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Polluters in Missouri
1st Capitol Cleaners-1st Capitol Cleaners110.00
3m Company Nevada Missouri Plant Slf1112,740.00
3m Company-Columbia106033,995.28
3m Company-Nevada - Commercial Graphics201681,817,678.07
3m Company-Springfield Itsd/Tmd21137618,261.54
40 & 7 Laundry & Drycleaning-40 & 7 Laundry & Drycleaning111,260.00
7 Redi-Mix Concrete Co, Inc-85th St Plant7392,487.44
76 Quarry-76 Quarry61820,354.98
90 Minute Drycleaners-90 Minute Drycleaners110.00
A & A Farms1169,529.20
A & B Farms1129,048.00
A & H Farms1144,419.80
A & M Cleaners-A & M Cleaners111,080.00
A & M Slf29296,674.35
A G Cleaners-Manchester110.00
A T & T-Computer Center66027,937.76
A. B. Chance Co-Allen Street Complex1111968,403.38
A. B. Chance Co-Plastics Plant196822,353.56
A. C. Riley Cotton Company-Kewanee Gin130.00
A. C. Riley Cotton Company-New Madrid Gin2318,462.92
A. P. Green Industries Inc-Fulton Plant776204,002.96
A. P. Green Industries Inc-Mexico Plant623961,392.28
A.R. Curtis, Inc1166,861.40
A1 Trash Service Landfill28281,047.04
Aarons Automotive Products Inc-Joplin Facility5540.00
Aarons Automotive Products Inc-Westgate Ave Facility640121,471.16
Abb Inc-Jefferson City Plant14115164,317.51
Able Manufacturing & Assembly L.L.C.-Schifferdecker1151233,430.39
Able Manufacturing Corporation-7th Street921136,323.62
Acme Structural Inc.33260.00
Action Industrial Finishing Services-Action Industrial Finishing Services350.00
Action Products-Odessa111510,419.20
Adco Inc-Sedalia8199,549.00
Adm Alliance Nutrition Inc-Adm Alliance Nutrition Inc6719,312.34
Adm Alliance Nutrition Inc-Higginsville612698.66
Adm Alliance Nutrition-Springfield65115,714.72
Adm Gromark River Systems-St. Louis731103,042.81
Adm Milling Company-Carthage Flour Mill72911,356.80
Adm Processing-North Kansas City8521,105,287.56
Adm/Gromark-Kansas City130.00
Adm/Tpc Milling Co-Pillsbury Company64136,356.52
Adrian Quarry-Adrian63121,659.68
Advanced Coatings Inc-Bennington4152,220.00
Advantage Crematory-St. Louis7780,566.40
Aero Metal Finishing-Aero Metal Finishing134013,801.46
Aero Transportation Products Inc-Independence Plant5917,358.00
Aerofil Technology Inc-Aerofil Technology Inc20109280,272.00
Ag Partners Cooperative Inc-Ag Partners Cooperative Inc64014,407.20
Ag Processing Inc-St. Joseph - Lower Lake Road8491,485,166.80
Ag-Tax, Inc.1129,613.20
Agriservices Of Brunswick Llc-Brunswick West64952,686.52
Akers, Donald117,746.20
Albany Municipal Power Plant-Albany Municipal Power Plant5100.00
Albaugh Inc-Albaugh Inc1914117,310.07
Albertson, Terry1118,508.20
Alcan Cable-Div Of Alcan Products Corporation158352,698.50
Alcoa Composition Foil Facility120.81
Alexander Reed Cleaners Inc-Woodsmill Plaza110.00
Allen Quarries Inc-Lockwood68825,519.14
Allen, Arley1140,766.00
Allen, Arley Darrel1115,083.20
Alliant Llc-Lake City Army Ammunition Plant30132231,698.58
Allied Aviation Fueling Co Of St. Louis-St. Louis139,076.20
Allied Aviation Fueling Co. Of St. Louis Inc.714490.00
Allied Aviation.Service Co Of Kc Inc-11401,106.00
Allied Gear & Machine Co-Research Blvd680.00
Allied Health Care Products-Allied Health Care Products91720,564.00
Allied Lithographing Co-Allied Lithographing Co61228,520.00
Allied Waste Industries Sanitary Landfil-Kansas City Landfill3110095,085.68
Alpharma Inc-Palmyra32341,641.08
Altec Industries Inc-Altec Industries Inc155950,125.77
Altenburg Hardwood Lumber Co-Altenburg Hardwood Lumber Co71129,874.58
Alumax Foils Inc-Alcoa Foil Products/Alumax Foils Inc125404,790,017.30
Alvey Systems Inc-St. Louis111421,976.40
Ambassador Cleaners-Manchester110.00
Ameren Energy Generating Company-Columbia Energy Center61837,040.00
Amerenue-Callaway Nuclear Power Plant54063,925.80
Amerenue-Fairgrounds Combustion Turbine6631,875.60
Amerenue-Howard Bend Combustion Turbine6630,047.00
Amerenue-Kirksville Combustion Turbine551,375.00
Amerenue-Labadie Plant76380118,692,478.20
Amerenue-Lakeside Works Hdqtrs550.00
Amerenue-Meramec Plant7949556,588,745.68
Amerenue-Mexico Combustion Turbine6616,525.60
Amerenue-Moberly Combustion Turbine6621,963.00
Amerenue-Moreau Combustion Turbine6627,318.40
Amerenue-Peno Creek Energy Center61295,348.80
Amerenue-Rush Island Plant7419158,462,834.02
Amerenue-Sioux Plant75384124,461,107.85
Amerenue-Viaduct Combustion Turbine553,170.00
American Airlines Inc-Old Natural Bridge Rd225333,387.10
American Airlines-Mci Maintenance And Engineering Base1657216,091.58
American Body Company-American Body Company13433,466.16
American Cleaners-Arnold - Arnold Park112,140.00
American Cleaners-Big Bend1168.00
American Cleaners-Capitol Drive112,140.00
American Cleaners-Clayton Road110.00
American Cleaners-Delmar110.00
American Cleaners-Dorsett Village111,761.00
American Cleaners-Fenton Plaza110.00
American Cleaners-Gravois110.00
American Cleaners-Hampton Street114,800.00
American Cleaners-Highway 67113,725.00
American Cleaners-Lemay Ferry Road111,761.00
American Cleaners-Manchester110.00
American Cleaners-Manchester Rd110.00
American Cleaners-Natural Bridge111,761.00
American Cleaners-New Halls Ferry115,419.00
American Cleaners-North Florissant111,761.00
American Cleaners-O'Fallon112,140.00
American Cleaners-O'Fallon - Hwy K112,060.00
American Cleaners-Olive Street Road112,479.00
American Cleaners-Olive Street Road111,761.00
American Cleaners-Smizer Mill111,761.00
American Cleaners-South Lindbergh111,354.00
American Cleaners-St. Charles Rock Road111,761.00
American Cleaners-St. Peters - Jungerman Road115,220.00
American Cleaners-St. Peters - Mexico Rd112,140.00
American Cleaners-St. Peters - Midrivers Drive110.00
American Cleaners-Telegraph111,761.00
American Cleaners-Tesson Ferry111,761.00
American Cleaners-Watson Road111,761.00
American Commercial Terminals-American Commercial Terminals2387,865,876.04
American Compressed Steel Inc-American Compressed Steel Inc82021,118.07
American Ingredients Company-American Ingredients Company610349,975.32
American Italian Pasta Company-American Italian Pasta Company690138,970,953.28
American Railcar Industries-Fleet Services124462,804.16
American Ready Mix-Bussen Road352,866.84
American Ready Mix-Fenton354,894.54
American Ready Mix-Gumbo289,830.76
American U.S. Aggregate-Cleveland Site3131,410.64
American Walnut Company-St. Joseph627126,942.86
Americlean Dry Cleaners-Columbia1120.00
Ameristar Casino Kansas City Inc-Ameristar Casino Kansas City Inc53522,748.00
Ameritrade-Kansas City Data Center612921.40
Ames True Temper Inc-Bernie North Plant72113,056.58
Amf Billiards & Games-Main Plant1716564,524.67
Amoth, Jerry1156,815.80
Amyx Industries Inc-Plant 191238,484.00
Amyx Industries Inc-Plant 25548,009.00
Anchor Stone Company-Jasper County Quarry24526,667.96
Anderson, Gary11187,818.60
Anheuser-Busch Inc-St. Louis22139715,728,956.30
Animal Care Services-Imperial7143,921.42
Animal Health Center Inc-Sikeston550.00
Annada Elevator-Annada Elevator286,334.44
Anr Pipeline Company-Maitland Compressor Station9982,652,755.68
Apac Arkansas-Jane Quarry21526,936.78
Apac Kansas Inc-Harrisonville Asphalt Plant6227,757,222.82
Apac Memphis Division-Brickeys Stone647169,346.60
Apac Missouri-Apac - Missouri Materials Llc5168,527.80
Apac Missouri-Blue Mound At Green Quarry620274,663.72
Apac Missouri-Boonville Asphalt Plant62031,710.48
Apac Missouri-Boonville Plant32722,777.64
Apac Missouri-Central Missouri Division Plant 03617804,433.86
Apac Missouri-Central Missouri Division Plant 185150.00
Apac Missouri-Central Missouri Division Plant 62108,719.66
Apac Missouri-Central Missouri Division Plant 873113,278.43
Apac Missouri-Marshall Plant32224,160.62
Apac Missouri-Millersburg - Central Missouri Plant 15623274,469.46
Apac Missouri-Nettleton Quarry2130.00
Apac Missouri-Paris5190.00
Apac Missouri-Plant #5 Richardson Bass Div620384,926.22
Apac Missouri-Richardson & Bass Division62942,930.38
Apac Missouri-Sugar Creek Plant5110.00
Apac Missouri-Willard Plant 26201,661,344.12
Apac Rocky Fork Asphalt Plant12269.66
Apex Metal Finishing-Apex Metal Finishing23454.00
Aqualon Div Of Hercules Inc-Missouri Chemical Works1530815,047,071.22
Aquila Inc-Greenwood Energy Center642656,174.80
Aquila Inc-Kci Energy Center72312,636.00
Aquila Inc-Lake Road Plant7817513,341,181.52
Aquila Inc-Nevada Gas Turbine66684.80
Aquila Inc-Ralph Green Generating Plant6643,585.40
Aquila Inc-Sibley Generating Station7225048,017,125.17
Arab Stone Inc-Arab Stone Inc62794,341.20
Arcade Printing-Delport Drive149,462.40
Arch Johnston Paving & Quarry Co Inc-Desoto Plant24122,923.48
Archer Daniels Midland Co-Adm Milling Co73331,622.60
Archer Daniels Midland Co-Mexico Plant860602,238.60
Aries Power Plant-Pleasant Hill1847284,852.55
Aristocrat Marble Inc-Burlington St5926,874.32
Arnold Farms East1199,739.00
Arnold Professional Cleaners-Arnold Professional Cleaners116,380.00
Arnold Ready Mix Corp-Cedar Hill Site614531.28
Arnold, Calvin & Timothy1189,148.60
Arnold, Carolyn1113,588.20
Arnold, Clayton1161,694.00
Arnold, J. C.1110,870.80
Arnold, Terry114,701.40
Arrow Fabricare-Arrow Fabricare3345,240.00
Artco St. Louis-Artco St. Louis112810,498.95
Artistic Wood Finishing Inc-Lincoln Rd101635,224.00
Asa Asphalt Inc-Asa Asphalt Inc194953,950.14
Ashland Distribution Company-St. Louis Plant101617,615.00
Ashley, Bobby1198,710.60
Asphalt Products Inc-Jefferson City Plant6181,006,405.10
Asphalt Products Inc-Rolla Plant61855,005.38
Associated Electric Cooperative Inc-Essex Power Plant7712,083.52
Associated Electric Cooperative Inc-Holden Power Plant74250,450.66
Associated Electric Cooperative Inc-Nodaway Plant71469,185.91
Associated Electric Cooperative Inc-St. Francis Power Plant851252,731.78
Associated Electric Cooperative Inc-Thomas Hill Energy Center-Power Division7635070,598,811.73
Associated Electric Cooperative Inc-Unionville Power Station2012511,089.39
Associated Equipment-Associated Equipment15484,593.60
Associated Packaging Technologies-Chillicothe618651.80
Astaris Llc-Carondelet Plant7599246,635.82
At & T Corporation-Oak6357,066.46
Atchison County Slf29293,799.58
Audrain Generating Llc-Audrain Generating Station6852,540.00
Aufdenberg, Marvin1115,423.60
Autoshred Incorporated Slf1138,400.00
Ava Missouri Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc-Hoechst Marion Roussel Inc9403129,633.42
Avery, Laury1156,906.20
B & C Partnership1129,613.20
B & J Dry Cleaning & Laundry-B & J Dry Cleaning & Laundry111,320.00
B & M Manufacturing-Camdenton92223,178.20
B & N Poultry-Benny Lemon1156,906.20
B'S Cleaners-Independence11860.00
B.E. Cleaners-B.E. Cleaners116,540.00
Bacon Acres1128,379.20
Baile Hog Farm1130,847.00
Bailey Quarries Inc-Chesapeake Quarry22123,006.44
Bailie, Ronald1122,028.20
Baker, David J.1144,133.60
Bal Coeur Cleaners-New Ballas111,829.00
Baldwin Finishing Farm1159,226.40
Ball Metal Beverage Container Co.-Kansas City1163241,918.58
Ball, Darrel And Lana1167,241.40
Band Box Cleaners-Band Box Cleaners111,160.00
Band Box Cleaners-St. Charles113,840.00
Band Box Cleaners-St. Louis112,000.00
Bangert Brothers (Millstone Bangert)-Bussen Road Plant2158,715.32
Banks Farms Inc.1158,096.20
Banks, Annabelle1113,588.20
Banks, Ervin119,682.60
Banner Cleaners-Clayton110.00
Banta Publications-Kansas City114958,412.00
Baptist Medical Center-Baptist Medical Center62211,800.00
Bar 6 Livestock Llc1137,016.40
Bar 6 Livestock Llc1137,016.40
Barber & Sons Aggregates-Barber & Sons Aggregates6109182,242.28
Barber, Jeff And Vivian1120,383.00
Barnes, Alan1161,694.00
Barnes, Alan1130,847.00
Baroid Drilling Fluids Inc-Potosi Plant6249,555.42
Barrett Materials Inc-New Haven62222,114.06
Barry County Ready Mix Llc-Cassville Plant2126,817.04
Barry County Ready Mix Llc-Shell Knob Plant2182,581.76
Barry Wehmiller Co-Barry Wehmiller Co3110.00
Bartlett & Company Grain-Carrollton32324,069.30
Bartlett & Company Grain-Kansas City7482,142.26
Bartlett Grain Company Lp-St. Joseph230265,422.92
Bartlett Grain Company Lp-Waverly64139,340.94
Bartlett Grain Company-Birmingham1667.00
Barton Nelson Inc-Barton Nelson Inc117043,020.00
Base Rock Materials-Base Rock Materials34213,816.46
Base Rock Minerals Inc-Bonne Terre Plant610298,429.22
Basf Corp. Hannibal Plant424345,336,137.88
Bass Pro Sportsmans Park-Bass Pro Sportsmans Park98135,659.06
Bass, Randall1120,383.00
Baue Funeral And Memorial Center-Baue Funeral And Memorial Center712470.52
Baughman, Duane1163,309.00
Bausch & Lomb110.03
Bayer Cropscience-Kansas City48281150,469.44
Bayer Cropscience-Krauss Plant3122,770.74
Bcp Ingredients-Verona Plant10269288,370.34
Beagle, Marcia1110,870.80
Beamer Handle Company Inc-Beamer Handle Company Inc61918,271.76
Beard Farm, Chesapeake1185,223.60
Beck Road Cleaners-St. Joseph (Plant # 071419)111,740.00
Becker, Brenda1174,033.00
Beco Concrete Products-Baumgartner Rd286,030.02
Becton Dickinson & Co. Accu-Glass1169.60
Beehler Corp.33750.00
Beel, Stanley & Keith1121,469.60
Beelman River Terminals Inc-Beelman River Terminals Inc68683,487.68
Behring, Gene Farm1129,613.20
Bellerive Cemetery-Creve Coeur77243.26
Bellon, Tony1140,766.00
Belt Laundromat-St. Joseph11940.00
Belt Mitchell Cleaners-St. Joseph110.00
Belt Service Corp-Earth City1116111,584.74
Bender, Merlyn1137,016.40
Benedick Brothers11103,491.80
Bennett Street Laundromat-Bennett Street Laundromat660.00
Bentley Trucking Inc-New Cambria - Plant #12100.00
Berg, Bill1167,943.40
Bernadette Business Forms Inc-Hazelwood146,037.40
Bernie Slf1197,800.00
Beshears Farms11462.80
Bethany Municipal Power Plant-Plant #16302,194.98
Betz Farm, Inc11148,065.80
Bevill, Danny1160,460.20
Beyer Crushed Rock Co-Beyer Crushed Rock Co62882,132.22
Bfi Backridge Landfill-Lagrange3238163,516.42
Bfi Missouri Pass Landfill-Maryland Heights3158303,509.50
Bfi Waste Systems Of North America Inc-Lamar Landfill & Prairie View Reg. Waste273253,475.39
Bi-State Development Agency (Bsda)-Main Repair Facility124519,330.10
Big Creek Quarry Inc-Moscow Mills35244,022.88
Bigham, C./Clifford R.1127,176.80
Bigham, Chris1147,016.80
Biglow, Murphy1138,730.80
Biltbest Windows Corp-Ste. Genevieve632187,196.44
Bingham Company-North Kansas City193922,406.00
Biokyowa Inc-Nash Road Site1294135,667.84
Bjc Health System-Pavillion710126,749.96
Black Oak Recycling & Disposal Facility-Div Waste Corporation Of America3583141,348.36
Black Thunder Powerboat113,293.00
Blackburn Feedlot115,952.40
Blair Cedar & Novelty Works Inc-Camdenton71647,029.58
Bland, Lowell P.1184,444.40
Blankenship, Ronald1118,508.20
Blankenship, Ronald1174,033.00
Blastco Inc-Blastco Inc61116,806.90
Bleigh Ready Mix Co-Hannibal (B-1)21213,858.88
Blevins Asphalt Construction Co Inc-Carthage - Civil War Road62329,423.80
Blevins Asphalt Construction Co-Carthage - Sloan Ave6130.00
Blevins Asphalt Construction Co-Chesapeake Location1833404,493.86
Blosser, Dennis1161,279.80
Blosser, Donald1145,339.00
Blosser, Sam1161,279.80
Blue Ridge Cleaners-43rd Street110.00
Blue River Treatment Plant-Blue River Treatment Plant2170104,275.74
Blue Springs Cleaners-Vesper111,840.00
Bob Monnig Industries Inc-Bob Monnig Industries Inc74917,918.88
Bodea, Vasile & Magdalena1139,568.00
Bodenhausen, Keith1135,474.00
Bodine Aluminum Inc-Walton Road8188219,295.30
Bodycote Thermal Processing111,998.00
Bohannon Cleaners Inc-Bohannon Cleaners Inc112,100.00
Bohon, Bonnie1172,329.80
Bohon, Brad-Twin'S Ranch1140,542.80
Bohon, Doug And Bonnie117,153.00
Bohon, Doug And Bonnie1140,542.80
Boland, Denis1138,250.40
Bolinger, Michael & Scott1149,355.20
Bon Ton Cleaners-Mitchell Ave11680.00
Bonacker, Alvin1110,188.80
Boone Quarries - East-Columbia36269,176.90
Boone Quarries - North-Prathersville Plant22212,090.44
Boone Quarries - West-Boone Quarries - West35031,624.84
Boonville Slf292914,835.59
Booth Farms, Inc.1130,984.60
Bootheel Cotton Company Inc-Matthews564,360.00
Bothwell Regional Health Center-Bothwell Regional Health Center63314,499.24
Boulevard Cleaners-Boulevard Cleaners110.00
Boursheski, Kent And Erin1127,176.80
Bowers, Dennis1118,397.20
Bowers, Ferrell1120,383.00
Bowers, Michael & Brenda1120,271.20
Bowman Milling Co Inc-Bowman Milling Co Inc24112.00
Bowman, Donnie1127,176.80
Bp Pipelines North America Inc-Freeman Station12336,894.00
Bp Pipelines North America Inc-Key Station11984,092.00
Bp Pipelines North America Inc-Osgood Transfer Station187,780.00
Bp Products North America Inc-Sugar Creek Terminal913659,278.04
Bradens Cleaners-Bradens Cleaners660.00
Brakensick, Dennis1123,378.60
Braking Technologies Inc-Braking Technologies Inc117137,817.42
Brattin, Janell114,416.20
Brattin, Joe1127,176.80
Brattin, Joe1151,560.40
Brattin, Mark And Robin114,416.20
Brattin, Rick1127,176.80
Bratton Corporation (The)-Bratton Corporation (The)2318,160.00
Breckenridge Material Co-Breckenridge Ind Ct Plant219590.76
Breckenridge Material Co-Chesterfield Plant2196,128.96
Breckenridge Material Co-Mattis Road Plant2202,336.14
Breckenridge Material Co-Plant 6b2212,849.24
Breckenridge Material Co-St. Louis (Plant 6)2202,775.80
Breckenridge Material Co-St. Louis (Plant 7)2263,825.02
Breckenridge Materials-Eureka Plant (#4)2212,964.16
Breckenridge Materials-Jeffco Plant5121,837.80
Brendas Thriftway Cleaners-Brendas Thriftway Cleaners110.00
Brenntag Mid-South Inc-Brenntag Mid-South Inc16368,832.49
Brenntag Mid-South Inc-Brenntag Mid-South Inc669,640.00
Brenntag Mid-South Inc-Kansas City Plant15324,516.20
Brewer, Bill1167,773.00
Bridgeton Cleaners-Bridgeton Cleaners110.00
Bridgeton Landfill Authority-Bridgeton33961,200,791.87
Briggs & Stratton Corp-Poplar Bluff1198372,559.65
Briggs & Stratton Corp-Rolla1679113,115.09
Bristol Manufacturing Corp-Bristol Manufacturing Corp1144179,045.64
British Butler Cleaners-Florissant111,151.00
Britt, Randy115,952.40
Brittenham, Phillip David1143,415.80
Brock, Danny1144,574.20
Brock, Tim1138,730.80
Brodie, James E.1119,365.40
Brookfield Dry Cleaners-Brookfield11620.00
Brooks 45 Minute Cleaners-Brooks 45 Minute Cleaners11680.00
Broughton Brothers Jkjd1128,040.00
Brown Sand & Gravel Co Inc-Brown Sand & Gravel Co Inc62411,739.08
Brown Slf1131,440.00
Brown, Billie1119,024.00
Brown, Bobby1158,033.20
Brown, David1129,613.20
Brown, James1156,292.20
Brown, James1110,893.00
Brown, Karen1124,206.80
Brown, Larry And Kelly1199,468.00
Brown, Paula1149,355.20
Brown, Ronnie1164,952.60
Brown, Roy Bert11127,176.80
Brown, Roy Bert21119,365.40
Browning, Jeff1129,613.20
Brubaker, Steven1141,151.40
Bruce Hardwood Floors-Bruce Hardwood Floors1151335,449.20
Bruffett, Charles1162,903.20
Brushy Creek Mine/Mill1130,863.00
Bryant, Chester119,682.60
Buchmeier, Charles1130,847.00
Buckeye Intl. Inc.123,050.00
Buckhorn Rubber Products Inc-Buckhorn Rubber Company Inc47169202,285.56
Buckman Farms1123,443.80
Buckman Laboratories Inc-Cadet1517513,100.00
Buddys Cleaners-Poplar Bluff111,320.00
Budget Laundry & Cleaners-East Prairie11600.00
Bufford, C. J.1134,857.60
Bufford, Darrell1119,365.40
Builders Ready Mix-635120.00
Bulk Service Of Tyler Street Llc-St. Louis Facility21028,293.62
Bull Moose Tube Company-Bull Moose Tube Company61326,200.00
Bultman, Chuck1118,508.20
Bunch, Stephen11135,809.80
Bungart, Bill1146,994.80
Bunge North America Inc-Caruthersville Plant62269,691.66
Bunge North America Inc-La Grange Plant61338,749.24
Bunge North America Inc-Linda Elevator61740,637.68
Bunge North America Inc-Louisiana Plant62446,213.00
Bunge North America Inc-Poplar Bluff Plant278,400.80
Bunker Wood Products-Bunker74617,104.74
Burd & Fletcher-Independence Plant13112,851.60
Burfordville Stone Llc-Burfordville6228,136.28
Burkhiser, Eddie1137,016.40
Burle Laundry & Dry Cleaning-Ste. Genevieve11620.00
Burns, David115,910.80
Burns, Steve1134,787.00
Burns, Steve1113,588.20
Burns, Willie1123,135.20
Burtnett, Jerry1138,730.80
Bussen Quarries Inc-Antire Quarry36679,065.44
Bussen Quarries Inc-Bussen Road21445,491.22
Bussen Terminal-Koch Road2125,264.48
Butler County Slf3238123,757.78
Butler Hill Dry Cleaner-Butler Hill Center11875.00
Butler Municipal Power Plant-Butler64423,568.74
Butler, Dale1161,694.00
Butterball Research Farm1152,757.40
Butterball Rocky Point1152,757.40
Butterball Turkey Company-Div Armour Swift Eckrich64312,239.60
Butterball White Oak Farm1178,121.60
Butterfield, Gary & Terri1158,096.20
Butternutt Bread-Interstate Brands Corp63272,031.76
Bw Freeman Inc.1220.00
C & S Sanitary Landfill2828198.56
C K Cleaners-Olive Blvd111,355.00
C R Cleaners Inc-Fredericktown111,620.00
C. B. Asphalt Inc-Huntington Plant (Plant #4)618705,197.10
C. F. Industries-Koch Road241,670.34
C. J.'S Cleaners-St. Charles11380.00
Callaway Hills Stables119,765.20
Cameron Concrete-Cameron62710,585.66
Cameron Coop Elevator Assn-Cameron6311,935.28
Cameron Municipal Water Treatment-Cameron Municipal Water Treatment6189,551.32
Camie-Campbell Inc-Watson Industrial Park61622,020.80
Camp Branch Ranch, Inc.1166,629.60
Campbell Earl Mfg Co-Campbell Earl Mfg Co81122,680.81
Campbell Family Farm, Inc1140,766.00
Campbell Municipal Power Plant-Campbell Municipal Power Plant65415,827.76
Campbell Poultry Farm Inc1166,861.40
Canam Steel Corp-Canam Steel Corp933192,994.96
Candy Cane Mini Clean-Candy Cane Mini Clean114,460.00
Cape Girardeau Slf113,540.00
Capital Quarries Co Inc-Jefferson City Stadium West Quarry32727,092.10
Capital Quarries Co Inc-Sullivan Quarry5170.00
Capital Sand Company-Lexington Sand Company391,131.24
Capital Sand Company-Newburg Sand And Gravel Plant2204,229.56
Capshaw, Lanny & Sue119,053.40
Caraustar Packaging-Baur Blvd132053,669.00
Carder, Robert1143,143.60
Cardinal Cleaners-South Brentwood120.00
Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company-Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company124127,412.82
Cardwell Cooperative Inc-Cardwell Cooperative Inc32015,789.10
Cargill Inc-Buffalo Island730201,416.04
Cargill Inc-Buffalo Island B22050,044.56
Cargill Inc-California Feed Mill633115,987.12
Cargill Inc-Chouteau Elevator17465.80
Cargill Inc-Kansas City7551,668,164.60
Cargill Inc-New Madrid633138,336.58
Cargill Inc-Poultry Products Division63229,233.68
Cargill Inc-Sikeston2104,306.64
Cargill Nutrena Feeds-Montgomery City5236,097.04
Carico, James1147,725.20
Carlin, Joe1148,413.40
Carlisle Power Transmission Products Inc-Springfield18161644,322.76
Carlson, Merton1116,194.60
Carmack, Maurice & Brenda1159,226.40
Carondelet Corporation-Carondelet Corporation19152259,597.26
Carr, Allen & Linda1163,905.80
Carriage Cleaners-Maryland Heights1168.00
Carrollton Municipal Utilities-Carrollton Municipal Utilities67158,807.00
Carron, Tom1110,873.60
Carter, Ben1164,092.20
Carter, Gene118,714.40
Carter, Tim1125,175.00
Carter-Waters Corporation-Skiles Facility5117,791.96
Carthage Demolition Landfill28281,657.76
Carthage Water & Electric-Carthage Water & Electric626260,237.50
Caruthersville Gin Co-Caruthersville6816,880.52
Cascades Plastics Inc-Warrenton393,757,502.36
Cash Cleaners-Memphis1120.00
Cashmere Cleaners-Cashmere Cleaners110.00
Caspers High Hill Quarry-High Hill Quarry63031,520.96
Cass County Cleaners Inc-Harrisonville66339.00
Castagna, Jamie1129,613.20
Caterpillar Inc-Caterpillar Inc146198,707.73
Cauthorn, John1131,730.60
Cave Sand & Gravel-Waynesville2921,855.64
Cave Springs Dry Cleaner-St. Peters11520.00
Cbs Redi-Mix Inc-Cbs Redi-Mix Inc62610,512.62
Cc, Hickory Creek Farms1140,486.80
Cdex Inc-Cdex Inc228,924.00
Cedar Lane Farm1163,905.80
Cedar Ridge Farm1148,219.80
Cedarapids Standard Havens Div-Cedarapids Standard Havens Div790.00
Centaur Concrete Co-Chesterfield245,359.40
Centerline Inds. Inc.1218,755.00
Centerpoint Energy-Poplar Bluff Compressor Station669483,703.70
Centerpoint Energy-Ste. Genevieve Compressor Station64721,565.70
Centerpoint Energy-Twelve Mile Compressor Station647786,715.96
Central Biomedia, Inc.115,086.00
Central Electric Power Cooperative-Chamois Plant731126,680,623.71
Central Methodist College-Central Methodist College7115,132.00
Central Missouri Agriservice Llc-Malta Bend Facility61816,775.28
Central Missouri Agriservice Llc-Marshall East64416,365.08
Central Missouri Agriservice Llc-Marshall West62029,318.80
Central Missouri Agriservice Llc-Slater Grain6385,819.70
Central Missouri Sanitary Landfill-Central Missouri Sanitary Landfill3212064,846.42
Central Missouri State University-Physical Plant721638,282.00
Central Missouri Vault Company Inc-New Bloomfield611313.14
Central Stone Company-Antonia Cs5613719,400.00
Central Stone Company-Bethel (Cs02)2122,972.90
Central Stone Company-Curryville (Cs07)2207,809.56
Central Stone Company-Florissant (#31)22437,571.52
Central Stone Company-Hannibal (Cs01)34648,186.14
Central Stone Company-Knox County Stone Company33223,420.46
Central Stone Company-New London (Cso6)2258,095.46
Central Stone Company-North Plant Cs554510.00
Central Stone Company-St Francois Cs545358,052.72
Central Stone Company-Taylor Quarry (Cs39)2213,006.32
Central Stone-Moscow Mills Quarry5340.00
Centralia Slf29295,512.75
Centropolis Slf11320.00
Century Concrete Inc-Tiffany Springs6160.00
Century Concrete Inc. Lee'S Summit Facility110.01
Century Concrete-Belton Plant62313,681.30
Ceramo Co Inc-Jackson648545,608.56
Cerro Copper Casting Company-Cerro Copper Casting Company1366270,527.13
Cerro Copper Tube Company-Cerro Copper Tube Company67938,617.14
Cg, Cypress Creek Fac11138,811.60
Cg, Farm #8 Sharpe11107,116.40
Cg, Homan Farms11123,388.20
Cg, Ruckman Farm11123,388.20
Cg, Scott Farms1140,486.80
Chameleon Wardrobe Services-Higginsville11940.00
Chamois Mfa-Chamois Mfa2112,703.16
Champion Precast Inc-Troy290.00
Chancellor, Rick& Rebecc1130,407.00
Channel, Tom1139,365.20
Chanticleer Ranch, Inc.1120,271.20
Charger Inc.1212,750.00
Charles Blount11196,239.40
Charleston Ready Mix Inc-Charleston164,135.20
Charter Dry Cleaning-Clarkson110.00
Chemcentral Inc-Maryland Heights7209,558.00
Chemcentral/Kansas City-Chemcentral/Kansas City11453,661.00
Chemetron Railway Products Inc-True-Temper Plant72611,600.00
Chemical Lime Company-Holland Terminal263,341.00
Chemical Lime Company-Ste. Genevieve10863,935,677.56
Chemisphere Corporation-Chemisphere7710.00
Chenoweth Chapman Cleaners-Olive11610.00
Chesapeake Farm, Llc1130,407.00
Chick'S Station, Inc.1138,730.80
Childrens Mercy Hospital-Childrens Mercy Hospital112742,987.50
Chiles Works Llc-Fulton216688,448.82
Chillicothe Municipal Utilities-Chillicothe Municipal Utilities77126,350.34
Chinn, Richard1130,847.00
Chippewa One Hour Martinizing-Chippewa One Hour Martinizing111,822.00
Chisms Cleaners-Florissant111,821.00
Chris Cleaners-Woodbine Shopping Ctr110.00
Christian Health Systems-Boone Hospital Center78414,477.48
Christian Hospital Northeast-Dunn Road61722,324.58
Christy Minerals Co-High Hill7196920,918.84
Chrysler Assembly Plant 1-Fenton22601,732,718.30
Chrysler Corp-North Plant201462,301,439.20
Chula Farmers Cooperative-Chula Plant6274,894.08
Church And Dwight-Harrisonville29109,563.26
Circle Environmental-Fulton111,300.00
Circle G Farms, Llc116,442.80
Circle K1163,905.80
Circle S Farm118,198.40
Citizens Gin Inc-Citizens Gin Inc567,660.00
City Utilities Of Springfield Missouri-James River Power Plant8265520,034,096.43
City Utilities Of Springfield Missouri-Southwest Power Plant7921413,324,477.43
City Utilities Of Springfield-Fulbright Treatment Plant539720.00
City Utilities Of Springfield-Main Avenue Gas Turbine619488.60
City Utilities Of Springfield-N L Mccartney Dist Generation624205,280.00
City Wide Construction Products Inc-City Wide Construction Products Inc61414,628.48
Clariant Life Science Molecules-Clariant Life Science Molecules2424193,393.20
Clark, Donald1110,166.80
Clark, Stanley1111,567.60
Clarkson Construction Co-Kansas City (87th Street)6312,926.98
Clarkson Construction Co-Kansas City (Hwy 71)5230.00
Clarkson Construction Co-Kansas City (Prospect)6314,733.06
Classic Marble Concepts-Classic Marble Concepts247,434.38
Clay & Bailey Mfg Co-Clay & Bailey Mfg Co77323,840.20
Claychester Cleaners-Manchester120.00
Clayton Cleaners-North110.00
Clean City Squares Inc.117,479.00
Cleancraft Cleaners-Cleancraft Cleaners11800.00
Cleaners Depot-Gladstone11820.00
Cleaners Etc (The)-Cleaners Etc (The)11960.00
Cleaning Plus-Cleaning Plus110.00
Cleanway Cleaners-Telegraph11542.00
Clever Stone Company Inc-Clever630121,242.26
Climax Ii1112,338.80
Clinton Ready Mix-Clinton3165,392.26
Clinton Slf1117,160.00
Clothes Doctor-S Grand110.00
Cloud Farms Inc.11155,666.00
Clucker Hill1110,135.40
Clymers Circle C Ranch1164,972.80
Co-Op Service Center-Jackson Facility291,990.78
Cobb, Charles1132,389.40
Cobb-Vantress, Inc1147,522.60
Coberley, Craig & Myra1168,011.20
Cobitco Inc-Chesterfield102019,741.00
Cochran, Rocky1149,355.20
Coffman, Ray1130,847.00
Coffman, Rodney1130,847.00
Coffman. Jim1133,971.80
Coin, David1137,016.40
Cole, Artie & Robin1140,766.00
Cole, David1165,358.20
Cole, Linda1113,588.20
Cole, Phillip1121,707.60
College Of The Ozarks-Branson673325,877.22
Collett, Aaron1142,414.60
Collins & Aikman-Columbia Operations132053,811.00
Collins, Jay1176,331.00
Colonial Cleaners & Laundromat-Colonial Cleaners & Laundromat110.00
Colonial Cleaners-Colonial Cleaners11840.00
Colonial Cleaners-Colonial Cleaners110.00
Color Art Inc-Crestwood1012151,831.60
Colorific Production-Colorific Production11780.00
Columbia Municipal Power Plant-Columbia731742,759,472.12
Columbia Sand Co-Rocheport2114,069.46
Columbia Sanitary Landfill-Columbia Sanitary Landfill3273169,329.32
Columbia Veterinary Hospital-Columbia55241.20
Comer, Raymond1132,389.40
Comet Cleaners-Branson113,360.00
Comet Cleaners-E Sunshine220.00
Comet Cleaners-S National110.00
Comet Dry Cleaners-Lindbergh11813.00
Comfort Printing-Comfort Printing120.00
Command Web Offset Missouri Inc-Jefferson City112280,808.76
Commercial Lithographing Co-Commercial Lithographing Co163258,740.00
Commercial Metals Co-Commercial Metals Co63594,024.34
Component Bar Products Inc-St. Charles2271,689.00
Compton & Sons Inc-Baur Blvd2511,047.40
Comstock, Dan1191,307.20
Con Agra Research Farm1152,757.40
Conagra Food Products-Trenton1657134,785.66
Conagra Foods Inc.116,000.00
Conagra Foods-Marshall Plant84790,306.88
Conagra Frozen Foods-Macon Plant88250,311.56
Conco Quarries Inc-Conco Quarries Inc65758,611.76
Concord Cleaners-Concord Village Avenue113,251.00
Concord Custom Cleaners-#007111,780.00
Concord Custom Cleaners-#030113,900.00
Concord Custom Cleaners-#068111,780.00
Concord Custom Cleaners-#076112,020.00
Concord Custom Cleaners-Nifong Blvd (#110)112,420.00
Concrete Co Of Springfield (Conco)-Concrete Co Of Springfield (Conco)6747,947.78
Concrete Company Of Springfield-Brookline Plant637480.58
Concrete Resources Inc-Hallmark Concrete6267,026.22
Concrete Resources Inc-Wentzville62416,313.74
Connector Castings-Connector Castings711025,333.46
Conocophillips Co-Belle Products Terminal149243,447.00
Conocophillips Co-Mount Vernon Products Terminal17129126,995.56
Conocophillips Co-Riverside Products Terminal14106162,766.00
Conrad, David1139,705.60
Consolidated Grain And Barge Co-Cape Girardeau295,000.00
Consolidated Grain And Barge Co-Dorena Facility63227,774.04
Consolidated Grain And Barge Co-Pemiscot County Port61827,443.06
Consolidated Nutrition L.C.-Master Mix Feed7545,811.56
Consumers Oil And Supply Company-Braymer Plant6418,374.08
Consumers Oil Co Inc-Maryville Plant6346,510.56
Continental Cement Company Inc-Continental Cement265,920.22
Continental Cement Company Inc-Ilasco Plant643155,894,481.44
Continental Cleaners-Arcade Plaza111,788.00
Continental Cleaners-Continental Cleaners110.00
Continental Deli Foods1115,035.00
Cook Brothers Insulation Inc-Cook Brothers Insulation Inc92413,740.00
Cook Composites And Polymers Co-North Kansas City20116104,476.58
Cook Family Foods-Kansas City67555,080.00
Cooley, Tim1139,365.20
Cooter Cotton Gin Inc-Cooter Cotton Gin Inc6712,008.00
Copeland Corporation-Lebanon63117,660.00
Coppage Long Gin Company-Coppage Long Gin Company6711,197.32
Corder Sew Llc1192,541.20
Cosmoflex Inc.22956.00
Cossairt, Randy118,492.60
Country Cleaners-Country Cleaners550.00
Country Squire Cleaners-Denny Road113,522.00
Country Squire Cleaners-Old Big Bend110.00
County Line Quarry-Wellsville62511,299.26
County Line Swine No. 11177,117.60
Courtesy Cleaners-Cape Girardeau113,060.00
Courtesy Cleaners-Fulton11600.00
Courtesy Dry Cleaners-Courtesy Dry Cleaners110.00
Courtney Excavation-Courtney Excavation64421,519.56
Courtney Ridge Landfill Llc-Courtney Ridge Landfill Llc316496,200.00
Cowherd, James E.1127,176.80
Cox & Son Lumber Co-Lamar2234.50
Craftsmen Industries Inc-Clay St Plant142515,033.28
Craig Industries Inc-Summersville Plant630014,252,419.40
Craig, Glen1120,383.00
Crain, Jeff1130,847.00
Cramsey, Terry1124,986.20
Crane Merchandising Systems-Bridgeton101412,901.60
Crawford County Slf29294,331.68
Crawford Lime And Material-Voss Quarry2324,497.62
Creech, Lonnie115,978.60
Creekwood Cleaners-Englewood Road110.00
Crescent Cleaners-Harrisonville1124,360.00
Crescent Feed Co Inc-Crescent Feed Co Inc61412,680.94
Crest Animal Hospital-Crest Animal Hospital110.00
Crider Brothers Quarry-Crider Brothers Quarry2164,094.26
Cross, Joanna1166,961.40
Crossgates Cleaners-Crossgates Cleaners11812.00
Crouch, Doug1143,185.80
Crowder Gin Company Inc-Sikeston6812,882.12
Crown Center Redevelopment Corporation-Kansas City712343,637.28
Croys Perfect Press-Poplar Bluff111,300.00
Crysler Animal Hospital-Independence55385.12
Crystal City Nitrogren Company117,500,220.20
Ctb Grain Systems-Ctb Grain Systems9214,060.00
Cuddy Farms-Lovers Lane F1136,524.40
Cuddy Farms-Mckinley Farm1173,048.80
Cullers, Doug1129,048.00
Cullers, Kip1140,766.00
Cultured Marble Products-Cultured Marble Products102011,714.74
Culwell, Merle1161,694.00
Culwell, Shannon11121,228.80
Cunningham, Fred1159,226.40
Curtis Farms (R&K Curtis)1158,091.80
Curtsinger, William1170,948.20
Custom Composites Co Inc (Ccco)-Custom Composites Co Inc (Ccco)82013,374.32
Custom Foam Molders Inc-Custom Foam Molders Inc580.00
Cutberth, Ray1130,166.40
Cycle Chrome Inc-Cycle Chrome Inc110.00
D & D Farms, L.L.C.1196,439.60
D & J Turkey Farm Inc1195,369.20
D. G. & G. Inc-D. G. & G. Inc6840,880.52
Dairiconcepts-El Dorado Springs72949,698.14
Dairy Farmers Of America Inc-Cabool72354,483.28
Dairy Farmers Of America Inc-Monett72745,177.54
Dairy Farmers Of America Inc-Springfield73933,774.36
Dallas County Farmers Exchange-Urbana Facility28304.32
Dalton Cotton Company Inc-Senath Plant5624,800.00
Dalton Elevator-Dalton2164,572.00
Damsel Drycleaners-Osage Beach111,860.00
Dana Corporation-Perfect Circle Division1026332,821.03
Darrs Elite Cleaners-Smithville11440.00
David, John W1141,576.60
David, Ken1135,180.20
Davis Ag Enterprises Inc11152,185.00
Davis Bros. Dairy Milking1118,017.20
Davis Paint Co-Davis Paint Co114848,467.34
Davis Redi-Mix-Elsberry183,702.80
Davis, Dick115,952.40
Dazor Manufacturing Corp-Dazor Manufacturing Corp475,240.00
Ddwllc Corporation1125,834.40
Dean Machinery-Leeds5400.00
Dean Machinery-Loma Vista5200.00
Decorator Cleaners-Decorator Cleaners110.00
Deditius, Gary1140,766.00
Deer Ridge Animal Hospital-Deer Ridge Animal Hospital7749.08
Deer Run Farms Green Rdge1161,018.00
Degraw, Melvin1164,972.80
Deibel, Kenny11123,388.20
Dekalb-Ozark Breeder Farm1115,056.20
Delmar Cleaners-St. Louis114,000.00
Delongs Inc-Delongs Inc103858,745.87
Delta Asphalt Inc-Cape Girardeau153343,047.97
Delta Asphalt Inc-Dexter Plant72312,786.10
Delta Asphalt Inc-New Madrid Plant153018,816.30
Deneke, Wayne1115,732.00
Denney, Jeffery Scott1158,844.80
Depaul Health Center-Bridgeton15100133,062.04
Deppe Farms Inc.1188,376.80
Derks,Kenny-Pine View Por11156,857.20
Des Peres Cleaners-Manchester110.00
Deshon, Paul1138,730.80
Deskins, Ashley & Tamara1137,016.40
Detroit Tool & Engineering-Lebanon15278,544.99
Detroit Tool Metal Products-Lebanon164626,980.14
Dexter Axle12500.00
Dexter Dry Cleaners-Dexter113,480.00
Diagraph Labeling-St. Charles3310,588.77
Dial Corp-Dial Corp81501,530,262.56
Diamond O Enterprises1159,524.80
Diamond Pet Foods-Meta64891,729.58
Diamond T Farm, Llc1164,778.80
Diaz, Heriberto & Janeen1139,678.60
Didion & Sons Foundry Co-Didion & Sons Foundry Co84126,083.96
Dilbeck, Lynn1130,790.00
Dirks, Don1110,571.60
Dirnberger Poultry, Inc1189,148.60
Diversified Diemakers Inc-Hannibal Plant5139,747.24
Diversified Diemakers Inc-Monroe City Plant83317,436.14
Diversified Diemakers Inc-Palmyra Plant52110,845.62
Diversified Plastics Inc-Diversified Plastics Inc62134,072.00
Dix Road Cleaners-Dix Road Cleaners111,060.00
Dixon Ticonderoga Company-Dixon Ticonderoga Company112978,613.36
Doane Pet Care Company-Dexter Facility64344,938.14
Doane Pet Care-Butler63427,365.36
Doane Products Co-Joplin6209256,438.44
Dodson, Greg1142,603.80
Dodson, Richard1138,730.80
Doe Run Company-Buick Mill9152167,184.94
Doe Run Company-Buick Smelter917920,908,297.96
Doe Run Company-Bunker (Fletcher Mine)783115,851.81
Doe Run Company-Casteel Mine73112,676.76
Doe Run Company-Glover Smelter1413688,282,400.53
Doe Run Company-Herculaneum Smelter1330430,722,504.13
Doe Run Company-Sweetwater Mine/Mill796111,144.02
Doe Run Company-Viburnum (Brushy Creek)781132,126.87
Doe Run Company-Viburnum Division (Central)713361,043.91
Doe Run Company-West Fork Mine/Mill6660.00
Doke, Harold E.1120,383.00
Dolphin Cotton-Steele Plant550.00
Donald Danforth Plant Science Ctr-St. Louis61210,096.10
Donaldson Co Inc-Donaldson Co Inc1112260,176.24
Doniphan Municipal Slf1114,120.00
Donoho, Harvey1159,226.40
Dorothy'S Cleaners-Dorothy'S Cleaners110.00
Doss & Harper Stone Co Inc-Houston Quarry63115,670.90
Doss & Harper Stone Co Inc-West Plains Quarry32319,017.36
Doss & Harper Stone-Couch6185,536.00
Doty, Tim1130,847.00
Douglas Cleaners-Advance11440.00
Douthitt, Claude1112,587.40
Dow Chemical Company The-Riverside Plant1213822,414.74
Dpc Enterprises1248,641.00
Dreckshage, Mike1130,847.00
Dredging Inc Dba Scott'S Concrete-Dredging Inc Dba Osage Beach Ready Mix2145,006.04
Drinkwater Pumping Station-Levee District #362013,579.98
Dry Clean $1.69-Olive110.00
Dry Clean $1.99-Dorsett Rd.112,341.00
Dry Clean $1.99-Manchester110.00
Dry Clean $1.99-Olive Blvd111,896.00
Dry Clean 1-2-3-Brookwood Center112,167.00
Dry Clean 1-2-3-Manchester11655.60
Dry Cleaner The-Dry Cleaner The110.00
Dry Cleaners-Gladstone111,480.00
Dry Creek Materials Inc-Hillsboro66332,984.18
Dryclean $1.69-O'Fallon - Crossroads11280.00
Dryclean $1.69-St. Peters - Suemandy Dr11600.00
Dryclean $1.99-Fifth Street114,180.00
Dryclean $1.99-O'Fallon - Hwy K111,540.00
Dryclean $1.99-St. Peters - Centre Pointe111,100.00
Dunaway Stock Farm11319,791.20
Dupont Automotive Technical Service-Northline Industrial140.00
Dura Automotive Systems Inc-Hannibal Cable Operations South82240,936.04
Duron, Twilla1113,588.20
Durst, Bowman, Knoche Far1148,429.80
Dyer, Lynn1144,419.80
Dyno Nobel Inc-Lomo Plant4172,090,949.48
Dyno Nobel Inc. Carthage Plant85464,661.60
E & M Ready Mix Inc-E & M Ready Mix Inc2214,662.10
E. F. Marsh Engineering Company-Mt. Vernon5726,498.00
Eagan, Arthur1140,766.00
Eagle Packaging Inc.1174.00
Eagle Ridge Landfill-Bowling Green323612,293.00
Eagle-Picher Industries Inc-Chemicals Division7893,540.10
Eagle-Picher Industries Inc-Special Products Plant22120.00
Eagle-Picher Industries Inc-Stella Precision Fabricators Inc101821,823.80
Eagle-Picher Technologies Llc-Federal Systems122163,546.00
Eagle-Picher Techs. L.L.C.2323,405.00
Eaglepicher Pharmaceutical Services L.L.C.3619,650.00
Eaglepicher Techs. L.L.C. Commercial Prods. Dept.1266.00
Earl Campbell Mfg. Co.442,032.00
Earl Scheib Automotive Paint Finishes-Earl Scheib Automotive Paint Finishes71033,076.46
Earthgrains Co Of Springfield-Earthgrains Co Of Springfield94591,771.84
East Hills Cleaners-East Hills Cleaners113,060.00
Echelmeier Farms1134,211.80
Ecs Llc Dba Stoners Dry Clean-Old Orchard Center110.00
Edie, Marlee1120,383.00
Edith Waldens Certified Cleaners-Edith Waldens Certified Cleaners113,319.00
Edmonston Gin Company-Hornersville Plant2315,544.52
Edward Mehl Slf113,340.00
Edwards Fiberglass Inc-Sedalia11247,140.00
Edwards Poultry1120,271.20
Efco Corporation-Efco Corporation1493868,225.64
Eftink, Tom1130,893.40
Eichor, Raymond1130,847.00
Eigsti, Jerry1120,271.20
Eigsti, Sam1161,279.80
Eigsti, Willis1161,279.80
Eilks, Kevin, Carrie118,547.80
Electro Bumper Plating-Electro Bumper Plating550.00
Elementis Specialties Inc-Elementis Specialties Inc94841,029,002.20
Ellis Construction-Bruce Watkins5180.00
Ellis Scott Slf114,980.00
Elmer Sow Complex1113,881.20
Embrey, Dennis1141,248.20
Emerson Electric Company-Kennett Plant1760135,871.45
Emhart Glass/Laclede Christy Clay Prod-Owensville6695,961.10
Empire District Electric Co-Asbury Plant7513921,973,391.98
Empire District Electric Co-Empire Energy Center143664,126.00
Empire District Electric Co-State Line Facility18731,452,867.71
Enduro Industries Inc-Hannibal Plant67962.38
Energy Center (The)-St. Louis Univ Health Sciences Center78046,016.00
Energy Petroleum Company-Kienlen1211,668.40
Engineered Air Systems Inc-Price123323,072.40
Engineered Coil Company-D.B.A. Marlo Coil2115345,690.60
England, C. L. & Donna1113,588.20
England, Mark1113,588.20
England, Mike115,435.40
Englewood Cleaners-Englewood Cleaners117,040.00
Ennis Paint Inc-Ennis Paint Inc71838,779.04
Ensor, Charles1142,414.60
Ensor, Kent1161,694.00
Ensor, Kent Finish Farm1130,847.00
Enterprise Ngl Pipelines Llc-Chillicothe Pump St-Mid-America Pipeline61174,794.00
Epperson, Jerry11131,408.40
Epperson, Jerry1118,508.20
Equilon Enterprises Llc - St. Louis-North105936,433.62
Equilon Enterprises Llc - St. Louis-South1625034,042.40
Erisman, Richard1141,643.60
Erlichs Four Hour Cleaners-Washington111,000.00
Erlichs West-Olive111,625.00
Erseys Cleaners-Erseys Cleaners110.00
Erwin, Leon1111,889.80
Esquivel, Fernando1136,794.20
Eureka Cleaners-Eureka110.00
Evangel University-Evangel University6317,275.36
Evans, James1138,730.80
Evans, Jerry1158,096.20
Evans, Jerry1138,730.80
Eveready Battery Co Inc-Maryville Plant1114392,568.40
Ewing Ready Mix Llc-Stockton3254,736.92
Excel Corp.1120,512.00
Executive Shirt Svc Inc-Executive Shirt Svc Inc110.00
Exide Technologies-Canon Hollow2871868,783.68
Express Cleaners-Montgomery City11340.00
Express Cleaners-Waynesville11826.00
Express Valet Cleaners-Kingshighway Facility113,460.00
F & S Real Eastate Inc-St. Louis711174,006.20
Fabtech Inc.24949.00
Fag Bearings Corporation-Joplin611979,721.54
Falcon Foam-Falcon Foam617196,750.06
Fall Valley Stone-Fall Valley (Rose Quarry)22113,030.78
Family Dry Cleaners-Republic115,700.00
Fancher, Gary1137,448.40
Fancher, Paul1118,113.60
Farmer'S Slf28289,346.78
Farmers Co-Op-St. Peters3155,440.00
Farmers Elevator & Supply Co-Hawk Point6273,944.82
Farmers Grain Terminal Llc-Slater62433,985.70
Farmers Union Gin-Farmers Union Gin2252,247.46
Farmington Correctional Center-Farmington110.00
Farmland Joplin Plant111,500.00
Fasco Industries Inc-Cassville Plant1613182,881.76
Fasco Industries Inc-Eldon Plant114473,078.08
Fasco Industries Inc-Ozark Plant87023,230.00
Fasco Industries Inc-Von Weise Gear Company - St. Clair9176,604.00
Fast One Hour Cleaners-Carthage114,080.00
Faultless Cleaners Inc-Faultless Cleaners Inc110.00
Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company-Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company72553,115.08
Fc Industries-Fc Industries6307,662.24
Federal Mogul Corporation-Federal Mogul Corporation1114019,871.58
Federal Mogul Friction Prods.24755.00
Federal-Mogul Friction Products-Federal-Mogul Friction Products1069264,896.56
Fenske, Joe1138,730.80
Fenske, Ron1138,730.80
Fenton Cleaners-Hwy 14111813.00
Ferguson'S Dry Clean 1-2-3-Tesson Ferry Road111,490.00
Fible, Gary1110,457.20
Fields, Willie1120,383.00
Fifth Avenue Cleaners-Kansas City110.00
Final Finish-Kansas City574,040.00
Final Touch Cleaners-Oakview111,440.00
Findlay Industries Inc-Chesterfield21017,924.80
Fiocchi Of America Inc.2232.00
First Cleaners-O'Fallon11300.00
First Quality Dry Cleaners-Airport Road111,300.00
Fischer Concrete Service Inc-Fischer Concrete Service Inc2120.00
Fisher, Jim1130,476.80
Fitchpatrick, Cliff1138,730.80
Five Feathers Ranch114,068.80
Five Star Concrete-Five Star Concrete2107,973.18
Five Star Ready Mix Concrete Co-Maryland Heights245,507.44
Fixture Manufacturing Corp-Winner Road5810,130.00
Flat Cr Farms Pettis Cnty1150,678.80
Flat River Glass Co-Park Hills676752,715.14
Fleming & Co-Fenton673,110.60
Fleming Hog Operation1117,891.20
Fleming Printing-Fenton61240,749.60
Fleming, John1125,911.60
Fletcher Jr, Walker C.1158,547.60
Fletcher, Allen1119,365.40
Fletcher, Edward1119,365.40
Fletchers Gin Inc-Fletchers Gin Inc674,720.26
Flex-O-Lite Inc-Fenton1232173,350.74
Florissant Cleaners Inc-Hwy 67110.00
Foam Fabricators Inc-Foam Fabricators Inc7861,731.80
Foamex L.P.-Foamex L.P.650121,663.40
Folgers Coffee Co-Folgers Coffee Co14127157,039.36
Ford Motor Co-Hazelwood281642,695,002.63
Ford Motor Co-Kansas City Assembly Plant263208,123,808.18
Fordyce Concrete Co Inc-63rd Street74915,636.34
Fordyce Concrete Co-Skiles Road72319,065.72
Forest Park Hospital-Tenet92339,950.66
Forgey, Jerry1113,588.20
Forkner Farms Swine Fac116,863.40
Forsberg, Vicki1145,266.60
Fort Leonard Wood Demolition Landfill2828324.45
Fort Leonard Wood Slf29293,851.68
Forum Cleaners-Rolla111,060.00
Forum Professional Dry Cleaners-Forum Professional Dry Cleaners112,560.00
Foster, Donald1111,721.80
Fosters Cleaners & Shirt Laundry-Blue Springs114,220.00
Fosters Cleaners-Liberty113,200.00
Fothergill, Virgil1129,048.00
Four Star Finishing Co Inc-Four Star Finishing Co Inc611498.18
Four Way Gin Company-Four Way Gin Company6713,350.66
Francisco, Johnny1133,889.40
Francka, Bernard1112,802.80
Francka, Darrell1111,949.20
Franklin, James1115,701.20
Frazier, Ken & Dawn112,686.00
Fred Weber Inc-6162,884.04
Fred Weber Inc-Asphalt Plant154941,842.08
Fred Weber Inc-Auburn Quarry2918,884.56
Fred Weber Inc-Concrete5140.00
Fred Weber Inc-Crushing Plant #567597,789.30
Fred Weber Inc-Festus Asphalt Plant14268,695.40
Fred Weber Inc-Festus Stone Plant22767,907.58
Fred Weber Inc-Foley Quarry21351,023.34
Fred Weber Inc-Franklin County Asphalt144013,940.12
Fred Weber Inc-New Melle Quarry627127,859.44
Fred Weber Inc-North Asphalt B & G1330187,240.38
Fred Weber Inc-North Asphalt H & B1323126,797.90
Fred Weber Inc-North Stone239195,423.22
Fred Weber Inc-North Stone Port. Crusher #45130.00
Fred Weber Inc-O'Fallon Asphalt Plant1524108,515.25
Fred Weber Inc-O'Fallon Stone Plant22170,836.72
Fred Weber Inc-Portable Crusher #38300.00
Fred Weber Inc-Portable Plant #45150.00
Fred Weber Inc-Portable Screen Plant #35100.00
Fred Weber Inc-South Asphalt1325152,068.02
Fred Weber Inc-South Stone24076,004.40
Fred Weber Inc-Trautman Asphalt Plant143329,945.38
Fred Weber Inc-Troy Quarry12308,017.74
Fred Weber Slf35671,096,239.51
Fredericktown City Slf116,660.00
Fredman Brothers Inc - Glideaway Mfg Co-St. John6750,352.78
Fredrick, Doug1120,271.20
Freeman Farms11133,922.80
Freeman, Earnest115,436.80
Freeman, Jack1115,083.20
Freeman, Jack1122,625.00
Freeman, Melvin1127,176.80
Fremont Center Cleaners-Fremont Center Cleaners660.00
Freshlook Cleaners-Kansas City110.00
Frito-Lay Inc-Columbia - Route B63690,470.40
Frontenac Dry Cleaners Inc-Clayton Road110.00
Frontenac Dry Cleanining-Frontenac Dry Cleanining114,060.00
Frontier Bag Inc-Frontier Bag Inc1120,860.00
Fry, Delbert1146,270.60
Fuller Marketing Inc-Carrollton132116,602.52
Fullerton Stone Co Inc-Fullerton Stone Co Inc6219,048.02
Fulp Dry Cleaners-Monett112,800.00
Fulton Power Plant-Fulton66353,465.24
Fulton Slf343724,076.82
Fulton State Hospital-Fulton63132,940.00
Fusselman Salvage Company-Moberly5527.40
Futura Coatings Inc-Futura Coatings Inc132627,698.72
G & M Concrete And Asphalt Co Inc-Troy Plant63035,124.14
G. S. Roofing Prods. Co. Inc.12255.00
G.S. Robins & Co.112,750.00
G.S. Roofing Products Co-Gads Hill Plant6811,105,201.62
G3 Boats-Lebanon92164,408.30
Gabe Logsdon & Sons Inc-Gregory Landing Plant2152,935.00
Gabel Stone Co Inc-Willow Springs62021,315.78
Galamet Inc-Galamet Inc2420,743.48
Gallatin Power Plant-Gallatin5300.00
Gallivan Farm Inc.1128,450.60
Gan, Richard1198,710.60
Gann, Larry R.1127,176.80
Gannett Offset - St Louis-Dielman Ind Ct248,221.40
Gardner Denver Inc-Sedalia Plant8917,520.00
Gardner, Danny1142,855.20
Garlich Printing Company-Fenton5818,779.05
Garment Restoration Services-E Osage11514.00
Garnett Wood Products-Charcoal Plant594,958,687.76
Garnett Wood Products-Pallet Plant3101,389.40
Garrison, Dale(No.I)1142,603.80
Garrison, Wayne1114,226.20
Garvin, Brian1125,175.00
Gasconade-Morrison Slf29291,618.56
Gates Rubber Company-Gates Rubber Company134419,308.00
Gates Rubber Company-Poplar Bluff Division2891219,064.63
Gateway Cleaners-Four Seasons110.00
Gateway Cleaners-Kirkwood110.00
Gateway Cleaners-Ladue Road110.00
Gateway Cleaners-Lamp & Lantern11813.00
Gateway Cleaners-Watson Road111,165.00
Gateway Company-Graham92430,683.72
Gateway Packaging Of Missouri Inc-Kansas City166036,960.70
Gateway Ready Mix Inc-Maryland Heights246,435.54
Gaylord Container-Gaylord Container5220.00
Gdx Automotive - Berger-Berger3621477,330.11
Gdx Automotive - Danny Scott Drive-New Haven36395382,877.61
Ge Lighting-St. Louis Lamp Plant106979,322.82
Ged Inc-Ged Inc136,180.00
General Council Of The Assemblies Of God-Gospel Publishing77110,940.00
General Electric-Springfield10142140,132.88
General Material Company-Gravois Road6126,857.48
General Mills Bakeries & Foodservice-Fox Deluxe Pizza617926,440.64
General Mills Inc-General Mills Inc931891,101.00
General Mills Inc-Hannibal73836,406.00
General Mills-Hazelwood71260,352.20
General Motors-Wentzville Center27744,836,435.14
Generally Hauling Slf292910,081.61
Genes Fine Cleaners-Liberty11380.00
Genglebach, Rowland1130,230.20
Gentry, Malcolm1113,881.20
George'S Processing Inc. Of Missouri11250.00
George, C.L. & Sons1140,766.00
Georgia Pacific Corp-Packaging Div61916,632.64
Georgia Pacific Corporation-Georgia Pacific Firedoor Core Plant61353,127,517.08
Gerlach, William1121,593.00
Gessling,Dennis Finish Fm1159,226.40
Gets Global Signaling110.20
Gilgen, Gary1138,730.80
Gilmour Hose Company-Excelsior Springs94630,166.02
Gkn Aerospace Services Inc-Berkeley2662146,078.08
Glasgow Quarries Inc-Gilliam Plant68221,535.08
Glasgow Quarries Inc-Glasgow69528,682.66
Glawson Farms1149,355.20
Glen Gery Corporation-Glen Gery Corporation1890357,473.71
Glenstone Block Co-Glenstone Block Co51710,639.94
Glenwood Elevator-Glenwood Elevator281,869.20
Glo Dry Cleaning Specialists-Atlantic114,500.00
Glo Dry Cleaning Specialists-Central119,000.00
Glo Dry Cleaning Specialists-Plaza118,620.00
Glo Dry Cleaning Specialists-University128,720.00
Glo Dry Cleaning Specialists-Wedgewood111,880.00
Globe Cleaners-Globe Cleaners110.94
Glory Cleaners-Valley Park11542.00
Glosemeyer, Ralph1127,068.20
Gm Feedlot, Inc1195,636.40
Gobblers Knob1185,629.40
Gold Star Paving-Wentzville225,400.86
Golden City Foundry Inc-Golden City Foundry Inc22160.80
Golden Triangle Energy-Craig1070310,943.20
Good Humor Corp.11250.00
Good, Alvin1115,406.40
Goodale'S Cleaners-Goodale'S Cleaners5518,000.00
Goodwin Printing Co.-St. Louis1422,220.00
Goostree, Dan1142,464.40
Gradys Excel Cleaners-Gradys Excel Cleaners110.00
Granger, Richard1116,985.80
Graves Kennett Gin-Kennett6710,875.46
Graves, H.L.1114,189.60
Graves, Kevin1110,870.80
Green Hill Farms Llc1130,407.00
Green Meadows Fast Service Dry Cleaners-Green Meadows Fast Service Dry Cleaners112,360.00
Green Ready Mix Of Missouri Inc-Concordia2134,283.04
Green Ready Mix Of Missouri Inc-Lexington2121,869.82
Green Ready Mix-Chillicothe Plant181,713.00
Green Redi-Mix-Excelsior Mix21610,924.24
Greenlawn Funeral Home-Greenlawn Funeral Home612914.14
Greenwood, Eric Hog Farm1159,226.40
Greenwood, John Hog Farm1159,226.40
Greenwood, Lennoth1129,613.20
Greif Inc-Wright City91520,431.04
Gretter, Tom1121,284.40
Griesbaum, Ralph1116,965.80
Griffin, L. Vaughn118,714.40
Grimco Inc-Fenton774,258.00
Gst Steel Co-Gst Steel Co121680.00
Gulf States Paper Corp-Gulf States Paper Corp172399,333.41
Gundel Brothers Farms1124,206.80
Guthrie, Clyde118,520.80
H & G Marine Service Inc-Perryville81138,266.70
H & H Farm Products Mfg Inc-Bolivar2635,905.40
H & K Charcoal-H & K Charcoal6562,786,575.68
H & R Plating Co-H & R Plating Co15106.00
H And M Schreiman Inc.1116,194.60
H-J Enterprises Inc.1293.00
Hackett, Lorelei114,484.00
Hackney Poultry Farm1167,700.00
Hackney'S Cleaners-Hackney'S Cleaners11380.00
Haddock, Ralph115,567.60
Hagedorn, Martin1180,536.20
Hall, Marty1120,383.00
Hall, Randy1159,790.20
Hallmark Cards Inc-Distribution Center13247,648.65
Hallmark Cards-Hallmark Cards6752882,587.22
Halsey Cleaners-Halsey Cleaners110.00
Ham Hill Farms S. Complex11184,465.40
Ham Hill Farms,Inc #111182,090.00
Hamblett, Jack Jr.1113,588.20
Hamilton Farms1112,206.60
Hammerts Iron Works-Hammerts Iron Works71226,765.16
Hampton, Ronnie-Breed Pou1111,417.80
Hanneke Hardware-Hanneke Hardware66179.04
Hannibal Sanitary Landfill2828476.06
Hannibal Slf1116,860.00
Harbison-Walker Refractories-Harbison-Walker Refractories12170714,944.51
Harbison-Walker Refractories-Vandalia Plant1698669,428.58
Harcros Chemicals-Harcros Chemicals220.00
Hardy, Daryl1115,351.00
Harley Davidson Motor Company-Kansas City Plant138766,849.64
Harms, Darryl Mac1164,932.20
Harp, Erwin1120,383.00
Harper, Larry1164,972.80
Harper, Terry1166,961.40
Harris Lumber Co-Harris Lumber Co2106,214.52
Harris, Larry1143,572.20
Harris, Scott1163,905.80
Harris, Scott1143,088.00
Harris, Terry1117,913.00
Harris, Tim1129,048.00
Harris-Dexter Ready Mix-Dexter2164,548.12
Harrison Creek Farms11180,393.60
Hartman, Lawrence & Debra11168,974.00
Hartville Sanitary Landfill28281,904.23
Harvester Cleaners-Harverster Cleaners11400.00
Harvill, Bill1185,207.60
Havco Wood Products Inc-Havco Wood Products Inc760259,215.66
Havens Steel Co-Havens Steel Co122162,720.00
Havin Material Service-St. Clair Plant6155,072.50
Hawker Energy Products Inc-Warrensburg764237,837.01
Hawker Power Systems Inc-Hawker Power Systems6190.00
Hayes Lemmerz International Inc-Sedalia15169197,661.08
Hayes, Samuel E.1142,603.80
Hays Bros Finishing1144,419.80
Hays Bros Swine Farm1164,547.40
Hays Bros, Buckman Farm1146,270.60
Hayworth, Rick116,793.80
Hazel Promotional Products-Washington122,156.00
Hci Chemtech Distributors Inc - Spfd-Springfield130530.00
Headings, Milton1161,279.80
Heady Cleaners-Ferguson111,821.00
Heartland Regional Medical Center East-St. Joseph75118,720.52
Heartland Regional Medical Center West-St. Joseph75413,052.82
Hebron Hills1111,567.60
Heilig, Brian And Nancy1126,022.20
Heilig, Homer1121,302.00
Heiman Agri Services, Inc11107,964.60
Heiman East Swine Fac1130,847.00
Heimburger Inc-Cassens Drive7109,133.60
Henbest, Michael1127,176.80
Henderson, Jay1127,176.80
Hendrix, Ernest1113,588.20
Hendrix, Jimmie R.1113,588.20
Hendrix, Jimmie R.1120,383.00
Hendrix, Larry1168,634.60
Hendrix, Russell1113,588.20
Henke, Mike1174,033.00
Henkel Surface Techs.3358.00
Henley, Cary1149,355.20
Henry Cleaners-Olive110.00
Henry County Slf29298,875.22
Henry Wurst Inc-North Kansas City113744,647.19
Henry, Jerry R.1120,383.00
Hensley, John1118,208.40
Heritage Environmental Services Inc-Heritage Environmental Services Inc418360.00
Hermann Oak Leather Co-Hermann Oak Leather Co107779,444.97
Hermann Sand And Gravel Inc-Hermann6104,695.22
Hermann Slf292919,165.63
Herzog Contracting Corp-Maryville Site248,933.00
Herzog Contracting Corporation-Amazonia Plant (At Ideker Quarry)257,349.80
Herzog Contracting Corporation-Herzog Red E Mixed Concrete Co63323,588.78
Heussner, Harold1123,906.40
Hickory Specialties Inc-Div Of Bob Evans62225,087.00
Hicks, David1118,508.20
Higgins Asphalt Paving Company Inc-Muenks Quarry Site5180.00
Higgins-Meeker Quarry-Deepwater4120.00
Higginsville Municipal Power Facility-Higginsville Municipal Power Facility64737,483.70
Hill, John1147,481.60
Hill, Richard118,908.00
Hillbilly Ranch, Llc117,153.00
Hillcrest Abbey Crematory-St. Louis515222.60
Hillier Asphalt-Nevada62611,938.56
Hillshire Farm & Kahns-St. Joseph10129120,601.17
Hilltop Dairy/Poultry Frm115,457.80
Hillview Memorial Crematory-Farmington51033.60
Hillyard Inds. Inc.23797.00
Hilty Quarries Inc-Creighton (Urich) Quarry2116,444.00
Hilty Quarries Inc-Tightwad (Leesville) Quarry56926,578.96
Hilty Quarries Inc-Warsaw South Quarry2913,724.90
Himmelberger - Harrison Mfg Co-Himmelberger - Harrison Mfg Co61433,906.76
Hitchiner Mfg. Co. Inc.1183164,072.78
Hobbs, Les And Jane1127,176.80
Hodgson Mill-Gainesville2326,247.03
Hodson Cleaners-Hodson Cleaners111,100.00
Hodson, Marilyn & Harvey1129,048.00
Hodson, Marilyn & Harvey1138,730.80
Hoeppner, Carl1115,423.60
Hohensee, Jim1121,302.00
Holcim (Us) Inc-Clarksville5229436,674,582.02
Holcim (Us) Inc-Holcim (Us) Inc - Kansas City Terminal232,782.80
Holcim (Us) Inc-St. Louis Terminal351,902.80
Holder, Jeffery & Tammy1120,383.00
Holenda, Jeff And Christy1120,043.20
Holland Nameplate & Engraving Co-Holland Nameplate & Engraving Co72010,530.00
Holland Nameplate-North Kansas City343,220.00
Holland Usa-Warrenton Facility1658182,509.40
Hollenbeck, Otto1115,812.80
Hollister Inc-Div Of Schneider Inc12298,491.84
Holloway, John1132,466.20
Holman, Rod1127,176.80
Holmes Group (The)-Sedalia5480.00
Homan, Dwaine118,791.40
Home Service Oil Company Inc-Barnhart31111,940.60
Honse Farm1174,033.00
Hope Readimix Llc-St. Charles2161,138.82
Horner Charcoal Co Inc-Horner Charcoal Co Inc6612,560,589.04
Horse Creek Ranch11104,331.80
Hoskins, Roy1144,415.60
Hostetler, Allen1174,033.00
Hostetler, Orla1161,279.80
Houk, John Jr.1170,948.20
Hounschell Farms, Inc.1153,934.40
Hounschell, Kent1161,001.00
House Handle Company-Cassville2213.26
House Of Metal Enclosures Inc-House Of Metal Enclosures Inc133240,766.04
House Springs Quarry & Materials Co-House Springs65740,127.42
Howard Farms1138,558.80
Howard Johnson'S Enterprises Inc-Neosho5171,829.48
Howdershell Center Dry Cleaning-Howdershell Road111,355.00
Howerton, John11114,905.20
Howser, Ray1149,355.20
Hqt Inc-Country Squire Plant110.00
Hub Cleaners-Old Halls Ferry Road110.00
Hudson Farms No. 21179,947.80
Hudson Farms, No.251127,445.20
Hudson Farms, No.261116,212.20
Hudson Farms, No.271124,303.60
Hudson Farms, No.28a1120,272.60
Hudson Farms, No.28b1120,272.60
Hudson Farms, No.29a1124,392.60
Hudson Farms- H & H Farm1195,937.40
Hudson Farms-Hudson #1 Fm1144,641.00
Hudson Farms-Mike Hudson1163,958.20
Hudson Farms-Shannon Farm1179,947.80
Hudson Farms-Twin Cedars1193,340.00
Hudson Farms-Twin Hills1148,699.20
Hudson Farms-Washburn Far1140,582.60
Hudson Foods Inc-Springfield Plant71940,196.00
Hudson, Brown Farm1178,121.60
Hudson, Highway B Farm1178,121.60
Hudson, Knight Farm1178,121.60
Hudson, Knoll Hill1193,340.00
Hudson, Rocky Ridge1193,340.00
Hudson, Wheaton Farm1178,121.60
Hudson, Williams Farm1193,340.00
Hudson, Wirth Farm1178,121.60
Huff, Chris1121,801.60
Hufford, V. L. & Martie1128,453.00
Huhmann, Bob115,876.40
Hull, Millard1113,071.60
Humane Society Of Missouri-Maryland Heights77481.70
Humane Society Of Missouri-St. Louis - Macklind Ave7212,154.41
Hunt Midwest Mining-Braymer Quarry281,484.42
Hunt Midwest Mining-Parvin Road2120.00
Hunt Midwest Mining-Randolph Mine29190,189.40
Hunt Midwest Mining-Stamper Quarry76141,776.50
Hunt Midwest Mining/Green Quarries-Blue Mound Quarry64337,226.52
Hunt Midwest Mining/Green Quarries-Hwy 10 Quarry55229,850.80
Hunt Midwest Mining/Green Quarries-Stet Quarry53715,635.50
Hunt, Jeff1148,219.80
Hunter Slf1115,260.00
Huntsman Petrochemical Corp.1213,376.00
Hurn, Steve And Carla1185,207.60
Hurn, Tony1129,894.80
Hurst, Edward R. (Trust)1141,952.00
Hussman Corporation-Bridgeton165637,029.82
Hustler Conveyor Co-St. Charles664,588.91
Hutchens Construction Company-Bella Vista Facility173732,435.26
Hutchens Inds. Inc.124,750.60
Hutchens Industries-Mansfield Steel Div1376183,925.46
Hutchens, Tom And Carolyn1147,084.60
Hydro Aluminum Wells-Monett15121548,182.24
Hylton, Danny1139,481.20
I B M Global Services-Hazelwood61359,152.34
Idas Daisy Fresh Cleaner-North Oak Trafficway11460.00
Ideal Ready Mix Co Inc-Canton281,519.68
Ideal Ready Mix Co Inc-Kahoka2101,589.18
Ideal Ready Mix Inc-Unionville2166,555.60
Imco Recycling Of Illinois Inc-Sikeston6230.00
Imler, Gary1146,294.60
Imperial Cleaners-Forsyth110.00
Imperial Foam-Camdenton51136,960.40
Independence Animal Shelter-Independence771,387.32
Independence Power And Light-Blue Valley Station811813,182,479.07
Independence Power And Light-Missouri City Station14483,034,960.53
Independence Power And Light-Sub Station H62413,393.20
Independence Power And Light-Sub Station I61216,404.00
Independence Power And Light-Sub Station J6124,847.00
Independence Regional Health Center-Independence6420.00
Independent Stave Co Inc-Lebanon Plant7131292,503.00
Inland Paperboard & Packaging Inc-Fenton61215,474.00
Integram - St Louis Seating-Pacific71965,297.38
Intercon Chemical Co-Intercon Chemical Co366,260.00
Interconnect Technologie Litton Systems-Assemblies122.00
Interconnect Techs. Div-Litton Sys. Inc.231,684.00
International Dehydrated Foods Inc.1117,000.00
International Ingredient Corp-Monett51264,906.80
International Paper Co-International Paper Co83472,375.20
International Paper Company-International Paper Company113217,910.90
International Speciality Products Inc-Isp Mineral Products6125385,628.78
Interstate Brands Corp - Wonder Bread-Interstate Brands Corp - Wonder Bread6290.00
Interstate Brands Corp-Interstate Brands Corp8192161,564.08
Interstate Brands Corporation-Butternut Bread73035,457.74
Ipc St Louis-Ipc St Louis84630,325.00
Ireland, Tom Finish Farm1159,226.40
Iron Mountain Trap Rock Co-Iron Mountain Trap Rock Co64514,219.82
Irwin Cleaners-Irwin Cleaners111,500.00
Italgrani Elevator-Italgrani Elevator970216,492.20
Ixl Manufacturing Company-Bernie South Plant358,076.94
Ixl Manufacturing Company-Dexter Plant338,400.24
J & J Farms1127,176.80
J & S Cleaner Inc-Fenton112,845.00
J & S Farms, Inc1140,542.80
J - Z Disposal Demolition Landfill2828324.45
J D Streett & Company Inc-Lemay12144,865.80
J S Alberici Construction-J S Alberici Construction156545,814.68
J&P Wood Product-J&P Wood Product242,104.02
J-Z Disposal Slf1141,200.00
J-Z Disposal-Warren Co. Slf28286,569.06
J. D. Streett-Bulk Terminal75338,277.00
J. H. Berra Construction-Baumgartner2121,938.28
J. M. Fahey Construction Company-Tracy Plant197682,604.55
J. P. Ross Cotton Co Inc-J. P. Ross Cotton Co Inc6718,053.20
J. R. Simplot Co.111.00
J. Watson Cleaners-Mackenzie Road11488.00
J.C. Ranch, Inc.1129,762.40
Jackson Municipal Utilities-Jackson Municipal Utilities65933,709.68
Jackson Plating & Polishing Inc-Jackson Plating & Polishing Inc110.00
Jackson Slf29299,556.50
Jaegers, Karl1125,339.20
Jahn, Kirk1115,423.60
James Cape & Sons Co-Kci Airport5130.00
James Printing Company-James Printing Company277,088.00
James, Merle1154,342.20
Jantz, Gary1120,271.20
Jarvis, Wade And Julynne113,578.20
Jay Bee Cleaners-Jay Bee Cleaners11380.00
Jeans, Wayne1170,948.20
Jefferson City Animal Shelter-Miller St66485.68
Jefferson City Landfill282810,867.81
Jefferson City Landfill-Laidlaw Waste Systems3182260,765.28
Jefferson City Sanitary Landfill1189,900.00
Jefferson Cleaners-High Street118,540.00
Jefferson Memorial Hospital-Jefferson Memorial Hospital712114,806.76
Jefferson Products Co-Washington91820,679.00
Jefferson Smurfit Corp-North Kansas City145460,088.76
Jefferson Smurfit Corp-Pacific173353,987.20
Jefferson Square Laundromat-Jefferson Square Laundromat11520.00
Jefferson/Keeler Printing-St. Louis9210.00
Jelinek, Jeremy1163,905.80
Jesco Resources Inc-Jesco Resources Inc7172,536.80
Jim Kidwell Construction Corp-Arrowhead Stadium160.00
Joe E. Jones Farms, Inc.1174,958.40
Joggerst, Michael J.117,262.00
John Fabick Tractor Co-Fenton91130,541.70
John J. Pershing Va Medical Center-Poplar Bluff75612,577.24
John Stark Printing Company-Manchester Rd91463,095.90
Johns, Darrell1127,176.80
Johnson (Farms), S. Beery1121,253.60
Johnson Co Egg Farm,Llc1199,971.80
Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc-Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc81465,330,121.01
Johnson Controls Hoover Auto-Johnson Controls Hoover Auto831392,710.30
Johnson Farms Inc.117,153.00
Johnson Land & Developmen11123,388.20
Johnson, Harold Lee1133,623.20
Johnson, Jason1127,176.80
Jones, Everett & Doris1160,395.00
Joplin Manufacturing Inc2339460,330.30
Joplin Sanitary Landfill11101,120.00
Joplin Stone Company-Joplin24323,330.50
Joyce, Bill1128,506.40
Jun'S Laundromat & Cleaners-Shenandoah11200.00
Just-Rite Cleaners-Just-Rite Cleaners111,760.00
Justin Boot Company-Carthage (Plant 417)92137,958.66
Justin Boot Company-Cassville (Plant 414)123765,336.62
K & D Farms Llc1130,407.00
K & R Wood Products Inc-O'Fallon153761,538.08
K S Cleaners-Big Bend110.00
K S Cleaners-Laclede220.00
K.E.S. Development Inc.1164,932.20
K.E.S. Enterprises Inc-K.E.S. Enterprises Inc330.00
Kahle Slf2929147,736.40
Kahoka Electric Generating Plant-Kahoka Electric Generating Plant62028,847.36
Kan. Ark. Inc.1140,542.80
Kansas City Animal Control Division-Kansas City5109,735.12
Kansas City Auto Auction-Kansas City Auto Auction102533,040.00
Kansas City Power & Light Co-Front Street82211,138.74
Kansas City Power & Light Co-Hawthorn Station85177103,113,442.47
Kansas City Power & Light Co-Iatan Generating Station7811647,394,650.49
Kansas City Power & Light Co-Montrose Generating Station7830944,830,793.01
Kansas City Power & Light Co-Northeast Station12104251,934.12
Kansas City Screw Prods. Inc.110.01
Kansas City Star (The)-Kansas City Star (The)1451146,153.10
Kansas City Zoological Gardens-Kansas City66125.82
Kasten Clay Products Co-Jackson1825151,608.03
Kawasaki Motors Mfg Corp-Kawasaki Motors Mfg Corp17259109,608.92
Kay Concrete Materials Co-Billings51410,772.26
Kays Cleaners-Wester Plaza111,084.00
Kbc Farms1130,692.20
Kci Airport - Kcmo Aviation Dept-Kci Airport - Kcmo Aviation Dept103426,403.44
Kel-Ett Farms11129,945.60
Keller Construction Company-Keller Construction Company154528,789.26
Keller Crescent Company-Keller Crescent Company135,783.60
Keller Mfg-Keller Mfg125814,415.80
Kelley, J. R.1129,048.00
Kelly Limestone Llc-Newark Plant65445,471.38
Kelsay, Bill1139,771.00
Kempf, Orval1120,271.20
Kempker, Mike1126,220.00
Kempker, Robert J.1149,355.20
Kennedy, Scott & Belinda1118,508.20
Kennett Generating Plant-Kennett Generating Plant83531,669.53
Kens Cape Cleaners-Kens Cape Cleaners111,660.00
Kent Cleaning Company-Kent Cleaning Company1116,000.00
Kerr-Mcgee Chemical-Springfield92632,193.80
Kes Development Inc.1147,481.60
Kesler, Gary1189,148.60
Ketsenburg, Harold1137,325.00
Ketsenburg, Harold (West)1130,847.00
Keystone Quarry-Warrensburg Quarry3234,910.60
Kidwell, Dennis1149,967.40
Kidwell, Garland1151,740.80
Kienstra Concrete ( Mo Bottom)-Mo. Bottom Rd.247,906.88
Kienstra Materials Company-Overland2172,154.98
Kienstra Supply Co-Maryland Heights242,457.12
Kier, Don1132,612.80
Kight, Randal1142,414.60
King Laundry And Dry Cleaners-Sikeston111,580.00
King Quarry Inc-Thayer53849,448.90
King, Wendell1178,730.40
Kingsford Manufacturing Co-Briquetting Plant886739,751.43
Kingsville Livestock Auct1124,025.80
Kirksville College Of Osteopathic Medici-College61810,428.08
Kirksville Landfill2828735.21
Kirkwood Cleaners-Kirkwood Cleaners111,620.00
Kirkwood Quality Cleaners-North Kirkwood Road110.00
Kissire, Jason119,682.60
Kit Mix-Star Concrete Company21023,207.78
Kitco Inc-Kitco Inc81429,985.76
Kleffner, James1119,896.40
Kliethermes, Gene (North)1120,050.60
Kliethermes, Steve1143,185.80
Kliethermes, Steve #21129,998.80
Kloppe, Lee1114,226.40
Kluesner, Hubert1123,135.20
Knapheide Manufacturing Company-Knapheide Manufacturing Company671,843.50
Koch Materials Co-Koch Materials Co615506.60
Koch Materials Co-St. Louis (Elf Asphalt)721680.00
Koch Materials Company-Koch Materials Company7439,580.00
Koch Materials Company-Springfield Plant7111,722.00
Koch Materials Company-Sugar Creek7579,570.00
Koch Materials-Koch Materials73310,657.42
Koch Pipeline Company Lp-Eagleville Plant76323,129.00
Koehn, Kelly1148,219.80
Koehn, Paul1148,219.80
Koehn, Terry1110,571.60
Koehn, Victor & Audra114,768.80
Koenig, Frank1118,508.20
Kohler & Sons Inc-Page Ave4623,103.60
Kop-Coat Inc.11800.00
Kosednar'S Cleaners-St. Louis11813.00
Kraft Foods North America Inc-Columbia Plant1468210,052.09
Kraft Foods North America Inc-Kraft Foods North America Inc55383,798.60
Kraft Foods-Kirksville65131,940.68
Kremer, Sylvester1159,656.40
Kristek, Ed1158,096.20
Kropf Bros., Eugene Kropf114,010.20
Kropf, Ervin1118,600.80
Kropf, Harold1137,016.40
Kruger Farms1159,226.40
Kruger, David & Kim1159,226.40
Kruse, Carl1120,575.80
Kruse, Greg1141,151.40
Kueker Sew11118,761.20
Kungl, Steve1127,176.80
Kupferer Brothers-St. Louis4620,456.80
Kurzweil Brothers1186,371.80
Kuschel, Karl1130,847.00
Kv Pharmaceutical Company-Brentwood716287,334.80
Kv Pharmaceutical Company-Schuetz Rd71616,354.24
L & P Aluminum Group110.00
L & S Turkey Farm1161,482.80
L H Hinnen & Sons Landfill2828381.61
L. Berry Gin Company-L. Berry Gin Company6727,988.26
L. L. Parks Livestock,Inc1134,857.20
La-Z-Boy Chair Company-La-Z-Boy Midwest2986211,290.14
Labada Laundry & Dry Cleaning-Union11728.00
Labconco Corporation-Labconco Corporation8169,083.33
Lacey, Melvin & Barbara1120,383.00
Laclede Cleaners-Laclede Cleaners110.00
Laclede Gas Company-St. Louis - Sinks Road12851,192,893.57
Ladue West Cleaners-Ladue110.00
Lafarge Building Materials Inc-Springfield Terminal111,426.20
Lafarge Construction Materials-Coal Mine Road5130.00
Lafarge Construction Materials-Kansas City - Prairie View Road6216,254.11
Lafarge Construction Materials-Quarry #567123,872.44
Lafarge Construction Materials-Warrensburg Concrete Plant6204,954.60
Lafarge North America Inc-85th Street Plant62413,581.31
Lafarge North America Inc-Arlington Rm Plant62114,976.86
Lafarge North America Inc-Blue Springs62350,180.64
Lafarge North America Inc-Defiance Plant686124,587.40
Lafarge North America Inc-Independence Plant162664,741,085.84
Lafarge North America Inc-Independence Quarry63255,319.64
Lafarge North America Inc-Page Plant244,156.22
Lafarge North America Inc-Pea Ridge Plant62821,236.22
Lafarge North America Inc-St. Charles Plant65792,278.68
Lafarge North America Inc-Warrenton Plant655124,097.22
Lafarge North America Inc.-Sedalia Quarry & Asphalt1411989,271.62
Lagrange Foundry-Lagrange151990.00
Lahman, Mary1167,778.80
Laird Techs. (Legal Dba Advanced Performance Materials112.00
Lake City Army Ammun Plant Slf2929121,418.37
Lakeview Cleaners Inc-Lakeview Cleaners Inc11820.00
Lakeview One Hour Cleaners-Lemay Ferry Road111,084.00
Lamar City Electrical Generation-Lamar6235,953.72
Lami Wood Products-Lami Wood Products122432,603.00
Lamoni Farms, Inc1127,762.40
Lamoni Farms, Inc. (2)1112,338.80
Lamson & Sessions110.48
Landau Boats Llc-Lebanon91016,305.26
Landmark Mfg Corp-Landmark Mfg Corp115144,879.82
Landvatter Ready Mix-Barrett Station Road21023,356.22
Lane, Alfred1120,150.20
Lane, Barry1137,016.40
Laney, Jerry & Betty1130,574.00
Laney, Kathy1137,368.80
Laney, Rick1177,205.00
Laney, Rick1148,292.40
Lange-Stegmann Co-Lange-Stegmann Co714626,727.22
Latchford, Sam1133,623.20
Laurie Ready Mix-Laurie Ready Mix195,323.80
Lauts Hog Farm, Inc.1182,670.00
Lawson, William A.1157,495.40
Layman, Rex1125,448.80
Layne, Alvin116,293.80
Lead Belt Materials Co Inc-Bonne Terre155389,622.07
Lead Belt Materials Co Inc-Park Hills156884,996.24
Leatherman, Paul1110,571.60
Leawood Village Cleaners-Leawood Village Cleaners110.00
Lebanon City Animal Shelter-Lebanon5519.00
Lee'S Pork Farm1115,547.00
Lee'S Summit Hospital-Lee'S Summit6123,146.40
Lee'S Summit Sanitary Landfill-Lee'S Summit Sanitary Landfill161630,188.34
Lees Summit Cleaners Inc-Lees Summit Cleaners Inc114,060.00
Legends Cleaners-Eureka112,086.00
Leggett & Platt-Wire Mill - Carthage Central Ave87191,409.24
Lehenbauer, Chris1130,106.80
Lemay Concrete Block-Lemay Concrete Block2153,023.48
Lemons Slf, Incorporated3373154,145.88
Leo Journagan Construction Co-Ozark27226,532.42
Leo O'Laughlin Inc-Leo O'Laughlin Inc2125,264.74
Leo O'Laughlin Inc-Leo O'Laughlin Inc (Quarry)63226,753.38
Leo O'Laughlin Inc-Macon2128,591.24
Leo O'Laughlin Inc-Marceline2123,438.22
Leonard, Scott1115,492.40
Leonards Metal Inc-Hwy 94 Plant101510,609.26
Leonards Metal Inc-Mueller Road Plant343,269.20
Leons Woodworks Ltd-Springfield334,968.26
Lester E Cox Medical Center-North7897,873.98
Lester E Cox Medical Center-South78636,859.74
Levingston, Jim1168,605.00
Lhb Industries-Berkeley128828,871.60
Liberty Cleaners-Liberty114,120.00
Liberty Inds.125,850.00
Liberty Mutual Data Center-Liberty Mutual Data Center6613,601.24
Liesmann-Ahmann Hog Farm1124,677.60
Life Line Foods-St. Joseph7177104,856.50
Lifetouch Publications-Riverside1861,200.00
Lile Quarries Inc-Lile Quarries Inc242,770.62
Limback, Clarence119,479.00
Limpus Quarries Inc-Bates City63422,041.66
Limpus Quarries Inc-Harrisonville698198,902.28
Limpus Quarries Inc-Sugar Creek62959,496.26
Lincoln County Concrete-Troy Plant6183,698.46
Lincoln County Egg Farm11116,915.60
Lincoln University-Lincoln University71778,017.20
Lindquist, Kip1152,044.40
Lipe, Norman1190,539.80
Lite Pork/Bosworth Swine11181,010.40
Little Blue Valley Sewer District-Atherton Waste Water Treatment Plant751126,556.98
Little Creek Farm-Little Creek Farm6662.26
Lloyds Drycleaning-Lloyds Drycleaning1120,660.00
Loch Sand & Construction Co-Kansas City1160.00
Loch Sand & Construction Co-Kansas City5170.00
Loch Sand & Construction Co-Kci Airport190.00
Loch Sand & Construction Co-Maryville21512,529.16
Lockard, James1139,568.00
Logan College Of Chiropractic-Chesterfield7131,692.12
Lone Star Industries Inc-Cape Girardeau6934823,494,667.77
Lone Star Industries-Lone Star Industries23811,735.38
Lone Wolf Enterprises-Harrisonville72726,220.24
Lone Wolf Enterprises-Lone Wolf Enterprises21210,430.56
Long, David1144,842.40
Long, Larry1144,842.40
Long, Ron117,052.00
Loose Leaf Hardware Mfg Co-Quick Action Div222,063.00
Lor, Shoua1120,383.00
Loren Cook Co-Barnes St Plant104415,780.00
Loren Cook Co-Dale St Plant104935,345.80
Louis Dreyfus Corp-Caruthersville Site2108,513.32
Louisiana Mfg. Co.112.00
Lowe Boats-Omc Aluminum Boat Group1339298,937.65
Loxcreen Company Inc-Hayti198073,911.73
Lozier Corp-Afi Division74716,672.00
Lucariello, Mike1111,716.00
Lucariello, Steve1163,905.80
Lucas, Jim L.115,944.60
Lucke, Ed1127,176.80
Lucky Cleaners-St Charles Rock Road11406.00
Luebbering, David1144,842.40
Luna Turkey Farm Inc.11174,505.40
Lunas Imperial Cleaners & Rental Serv-West Plains115,400.00
Lundien, Larry& Melba1166,602.20
Lundy, John1158,844.80
Luthi, Ray1146,057.20
Luttrell, Stacey1174,033.00
Luyets Cleaners-Luyets Cleaners111,340.00
M & R Plating115.00
M & W Farms1118,508.20
Mac Molding Co. Inc.11962.00
Mackie-Clemens Fuel Co-Buildex Inc641145,102.46
Maclan Inds. Inc.112,400.00
Macon Municipal Utilities-Macon Municipal Power Plant633937.48
Madison Pork1129,613.20
Madison, Bud1140,766.00
Madison, Heath118,492.60
Magellan Pipeline Company Llc-Columbia Station914467,435.75
Magellan Pipeline Company Llc-Mt. Vernon74216,521.10
Magellan Pipeline Company Llc-Osborn Station1550205,991.52
Magellan Pipeline Company Llc-Palmyra Station71121,067,145.66
Magellan Pipeline Company Llc-Ridgeway Station1537317,125.15
Magellan Pipeline Company Llc-Springfield Terminal9158144,109.86
Magellan Pipeline Company-Carthage Terminal1281874,195.77
Magellan Terminal Holdings Lp-St. Charles Terminal94138,701.50
Maggart, Dan11111,049.40
Magic Cleaners-Manchester110.00
Magnet Llc-Washington85223,928.22
Magnetic Power Systems Inc-Manufacturers Drive263,250.80
Magruder Limestone Co Inc-Ashley Quarry21712,929.20
Magruder Limestone Co Inc-Troy Quarry22827,808.40
Magruder, Richard1130,847.00
Mahan Gin Co-Mahan Gin Co679,784.52
Maher Brothers, Inc1159,226.40
Mail Well Envelope Co-O'Fallon Plant115,640.00
Maiman Company (The)-Springfield4619,181.12
Main Street Pet Care Inc-Joplin662,286.40
Mainstreet Cleaners-Mainstreet Cleaners111,100.00
Major Cleaners Inc-Murdoch111,380.00
Malden Municipal Power & Light-Malden Municipal Power & Light61811,690.12
Mallin Brothers Company Inc-Mallin Brothers Company Inc440.00
Mallinckrodt Inc.-Mallinckrodt Inc.6417991,866,889.94
Maloney, Hugh And Roberta1133,971.80
Mama Bessie Cleaners-Columbia110.00
Manac Trailers Usa Inc-Oran888,011.60
Manchester Packaging Company-Manchester Packaging Company64192,890.08
Manhattan Cleaners & Hat Works-Swope Parkway110.00
Manken Cattle Co.1149,604.00
Manor Chemical Company Inc-St. Louis5543,707.90
Manscen And Fort Leonard Wood-Manscen And Fort Leonard Wood491130918,539.32
Mansfield Lime & Stone Quarry-Mansfield Quarry62617,262.50
Mansfield Pullet Co11135,557.60
Manzella, Victor116,396.40
Mar-Bal Inc.127,646.00
Marathon Electric Co-Marathon Electric Co63423,584.00
Marathon Electric Mfg Corp-Lebanon Plant106834,303.00
Marble Decor Inc-Marble Decor Inc71547,263.40
March Arces, Llc1158,096.20
Marchem Coated Fabrics Inc.12306.00
Marchem Corp.1258.00
Mark Andy Inc-Chesterfield132930,741.16
Mark Twain Redi-Mix-Bowling Green Plant2123,811.28
Mark Twain Redi-Mix-Moberly Hwy 63 Plant165,970.00
Marquard'S Cleaners-Delmar113,680.00
Marquette Tool & Die-Marquette Tool & Die61249,000.00
Marra, Jack1179,542.00
Marrs, Charles1127,176.80
Marrs, Charles1147,560.40
Marshall City Sanitary Landfill2828271.68
Marshall Municipal Utilities-Marshall Municipal Utilities81013,563,199.07
Marshall Paving Inc-Marshall Paving Inc73111,768.72
Marshall, Leonard1155,191.40
Martec Scientific-Martec Scientific393,800.00
Martensen Enterprises1196,439.60
Martin Marietta Materials-Appleton Quarry #36863543,427.46
Martin Marietta Materials-Carolina Asphalt Company651103,563.24
Martin Marietta Materials-Parkville66425,311.08
Martin Marietta-Greenwood Quarry #52722492,584.40
Martin Marietta-Peculiar Quarry #52822549,718.68
Martin, Brett1117,665.20
Martin, Frank1117,521.20
Martin, Freddie1118,086.20
Martin, Wayne1138,730.80
Martins Rockin Ranch1164,305.20
Martinsburg Farmers Elevator-Martinsburg21621,902.64
Mary Anns Dry Cleaners-Perryville111,720.00
Maryville Slf292910,369.19
Mason, Danny And Verna1152,613.40
Mason, John1154,056.00
Master Cleaners-Master Cleaners110.00
Master Marble Inc-Holden357,298.00
Master Pitching Machine Inc-Master Pitching Machine Inc71823,127.06
Masterchem Industires Inc-Imperial735302,398.72
Materials Packaging Corp-Materials Packaging Corp53914,219.48
Matthew, Jimmie1133,971.80
Matthews, Ted And Becky1120,383.00
Mattson, Robert1155,524.60
Maune, Robert Jr.1148,800.00
Mayfair Cleaners & Laundry-Mayfair Cleaners & Laundry119,200.00
Mazelin, Danny & Julie117,153.00
Mazelin, Paul114,768.80
Mcbride, Jeremy1119,365.40
Mccallister, John1144,842.40
Mccann Southworth Printing-Mccann Southworth Printing233,260.00
Mccaw, William11259,115.20
Mcclain Forest Products-Alton62220,517.28
Mccord Gin Company-Gideon21022,107.28
Mccreery, James Phil1174,653.60
Mccreery, Phil1129,048.00
Mcdonald, Dennis111,002.60
Mcdonald, Larry1147,832.40
Mcdonnell Douglas Corp-Boeing Company3211051,210.94
Mcdonnell Douglas Corp./Boeing Company-Lindbergh Plant544971,014,285.68
Mcfadden Lighting-Mcfadden Lighting770.00
Mcfarland, Jack1115,492.40
Mcfarland, Jay1155,164.00
Mcginnis Wood Products Inc-Mcginnis Wood Products Inc6204,597.12
Mckinley Iron-St. Louis464,206.56
Mcknight Cleaners-Manchester111,084.00
Mcmains, Gary11123,388.20
Mcneill, Kelly1113,588.20
Mcvicker, Rick11114,134.00
Meadows, Tim And Debbie1162,903.20
Means, Ronnie1170,948.20
Medical Center Of Independence-Independence6244,868.86
Medlers Cleaners-Medlers Cleaners11480.00
Meek Farms117,372.40
Meek, Bobbie Jo1142,464.40
Meek, Bobbie Joe1120,383.00
Melody Cleaners Inc-Fenton110.00
Melton, Mark1127,176.80
Memc Electronic Materials Inc-St. Peters Plant13106616,552.00
Memorial Park Crematory-Jennings714804.50
Memphis Power Plant-Memphis Power Plant6762,291.18
Menz Farm & Grain1113,649.80
Menz, Harold119,408.40
Meramec Industries Inc-Ramsey St Plant1115141,545.58
Merck & Co., Inc. Farm1114,662.00
Merit Specialities-Merit Specialities247,820.00
Mertens Construction Co Inc-Auxvasse North Quarry32428,816.42
Mertens Construction Co Inc-Auxvasse South Quarry32823,326.44
Mertens Construction Co Inc-Mid-Mo Limestone Inc-Millersburg Quarry32435,168.88
Mertens Construction Co Inc-New Haven32412,128.70
Mertens Construction Co Inc-Osage Quarries Inc - Westphalia Quarry3154,047.98
Mertens Construction Co Inc-Reform Quarry32013,473.10
Meseke, Dennis119,920.80
Metal Container Corporation-Arnold10223687,132.10
Metal Recovery Sys. Inc.1160.00
Metro Materials (Valley Park Plant)-Fenton Supply Company241,797.52
Metro Materials - Hanley Plant-Kinloch3135,589.74
Metro Materials Inc-Chesterfield2165,301.96
Metro Materials Inc-St Louis City5120.00
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District-Baumgartner Wastewater Lagoon347,349.34
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District-Bissel Plant332771,411,412.85
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District-Coldwater Creek Sewage Treatment Plant2027348,044.70
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District-Grand Glaize Wastewater Treatment Plant14152,236.70
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District-Lemay Waste Water Treatment Plant3466807,037.11
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District-Mo River Wasterwater Treatment Plant1733227,725.40
Mettlach, Lou1158,844.80
Mexican Connection-St. Charles11458.00
Mexico Plastic Company-Mexico612419,158.00
Mexico Slf292923,806.76
Meyer Farms,Inc.1118,878.40
Meyer, Henry1143,031.60
Meyer, Marlin1180,202.40
Meyer, Paul E.1142,991.20
Mfa Agri Services-Alma Plant6479,293.32
Mfa Agri Services-Bernie63518,203.64
Mfa Agri Services-Burlington Junction2106,840.00
Mfa Agri Services-Columbia6192,960.00
Mfa Agri Services-Conception Junction215855.28
Mfa Agri Services-Higginsville62719,220.00
Mfa Agri Services-Laddonia21714,010.56
Mfa Agri Services-Lexington River Grain2143,580.00
Mfa Agri Services-Macon6236,707.04
Mfa Agri Services-Maryville2162,295.28
Mfa Agri Services-Montgomery City6179,340.00
Mfa Agri Services-Neosho24200.00
Mfa Agri Services-Pattonsburg4202,267.76
Mfa Agri Services-Salisbury5140.00
Mfa Agri Services-Shelbina2105,800.00
Mfa Bulk Fertilizer-Kirksville26307.04
Mfa Bulk Plant-Aurora218424.00
Mfa Bulk Plant-Cole Camp26470.56
Mfa Bulk Plant-Lockwood28938.82
Mfa Bulk Plant-Neosho28508.20
Mfa Bulk Plant-Ozark26307.04
Mfa Coop - Glasgow-Glasgow Facility65419,400.00
Mfa Feed Mill-Aurora62423,423.06
Mfa Feed Mill-Lebanon63814,225.36
Mfa Feed Mill-Mexico6197,105.64
Mfa Feeds-Gerald62213,131.94
Mfa Fertilizer-La Plata24155.28
Mfa Glasgow - Armstrong-Armstrong Plant3152,620.00
Mfa Glasgow - Glasgow East Agronomy-Fertilizer Plant2171,031.94
Mfa Grain-Lamar61925,420.00
Mfa Inc-Centralia Plant62318,042.16
Mfa Plant Foods-Caruthersville21011,589.36
Mfa Plant Foods-Hayti2104,937.62
Mfa Plant Foods-Palmyra21413,383.50
Mfa Seed Processing-California2122,220.00
Mfa Swine Operations1120,050.60
Michael Dion1139,568.00
Michelin Aircraft Tire Corporation-Michelin Aircraft Tire Corporation84546,105.54
Mickey Cleaners Inc-Mickey Cleaners Inc11720.00
Mid America Hardwoods-Mid America Hardwoods2820,713.38
Mid America Precast Inc-Fulton6372,071.24
Mid States Dairy1111,486.00
Mid-America Car Inc-Mid-America Car Inc6811,430.00
Mid-America Frame Co Inc-Plattsburg92265,236.10
Mid-America Pipeline Company-Greentop Pump St61152,272.00
Mid-America Precision Products Llc-Precision Products Plant 1164721,735.98
Mid-Misori Enviro Agri Service-Emma Plant28310.56
Mid-Missouri Agri Service-Concordia64810,192.64
Mid-Missouri Agri Service-Sweet Springs Facility6438,760.00
Mid-Missouri Cooperative-Emma Co-Op212720.00
Mid-Missouri Limestone Inc-Big Spring Quarry262,587.40
Mid-Missouri Limestone Inc-Houstonia Quarry2185,570.32
Mid-Missouri Limestone Inc-Riggs Quarry63166,350.68
Mid-Prairie Products, Inc1170,948.20
Mid-States Cleaners-Warrenton110.00
Mid-States Laundry & Cleaners-Farmington Facility110.00
Mid-States Paint & Chem. Co.442,148.50
Mid-West Industrial Chemical-Mid-West Industrial Chemical1412519,160.00
Mid-West Terminal Warehouse Company-Barge Terminal23020,239.88
Midco Industries-St. Louis6190.00
Midcon Cables Company-Midcon Cables Company595,700.17
Midland Lithography Co-North Kansas City62336,160.00
Midland Resources Inc.12255.00
Midway Cleaners Inc-Manchester110.00
Midwest Block & Brick-Jefferson City Plant6359,798.94
Midwest Block & Brick-Kansas City Plant63717,590.52
Midwest Graphic Finishers-Fenton Plant161,651.00
Midwest Hanger Co-Cameron Plant6150.00
Midwest Hanger Co-Kansas City Plant72317,030.00
Midwest Method Land Mgmt Slf28287,786.76
Midwest Premix-Jefferson City6305,853.74
Midwest Slf1133,960.00
Midwest Sterilization Corp-Jackson81331,338.85
Midwest Walnut Co-Midwest Walnut Co61616,319.82
Miekley, Kevin1127,176.80
Milan Poultry Company-Milan Plant6430.00
Milk "N" Whey11103,932.20
Miller Material Co.110.10
Miller, Earl1129,894.80
Miller, Ed1157,627.40
Miller, Jeffrey1130,407.00
Miller, Jerry1129,613.20
Miller, Lewie1159,250.60
Miller, Orlan1124,206.80
Miller, Otis E.1141,248.20
Miller, Tim1129,048.00
Millstone Bangert Inc-Chesterfield (Mbi #6)2927,732.58
Millstone Bangert Inc-Missouri Bottom Road Plant170.00
Miracle Recreation Equipment Co-Advance Division671,419.00
Miracle Recreation Equipment Co-Hwy 60 Plant118524,491.90
Misemer, Bob1122,463.80
Misemer, Scott115,807.00
Mississippi County Slf1133,760.00
Mississippi Lime Co-Kansas City Terminal2416,208.90
Mississippi Lime Co-Mississippi Lime Co7373227,931.38
Mississippi Lime Company-Barge Loading Facility2727,179.98
Mississippi Lime Company-Mississippi Lime Co11100248,473,154.60
Missouri Air National Guard-Bridgeton64454,617.52
Missouri Air National Guard-Rosecrans Memorial Airport6404,028.00
Missouri Baptist Medical Center-North Ballas92441,799.38
Missouri Dept Of Corrections-Algoa Correctional Center62840,972.18
Missouri Dept Of Corrections-Boonville Correctional Center71737,086.64
Missouri Dept Of Corrections-Crossroads Correctional Center6396,952.00
Missouri Dept Of Corrections-Eastern Reception Diagnostic & Corr65711,517.76
Missouri Dept Of Corrections-Potosi Correctional Center6208,902.90
Missouri Dept Of Corrections-Southeast Correctional Center75012,494.00
Missouri Dept Of Corrections-Western Rehabilitation Dcc6189,129.34
Missouri Dry Cleaning & Laundermat-111,020.00
Missouri Facilities Management Div-Capitol Complex Environmental Control71511,946.00
Missouri Hardwood Charcoal-Reynolds6104415,352.18
Missouri Hardwood Charcoal-Rolla Plant6491,865,995.32
Missouri Hardwood Flooring Co-Missouri Hardwood Flooring Co339792,995.12
Missouri Mote Cotton Llc-Missouri Mote Cotton Llc457,980.00
Missouri National Guard-Aviation Repair Depot62615,692.00
Missouri Oak Flooring-Brighton62213,046.62
Missouri Pass Slf11269,280.00
Missouri Plating Company-Missouri Plating Company7223,129.00
Missouri Pressed Metals Inc-Sedalia827169,979.42
Missouri Red Quarries Inc-Graniteville6162,832.16
Missouri Rolling Mill-Hazelwood4516,826.20
Missouri Steel Castings Co-Joplin1410364,766.88
Missouri Tie & Timber Inc-Reynolds2071127,922.06
Missouri-Pacific Lumber Co Inc-Missouri-Pacific Lumber Co Inc71626,083.68
Mistler, Ruth Ann1198,710.60
Mitchell, Richard1148,699.20
Mitchell, Scott & Tracie1140,766.00
Mitchell, Tony1123,372.00
Mitchell, Tony1113,588.20
Mizer, Kenneth1125,063.20
Ml&S Waste Service Incorporated Slf1116,220.00
Mo Rehabilitation Center-Mo Rehabilitation Center65811,161.16
Mo Sow Center Inc, Arrwhd1119,279.40
Mo-Con Inc-Millersburg2122,474.62
Mo-Con Inc-Mo-Con Inc6289,304.14
Moark, 7 Farms11461,864.40
Moark, Anderson Site11387,307.60
Moark, Fleck Farm1133,889.40
Moark, Top Notch Farms11117,104.80
Moberly Cleaners-Moberly228,328.00
Moberly Municipal Sanitary Landfill-Moberly Municipal Sanitary Landfill323410,847.29
Moberly Ready Mix Company Llc-Moberly6184,252.52
Model Cleaners-Savannah111,400.00
Modern Cleaners-Macon116,180.00
Modern Cleaners-Modern Cleaners11660.00
Modern Sanitation Slf292912,194.33
Modine Manufacturing Co-Modine Manufacturing Co65063,660.00
Modine Manufacturing Company-Jefferson City824959,361.59
Modine Manufacturing Company-Joplin83114,176.90
Modine Manufacturing Company-Trenton1121256,777.85
Moger, Robert1113,905.00
Monett Metals Inc-Monett Steel Castings74114,259.80
Monierlifetile L.L.C.110.62
Monroe City Power Plant-Monroe City6308,156.24
Monsanto World Headquarters-Lindbergh Blvd71468,094.00
Montgomery City Sanitary Landfill28282,890.66
Montgomery, Deborah1138,730.80
Montgomery, Glenn/Deborah1146,477.00
Montgomery, Steve1176,762.00
Moon, Mike And Denice115,709.00
Moore Company-Moore Company234,221.00
Moore, Timothy & Penny11129,511.40
Morgan And White Quarries Inc-Park Hills Plant24276.56
Morgan County Slf1120,560.00
Morgan, Gene1126,627.40
Morgenthalers Cleaners Inc-Maplewood110.00
Morris, Charles1120,383.00
Morrison, Larry1127,176.80
Morton Booth Co-Carterville1043117,642.00
Mosley, Eddie1120,976.00
Moss-Dickens Co-Moss-Dickens Co5130.00
Most Inc-Troy825113,437.82
Mount Hope Cemetery & Mausoleum Co-Lemay Ferry Road7726.38
Mount Moriah-Mount Moriah626832.18
Mountain Pork Inc.1127,762.40
Mountain Ridge Farm11148,065.80
Mountain View Fabricating-Mountain View66100.00
Mozel Inc-Mozel Inc1414452,478.00
Mr Longarm Inc-Mr Longarm Inc337,303.72
Mr. Dry Cleaners-Ozark111,800.00
Mudd, Laura & Sons1112,338.80
Muenks Brothers Quarry Inc-Jefferson City62519,100.60
Muenks Brothers Quarry Inc-Loose Creek63617,279.94
Muenks Feed Mill Inc.1184,587.80
Mulford, Archie1138,730.80
Mulford, Archie1163,905.80
Mulkey Creek Farms1131,695.40
Mullanphy Cleaners-Manchester11677.00
Mullen, Virginia1120,383.00
Multiplex Display Fixture-Fenton122349,364.80
Murphy Farms Llc-Nevada62020,806.10
Murphy, Bellamy Pyramid1183,503.00
Murphy, Dover Pyramid115,922.60
Murphy, Doylesport Pyramd116,169.40
Murphy, Robert115,436.80
Murphy,Ozark-Osage Pyramd1183,503.00
Musick, Curtis & Gladys1170,613.80
N. B. West Contracting Co Inc-Bourbon51152,229.20
N. B. West Contracting Co Inc-House Springs Asphalt61427,727.72
N. B. West Contracting Co Inc-Pacific Plant61217,043.08
Nakano Foods Inc-Nakano Foods Inc935100,316.16
Napoli Drycleaners Inc-Napoli Drycleaners Inc110.00
National Cleaners-National Cleaners11980.00
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency-Arnold104621,162.30
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency-National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency811515,952.44
National Graphics-National Graphics7111,821.00
National Linen Service-National Linen Service71412,136.00
National Refactories & Mining Slf29291,044.45
National Refractories & Minerals Corp-Wellsville Plant62000.00
National Starch & Chemical Co-National Starch & Chemical Co8131879,668.76
Natrics Cleaners-Natrics Cleaners11160.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Company-Marble Hill Plant151502,165,438.97
Nazarene Publishing House-Nazarene Publishing House4810,300.00
Neighborhood Cleaners-Springfield110.00
Nelanco Limited Slf11149,980.00
Nelson Farms, Inc1120,271.20
Nemo Cleaners-Nemo Cleaners111,260.00
Nemo Sand & Gravel Quarry-Buffalo61439,385.48
Neosho Concrete Products Inc-Neosho Concrete Products Inc63214,226.86
Nesco Container Corp-Fenton1565295,174.04
Nestle Food Company Usa-Friskies Petcare Company66581,270.90
Nestle Purina Petcare Company-Bloomfield766274,821.12
Nestle Purina Petcare Company-St. Louis96618,962.36
Nevada Habilitation Center-Nevada6587,658.74
Nevada Slf29299,564.23
New Dominion, Bentwood Fm11251,233.80
New Dominion, Big Hill11123,388.20
New Dominion, Old Oaks1144,265.60
New Dominion, Windmill11126,858.40
New Florence Wood Products-New Florence79659,118.46
New Halls Ferry Sanitary Landfill28281,635.22
New Life Cleaners-New Life Cleaners110.00
New Madrid County Slf29292,487.94
New Madrid Power Plant75277110,299,891.12
New St Marcus Cemetery-Gravois77562.02
New Surface Llc-East 12th71313,105.40
New World Pasta- Marceau Facility-New World Pasta823439,798.60
Newcomers D. W. & Sons-Kansas City7131,638.36
Newlin, Sam1159,226.40
Newman, Mark117,711.80
Newton-Mcdonald County Slf313127,527.15
Nexans Magnet Wire Usa-Mexico12106168,925.00
Niebruegge, Hillard1123,809.80
Nierman, Ed1112,955.20
Nike Ihm Inc-St. Charles49224.94
Nine Mile Group Inc11129,557.60
Nobis, Dennis Finish Farm1159,226.40
Nolt, Dennis-Blue Heron1180,202.40
Nooter Corp-Nooter Corp5540.00
Norad Enterprises1181,760.00
Noranda Aluminum Inc-Noranda Aluminum Inc9370124,198,826.60
Nordenia U.S.A. Inc-Neely'S Landing948304,765.74
Nordyne Inc-Boonville Plant65693,000.00
Nordyne Inc-Grand Plant621118,920.35
Nordyne-Poplar Bluff5872,396.40
Norris Aggregate Products Co (East)-Mt Airy Quarry654166,462.56
Norris Asphalt Paving Co-Barnard Quarry2177,332.04
Norris Asphalt Paving Co-Breit Quarry Plant64245,636.14
Norris Asphalt Paving Co-Gallatin2104,759.08
Norris Asphalt Paving Co-Gooden Quarry Plant #8692184,788.56
Norris Asphalt Paving Co-Jeffries Quarry215867.64
Norris Asphalt Paving Co-Maitland Quarry Plant #8582189,249.36
Norris Asphalt Paving Co-Mercer Quarry2234,212.86
Norris Asphalt Paving Co-North Bethany Quarry Plant2187,177.74
Norris Asphalt Paving Co-Princeton Quarry24250.64
Norris Asphalt Paving Co-Route C Quarry2171,834.94
Norris Asphalt Paving Co-Trenton Quarry2174,276.36
North American Galvanizing Co-Kansas City72212,507.48
North American Galvanizing Co. Saint Louis1110.00
North Country Farm1140,766.00
North Forty Farm, Llc1172,329.80
North Star Battery Co Llc-Springfield7533,579.21
Northeast Missouri Grain Llc-Macon640354,545.84
Northland Cleaners Inc-Northland Cleaners Inc1160.00
Northland Ready-Mix Inc-Northland Ready-Mix Inc6207,627.96
Northrup Grumman Component-Northrup Grumman Component131722,272.00
Northside Slf294428,485.58
Northwest Landfill Inc28281,635.22
Northwest Missouri State University-Maryville35185210,950.34
Northwest Slf115,740.00
Nova Brik Midamerica Llc-Sikeston3131,436.80
Nu-Look Cleaners Inc-Jennings Station Road112,861.00
Nu-Tone Cleaners-Mexico111,160.00
Nuding, John1170,948.20
Nutra Blend Corp.22500.00
O'Dell Publishing Co Inc-O'Dell Publishing Co Inc35264.80
O'Neal, William1119,365.40
O'Reilly, Roger1137,016.40
O'Sullivan Industries Inc-O'Sullivan Industries Inc95435,453.19
Oak Brook Farms Inc.117,120.40
Oak Grove Chapel-St. Louis6685.34
Oak Ridge Farm1198,710.60
Oakville Cleaners Inc-Telegraph Road110.00
Odessa Municipal Power Plant-Odessa Municipal Power Plant65822,924.00
Old Monroe Elevator & Supplies-Old Monroe2122,284.44
Old Time Cleaners-Old Time Cleaners111,140.00
Old Town Park Cleaners-Independence11200.00
Ole King Cole Cleaners-Campbell Site550.00
Ole King Cole Cleaners-South Glenstone660.00
Ole King Cole Cleaners-Sunshine Site660.00
Olivette Center Cleaners-Olive Blvd110.00
Olson, Mark1143,185.80
Olympic Cleaners-Manchester110.00
Omega Protein Inc-Omega Protein Inc276,100.84
Omnium Llc-St. Joseph8246,231.30
One Hour Cleaners-Christy11400.00
One Hour Cleaners-Joplin - Main111,620.00
One Hour Cleaners-Joplin - Ozark Ave111,260.00
One Hour Cleaners-Neosho114,760.00
One Hour Cleaners-Pershall Road112,081.00
One Hour Cleaners-St. Louis110.00
One Hour Wardrobe Cleaners-Caruthersville11720.00
One Hour Wardrobe Cleaners-Kennett11120.00
One Stop Ready Mix-Troy11112,024.00
Oneill Mortuary & Livery-Peculiar7714.38
Optima Graphics-Fenton121,372.40
Orbseal Llc-Richmond72313,885.36
Orpheum Cleaning-Orpheum Cleaning11401.00
Orrick Farm Service-Orrick Farm Service56024,650.30
Orscheln, David P.117,052.00
Orscheln-Deeds Feedlot1112,897.00
Osage County Industries Inc-Linn6267,090.74
Osbourn Meeker Inc#11164,377.80
Osterdyk, Elmer11109,573.20
Oswego Coal Company-Hume - Hwy V6294,909.04
Otte Cleaners-Otte Cleaners110.00
Otten Screw Products Co-Otten Screw Products Co241,594.00
Output Technologies Graphics Resources-Output Technologies Graphics Resources61716,080.00
Ovid Bell Press Inc-Fulton103549,297.00
Owens Corning Vinyl Operations-Joplin35711.76
Owensville Power Plant-Owensville Power Plant635565.48
Oxford Cleaners-Oxford Cleaners110.00
Ozark Mountain Hardwood Inc-Ozark Mountain Hardwood Inc66139,780.00
Ozark Ready Mix Co Inc-Eldon - Plant 16243,062.06
Ozark Ready Mix Co Inc-Plant #2 Osage Beach6255,153.24
Ozark Ready Mix Co Inc-Plant #56244,653.40
Ozark Ready Mix-Waynesville6226,642.08
Ozark Wire Ltd. Inc.126,652.00
Ozarks Cultured Marble-Ozarks Cultured Marble2514,283.00
P D George Co (The)-P D George Co (The)39318173,862.53
P-Bar Farms Inc.1129,894.80
P-Bar Farms Inc.1144,842.40
Pace Construction Co-Antire Quarry284971,992.40
Pace Construction Co-Antonia Asphalt Plant62921,411.77
Pace Construction Co-Chesterfield7351,047,796.74
Pace Construction Co-Danville Quarry21019,241.20
Pace Construction Co-Fort Belle Quarry2987107,651.88
Pace Construction Co-Lewis & Clark Plant5100.00
Pace Construction Co-Pace Construction Co2365208,972.50
Pace Construction Co-Poplar Bluff Plant3062114,730.80
Pace Construction Co-St. Charles Plant62770,633.76
Pace Construction Co-Warrenton Plant62746,572.00
Pace Industries Inc-Monroe City87617,625.32
Pacific Epoxy Polymers Inc.36520.00
Package Service Co Llc-Package Service Co Llc613142,380.00
Packaging Concepts Inc-Packaging Concepts Inc64528,771.24
Pacom Llc-Farmington1256.00
Palmyra Board Of Public Works-Palmyra Municipal Power Plant6548,343.46
Pan-Glo St. Louis-Trenton Avenue3920,087.40
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co-Houstonia111063,914,134.50
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline-Centralia Compressor Station111104,716,155.90
Paramount Cleaners-Flower Valley111,016.00
Paramount Metalizing Co-Sullivan26100,194.00
Paris Cleaners-Paris Cleaners111,080.00
Park Center Cleaners-Park Center Cleaners11940.00
Park Lawn Funeral Home-Kansas City7736,074.06
Parkcrest Glo Cleaners-Campbell Site660.00
Parker Hannifin Corporation-Parker Hannifin Corporation133926,194.05
Parker, Esther117,611.60
Parkhurst Manufacturing Co Inc-Parkhurst Manufacturing Co Inc Plant 35812,186.00
Parkmoor Cleaners-Big Bend Rd110.00
Parkway Cleaners-Webb City111,960.00
Patricks Cleaners-Cape Girardeau110.00
Patten, David118,020.20
Patterson, Marvin & Scott1174,495.60
Patterson, Preston1119,365.40
Patterson, Steve1136,245.20
Patty, Kenneth1154,354.20
Patty, Kenneth1159,518.00
Paul Mueller-Paul Mueller124836,688.82
Paul, David1113,588.20
Paul, Robert1120,383.00
Paulo Prods. Co.11536.00
Paulo Products Company-Paulo Products Company84512,219.20
Pauwels Transformers-Pauwels Drive94547,714.30
Pavestone Company-Lee'S Summit51416,576.20
Payless Concrete-Atchison St21912,318.24
Pcs Phosphate Company Inc-Joplin Plant7159359,375.31
Pdq Cleaners-Bowling Green Site550.00
Peace Valley Charcoal Inc-Peace Valley Charcoal Inc6162,021,878.44
Peach Orchard Gin Company-Peach Orchard Gin Company6720,513.46
Peak, Gene (Site 2)1161,694.00
Peak, Gene (Site 2)1130,847.00
Peak, Gene Site #11161,694.00
Pearson Farms11111,049.40
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc-Joplin Plant1529212,296.73
Peerless Park Landfill-Valley Park346343,764.87
Pehle, Marvin1135,042.20
Pemberton, Howard1198,710.60
Pemiscot County Slf1115,960.00
Penn Enterprises Inc-Dept Of Army112,600.00
Penny'S Concrete Inc-Kansas City2928,483.52
Penny'S Concrete Inc-Randolph Plant160.00
Pennys Concrete Inc-Martin City Plant21018,566.40
Perfection Cleaners-Perfection Cleaners110.00
Performance Roof Systems Inc-Performance Roof Systems Inc813122,217.28
Permacel Kansas City Inc-Kansas City7588,661.00
Permacel St. Louis Inc-Permacel St. Louis Inc910841,581.95
Permea Inc-Div Of Air Products And Chemicals6756,363.20
Perry County Slf1184,780.00
Personal Care Cleaners-Clayton110.00
Personal Touch Cleaners-Salem117,720.00
Peters, Jim & Diane1157,067.40
Peterson Gravel And Ready Mix-Mountain Grove31415,683.68
Peterson Mfg Co-Grandview13655,940.70
Petrofskys Bakery Products-Maryland Heights61113,449.68
Pevely Dairy-Pevely Dairy81921,108.00
Pfizer Inc-Lee'S Summit83311,836.97
Pharmacia Queeny Pilot Plant22846.00
Pharmacia-Chesterfield Village222849,687.70
Phelps County Slf114,020.00
Phelps, Debbie1140,667.40
Phillips Family Farm, Inc11180,517.00
Phillips Pipeline Company-Jefferson City Terminal14126247,751.08
Phillips, Don1182,787.00
Phillips, Jackie1143,748.00
Phillips, Robert1137,011.40
Pickering Ridge Farm1146,270.60
Piepenbrink, James1112,338.80
Pierce Concrete-Stanberry Plant5123,239.80
Pierce, Richard1120,383.00
Pilot Grove Coop Elevator-Pilot Grove33012,189.70
Pine Ridge Farm1143,185.80
Pine Tree Pork Inc.1118,384.80
Pinnacle Swine Management11114,905.20
Pioneer Printing-Pioneer Printing162,422.00
Pitts, Daniel1179,122.60
Pittsburgh-Corning Corp-Pittsburgh-Corning Corp8161753,856.28
Plastene Supply Company-Div Siegel-Robert Inc1674833,023.00
Platte County Ready Mix-Platte County Ready Mix21832,715.92
Playpower Lt Farmington Inc-Iron Mountain Forge Corp10114167,726.32
Plaza Dry Cleaners-Plaza Dry Cleaners111,240.00
Plaza Ford Ideal Dry Cleaners-7300 Wornall Road110.00
Plaza Ford Ideal Dry Cleaners-Broadway1111,160.00
Plaza Ford Ideal Dry Cleaners-Virginia1250,000.00
Plaza Laundry & Dry Cleaning-Cape Girardeau110.00
Plaze Incorporated-Plaze Incorporated123161,237.00
Pleasant Hill Veneer Corp-Pleasant Hill Veneer Corp632105,615.96
Plemmons, Roger Lee1169,599.20
Plunkett, Jason1137,016.40
Pm Resources-Purina Mills Inc15296,936.80
Pohlman Inc-Pohlman Inc112,452.00
Politte Ready Mix-Arcadia6263,647.04
Politte Ready Mix-Farmington62720,214.78
Politte Ready Mix-Potosi62712,432.22
Politte Ready Mix-Viburnum6273,651.26
Poly One Corporation-St. Louis144321,953.20
Poor Boy Pork, Llc1198,710.60
Poplar Bluff Municipal Utilities-Generating Plant660134,419.20
Porite Jefferson Corp.124.00
Pork Master, Inc1186,371.80
Pork Plus, Llc11164,522.80
Porta-Fab-Chesterfield Airport Rd9147,448.90
Portageville Farmers Gin Inc-Portageville Farmers Gin Inc5614,740.00
Porter Dewitt Ready Mix Co-South Plant210747.20
Porter, Kaye1113,588.20
Positronic Industries Inc-Springfield222,652.50
Poulet Basque11111,351.00
Poverty Hill Turkey Farm11125,400.40
Powell, Brent And Cheryl1166,861.40
Pq Corporation (The)-St. Louis773751,723.76
Prairieview Landfill11210,140.00
Precision Marble-Grandview5725,376.88
Precision Master Made Paints22500.00
Precision Rebuilders Inc-Precision Rebuilders Inc8128,226.98
Precoat Metals-Precoat Metals19294318,685.68
Preiss Claywood Cleaners-Manchester110.00
Premier Turbines-Neosho Plant186233,777.04
Premium Standard Farms-Lucerne Feed Mill52570,451.40
Premium Standard Farms-Milan Pork Processing Facility685130,106.60
Premium Standard Farms-Pattonsburg Feed Mill52617,270.80
Premium Standard Farms-Princeton Feedmill61722,357.06
Prestage Quarries Inc-Tipton Plant22815,313.94
Prestige Cleaners-Natural Bridge111,625.00
Prestige Cleaners-O'Fallon11280.00
Prestige Cleaners-Prestige Cleaners110.00
Prestressed Casting Co-Prestressed Casting Co6234,673.18
Pride Cleaners-51st Street110.00
Pride Cleaners-Antioch Road110.00
Pride Cleaners-Barry Road110.00
Pride Cleaners-Barry Road110.00
Pride Cleaners-Blue Springs112,120.00
Pride Cleaners-Chatham110.00
Pride Cleaners-Cosby Ave110.00
Pride Cleaners-Grandview #1041115,280.00
Pride Cleaners-Lees Summit111,960.00
Pride Cleaners-Noland Road110.00
Pride Cleaners-Oldham Parkway110.00
Pride Cleaners-Raytown110.00
Pride Cleaners-Warrensburg11880.00
Pride Cleaners-Westport Road110.00
Prier Farms Inc.1183,945.20
Prier Farms Inc.1162,639.40
Prier Farms Inc.1162,639.40
Prime Tanning Corp-St. Joseph1010131,188.84
Primm, Dale And Susan1157,627.40
Printpack Inc-Hazelwood Plant12251,171,821.28
Pro Cleaners-Pro Cleaners110.00
Pro-Tect Mfg Inc-Ferguson Ave44133,685.00
Procter & Gamble Paper Products Co-Neely'S Landing818513,263,085.02
Procter & Gamble-Procter & Gamble101084143,030.60
Producers Exchange-Ionia4263,061.32
Producers Grain Co-Bronaugh2111,126.20
Producers Grain Company-Walker6153,460.00
Proformance Powertrain Products-Engine Core Remanufacturing6202,662.78
Progress Instruments Inc.110.10
Promised Land Farm1150,834.20
Prospect Hill Reclam Proj Spec Waste Lf28281,715.36
Prosper Farm #1051197,383.20
Psf, Badger/Wolf/Brantley1155,756.00
Psf, Denver Miller Farm1199,327.40
Psf, Hedgewood Finish Sit11136,220.60
Psf, Locust Ridge Finish11136,220.60
Psf, Overlook Ranch1117,444.00
Psf, Peach-Perkins Farm1174,310.60
Psf, Somerset Farm11136,220.60
Psf, South Meadows Finish11136,220.60
Psf, Summers Multipliers11320,809.20
Psf, Terre Haute Farm11111,512.00
Psf, Valley View Finish11136,220.60
Psf, Wade-Webster Farm1174,310.60
Psf, Wiles Farm11277,901.00
Psf,Green Hills Finish Fm11136,220.60
Psf,Whitetail Finish Site11136,220.60
Pulaski Veterinary Clinic-St. Robert55135.80
Purcell Tire-Purcell Tire81851,967.27
Purchase, Scott1130,407.00
Pure-Flo Precision33505.00
Purina Mills Illc-St. Joseph73963,776.46
Purina Mills Llc-Purina Mills - Montgomery City71711,705.04
Purina Mills Research Ctr1163,881.80
Purina Mills-Purina Mills7397,631.24
Purina Mills-Purina Mills6101,661.80
Pw Eagle Inc-Columbia661154,923.46
Quaker Window Products Company-Quaker Window Products Company1278132,008.38
Quality Cleaners-Barry Road110.00
Quality Cleaners-Hayti11560.00
Quality Cleaners-Jefferson City110.00
Quality Hill Cleaners-Quality Hill Cleaners110.00
Quality Wood Products-Quality Wood Products163641,758.00
Quebecor World Eagle Inc-Quebecor World Eagle Inc91353,880.00
Quest Lithographics Ltd-Northline Ind. Drive3533,546.60
Quintiles Inc-Quintiles Inc14129474.05
R & V Farms (Roy Simmons)118,714.40
R Venture South Farm1148,219.80
Railsback, George & Lue1158,096.20
Raineri Building Materials-Eureka2128,776.08
Raineri Building Materials-Raineri Building Materials67319,390.70
Ram Leather Care-St. Charles Rock Road1112,192.00
Raucstadt, Don117,473.60
Rawlings Sporting Goods Co-Washington Plant132495,838.25
Ray Carroll County Grain Growers-Norborne65113,331.62
Ray County Stone Producers Llc-Maddux Road Quarry2141,289.34
Ray-Carroll Co Grain Growers Inc-Richmond1128,460.00
Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers Inc-Carrollton Facility62821,092.38
Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers Inc-Mayview219304.56
Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers Inc-Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers Inc5190.00
Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers Inc-Ray-Carroll Grain Growers Inc-Brunswick5140.00
Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers Inc-St. Louis - Duncan Plant26936,350.64
Rayl, Russell And Alice113,805.80
Raytown Cleaners-Raytown111,700.00
Razorback Pipeline Company-Transmontaigne Product Services Inc32018,602.00
Rc Cement Company Inc-River Cement Co - Selma Plant1230514,846,875.09
Ready Mix Concrete Inc-Ste. Genevieve Plant21411,653.16
Reckamp, Gene1116,965.80
Reckitt Benckiser-Springfield67412,760.02
Reckitt Benckiser-St. Peters62074,116.00
Red Bird Pre-Mix Company-Bridgeton353,362.62
Red Wing Shoe Company Inc-Potosi41624,770.00
Redbird Slf11212,260.00
Reed Lumber Co Inc-Potosi75129,867.64
Regal Cleaners-Delmar110.00
Rehagen, Fred1156,105.60
Rehmeier Farms1156,018.20
Reichhold Chemicals Inc-Valley Park1415693,178.84
Reine, Albert1114,116.80
Reliable Biopharmaceutical-Walton Road189047,148.80
Renfro'S Slf29297,885.50
Renkoski, Joseph A.1124,206.80
Repco Printers Inc-St. Charles Rock Road138,413.40
Research Medical Center-Research Medical Center86028,577.48
Rexham Containers-Rexham Containers3616,220.80
Rexing, Ben1141,026.60
Reynolds, High Plains Frm1129,613.20
Reynolds, Mark And Debbie1148,219.80
Reynolds, Terry/Patricia1129,613.20
Rhoades, Eddie1137,016.40
Rhoades, James1137,016.40
Rhoades, Randy1149,355.20
Rhodia Inc-Rhodia Inc820841,905.52
Rian Livestock Corp.119,747.60
Riceland Foods Inc-Marston62623,495.16
Riceland Foods-Dudley Plant63624,471.32
Rich Mix Products Inc-Rich Mix Products Inc6137,993.48
Rich, Dale11104,159.40
Richard Cox Mfg. Co.1119,000.00
Richards Farms, Inc.113,855.80
Richardson Gin Inc-Richardson Gin Inc6717,408.00
Richardson Printing Inc-Richardson Printing Inc1615,880.00
Richardson, Paul & Linda1180,353.60
Ricketts Farm Service1158,301.00
Riddicks Cleaners-Shreve Ave110.00
Ridewell Corporation-Springfield3460,551.00
Riegel Farms Incorporated1118,968.60
Riemensnider, Randy1198,710.60
Riley Ready Mix & Materials Inc-Riley Ready Mix & Materials Inc21210,782.14
Rinne, Darrel1115,423.60
Rissler, John1118,508.20
Ritchhart, Russell1128,506.40
Rite Way Cleaners-Rite Way Cleaners112,380.00
River Bend Ag-New Madrid2239,557.58
River Bend Cleaners-Olive110.00
River Cement-River Cement21063,816.90
Riverstone Quarry Inc-Riverstone Quarry Inc67122,523.84
Robbins, Herbert1127,176.80
Robertson - Drago Funeral Home-Robertson - Drago Funeral Home77452.40
Robertson, Rainey11848.20
Robertson, Richard1138,730.80
Robinett, Steve1129,613.20
Robinsons Cleaners-Columbia116,940.00
Rock Creek Treatment Plant-Rock Creek Treatment Plant94839,318.06
Rock Hill Cleaners & Laundry-Manchester111,825.00
Rock-Tenn Company-Wright City112116,102.56
Rockwood Pigments Na Inc-E Hoffmeister87497,148.64
Rocky Top Farm1198,710.60
Rodden, Howard1174,033.00
Rodden, Melnore1174,033.00
Roewe, Melvin11617.00
Rogers Farms Inc.1123,865.40
Rohrbach, Abe1143,660.80
Rolla Municipal Utilities-Multiple Peaking Plants664,812.50
Rolla Police Department Animal Shelter-Rolla55345.00
Rolla Ready Mix Concrete Llc-Rolla1156,915.40
Roller, Virginia1120,383.00
Roller, Wesley1127,176.80
Rom Corporation-Belton136,869.00
Ronnoco Coffee-Ronnoco Coffee574,255.76
Rose, Bill116,293.80
Rose, Howard1123,780.20
Rose, Loye1130,302.40
Rosewood Farms-St. Joseph611250.00
Roslien, James1129,613.20
Ross Miller Cleaners-Ross Miller Cleaners115,080.00
Rosse Lithographing Company-Rosse Lithographing Company120.00
Rosteet, Don1140,359.40
Rotadyne Roll Group12547.00
Rotadyne Roll Group-Rotadyne Roll Group8100.00
Roto-Die Company Inc-Howerton Ln62611,843.54
Rowe Furniture Corp-Poplar Bluff1825119,600.04
Royal Canin Usa Inc-Rolla96419,684.04
Royal Cleaners-Woodson Road11300.00
Royal Master Cleaners-Royal Master Cleaners110.00
Royal Oak Enterprises Inc-Licking Plant1210.00
Royal Oak Enterprises Inc-Meta Industrial Plant6989,899.86
Royal Oak Enterprises Inc-Mountain View Kiln Facility5354,697.60
Royal Oak Enterprises Inc-Salem Briquet Plant34139424,203.45
Royal Oak Enterprises Inc-West Plains Briquette Plant34135380,949.00
Royal Oak Enterprises-Ellsinore Division Plant #1724016,563,636.98
Royal Oak Enterprises-Mountain View/Craig Kiln Facility5220.00
Royal Oak Enterprises-Royal Oak Enterprises6125204,280.42
Rubbermaid-Division Of Newell Rubbermaid6594,130,490.40
Ruble Rock & Lime Co-Ruble Rock & Lime Co21069,075.16
Rumble Slf Ii31102393,627.81
Ruprecht Quarry-Paule Rd210360.36
Rush, Dennis1158,609.40
Rush, Rocky1170,948.20
Ryan Cleaners-Ryan Cleaners2100.00
Rye Creek Slf29298,488.14
S & A Construction Ltd-Allendale Quarry22213,966.88
S & H Enterprises Inc-Shirleys Cleaners110.00
S & K Industries Inc-S & K Industries Inc B #11125109,500.00
S & K Industries Inc-S & K Industries Inc B #21219115,764.16
S & T Farms, Llc1137,016.40
S & W Cabinets Inc-Cummins Drive Plant111530,667.38
S & W Cabinets Inc-Highway M Plant111522,778.34
S-R Finishing-Div Siegel-Robert Inc9152.60
S-R Products-Farmington18146421,298.28
Sabreliner Corporation-Perryville Plant2011115,323.05
Sabreliner Corporation-Ste. Genevieve8103,466.40
Safety-Kleen Sys. (503001)120.18
Safety-Kleen Sys. (504201)112.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (508502)237.12
Safety-Kleen Sys. (516003)127.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (619302)112.00
Saint Lukes Northland Hospital-Saint Lukes Northland Hospital5370.00
Saint-Gobain Containers Llc-Pevely7301,258,552.36
Salem Memorial Hospital-Salem Memorial Hospital712479.20
Salem Slf29294,865.49
Salem Wood Products-Salem74335,000.10
Salisbury Ag Center Inc-Salisbury Ag Center Inc6314,847.16
Salisbury Municipal Utilities-Board Of Public Works Generating Plant681,336.24
Salisbury Station Platte Pipe Line Co-Salisbury221138,670.20
Salus Center-Salus Center7453,337.88
Salyers Farm1158,096.20
Samek, Frank1128,450.60
Samek, Frank1115,647.80
Samuel Bingham Enterprises115.00
Sander, Joe1133,430.40
Saneco Cleaners Inc-Saneco Cleaners Inc110.00
Savannah Slf29292,446.20
Schad, Ronald And Linda117,473.60
Schaeffer Mfg-Schaeffer Mfg1050152,579.69
Schaller Hardwood Lumber Co-Yard 25922,870.60
Scheer Agri-Enterprises11187,550.00
Schelle, Don1130,847.00
Schenkel, Marie/John1116,194.60
Schindler, Herman1115,423.60
Schloemann Cleaners-Schloemann Cleaners111,780.00
Schmidt, Steven1110,571.60
Schnake, Roger1185,207.60
Schnarre, Keith1137,787.60
Schoenhals, Roy1164,972.80
Schott, Leo1144,574.20
Schreiber Foods Inc-Packaging Converting Plant102167,930.00
Schreiman, Allen Inc.1123,289.60
Schupbach, James11167,890.40
Schwartz Dairy1130,589.60
Schwartz, Anthony118,141.20
Schwartz, Brian119,254.20
Schwartz, Brian Finishing1159,226.40
Scotch Deluxe Cleaners-Scotch Deluxe Cleaners110.00
Scott, Glen1140,766.00
Scoular Company (The)-Harrisonville2816,340.00
Scrubby Duds-Kirksville111,480.00
Scrubby Duds-Macon110.00
Scurlock Industries Of Springfield-Springfiled6156,258.80
Sealed Air Corporation-Cryovac Division3912,129.22
Sears, Darlene1178,919.00
Sears, Mark1129,613.20
Sedalia Slf1111,020.00
Selby Brothers1137,204.20
Select Dry Cleaners-Parkville110.00
Semco Incorporated-Chillicothe582,606.00
Seminole Stone Inc-Shook2199,709.96
Semo Ready Mix Inc-Cape Girardeau166,124.60
Sensient Colors Inc-Baldwin Plant65620,985.72
Sericol Inc-Sericol Inc2640120,741.00
Sexton Metalcraft Inc-Raytown143020,889.58
Seyer, Patrick1113,881.20
Shafer, Roger11111,049.40
Shamrock Cabinet & Appliances-Raytown101912,492.54
Shamrock Cleaners-Shamrock Cleaners110.00
Shannon'S Circle S Ranch1117,857.40
Sheilas Dry Cleaners Inc-Sheilas Dry Cleaners Inc11740.00
Shelbina Power Plant-Shelbina Power Plant6532,618.74
Shenandoah Farms Llc1125,339.20
Shepard, John115,436.80
Shepherd, James1142,603.80
Sherwood Cleaners-Sherwood Cleaners117,560.00
Shiloh Lure Co.11400.00
Shirley'S One Hour Cleaners-Shirley'S One Hour Cleaners116,740.00
Shockley, Don1119,365.40
Shopper'S Cleaners-Shopper'S Cleaners11480.00
Show-Me Cleaners-Florissant112,186.00
Show-Me Regional Landfill-Show-Me Regional Landfill293854,156.75
Sibley Industries Inc-Sibley Industries Inc690.00
Siegel Ii, Paul W1196,439.60
Siegel Robert Plating-Siegel Robert Plating165197,118.64
Siemers, Arthur And Jerry1119,118.40
Sigma - Aldrich Co-Sigma Chemical Company23102241,514.60
Sigma-Aldrich Co.4210750,272.41
Sikeston Dry Cleaners-Sikeston Dry Cleaners111,220.00
Sikeston Power Station-Sikeston Power Station7310819,145,948.01
Silgan Containers Corp-Silgan Containers22104727,109.15
Silgan Containers-Silgan Containers167388,520.70
Silver Creek Pig Company11106,113.80
Simmons #2111106,509.60
Simmons #2211106,509.60
Simmons #2311106,509.60
Simmons #2411106,509.60
Simmons #25 And #2611235,934.80
Simmons #2711106,509.60
Simmons #2811106,509.60
Simmons #2911106,509.60
Simmons #3011106,509.60
Simmons #3311106,509.60
Simmons #3411106,509.60
Simmons Company Farm #3111106,509.60
Simmons Company Farm #3211106,509.60
Simmons Foods Inc-Southwest City897247,938.28
Simmons, Doug11925.40
Simpson & Zeller11177,833.20
Simpson Construction Materials Llc-Valley Park1560203,004.86
Simpson Construction Materials Llc-West Lake Quarry & Material Co142327,836.96
Simpson Materials Co-Valley Park2201,266.76
Simpson, Winston (North)1130,847.00
Simpson, Winston (South)1130,847.00
Sinclair & Rush Inc.11208.00
Sinclair & Rush-Arnold Plant105167,156.59
Sinclair Oil Corp-Carrollton Station1474174,495.51
Sinclair Oil Corporation-Mexico Terminal9640.00
Sinclair-Hall, John1121,741.60
Sinnett-Elpaco Coatings Corp.5107,650.00
Sipe, Dan L.1142,603.80
Skinner & Kennedy-Natural Bridge Road355,142.60
Slaughters Cleaners-Delmar Blvd110.00
Sleeth, Ronnie & Carolyn1139,678.60
Small Animal Hospital Inc-Small Animal Hospital Inc5560.00
Smasal Aggregates Asphalt-Cole Camp640167,950.06
Smedley, Robert/Reed, Tom1136,310.00
Smith Flooring Company-Mountain View632119,569.60
Smith Flooring Inc-Smith Flooring Inc2147,053.02
Smith, Joanna1164,952.60
Smith, Phillip1137,016.40
Smith, Phillip1174,033.00
Smithson, Wayne1127,176.80
Snider, Dave1138,730.80
Sno-White Cleaners-Sno-White Cleaners660.00
Solutia Inc. John F. Queeny Plant1766166,046.68
Solvent Recovery Corp-Kansas City624440.00
Sombat, Chit-Arkhah1140,766.00
Song'S Laundry And Cleaners-Song'S Laundry And Cleaners11560.00
Sorensen, Donny1113,588.20
South Fork Farms1138,558.80
Southeast Coop Service Co-Dexter Facility27487.76
Southeast Coop Service Co-Mesler Facility26103.52
Southeast Missouri State University-Facilities Management779736,155.12
Southeast Missouri Stone Co Inc-Cape Girardeau67144,373.28
Southeast Slf1189,280.00
Southeast Wood2210.00
Southern Metal Processing-Southern Metal Processing623137,606.12
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline-Columbia Compressor Station61135,120.00
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline-Concordia Compressor Station6139,235.00
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline-Knob Noster Compressor Station3150.00
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline-Lone Jack Compressor Station6826,980.00
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline-Peculiar Compressor Station72979,623.24
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline-Saginaw Compressor Station832147,742.48
Southtown Cleaners-Div Of B & K11840.00
Southwest Mo State Univ-Physical Plant75455,408.00
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company-Southwestern Bell Telephone Company6314,250.00
Spainhower, Gary1119,365.40
Spanish Lake Cleaners-Spanish Lake Cleaners110.00
Spartan Showcase Inc-Union93246,152.28
Spartech Polycom-Cape Girardeau Plant105412,698.82
Spears, Bill119,920.80
Specialloy Metals Inc-Specialloy Metals Inc1119.00
Specialty Brands Inc.1111,966.00
Spectrum Sample Card Co Inc-Spectrum Sample Card Co Inc340.00
Speedy Cleaners-Independence Ave110.00
Speichinger, Paul1118,508.20
Spinar, Harold119,920.80
Spirit Asphalt Inc-Hazelwood4434,873.04
Spoering, Kevin & Cynthia1139,365.20
Sporlan Valve Company-Plant #1 - East 7th7923,270.00
Sporlan Valve Company-Plant #2 - West Main5843,285.30
Sporlan Valve Company-Plant #3 - Lange Drive2533,014.00
Spot-Lite Cleaners Inc-Spot-Lite Cleaners Inc11732.00
Springfield Coach Builders-Springfield61111,253.80
Springfield Ready Mix-Springfield Ready Mix6299,805.40
Springfield Slf3560184,143.12
Springfield Underground Inc-Springfield Underground Inc21732,468.82
Springgreene Crematory-Springgreene Crematory66534.62
Sprint Cleaners-St. Charles11920.00
Sprint Communications-Holmes112,847.00
Src Automotive-Springfield - Calhoun51417,345.36
St. Alexius Hospital-St. Alexius Hospital6415,560.00
St. Alexius Hospital-St. Louis7265,300.00
St. Ann Cleaners-St. Charles Rock Road111,354.00
St. Anthony'S Medical Center-Kennerly Road71911,164.00
St. Clair Die Casting Llc-St. Clair Die Casting Llc810536,395.62
St. Francis Medical Center-Cape Girardeau65413,127.62
St. Francois County Environmental Corp-St. Francois County Landfill27276,518.47
St. Francois County Slf11196,580.00
St. John'S Regional Health Center-Springfield76975,943.24
St. John'S Regional Medical Center-St. John'S Regional Medical Center78823,286.92
St. Johns Mercy Medical Center-New Ballas Rd71447,044.02
St. Joseph Fuel Oil Co-St. Joseph Fuel Oil Co72310,339.58
St. Joseph Health Center-St. Joseph Health Center86924,209.92
St. Joseph Hospital-Kansas City107229,547.50
St. Joseph Hospital-Kirkwood102643,140.36
St. Joseph Landfill-St. Joseph Landfill1826168,478.11
St. Jude Industrial Park Slf292934,239.56
St. Louis Airport Authority-Lambert International Blvd167394,330.21
St. Louis Cleaners-Clay Street110.00
St. Louis Connect Care-St. Louis Connect Care84115,903.42
St. Louis County (Missouri Pass) Lf282843,230.98
St. Louis Cremation Service-St. Louis Cremation Service6182,219.72
St. Louis Demolition Landfill28287,786.76
St. Louis Lithographing Company-Heege Avenue13118,643.40
St. Louis Metallizing-St Louis11267,214.38
St. Louis Paint-St. Louis Paint9220.00
St. Louis Plating Company Inc-St. Louis Plating Company Inc550.00
St. Louis Post Dispatch-St Louis Post Dispatch85912,343.00
St. Louis Post-Dispatch-Dunlap Ind Dr61736,385.20
St. Louis Univ Health Sciences Center-St. Louis Univ Health Sciences Center622700.60
St. Louis University-Facilities Svcs71520,816.24
St. Louis Zoo-St. Louis Zoo5100.00
St. Luke'S Hospital-Woods Mill Road61123,394.60
St. Lukes Hospital Of Kansas City-Kansas City126334,015.00
St. Lukes Northland Hospital-St. Lukes Northland Hospital66413,305.00
St. Marys Health Center-Richmond Heights71331,521.60
Stahl Specialty Co-Kingsville Plant628860,926.06
Stahl Specialty Co-Warrensburg Plant619048,080.00
Stahl, James1184,384.60
Stallo, George1115,423.60
Standard Electric Steel Casting Co-Springfield64514,302.82
Standard Machine And Mfg Company-Big Bend71323,492.80
Stanphil Quarry-Pierce City6255,215.04
Stanphill, R.O.1120,383.00
Stanton Manufacturing Co Inc-Lake Ozark123159,273.50
Star Boards Inc.-Star Boards Inc.132917,579.28
Star Cleaners-Manchester110.00
Star Concrete Co-Star Concrete Co21229,296.68
Stateline Pork1137,016.40
Staten Island Cleaner-Florissant110.00
Stauffer, Scot1120,383.00
Ste. Genevieve Ready Mix Concrete Inc-Perryville Plant1812,674.00
Steel & Pipe Supply Co Inc-Steel & Pipe Supply Co Inc1220.00
Steel Processors-Steel Processors74812,197.80
Steele, Ed & King, Jerry1113,290.40
Steele, James1119,703.40
Steelman, Jim11101,456.60
Steelweld Equipment Co-St. Clair94959,376.60
Steffens, Roger A.1118,508.20
Stephens Gin Co Inc-Stephens Gin Co Inc6713,128.74
Stephenson, Robert J.1143,572.20
Sterling Lacquer Mfg-Sterling Lacquer Mfg81220,326.36
Stevens, Brian And Becky1168,178.80
Stewart'S Quality Cleaners-Stewart'S Quality Cleaners111,400.00
Stief, Jerry1123,443.80
Still Gin & Grain Inc-Steele61516,029.82
Still, Don1181,532.20
Stillwater Supply Company-Sullivan331,960.00
Stock, Charles1129,304.60
Stockton, Arlis1113,588.20
Stoddard County Cotton Co-Bernie6718,988.26
Stokes Mayberry Gin Company-Stokes Mayberry Gin Company226,716.66
Stone Container Corporation-Gardner Plant95062,380.00
Stone Container Corporation-Stone Container Corporation6920,371.48
Stout Industries Inc-Jennings91427,844.10
Stowers Institute For Medical Research-Stowers Institute For Medical Research65414,918.32
Strack Excavating Llc-Cape Girardeau11012,870.80
Strobel, Lawrence113,652.40
Struemph Charcoal-Steelville Plant63794,048.80
Struemph Charcoal-Struemph Charcoal55147,646.54
Stubblefield, Lee1113,588.20
Studio B Formal Wear Llc-St. Joseph11160.00
Sturgeon, Allan1147,348.40
Sudbrock, David1129,613.20
Sugar Creek Cleaners-High Ridge11600.00
Sullivan Precision Metal Finishing Inc-Sullivan Precision Metal Finishing Inc101630,060.00
Sullivan, James1129,048.00
Summa, Brian1137,016.40
Summers, C.W.1116,668.80
Summit Machine Prods. Inc.110.03
Summit Polymers Inc-Summit Polymers Inc2529,387.60
Sunbeam Products Inc-Plant I - Neosho621421,392.86
Sunnen Products Company-Maplewood111861,875.60
Superior Asphalt Company Inc-Kansas City1242124,884.24
Superior Asphalt Inc-Lee'S Summit Plant123172,800.96
Superior Asphalt Portable Plant-Kansas City128489,224.96
Superior Bowen Asphalt Co Llc-144th (Plant 2)126767,325.10
Superior Bowen Asphalt Co Llc-Manchester Road Site1243101,991.48
Superior Bowen Asphalt Company Llc-Lee'S Summit (Plant 3)123669,444.74
Superior Home Products Inc-Superior Home Products Inc93577,759.27
Superior Maple Hill Landfill-Macon5556,560.00
Superior Oak Ridge Lf3461518,484.97
Superior Solvent & Chemical-St. Louis12268,030.00
Superior Solvents & Chemicals-Superior Solvents & Chemicals12281,080.00
Supreme Cleaners Inc-Blue Ridge Blvd110.00
Suthoff, Steve1115,886.20
Sutton & Sons Slf116,860.00
Swaffar, Robert1138,730.80
Sweetheart Cup-Sweetheart Cup86529,636.00
Sweetwater Mine/Mill119,937.00
Swift Construction Company Inc-Joplin Plant63621,068.06
Swine Assurance Prod Co1177,117.60
Swing-A-Way Mfg-Swing-A-Way Mfg9422,393.00
Swyden Cleaners-Swyden Cleaners119,980.00
Syd-Ren Industries-Div Of Leggett & Platt8161,831.20
Systems & Electronics Inc-West Plains1717296,499.19
T & J Realty Llc-Foristell2144,363.98
T & S Dry Cleaners-Angelique Streeet11660.00
T J & C E Farms11197,421.00
T&C Disposal Incorporated Slf1133,580.00
Table Rock Asphalt Constr Co Inc-Hwy 248 Quarry63123,945.82
Table Rock Asphalt Constr Co Inc-Quarry #3 & Concrete Plant22122,977.60
Tabor, Curtis1121,332.00
Talbot Industries-Talbot Industries88978,220.22
Tally, Lawrence/Patricia1170,948.20
Tally,Lawrence & Patricia1170,948.20
Tamko Roofing Products Inc-High St Plant924366,026.48
Tamko Roofing Products Inc-Rangeline Plant7219509,409.24
Taylor Quarries Inc-Golden City Quarry West65726,944.88
Taylor, Dan And Leroy1118,508.20
Taylor, Jim114,076.40
Taylor, Matt1138,730.80
Technical Communication Services-N. Kansas City1421,200.00
Tenneco Automotive36279.00
Tension Envelope Corporation-Kansas City 19th Street61754,913.00
Teppco-Cape Girardeau Terminal1949,752.00
Terry, Jim1127,176.80
Tetra Pak Materials-Sikeston78532,943.30
Teva Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc-Mexico13235528,845.73
Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation-Oran Facility7791,712,603.67
Tg Missouri-Perryville151891,015,778.62
Thao, Na1128,535.80
Thermo Science Inc-Fenton122773,902.94
Thiel, Jim1138,558.80
Thierfelder, Chris & Mary113,805.80
Thomas, Becky1163,905.80
Thomas, Lee1139,162.20
Thomas, Mike1115,083.20
Thomas, Ronnie, Valley Vw1120,271.20
Thomas, W Ronnie1133,338.00
Thomason Charcoal Company-Thomason Charcoal Company61454,197,298.64
Thompson, Brian1136,778.00
Thorco Industries Inc-Lamar #261612,550.58
Thorenson, Ted113,084.80
Thoreson, Ted1130,847.00
Three Rivers Farms Llc1137,016.40
Thriftway Cleaners-Thriftway Cleaners220.00
Thurman, Robert1129,613.20
Thweatt, Charles1144,540.40
Tichenor, Jean & Geneva1129,048.00
Tieman Bros. Farm1146,733.20
Tieman, Gregory1122,826.80
Tiffany Home Prods.122,067.00
Tiffany Marble Inc-Lee'S Summit81421,734.00
Tiger Cleaners-Columbia117,520.00
Tilford, Garritt M.1142,603.80
Timber Charcoal Co-Timber Charcoal Plant #3649270,673.20
Timber Charcoal-Plant #1635693,080.04
Tinsley, Ronnie1157,495.40
Tip Top Cleaners-Clayton Road110.00
Tip Top Cleaners-Euclid112,000.00
Tip Top Cleaners-Forsyth110.00
Tip Top Cleaners-Market114,000.00
Tip Top Cleaners-North Oaks Store110.00
Tipton, Elbert1117,428.80
Tire Centers Llc-North Kansas City5100.00
Tnemec Company Inc-Tnemec Company Inc1411485,423.11
Tnt Plastics Inc-Perryville62442,815.52
Tompkins Livestock Farms1198,710.60
Toms Cleaners Llc-Toms Cleaners Llc11720.00
Top Hat Cleaners-Monett11940.00
Torque Traction Integration Technologies-Columbia84015,490.59
Torque-Traction Manufacturing Tech-Cape Girardeau Spicer Axle Division710659,209.00
Tosh, Mark And Mary1129,048.00
Tower Cleaners & Laundry-Westport Road11520.00
Tower Rock Stone Co-Scott City12014,468.40
Tower Rock Stone Co-Ste. Genevieve240128,444.00
Town Cleaners-St. Peters11260.00
Townsend Communications-Townsend Communications2517,100.00
Townsend Summit Llc-Townsend Summit Llc61239,697.40
Toyota Motor Corporate Services-Bodine Aluminum Inc13257707,611.66
Trabon Paris Printing Co.-Trabon Paris Printing Co.102332,100.00
Tracker Marine-Bolivar Plant1123105,090.76
Tracker Marine-Clinton Plant1022402,841.00
Tracker Marine-Lebanon Plant92778,459.22
Tracker Marine-Springfield Plant112321,172.58
Tradco Inc.11214.00
Trans Chemical Corp-Trans Chemical Corp13475,813.00
Trans Montaigne Product Services Inc-Cape Girardeau Terminal97357,692.40
Trautman Quarry-Pevely33423,453.80
Trenton Municipal Utilities-Trenton Peaking Plant6333,253.88
Trenton Municipal Utilities-Trenton Power Plant5150.00
Tri-Lakes Cleaners & Laundry-Tri-Lakes Cleaners & Laundry110.00
Triad Manufacturing-Triad Manufacturing121228,299.33
Triangle Plating Co-Triangle Plating Co560.00
Trigen Energy Corporation-Grand Avenue Station4919518,620,552.16
Trigen-St. Louis Energy Corp-Ashley Street Station2093582,916.44
Trimble, Greg11271,802.20
Trinity Industries Inc-Trinity Industries Inc104252,627.12
Trinity Lutheran Hospital-Baltimore Avenue88810,440.00
Trinity Marine Products Inc-Caruthersville - Plant #751551135,394.07
Trinity Marine Products Inc-Caruthersville Plant #73712639,320.00
Triple D Cleaners-Washington114,380.00
Triple D Farms1150,957.00
Triple E Pork1138,713.00
Triple P Ranch1123,844.60
Triple Rc Farm1159,226.40
True Manufacturing Co-O'Fallon1653196,709.26
True Mfg. Co. Inc.000.00
True Mfg. Co. Inc.000.00
True Mfg. Co. Inc.000.00
Truman Medical Center - East-Truman Medical Center - East71314,558.74
Truman Medical Center - West-Truman Medical Center - West79965,136.94
Truman State University-Kirksville63523,285.40
Tuque-Prairie Farms, Inc.1188,685.20
Turner, David & Tiffany1126,766.80
Turner, Jimmie & Janice1126,766.80
Two Rivers Sand & Gravel Co Inc-Two Rivers Sand & Gravel Co Inc583,725.40
Two-Morrow'S Pork Inc.1115,547.00
Two-Morrow'S Pork Inc.1115,547.00
Two-P Livestock Company11211,302.20
Tyson Bear Hollow1175,421.00
Tyson Farms #161159,277.40
Tyson Farms #171159,277.40
Tyson Farms #181159,277.40
Tyson Farms #191159,277.40
Tyson Farms #201177,060.60
Tyson Farms #211174,096.80
Tyson Farms #221177,060.60
Tyson Farms #231159,277.40
Tyson Farms #241177,060.60
Tyson Farms #291153,349.60
Tyson Farms #301161,870.40
Tyson Farms #321173,355.60
Tyson Foods Inc-Aurora Feed Mill71937,994.00
Tyson Foods Inc-Dexter Feed Mill62025,380.64
Tyson Foods Inc-Monett51524,980.00
Tyson Foods Inc-Sedalia Complex (Feed Mill)62335,257.70
Tyson Foods Inc-Sedalia Processing Plant7166242,695.66
Tyson Foods Inc.753136,295.46
Tyson Foods, Inc.113,968.40
Tyson Lee Pine Farm1174,033.00
Tyson Musteen Farm11104,880.00
Tyson Pea Ridge Farm11135,727.00
Tyson, Roger And Judy1129,048.00
U S A Cleaners-Shrewsbury11813.00
U S Paint Div Of Grow Group-U S Paint Div Of Grow Group1671132,475.00
U S Polymers-U S Polymers148713,540.50
U. S. $1.75 Cleaners-Hwy 67110.00
U. S. $1.75 Cleaners-Noland Road110.00
U. S. $1.75 Cleaners-St. Joseph110.00
U. S. $1.75 Cleaners-St. Peters113,660.00
U. S. $1.75 Cleaners-W. Florissant110.00
U. S. $1.85 Cleaners-Battlefield Site660.00
U. S. $1.85 Cleaners-Springfield - Sunshine660.00
U. S. $1.95 Cleaners-Laclede Station Road110.00
U. S. $2.35 Cleaners-Ronnies Plaza113,901.00
U. S. Cleaners-Blue Springs110.00
U. S. Cleaners-Columbia112,840.00
U. S. Cleaners-Gladstone - N Oak Trafficway111,620.00
U. S. Cleaners-Joplin111,600.00
U. S. Cleaners-Melody119,460.00
U. S. Dept Of Energy-Kansas City Plant (Alliedsignal)23172119,682.41
U. S. Gypsum Co-North Kansas City71871,895.38
U. S. Ringbinder Corp-Loose Leaf Metals72411,034.80
U. S. Silica Company-Pacific650630,714.46
U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center Ranges11559.30
U.S. Granules Corporation-Almeg Division64389,487.28
Uhls Cleaners-St. Louis11677.00
Umc South Farm1124,400.40
Unilever Bestfoods North America-Unilever Bestfoods North America817955,023.02
Unilever Hpc Usa-Jefferson City Plant74559,373.48
Unimin Corporation-Pevely62815,630.40
Union Pacific Railroad Co-Desoto Car Shop84945,103.62
Unique Automotive Rebuilders Inc-Jonesburg119,800.00
Unique Cleaners-Manchester110.00
United Bumper Inc-United Bumper Inc25602.80
United Cooperative Inc-Osborn Elevator5242,571.00
United Cooperative Inc-Plattsburg Elevator6283,042.38
United Cooperative Inc-Savannah Plant3116,409.00
United Materials Company-St. Louis2142,689.10
United States Postal Service-Kansas City Missouri Main Post Office9131,704.00
United States Postal Service-Kcmo Processing & Distribution Ctr6611,980.00
Univar Usa Inc. - St. Louis24203.00
Universal Galvinizing Inc.22260.00
Universal Manufacturing Co-Universal Manufacturing Co238,360.00
Universal Printing Co Inc-Kinshighway Plant184016,596.47
Universal Printing Co Inc-Macklind Plant182919,896.78
University Of Missouri - Columbia-Ellis Fischel State Hospital75124,254.06
University Of Missouri - Columbia-Main Campus Sources720828,963.04
University Of Missouri - Columbia-Power Plant716121,899,772.78
University Of Missouri - Kansas City-Hospital Hill76310,604.46
University Of Missouri - Kansas City-Volker711556,884.26
University Of Mo - Rolla-Rolla Power Plant6841,310,115.80
Unruh, Waldo1136,164.80
Us Medical Center For Federal Prisoners-Us Medical Center For Federal Prisoners64027,597.84
Uthlaut Farms, Inc.1134,548.60
Utt, Jerald Farm1159,226.40
Utterback, Henry117,038.40
V I P Cleaners-Manchester110.00
Va Medical Center-Va Medical Center1011015,445.22
Valhalla Cemetery Crematory & Mausoleum-St. Louis77145.50
Valley Cleaners-Long Road110.00
Valley Material Company-Valley Park21214,473.00
Vance Brothers Inc-Vance Brothers Inc767122,675.42
Vancuren, Larry1124,206.80
Vang, Nhiacheng118,230.20
Vanguard Plastics Inc-Beltway91371,639.80
Varco-Pruden Buildings-St. Joseph819270,666.00
Varner, Jerry1123,780.20
Varner, Larry1110,191.60
Varner, Terrell1120,383.00
Varner, Terrell1127,176.80
Vasey, Lawrence1137,016.40
Vc Missouri Holdings Llc-Carthage Crushed Limestone686123,027.66
Verhoff, William1125,478.60
Vermillion Co Inc-Vermillion Co Inc152733,659.78
Vermillion Inc-Billings61821,391.22
Vernon County Ready Mix-Nevada Plant2147,617.02
Versa-Tech Inc-Fredericktown5790,180.00
Versailles Ready Mix-Versailles Ready Mix2166,603.46
Vertex Plastics Inc-Kearney41213,803.50
Vessell Mineral Products-Vessell Mineral Products729112,829.80
Veterans Admin Medical Center-Jefferson Barracks Drive72131,373.12
Veterans Admin Medical Center-John Cochrane Div113921,807.72
Viburnum City Slf29295,637.54
Vic Cleaners-Kirksville111,420.00
Viking Cleaners-Viking Cleaners110.00
Village Cleaner (The)-Manchester110.00
Village Cleaners Inc-Kansas City110.00
Village Cleaners-Springfield660.00
Vip Cleaners-Noland Road11600.00
Vip Cleaners-St. Peters11480.00
Vogue Cleaners-Crystal City111,020.00
Vogue Cleaners-Fremont Plant660.00
Vogue Cleaners-Sunshine Plant660.00
Von Hoffman Press Inc-Jefferson City1023108,951.09
Von Hoffmann Graphics Inc-Owensville1541160,817.40
Vopak Usa Inc. St. Louis11778.00
W. A. Ellis Construction Co-Missouri Rock Inc Orrick64346,467.04
W. B. Smith Feed Mill-W. B. Smith Feed Mill61432,691.32
W. L. Miller Company-Kirksville Plant5150.00
W. R. Meadows, Inc-Boonville744192,744.36
W. W. Wood Products-Dudley15100255,212.14
Waddells 45 Minute Cleaners-Belridge Natural Bridge110.00
Waddells 45 Minute Cleaners-Natrual Bridge113,048.00
Waddells 45 Minute Cleaners-North & South110.00
Waddells 45 Minute Cleaners-North Florissant110.00
Waddells 45 Minute Cleaners-West Florissant110.00
Wahoo Concrete-Bethany2122,636.70
Wallace, Hugh1148,769.20
Wallace, Sue1113,588.20
Walnut Grove Feeder Pigs1138,867.20
Walsworth Publishing Company-Marceline103174,239.50
Walsworth Publishing Company-Pre-Press Plant8910,822.00
Waltz, Gary Nursery1170,948.20
Warnke, David1165,642.40
Warren Slf11860.00
Warrenton Copper Llc-Warrenton850132,080.25
Warsaw Ready-Mix-Warsaw6216,548.44
Warson Cleaners-Manchester Rd110.00
Wash House-Wash House1125.00
Washboard Dry Cleaners-Washboard Dry Cleaners110.00
Washick, Mike116,114.60
Washington County Aggregates Inc-Washington County Aggregates Inc2125,607.30
Washington County Slf29298,810.72
Washington Sw Municipal Stuetterman Quar2929281.69
Washington Univ Medical School-Boiler Plant12171381,886.95
Washington University-Millbrook Blvd1289102,434.86
Wassam, Terry & Jacinda1172,329.80
Wat-Park Sanitary Landfill2828785.49
Wat-Park Slf1114,440.00
Water Supply Division-Kansas City63775,447.40
Waterlac Coating Inc-Waterlac - Cuba122315,585.64
Waterloo Industries Inc-Waterloo Industries Inc13166371,658.93
Waters, Cecil (Jack)1121,302.00
Waters, Gary1129,048.00
Watson, Darrel G.1119,365.40
Watts, Ray1140,542.80
Waverly S.E.W. Nursery1192,541.20
Wayne B Smith Inc-Wayne B Smith Inc69018,238.96
Wayne County Sanitary Landfill2828717.23
Webco Inc-Springfield71246,005.80
Webster County Slf11100,940.00
Weckenborg, Dennis1112,215.40
Weisers Family Cleaners-St. Joseph11180.00
Welco Mfg. Co.1210.00
Weld Racing Inc-Weld Racing Inc71824,954.12
Weld Wheel Inds.2210.00
Weldon, James1130,847.00
Welston Sanitary Landfill2828182.09
Welston Slf116,460.00
West Central Agriservice Llc-Adrian62921,984.64
West Central Agriservice Llc-Butler24155.28
West Central Concrete Llc-Bradford Quarry #26433,698.40
West County Quarry Lc-Ste. Genevieve3333,381.40
West Limestone Quarry-West Limestone Quarry2168,831.92
West Oak Cleaners-Clayton Road110.00
West Oak Cleaners-Four Seasons Shopping Center110.00
West Oak Cleaners-Olive111,626.00
West Plains City Power Station-West Plains City Power Station625640.00
West Plains City Slf29298,868.01
West Pointe Cleaners-Bennington Place11813.00
West, Marvin1164,972.80
Westar Concrete Company-Antire Quarry24270.48
Western Container Co-Western Container Co1351,460.00
Westgate Cleaners-Olive Street112,980.00
Westin Crown Hotel-Dry Cleaners5100.00
Westinghouse Electric Company Llc-Jefferson County84115,373.22
Westport Cleaners-Westport Cleanrs110.00
Westway Cleaners-Glendale110.00
Weyerhaeuser-St. Joseph93661,638.76
Wheeler Truck Trailer Equipment Co-Wheeler Truck Trailer Equipment Co81832,223.00
Whistle Redi Mix Inc-Holden Site51611,597.00
Whistle Redi-Mix Inc-Pleasant Hill Site62635,364.98
White Oak Gin Company Inc-White Oak Gin Company Inc6717,854.92
White Rodgers Div Of Emerson Electric-White Rodgers Div Of Emerson Electric12240.00
Whiteman Air Force Base-Whiteman15228166,977.12
Whites Cleaners-Whites Cleaners111,500.00
Whiteside Hog Farm, Inc.1120,050.60
Whiteside, Richard1114,403.00
Whitmire Microgen Research Laboratory-Kirkwood102217,138.80
Widener, Darin1155,679.40
Wieberg Red-E-Mix Inc-Meta21713,329.78
Wil-Mix Concrete Products Inc-Festus22411,960.20
Wilburn Hog Farms, Llc1186,371.80
Wilcorp Inds. Inc. - Bil5595.00
Wilcorp Inds. Inc. - Mar33100.00
Wildcat Ready Mix-Warsaw Plant4125,094.82
Wilkerson Brothers Quarry Inc-Wilkerson Brothers Quarry Inc32817,017.00
Willard Asphalt Paving Inc-Lebanon Plant173122,248.98
Willard Quarries Company Inc-St. Robert Quarry175232,745.10
Willard Quarries Inc-Sleeper Quarry3207,509.34
Willert Home Products-Willert Home Products7303,566.22
William D Dawson Inc-Dawson Quarry #22119,348.82
Williamson, R G & Kelle1140,766.00
Williamsville Materials-Poplar Bluff61816,838.66
Willow Brook Foods-Butterfield Feed Mill5150.00
Willow Brook Foods-Smith11164,725.00
Willow Brook Foods-Terry1166,961.40
Willow Brook-Rolling Hill11446,409.20
Willow Springs Slf29291,796.54
Wilson Manufacturing-Green Park Road123.20
Wilson Marble Inc.114,289.00
Wilson Tool & Die-St. Charles22121.64
Wilson Trailer Sales Inc-Moberly113618,984.70
Wilson, Bill & Charles1177,461.60
Wilson, Gloria1140,766.00
Wilson, Larry1110,135.40
Wincup-Higginsville Plant712210,460.00
Windmann, Wayne1143,185.80
Windsor Concrete Co-Windsor Concrete Co215561.00
Winfield Grain Company-Winfield Elevat0r51526,712.90
Winters, Dean1119,279.40
Wire Rope Corporation Of America Inc-Sedalia62113,815.44
Wire Rope Corporation Of America-Chillicothe Plant824731,380.23
Wire Rope Corporation Of America-Kansas City71419,032.72
Wire Rope Corporation Of America-St. Joseph815251,927.54
Wise, Larry1113,588.20
Wiskur, Dale1143,185.80
Wohl Coatings Co-Maple Ave442,938.00
Wolcott & Lincoln Jackson Llc-Kansas City1529.80
Wolfhole, Inc.1112,758.80
Woodbridge Corporation-Kansas City Foam Div818188,163.00
Woodbridge Corporation-St. Peters817171,534.04
Woodpro Cabinetry Inc-Cabool2449121,072.12
Woodridge Resources Corp1740.00
Woods Chapel Slf2929114,781.41
Woodson Cleaners-Woodson1168.00
Woolard, H.C.1119,365.40
Woolaway, Rana1143,572.20
Wormington, Rena1120,383.00
Worsdell, Wilma1134,703.00
Wright, Felix11129,945.60
Wright, J.D. Swine Fac.1117,351.40
Wyant, Cleo1137,016.40
Wyant, Cleo1137,016.40
Wynn, Jinks1125,834.40
Xiong, Tou & Neng1177,461.60
Xiong, Xay118,714.40
Yang, Nhaoher & Lee Ann1145,250.20
Yang, Wa And Angela1128,808.00
Yarnall, Lonnie1134,990.80
Yarnall, Paul & Jane1113,588.20
Yes Cleaners-Telegraph Road11271.00
York Caskets - Missouri-Marshfield2096246,659.12
Yorkshire Cleaners-Marlborough115,690.00
Young, Harry Jr.1111,417.80
Young, Nora1128,875.80
Youngblood, Martin1141,635.60
Youngblood, Martin1158,096.20
Z-2 Sow Farm-Robt Zeysing1137,571.60
Zachs Fifth Avenue Cleaners-Zachs Fifth Avenue Cleaners110.00
Zaharadka, James11144,695.40
Zeysing, Robert11116,062.00
Zeysing, Robert1123,135.20
Ziegenbein Landfill28281,069.83
Ziegenbein Slf1115,340.00
Zion Homestead113,239.00
Zoltek Corporation-Zoltek Corporation85951,574.12