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Polluters in New Jersey
177 Fighter Wing (Njang)38825,580.00
A. L. P. Lighting Components Inc.3105,420.00
A.E. Stone, Inc.7119130,100.00
Abr Technology Corporation141,400.00
Accurate Folding Box Company, Inc.3832,160.00
Accurate Forming Div.1225,716.00
Acrilex Inc.11250.00
Acupac Packaging Inc342,280.00
Acupowder Intl;. L.L.C.12502.00
Adco Chemical Co.105816,608.00
Adhesive Coatings Inc31211,360.00
Adm Cocoa Products227,490.00
Adm Corporation74759,400.00
Adron-Boonton Plant44911,252.00
Advance Fiber Technologies Corp.31020,700.00
Advance Foils, Inc.3194,860.00
Aes Red Oak Power Generating Facility731291,800.00
Afg Industries Inc.; Cinnaminson Plant.7301,610,340.00
Ag Fluoropolymers Usa Inc. - Bayonne Site368,485.00
Agfa Corporation1111873,442.00
Agilent Technologies Inc492,540.00
Air Cruisers Company62024,480.00
Air Prods. Polymers L.P.1213184,254.00
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.2488187,874.94
Ajax Mfg. Co.2223,860.00
Akcros Chemicals America124813,370.00
Akzo Nobel Chemicals12120166,038.00
Akzo Nobel Coatings168756,682.00
Alfred Heller Heat Treating Co.33330.00
Alliance Chemical Inc.122,621.00
Allied Aviation Service Co. Of New Jersey Inc.7142,585.00
Allied Manjufacturing Inc.110.19
Alpha Associates Inc63866,325.00
Alpha Associates, Inc.5135,971.00
Alpha Industries, Inc.3795,240.00
Alpha Metals2443,080.00
Alpha Processing Co. Inc.76935,370.00
Aluminum Shapes Llc13437305,132.00
Amerada Hess - Bogota Terminal172211,430.70
Amerada Hess - Edgewater Terminal121525,310.27
Amerada Hess - First Reserve Terminal1629181,695.76
Amerada Hess Corp1628249,558.70
Amerada Hess Corp-Bayonne111681,286.76
Amerada Hess Corp-Newark122013,264.15
Amerada Hess Corp., Perth Amboy Terminal Wharf.556,238.03
Amerada Hess Corp., Second Reserve Terminal, North55772.54
Amerada Hess Corporation-Port Reading Refiner24952,316,849.65
Amerada Hess State St. Terminal22180.00
Amerchol Corporation73025,522.00
American Biltrite Inc.85564,761.00
American Custom Drying1248.00
American Cyanamid Co. Lederle Lab Div.1248.00
American Fuji Seal, Inc.101937,384.00
American Ref-Fuel Company Of Essex County361952,213,085.48
American Standard, Inc.717105,780.00
Amrod Corporation31946,820.00
Amspec Chemical Corp.36510.04
Anadigics, Inc.3938,400.00
Anchor Concrete Prods.110.10
Anchor Concrete Prods.110.10
Anchor Concrete Prods.110.10
Anchor Concrete Prods.110.10
Anchor Glass Container Corporation71433,171,600.00
Ancora Psychiatric Hospital31939,600.00
Andre Originals Manufacturing Company72555,920.00
Applied Graphics Technologies72431,400.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co., Bayway Plant Wharf.44120.78
Armkel, Llc.37716,900.00
Arrow Group Industries,Inc.112142,272.00
Art Metalcraft2223.32
Asbury Park Press Freehold5915,520.00
Asbury Park Press--Neptune312124,080.00
Ashland Distribution Co.147310,440.00
Ashland Specialty Chemicals36971.00
Atlantic County Landfill356419,508.19
Atlantic County U.A. City Island Potw85769,480.00
Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe101571,617,773.00
Atlantic Wood Ind. Inc.121.00
Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.7120142,080.00
B-Way Manufacturing, Inc.127683,145.00
B.L. England Generating Station7938733,826,312.62
Bacharach Institute For Rehabilitation6242,520.00
Barrett Asphalt Co., Inc.32849,780.00
Barry Callebaut Usa Inc6109513,260.00
Barton Press61839,400.00
Basf Corporation1910575,296.83
Basf Corporation9108144,015.00
Basf Corporation - South Brunswick Plant8252212,688.00
Bayonne Generating Station866672,057.00
Bayonne Hospital32234,500.00
Bayshore Vinyl Compounds Inc.115,500.00
Bayside And Southern State Prison Complex75261,340.00
Bayway Chemical Plant Of Infineum Usa91764,008.30
Bayway Refinery275489,125,011.17
Bcua Wastewater Treatment Plant791186,300.00
Bel-Ray Co. Inc.115.00
Belting Industries Co Inc584,680.00
Bemis Co. Inc.32552,800.00
Benjamin Moore & Co., Inc.86032,085.00
Bergen Generating Station91211,464,520.20
Bergen Regional Medical Center87380,160.00
Berliss Bearing Co.115.00
Beseler Co Charles-Beseler Corp.392,040.00
Bihler Of America Inc116.80
Bind Rite Graphics61611,880.00
Blonder Tongue Labs.124.57
Blue Blade Heat Treating Co22500.00
Blue Ridge Paper Products - Dairypak65274,420.00
Board Of Education Of The Voc Tech School3122,560.00
Borden Chemical Inc.246,610.00
Bound Brook Plant Union Carbide Corp.2258.16
Bowne Business Communications31229,260.00
Bp Exploration & Oil Inc133616,730.00
Bp Products North America Carteret Terminal732147,652.00
Breen Color Concentrates2254.00
Bridgeview Industrial Finishers, Inc.3134,740.00
Bridgewater Protective Coatings Inc61124,161.00
Bristol Myers Squibb583,300.00
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company7192112,820.00
Brunswick Hot Mix Corp. T/A Weldon Asphalt Co317102,340.00
Brunswick Hot Mix Corp. T/A Weldon Asphalt Co313168,500.00
Brunswick Hot Mix Corp. T/A Weldon Asphalt Co31198,660.00
Budd Chemical Company59113,525.00
Buena Vista Township Sanitary Landfill2828211.41
Burlington County Resource Recovery Complex753208,460.00
Burlington Generating Station9192760,174.20
Butler Printing & Laminating, Inc.93981,760.00
Callahan Chemical Co.61134.00
Callahan Co. Inc.71352.00
Calpine Newark Llc944240,092.00
Calpine Parlin Llc750145,600.00
Camden Cogen, L.P.183097,083.75
Camden County Energy Recovery Associates,L.P.331681,213,188.57
Camdett Corp.12143,900.00
Campbell Foundry Co.1145.00
Campbell Soup Company711433,600.00
Cape May County Sanitary Landfill33358,365.75
Capital Health System @ Mercer3272,780.00
Capital Health Systems At Fuld Campus13223,421.34
Cardinal Health Pharm Tech Services Center62215,340.00
Cardolite Corp.369,000.00
Carll''''S Corner Generating Station753441,400.00
Cary Compounds Llc2421.00
Caschem Inc.106529,217.00
Casie Ecology Oil Salvage, Inc.759182,260.00
Cbi Dispersions Inc6133,830.00
Cemex, Inc./Oldcastle Stone Products7573127,460.00
Chambord Prints Inc.1327,800.00
Chapel 2000 And Beyond Incorporated31011,680.00
Chase Facile Inc.83044,702.00
Chem-Fleur / Firmenich Inc.123,748.00
Chemical Compounds Inc.231,660.00
Chevron Products Company141191,126,500.50
Church & Dwight Co. Inc.1210.00
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Water Treatments Inc.5104,093.00
Citation Graphics169,080.00
Citgo Asphalt Refining Company12214538,225.14
Citgo Petroleum Corporation1481297,783.00
Citgo Petroleum Corporation3179,620.00
Clara Maass Medical Ctr101950,043.37
Clariant Corporation32412,700.00
Clean Earth Of North Jersey Inc.2242.00
Clifton Adhesive Inc.668,362.00
Coastal Eagle Point Oil Company206427,131,063.70
Coastal Oil Of Ny Inc102788,188.00
Coates Screen Inc.63418,325.66
Cogen Technologies Linden Venture, L.P.8951,481,491.00
Cognis Corp.97725,788.00
Coining Corp Of America236,283.00
Colgate Palmolive Company612616,440.00
Colgate-Palmolive Company77925,260.00
Colonial Pipeline Co. - Pennsauken Junction385,540.00
Colonial Pipeline Company - Linden Junction333105,040.00
Colonial Pipeline Company - Woodbury Junction32945,560.00
Colonial Processing31020,080.00
Color Graphics Inc6136,880.00
Colorite Specialty Resins10190387,962.00
Columbia Terminals Inc.6124,971.00
Command Web62414,340.00
Compac Ind. Inc.85559,563.00
Comus Inernational2335,738.10
Conectiv Atlantic Generation Llc.1233471,955.60
Congoleum Corp. Plant 2115.00
Congoleum Corporation78121,420.00
Congress Ind. Inc.5116,640.00
Constant Services Inc346,882.48
Consumers Oil Corporation351,200.00
Continental Airlines Inc10108,617.58
Continental Airlines, Inc.713173,620.00
Cook - Douglass Campuses78682,860.00
Cook Composites & Polymers Co.137529,117.00
Cornell & Company, Inc.6615,540.00
Cosan Chemical Corp4414.97
Cosmair Cosmetics Corp.33514.00
Cosmed Sterilization12340.00
County Of Union77825,780.00
Covanta Warren Energy Resource Co. L.P.1638525,322.87
Cpi Packaging Inc.34045,140.00
Crest Foam000.00
Crest Foam Ind. Inc.11250.00
Crompton & Knowles Colors Inc.34113.00
Crompton Corporation8303193,051.00
Crown Finishing Corp.42049,023.00
Crown Roll Leaf, Inc.10120151,030.00
Cumberland County Solid Waste Facility355835,504.54
Cumberland Generating Station83593,480.00
Cunningham Graphics, Inc.65384,360.00
Curtis Specialty Paper766268,720.00
Curtiss-Wright Corp9922,843.60
Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems13191,337.28
Custom Alloy Corp.592,769.00
Custom Chemicals Corporation139071,540.00
Custom Laminations121,000.00
Cvc Specialty Chemicals Inc.44506.00
Cwc Ind. Inc.91510,270.00
Cytec Inds. Inc.2420,814.00
D.C. Fabricators2220.00
Daily News Lp33013,740.00
Dallas Airmotive34114,280.00
De Nora N.A. Inc.23460.10
Decker Tape Products Inc31017,580.00
Decorating Resources497,138.40
Deepwater Generating Station842497,532,227.80
Degussa Corporation916954,537.00
Deleet Merchandizing232,228.00
Delphi Energy & Chassis Sys.223,412.00
Delta Graphics52111,000.00
Deluxe Financial Services, Inc.3616,140.00
Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Inc.3215,640.00
Dicon Techs.1147.00
Dikeman Laminating Corp.124,230.00
Dixon Southwestern Graphite Inc.121,500.00
Dock Resins Corp20264,372.00
Dow Chemical Company61576,860.00
Dow Jones & Company, Inc.710723,580.00
Dower Finishing & Research Co., Inc.3166,640.00
Dpt Lakewood, Inc.3264,660.00
Du Pont Parlin Plant146812,250.00
Dupont Dow Elastomers Chambers Works52358938,306.10
Durand Glass Manufacturing Company, Inc.7440763,120.00
Durex Inc.384,320.00
Duro Bag Manufacturing3122,220.00
Dynasil Corp. Of America12185.00
E. R. Squibb & Sons Inc.12119294,010.00
E.R. Squibb And Sons, L.L.C.876157,767.00
Eagle Point Cogeneration Ptnr. (Epcp)21391,954,794.30
East Coast Finishing Corp.83338,346.00
Eastern Wire & Cable115.00
Ecce Panis, Inc.65137,320.00
Ecolab Inc.1120.00
Edgeboro Disposal Sanitary Landfill282830,284.87
Edison Generating Station7211775,380.00
Edison Township Sanitary Landfill2828215.53
Ef Kenilworth, Inc.715368,420.00
Eh Yachts Co. Inc.2422,370.00
Elan Chemical Co.77922,779.00
Electrum Recovery Works12255.00
Elektromek Inc.12270.00
Elementis Specialties1020997,200.00
Elizabethtown Water Company772152,500.00
Elm Manufacturing73326,740.00
Elmo American Production Co.12193.00
Emd Chemicals Inc.63112,939.00
Empire Inds. Inc.11900.00
Engelhard Corp74530,440.00
Engelhard Corporation5718,900.00
Englert, Inc.82051,108.00
Equistar Chemicals L.P.74729,231.00
Eskimo Pie Corporation364,760.00
Essex Generating Station71831,608,360.00
Estell Manor City Sanitary Landfill2828890.16
Eto Sterilization Inc24920.54
Evergreen Printing & Publishing Co3810,900.00
Exxon Mobil Corp Paulsboro Facilities Complex6159103,400.00
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Co.774125,680.00
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company787121,820.00
F. W. Winter Inc. & Co.121,859.00
Faa William J. Hughes Technical Center716089,920.00
Fabricolor Mfg. Corp234.00
Fabrite Laminating Corp221,819.00
Fairfield Textiles Corp.121,000.00
Fairleigh Dickinson University77796,960.00
Fairmount Chemical331,802.00
Fancyheat Corp.121,352.00
Fdu - Teaneck/Hackensack Campus79556,320.00
Ferro Corp.120.04
Ferro Corporation1314361,484.00
Ferro Corporation20187131,092.00
Ferro Industries, Inc.114973,040.00
Fiber Mark - Warren Glen797163,120.00
Fibrenetics Inc.112,656.00
Firmenich Inc.1213.00
Fisher Scientific Co. L.L.C.1119557.03
Fisher Scientific Company105218,646.00
Fisk Alloy Wire Inc.115.00
Flexprint, Inc.343,720.00
Flexwrap Corp61424,480.00
Flint Ink North America Corporation32713,820.00
Fluid Ink Tech. Inc.1210.00
Fmc Corp. Chemical R&D Center86378,760.00
Folsom Boro Sanitary Landfill282815,471.79
Ford Motor Company Edison Assembly Plant18432741,024.33
Forked River Combustion Turbine Site735165,880.00
Fort Dix Landfill141425.77
Fragrance Resources Inc.1263.00
Frameco, Inc.148,860.00
Franklin Burlington Plastics Inc.3337,007.00
Frazier Industrial Company72238,080.00
Frutarom Incorporated834674,820.00
Fujinon Inc110.75
Futura Forms, Inc.61422,760.00
G-P Gypsum Corporation Camden Plant7251180,280.00
G.J. Chemical Co. Inc.12655.00
Gac Kearny Inc.120.93
Galaxie Chemical Corp.1210.00
Ganes Chemicals Inc.17143277,856.00
Garden State Paper Company, Inc.1160.00
Garlock Inc.81536,007.00
Garwood Paperboard - Div. Of Millen Ind. Inc.73570,160.00
Gec-Marconi Aerospace4166,850.00
General Chemical Corporation71133,804,860.00
General Foam Production116,639.36
General Mills Inc / Progresso Quality Foods710946,900.00
General Motors Linden Assembly71202,218,480.00
General Plastics Inc.121,000.00
General Vy-Coat Llc31822,180.00
Gentek Building Products15101180,223.00
Genzyme Biosurgery115.00
Geo Specialty Chemicals10114178,225.00
Gerald A. Barrett, Inc. - Woodbine31311,740.00
Gerdau Ameristeel - Sayreville111032,705,087.00
Gerdau Ameristeel-Perth Amboy13961,748,461.00
Getty Terminals Corp132815,163.20
Gibraltar Plastics Corporation31328,620.00
Gibson Tube Inc.111,368.00
Gift Box Corporation Of America5137,020.00
Gilbert Generating Station9149779,917.60
Givaudan Fragrance Corp. Mount Olive12526.00
Givaudan Fragrances Corp.1111.00
Givaudan Roure Flavors41953,749.00
Glen Gardner Combustion Turbine Site7114280,800.00
Globe Metal Finishing Inc220.08
Gloss Tex Inds.23383.00
Gloucester County29528,983.40
Gloucester County Solid Waste Complex28285,415.61
Gloucester County Utilities Authority858201,180.00
Gmtg Linden Assembly815102,250.00
Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital744122,320.00
Griffin Pipe Products Co.11127930,348.00
Gsf Energy, Llc710123,660.00
Gulf Oil Woodbury Terminal143085,913.00
Gulf Oil L.P., Linden Terminal112366,267.00
H & S Chemical Co. Inc.1278.00
Haarmann & Reimer32515,880.00
Hackensack University Medical Center724390,760.00
Hamilton Township Slf #2 / Somers Point28287,758.85
Hammonton Town Sanitary Landfill2828812.80
Hamms Landfill Energy Recovery Project3685,620.00
Handy Store Fixtures Inc.3134,340.00
Hanover Compressor Station371,700.00
Hanover Compressor Station, Agt716106,940.00
Hartin Paint & Filler Corp.121,000.00
Hatco Corp.813381,518.00
Hawthorne Prints, Inc.71551,340.00
Henry Heide, Inc.3915,100.00
Hercules Industries Inc.6214,380.00
Hercules, Inc.9302508,281.50
Heterene Chemical1120.00
Hk Metalcraft Mfg. Corp3315.00
Hobby World Development Inc.127,062.00
Hoeganaes Corporation11716397,440.00
Homasote Company7256420,940.00
Honeywell Gni106647,453.00
Honeywell International, Inc.84428,260.00
Honeywell Nmd5137,979.00
Hopatcong Borough Sanitary Landfill2828856.54
Hope Creek Generating Station781470,080.00
Hopewell Township Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Howard Press Inc31113,660.00
Howard Press Inc. 1101/1107 Division31412,600.00
Howmedica Costeonics Corp22510.00
Howmet Corp. - Dover Alloy332,243.00
Hudson Generating Station8224670,615,435.59
Hummel Croton Inc3311.00
Hunterdon Cogeneration Limited Partnership727198,960.00
Huntingdon Life Sceinces Inc.3496,720.00
Huntsman - Ici Chemicals L.L.C.1210.00
I.V. Miller & Sons, Inc.3637,440.00
Ibstock, Plc (Glen-Gery Corp)1530306,117.62
Imco Inc.392,280.00
Impact Unlimited, Inc.6284,360.00
Importers Service Corp2226,460.00
Industrial Hard Chromium Co.1411.89
Infineum Petroleum833414,780.00
Infineum Usa Lp - Bayway Chemical Plant7230114,640.00
Ingersoll Dresser Pump11250.00
Inserts East, Inc.73566,800.00
Inter City Tire394,100.00
Interbake Foods, Inc.7191133,340.00
International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.787133,240.00
International Paint Inc.177017,022.00
International Paper Shorewood Packaging Div.94431,340.02
International Paper - Shorewood Packaging31522,900.00
International Processing Corporation3712,600.00
Interstate Storage & Pipe Line Corp.31018,460.00
Irvington General Hospital3163,320.00
Isp Sutton Labs. Inc.42715,781.00
Isp Van Dyk Inc.3617,979.00
It Corp552,458.00
Itt Avionics 79640110.04
Itw American Safety Techs.124,000.00
Itw Mark-Tex121,305.00
Ivy Hill Park Apartments770138,760.00
J. Josephson, Inc.129179,502.56
Jackson Asphalt Lp73052,900.00
Jame Fine Chemicals456,072.00
James Inc Sanitary Landfill2828348.04
Jersey City Medical Center756230,560.00
Jersey Cooperage Company, Inc4920,276.60
Jersey Shore Medical Center33212,220.00
John C. Dolph Co.95414,230.00
Johns Manville Inc14176958,984.32
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Prods. Co. - North Brun15454.00
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products, Inc.3397,520.00
Johnson Matthey Inc.16140168,767.00
Joint Meeting Of Essex And Union Counties7138732,720.00
Karnak Corp.12500.00
Kayline Processing, Inc.51350,860.00
Kean College Of New Jersey715921,120.00
Kearfott Guidance & Navigation Corp.73649,680.00
Kearny Generating Station46200913,551.39
Kearny Smelting & Refinishing11500.00
Kearny Steel Container Corp.7851,950.95
Kelstar Intl. Ents. Inc.72939,435.00
Kenrich Petrochemicals Inc.110.20
Kimball Medical Center31523,900.00
Kimble Glass Inc.81421,328,945.00
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals Llc7155281,960.00
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals, Llc.11104885,468.50
Kingsland Park Landfill292957,714.97
Kirker Enterprises Inc.471,171.00
Kms Crossroads, Inc.71462,180.00
Koch Petroleum Group L.P.99576,097.18
Kop-Coat, Inc. An Ohio Corporation33115,620.00
Kraft Foods North America, Inc.73614,840.00
Kraft Foods North America, Inc.871137,389.00
Kramer Chemicals Inc.66943.00
Kuehne Chemical Co. Inc.115.00
L-3 Communication Sys. East121.01
L. A. Dreyfus561100,700.00
L.P. Thebault Co.31125,200.00
Lafarge North America Inc. Gypsum763289,000.00
Lakewood Cogeneration, L.P.853180,810.00
Lallypak Inc32127,940.00
Lamart Corporation106173,195.00
Lambertville Compressor Station755133,960.00
Landfill & Development Co., Inc.714110,520.00
Lehigh Press Lithographers62668,900.00
Len-Ron Manufacturing, A Division Of Aramis33130,840.00
Leone Industries, Inc.7126481,900.00
Lilly Inds. Inc89241.00
Linden City Sanitary Landfill282818,460.40
Linden Compressor Station724479,540.00
Linden Generating Station461441,416,262.79
Linden Roselle Sewerage Authority75923,500.00
Linden Station - Buckeye Pipe Line Co., L.P.4571,184,540.00
Little Falls Alloys Inc.115.00
Lockheed Martin Company63844,140.00
Logan Generating Plant, L.P.13584,088,902.60
Lohmann Therapy Systems Corporation75747,120.00
Lp Thebault Company31110,260.00
Lps Industries Inc.364,140.00
Lps Industries Inc.352,940.00
Lucent Technologies Inc.7117188,660.00
Lumberton Township Sanitary Landfill2828282.55
M & M Mars13349336,624.04
Mac Specialty Coatings482,000.00
Magnesium Elektron Inc.1212,351.00
Main Tape Company32512,040.00
Mallinckrodt Baker, Incorporated20221287,608.00
Manchester Renewable Power Corporation/Les742223,820.00
Manhattan Prods. Inc.121,731.00
Mannington Mills, Inc8264405,162.00
Manville Corp Sanitary Landfill282815,457.90
Marcal Paper Mills, Inc.7212364,420.00
Marisol Inc187726,506.00
Mark Lighting Fixture Company32120,700.00
Mark-Tex Corp.121,117.00
Mars Graphic Services385,700.00
Massarelli'S Lawn Ornaments, Inc.31432,780.00
Materials Technology Inc241.17
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.1210.00
Maxwell Graphic Arts Inc135,940.00
May Natl. Associates Inc.225,405.00
Mcguire Air Force Base7764182,040.00
Mcua Landfill Gas Utilization Project714326,560.00
Mcwilliams Forge Co.55422,922.00
Memorial Hospital Of Salem County3227,160.00
Mercer Generating Station7926354,873,507.00
Merck & Co., Inc. - Rahway, New Jersey19179157,395.64
Mercury Plastic Bag Co.3912,240.00
Metallix Inc.24415.00
Mickey Truck Body Inc.44930.00
Mickleton Generating Station717106,860.00
Micro Stamping Corp.1212,795.00
Middle Generating Station741173,240.00
Middlesex County Landfill74155,700.00
Middlesex Generating Co21218,289.23
Mielach Company31619,200.00
Milford Power Limited Partnership72320,100.00
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing, Imp Div.11379549,655.00
Minteq Intl. Inc.115.00
Missouri Avenue Generating Station75493,520.00
Mm Hackensack Energy33369.26
Mm Hackensack Energy Llc - Balefill Landfill742359,080.00
Mm Hackensack Energy Llc - Kingsland Landfill738261,080.00
Mobil Chemical Co. Edison Research Lab.5104,887.00
Mobil Chemical Company12160131,206.00
Mobil Oil Linden Terminal815123,719.09
Mobil Oil Paulsboro Terminal1454189,516.07
Mohawk Laboratories Of New Jersey36640.00
Mona Inds. Inc.612795.00
Monmouth Energy, Inc776602,760.00
Monmouth University324919,840.00
Montclair State University714191,220.00
Moreng Metal Prods. Inc.1212,000.00
Morristown Memorial Hospital75044,380.00
Morton International94124,495.00
Motiva Enterprises Llc - Newark Terminal1121116,885.00
Motiva Enterprises Llc - Sewaren Terminal1481748,751.40
Mount Hope Rock Products, Inc.757510,600.00
Mountain Printing Co Inc3126,720.00
Mt Arlington Boro Sanitary Landfill28284,871.05
Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center72824,320.00
Mulberry Metal Products, Inc.3222,080.00
Mycone Dental5102,723.00
Mykroy/Mycalex Ceramics1215.00
National Casein Of Nj12500.00
National Gypsum Company8127365,720.50
National Lighting Company, Inc.681,700.00
National Mf41532,091.00
National Paving Co., Inc.76291,320.00
National Starch & Chemical Corp712431,240.00
Naval Air Engineering Station7335157,040.00
Naval Weapons Station Earle8316150,020.00
Nestle Usa - Beverage Division, Inc.9259426,382.00
New Brunswick Plating Inc.122.00
New Jersey City University31218,140.00
New Jersey Galvanizing & Tinning Works1213.00
New Jersey Packaging Div. Of Menasha Corp.372,900.00
New Lisbon Developmental Center749100,860.00
New York Times, The32826,680.00
Newark Bay Cogeneration Partnership, L.P.749244,320.00
Newark Boxboard Company72762,580.00
Newark Industrial Spraying41417,518.00
Newark International Airport714439,340.00
Newark International Airport1324,480.00
Newark Morning Ledger Co3269,960.00
Newark Star Ledger32825,260.00
Newco Inc.93459,717.44
Newerk Beth Israel Medical Center78437,880.00
Ngc Industries Paperboard Plant87175,160.80
Nicholas Galvanizing123.00
Nitta Casings Inc.1223,787.00
Njdot Trenton Headquarters Complex33815,980.00
North American Sterilization & Pkg1140.32
North American Tech.121,118.00
North Bergen Piece Dye Works, Inc.3297,480.00
North Hanover Township Slf2828319.17
North Jersey Development Center73969,440.00
North Jersey Energy Associates7181,910,840.00
North Jersey Media Group3859,600.00
Northeast Auto-Marine Terminal31712,040.00
Northeast Products Company313670,880.00
Novartis Pharmaceuticals335,159.00
Novartis Pharmaceuticals1214588,502.15
Noveon Inc.881,265.00
Novus Fine Chemicals115324,464.00
Nyp Corp.1217,615.00
O'Brien Biogas Iv Llc738156,660.00
Oakland Boro Sanitary Landfill28281,305.02
Occidental Chemical Corporation72530,380.00
Ocean County Landfill Corporation743163,060.00
Ocean County Utilities Authority - Cwpcf7141116,240.00
Ocean County Utilities Authority - Nwpcf711853,800.00
Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc76461,080.00
Ocean Yachts Inc.1235,276.00
Ogden Aviation Servic Of Nj782,768.00
Ohm Laboratories Inc. - Black Horse Lane32917,340.00
Ohm Laboratories Inc. North Brunswick Facilit3332,500.00
Okonite Co.115.00
Olbrys Sanitary Landfill282832,089.92
Old Bridge Chemicals Inc85650,242.01
Omg Fidelity Inc1128.00
Orbel Corp.121.50
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Inc.54329,725.00
Ortho-Mcneil Pharmaceutical811077,873.00
Overlook Hospital32521,600.00
Owens Corning Kearny Plant42422568,430.37
Oxford Instruments111.66
Oxford Textile Facility99381,095.00
Oxy Vinyls L.P.116,297.00
Oyster Creek Generating Station32224,540.00
Pace Press3179,740.00
Packagemasters, Inc.3936,660.00
Pan Technology74939,060.00
Pan Technology75019,202.00
Paramount Metal Finishing Co Inc3412,200.00
Parker Associates Sanitary Landfill28284,501.23
Parklands Recycling And Disposal Facility7843,180.00
Parklands Sanitary Landfill28281,691.91
Parsippany-Troy Hills Sewage Treatment Plant84751,440.00
Passaic Engraving Co. Inc.110.87
Passaic Pioneer Properties Co.71910,640.00
Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners7162206,180.00
Passaic, County Of, Board Education3192,740.00
Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc.63013,280.00
Pechter'S Baking Company7179134,680.00
Pedricktown Cogeneration Plant839193,200.00
Peerless Tube Company4433,304.00
Pemberton Fabricators, Inc.393,380.00
Penick Corp93644,336.00
Pennsauken Sanitary Landfill730566,140.00
Permabond Intl.35475.00
Permacel, A Nitto Denko Company9297,962.00
Perry Technology31026,020.00
Perth Amboy Tire383,160.00
Pfister Chemical Inc84524,833.10
Pfizer Inc712620,080.00
Pg&E Generating14756,988,134.90
Pharmacia & Upjohn - Peapack Campus7114110,600.00
Philadelphia Sign Company41240,061.00
Phoenix Container, Inc.12162103,573.00
Phoenix Display, A Subsidiary Of Int'L Paper63512,300.00
Pictorial Offset Corporation31319,040.00
Pineland Park Sanitary Landfill2828211.41
Pioneer Inds. Inc.2425,800.00
Pioneer Industries, Inc73813,560.00
Plastic Consulting & Mfg Co.381,085.00
Plymouth Printing Co, Inc.72523,000.00
Pmc Specialties794,990.00
Pneumo Abex Company D.B.A. - Mafco Worldwide785313,720.00
Polarome Mfg Co Inc41410,650.00
Poly Molding Corp.3137,240.00
Polyone Corp4519,833.00
Polyone Corp.2416,303.00
Polyone Corp.1113.10
Polyone Corporation12247168,884.85
Polyone Corporation728360,540.00
Polyurethane Specialties Co. Inc.481,384.00
Post Marine Co. Inc.1215,908.00
Ppi-Time Zero, Inc.41734,260.00
Pq Corporation74027,360.00
Praxair, Inc.744162,400.00
Prc-Desoto International, Inc93610,252.40
Preakness Health Care Center33912,060.00
Precision Rolled Prod. Inc.331,708.00
Prestone Prods. Corp.356,355.00
Pride Solvents & Chemical Co. Of Nj1515219.00
Prime Energy Limited Partnership818523,740.00
Procedyne Corp.37240.00
Pseg - National Park Generating Station787,960.00
Pure World Botanicals Inc.11642.00
Purepac Pharmaceutical Company53422,280.00
Quality Wallcovering Inc3561,446.00
Quest Intl. Fragrances Co. Inc.12268.00
R. E. Pierson Construction Company749112,000.00
Rad-Cure Corp.1210.00
Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority7101244,200.00
Rambone Landfill28283,514.27
Rancocas Hospital3228,460.00
Randolph Prods. Co.5104,573.00
Rbh Dispersions115.00
Rebtex, Inc55535,260.00
Reckitt Benckiser48532,632.00
Reckitt Benckiser12101.00
Recycle Inc3535378,473.18
Recycled Paperboard, Inc. Of Clifton751127,320.00
Reeves International, Inc.33526,020.00
Reheis Inc.12326.00
Reichhold Inc.1213473,950.00
Reiss Corporation68322,340.00
Repauno Products, Llc845811,850.00
Resorts Atlantic City75971,140.00
Revere Industries, Llc; Ekco Products Div.9118321,441.00
Rexam Medical Packaging31646,260.00
Rfl Electronics Inc.115.00
Rhodia, Inc.117993,641.06
Richmond Ind. Inc11500.00
Rimtec Corp.36287.00
River Terminal Development Co351,720.00
Roche Vitamins Inc112331,757,132.00
Rollins Environmental Services161615,096.47
Ronald Mark Associates Inc.118.30
Ronpak, Inc.61311,260.00
Rosano Asphalt Llc31217,080.00
Rowan University746123,440.00
Royal Lubricants Inc64516,500.00
Roysons Corporation95744,843.00
Rudco Products Inc.3416,760.00
Russell-Stanley Corporation1198172,646.00
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey7290548,820.00
S C Wood Llc-Woodbury Pumping Facility3355,880.00
S&W Waste Inc3390.00
Saddle Mountain Llp75054,160.00
Safas Corp.12541.00
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.116828,371.56
Saint Michael'S Medical Center32619,000.00
Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.849940,320.00
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Mickleton11169,191.00
Salem County Solid Waste Facility282810,762.47
Salem Generating Station8105104,260.30
Sancoa International46726,072.00
Sancoa International3209,000.00
Sandy Alexander, Inc.71870,540.00
Sar Indl. Finishers52243,064.00
Sayreville Generating Station (Jcp&L)42150495,380.62
Sc Wood Llc-Woodbridge Pumping Facility71057,920.00
Scapa Tapes North America104631,130.00
Scher Chemicals Inc.11250.00
Schering Corporation8172100,312.00
Schering Corporation-Union11119174,916.00
Scientific Design Co. Inc.121,555.00
Scientific Design Company, Inc.72511,720.00
Screen Reproduction Co., Inc.3613,560.00
Seagrave Coatings Corp94127,129.00
Selective Coatings & Inks, Inc.482,030.00
Seton Company1016890,736.00
Sewaren Generating Station473381,209,537.63
Sherman Avenue Generating Station83163,140.00
Sherwin-Williams Co. Newark2326.00
Shieldalloy Metallurgical451,750.00
Shore Memorial Hospital74612,300.00
Shorewood Packaging Corporation21850,123.26
Sidmak Laboratories, Inc.740664,080.00
Sika Corp33913,800.00
Sika Corp.474,780.00
Silgan Containers Corporation890127,440.00
Silver Line Building Products Corporation83052,844.00
Silver Line Building Products Inc52122,400.00
Silverton Marine Corporation835207,181.00
Simkins Industries, Inc.770250,500.00
Six Flags Great Adventure7397,420.00
Sl Surface Technologies260.43
Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals42918,331.00
Solar Compounds Corp.341,850.00
Solgar Vitamin And Herb6357,620.00
Solvay Solexis, Inc.25260187,527.40
South Jersey Gas Company (Formerly Id 70109)7356,840.00
South Jersey Hospital System - Newcomb378,440.00
Spec Fab Co11480.00
Spray-Tek, Inc.37014,200.00
St Linden Terminal, Llc114125,640.00
St Linden Terminal, Llc723207,320.00
St Linden Terminal, Tanker Berth.4422,210.88
St. Francis Hospital31211,180.00
St. Francis Medical Center3309,100.00
St. Joseph'S Hospital And Medical Center75031,220.00
St. Mary'S Hospital3138,580.00
St. Peter''S Medical Center78381,120.00
Sta-Seal Industries Inc- Edison3819,400.00
Stamplus Mfg Inc115,000.00
Star-Glo Ind. Inc.129,040.00
State Metal Industries, Inc.71841,076.83
Stavola Asphalt - Brick7959,040.00
Stavola Asphalt - Howell780416,720.00
Stavola Asphalt Llc - Bound Brook Hma Plants7112149,920.00
Steel Craft Fluorescent Company31421,240.00
Stepan Company1211789,445.00
Stepan Company88166,610.00
Sterile Technologies, Inc13276.80
Stevens Institute Of Technology711819,960.00
Stockton State College Sanitary Landfill2828970.67
Stone Industries Inc. - Asphalt Plants32351,700.00
Stonhard L.P.351,237.00
Stony Brook Regional Sewerage Authority Wwtp85784,520.00
Stratus Petroleum Corp42153,980.00
Stryker Howmedica Osteonics22500.00
Suffern Plating Corp.123.00
Summit Plaza Total Energy Plant764264,260.00
Summit Property Company L.L.C.7107190,620.00
Sun Chemical Corporation72115,250.00
Sun Chemical Corporation - Pigments Division7101132,480.00
Sunoco Inc (R&M) Piscataway10112,747.09
Sunoco P M&T Piscataway Terminal1832,540.00
Sunoco Partners M&T L.P - Newark Terminal11858,340.00
Superior Barrel & Drum Co., Inc.62012,360.00
Sussex County Landfill28284,487.38
Swepco Tube Corp.111,067.00
Switlik Parachute Co. Inc.334,520.00
Switlik Parachute Co. Inc.394,940.00
Sybron Chemicals Inc.1773304,400.02
Synray Corporation84217,730.00
T/A Vct/Qualteq Division31622,100.00
Takasago Intl. Corp. (Usa)1162.00
Tanner Trucking Sanitary Landfill2828381.61
Tdi Advanced Conversion Prods. Div.111.00
Tdi Circuitek Div.237,216.00
Tdi Modular Power Sys. Div.111.00
Technical Coatings Co. Nutley6124,706.00
Tekni-Plex Inc.1615136,641.00
Tekni-Plex, Inc. Somerville Facility66930,900.00
Tenax Finishing Prods. Co.481,606.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company72165,840.00
The College Of New Jersey794132,780.00
The Egl Company, Inc.43112,685.00
The Lawrenceville School64913,080.00
The Procter & Gamble Mfg Co6377,640.00
The Sherwin-Williams Company,Con-Lux Facility163545,724.10
The Somerset Raritan Valley Sewerage Auth.73815,960.00
The Times Of Trenton372,600.00
The Trane Company77934,200.00
Thompson Printing Company3414,820.00
Ticona L.L.C.1210.00
Ticona L.L.C.1210.00
Tilcon Ny-Riverdale Quarry32247,920.00
Tilcon-Totowa Hma Plants32534,360.00
Timeplex L.L.C.1211.00
Tmt Delaware River Wharf.110.00
Township Of Wayne113,080.00
Transco Compressor Station 505650169,340.00
Transco Lng Plant - Station 2407116295,020.00
Transfer Print Foils, Inc.1112686,414.00
Trap Rock Industries Inc3937,240.00
Trenton Psychiatric Hospital734192,060.00
Trenton Terminal81348,858.04
Trigen Trenton Energy Co.8581,785,140.00
Trinitas Hospital Jersey Street3127,540.00
Trinitas New Point Campus3157,240.00
Trinitas Williamson Street54524,200.00
Triune Color Lithographers11334,200.00
Troy Chemical Inc117635,244.40
Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort710151,360.00
Trustees Of Princeton University7207486,700.00
Tunnel Barrel & Drum Co, Inc.5139,240.00
Tunnel Barrel & Drum Co., Inc62520,120.00
Tuscan/Lehigh Dairies79594,040.00
Tyco Adhesives - Betham Div.1236199,109.00
Tycom Telecommunications (Us) Inc.110.20
U.S. Air Force Nj Ang 177 Fighter Wing1210.00
U.S. Army - Fort Monmouth, Main Post719576,400.00
U.S. Army Fort Monmouth -Charles Wood Area74615,480.00
U.S. Army Headquarters Fort Dix Ranges11127.30
U.S. Bronze Powders Inc3314.00
U.S. Castings Corp.1183.00
U.S. Fuji Electric Inc.241,730.00
U.S. Gypsum Co.221.01
U.S. Navy Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst110.02
U.S. Pipe & Foundry Company, Inc.12181508,701.00
U.S. Silica Company - Newport Plant735203,380.00
Unified Environmental Services1611,100.00
Unifoil Corp.4149,360.00
Unilever Cosmetics International6145,260.00
Unimac Graphics73272,360.00
Union Carbide Corporation94319,294.00
Union Carbide Corporation1032695,429.12
Union County Resource Recovery Facility36109722,170.00
Unisource Worldwide62265,620.00
United Parcel Service6435,380.00
United Plastics Group, Inc.61022,060.00
United Resins Inc.1136.00
United States Government62810,280.00
United States Gypsum Company7189907,420.00
United Steel Deck42224,427.00
United Wire Hanger Corporation7184112,680.00
Universal Folding Box Co. Inc.62559,880.00
University Of Medicine & Dentistry Of Nj7270387,300.00
Us Army Ardec - Picatinny Arsenal27317134,989.69
Us Army Fort Dix8330104,040.00
Us Intec Inc63526,620.09
Usa Detergents Inc.1272.00
Usdot Coast Guard Training Ctr895133,243.00
V & S Amboy Galvanizing, Llc6127,385.00
Va Medical Center, East Orange,33127,680.00
Valero Refining Co.- N.J.2434614,614,984.60
Van Waters & Rogers Inc.12662.00
Vanguard Research Inds. Inc.112.00
Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Lyons36640,200.00
Vianini Pipe, Inc.77047,240.00
Victaulic Co. Of America - Apex Facility23526.00
Viking Yacht Company8114275,187.00
Vineland Cogeneration Plant74160,040.00
Vineland Developmental Center-East Campus8378,620.00
Vineland Municipal Electric Utility (Vmeu)71369,040.00
Vineland Municipal Electric Utility - Down St121031,514,287.80
W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn., Grace Const. Prod.6221,000.00
Walter R. Earle Corp. - Facility32248,180.00
Warner-Lambert Of Pfizer719453,920.00
Was Terminals Corporation93122,349.94
Wastequip / Accurate Industries Glassboro4820,600.00
Wastequip / Accurate Industries Williamstown51460,014.00
Wastequip / Accurate Industries, Inc. (Erial)51459,727.00
Webcraft, Llc.55653,760.00
Webtech Inc.51316,800.00
Wechsler Coffee Corporation32690,080.00
Weldon Quarry Co., Llc & Weldon Asphalt Co.313117,580.00
Weldon Watchung Title V770305,720.00
Werner Generating Station781529,280.00
Westbury Press, Inc.3310,620.00
Weyerhaeuser Company51831,840.00
Weyerhaeuser Company52348,260.00
Weyerhaeuser Industries, Inc.3216,820.00
Weymouth Township Sanitary Landfill28282,415.06
Wheaton Usa Inc. Glass Ops.83901,254,215.00
Wheelabrator Gloucester Company, L.P.747705,180.00
William J. Jones, Inc.51129,840.00
Winzinger Inc Sanitary Landfill28282,673.60
Wm Of Nj, Inc. - Middle Mar-Tee Landfill111,200.00
Wmi Landfill Lot 93 & 94 Block 42 Lf28286,806.69
Woodbine Developmental Center75870,980.00
Woodbridge Developmental Center745164,260.00
Woodbury - Conocophillips1615,640.00
Yates Foil Usa Inc4520.00
Ziegler Chemical & Mineral Corp34415,600.00
Zinsser L.P.24510.00