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Polluters in Nebraska
Omaha Public Power District - North Omaha Power Station9233575,190,405.30
Tyson Fresh Meats Inc48264428,485.74
Endicott Clay Products Co18209544,661.50
Irwin Industrial Tool Co719820,925.30
Nppd Gerald Gentleman Station79171124,193,114.79
Hormel Foods Corp20170128,144.57
Bunge Milling Inc101554,158,219.70
Farmland Foods Inc16152310,937.00
Clean Harbors Env Services Inc79150170,857.40
Nppd Sheldon Station7714227,872,886.22
Behlen Mfg Co2613575,369.51
Cnh Grand Island Plant19127193,481.00
Lon D Wright Power Plant771233,281,436.20
Eaton Corporation9118317,226.20
Tyson Fresh Meats Inc22111122,586.21
Oppd Nebraska City Station7710649,651,748.79
Tyson Fresh Meats Inc39106454,893.70
Kmigt Big Springs Station7103313,185.36
Oppd Sarpy County Station6103185,920.00
Offutt Air Force Base44101160,559.25
Platte Generating Station741007,781,923.30
Whelan Energy Center74976,719,249.06
Coleman Powermate Inc1685138,689.17
Magnus Llc128429,534.02
Nppd Canaday Station4581308,232.76
Great Dane Trailers2179121,510.00
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co77791,865,997.03
Beatrice Nitrogen Plant9761,451,833.20
Northern Natural Gas Company11752,396,482.99
Tenneco Automotive Inc2773195,814.15
Sioux City Foundry Co1973116,262.20
Northern Natural Gas Company11702,821,857.00
Nucor Steel12682,122,487.97
Reinke Manufacturing Co Inc216580,705.07
C W Burdick Generating Station3965227,339.08
Holdrege Power Plant & Offices5651,840.00
Bd Medical Systems156434,768.00
Orthman Manufacturing Inc17638,536.65
Valmont Industries Inc2362156,051.31
Plastiform Division Of Arnold136115,887.00
Baldwin Filters Inc1561113,564.00
Wimmers Meat Products Inc85919,054.80
Excel Corporation758212,400.00
Agp Corn Processing Inc658718,459.99
Kmigt Huntsman Station 011357624,221.39
Armstrong Cabinet Products1757409,554.61
Lindsay Manufacturing Company105781,606.00
Douglas Co Recycling Landfill2754391,884.33
Sara Lee Bakery Group55449,740.00
Ash Grove Cement Co255220,619,319.20
M G Waldbaum Co65280,150.00
Platte Chemical Co13505,020.56
American Meter Company2050104,038.16
Abengoa Bioenergy Corporation13491,536,944.47
Nucor Vulcraft Group Norfolk1448622,918.57
Store Kraft Manufacturing Co204685,533.46
Kmigt North Platte Compressor745204,330.06
Magnolia Metal Corp74393,677.83
Chief Ethanol Fuels Inc1143920,973.19
Hughes Brothers Inc84280,727.00
Ames True Temper74212,730.00
Homestead Nitrogen Operations642367,120.00
Iams Co941148,030.16
Kmigt Lexington Compressor Sta841328,652.18
Kmigt Grand Island Compressor741232,093.49
Dutton-Lainson Co94134,856.19
Monsanto Company84119,650.00
American Shizuki Co12405,082.65
National By-Products Inc740190,091.00
Ngpl Compressor Station 10613401,260,851.83
Falls City Power Plant540153,060.00
Hastings Pollution Control Ctr5399,080.00
Omaha Papillion Creek Waste1339815,853.70
North Platte Terminal133883,671.00
Progress Rail Services Corp173810,315.39
Kmigt Albion Compressor Sta7384,172.04
Sara Lee Bakery Group538105,240.00
Henningsen Foods Inc73720,310.00
Eaton Torque Control Products6370.00
Geneva Terminal637697,431.99
Baldwin Filters Inc1436102,153.00
Egs Electrical Group153629,673.70
Us Meat Animal Research Center1235300.00
Chief Automotive Systems Inc143518,739.00
Broken Bow Power Plant535124,020.00
Nebraska City Power Plant No 1535272,860.00
Crete Municipal Plant535142,385.00
Spitz Foundry Inc63349,780.00
Swift Beef Company733221,068.00
Kmigt Holdrege Compressor Sta733364,951.85
Auburn Generating Plant530170,380.00
Hastings Water Distribution530800.00
Laurel Municipal Plant5301,480.00
Wahoo Power Plant530125,880.00
Kimball Municipal Power Plant53010,820.00
Sidney Power Plant52925,740.00
Hemingford Disposal Area Lf2828324.45
Butler County Landfill28286,754.00
Hastings Landfill28284,244.79
City Of Alliance Disposal Area Landfill2828199.66
Martin Marietta Materials Inc132825,434.04
Community Refuse Disposal Inc / Norfolk28287,632.27
North Platte Disposal Area Landfill28285,639.35
Loop Central Landfill28282,856.12
Nebraska Game & Parks Commission Landfill2828222.97
Double D Landfill2828324.45
Fairbury Landfill2828519.12
Kimball Landfill2828414.56
Minden Disposal Area2828461.64
Central City Disposal Area Landfill2828324.45
Aurora Disposal Area Landfill2828324.45
Crete Disposal Area Landfill2828366.56
Falls City Landfill2828297.54
Wilber Disposal Area Landfill282859.51
Otoe County Disposal Area Landfill28281,635.22
Holdrege Disposal Area Landfill28286,884.29
Watkins Aircraft Support Prod13282,752.86
City Of Mccook Landfill28281,657.53
Sarpy County Landfill #228287,595.13
Northeast Nebraska Solid Waste Coalition (Nnswc)28282,056.78
Scottsbluff Disposal Area Landfill28281,547.19
Gering Disposal Area Landfill28286,244.97
York City & County Disposal Area Lf2828832.40
Blair Disposal Area Landfill2828476.06
Beatrice Landfill28283,046.42
Beaver City Landfill2828207.99
Nebraska Ecology Systems Inc28282,827.66
Franklin Disposal Area Landfill2828297.54
Grand Island Landfill28284,017.27
G & P Development Inc Landfill2828950.89
L P Gill Landfill28289,891.03
Chadron Disposal Area Landfill2828783.07
Sidney Disposal Area Landfill28285,724.20
Progress Rail Services Corp19283,020.70
Plattsmouth Landfill28281,635.22
Kearney Landfill28283,859.85
Lexington Disposal Area Landfill28283,673.88
Central Valley Ag1284,760.00
Iowa Limestone Co52837,300.06
David City Municipal Power Plt132736,022.33
Chief Custom Products112749,426.00
Burwell Light Plant12277,602.39
Valmont Industries Inc132729,100.45
Burlington Northern & Santa Fe192759,332.42
Nebraska Energy Llc527358,841.60
Midwest Lysine Plant62682,190.00
Progress Rail Services Corp16268,131.77
Automatic Equipment Mfg Co11268,464.00
Nu Agricultural Research & Dev1326400.00
West Engelland Compressor Sta15260.00
Aero-Tec Inc152631,713.20
Avaya Inc.2525232,298.00
Syngenta Seeds Inc7259,825.03
Ngpl Compressor Station 19682520,434.73
North Denver Station72532,800.00
Red Cloud Municipal Plant52516,463.00
Don Henry Power Center122510,272.89
Sara Lee Bakery Group525169,600.00
Pender Municipal Power Plant5259,689.00
Tecumseh Plant5252,040.00
Forest Lawn Memorial Park1224800.00
Kmigt Cozad Compressor Station7244,427.06
Douglas County Landfill202324,463.13
Farmers Union Co-Op Elevator1232,300.00
Cargill Dow Llc523122,397.73
Nebraska Humane Society11226,960.00
Chadron State College622216,840.00
Columbus Terminal422392,427.99
Parker Hannifin Corporation102246,062.04
Claas Omaha Llc15212,756.20
Kawasaki Motors Mfg Corp Usa2021392,416.00
Farmers Co-Op Elevator Co12110,260.00
American Dairy Foods5210.00
Arnold Plant5211,920.13
Oxford Light Plant5208,380.00
West Point Power Plant52049,060.00
Lexington Public Water Supply5200.00
Keene Co-Op Grain & Supply Co12012,000.00
Stuart Municipal Power Plant5202,855.21
Martin Marietta Materials Inc52088,100.00
Darling International Inc52075,480.00
Western Sugar Cooperative6201,720.00
Madison Light & Power Plant132017,445.68
National Crane Corp202090,762.00
Omni Engineering Inc62057,666.50
Alanco Environmental Mfg Inc122027,371.00
Concrete Equipment Co Inc182056,010.05
Wakefield Municipal Power132010,742.09
Schering-Plough Animal Health13191,320.00
Timpte Inc141921,588.87
Franklin Municipal Power Plant12196,021.73
Leon Plastics Inc191913,497.71
Grand Island Accessories Inc1419317,975.00
Nppd Hebron Peaking Unit171919,865.02
Allmand Brothers Inc181958,173.22
Great Plains Packaging Co131938,496.56
A-1 Fiberglass1319212,542.00
Silver Creek Ready Mix Plant2194,140.00
Cambridge Light Plant5184,127.89
Osceola Terminal818133,536.00
Yankee Hill Brick & Tile1818140,389.51
Bonnavilla Homes18185,600.93
Miller Memorial Care Center111820.00
Missouri River Wastewater Plant1717883,913.00
Magellan Pipeline Company Llc1417259,235.94
Kmigt Clay Center Compressor9170.00
Wayne Municipal Power Plant131769,639.15
Cargill Polyols Llc1217135,661.14
Central Valley Ag1171,200.00
Parker Hannifin Corporation81726,227.00
Darling International Inc5176,480.00
Caldwell Manufacturing Co10160.00
Overland Sand & Gravel Mowitz2169,580.00
Lexington Wastewater Treatment516580.00
Flexcon Company Inc91649,915.26
Four Seasons Paint Mfg. Co.81610,766.00
Conoco Products Terminal1116112,200.00
Paxton-Mitchell Company1616234,736.00
Conagra Flour Milling Co61646,720.00
Frito-Lay Inc61649,324.69
A-1 Fiberglass121625,482.00
Lbt, Inc.151520,279.00
Lozier Corporation North Plant1515162,950.00
Union Pacific Railroad615178,249.13
Deshler Municipal Utilities13151,781.64
Western Sugar Cooperative9151,821,865.68
Beaver City Municipal Plant5152,808.00
Nebraska City Power Plant No 351511,260.00
Consolidated Concrete Co1153,560.00
Sargent Municipal Utilities5151,200.00
Emerson Municipal Utilities515880.00
Kansas Avenue Peak Shaver515120.00
Springfield Quarry 381032153,460.00
Callaway Municipal Power Plant5151,244.00
Wayne Grain & Feed Inc1152,380.00
Lyons Municipal Power Plant12152,121.95
Curtis Power Plant51510,140.00
Aurora Co-Op Elevator Co11411,580.00
Cargill Aghorizons11418,500.00
Farmers Co-Op Grain & Supply1143,360.00
Central Valley Ag1143,660.00
Les Rokeby Peaking Unit1414295,696.00
Omni Engineering, Inc.141479,048.00
Drake-Williams Steel141434,158.20
Nonpareil Rdo Llc61419,900.00
Spalding Light & Power12142,041.94
Wisner Municipal Power Plant13141,320.00
Unl Haskell Agricultural Lab13130.00
Gurley Station61378,400.00
Weyerhaeuser Company131355,154.00
Omaha Steel Castings Company1213161,838.00
City Of Norfolk Waste Facility1313240.00
Unl Panhandle Research & Extn13130.00
Farmers Co-Op Assn113940.00
Central Valley Ag11320,600.00
Farmers Co-Op Elevator Co112880.00
Stanton Veterinary121220.00
Gloystein Veterinary Clinic121260.00
Magellan Pipeline Company Llc1012526,575.17
Vishay Dale Electronics Inc 0211126,034.00
Nebraska Wilbert Vault Co1212600.00
Town & Country Veterinary Clnc121220.00
Plains Produce Llc712132,640.00
Central Ne Crematory Svc West1212360.00
Sunrise Hill Veterinary Hosp12120.00
Campbell Municipal Power Plant1112501.18
American Asphalt1212305,711.00
Tiger Door, Inc.121213,351.00
Beaver Valley Animal Hospital12120.00
Magellan Pipeline Company Llc91283,733.57
Central Ne Crematory Service1212980.00
Alliance Animal Clinic121260.00
Minden Lumber & Concrete Inc112840.00
Great Lakes Redi-Mix Concrete1122,660.00
Concrete Industries Inc111200.00
Hills Materials Co111280.00
City Iron & Metal Co11111,940.00
Hastings Hvac Inc Cold Storage10112,051.00
Arps Northwest Concrete Co1111,100.00
Gary Smith Construction Co Inc61122,500.35
Chief Transportation Products, Inc.111118,106.00
Phillips Manufacturing Co.1111315,684.00
Columbus Animal Hospital11110.00
Brehmer Manufacturing Inc11115,000.00
Gothenburg Feed Products Co61131,100.00
Olson Industries Inc81134,120.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co10112,355,190.82
Arbor Valley Animal Clinic1111200.00
Arbor Valley Animal Clinic111120.00
Unl West Central Research1111200.00
Trail Animal Clinic11110.00
Nppd Mc Cook Peaking Unit91114,245.86
Oafb E Bergquist Hospital11117,571.45
Thurston Manufacturing Co101115,421.40
Ord Veterinary Clinic111120.00
Simon Contractors2114,380.00
Diller Grain Co Inc1111,660.00
Fairbury Municipal Power Plant5101,260.00
Arbor Day Farms51066,040.00
Nebraska City Power Plant No 25108,740.00
New Alliance Bean & Grain Co1101,800.00
Blue Hill City Light & Water5102,020.00
Premier Industries Inc51017,900.00
Beatrice Pump Station51029,560.00
Farmers Cooperative11035,140.00
Overland Sand & Gravel Widga2100.00
Dehy Alfalfa Mills61036,760.00
Nppd York Operations Center1010174.70
Apache Seamaster101031,391.77
Apache Manufacturing1010110,118.96
Unl City Campus1010196,102.00
Broyhill Inc10109,550.28
Flinn Paving101038,074.00
Verner Veterinary Clinic10100.00
Dodge County Humane Society1010260.00
Malnove Incorporated1010346,524.00
Silverstone, Inc.10101,633.00
Bemis Co. Inc.101077,162.00
Hamilton Manor1010800.00
Farmers Cooperative11029,480.00
International Media & Cultures6102,120.00
Red Barn Veterinary Clinic1010140.00
Merricks Of Nebraska Llc5109,520.00
Chappell Municipal Power Plant5101,706.00
West Avenue Peak Shaver5100.00
Bladen Sand & Gravel Inc21022,080.00
Morrison & Quirk Inc51026,840.00
Ansley Light Plant - Standby510844.05
Edgar Grain Company1103,920.00
Overland Sand & Gravel Eagle295,880.00
Quality Red D Mix Inc19700.00
Hebron Ready Mix Plant19120.00
York Ready Mix Plant19420.00
Overland Sand & Gravel Gocke292,700.00
American Laboratories Inc.99223,568.00
American Laboratories Inc.99577,427.00
Swift Beef9948,580.00
Fitzgerald Railcar Service Of Omaha9916,997.00
Williams Pipe Line Company, Llc - Omaha Terminal99144,420.00
New World Pasta Company9929,060.00
Tri-Con Industries Ltd999,808.00
Magellan Pipeline Company Llc7943,439.40
Aurora Ready Mix Plant19300.00
Bladen Sand & Gravel Inc295,740.00
Airlite Plastics88149,320.00
Farmland Service Co-Op185,180.00
Va Medical Center8825,360.00
Darling International Inc.885,420.00
Eppley Airfield8837,180.00
Quality Red D Mix Inc18740.00
Shared Services Systems887,060.00
Richard Young Center8811,320.00
Mutual Of Omaha8827,940.00
Central Valley Ag182,660.00
Alegent Immanuel Medical Center8827,820.00
Plastilite Corporation88103,740.00
Bladen Sand & Gravel Latta Pit2840,840.00
Darling International Inc.88121,840.00
Energy Systems - Creighton883,720.00
Alegent Health Bergan Mercy Medical Center8832,600.00
Hank Stalp Gravel Co1849,100.00
Methodist Hospital8826,360.00
Geneva Ready Mix Plant18120.00
Quebecor Printing Inc88144,266.00
Even Temp Inc8843,190.35
Crown Cork & Seal Company (Usa), Inc.8859,270.00
Conagra (South)88247,760.00
Conagra (North)88199,260.00
Koch Materials Company8815,180.00
Westroads Shopping Center88493,480.00
University Of Nebraska Medical Center88108,960.00
Pinnacle Foods Corporation - Plant 1887,040.00
Energy Systems Company88297,540.00
Kellogg Usa, Inc.88645,020.00
University Of Nebraska At Omaha8828,960.00
Farmers Co-Op Elevator Co181,160.00
Omaha Public Power District - Jones Street Power Station8821,320.00
Douglas County Health Center8812,900.00
Quality Red D Mix Inc18700.00
John Roth & Son, Inc.8844,880.00
Qwest Communications - Main Building8810,400.00
Fort Calhoun Stone Co West181,740.23
Mud - Pershing Drive Water Plant8870,880.00
Hastings Hvac Inc881,780.10
Krone Digital Communications6713,194.87
Peavey Co1712,020.00
Ops - Teachers Administration Center771,080.00
Frontier Co-Op Company1718,040.00
Egging Company7713,827.95
Modern Equipment Company7779,670.00
Epsen Hillmer Graphics Company7742,768.00
Concept Fiberglass7726,868.00
Chief Industries Inc7747,510.60
Oppd Fort Calhoun Station678,091.60
Safety-Kleen Systems Inc57115.81
Williams Pipeline Co77371,362.00
Plainview Municipal Power57880.00
Ready Mix7724,740.00
Ready Mix7715,080.00
Frontier Co-Op Company1728,300.00
Arps Gravel & Concrete Inc1725,260.00
Consolidated Sand & Gravel2722,180.00
Trotter Grain & Fertilizer Co172,600.00
Nashua Corporation7723,080.00
Ready Mix7721,940.00
Farmers Cooperative173,660.00
Schaaf Redi Mix170.90
Progressive Ag Partners Llc1724,200.00
Scribner Grain & Lumber Co162,500.00
Frontier Co-Op Company168,780.00
United Farmers Co-Op1615,440.00
Ag Valley Co-Op Non Stock162,660.00
Agrex Inc162,920.00
Gehring Construction & Rdy Mix164,340.00
Countryside Cooperative16860.00
Cargill Aghorizons161,380.00
Pfizer Animal Health6639,942.00
Tetra Micronutrients Inc.362,355.00
Panhandle Humane Society660.00
Enterprise Partners Nursery661,640.00
Tenneco Automotive361,500.00
Desoto Natl Wildlife Refuge660.00
Hoover Materials Handling Group Inc.361,255.00
Smeal Manufacturing Co5636,419.86
Husker Pride - Crystal Farms5628,860.00
Deuel County Compressor Sta36191,460.00
Midland Co-Op1612,100.00
Chief Industries Agri/Ind Div663,465.44
Dennis Larsen Dvm66340.00
Enterprise Partners Farrow662,780.00
Crossroads Cooperative Assn167,340.00
Agri Co-Op159,040.00
Industrial Heat Cleaning Llc55500.00
Hastings S Burlington Lift Sta55340.00
Sutherland Light Plant5510,880.00
Aurora Co-Op Elevator Co154,640.00
Qwest Communications Corp55120.00
Benkelman Municipal Power55171.00
Valley Pump Station5529,120.00
Heartland Co-Op1519,540.00
Farmers Co-Op Grain Co1511,080.00
#Orfolk Regional Center559,260.00
United Farmers Co-Op151,360.00
Deweese Sand & Gravel Inc2542,260.00
Trenton Crude Oil Terminal2519,582.59
Falls City Grain Co152,960.00
Wilber Municipal Power Plant55900.02
New Holland N.A. Inc.3550,500.00
Lincoln Plating3522.67
Vishay Dale Electronics Inc558,879.31
Ag Valley Co-Op Non Stock152,600.00
Trenton Power Plant55220.00
Cooperative Supply Inc151,400.00
Deweese Sand & Gravel Inc2535,760.00
Deweese Sand & Gravel Inc2557,440.00
Twin City Concrete Products - Omaha5526,320.00
Swppd Palisade Plant550.00
United Farmers Co-Op151,420.00
Ag Valley Co-Op Non Stock151,200.00
Herman Pump Station5515,240.00
Sprint Grand Island Pop551,160.00
Lincoln Theresa St. Wwtp55955,318.00
Les 8th & J Street Power Plant552,588.00
Farmers Cooperative155,140.00
Ag Valley Co-Op Non Stock151,540.00
Peavey Co14620.00
Heartland Co-Op1418,700.00
Southeast Nebraska Co-Op Co141,600.00
Diller Grain Co Inc141,720.00
Ag Valley Co-Op Non Stock143,180.00
Husker Co-Op142,540.00
Adm Alliance Nutrition Inc147,600.00
Agland Co-Op140.00
Mc Cook Station2419,440.00
North 48th Landfill24202,780.00
Auburn Consolidated Industries441,664.93
Tyco Healthcare Group Lp3413,820.00
Square D Co.344,573.00
Textron Turf Care & Specialty Care Prods.44765.00
Camaco Columbus Manufacturing3456,399.00
Adm Corn Processing Columbus246,423.00
Burkley Envelope Co448,980.43
Big Red Farms247,580.00
Husker Co-Op14420.00
Mud Fort Street Plant44820.00
Benkelman Elevators1460.00
C O Grain Inc142,580.00
Midland Co-Op142,960.00
Ag Valley Co-Op Non Stock142,680.00
Agp Grain Cooperative142,360.00
Ag Valley Co-Op Non Stock145,060.00
Ready Mix4419,540.00
J Bar J Landfill2361,496.00
Dana Corp Perfect Circle Div337,005.15
Mud Operating & Construction Center33300.00
Farmers Cooperative Feed Plant132,440.00
Commodity Processors Inc130.00
Adm / Farmland Grain3396,983.00
Northeast Community College3320.00
Pennington Seed Of Nebraska134,600.00
Lozier Corporation West Plant3341,120.00
Consolidated Blenders Inc132,280.00
Western Sugar Cooperative13700.00
Furst-Mcness Company130.00
Optic Fertilizer Inc.124,300.00
Pinnacle Foods Corp.128,610.00
Transit Mills Inc222,020.00
Gibbon Packing Co.12753.00
Quality Red D Mix Inc120.00
Western Sugar Cooperative12500.00
Agrium U.S Inc. Homestead Nitrogen Ops.1278,710.00
Ibp Inc. Wastewater Treatment Plant2210.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (506501)122.00
Composite Structures2261,563.00
Phillips Mfg. Co.1233,660.00
Baltzell Agri Prods.22255.00
Nox-Crete Mfg. Inc.12255.00
Forbo Adhesives L.L.C.12500.00
Longview Fibre Company22767.36
Dpc Inds. Inc.12534.00
Mapes Industries Inc22185,480.00
Lincoln Steel Co.1210.00
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.2235.00
Herzog Services Inc223,425.15
Duo Lift Manufacturing Co Inc2211,220.00
Lafarge North America2213,760.00
Becton Dickinson12255.00
Trotter Grain121,220.00
Beef Prods. Inc.1211,000.00
Farmers Cooperative120.00
Bladen Sand & Gravel Inc110.00
Bladen Sand & Gravel Amman Pit1120,020.00
Aurora Co-Op Elevator Co115,760.00
Tyson Foods Inc.1115,000.00
Hiland-Roberts Ice Cream Co.11750.00
Epco Carbon Dioxide Products1160.00
Westway Feed Prods.111,939.00
Aurora Co-Op Elevator Co113,620.00
Flexmag Inds. Plastiform Div.111.00
King Of The Road110.25
Van Diest Supply Co.11250.00
3m Co. - Valley1114.00
Roman Marble Prods. Inc.113,281.00
Chief Inds. Inc. Buildings Div.115.00
Ipsco Tubulars Inc.115.00
Valmont Coatings1194.00
T-L Irrigation Co.1140.00
Tyson Fresh Meats Inc.115.00
Us Greenfiber Llc1122,000.00
Uap Ag Service1133,790.00
Aurora Co-Op Elevator Co117,080.00
Deweese Sand & Gravel Inc11260.00
Tecumseh Poultry L.L.C. (Dba Mba Poultry)111,950.00
Excel Corp.1110,860.00
R & C Welding & Fabrication112,680.00
Nebraska Beef Ltd.1120,009.00
Hastings Natural Gas System11640.00
Armour Foods Co.11250.00
Pgla-1 Co.11555.00