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Polluters in Ohio
Ford Motor Company, Cleveland Casting Plant1007797,751,337.22
Akron Thermal Energy Corporation944186,176,177.56
Cincinnati Machine Div. Unova I.A.S.925831,170,626.79
University Of Cincinnati833101,545,431.43
City Of Hamilton Department Of Public Utilities813144,513,310.45
Avon Lake Power Plant80234132,618,134.62
Dp&L, O.H. Hutchings Generating Station7966819,101,213.07
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., Ashtabula Pla7933324,554,921.87
Dp&L, J.M. Stuart Generating Station77536347,248,059.13
R. E. Burger Plant7739086,550,985.53
Youngstown Thermal772482,654,563.67
Toledo Edison Co., Bay Shore Power Plant7734848,340,253.50
Conesville Power Plant77658334,879,963.99
Appleton Papers, Inc.761834,353,613.55
Waste Technologies Industries759013,770.06
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., Lake Shore Pl751349,364,161.48
Miami University752251,157,498.00
Smart Papers - Hamilton Mill752085,056,319.97
Ohio University Lausche Heating Plant742802,792,922.89
Dp&L, Killen Generating Station7415358,427,046.76
Cinergy Cg&E Wc Beckjord Station74614186,733,182.67
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co., Wm. H. Zimmer7414693,138,321.78
Oberlin College741761,026,036.85
Denison University74150407,940.49
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., Eastlake Pla74388184,116,623.27
W. H. Sammis Plant74560382,822,785.55
Cardinal Power Plant (Cardinal Operating Company)74355204,533,970.29
Cinergy Corp Miami Fort Station74496214,405,529.67
Ohio Valley Electric Corp., Kyger Creek Station74522207,614,602.18
Gavin Power Plant74233166,370,530.38
Delphi Chassis Systems, Kettering74288392,818.64
Chillicothe Correctional Institution742411,142,341.99
Picway Power Plant7410423,551,413.32
Medical College Of Ohio At Toledo74355704,150.20
Ross Incineration Services, Inc.74110302,728.15
The Timken Company - Bearing Plants746991,778,270.62
Muskingum River Power Plant74492293,761,109.42
Niles Plant7315447,666,634.42
College Of Wooster73102157,394.67
Department Of Public Utilities, City Of Orrville,733324,109,265.97
Shelby Municipal Light Plant733099,422,223.20
United States Enrichment Corporation722775,529,132.80
R. H. Gorsuch Station7260576,067,792.69
Dover Municipal Light Plant721044,849,252.91
Us Dod Wright-Patterson Afb Oh723642,787,901.36
Noveon, Inc.711022,124,473.90
City Of St. Marys Power Plant701593,791,087.87
Mw Custom Papers Llc - Chillicothe Mill6830763,060,145.20
Painesville Municipal Electric Plant6837611,649,949.96
Rock-Tenn Company, Mill Division, Inc.6775703,829.83
The Medical Center Company672445,012,995.36
Delphi Interior & Lighting Systems, Columbus Opera67206667,400.15
Delphi Chassis Systems - Sandusky Operations67210782,341.52
Central Soya Company - Delphos671083,635,225.63
Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant65170933,998.17
Southerly Wastewater Treatment Center65211381,926.95
Mill Creek Wwtp632011,186,416.28
Shut D - National Refractories And Minerals Corp5994441,479.41
Stone Container Corp.- Coshocton58711,296,002.95
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc. (Circleville)5877277,244.29
Advanced Organics571241,089,971.23
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc, Canton Refinery574363,954,866.73
Kraton Polymers U.S. Llc564572,726,951.06
The Lubrizol Corporation56322271,702.46
Isg Warren Inc.542341,697,818.84
Honda Of America Manufacturing, Inc.533414,009,234.88
Bp Products North America Inc5355111,328,841.84
Ford Motor Company - Ohio Assembly Plant528291,807,120.89
The Procter And Gamble Co.522306,252,015.61
Isg Cleveland Inc.5250648,474,126.58
Ak Steel Corporation51111267,906,586.24
Dominion Cleveland Thermal Inc501892,910,654.59
Ppg Industries - Delaware5064391,401.40
Basf Corporation, Coatings And Colorants50184409,995.69
Cincinnati Specialties, Inc.50153750,990.07
The Lubrizol Corporation - Wickliffe Facility503271,325,556.91
Honda Of America, East Liberty Plant491141,217,106.18
General Electric Aircraft Engines, Evendale Plant493381,167,604.92
Daimlerchrysler Corp4910731,412,704.65
Gmc Powertrain Div.4812964,796,090.85
Anheuser-Busch Columbus Brewery483861,101,371.82
Dominion - Groveport Compressor Station4797764,797.86
Ormet Aluminum Mill Products Corporation471069560,877.67
Dominion Resources Services Inc471371,146,992.50
Dominion Transmission Inc471381,013,744.01
Solvay Advanced Polymers Llc47346645,959.65
Continental Tire North America47176427,441.63
Republic Storage Systems Company, Inc46248510,064.30
Sun Company, Inc.4632125,229,431.67
Daimlerchrysler Corp463061,094,889.14
The Ohio State University46322929,292.46
Columbus Steel Drum4659360,958.14
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation - Martins Fe461991,839,393.87
Miller Brewing Company461244,082,245.36
Mosinee Holdings, Inc.462392,154,780.48
Ford Motor Co.-Lima45254864,553.06
Sonoco Products Company4553747,675.80
Noveon Hilton Davis Inc.4563921,294.66
Republic Engineered Products, Inc4547229,154,364.05
Campbell Soup Company451677,784,338.58
Cargill Incorporated451923,222,756.96
Ormet Primary Aluminum Corp.4539347,162,733.86
Wci Steel, Inc.45687117,789,752.04
Whirlpool Corporation - Clyde Division45149508,970.18
Republic Engineered Products Llc441455,054,323.80
Morton Salt Division Of Morton International, Inc.441431,457,331.02
Hollinee Llc Dba Hollinee Glass Fibers44138430,342.66
Lucas Compressor Station441311,058,481.63
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation - Steubenvil4460476,113,664.22
R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company44311518,325.95
Owens Corning443345,920,290.86
Edgewater Plant4376614,644.96
Titanium Metals Corporation43331550,936.41
Ak Steel Corporation431153,903,315.71
Thomson, Inc.431453,069,285.31
Eaton Inoac Co43351546,627.63
The Timken Company - Steel Plants43132611,962,054.23
Gm Nao/Scg Lordstown Assembly42754,331,437.10
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc4253327,593.14
Goodyear Tire And Rubber Company421151,230,637.93
G. A. Wintzer & Company4186666,521.34
Morgan Adhesives Company (Mactac)4163456,997.01
Rexam Beverage Can Company41234578,257.72
Alcoa Building Products, Inc41280479,683.85
Libbey Glass Inc.412051,335,493.95
Royster Clark Inc4144468,400.13
Metal Container Corporation41611,010,348.85
Steelcraft Mfg. Co.4048301,275.50
Ge Quartz, Inc. Willoughby Plant4051401,094.54
V & M Star401481,200,257.90
Owens Corning, Medina Plant401561,636,181.28
Stolle Products, A Division Of American Trim L.L.C40182242,271.23
Globe Metallurgical Inc.39691,327,044.26
Glen-Gery Corp. Iberia Plant3651691,327.28
Ironrock Capital, Inc.36189569,009.13
Stark Ceramics, Inc.3535178,876.14
Lafarge/Systech Environmental Corp.351222,398,938.37
Premcor Refining Group3528814,398,768.48
Bp Chemicals, Inc.3522911,074,345.98
Toledo Edison Co., Richland Substation32109295,193.70
West Lorain Plant32278591,704.84
City Of Toledo, Division Of Water Reclamation311521,543,418.93
National Lime & Stone Company29130594,565.11
Crawford County Sanitary Landfill District 128286,886.16
City Of East Liverpool Landfill282816,449.79
Wilmington Landfill28281,489.58
Boyas Excavating C&D Landfill28282,437.46
Nicky Boulevard Landfill28286,014.90
Cleveland Land Developmnt / Harry Rock Lf2828324.45
Norton Environmental Landfill282818,946.12
City Of Brooklyn Landfill28286,789.94
City Of Westlake Landfill282848,110.40
Cuyahoga Regional (Inland) Slf282838,372.52
Glenwillow Sanitary Landfill28285,781.32
Solon Municipal Landfill282861,058.16
Defiance County Landfill282814,772.51
City Of Delaware Landfill28283,726.20
Erie County Landfill282812,002.66
Bedford #1 Sanitary Landfill2828119.62
Fayette County Landfill28284,229.51
Avon Lake Landfill28287,786.76
Cherokee Run Landfill282828,648.49
Lake Refuse Company Landfill28287,140.86
Lake County Recycling & Disposal Lf282830,943.73
Lake County Solid Waste Landfill282815,876.89
City Of Willoughby Landfill28281,635.22
Henry County Landfill28284,349.81
Hancock County Sanitary Landfill282810,710.44
Environmental Sandy Township Landfill28281,635.22
Martin Landfill2828279.97
Huron County Landfill2828461.64
Knox County Landfill28284,125.11
Crossridge Landfill28286,520.28
Franklin County Landfill282866,646.13
Village Of Cedarville Landfill2828170.65
Gallia County Sanitary Landfill28284,465.67
City Of Xenia Landfill2828289.41
Rumpke Sanitary Landfill2828148,372.86
Ottawa County Landfill28289,907.08
Noble County / Westland Landfill28282,380.29
South Suburban Recycling & Disposal Facility282827,778.69
Pike Sanitation Landfill28284,011.95
Atwater Landfill282813,863.88
Triangle Landfill28287,786.76
Miller City Landfill28284,514.35
Preble County Landfill28282,784.48
Willowcreek Landfill (New Site Uc)282895,211.46
A & B Refuse Disposers Inc Landfill28287,140.86
Marion City Demolition Landfill28284,346.86
Mahoning Landfill Inc28284,762.42
Austin Recycling Landfill282814,242.21
County Land Development (Cld) Lf28283,514.27
Hoffman Road Sanitary Landfill282833,928.65
King Road Landfill & Transfer Station282823,898.56
Statewide Landfill28289,233.43
American Landfill & Tire Monofill282897,329.27
Seneca East Landfill282811,628.23
San Lan Landfill28283,315.73
Hardy Road Landfill28284,641.95
Bigfoot Run Landfill282858,121.37
Kimble Sanitary Landfill282890,491.16
Allied Landfill28285,924.04
Mount Eaton Landfill282812,723.98
Wood County Landfill28286,061.79
Duck Creek Landfill28285,014.14
Wyandot Sanitary Landfill/County Environmental28287,868.53
National Lime & Stone Co. - Carey28295490,210.39
Evergreen Recycling & Disposal Lf282826,310.21
Rossford Landfill2828261.43
Ashland County Landfill28285,535.86
Wmi-Geneva Landfill282829,795.04
Adams County Landfill28281,152.42
Wapakoneta Landfill2828297.54
St. Marys Landfill28287,350.11
Athens / Hocking (Kilbarger) Landfill282814,593.27
Georgetown Landfill282823,543.69
City Of Middletown Landfill2828834.91
Carroll County Landfill28282,142.26
East Fairfield Coal Company2788364,981.09
Weaver Compressor Station25981,116,216.80
Ppg Industries, Incorporated2533162,846.46
Texas Eastern Transmission Lp - Somerset231352,438,721.52
Texas Eastern Transmission - Lebanon231351,753,331.32
Texas Eastern Transmission Lp - Athens2392738,786.93
Crystal Tissue Company21361,054,316.53
Wabash Alloys, Llc212161,070.24
Lincoln Electric Company (The)202716,683.17
Shelly Materials, Inc.1938571,802.99
Cognis Corp191396,536,277.68
Holmes Compressor Station1881585,767.59
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Station 209182865,878,442.72
Crawford Compressor Station182522,933,333.98
Anr Pipeline Company181943,780,831.50
L. Gray Barrel & Drum Company18322.59
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.185914,211,641.22
Sunoco Inc (R&M)181633,097,203.02
Pavonia Compressor Station181141,485,091.34
Tennessee Gas Pipline- Station 214182862,531,638.46
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Station 204182672,500,520.41
Chemtron Corp.17202,434.00
Aztec Peroxides Inc16161,654.22
Logan Clay Products16211184,237.07
Nasa John H. Glenn Research Center At Lewis Field167934.18
Gsx Chemical Services161620,354.72
East Ohio Gas Company - # 2 Works Station16963,065.56
Ak Steel - Zanesville Works16831,778,674.78
General Motors Corporation - Moraine Assembly16401,652,479.04
East Ohio Gas - Robinson Station1690663,424.85
Rmi Titanium Co. Sodium Plant161622,904.93
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co., Woodsdale Station1696370,133.48
Univar Usa Inc. -Cincinnati Branch15297,735.00
Summitville Tiles, Inc.156084,576.12
General Clay Products Corp1530222,568.74
Honda Of America Mfg. Inc. Anna Engine Plant152689,886.01
Seneca Tiles, Inc.157521,126.91
Denman Tire Corporation1531973,029.31
Belden Brick Co153901,084,671.90
Belden Brick Co151588,000.26
Belden Brick Co1515127,486.98
Superior Clay Corp1564575,091.27
Stone Creek Brick Co1545120,187.12
Belden Brick Co1530123,268.84
Richland Moulded Brick Co151525,681.01
Certainteed Corporation1545241,401.48
Ibstock, Plc (Glen-Gery Corp)1530451,985.75
General Clay Products Corp156042,459.27
Summitville Tiles, Inc.1560153,743.64
Alcoa-Cleveland Works15287,055.25
General Clay Products Corp1545109,058.68
London Tile Company151568.48
Clay City Pipe1515113,338.85
Clay City Pipe1515102,724.03
Honeywell Intl. Inc.14273,679.03
East Ohio Gas - Chippewa Station14571,496,481.26
Eramet Marietta, Inc.14403,607,742.61
Caraustar Industries, Inc.14461,385,194.54
Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, Inc. - Plant 2149479,875,819.51
Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, Inc. Plant #I149419,096,868.70
Gmc Scg Lordstown Assembly1325595,368.33
Alsco Acquisition Corp1334399,015.01
Glidden Co.132521,708.00
Hukill Chemical Corp.132626,794.00
Ak Steel-Coshocton Works1285643,674.13
Emd Chemicals Inc.121911,125.40
Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corporation12221,657,100.85
Bayer Polymers Llc121211,662,914.99
Cinergy Miami Fort Generating Station12195,619,432.10
North Star Bhp Steel L. L. C.127221,373,325.76
Gm Wfg Moraine Utilities Group122742,893.40
Burnham Foundry11105728,002.00
Delphi Chassis Systems, Home Avenue113078,557.50
Medcentral Health System, Mansfield Hospital11112,383.79
Trumbull Memorial Hospital1111798.80
Degussa Engineered Carbons Lp11514,418,645.16
Stericycle, Inc. (Formerly Bfi Medical Waste, Inc.)11111,657.71
Fisher-Titus Medical Center1111227.05
Knox Community Hospital1111105.78
Greenfield Crematory (Foresight Family Service)11112.10
Sherwin-Williams Co.112225,119.00
Chemical Solvents Inc. Denison Facility11204,297.00
Johns Manville International Inc. - Defiance Plant11992,410,983.01
Fairfield Medical Center (Formerly Lancaster-Fairfield Community Hospital)1111574.13
International Truck And Engine Corporation1146254,413.00
Fraser Papers, Inc. West Carrollton Mill10200.00
Johns Manville International, Inc. - Plant 3101721,698,595.00
Ferro Corporation - Cleveland Frit Plant1052446,613.24
Cemex, Inc.104210,013,535.63
Sauder Woodworking1098638,448.70
The Stearns Technical Textiles Company1030238,590.15
Cargill, Incorporated - Salt Division (Akron, Oh)10584,379,498.84
Cargill, Incorporated10652,008,096.80
Morton Intl. Inc.10186,137.00
Sunoco Partners M&T - Dayton Terminal102840,066.16
Marion Steel Company10241,983,075.96
Johns Manville International, Inc. / Plant #01 - W10481,121,545.00
Dmax Ltd.91015,028.00
Delphi Chassis Systems, Vandalia92939,888.30
Graymont Dolime (Oh), Inc.9663,836,102.75
Univar Usa Inc.9182,775.00
Indalex Aluminum Solutions-Girard Plant974247,866.01
Gmc Mfd - Lordstown Metal Fab992,330.30
Sherwin-Williams Co.9179,828.00
Evans Columbus L.L.C.9186,854.00
Lorain Tubular Company Llc986654,876.20
Ge Logan Lighting Plant9382,076,485.60
Ashland Distribution Co.9187,456.00
Clow Water Systems Company9521,193,749.28
Ferro Corp. Walton Hills Ops.9185,341.00
Zf Batavia Llc947475,468.00
Premcor Refining Inc. Lima Refy.91496,321.00
Dtr Industries Incorporated8100739,960.00
Trutec Industries, Inc.815462,486.00
Sunoco - Cleveland Terminal8163,617.10
Johns Manville International, Inc.81112,448,479.99
Buckeye Steel Castings Co.81110,372.00
Arvesta Corp.81551,025.00
Techneglas, Inc.8101,973,817.99
Warren Metal Lithography - Penn Wheeling Closure836115,485.00
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Akron Technical Center814343,715.23
Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties Inc.8686,975,686.06
Carmeuse Lime Inc Millersville Operations8204,706,968.10
Mill'S Pride Ptnr.81516,196.30
Owens Brockway Glass Containers - Plant #128291,475,120.02
Onyx Environmental Services81219,225.90
Ford Motor Co. Lorain Assembly Plant81319,795.00
Sunoco Toledo Terminal8168,360.45
Mt Picture Display Of America (Ohio)821253,015.00
Whirlpool Corp. Marion Div.7261,083,458.00
Medina General Hospital77962.23
Perma-Fix Of Dayton, Inc.72138,240.00
Citgo Petroleum Corp.7136,294.00
Rexam Beverage Can Co793621,053.00
Johns Manville - Waterville 0775232,535,425.98
Envirosafe Services Of Ohio Inc.713584.51
Carmeuse Ohio, Inc. - Maplegrove Lime Plant7175,825,295.57
Sunoco Akron Terminal7141,269.00
Ppg Inds. Inc. Barberton71335,295.00
Sunoco Columbus Terminal7131,692.37
Yenkin-Majestic Paint Corp.71216,375.90
Holzer Medical Center77421.37
Kraftmaid Cabinetry Plant 1776,872.00
Ashland Petroleum Co., Cincinnati Terminal Dock.782,108.05
Aexcel Corp.7719,045.00
Very Dennison Fasson Roll N.A.71171,362.00
Avery Dennison - Bldg. 771432,347.00
Engelhard Corp.7143,010.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. Inc.71249,448.00
Chemical Solvents - Jennings Facility7132,390.00
Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.7133,576.00
Ford Motor Company - Cleveland Engine Plant 177201.27
Kraftmaid Cabinetry - Orwell7710,873.00
Elkem Metals Company7274,797,033.45
Pcs Nitrogen Of Ohio L.P.692,574,300.00
General Electric Aircraft Engines: Peebles Facilit648949,620.00
Ltv Steel Company, Inc.616735,420.01
Shepherd Color Co.612345.30
Ae Staley Mfg Co.622134,660.00
Mingo Junction Energy Center, Llc624876,560.00
Stony Hollow Recycling And Disposal Facility67381,460.00
Bp Cleveland Terminal6111,652.00
Greenville Technology, Inc.6946,529.00
Bp Columbus Terminal6111,876.00
Anchor Hocking Glass Co.6501,770,640.00
Clevite Elastomers61264,813.20
American Brass Manufacturing Company660.38
Cleveland Public Power - Collinwood Substation6622.92
Cleveland Public Power - Service Center61259.95
Hydraulic Press Brick6141,981,999.98
Morton Intl. Inc.6795,111.00
Tenneco Automotive61051,847.00
Avery Dennison Corp. - Specialty Tape Div.61234,173.00
Bp Prods. N.A. Inc. Cincinnati Terminal6112,103.00
Isp Chemicals Inc.6126,939.00
Franklin Intl.61235,142.00
Ashland Distribution Co.6129,372.00
Bp Canton Terminal6111,127.00
Bp Prods. N.A. Inc. Tiffin Terminal6111,093.00
Bp - Niles Terminal6111,376.00
Dover Chemical Corp.6112,738.00
Crown Cork & Seal Co. (Usa) Inc.6722,300.00
Bunge North America (East) Llc6311,183,763.00
Astro Coatings Inc.61261,344.00
Du Pont Toledo Plant6124,995.00
Abtco A Louisiana Pacific Corp69287,683.00
Plasti-Kote Inc.61118,760.00
Dap, Inc.61318,255.00
Bp Dayton Terminal6111,682.00
Delphi Chassis Systems, Wisconsin Blvd61735,920.00
Omnova Solutions Inc.61112,229.00
Kenworth Truck Company537342,255.00
Smithers-Oasis U.S.A.520534,944.00
Neaton Auto Products Manufacturing, Inc.512154,395.00
Bp Prods. N.A. Inc. - Toledo Terminal5101,194.00
Two Wastewater Treatment Unit51018,843.00
Belden Brick Co. Plant 855264,383.00
Ellwood Engineered Castings587,658.07
Thomas Steel Strip Corp.5714,225.00
Nova Chemicals (Usa) Inc.5108,857.00
The Ohio Oil Gathering Corp. Wharf.5515,279.62
Vanguard Paints & Finishes Inc.5511,031.00
Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. L.P.51037,350.00
Charter Steel - Risingsun551,700.53
Norplas Inds. Inc.5928,843.00
The Budd Company Plastics Division, North Baltimor510406,841.99
Eliokem Inc. Akron Plant5712,374.00
Rutgers Organics Corp.5106,222.00
Kalcor Coatings Co.5514,200.00
Bp - Lorain Terminal5101,140.00
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corporation5131,264,725.01
Ohio Frame Plant553,934.00
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. Mingo Junction596,577.00
Sifco Forge Group, Incorporated51395.56
Hi Tech Metal, Incorporated Bmt5516,855.10
American Standard Inc.5621,154.00
Florida Production Eng.51011,239.00
Johns Manville Plant 85101,861,371.20
Yusa Corp.5521,004.00
Tool-Die Engineering Company (Tde Group, Incorporated)553,962.19
North Coast Container512348,659.01
Dp&L Monument Substation55580.00
Ohio Edison Co. Mad River Plant51024,600.00
Dp&L Tait Generating Station535132,960.00
Miami Valley Hospital5546,540.00
Corning Incorporated - Greenville55135,600.00
Piqua Municipal Power System52528,680.00
Dp&L Yankee Street Generating Station55400.00
Central Soya Co. - Bellevue5592,256,699.96
Delphi Chassis Systems, Needmore Road511102,960.00
A.O.Smith Electrical Products Co.518623,380.00
Dp&L Energy Greenville Generating Station540306,680.00
Equilon Lima South Terminal5106,226.00
Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.51013,708.00
Iten Inds. Inc. Plant 14516,071.00
Plasticolors Inc.453,037.00
Ge Lighting Inc.471,020.30
Trinity Inds. Inc.44506.42
Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals L.L.C.487,883.00
Maraton Oil Co. Lima Oh Terminal487,383.00
Superior Solvents & Chemicals473,253.00
Bondo Corp.473,894.00
Huron Lime Company4141,225,920.01
National Lime And Stone Company - Carey, Oh Lime P422497,200.00
Marsulex, Inc.4121,164,140.01
Tremco Inc. Mameco Div.485,638.43
Marathon Oil Co. Brecksville Oh Terminal483,186.00
American Colors Inc.471,258.26
Visteon Sandusky Plastics Plant410265,869.00
Quaker City Castings Inc.482,131.00
Gmc Metal Fabricating Division -- Parma Plant41136.64
Southwest General Hospital (Southwest General Health Center)41096.74
Techmetal, Incorporated; Modern Steel Treating461.61
Environmental Enteprises Inc.47670.00
Bway Mfg. Inc.48132,485.00
Whirlpool Corp. Findlay Div.4841,941.00
Avery Dennison - Building 645119.00
Avery Dennison - Building 114830,871.00
Osi Sealants Inc.4818,447.00
Harrison Ironworks473,240.00
Hercules - Port Plastics48194.00
Hunting Indl. Coatings443,224.00
E.I. Du Pont Fort Hill Plant443,200,500.00
Georgia-Pacific Resins Inc.469,835.00
Marathon Oil Co. Columbus Oh Terminal(E&W)485,128.00
Capital Resin Corp.487,349.00
Sia Adhesives Inc.4747,227.00
Envirite Of Ohio Inc.47541.20
U.S. Chemical & Plastics Inc.454,844.00
Pcc Airfoils L.L.C.476,223.00
Ashland Distribution Co.47424.00
Akron Paint & Varnish Inc.4423,760.00
Honeywell Autolite Plant4411,900.00
Union Spring & Mfg. Scioto Div.44324.80
Allegheny Ludlum Corp.44755.00
Harsco Co. Heckett Multiserv Plant 2245380.00
Timken Co. Harrison Steel Plant443,936.00
J & L Specialty Steel L.L.C.44159.00
A.R.E. Inc.4824,131.00
Cooper-Standard Automotive48105,250.00
Dana Coupled Prods.4498.00
Ferro Corp.4898.00
Alcan Aluminum Corp.48138,149.00
Cleveland Steel Container Corp. Niles483,550.00
Arizona Chemical487,611.00
Belden Brick Co. Plant 64448,769.40
Marathon Oil Co. Lebanon Oh Terminal484,192.00
Marathon Oil Co.Youngstown Oh Terminal481,240.00
Marathon Oregon Oh Terminal483,622.00
Spectrum Metal Finishing Inc.4882,300.00
Textileather Corp.48483,720.00
Showa Aluminum Corp. Of America4792,403.10
Troy Laminating And Coating Inc.413138,434.00
Goodrich Aircraft Wheels & Brakes481,022.00
Deltech Polymers Corp.4826,572.00
Newman Tech. Inc.463,044.00
Cleveland Steel Container - Streetsboro4815,310.00
Lg.Philips Displays Usa Inc.4816,615.00
Parker Hannifin Eaton4420.00
Parker Hannifin Corp.481,021.00
Brushwellman Inc.4665,639.00
Dayton Progress Corp.3322,005.00
Du Pont Electronic Polymers351,648.00
Behr Dayton Thermal Prods.3524,088.52
Flowserve Corp. Dayton Ops.36575.00
Hohman Plating & Mfg. Inc.33401.00
Mullins Rubber Products Inc.3719,981.00
Ravenna Aluminum Rootstown Div.34248.00
Ravenna Fndy.34103.30
Rotek Inc.3330.00
Ltv Copperweld Tubular Prods. Mechanical Group Shelby3630.00
Gould Electronics Inc. Electronic Materials3660.00
United States Gypsum Co.3573.30
Pcc Airfoils L.L.C.336.00
Cardington Yutaka Techs. Inc.3315.00
Green Tokai Company Ltd31536,420.00
Sypris Techs.3630.00
Advance Bronze Inc. Fndy.333.00
Itw Hobart Brothers Co. Filler Metals Ops. Troy33750.00
Sun Chemical Gpi36946.00
Dynea Usa Inc.366,049.00
Perstorp Polyols Inc.3511,600.00
Supreme Bumpers Inc.3614.00
Canfield Metal Coating (Pittsburgh-Canfield Corp.)338,760.00
Mahoning Paint Corp.33750.00
Exal Corp.364,759.00
Faurecia Exhaust Sys. Inc. Technical Center336,257.00
Gm Powertrain Toledo Transmission3528.60
Ge Betz361,765.00
Blackhawk Automotive Plastics Inc.3613,739.00
Federal Mogul Corp.3510,297.00
Gradall Co.3411,670.06
Walbridge Coatings Inc.33397.00
Ohio Art Co.3643,410.00
Airolite Co.3635,910.00
Premium Building Prods. Co.36520.00
Electro Prime Rossford3363,467.00
Timken Co. Gambrinus Bearing Plant3313.00
Canton Drop Forge36265.00
Stewart Bros. Paint Co.361,500.00
Timken Co. Gambrinus Roller Plant336.00
New Boston3985,019.59
National Electrical Carbon Prods. Inc.353,576.28
Alpha Coatings Inc.3364,383.00
Alcoa Home Exteriors Inc.3636,000.00
Bwx Techs. Inc. Nuclear Equipment Div.36538.00
Crown Cork & Seal Co. (Usa) Inc.3614,500.00
Firestone Polymers L.L.C.361,469.00
Crane Performance Siding L.L.C. North331,036.00
Crane Performance Siding L.L.C. South35387.00
Oasis Corp.3311,344.00
Tomasco Mulciber Inc.3661.11
Stock Equipment Co.35136.00
Rhein Chemie Corp.3525.00
Twist Inc.335.10
Cintech Indl. Coatings Inc.337,500.00
Shepherd Chemical Co.3534.00
Ldm Techs. Inc.334,194.00
Colgate-Palmolive Co.356,155.00
Meyer Tool Inc.3315.00
Jefferson Smurfit Corp. Di-Na-Cal Label Group Norwood354,145.00
Micro Metal Finishing L.L.C.3543.00
Owens Corning Oem Solutions Group3615,160.00
Modern Welding Co. Of Ohio Inc.335,804.00
Dow Chemical Usa Hanging Rock Plant362,478.00
Pcc Airfoils Inc. Mentor3315.00
Cousins Aluminum Processing Ltd.365,545.01
Concorde Castings Inc.33442.00
Pcc Airfoils L.L.C. Smp3357.00
Elyria Fndy.3625,260.00
Nelson Stud Welding Inc.331,250.00
Cooper Tire Co.3450.30
Durez Corp.3619,620.00
Ge Engine Services Inc. Acsc/C Container Pl.36765.00
Enerfab Corp.33750.00
Xtek Inc.36516.00
H. B. Fuller Co.3613,434.00
Sawbrook Steel L.L.C.361,500.00
Pcc Airfoils L.L.C Eastlake3319.00
Osco Ind. Inc. Jackson Div.3682,048.00
G E Lighting - Nela Park365.00
Day-Glo Color Corp.3340,900.00
Manufacturers Plating Company, Incorporated3412,210.00
Plastic Platers Inc.351,250.00
Southern Ohio Fabricators Inc.3336,129.00
Hi Tecmetal, Incorporated3312,754.00
Charter Steel -- Cleveland -- Tow Division (Formerly American Steel And Wire Cor360.96
Sales Promotion Printing Incorporated330.23
Nettleton Steel Treating Company3312,754.00
Sandusky Ltd.3628,920.00
Crown Cork & Seal Co. (Usa) Inc.355,200.00
Griffin Wheel Co.3615,750.00
Ts Trim Inds. Inc.3321,395.00
Foseco Metallurgical Inc.33369.00
Greif Inc.37140,608.00
Wellman Friction Products Brook Park337,801.60
Von Roll Isola Usa Inc. Midwest Mica Div.3623,180.00
Commonwealth Aluminum Co. Bedford Coil Coating Div.3616,002.00
Snow Metal Prods. Facility (Smpf)36181.40
Wyman-Gordon Forgings (Cleveland) Inc.33501.00
General Electric Consumer Prods. Lighting3627,495.00
Trw Inc. Valve Div.36765.00
American Tank & Fabricating Co.3414.00
Npa Automotive Finishes & Films361,281.00
Bf Goodrich Landing Gear Division - Plating Operations3313,354.25
Euclid Chemical Co.362,276.00
Ysd Industries, Inc.32352,700.00
Chemtrade Logistics Inc361,687,460.00
Carbon Limestone Landfill Gas Power Station333703,120.03
Jay Plastics, Inc.379242,000.00
Kth Parts Inds. Inc.353,719.00
Msc Engineered Materials & Solutions Group Inc.3423,957.00
Minerva Aluminum Co. Inc.363,011.80
Pennant Moldings Inc.338.00
Ge Engine Services Acsc/C Symmes Road36275.00
Whemco Ohio Fndy. Div. Inc.334,299.00
Lorain County Lfg Power Station318631,080.01
The Scotts Co.3481,481,380.00
Kennametal Inc.3410,349.00
Ashta Chemicals Inc.352,594.00
Molded Fiber Glass Companies, Plant 2325165,434.00
Andover Inds. - Bmpi3611,050.00
Gabriel Performance Prods. L.L.C.355,125.00
General Aluminum Mfg. Co.23272.00
Hess & Clark Inc.23505.00
Klosterman Baking Co. Kbo24173,160.00
Mansfield Plumbing Prods. L.L.C.242,073.00
Superior Forge & Steel Corp.246.35
Future Finishes Inc.2226.00
Ransohoff Inc.2210.00
Crown Equipment Corp.2246,413.39
Minster Machine Co.23730.00
Milacron Inc.2210,096.00
Ahresty Wilmington Corp.2418.50
Colfor Mfg. Inc.2475.00
Champion Co.2487.00
Jms Industries Dba Glasgo Plastics21253,400.00
Three-Bond Intl. Inc.2426,211.00
General Color & Chemical Co. Inc.24700.00
Moyno Inc.233,147.00
New Bakery Of Ohio, Inc26236,720.00
Adelphia, Incorporated -- Cleveland Plant2330,000.00
Victory White Metal Co.231,050.00
Horsburgh & Scott Co.2210.00
American Metals Corporation - Westlake221,396.20
Advanced Energy Tech. Inc.220.00
Ucar Carbon Co. Inc.228.58
Alcon Inds. Inc.22500.00
Glastic Corp. Cleveland Plant2449,336.00
Whitmore Mfg. Co.231,250.00
Ge Tungsten Prods. Plant2433,140.00
Kirkwood Inds. Inc.221,139.00
Joy Mining Machinery Bedford Gear221,038.00
Oatey Co.2317,002.90
American Spring Wire Corp.244,013.00
Morgan Electro Ceramics248,058.00
Federal Metal Co.23305.00
Ppg Euclid Pretreatment & Specialty Prods.2378.00
Xim Prods. Inc.24216.79
Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.2469.00
Tarrier Steel Co. Inc.2246.77
Gfs Chemicals Inc.243,028.00
Bailey Corp.2426,036.00
Cook Composites & Polymers Co.2411,984.11
Fmc Foodtech (Stein-Dsi)22500.00
Sandusky Intl. Inc.2462.00
General Casting Co. Liberty Rd Div.242,691.00
American Showa Inc.22255.00
Baja Marine Corp.24106,640.00
Ge Lighting Inc. Bucyrus Lamp Plant2439.10
Timken Co. Bucyrus Bearing Plant223.00
Keco Plating Company22328.02
3m Precision Optics2427,300.00
Milacron Inc.2446,181.00
American Showa Inc. Blanchester Plant24149.00
Kurz-Kasch Inc.233,985.00
Colfor Mfg. Inc. - Salem2424.00
Eljer Plumbingware Inc.241,462.19
Mfm Building Prods. Corp.221.61
Blackhawk Automotive Plastics Inc.2444,629.00
Organic Techs.23367.00
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Ppco2413,934.00
Cleveland Range L.L.C.2210.00
Permatex. Inc. Solon23260.00
General Environmental Management L.L.C.23194.00
Prince Plating Inc.225.50
Dorn Color Inc.2416,800.00
Venture Lighting Intl.220.60
Weyerhaeuser Company (Formerly Macmillan Bloedel Containers)222265.61
Guardian Mfg. Co.2447,103.00
Rolls-Royce Energy Sys. Inc.2210.00
Carmeuse Lime Inc. Grand River Operation2247,741.10
Ashland Services Co., South Point Dock.22377.84
Formica Corp.2420,293.00
Hisan Inc.2415,000.00
Fibre Glass-Evercoat234,702.00
Silgan Can Co.2451,500.00
Ford Motor Co. Sharonville Plant2222.00
Andover Inc.221,000.00
Harrison Processing Corp.221.40
National Bronze & Metals (Ohio) Inc.221,792.00
Invacare Elyria Ops.2218,259.00
Organic Techs.24208.00
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp.2338.95
Nylonge Co.22131,800.00
Metal Seal & Prods. Inc.2347,010.00
Equistar Chemicals L.P.23107,584.00
Eye Lighting Intl. Of N.A. Inc.220.19
Tech Intl.24147.40
General Polymers242,276.00
Michelman Inc.24576.00
Da-Lite Screen Co. Inc. Polacoat Div.2423,440.00
Varland Metal Service Inc.2236.00
Solutia Port Plastics243,900.00
Color Resolutions Intl.221,568.00
Torbeck Inds.24265.00
Milacron Inc. Consumable Prods. Div.228,272.00
Elano Corp.248.00
Elano Corp.24111.00
Elano Corp.24163.00
Stadco Automatics Div.2212,000.00
Johnson Rubber Co.238,747.00
Vertis Inc.2410,799.00
Rhein Chemie Corp.2411.50
Mettler-Toledo Inc.2422,991.00
Bunting Bearings Corp.241,176.00
Plating Tech. Inc. Columbus Plant2234,025.00
Plaskolite Inc.2417,610.00
Funk Finecast Inc.22112.00
Performix Techs.23606.80
Ppg Inds. Ohio Inc. (Ld)2471.00
S & S Car Care Inc.23130.00
Struktol Co. Of America24265.00
Malco Prods. Inc.241,010.00
Edward C. Levy Co. Inc.221,000.00
Revlis Corp.2415.00
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Plant 5249,740.00
Hayes Lemmerz Intl. Inc.223,097.00
W. J. Ruscoe Co. Plant Ii247,277.00
Harwick Standard Distribution Corp.2221.06
Thermoseal Inc.2436,150.00
Osco Ind. Inc. Portsmouth Div.241,966.00
Osco Ind. Inc. New Boston Div. .2419.00
Olymco Inc.222.00
United Foundries Co.24755.00
Republic Techs. Intl. Massillon Hrb242.40
Star Bronze Co. Inc.2413,239.00
Univar Usa Inc.24440.00
Chemron Corp. Bowling Green Plant23111.00
Thyssenkrupp Budd Co. Carey2353,223.00
Porcelain Prods. Co.22260.00
Modine Mfg. Co.23179.00
Toledo Machining Plant241,842.00
Marietta Indl. Enterprises Inc.24510.00
Eveready Battery Co. Inc.2416,535.00
A.R.E. Inc.243,879.00
Seaman Corp. Wooster Plant242,065.00
Belden Brick Co. Plant 222260.20
Imco Recycling Of Ohio Inc.226.00
Excel Extrusions Inc.2497,907.06
Kurz-Kasch Inc.249,205.00
Indalex Inc. Indalloy Niles Div.222.11
Marble Arch Prods. Inc.237,292.00
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.2212.00
Sumco Phoenix Corp. Cincinnati24350.00
Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Inc.233,085.40
Flint Ink N.A. Corp.242,000.00
Rjf Intl. Corp.2324.00
Stanley Electric U.S. Co. Inc.242,000.00
Captor Corporation2210,000.00
Ameri-Cal Corp.2211,083.00
Fort Recovery Inds. Inc.228.28
Columbia Chemical Corp.2228.00
Steel City Corp.2426,850.00
A. Schulman Inc. Specialty Compounding Div.2311.00
Pax Machine Works Inc.2420.00
Sensient Imaging Techs. Inc./Formulabs24254.00
Ebner Furnaces Inc.246.00
B-N Plating2216,800.00
Alpha Coatings Inc.2260,690.00
Glacier Vandervell241,154.00
Ge Consumer Prods. Inc. Ravenna Lamp Plant2390.70
Ge Circleville Lamp Plant2387.00
Parflex Div.2332,728.00
Bunting Bearings Corp.224.00
Pan Glo Mansfield24443.09
Trelleborg Wheel Sys. Americas Inc.2465,425.03
Schneller Inc.2431,690.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (404003)2410.10
Unverferth Mfg. Co. Inc.24265.00
Protec Coating Co.2317,000.71
Albemarle Corp. Dayton22255.00
Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems2415,006.00
Winston Heat Treating Inc.229,750.00
Select Inds. Corp. Plants 1 & 22223.30
Alpine Products Mfg Co. Inc.2220,800.00
Wall Colmonoy2220,000.00
Teknol Inc. Rubber Seal Prods. Div.223,457.00
Ohio Plastics Co. Inc.2318,838.00
International Converter Inc.2229,300.00
Dayton Alloy Wheel2360.00
Chemineer Inc.22116.00
Miba Bearings U.S. L.L.C.11300.00
Eftec N.A. L.L.C124.00
Atlas Alchem Plastics Inc.115.00
Dayton-Phoenix Group Inc.1211,250.00
Longaberger Co.1227,733.00
Lord Corp. Mechanical Prods. Div.11845.00
Federal-Mogul Sintered Prods.115.00
Harris Thomas Inds. Inc.11250.00
Yoder Die Casting Inc.1223.10
Fukuvi Usa Inc.117,606.00
Glacier Vandervell12836.00
U.S. $1.75 Cleaners112,320.00
Swift Cleaners11900.00
Clock Tower Dry Cleaners11800.00
Clean Scene, The112,220.00
Concord Custom Cleaners 120112,220.00
Capitol Dry Cleaners 180115,340.00
Fine Cleaners112,300.00
Crown Dry Cleaners111,200.00
Reiber Cleaners113,120.00
Star Cleaners Inc.111,600.00
Capitol Dry Cleaners 191111,420.00
Quality Dry Cleaners11700.00
Gene'S Valet Service112,680.00
Anchor Fabricators Inc.111.00
Mccauley Propeller Sys.119,543.00
Projects Unlimited Inc.111.34
White Rose Cleaners111,200.00
Capitol Dry Cleaners 188111,780.00
Techmetals Inc.12720.00
Neighborhood Cleaners111,200.00
Normandy Cleaner & Shirt Shoppe11900.00
Capitol Dry Cleaners 197111,340.00
Papayoon Cleaners111,040.00
Concord Custom Cleaners 086112,220.00
Clymer Enterprises1125,428.00
Elliot'S Dry Cleaners111,060.00
Therm-O-Disc Inc.122,805.00
Neer Mfg. Co.120.02
Crane Plumbing1245,700.00
Gorman Rupp Co.113,838.00
Harsco Co. Heckett Multiserv Plant 361177.00
Designed Metal Prods. Inc.110.65
Dudick Inc.11750.00
Omega Pultrusions Inc.1150,448.00
Harbison-Walker Refractories Co. Windham Plant113.40
Farley Co.11250.00
Amweld Building Prods. L.L.C.1270,747.00
East Mfg. Corp.115.00
Gerich Fiberglass Inc.115,175.00
Alco Prods. Inc.123,051.10
Fpe Inc.1228,912.38
Schmelzer Inds. Inc.113,532.00
Thompson Steel Co. Inc.11267.00
$1.99 Cleaners11540.00
Phillips Dry Cleaners111,880.00
Wolslagel Cleaners115,340.00
Staco Energy Products, Inc.113,000.00
Capitol Dry Cleaners 181112,860.00
Heritage Cleaners111,200.00
Dry Clean $2.69111,160.00
National Metal Abrasive Inc.121,000.00
Celina Aluminum Precision Tech.125.52
Troy Towne Cleaners111,520.00
Faurecia Exhaust Sys. Inc. Troy Facility12500.00
Brookside Clothing Care Center11900.00
Metropolitan Cleaners115,340.00
Capitol Dry Cleaners 184111,780.00
Darlene'S Cleaners111,300.00
Capitol Dry Cleaners 179111,600.00
Perfect Cleaners111,060.00
Hartzell Manufacturing Co. Inc.118,000.00
Pantorium Cleaners119,000.00
Ardmore Cleaners111,600.00
Burge'S Cleaners11540.00
Ez Cleaners111,200.00
Brown'S Cleaners11440.00
Heider Cleaners111,240.00
Zimmerle Cleaners112,000.00
Perfect Cleaners11720.00
Ohio Brass Co.1134.00
Bc Composites115,500.00
Fluid Tite Castings Ltd.110.45
Safety-Kleen Sys. (404002)128.00
Sunbrite Cleaners11900.00
Classic Cleaners Tipp City111,080.00
French Oil Mill Machinery Co.111.00
Teknor Color Co.112.00
Republic Powdered Metals Inc.1210,519.00
Hobart Cabinet1114,000.00
Joseph Adams Corp.1156,550.00
Retterbush Injection Molded Fiberglass Corp.114,237.00
Seville Centrifugal Bronze Inc.126.50
Friction Prods.1210.00
Rocket Cleaners111,900.00
Sunset Cleaners - Piqua111,500.00
Hartzell Fan Inc.122,816.00
Inflatable Survival Sys. Inc.1118,000.00
Valley City Steel Llc.125,312.00
J.C. Whitlam Mfg. Co.12500.00
Sunset Cleaners - Troy111,660.00
Canberra Corp.121,850.00
Rieter Automotive N.A. Inc.124,732.00
Ha Intl. L.L.C.12333.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (419001)114.00
Carbide Metals Inc.115.00
Sovereign Circuits Inc.120.00
Ecd Inc.120.64
Parker Hannifin Gear Pump Div.12121.00
Extrusion Painting Co.1215,768.00
Ohio Galvanizing Corp.115.00
3m Co. - Medina113,000.00
United Foundries Inc.11250.00
Fresh Prods. Inc.121,422.00
Johnson Controls Inc. Battery Group12170.00
Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.11135.00
Andersons Lawn Prods. Group11395.00
Dolphin Co.121,500.00
Asphalt Materials Inc.120.16
Btlsr Toledo Inc.1244,807.80
Creative Prods. Inc.126,520.00
Forest City Techs. Inc. Plant 41213,700.00
Powerlab Inc.111.20
Hale Chrome Service Inc.115.00
New Mather Metals Inc.1166.00
Sem-Com Co. Inc.1210.00
Ford Motor Co. Maumee Stamping Plant120.12
Stephen'S Pipe & Steel Inc.1124.00
Air Plastics Inc.112,635.00
Mph Crane & Hoist115.00
Concrete Tech. Inc.112,800.00
Gayston Corp.125,800.00
Atlas Roofing Corp.121.72
Quebecor World Lebanon Div.123,695.00
Sonoco Flexible Packaging1184.00
Pioneer Indl. Components110.94
Faurecia Exhaust Sys. Inc. Franklin Plant12500.00
Ranco N.A.1258.00
Denison Hydraulics Inc.116,600.00
Kennedy Mfg. Co.1111,220.00
Eaton Aeroquip Inc.111.00
Vp Buildings Inc.1112,517.04
Schmidt Progressive L.L.C.118,054.00
Pharmacia Hepar Inc.121,296.00
Rotadyne Roll Group12593.00
Advics (Formerly Sei Brakes Inc)115.00
Flowserve Corp. Springboro Ops.12500.00
Berenfield Containers Inc. - Mason Plant12492.00
Thyssenkrupp Budd Co. Van Wert1246,780.00
Schaefer Equipment Inc.11431.00
Delphi Packard Electric Sys. North River Road Facility123.00
Machinery Recovery Services/Convertapax111,922.00
Penn-Ohio Coal Co. (Dba Central Fuel Co.)11250.00
Commonwealth Aluminum Newport Rolling Mill1151.00
Empire Plastics Inc.113.00
Akron Brass Co.11250.00
Luk Inc.11987.30
Gerstenslager Co.1230,411.00
Allied Moulded Prods. Inc.1231,375.00
G & S Titanium Inc.12255.00
Metromedia Techs. Inc.1214,327.00
Contours Ltd.11739.00
Refcotec Inc.121,586.00
Minteq Intl. Inc.110.01
Quality Castings Co.11238.00
Uretech Intl. Inc.126,201.00
Blako Inds. Inc.121,950.00
Mills Co.1212,354.00
Bridgestone Apm - Upper Sandusky Avd11167.00
Defiance Precision Prods.112.00
Blackhawk Automotive Plastics1221,354.00
Tower Automotive Prods. Inc.115.00
Delafoil Inc.129,920.00
Ishikawa Gasket America Inc.1211,615.00
Jones-Hamilton Co.122,274.00
D. S. Brown Co.122,039.00
Bulk Molding Compounds Inc.1229,440.00
Calphalon Corp.1210.00
Chase Brass & Copper Co. Inc.12106.00
Techneglas Inc.1150.00
Key Plastics L.L.C.1213,161.98
Ingersoll-Rand Fluid Prods.115.00
Ferro Corp.110.10
Marathon Special Prods.11750.00
Alliance Equipment Co. Inc.121,603.00
Republic Engineered Prods. L.L.C. Massillon Cfb121.20
Hendrickson Intl. Trailer Suspension Sys.112.00
Hoover Co. Plant 1114,642.00
Omni Die Casting Inc.121.75
Kephaco Corp. (Dba American Marble Inds.)124,813.00
U.S. Fiberglass Prods. Inc.1137,360.00
Sancap Liner Tech.1143,800.00
Midwest Tank Services Inc.1118,415.00
Asf Keystone Inc. Alliance Plant112.99
Resco Prods. Inc. East Canton Ops.1210.00
North American Molded Prods.1115,045.60
Airstream Inc.1211,434.00
Ross Aluminum Foundries Ii1211.00
Ross Aluminum Foundries Avon Div.122.00
Woodbridge Corp.12500.00
Poly Foam Intl. Inc. Style Crest Prods.1230,214.00
Ludlow Composites Corp.116,000.00
H. J. Heinz Co. L. P. - Heinz N.A. Div.1128,000.00
American Welding & Tank12255.00
Roppe Corp.122,044.00
Intermetro Inds. Corp.125,650.00
National Machinery L.L.C.1123.00
Webster Mfg. Co.12255.00
W. J. Ruscoe Co. Plant I112,512.00
Americhem Inc.111.50
Commercial Alloys Corp.125.60
Lockheed Martin N.E. & S.S.112.52
Lancer Dispersions Inc.1116.00
Oc Inds.123.20
Akron Brick & Block110.10
Americhem Inc.115.00
Metallic Resources Inc.1212.00
Polymerics Inc.1132.00
Hygenic Corp.129,300.00
Samuel Steel Pickling Co.Twinsburg Plant1190.00
Sgs Tool Co.115.00
Rockwell Automation Inc.1145.80
Jci Jones Chemicals Inc.111.00
Polyone Corp.1210.00
Wright Tool Co.1210.00
Universal Materials Inc.129.00
Revlis Corp.1210.00
Albert Screenprint Inc.12830.00
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics11175.00
Rubber Associates Inc.1150.00
Harsco Co. Heckett Multiserv Plant 611463.00
Ge Lighting - Ohio Lamp Plant12150.00
U.S. Defense Natl. Stockpile Center Warren Depot120.00
Stanwade Metal Prods.111.00
Rmi Titanium Co. Niles Plant11163.00
Ge Niles/ Mahoning Glass12281.00
United Refractories Inc.11169.00
Nebraska Inds.126,314.00
Barnebey Sutcliffe Corp.11928.00
Multi-Cast Corp.1260.00
Ametek Solidstate Controls Inc.110.24
Ge Superabrasives12255.00
V&S Columbus Galvanizing L.L.C.1143.00
Worthington Steel Co.12456.00
Heritage Marble Of Ohio Inc.1112,000.00
Conagra Grain Processing1210.00
National Electric Coil Inc.12500.00
Lucent Techs.122.00
Ball Metal Food Container Corp.1261,000.00
Capitol Dry Cleaners 198113,560.00
Scot Labs.12255.00
Alladin Cleaners11940.00
Mar-Bal Inc.1212,846.00
Capitol Dry Cleaners 193111,240.00
Majestic Cleaners118,100.00
Gold Key Processing Ltd.11250.00
Core Molding Techs. Inc.1227,325.75
Fulton Mill Service Co.11250.00
Conagra Foods Archbold Ohio111.00
Aco Polymer Prods. Inc.111,475.00
Joe Holly'S Cleaners112,680.00
Clark Cleaners113,700.00
L & L Scrap Metals & Recycling120.82
Gkn Sinter Metals11250.00
Skyway One Hour Cleaners114,460.00
Long Cleaners112,140.00
Yoder Die Casting Inc.1219.60
Eltech Sys. Corp.12788.00
Miami Prods. & Chemical Co.1210.00
Twin Rivers Techs. Natural Ingredients125,571.00
D-G Custom Chrome (Formerly P-G Prods. Inc.)1210.00
Spaulding Lighting Inc.111,543.00
Andrew Jergens Co.1185.20
Hadronics Inc.1130.00
Builders First Source Inc.128,000.00
C. J. Krehbiel Co.125,700.00
Givaudan Flavors Corp.1213,174.00
Buffers & Biochemicals Corp.11250.00
Cast-Fab Techs. Inc.114.00
Neyra Inds. Inc.11623.00
Nisbet Brower Marble L.L.C.1111,319.00
Kdm Signs Inc.11250.00
Chester Labs. Inc.11250.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (403701)128.00
Trans-Acc. Inc.1214,750.00
Kost Usa Inc.115.00
Midwest Dicken Fndy.1110.00
Color Intermediates Inc.126,330.00
Moellering Inds. Inc.1217,100.00
G. A. Avril Co. Brass & Bronze Div.1225.00
Imperial Adhesives Inc.11612.00
Findlay Inds. Inc. Molded Prods. Div.124,098.00
G. A. Avril Co. White Metal Prods. Div.1213.00
Cascade Kenhar Inc.112,610.00
Creanova Inc.115,873.00
Ge Engine Services Inc. Ascs/C Rdc12255.00
Holophane Pataskala Plant1120.00
Bayer Corp. Newark Com Pounding Facility121,658.00
Nova Chemicals129,744.00
Sas Rubber Co.114,015.00
Fusion Inc. Alloy Div. Plant Two1186.00
New Ngc Inc.110.30
Inservco Inc.120.20
Ohio Screw Prods. Inc.113,989.00
Dana Glacier Daido America L.L.C.12242.00
Renosol Corp. Hebron Plant12162.00
Resinoid Eng. Corp.1111,700.00
Ecolab Inc.115.00
Meritor Heavy Vehicle Sys. L.L.C.12240.00
Honda Transmission Mfg. Of America Inc.12397.00
Brush Wellman Engineered Materials110.01
Duffin Mfg. Co.129,520.00
Becotek Mfg. Inc. Formerly Johnson Metall Inc.1296.00
Rock Creek Aluminum Inc.120.57
Tower Automotive Prods. Co. Inc.115.00
Senco Prods. Inc.114,798.00
Seneca Wire & Mfg. Co.12115.00
Bridgestone Apm - Findlay Avd119.00
Remington Arms Co. Inc.1131.00
Lincoln Electric Co.1146.00
Gould Electronics Inc.115.00
Commercial Anodizing Co. Inc.115.00
All-Craft Wellman Prods. Inc.110.00
Pet Processors1130,970.00
Conn-Selmer Inc. Fka United Musical Instruments Usa Inc.113.00
Component Repair Techs. Inc.11320.00
Fairport Yachts Ltd.1118,405.00
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp. Yorkville Plant121,260.00
Meridian Automotive Sys. Inc.12140,148.00
Frick Gallagher Mfg. Co.1113,558.00
A. Schulman Inc.111.00
Polyone Corp.116.00
Solae L.L.C.12459,038.00
Magnesium Refining Tech.111.00
Epic Tech.112.00
Merillat Corp. Loudonville Facility11307.00
Dryclean Usa #401 - Westlake Store115,292.00
Eagle Cleaners (One Hour Cleaners)11907.20
Diamond Hard Chrome, Incorporated1719.40
Dimauro'S Dry Cleaners, Incorporated111,663.20
Village Dry Cleaners (Withdrawn - New # 1318088089)111,927.80
Linderme Tube Company (The)1168,600.00
Top Cleaners11907.20
Dutch Cleaners11680.40
Rako Cleaners And Tailors, Incorporated11907.20
New Westlake Cleaners11604.80
Jiffy Cleaners11567.00
Kergaard Cleaners -- Dario, Incorporated11907.20
Dryclean Usa #501 (Formerly Mr. Todd Cleaners)114,082.40
Islander Cleaners11756.00
Class Cleaners And Tailors - West11226.80
Hillcrest Cleaners11907.20
Strongsville Cleaners11453.60
Perfection Valet11756.00
Obbok, Incorporated (Also Solon Cleaners)11529.20
Barri-Lee Cleaners, Incorporated113,515.40
One Hour Turney Cleaners (See 1318226484)11982.80
Alva'S Cleaners11378.00
Karr'S Custom Cleaners11453.60
Sam'S Cleaners111,058.40
Windy Hill Dry Cleaners11151.20
Industrial Metal Finishing, Incorporated112,520.00
La Roy Cleaners & Tailors11302.40
Fairmont Cleaners111,058.40
Quality Assured Dry Cleaner11718.20
Heights Laundry And Dry Cleaning11418.07
Cooper-Standard Automotive111.00
Art Galvanizing Works Inc.118.00
Garland Co. Inc.12138.86
Flow Polymers Inc.11742.00
Empigard Metal Finishing Inc.122.00
Ak-Isg Steel Coating Co.110.02
Metaldyne Inc. Bedford Heights Plant1231.00
Charter Steel Cleveland1160.00
Basic Aluminum Castings Co.110.00
Cast Specialties Inc.110.84
Avery Dennison Indl. Prods. Div.1110,700.00
Chromium Corp.1210.00
Saint-Gobain Crystals & Detectors121.88
Go/Dan Inds.1116.00
Du Pont Cleveland Refinish Service Center121.70
Remelt Services Inc.110.03
Stanley Assembly Techs.111.00
Gebauer Co.111,648.00
Cleveland Laminating Corp.1138,533.00
Excello Fabric Finishers Inc.12125,664.00
Ofco Inc.11530.00
Ge Co. Emd122,671.00
Checkmate Boats Plant 11212,541.00
Ansell Protective Prods. Inc.1211,250.00
Sancast Inc.12500.00
Barretts Minerals Inc. Wellsville Plant122.00
Blanchester Fndy.121.90
Cincinnati Fiberglass Inc.1171,380.00
L3 Communications Kdi Precision Prods.120.95
Stanley Works111.00
Spectra-Tech Mfg. Inc.120.71
New Sabina Ind. Inc.113.34
Dualite Inc.122,950.00
Tomaric Cleaners11415.80
South Shore Finishers, Incorporated120.16
Weyerhaeuser Company (Weyerhaeuser Packaging, Incorporated; Traub Container Corp1120.00
Forestek Plating & Manufacturing Company120.17
Cleveland Manufacturing Division119,544.50
Center Terminal Company - Cleveland (Formerly Fleet Supplies, Incorporated)136788.76
Unviversal Oil, Incorporated111.00
Satellite Cleaners111,096.20
Mel'S Cleaners11907.20
Smith Bros Cleaners114,498.20
Buschman Corporation110.09
Sunshine Cleaners, Incorporated11876.96
Collar-N-Cuff, Dba Northern Ohio Cleaners11378.00
Quality Plating Company, Incorporated1195.20
Center Terminal Company -- Cleveland South (Formerly Fleet Supplies Terminal - S1670.71
Chrome Industries Company130.47
Prince Platers, Incorporated (Plastic Platers, Incorporated -- Plant #2; Pp Acqu121.01
T & B Foundry Company11100.00
Accurate Plating Company1123.43
Redmond Waltz Electric Company113.15
Master Chrome Service152.02
Meyer Products114,692.00
Durable Plating Company110.13
Henkel Surface Techs.1220.00
Thakar Aluminum Corp.110.61
Micro Inds. Corp.110.07
International Paper123,576.00
Delo Screw Prods.1130,998.00
Rockwell Automation124.70
Union City Non-Ferrous Inc.12500.00
Beasecker Cleaners11660.00
Boyd Cleaners Inc.11900.00
Defiance Precision Prods.117.00
Cooper Tools - Hicksville Operation111.60
Omni Oxide Corp. Ohio Oxide Div.1228.00
Lancaster Glass Corp.12233.00
Fiber-Tech Industires - Ohio1212,260.00
Stowe Woodward112.72
Ohio Paperboard110.29
Hexcel Corp.122,141.00
Crane Plastics L.P - Fairwood Avenue1221.00
Bil-Jax Inc.11250.00
Dynalab Inc.120.27
Clark Grave Vault/ Ctl Steel1113.00
Allied Mineral Prods. Inc.12255.00
Onyx Special Services Inc.111.30
Becker Powder Coatings Inc.118,383.00
Liebert Corp.11250.00
Ford Motor Co. Walton Hills Stamping Plant120.20
Ferrous Metal Processing Co.115.00
The Dry Cleaner111,800.00
Research Organics Inc.127,748.00
Ppg Inds. Inc.127.00
I. Schumann & Co.121,200.00
Solon Specialty Wire1260.00
Clorox Prods. Mfg. Co.112.00
Saes Getters Usa Inc.123,917.00
Garfield Alloys Inc.111.00
Garland Floor Co.12500.00
Republic Metals11300.00
Ge Euclid Lamp Plant1250.00
Marine Mechanical Corp.115.00
Republic Anode Fabricators1120.00
Samuel Steel Pickling Co. Cleveland Plant1120.00
Auto-Tap Inc.12133,005.00
Modine Aftermarket Holdings Inc.112.00
Cardpak Inc.1252,612.00
American Bronze Corp.1262.00
Ferro Corp. Polymer Additives Div.126.00
Atlas Plating Inc.115.00
Rossborough Supply Src Div.115.00
General Mills Inc.1111,849.00
Valeo Climate Control1130,320.00
Alfred Nickles Bakery Inc.15253,860.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L.P. Croton Pullet 31138,759.00
Euclid Heat Treating Co.112,698.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L. P. Marseilles Layer11627,702.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L.P. Croton Layer 311269,258.00
A-Brite Plating Co.115.00
Midwest Technical Coating, Inc.1832,400.00
Boc Gases11250.00
Carriage Hill Foods1115,004.00
Norcold Inc.113,000.00
Isg Columbus Coatings1210.00
Miami Valley Publishing Co.1541,120.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L.P. Mt. Victory Layer11571,545.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L.P. Croton Layer 411282,737.00
Royster-Clark Inc.11244.00
Thermal Treatment Center Inc.1210.00
Grace Davison Cincinnati Plant113,400.00
Air Liquide America L.P. Oregon1117,269.00
Bells Run Terminal1314,080.00
Spinnaker Coating Llc125,700.00
Cincinnati Steel Treating Co.12168.00
Superior Dairy116,200.00
Production Paint Finishers, Inc.1642,520.00
Findlay Industries Inc - Gardner Seating Div123,200.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L.P. Croton Pullet 11119.92
Buckeye Egg Farm L.P. Pullet 41139,326.00
Crane Co. Lear Romec Div.114,982.00
F.T. Precision121,000.00
Fbf Ltd. (Dba Queen City Steel Treating)11939.00
Asc Exterior Technology, Inc.190.00
Springdale Ice Cream & Beverage114,000.00
Delphi Safety & Lighting Systems116,400.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L P Croton Layer 111177,188.00
Monarch Marking Systems1952,940.00
Walker Heat Treating1123,000.00
H. J. Heinz Co. L.P. Heinz Frozen Div.11250.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L.P. Croton Breeder Pullet112,608.00
Sands Hill Coal Co. Inc.11850.00
Ge Advanced Ceramics121,803.00
Sugardale Foods Inc.1111,894.00
Consolidated Biscuit Co.1250,227.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L.P. Croton Pullet 21146,499.00
Dayton Bag & Burlap111,319.00
Pierre Foods12540.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L.P. Croton Breeder Hatchery1123,531.00
Capitol Dry Cleaners 183113,560.00
Grimes Aerospace Co.110.60
Fusion Ceramics Inc.1136.00
Worthington Steel Co.12472.00
Agean Marble Mfg. Inc.124,314.00
Pella Entry Sys. Div.1210,800.00
Cascade Corp.12500.00
Teikuro Corp.116.00
Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.12327.00
Dolbeer Cleaners Inc.112,000.00
Medway Cleaners112,000.00
Capitol Dry Cleaners 189111,780.00
Lehman Cavalon Cleaners112,200.00
Grimes Aerospace Co.1214.60
Northridge Cleaners11900.00
Amcast Automotive Wapakoneta Plant110.09
Midwest Elastomers Inc.11541.00
Aap St. Marys Corp.1116,000.00
American Trim Superior Metal Prods. Div.115.00
Stonehouse Building Prouducts1280,239.00
Shepherd Middletown Co.114.00
Rl Inds. Inc.126,200.00
Plas-Tanks Inds.1219,160.00
International Paper11380.00
Hamilton Brass & Aluminum Castings Co.1227.40
Abbott Labs.11411.00
Dana Spicer Driveshaft Mfg. Inc.1211,050.00
American Trim Superior Metal Prods. Div.115.00
Metokote Corp. Plant 25128,102.00
U.S. Army Lima Army Tank Plant119,781.00
Nestle Usa Food Frozen Prepared Foods1214,425.00
Nickles Bakery Of Ohio Inc.14254,600.00
Bodycote Thermal Processing Highland Hts.12500.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L P Croton Layer 211282,503.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L.P. Goshen Pullet 1/311135,890.00
Amac Enterprises Inc.11104.00
Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc. - Dayton14173,880.00
Noveon Inc.12690.00
General Electric Newark Quartz Plant1156,590.00
Molded Fiber Glass Premier Molding Co.1217,966.00
Picken'S Plastics Inc.1118,724.00
Venture Inds. (Dba Bailey Transportation Prods.)1224,059.00
C W Ohio Inc.1138,040.00
Glastic Corp.119,527.00
Zehrco Plastics Inc. Plant 1111,108.00
Zerhco Plastics Inc. Plant 21218,394.00
F. E. Myers A Pentair Co.111,459.00
Delta Chemical Corp.1118.00
Iten Inds. Plant 3112,649.00
Molded Fiber Glass Research Co.11250.00
Esab Group Inc.12500.00
Foseco Metallurgical Inc.11101.00
Rock Creek Aluminum Inc.122.00
Hadlock Plastics Corp.129,530.00
Flexible Foam Prods. Inc.000.00
Wayne Dalton Corp.000.00
Lear Corp.000.00
Style Solutions Inc.000.00
Scottdel Inc.000.00
Haas Door Co.000.00
Fomo Prods. Inc.000.00
Norcold Inc.000.00
Bridgestone Apm - Upper Sandusky Fpd000.00
Genie Co.000.00
Parker Hannifin Gear Pump Div. Intertech Drive000.00
W.C. Wood Co. Inc.000.00