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Polluters in Oklahoma
251st Street Landfill Inc2828207.50
A & R Landfill28282,965.16
Aaon Inc.125,661.00
Abc Sanitary Landfill2828207.25
Ach Food Cos. Inc. Oklahoma City1120,600.00
Acme Brick Co835489,700.00
Acme Brick Co1828662,461.04
Advance Composites Grp Inc1427,280.00
Advance Research Chemicals Inc.11720.00
Aes Shady Point Llc1810316,943,032.04
Air Prods. & Chemcals Inc.1183.00
Air Sys Components Lp113372,540.00
Aircraft Cylinders Of America Inc.111.00
Altus Municipal Landfill28288,205.09
American Airlines Inc1645549,066.00
American Casting Llc1597137,280.00
American Electric Power Northeastern Station84313121,577,451.98
American Gypsum Co Lp7215541,436.00
Anadarko Gathering Co939902,454.00
Anadarko Gathering Co826369,064.00
Anchor Glass Container Corp8353,082,420.00
Anchor Paint Mfg. Co. Inc.61022,636.00
Anchor Stone Co2106727,718.00
Anr Pipeline Co1036644,142.00
Anr Pipeline Co6131,914,800.00
Apac Oklahoma Shawnee Area12206.28
Apac-Arkansas Inc. Arkhola-Roberts Asphalt12185.57
Apex Composites Inc6636,202.00
Ardmore Landfill / So. Oklahoma Regional Disposal28285,638.94
Arkoma Municipal Landfill2828352.27
Armstrong World Ind Inc1291280,298.22
Assoc Elec Coop Inc1135664,420.00
Athenian Marble Corp.128,959.00
Atlas Roofing Corp.110.28
Atoka Landfill2828187.96
Auto Crane Co.12500.00
Bachman Services Inc.7124,500.00
Baity Screw Machine Prods. Inc.110.32
Bake-Line Group L.L.C.1120,517.00
Baker Petrolite Corp - Barnsdall746556,698.00
Baker Petrolite Corp.111116,382.00
Baldor Elec Co735217,754.00
Barlow Operators Of Tulsa Llc34891,557,669.17
Bartlett Collins Glass91311,585,742.00
Beetle Plastics Llc Midwest Towers Co2933,312.00
Bfi Waste Sys Of Ok Llc (Broken Arrow)1719106,302.00
Bfi Waste Sys Of Ok Llc (Porter Ldfl)7728,428.00
Bibler Bros Lumber Inc91091,540,120.00
Big D Inds. Inc.11462.00
Bizjet Intl92822,420.00
Blaine County S.W. Disp. Auth. Landfill28281,204.78
Blaine County Sw District Authority Landfill28281,013.08
Board Of County Comm. Sanitary Landfill2828433.61
Boeing Co The135048,574.00
Boise City Public Works Authority Lf2828356.51
Boral Bricks Of Texas Lp2026774,723.63
Bp America Production Co448722,864.00
Bp America Production Co580471,280.00
Bp Pipelines North America Inc63242,497,392.00
Bp Pipelines North America Inc6526537,790.00
Bremner Inc.1129,170.00
Brenntag Southwest Inc. Sand Springs121,554.00
Bridgestone/Firestone Na Tire Llc27101398,353.54
Broken Arrow Landfill28284,346.77
Bs&B Safety Sys. L.L.C.2220.00
Builders Steel Co. Inc.115.00
C.R. Horine Sanitary Landfill2828153.48
Calpine Corp937238,756.00
Calpine Pryor Inc951576,320.00
Camrick Gas Processing Llc316487,186.00
Canadian County Sw Disposal Auth Lf28284,457.38
Cantera Natural Gas Inc11961,209,048.00
Cantera Natural Gas Inc4622,382,640.00
Capital Aviation124,085.00
Capitol Steel & Iron Co.2296.70
Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing Inc.114,698.00
Cdr Sys Corp1116,000.00
Ceco Door Prods.1116,192.00
Celestica Corp.117.00
Centerpoint Energy Field Svc927611,840.00
Centerpoint Energy Field Svc414955,640.00
Centerpoint Energy Field Svc717143,560.00
Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Co415624,420.00
Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Co929246,600.00
Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Co1040191,866.00
Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Co49328,100.00
Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Co413450,700.00
Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Co421314,560.00
Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Co4191,787,680.00
Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Co331,800.00
Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Co4974,600.00
Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Co857161,940.00
Centrilift Cable Plant3325.36
Centrilift Pump Plant119,821.00
Cfm Corp.22208.47
Chemcentral/Oklahoma City484,655.00
Cherokee Nation Sanitary Landfill28283,419.23
Chromium Plating Co.3513,421.38
Cimarron Aircraft Corp.123,690.00
City Of Ada Landfill28281,779.85
City Of Alva Municipal Landfill2828227.96
City Of Anadarko Landfill28286,417.43
City Of Bartlesville Landfill28283,897.39
City Of Beaver Sanitary Landfill2828196.07
City Of Broken Bow Landfill28281,039.89
City Of Byars Municipal Landfill2828365.37
City Of Checotah Landfill2828324.45
City Of Claremore Municipal Landfill2828299.50
City Of Clinton Landfill28282,481.41
City Of Coalgate Municipal Landfill2828119.80
City Of Collinsville Landfill #22828210.52
City Of Cordell Sanitary Landfill2828146.45
City Of Eufaula Municipal Landfill2828352.27
City Of Fairfax Landfill2828306.32
City Of Frederick Sanitary Landfill28282,398.45
City Of Geary Landfill28281,267.02
City Of Grandfield Municipal Landfill2828251.77
City Of Guthrie Municipal Landfill2828513.67
City Of Henryetta Sanitary Landfill28281,286.16
City Of Hominy Landfill2828938.96
City Of Hooker Landfill2828251.39
City Of Hugo Municipal Landfill2828219.61
City Of Lindsay Landfill2828543.36
City Of Marietta Municipal Landfill2828377.96
City Of Marlow Landfill28281,309.55
City Of Maud Landfill282840.48
City Of Mcalester Municipal Landfill2828628.09
City Of Miami Municipal Landfill2828207.84
City Of Pawhuska Municipal Landfill2828552.71
City Of Pawnee Sanitary Landfill2828332.37
City Of Prague Municipal Landfill2828221.86
City Of Spiro Landfill2828140.42
City Of Stroud Municipal Landfill2828365.37
City Of Talihina Landfill2828366.65
City Of Thomas Landfill2828338.46
City Of Tipton Municipal Landfill28281,246.28
Clean Harbors Lone Mountain L.L.C. Lone Mountain Facility1111232.00
Cmi Terex Corp1323511,894.39
Cogentrix Energy Inc735688,200.00
Collins Ind Inc667,316.00
Colorado Interstate Gas9541,710,014.00
Comanche 20407,325,311.30
Commercial Brick Corp19841,192,311.22
Commercial Resins33101.00
Cone Solvents Inc.7142,875.00
Conocophillips Co. - Glenpool Prods. Terminal91812,418.93
Conocophillips Ponca City Refinery48155519,832,421.59
Conocophillips Transporation145241,158.00
Conocophillips Transporation423397,738.00
Continental Carbon Co104412,022,593.28
Continental Natural Gas Inc47119,840.00
Continental Natural Gas Inc475,140.00
Contract Mfg Co Cm Trailers413148,720.00
Cp Kelco630232,960.00
Cr Ind Chicago Rawhide61225,180.00
Crane Carrier Co.2313,513.00
Crosby Group Mckissick Plant4617,593.10
Crown Paint Co.363,700.00
Cushing City Of611653,546.00
Davis Sanitation & Landfill Inc28281,922.84
Davis-Frost Inc.121,627.00
Dci Inds. Inc.11271.00
Deepwater Chemicals Inc.242,500.00
Delphi Catalyst8120221,262.00
Delta Faucet Of Oklahoma3624.72
Dewey County Sanitary Landfill2828625.21
Dexter Axle2312,821.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp932694,020.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp924536,660.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp635400,180.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp432661,700.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp416518,260.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp47193,260.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4302,164,780.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp422740,140.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp47232,800.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp428626,790.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp926441,140.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp536538,500.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp9341,850,900.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp10692,940,768.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp48233,300.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp48431,320.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp440508,590.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4866,417,440.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4492,977,260.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp430360,800.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp41190,840.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4301,135,400.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp5511,242,808.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp416558,640.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp47121,960.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp5792,163,940.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp414434,170.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp430604,876.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp529144,210.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp414822,540.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp412742,320.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4461,810,560.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp415193,546.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp926372,300.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp515815,456.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4423,830,834.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp48293,360.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp420609,640.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp418632,120.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp413138,860.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp410124,478.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp9521,375,546.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp920783,680.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp8371,327,820.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp974992,940.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp937517,040.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp941773,710.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp920371,050.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp6744,519,836.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp51794,720.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp9321,124,494.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp10983,856,768.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp920370,228.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp1159831,224.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp9711,785,426.00
Duncan Municipal Landfill28281,740.50
Durant C / D Landfill And Ts2828572.23
Durant Sanitary Landfill28282,270.35
Eagle Rock Energy, Inc1310820,816,894.00
Eagle-Picher Techs. L.L.C. Electro-Optic Materials Dept.2440,700.00
Earthgrains Baking Co Inc1067269,050.00
East Side Sanitary Landfill2828552.71
Eaton Hydraulics Inc.2210.00
Ejiw Ardmore Foundry Inc83663,235,362.00
Elk City Municipal Landfill28284,079.08
Elliott Construction Co Inc Landfill28282,489.36
Empire Castings Inc.1121.00
Enbridge Pipelines (Ozark) Llc4239516,966.00
Enbridge Pipelines (Texas Gathering) Lp738318,370.00
Enbridge Pipelines Kpc51754,334.00
Energy Exchanger Co.11611.00
Enid City Of10104,750.00
Enid Municipal Landfill28283,008.11
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc939461,912.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc920339,230.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc426349,920.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc943329,584.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc941404,956.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc953205,908.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc949379,796.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc934573,622.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc142,260.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc939279,072.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc4528,438.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc81613,046.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc937372,688.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc949299,960.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc936441,620.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc920185,222.00
Enogex Inc421255,616.00
Enogex Inc49147,960.00
Enogex Inc49356,220.00
Enogex Inc431501,786.00
Enogex Inc413994,160.00
Enogex Inc417141,204.00
Enogex Products Corp91332,466,928.00
Enogex Products Corp425342,064.00
Enogex Products Corp877112,156.00
Enogex Products Corp9431,728,764.00
Erick Municipal Landfill2828338.38
Etc Oklahoma Pipeline Ltd627408,242.00
Evans Cushing Inc158776,844.00
Exiss Aluminum Trailers1118,460.00
Explorer Pipeline Co8363167,714.00
Exxonmobil Production Co417330,900.00
Exxonmobil Production Co10901,789,200.00
Exxonmobil Production Co421658,780.00
Exxonmobil Production Co4251,032,432.00
Exxonmobil Production Co411275,180.00
Exxonmobil Production Co419789,900.00
Fiber Pad Inc.115,699.00
Fletcher Gypsum111.00
Flex N Gate Oklahoma Llc1280167,042.00
Formcrete Fiberglass Prods. Inc.129,732.00
Fort James Operating Co2019411,973,609.00
Fort Sill Sanitary Landfill28285,113.33
Franklin Electric110.22
Frontier Plastic Fabricators122,488.00
G&H Decoys Inc5516,892.00
Gabriel Ride Control Prods. Inc.1112,698.00
Gemini Coatings Inc.51030,578.00
General Motors Corp Cpc Group18571,702,454.00
Georgia Gulf Chemicals & Vinyls L.L.C.233,400.00
Georgia-Pacific Gypsum Corp.110.10
Global Stone St Clair Inc8421,155,164.20
Goodwell / Texhoma Landfill Authority2828338.46
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co32120623,453.00
Gowen Landfill Association2828552.71
Grand River Dam Auth7121069,776,640.57
Graphic Electronics1260.00
Great Lakes Carbon Corp86119,950,667.00
Great Plains Ldfl Llc31317,633.19
Green Country Marble118,240.00
Gulfstream Aerospace Technologies125513,422.42
H & L Tooth Co.33179.00
H-I-S Paint Mfg. Co.12500.00
Halcyon Marble Designs Inc6616,384.00
Halliburton Energy Svc76741,048.00
Halls Sanitary Landfill28287,140.86
Hanover Compression L.P.11750.00
Harper County Municipal Landfill2828365.37
Hew Landfill28283,029.03
Hiland Dairy Foods Co.113,300.00
Hitachi Computer Prods. America Inc.111.66
Hobart Municipal Landfill2828363.14
Holcim Us Inc1418118,228,222.82
Hollis Landfill2828337.69
Honeywell Inc71410,240.00
Hydrohoist Intl Inc61717,596.00
Ic Of Oklahoma L.L.C.3320,005.00
Ic Of Oklahoma Llc115645,384.00
Idabel Sanitary Landfill28283,633.82
Imation Enterprises Corp92180,624.00
Imco Recycling Inc.223.00
Interplastic Corp94136,318.00
J & D Landfill28284,548.48
J & G Steel Corp.33505.00
Jetta Corp111661,390.00
Jetta Corp.2250,570.02
John Zink Co. L.L.C.33750.00
Junior Marzett Sanitary Landfill28286,856.38
Jupiter Sulphur L.L.C.122,184.00
Justin Industries1515534,164.98
Kimberly Clark Corp554585,346.00
Kingfisher / Hennessey Landfill28281,042.79
Kiowa Power Partners Llc51548,250.00
Koch Hydrocarbon Lp101091,314,560.00
Koch Nitrogen Co10785,689,176.00
Koch Pipeline Co Lp5582,220.00
Kodak Polychrome Graphics133598,984.00
Kreiman Sanitation Landfill28283,206.96
Kwikset Corp.24755.00
Lafarge Bdlg Materials139110,635,952.00
Laverne Landfill2828289.66
Lawton Landfill28289,708.19
Lemco Enterprises Inc11400.00
Lenard Coble Landfill2828309.83
Limco Airepair Inc.3322,840.00
Link Energy Pipeline Limited Partnership15197,460.00
Link Energy Pipeline Limited Partnership212472,860.00
Link Energy Pipeline Limited Partnership117215,320.00
Link Energy Pipeline Limited Partnership111389,580.00
Lmi Finishing Inc.2414,526.00
Lone Star Ind Inc Dba Buzzi Unicem Usa-Pryor132067,034,943.73
Madill Gas Processing Llc10512,116,080.00
Madill Gas Processing Llc313351,756.00
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc1191158,804.00
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc795387,908.00
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc959218,382.00
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc784128,682.00
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc11108486,746.00
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc9243300,920.00
Mangum Municipal Landfill2828358.85
Mayfield Processing Llc413625,080.00
Mcalester Army Ammunition Plt34356554,408.36
Mcclain County Landfill28283,805.62
Mcclains Of Ok81455,648.00
Mercruiser Div Of Brunswick15132721,542.00
Mertz Inc.221,500.00
Mesa Prods. Inc.115.10
Metzeler Automotive Profile Sys.121,500.00
Miami Rrf824472,006.50
Michelin N America Inc9111478,320.53
Midwest Towers Inc28128,560.00
Midwest Trophy Mfg. Co. Inc.1111.59
Mobil Chem Co2061870,172.00
Moore In America686,720.00
Mound Grove Sanitary Landfill2828352.27
Murray Landfill #12828208.88
Mustang Gas Prod Llc1470346,396.00
Mustang Gas Prod Llc920118,672.00
Mustang Gas Prod Llc1117102,614.00
Mustang Gas Prod Llc91598,516.00
Mustang Gas Prod Llc1023154,086.00
Mustang Gas Prod Llc1130583,198.00
Mustang Gas Prod Llc6896,778.00
Mustang Gas Prod Llc11771,605,626.00
Mustang Gas Prod Llc1046117,168.00
Mustang Gas Prod Llc1142290,662.00
Mustang Gas Prod Llc1033167,168.00
Mustang Gas Prod Llc3632,240.00
Mustang Gas Prod Llc638539,814.00
Nathaniel Energy Corp12802,430,984.00
National Standard Co8102361,120.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America624292,760.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America8221,184,378.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America980835,400.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America51324,340.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America11940.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America524469,438.00
Ngc Inds. Inc.120.50
Nmp Corp.22500.00
Nordam Group Inc9226,078.00
Nordam Group Inc143034,502.00
Nordam Group Inc127733,196.00
Nordam Repair Div.117,038.00
Nordam Transparency Div.-Casting Div.11520.00
Norit Americas Inc7941,819,490.00
Norris Sucker Rods115.00
North American Galvanizing Co. Plant 11110.00
North American Galvanizing Co. Plant 21110.00
Northern Natural Gas Co711225,780.00
Northern Natural Gas Co622226,860.00
Northern Natural Gas Co714176,980.00
Northern Natural Gas Co748887,300.00
Northern Natural Gas Co727343,680.00
Northern Natural Gas Co7271,530,480.00
Northern Natural Gas Co11860.00
Northern Natural Gas Co71844,629,732.00
Northern Natural Gas Co7501,380,144.00
Northern Natural Gas Co7401,075,380.00
Northern Natural Gas Co725683,120.00
Northern Natural Gas Co729640,560.00
Northern Natural Gas Co716303,240.00
Northern Natural Gas Co721703,920.00
Nrg Mcclain Llc525889,182.00
Ok Aaa Pallet Co Inc222,362.00
Ok Environmental Mgmt Auth1169,600.00
Ok Muni Power Auth Ponca City Utility Auth52075,666.00
Ok State Univ658224,724.00
Oklahoma Arcadian Utilities Llc55173,700.00
Oklahoma City Ldfl Llc111187,264.00
Ondeo Nalco Energy Services L.P.36665.40
Oneok Field Svc71119,442.00
Oneok Field Svc945671,860.00
Oneok Field Svc754576,554.00
Oneok Field Svc635736,050.00
Oneok Field Svc859870,116.00
Oneok Field Svc573,948.00
Oneok Field Svc618405,430.00
Oneok Field Svc845441,962.00
Oneok Field Svc738682,078.00
Oneok Field Svc81111,395,080.00
Oneok Field Svc747426,372.00
Oneok Field Svc4561,058,860.00
Oneok Field Svc93256,398,766.00
Oneok Field Svc81263,049,200.00
Oneok Field Svc610328,374.00
Oneok Field Svc410339,100.00
Oneok Field Svc61486,652.00
Oneok Field Svc71186,236.00
Oneok Gas Gathering Llc653815,496.00
Oneok Gas Gathering Llc10521,063,814.00
Oneok Gas Storage Llc980200,994.00
Oneok Gas Transp Llc625368,500.00
Oneok Inc13124770,424.00
Open Molded Plastics Inc1460,000.00
Ordermatic Electronics Corp.2233.50
Owens Brockway Glass Container Inc9431,516,387.20
Ozark Fluorine Specialties Inc. A Delaware Corp.12477.00
Ozark Gas Gathering Llc44278,940.00
Ozark Gas Gathering Llc48188,620.00
Pan Pacific8981,276,972.00
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co452,234.00
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co111072,404,294.00
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co6251,980,906.00
Parks Mfg Co Inc71624,904.00
Parrish Enterprises (Dba Central Machine & Tool Co.)11250.00
Penloyd Llc1215127,480.00
Phillips Research Center16163,584.53
Pinecrest Ldfl Llc101274,544.00
Pittsburg County Landfill28281,051.08
Plains Marketing Lp153127,720.00
Polymer Fabrication Inc3647,275.00
Powersmith Cogeneration Project Lp6171,068,068.00
Prize Energy Resources Inc4921,630,908.00
Producers Coop Oil Mill654589,406.00
Producers Cooperative Oil Mill12196,714.00
Public Svc Co Of Ok3287107,160,440.00
Public Svc Co Of Ok7348,459,140.00
Public Svc Co Of Ok6181,160,540.00
Public Svc Co Of Ok53568,940.00
Public Svc Co Of Ok7475,109,520.00
Public Svc Co Of Ok7277,096,560.00
Quality Finishing Inc1010158,780.00
Quality Plating Of Tulsa Inc10117,906.00
Quarry Sanitary Landfill28284,741.75
Quebecor World963278,808.00
Quebecor World823119,558.00
Questar Gas Mgmt Co923415,020.00
Red Carpet Ldfl Inc6623,326.00
Red Devil Inc5627,520.00
Reef Chemical Co. Inc.24795.00
Regency Gas Svc Llc5161,011,220.00
Reinforcing Services Inc.1110.00
Remington Arms Co. Inc.1131.00
Rexam Beverage Can Co925152,253.00
Riverside 41829,103,891.50
Roberts Landfill28282,069.34
Roll Offs Of Amer1322189,680.00
Roll-Offs Of America22116,957.00
S & H Trailer Mfg. Co. Inc.1112,118.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (612401)125.00
Sala Sanitary Landfill28289,645.83
Sayre Municipal Landfill28281,158.59
Schlumberger Bartlesville Prods. Center48191.00
Schrader Bridgeport Intl112720,372.00
Scissortail Energy Llc937629,954.00
Scott Jewett Truck Line, Inc151595,533.35
Seaboard Farms Inc.1117,680.00
Seminole Solid Waste Management Facility2828596.60
Seminole Transp & Gathering132599,916.00
Shady Point Landfill2828168.85
Shaw Word Inds. Fabricators3370.00
Shaw Word Inds. Fabricators Inc.111.00
Sheffield Steel15862,459,322.00
Shell Creek Landfill28289,121.68
Sinclair Oil Corp2687614,479,594.22
Sinclair Pipeline Co Term879110,774.00
Six / Hart Services & Resources Inc Lf2828552.71
Smith Fibercast64425,732.00
Smith Tool2210.00
Solae Co Llc71271,041,100.00
Solae L.L.C. - Pryor1172.00
Solvay Fluorides Inc.121,264.00
Sooner Land Management Landfill & Ts2828674.16
Sooner Trailer Mfg.111.20
South Central Solid Waste Authority Lf2828476.76
Southeast Landfill / All American282829,388.26
Southern Oklahoma Regional Dspl1137,200.00
Southern Oklahoma Waste Disposal Auth.28284,227.28
Southern Plains Landfill28283,405.70
Southern Star Ctl Gas Pipeline Inc813217,662.00
Southern Star Ctl Gas Pipeline Inc372,806.00
Southern Star Ctl Gas Pipeline Inc31213,022.00
Southern Star Ctl Gas Pipeline Inc423887,838.00
Southern Star Ctl Gas Pipeline Inc241,220.00
Southern Star Ctl Gas Pipeline Inc415618,422.00
Southern Star Ctl Gas Pipeline Inc41349,662.00
Southwest United Ind124722,616.00
Southwest Wood Processing Inc112168,912.00
Southwestern 411646,886,091.96
Southwestern Wire Inc.112.40
Spectrum Field Svc Inc737573,540.00
Spectrum Field Svc Inc72165,312,936.00
Spectrum Field Svc Inc749501,836.00
Spectrum Field Svc Inc624228,500.00
St Gobain Containers Llc8663,117,898.00
Stillwater Power14986.00
Sulzer Chemtech4484.00
Sundowner Trailers9924,132.00
Sunoco Inc187038,815,610.00
Sunoco Pipeline Lp511203,340.00
Sunoco Pipeline Lp529275,102.00
Sunoco Pipeline Lp512197,950.00
Sunoco Pipeline Lp41576,562.00
Sunoco Pipeline Lp51177,490.00
Sunoco Pipeline Lp2717,590.00
Sunoco Pipeline Lp51168,238.00
Sunoco Pipeline Lp3974,860.00
Sunoco Pipeline Lp521508,030.00
Sunoco Pipeline Lp511390,770.00
Sunoco Pipeline Lp51735,120.00
Sycamore Gas Sys1229306,532.00
Talala Landfill28282,965.16
Teppco Crude Pipeline Lp1746,140.00
Terex Corp. Unit Rig Div.11300.00
Terra Nitrogen Ltd Partnership9643,882,560.00
Terra Nitrogen Ltd Partnership8757,238,542.00
Texoma Truck Bodies Inc91017,360.00
Therma Tru Corp818178,340.00
Thrall Trinity Freight Car Inc5714,646.00
Timberland Gathering & Processing Co101272,245,776.00
Tinker Afb Us Air Force Logistics Ctr385191,615,905.00
Total Petroleum Inc6145289,540.00
Town Of Weleetka Municipal Landfill2828352.27
Tpi Petroleum Inc253485,346,045.27
Transwestern Pipeline Co51615,500.00
Trigen Ok District Energy Corp741157,376.00
Trigen Tulsa Energy Corp998558,648.00
Trinity Inds. Inc.36692.14
Trinity Inds. Inc. Plant 2711250.00
Tucker Techs. Inc.112.25
Tulsa 41821,200,793.93
Turpin Refined Prods. Terminal5105,238.00
Tuscarora Inc9129,146.00
Tyson Foods Inc. Broken Bow Processing Plant1134,900.00
Tyson Foods Inc. Stilwell1113,000.00
U.S. Army Fort Sill Field Artillery Center112,245.60
Unit Parts Co.110.03
Univar Usa7141,587.00
Universal Compression Inc.11250.00
University Of Ok628217,088.00
Upco Inc.3312.00
Us Gypsum Co5243428,328.00
Us Silica Co616339,800.00
Us Silica Co24196,800.00
Valmont Coatings Oklahoma Galvanizing126.00
Ve Enterprises1313355,605.00
Visteon Tulsa Field Plt9536,179,178.00
W&W Steel Co91291,668.00
Walters Landfill282827,935.45
Waste Connections Inc3436221,185.60
Waste Connections Inc111116,414.00
Waste Mgmt Of Ok3340133,195.68
Waste Mgmt Of Ok141415,080.00
Waste Mgmt Of Ok162596,060.00
Waterloo Ind Inc1276176,460.00
Waynoka Sanitary Landfill282811.72
Weatherford Artificial Lift Sys. Inc.1112.00
Webco Inds. Inc. Southwest Tube Div.220.24
Western Farmers Elec Coop38117661,479.50
Western Farmers Elec Coop7314028,397,758.32
Western Farmers Elec Coop441161,177,972.42
Western Gas Resources Westana Inc1034619,020.00
Western Gas Resources Westana Inc10712,204,320.00
Western Gas Resources Inc101251,965,820.00
Western Gas Resources Inc10311,467,180.00
Western Gas Resources Inc5271,409,000.00
Wetumka Landfill2828244.32
Weyerhaeuser - Valliant3948929,579,975.54
Weyerhaeuser - Wright City241252,510,130.00
Wilburton Landfill2828276.38
Willingham Landfill2828787.81
Wolverine Tube Inc6672,411,134.00
Woodward County Landfill28282,319.92
Woodward Iodine Corp.2288.00
Ww Trailer Mfg & Sales10107123,654.00
Wynnewood Refining Co2768910,287,717.70
Xerox Corp145783,622.00
Yuba Heat Transfer33181.00
Zapata Inds. Inc.239,080.00
Zinc Corp. Of America2329.00