.91
Aristocraft, Inc. (Plant #8)614243,824.00
Dan River Incorporated1029238,374.20
Graphic Packaging International, Inc.331233,260.00
Quebecor World - Covington1135232,581.02
Milan Seating Systems12231,700.00
Alladin Investments, Inc.77231,380.80
Paslode Co.15229,884.00
Wallen'S Furniture410229,388.00
Us Department Of Energy (Ornl)1153228,206.90
Ncr Corporation1048225,637.60
Hutchinson Sealing Systems984222,847.24
Ball Metal Food Container Corp.566221,644.00
Fulmarque, Inc.11220,000.00
Savannah - Hardin County Landfill11218,000.00
Frigidaire Company Range Products1224217,356.60
Collins & Aikman Automotive Systems712213,997.60
Columbian Tectank722211,022.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company - Station 5551070210,805.13
Adams Usa415207,150.00
H M A Products, L.L.C.2339205,115.79
Republic Builders Products611204,985.00
Vulcan Const. Materials, L.P. (1)- Asphalt78201,146.00
A.O. Smith Electrical Products Company1348199,456.18
Premdor Entry Systems811198,539.20
Tuscarora Incorporated1044195,892.00
Velsicol Chemical Corporation16104192,187.26
Leroy Somer - North America11199191,953.13
Stabilit America, Inc.814189,845.00
Sonoco Products Company77189,580.00
Highways, Inc.66187,940.00
Horsehead Resource Development Company67184,341.00
Saint-Gobain Norpro Corporation622184,260.00
Malibu Boats West, Inc.29179,770.00
University Of Tennessee - Martin1018179,200.80
Quebecor World - Retail Group812178,110.00
Chattem Chemicals, Inc.1141177,728.00
Sonoco - Phoenix24176,400.00
University Of Tennessee At Chattanooga66174,960.00
Holston Army Ammunition Plant (Hsaap)36174,000.00
Jackson-Madison County Landfill11172,740.00
Southern Cellulose Products, Inc.910170,832.00
Collegedale Casework, L.L.C.937170,440.00
Alstom Power,Inc.1015166,395.94
United Cabinet Corp1134165,804.27
Skier'S Choice, Inc.813165,377.60
Wonder Hostess Bakery928164,028.86
Mark I Molded Plastics49161,337.60
Carrier Corporation824160,818.20
Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc23326158,420.30
Sr Product Newbern1253157,643.00
Strongwell-Lenoir City Division825156,885.50
Advanced Spa Design836155,850.03
The Jordan Company78155,648.82
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation19161152,421.72
Johnson Bryce632152,357.25
Mckee Foods Corporation656152,126.30
Pml, Inc.1222151,842.00
Lojac Enterprise Inc1319150,080.00
Delfasco Of Tennessee722149,562.20
Quebecor World - Dresden14148,000.00
Flowers Snack Of Tennessee, Inc.10110146,928.60
Iris Glen Environmental Center1012145,800.00
Conagra Foods, Inc.613145,740.00
Superior Industries International, Inc.1099145,419.62
Vulcan Materials210143,152.00
Trinity Industries1069142,834.20
Volvo Penta Of The Americas, Lexington Operations1395142,708.80
Peterbilt Motors Company21126142,218.00
Wilson'S Metal Casket Company424141,192.00
Nickelson Plastics, Inc.33140,972.00
Great Dane Trailers710139,861.00
Unimin Corporation - Gleason Plant1071138,391.39
Vulcan Materials214137,240.00
Ergon Terminaling, Inc.823136,863.00
Stewart Furniture731136,178.20
Fibertek, Inc.12136,000.00
Midwestern Gas Transmission - Station 21011049135,760.00
East Tennessee Natural Gas Company55133,800.00
Na Industries, Inc.1021131,583.60
Ouimet Corp720131,249.00
American Greeting Company559130,678.00
Colorworks, Inc.913129,800.00
Milan Army Ammunition Plant1161129,489.27
Wm Barr2646129,125.67
U.S. Doe K-252850127,866.41
Precision Fabrics Group Inc613126,204.00
Courier Printing Company12124,240.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company - Station 31071040122,760.63
East Tennessee Natural Gas Company - Station 31041010122,728.00
The Sherwin Williams Company1265122,547.75
Aqua Bath Co Inc33121,704.00
King Pharmaceuticals, Inc.842121,363.48
Devilbiss Air Power Company631121,148.00
East Brainerd Lumber Company, Incorporated58119,420.00
Whirlpool Corp1536118,489.80
Ten Mile Stone Co.612118,058.40
Tennessee Farmers Cooperative933116,950.18
Lucite International, Inc., President'S Island Site716116,920.00
General Electric38116,160.00
Powell Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.10110115,071.63
Hq 101st Airborne Division & Ft. Campbell10114113,306.65
Efp Corporation1011112,842.40
Chemetall Foote Corp.12112,456.00
Cantech Industries, Inc.58112,241.60
North Landfill2828111,610.27
Wolverine Tube22110,440.00
West Camden Sanitary Landfill1012107,840.00
R. L. Stowe Mills, Inc. -- Finishing Plant78105,900.00
Kirby Building Systems13105,540.00
East Tennessee Natural Gas Company - Station 32011020105,349.79
Sunbeam Products, Inc.742104,584.60
Suburban Manufacturing Company22103,852.00
Reemay Inc619102,490.00
Gibson Guitar Co - Electric Division1194100,560.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc99297,861.40
Memorial Hospital6697,604.00
Lojac Enterprises, Inc.133597,228.00
Sonoco Products Company2295,840.00
Werthan Packaging, Inc.51694,616.00
Caraustar Mill Group, Inc. D/B/A Chattanooga Paperboard111293,311.50
Denso Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc.51893,149.00
Morrill Motors, Inc.111392,819.34
Ldm Technologies, Inc.74392,788.08
Pressco, Inc.4592,400.00
Lasko Metal Products, Inc.42091,922.00
Mi Home Products, Inc. & Mi Metals, Inc.1491,646.00
Venture Industries, Inc.6691,520.00
Berkline Llc - Plant #1123989,692.03
Basf Corporation, Plant #2164089,643.86
East Tennessee Natural Gas Company - Station 3209102287,777.92
Chevron U.S.A., Inc.61287,100.00
Earthgrains Co. Of Nashville51086,483.60
Fibergrate Composite Structures, Inc.2585,088.00
Velsicol Chemical Corporation308884,985.37
Tennsco Corporation102384,568.00
Haileys Harbor Inc.2683,278.00
Sfi Of Tennessee1410782,949.02
Vulcan Materials21082,626.00
A.O. Smith - Athens Products106681,942.00
Motiva Enterprise98781,519.00
Chattanooga Gas Company52581,440.00
Perma Pipe - A Subsidary Of Mfri, Inc.126079,477.98
Astec Industries, Inc.2978,720.00
B. F. Goodrich Aerospace - Cleveland3578,622.80
Calsonic Yorozu Corporation2478,599.00
Gibson Fiberglass81778,574.00
Tennplasco Lafayette - Division Of Manar, Inc.53578,548.00
Denso Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc.56275,366.20
Bemis Custom Products Shelbyville83274,840.00
United Structures Of America1273,180.00
Emerson Tool Co.1171,235.00
Citgo Petroleum Corp87870,112.00
Sonoco Products Company101069,897.25
Northwest Tennessee Disposal Corporation161668,613.20
H M A Contractors, L.L.C.224567,792.00
Plastiline, Inc.6667,364.00
Mahle Tennex (Mtmb)74467,362.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc9967,115.60
Holt Specialty Equipment1166,260.00
Tel-Trax Co. Plant# 271865,716.20
Cumberland Swan104764,558.00
National Posters, Inc.8864,340.00
Tennessee Mat Co. Inc.91364,260.00
Basf Corporation, Plant #1143163,125.58
Printpack, Inc.62263,060.60
Magellan Terminals Holdings, L.P.96762,872.80
Murray, Inc.133962,068.72
Brownsville Power, Llc104061,990.80
Dynasty Spas, Inc.5659,824.40
Olan Mills, Inc. Shallowford Road Plant62759,746.34
M-Tek, Inc.112957,858.00
Garcy Corporation1257,260.00
National Posters, Inc. (Digital Division)2257,200.00
Vacumet Corp.1257,109.00
Lojac Enterprises, Inc.112555,672.00
Ixion Ceramics, Inc.103455,240.00
Global Stone Tenn Luttrell Company111254,424.20
Lithographics Inc81853,040.10
Alcoa-Maryville-Blount County Landfill292952,724.45
Tennessee Valley Authority -- Sequoyah Nuclear Plant71952,290.80
Unarco Material Handling81351,970.00
Cpe Acquisition Co.91251,638.00
Exxonmobil Corporation88751,560.07
Rogers Group Inc142450,846.00
Star Building Sys.2350,543.00
Steward, Inc.86050,470.74
Rogers Group Inc. - Reostone(Closed)131749,930.80
Level Valley Creamery62448,892.00
Foamex L.P. - Plant #14548,572.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc76248,211.40
Norfolk Southern Railway Company132147,851.24
Glasteel Industrial Laminates, Inc. (Gil)72347,530.00
Royal Oak Charcoal, Llc6646,800.00
Synair Corporation Polyether Polyol Plant101446,713.80
Indopco, Inc. D/B/A Alco Chemical173946,535.76
Lojac Enterprises, Inc.111446,416.00
Tuftco Corporation51345,640.00
Usa Waste Quail Hollow Landfill3345,560.00
Square D Company3445,300.00
Scepter Inc.5545,043.00
Leroy Somer N.A.3544,800.25
Acheson Foundry & Machine Works, Inc.6844,780.00
Metal Systems, Inc.61844,372.84
Sofix Corporation91644,352.84
Bp Products North America87744,306.70
Burner Systems International, Inc.8843,675.00
Vulcan Const. Materials, L.P. (1)- Quarry Ops1643,660.00
Metro - Bordeaux Landfill252542,700.00
G A F Corporation99342,283.90
Norwalk Furniture Corp., Norco Division1342,000.00
Stone Container Corporation6841,862.00
Adm Milling Company32141,835.02
Eureka Foundry Company175841,253.20
Royal Oak Enterprises Inc. Crossville Furnace1141,062.00
Cumberland Terminals163740,986.60
The Mulch Company5840,800.00
Horizon Milling, Llc41940,772.06
Sonoco Flexible Packaging71740,586.00
Holcim (U.S.) Inc.21340,500.00
Intercontinental Polymers Inc.3539,795.00
Saint Thomas Hospital61139,772.00
Bfi Waste Systems Of Tennessee, Llc - Middle Point Landfill293039,275.84
Springs Industries, Inc.51639,272.00
Genlyte Thomas Group, Llc3739,061.60
Lea Inds.1238,379.00
Collins & Aikman1036638,343.51
Conoco Inc.111737,416.00
Aki, Inc. (Printing)84037,100.00
Tyson Foods Inc. Processing Plant1136,284.00
Bumble Bee Boats, Llc83635,268.00
Centennial Medical Center51035,220.00
Custom Craft Cabinet92034,900.40
American Safety Razor, Inc.2334,819.00
Outdoor Posters Inc.4434,440.00
Air Liquide America L.P.1133,685.00
The Crown Group, Portland, Tn Plant1132,080.00
Corley Manufacturing Co.6631,760.00
Morrill Motors Of Tennessee Inc. (Shallow Ford)2331,408.10
Modine Manufacturing Company1131,300.00
Citgo Petroleum Corporation61731,170.42
Warren Paint & Color6630,218.00
Tyson Foods Inc.1130,005.00
Bullet Boats111529,819.90
Magellan Terminals Holdings, L.P.76429,448.00
Quikrete Nashville62128,754.00
Rich Printing Co. Inc82128,654.80
Sanford Corporation2428,600.00
Dynasty Spas, Inc.71328,532.88
Vistawall Architectural Prods.51028,422.00
Alternative Energy, Llc51628,380.00
Purina Mills Inc73028,229.00
Dixie Graphics Co122528,086.00
Nashville Wire Products5628,078.00
Commercial Lamination Co103527,920.00
I K G Industries5727,914.00
Holston Group,Inc.7727,520.00
Tennessee State University82327,514.43
Lafarge North America21027,493.00
Millennium Packaging Solutions L.L.C.6827,440.00
South Shelby Landfill282827,357.91
Southeastern Materials, Inc.101027,351.40
Koch Farms Llc82526,682.34
Wil - Ro Incorporated1126,460.00
Cumberland Architectural Millwork111426,380.00
North Shelby Landfill282826,173.29
Norcom, Inc.81626,065.32
U.S. Fence Inc. (Plastics Div.)1126,012.00
Olan Mills, Inc. Amnicola Hwy Plant5625,906.00
Hayes Lemmerz International - Ohio, Inc.3925,281.00
Occidental Chemical Corporation111525,078.71
Pallet Resource, Llc1124,826.00
Cliff'S Cabinet Company101524,800.00
Loretto Casket Co. Inc.1124,780.00
Metaltek International82324,498.72
Koch Foods L.L.C.71424,240.00
Hanson Aggregates Stone Man, Inc.2423,528.00
Wagner Pencil Company2222,480.00
Film Processing Corporation1122,320.00
American Tech. & Research Inds. Inc.2222,147.00
Patterson Waste Landfill282822,038.27
Gol-Pak Corp. #301122,000.00
Hennessy Industries Inc.111621,976.00
North Georgia Ready-Mix Concrete Company, Inc.1121,600.00
Tennessee Trailers, Inc.2621,540.00
Conagra Poultry Company92121,284.44
Itw Cip Fasteners1321,140.00
Clean Harbors Chattanooga, Llc132820,983.42
Creek'S Cabinet Shop3320,980.00
Cargill, Inc. -- Sugar Terminal8920,585.20
Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc.92420,497.40
Purity Dairies Inc.6620,315.00
T & A Cabinet Shop3320,260.00
Mail-Well Envelope Co. - Closed31120,074.00
Mcquiddy Printing Co81619,858.00
Lion Oil Company85319,688.00
Independence Recycling, Inc.2219,622.00
Blount Memorial Hospital108019,605.26
Arcade Marketing Inc.1219,582.00
Fiserv Solutions Dba Patterson Press72119,510.00
City Of Chattanooga (1)1119,500.00
Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing3519,453.00
Lojac Enterprises, Inc. - Closed8919,392.27
V.A. Tn. Valley Healthcare System51119,370.00
Gibson Guitar Custom Shop51219,358.00
Matsushita Electronic Components Corp. Of America1119,266.00
Rogers Mfg Co4719,080.00
Clover Bottom Hospital5518,973.60
Sonic Automotive Of Chattanooga, L.L.C.2418,840.00
Buford Lewis Co3718,830.20
Cymer L.L.C.4818,359.00
Quinco Kitchens, Inc.82618,220.00
John Deal Coatings Inc.4818,210.00
Ltv Steel Tubular Products Company1118,200.00
Heatec, Inc.6618,200.00
Five Rivers Electronic Innovations L.L.C. Cabinet Div.4818,116.00
Fleetwood Homes #27-11118,000.00
Chattem, Inc.51217,960.00
Morrill Motors Inc.1217,927.00
Summit Medical Center51517,860.14
Card-Monroe Corporation2217,760.00
Embraer Aircraft Maint. Services, Inc.102517,642.00
Webco, Inc.2217,600.00
John Bouchard & Sons91117,530.00
Classic Printing81817,422.00
Loudon County Sanitary Landfill282817,380.78
Porter Warner Industries, Llc3617,242.80
Dana Corp. Plumley Sealing Div.1117,179.00
Standard Coosa Industries8816,996.40
Caldwell Chemical Coatings Corp.5516,825.00
Rossville Chromatex5516,800.00
Manufacturer'S Chemical L.P2216,597.00
Industrial Fabricators, Inc.9916,568.00
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork2216,480.00
Vaughan Printing51116,478.00
Allied Metal Co.71316,344.60
Bfi Waste Systems Of Tennessee, Llc - Carter Valley Landfill292916,224.95
Commercial Metals Company1116,200.00
Kraft Foods North America, Inc. (Formerly Nabisco)61316,100.00
Marshall & Bruce Co61015,938.00
Metal Prep1215,778.00
Nu-Foam Products, Inc.101715,642.88
Vinson Village Body Shop2515,620.00
Johnston & Murphy Shoe Company(Closed)84415,568.60
Architectural Surfaces, L.L.C.2215,500.00
Sequatchie Concrete Service, Inc. (E. 39th St.)2415,440.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc121715,384.00
Signal Mtn Cement Co21615,152.00
Country Delite Farms1115,151.00
Chattanooga Ready Mix Company1114,920.00
Metro Central W W T P158114,811.38
U.S. Air Force Arnold Afb Tn1114,800.00
Sherman Boat Works, Inc.2214,560.00
Davis Cabinet Company91214,498.00
Southern Champion Tray, L.P. - Precision Packaging Division4414,440.00
Dynatronics Corp2414,440.00
Pollock Printing Company8914,218.00
Parker Hannifin Corp.2314,161.00
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.22814,040.00
Williams Terminals Holdings, L.P.61213,972.00
Roadtec, Inc. (Manufacturers Road Plant)61013,955.50
Trinity Marine Prods.3413,842.00
Synair Corporation6913,780.00
Baptist Hospital51513,700.00
Electri-Glass Inc.1113,564.00
Dana Corp. Plumley Sealing Div.4413,492.02
A F L Wire Products-Morrow Road5813,482.60
Rite Hite Prods. Corp.1113,318.00
Aoc L.L.C. Tennessee Plant4813,311.00
Yale Security, Inc.61413,276.90
Hon Allsteel1213,233.00
W. R. Grace & Co.95813,188.48
Cone Solvents Inc.134213,116.72
Buckman Labs. Inc.3513,015.00
Woodbridge Foam Fabricating, Inc.101212,773.40
Fineberg Packing Co. Inc.1112,676.00
R.J. Wherry And Associates102812,664.00
The Tennessean5712,607.80
Hutton Stone Inc21212,508.00
Usa Today National Rack Center1312,480.00
P S C Metals, Inc.3512,044.00
Vestal Mfg. Co.1112,020.00
Sherman & Reilly, Inc.5711,980.00
Action Enterprises, Inc.2411,880.00
Southern Machinery Co6711,770.40
Bi-County Solid Waste Management System Landfill282811,760.65
Herb Adcox Chevrolet2611,740.00
Precision Coating, Inc.2411,446.00
Marcus Paint Company171711,355.20
Spectra, Inc.2211,098.00
Williamson County Landfill282811,081.25
Putnam County Landfill282811,079.38
Gerdau Ameristeel- Knoxville61110,745.92
Sanders Mfg Co6710,739.00
Psc Metals, Inc.2310,180.00
North American Galvanizing Co.71210,134.00
Magnetic Ticket & Label Corp.81910,108.00
Long Pontiac Mercedes-Benz Isu2410,100.00
Ace Prods. Inc.2410,010.00
Bekaert Corp.129,981.00
Komatsu America International Company589,974.00
Northwest Tennessee Disposal Company Lf28289,926.76
Benton Oil Service, Inc.479,685.14
Pq Corporation599,640.00
Ingram Materials Co.139,552.00
Drum Service, Inc.229,540.00
Chattanooga Collision Center, Inc.249,540.00
Rutherford County Landfill28289,521.15
Southern Colortype Co399,514.00
T. Gene Edwards, Inc.229,480.00
Metro Ready Mix Concrete Inc.139,476.00
R E O Stone Llc2169,424.00
Citiplate Inc.129,419.00
Hamblen County Landfill / Morristown28289,367.53
Econo Auto Painting229,320.00
Ambrose Printing Co9299,252.90
Scott County Landfill28289,232.82
Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc.559,140.00
Brenntag Mid-South, Inc.6109,132.20
Daikin Drivetrain Components229,087.00
Dynegy Liquids Marketing And Trade119,000.00
Silver Furniture Company, Inc.14168,956.96
Insteel Wire Prods.228,812.00
Chattanooga General Services Co.8208,768.56
Trucolor Co.128,720.00
Lone Star Ind Inc1328,686.00
Greeneville / Greene County Sanitary Landfill28288,494.19
Metro Water - K.R. Harrington Plant568,490.78
International Paint Incorporated2308,477.00
Leggett & Platt Inc-Nova Bond Div10208,434.00
H & H Associates Inc.12168,416.16
Chemrock Corp5118,342.00
Bradley County Landfill28288,309.54
Smelter Service Corp.338,307.40
Madison Mill Inc228,280.00
Brandau Printing, Inc.358,278.00
Cumberland Valley Mixing Co., L.L.C.7188,224.00
Kohler Co.128,220.00
R. L. Stowe Mills, Inc. -- Spinning Plant888,175.00
Morristown City Landfill28288,117.17
H & E Printing Co587,991.00
Wilson County Landfill28287,979.88
American Airlines147,960.00
Trailer Conditioners Inc8137,958.00
Shelby Drive Landfill28287,906.20
Best One Tire & Service597,886.00
Morse Mfg. Co. Inc.117,877.68
Benco Sales Inc.127,801.00
Nashville Wire Products-Plating Division7127,792.97
Mcminn County Landfill28287,787.85
Alvin Hawkins Madison Landfill28287,786.76
Greeneville Casting, Inc.127,720.00
Lee-Smith, Inc.227,480.00
American Materials Technologies, L.L.C.397,480.00
Chattanooga Labeling Systems, Inc.997,475.98
Capital Toyota, Inc.247,420.00
Servitech Industries8197,310.00
John L Armatage & Co.117,300.00
Prebul Jeep, Inc.257,240.00
Metro Ready Mix1127,096.00
Research Solvents & Chemicals Inc.10187,042.00
Sevier Solid Waste Landfill28286,884.29
Geo Specialty Chemicals, Inc.126,860.00
Vanderbilt University Medical Center666,820.00
Trew Ind Wheels Inc7146,774.00
Import Auto Body (1)256,760.00
Smith & Nephew Inc.356,711.00
Douglas Printing Inc.566,698.00
Allstates Fabricating Co.116,632.00
Loudon Landfill28286,569.06
Acuff John Landfill28286,569.06
Union City Landfill28286,569.06
Union City Landfill28286,569.06
Putnam County Landfill28286,569.06
Lexington City Landfill28286,569.06
Loudon City Landfill28286,569.06
Fayetteville City Landfil28286,569.06
Dyer City Landfill28286,569.06
Decatur County Sw Program28286,569.06
Ellis Landfill28286,569.06
Bledsoe / Sequatchie Landfill28286,569.06
Bledsoe County Landfill28286,569.06
Oak Ridge Landfill28286,569.06
The Boc Group, Inc.256,560.00
Aqua-Chem Inc.886,549.00
Turnbull Cone Baking Company126,500.00
Cargill Steel & Wire676,424.00
Angelica Textile Services556,300.00
Mid South Wire116,300.00
Tennessee Christian Medical Center6116,250.00
Emco-Williams Inc.116,225.00
Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments10196,212.00
Mcnairy County Landfill28286,167.52
Magotteaux Corp.476,123.00
Browns Manufacturing Co236,016.00
Lauderdale County Landfill28285,947.46
Cemex, Inc.125,860.00
Johnny Fine & Sons Body Shop225,740.00
Exxon Mobil Corp. Memphis Terminal6125,681.18
P I Z Industries, Inc.225,480.00
Farrell-Calhoun Inc.245,472.00
Advanced Measurement Tech.245,427.04
Carter County / Elizabethton Landfill28285,308.87
Mca Fabrication135,220.00
Gemtron Corp.225,169.00
Gatlinburg County Landfill28285,163.22
Craftique Manufacturing Company115,080.00
Bristol Metals L.P.485,000.00
Pioneer Plastics Corp.124,985.00
Franklin Graphics, Inc.464,968.00
Jefferson County Landfill28284,890.34
Mercury Air Center114,880.00
B F I Of Tenn.334,874.00
Sage Of America Company774,871.40
Grainger Knox County Lf28284,814.82
Harris Press, Inc.4104,766.00
Vulcan Const. Materials, L.P. (4)- Concrete114,700.00
Ashland Chemical Co10334,668.60
Quail Hollow Landfill28284,641.95
Sun Chemical244,640.00
Vanderbilt University Printing Services9144,627.40
Lawrenceburg City / County Balefill28284,616.41
Marshal Mize Ford, Inc.284,520.00
Tennessee Wheel & Rubber10174,513.52
Cone Solvents Inc.8154,504.00
Abrasive Blasting & Coating224,480.00
Sun Chemical Gpi244,430.00
Jrb Company, Inc.234,360.00
Chattanooga Armature Works, Inc.7234,331.06
Hartco Flooring Co. West Plant334,284.90
White County Landfill28284,284.17
Southern Office Systems224,180.00
Williamson Co Ready Mix Concrete Co154,134.00
Aurora Foods Inc.114,100.00
Lawrence-Doster Motor Co.224,060.00
Mei/Aqua Treat, Inc.5184,040.00
Flexcel - Nashville244,000.00
C R T Custom Products483,960.00
Union County Landfill28283,955.02
Waste Management Co333,941.40
Maury County Landfill28283,893.38
Marble Creations223,880.00
Vision Graphics673,872.08
Accu-Cast, Inc.7163,828.80
Abra Auto Body233,800.00
Aramark Uniform Services6263,764.78
Foundry Pattern Service7123,760.00
Applied Thermal Coatings, Inc.683,755.64
Tenn Dept Of Transportation6103,721.40
Alley-Cassetty Truck Center773,620.00
Fiberglass Fabricators, Inc.113,600.00
Newport Demolition Landfill28283,570.43
Dyersburg City Landfill28283,570.15
Dickson County Landfill28283,570.15
Hawker Powersource, Inc.7303,490.20
Cedar Ridge Landfill28283,458.58
Roadtec, Inc. (Riverside Drive Plant)223,410.00
Delta Indl. Coatings Inc.483,402.00
Bfi Waste Services, L.L.C.223,320.00
T. J. Snow Company, Inc.223,320.00
Sequatchie Concrete Service, Inc.163,310.00
Haywood County Landfill28283,284.57
Bridgestone Metalpha Usa Inc.243,275.00
Ideal Chemical & Supply Co.5103,263.00
Best-Wade Petroleum Inc.243,219.00
Sterilization Services Of Tenessee123,176.00
Ken Garner Manufacturing243,160.00
North American Composites7113,160.00
Centurion Stone Inc (Closed)553,140.00
A F L Wire Products - California Avenue353,120.00
Falcon Press (Formerly Nicholstone)133,108.60
Vopak Usa, Inc.443,100.00
Hoover Company Inc.143,020.00
Vulcan Const. Materials, L.P. (1)- Concrete122,980.00
Columbus Mckinnon Corp., Dixie Industries Division242,960.00
Marble Prods. Inc.112,851.00
Safety Kleen6122,811.03
Goodyear Tire And Rubber (Closed)472,724.00
G. F. Puhl Company662,680.00
Allvan Corporation132,638.00
Marion County Landfill28282,590.95
Exxon Mobil Corp. Knoxville Terminal6122,553.07
Kohl & Madden Printing Ink Corp. #1332,470.60
Hunter Marine Transport152,444.88
Thyssenkrupp Waupaca Plant 6482,439.00
The Premcor Refining Group Inc. Riverside Terminal10192,435.00
Ashland Distribution Co.242,401.00
The Imagery Group, Inc.332,400.00
Mckenzie Landfill28282,380.29
Monroe County Landfill28282,326.67
Cannon Equipment Southeast, Inc.592,225.78
Pictsweet Co.112,200.00
Irving Materials, Inc.172,174.00
Hawkins County Landfill Inc28282,168.55
Wolfe Industrial Inc552,141.40
Embraer Aircraft Maint. Services, Inc.7242,131.20
Magnetic Ticket & Label Corp.112,112.00
Railworks Wood Prods. Inc.15302,087.00
Dooley Chemical Company, L.L.C.552,080.00
Signal Mountain Landfill28282,051.99
Nashville Ready Mix152,040.00
Irving Materials Inc.162,032.00
Brenda Stiner D/B/A Pet Haven Cemetery And Crematorium6121,990.40
Target Graphics, Inc.111,920.00
R T S Wright Industries, L L C661,917.60
Aki, Inc. (Encapsulation)(Formerly Arcade, Inc.)441,900.00
Lawson Redi-Mix Inc151,868.60
Nissan N.A. Inc. Decherd Mfg. Plant6121,860.00
Univar Usa Inc. Murfreesboro Facility241,830.00
Besway Systems, Inc.481,804.00
Reddick Auto Body231,800.00
Fentress County Landfill28281,772.18
Johnson City Regional Landfill (Bowser Ridge)28281,701.90
Kingsport Demolition Landfill28281,701.45
American Colloid Company131,700.00
Cemex, Inc.161,640.00
Huntingdon Landfill28281,635.22
South Fulton / County Wide Landfill28281,635.22
Fayetteville / Lincoln County Landfill28281,629.56
Dana Corp. Commercial Vehicle Sys. Humboldt121,619.30
St. Jude Children'S Research Hospital991,595.65
Lithographics Sld, Inc.361,576.00
Kenco Group, Inc.221,560.00
Fontaine Truck Equipment Co551,544.00
Covenant Transport221,520.00
Oak Tennessee Inc.111,500.00
Fiberglass Works Inc.111,486.00
S-C Industrial Products Co.121,480.00
Cbs Ready Mix111,460.00
Fender Musical Instruments10101,457.60
Paris / Henry County Landfill28281,454.17
Tennessee Landfill28281,410.16
Padgett'S Collision Center, Inc.241,400.00
Metro Ready Mix181,318.33
Dpc Enterprises, L.P.221,300.00
Brenntag Mid-South Inc.241,294.00
Benton Oil Service Inc.121,280.00
Univar Usa Inc. Chattanooga Facility481,256.00
Niagara Lasalle Corporation221,240.00
Odom'S Tennessee Pride Sausage Inc.111,200.00
Kelly Cadillac, Inc.221,120.00
Marion Sand & Gravel Co.111,120.00
Department Of The Army, Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant661,100.00
Faithful Friends Pet Memorial Serv. Llc661,085.20
Chattanooga Tufters, Inc.221,080.00
Anderson County Landfill28281,069.83
Bill Allen Landfill28281,069.83
Brownsville City Landfill28281,069.83
Lexington City Landfill28281,069.83
Franklin County Landfill28281,069.83
Kenton City Landfill28281,069.83
Marion County Landfill28281,069.83
Dixie Industrial Coating, Inc.5131,064.40
Morgan County Landfill28281,038.24
G E Energy Rentals, Inc.551,023.20
Sequatchie Concrete Service, Inc. (Cromwell Rd.)111,020.00
Alltrista Zinc Prods. L.P.241,010.00
Johnson County Landfill28281,000.24
Bush Bros & Co.121,000.00
Sherman-Dixie Concrete Industries, Inc.11980.00
Prestige Printing Co56946.00
Signal Plating, Inc.815928.50
Consolidated Metal Services, Inc.11900.00
Sun Chemical Corp22896.00
American Ace Llc12876.00
Ergon Inc612860.80
M & M Ready Mix Concrete, Inc.11840.00
Custom Land Development2828834.91
Knoxville City Landfill2828834.91
Johnston Pump Company22820.00
Colonial Pipeline77818.80
Mine Road Landfill2828818.63
City Of Lewisburg Landfill2828813.91
Tenn Dept. Of Agriculture33772.00
Douglas Dynamics L.L.C.36765.00
Exide Techs.34755.00
Smokey Mountain Tops Inc.11750.00
Overton County Landfill2828747.21
Harmco Inc.11740.00
Perry County Landfill2828721.31
A.O. Smith Corporation14700.00
Lellyet & Rogers Co45692.00
Chattanooga Pattern & Foundry, Inc.12680.00
Greer Stop Nut34658.00
Benton County Landfill2828648.90
Osmose Inc.35646.29
Metro Animal Services66640.00
Dover'S Cylinder Head Service24640.00
Carlex Glass Co.12616.50
Edward W. Daniel Co.11606.00
Tennessee Valley Ice Company, L.L.C.11600.00
Tennessee Department Of Transportation55580.00
Alstom Power Inc. Plate Formed Prods. Div.11573.00
City Of Lexington Landfill2828570.25
Village Smith, L.P.56560.00
Van Buren County Landfill2828553.97
Landmark Community Publications Of Tennessee, Inc. D/B/A Landmark Web Printing11550.00
Grundy County Landfill2828535.87
West Harpeth Funeral Home66530.60
Apac Presidents Island Facility12525.40
Louis County / Hohenwald Landfill2828519.12
Boston Weatherhead24510.00
Parker Hannifin O-Ring Div.33501.00
Greenfield Landfill2828500.10
Wright Medical Tech. Inc.22500.00
Volunteer Fabricators12500.00
A. Schulman39476.40
Wayne County Landfill2828468.61
Polk County Landfill2828468.61
Sequatchie / Bledsoe Landfill2828446.27
Phillips-Robinson Co.66442.00
Thomas & Betts Corp.12440.00
Tower Automotive Prods. Co. Inc.33439.50
Hoover Ready Mix15410.00
Town Of Arlington Landfill2828404.65
Mahle Inc.36400.00
Hendersonville Landfill2828380.42
City Of Sweetwater Demolition Landfill2828357.04
Northeast Tennessee Waste Mgmt Lf Inc2828352.46
Mitchell Industrial Tire23340.00
Sumner County Landfill2828332.38
Carthage City Landfill2828324.45
Hartsville / Trousdale Landfill2828324.45
Shelby County Penal Farm Landfill2828324.45
Red Ridge Landfill2828324.45
Madison County Landfill2828324.45
Lafayette City Landfil2828324.45
Madisonville City Landfil2828324.45
Hancock County Landfill2828324.45
Humboldt Landfill2828324.45
D&S Land County Landfill2828324.45
Kirk Landfill2828324.45
Cumberland County Landfill2828324.45
Clay County Landfill2828324.45
Pulaski City Landfill2828322.03
Acupowder Tn L.L.C.12321.00
Trico Prods. Electronics Div.11312.93
Gibson Guitar Customer Service Division66308.00
Twin Oaks Landfill2828297.54
South Atlantic, Llc D/B/A South Atlantic Galvanizing44290.00
Shelby County Millington Landfill2828285.51
Memphis City Landfill2828285.51
Sykes Road / Patterson Landfill2828285.51
Univar Usa Inc. Kingsport Facility36274.00
City Of Crossville Landfill2828271.68
Mortuary Associates Inc66266.88
Tenn Dept. Of Health Laboratory Services33266.00
Bulk Intermodal Distribution Services33262.20
C S X Transportation, Inc.11260.00
Chattanooga Group, Inc. (2)24260.00
Wichman Monuments, Inc.11260.00
Newbern Town Landfill2828259.56
Coffee County Joint Landfill2828257.72
Huish Detergents Inc.12255.00
Activated Metals & Chemicals Inc.12255.00
Activated Metals & Chemicals Inc.12255.00
Vytron Corp.11250.00
General Mills11250.00
Gallatin City Landfill2828248.32
All Seasons Memorials55238.00
Cellux Converters Ind34224.80
Crossville / Cumberland County2828198.56
Cumberland County Landfill2828198.56
Crossville City Landfill2828198.56
Clinton Landfill2828198.56
Lebanon / Wilson County Landfill2828198.56
Pickett County Landfill2828198.56
Putnam County Landfill2828198.56
Jim Gray Landfill2828198.56
Tri-Cities (Dresden) Landfill2828198.56
Weakley County Landfill2828198.56
Jernigan Landfill2828198.56
Mathias Landfill2828198.56
Lincoln County Landfill2828198.56
Paris City Landfill2828198.56
Bolivar City Landfill2828198.56
Franklin County Board Of Sanitation2828198.56
Greeneville (Old) Lf2828198.56
Greeneville City Lf2828198.56
Southern Medical Disposal66192.13
Heil Trailer Intl.11188.00
Crossville Ceramics11184.00
Ut Knoxville Landfill2828181.69
Mcminnville Sanitary Landfill2828177.11
Bi-County Solid Waste Management44176.64
Paulo Prods. Co.11160.00
Hermitage Crematory22148.00
Ltv Copperweld Fayetteville Div.11137.00
Dal-Tile Corp. Jackson Mfg.12133.00
Collins & Aikman (Nashville Plastic)44114.00
Chromalox Precision Heat & Controls11110.00
Intermet Jackson Plant48102.10
Diversified Scientific Service S Inc. (Dssi)5593.00
Ergon Terminaling Inc. Memphis2392.00
Reliance Electric1189.00
Pasminco Zinc Inc. Gordonsville Mine3587.05
Young Touchstone3687.00
Meguiar'S Inc.3386.00
Standard Iron, Inc.1282.20
Casting Materials Division - Hickman, Williams & Company Of Ky2380.00
Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems, Llc2376.00
Royal Sterilization Sys.1171.00
Hendrickson Intl. Trailer Suspension Sys.1148.00
Industrial Plating Company2240.00
Lookout Plating, Inc.1140.00
Greeneville Castings Inc.1138.00
Univar Usa1236.00
Valmont Inds. Inc.1133.00
Delfield Co.1132.00
Trw Automotive Commercial Steering3630.00
Spx Contech/Metal Forge1130.00
Price Brothers Company1527.70
United Stainless Inc.3525.00
Industrial Powder Coatings1121.00
U.S. Fence Inc. (Treating Div.)2420.00
Langdale Forest Prods. Co.2420.00
Bacon Products Corporation1220.00
Jat Systems Inc.1120.00
Drexel Chemical Co.3418.50
Franke Contract Group3315.00
Delta Faucet Co. Of Tennessee2214.00
Anvil Intl. Inc.1114.00
Polyloom Corp. Of America2213.00
Holley Performance Prods. Inc.1212.00
Benton Oil Service Inc.1212.00
U.S. Tva Watts Bar Nuclear Plant2311.80
Thomas & Betts2210.00
Pollution Control Inds.2210.00
Peddinghaus Modern Techs. L.L.C.2210.00
Chattanooga Boiler & Tank Co.2210.00
Felton'S Clutch Service, Inc.1110.00
C K Electronics118.30
General Cable Inds. Inc.227.00
Flowserve Corp.227.00
Teledyne Electronic Techs.116.00
Tennessee Galvanizing Inc.116.00
Young Touchstone115.60
Pasminco Zinc Inc. Clinch Valley Mine335.50
Blazer Fabricating, L.L.C.225.00
White Lily Foods Co.115.00
World Wide Art Studio115.00
A & S Building Sys. L.P.115.00
Maytag P#1 Cleveland Cooking Prods.115.00
American Appliance Prods. Inc. Of Delaware115.00
Eastern Plating Inc.115.00
Maytag P #3 Cleveland Cooking Prods.115.00
Rich Prods. Corp.115.00
Tenneco Automotive Walker115.00
Nashville Chemical & Equipment Co. Inc.115.00
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.114.70
Coastal Lumber Co. - Pulaski114.32
Cormetech Inc.114.00
Owens Corning Memphis Roofing Plant113.70
Alcoa Engineered Prods.113.00
Materials & Energy Corp.112.10
Midwest Zinc Corp. Clarksville Facility112.00
Federal-Mogul Lighting Prods.112.00
Midwest Zinc Corp. Millington Facility111.50
Imco Recycling Inc.221.00
Ngk Metals Corp.111.00
Denso Mfg. Athens Tennessee Inc.111.00
Berkline L.L.C. Plant 3111.00
Snap On Tools111.00
Polyone Corp.120.62
Berkline L.L.C. Plant 5110.40
Smp Industries, Inc.110.36
Certified Finishes Inc.110.20
U.S. Tva Sequoyah Nuclear Plant110.17
Cei Co. Ltd.110.10
Cei Co. Ltd.110.10
Mueller Gas Prods. - Waynesboro Div.110.10
Storm Copper Components Co.110.06
Koch Materials Co.110.04
Imco Recycling Of Loudon110.00
Exxon Mobil Corporation440.00
Chattanooga Plating & Machine130.00
Chevron Products Company220.00
Kmt Ref Inc. Mccall Div.000.00
Diversified Refrigeration Inc.000.00
Awhc Engineered Speciality Prods.000.00
American Water Heater Co.000.00
Kysor Panel Sys.000.00
Advanced Plating, Inc.240.00
Hard Chrome Platers, Inc.220.00
S & H Chrome Plating & Powder Coating220.00
Chromemasters , Inc.110.00
Aladdin Temp-Rite000.00
Kmt Ref Inc. Kolpak Div.000.00
Mid-Tech Gage, Inc.110.00
Perfection Plating110.00
Nashville Recycling - Closed770.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company - Station 85610200.00
Herman Grant Company, Inc.110.00
Imperial Ink Closed220.00
P & S Ready Mix110.00
Gibson Company220.00
Tire Centers L L C240.00
Stuller Manufacturing, Inc.560.00
Mark Geiger Individually, And D/B/A - Peach Auto110.00
Alternative Fuels, L.L.C.660.00
Environmental Wood Recycling590.00
Atlanta Terminal Company680.00
Newton Chevrolet140.00
Eagle Ready Mix, Inc.150.00
Catamaran Cruisers110.00