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Polluters in Nevada
Frehner Construction Co Inc5438168,406.85
Nevada Power Company7437530,808,697.49
Tracy Generating Station543335,028,432.77
Southern California Edison78224135,690,422.03
Pabco Building Products52071,347,380.00
North Valmy Station7719836,075,102.21
Georgia Pacific5179275,326.00
Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc51631,849,085.24
Gopher Construction Inc614910,983.97
Newmont Gold Company8133875,754.30
Timet (Titanium Metals)9132226,556.70
Rmc Nevada Inc213157,670.86
Us Department Of The Army2212854,154.65
Road & Highway Builders Llc612677,905.40
Nevada Power Clark Station371253,051,055.20
Fort Churchill Power Station491245,765,413.30
H E Hunewill Construction Co Inc512049,008.78
Republic Dumpco5119463,130.90
Round Mountain Gold Corp6116164,760.83
Jim Wilkin Mining And Trucking Inc61118,759.07
Us Department Of Energy510941,352.29
Cinderlite Trucking Inc11051,172.61
Las Vegas Paving Corporation49819,635.92
Western States Gypsum6875,460.46
Us Ecology Inc218296,391.62
A & K Earth Movers Inc68033,446.62
Rees'S Enterprise2801,597.61
Atlas Contractors Inc6780.00
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc676288,178.39
Bing Construction Co Of Nevada67570,024.93
Newmont Mining Corporation1775158,892.98
Newmont Mining Corp - Mccoy/Cove Mine127330,179.87
Onyx Construction67320,478.24
U S Naval Air Station Fallon6719,045.16
Chemical Lime Company8704,343,609.80
Chemetall Foote Corp663136,067.24
H E Hunewill Construction Co Inc66111,801.45
Anglogold-Meridian Jerrtt Canyon Joint Ventur66050,978.56
Cortez Gold Mines156010,761.60
T E Bertagnolli & Associates66029,255.99
Paramount-Nevada Asphalt Company, Llc66013,670.84
Sante Fe Pacific Gold Corporation659763,060.58
Florida Canyon Mining Inc859190,830.08
Kinder Morgan Calnev Pipe Line559179,387.72
American Cement And Aggregate65937,542.62
Bpb Gypsum Blue Diamond558462,240.00
Cortez Gold Mines658197,961.86
M-I Drilling Fluids, Llc65724,726.74
Starbucks Coffee Company6571,737.98
Glamis Marigold Mine85427,115.61
Ash Meadows Llc65330,884.72
Newmont Gold Company35346,690.86
Foreland Refining Corporation653488,410.14
Kennametal Inc., Advanced Materials Group650241,859.28
Nevada Cement Company7506,913,774.77
Paiute Pipeline Company648135,146.76
Harveys Resort Hotel64749,116.58
Graymont Western Us Inc54613,301,927.14
Boehler Construction Inc64517,072.19
Mud Camp Mining Company Llc64440,125.31
Getchell Gold Corporation54344.09
Granite Construction Company, Inc64227,188.71
Min-Ad Inc54217,034.04
Hycroft Resources & Dev Inc6410.00
Sierra Pacific Power Company6403,437,489.05
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc540205,577.33
Nevada Power Sunrise Station37401,745,784.73
Basalite Carson64010,516.00
Equatorial Tonopah Inc6370.00
Ranstrom Mining And Construction236718.70
Alcoa Sierra Micromills63646,974.27
Placer Dome Us Inc63529.38
Cind R Lite Block Company53410,578.95
Kennecott Rawhide Mining Company334234,967.26
A R E Inc73471,562.73
Polyone Engineered Films Group Yerington833531,520.10
Us Department Of Energy63340.29
Saguaro Power Company633261,840.00
Tonopah Sand & Gravel5332,197.61
Noble Materials Inc6322,960.06
El Dorado Energy1632603,603.10
Betra Manufacturing Company532878.48
Premier Chemicals Inc632435,634.42
Nevada Slag Inc63113,472.62
Battle Mountain Gold Company5310.00
Wulfenstein Construction Co Inc63126,053.63
Sierra Pacific Power Company8317,599.76
Newmont Gold Company23142,289.28
Capitol City Concrete2301,282.29
Ormsby Sanitary Landfill292910,326.43
Ames Construction, Inc.6290.00
Nevada Cogeneration Associates #2629396,580.00
Humboldt County Road Department2291,231.15
Valley Of Fire State Park2828310.16
City Of Fallon Landfill28282,867.27
Sunrise Mountain Sanitary Landfill282886,645.97
Southern Nevada Correctional Center28281,715.36
Indian Springs Landfill28281,715.36
Harris Springs Landfill28281,715.36
Npc / Reid Gardner Sanitary Landfill282863,237.99
Boulder City Landfill28283,473.44
Nellis Afb Landfill #3 (Old Facility)28281,715.36
Apex Regional Landfill282821,766.98
Gerlach Landfill282837,700.91
Ely Landfill2828829.01
Lockwood Regional Landfill282856,250.23
Gabbs Airport Dump2828895.83
Mound House Landfill2828399.81
Tonapah Landfill2828884.83
Yerington Mason Valley Landfill2828215.92
Fernley Landfill28282,608.11
Diamond Valley West / 9th St. Lf28286,024.17
Diamond Val. North / 12th St. Lf2828981.09
Diamond Valley Landfill28287,726.48
Beowowe Landfill2828981.09
Elko City Landfill28283,242.90
Carlin Landfill2828198.56
Ryndon Landfill28281,069.83
Spring Creek28286,569.06
Wells Landfill2828297.54
Southern Desert Correctional Center28288,588.77
Douglas / Tahoe Landfill28287,786.76
Bhp Nevada Mining Co5270.56
Dyno Nobel Inc627587,731.89
Ames Construction, Inc.5261,213.49
Foreland Refining Corporation526826.37
Rdw Newco Inc2265,523.46
Black Mountain Industrial Minerals, Llc225600.38
Moltan Company625149,601.54
Aervoe Industries Inc122512,612.08
Carson-Tahoe Hospital, A Non-Profit Corp.5257,001.41
Trex Company Llc32534,762.86
Sierra Pacific Power Company82510,467.35
Newmont Mining Corporation192586,168.00
Wyman Gordon Investment Castings Inc9251,010.00
Quebecor World Nevada Inc.824141,327.53
Coeur D'Alene Mining Corporation824100,818.23
Stateline Hotel Inc62422,423.15
T E Bertagnolli & Associates6241,729.09
Nevada Cogeneration Associates #1624387,020.00
Baker Hughes Inteq6244,916.87
Sierra Pacific Power Company72431,680,554.23
Caesars Tahoe Hotel & Casino Inc62413,649.84
Oakley Inc6241,977.89
Granite Construction Company, Inc6231,842.59
Wulfenstein Construction Co Inc223214.12
Thiessen Team Usa6234,119.88
Homestake Mining Company12312,472.08
Us Gypsum Company2230.00
Great Basin Aggregate Inc2232,649.60
Newmont Midas Operations Inc52319,106.99
A & K Earth Movers Inc52253,405.11
Refuse Inc6216,704.16
Glamis Gold Ltd5210.00
American Borate Company62139,963.57
Sierra Pacific Power Company8215,176,362.38
The Plum Mining Company Llc6210.00
University Of Nevada Fire Science Academy621466,940.58
Elko County School District52018,576.00
Trw Vssi62011,741.38
Newmont Mining Corp. Carlin South Area122040,764.00
Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc.152041,382.40
Newmont Gold Company2203.77
Metallic Ventures Inc5200.00
Winnemucca Farms62065,111.79
Harrahs Lake Tahoe52048,303.70
J R Simplot Company519493,261.25
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc6196.89
Dayton Materials Llc2194,626.66
Celite Corporation61919,057.42
Gopher Construction Inc219810.86
Paiute Pipeline Company61991,782.98
Sierra Pacific Power Company8186,685.76
Reno Sparks Ready Mix Inc2181,011.25
Sierra Pacific Power Company8183,371.34
Nevada Thermal Services Llc61819,952.51
Rtp Co3174,556.65
Silver Springs Aggregates217931.66
Golden Phoenix Minerals Inc3170.00
Cooper & Sons, Inc.5172,258.10
Phillip Services (21'St Century Enviro)6177,210.89
Dura Bond Bearing Company6163,410.95
Fisher Industries4168,699.14
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc51620,998.98
Bernhard Family Trust5165,191.98
Jim Wilkin Mining And Trucking Inc216189.33
Basalite Dayton2168,567.43
Wimar Tahoe4166,928.04
Essential Industries Inc61611.20
Masterfoods Usa A Division Of Mars Inc616138,513.93
Silver State Rock Products215903.91
Johns Manville International6152,182.02
Caithness Dixie Valley Llc61510,105.37
Wendover Casinos Inc51516,315.22
Sante Fe Pacific Gold Corporation5154,493.72
Bolling Construction2152,332.14
Bolling Construction2154,047.03
J & M Trucking Inc215366.36
T G Sheppard Construction Inc51542,150.48
Smi Joist Nevada215204,830.64
Reck Brothers51516,844.80
Cooper & Sons, Inc.214406.62
Malone Construction21445.74
Jerritt Canyon Joint Venture9149,996.30
Advanced Crushing5142,103.15
Us Air Force/99abw/Em51461.74
Canyon Construction Company214477.60
Curtis Machinery214324.65
Us Department Of Energy51429,595.13
Glamis Daisy Mining Co6132,941.80
Western States Minerals Corporation61316.71
Naniwa Energy, Llc613126,649.74
Nevada Cement Company2131,438.56
Paiute Pipeline Company61354,877.85
Fortifiber Corporation41340,297.72
United Engine & Machine Company6122,302.06
Bently Nevada Llc61210,844.16
New American Tec61260,523.69
T E Bertagnolli & Associates5120.00
Sylvan America Inc6122,487.67
Reck Brothers6121,041.68
Pershing General Hospital6123,350.36
Blt Ready Mix Inc212563.44
Selma Treating Of Nevada Inc5114,088.84
Hiskett & Sons2114,370.85
Cyanco Company611219,085.08
Bannock Paving5110.00
Vanderbilt Minerals Corp21148.12
Little Jupiter Mill Llc2110.00
Atlantic Richfield Company510239.35
Coyote Valley Llc2106,298.28
Nye Regional Medical Center5106,810.02
Pahrump Concrete Inc1103,377.11
Modern Concrete19216.83
Grant Smith Aggregates Inc192,138.51
Menezes Brothers Inc290.00
R Max Inc591,661.00
Vaquero Supplement1969.94
Complete Millwork Services Inc.39202,416.96
M-I Drilling Fluids, Llc193,568.52
Ken Snyder Mine692,351.20
M-I Drilling Fluids, Llc190.00
J & M Trucking Inc2822.56
L Mackedon & Sons Inc181,684.80
Gemini Incorporated280.00
Bald Mountain Mine6841,064.40
Valley Joist, Inc.28160,465.73
Grefco Minerals Inc5820,956.38
Nutritional Additives Partnership18102.46
3d Concrete Inc280.00
C B Aggregates18179.52
Glacier Construction582,968.10
Funeral Mountain Ranch281.18
Vogue Laundry And Dry Cleaners48614.38
Action Ready Mix183,710.43
Paiute Pipeline Company6732,140.14
Reed Distributing Inc673.98
Amor Iv Corp & Stillwater Geothermal57149,644.04
Paiute Pipeline Company673,462.46
Paiute Pipeline Company67425.43
Paiute Pipeline Company6733,978.28
John Davis Trucking Company Inc270.00
Newmont Gold Company170.00
3d Concrete Inc270.00
Graymont Western Us Inc572,500.22
Newmont Mining Corporation47689.92
Thermal Remediation Solutions Llc5734,020.33
Floyd'S Construction Inc17315.84
Niotan Incorporated370.00
Mission Industries673,315.55
Level 3 Communications, Llc56621.76
Elko Sand & Gravel568,584.48
L Mackedon & Sons Inc26284.07
Pioneer Americas L.L.C.36447.00
Smoky Valley Common Operation5616,022.50
Viking Metallurgical36520.00
3d Concrete Inc1680.77
Deerfield Production Corporation265,094.32
Elko Sand & Gravel56294.08
Western Elite Inc4628,835.31
Us Department Of The Army56752,939.59
Humboldt Ready Mix Inc16466.72
American Ready Mix261,381.00
Humboldt General Hospital661,509.94
Level 3 Communications, Llc56620.80
Air Liquide America Lp6611,572.85
Mission Industries663,115.08
Natural Pozzolan Nevada Llc260.00
Kenner Concrete16566.41
L Mackedon & Sons Inc161,264.20
Lin Cubing Inc151,878.60
Graymont Western Us Inc252.49
Roadway Company15237.74
Us Department Of Energy550.00
Basin Sand And Gravel1598.99
Menezes Brothers Inc15128.04
Onyx Construction150.00
Western Placer Resources, Inc.25149.40
Callaghan & Nelson550.00
Columbus S M Llc450.00
Humboldt Ready Mix Inc150.00
Sierra Chemical Company150.00
Praxair Inc553,298.14
Isg Resources Nc25117.92
Tonkin Springs Llc250.24
Tonopah Sand & Gravel150.00
Chromalloy Nevada35561.95
Lsp Products Group Inc159.07
Sun Chemical Gpi352,621.00
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.45568,660.00
Elite Concrete Corp153,792.00
Graymont Western Us Inc151,105.21
Amor Ix Corporation35151,694.06
Reno Sparks Ready Mix Inc14279.93
Makoil Inc245,584.65
Cinderlite Trucking Inc24264.37
Rmc Nevada Asphalt Inc340.00
Marathon Equipment Company3419,412.32
Greatbatch - Sierra Inc34221.68
Walker River Construction143,187.14
Ron Murphy Construction Co, Inc14741.31
A & A Construction Inc241,760.69
American Buildings Company3479,458.27
Orica Usa Inc142,873.52
Us Department Of Energy245.80
Vega Construction And Trucking24573.12
Kennametal Inc240.00
Barney Trucking Inc2430.67
Southern Nevada Paving Charleston240.51
Southern Nevada Paving 5th Street241.07
Brady Power Partners344,473.80
Modern Concrete1387.77
Nevada Gold Mining Inc130.00
Ash Grove Cement Company23431.98
Atlantis Hotel & Casino3346,000.00
Makoil Inc2311,943.58
Desert Sand & Gravel Inc1314.00
Nevada Wood Preserving232.10
Taiyo America Inc337,918.80
Coastal Chem Inc.23163,648.00
Granite Construction/Lockwood33162,340.00
Its - Nevada Terminal Inc131,691.42
E I Dupont De Nemours & Co Inc22677.56
C E I Inc12431.26
Art Wilson Company22269.93
Jim Wilkin Mining And Trucking Inc12266.58
Blt Readymix12305.34
Union Pacific Railroad12359.90
Makoil Inc223,573.04
A Borasky Excavating22557.83
Newmont Mining Corp. Rain Area Mine221,312.20
Kerr-Mcgee Chemical L.L.C.126,389.00
Ruby Hill Mine225.60
Du Pont Reno Western Distribution Center121.10
Tyco Valves & Controls L.P. Reno22109.00
Presco Energy Llc220.00
Lander County121,050.26
Reno Gazette Journal2241,440.00
Spring Creek Sand & Gravel12324.32
Sharp Concrete Company1249.21
Source Huck Store Fixture Company2224,720.00
Service Rock Prods. Inc. Las Vegas122.40
Makoil Inc225,863.96
Makoil Inc221,929.33
Wykle Research Inc121.44
United Gilsonite Laboratories225.75
Hodges Transportation, Inc.120.00
Lasco Bathware Inc.1256,660.00
U.S. Air Force Nellis Afb Nevada Test & Training Range221,206.50
Thatcher Co. Of Nevada12255.00
Kalco Lighting L.L.C.229,000.00
Fiberglass Specialties Inc.122,922.00
Nevada Supply Corporation220.00
Makoil Inc225,494.23
Estate Of Robert E Cowan220.00
Action Ready Mix220.00
Anglogold (Jerritt Canyon) Corp110.00
Dept. Of Energy/Central Nevada Test Area110.00
Eizman'S Services C/O Broadbent Associates110.00
Data-Forms, Inc.1127,180.00
Holly Decorations, Inc.1144,740.00
Sinclair Oil Corporation11470.40
Nevada Ready Mix116.10
Koch Performance Asphalt Co. Las Vegas Nv110.10
Airport Authority Of Washoe County1130,980.00
Nevada Ready Mix116.20
Steamboat Development Corp.1198,980.00
Paiute Pipeline Company110.00
Sierra Chemical Company110.00
Kinross Goldbanks Mining110.00
Renaissance Mark1160,880.00
Hecla Ventures Corporation110.00
Candelaria Mining Company110.00
Advanced Foam Plastics, Inc1120,460.00
Homestake Mining Company110.00
Eastern Sierra Publishing112,741.58
Homestretch Geothermal, Llc11260.50
Paiute Pipeline Company110.00
City Of Mesquite110.00
Beowawe Power Llc111,395.98
Brady Power Partners11272.03
Geo Nevada Inc110.00
American Assay Laboratory110.00
Berry-Hinkley Terminal, Inc.1125,040.00
City Of West Wendover110.00
Elite Spice Inc.110.80
U.S. Army Hawthorne Army Depot Old Bomb112.02
U.S. Doe Nnsa/Nso Nevada Test Site1110.36
Monierlifetile L.L.C.119.57
Newmont Mining Corporation-Copper Canyon Facility114,690.00
Martin Iron Works1120,620.00
Santa Fe Pacific Pipelines11147,120.00
Equatorial Tonopah Inc110.00
Us Gypsum Company110.00
City Of Elko110.00
Rod And Lucile Stevens1119,710.00
International Game Technology1141,760.00
Buckley Powder Company110.00
U.S. Energy Geothermal, Llc1121,340.00
Dennis De Braga110.00
John H Uhalde110.00
Moltan Company110.00
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc110.00
Glacier Construction11223.38
Turtle Walk Sand Llc110.00
Eopt Power Group Nevada Inc110.00
Sierra Converting Corporation1165,880.00
Chromalloy Nevada11387.17
International Trace Minerals Inc1122.36
Dynamic Isolation Systems1144,580.00
Double D Nevada Llc114,399.24
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc110.00
Jack N Tedford Inc110.00
Frontier Exploration Company11774.95
H.C. Inds. (Nv) Inc.000.00