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Polluters in New Mexico
#6 Compressor Station16880.00
'A' Mtn Crusher No1336680.00
(Lafarge) Western Mobile Nm, Asphalt Batch Plant512444,640.00
(Lafarge) Western Mobile Nm, Santa Ana Crusher417412,540.00
100tph Cedarapids Crusher No 1389330.00
129 Generator Station526314,220.00
150 Cu Yd Concrete Batch Plant No2242330.00
150tph Asphalt No0011770.00
150tph Concrete Batch Plant No1191330.00
150tph Crusher No16217100.00
150tph El Jay330.00
175tph Asphalt Plant No17047130.00
200 Cu Yd Concrete Batch Plant No1400330.00
200tph Asphalt Plant No1491330.00
200tph Crusher No1023330.00
200tph Crusher No1160680.00
200tph Crusher No1804339,400.00
200tph Crusher No1828570.00
200tph Crusher No1855330.00
200tph Crusher No1863680.00
200tph Rock Crusher No17170.00
200tph Screen No1864570.00
20tph Perlite Crusher No17097130.00
250tph Aztec Crusher No1723790.00
250tph Crusher No0823680.00
250tph Crusher No1619570.00
250tph Crusher No1665680.00
250tph Crusher No17246120.00
25tph Lime Hydrator55034,624.74
28-7 Well 44a Compressor Station56121,200.40
28-7 Well 55a Compressor Station51051,380.00
29-6 #4 Cdp10102271,350.54
29-6 No3 Cdp Compressor Station513124,316.78
29-6 No301 Salt Water Disposal52515,185.20
29-7 Cdp5100.00
30-5 Cdp7110937,976.89
30-6 457 Compressor Station550.00
30-6-462 Compressor Station5536,840.00
30-8 Cdp Compressor Station7133170,009.59
300tph Cedarapids Crusher No0833330.00
300tph Crusher No1287330.00
300tph Crusher No1492790.00
300tph Crusher No1496690.00
31-6 Cdp C.S.111491,185,273.41
32-7 Cdp Compressor Station71191,312,823.28
32-7 No301 Salt Water Disposal52523,152.54
32-8 #2 Cdp71021,126,951.00
32-8 #3 Cdp C.S.1092823,419.26
32-8 No301 Salt Water Disposal52524,314.54
32-9 Cdp784633,587.88
340tph Concrete Batch Plant390.00
350tph Crusher No15967210.00
350tph Crusher No2283330.00
3b-1 Compressor Station519305,340.64
4 Corners Tank Battery110.00
4 Corners Tank Battery360.00
400tph Crusher No09597140.00
400tph Crusher No1590330.00
40tph Scoria Crusher No1063330.00
40tph Screen No2221570.00
457 Compressor Station510231,281.40
48 Cu Yd Concrete Batch Plant No0964330.00
50tph Crusher No17937210.00
60 Cu Yd Concrete Batch Plant No1844330.00
60tph Asphalt Plant No15596110.00
60tph Asphalt Plant No1719770.00
7 Rivers Draw Compressor Station51089,460.00
70tph Concrete Batch Plant330.00
750tph Crusher No10207280.00
75tph Crusher No22397100.00
80 Cu Yd Concrete Batch Plant No2271330.00
80tph Madsen Asphalt Plant No15507100.00
850tph Crusher No17607330.00
88tph Crusher Nogf330.00
90tph Asphalt Plant No0337880.00
Abengoa Bioenergy Corp.442,000.00
Abo Gas Plant6210.00
Afton Compressor Station146843,940.00
Afton Generating Station 152 Mw163610,958.00
Ag Station510143,160.00
Agave Gas Plant161774,249,560.00
Agpark Industries5110.00
Agua Fria / Santa Fe County Landfill28281,189.18
Aid State Compressor Station516280,140.00
Alamogordo Compressor Station550.00
Alamogordo Tank Battery3152,220.00
Albright Compressor Station814139,840.00
Albuquerque Publishing Company74421,998.83
Algerita Compressor Station520139,300.00
Algodones Station8240.00
Alisha Booster Station51198,600.00
Aluminum Pan Manufacturing76887,454.00
Am Federal No1330.00
American Eagle Brick Co1515116,420.57
American Gypsum Company784374,364.27
Amigo Petroleum Co.61260.00
Anderson Ranch Compressor Station620180.00
Anderson Ranch Station330.00
Anderson Ranch Station366,200.00
Angel Peak Site 3 Compressor Station55247,083.81
Angel Ranch Booster Station520275,480.00
Animal Feed Loading334,140.00
Animas Landfill28281,763.28
Animas Plant1628261,200.00
Antelope Booster Station6170.00
Antelope Ridge Compressor Station550.00
Antelope Ridge Compressor Station5553,826.00
Antelope Ridge Gas Plant5100.00
Antelope Ridge Gas Plant14221678,860.00
Antelope Ridge Lp Compressor Station51074,048.00
Anthony Pumping Station6120.00
Apache Jct Tanks360.00
Apex Compressor Station520292,420.00
Arch Rock Compressor Station1442349,460.00
Arco Coal Company2828124.42
Arnie No2 Compressor Station556,600.00
Arnie No3 Compressor Station556,600.00
Artesia Blend Plant4680.60
Artesia Feed Mill61216,720.00
Artesia Gas Plant164524,227,980.00
Artesia Refinery235559,055,382.92
Asphalt Plant No0513330.00
Asphalt Plant No1347660.00
Asphalt Plant No1349660.00
Atoka #3 Compressor Station16801,443,560.00
Atoka No1 Compressor Station753430,540.00
Atoka No2 Compressor Station760609,460.00
Avalon Compresson Station623135,020.00
Avalon Gasoline Plant5200.00
Axis 2 Compressor Station No1037550.00
Aztec Compressor Station682918,135.16
B&C 25 Federal Unit 2a51064,000.00
B&G 125tph Asphalt Plant No12545100.00
B&G 2000 60tph No0033330.00
Bagley Compressor Station58143,640.00
Ballard Compressor Station618381,832.35
Bear Canyon Gas Plant548170,225.40
Belen #3 Landfill282819,466.91
Belen Compressor Station1440633,600.00
Bell Lake 2 Well #612120.00
Bell Lake Compressor Station522207,900.00
Bell Lake Compressor Station5100.00
Bernalillo Compressor Station14540.00
Big Eddy Compressor Station523288,700.00
Bilbrey Compressor Station550.00
Bisti Compressor Generating Station (All Electric)440.00
Bisti Compressor Station5200.00
Bisti No4 Compressor Station550.00
Bisti Tanks360.00
Bitter Lake Compressor Station17172729,593.80
Bituma 200tph No0541440.00
Bj Services Unichem Div.8163,900.00
Black River Compressor Station52333,820.00
Black River Station660.00
Blanco 26240.00
Blanco Compressor Station1165190,289.36
Blanco Compressor Station - A,C,D Plants174074,002,440.00
Blanco No2 Cdg Well550.00
Bloomfield Compressor Station1571328,480.00
Bloomfield Energy Farm16520.00
Bloomfield Ground Water Remediation Site3150.00
Bloomfield Products Terminal61257,080.00
Bloomfield Refinery5800.00
Bloomfield Storage Facility330.00
Blue Haven Youth Camp2828461.64
Bluewater Compressor Station141806,253,400.00
Bluewater Mill71120.00
Bluitt Compressor Station770.00
Bluitt Gas Plant1555126,230.00
Bluitt Gas Plant* Now Shut Down152660.00
Bogle Flats No1 Compressor Station7240.00
Bogle Flats No11637312,200.00
Bogle Flats No12 Compressor Station550.00
Bogle Flats No15 Compressor Station6150.00
Bogle Flats No16 Compressor Station627230,761.20
Bogle Flats No18 Compressor Station853330,691.58
Bogle Flats No2 Compressor Station746226,170.13
Booster Station No161590,300.00
Bosque Farms Landfill2828981.09
Bough 153 Station550.00
Bough Compressor Station550.00
Bright Compressor Station550.00
Bs Wtr Inj St, Lovington770.00
Bta Compressor Station51699,200.00
Buckeye Compressor Station6120.00
Buckeye Compressor Station (Formerly Natural Gas 16337897,333.40
Buckstate Canyon Compressor Station51976,720.00
Buena Vista Compressor Station513454,840.00
Buffalo Valley Compressor Station515118,120.00
Buffalo Valley Compressor Station14146388,960.00
Burton Flat Facility5100.00
Burton Flats5300.00
Burton Flats Compressor Station14125561,660.00
Burton Flats No3660.00
Bus Body Building Plant1811074,507.04
Cabezon Compressor Station52029,690.00
Caja Del Rio Landfill333389,333.60
Cal/Mon Compressor Station54578,800.00
Camino Real Landfill812506,316.00
Camino Real Landfill282829,721.23
Canada Ojitos Unit, Stage I Compression53170,560.00
Canada Ojitos Unit, Stage Ii Compression546265,860.00
Canada Ojitos Unit, Stage Iii Compression52164,000.00
Cannon Air Force Base976150,816.75
Capitan Class B / Lincoln County28281,152.42
Caprock Compressor Station1544743,640.00
Caprock Pump Station517174,683.00
Carache Canyon Decline7140.00
Carlsbad Gas Plant8121125,782.00
Carlsbad No0247550.00
Carlsbad Plant61130.00
Carlsbad Power Station770.00
Carracas Cdp C.S.766267,051.31
Carracas Water Disposal Unit514101,740.00
Carrasco Compressor Station52185,200.00
Carrizozo Carbon Regeneration Facility5150.00
Castle Rock Compressor543360.00
Catclaw Compressor Station550.00
Catclaw Draw Flare330.00
Caterpillar 3304 Ta No1780550.00
Caterpillar 3306tahcr5541,580.00
Caterpillar G3406 Tahcr No197352089,040.00
Caterpillar G34255112,580.00
Cato Compressor Station51086,680.00
Caviness Ranch Compressor Station550.00
Cedar Hill Cdp978290,761.06
Cedar Hill Compressor Station1599944,560.00
Cedar Lake Compressor Station55103,680.00
Cedaripids 100tph No0328330.00
Cement & Sand No 0425-M-2-R1/R35332,163.49
Cement Blending And Storage330.00
Cement, Acid& Sand Plant No. 107-R34242,446.12
Cerro Colorado Landfill35451,058,495.79
Chaco Compressor Station524600,744.39
Chaco Culture Park2828248.32
Chaco Gas Plant167967,682,085.52
Chalk Bluff Compressor Station5190.00
Chaveroo Compressor Station5100.00
Chaves Compressor Station516100,220.00
Cheese Factory761173,400.00
Cheese Processing73075,082.00
Chiso Bcd Compressor Station5150.00
Church Rock580.00
Church Rock Landfill28281,069.83
Ciniza Refinery253036,863,237.38
Circle K Remediation Site No839 330.00
City Of Alamogordo Landfill28283,765.47
City Of Albuquerque Southside Reclamation Plant628266,471.68
City Of Clovis Landfill282812,298.11
City Of Lordsburg Landfill2828606.71
City Of Lovington Landfill2828324.45
City Of Truth Or Consequences Landfill28281,914.85
City Of Tucumcari Landfill28282,326.67
City Of Vaughn Municipal Landfill2828461.64
City Wells Remediation Site7719,280.00
Cliff / Gila2828271.68
Clovis Energy Facility12480.00
Clovis Regional Landfill5575,000.00
Coal Mining & Crushing No0281330.00
Coastal Chemical Co. L.L.C.361,243.00
Comanche Compressor Station5100.00
Compressor No. 65108,660.00
Compressor Station550.00
Compressor Station #167171191,635,830.00
Compressor Station #8 - See 027-00088240.00
Compressor Station 19555110,880.00
Compressor Station No139611196.00
Compressor Station No166551,760.00
Compressor Station No355831214,340.00
Concrete Batch Plant No0674330.00
Concrete Batch Plant No2522360.00
Concrete Plant No2 330.00
Cone & Jaw Crusher360.00
Conoco State #26240.00
Conoco State Com # 1440.00
Conoco State Compressor Station1137198,200.00
Conocophillips Products Terminal113070,150.00
Continental Mine13730.00
Copper Flat Mine3120.00
Corona #8 Compressor Station1694440,680.00
Cotton Draw660.00
Cotton Gin No096144154,660.00
Cotton Gin No16693334,600.00
Cottondraw Compressor Station515458,200.00
Cox Canyon Compressor Station81355,000.00
Coyote Springs Compressor Station610209,495.34
Cp 1 Compressor Station523650.00
Crandall Compressor Station Cancelled550.00
Crawford Compressor Station720134,000.00
Creamland Dairies Inc.1133,350.00
Creative Pultrusions Inc.113,647.00
Crematory Retort440.00
Cri / Rio Rancho Landfill28281,069.83
Crossroads Compressor Station330.00
Crouch Tank Battery390.00
Crusher No0419330.00
Crusher No17150.00
Crusher No13487150.00
Crusher No2680.00
Cts Wireless Components Inc.1110.00
Cuervo Pump Station88305,180.00
Cunningham Hill Mine Reclamation5107,056.00
Cunningham Station461433,245,297.60
Da Compressor Station51827,460.00
Dagger Draw330.00
Dagger Draw7140.00
Dagger Draw Compressor Station5200.00
Dagger Draw Compressor Station15163229,400.00
Dagger Draw Gas Plant16851,060,100.00
Dahlia Pump Station714126,660.00
Dark Canyon Landfill28285,917.79
Decker Gas Com A No15130.00
Decker Junction Cdp9117340,818.85
Delta Person Generating Station171749,596.11
Deming Chile/Jalapeno Roasting Plant658237,300.00
Deming Compressor Station14350123,800.00
Deming Copper Mill3120.00
Denton Plant161281,012,468.80
Diablo Compressor Station550.00
Diesel Generator No2437550.00
Dogie Canyon Compressor Station13711,449,824.60
Double 'X' Compressor Station56130,400.00
Dpc Inds. Inc.12594.00
Dublin Ranch Compressor Station550.00
Duran Pump Station1483309,416.18
Dustbuster Tank Battery No. 20546180.00
East Dagger Draw Gas Plant330.00
East Eddy Booster Station5130.00
East Horn Compressor Station5523,760.00
East Indian Basin Cf1285435,000.00
East Kcl Compaction870615,040.00
East Maljamar7280.00
East Vacuum Liquid Recovery152481,171,840.00
Eddins Walcher Co.11250.00
Eddins Walcher Co.661,500.00
Eddins Walcher Co.771,260.00
Eddy #2 Compressor Station5110.00
Eddy County Generating Station22440.00
Edgewood Pump Station519225,439.32
El Cajete Pumice Mine3313,200.00
El Cedro Gas Plant92061,699,102.83
El Paso Natural Gas - Laguna Station16615,138,005.92
El Rito28287,136.20
Electric Power Plant5100.00
Electric Power Plant660.00
Electric Power Plant, Roswell8240.00
Eljay 1155 Crusher No0571330.00
Empire Abo Booster5100.00
Empire Abo Plant153744,342,060.00
Empire S Deep No21330.00
Epperson Booster14280.00
Escalante Station801359,998,610.34
Espanola Landfill28282,856.34
Espanola Sawmill770.00
Espejo Compressor Station.1434197,307.80
Estancia Pump Station1457269,410.91
Ethan North Lovington Unit7170.00
Ethanol Manufacturing Plant7200.00
Ethanol Plant330.00
Eul Canyon Swd51518,652.00
Eunice A Compressor Station141825,038,780.00
Eunice B Compressor Station55102,960.00
Eunice Compressor Station7340.00
Eunice Dehydrator Station511118,680.00
Eunice Gas Plant154768,734,390.83
Eunice Gas Plant156164,695,424.00
Eunice North Compressor Station154223,034,856.40
Eunice South Compressor Station (Originally A Gas 16513136,967.97
Farmington Cement418183.40
Farmington Compressor Station440.00
Farmington Landfill2828261.43
Farmington Plant470.00
Farmington Refinery770.00
Feagan South Booster Station52252,560.00
Fed 28 Compression Facility1246168,060.00
Federal 28 No1 Compressor Station330.00
Federal 33 No1 Compressor Station839223,199.29
Federal E No15527,900.00
Federal Iba Com Kno1723243,760.00
Federal Lease No347180.00
Federal No3 Compressor Station947231,513.40
Federal No4 Compressor Station5100.00
Federal No4 Compressor Station550.00
Federal No5 Compressor Station5100.00
Feed Mill No16243317,400.00
Feed Mill No251072627,124.00
Fitz Compressor Station735336,700.00
Florida Compressor Station145661,600.00
Four Corners Power Plant79530171,942,563.71
Frances Mesa Compressor Station15132944,120.00
Gallegos 3c Compressor Station55109,660.00
Gallegos Canyon5150.00
Gallegos Canyon Compressor Station51595,680.00
Gallegos Compressor Station440.00
Gallup Compressor Generating Station (All Electric440.00
Gallup Compressor Station151844,501,400.00
Gallup Mtbe Complex7490.00
Gallup Municipal Landfill28282,076.27
Gallup Plant550.00
Gamerco Landfill2828461.64
Garment Finishers330.00
Gateway Shell Remediation Site10102,012.20
Gavilan Compressor Station5551,800.00
Gcc Rio Grande, Inc. Tijeras Plant 183892,840,834.58
Ge Aircraft Engines24390.00
Geronimo Compressor Station550.00
Giant Mid-Continent, Inc. Albuquerque Products Terminal 57529,831,450.00
Glade Compressor Station515144,278.30
Gladiola Compressor770.00
Glass Ornaments Manufacturing4497,600.00
Gobernador - Manzanares Compressor Station141121,437,260.00
Golfcourse Compressor Station14952,741,720.00
Goodrich Space Flight Sys.110.50
Grain Alcohol Plant7160.00
Grama #1 And Booster Compressor Station5100.00
Grama Ridge550.00
Grama Ridge Compressor Station5200.00
Grama Ridge No1 Compressor Station520108,720.00
Gramma Ridge Booster Station550.00
Grants Landfill28281,923.33
Grassy Canyon Compressor Station51357,600.00
Grayburg Compressor Station15150793,220.00
Grobe Compressor Station520185,948.60
Guahada Ridge Compressor Station550.00
Hamilton Federal No1a Compressor Station51027,234.00
Hare Compressor Station55354,641.14
Hart Canyon Compressor Station1456748,120.00
Hart Canyon No1 Compressor Station55229,230.19
Hart Canyon No2 Compressor Station524246,695.41
Hart Canyon No3 Compressor Station5565,086.60
Hart Mtn Compressor Station5100.00
Hat Mesa55121,400.00
Hat Mesa Compressor Station51138,760.00
Haystack Compressor Station5100.00
Hickory Compressor Station629110,460.00
Hidalgo Smelter164080.00
Hobbs / Lea County Landfill28289,326.63
Hobbs Blend Plant46116.40
Hobbs Booster Station152330.00
Hobbs Gas Plant5116,660.00
Hobbs Nng Redel Compressor Station6120.00
Hobbs Plant5230.00
Hobbs Station7210.00
Hobbs Station3521,240.00
Hoffman Enterprises, Inc154545,198.57
Holloman Air Force Base17305317,909.14
Honeywell Automation & Control Prods.129.00
Honeywell Defense & Space Electronic Sys.110.50
Hope Pump Station1620292,300.00
Horse Canyon Compressor Station699662,780.28
Horse Canyon Compressor Station550.00
Horton Compressor Station523120,275.64
Hospash Water Flood5200.00
House Manufacturing Plant330.00
Huber Gas Plant151519,240.00
Huerfano Pump Station14133154,873.11
Humate Crusher No2488330.00
Humates Plant7120.00
Hurley Smelter/Concentrator18227630,672.26
Illinois Camp Booster1593386,560.00
Illinois Camp Sta17 2160550.00
Indian Basin Gas Plant163885,736,671.40
Indian Hills Amine Plant14490.00
Intel Corp. M/S Rr8-1265821,387.80
Ired Compressor Station550.00
Isler Compressor Station15660.00
Isler Ii Compressor Station51712,000.00
Jackson Booster Station526200,000.00
Jacquez No2 Compressor Station550.00
Jal Compressor Station5100.00
Jal No. 3153516,867,037.02
Jal No. 4151634,944,420.00
Jal No1220.00
Jal Pumping Station15141169,632.20
James 11 Compressor Station5100.00
James Ranch Booster Station4120.00
Jay Booster Station510115,440.00
Jicarilla Compressor Station55225,580.00
Jillson Federal Swd No151421,360.00
Johnston Federal No1a Compressor Station550.00
Joy Compressor Station510184,830.00
Kachina Packing Landfill28281,069.83
Kathleen Compressor Station515159,920.00
Kcl Production6400.00
Keers Environmental Landfill28283,386.03
Kemnitz Compressor Station1491708,640.00
Kemnitz Compressor Station725342,540.00
Kemnitz Wolf Compressor Station550.00
Kernaghan B No7390.00
Kernaghan B8 Compressor Station Cancelled5100.00
Kernaghan Compressor Station510106,033.48
Kirtland Air Force Base641411289,747.97
Koch Asphalt Solutions-Southwest Artesia110.10
Kristina Booster5100.00
Kutz Compressor Station618344,824.55
Kutz Gas Plant112245,672,120.76
La Cosa Compressor Station636270,000.00
La Jara Compressor Station8801,479,200.29
La Joya2828352.46
La Loma2828182.09
La Maquina784262,347.96
La Plata Station510129,180.00
La Rue Compressor Station14138212,840.00
Laguna Industries1120,516.50
Laguna Seca Compressor Station513238,356.54
Landscape Products Manufacture Facility660.00
Largo Compressor Station826451,780.00
Largo Gas Plant5270.00
Largo Station5100.00
Las Cruces #3 Landfill282812,233.48
Las Cruces Chile Plant713974,334.80
Las Cruces Combustion Turbine770.00
Las Cruces Eps1336122,133.94
Las Vegas Plant7200.00
Las Vegas Turbine151519,740.00
Lateral N-30 Minor Source672265,460.56
Lateral No4 Compressor Station546437,200.00
Lawson Straddle Compressor Station511152,046.52
Lea No19 Compressor Station550.00
Lea Refinery201371,165,690.05
Lea Station Tanks31230,440.00
Lee Compressor Station523121,840.00
Lee Gas Plant154360.00
Lee Ranch Mine31512,620.00
Leprino Foods Co.118,074.00
Levers Federal Compressor Station330.00
Lewis Park 101 Compressor Station550.00
Limestone Crusher690.00
Linam Ranch Gas Plant163874,965,720.00
Lincoln Compressor Station15267559,200.00
Lindrith Compressor Station14196353,526.97
Lisa Eib No 1 Compressor Station535387,040.00
Livingston Rdg Compressor Station5430.00
Livingston Ridge364,980.00
Lobo Canyon28286,569.06
Loco Hills Booster37101,260.00
Logan Draw61220,470.00
Logan Draw Booster531331,940.00
Logan Landfill2828461.64
Lordsburg Compressor Station1672399,360.00
Lordsburg Energy Facility17340.00
Lordsburg Pumping Station6120.00
Lordsburg Repowering Project7140.00
Los Alamos County Landfill28285,539.69
Los Alamos National Laboratory140821368,329.79
Los Mestenios (Tribal Land)612652,500.00
Loving Landfill2828271.68
Lovington Booster Station521293,260.00
Lovington Compressor Station5548,280.00
Lovington Station8160.00
Lowe State #1 Compression Facility1153347,620.00
Lucerne Federal No6 Cdp5569,160.00
Luna Energy Facility19500.00
Lusk Compressor Station1539364,000.00
Lusk Plant14691,322,700.00
Lybrook Booster550.00
Lybrook Plant91501,209,564.44
Lybrook Pump Station515139,506.21
Lynch Booster Station15132552,800.00
Lynch Station128,794.90
Maddox Station42621,087,286.53
Madsen 60tph Asphalt Batch Plant440.00
Maduro Federal No1j Tank330.00
Magdalena Landfill28287,136.20
Magnum Compressor Station15151111,940.00
Maljamar Booster Station1452606,340.00
Maljamar Compressor Station618343,920.00
Maljamar Gas Plant163056,106,520.00
Manazanares Compressor Station51848,639.60
Manz 29-6 #2111221,163,608.22
Manzanares Compressor Station636252,095.06
Martinez Canyon Station510266,763.08
Martinez Draw515130,821.62
Mca Tank Battery #21577184,978.00
Mccroden Compressor Station480.00
Mcdonald Compressor Station6120.00
Mcgrath Swd5500.00
Mesa Pump Station515234,311.65
Mesilla Park7200.00
Metal Parts Mfg72044,064.00
Middle Mesa 14243,740.00
Middle Mesa 25303,940.00
Middle Mesa Cdp61371,904,334.05
Middle Mesa Compressor Station1482636,660.00
Middle Mesa Evaporation Facility550.00
Milagro Gas Plant10591,713,479.88
Milk Processing Plant853332,560.00
Milnesand Booster550.00
Mobil Federal No1*5531,960.00
Monument Compressor Station15963,280,220.00
Monument Compressor Station151713,071,760.00
Monument Hcl Plant580.00
Monument Lat Compressor Station510132,760.00
Monument Plant156428,033,738.20
Moore Compressor Station Cancelled5100.00
Mora County Landfill2828461.64
Moriarty Products Terminal51193,020.00
Moriarty Station7893,140.00
Mountain Refuse Landfill2828324.45
Mountainair #7 Compressor Station1575316,460.00
Mudge A-6 (Tribal Land)5566,160.00
Myers Langlie Tank Battery360.00
N 30-8 Compressor Station110.00
Nash Draw 1 Compressor Station5100.00
Nash Draw Compressor Station526186,480.00
Natural Gas Processing770.00
Natural Gas Processing No06067210.00
Navajo Cdp C.S.630160,905.68
Navajo City Station (All Electric)5180.00
Nbr Bootleg Compressor Station533157,140.00
Ne Carlsbad Booster Station518147,520.00
Ne Haynes Compressor Station55142,000.00
New Mexico Bw State Tb1390.00
New Mexico Df No1 Compressor Station330.00
Newberry Ls No2b Compressor5560,400.00
No Agua Perlite Mine71490,600.00
No Agua Perlite Plant81699,180.00
North Burton Flats Compressor Station5110.00
North Carlsbad Compressor Station55143,180.00
North Compaction Plant513183,030.00
North Compressor Station53584,740.00
North Crandall Compressor Station1028605,185.89
North Dufers Point Compressor Station550.00
North Hobbs Nib114,580.00
North Hobbs Tank Battery No. 033051013,460.00
North Indian Basin No1719221,520.00
North Indian Basin No11742499,260.00
North Indian Basin No135100.00
North Indian Basin No185100.00
North Lybrook Compressor Station550.00
Northeast New Mexico Regional Landfill333395,859.13
Northland Sour Compressor Station550.00
Northland Sweet Compressor Station550.00
Nose Rock660.00
Nw Water Well Pump550.00
Ocotillo Hills No.4550.00
Ocular Sciences Inc.116,000.00
Oil Center Compressor Station1571880,840.00
Oil Storage On Highway 5373337,200.00
Ojito Compressor Station (Tribal Land)515214,200.00
Ojo Chiso No3 Compressor Station5519,456.00
Ojo Encino Gas Plant5150.00
Old Indian Draw Tanks660.00
Old Ranch Canyon Compressor Station6340.00
Old Ranch Compressor Station A6230.00
Ortiz Mine12360.00
Otero/Lincoln County Regional Landfill88213,860.00
P1 Compressor Station716276,820.00
Paducah Compressor Station55128,240.00
Page Compressor Station5525,900.00
Palmilla Draw Compressor Station550.00
Paper Plant71154,880.00
Papers Wash Elec Gen5100.00
Pardue Farms Compressor Station52744,140.00
Parkway Booster Station511186,860.00
Particle Board Molding330.00
Pathfinder Amine Plant15820.00
Pecos Booster Station1440269,880.00
Pecos Diamond Gas Plant1556651,920.00
Pecos Pump Station3617,800.00
Pecos River Compressor Station14681,421,700.00
Pecos Solid Waste2828352.46
Pedernal Quarry & Rail Loadout717481,060.00
Penasco Compressor Station15205346,980.00
Penroc Compressor Station1680235,800.00
Perlite Processing Plant360.00
Permian Basin Tank Battery110.00
Permian Tank Battery3120.00
Petroleum Refinery7490.00
Philips Electronics N.A. Corp.362,261.00
Physical Plant Boilers1650469,860.00
Pinos Altos7140.00
Pioneer/Redfern No4 Cdp51415,244.00
Pipeline Deep Fed #2b Tank Battery440.00
Pipeline Deep No1330.00
Pipkin Compressor Station55135,298.36
Pitchfork Ranch Delivery Point3918,400.00
Pitchfork Ranch Primary Compressor Station5591,420.00
Pitchfork Ranch Secondary513124,200.00
Plant No2 North Compressor Station6120.00
Polymer Panel Plant71312,180.00
Portable Remediation Site5533,800.00
Portales Ethanol Plant860190,260.00
Potash Mine & Mill151231,520,600.00
Potter Canyon Compressor Station515129,032.48
Prefab Home Construction334,460.00
Presto Prods. Mfg. Co.1112.00
Primo Federal No1a51075,200.00
Pritchard Straddle Compressor Station515239,864.92
Public Service Company Of New Mexico Reeves Generating Station381151,943,571.10
Pueblo Millwork Molding Company330.00
Pumice Processor69131,100.00
Pump Canyon Compressor Station151051,595,340.00
Pump Mesa C.S.61121,289,907.56
Pump Mesa Compressor Station1454161,220.00
Pump Mesa Swd No153028,620.00
Pump Station No. 26150.00
Pure Gold 28 Compressor Station515287,740.00
Pure Gold Compressor Station6100.00
Pyramid Generating Station231240.00
Quail Compressor Station14682,770,100.00
Quality Fiberglass6628,080.00
Questa Mine1516311,837.58
Quine No2 Wellhead Compressor58176,800.00
Quinn Compressor Station515296,680.00
Quintana Mesa515228,334.06
Qwest Communications Corporation6485,290.35
Radium Springs Spice Production6910,499.80
Ranger Lake Compressor Station550.00
Rat Camp Compressor Station512109,280.00
Raton #2 Landfill28283,789.92
Raton Power Plant9171,251,487.00
Rattlesnake Canyon Compressor Station520224,458.01
Rattlesnake Compressor Station5100.00
Rattlesnake Compressor Station1569504,120.00
Rb Central Compressor Station5130.00
Rea Magnet Wire Co. Inc.483,549.00
Red Bluff #3 Compressor Station15831,158,236.00
Red Bluff #4 Compressor Station4130.00
Red Bluff #5 Compressor Station15820.00
Red Bluff #6 Compressor Station15680.00
Red Bluff No1 Compressor Station520413,160.00
Red Bluff No2 Compressor Station623472,900.00
Red Hill Mine69351,116.00
Red Lake Compressor Station51013,700.00
Red Tank Compressor Station5100.00
Red Tank Dehy/Compressor Station53240,584.80
Redondo Compressor Station510319,200.00
Remediation Project65693,200.00
Remediation Site330.00
Remediation Site No75529360.00
Repowering Project (Never Built)2089141,000.00
Richardson Straddle Compressor Station511158,386.88
Rio Grande Generating Station421302,293,550.51
Rio Puerco Power Project9120.00
Rio Rancho Facility2061409,126,000.00
Rio Rancho Municpal Landfill3232286,443.88
Rio Vista Compressor Station515153,800.00
Rippley N-2-26 Compressor Station4436,000.00
Road Forks31551,880.00
Roaring Springs Compressor Station5100.00
Rock Crusher No0997770.00
Rock Crusher No1895330.00
Rocky Moutain Mine71028,700.00
Roline Compressor Station550.00
Rosa #1 Compressor Station1078614,546.52
Rosa Compressor Station52589,000.00
Ross Draw 25 No15179,058.05
Roswell #9 Compressor Station16120944,620.00
Roswell Aircraft Repaint6629,300.00
Roswell Compressor Station15853,506,540.00
Roswell Fuel Terminal31288,160.00
Roswell Landfill28284,831.86
Roswell Pump Station330.00
Roundtop Compressor Station11200.00
Rowland Ano1 Wellhead Compressor511209,800.00
Roy Landfill2828166.56
Rudy Compressor Station819102,900.00
S 30-8 Compressor Station550.00
S Petersen Compressor Station550.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (700801)125.00
Salt Creek Compressor Station660.00
Salt Drying Plant55191,400.00
Salt Drying Plant4411,800.00
San Antonio28281,162.20
San Juan 28-7 Unit Nitrogen5300.00
San Juan Compressor Station62370,200.00
San Juan County Regional Landfill282820,777.24
San Juan Generating Station75421110,391,734.77
San Juan Plant Gas Plant151952,545,040.00
San Juan Refinery (Bloomfield)211832,408,968.62
San Juan River Gas Plant151402,570,760.00
San Luis Pump Station1484174,826.97
San Mateo2828362.29
San Mateo770.00
San Ysidro2828246.83
San Ysidro Compressor Station5532,299.40
San Ysidro Pump Station157188,213.11
Sand And Gravel330.00
Sand And Gravel No0965330.00
Sand And Gravel No0998330.00
Sand Dunes Booster14102482,708.00
Sand Point Landfill363697,163.38
Sand Tank Compressor Station510140,600.00
Sandstone Compressor Station515235,980.00
Santa Fe Foundry61986,522.00
Santa Fe Landfill28286,124.43
Santa Fe Racing, Inc2828207.93
Santa Fe Snyder Corporation No16745100.00
Santa Rita Solution Extraction Plant3310,000.00
Santa Teresa Facility81422,424.00
Santa Teresa Plant13151300,103.31
Santo Nino Compressor Station550.00
Saunders Plant153623,813,550.60
Saunders Plant5240.00
Sawmills & Planing Mills7340.00
Sawmills & Planing Mills, Chama770.00
Sawmills & Planing Mills, Vallecitos550.00
Scoria Crusher220.00
Scoria Screen No1851331,600.00
Screen Plant No1673330.00
Secondry Lead Smelter330.00
Segrest Gas Treatment Facility330.00
Shaw 1r Compressor Station550.00
Shoebar Compressor Station550.00
Shoebar Compressor Station510154,800.00
Shoebar Compressor Station550.00
Shugart Compressor Station38125,520.00
Shugart Compressor Station835295,560.00
Siete Compressor Station550.00
Silver City Landfill28281,162.20
Simon Canyon Gas Handling Facility51643,800.00
Simpson Compressor Station550.00
Sims Mesa C.S.7103537,103.01
Sims Mesa Compressor Station1467225,480.00
Sims Mesa Swd15258,440.00
Skaggs-Mcgee Compressor Station1557221,556.00
Skelly Compressor Station1468575,580.00
Snake Eyes Gas Plant5200.00
Snyder Ranch Facility (Dismantled )151200.00
Socorro #2 Landfill2828461.64
Socorro Perlite Plant917125,120.00
Sotol Federal No2 Battery330.00
South Blanco Compressor Station5100.00
South Carlsbad Compressor Station612121,420.00
South Carlsbad Compressor Station1544263,340.00
South Hat Mesa Compressor Station14136594,500.00
South Hobbs Injection Station515142,800.00
South Hospah Mine330.00
South Indian Basin Compressor Station747313,660.00
South Plant330.00
Southern Sandoval County Landfill2828161,153.20
Southwest Plant3274,711.22
Sparton Electronics110.00
Sparton Tech. Inc.120.29
Spray Painting Operation883,323.60
Square Lake Compressor Station1469833,980.00
Stansteel Tm30 Asphalt Plant No0499440.00
Star Lake Compressor Station6180.00
Star Lake Compressor Station15216717,422.00
Star Lake Tank Battery330.00
State 35 Compressor Station15109130,960.00
State Com Ad No26 Cdp51323,004.00
State Com J 6 Cdp5541,380.00
State Com N No10 Compressor Station51622,934.00
State Com R 14a Compressor Station5834,520.00
State Com S No15 Compressor Station55101,800.00
State Comm 23-1550.00
State Compressor Station580.00
State K Compressor Station550.00
Steel Tank Plant440.00
Stevens Obrien Compressor Station6120.00
Stinking Draw Compressor Station141120.00
Sulfur Recovery Plant770.00
Sulfuric Acid Plant7140.00
Sumco Phoenix - Albuquerque12255.00
Suter Federal No451639,278.00
Tank Batteries120.00
Tank Battery7200.00
Tank Mountain B No155103,740.00
Taos Municipal Landfill28282,885.31
Tar Boiler7210.00
Teague Switch Compressor Station52246,209.20
Teepee Burner110.00
Teepee Burner No1343770.00
Telsmith 100tph No1584330.00
Texaco Bilbrey550.00
Texmack 11 Federal Central Facility240.00
Thomas & Betts136635,758.82
Thomas State No1 Tank Battery330.00
Thomas Station Tanks332,800.00
Thompson Compressor Station846902,916.79
Thoreau #5 Compressor Station169053,820.00
Thoreau / Smith Lake2828348.29
Thoreau / Smith Lake Modification282828.01
Thoreau Crusher No13097150.00
Thoreau Landfill28284,514.35
Thoreau Remediation Site 338,600.00
Tierra Amarilla / Rio Arriba Co. Landfill28281,763.28
Tiger No5 Compressor Station556,600.00
Toe Bar Compressor Station52197,600.00
Townsend Remediation Site550.00
Transcore Amtech Tech. Center120.30
Transwestern Booster Station5532,480.00
Transwestern Pipeline Co #6112,877,156.00
Triple C Booster510151,440.00
Triste Low Pressure Compresser5563,360.00
Triste Station525140,132.00
Trunk A Booster648410,170.22
Trunk B Booster650536,170.26
Trunk C Booster636321,066.65
Trunk G Compressor Station5110.00
Trunk L Compressor Station71661,310,438.31
Trunk M Compressor Station725188,027.72
Trunk N Compressor Station6100726,464.07
Tucumcari Terminal1872240.00
Tuesday Federal Lease7140.00
Turkey Track Compressor Station817194,000.00
Twin Mountain Construction Ii Company744123,265.96
Tyrone Mine/Power Plant163911,233,431.42
Univar Usa36727.00
Univar Usa12594.00
Unm Main Campus12204293,189.29
Upper York Canyon51569,332.00
Uranium Leach660.00
Us Department Of Energy Sandia National Labs2814994,774.39
Vaca Compressor Station5100.00
Vada Compressor Station3854,760.00
Vada Compressor Station (No Longer A Gas Plant)15338983,607.09
Valencia County Landfill28281,635.22
Valencia Energy Facility8560.00
Valero Albuquerque Refined Prods. Terminal61210,356.00
Valverde Gas Plant155661,945,320.00
Van Bremmer Compressor 525360.00
Velarde Plant43267,840.00
Very Large Array7144,732.00
Vpr/A Compressor Station No230551043,604.80
Vpr/A1 Compressor Station No230451579,008.40
Vulcan Materials Co. Chappell Road120.75
W Kutz Compressor Station550.00
Wall Colmonoy Corp. Corp. Los Lumas Plant223.00
Wallboard Manufacturing390.00
Wallboard Plant1868828,800.00
Wantz Compressor Station624166,060.00
Warren Mckee Compressor Station14140.00
Washington Ranch Compressor Station1595573,620.00
Wastewater Plant555128,140.00
Waukesha 145550.00
Waukesha F1197g 55185,640.00
Waukesha F1197g No21625510,640.00
Waukesha F817 G 55117,240.00
West Dagger Draw Gas Plant440.00
West Eunice557,120.00
West Flotation Plant611212,360.00
West Indian Basin Unit #1-Y Compression Facility1259183,780.00
West Shugart 19 Federal No 661549,120.00
West Turkey Track Compressor Station516214,300.00
White Lakes Pump Station520158,672.78
White Ranch7190.00
White Rock1649569,500.00
White Sands Missile Range1166161,344.25
White Sands Test Facility128381,047.00
Winchester Compressor Station660210,120.00
Wingate Fractionation Plant16213649,571.40
Winston Gas Com No 1 Lease Battery360.00
Wipp Site612267.30
Wishbone Compressor Station7758,180.00
Wonton Booster Station5557,760.00
Wood Pellet Plant6151,268.00
Woodwaste Incinerator770.00
Wool Canyon Cdp5130.00
Wright Compressor Station114791,060.00
Wt-1 Compressor Station161491,805,520.00
York Canyon38169,399.60
Youngville / Rio Arriba County Landfill2828461.64
Zachry Compressor Station81482,620.00
Zeolite Crusher No05226876,660.00
Zia Booster5552,480.00
Zingaro Compressor Station757344,700.00