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Column information
Polluters in Montana
Colstrip Energy Ltd Partnership79520111,004,368.56
Cenex Harvest States232929,971,958.70
Exxonmobil Billings Refinery2727816,151,427.70
Malmstrom Afb7217144,000.00
Montana Refining151722,234,567.00
Columbia Falls Aluminum1217028,432,684.00
Stone Container1816912,606,737.99
American Chemet715212,003.00
Luzenac America - Three Forks Plant511764,000.00
Barretts Mill511170,000.00
Mdu - Lewis & Clark Station771093,868,522.17
Decker Mine8973,088,005.00
Williston Basin - Cabin Creek6932,010,000.00
Stillwater Mining Co Smelter58866,000.00
Holcim Us Inc - Trident Plant9874,166,139.64
Plum Creek Manufacturing Lp Colmb Fls9848,040,500.00
Graymont Facility781832,002.20
Ppl Montana - Je Corette Plant717911,278,215.15
Williston Basin - Little Beaver6791,204,000.00
Ocean Energy Inc Blaine County #16772,688,000.00
Stillwater Mine676904,000.00
Colstrip Steam Electric Station2276101,486,716.63
Asarco East Helena6760.00
Rosebud County Western Energy Mine5753,108,000.00
Cobb Storage Field Station 01767220,000.00
Roseburg Forest Products10702,067,846.35
Sidney Sugar Facility6681,070,000.00
Telstad Field Station 033667294,000.00
Williston Basin - Saco6661,010,000.00
Western Sugar Cooperative6631,015,106.00
Yellowstone Mine562214,000.00
Dry Creek Field Station 056661182,000.00
Montana Tunnels Mine8613,012,298.10
Ash Grove Cement7605,008,000.00
Main Line #1660226,000.00
Battle Creek Compressor Station - Blaine County66090,000.00
East Boulder Mine Project1058278,019.00
Williston Basin - Baker Compressor Sta653410,000.00
Augusta Main Line #3 (Sta 051)65260,000.00
Louisiana-Pacific - Belgrade752484,000.00
Baker Plant64956,000.00
Montana Sulphur & Chemical7496,267,666.00
Golden Sunlight Mine11481,402,380.30
Louisiana-Pacific - Deer Lodge747520,000.00
Montana Air National Guard64622,000.00
Bull Mountain Mine 065-00035452,000.00
Bowdoin Compressor Station644176,000.00
Diamond Hill Mine54318,000.00
Billings Bakery543102,000.00
Absaloka Mine7431,378,000.00
North Moulton Field640200,000.00
Fulton Fuel Company - Compression5400.00
Us Antimony Mine & Mill64020,644.00
Stimson Lumber - Bonner8391,658,034.00
Jtl Group Inc - Michael Road63952,000.00
Ocean Energy Inc - Blaine County #363984,000.00
Montana Oregon Investment Group Llc7394,000.00
City Of Bozeman Sanitary Landfill343855,160.49
Williston Basin - Monarch Station637334,000.00
Ferdig Oil Co63728,000.00
Gypsy Highview Gathering Systems63638,000.00
Berkely & Continental Pit536148,000.00
Flathead County Solid Waste District3436124,777.55
Montola Growers Inc636883,020.00
Spring Creek Mine5361,614,000.00
Sappington Mill53612,000.00
Williston Basin - Fort Peck Station635514,000.00
Williston Basin - Vida Station635454,000.00
Rocky Mountain Laboratories Facility11351,816.14
Stimson Lumber - Libby8352,950,009.00
Borden Chemical Inc93228,648.00
Ocean Energy Inc - Hill County #163268,000.00
Yellowstone Energy Limited Partnership5324,060,000.00
Ocean Energy Inc Station #103-1632104,000.00
Kendall Mine5314,000.00
Big Sky Mine5311,194,000.00
Ocean Energy Inc - Havre Pipeline Cs-102631158,000.00
Regal Mine530206,000.00
Big Coulee Field Station 057630164,000.00
Mainline #45300.00
Flynn Lane - 063-0012629352,000.00
City Of Helena Landfill29291,101.45
Pyramid Mtn Lumber629352,000.00
Felstet Disposal2828468.61
Stillwater County Refuse Disp Dist Lf2828198.56
Logan Landfill/Gallatin County28283,037.12
Custer County Solid Waste Trenchfill28281,343.86
Sanitation Inc Landfill28282,084.62
Town Of Fromberg Yw Lf2828324.45
Town Of Bridger Landfill28281,450.61
Town Of Ekalaka Landfill28285,014.33
Broadwater County Landfill2828181.69
City Of Great Falls Landfill28281,635.22
Ulm Landfill2828595.07
City Of Billings Landfill282814,451.54
Scratch Gravel Landfill28281,391.49
Town Of Chester Landfill28282,784.88
Libby Landfill282812,107.53
Stanford (Site 2) Landfill2828468.61
Lake County Landfill28282,302.43
City Of Poplar Landfill28286,569.06
Town Of Winnett Landfill2828177.11
Town Of Melstone Landfill28281,376.26
Northern Mt Joint Refuse Disp Dist Lf2828879.18
Geyser Landfill2828151.06
Missoula Landfill282819,197.29
Rosebud / Colstrip Landfill2828845.90
Sheridan County Sw District2828688.21
Butte-Silver Bow Landfill28281,805.31
Sherman Landfill (Sunburst)28281,635.22
General Mills Operations Inc5280.00
Lodestar Mining And Exploration5280.00
Westmoreland Savage Mine528138,000.00
Plum Creek Sawmill At Evergreen6274,686,000.00
Treasure Mine52750,000.00
F.H. Stoltze Land And Lumber Co627456,000.00
Cable Mountain Placer Mine5260.00
Thompson River Lumber62660,000.00
Century - 027-00047254,000.00
Philip Services Corp. - Industrial Services Group6244,000.00
Advanced Silicon Materials Facility72486,000.00
Ocean Energy Inc - Blaine County #4624114,000.00
Williston Basin - Morgan Creek624106,000.00
Cut Bank Field Station 0026242,000.00
East Keith Field Station 03762316,000.00
Tongue River Lumber Co5220.00
Utopia Field Station 03562294,000.00
Great Falls Redi Mix722108,000.00
Msu - Central Heating Plant72184,000.00
Missoula Bulk Terminal321200,000.00
N Compressor Station6212,000.00
Plum Creek Mfg Lp - Fortine621518,000.00
Nupac, Inc - A Division Of Helena Sand & Gravel52118,000.00
Mdu - Glendive52128,000.00
Butte Silver Bow Asphalt Plant52120,000.00
Ry Timber72046,000.00
Jtl Group - Kalispell62058,000.00
Helena Sand & Gravel720106,000.00
Conoco Missoula Product Terminal11209,748.79
Bainville Station62024,000.00
Wolf Point Airport52027,440.00
Big Sandy5200.00
Ocean Energy Inc. - Hill County #362092,000.00
Spectrum Energy - North Dunkirk62074,000.00
Box Elder Field Station 0706198,000.00
Prairie Dell Cascade Gas Plant61926,000.00
Lodge Creek Pipeline - Big Sandy61914,000.00
Kanta Products5196,000.00
Mse Technology Application6190.00
Montana Specialty Mills Llc51968,000.00
Cut Bank Field Station 025618118,000.00
Cx-14 Battery61866,000.00
State Line Battery618120,000.00
Williston Basin - Hathaway Station61890,000.00
Cx24 Battery61872,000.00
Park County Refuse District1018343,661.60
Northern Border Pipeline Co Sta 1618346,000.00
N. Border Pipeline Co Sta. 3618468,000.00
Pine Gas Gathering61812,000.00
Blankenship - 093-00127182,000.00
Century - 021-00025182,000.00
Connor 33618102,000.00
Great Northern Bark - 302761862,000.00
Eureka Pellet Mills - Superior517124,000.00
Tricon Timber Inc617168,000.00
Jensen Paving - 063-00096170.00
Fulton Fuel Company - Miners Coulee61742,000.00
Thompson Excavating - 28265162,000.00
Cut Bank Field Station 00161688,000.00
Cereal Food - 013-001351644,000.00
Stillwater Forest Products7164,000.00
Mcw Transmission Lp61640,000.00
Genesis Inc. - Troy Mine61510,000.00
Montana Limestone Co - Quarry51590,000.00
Jtl Group Inc - 031-00015150.00
Gilman Excavating5150.00
Mountain Meadows Pet Products5158,000.00
Richards Development Site2140.00
Clear Lake Station6142,000.00
N Yellowstone6144,000.00
Poplar City Airport514201,660.00
Brady Nelson2144,000.00
Fairfield Elevator11418,000.00
Havre Pipeline Company - Blaine County #561326,000.00
Westfeeds, Inc6130.00
Helena Product Terminal313242,000.00
Eureka Pellet Mills613138,000.00
Gypsy Highview-Red River Station61332,000.00
Little Rock Compressor Station61334,000.00
Blackfeet Shallow Gas Systems61316,000.00
Blackstone Operating6130.00
Ranck-Kevin Sunburst Comp. Station6136,000.00
Bitterroot Pet Crematorium6120.00
Cremation Or Funeral Gallery7120.00
Mdu - Miles City51212,000.00
Aloe Ventures Facility61296,000.00
Cx25 Battery61280,000.00
Johnson Bros. Contracting Inc.2120.00
Encore Operating Lp612102,000.00
Squirrel Creek61280,000.00
Cereal Food - 111-000651222,000.00
Cx-35 Battery61284,000.00
Hi-Line Crematory6120.00
Montana Rail Link2120.00
Shelby Kevin Field Station 04261242,000.00
Missoula Ready Mix2124,000.00
School House Battery61284,000.00
Twite Family Partnership2120.00
Cx-19 Battery61242,000.00
Thompson Excavating - 29032120.00
Shell 33 Battery61224,000.00
Shelby Williams Field Station61214,000.00
Livingston Station 1&26120.00
Griffon Petroleum Inc61276,000.00
Laurel East Veterinary Service7120.00
Cut Bank Field Station 01861154,000.00
High Plains Motors611738.00
Land O'Lakes/Harvest States Feeds5110.00
Thompson River Co-Gen Llc5110.00
Balko Inc - Ledger Field Compressor St61198,000.00
Absarokee #054-15110.00
Big Sky Insulation Inc51048,000.00
Cut Bank Field Station 01551068,000.00
South Moulton Field590.00
Mountain West Llc2830,000.00
Jtl Group Inc - Target Range2816,000.00
Great Falls Terminal18272,000.00
Superior Enterprises580.00
Harvest States Cooperative Elevator180.00
Richland Station682,000.00
Owens & Hurst2830,000.00
Contact Mining Co180.00
Lone Pine Timber Industries2826,000.00
Pondera Rail Receiving Station1712,000.00
Mcelroy And Wilken278,000.00
Bozeman Product Terminal17142,000.00
Cascade County Road Department170.00
Thompson Falls Bulk Terminal1742,000.00
Brockton Grain Elevator278,950.00
Ocean Energy Hpc - Hill County #26724,000.00
Big Sky Cremations660.00
Roosevelt County Shop662,320.00
Daves Auto Repair66294.00
At Home On The Range Pet Cemetery660.00
Havre Pipeline Company - Lodge Creek Comp. Station666,000.00
Havre Pipeline Company - Williams Comp. Station662,000.00
Johnson Mortuary660.00
Central Montana Crematorium660.00
Cremation Or Funeral Gallery - Spanish Peaks660.00
Dokken-Nelson Funeral Service660.00
Havre Pipeline Company - East End Colony Station6646,000.00
Rhodia Inc160.00
Leinin Auto661,016.00
Franzen-Davis Funeral Home Inc660.00
Mountain View Pet Crematory660.00
Bfi Waste Systems Of Na Inc6624,000.00
Trinity Industries, Inc.2614,000.00
All Paws Great & Small Pet Crematory660.00
Butte Crematories Inc660.00
Lewis & Clark Humane Society660.00
Mt Dol Veterinary Diagnostic Lab660.00
Hillside Crematory660.00
Lodge Creek Pipelines, Llc - Willow Creek Compress660.00
Lodge Creek Pipeline - Blaine County660.00
Hardin Generator Project663,358,000.00
North Plains Crematory660.00
Helena Valley Pet Cremations660.00
Smc Precious Metals Smelter & Base Metal Refy.36302.00
Specialty Surgical Prodicts, Inc550.00
Montana Limestone Co - Mill158,000.00
Oily Waste Processors550.00
Agri Technology Corp550.00
Richland Station - 083-00152510,000.00
Farmers Elevator158,000.00
Gallatin Valley Cemetery & Crematory550.00
Harvest State153,070.00
Cut Bank Crude Oil Pipeline1532,000.00
Klingler Lumber254,000.00
Coors Brewing Co150.00
Partners In Wood550.00
Big Sky Pipeline144,000.00
Mountain View Of Montana Llc146,000.00
Reserve Station - 091-00032420,000.00
Columbia Grain143,532.00
Croxford & Sons Funeral Home & Crematory440.00
General Mills147,238.00
Macon Grain Elevator1414,122.00
Humane Society Of Cascade County440.00
Smc Nye Mine Site3417.60
Brenntag West Inc.241,077.35
United Harvest - Moccasin142,000.00
Exxon Mobil Bulk Terminal136,000.00
Azures Tbird Auto Body131,144.00
Baker Station - 025-00061328,000.00
High Plains Sant Lndfll/Mt Waste Systems330.00
Shell Pipeline - Richey Station130.00
Exxonmobil - Helena Marketing Terminal1316,000.00
Randys Auto Body And Glass13232.00
Northern Express Transportation Auth130.00
Exxonmobil - Bozeman Marketing Terminal1312,000.00
Pompeys Pillar Sub-Terminal130.00
A And S Industries337,460.00
Nakota Trail Stop1286.00
B And S Quick Stop122,182.00
Tjs Quick Stop122,290.00
Get N Go12838.00
Jupiter Sulphur L.L.C.1224,455.00
City Of Wolf Point Asphalt Plant22151,852.00
The Body Shop12776.00
Tribal Xpress127,482.00
Rathert Fox Ford Mercury Inc12140.00
Black Pine Mine120.00
Transbas Inc.121,000.00
Corixa Corp. Montana Site223.00
Montana Silversmiths1133,408.00
Columbia Paint & Coatings Co.111,823.00
West Electronic Inc1114.00
Hog Heaven Mine110.00