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Polluters in New Hampshire
Aavid Thermalloy L.L.C.110.01
Abc Fabricators Inc.120.24
Aes Granite Ridge Llc1539347,882.75
Aggregate Inds. Northeast Region Inc.110.10
Aggregate Inds. Northeast Region Inc.110.30
Aggregate Inds. Northeast Region Inc.110.15
Aggregate Inds. Northeast Region Inc.110.10
Androscoggin Valley Hospital6668.00
Anheuser-Busch Inc32211652,297.16
Apc Paper Company Inc2552486,091.74
Ashland Landfill2828301.48
Avilite Corporation1156,000.20
Bae Sys. Information & Electronic Sys. Integration220.84
Bae Sys. Information & Electronics Sys. Intergration110.72
Batesville Manufacturing Inc11102281,535.72
Benchmark Electronics-Hudson Div.115.00
Berlin Landfill28281,231.37
Boston Felt Co. Inc.1114,919.00
Boyce Highlands, Inc131483,458.84
Brazonics Inc.111.00
Bridgewater Power Company3366853,282.92
Bronze Craft Corp.2319.00
Celestica Corp.123.91
Chart Inc. D&S Div.3394.00
Chemtan Co. Inc.12373.00
Chester Landfill2828396.28
Churchill Coatings/Franklin1293,987.92
Churchill Coatings/Hooksett1286,196.36
Cirtronics Corp.111.00
Claremont Landfill28282,423.76
Colebrook Landfill28281,499.58
Collins & Aikman Automotive Interiors000.00
Colonial Electronic Manufacturers Inc.1210.00
Concord Landfill282814,044.36
Concord Steam Corporation27232494,564.57
Coned Newington Power Facility2333,464.47
Corium Corporation6670,406.76
Crotched Mountain Rehab Center728102,617.50
Cts Interconnect Sys.120.50
Cytyc Corp.12255.00
Dartmouth College251641,377,705.24
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center25103301,432.68
Dt Magnetics1110.23
Durgin & Crowell Lumber Company35169401,583.41
Effingham Landfill2828324.45
Electropac Co. Inc.124,256.00
Elektrisola Inc114968,417.92
Errol Landfill2828981.09
Farmington Landfill2828396.28
Foss Manufacturing Company Inc38289279,331.03
Four Hills Landfill1339360,484.83
Fraser N.H. L.L.C. Gorham Paper Mill110.60
Fraser Nh Llc484102,137,252.85
Freedom Landfill2828244.32
Freudenberg-Nok General Ptnr.11499.49
G-P Gypsum Corporation25171403,265.58
Ge Co.241,120.00
Ge Co.35512.60
Gl&V Pulp Group Inc.2453.00
Goffstown Landfill28281,954.56
Graphic Packaging Corporation8876,367.16
Groveton Paper Board, Inc35197598,208.12
Hampshire Chemical Corp.6113,006.00
Hampton Landfill2828544.66
Hebert Fndy. & Machine Co.1142.69
Hemphill Power & Light Company3460963,323.55
Henkel Loctite Corp.126,213.00
Hinsdale Landfill2828396.28
Hitchiner Manufacturing Company Inc1673181,243.83
Hudson Color Concentrates Inc.120.73
Hutchinson Sealing Sys. Inc.2425,718.00
Hypertherm Inc.111.01
Jaffrey Landfill2828222.97
Johnson & Johnston Assoc. Inc.1134,232.00
Kalwall Flat Sheet918116,446.96
Kalwall Panels & Accessories1472170,760.88
Keene Landfill And Recycling Center2828441.43
Keene State College2575230,639.54
Lebanon Landfill (New)28282,014.42
Lisbon Landfill28281,585.13
Lower Mt. Washington Valley Landfill2828535.52
Luminescent Sys. Inc.120.04
Manchester Landfill28284,045.42
Markem Corp.110.10
Marlborough Landfill282897.73
Millipore Corp.1218,526.00
Milton Landfill2828363.41
Monadnock Paper Mills Inc29101582,229.20
Montgomery Wire11250.00
Morgan Advanced Ceramics12255.00
Mount Carberry Landfill28282,239.51
Nashua Corporation32178543,998.15
National Gypsum Company25211307,831.15
Nces Landfill & Ts-Consumat Sanco, Inc28281,497.47
New Hampshire Ball Bearings12241.00
New Hampshire Inds. Inc.110.20
New Hampton Landfill2828151.06
New Ipswich Landfill282823,550.06
Newington Energy Llc2398500,431.41
Nylon Corp. Of America112.00
Osram Sylvania Prods. Inc.223.70
Osram Sylvania Prods. Inc.1150.00
Osram Sylvania Prods. Inc.11750.00
Parker Hannifin Corp. Chomerics Div.225,300.00
Peterboro Basket Company7875,905.05
Phillips Exeter Academy27222313,465.37
Pilgrim Foods72781,950.74
Pinetree Power - Bethlehem33401,015,649.78
Pinetree Power - Tamworth33401,114,084.65
Pittsburg Landfill2828151.06
Plp Composite Techs. Inc.1112,441.72
Plymouth Cogeneration, Lp30105249,287.50
Polyclad Laminates Inc.331,750.00
Polyclad Laminates Inc.224,002.04
Prime Choice Wood Priming2276,636.99
Prime Tanning Co. Inc.1221,719.00
Primero Inc.123,750.00
Psnh - Lost Nation Station182513,003.25
Psnh - Merrimack Station7622373,665,102.54
Psnh - Newington Station5218413,992,219.95
Psnh - Schiller Station7836121,835,446.41
Psnh - White Lake Station181818,620.71
Quality Wood Priming2664,406.62
River Road36117.33
Saint-Gobain Abrasives Inc.1270.20
Saint-Gobain Ceramics (Igniter Products)1210.00
Sanbornton Landfill28283,540.30
Sanmina-Sci Corp. Hadco Corp. A Subsidiary121,258.00
Sanmina-Sci Corp. Hadco Corp. A Subsidiary477,591.70
Sims Portex133,752.00
Sovereign Specialty Chemicals6104,316.00
Sprague Energy2767138,133.63
Stowe Woodward113.71
Sturm Ruger & Co. Inc.36779.00
Sullivan-Palatek Inc.11250.00
Suncook Leathers Inc.110.05
Tape-O Corporation920113,387.05
Technical Elastomers & Components66499.69
Technical Graphics, Inc3667,024.18
Teradyne Circuits484,695.00
Tillotson Rubber Corporation39154820,893.88
Timken Aerospace128,835.00
Town Of Stark Landfill2828735.21
Town Of Walpole Landfill2828272.33
Turnkey Recycling & Environmental Enterp27320794,421.46
Turnkey Recycling & Environmental Enterprises Tree282831,941.64
University Of New Hampshire28348680,771.43
Upaco Adhesive583,831.36
Venture - Seabrook17871,123,611.69
Wakefield Landfill28281,997.26
Wausau Papers Of Nh Inc41266425,840.60
Webster Fndy. Co.1245.80
Webster Valve Inc.3510,786.62
Weeks Medical Center9910.88
Wheelabrator Claremont Company Lp1631443,816.61
Wheelabrator Concord Company Lp3880717,735.08
Whitefield Landfill2828244.32
Whitefield Power & Light Company3339904,777.18
Winchester Landfill28281,486.24