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Polluters in Oregon
12th Street Dry Cleaners11580.00
2 Hour Cleanery1190.00
43 & K Cleaners & Laundromat11924.00
45th Ave Cleaners11180.00
A-1 Cleaners11200.00
A-1 Cleaners1160.00
Abc Cleaners11405.00
Abc Cleaners11585.00
Abe'S Broadway Cleaners11636.00
Abe'S Cleaners11871.00
Abe'S Royal Cleaners11360.00
Abrahams Fabric Clinic11209.00
Ace Cleaners11270.00
Aci Distribution37389,173.43
Adel Landfill2828461.64
Adrian Sanitary Landfill28286,024.17
Agate Beach Balefill28281,776.40
Agcw Solid Waste Disposal Site2828443.54
Agrifrozen Foods40409.81
Airport Cleaners111,625.00
Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.44882,009.80
Al Phillips' Mirror Pond Cleaners111,900.00
Aladdin Cleaners11638.00
Albany Industrial Machine831558,421.81
Albany Paper Mill282813,699.05
Alcan Cable Roseburg110.05
All Star Cleaners11390.00
Alpenrose Dairy11750.00
Alpine Cleaners110.00
Alpine Cleaners11490.00
Alpine Dry Cleaners1160.00
Alpine Dry Cleaners111,300.00
Alpine Dry Cleaners - Summit11380.00
Amalgamated Sugar Company, The1074636,323,634.70
American Pine Products404141.23
Andrews Disposal Site2828461.64
Anna'S Place Cleaners11440.00
Ant Flat Landfill2828759.81
Ant Flat Landfill28283,729.51
Aqua Glass West, Inc.5099498,337.81
Arlington Disposal Site2828246.83
Armstrong World Industries Inc.44121805,675.56
Artistic Cleaners & Drapery1160.00
Ash Grove Cement Company42901,008.15
Ash Grove Cement Company701466,453,314.94
Ashland Sanitary Landfill28282,326.67
Astoria Cleaners111,044.00
Astro Cleaners11100.00
Auditorium Cleaners11418.00
Aviation Exteriors Portland Inc.11250.00
Axtell Landfill28286,569.06
B & F Cleaners1188.00
Baker Sanitary Landfill28287,386.25
Bandon Cleaners11450.00
Bandon Disposal Site2828324.45
Barnes Quality Cleaners11400.00
Bayline Marine Corporation4691,217.80
Bear Mountain Forest Products, Inc.618289,040.20
Beatty Disposal Site28282,919.09
Beau Brummell Drive In Cleaners11342.00
Beaverton Cleaners & Laundry11576.00
Beaverton Fashion Cleaners11384.00
Benchmark Electronics111.00
Bend Demolition Landfill282826,858.27
Bend Plating Inc110.00
Bentwood Furniture, Inc.442,647.00
Best Cleaner110.00
Best Cleaners11275.00
Best Cleaners11348.00
Biomass One, L.P.741601,079,625.55
Black Oak Cleaners11330.00
Black'S Dry Cleaners & Laundry11247.00
Blitz-Weinhard Co.39390.00
Blue Heron Paper Company985971,854,122.84
Bly Disposal Site28282,326.67
Bob'S Dry Cleaners & Laundry11120.00
Boeing Company (The)454818,320.27
Boise Cascade Corporation802403,003,087.66
Boise Cascade Corporation4040652.57
Boise Cascade Corporation854032,430,135.55
Boise Cascade Corporation811812,451,637.08
Boise Cascade Corporation803965,112,867.63
Boise Cascade Corporation90104129,921,041.79
Bonita Pioneer13136,481.15
Borden Chemical Inc.12500.00
Borden Chemical Inc.612124,894.00
Borden Inc424420,068.77
Box Canyon Disposal Site28281,934.28
Bp West Coast Products, Llc1545183,872.57
Bright Cleaners11105.00
Bright Wood Corporation517535,090.00
Bronco Cleaners112,400.00
Brothers Highway Disposal Site28283,729.51
Browns Island Demolition Landfill28281,905.64
Burns / Hines Disposal Site2828960.21
Busybee Cleaners111,001.00
Cambridge Dry Cleaning11342.00
Cambridge Fine Cleaners11825.00
Camco Mfg. Inc.123,945.00
Cameo Cleaners11253.00
Camp Sherman Container Site2828461.64
Campbell'S Cleaners11540.00
Campus Cleaners & Laundry11957.00
Canby Cleaners Inc11456.00
Canby Station Cleaners11650.00
Cannon Beach Disposal Site28281,069.83
Capital Chrome122,160.00
Carlton Company Inc12284.46
Carousel Laundry & Cleaners, Inc11876.00
Carrera Dry Cleaners11498.00
Cascade Cleaners110.00
Cascade Cleaners & Laundry110.00
Cascade Corp.1196.00
Cascade Dry Cleaners11160.00
Cascade General, Inc.69130344,639.14
Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, Inc.482303,122,856.58
Catrick Cleaners Inc11600.00
Cedar Mill Cleaners11416.00
Central Oregon Dry Cleaners111,236.00
Central Point Cleaners11290.00
Certi-Clean Dry Cleaners11559.00
Charles J. Schuler Trust15150.00
Chemical Waste Management Of The Northwest Inc.44165.71
Chemult Disposal Site28282,326.67
Cherry Park Cleaners11924.00
Chevron Products Company67656340,510.69
Chevron Products Company1959159,747.10
Chiquita Processed Foods, L.L.C.4040123.81
Chris & Jessie'S Family Cleaners11390.00
Christmas Valley Landfill2828461.64
City Of Antelope Landfill2828297.54
Clackamas Cleaners11247.00
Clarifier Solids Landfill28281,301.04
Classic Cleaners110.00
Classic Cleaners & Draperies111,632.00
Clean Services Dry Cleaners11472.00
Cleaning Bar The11780.00
Clear Pine Mouldings, Inc.4979290,253.73
Clearwater Landfill282811,420.04
Clines Cleaners1116.00
Co-Gen Co. Llc7684870,105.01
Co-Gen Ii76811,177,004.05
Coastal St. Helens Chemical24420,769.00
Coffin Butte Sanitary Landfill28288,726.28
Coin Laun-Dry11322.00
College Cleaners11275.00
College Square Laundry & Clnrs110.00
Collins Products Llc1005833,041,827.48
Columbia American Plating110.00
Columbia Forest Products, Inc.80219640,970.02
Columbia Laundry & Cleaners11102.00
Columbia Plywood Corp.22890.00
Columbia Ridge Landfill33112.27
Columbia Steel Casting Co. Inc.365,441.00
Condon Landfill2828324.45
Conrad Wood Preserving Co.1222,753.00
Conrad Wood Preserving Co.1233,761.00
Container Management Services Llc434610,705.70
Continental Cleaners113,465.00
Cook'S Cleaners11256.00
Cook'S Cleaners & Launderers11432.00
Coos Bay Lumber Co.2210.00
Coos County Solid Waste Department2036130,817.63
Country Club Cleaners11504.00
Country Coach Inc.1213,135.00
Courtesy Cleaners11247.00
Covanta Marion, Inc.1627761,785.97
Cox'S Dry Cleaners11296.00
Coyote Dry Cleaners11540.00
Craig'S Cleaners, Inc11232.00
Crane Disposal Site2828461.64
Cresent Landfill2828461.64
Crook County Landfill28284,247.10
Crown Cork & Seal Company (Usa), Inc.4658286,452.84
Crown Pacific Limited Partnership76972,786,816.12
Crown Pacific Limited Partnership8812318,336.20
Crown Pacific Limited Partnership74870.00
Crusin Classics414755,848.18
Crystal Cleaners1120.00
Daisy Cleaners & Laundry11456.00
Dallas City Cleaners11200.00
Dayville Landfill2828467.78
Delta Sand & Gravel Landfill282811,420.04
Dewald Northwest Co.5797,260.00
Diamond Disposal Site2828461.64
Diana'S Cleaners11390.00
Diane'S Corner Laundromat11120.00
Division Cleaners11390.00
Dmh, Inc.1010114,076.72
Don'S Cleaners & Laundry11261.00
Doncasters - Ped Mfg. Ltd.361,255.00
Dorman'S One Hour Modernizing11400.00
Down River Forest Products, Inc.110.00
Downtown Cleaners11360.00
Downtown Cleaners & Tailors11120.00
Dr. Cleaners11456.00
Dravon Medical112,000.00
Drew Paints Inc.221,265.00
Drewsey Disposal Site2828461.64
Dry Cleaning Station11342.00
Dry Creek Landfill, Inc.3442100,598.01
Dura Industries, Inc.887,006.64
Dynea Overlays, Inc.69161776,663.06
Dynea Usa Inc.5928,726.00
Dynic Usa Corp.248,800.00
Eagle Foundry Co.562,351.72
East Landfill28286,196.75
East Side Plating #5225.00
Eastman Kodak Company482692,469,675.52
Eastmoreland Cleaners11189.00
Edgewood Cleaners11748.00
Eka Chemicals Inc.24510.00
Elegance Cleaners1160.00
Elegant Dry Cleaners110.00
Elf Atochem North America, Inc.6397969.63
Elk Cleaners & Laundry1150.00
Emerald Forest Products, Inc.7583802,365.19
Empire Cleaners11396.00
Entek International Llc4794282,576.24
Entenmann'S Inc.414162.47
Envirite / Clarion County Landfill28284,050.02
Equilon Enterprises Llc64290,412.68
Esco Corporation56246927,580.88
Esco Corporation4310134,246.55
Esco Sauvie Island282861,118.69
Evanite Fiber Corporation41861,677.10
Evanite Fiber Corporation9126629,489.18
Evergreen Cleaners11348.00
Excellence Laundromat & Dry Cleaners11285.00
Excello Products Inc110.00
Exceltech, Inc.110.37
Express Cleaners11220.00
Family Dry Cleaners11351.00
Farmington Alpine Cleaners11696.00
Farmington Village Laundry & Dry Cleaners1140.00
Fashion Care Cleaners1140.00
Fashion Cleaners11187.00
Fcc Commercial Furniture, Inc.465866,993.61
Fiber-Fab, Incorporated58112,377.29
Fields Disposal Site2828461.64
Finley Buttes Landfill Company515219,225.40
Fiskars Brands/Gerber Legendary Blades Div.221,000.00
Five Star Cleaners11684.00
Five Star Cleaners11804.00
Five Star Cleaners11384.00
Flair Cleaners111,001.00
Fleetwood Travel Trailers Of Oregon, Inc4642,204.20
Fleetwood Travel Trailers Of Oregon, Inc4450,621.80
Flint Ink N.A. Corp.12500.00
Florence Landfill2828248.38
Fmc Foodtech - Allen Sys.110.10
Foothill Sanitary Landfill28281,635.22
Ford Cleaners113,600.00
Ford Cleaners11960.00
Forest Cleaners11800.00
Forest Grove Cleaners11624.00
Forrest Paint Co.13013061217,540.00
Fort Hill Lumber120.97
Fort James Operating Co.237,751.00
Fort James Operating Company10581516,615,569.04
Fort Rock Landfill2828461.64
Fossil Landfill2828359.90
Four Season Cleaner11696.00
Fox Cleaners11180.00
Frank Lumber Co. Inc.7690572,110.21
Franklin Landfill28285,663.14
Franz Bakery6195115.15
Fred Meyer, Inc.62214103.66
Freightliner Corporation6128.97
Freightliner Llc4962588,461.33
Frenchglen Disposal Site2828461.64
Fujimi America Inc.127.00
Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.6295467.07
Gabriel Park Cleaners11171.00
Galvanizers Co.111.00
Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation3978734,498.58
Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation39781,011,917.37
Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation3876390,653.19
Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation39781,379,431.99
Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation3978675,134.77
Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation3978926,604.98
Gateway Cleaners11520.00
Gatx Tank Storage Terminals Corporation8621,325.63
Ge Interlogix Inc.120.22
Ge Interlogix Tualatin126.22
Gem-Top Mfg., Inc.11115,995.11
Georgia-Pacific Corp / Toledo Paper Divis28281,301.04
Georgia-Pacific Corp.91622,645.13
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Eugene Panelboard3517,810.00
Georgia-Pacific Resins, Inc.424458,265.23
Georgia-Pacific Resins, Inc.424914,899.66
Georgia-Pacific Sawmill110.01
Georgia-Pacific Sawmill110.60
Georgia-Pacific West, Inc.120153713,275,212.65
Gina'S Cleaners, Inc1153.00
Glacier Northwest Inc. Front Ave. Ready-Mix Plant110.00
Glacier Northwest Inc. Hillsboro Ready-Mix Plant110.00
Glacier Northwest Inc. Oregon City Ready-Mix Plant110.00
Glacier Northwest Inc. Troutdale Ready-Mix Plant110.00
Glacier Northwest Inc. Tualatin Ready-Mix Plant110.00
Glenbrook Nickel Company945110.00
Glisan Cleaners11171.00
Glisan Street Cleaners110.00
Grants Pass Landfill28284,514.35
Graphics Arts Center4112240.97
Greenway 1 Hour Cleaners1140.00
Gresham Cleaners11308.00
Gunderson, Inc.4367683,807.66
H G Lavelle Landfill28281,260.16
H. J. Heinz Co. L.P. Heinz Frozen Food Div.1148,328.00
Hagen'S One Hour Dry Cleaners11804.00
Haines Landfill2828328.92
Halfway Landfill2828151.06
Halsey Cleaners, Inc11650.00
Hank'S Sanitary Landfill2828735.21
Harper Sanitary Landfill2828222.97
Hayden Island Dry Cleaners & Laundromat11432.00
Hendrix Landfill2828352.46
Hercules Incorporated621164,393.19
Heritage Cleaners11600.00
Hermiston Generating Company, L.P. And P21441,076,293.27
Hewlett-Packard Company70279349.15
Hi Tech Cleaners & Laundry11270.00
Hi-Tech Cleaners1138.00
Hi-Tech Green Cleaners11266.00
Hickory Springs Of California, Inc.398115.61
Highland Cleaners11418.00
Hillison Cleaners11144.00
Hillsboro Cleaners11370.00
Hillsboro Landfill28281,959.15
Hillsdale Cleaners11210.00
Ho'S Independent Cleaners11240.00
Hollywood Cleanery1184.00
Homette Corporation41410.00
Honn'S Clean Living Cleaners11540.00
Hood Center Cleaners1168.00
Hood River Landfill2828177.11
Hubbard Cleaners & Laundromat110.00
Huntington Landfill2828352.46
Hynix Semiconductor Mfg. America Inc.361,898.00
Idatech L.L.C.1210.00
Imacc Corporation131338,094.23
Image X1255.41
Imnaha Disposal Site2828443.54
Imperial Cleaners11585.00
Imperial Paint Co. Inc.443,944.00
Industrial Chrome Plating 110.00
Integrated Device Tech. Inc.3321,757.00
Intel Corp. Ronler Acres Campus5911,743.80
Intel Corporation4416321,803.79
Intelicoat Technologies, Llc479117,009.61
International Paper1005530.00
International Paper Company791660.00
J. H. Baxter & Co.2497,002.20
J. Peterkort & Company59590.00
J. R. Simplot Co. Rivergate Terminal121,457.00
J.C. Cleaners11140.00
J.R. Simplot Company4112116,390.48
Jeld-Wen, Inc.770.00
Jeld-Wen, Inc. Dba Jeld-Wen822941,628,039.66
Jeld-Wen, Inc. Dba Jeld-Wen4811021,645.65
Jim & I Cleaners11456.00
Joe Ney Disposal Site2828461.64
John'S Landing Cleaners11870.00
Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc.12101.72
Johnston'S Cleaners11275.00
Jordan Valley Landfill2828461.64
Juntura Disposal Site2828461.64
Kal Kustom Enterprises48114,907.00
Kanto Corp.24381.00
Keizer Kleaners1140.00
Ken'S Dry Cleaning110.00
Kerby Landfill2828422.95
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P71158110,458.79
King'S Cleaners11160.00
Kings Boulevard Cleaners11924.00
Kingsford Mfg. Co.231,528.40
Kinzua Resources, L.L.C.832470.00
Klamath Falls Landfill28286,889.21
Knott Pit Landfill28289,394.39
Kruse Cleaners1120.00
L. D. Mcfarland Co.3434.71
La Grande / Fox Hill Landfill28282,023.51
Lacamas Labs. Inc.595,910.00
Lake County Landfill28281,307.69
Lake Oswego 1 Hour Cleaners11469.00
Lakeside Reclamation28283,972.50
Lakeview Landfill2828461.64
Lamb-Weston, Inc.40401,336.64
Lambweston Inc.117,780.00
Langell Valley Transfer Station2828461.64
Lanz Cabinet Shop, Inc.4494,680.00
Lebanon Landfill2828261.43
Lee'S 1 Hour Cleaners1120.00
Lee'S Cleaners11336.00
Lee'S One Hour Dry Cleaners11585.00
Lee'S Sunnyside Cleaners11296.00
Leininger Polishing And Plating110.00
Levine'S Cleaners, Inc11420.00
Liberty Cleaners & Laundromat11174.00
Lincoln Cleaners110.00
Linmar Industries, Llc4566162,452.54
Linnton Plywood Association841000.00
Lippert Components Inc.4439.26
Lippert Components Inc.223.22
Logsden Transfer Station And Brush Disp2828324.45
Long Creek Mill Landfill2828461.64
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation82827,253.15
Loxcreen Co. Inc.122.00
Lsi Logic Corp.231,250.00
Luhr Jensen And Sons110.00
Lytle Boulevard Landfill2828480.11
Madrona Hills Dry Cleaners11884.00
Magic Cleaners11200.00
Magic Cleaners11348.00
Main St Cleaners11429.00
Malarkey Landfill28287,661.26
Malarkey Roofing Company4142173.86
Malheur Lumber Co831613,156.80
Malin Landfill28282,326.67
Marble Designs Inc.1211,413.00
Market Place Cleaners11276.00
Marquis Spas618331,912.80
Master Cleaners111,755.00
Master Craft Cleaners110.00
Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc.915415,552.41
Mastercraft Cleaners11195.00
Matsushita Electronic Materials Inc.363,450.00
Max Dry Cleaners110.00
Mcayeal'S Wardrobe Cleaners11996.00
Mcclure Industries, Inc.394149,355.09
Mccoy Creek Landfill2828190.96
Mcdermott Disposal Site2828461.64
Mckenzie Forest Products, Llc59932,720.02
Mcminnville Alpine Drycleaning11900.00
Mcminnville Dry Cleaners11130.00
Medallion Cabinetry Inc.1139,147.00
Medford Plating Inc110.00
Meridian Square Cleaners11700.00
Merix Corp.2410,612.00
Merix Corp.110.03
Merlin Landfill28282,326.67
Metro / St John'S Landfill28288,467.52
Midway Cleaners110.00
Miles Fiberglass & Plastics, Inc.414945,495.32
Miles Fiberglass & Plastics, Inc.414917,893.55
Miller Paint Co. Inc.221,961.00
Milton / Freewater Landfill28283,430.16
Milwaukie Cleaners11100.00
Minuteman Cleaners1198.00
Mission Grain Elevator - Pendleton Grain Mills5524,751.99
Mitchell Landfill2828446.27
Molecular Probes Inc.243,793.00
Monaco Coach - Coburg5558,289.00
Monaco Coach Corp. Springfield1149,036.00
Monaco Coach Corporation4974112,884.37
Monaco Coach Corporation1738525,640.99
Monaco Motor Corporation1012232,927.00
Monument Landfill2828461.64
Moore'S Quality Cleaners11869.00
Morrow Landfill2828136.45
Mt Tabor Cleaners Inc11948.00
Murphy Plywood Co.78154734,103.20
Mutual Materials Co151591,766.80
Myers Container Corporation44490.00
Nabisco Biscuit Company6313838,024.82
New China Laundry & Dry Clnrs11299.00
New Star Cleaners11348.00
New Star Cleaners11348.00
Newberg Landfill2828222.97
Newberg One Hour Dry Cleaning11170.00
Newport Dry Cleaners11616.00
Nimbus Cleaners11638.00
No. 1 Usa Dry Cleaners11390.00
Norge Cleaners West11390.00
North Lincoln Disposal Site28281,499.58
North Marion County Disposal (Ash Monofill)2828486.66
North Spit Landfill28281,301.04
Northern Wasco County Landfill28283,391.58
Northwest Aluminum Company, Inc.5016515,938,693.20
Northwest Pipe Company4157165,234.37
Northwest Pipeline Corp.49118824,763.61
Northwest Pipeline Corporation64125669,024.57
Northwest Pipeline Corporation41165222,245.79
Nu-Way Cleaners11392.00
Oakridge Landfill28281,060.10
Obrist Troutdale Landfill2828218.80
Ochoco Lumber Company7014112,972.17
Ochoco Plaza Cleaners11480.00
Oeco L.L.C.123.47
Ogden Martin Systems Of Marion, Inc.275440,677.59
Ohka America Inc.11487.06
One Hour Martinizing11540.00
Ore / Ida Foods, Inc. Landfill2828362.29
Oregon Cutting Systems 110.00
Oregon Dry Cleaners11319.00
Oregon Health Sciences University8513736,939.06
Oregon Panel Products, Llc812161,283,678.60
Oregon Plating110.00
Oregon Roses, Inc649931.43
Oregon Sandblasting & Coating Inc1146,400.00
Oregon State Correctional Institution5886119.80
Oregon State Penitentiary6499343.96
Oregon State University46260111,345.62
Oregon Steel Mills, Inc.492564,040,475.04
Oregon Trail Cleaners Llc1157.00
Oremet Landfill28281,171.99
Orenco Sys. Inc.115,968.00
Orenco Sys. Inc.111,248.00
Owens Corning112.70
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc.501781,305,741.89
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc. Plant #21248,176.80
Owens-Corning Corporation71300409,084.31
Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation40117164.30
Pacific Cast Technologies, Inc.712176,198.80
Pacific Wood Laminates, Inc.811721,435,247.22
Paisley Landfill2828461.64
Panolam Industries, Inc.42436,078.11
Parkway Cleaners11140.00
Patrick Industries, Inc.776,000.00
Patrick Industries, Inc.770.00
Pbdc Of Lake Oswego Inc110.00
Pcc Structurals Inc. Large Parts Campus482,755.00
Pcc Structurals Inc. Schlosser12500.00
Pcc Structurals Inc. Small Structurals Business Operation3122,265.00
Peacock Drive In Cleaners11900.00
Pearl District Dry Cleaners11264.00
Pendleton Landfill28287,786.76
Perfecto Dry Cleaners& Laundry11588.00
Pilgrim Dry Cleaners11160.00
Pilot Rock Landfill2828461.64
Plasti-Fab Inc.1112,180.00
Plush Landfill2828461.64
Poly Clean Center11165.00
Polymer Sealing Solutions-Orkot Composites1132,981.00
Pony'S Dry Cleaning & Laundromat11840.00
Pope & Talbot, Inc.1024275,679,102.96
Port Of Morrow81882,037.20
Port Orford Disposal Site2828282.52
Port Orford Transfer Station28282,326.67
Portland General Electric Company56106866,109.87
Portland General Electric Company5088338,513.17
Portland General Electric Company9927348,152,027.64
Portland General Electric Company49780.00
Portland Willamette41428,039.27
Powers Landfill2828324.45
Prairie City Landfill2828461.64
Precision Equipment Inc 120.06
Prestige Cleaners111,815.00
Pride Cleaners11380.00
Professional Dry Cleaners1195.00
Progress One Hour Cleaners Llc11161.00
Prospect Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Quadra Chemicals Western Inc. - Portland12500.00
Quality Production Ltd.115.00
Quality Shirts & Laundry1120.00
Quality Veneer & Lumber, Inc.82820.00
R & S Tailors & Cleaners11144.00
Radisys Corp. Dawson Creek122.00
Rahns Sanitary Landfill2828396.28
Raleigh Hills Ii1190.00
Ramseys Cleaners11351.00
Red Door Dry Cleaners11260.00
Reedsport Landfill282811,079.38
Regal Cleaners11117.00
Regional Tire Recovery And Disposal Facility2828362.29
Reynolds Metals Company612051,694.40
Richards Cleaners11900.00
Richland Disposal Site2828461.64
Riley Disposal Site2828461.64
Riverbend Landfill Co.925161,233.55
Riverside Cleaners11810.00
Riverwood International, Inc.5510787,540.94
Robinwood Cleaners & Draperies110.00
Rock Creek Cleaners11945.00
Rockwood Plaza Cleaners1125.00
Rodda Paint Co.71416,973.00
Rosboro Lumber Co.118.10
Rose Cleaners11420.00
Roseburg Cleaners11720.00
Roseburg Forest Products Co.762143,432,107.59
Roseburg Forest Products Co.8024427,511,225.08
Roseburg Forest Products Co.9665012,159,093.96
Roseburg Forest Products Co.802301,222,490.88
Roseburg Landfill282811,243.63
Rosewood One-Hour Dry Cleaners11190.00
Rossman'S Landfill Inc28282,354.51
Royal Cleaners11120.00
Royal Oak Enterprises, Inc.716212,173.59
S.R. Smith, Inc.71069,623.20
Safety-Kleen Sys. (714801)129.00
Salem Airport Disposal Site28284,133.46
Santiam Cleanery11290.00
Sapa Inc. Coatings Div.3612,802.00
Schrock Cabinet Company1118410,968.61
Scientific Developments Inc.000.00
Seamster Cleaners11770.00
Seaswirl Boats, Inc.512793,960.60
Selmet Inc.121,547.00
Seneca Landfill2828461.64
Shamrock Laundry & Dry Cleaning11590.00
Shaniko Disposal Site2828461.64
Shaw'S Fiberglass And Plastics, Inc.2959,821.00
Sherman County Landfill2828352.46
Sherwood & Peacock Cleaners11360.00
Shola'S Quality Plus Cleaners11455.00
Shore Terminals Llc618618,308.14
Short Mountain Landfill282818,483.58
Sierrapine Ltd. Springfield Div.24170,467.00
Sierrapine, A California Limited Partner811192,949,830.02
Silver Lake Landfill2828461.64
Skopil'S Cleaners Drive In111,104.00
Smurfit Newsprint Corporation1004118,072,722.71
Smurfit Newsprint Corporation40552,741.79
Snow'S Cleaners11871.00
Sod House Disposal Site2828461.64
South 80 Landfill2828411.96
South Gilliam County Disposal Site28281,635.22
South Lincoln Landfill28281,776.40
South Stage Landfill28287,770.94
Sparkle Cleaners11407.00
Sparkle Laundry & Dry Cleaning111,111.00
Specialty Polymers Inc.488,167.00
Speedy Bright Cleaners11207.00
Sprague River Disposal Site2828461.64
Spray Landfill28282,326.67
Spring Cleaners11152.00
Springdale Cleaners1156.00
Springfield Cleaners11385.00
St Johns Landfill557,018.40
Star Bright Chrome Plating110.00
States Inds. Inc. Plant 1111.90
Stayton Cleaners11374.00
Steins Wash Haus1180.00
Stewart'S Dry Cleaners Inc11133.00
Stimson Lumber Company77231732,518.86
Strategic Finishing Inc.61212,652.20
Style Cleaner11228.00
Sumco Oregon Corp.361,654.00
Sumco Oregon Corp.246,520.00
Sumco Oregon Corp.367,259.00
Summer Lake Landfill2828461.64
Sun Brite Clothing Care11300.00
Sun Studs Llc94161821,366.52
Sunny'S Dry Cleaners1132.00
Sunnyslope Cleaners11304.00
Sunnyview Cleaners11190.00
Sunset Cleaners11949.00
Sunshine Drycleaners11528.00
Superior Metal Finishing110.00
Surgichrome Inc 110.00
Swan Cleaners11200.00
Swan Cleaners & Tailors1190.00
Swanson Group, Inc.811683,206,281.79
Swiss Cleaners11456.00
Sylvan Cleaners11570.00
Symphony Dry Cleaners110.00
Synthetech Inc.7143,397.80
T.S. Cleaners11670.00
Tarr Inc.10201,942.69
Taylor Lumber & Treating, Inc.8712241.25
Technical Finishes Coatings110.00
Tektronix, Inc.761707,451.63
Thomas Joseph Personalized Dry Cleaning11192.00
Tie'S One Hour Dry Cleaning111,272.00
Tigard Cleaners1190.00
Tigard Main Street Cleaners110.00
Tik Tok Cleaners11276.00
Tillamook County Creamery Association54541,508.70
Tillamook County Landfill28283,814.82
Tillamook Lumber Company771022,415,516.89
Timber Products Co.511461,866,262.17
Tip Top Cleaners11816.00
Tmt-Pathway, L.L.C.772,116,173.00
Tomorrow Cleaners1170.00
Top Dry Cleaners1160.00
Tosco Portland Terminal611840.10
Town Center Dry Cleaners11290.00
Towne & Country Cleaners111,365.00
Towne & Country Cleaners11924.00
Troy Disposal Site2828461.64
Trus Joist Macmillan424714,029.27
Trus Joist, A Weyerhaeuser Bus. (Eugene)612303,266.21
Trus Joist, A Weyerhaeuser Bus. (Jc)46246,800.00
Truss-T Structures Inc.117,221.00
Turner Landfill2828735.21
Tyco Printed Circuit Group Dallas Div.479,163.36
U.S. Army Umatilla Chemical Depot3315.00
U.S. Doe Bonneville Power Admin. Celilo Converter Station116.10
U.S. Forest Industries, Inc.38380.00
U.S. Forest Industries, Inc.4996523,746.40
U.S. Forest Industries, Inc.8816410,577.64
Umatilla Butte Landfill28282,595.59
Umatilla Depot Landfill28283,583.27
United States Gypsum Co.110.60
Unity Landfill2828461.64
Univar Usa Inc. (Foremerly Vopak Usa Inc.)7143,933.00
University Cleaners11150.00
Valet Cleaners11253.00
Valley Landfills, Inc.48120,054.80
Valmont Coatings Pacific States Galvanizing1138.00
Vanity Cleaners11600.00
Velvatone Laundry & Cleaners11184.00
Vernonia Landfill2828151.06
Village Cleaners11540.00
Vogue Cleaners111,469.00
Wacker Siltronic Corp.24935.00
Wah Chang449611,796.59
Wah Chang872895,192,781.96
Walnut Park Cleaners110.00
Wardrobe Cleaners111,260.00
Warrenton Landfill / Stump Dump2828282.11
Wash World Dry Cleaning & Laundromat11720.00
Wauna Mill Landfill2828362.29
Webster Cleaners1145.00
Welded Tube Co. Of America (Dba Ltv - Copperweld)233,522.00
Weldon'S Cleaning Center110.00
West 11th Coin Laundry/Cleaners11300.00
West Linn Paper Company712621,317,310.86
Western Oregon Door Inc.1114,401.00
Western Power Products, Inc.56640.00
Western Structures11750.00
Westgate Cleaners11342.00
Westlake Cleaners11268.00
Westwood Cleaners & Coin Laundry Llc11147.00
Weyerhaeuser Co.12171,203,050.80
Weyerhaeuser Co. Eugene Mdf24241,763.00
Weyerhaeuser Company11811996,636,084.14
Weyerhaeuser Company853531,959,268.33
Weyerhaeuser Company79146664,130.07
Weyerhaeuser Company8281,068,583.60
Weyerhaeuser Company953292,907,066.57
Whiteson Landfill2828122.42
Willamette Dry Cleaners11432.00
Willamette Industries, Coburg33153,400.00
Willamette Industries, Inc79351290,371.40
Willamette Industries, Inc.749520,007.16
Willamette Industries, Inc.330.00
Willamette Industries, Springfield512222,740.00
Willamette Industries, Vaughn8161,104,262.01
Willamette Valley Co.000.00
Willamina Lumber122.41
Willowcreek Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Woodburn Cleaners110.00
World Trade Center Cleaners1120.00
York International Corporation43430.00
Young'S Alpine Dry Cleaners11576.00
Young'S Cleaners11468.00