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Polluters in North Carolina
3m Industrial Mineral Products97573,250.10
A.O. Smith Corporation18131160,201.20
Aallied Die Casting Co Of Nc129631,900.23
Acme Electric Corporation149195,977.26
Acme Face Veneer Company20233,814.37
Aco Polymer Prods. Inc.114,524.00
Adams Construction Company1717118,434.49
Adams International Trucks, Incorporated9112,459.36
Adams Mulford, Inc.83826,902.10
Adm Milling Company173519,137.01
Adorn, Llc41217,910.31
Advanced Turbine Components Inc.24265.00
Agfa Corporation41103468,442.03
Air Systems Components6489,320.00
Ajinomoto Usa Inc.3678,205.00
Akg Of America Inc145556,764.34
Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc.61116,405.00
Alamance County Landfill28283,256.06
Albemarle Boats Inc ** Inactive **61665,227.00
Albemarle Cotton Growers226,342.29
Albemarle Landfill28282,326.67
Albemarle Sportfishing Boats227087,677.19
Alcatel Optical Fiber Div.115,790.00
Alcatel Optical Fiber Division17166186,815.73
Alcoa, Inc.-Badin Works2828310,469,004.39
Alleghany County Landfill28281,397.29
Allergan Medical Optics113.00
Allied Metal Finishing, Inc. - Lucena St99176.20
Allvac Monroe Plant3630.00
Allwaste Container Services, Inc.182524,567.64
Alphagary Corporation73790,453.00
Alsco Metals Corporation14105163,854.94
Altec Industries2412484,369.05
Amerada Hess Corp. Wilmington Terminal8154,891.21
American & Efird Inc. Plants 05 & 1533485,265.00
American & Efird Plants #5 & #1535274546,719.31
American Distillation Inc.245,007.00
American Drew Plant #1238146216,769.46
American Drew Plant #1348636992,919.47
American Drew Plant #143728099,108.02
American Drew Plant 14130130110.06
American Fiberglass Corporation2211,800.00
American Metal Treating Inc.111,183.00
American Rockwool Incorporated19465,149,399.67
American Standard Co, Inc. (Trane)142416,545.53
American Stone Company - Chapel Hill226,060.00
Americh Corporation3336,206.20
Americraft Carton, Inc.151963,344.10
Ametek, Inc. - Rotron Technical Products44745.76
Ami Doduco (Nc) Inc.3355.00
Amplate, Inc.225,112.00
Andrew Corporation North Carolina20440256,517.57
Andrx Pharmaceuticals ** Inactive **2413322,298.48
Anilox Roll Co., Inc. (Arc Intl.)112312,221.88
Anson County Landfill28281,776.40
Anvil Knitwear Inc ** Inactive **2824181,592.60
Apac-Atlantic, Inc. - Hickory Plant393968,304.94
Apac-Atlantic, Inc. - Transylvania County193357,864.20
Apac-Atlantic, Inc., Thompson Arthur Division - Plant #6101220,823.09
Apac-Atlantic, Inc., Thompson-Arthur Division306356,041.80
Apac-Atlantic, Inc., Thompson-Arthur Division - Plant #42446204787,119.73
Apac-Atlantic, Inc., Thompson-Arthur Division, Plant #60448877,794.48
Apac-Atlantic, Inc., Thompson-Arthur Division, Plant #69374329,926.15
Apac-Carolina Inc - Havelock Readymix161878.01
Apac-Tennessee Inc Harrison Construction Division263,420.00
Apex Oil Company75555,128.52
Aplix, Incorporated101534,274.60
Apollo Chemical Corp.1175.00
Appalachian Hardwood Flooring14155,017.13
Appalachian State University18124152,013.85
Apv Americas-Goldsboro2210.00
Aquasol Corporation101331,258.20
Aramark Uniform Services, Inc.17224,205.64
Archer Daniels Midland Company3112076,397.92
Archie Elledge Wwtp1311885,784.33
Arjobex America132945,458.81
Armacell L.L.C.11250.00
Armour Swift Eckrich1114,236.00
Arrow International Inc.1160.00
Arteva Specialities Kosa - Salisbury Pl69924763,647.92
Arvinmeritor Inc195940,149.66
Ashe County Landfill2828749.68
Ashland Chemical186922,781.71
Asmo Appalachian Corp.110.04
Asmo North Carolina, Inc.1513177,601.12
Asphalt Paving Of Shelby, Inc.171959,204.17
Associated Rack Corp., Southeastern Rack Co Division563,202.00
Athol Corporation13102575,975.26
Atlantic Envelope Company151728,128.52
Automotive Motors Of Thomasville Inc.110.04
Avery County Landfill28287,786.76
Avoca Incorporated18147496,040.26
Avx Corp.24257.00
B & H Panel Company161081,116,824.04
B. V. Hedrick Industries, Lake Norman Quarry2211,640.00
Baja Prods. Ltd.116,565.00
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp18210629,101.14
Ballabox Company, Inc.999,589.25
Bally Refrigerated Boxes Inc.000.00
Bandag Incorporated52259328,098.40
Barnhardt Manufacturing Company174636,261.34
Barnhill Contracting - Fayetteville Plant1727132,026.07
Barnhill Contracting Company - Elizabeth City353755,112.26
Barnhill Contracting Company - Kenansville9957,307.20
Basf Corp.71312,426.00
Basf Corporation10181,722,078.00
Basf Corporation2647208,994.32
Basf Corporation216720,038.52
Bassett Furniture Upholstery Division Plant #3223231149,598.68
Bassett Furniture, Inc.303981,051,369.55
Baucom Press, Inc.795,951.06
Baumann Springs Usa, Inc.11206,290.28
Baxter Healthcare Corp.11250.00
Bayer Corporation15157191,194.73
Beaufort Fisheries Inc63870,549.25
Beautimar Mfg. Marble Inc.112,373.00
Belding Hausman, Inc., Boger City Plant1150.00
Belk Printing, Inc.101016,704.18
Bell Gin Company222,128.50
Belt Concepts Of America Inc.111,358.00
Bendel Corporation133537,759.50
Berenfield Containers Se Ltd1028166,182.12
Bernhardt Furn Plts 1 3 & 782577962,658.08
Bernhardt Furn Plts 2 And 578336420,214.57
Bernhardt Furniture Co.2311,505.80
Bernhardt Furniture Plant 21110.00
Bertie County Landfill282819,466.91
Beta Systems Inc991,334.00
Bfi Waste Systems Of North America, Cms Landfill V3545202,599.73
Bic Consumer Prods. Mfg. Co. Inc.110.11
Bienfang Products Division Of Hunt940332,860.84
Bill Hanks Lumber Company152282,638.00
Biltmore Cast Stone11450.30
Bkc Industries Inc10135,583.10
Black & Decker (Us) Inc.3422,242.60
Blackburn Sanitary Landfill4056406,373.58
Bloomsburg Mills Inc22122378,334.15
Blue Ridge Paper Products - Canton Mill6982745,085,179.00
Blue Ridge Products, Inc.115,840.00
Blythe Brothers Asphalt Company, Llc.355276,331.06
Blythe Construction, Inc.2771199,223.27
Blythe Construction, Inc., Plant No. 8161656,984.47
Bobby Hamby Concrete Co., Inc.22444.00
Boc Gases230.24
Boehme Filatex Inc.24620.00
Boggs Farm Center Inc22410.00
Bombardier Motor Corp Of America - Spruce Pine145486,564.96
Bonset America Corp.122,576.00
Boone Lumber Co332,840.00
Boral Bricks Inc - Salisbury Plant30841,440,034.19
Boral Material Technologies, Inc., Marshall Station3535,674.70
Borden Chemical Inc.241,812.00
Borden Chemical Inc.4825,651.00
Borg-Warner Automotive Turbo Systems511101,030.00
Bp Amoco24796.20
Bradington-Young Llc, Cherryville Plant113337,390.00
Braxton Culler Incorporated183085,846.99
Brayton International Inc122667,379.28
Brenntag Southeast Inc.242,172.00
Brenntag Southeast Inc.13255,803.01
Brenntag Southeast, Inc.17212,931.44
Bridgestone/Firestone Inc7810542,789,165.43
Briggs Sawmill And Company Inc444,156.00
Brooks Lumber Company442,583.10
Brown Water Treatment Plant15447,771.02
Brown'S Of Carolina1371386,746.32
Broyhill Furniture Conover Plant57875744,382.58
Broyhill Furniture Ind. Inc. Marion Plant116.16
Broyhill Harper Furniture Co601291,124,577.17
Broyhill Miller Hill Complex323432,716,321.73
Broyhill Virginia Street Complex664242,129,114.69
Broyhill-Rutherford Plt631371,287,209.31
Bruce Hardwood Flooring Llc3046180,389.18
Brunswick County Landfill28288,925.04
Brushy Mountain Enterprises454749,005.63
Buckeye Lumberton Inc278394,124.88
Building Materials Mfg. Corp.330.22
Buncombe County Landfill88486.35
Buncombe County Landfill Ii44489,600.00
Burke County Landfill28284,461.82
Burke Mills Inc185488,188.84
Burlington Industries Llc - Raeford Plant4062590,436.33
Burlington Industries Llc - Richmond Plant4161212,399.42
Burlington Industries Llc -Bhf Plant29380199,117.69
Butler Manufacturing Co1951125,812.24
C & T Refinery, Llc2161816,204.60
C.M. Steel, Inc.101022,083.82
Cabarrus Concrete Co.13156,460.77
Cabarrus County Landfill28287,924.80
Cairn Studio Ltd ** Inactive **9202,018.60
Caldwell County Landfill282811,571.77
Caldwell Ready-Mix Inc11232,828.29
Camco Mfg. Inc.129,600.00
Camp Lejeune Marine Corp Base10123702,776,787.16
Campbell Soup Supply Company27116415,538.12
Candle Corporation Of America93126,914.70
Candor Hosiery Mills - Robbins Plant222214,574.29
Canton Township Landfill2828324.45
Capel, Inc.132677,101.76
Capital Marble Creations Inc.114,428.00
Caraustar Custom Packaging Group, Inc.41226,556.40
Caraustar Mill Group, Inc.1833425,364.04
Cardinal Fg Flat Glass Plant21322,309,055.68
Cargill Inc - Fayetteville591773,446,193.96
Cargill Inc - Raleigh23991,947,963.56
Carl Rose & Sons, Inc. - Elkin Asphalt Plant1321116,614.00
Carl Rose And Sons, Inc. - Wilkesboro Plant141467,470.61
Carolina Art & Frame Inc.2416,797.00
Carolina Asphalt Llc275423,445.70
Carolina By-Products Gastonia Division1697290,173.84
Carolina By-Products Fayetteville Division28256607,359.35
Carolina Classic Boats Inc121267,448.37
Carolina Classic Mfg Inc714891,028.03
Carolina Concrete Ii, Llc8175,824.04
Carolina Concrete, Inc.13223,546.07
Carolina Counters Corporation51131,393.90
Carolina Crate & Pallet, Inc.3324,740.00
Carolina Crating, Inc.3344,200.00
Carolina Cultured Marble Inc.113,638.00
Carolina Custom Finishing, Llc278495,649.45
Carolina Drawers Inc463,380.62
Carolina Finishing, Inc.92533,839.00
Carolina Forge Co. L.L.C.122,938.00
Carolina Glove Company, Plant #851014,075.00
Carolina Handling, Inc.11612.00
Carolina House Furniture Inc111116,420.40
Carolina Perlite, Inc.7730,500.00
Carolina Power & Light Asheville Steam Electric Plant8425148,905,620.08
Carolina Precast Concrete, Inc.5202,324.00
Carolina Solvents, Inc.355368,213.22
Carolina Stalite Company554702,768,035.31
Carolina Steel Corporation554,720.40
Carolina Sunrock Corp Butner Quarry7919,660.00
Carolina Sunrock Corporation1649172,737.69
Carolina Telephone & Telegraph D/B/A Sprint132681,215.91
Carolina Telephone & Telegraph D/B/A Sprint112216,044.10
Carolina Telephone & Telegraph D/B/A Sprint14149,236.11
Carolina Turkeys Of Mount Olive2797554,548.39
Carpenter Co.1020115,949.38
Carpenter Company Conover2549976,780.87
Carrier Corp (Charlotte Chiller Ops)112466,679.12
Carver Industries Corporation332,770.00
Cascades Tissue Group - North Carolina, Inc.175775,042.45
Case Farms Llc - Grain/Trenton2869,200.00
Case Farms Llc - Goldsboro/Grain2685,045.31
Caswell County Landfill & Ts / Drop Box Open2828166.62
Caterpillar Incorporated ** Inactive **7914,203.75
Cathedral Church Interiors161636,515.40
Ccl Label, Inc1134,374.40
Ceco Building Sys.1116,124.00
Celanese Acetate Llc254912,995.93
Cemex, Inc., Statesville Terminal392,700.00
Central Lumber Company, Inc.182617,455.77
Central Rutherfordton Landfill28286,255.80
Century Furniture Industries Technical23261,381.40
Century Furniture Industries Plant #1631771,581,919.81
Century Furniture Industries Plant #9203150,630.26
Century Furniture Industries, Inc., Plants #3 And #71928326,377.46
Ceramco-Printech, Inc.2126147.75
Certainteed Corp.2481.31
Certainteed Corporation1979103,852.54
Chandler Concrete Co Inc3322,214.08
Chandler Concrete Co. - Biscoe (Central Concrete Co. Dba)3102,464.00
Chandler Concrete Company, Incorporated27968.00
Charles Cabinets Inc7148,453.02
Charles Craft, Inc. - Laurinburg Plant2612330,151.44
Charlotte Douglas International Airport295513,776.91
Charlotte Pipe & Fndy. Co.45111,923.00
Charlotte Pipe & Foundry25126914,235.83
Charlotte Pipe And Foundry Company, Plastics Division10169105,336.20
Charlotte Plating, Inc.3540.02
Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Facilities112218,917.14
Chase Coating & Laminating461,361.67
Chatham County Landfill28282,189.86
Chemcraft International111411,600.91
Chemetall Foote Corporation Kings Mountain116517,624.16
Chemical Coatings Inc234543,255.79
Chemical Specialties, Inc.216364,692.68
Chemical Technologies, Llc20239,901.92
Chemserve Terminal Inc860117,833.04
Cherokee County Landfill28282,370.49
Cherokee Sanford Group Llc - Moncure481291,161,519.06
Cherokee Sanford Group Llc - Sanford3486353,333.65
Cherokee Sanford Group Llc - Sanford Plant No. 2234204615,666.14
Cherokee Sanford Group, Llc ** Inactive **2550228,170.41
Chicago Rawhide42518,186.21
Chowan Veneer Company Inc7751,500.00
Cht R. Beitlich Corporation3527.22
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation24293,921.47
Citgo Asphalt Refining Company2139210,511.97
Citgo Petroleum Corporation85855,510.01
City Of Greensboro - Thomas Z. Osborne Potw20108112,266.74
City Of Greensboro - White Street Landfill367347,823.00
City Of Hickory, Henry Fork Wwtp ** Inactive **17321,670.42
City Of High Point Landfill-Kersey Valley Landfill28286,260.63
City Of Lexington Landfill2828261.43
City Of Raleigh Wilders Grove Landfill272774,745.82
City Of Rocky Mount - Mclane Company8813,367.91
City Of Rocky Mount - Owens Brockway779,898.56
City Of Salisbury771,862.00
City Of Statesville, Fourth Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant141421,606.37
City Of Statesville, Water Treatment Plant151515,805.09
City Of Thomasville Landfill2828380.42
City Of Wilson - Substation #871424,341.91
City Of Wilson - Wiggins Mill Pumping St ** Inactive **77393.03
City Of Wilson - Wiggins Mill Wwtp ** Inactive **771,516.48
Clariant Corp.2414,939.00
Clariant Corp. West Mount Holly Plant711540.00
Clarkton Cotton Co338,620.00
Classic Graphics Inc2291,215.97
Classic Leather Inc.1211,702.00
Classic Packaging Company612128,974.30
Clay County Landfill2828324.45
Clayton Homes - Henderson101514,762.60
Cleveland County Landfill282815,176.41
Clyde Pearson Company, A Division Of Thomasville Furniture I9926,880.70
Cmh Manufacturing Inc, Clayton Homes #9336911,490.48
Cmha-Carolinas Medical Center1959165,956.14
Cmu - Mcalpine Creek Wwtp112834,665.14
Cmud - Franklin Water Treatment Plant225230,048.66
Cmud - North Mecklenburg Water Treatment Plant16203,577.67
Cmud- Mallard Creek Water Reclamation Facility24804,074.56
Cna Holdings Inc - Shelby Plant262491,984,900.22
Coastal Agrobusiness Inc.12500.00
Coastal Carolina Cotton Gin Llc - Fairfield227,732.48
Coastal Carolina Cotton Gin - Pantego228,127.65
Coastal Lumber Co. Goldsboro111.97
Coastal Lumber Co. Weldon Treating Plant111.31
Coastal Regional Solid Waste Landfill282811,205.56
Coatings & Adhesives Corp.121,000.00
Coats American Inc D/B/A Coats North America20193615,854.84
Coats North America - Sevier Plt26721,237,780.35
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (Snyder Fac)153923,370.02
Cochrane Eastern, Div. Of Cochrane Furniture Company, In255133,239.53
Cochrane Furniture Divisions 10 20 35 And 5529122881,433.37
Coffing Hoists132754,723.38
Cogentrix Of North Carolina Inc35933,490,334.05
Cogentrix Of North Carolina Inc - Southport411328,992,939.20
Cogentrix Of Rocky Mount581735,427,774.48
Cognis Corporation2970143,039.30
Coharie Mill And Supply Company113755,410.96
Colfax Gin Inc2244.00
Collier-Keyworth, Inc.145732,048.70
Collins & Aikman Corporation1013361,025.39
Collins & Aikman Corporation - Farmville30130192,822.13
Collins & Aikman Landfill2828446.27
Collins & Aikman Products Company, Albemarle Plant613701,198,938.96
Colonial Pipeline Company610765,749.40
Colonial Pipeline Company15144621,017.87
Color Ad Packaging Inc36277,438.00
Columbia Carolina Corp.117.00
Columbus County Landfill282816,414.38
Combs Concrete Co., Inc.3117,072.02
Comm-Kab, Inc.993,099.00
Commercial Carving Company Finishing Plant99032,132.01
Commercial Ready Mix Concrete - Edenton3127.57
Commonwealth Hosiery Mills Inc777,892.00
Commscope Inc Statesville Plant ** Inactive **3122,577.00
Commscope Inc. (Catawba Facility)1112,499.00
Commscope Inc. Claremont Facility116,409.00
Component Concepts Inc57356661,995.33
Concept Plastics Inc2029552,598.06
Concord City Generating Plant #11512057,819.26
Concord City Generating Plant #2161643,033.91
Concrete Supply - South1111226.21
Concrete Supply Co. - Denver11374,222.45
Concrete Supply Co. - Kannapolis2102,532.00
Concrete Supply Company (Croft)1111194.16
Concrete Supply Company - North Plant3138,494.01
Concrete Supply Company - West11111,517.25
Concrete Supply Company, Concord Plant11709,516.99
Concrete Supply Company, Lincolnton Plant11333,398.36
Concrete Supply Company, Shelby Plant11353,014.32
Concrete Supply Company-Arrowood11111,325.09
Cone Mills Cliffside No 228155136,194.18
Cone Mills Corp - White Oak Plant33391369,220.66
Conn-Selmer Ludwig Facility Plant 213637,069.54
Conopco, Inc.1139361,753.68
Consolidated Diesel Company1970540,217.29
Consolidated Metco Inc.1110,501.00
Continental Tire North America, Inc.712581,466,344.45
Cooper Bussmann122.00
Cooper Tools Inc. Monroe Operation12910.00
Cooper-Standard Automotive - Fedelon Trail14365126,179.55
Coopertools Inc. Apex North Carolina Ops.114,900.00
Copland Industries, Inc.1230126,054.28
Corbett Package Company293012,302.21
Cormetech Inc.129,272.00
Corn Prods. Winston Salem Plant3362,189.51
Corner Cotton Gin Inc3317,540.00
Corning Cable Systems Llc (Tcp)4267,649.01
Corning Cable Systems Llc-Optical Assembly Plant21401,621.72
Corning Incorporated1164165,213.85
Corning Incorporated1075167,433.87
Corrflex Display Amd Packaging111314,378.58
Cortina Fabrics, Inc.6613,420.00
Cotton Ginning And Sales, Inc.223,034.00
Cotton Services Inc2210,732.16
Councill Company, Llc - Plant #14932896,383.09
Cp&L - Mayo Facility8821186,130,190.51
Cp&L - Richmond Cnty Combustn Turbine353131,204,767.26
Cp&L - Roxboro Steam Electric Plant93532271,018,134.91
Cp&L Generators At Novo Nordisk7718,780.00
Cpi Packaging, Inc.916498,883.22
Craftmaster Furniture Corporation72829,699.00
Crane Co., Crane Resistoflex2515839,179.14
Craven County Gin & Cotton Company225,325.12
Craven County Wood Energy19363,251,070.61
Creative Metal And Wood, Inc.7141,503.00
Cree Inc.1115,100.00
Crellin, Inc2872,160.00
Cricket - Whitehall Technology Park77464.80
Crompton Mfg.573,138.00
Crotser Farms41116,880.00
Crouse-Hinds Molded Products132210,925.61
Crowder Construction - Reames Road4278135,505.02
Crowder Construction Company-East Plant397792,673.80
Crown (Nc - 31)7287,445.00
Crown Central Petroleum Corp.63215,819.19
Crown Central Petroleum Corp.6122,767.60
Cth Sherrill Occasional110.07
Cti Of Nc Inc2976247,089.66
Cumberland Co - Ann Street Landfill346134,230.81
Cumberland County Landfill282810,031.33
Cumulus Fibres, Incorporated151715,403.17
Cunningham Brick Company Inc4360463,084.84
Cunningham Brick Company Inc3839221,530.63
Currituck Grain Inc - Moyock2834,000.00
Currituck Grain Inc - Shawboro2220,000.00
Currituck Landfill28287,786.76
Curvemakers Inc4411,612.30
Custom Blinds Of Charlotte, Inc.99780.80
Custom Boat Works, Inc.4416,828.00
Custom Finishers Inc165075,665.28
Custom Pallet And Crating Inc.232,580.00
D & S Asphalt Materials Inc181822,593.53
D.C. Paint Works, Inc.8813,050.13
Dak Monomers Llc6867520,036,315.30
Dak Resins Cedar Creek Site144296,757.80
Dak Resins, Llc2440561,192.47
Dan River Inc - Harris Plant2345224,249.90
Dana Corp.115.00
Dana Corporation - Wix Filtration Allen Division1754149,311.14
Danaher Tool Group351,759.00
Daniels Brothers Logging Inc1132,000.00
Daniels Woodcarving Company, Inc.3539121.86
Dar/Ran Furniture Industries26294103,019.52
Dare County Landfill28284,229.51
Davidson College14465,491.83
Davidson County Landfill & Recycling Facility28289,949.63
Davie County Inert Landfill & Ts Since 199328284,269.90
Day International512733,597.00
Dealer Imports, Inc.228,460.00
Dean Pickle & Specialty Prods.110.00
Decor Originals, Inc.1222119,806.00
Deep River Custom Frames Inc ** Inactive **45654.30
Deere-Hitachi Construction Machinery Corp.133344,949.63
Design Des Carolines135214,760.60
Detrex Corporation11278,394.55
Diamond Shamrock (Legal Valero Energy Corp)9101,781.63
Diazit Co. Inc.118,763.00
Dimension Milling Company, Inc.232358,368.90
Dimension Wood Products, Inc., Plant 133280.00
Dimon International Inc. - Farmville14151129,792.08
Dimon Usa Inc.1179.00
Direction Furniture Company888,027.25
Distinction Leather Co Plt #1887,733.00
Donwalt Industries Inc112295,148.58
Douglas Battery Mfg. Co.241,026.00
Dow Corning Corp.242,549.00
Doxey Furniture Corporation ** Inactive **11760.00
Drexel Herit Furn - Causby Road Plt ** Inactive **771,387.77
Drexel Herit Furn Plt 4360128376,636.15
Drexel Heritage Furn Industries Inc - Furn Pl ** Inactive **4911493,914.36
Drexel Heritage Furnishings Inc106627,914.00
Drexel Heritage Furniture Industries Inc - Plt 259156635,896.75
Dsm Pharmaceuticals, Inc.48522565,882.10
Du Pont Charlotte Warehouse121.50
Du Pont Teijin Films Cedar Creek Site51121,310.60
Duff Norton131818,763.90
Duke Energy Company - Little Rock Op Ctr1222992.17
Duke Energy Company - Toddville Operation26424,764.52
Duke Energy Corp - Belews Creek Steam Station97280346,408,171.84
Duke Energy Corp - Dan River Steam Station9340410,064,302.02
Duke Energy Corporation - Allen Steam Station9053998,618,836.53
Duke Energy Corporation - Buck Steam Station8651822,976,967.12
Duke Energy Corporation - Cliffside Steam Station9146763,879,744.78
Duke Energy Corporation - Marshall Steam Station94459249,927,330.46
Duke Energy Corporation - Riverbend Steam Station8843144,265,224.19
Duke Energy Corporation Lcts2143295,110.17
Duke Energy Mcguire Nuclear Station183751,513.08
Duke University531871,955,540.53
Dupont Company - Fayetteville Works371602,202,572.21
Durham Regional Hospital119923,873.24
Dynea Overlays Inc.123,051.00
Dynea Usa Inc.3612,056.00
E J Snyder & Company Inc28359247,199.37
E. J. Cox Company Roasting Plant71940,620.00
Eagle Mountain Finishing Llc3321677,474.18
East Carolina University, The Brody School Of Medicine99889.77
East Coast Container Corporation1426153,672.76
Eastern Carolina Regional Solid Waste Landfill3975120,722.52
Eastern Minerals Inc.11250.00
Eaton Aeroquip Inc.24183.00
Eaton Aeroquip, Inc. ** Inactive **174529,229.16
Eaton Corp. Golf Grip Div.240.10
Eaton Corporation, Clutch Division9121,852.42
Ecmd, Inc.91828,104.28
Ecoflo Inc13891,282,776.30
Ecusta Business Development Center Llc645395,212,678.09
Edenton Dyeing And Finishing, Llc63120581,349.82
Edgecombe Cotton Growers229,049.35
Edgecombe County Landfill28286,337.18
Edwards Cotton Company Inc2211,796.41
Edwards Wood Products, Inc.5064194,195.29
Ei Du Pont - Kinston Plant351284,440,937.33
Eisai Inc1133283,687.69
Electrolux Home Products, Dishwasher Division265159,565.61
Elementis Chromium483771,552,376.74
Elizabeth City Brick Co Inc222,200.00
Elizabethtown Power, Llc812024,752,929.44
Elk Creek International, Inc.10135,863.62
Ellis Lumber Company, Inc.113,420.00
Elox Corporation77997.60
Elster Electricity L.L.C.1190.00
Energizer Battery Mfg. Co. Inc.12137.00
Enfield Cotton Gin228,929.38
Engineer Polymer Solutions, D/B/A Valspar121354,138.00
Engineered Plastics Inc ** Inactive **12192,280.00
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc D.B.A. Valspar Coatings193593,390.84
Engineered Polymer Solutions, Inc. D/B/A81721,168.20
Engineered Polymer Solutions, Inc. Dba Valspar Coatings177249,402.83
Engineered Sintered Components11250.00
Environmental Inks & Coatings52440,986.10
Eon Pharma, Llc1711929,573.24
Erico, Inc.415920.13
Ershigs Inc ** Inactive **95662,865.33
Essroc Italcementi Group112526,804.60
Ethan Allen - Pine Valley Div64106623,056.42
Ethan Allen - Spruce Pine Div57117570,626.60
Ethan Allen Maiden Division34261213,620.66
Eudys Cabinet Mfg Co1825122,115.47
Eugene Birmingham Property2214,995.00
Evans And Sons Inc4837,300.00
Evans Lumber Company Inc. - Lewiston5260152,805.00
Exopack - Thomasville, Llc19148471,405.69
Exxon Mobil Corp. Greensboro Terminal6124,965.14
Exxon Mobil Corp. Selma Terminal6126,762.21
Exxonmobil Chemical Company143462,126.17
Exxonmobil Chemical Company249,395.30
Fabrictex, Inc.115231,610.37
Fairfield Chair Plt 238251288,492.39
Farmers Gin Company224,262.16
Fashion House Furniture Co., Plt #2893,705.48
Fawn Industries, Inc., Middlesex Plt827387,852.00
Feltonsville Landfill Ts Since 1/1/98282812,931.69
Fenner Dunlop Charlotte224453,908.65
Ferebee Asphalt Corporation164557,584.55
Fiber Dynamics, Inc.113832,491.85
Fieldcrest Cannon Plant #137600270,839.26
Fieldcrest Cannon, Inc. - Decorative Bedding Plant238214,088.93
Fine Furniture, Inc.332,720.00
Finetex Inc.451,260.00
Firestone Fibers & Textiles Co.3628,968.00
Firestone Fibers And Textiles Company, Kings Mountain Plant2878143,051.24
Firstmark Aerospace Corporation19647,570.57
Fleetwood Homes Of Nc - Lumberton ** Inactive **151523,996.76
Fleming Labs. Inc.2420.00
Flint Hills Resources L.P. Wilmington Terminal245,805.00
Flint Hills Resources Lp134463,827.26
Flowers Baking Company Of Jamestown, Inc.1395110,328.58
Flowserve - Raleigh22105.09
Fmc Corporation - Lithium Division16128205,617.50
Foam-Cor Company, Llc17325140,217.04
Foamex International, Inc.1521168,698.98
Forster Textile Mills, Inc.39240.00
Fortron Inds.2410,212.15
Foundry Service Co.24548.00
Fountain Power Boats1717106,210.00
Franklin Baking Company - Goldsboro1431179,376.46
Franklin County Landfill28281,038.24
Freeman Metal Products Inc5539,125.00
Freightliner Corp.55266.43
Freightliner Corporation Cleveland Plant301152995,058.84
Freightliner Llc--Mount Holly Truck Manufacturing Plant3488452,490.60
Frito-Lay, Incorporated21152559,466.70
Funder America, Inc2262254,992.07
G & K Services91012,225.40
G & W Plastics11750.00
G A Enterprises Inc Vitalie Mfg83129,672.00
G E Aircraft Engines321299,245.19
Galvan Industries Inc71315,929.20
Gardner Glass Products Inc12378,935.88
Gaston Cooperative Incorporated227,029.86
Gaston County Dyeing Machine Co.110.01
Gaston County Landfill282812,237.24
Gastonia Water Treatment Plant151511,503.28
Gates Cotton Gin Inc223,507.08
Gdx Automotive2564335,531.82
Ge Co.1137.00
Ge Co.2343.00
Ge Interlogix Hickory121.90
Ge Lighting L.L.C. Carolina Prods. Plant126.00
Ge Lighting Sys. Inc.3311.10
General Electric International, Inc.25513,756.61
General Foam Plastics, Inc.172116,267.64
General Steel Drum Corp.1518241,680.00
General Timber Inc.7123,013.65
General Wood Preserving Co. Inc.356.20
General Wood Preserving Company Inc2125101,274.13
Genpak Llc51092,161.72
George C. Moore Co.220.01
Georgia - Pacific Whiteville Plant441354,338,488.25
Georgia - Pacific Chip-N-Saw - Goldsboro4383567,262.13
Georgia - Pacific Corporation - Ahoskie4293912,787.31
Georgia - Pacific Corporation Chip-N-Saw Plant4260502,178.58
Georgia - Pacific Osb/Plywood - Dudley462455,933,590.60
Georgia - Pacific Resins Conway1482277,060.61
Georgia - Pacific Roxboro44138807,339.83
Georgia Pacific Co. Enfield Nc110.20
Georgia-Pacific Resins Inc.2420,293.00
Gerdau Ameristeel Us Inc. Charlotte Steel Mill Div18381,825,631.88
Getrag Corporation353,253.50
Gibbs Machine Company Inc111.10
Gilead Sciences, Inc9227,546.08
Gilkey Lumber Company Inc202154,382.12
Gkn Driveline - Alamance Facility9940,348.00
Glass Unlimited Of High Point, Inc.11314,034.58
Glen Raven, Inc.91714,480.97
Glendon Pyrophyllite, Inc. - Mine Site9186,262.84
Goerlichs Inc243,065.78
Gold Kist Inc82215,220.18
Gold Kist Sanford Poultry Plant228,025.00
Gold Signature Foods, Llc101656,458.10
Goldsboro Milling Co. - Goldsboro1411086,467.77
Goldsboro Milling Grain Company - Ayden52017,440.00
Goldston Lumber Inc244,922.80
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.129,266.00
Goria Enterprises - Burial Vault Plant345,801.11
Grady - White Boats Inc1316458,964.51
Graham County Landfill2828324.45
Granville County / Butner Landfill282813,286.83
Graphic Packaging International Inc.82362,029.00
Graphic Packaging International, Inc.9963,495.80
Green Power Kenansville Llc3286431,420.30
Green Power Kenansville Llc3652.80
Greene County Landfill28286,340.52
Greene Gin & Cotton Company224,214.00
Greensboro Flexible Packaging Llc Dba North State Flexibles917545,895.34
Greensboro News & Record, Inc.8189,939.83
Greenville Water Treatment Plant163454,063.41
Greif Fibre Drum, Inc.6109,368.20
Growers Ginning Company224,508.00
Guilford College - Main Campus573509,680.81
Guilford Mills Inc42324,502.80
Guilford Mills Inc. Guilford East Site11595.00
Gulistan Carpet Inc.2229.60
Gultech Nc Inc.115.00
H & H Furniture Manufacturers, Inc. - Plant 25673,964.66
H Putsch & Company Inc330.00
H. W. Culp Lumber Co.127.29
Halcore Group, Inc122224,456.00
Halifax County Landfill28286,333.48
Hallman Foundry816135,272.00
Hamby Brothers Concrete Inc11468,571.45
Hamby Brothers, Inc.2254,660.00
Hamlin Casting Corp.52211,800.80
Hammary Furniture Company Plant 14 ** Inactive **35227196,455.64
Hamon Warehouse1134,200.00
Hamrick Brothers, Inc.22502.00
Hancock & Moore, Plant No. 37767,148.94
Handcrafted Homes ** Inactive **2220,446.25
Hanes Dye And Finishing Co.2099109,637.69
Hanes Dye And Finishing Co.274081,241,812.02
Hanes Landfill282837,053.03
Hanson Aggr Southeast, Inc. - Elliott Plant32078,540.00
Hanson Aggr Southeast, Inc. - Harnett Quarry2616,320.00
Hanson Aggregates Carolina Inc - Rocky2221,200.00
Hanson Aggregates Southeast, Inc. - Senter Plant61212,921.70
Hanson Brick - Pleasant Garden Plant #14043502,242.78
Hanson Brick East, Llc, Dba Hanson Brick - Roseboro3954740,241.85
Hanson Brick East, Llc, Dba Hanson Brick-Monroe381941,385,828.44
Hardwood Furniture, Inc.141753,334.08
Harnett County / Dunn / Erwin Landfill28287,419.21
Harper Construction, Inc.223,580.00
Harper Corporation Of America51324,490.52
Harper/Love Adhesives Corporation369,665.84
Harrison Construction Division Of Apac-Tennessee Inc383,457.27
Harvey Gin And Cotton Co225,886.92
Harvin Reaction Tech. Inc.242,043.00
Hatteras Yachts1542549,035.70
Hawkins Gin222,874.00
Haywood County/White Oak Landfill & Mrf28281,736.88
Hb Mellott Estate Inc Franklin Plant7940,260.00
Hb Mellott Estate, Inc., Bonds Plant62632,280.00
Hc Composites Llc6621,231.62
Hearst Building-214 N. Tryon Street159012,602.70
Hearthstone Enterprises Inc - Boone Plt14382,870.07
Hearthstone Enterprises, Inc. Dba Charleston Forge Plant V148439,534.39
Heckett Multiserv Plant 62447,262.00
Helser Industries Of Nc101716,591.17
Henderson County Hospital Corporation, Margaret R. Pardee Ho193011,133.70
Henderson County Landfill/Ts Since 199728285,144.83
Hendrix & Dail Inc.125,000.00
Henkels' Mountain Stone, Inc.61012,248.00
Henredon Furniture Ind Inc67173571,566.28
Henredon Furniture Ind Inc49575643,891.65
Herff Jones Incorporated141418,646.43
Heritage Concrete Service Corporation - Dunn Plant3125,444.00
Heritage Moulding Corporation12127,220.00
Hexcel Reinforcement Corporation, Statesville Plant1911062,519.61
Hi - Tec Plating, Inc.330.07
Hickory Chair Company Plant #2034449255,767.63
Hickory Chair Company, Plant 72848120,821.05
Hickory Leather Company Inc101022,761.60
Hickory Printing Group, Inc.41247,611.83
Hickory Springs Manufacturing - Conover Complex14157350,360.10
Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company - Micaville71328,323.96
Hickory Springs Mfg - Metal Complex175669,083.42
High Point Fibers, Inc.131911,421.84
Highland Industries, Inc910318,375.00
Hildreth Septic Tanks3672.00
Hilemn L.L.C.12255.00
Hk Research Corp.23749.00
Hoke Robeson Gin Inc3312,260.00
Holcim (Us) Inc.3862,877.60
Homanit Usa Inc.151662,250.00
Honda Power Equipment Mfg.12312.80
Honeywell International, Inc.132518,170.60
Honeywell International, Inc.334031,208,264.92
Hooker Furniture Corporation6074321,684,630.42
Hooker Furniture Corporation60743425,325.01
Hooker Furniture Corporation,2339621,803.69
House Of Raeford Farms Inc - Rose Hill2626101,757.44
Hq Xviii Abn Corps & Fort Bragg29648467,763.20
Huntersville Hardwoods2729218,118.60
Huntington House, Inc.3312,460.00
Hws Company Inc. Dba Hickory White5789303,568.28
Ibm Corporation198137,426.10
Ici Americas, Inc.13161,133.08
Idaho Timber Corporation Of Nc Inc367,920.00
Ideal Fastener Corporation16199,527.63
Ifco Systems North America, Inc.33166,840.00
Imo Pump124,041.00
Industrial Container Services - Nc, Llc204998,545.52
Industrial Piping, Inc.882,100.82
Industrial Wood Prods.128.79
Ingersoll - Rand Tool And Hoist Division173421,007.55
Innovative Wood Products, Inc.3912,220.00
Intelicoat Technologies Llc1671179,809.11
Interface Fabrics Group South, Inc.291181,052,208.55
Interkordsa Inc.1112,525.00
Intermont Terminal, Inc - Asphalt1718151.26
International Paper5525712,387,850.50
International Paper - Armour Lumber Mill25432,243,762.40
International Paper - Beverage Packaging Div1238196,195.45
International Paper - Riegelwood Mill5785032,294,479.86
International Paper - Statesville Container27365,698,180.96
International Paper Co - Seaboard242261,085,689.24
International Paper Riegelwood Mill15232,771,627.70
International Resistive Company, Inc.571,273.60
Interstate Brands - Merita11121318,274.42
Interstate Brands Corporation1772192,672.07
Interstate Transformer Company, Llc55122.40
Invista S. A. R. I/Mundy, Inc.121620,562.01
Invista, S.A.R.L.11105118,767.57
Invista, S.A.R.L.3676036,001,694.82
Inx International Ink Company112017,602.78
Ipex Usa Llc32763,575.41
Ira L Griffin Sons, Inc.661,181.97
Iredell Fiber Inc.000.00
Iredell Landfill Gas Llc111162,054.00
J & D Wood Inc.51136,308.70
J & P Finishing Inc8815,629.76
J & R Sales, Inc.3317,500.00
J Charles Saunders Company173342,329.10
J P Taylor Company Inc ** Inactive **1519912,866.06
J-M Manufacturing Corp.1137,032.00
J. C. Steele & Sons Inc.115.00
J. T. Russell & Sons, Inc. - Albemarle224,056.00
J.T. Russell & Sons, Inc.303641,440.47
Jackson County Landfill2828461.64
Jackson Paper Manufacturing Co81187607,020.14
Jacob D. Sanders D.B.A. Valley Woodworking Company332,700.00
Jacobsen, A Textron Company17269,912.50
Jason Inc, Janesville-Sackner Group Plant 807732,944.00
Jeld-Wen, Inc.551361,016,613.19
Jeld-Wen, Inc. D/B/A Jeld-Wen1851125,231.71
Jenkins Electric Company, Inc.4101,193.84
Jh Craver And Son Inc8876,373.50
Jimbo'S Jumbos - Edenton2841,747.50
Jimbo'S Jumbos, 190 Peanut Drive73561,500.00
Jj Converting, Llc1155580,190.75
Jmc (Usa) Inc.221.31
Jmn Inc Landfill28286,569.06
Jmn Landfill28283,115.89
John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.67258,434.04
John Boyle & Company, Inc.226724,328.59
John Deere Southeast Engineering Center46178.00
Johnson Concrete Company, Inc., Central Division11312,064.04
Johnson Controls Battery Group, Inc.721814,817.30
Jones Brothers Marine Mfg.118,622.00
Jones Chemical, Inc.24470.77
Jones Co Cotton Gin Inc2210,013.84
Jones County Landfill2828789.89
Jordan Lumber & Supply Co40831,056,562.22
Jowat Corporation103616,461.96
Joyner Manufacturing Company192543,985.90
K-M Machine Co.33233.00
K-T Feldspar Corp154531,724.99
Kaba Ilco Corp.361,050.00
Kannapolis Energy Partners Llc-Kannapolis291258,365,932.11
Kao Specialties Americas36362.00
Karolina Polymers, Inc.10273,485.20
Kawai America Manufacturing, Inc332,040.00
Kcs International Inc915106,087.00
Keating Gravure Usa10121,737.47
Keener Lumber Company202537,149.30
Kellogg'S Snacks Cary Bakery11137,641.00
Kencraft Manufacturing Inc153044,233.52
Kennametal Incorporated1248209,947.67
Kentucky Derby Hosiery Co., Inc.772,679.40
Kernersville Landfill2828211.41
Kerr Lake Regional Water System77532.00
Kerrs Hickory Ready-Mixed Concrete Co., Inc., Hickory Plant11117,800.83
Kewaunee Scientific Equipment Corporation1964217,072.02
Keystone Powdered Metal Co.117,725.00
Kimberly Clark Corporation35805125,703.35
Kincaid Furn Plt 139114900,627.47
Kincaid Furn Plt 62125482,776.19
Kincaid Furn Plt 851138300,248.75
Kincaid Furniture Company Inc - Plant 73322.00
Kincaid Furniture Company Plant No 5313510,384.93
Kinder Morgan - Charlotte Terminal 275014,484.88
Kinder Morgan Southeast Terminals, Llc107723,727.48
Kitty Hawk Combustion Turbine Station17241,685.82
Kivett'S Inc.123,368.00
Klingspor Abrasives, Inc693,238.08
Knight Publishing Company6612,029.80
Kobewieland Copper Products, Llc46168507,074.80
Kohler Co. - Baker Furniture16124168,103.61
Kohler Co., Dba Baker Furniture57323114,247.78
Konica Minolta Manufacturing Usa Inc12381109,614.66
Kordsa Usa12319.00
Kurz Transfer Products Lp276241,530.98
Kurz Transfer Products, L.P.152327,793.43
Kurz-Kasch Sanford Div.111,200.00
L V Sutton Steam Electric Plant8834966,925,982.45
L&H Technologies55691.83
La-Z-Boy Chair - Burris Division2955123,305.98
Labeltec, Inc. /Pharmaprint, Inc.61171,556.98
Lake Norman Regional Medical Center93711,837.20
Lake Phelps Grain Inc2688,916.61
Lampe & Malphrus Lumber Co.2210.64
Lance, Incorporated44133241,115.70
Land-O-Sun Dairies Inc.Dba Pet Dairies115,014.00
Lane Furniture Industries Inc. Royal Development Co Division141576,491.83
Laneventure, Plant No. 1431318263,272.69
Laroche Inds. Inc. Concord114,500.00
Lawson Mardon Packaging Usa Inc.91497,795.44
Lee Brick And Tile Company381601,329,921.80
Lee Iron And Metal Company ** Inactive **337,501.85
Leggett & Platt, Incorporated - Metal Bed Rail10253,926.61
Lenoir County Landfill28289,077.81
Lenox China Inc - Kinston131317,262.73
Lenox Inc. (Dba Lenox China)11146.00
Leviton - Southern Devices Div21167456,849.80
Leviton Manufacturing91122,857.50
Lexington Furniture Inc., Plant 5861391318,438.21
Lexington Furniture Ind Inc - Plt 16 ** Inactive **7216019,603.77
Lexington Furniture Industries Plant 287916671,819.90
Lexington Furniture Plant 1721628816,573.46
Lexington Furniture Plant 103042624,388.93
Lexington Furniture Plant 12 ** Inactive **83669836,032.48
Liggett Group - Alamance1142236,319.75
Liggett Group Inc1064158,793.51
Lincoln County Landfill28285,700.31
Linpac Plastics, Inc.412575,120.00
Lippert Components Inc.3313.04
Little River Frame Shop1120.00
Livingstone Coating Corporation20215,344.60
Lkf Inc9114,080.04
Loftin And Company, Inc.7713,459.23
Log Homes Of America Inc Dba Log Home Cooperative Of America33360.00
Loparex, Inc.1363157,723.95
Lorillard Tobacco Company29391907,524.57
Louisiana-Pacific Corp - Roxboro571401,459,113.26
Louisiana-Pacific Corp.111,722.00
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation - Roaring River6427454,496,096.84
Lufkin Div Of Cooper Ind2462111,588.26
Lumberton Power, Llc822036,397,667.39
Lydall Thermal/Acoustical, Inc. - Westex Divi ** Inactive **141616,854.77
Mack Molding Company9971,978.00
Macleod Construction, Inc.382,761.45
Macon County / Franklin Landfill (Old)2828813.91
Macon County Franklin Landfill (New)2828229.58
Magellan Terminals Holdings, L.P.109814,545.60
Magellan Terminals Holdings, L.P.74218,107.70
Magneti Marelli Powertrain Usa Inc.123363,342.55
Majestic Marble And Glass Company31340,204.13
Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc.335832,562.85
Mallinckrodt Inc39183199,172.82
Malmo Asphalt Plant407136,449.24
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc74735,365.60
Marine Corps Air Station826551,014,110.44
Markovitz Ents. Inc. Flowline Div.3415,560.00
Marsh Furniture Company363891,104,735.23
Marshalls Finishing176838,137.97
Martin Lumber Company2226,000.00
Martin Marietta Materials Inc.- Fountain Quarry2216,260.00
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. - Thomasville Quarry227,918.00
Martin Marietta - Arrowood Quarry91998,362.73
Martin Marietta - Charlotte Quarry28114,904.00
Martin Marietta - Mallard Creek21454,653.40
Martin Marietta - Matthews Quarry2615,750.00
Martin Marietta Materials Inc., Bessemer City Quarry223,972.00
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. - Denver Quarry2419,822.00
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. - Jamestown Quarry24170,546.00
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. - Pomona Quarry2219,340.00
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. - Reidsville Quarry224,286.00
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc., Kings Mountain Quarry226,906.00
Martin Marietta-Recycled Aggregate Fac.182410,987.12
Masonry Reinforcing Corp. Of America22920.00
Massey Ready-Mix Concrete, Inc.112,860.00
Mast Brothers Tank Cleaning, Inc.1114547.60
Mastercraft Fabrics L.L.C. Andrew Major Plant110.00
Mastercraft Fabrics L.L.C. Siler City Plant110.00
Mastercraft Fabrics Llc Lakewood Dyed Yarns Plant22108.20
May-Craft Fiberglass Products Inc1228690,255.73
Maymead Materials Inc141635,824.07
Maymead Materials, Inc. - Brown Brothers Site212192,243.42
Maysville Milling Company Inc2917,804.00
Mbci - Masterbrand Cabinets Inc2479666,629.17
Mcbride Lumber Company35352,780.00
Mccreary Modern Inc - Frame Plant675,440.00
Mccreary Modern Inc - Upholstery Plant8818,208.89
Mcdowell County Landfill28283,244.48
Mcdowell Creek Wastewater Treatment Plan20752,851.36
Mcdowell Panel & Components22280.00
Mcgees Crating Inc.33109,360.00
Mcgraw, Inc.81637,768.78
Mcmurray Fabrics Jamesville, Inc.1739218,394.75
Mcmurray Fabrics, Inc.12387,608.01
Mcneill'S Frame Shop3424,640.00
Mebane Lumber Co ** Inactive **3238287,161.75
Meredith College22637,393.12
Meridian Automotive Systems Inc1763236,843.25
Meridian Automotive Systems, Inc. - Salisbury Operations122815,924.07
Meridian Automotive Systems, Inc. -Newton Operations194984,784.21
Meridian Corporate Center174623,367.02
Mestek Inc.2485.00
Metal Creations Inc14369,041.17
Metokote Corporation122961,095.00
Metrolina Greenhouses, Inc.94035,506.20
Metromont Materials Corp - Cottonwood11221,286.44
Metromont Materials Corp - Metromont Ind21344,844.36
Metromont Materials Corp.-Pineville Plt6158,202.06
Metromont Materials, Llc - Rockingham Plant2639.45
Metromont Prestress Company307553,028.68
Metzeler Automotive Profile Systems North Carolina Inc19282185,031.93
Michael Thomas Furniture Inc52024,422.16
Michelin Aircraft Tire Corporation44101245,060.86
Mickey Truck Bodies Inc1782309,187.00
Microfibres, Inc.12721,135,504.35
Microtron Abrasives, Inc.8816,384.40
Midway Gin Co338,900.00
Miller Brewing Company - Eden Plant331422,638,791.38
Miller Control & Mfg. Co. Inc.115,981.00
Miller Desk Inc13262161,983.40
Minute Man Anchors Inc.117.00
Moen Inc.110.02
Mohawk Industries, Inc. - Laurel Hill Plant1239290,622.86
Molded Fiberglass Co/North Carolina2014282,062.34
Montgomery County Water Treatment Plant151556.04
Moore County Public Utilities132158,251.35
Morehead City Terminals33341.99
Morflex Chemical Company Inc1984315,176.26
Morganite Inc.581,020.00
Morganton Timber Products Inc331,560.00
Morton Custom Plastics A Wilbert Co.771,260.00
Motiva Enterprises - Fayetteville Terminal1013596,144.36
Motiva Enterprises Llc1212681,153.57
Motiva Enterprises Llc (Former Shell)72822,080.80
Motiva Enterprises, Llc (Former Star)74252,595.98
Mount Hope Machinery Company5615,723.74
Mr. Clyde Bates, D.B.A. Bates Concrete & Septic Tank Company15241,500.27
Mr. Larry Tomblin, D.B.A. Latco Concrete Products Inc11351,496.25
Mr. Rodney Mccurry, D.B.A. Mccurry Grading & Paving121712,970.02
Mulls Concrete & Septic Tanks Inc6104,534.53
Murata Machinery Usa, Inc. Machine Tools Divisions7742.64
Murfam Enterprises Llc - Register Site3122,897.80
Murphy-Brown Llc Warsaw Feed Mill32148378,802.06
Mw Manufacturers, Inc. - Blount St4420.20
N C Electric Membership Corporation - Buxton Rd.1835170,052.51
N C Electric Membership Corporation - Ocracoke183538,212.54
N.C. Air National Guard193813,076.80
Nacco Materials Handling Group Inc66368,748.60
Nash Brick Co1515170,179.48
Nash Johnson & Sons - Warsaw Grain Elevator399,984.35
Nash Johnson & Sons Farms - Feed Mill2694425,087.14
National Spinning Company - Washington32160251,547.84
National Starch Cedar Springs43344290,481.66
National Textiles L.L.C.11147.40
Naval Air Depot732978589,950.74
Nc Doc - Caledonia Correctional Institute215048,775.44
Nc Doc - Eastern Correctional Institution276123,552.93
Nc Fibers Llc22079,373.70
Ncsu Central Heat Plant28145331,329.54
Neals Pallet Company, Inc.222,480.00
Nello L Teer Plant #2 Durham1953175,616.20
Neptco Inc825194,261.00
Neptco Inc.2460,122.00
New Hanover County Landfill28284,963.38
New Hanover County Wastec4075414,295.64
New London Brick Works15155,855.27
New Ngc Inc.110.70
New River Building Supply, Inc.332,300.00
New South Inc1135640,900.00
Newton Grove Gin Co Inc3318,820.00
Newton Sanitary Landfill8844,768.40
Nisbet Oil - Newell Texaco7117,673.21
Noble Oil Services Inc72330,380.00
Nomaco Inc68704,708.47
Nomaco Inc1123463,267.70
Nomaco Inc - Tarboro510578,014.83
Nomus-North Carolina, Inc.132512,640.54
Norandal Usa Inc163245,086,821.89
Norfolk Southern Railway Company8139,620.38
North 321 Stone Company Inc264,680.00
North Carolina Baptist Hospitals, Inc.297284,909.82
North Carolina Chip Company226,940.00
North Carolina Foam Inds. Div. Of Bmc000.00
North Carolina State Fair Landfill282840,502.10
North Carolina Zoological Park115912,576.89
North Granville County / Oxford Landfill282811,437.15
North State Cartons, Llc3312,356.00
North Wake County Landfill Facility394721,247.10
Nova Enterprises Inc.1111,372.00
Noveon Inc.12238,848.00
Noveon Textile Chemicals, Inc.1979131,853.54
Novozymes N.A. Inc.122,300.00
Nu-Mode Manufacturing Company151867,961.08
Nucor Steel15812,632,891.43
Null Industries Inc27189189,826.31
Oakdale Cotton Gin Inc ** Inactive **334,500.00
Office Environments553,168.40
Ofs Fitel, Llc ** Inactive **16899,895.78
Okuma America Corporation675,523.40
Old Carolina Brick Co151565,743.38
Oliver Rubber Company46327534,711.46
Omnova Solutions, Inc.18149424,428.38
Onslow Asphalt Inc151862,960.00
Open Grounds Farm Inc55106,043.00
Oracle Packaging Company10601,989,954.40
Ornamental Mouldings, Llc335,840.00
Overnite Transportation Company10112,799.14
Owens Corning - Trumbull Plant41153598,997.72
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Plt 6241162,156,030.69
Owens-Illinois Closure Inc.11385.00
Packaging Corporation Of America894,726.49
Packaging Corporation Of America182614,489.66
Packaging Corporation Of America - Goldsboro11121,745.89
Pactiv Corporation1328439,206.17
Pactiv Corporation2169292,772.70
Paddy Mountain Lumber, Inc.1122,800.00
Paktank Corp., Wilmington Terminal North Wharf.222,113.75
Pallet Express, Inc.1197,200.00
Pan-Glo Charlotte7940,497.00
Panda-Rosemary Cogeneration Facility26112393,565.72
Panels, Services & Components, Inc.79949273,871.96
Paramount Parks Production Services12400.09
Parkdale America, Llc - Plant 252220,460.00
Parker Hannifin Tech. Seal Div.2341.26
Parker Marine Enterprises Inc67232,108.65
Parker Southern, Inc.82433,965.22
Parrish & Leonard Tire Company, Inc.227,556.00
Pasquotank County Landfill28281,635.22
Pass & Seymour/Legrand133534,158.03
Patrician Furniture, Inc. D/B/A Patrician Furniture Company83531,764.35
Patrick Industries, Inc.449,080.00
Paxar Printed Label2421,923.00
Pbm Graphics, Inc.5514,444.20
Pcs Kinston Plant - Kinston268672,167.37
Pcs Phosphate Company Inc. - Aurora6496015,704,971.62
Peanut Services Inc22184.08
Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc.48223,741.00
Pender County Landfill28281,557.35
Penn Ventilation Inc131513,816.60
Pentair Pool Prods. Inc.128.00
Perdue Farms Concord Processing Plant1112,000.00
Perdue Farms Inc - Ansonville3714,499.90
Perdue Farms Inc - Lewiston31177844,694.51
Perdue Farms Inc. - Cofield2975295,075.99
Perdue Farms Inc. - Greenville2820,127.20
Perdue Farms Incorporated - Chadbourn394,127.56
Perquimans / Chowan County Landfill28281,745.87
Perry'S Frame, Inc.111,880.00
Person County Landfill28282,948.68
Petro Fiberglass, Inc.336,598.00
Pgi Nonwovens Dba Chicopee Inc30216141,401.90
Pharr Retreading121,257.40
Phelps Dodge Magnet Wire Co ** Inactive **14134328,304.80
Philco, Inc. D/B/A Maaco Of High Point9921,942.64
Philip Morris Usa Inc., Cabarrus Manufacturing Facility264172,034,990.76
Phillips Petroleum Company - Star Brite112.60
Phillips Supply Inc26750.00
Piedmont Chemical Ind. I. L.L.C.4678.14
Piedmont Cotton Inc337,520.00
Piedmont Fiberglass Inc142550,509.80
Piedmont Hardwood Lumber1133,820.00
Piedmont Landfill282820,652.87
Pilgrims Pride Corp. Marshville Facility1117,791.00
Pilgrims Pride Corp. Wingate Feedmill220.01
Pilkington, Na161937,238,388.15
Pine Hall Brick Company Incorporated241081,938,294.07
Pine Mountain Finishing, Inc.71140,869.00
Pioneer Eclipse Corp.11250.00
Pitt County Gin And Cotton Co.223,980.00
Pitt County Landfill2828859.73
Plantation Pipe Line Company4810,601.80
Plantation Pipe Line Company7243163,716.66
Plantation Pipe Line Company - Paw Creek5593.80
Plastic Packaging Inc612443,400.00
Plastic Packaging Inc Plant No 214255,000.00
Plastics Color Corp. Of Nc12550.00
Pleasant Hill Compressor Station72840,377.10
Pneu-Mech Systems Manufacturing, Inc.994,862.40
Pneumafil Corporation15216,038.26
Polk County Landfill28283,094.11
Pool Builders Supply Of The Carolinas335,200.00
Powells Concrete Company24994.00
Powerlab, Inc.644957.84
Ppg Industries Fiber Glass Products Inc4931922,026,078.25
Ppg Industries Fiber Glass Products, Inc.32507573,262.57
Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc.5172,037.40
Precision Fabrics Group Inc.Greensboro Plant123,395.00
Preformed Line Products Company207021,983.89
Premiere Cushion116,800.00
Presbyterian Hospital (Novant)196639,135.96
Presbyterian Hospital - Matthews18298,242.82
Pressure Chemical Company1810260,603.73
Prestage Farms - Moltonville1446161,099.17
Prestige Fabricators, Inc. - Plant 2312027,870.00
Pretty Good Sand Company Inc7716,900.00
Printpack Inc17164247,386.38
Pro Line Printing, Inc.2212,998.60
Prochem Chemicals Inc.342,858.00
Procter & Gamble Mfg. Co.118.00
Procter & Gamble Mfg. Co.12387.00
Prodelin Corp.1211,783.10
Producers Gin Inc221,838.68
Progress Energy - Daniel Corporation Office B ** Inactive **77129.80
Progress Energy - F Lee Plant8741947,219,118.78
Progress Energy Carolinas - Brunswick Plant279217,136.20
Progress Energy Carolinas - Cape Fear Plant8728435,991,347.13
Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc., W.H. Weatherspoon Plant9135424,567,074.91
Progressive Furniture Inc27631493,385.93
Psf Clinton Plant227,382.00
Public Works Commission Butler-Warner Generation Plant36182716,274.15
Purolator Facet, Inc.82551,210.46
Purolator Products Inc196821,048,780.63
Pyrotek, Neco Division22828.00
Quality Concrete Company3124,484.00
Quality Forest Prods. Inc.2210.00
Quality Gin Company3310,800.00
Quality Veneer Company24274,038,793.13
Quantum Coatings Inc.24510.00
R. J. R. Packaging - Plant 200991,469,060.00
R.H. Loven Company282,166.00
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company373693,238,065.25
Radcliffe Marine Sales & Service559,276.40
Radford Quarries Of Boone, Inc.268,000.00
Radiator Specialty Co.5722,472.00
Radiator Specialty Company89140,260.00
Radicispandex Corporation1549516,660.11
Railroad Friction Products Corp271281,874,132.14
Raleigh Landfill Gas Co ** Inactive **814100,100.32
Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority15154,836.07
Randolph County Landfill282812,352.94
Rauch Industries - South York Road Plant1537784,635.05
Rea Contracting - Mallard Crk295579,391.84
Rea Contracting - Portable Concrete3121,508.00
Rea Contracting - South Charlotte334762,819.89
Rea Contracting - Statesville Rd.2852103,234.90
Rea Contracting, Llc 0140 Concrete Plant11113,154.63
Rea Contracting, Llc 075 Bessemer City Plant ** Inactive **151761,724.93
Rea Contracting, Llc 076 Kannapolis Plant222671,938.49
Rea Contracting, Llc. (068 Matthews)305232,364.61
Rea Contracting, Llc. (069 Arrowood)242428,535.21
Rea Contracting, Llc/083 Garner182686,749.77
Ready Mixed Concrete Co., Statesville Plant #90141629,596.43
Red Clay Corporation131910,279.26
Reeves Brothers Inc - Grace Advanced Materials153075,577.74
Regulator Marine Inc72894,584.00
Relizon Company, The6633,325.19
Republic Waste Services331,212.78
Resco Products Inc28179141,448.08
Resco Products Inc - Piedmont Minerals217610,412.10
Resinall Corp.242,000.00
Rexam Beverage Can Company112021,078,670.80
Rf Micro Devices, Inc. Wafer Fab. 2131194,395.50
Rf Micro Devices, Inc. - Fab 1, Fab 3 And Packaging29455211,011.97
Rich Square Cotton Gin Inc227,936.08
Rightmyer Machine Rentals Inc182719,827.95
Riley Paving, Inc. - Carthage Plant151790,935.00
Rj Reynolds Tobacco Co. (Tobaccoville)463278,113,075.52
Rj Reynolds Tobacco Company2268177,191.98
Rjr Packaging - Plant 200981238,633.42
Rmc Mid Atlantic, Llc D/B/A Rmc Metromont Materials684,338.00
Rmc Mid-Atlantic, Dba Rmc Metromont Materials - Morganton14282,756.29
Rmc Mid-Atlantic, Llc - North Wilkesboro669,524.00
Rmc Mid-Atlantic, Llc D.B.A. Rmc Metromont Materials5122,417.37
Roanoke Tar Cotton Inc227,065.12
Roanoke Valley Energy Facility18528,699,074.43
Robert Bergelin Company155124,819.47
Robert Bosch Tool Co92266,869.21
Robeson County Landfill28288,514.85
Rockingham County Landfill28282,107.17
Rockingham Power Llc21147315,320.18
Rockwell Automation Dodge116.00
Roeben Co., Inc1515250,861.90
Roeben Co., Inc1545262,056.64
Rohm And Haas Company308714,918.44
Rolling Hills Cotton Gin Llc228,012.00
Rosenquist, Inc.77520.27
Rowan County Landfill28286,460.35
Rowan County Power Llc2989306,031.89
Royster-Clark Inc.111.00
Rsi Home Products2157455,951.52
Rutherford County / Cliffside Landfill28287,786.76
Rutland Plastic Technologies, Inc.332,156.60
S & G Prestress Company1111795.88
S & W Ready Mix Concrete - New Bern3964.00
S & W Ready Mix Concrete - Wallace223,992.00
S & W Ready Mix Concrete Co - Holly Ridge228,520.00
S & W Ready Mix Concrete Co - St Helena222,000.00
S & W Ready Mix Concrete Co - Warsaw221,182.00
S & W Ready Mix Concrete Co - Wilmington Plant227,656.00
S & W Ready Mixed Concrete Co. - Goldsboro3970.00
S T Wooten Corp Plant 7225,458.00
S T Wooten Corporation - Beaufort262,678.00
S T Wooten Corporation - Us Hwy 172147,720.00
S T Wooten Wilson Block Plant 45142,544.06
S&W Ready Mix Concrete Co. - Clinton Plant2109,842.00
S&W Ready Mix Concrete Co., Inc. - Newton Grove Plant25786.00
S&W Ready Mix Concrete Co., Inc. - S. Reilly Road Plant245,638.00
S&W Ready Mix Concrete Company, Inc. - Elizabethtown Plant293,030.00
S. T. Wooten Asphalt Mixing Services, Llc ** Inactive **8811,270.40
S. T. Wooten Corporation - Msp353555,886.45
S. T. Wooten Corporation/Apex Plant -Plant No. 183910,458.00
Safety-Kleen Corporation6182,320.40
Safety-Kleen Sys. (303102)129.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (306401)112.00
Saft America Inc1854309,197.61
Saint-Gobain Containers10661,644,594.04
Saint-Gobain Containers14382,903,410.99
Sampson County Landfill22141271,343.56
Sampson County Regional Medical Center16458,520.16
Sampson Gin Company3314,680.00
Sapona Manufacturing Company Inc83013,635.42
Sara Lee Sock Company102228,035.30
Sara Lee Underwear16153374,820.02
Scandura, Inc134542,944.90
Schneider Mills Industries Inc265255,822.23
Scm Metal Prods. Inc. D.B.A. North American Hoganas47222.50
Scotland County Landfill28285,366.30
Sd Fibers Corporation ** Inactive **20236,492.69
Sea Safari Inc6121,326.00
Seaboard Gin Co225,361.24
Seaford Lumber Company3331,900.00
Sealed Air Corp1327205,982.33
Sealed Air Corp - Hudson4760,541.00
Sem Products, Inc.443,923.00
Sem Products, Inc. - Rockingham Plant4142,192.77
Seymour Johnson Afb Landfill28282,008.37
Sgl Carbon Llc473861,704,391.18
Shamrock Corp - Bruce St1614461,299.66
Shamrock Corporation Tipping Division728619,706.84
Shamrock Corporation - Gatewood Ave112,480.00
Sherrill Furniture Co.110.03
Sherrill Furniture Company - Hickory White Company8169,753.82
Shionogi Qualicaps Inc113114,905.72
Shorewood Packaging Corporation121579,482.64
Shurtape Technologies - Hickory/Highland Plt235253,235,654.15
Shurtape Technologies Inc1233491,993.94
Shurtape Technologies Inc - Plt No 241345271,512.33
Shutter Shop, Inc.111114,700.52
Siegling America, Inc.141930,552.60
Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation25119227,930.57
Sierrapine Limited482965,333,867.56
Sign Art10108,830.73
Silgan Can Company1559298,323.15
Silver Lake Growers Gin, Llc2214,986.58
Sim+Us Foods Intl.115,147.00
Smith Cotton Company22974.00
Smithfield Packing Company Inc2122553,328.72
Smithfield Packing Company Inc - Tar Heel30686345,777.02
Smt, Inc.84014,285.22
Snyder Paper Corporation - Synder Cushion Of High Point162112,783.15
Solectron Corp.122.00
Solectron Global Services (Us), Inc - B693551,244.00
Solectron Technology, Inc.152774,600.00
Solite Corporation And Giant Resource Recovery, Inc.25751,787,718.38
Somers Lumber & Mfg. Inc.120.05
Sonoco Flexible Packaging Nc Corporation1144,960.00
Sonoco Products Co.8945,921.00
Sonopress Inc.44600.00
Sorrells Landfill28283,369.51
South Asia Furniture Manufacturing Company8163,223.40
South Atlantic Galvanizing2212,826.00
South Fork Industries, Inc.167524,872.90
South/Win Ltd.1110,271.00
Southeastern Adhesives Co.487,555.00
Southeastern Industrial Plating, Inc.351.48
Southeastern Packaging Company83115,316.56
Southern Bales Gin & Cotton Co.226,756.59
Southern Block Company Inc6815,740.00
Southern Cast, Inc.113717,127.40
Southern Concrete - Old Concord Road7175,979.20
Southern Concrete - State St.361,714.02
Southern Concrete Materials - Texland33564.02
Southern Concrete Materials, East Plant-Stallings393,048.01
Southern Converters Inc.4558,753.47
Southern Equip Co - Plant #929762.00
Southern Equip Co., Inc. Dba Ready Mixed Concrete Co. #252412,600.00
Southern Equipment Co. D.B.A. Ready Mixed Concrete Co.11332,736.29
Southern Furn Co Of Conover Catawba Plt4424640,015.19
Southern Furniture Co. Of Conover Inc.110.65
Southern Graphic Systems113,660.00
Southern Lithoplate Inc29392,264.00
Southern Metals Company, Inc.2520,652.00
Southern Pipe, Inc.3138,083.54
Southern Resin Inc.24681.00
Southern States Chemical7241,964,712.20
Southern States Cooperative, Inc., Statesville Fertilizer81543,570.65
Southern Steel Co. D.B.A. Southern Eng.110.00
Southern Steel Company L.L.C.7717,682.00
Southern Tool Mfg. Co. Inc.1137.00
Southern Veneer Company, Inc.212120,449.37
Southwood Corporation10145,196.40
Sparta Industries, Inc.162522,415.90
Spartan Dyers, Inc., Sterling Division273710,712.68
Special Metals Welding Products Company10412,646.29
Specialty Lumber Company ** Inactive **222,593.96
Specialty Manufacturing Co.664,267.60
Spectrum Graphics, Inc.225,983.60
Speer Concrete, Inc.4106,610.00
Springs Inds. Aileen Plant223,974.00
Springs Inds. Springfield Plant223,558.00
Spx Corporation7751.29
Standard Commercial Tobacco Company1621248,546.01
Standard Commercial Tobacco Company30465398,868.86
Standard Packaging And Printing Co1946208,756.02
Stanley Furniture Company - Lexington Mfg68953912,865.22
Stanley Furniture Company Inc671691,401,115.45
Star Exhibits Inc.10134,586.24
Statesville Brick Company4043315,879.06
Static Control Components Plant 171214,786.00
Stedfast Usa, Inc.23926.80
Steelcase North America2375509,817.79
Steelfab Inc.233.01
Steelfab, Inc.131589,034.60
Stericycle, Inc.194763,998.57
Sterigenics International, Inc.241,471.60
Sterling & Adams Bentwood, Inc.33186.84
Sterling Autobody Centers118,180.00
Stewartsville Enterprises Inc336,800.00
Stickproof Landfill2828380.42
Stockhausen Inc.366,778.00
Stokes County Landfill2828443.18
Stonecutter Textiles Inc ** Inactive **363841,403.77
Stork Prints America, Inc.12129,036.42
Stratford Metal Finishing334.53
Strickland Industries Inc93016,104.88
Structured Furniture, Inc.8812,616.00
Sturdy Corp.120.22
Sun Chemical Gpi12754.00
Sun Chemical Corporation - Printing & In174027,188.32
Superior Fire Hose Corporation121315,367.44
Superior Wood Products, Inc.199723,936.99
Surry County/Elkin Landfill28283,990.75
Surry County/Mt Airy Landfill28288,858.13
Surtronics Inc.248.00
Swaim, Inc.81831,394.00
Synthetics Finishing Conover7211,133.00
Synthetics Finishing Hickory115279,319.00
Synthetics Finishing Longview1177227,750.00
Synthron Inc26386,420.25
T & S Hardwoods Inc2832122,587.87
T I Industries64477457,256.10
Talbert & Talbert Lumber Company Inc1110,060.00
Tanglewood Farms48162,009.00
Tar Heel Mica Co131672,385.90
Tarheel Cotton Inc227,138.00
Tarheel Marble Co. Inc.1214,246.00
Taylor Brothers, Division Of Conwood Company, L.P.114233,180.14
Taylor Clay Products, Inc.3774194,496.94
Taylor King Furniture, Inc.9916,113.70
Technibilt Ltd.33760.00
Technical Coating International Inc7421,050,207.40
Terex / American Crane Corporation71026,492.00
Textilease Corporation151632,633.62
The Equity Group, Inc. - Nc Division146857,735.38
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company8424902,928,403.01
The Hickory Printing Group Inc.29138,055.84
The Hon Company - Heibert East1665235,198.19
The Interflex Group - Carolina Plant1072747,898.68
The Moses H Cone Memorial Hospital84335,492.00
The North Carolina Granite Corporation81321,245.00
The P. & P. Chair Company285742,556.50
The Sherwin - Williams Co, Consumer Group2042308,435.77
The Sherwin - Williams Company - Stagecoach Trail1530198,830.80
The Southern Finishing Company, Incorporated - Plant 8714165,474.00
The Southern Finishing Company- Plant 102076134,270.83
The Stanley Works71126,153.20
The Timken Company, Lincolnton Bearing Plant25151205,094.20
Thomas Built Buses - Courtesy Road34234350,205.05
Thomas Built Buses - Fairfield Road21190197,963.85
Thomas Concrete Company, Inc., Concord Plant11114,268.16
Thomas Concrete Company, Inc., Gastonia Plant3143,758.28
Thomas Concrete Of South Carolina, Inc.3125,814.02
Thomas Manufacturing Co Of Thomasville15283,273.11
Thomasville Furniture Inds. Inc. Cdfcdk Cmf E114.96
Thomasville Furniture Inds. Sfd/Sflp Plant116.47
Thomasville Furniture Industries - Plant H35138927,553.35
Thomasville Furniture Industries Inc - Lenoir Plt44124811,464.75
Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc., Upholstery Plant 5228026,382.37
Thomasville Furniture Industries, Plants #3 & #416211,844.74
Thomasville Furniture Plant A/X/Old V931259725,210.92
Thomasville Furniture Plant B80986574,402.79
Thomasville Furniture Plant C/M/W/Sb9214071,255,895.08
Thomasville Furniture Plant D781297501,113.21
Thomasville Veneer Company191915,275.00
Thomson Crown Wood Products Company ** Inactive **33545294,329.82
Thona Nc, Inc.1102,620.94
Through The Barn Door Furn Co Inc68287,357.73
Thyssenkrupp Precision Forge Inc.3323.00
Tietex Creations Ind - Sheffield Plt227232,707.28
Timber Ridge Lumber Company Inc3312,900.00
Timken Co. Asheboro Bearing Plant3313.00
Tire Centers Llc2616223,788.50
Tires, Inc.152,608.00
Tobacco Processors Inc ** Inactive **19154562,696.83
Toney Lumber Co.225.16
Town Of Cary - Cary/Apex Water Plant71010,561.90
Town Of Cary - North Cary Water Reclamation Facility71926,396.00
Town Of Cary - Swift Creek Pump Station366,400.00
Town Of Cary - Town Hall ** Inactive **772,098.00
Town Of Cary - Walnut Creek Pump Station77400.00
Town Of Kernersville Landfill28289,787.45
Toxaway Concrete Inc - Lbm Quarry384,202.01
Tradewinds International, Inc.202326,763.24
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corp816913,111,160.95
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corp10875,646,107.93
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation81698,709,539.12
Transflo Terminal Services, Inc.5104,568.00
Transformer Salvage Inc4480.00
Transmontaigne Product Services, Inc.1092156,464.30
Transmontaigne Terminaling Inc.76354,087.80
Transmontaigne/Charlotte Piedmont Terminal72919,259.40
Transport Truck Services Of Charlotte1122.50
Transylvania County Landfill28281,589.93
Treeforms Inc8828,931.10
Tri - County Gin Inc22195,650.00
Tri-State Hospital Supply Corp1260.00
Triangle Brick Co - Wadesboro3980448,243.43
Triangle Brick Company - Merry Oaks40120658,264.28
Trigen Biopower Inc - Eden37791,119,129.89
Trigen Biopower Inc - Forest City40841,100,021.39
Trigen Biopower Inc - Lenoir53145487,763.95
Trigen Biopower Inc - North Cove39771,093,912.94
Trim Sys.000.00
Trinity Inds. Inc. Plant 0424255.06
Trinity Mfg. Inc.115.00
Trion Inc197731,391.00
Troy Lumber Co5677908,561.02
Trw Inc. Greenville Plant12255.00
Turbo Systems Inc.51020,921.51
Turbocare Inc.482,180.00
Tuscarora Plastics Inc2054271,215.58
Tyco Electronics Corp. Bldg 0672224.00
Tyco Electronics Corp. Bldg. 253110.68
Tyco Electronics/Ciid110.40
Tyson Central Farms Inc ** Inactive **223,549.00
Tyson Farms, Inc.1510887,728.67
Tyson Foods Inc Harmony601831,002,568.37
Tyson Foods Inc.1121,384.00
U S Textile Corp204018,706.90
U.S. Air Force Seymour Johnson Air Force Base12148.70
U.S. Marine Corps Camp Lejeune Base Range Facility111,149.00
U.S. Marine Corps Mcas Cherry Pt - Bt11 Bombing Range11171.20
U.S. Postal Service8321,168.52
Uco Fabrics, Incorporated273853,018.13
Umg Mfg. & Logistics Inc.126.07
Umicore Usa Inc. Cobalt Prods.12500.00
Unifour Finishers, Inc., Division I198111,522.73
Unifour Finishers, Inc., Division Ii114330,798.36
Unilin Flooring N.V.62135617,504.68
Union County Landfill2828461.64
Union Grove Moulding & Millwork, Inc.172111,542.05
United Metal Finishing Inc8111,424.95
United Organics Corp1515358.83
United Plywood Industries461,368.47
United States Gypsum Company17113377,167.26
Unitex Chemical Corporation218055,169.75
Univar Usa Inc. Greensboro Facility47448.00
Univar Usa Inc.Charlotte Facility128.00
University Of North Carolina @ Charlotte34849160,039.23
University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill674413,345,597.09
Us Airways, Four (4) Site Locations252749,502.24
Us Army / Fort Bragg Landfill282820,264.50
Usmc / Camp Lejuene Landfill282813,218.50
Usmc / Camp Lejuene Landfill2828920.39
Uwharrie Regional Landfill37130129,864.44
V & E Components113,605.00
V & E Components115,985.00
V & E Components Inc.116,879.00
Valdese Manufacturing Company2735454,195.03
Valdese Textiles Inc144111,112.47
Valley Protein Inc - Wadesboro Div23195357,035.42
Valley Proteins Inc2532956,898.54
Vance County Landfill28284,765.40
Vaughan-Bassett Furn Co - Elkin Furniture353521,826,294.74
Veneer Technologies Inc51329,413.54
Vertis, Inc.812111,826.65
Veterans Administration Medical Hospital109034,904.37
Vf Jeanswear Winston-Salem187733,713.91
Victaulic Co. Of America Leland Facility111.00
Vintage Editions, Inc.151922,884.00
Vishay/Roederstein Electronics Inc.1211.35
Voglers Funeral Home2528484.01
Voith Paper Service Southeast Inc.11697.91
Volvo & Gmc Truck Leasing Of The Carolin552,285.03
Vopak Terminal163231,881.76
Vp Buildings, Inc.919132,499.95
Vulcan Construction Materials Lp - Greystone Quarry2212,300.00
Vulcan Construction Materials Lp - Lenoir Quarry264,020.00
Vulcan Construction Materials Lp - Morganton265,820.00
Vulcan Construction Materials Lp - Spruce Pine Quarry263,760.00
Vulcan Construction Materials Lp Company51546,546.61
Vulcan Construction Materials,Lp Pineville214194,922.00
Vulcan Materials - North Quarry21117,080.00
W & M Frames, Inc.995,557.00
W & W Gin Inc222,970.23
W.A. Brown & Son Inc.3315.00
Wade Manufacturing Co - Rockingham11142,896.75
Wade Manufacturing Co - Wadesboro33442261,543.84
Wagram Steam Production Facility24156273,004.06
Wake Co Schools Central Service Complex12221,439.48
Wake Forest University15422,318.09
Wake Stone Corporation - Triangle Quarry3324,240.00
Ward & Nixon Inc224,513.50
Warlick Paint Company, Inc.111117,501.00
Washburn Graphics7773,100.00
Watauga County Board Of Education - Green Val ** Inactive **993,668.60
Watauga County Landfill28282,439.85
Watauga Wood Products, Inc.24103150,526.65
Water Systems2232,280.00
Watts Regulator Wacasco12827.50
Waukesha Electric Systems72127,632.00
Wayne County Municipal Solid Waste Landfill202024,909.94
Wayne Farms Llc817190,680.01
Wcc Group Inc **Inactive**556,445.11
Web-Don Incorporated221,162.50
Weldon Gin Co225,148.39
Western Carolina University Landfill2828220.62
Westpoint Stevens - Wagram1031209,590.30
Weyerhaeuser / Craven County Landfill28281,069.83
Weyerhaeuser Company16198,353.35
Weyerhaeuser Company243837,136.88
Weyerhaeuser Company - Elkin Plant593452,472,759.59
Weyerhaeuser Company - Grifton521581,593,454.39
Weyerhaeuser Company - Moncure Plywood49431535,611.26
Weyerhaeuser Company - Plymouth85130727,346,791.48
Weyerhaeuser Company - Vanceboro Pulp And Paper64121814,351,036.82
Weyerhaeuser Company - Vanceboro Saw Mill44173621,833.37
Weyerhaeuser Company Wood Products - Plymouth954771,328.60
Whitakers Gin Company, Inc.223,747.45
White'S Tire Service Incorporated202922,803.06
Whites Tire Service6811,108.37
Whitley Handle, Inc.92146,277.00
Wilkes County / Germantown Landfill28284,760.57
Williams Water Treatment Plant17328,853.20
Williamsburg Woodcraft39820.00
Williamston Peanut Co31223,200.00
Wilson County Gin & Cotton Company2231,034.82
Wilson County Landfill282821,196.88
Wilson Medical Center2914317,814.29
Wilsonart International Inc28295738,915.75
Windsor Fiberglass1210,528.90
Winston Container Company616140,240.80
Winston Printing51566,734.00
Wireway/Husky Systems124271,947.85
Wise Recycling, Llc22344.00
Wix Filtration Products Divison/Dana Corporation1620933,110.99
Wood Protection Prods. Inc.2213.01
Woodard, Llc ** Inactive **796,593.89
Woodville Supply, Inc.224,372.24
World Line Mfg.22763.00
Wrenn Brothers Lumber Co.222.89
Wright Chemical Corporation3969308,148.48
Wright Table Company103114,870.03
Yadkin Brick Company, Inc.151557,867.87
Yale Security Inc.111,359.00
Yancey / Mitchell Landfill2828685.11
Yorkshire Americas Inc.12310.00
Zepsa Industries Incorporated886,642.00
Zf Meritor, Llc2169140,835.76