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Polluters in New York
102nd Street Lf (Olin)282814,242.21
110 Clean Fill Disposal Site25312,199,062.15
3m Tonawanda3663844,612.65
5 Points Slf2828659.58
64th Street282814,242.21
Aam Tonawanda Forge3630.00
Abbott Ind. Inc.129,810.00
Abbott Labs. Buffalo Hpd1180.00
Absolute Coatings Inc.112.00
Acme Steel Co-513 Porter Ave135825,440.81
Action Packaging Corp911278.13
Acu-Rite Cos. Inc.111.00
Adams Village Slf2828380.42
Adchem Corporation154714,263.97
Adm Milling Co.1116,800.00
Aes Cayuga7518221,179,335.74
Aes Greenidge Llc8529046,483,106.82
Aes Somerset Llc7213328,482,286.70
Aes Westover7725142,573,923.35
Airco Industrial Lf28284,653.95
Akzo Chemicals Burt Plant103922,810.77
Al Turi Landfill527835,785.67
Al Turi Lfgte Facility17159572,669.19
Aladdin Transparent Packaging914143,034.29
Albany Landfill3554269,723.88
Albert Einstein College Of Medicine3478203,462.30
Alcan Aluminum Corporation2055843,509.13
Alcan Sheet And Plate Co.282815,117.89
Alcoa / Action Potliners Lf28282,051.99
Alcoa Asbestos Lf2828248.32
Alcoa Industrial Lf2828380.42
Alcoa Massena Operations (West Plant)4713631,891,881.61
Alexandria Bay Slf2828783.94
Algonquin Gas Transmission Company631159,733.78
Algonquin Gas: Stony Point Compressor750213,094.24
Allegany County Landfill28281,444.66
Allen'S Lf2828198.56
Allied Aviation Service Co. Of New York Inc.7142,651.00
Allied Chemical / Hopkins St.28287,906.20
Allied New York Services Inc.1286.00
Allvac Lockport Plant2210.00
Alpco Slf28286,569.06
Alpha Portland282831,413.10
Alstom - Hornell Car Shop131421,822.72
Altana Inc.12500.00
Altift Inc28287,906.20
Altona Slf2828324.45
Altx Inc.4412,876.71
Amalgamated Housing-130 Gale Place3338110,073.19
Amerada Hess Corp. Brooklyn Terminal331.36
Amerada Hess Corp. Marcy Terminal7141,849.51
Amerada Hess Corp. Rochester-Lyell Avenue Terminal7143,795.39
Amerada Hess Corp. Roseton Terminal333.10
Amerada Hess Rensselaer Terminal29110221,304.56
American Acrylic Corp.1116,950.00
American Axle & Mfg. Inc. Buffalo Facility22500.00
American Axle & Mfg.Inc. Cheektowaga115.00
American Board Co.120.20
American Casting & Mfg. Corp.1110.52
American Mfg. Services Inc. New York111.00
American Packaging Corp1116826,451.17
American Ref-Fuel Co Niagara,Pl391172,862,768.87
American Sugar Refining Inc33116245,652.34
American Technical Ceramics110.00
Ametek Power Instruments110.17
Amf Bowling Prods.121,350.00
Amherst Lf2828285.51
Amphenol Corp - Bendix Connector Opers57153303,416.46
An-Cor Indl. Plastics129,455.00
Anchor Glass Container Corp36642,821,457.09
Ancram Landfill28281,069.83
Andes Slf2828198.56
Andrews Property2828970.67
Angus Buffers & Biochemicals12233.00
Anheuser Busch Baldwinsville Brewery411821,194,829.93
Anoplate Corp.36765.00
Ansen Corp.127.00
Arcadia Sanitary Landfill28284,698.59
Arch Chemicals Inc11373,396.45
Argyle Sanitary Landfill2828895.83
Arietta Lf2828324.45
Arkay Packaging Corp28404,468.49
Armstrong Cork, North Lf28282,051.99
Armstrong Cork, South Lf28282,051.99
Arrow Lock Manufacturing Co4610833,446.00
Arthur Kill Generating Station421572,278,322.90
Ashland Distribution Co.11202,305.00
Astoria Gas Turbine Power28621,998,884.40
Astoria Tunnel Headhouse / Pcb Storage5135210,079,717.15
Astrid Offset Corp384339,491.90
Atlantic Tubing Company915498.85
Atofina Chemicals Inc1428152,753.83
Attica Correctional Slf28286,569.06
Auburn Sanitary Landfill28284,839.50
Auburn Slf2828271.68
Ausable Landfill2828545.03
Austerlitz Slf2828198.56
Austro Bros. Const. Lf2828248.32
Avanti Case-Hoyt Corporation215486,504.43
Avx Corp. Olean Advanced Prods. Div.1110.89
Award Packaging Corp10171,696.13
Axel Johnson Corp. Albany4874.89
Babylon Resource Recovery Facility3978622,990.34
Bae Sys. Controls Inc.112.60
Balchem Corp.1153.00
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp1321394,895.47
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.1233573,750.32
Bard College28283,514.27
Barker Bros - Ridgewood203984,778.30
Barre Slf28286,569.06
Barre Tree & Brush Landfill2828362.05
Barton Mines Corp. Lf2828324.45
Basf Corp2828380.42
Basic Adhesives Inc.11519.00
Batavia Power Plant72378,929.74
Batavia Slf2828142.06
Bayside Fuel Oil Depot Corp., Bensonhurst Terminal551,828.64
Bdt Inc (Laidlaw)161687.66
Beacon Lf & Sludge Disposal2828970.67
Beacon Technology Center3387321,884.66
Beaver Falls Generating Facility3263102,408.76
Bedford Hills Correctional Facility388433,342.17
Beech Hill Compressor Station1034145,715.40
Beekman Site (Old)282814,242.21
Beekman Slf28282,255.08
Bellmont Landfill2828297.54
Belmont Metals Inc.11138.73
Ben Forman & Sons Inc111727,622.50
Benjamin Moore & Co. Johnstown4712,826.00
Bennington Paperboard Co2729614,584.93
Bennington Slf2828198.56
Bergen Point Stp & Bergen Ave Dock3992159,541.16
Bernard Cope Slf282863,237.99
Berne Demolition Landfill28281,993.42
Berne Slf2828277.88
Bestway Enterprises Inc.2210.00
Bestway Enterprises Inc.2210.00
Bethel Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Bethlehem Demo Slf2828185.59
Bethlehem Energy Center42216250,602.16
Bethlehem Rupert Road Landfill2828339.92
Bfi Slf28286,569.06
Big Moose Slf2828324.45
Big Six Towers Inc3875543,599.74
Binghamton Co-Generation Plant6612,968.86
Bird Island Stp4562963,899.80
Birds Eye Foods Inc.118,588.00
Black River Power Electrical Generating401173,256,897.87
Blasdell Lf2828285.51
Blenheim Slf2828324.45
Blue Mountain Lake Demolition Landfill2828519.95
Blydenburgh Cf (Islip)282887.17
Blydenburgh Rd. Slf282818,207.72
Blydenburgh Road Landfill616533,584.63
Bodycote Thermal Processing119,000.00
Bolton Sanitary Landfill2828271.68
Bombay Landfill2828297.54
Boralex Chateaugay Inc391281,084,900.87
Borden Chemical Inc.2412,018.00
Borg Warner Auto-Transmission Components948183,401.40
Botanical Gardens2828970.67
Bovina Slf2828324.45
Bowline Point Generating Station431837,923,078.86
Bp Products N America Brooklyn Terminal1321943,220.20
Bradford Slf28281,069.83
Brainbridge Dump (Old)28281,069.83
Brasher Falls Slf2828183.88
Brighton Lf282846,695.66
Brighton Slf28284,050.02
Brillo Landfill2828322.71
Bristol Hill Sanitary Landfill28282,981.30
Bristol Labs282831,413.10
Bristol Slf28286,569.06
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company47309442,715.36
Broadalbin Slf28281,069.83
Brockport C & D Landfill282811,923.95
Bromante Sirmos Div.1210,365.00
Bronx Lebanon Hospital101726,936.53
Bronx Lebanon Hospital Ctr3324514,090.33
Bronx Psychiatric Center3568125,560.68
Bronx Zoo3886937,313.72
Brookdale Med Hosp Ctr-1275 Linden Blvd366219,155.29
Brookhaven Landfill & Recycling Area2974592,094.43
Brookhaven National Lab Slf2828322.79
Brookhaven National Laboratory58280311,584.48
Brooklyn College333332,778.68
Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Plant40170368,502.03
Broome Co Nanticoke Landfill2727104,664.72
Brunner Intl. Inc.33114.00
Brunswick Slf2828159.35
Buckbee-Mears Cortland61017,512.67
Buckeye Pipe Line Co144086,888.80
Buffalo Avenue Lf2828970.67
Buffalo China Inc.113,089.00
Buffalo Color Corp - Lee St Plant47981,415,107.17
Buffalo General Hospital38491,164.00
Buffalo Pumps Inc.11250.00
Buffalo State College38143371,468.20
Buffalo Techs. Corp.2227.00
Bullpath Demolition Slf282863,237.99
C & D Techs. Inc.22193.00
C. R. Bard Inc.1114,800.00
Cairo Slf28286,569.06
Cambridge Sanitary Landfill2828151.06
Camillus Cutlery Co.110.00
Camp Olympus28281,069.83
Camp Shanks Slf (Us Army)2828970.67
Canada Dry 7up Slf2828313.63
Canajoharie Slf2828324.45
Canal Asphalt Inc273725,469.91
Canandaigua Slf2828324.45
Canastota Slf2828198.56
Candlelight Cabinetry1216,300.00
Candor Slf2828198.56
Canisteo Slf2828324.45
Canton Landfill28281,410.16
Carbo-Concord Oil61938,446.00
Carborundum Slf2828248.32
Cargill Salt Co- Watkins Glen Plant351051,445,842.06
Carmel Lf2828198.56
Caroga Lf (Old)28281,069.83
Caroga Slf28286,569.06
Carr Street Generating Station173054,312.03
Carrier - Dewitt D&D28286,549.97
Carrier Corp.61141,460.00
Carroll C & D Landfill28285,308.06
Carter Spray Finishing Corp.128,607.00
Carthage Energy Cogen Facility1850124,602.36
Cato Sanitary Landfill2828147.82
Catskill Sanitary Landfill28281,508.36
Cayuga Island28283,514.27
Cazenovia Slf2828198.56
Cedar Graphics Igi91044,949.41
Cedar Street Dump28286,569.06
Cejwin'S Camps282822,038.27
Cello-Pack Corporation Of Buffalo7114,111.58
Celltech Mfg. Inc.122,395.00
Central Asphalt220.20
Central Plant - 251 Mercer St3994811,274.45
Central Service Slf / Western Transfer2828528.14
Chadakoin River Park2828380.42
Chaffee Landfill384984,980.37
Champlain Slf28281,069.83
Chapin Watermatics Inc.1113.50
Charleston Slf2828324.45
Chateaugay Slf28286,569.06
Chautauqua Co. Dpw Slf282815,117.89
Chautauqua County Landfill713118,653.18
Chautauqua Hardware Corp506617,911.93
Chautauqua Hardware Corp.129.00
Chazy Slf28281,069.83
Chemprene Inc1018117,286.02
Chemung County Landfill353628,039.14
Chemung County Swdd Sanitary Landfill28284,017.11
Chenango / Pharsalia Sanitary Landfill2828468.36
Chenango County District Slf28286,024.17
Chenango Slf28283,514.27
Cherry Valley Slf2828198.56
Chester / Landon Road Landfill2828151.06
Churubusco Slf28286,569.06
Cicero Slf282831,413.10
Citgo Petroleum Glenmont Terminal14137116,270.83
Citigroup Global Markets Inc2552102,689.72
City College Of New York5623631,570.72
Clare Slf28287,307.49
Clarkstown Sanitary Landfill282821.28
Clay Slf282831,413.10
Clifton Park Landfill28286,520.28
Clinton County Landfill / Skyler Falls28282,236.89
Cng Transmission/Utica3491132,112.66
Coeymans Landfill2828297.54
Cogen Corp-111 Livingston St89122.78
Coler-Goldwater Memorial Hospital2255231,122.34
Colonie - T Landfill3540204,191.07
Colonie Landfill & Mrf2828583.61
Colton Slf2828120.03
Columbia University-410 W 118th St3551200,509.48
Combustion & Environmental Test Facility34534,258.87
Commander Oil Terminal236640,314.59
Community Disposal Slf28281,069.83
Compressor Station 2493250347,914.34
Compressor Station 2542646581,089.86
Con Ed-59th St Sta391221,946,363.80
Con Ed-74th Street Sta361103,472,830.78
Con Ed-East 60th Street Steam Plant3333426,239.50
Con Ed-East River Generating Station382115,422,964.79
Con Ed-Waterside Station421452,259,171.76
Con Edison - Hudson Ave Station412124,103,373.96
Concord Compressor Station742305,839.42
Conesville Sanitary Landfill2828606.85
Conklin Corp.113.92
Conklin Slf282814,242.21
Conquest Slf282876.70
Conrail Slf2828198.56
Consolidated Edison Co. Of New York -East River Facility501675,649,616.89
Consolidated Gas Borger Station631222,947.40
Constable Landfill2828297.54
Control Concepts120.82
Cooper Crouse-Hinds Div.221,501.00
Cooper Power Sys. Inc.23265.00
Cooper Tools Inc. Cortland Ny Operation33305.00
Cooper Turbocompressor Inc.331,164.00
Copake Slf28286,569.06
Corinth Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Cornell University Main Campus613793,414,521.14
Corning Inc - Fallbrook Plant1234184,907.00
Corning Inc Canton Plant3257214,083.86
Corning Inc. Steuben Plant12273.00
Cornwall Lf28284,814.82
Cortland - Homer Dump28286,569.06
Cortland Asphalt Prods.220.79
Cortland Co. Interim Ii28285,500.64
Cortland County Interim Ii Landfill/West Side Ext.28282,853.83
Cortland Line Co. Inc.1111,840.00
Coventry Coatings Corp.223,478.00
Coxsackie Slf2828324.45
Cps Corp.110.14
Cragston Sanitary Landfill2828181.69
Cragston Slf28281,573.35
Crawford Furniture Mfg Corp4379126,925.86
Creedmoor Psychiatric Ctr37111160,238.74
Crescent Marketing (Dba Crescent Mfg.)242,176.00
Croghan Sanitary Landfill2828813.91
Cross Co. South - Kessman Lf28281,069.83
Crouse - Hinds28281,235.73
Crown Point Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Crucible Specialty Metals Div.593,718.00
Cryovac Inc827284,161.78
Cummins Engine-Jamestown Plant42129274,159.76
Cutco Cutlery Corp.22500.00
Cwm Chemical Services L.L.C.121.82
Cytec Olean Inc.44390.00
Dal-Tile Corp.45270.00
Danc Rodman Landfill6098170,498.39
Dannemora Slf28286,569.06
Danskammer Generating Station7733636,399,665.37
Darwack Slf2828380.42
Davenport Slf28286,569.06
Day Sanitary Landfill2828108.67
Dayton Beach Park # 1 Corporation61283,571.46
De Ruyter Slf28286,569.06
Decorative Inds.23111.83
Degussa Corp.355,615.00
Dekalb Slf2828380.42
Delaware County Sanitary Landfill28281,550.25
Delhi Slf2828324.45
Delphi Automotive Systems - Lockport40108239,695.60
Delphi Energy & Chassis Rochester11200.00
Denton Ave. Lf28281,715.36
Depew Lf282863,237.99
Depeyster Slf2828120.03
Derrick Corp.4511,800.00
Derrick Corp.11250.00
Dewitt Slf282831,413.10
Dexter Corporate Park282814,242.21
Diana Slf2828178.00
Dickinson Landfill2828297.54
Dielectric Labs. Inc.123.00
Diemolding Corp.2426,563.00
Diemolding Corp.2432,760.00
Digel Slf2828198.56
Dinaire Llc214722,444.63
Disc Graphics Facility111237,957.21
Ditmas Terminal - 364 Maspeth Avenue243466,569.75
Dix Joint Slf2828324.45
Dmv International Nutritionals1132201,742.47
Dolgeville Slf28281,069.83
Don Frame Trucking28281,032.34
Donovan Lf28282,051.99
Doughty'S Solid Waste Yard2828461.64
Dover #2 Westside Rt 222828970.67
Downstate Medical Center38144154,692.20
Dresden Sanitary Landfill2828151.06
Duane Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Duanesburg Sanitary Landfill28281,691.14
Dunkirk Radiator2828248.32
Dunkirk Specialty Steel Llc397966,632.64
Dunkirk Steam Generating Station65275120,546,547.44
Dunmore Corp.246,533.00
Dupont Company44156334,681.38
Dupont Slf282863,237.99
Durez Niagara203352,242.35
Dutchess Co Resource Recovery Facility18261,118,719.74
Dutchess County Airport Lf2828970.67
Dutchess Sani, Hertel2828248.32
Dyer Landfill2828380.42
Dyno Nobel117.20
E I Dupont Yerkes Plant740260,787.70
E. H. Titchener & Co.115.00
Earlville Slf2828198.56
East Hampton Internal Combustion Fac.2970450,879.22
East Hampton Slf282857,992.47
East River Housing Corp2533348,885.51
Eastern / Fort Johnson Slf28282,009.49
Eastern Alloys Inc.220.67
Eastern Poly Packaging Co Inc81140,880.35
Easton Sanitary Landfill2828889.83
Eastport Lf28283,312.48
Eaton Slf28286,569.06
Econo Products9251,051.76
Eden Sanitation Slf2828285.51
Edgemere Slf28281,305.02
Edinburg Sanitary Landfill28284,997.63
Edmeston Slf2828115.20
Edwards Slf2828120.03
Ef Barrett Power Station477473,746,239.38
Elbridge Slf28281,235.73
Electronic Devices Inc.11250.00
Ellenburg Slf28281,069.83
Ellisburg Slf2828248.32
Elmer'S Products Inc2422,554.00
Elmhurst Hosp-79-01 Broadway377175,880.65
Elmira Heat Treating Inc.11750.00
Emerson Power Transmission110.03
Emerson Street Dump2828313.63
Emsig Mfg. Corp.12199.00
Endicott Dump (Old)2828970.67
Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc129545292,842.66
Endicott Research Group111.00
Engelhard Corporation - Pigment Plant365541,703.13
Entenmann'S Bakery4018640,753.88
Enterprise Express37572,045.05
Ephratah Slf28281,069.83
Erie / Lackawanna Slf2828198.56
Ernst Steel Slf282863,237.99
Erwin Manufacturing Complex71264,007.76
Esab Group Inc.123,355.00
Esopus Sanitary Landfill2828278.31
Essex County Landfill28281,617.39
Essex Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Ete Slf2828324.45
Ethan Allen Inc4859298,943.11
Ethan Allen, Inc., Mayville Division49114134,393.07
Ethox Corp.117.00
Excel Precision Inc.128,020.00
Exxonmobil - Port Mobil Terminal2273211,910.93
Exxonmobil Buffalo Terminal156797,198.13
Exxonmobil Glenwood Landing Terminal297528,652.55
Exxonmobil Inwood Terminal328369,695.59
Exxonmobil Oil Corp-Newburgh Terminal1467107,507.39
Exxonmobil Oil Corp. Binghamton Terminal6121,407.04
Exxonmobil Oil Corp. Syracuse (Ted Park) Terminal6126,741.21
Exxonmobil Oil Corp. Utica Terminal6121,873.07
Fabius Slf28286,549.97
Fair-Rite Prods. Corp.241,000.00
Falco C & D Landfill28286,218.12
Fallsview Hotel Slf282815,117.89
Farmington C & D Landfill2828246.83
Fedco Automotive Components Co.1176.00
Felix Schoeller Technical Papers4310999,631.69
Felmont Oil Slf2828198.56
Fenner Slf28286,569.06
Ferdula Lf28281,069.83
Ferro Electronic Material Sys.111.20
Ferro Electronic Material Systems16268409,629.01
Ferronics Inc.1210.00
Ferry Point Slf282837,700.91
Fibermark Inc324625,058.55
Fibermark N.A. Inc.110.01
Fibreright Mfg. Inc.111,596.40
Fieldbrook Foods Corp.1112,600.00
Finch / Scott Lf28283,228.78
Finch Pruyn & Co441632,368,850.19
Finch Pruyn Land Rec. Landfill28281,301.04
Fine Slf2828248.32
Finger Lakes Chemical Inc.2210.00
Fisher Scientific Co. L.L.C. Pfeiffer Glass Co.2336.75
Fishers Island Sanitary Landfill282871.41
Flame Control Coatings Inc.233,550.00
Flintkote Orangeburg Pipe2828277.88
Florentine Craftsmen Inc.122.00
Fmc Corp. Tonawanda Plant3414,002.50
Fonda Slf2828198.56
Ford Motor Co.28283,514.27
Ford Motor Co. - Buffalo Stamping Plant237.30
Fordham University3323784,344.66
Former Bendix Corp. Lf2828277.88
Formso Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Fort Ann Sanitary Landfill2828642.68
Fort Covington Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Fort Edward Lf (Old)28281,069.83
Fort Edward Sanitary Landfill2828222.97
Fort Miller Lf2828324.45
Fort Orange Paper Company Slf282812,768.07
Fortistar North Tonawanda Inc40119359,839.38
Fowler Slf2828991.87
Fox Island Road Slf2828285.51
Fox Road Site28281,715.36
Fr Chemical Inc.115.00
Frank E Van Lare Wastewater Treatment11161,047,455.49
Franklin County Regional Landfill28281,557.12
Franklin Landfill2828153.89
Franklin Plaza Apartments1819139,564.50
Frazer & Jones Co.2828348.04
Fredonia Slf2828248.32
Freeport Power Plant #136106101,717.38
Freeport Power Plant #2409627,992.62
Frontier Chemical Slf2828277.88
Frontier Hot Dip Galvanizing Inc.1155.00
Fulton Cogeneration Assoc Cogen Project4065186,311.04
Fulton County Lf28283,983.35
Fulton Dump (Old)28282,051.99
Fultonville Slf28281,069.83
G.W. Lisk Co. Inc.224,875.80
Galen / Lyons Sanitary Landfill2828142.02
Galilee Slf2828248.32
Gallatin Slf28286,569.06
Galway Hershey Lf282815,117.89
Garden City Slf28287,906.20
Gardiner Sanitary Landfill2828282.77
Garlock Sealing Technologies74162504,836.67
Garvies Point Slf28281,715.36
Gasser & Sons Inc.1214,987.00
Ge Co. Cpqp125.00
Ge Global Research Center59220221,163.77
Ge Research & Develop.28282,051.99
Ge Silicones Waterford Facility4051355,555.37
General Chemical Corp. Syracuse Works122,357.00
General Electric Selkirk Plastics Plt59300539,243.61
General Electric Turbine Plt51294355,928.75
General Mills Operations Inc91430,649.76
General Super Plating Co. Inc.36275.00
Geneseo Landfill2828222.97
Genessee Sand & Gravel Landfill2828813.91
Genoa Sanitary Landfill2828635.81
Genpak Llc Middletown Main Plant8135,291.66
George Schreiber28281,715.36
George Stephens2828198.56
Georgetown Slf2828324.45
Georgia Pacific - Warwick Facility7142,286.49
Germantown Slf2828324.45
Gershow Recycling Corp.2862107,187.12
Gershow Recycling Of Lindenhurst28551,021.09
Getinge Sourcing Llc.334.24
Getty Terminals Corp.6123,866.00
Getty Terminals Corp.6124,048.00
Getty Terminals Corp.6125,989.00
Ghent Slf28286,569.06
Gibraltar Steel Corp.2417,391.00
Gillinder Brothers Inc.1116.90
Glen Slf28286,569.06
Glenmore Plastic Industries Inc37574,334.58
Glens Falls2828198.56
Glens Falls Lehigh Cement Company3099478,439.83
Glens Falls Lehigh Cement Company171414,601,647.57
Glenville Lf (Old)282815,117.89
Glenville Sanitary Landfill2828289.41
Glenwood Gas Plant293823,373.49
Glenwood Main Power Station381261,091,220.79
Globe Metallurgical Inc34481,450,827.10
Gloversville Slf2828324.45
Gm Powertrain - Massena Plant38165597,065.80
Gm Powertrain - Tonawanda Engine Plant40158169,205.65
Gold Bond Building Prod.2828198.56
Golden Titanium Inc.115.00
Goldsmith & Sons Display Inc.112,287.00
Good Samaritan Hospital396817,236.07
Goodyear Chem Plant11339,659.58
Goodyear Dunlop Tires North America Ltd1054661,006,421.99
Gotham Ink & Color Co. Inc.249,544.00
Goulds Pumps Epd673,895.00
Gowanda Slf28284,050.02
Gowanus Generating Station411151,443,837.68
Grace Asphalt Div Of Grace Industries2060238,052.00
Grafton Slf2828380.42
Grand Basket-53-06 Grand Ave131410,251.46
Granville Landfill2828182.09
Graphite Metallizing Corp.111.00
Gray-Syracuse Inc.3642.00
Great Meadow Site28286,569.06
Greater Albany Slf2828192.02
Greece Slf282815,258.82
Green Haven Correctional2828970.67
Green Island Slf2828277.88
Greenfield Lf282815,117.89
Greenport Slf28286,569.06
Greenville Slf282822,038.27
Greenwich Lf28284,997.63
Greenwich Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Greig Slf2828178.00
Griffith Micro Science Inc.12520.00
Griffith Oil Co. Inc.484,848.00
Griffith Oil Co. Inc.482,500.00
Griffith Oil Co. Inc.483,544.00
Griffith Oil Co. Inc.482,500.00
Griffith Oil Co. Inc.483,591.00
Griffith Oil Co. Inc.81610,190.00
Griffith Oil Co. Inc.12500.00
Griffith Oil Co. Inc.483,419.00
Griffith Oil Co. Inc.81617,437.00
Griffith Oil. Co. Inc.362,000.00
Grifton Park28283,514.27
Grumman Aerospace Mfg Plant3993166,517.23
Guardian Geneva Float Glass Facility30692,406,974.36
Guerriero Demolition Landfill2828246.83
Guilderland Demolition Landfill2828337.12
Gunlocke Co4186413,261.07
H. M. Quackenbush Inc.472,551.03
H. P. Hood Inc.121,500.00
Hadco Corp. Owego Div.6911,520.03
Hadley Sanitary Landfill282817,852.15
Hague Landfill282850.70
Hakes Construction Landfill2828947.61
Halfmoon Lf (Old)2828380.42
Halfmoon Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Hamlin Beach Slf28281,650.36
Hammer Lithograph Corp.1113,985.00
Hammond Slf28287,307.49
Hammond Stump Landfill28282,180.81
Hampshire Chemical Corp/Evans Chemetics4143115,198.30
Hampton Bays Slf2828285.51
Hancock Slf28286,569.06
Hannibal Slf2828248.32
Hanover Slf282815,117.89
Harco Chemical Coatings Inc.241,000.00
Harden Furniture Inc49203245,011.06
Hardinge Inc.111.00
Harlem Valley Psych. Ctr.2828970.67
Harpersfield Area Slf28281,069.83
Harrietstown Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Harris Corp. Rf Communications Div.110.17
Hartford Lf28286,569.06
Hartland Lf2828277.88
Hartwell Street Lf28287,906.20
Hartwick Slf2828198.56
Harvard Custom Mfg. Pcba Sys.120.52
Hastings Slf28282,051.99
Haverstraw Landfill2828264.67
Hector Slf28286,569.06
Heins Lf28287,906.20
Helen Hayes Hospital2828277.88
Helena Slf28282,051.99
Hempstead Resource Recovery Facility561324,150,240.94
Henkel Loctite Corp.48510.16
Herb Redl Property2828277.88
Hercules, Inc28282,051.99
Herkimer Village Dump2828324.45
Hermon Slf2828248.32
Heuvelton Slf282868.78
High Acres Landfill And Recycling Center635390,473.61
Hillburn Gas Turbine Facility162222,606.94
Hillburn Slf2828326.84
Hillsdale Slf2828198.56
Hilton Slf282813,179.82
Hinchey Dump (Old)282846,695.66
Hmq Chemtech L.L.C.121,000.00
Hofstra University40349562,894.65
Holiday Park2828970.67
Hollingsworth & Vose Greenwich Mill42122184,234.19
Hollingsworth & Vose-Easton Mill4394260,931.67
Holtsville Facility342263,743,095.08
Holtsville Lf Energy Co.282863,237.99
Holtsville Slf2828285.51
Holtsville Terminal, Northville Ind Corp126213,237.30
Homer Dump28286,569.06
Homogeneous Metals Inc.361,010.00
Honeywell Friction Materials582,975.00
Hoosick Falls Sanitary Landfill2828248.32
Hoosier Magnetics Inc.111,473.00
Hope Sanitary Landfill282820.67
Hope'S Windows Inc.2316,451.00
Hopkins Street Lf28287,906.20
Hopkinton Slf2828991.87
Horicon Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Horseheads Lf28286,569.06
Hounsfield Slf2828183.88
Hudson Pulp & Paper Slf28286,569.06
Hudson River Psych. Ctr.282814,242.21
Huff Landfill28284,079.08
Hugo Neu Schnitzer East-Queens Yard2628421,925.40
Hunter Panels L.L.C.000.00
Hunter Sanitary Landfill28285,413.87
Huntington Resource Recovery Facility38871,129,844.55
Huntington Slf2828285.51
Huntley Steam Generating Station6431696,670,863.72
Hunts Point Avenue Compressor Station72234,784.50
Hurley Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Huron Slf2828198.56
Hyde Park Slf282814,242.21
Hydraulic Canal2828970.67
Hydro Aluminum North America1138486,943.71
Ibm C&D Landfill / Poughkeepsie28281,195.23
Ibm Corp.355,626.70
Ibm Corp.365,962.80
Ibm East Fishkill Facility57240245,479.88
Icm Corp.24511.00
Iec Electronics Corp.1113.70
Ilion Lf2828324.45
Indeck Corinth Energy Center2654365,993.10
Indeck Olean Energy Center267137,537.51
Indeck-Oswego Limited Partnership1632130,164.66
Indeck-Silver Springs Cogeneration2654282,919.07
Indeck-Yerkes Energy Services4281122,498.50
Independence Station1288155,121.27
Independence Station411073,407,986.49
Indium Corp. Of America355,312.00
Indium Corp. Of America1239.00
Industrial Finishing Prods. Inc.4420.00
Industrial Finishing Prods. Inc.61155.00
Ingersoll Slf28281,650.36
Inlet Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Insl-X Prods. Corp.485,647.00
Intelicoat Technologies Azon Llc143480,465.17
Interface Solutions Inc43147290,720.91
International Imaging36153244,086.92
International Paper Hudson River Mill4198407,812.70
International Paper Ticonderoga Mill632376,095,940.55
Interstate Brands Corporation3546106,008.53
Iola Powerhouse & Cogen Facility3465444,880.81
Ipc Industrial Waste Landfill2828250.81
Irving Tissue Inc Ft Edward Operations3566219,863.13
Isg Lackawanna Inc3684390,708.62
Iskilar Brick, Inc1530430,071.29
Islechem L.L.C.23230.00
Islip Mcarthur Resource Recovery Facil2231935,748.90
Isochem Inc283913,506.18
Isola Laminate Systems6173,826.89
Itt Heat Transfer4514.00
Itw Tacc Freeport61240,401.00
J & J Lf28286,569.06
J & R Finne2828763.07
Jackson Demolition Lf282874.91
Jamaica Ash Projects282843,458.04
Jamie Towers7734,516.47
Jardine Bronze & Al28286,549.97
Jasco Industries Inc.182263,832.86
Jay Slf2828324.45
Jci Jones Chemicals Inc.112.00
Jci Jones Chemicals Inc.111.00
Jeff Thew C&D28283,621.66
Jefferson County / Felts Mills Slf28284,760.57
Jmf Associates Landfill28281,105.51
Jmp Acquisition Corp.3310.03
Johnsburg C & D Landfill2828297.54
Johnstown Dump (Old)28286,569.06
Johnstown Slf28286,569.06
Johnsville Slf28281,069.83
Jones Beach Slf2828285.51
Keene Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Kennedy Valve222,833.00
Keymark Corp Plant41252167,897.78
Keyspan Generation-Far Rockaway Station3871499,056.25
Keywell L.L.C. Vac Air Div.1212,989.00
Kiac Cogeneration Plant-Jfk Airport1632350,006.56
Kings Park Slf28281,715.36
Kings Plaza Total Energy Plant39781,434,159.75
Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center388972,204.32
Kingsbury Lf2828324.45
Kingston Jockey Hill2828935.12
Kingston Point Slf28282,051.99
Knickerbocker Village-10 Monroe St103080,862.57
Knowlton Specialty Papers4476189,947.33
Knox Demolition Slf28281,103.34
Kodak Park Division9588664,080,523.32
Konica Film Paper & Photochem Mfg Plant378720,561.11
Kortright Slf2828324.45
Kraft Foods N.A. Inc.220.00
L & J G Stickley Inc4651105,758.85
L.D. Mccauley Inc.11132.00
La Verne Patton Slf28281,069.83
Lackawanna Plant- Republic Eng Prod Inc3442370,319.03
Lafarge Building Materials Inc166343,071,180.20
Lafarge North America Inc - Buchanan2889170,054.88
Lafayette Boynton Houses Inc6673,267.49
Lafayette Morrison Housing Corp9961,698.38
Lafayette Paper Lp88316.06
Lafayette Slf2828348.04
Laidlaw Energy And Environmental Inc1622163,163.72
Lake George C&D Debris Lf28281,001.38
Lake George Lf28286,569.06
Lake Luzerne Lf28286,569.06
Lamothermic Corp.222.00
Lancaster Gunnville Lfgrf28289,369.22
Land Reclamation (Old)28287,906.20
Land Reclamation Inc282863,237.99
Lander Co. Inc.1210.00
Landfill Energy Partners2828650.49
Landmark @ Eastview329681,069.41
Lapp Insulator81941,847.11
Lasalle Reservoir282863,237.99
Laurens Slf2828115.20
Lawrence Ripak Facility132224,032.35
Lawson Mardon Packaging101011,084.51
Lb Furniture Industries Llc501749,609.78
Lco Destiny L.L.C. Dba Timeless Frames1118,192.00
Le Parker Meridien-109 West 56th St101042,820.46
Lederle Labs Slf28281,937.49
Lee Bills Slf28286,569.06
Lehigh Valley Rr28281,715.36
Leicester Slf28286,569.06
Leray Sanitary Landfill28281,881.78
Leroy Machine Co.28281,069.83
Leroy Sanitary Landfill28282,746.17
Lewis Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Lewistown Lf2828970.67
Lexington Die Casting128.30
Liberty Road28286,569.06
Lincoln / Madison County Landfill2828903.49
Lipari Slf282813,179.82
Lisbon Slf28282,051.99
Little League Slf282813,179.82
Livonia Landfill28281,069.83
Lloyd Sanitary Landfill2828778.68
Lockheed Martin Corp.341,932.39
Lockheed Martin Ne & Ss Syracuse1280.60
Lockport Cogeneration Facility411651,861,221.24
Lockport Lf2828277.88
Long Island Jewish Medical Center-Queens39196165,169.32
Long Lake Sanitary Landfill28283,826.21
Louis Hornick Co Inc344930,874.26
Louisville Slf2828120.03
Lovett Generating Station7525424,864,724.15
Lowville Slf2828198.56
Ludlow Slf28281,927.99
Lumberland Slf2828122.42
Lynden Road Lf28281,650.36
Lyonsdale Biomass Llc39107476,591.61
Lysander Slf28286,549.97
Macedon Slf2828324.45
Machias Lf2828198.56
Macomb Slf28287,307.49
Madrid Slf2828183.88
Maimonides Medical Center396351,128.35
Malone Landfill2828714.83
Manchester Wood Inc267168,546.11
Manhattan Psych Ctr2962305,420.34
Manlius Slf2828849.21
Manorville Lf28287,906.20
Marangi Brothers Inc28289,617.61
Marcellus Slf282831,413.10
Marilla Slf282863,237.99
Marilla Street Slf (Ltv)28287,906.20
Marketspan Combustion Turbine Generator1648170,124.93
Marlborough Sanitary Landfill282827.38
Marlborough Slf2828192.41
Marsellus Casket Co193929,863.53
Mary Immaculate Hospital5311960,442.89
Maryland Slf28286,569.06
Mason Industries Property223427,848.74
Massena Energy Facility51333,436.26
Massena Landfill2828788.84
Massena Landfill Swda282813,863.88
Matthews Intl. Corp.122.00
Mayfield Slf2828324.45
Mckee Rd Industrial Dump282813,179.82
Mechanicville (Old)282815,117.89
Medi-Ray Inc.116.10
Meloon Foundries Inc.110.38
Meridian Automotive Systems71215,981.00
Metal Cladding Inc.114,200.00
Metal Container Corp1625237,600.73
Metallized Carbon Corp.2427.00
Metro Terminals Corp.7135,244.42
Metz C & D Landfill2828255.58
Michael Anthony Jewelers Inc.444,119.00
Middle Country Road Slf2828119.62
Middleburgh Slf28281,069.83
Middleport Demolition Site Landfill2828166.71
Middletown Lfg, Ltd. (At)2828215.23
Middletown Slf2828198.56
Milan Sanitary Landfill282829.75
Milford Slf2828434.78
Milligan & Higgins1818169,564.57
Milward Alloys Inc.12255.00
Minerva Slf C&D Across Rd2828198.56
Minisink Rubber Co.2828834.91
Mirabito Property2828380.42
Mobil Oil Albany Terminal #31-00121100233,854.81
Mobil Oil Corp Rochester Terminal1680105,142.11
Mobil Ted Park Terminal1868155,551.68
Modern Landfill Inc277010,329.34
Mohawk Valley Oil Boonville Terminal354,517.30
Mohawk Valley Oil Cortland Terminal244,194.60
Mohawk Valley Oil Marcy Terminal464,314.70
Mohawk Valley Sanitary Landfill2828685.75
Moira Landfill2828136.45
Monroe - Livingston Slf2828797.66
Monroe Demolition Slf28284,814.82
Monroe Livingston Sanitary Landfill515295,871.00
Montauk Slf28281,715.36
Montefiore Medical Ctr-111 E 210th St3997250,386.76
Montgomery Slf28284,814.82
Mooers Lf2828324.45
Mooers Slf28285,201.59
Moreau Sanitary Landfill28288,459.03
Morehouse Lf2828324.45
Moriah Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Morris Slf282870.50
Morrisville Slf28286,569.06
Morton Salt Div40852,178,893.94
Morton Salt Slf2828198.56
Motiva Enterprises Llc133561,626.04
Motiva Enterprises Llc Property2555141,008.92
Motor Components L.L.C.111.00
Motorola Inc. Slf28281,069.83
Mount Sinai Hospital3866440,835.42
Mountainville Slf2828834.91
Mpl Inc.110.00
Mtp Industries - 1180 Commerce Avenue81163,629.72
Mutual Redevelopment Houses3866580,761.90
Mw Custom Papers L.L.C. - Specialty Paper Div. Cedar110.01
N Shore Towers Apt Total Energy Plant3989877,992.56
Nap - Kent Avenue Facility1015210,225.04
Narrows Generating Station40712,567,214.22
Nashville Compressor Station103880,954.59
Nassau County Sd #2 Bay Park Stp41301462,069.09
Nassau Sanitary Landfill28282,302.54
Native Textiles43102120,288.79
Naval Reactor Landfill282813,863.88
Ncdpw - Cedar Creek Wpcp (Stp)41291570,361.79
Ncrod Wheatfield Slf2828970.67
Nelson Slf2828198.56
Nepera Inc42198612,330.12
Nestle Purina Petcare Co.110.88
Nevelle Slf28282,051.99
New Berlin Slf2828198.56
New Bremen Slf2828108.93
New England Laminates375622,785.79
New England Laminates Co. Inc. (Walden)249,986.00
New Haven Slf282815,117.89
New Ngc Inc.110.50
New Paltz Sanitary Landfill28281,690.77
New Road282814,242.21
New Venture Gear Of Ny L.L.C.119.00
New York Presbyterian Hospital39104274,570.28
New York Air Brake Lf2828248.32
New York City Police, Harbor Unit, Launch Repair S55541.15
New York Methodist Hospital3765156,273.26
Newburgh Slf2828181.69
Newcomb Sanitary Landfill2828271.68
Newstead Slf28287,906.20
Newstech Ny Inc2836241,456.74
Ney Smelting & Refining Co. Inc.3377.00
Niacet Corp.61016,113.00
Niagara Falls2952280,382.32
Niagara Fiberglass Inc.111,448.00
Niagara Generating Facility74811,603,466.22
Niagara Landfill Inc28285,782.62
Niagara Mohawk (Huntley)282817,512.28
Niagara Recycling Inc Landfill2828939.64
Nibco Inc. New York Plant12271.80
Nice Pak Prods. Inc.11250.00
Nichols Sanitary Landfill2828213.91
Nickerson Park Slf2828324.45
Nimo - Cherry Farm282863,237.99
Niskayuna Slf28281,654.84
Nissequogue Cogen Partners Plant2552662,308.91
Noco Energy Corp46191218,247.26
Norbord Industries421851,283,659.99
Norfolk Slf28287,307.49
Norlite Corp27115791,170.88
North American Hoganas Pyron Plant1122.00
North Elba Slf2828349.33
North Elba Transfer Station2828246.40
North Hudson Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
North Norwich Slf28281,069.83
North Sea Lf (Old)2828285.51
North Sea Sanitary Landfill282854.25
North Shore University Hospital3991105,681.43
Northeast Solite Corporation13531,811,064.51
Northern Circuits Inc.110.20
Northport Power Station4740966,411,805.42
Northumberland Sanitary Landfill282886.94
Northville Slf2828324.45
Novak Labs2828198.56
Nrg-Ilion Energy Center3351121,761.68
Nu-Gro Techs. Inc.121,000.00
Nu-Kote International91113,203.71
Nucor Steel Auburn Inc1013758,144.10
Ny - Presbyterian Hospital-525 E 68th St4078325,261.68
Nyack Hospital445324,564.88
Nyack Lf282814,242.21
Nyc-Dep Coney Island Wpcp47109260,633.23
Nyc-Dep Newtown Creek Wpcp48136252,855.40
Nyc-Dep North River Wpcp48147634,387.80
Nyc-Dep Owls Head Wpcp45146323,042.12
Nyc-Dep Tallman Island Wpcp46126499,654.07
Nyc-Dep Wards Island Wpcp305342,373.47
Nyc-Doc - Rikers Island34123195,464.99
Nyc-Hh - Coney Island Hospital202966,106.02
Nyc-Hh - Harlem Hospital397174,340.24
Nyc-Hh - Jacobi Medical Ctr1625230,663.91
Nyc-Hh - Kings County Hospital Center39115113,982.68
Nyc-Hh - Metropolitan Hospital2834123,170.59
Nyc-Hh - N Central Bx Hosp-3424 Kossuth365929,055.78
Nyc-Hh - Woodhull Hospital387046,774.27
Nyc-Ta 207 Street Shop318282,168.86
Nyc-Ta Coney Island Yard4113264,095.36
Nyc-Ta East Ny Bus Depot & Shops4313754,776.07
Nycdos Household Dumping2828993.75
Nyofco Sludge Pelletization Facility815101,214.78
Nys E & G (Milliken)28282,232.81
Nys Elmira Correctional Facility334344,915.43
Nys Fairgrounds Slf282831,413.10
Nys Great Meadow Correctional Facility2345463,767.07
Nys Ogs Sheridan Steam Plt3345385,874.52
Nys Thruway Auth. Slf2828285.51
O. W. Hubbell & Sons Galvanizing1135.00
Oak Tree Farm Dairy2632137,160.46
Oakfield C & D Site Landfill2828813.91
Occidental Chemical Corp161631,195.07
Oceanside Landfill Gas Recovery Fac61264,196.00
Oceanside Slf2828394.29
Oceanside Solid Waste Management Fac7927,942.70
Ogdensburg Energy Facility40142117,506.05
Ohio Slf2828178.00
Olin Corp.242,492.00
Olive Sanitary Landfill282818.49
One Lincoln Plaza Condominium101080,612.92
Oneida Ash Landfill28281,133.36
Oneida Correctional Facility3984138,482.65
Oneida Ltd. Knife Plant1120.00
Oneida Ltd. Main Plant3439.00
Oneida Ltd. Silversmiths2828277.88
Oneida Slf28281,069.83
Oneonta Slf2828434.78
Onondaga Co Resource Recovery Facility571901,813,825.77
Onondaga Cogeneration Facility417178,046.11
Ontario Co Landfill29293,850.12
Ontario Co. #228281,069.83
Orange & Rockland Utility28286,622.57
Orange County Lf282852.92
Orange County Sanitary Landfill3335480.78
Organichem Corp4917171,557.74
Orleans Sanitary Landfill2828107.54
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Inc.362,230.00
Orwell Slf28282,051.99
Osceola Slf28283,603.90
Osg Norwich Pharmaceuticals Inc.231,495.00
Oswego Co Energy Recovery Fac3565193,874.11
Oswego Harbor Power502416,471,725.68
Oswego Slf2828248.32
Otisco Slf28281,235.73
Outokumpu American Brass Buffalo Plant36671,800,700.38
Owens-Brockway Auburn Plant 3539982,128,179.94
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc. Plant #352411,257.10
Owens-Corning Delmar Plant191842,142,710.62
Oxychem Niagara - Main Plant314725,438.79
Pactiv Corporation288050,347.35
Pactiv Corporation71514,231.36
Palermo Slf282815,117.89
Palisades Park Sanitary Landfill2828706.33
Pall Trinity Micro182822,531.62
Parishville Slf2828120.03
Parkchester South Condominium3339255,438.04
Parker Hannifin Corp.111.00
Parker Hannifin Corp.111.00
Parker Hannifin Corp. Electronic Sys. Div.1210.00
Parker Towers6669,490.97
Parma Slf282813,179.82
Passonno Paints242,000.00
Patterson Sanitary Landfill28281,635.22
Paxar Corp Systems Group343533,214.72
Pe - Bayshore Llc2560449,057.87
Pearl Leather Finishers Inc1516132,924.55
Peerless-Winsmith Inc.231,250.00
Penn Yan C&D Landfill2828394.16
Pennsylvania Ave Demo Slf282810,198.50
Perinton Lf282846,695.66
Perrysburg Slf28286,569.06
Perth Slf28281,069.83
Peru Slf2828198.56
Petersburg Slf Berlin2828235.31
Petroleum Fuel & Terminal Co-Rensselaer154374,192.50
Pfaudler Inc.33127.00
Philips Lighting Co.243,900.00
Philips Semiconductor Mfg. Inc.111,909.00
Philipstown Sanitary Landfill28281,425.14
Phoenix Laboratories10618,615.71
Photocircuits Corporation48149247,041.80
Piercefield Slf 45t01282815,117.89
Pierrepont Slf2828991.87
Pike Slf2828324.45
Pilgrim State Hosp. Slf282863,237.99
Pinckney Slf2828178.00
Pine Plains Sanitary Landfill2828267.39
Pine Road Ecol.28281,715.36
Pittstown Slf28289,320.63
Plascal Corp.22915.00
Plattekill Slf2828294.76
Plattsburgh A.F.B.2828198.56
Plattsburgh Lf28281,069.83
Plattsburgh Slf28281,069.83
Pliant Corporation102485,092.02
Pliant Solutions Corporation233799,006.88
Plumb Gravel Pit Fill Co.282813,179.82
Plymouth Sanitary Landfill28283,878.28
Poa Cogen Fac/Syracuse Univ Steam Sta41219377,066.71
Point O'Woods282863,237.99
Poletti Power Project44948,272,212.96
Polkville Crushed Stone / Suit-Kote Terminal2231.08
Poly Plastic Packaging - Queens Facility77553.55
Poly-Pak Mfg Plant9136,391.54
Port Jefferson Power Station4819016,601,447.62
Power Authority Road Site282814,242.21
Praxair Mrc1110.00
Precious Plate Inc.2220.20
Precision Valve Corp.3315.00
Prestolite Electric Ny Inc204251,509.03
Preston Slf2828198.56
Pride Solvents & Chemical Co. Of Ny Inc.10205,998.00
Providence Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Pulaski Slf282815,117.89
Putnam County Lf2828198.56
Putnam Sanitary Landfill28284,997.63
Pvs Chemicals36491,213,978.46
Quebecor World Buffalo Inc36841,478,336.66
Queens Fresh Meadows Facility345077,556.41
Queensbury Landfill28281,560.78
Quest International3611487,727.49
Quiogue Slf28281,715.36
R G & E Russell Station6932260,863,751.71
R. H. Crown Co. Inc.121,000.00
R. P. Adams Co. Inc.3655.00
Rachel Bridge Corp101093,215.74
Raquette Lake Lf28286,569.06
Ravenswood Generating Station4861311,335,507.60
Ravenswood Steam Plant431591,750,062.72
Raymond Corporation6017859,485.30
Red Hook Lf282814,242.21
Redfield Slf28282,051.99
Redford Slf28286,569.06
Refined Sugars Inc42171693,384.03
Reliable Poly Packaging-1250 Metropolita344133,074.04
Remington Arms Co. Inc.3329.60
Remington Rand Mach. Div.28281,069.83
Rensselaer Cogen Facility32108101,998.96
Rensselaer Slf2828248.32
Rensselaerville Slf28284,127.68
Republic Engineered Prods. L.L.C. Lackawanna483,499.90
Revere Copper Prods. Inc.242,142.00
Revere Cu & Brass, Inc.2828970.67
Revere Smelting & Refining Corp39111910,592.14
Reynolds Metals St Lawrence Reduction Pl4211448,917,419.60
Rg&E Allegany Station #13336112140,568.92
Richard M Flynn Power Plant3072760,689.43
Richard Seymour C&D Landfill282890.01
Richardson Hill Rd Lf28286,569.06
Richfield Slf28281,069.83
Riga/Mill Seat Landfill611223,321.48
Riverbay Corp-Co-Op City35102837,507.86
Riverhead Terminal-Conocophillips42207359,624.89
Riverhead Youngs Ave Slf28287,250.39
Riverside Mgmt Corp101080,364.50
Rochdale Village3452396,122.54
Rochester District Heating Cooperative3296150,396.17
Rochester Lf (Old)2828313.63
Rochester Slf2828348.86
Rochester Steel Treating Works Inc.2210,055.00
Rochester Technology Park344054,926.74
Rock Haven Lf2828380.42
Rockefeller University3669187,041.28
Rockland Psychiatric Center3797136,550.32
Rockville Centre Power Plant3767256,039.52
Rome Cable Corp.227,165.00
Roosevelt Raceway Lf2828285.51
Rose Slf28281,069.83
Rosendale Slf282813,863.88
Roseton Generating Station4420017,847,552.57
Ross Valve Mfg. Co. Inc.1215.61
Rotterdam Sanitary Landfill2828988.70
Route 126 Site2828198.56
Roxbury Slf28281,069.83
Royalton Slf282814,242.21
Rt. 22 / East Side28283,514.27
Russel Slf28287,307.49
Russell Station671,171,201.80
Rye Slf28281,715.36
S. Bristol Slf28286,569.06
Sabin Metal Corp.365,339.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (218701)125.00
Sag Harbor Slf28287,906.20
Saint Gobain Corp. Advanced Ceramics128,680.00
Saint Gobain Performance Plastics95055,444.43
Saint John'S Riverside Hospital223554,795.16
Saint Mary'S Hospital58190138,174.28
Saint-Gobain Abrasives Inc357559,467.52
Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics - Structural Ceramics11250.00
Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials Coating Solutions351,391.01
Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics Group4351233,420.46
Salem Sanitary Landfill2828461.64
Salisbury Slf2828108.93
Samuel A Carlson Generating Station742739,068,868.28
Samuel Bingham Co.115.00
Sand Creek Slf28282,051.99
Sand Lake Landfill28281,749.70
Sanfordville Slf2828991.87
Santa Clara Lf (North)28281,069.83
Santa Clara Lf South2828122.42
Saponara Property (Rhr&G)2828277.88
Saranac Lake Landfill28281,635.22
Saranac Power Partners Cogeneration Fac40186953,750.55
Saratoga Springs Landfill2828135.93
Saugerties Sanitary Landfill2828990.97
Savannah Slf2828198.56
Sayville Slf28287,906.20
Scardefield - Back Slf2828255.94
Scarsdale Slf2828285.51
Scepter Inc. Seneca Falls Ops.4475,373.50
Schenectady International/Rott Jct Fac50269577,995.94
Schoharie Slf28286,569.06
Schroon Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Schultz C&D Landfill28281,811.71
Schweitzer-Mauduit Intl. Inc.110.00
Schweizer Aircarft Corp.128,018.00
Scientific Components Corp.110.55
Scottsville Rd Chilli 228281,650.36
Selkirk Cogeneration Project351341,718,296.86
Seneca Demo Slf2828110.68
Seneca Energy Lfgte Facility47622,750.00
Seneca Foods Marion Plant2230131,057.82
Seneca Lf28286,569.06
Seneca Meadows Swmf415880,224.40
Sessler Property282814,242.21
Seward Slf28281,069.83
Sgl Carbon Llc11191,820,601.47
Shawangunk Sanitary Landfill28281,095.73
Shelby Demolition Landfill2828306.32
Shelter Island Disposal Area2828461.64
Shipley Co. L.L.C.1114.00
Shoemaker Gas Turbine Facility172925,845.72
Sidney Lf28281,069.83
Silgan Containers Corp - Lyons Plant239250,144.53
Silk Road Lf28282,051.99
Sirmos Div Of Bromante-30-00 47th Ave81413,915.00
Sisters Of Charity Hospital37854,989.81
Six Town Austro Bros. Landfill28281,557.35
Skee Demolition Sanitary Landfill2828350.23
Slack Chemical Co. Inc.115.00
Small Boat Harbor Container282863,237.99
Smithfield Slf2828324.45
Smithtown West Energy Gen66101,694.00
Smyrna Slf2828324.45
Sonia Road Lf28281,715.36
Sonoco Flexible Packaging Inc132324,649.68
Sonoco-Crellin Inc112311,539.68
Soundcoat Co. Inc.344,350.00
South Dayton Slf2828198.56
South Glens Falls Energy Llc41193252,154.41
South Oaks Hospital3787321,378.07
South Oswego Terminal19232,948.40
Southampton Hospital Property3877165,064.69
Southampton Internal Combustion Facility162230,734.31
Southold Cutchogue Slf282857,992.47
Southold Internal Combustion Facility162271,556.40
Sovereign Packaging Group Inc153625,942.98
Spafford Slf28281,235.73
Sparta Slf28286,569.06
Spaulding Fibre2828285.51
Special Metals Corp.33929.00
Special Metals Corp.44638.00
Speculator Lf2828324.45
Spence Eng. Co. Inc.110.10
Sprague - Oceanside Marine Terminal2411130,510.83
Spraylat Corp11367,851.81
Springs Fireplace Rd. Slf28281,149.44
Springville Lf282863,237.99
Sprout Brook Ash Residue Disposal Facility282829,467.33
Spx Corp. Lightning Div.2420.00
St Barnabas Hospital7790,860.24
St Charles Hospital3875246,544.35
St Johns University3822279,782.02
St Lawrence Cement Corp-Catskill Quarry1814414,305,391.11
St Luke'S Roosevelt Hospital354488,554.83
St. Lawr. Swda Ogdensburg2828248.32
St. Lawrence Swda Canton2828188.92
Standish Slf28286,569.06
Stanford Sanitary Landfill2828180.97
Star Lake Slf2828183.88
Starrett City Power Plant37272879,893.84
State University Of New York At Geneseo337255,530.15
Staten Island Landfill78212786,918.99
Std Folding Carton Inc-85 St & 24 Ave526935,769.18
Stein & Giannott Med Waste Incinerator202942.11
Steinway & Sons - Queens Facility40104158,812.02
Stephentown Sanitary Landfill282856.34
Sterling Energy Facility41119122,015.21
Steuben County #1 Sanitary Landfill / Bath28283,749.83
Stewart Efi New York Llc114066,194.13
Stillman Northern Corp.114,371.00
Stillwater Slf2828198.56
Stony Creek Sanitary Landfill2828271.68
Stony Point Facility861441,998.04
Stora Papyrus Lf2828248.32
Stratford Slf28286,569.06
Strathmore Prods. Inc.484,917.00
Sts Duotek1148.00
Sugar Kake Cookie Inc.1131,460.00
Suit-Kote Jamestown220.23
Sullivan County Landfill23379,063.76
Sullivan Slf2828324.45
Sulzer Metco (Us) Inc.33104.00
Sunoco Binghamton Terminal103035,211.96
Sunoco Partners M & T Rochester Terminal105545,541.16
Sunoco Tonawanda Terminal124467,443.96
Suny At Albany36112102,310.61
Suny At Binghamton52211278,364.93
Suny At New Paltz3587108,021.21
Surpass Chemical Co. Inc.4584.00
Surpass Chemical Co. Inc.1280.00
Swagelok Biopharm Services Co.225.00
Swiss Road Site28281,069.83
Syosset Lf28287,906.20
Syracuse China Co.121,103.10
Syracuse Generating Facility405575,812.87
Syroco Inc215646,434.85
T.C. Dunham Paint Co.110.01
T.J. Ronan Paint Corp.111.40
Taino Towers-2253 Third Avenue344028,953.73
Tanagraphics Inc-263 Ninth Ave192836,836.07
Tbg Cogen Facility3678646,320.48
Tech City3655142,017.13
Tect Utica23965.00
Telescope Casual Furniture Inc.110.00
Tellabs Ops. Inc.128.00
Tenneco Gas Compressor Station 2244460106,505.50
Tenneco Gas Compressor Station 2291130532,988.53
Tenneco Gas Compressor Station 230-C2538519,674.70
Tennesse Gas Pipeline Co - Comp Sta 241721265,116.16
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company7341,035,110.63
Tesa Tape - Middletown3589514,122.87
Tgp Compressor Station 233720186,947.99
Tgp Compressor Station 237722546,736.31
Thatcher Co. Of New York12500.00
The Carbide/Graphite Group Incorporated8495,602,199.14
The Top-Flite Golf Company121422,662.30
Thomas & Betts Corp.11165.00
Thornton Slf28286,569.06
Thurman C&D Landfill2828151.54
Ticonderoga Slf28286,569.06
Tifft Farm Nature Preserve28281,715.36
Tivoli Landfill2828282.77
Tj Watson Research Center727163,544.75
Tobins Slf282815,117.89
Tompkins County Landfill28284,346.86
Tonawanda Coke28287,906.20
Tonawanda Coke Corp37661,827,184.50
Tonawanda, Plot 34 P1-3028281,715.36
Tonoga Inc. (Dba Taconic)24936.00
Toshiba Display Devices Inc.4712,180.00
Town Of Ovid282812,271.06
Townley Hill Road28286,569.06
Towpath Slf (Manlius)28286,549.97
Tracey Towers7798,259.38
Transcanada Power Castleton4069360,121.49
Transelco Inc.28281,069.83
Transmontaigne-Rensselaer Terminal1075109,846.00
Trigen Centrl Utility Plt - Mitchl Field40120521,912.84
Trigen Syracuse Energy Corporation225511,131,079.61
Trimmer Road Lf28281,650.36
Troy Landfill28285,790.05
Tully Slf2828348.04
Tupper Lake Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Turner Demolition Landfill28285,704.93
Tuscarora Inc88717.22
Tyco / Healthcare / Kendall1146.00
Tyco Healthcare Kendall8171,717.97
Tyco Healthcare Kendall122.30
Tyco Plastics/Adhesives35507,191.35
U S Gypsum Co Oakfield Plant3378209,272.55
U S Salt - Watkins Glen Refinery371101,216,147.85
U. S. Vanadium Corp.352,550.00
U.S. Army Fort Drum Ranges112,060.00
U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal114.00
U.S. Military Academy Range Control11100.00
Ulano Corp-280 Bergen St3556626.53
Ulano Corp.11250.00
Ulrich Planfiling Equipment Corp.222.00
Ulster Sanitary Landfill2828381.61
Ultra Flex Pkg Corp-975 Essex St4715771,232.78
Unicell Body Company Inc287044,484.44
Uniflex Facility11196,179.99
Union Tools Inc1140119,707.35
Union Vale Slf28288,132.39
Unison Inds.24503.20
United Marble Inc.112,762.00
United States Gypsum Co.22352.22
Universal Waste Inc.28283,514.27
University Of Rochester40256214,020.98
Upstate Printed Circuits Inc.248,452.00
Urbana Slf2828198.56
Utica Alloys214633,561.54
Utica City Demolition Lf2828277.88
Utica Cutlery Co.246,690.48
Utica Metal Products71019,615.76
V.J. Damice Enterprises Landfill282813,482.80
Valeo Inc Engine Cooling Truck Division134830,948.32
Valhalla Campus (Grasslands)345363,194.42
Van De Water Prop.2828277.88
Van De Water Prop. North28283,514.27
Vanbro Corporation3910381,989.29
Vanchlor Co. Inc.121,155.00
Varflex Corp91545,721.01
Varick Lf2828324.45
Vertis Inc103592,442.92
Victor C & D Landfill28284,997.63
Victor Insulators2828119.26
Village View Housing7784,117.80
Vishay General Semiconductor112,200.00
Visy Paper Staten Island Plant3435199,627.30
Von Roll Isola Usa Inc45165137,897.82
Vrooman'S Slf28281,069.83
Vulcraft Of New York Inc7842,283.56
W B Mcguire Co Inc882,612.48
Wabash Aluminum Alloys Llc2164194,941.66
Wade'S Trucking, Inc282815.70
Wading River I C Facility381371,565,576.16
Wallkill Lf28284,814.82
Wallkill/Shawangunk Correctional184783,104.45
Walnut Packaging Property8937,123.17
Wappingers Falls28283,514.27
Warbasse Houses & Power Plant41114148,870.47
Warex Cargo Terminal15633,227.33
Warex Terminals Corp - North Terminal1637124,009.88
Warex Terminals Corp - South Terminal244429,745.52
Warren Brothers / Coes Neck282863,237.99
Warrensburg Board & Paper28286,569.06
Warrensburg Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Warsaw Slf28281,069.83
Washington County Swmf2828198.56
Washington Mills Electro Minerals81135,187.56
Washington Slf28283,062.79
Waterford Landfill2828271.68
Waterloo Slf2828324.45
Watertown Sanitary Landfill28282,380.29
Watson Slf28283,603.90
Waverly Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Waymor Regional Slf282857.55
Web Graphics110.01
Webb Landfill2828375.83
Wehran / Yaphank Lf28284,589.98
Weiland Road Landfill282883.60
West Babylon Gt Facility222263,530.53
West Babylon Landfill272790,765.49
West Hampton28287,906.20
West Monroe Slf282815,117.89
Westchester County Health Care Corp551652,500,584.95
Westerlo Slf2828277.88
Western Bituminous Prods.110.07
Western Slf2828277.88
Westinghouse Slf2828324.45
Westport Slf Commission2828198.56
Westville Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Wheatland Slf2828313.63
Wheelabrator Hudson Falls57108541,219.05
Whitehall T & V Lf2828188.92
Whitestown Sanitary Landfill2828157.62
Whiting Roll-Up Door Mfg Corp207843,074.45
Whitting Demolition Slf2828285.51
Wickham Site28286,569.06
Wieble Avenue Lf2828380.42
William Benson (Livonia)2828324.45
Williams Advanced Materials Inc.110.80
Williamstown Slf28282,051.99
Willsboro Sanitary Landfill2828271.68
Wilmington Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Wilna Slf28281,718.24
Wilson - Cambria Slf2828970.67
Wilton Lf2828248.32
Wilton Sanitary Landfill2828246.83
Winthrop Slf282815,117.89
Wm Hassholdt Slf2828198.56
Women'S Christian Assoc Hospital4064200.45
Wood & Hyde Leather Co. Inc.11250.00
Woodhull Station34118534,298.59
Woodstock Sanitary Landfill2828445.29
Worcestor Slf282870.50
World Beverage Headquarters17198,809.36
World Kitchen Inc. Pressware Plant1293.00
Wormuth Brothers Foundry163970,879.45
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals51173829,679.89
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals51148256,131.61
Xerox Corporation2828313.63
Xerox Joseph C Wilson Ctr For Technology47108165,464.19
Yonkers Joint Wwtp4010060,785.43
York Lf28286,569.06
Yost Street2828324.45
Young & Wilcox Sanitary Landfill28283,242.93