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Polluters in Mississippi
Chevron Products Company, Pascagoula Ref56106844,480,476.30
Kerr Mcgee Chemical Corporation1559915,539,817.18
National Aeronautics And Space Administr27410383,369.40
Masonite Corporation, A Subsidiary Of183372,731,773.90
Outokumpu Heatcraft Llc16331619,966.00
Bryan Foods Inc15326404,918.40
Usg Interiors Inc10278898,220.00
Dupont Delisle Facility2226328,880,155.00
Pyco Industries Inc82592,166,702.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Greenvil322521,626,215.60
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Batesvil14234904,599.80
International Paper, Natchez Mill5123216,455,679.90
Mississippi Power Company, Plant Jack Wa7223181,664,564.28
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Louisville532175,285,960.80
Delta Oil Mill Inc82161,596,120.00
Mississippi Power Company, Plant Daniel7121581,922,577.71
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Taylorsvill552096,126,589.80
Ergon Refining Inc21198506,962.00
Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Inc391912,798,650.60
Misschem Nitrogen Llc341889,534,591.53
Kimberly Clark Corporation, Corinth Mill40186241,484.40
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Oxford521694,079,032.20
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporati1216920,128,438.18
Warren Power, Llc- Peaking Facility4116615,358,713.55
Holnam Inc, Artesia7715211,833,007.13
Ipc Corinth Division Inc16145789,611.20
Alcoa Extrusions Inc14143526,232.23
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Monticello4314037,862,298.10
Weyerhaeuser Company, Columbus Pulp And1713915,628,518.60
Texas Gas Transmission Llc, Greenville C141381,148,102.00
Bunge Corporation, Marks81332,479,080.00
Entergy Mississippi Inc, Delta Plant49133696,207.32
South Mississippi Electric Power Associa7413236,159,142.19
Southern Natural Gas Company, Louisville161301,091,140.00
Uncle Bens Inc7129889,710.00
International Paper Co581287,855,829.60
Southland Oil Company, Lumberton Refiner14128176,180.00
Southern Natural Gas Company, Muldon Sto181261,694,794.60
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Gloster Ply591243,748,495.60
South Mississippi Electric Power Associa481232,252,737.88
Omnova Solutions, Inc211232,061,751.02
Entergy Mississippi Inc, Gerald Andrus P6212312,937,344.35
Keesler Air Force Base56122140,340.00
Entergy Mississippi Inc, Grand Gulf Nucl11122303,080.00
Caterpillar Inc9120441,124.00
Mississippi Army National Guard, Camp Sh1011970,519.80
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporati13119755,797.80
First Chemical Corporation36119557,232.90
Choctaw Generation Llp, Red Hills Genera7811617,349,748.26
Chromcraft Furniture17116102,260.20
Georgia Pacific Corportaion, Leaf River311168,835,002.53
International Paper Company, Moss Point381120.00
Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation,91098,444,800.00
Kahuna Gas Llc, Bazor Ridge Treating Fac7109302,236.00
Trunkline Gas Company, Shaw Compressor S161081,342,448.00
Trunkline Gas Company, Independence Comp151084,761,062.40
Quebecor World131073,014,574.00
Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc151062,569,388.12
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, New Alba411051,506,613.20
Texas Gas Transmission Llc, Lake Cormora15105937,854.00
Hercules Inc151041,288,260.09
Titan Tire Corporation Of Natchez20104240.00
Mueller Casting Company Inc11104924,948.00
Eka Chemicals Inc11103536,520.00
Atlas Roofing Corporation11102563,168.38
Hood Industries Inc, Wiggins261023,416,755.80
Waste Management Of Mississippi Inc, Pra38102253,201.34
Entergy Mississippi Inc, Rex Brown Plant441002,865,246.01
Texas Gas Transmission Corporation, Clar1599415,082.00
Duke Energy New Albany Llc5098104,324.40
Greenwood Utilities, Henderson Station24971,720,234.00
Basf Corporation897405,050.00
Southern Natural Gas Company, Gwinville17972,597,840.00
Cooper Tire And Rubber Company, Clarksda499663,844.00
Exco Resources, Inc1796547,000.00
Southern Natural Gas Company, Onward Com3596438,384.00
U S Electrical Motors2195116,324.00
Us Air Force, Columbus Air Force Base429490,034.20
Southland Oil Company, Rogerslacy Refine1391183,140.00
Esco Corporation33901,320,520.17
American Railcar Industries1889220,959.40
Duke Energy Enterprise Llc278929,340.00
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Columbia55881,264,290.10
Caledonia Power, Llc288765,084.32
Thonet Industries, A Division Of Falcon2086130,745.00
Mississippi Power Company, Plant Sweatt4185132,140.60
Newsprint South Inc55851,878,909.50
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Isola Co13851,660,899.80
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Bay Springs56831,831,350.72
Southern Cotton Oil Company883309,640.00
Hunter Douglas Inc, Tupelo Center1483219,656.20
Croft Metals Inc1281469,192.00
Rexam Beverage Can Company Inc1281520,942.00
Mississippi Baptist Medical Center781274,780.00
Columbia Gulf Transmission Company, Bann8803,613,640.00
Mueller Copper Tube Company1579834,794.00
G And O Manufacturing Company187959,770.40
Lsp Energy Llp21791,028,967.31
Letourneau Inc2379264,022.80
Anderson Tully Veneers Lp, Vicksburg3878658,821.40
Hood Industries Inc, Beaumont28781,113,880.00
Florida Gas Transmission Company, Wiggin18782,625,480.00
Tennessee Valley Authority, Kemper Combu3578412,154.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Hiedelbe12772,818,940.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Columbus13762,302,559.80
Koppers Industries Inc2575513,984.70
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Bay St L1374786,680.60
Southaven Energy Facility267438,140.20
Anderson Tully Lumber Company, Waltersvi4074815,025.60
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Grenada Osb36724,029,696.60
Columbia Gulf Transmission Company,Inver10703,212,340.00
Southern Natural Gas Company, Enterprise2370978,357.00
Magnolia Energy, Lp1970550,555.50
Caledonia Power I, Llc2270114,746.00
Grief Brothers Corporation1969574,042.00
Georgia Gulf Chemicals And Vinyls Llc,1469741,340.00
Attala Generating Company, Llc3869787,873.20
Duke Energy Hinds Llc3068636,540.00
Mississippi Marine Corporation, South Ya1668122,406.00
Gulf South Pipeline Company, Mccomb Comp1667531,503.20
Southern Natural Gas Company, Pickens4867376,979.00
Weyerhaeuser, Mccomb Wood Products15671,469,106.00
Columbia Gulf Transmission Company, Cori10663,025,460.00
Kbh Corporation, The2066118,924.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Purvis C13662,047,117.40
Cooper Tire And Rubber Company2065393,806.55
Anr Pipeline Company, Greenville Compres13651,327,720.00
Hankins Lumber Company Inc, Quitman40641,517,459.20
University Of Mississippi, The76395,140.00
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Tylertown M2562400,968.60
Farr Company1260188,580.00
Calgon Carbon Corporation759582,452.00
Packaging Corporation Of America, Ackerm15591,093,154.51
Plantation Pipeline Company, Collins Ter858803,480.60
Thomasville Furniture Industries Inc295882.80
Georgia Pacific Resins Inc, Taylorsville1458251,041.88
Bunge Corporation, Vicksburge, Haining85814,820.00
R R Donelley And Sons Company1158176,260.00
Flexsteel Industries Inc1457122,655.60
Anr Pipeline Company, Sardis Compressor8571,247,640.00
Joe N Miles And Sons Inc13571,322,180.00
Mid South Lumber Inc2257490,448.20
Columbus Brick Company Inc1857888,874.06
Weyerhaeuser, Columbus Modified Fiber Fa4157414,184.60
Heil Environmental Industries, Ltd215670,680.20
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Roxie Chip505646,210.20
Bp America Production Company-Pascagoula1455580,980.00
Magnolia Resources Inc, Pachuta Harmony13554,973,840.20
Hankins Lumber Company Inc, Elliot40541,398,528.87
Riverwood International Corporation2154227,502.00
Mississippi Phosphates Corporation10533,624,380.00
Hattiesburg Gas Storage Company1553185,666.20
Batesville Manufacturing Inc, Vicksburg853632,882.60
Peavey Electronics Corporation, Plant Nu1353348,260.80
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Leaf River1553598,813.10
La Z Boy, Scanlan Street2753409,897.20
Baldor Electric Company1752158,590.00
Gulf South Pipeline Company, Lp- Jackson1652546,258.60
Mississippi Power Company, Chevron Cogen27521,531,613.15
Texas Eastern Gas, Union Church Compress6524,279,780.00
Boral Bricks Inc1851762,468.44
Destin Pipeline Company Llc, Pascagoula2150137,453.20
Burlington Industries Inc, Stonewall Pla1750106,257.60
Nucor Steel Jackson, Inc16491,331,359.40
Hood Industries Inc, Waynesboro27484,388,411.60
Norbord Industries Inc18481,054,680.80
Earth Grains Baking Companies Inc, The1648219,383.20
Southaven Power Llc6480.00
Weyerhaeuser Company, Bruce Facility14471,624,560.00
Quebecor World Olive Branch Inc1647369,439.80
Morton International Inc, Dba/ Shipley C234743,083.00
Kohler Company, Hattiesburg Engine Plant194681,340.00
Johnston Tombigbee Furniture Company1646679,723.00
Southern Natural Gas Company, Rankin Com1646159,482.00
Kentucky Tennessee Clay Company, Sledge74656,802.00
Oil Dri Production Company745807,800.00
Memphis Hardwood Flooring Company845651,616.00
Krueger International Inc, Tupelo2745374,135.00
Canton Municipal Facilities13459,920.00
Bruce Hardwood Flooring Llc1245359,839.91
Reliant Energy Choctaw County Llc204420.00
Rosedale Fabricators Llc1344316,900.00
Brinkman Corporation, The1244850,726.00
Kitchens Brothers Manufacturing Company1544288,434.00
Clarksdale Public Utilities, Crossroads164461,845.00
Williams Gas Pipeline, Transco Station 713441,003,400.00
Ormet Aluminum Mill Products Corporation1944249,744.00
Britton Industries, Llc164334,200.00
Waste Management Of Mississippi Inc, Pec3743574,384.40
Precoat Metals2642346,130.60
Ethyl Petroleum Additives Inc7420.00
Cataphote Inc1742824,866.20
Weyerhaeuser Company, Philadelphia Facil14426,034,239.00
South Mississippi Electric Power Associa15410.00
Transmontaigne Terminaling Inc, Greenvil940356,811.40
Gulf States Manufacturers214092,315.00
Sheldon Laboratory Systems Inc244075,897.20
Valspar Refinish, Picayune183927,803.80
Bfi Waste Systems Of Na, Inc-Little Dixi3838377,705.35
Waste Management-Pine Ridge Sanitary Lan3838131,220.17
Southern Natural Gas Company, Pearl Rive1738202,398.00
Water Way Inc1538156,478.00
Zeon Chemicals L P1138439,656.00
Profile Products, Llc738595,480.00
Hudson Lumber And Truss Inc24371,125,428.00
Superior Manufacturing1637218,018.00
Essmueller Company143756,878.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Dekalb C123726,878.00
Benchcraft, Ripley Facilities1337710,472.00
Georgia Pacific Resins Inc, Louisville1437393,301.00
Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Auth3337155,607.40
Carpenter Company123619,865.00
Chambers Of Mississippi Inc, Clearview E3636124,014.80
Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Inc19361,138,479.80
Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc143599,785.40
Texas Eastern Transmission,Clinton Compr835212,960.00
Crosstex Acquisition Management, Lp, Hei1235196,482.00
Peavey Electronics Inc, Peavey Plant 23183581,293.60
Transamerican Waste Central Landfill In353572,042.00
Neshoba Lumber, Llc22350.00
Jack Batte And Sons Inc735622,240.00
Franklin Timber Company734490,320.00
Clarksdale Public Utilities, Lewis L Wil203451,204.00
Resinall Mississippi Inc3333420,521.40
Southern Natural Gas Company, Bay Spring1633107,000.00
Vitafoam Inc, Tupelo Plant Number 6133312,072.00
Yazoo City Public Service Commission26333,734.00
Mississippi State University73338,420.00
Nanocor Inc73272,440.00
South Mississippi Electric Power Associa25322,279.80
Entergy Mississippi Inc, Natchez Steam24320.00
Southern Lumber Company Inc832683,700.00
Gallman Wire Technologies2131225,188.00
La Z Boy, Leland213175,649.40
Ludlow Corporation1031720,920.00
Metso Paper Usa, Inc, Service Center1831196,340.00
Greenwood Utilities-Wright1731640.00
Tri C Wood Products Inc, Union203193,737.20
Krueger International Inc, Winona223126,800.00
Ceco Building Systems1330208,911.60
Waste Management Of Mississippi Inc, Pla303041,120.20
Columbus Lumber Company630500,200.00
Hankins Inc7291,068,786.00
Seago Lumber Company72966,900.00
Shuqualak Lumber Company Inc, Planer Mil7291,602,600.00
Plantation Oaks Sanitary Landfill28285,527.57
Bolivar County Landfill At Rosedale2828324.45
Bolivar County Landfill At Cleveland2828324.45
Bolivar County Landfill At Shelby2828324.45
Attala County Landfill2828324.45
Choctaw County Sanitary Landfill2828468.61
Clarke County Sanitary Landfill2828648.90
Camp Shelby Sanitary Landfill2828519.12
Collins Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Heidelberg Sanitary Landfill2828271.68
Bay Springs Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Howse Implement Company1328229,587.40
Bush Sanitary Landfill At Laurel2828952.11
Jefferson Davis County Landfill2828324.45
Scooba Landfill2828297.54
Bush Landfill At Hattiesburg28281,190.14
Lamar County Sanitary Landfill28281,701.90
Macland Ash Disposal Landfill28282,326.67
Jackson County Sanitary Landfill28282,380.29
Fulton Sanitary Landfill28286,569.06
Issaquena County Landfill282811.90
Gulf Pines Sanitary Lf/Biloxi Ts Since 10-97282815,335.59
Durant Sanitary Landfill2828392.58
Pickens Sanitary Landfill2828271.68
Humphreys County Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Gulf South Pipeline Company Lp, Kiln Com1328208,588.20
Forrest County Landfill At Beat 22828324.45
Forrest County Landfill At Beat 328281,635.22
Forrest County Landfill At Beat 42828324.45
Greenwood Sanitary Landfill28286,360.25
Lee County Sanitary Landfill28287,267.65
Tupelo Manufacturing Company182853,700.40
Canton Sanitary Landfill2828446.27
Leake County Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Monroe County Sanitary Landfill28284,511.48
Marshall County Sanitary Landfill2828778.68
Columbia Sanitary Landfill28282,594.97
Winona Sanitary Landfill28281,557.35
Perry County Landfill2828324.45
Msu Landfill2828220.62
Noxubee County Sanitary Landfill28285,014.33
Sardis Sanitary Landfill28281,038.24
Downey Landfill2828198.56
Warren County Landfill At Halls Ferry Rd28281,369.26
Warren County Landfill At Standard Hill28281,069.83
J R Pounds Inc, Dexter Compressor Statio1328182,622.00
Water Valley Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Wilkinson County Slf / Woodville2828324.45
Big River Sanitary Landfill282810,710.44
Leland Solid Waste Landfill2828324.45
Wayne County Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Webster County Sanitary Landfill28283,893.38
Wilkinson County Slf / Centreville2828324.45
Sharkey County Sanitary Landfill2828273.73
Circle S. Landfill28281,069.83
Magee Solid Waste Disposal Facility Lf2828648.90
Mendenhall Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Quitman County Sanitary Landfill28285,014.33
Pursue Energy Corporation, Thomasville G102824,560,140.00
Percy Quin State Park Landfill2828324.45
Pontotoc County Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Tippah County Sanitary Landfill2828648.90
Stone County Landfill At Project Road2828519.12
Stone County Landfill At Rock Hill2828519.12
Sunflower County Slf / Drew2828297.54
Sunflower County Slf / Indianola28281,499.58
Tishomingo County Sanitary Landfill28282,975.36
Syltone Marine Inc1127288,624.00
Memphis Hardwood Flooring Company, Bruce727185,374.00
Memphis Hardwood Flooring Company, Grena8261,158,036.00
Halter Marine-Gulfport112620,920.00
Biltrite Corporation, The1226143,941.80
Tuscarora Plastics Inc1426257,916.20
Peavey Electronics, Plant Number 2132628,759.80
Caterpillar Remanufactured Component Gro82592,880.00
Batesville Manufacturing Inc, Batesville1525920,319.60
Blue Mountain Production Company1225825,959.60
Delta Terminal Inc1425789,780.00
South Mississippi Electric Power Associa1825632.40
Fleetwood Homes Of Mississippi Inc2525310,540.00
Doublecote Llc2525637,738.20
Dart Container Corporation Llc725403,310.00
Mississippi Power Company, Plant Eaton1024158,883.80
Hazlehurst Lumber Company824759,332.10
Metso Minerals Industries, Inc-Stephens1324174,060.00
Caviness Woodworking Company Inc1324274,942.20
Florida Gas Transmission Company, Carnes1724327,622.00
Sudden Service, Inc, Taylor Power System2424351,420.00
Crown Cork And Seal Company Inc, Plant N1124362,627.00
Orleans Furniture Inc1824288,067.00
Tennessee Valley Authority, Perry W. Dav232375,113.80
Maples Gas Company Inc1322197,679.40
Sudden Service, Inc, Remanufacturing Cen2222324,178.80
Stanley Works, The1522194,068.40
Aluminum Extrusions, Inc1522271,319.80
Stratford Upholstery Company Llc, The22222,474,924.00
American Paper Tube Company122247,460.00
Cii Carbon Llc7221,311,932.00
Wolverine Tube Inc,Booneville721441,468.00
Munro Petroleum And Terminal Corporation621218,980.00
City Of Pascagoula, Pascagoula Energy Re1321695,052.98
T K Stanley Inc152160,377.00
Mpi Inc, Coldwater92131,717.20
Baymont Inc1021536,420.00
Domes International Inc9208,860.00
Component Concepts Inc1220116,580.60
Ge Plastics1419333,140.00
Mississippi Eaton Inc1919382,376.00
Apache Products Company13190.00
Acme Brick Company1818488,672.52
Columbus Pulp & Paper Complex1218783,215.00
Platte Chemical Company1818198,541.00
Tri State Brick And Tile Company Inc1818422,725.45
Big Bee Metal Manufacturing Company Inco1118130,200.00
Warren Inc91891,922.20
York Group Inc, The West Point Manufactu121714,200.00
General Binding Corporation, Booneville1717241,694.20
Specialty Stairs And Miscellaneous Fabri1017108,400.00
Mississippi Air National Guard, 186th Ai1717206,864.80
Wastequip Manufacturing Company,D/B/A Ma1616358,800.00
Master Bilt Products1616155,040.40
Producers Rice Mill Inc1616428,840.00
Bfel Indemnitor Inc, Potter Production1616154,212.00
Atlas Door Clopay Building Products1616687,084.00
Homan Industries716366,580.00
Halter Marine Inc, Halter Moss Point101563,240.00
Moss Point Marine Inc10155,988.00
Louisville Brick Co1515132,856.42
Charleston Industries Inc1515122,240.00
Remy Reman, Llc151513,500.00
Southern Brick & Tile Co, Inc1515106,148.17
Holley Performance Products, Inc.1515177,170.00
Magnolia Resources Inc, Lake Como Compre914106,300.00
Williams Machine Works1414265,397.00
Signal International, Llc - East Bank Ya714105,376.00
Halter Marine Pascagoula Inc81436,780.00
Lehman Roberts Co-Plant No 3714269,460.00
Ashland Inc713101,076.00
Yazoo Power Equipment Llc1313312,870.00
Dedeaux Clan Furniture Factory131318,446.00
Outokumpu Heatcraft Llc, Commercial Coil1213198,192.20
Grenada Manufacturing Llc131350,007.00
Delta Wire Corporation1113155,968.00
Palmer Machine Works Inc1313229,280.20
National Picture And Frame Company1313346,270.00
Uniek Inc13132,859,760.00
Fmc Corporation1313115,811.15
Belmont Fiberglass Inc1313113,550.00
Redmont Inc11130.00
Mississippi Air National Guard, 172nd Mi1313239,410.00
Pines Trailer Division Of Great Dane Lim1313245,060.20
Taylor Machine Works Inc1113226,797.90
Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation51254,940.00
Apac Mississippi Inc, Vicksburg Rifle Ra1212249,316.80
Best Foam912139,000.00
A & B Enterprises Inc1212209,900.00
Apac Mississippi Inc, Columbia Asphalt1212201,315.80
Magnolia Resources Inc, West Nancy Compr1112119,160.00
Corbin Russwin Inc912184,377.80
Mississippi Tank Company Inc1212243,280.00
Petal Gas Storage Facility1212478,793.40
Quality Steel Corporation1212198,530.00
Mississippi Army National Guard, Camp Mc121289,290.00
Mississippi Army National Guard, Gulfpor121214,461.00
Dalex Inc121222,340.00
Citgo Petroleum Corporation, Meridian Te1111141,805.00
Howard Industries, Ellisville Manufactur1111825,123.00
Hunter Engineering Company, Raymond11114,520.00
Hartson Kennedy Cabinet Top Company Inc611950,258.60
Hunter Engineering Company, Durant11116,710.00
American Metal Products1111367,523.80
Roura Iron Works, Inc111195,754.00
Nautic Star, Llc111111,880.00
Hon Allsteel, Tupelo Plant111156,870.00
Structural Steel Services Inc, Plants 11011275,008.40
Siemens Power Transmission And Distribut111123,961.80
Devaughn Woodworks111150,348.00
Tech Craft1111173,200.00
Penco Products1111449,380.00
Apac Mississippi Inc, Yazoo Asphalt Plan1111201,816.20
Wrights Cabinet Of Mississippi Inc1010396,640.00
Southern Fiberglass Inc101019,680.20
Brintons Us Axminster Inc1010309,740.00
International Paper, Morton Lumber Mill1010715,340.00
Scott Petroleum Corp.5104,250.60
Lighthouse Plastics Llc1010164,370.00
Lafayette Venetian Blind Inc81069,151.80
Dana Corporation, Plumley Division1010123,118.03
Fabricated Pipe Inc1010366,460.00
Guardian Fiberglass, Inc1010451,129.97
Polar Kraft Manufacturing Company91065,200.00
Valvoline Co.5108,950.00
Sherwin-Williams Co.5103,906.00
Chevron Products Company, Collins Termin1010143,292.00
United Chair Company, Bruce Plant101052,332.00
Cana Inc1010401,758.00
Baxter Healthcare Corporation910562,116.00
Timber Products Company1010162,680.00
Armstrong World Industries Inc910488,378.00
Wellman Of Mississippi Inc.51026,735.76
Polychemie Inc1010135,849.20
Best Manufacturing Company, Moss Point D101038,100.00
Hankins Lumber Company Number Two6100.00
Timberland Forest Products Inc6100.00
C And W Custom Trailers9935,340.00
Emerson Motor Company9994,980.00
Alply Inc99138,000.00
Gulf South Pipeline Company Lp, Waveland9945,240.00
Apac Mississippi Inc, Meter Road89120,800.34
Old Towne Brick, Llc99317,560.00
Itw Paslode9997,602.00
Exco Resources Inc, West Pachuta Creek99528,156.00
Rose Hill Company Inc9945,120.00
Conoco Phillips Company, Lucas Lease998,586.00
Binswanger Mirror69251,832.00
Varco Pruden Buildings Inc99123,300.00
Arizona Chemical, Picayune Plant89138,504.00
Airline Manufacturing Company Inc.99232,600.00
Structural Steel Services Inc, Plant 67927,312.80
Tupelo Foam Sales6951,600.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Plywood6945,981.70
Reman Inc9918,539.60
Solar Group, Inc-Plant No 299139,576.00
Citgo Petroleum Corporation, Vicksburg99181,984.40
Taylor Equipment Machine Tool Corporatio88178,020.00
Pride Hardwood Llc88369,770.00
Fred Netterville Lumber Company88277,185.91
North Mississippi Medical Center8837,480.00
Structural Steel Services Inc, Plant 37830,485.40
W L Byrd Lumber Company Inc88275,630.00
Southeastern Railway Services88194,200.00
Belden Foam And Fiber Incorporated5826,620.00
Bell Avon, Inc88111,110.00
Transmontaigne Product Services Inc, Ter88127,000.00
Transmontaigne Products Services, Inc, C88137,340.00
Babcock And Wilcox Company88568,620.00
Taylor Group Inc, Ackerman88145,400.00
Sanderson Farms Inc, Collins Rendering A88242,920.00
Delta Steel Company Inc88365,560.00
Halter Gulf Coast Fabrication8862,500.00
Baker Petrolite Corporation8843,060.00
Amerada Hess Corporation, Purvis Termina88205,740.00
Eott Energy Operating Lp, Heidelberg Sta88283,120.00
Central Industries Inc88351,865.00
Tyson Foods, Forest Complex Processing8860,712.00
Peco Farms Of Mississippi, Llc88336,811.00
Koch Foods Of Mississippi, Llc88234,014.00
Omega Protein Inc88537,479.00
Super Sagless, A Division Of Leggett And77128,111.80
Amco Manufacturing Inc77344,500.00
J T Shannon Lumber Company77295,590.00
Apac Mississippi Inc,Canton77311,860.00
Superior Asphalt Inc, Louisville77163,300.00
Wiggins Lumber Company Inc77206,540.00
United States Naval Oceanographic Office779,000.00
Samson Resources Company, Corrine Field77332,640.00
Sunbeam Oster Household Products77361,780.00
Inter Pac Inc7738,754.00
Empire Truck Sales Inc77103,560.00
Lehman Roberts Company, Plant Number 677202,920.00
Mississippi Air National Guard, Combat R77206,260.00
Kerr Mcgee Chemical Corporation, Columbu77153,600.00
Usa Yeast Company Llc77115,166.00
Clarksdale Public Utilities, Third Stree77224,760.00
Peavey Electronics Corporation, Plant Nu77104,520.00
Barge Forest Products Company77411,280.00
Borden Chemical Inc7747,660.00
Ergon Trucking Inc, Vicksburg77279,180.00
Rutland Lumber Company77216,100.00
Unimin Corporation, Aberdeen Facility77632,700.00
Wells Cabinet Works Inc77108,920.00
Johns Manville International Inc77875,400.00
Lehman Roberts, Plant 177311,860.00
Timber Craft Inc77164,014.40
Mebane Packaging Corporation77153,340.00
Pandle Incorporated77339,510.00
Us Navy, Naval Construction Battalion Ce77529,720.00
Lehman Roberts Company77110,400.00
J J Ferguson, Pretress And Precast Compa77220,560.00
Williams Paving Company, Seaway Road77112,800.00
Southern Company Energy Solutions Llc, S77120,294.40
Pennaco Hosiery77305,380.00
Prestage Farms Inc, Pm 1, Pm 2, And Isol7751,240.00
Flexible Flyer Acquisition77164,560.00
Warren Paving Inc77138,660.00
W E Blain And Sons Inc77131,400.00
Pennzoil Quaker State Company, The77275,580.00
Protein Products Inc77235,300.00
Marshall Durbin77174,870.00
Ergon Terminaling Inc, Yellow Creek77131,576.00
J J Ferguson Sand And Gravel Inc, Eupora7789,520.00
Delta And Pine Land Company, Hollandale77220,800.00
Superior Asphalt Inc, Jackson77121,800.00
Lehman Roberts Company77122,180.00
Marks Veneer Llc77338,630.00
Specialty Minerals Inc (Owner) And Speci77427,240.00
J J Ferguson Sand & Gravel Inc,Inverness77206,860.00
Reckitt Benckiser77250,960.00
Sudden Services, Inc, Taylor Precision I77485,400.00
Jack King Asphalt Company7772,020.00
Independent Furniture Supply Company77128,120.00
Atlas Manufacturing Company77150,466.00
International Paper Company, Houston77659,640.00
Wayne Farms Llc77182,720.00
Hunt Southland Refining Company77235,340.00
Griffin Industries Inc77357,976.00
Bonds Paving Materials Inc77136,220.00
Croft Metals Inc7778,540.00
Super Dry Industries Inc77570,440.00
Lehman Roberts Company Plant Number 877237,580.00
Dunn Roadbuilders Llc, Petal77197,900.00
Sanderson Farms Inc,Gallman Feed Facilit77225,120.00
Methodist Health Care77408,700.00
General Binding Corporation, Ashland Pla772,300.00
Wood Treating Inc77258,810.00
Sudden Service, Inc., Worldwide Parts Di7799,080.00
Associated Natural Gas77194,180.00
Dickerson And Bowen Inc, Mccomb77121,140.00
Jones Lumber Company Inc77290,601.00
Great American Wirebound Box Company77108,634.00
Peco Farms Inc, Philadelphia Feed Mill77125,080.00
Kcs Lumber Company77186,012.00
Electric Mills Wood Preserving, Llc Scoo77174,220.00
Solar Group Inc, Plant Number 377114,040.00
Mason Technologies Inc77223,920.00
Rouse Polymerics International Inc77120,460.00
Scotch Plywood Of Mississippi77419,300.00
Precision Packaging, Inc77244,660.00
J J Ferguson Sand And Gravel Inc, Greenw77151,584.40
Sam Mabry Lumber Company77255,770.00
Us Department Of Justice, Federal Bureau77247,200.00
Producers Rice Mill, Inc77286,530.00
Weyerhaeuser Packaging Inc, Magnolia Fac77496,060.00
Weyerhaeuser Company, Olive Branch77191,194.00
Sunshine Mills Inc77180,880.40
Tri C Wood Products Inc, South Decatur P77281,520.00
W E Blain And Sons Inc,Crystal Springs7792,580.00
Dickerson And Bowen Inc77173,320.00
Falcon Contracting Company Inc77175,740.00
Hickory Springs, Manufacturing Company,7756,800.00
Bonds Company Inc, Tishomingo Asphalt Pl7752,780.00
Menasha Packaging7723,793.20
Merit Energy Company, South Cypress Cree5722,704.20
Premiere Plastics Inc57139,740.00
A & B Cores, Inc6619,040.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Particleboard Plant56151,295.30
Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company6615,803.00
Rainbow Creations Inc66121,334.40
Lucite Intl. Inc.3620,610.00
Exxonmobil Supply And Refining Company,66209,682.60
Topline Manufacturing Company6688,940.00
Engelhard Corporation66242,480.00
Air Cruisers Company66113,940.00
Foamex Lp46104,460.00
City Welding And Fabricating Inc66189,680.00
Taylor Equipment Machine Tool Corporatio66107,920.00
Borg Warner Automotive66284,290.00
Lehman Roberts Company, Plant Number 1166122,100.00
Sudden Services Inc, Component Rebuild C66215,820.00
Showood Inc6661,360.00
Hickory Hill Furniture Corporation6650,850.00
Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company6621,306.00
Pickens Brothers Lumber Company Inc, Flo66557,400.00
Foam Craft6619,860.00
Taylor Machine Works Inc, Plant Number 266215,820.00
Dependable Abrasives Inc66427,460.00
La Z Boy Incorporated, Plant 2166206,121.40
Naval Air Station, Meridian661,840.00
International Paper, Richland66238,960.00
Tom Soya Grain Company, West Point66313,680.00
Loyds Sand And Gravel Company6645,120.00
Maaco Autobody Painting And Body Works,66100,760.00
Pac One Inc66398,080.00
Grisham Asphalt And Paving Company Inc66161,520.00
Adcamp Inc6672,280.00
Blaine Sand And Gravel Inc, Thames Pit55504,580.00
Southern Metals Company Of Mississippi5517,877.40
Houston Foam Fabricators Inc55131,280.00
Southern Cotton Oil Company5597,980.00
Southern Kustom Furniture55102,440.00
True Temper Sports Inc.35842.00
Itt Engineered Valves3599,020.00
Mississippi Lime Company, D/B/A Falco Li55438,580.00
Cooper Lighting44764.00
Penick Forest Prods. Inc.2412,100.50
Metalloy Corp. Mississippi Fndy. Div.2414.00
Bassco Foam Incorporated4418,130.00
Indian Head Inc, Ttt Products44315,820.00
Anel Industries Inc44230,900.00
Odom Ind. Inc.241,010.00
Groen Inc.4410.00
Price Brothers Co. - Hattiesburg Ms447,977.74
Summit Marine,Llc44227,700.00
K And D Cultured Marble Incorporated44117,840.00
Confortaire Inc4499,160.00
Denbury Management Inc44487,080.00
United Furniture Industries Inc44124,670.00
Kelwood Products Inc44214,460.00
Colle Towing Company442,000.00
Denbury Management Inc, Cypress Creek Fa44230,760.00
Pickens Brothers Lumber Co44152,220.00
R And B Packaging Inc44198,832.00
Pruet Production Company, Wolfe Creek Fi44127,460.00
Brookwood Furniture Company Inc44226,940.00
Davis Wood Products44109,700.00
J J Ferguson Sand And Gravel Inc, Winona3338,700.00
B And B Concrete Company Inc3338,700.00
Magnolia Resources Inc, Tinsley13196,527.20
Bunge Corporation, Gunnison3342,780.00
Southeastern Concrete Company3338,700.00
Master Mix, Eupora3338,700.00
Metro Concrete Llc3338,700.00
Pennzoil Exploration And Production Comp33186,400.00
Rmc Ewell, Inc3338,700.00
B And B Concrete Company3338,700.00
Apac Georgia Inc, Vaiden33267,280.00
Magnolia Resources Inc, Mayersville1365,880.00
Southern Furniture Manufacturing Inc33276,680.00
Huey Stockstill Inc3338,700.00
Cal Maine Foods Inc33146,380.00
Rmc Ewell Inc, Waveland3338,700.00
B And B Concrete Company Inc, Ripley3338,700.00
Rmc Ewell Inc3338,700.00
Mmc Materials Inc, Jackson Elton Road3338,700.00
Yazoo Ready Mix Concrete3338,700.00
Transmontaigne Terminaling Inc, Meridian33209,100.00
Rmc Ewell, Inc.3338,700.00
Mmc Materials Inc, Oak Grove 307033338,700.00
Columbus Ready Mix Inc3338,700.00
Southern Concrete Products Of Clarksdale3338,700.00
Mmc Materials Inc, Jackson Fortification3338,700.00
Oxford Sand Company Inc3338,700.00
Mason Forest Products Inc33231,640.00
Rmc Ewell, Inc.3341,280.00
Simpson County Ready Mix, Magee3338,700.00
Bulldog Ready Mix, Attala Plant33174,340.00
Gulf Concrete, Ocean Springs3338,700.00
Cal-Maine Foods Inc33101,400.00
Hill Brothers Concrete Company Inc, Pano3338,700.00
Southeastern Concrete Company Inc3338,700.00
Hill Brothers Concrete Company Inc3338,700.00
Apac Tennessee Inc33518,476.00
Mmc Materials Inc, Meridian Arundel Road3338,700.00
B And B Concrete Company Inc3338,700.00
Grenada Concrete Products Inc, Plant Num3338,700.00
Holnam Inc33227,700.00
Metro Concrete3338,700.00
Transmontaigne Terminaling Inc, Collins33225,920.00
Gulf Concrete3338,700.00
Tom Soya Grain Company, Aberdeen33357,380.00
B And B Concrete Company Inc, Tupelo Div3338,700.00
Apac-Mississippi Inc3338,700.00
J J Ferguson Sand And Gravel Company Inc33482,300.00
Gulf Concrete, Llc3338,700.00
Ferson Optics Inc33169,600.00
Morton International Inc137,820.00
Fabritech Llc3395,040.00
Bunge Corporation, Vicksburg, Levee And33382,300.00
Georgia Gulf Chemicals & Vinyls Llc, Gal33185,560.00
Concrete Products And Supply Company Inc3338,700.00
Superior Product Sales Inc33134,050.00
Downco Co33110,420.00
Drexel Chemical Co.2357.06
Alaco Of Mississippi Inc33119,700.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Studmill3310,347.00
Carlisle Syntec Inc.1230.00
Calvert Company Inc,The22109,800.00
Exide Techs.12131.27
Exide Techs.12534.00
Iso Panels Inc2219,860.00
Powe Timber Co. American Wood Div.121.60
Screw Conveyor Corporation2299,001.00
Kerr-Mcgee Chemical L.L.C. Electrolytic Plant12270.00
Georgia Gulf Chemicals & Vinyls L.L.C.2255.00
Georgia Gulf Corp.2213.20
Gordon Redd Lumber Co.121.40
Southern Cast Prods. Inc.221,428.00
Foamex L.P. Tupelo West1210.00
Apac-Mississippi Inc. Meridian Plant12463.25
Choctaw Maid Farms Carthage Plant2247,810.00
Structural Steel Services Inc. Plant 22229,400.00
Rolls-Royce Naval Marine Inc.221,553.00
Southern Hens Inc.224,278.00
Thermo-Kool/Mid-South Inds. Inc.2214,761.00
Packaging Corp. Of America120.06
Apex Prods. Inc. (Formerly Alexander Tile & Marble Inc.)1213,660.00
Builders Marble Inc.1218,160.00
Taber Metals Gulfport L.P.221,654.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (607801)127.00
Ershigs Biloxi Incorporated2242,360.00
Motiva Enterprises Llc, Meridian Termina2292,540.00
Forest Packing Co. Inc.1112,228.00
Boc Gases1116,500.00
Sureride Trailers Inc1166,000.00
M Tek Mississippi Inc, South1199,000.00
Douglas & Lomason Company, Atlas Body Di1166,600.00
Airgas Carbonic1131,799.00
Plumrose Usa Inc.115,175.00
Hood Packaging Corporation11196,000.00
Hunt Crude Oil Supply Company, Yellow Cr11199,800.00
Motiva Enterprises Llc, Collins Terminal11113,388.00
Sanderson Farms Inc.1110,000.00
Freshwater Farms Inc.11729.00
Eott Energy Pipeline Limited Partnership11155,120.00
Etheridge Enterprises1111,656.00
Delta Pride Catfish Inc.116,846.00
Magnolia Traditions Incorporated119,940.00
Choctaw Maid Farms Forest Plant1120,564.00
Marshall Durbin Processing Plant Hattiesburg Ms1112,400.00
Dixie Craft Trailers1166,600.00
Roadrunner Trailers1166,000.00
Tyson Foods Inc.1143,038.00
Peco Foods Of Mississippi Inc.112,449.00
Maxim Manufacturing Corporation1190,000.00
Confish Inc.118,670.00
Burkeen Manufacturing1199,000.00
Delphi Packard Electric Sys.116.90
Lighthouse Marble1120,680.00
Transpro Inc. (G&O Mfg.)1130.00
Mueller Copper Fittings Co. Inc.110.10
T C Broome Construction Company Inc1199,900.00
Sanderson Farms Inc.1127,800.00
Peco Foods Inc.11884.00
Ridgewood Products Inc1199,900.00
Cives Steel Co. Mid-South Div.1112,087.00
Central Galvanizing Inc.1125.00
American Tank & Vessel Inc.1118,195.00
U.S. Army Camp Shelby Training Site Range Control1154.10
Kuhlman Electric Corp.1118.00
Hart & Cooley Inc.111.00
Meridian Chipmill110.05
Peavey Electronics - Plant 7110.63
Berkline L.L.C. Plant 7110.40
Parker Hannifin Corp.111.00
Piper Impact111.00
Ripley Inds. Inc.113.00
Monotech Of Mississippi1167.00
Hebeler Corp.11750.00
K & D Cultured Marble Inc.115,265.00
Producers Rice Mill Inc.114,975.00
Irvin Automotive Prods. Inc.000.00