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Polluters in Minnesota
133rd Airlift Wing - Mn Air Natl Guard5542,160.00
3m - Abrasive Systems Division4364129,688.66
3m - Administrative Offices - Maplewood539662,409,721.61
3m - Alexandria47132255,188.66
3m - Bldg 518111,180.00
3m - Bldg 75 Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant552,700.00
3m - Bldg 7638395,077.11
3m - Cottage Grove - Bldg 17426516,875.75
3m - Cottage Grove - Tape Manufacturing63133631,309.05
3m - Cottage Grove Abrasive Systems Div69193141,315.81
3m - Cottage Grove Corporate Incinerator41110208,906.07
3m - Cottage Grove Smmd Pdc316853,349.08
3m - Cottage Grove Tcm Div42832,215.06
3m - Fabrication Services Building 9938393,808.79
3m - Fairmont4262149,308.25
3m - Hutchinson Tape Manufacturing Plant743652,887,284.54
3m - New Ulm - Electrical Products Div171735,754.10
3m - R & D Facility - Maplewood6183111,794.69
3m - St Paul Main Plant512101,294,096.88
3m - Stillwater4312650,049.04
3m Co. St. Paul East Side Site611178,870.06
3m Cottage Grove Specialty Additives4622145,809.00
8100 Building45669,279.21
934th Airlift Wing609356,682.98
A. E. Staley Mfg. Co.1269.90
A. S. King Generating Plant91358,054.80
Aacron Inc555,920.00
Aaf/Mcquay International - Faribault427646,539.86
Aaf/Mcquay International - Owatonna394018,890.33
Aaron Carlson Corp161638,602.80
Abbott Northwestern Hospital52504312,672.01
Abra Auto Body & Glass - Brooklyn Park116,020.00
Accent Home & Kitchen Center Inc565720,056.36
Acme Foundry Co441,640.00
Acrometal - Brainerd442,580.00
Acrotech Midwest33480.00
Adams Wwtp21262,336.43
Adc Telecommunications Inc - Shakopee4797511,985.34
Adm - Mankato814461,837,820.78
Adm - Prairie Grain Partners -Clarkfield55160,240.00
Adm - Red Wing4977779,893.78
Adm Co.12239,647.00
Adm Corn Processing - Burr1131,260.00
Adm Corn Processing - Dovray1128,720.00
Adm Corn Processing - Holland1126,500.00
Adm Corn Processing - Marshall792524,175,276.69
Adm Grain - St Paul - Elevator D1115,740.00
Adm Milling - A Flour Mill4264181,678.27
Adm Milling Co - Atkinson Flour Mill5526,420.00
Adm Milling Co - Nokomis Flour Mill5516,020.00
Adm/Growmark - Winona113,140.00
Advance Corp - Cottage Grove4427,160.00
Advanced Web Technologies - Mpls4424,980.00
Advanced Web Technologies - Roseville4412,720.00
Advantage Supply Inc473,341.44
Ae Staley Manufacturing Co55106,600.00
Aero Fiberglass Co119,520.00
Ag Processing Inc - Dawson493511,330,966.76
Ag Production Real Estate1161,680.00
Ag-Gro Inc11192,640.00
Agco Corp Jackson Operations4257164,435.09
Agco Corp. Ag-Chem Div.123,600.00
Aggregate Industries Inc - Dilworth686837,459.12
Aggregate Industries Inc - Elk River5513,860.00
Aggregate Industries Inc - Hastings Pit1120.00
Aggregate Industries Inc - Lakeland3311,900.00
Aggregate Industries Inc - Larson1113,920.00
Aggregate Industries Inc - Nelson Plant1127,900.00
Aggregate Industries Inc - Newport Plant3312,360.00
Aggregate Industries Inc - Nonmetallic313529,667.98
Aggregate Industries Inc - P-116 - Nm313517,579.84
Aggregate Industries Inc - P-91 - Nm313560,549.89
Aggregate Industries Inc - St Croix113,560.00
Aggregate Industries Inc - Yard A42484,539.43
Aggregate Industries Inc - Yard D335,760.00
Aggregate Industries Inc -Mpls Ready Mix5525,560.00
Aggregate Industries Inc -Shakopee Plant4242417.57
Agp Grain Ltd1110,920.00
Agra Resources Coop Dba Exol432401,319,702.51
Agri-Energy Llc44389587,311.58
Agstar Financial Services Flca1122,900.00
Ah-Gwah-Ching Center47856,210.88
Ahlman Hog Farm1161,680.00
Airlake Airport3434423,486.26
Aitkin Area2929864.98
Aitkin Area Sanitary Landfill28284,514.35
Aitkin Muni-Steve Kurtz Field3434104,242.65
Aitkin Wwtp21265,907.47
Akeley Wwtp2126545.25
Al-Corn Clean Fuel47427617,490.05
Alamco Wood Products Inc434473,615.99
Albert Gerhardt Farm - Ceylon West1159,220.00
Albert Lea29295,179.77
Albert Lea Medical Center557,880.00
Albert Lea Muni3586191,199.46
Albert Lea Sanitary Landfill28287,140.86
Albert Lea Wwtp212676,227.35
Albertville Wwtp21266,645.83
Alexandria Extrusion Co4452,460.00
Alexandria Lake Area Sanitary District215261,351.83
Alexandria Light & Power32436,757.17
All American Cooperative - Stewartville5537,600.00
Allan Gerhardt Farm - Ceylon East1159,220.00
Allen & Rick Altmann Farm1166,480.00
Alliance Pipeline - Albert Lea 25-A4983244,302.83
Alliance Pipeline - Olivia 23-A4983301,013.47
Alliant Ammunition Systems Co Llc4669836,358.07
Alltrista Consumer Products Co75310229,651.49
Alpha Ceramics Inc667,480.00
Altura Wwtp2126960.25
Alumacraft Boat Co50131133,937.95
Alumiplate Inc331,760.00
Amboy Wwtp21261,358.25
American Crystal Sugar - Crookston885122,320,806.23
American Crystal Sugar - E Grand Forks785444,275,619.47
American Crystal Sugar - Moorhead844472,180,678.71
American Crystal Sugar - Research Cen7994,197.28
American Crystal Sugar Co.3387,689.30
American Express Financial Corp - Operat456636,308.11
American Marine Ltd - Bluewater114,740.00
American Medical Systems30304,428.50
American Spirit Graphics Corp1118,300.00
American Structural Metals Inc2276,000.00
American Woodmark4817915,298.73
Americraft Carton Inc424343,820.97
Amidon Graphics7748,353.00
Amp Manufacturing & Supply Co6620,540.00
Anagram International Inc429451,496.95
Anamax Corp5089182,953.63
Anchor Block Co - Brooklyn Park4430,920.00
Anchor Block Co - N St Paul5539,440.00
Anchor Glass Container Corp - Shakopee39653,020,719.25
Andersen - Main924413,829,089.77
Andersen Consulting Tower3030566.92
Anderson Brothers Construction Co Base 840406,959.80
Anderson Custom Procesing Inc - Sleepy E5547,420.00
Anderson Custom Processing Inc5553,200.00
Anderson Iron Works Inc - Rogers8817,686.00
Anderson Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Andrew Schiller Farm1196,240.00
Annandale Rock Products - Nonmetallic313617,968.91
Anoka County-Blaine Arpt(Janes Field)3586951,661.81
Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center46726,381.45
Anoka Municipal Regional5063141,772.15
Anoka-Hennepin Technical College39395,776.79
Apple Valley Water Treatment Plant30302,497.92
Appleton Wwtp21265,695.35
Arctic Cat Inc623127,960.51
Arlington Wwtp21269,793.56
Arrow Cryogenics Inc393933,014.98
Arrow Tank & Engineering Co474843,891.39
Artistic Cultured Marble Inc225,900.00
Artistic Finishes Inc - Roseville131354,220.20
Ashcon Inc5517,020.00
Ashland Chemical Co - Shakopee44460.00
Ashland Distribution495214,982.60
Ashley Creek Acres Llp1134,740.00
Aspen Research Corp191923,926.20
Associated Finishing Inc5356295,954.75
Associated Milk Producers Dawson Div.221.19
Associated Milk Producers Inc - Dawson52217358,130.50
Associated Milk Producers Inc - Glencoe5522,620.00
Associated Milk Producers Inc -Rochester52480158,188.76
Associated Milk Producers Inc.220.45
Associated Wood Products - Rosemount2214,960.00
Atk Ordnance And Ground Systems Llc668,240.00
Atlas Alchem Plastics Inc.115.00
Atlas Manufacturing Div Of Meribel443,740.00
Atofina Chemicals Inc518565,934.95
Aurora Wwtp21265,373.41
Austin Muni3586169,395.36
Austin Utilities - 4th Ave Plant465543,777.11
Austin Utilities - Ne Power Station781525,362,332.87
Austin Utilities Dispersed Generation30304,722.17
Austin Utilities Northeast Power Station33119,207.40
Austin Wwtp215289,177.74
Automated Building Components6621,142.00
Aveka Inc1160.00
Avr Inc - Apple Valley Plant2274,200.00
Avtec Finishing Sys. Inc.12255.00
B & B Cattle Co Inc1119,640.00
B & E Fiberglass Inc5510,901.40
B & H Manufacturing Inc1114,580.00
B-C-H Enterprises Llp - Site I1173,260.00
B-C-H Enterprises Llp - Site Ii1157,820.00
B. Bros Packaging (Dba Fox Packaging)1163,020.00
Babbitt Wwtp21264,616.78
Backus Wwtp2126358.51
Badger Equipment Co429788,330.46
Badger Foundry Co46182188,631.51
Baldinger Baking Limited Partnership5580,800.00
Banta Book Group - Ep9931,941.40
Banta Catalog - St Paul4438062,814.92
Banta Catalog Group - Minneapolis44220255,560.19
Banta Direct Marketing4210158,099.79
Banta Publications Group - Long Prairie42364100,116.83
Barrel O'Fun Snack Food Co4277628,909.40
Barton Sand & Gravel Co - Nonmetallic3136537,651.70
Bastian'S Inc11108,760.00
Battle Lake Area2929403.50
Baudette Intl358690,068.84
Bauerly Bros Inc - Nonmetallic3136354,995.97
Bauerly Bros Inc - Plant 5454541,978.20
Bay Side Recycling111,260.00
Bay State Milling Co4293157,116.03
Baycon Society Inc1155,520.00
Bearhead Turkey Farm114,060.00
Becker County526536,302.81
Becker Wwtp - Municipal212613,865.58
Belgrade Steel Tank Co Inc404015,815.43
Belgrade Wwtp21262,015.30
Bell Lumber & Pole Co.239.10
Beltrami County Demolition Landfill28282,168.55
Beltrami Recycling44460.00
Bemidji State University5530,680.00
Bemidji Wwtp202020,326.04
Bemidji-Beltrami County57247381,005.58
Ben'S Tool & Iron2212,180.00
Benchmark Electronics Inc. Winona Div.110.20
Bendtec Inc5534,080.00
Benson Muni346834,124.32
Benson Municipal Utilities3021214,737.51
Benson Wwtp21266,253.27
Bentdale Farms Inc1183,360.00
Bergquist Co - Big Fork414316,435.97
Bergquist Co - Cannon Falls4517827,320.45
Bermo Inc - Circle Pines1122,320.00
Bernco Inc2220,260.00
Bernell Voss Farms1167,860.00
Bertha Wwtp21262,044.63
Best Buy Bloomington Distribution Center30302,497.92
Bethel College And Seminary456911,849.33
Bethesda Rehabilitation Hospital558,080.00
Big Lake Wwtp21268,263.57
Big Stone Colony - Feedlot11183,679.99
Big Stone County2929554.49
Bill Schaible Farm1160,140.00
Bill Thelemann Farm1121,420.00
Birds Eye Foods Inc669,480.00
Bituminous Materials Inc - Nonmetallic313512,496.40
Bituminous Paving Inc - Barber Greene404030,775.09
Bituminous Roadways Inc - 67d Inver Gro686828,190.85
Bituminous Roadways Inc - E500r686839,560.36
Bituminous Roadways Inc - Minneapolis686853,902.47
Bituminous Roadways Inc - Nonmetallic31326,252.24
Black Bear Casino73417,605.85
Black Diamond Inc5522,880.00
Black Oak Ranch Inc11152,179.99
Blair Farms Inc1196,560.00
Blandin Paper/Rapids Energy Center1026363,179,211.89
Blooming Prairie Public Utilities45673,311.56
Blooming Prairie Wwtp21266,934.77
Blount Inc427618,457.31
Blount Inc.4434.14
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Of Minnesota457022,125.12
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Of Mn - Eagan467110,081.53
Blue Earth Area Schools45695,320.95
Blue Earth Light & Water462152,981.41
Blue Earth Muni343491,212.31
Blue Earth/Ponderosa30306,106.83
Blue Sky Dairy Llc1135,380.00
Bmb Pork Llp1174,020.00
Bmr Pork Farm Llp1161,680.00
Bob Bartel Farm Sec 221174,020.00
Boise Cascade Corp - International Falls844646,264,892.87
Bongards' Creameries53575545,931.24
Bongards' Creameries Inc - Perham5585,080.00
Boston Scientific/Scimed1114.00
Boswell Energy Center91394,769.20
Bowman Constr Co Inc - Nonmetallic31341,524.09
Bowman Construction Co Inc68682,663.97
Bp Products North America -Spring Valley427426,568.28
Braaten Aggregate Inc - Nonmetallic31345,297.90
Brady Worldwide Inc443,020.00
Braham Wwtp21263,832.94
Brainerd Wwtp212648,635.26
Brainerd-Crow Wing Co Regional57247381,012.70
Brake Beef Yard1135,700.00
Braun Farms Inc1143,180.00
Brenntag Great Lakes Llc485016,434.48
Brian P Millmann Farm1174,020.00
Brian Waage Farm1161,680.00
Brian, Jessica & Sharon Timm Farm1148,120.00
Briese Iron Works Inc4429,540.00
Brink Sand & Gravel Inc - Nonmetallic313621,504.17
Brolsma Hog Farm1159,220.00
Brookston Area Modified Landfill2828198.56
Brookston Demolition Landfill282837,528.48
Brown County30301,417.89
Brown County Sanitary Landfill282814,957.69
Brown Printing Co - Waseca Division49831286,112.66
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co - Austin33800.00
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co - Lakeville333,280.00
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co - Mankato333,540.00
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co - Morris445,480.00
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co - Redwood Falls333,300.00
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co - Roseville414319,883.51
Brown-Wilbert Vault Co - St Cloud443,220.00
Brownie Tank Manufacturing Co551,200.00
Brownsville Wwtp2126647.07
Brownton Wwtp21261,780.45
Bruce & Eugene Ward Farm - Home Site1161,680.00
Bruce & Mary Zierke Farm11131,100.01
Bruce Ward Farm - Oak Hill Site1159,220.00
Brunk Minnesota Llc44420.00
Brush Masters5536,883.00
Bryan Rock Products Inc - Nonmetallic3136125,576.05
Buckbee-Mears - St Paul5523,460.00
Buckley Construction Ii - Nonmetallic313522,865.50
Bucks Unpainted Furniture Inc226,860.00
Bueckers #12929222.87
Bueckers Sanitary Landfill #128282,051.99
Buerkle Buick-Honda Co474824,710.60
Buffalo Bituminous - Nonmetallic31359,508.29
Buffalo Muni3586162,249.37
Buffalo Run Great Plains Family Farms1146,260.00
Buffalo Veneer & Plywood Co7164,206.13
Buffalo Wwtp212629,797.20
Buhl Kinney Wwtp21261,940.91
Buhler Inc5519,900.00
Builders Sand & Gravel Co - Nonmetallic313425,747.09
Building Materials Inc64944,143.53
Bunge North America Inc - Port Bunge21018,375.58
Bureau Of Engraving Inc439898,740.27
Bureau Of Engraving Inc - Marshall St171723,087.60
Burke Farms1162,760.00
Burkel Turkey Farms Inc Farm 7 - Edna11140,000.00
Burlington Northern Railroad - Brainerd5521,580.00
Burlington Northern Railroad - Northtown556,580.00
Burns Philp Food & Fermentation11480.00
Burns Philp Food Ingredients5513,420.00
Burnsville Center Dispersed Generation30302,330.23
Burnsville Yard Waste Compost Facility29322,219.77
Bursch Brothers Inc - Nonmetallic31342,444.86
Bury & Carlson Inc - Nonmetallic313685,252.10
Busch Agricultural Resources - Moorhead523351,237,215.83
Bustad Demolition Landfill2828461.64
Butler Enterprises Inc1164,440.00
Buttercup Sow Site1151,780.00
Buysse Inc - Plainview Farms Inc11190,820.01
Byerly'S - Burnsville30301,405.80
Byerly'S - Eagan30301,215.97
Byron Wwtp21265,907.93
Bystrom Bros Inc383827,520.03
C & H Chemical227,300.00
C & H Enterprises D.B.A. C&H Chemical11511.00
C Reiss Coal Co - Duluth Dock11317,018.59
Caldwell Finishing Inc1174,020.00
Caledonia Wwtp21265,723.59
Calumet Gilts - Site Ii11115,660.00
Calvin Priem Farm11124,040.00
Cambria Co5515,240.00
Cambridge Muni3552110,687.40
Cambridge Wwtp212614,994.09
Camp Ripley505146,975.84
Canadian Connection11101,780.00
Canadian Harvest Usa4430,420.00
Cannon Equipment Midwest414113,697.98
Cannon Falls Wwtp21266,503.10
Canton Wwtp2126391.90
Cardiac Pacemakers Inc489441,466.13
Cargill - Port Cargill (Fertilizer)113558,307.39
Cargill Inc - Alberta5512,560.00
Cargill Inc - Duluth - Elevator B111,040.00
Cargill Inc - Hills556,000.00
Cargill Inc - Maynard5527,700.00
Cargill Inc - Pipestone5526,920.00
Cargill Inc - Port Cargill2143,572.67
Cargill Inc - Salt Division113733,491.02
Cargill Inc - Savage111,540.00
Carleton College4910330,321.14
Carlisle Power Transmission Products Inc81118,160.00
Carlson Craft Social1225.38
Carlton County #22929991.92
Carlton County (South)292914.55
Carlton Landfill # 2 & Ts2828200.03
Carstens Inds. Inc.1211,037.00
Carstens Industries Inc3626,456.00
Carter Day International Inc5511,200.00
Carver Wwtp21261,811.38
Caseworks Inc115,280.00
Cass County Longville-Remer2929282.82
Cass County Walker Hackensack2929353.52
Cast Industries Llc44136.00
Caterpillar Paving Products - New Ulm11200.00
Caterpillar Paving Products -Brooklyn Pk464760,560.60
Catholic Charities Covenant Academy Mn404520.31
Cb Hockey Llc116,800.00
Cemstone Products - Childs Rd3343,000.00
Cemstone Products - Minneapolis3390,000.00
Cemstone Products - Nonmetallic313112,004.40
Cenex Harvest States - Inver Grove Hgts5512,460.00
Cenex Harvest States Coop - Elevator 2214268.55
Cenex Harvest States Coop - Mankato544161,554,579.50
Cenex Harvest States Coop - Savage114,580.00
Cenex Harvest States Coop - Winona111,300.00
Center Hill Hogs Inc1177,100.00
Centerpoint Energy Minnegasco - Dakota446,540.00
Centerpoint Energy Minnegasco - Gv44525,352.95
Centerpoint Energy Minnegasco - River43522,853.76
Centerpoint Energy Minnegasco - South43522,964.08
Central Bi-Products12162,750.00
Central Bi-Products12196,750.00
Central Bi-Products - Long Prairie55220,300.00
Central Bi-Products - North Redwood55132,560.00
Central Concrete Inc11240.00
Central Marble Products Inc32023,168.98
Central Minnesota Fabricating Inc5526,741.00
Central Mn Ethanol Cooperative47209626,221.99
Central Specialties Inc - Nonmetallic3135100,235.05
Central-Allied Enterprises - Nonmetallic159,700.00
Century Circuits & Electronics6615,400.00
Ceramic Industrial Coatings4618875,838.92
Certainteed Corp52221590,479.59
Certified Painting Inc444536,720.03
Cf Industries - Pine Bend Warehouse1135,400.00
Chandler Field57221164,188.26
Charles & Douglas Neitzel Farm1161,680.00
Charles Honzay Farm1161,680.00
Chart Inc.44113.40
Chart Industries Inc166460,000.55
Chatfield Wwtp21264,634.29
Chem Central5112,470.00
Chemstar Prods.12400.00
Chippewa County29292,287.69
Chippewa Valley Ethanol Co Lllp47235517,928.31
Chisago Lakes Joint Stc212614,166.35
Choice Connection - Finisher 41161,680.00
Choice Connection Llp - Finisher 31161,680.00
Choice Connection Llp - Site I1161,680.00
Choice Connection Llp - Site Ii1161,680.00
Choice Connection Vista Sow Site1138,540.00
Christensen Bros1163,420.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C-101140,860.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C-111140,860.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C-121140,860.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C-131140,860.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C-151140,860.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C-161140,860.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C-181140,860.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C-21137,780.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C-61117,580.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C-91140,860.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C14/C241181,740.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C17/C221181,740.00
Christensen Family Farms Site C19/C211181,740.00
Christensen Family Farms Site F-511180,200.00
Christensen Family Farms Site Kramer1167,860.00
Christensen Family Farms Site N-7/N-911384,959.99
Christensen Family Farms Site Talbert1169,400.00
Christensen Family Llc - C-0431153,040.00
Christensen Family Llc - C-0441153,120.00
Christensen Family Llc - N-01311261,579.99
Christensen Family Llc - Nf-00111123,500.00
Christensen Family Llc - Nf-00211290,200.01
Christian Bros Cabinets Inc1116,740.00
Circle R Farms Inc1176,860.00
City Of Fairfax Stand-By Power Plant2727127.26
City Of Mankato - Central Garage5567,940.00
City Of Minneapolis Traffic Maintenance141517,125.15
City Of Richfield - Portland Ave3030817.60
City Of St Paul Asphalt Plant686824,545.37
Clair Schmidt Jr Farm1159,220.00
Clay & Lisa Bryan Farm11135,720.00
Clay County303085,990.81
Clay County Demolition Landfill28282,696.77
Clay County Sanitary Landfill282813,687.19
Clear Creek Feeders1174,020.00
Clear Lake/Clearwater Wwtp21262,775.04
Cliffs Erie - Hoyt Lakes Plant1540,376.00
Cloquet Carlton County355266,058.43
Cloquet Carlton County Airport77202.60
Close Custody Correctional - Rush City456917,293.39
Cnh Benson4767243,004.58
Cnh Benson (Formerly Case Tyler)44107.01
Co-Operative Plating Co4413316,090.33
Cokato Wwtp21267,955.04
Cold Spring Granite Co - Cold Spring4222450,355.58
Cold Spring Rocori High School363641.12
Cold Spring Wwtp21269,825.00
Coleman Powermate Inc - Springfield421263,714.44
Coleraine-Bovey-Taconite Joint Wwtp21264,812.96
College Of St Benedict55380.00
College Of St Catherine5213222,823.43
College Of St Scholastica4910350,317.11
Collision Partners Inc Dba Collision Ctr117,420.00
Cologne Wwtp21261,714.94
Colonial Craft Inc221,360.00
Colonial Craft Inc - Fairview Ave9922,684.00
Columbia Gear Corp3312,780.00
Comfrey Wwtp2126390.57
Commercial Asphalt Co - Plant 902507296,195.77
Commercial Asphalt Co - Plant 9034546102,858.90
Commercial Asphalt Co - Plant 9044041291.74
Commercial Asphalt Co - Plant 905151683,726.72
Commercial Asphalt Co - Plant 907507269,403.54
Community Memorial Hospital5523,480.00
Con-Fed Inc11110,800.00
Conagra Flour Milling Co - Hastings434723,600.08
Conagra Flour Milling Co - New Prague4712794,711.42
Concordia College - Moorhead Campus4366271.90
Concrete Pump Repair121225,114.00
Condux International Inc221,760.00
Conklin Co Inc681,840.00
Conoco - Wrenshall Products Terminal1313883,962.00
Construction Systems Inc113,280.00
Conteck Enterprises Inc - Nonmetallic313516,919.33
Continental Bridge114,720.00
Continental Machines Inc2435,429.20
Continental Nitrogen & Resources Corp4256307,991.68
Cook Area Modified2929170.12
Cook Area Sanitary Landfill2828380.42
Cook County2929502.14
Cook County Sanitary Landfill2828313.15
Cook Demolition Landfill2828176.79
Cooperative Printing1115,000.00
Corchran Inc111121,219.40
Corey Hotovec Farm1164,160.00
Corey Huiras Farm11129,899.99
Corey Huiras Site 21130,840.00
Corn Plus432221,649,029.04
Corporate Graphics Document Solutions114,060.00
Cortron Corp22680.00
Cotton Area Modified2929120.39
Cotton Area Modified Landfill2828248.32
Cottonwood County30302,287.55
Covanta Hennepin Energy Resource Co Lp621451,172,662.31
Craig Lichtsinn Feedlot1129,520.00
Craig Otkin Farm1159,220.00
Creative Marble Products Inc223,240.00
Crenlo Inc - Plant 2446207290,580.81
Crestliner Inc49220123,499.67
Cromwell Molding125,204.00
Crookston Muni Kirkwood Fld3586141,603.32
Crosby American (Amt. That Is Msw)29291,122.06
Crow Wing County30303,909.75
Crow Wing County (Old)506316,141.78
Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc - Faribault421531184,992.26
Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc - Lakeville4347270,961.97
Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc - Mankato39176216,048.72
Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc - Owatonna43258711,518.34
Crown Cork & Seal Co. (Usa) Inc.4876,100.00
Crown Fixtures Corp442,260.00
Crushers Inc - Nonmetallic313513,765.76
Crystal Cabinet Works Inc50292361,740.90
Crystal Cabinet Works Inc - Sauk Rapids8812368,358.58
Crystal Cabinet'S Component Center1118,480.00
Crysteel Manufacturing Inc44165338,132.12
Crysteel Truck Equipment Inc2210,520.00
Cs Mccrossan Inc - Nonmetallic1564,300.00
Cs Mccrossan Inc - Stationary4393244,957.08
Csc Property Llc/American Express Client30301,510.50
Cub Foods - Apple Valley3030609.05
Cub Foods - Burnsville South30302,812.02
Cub Foods - Duluth30306,526.77
Cub Foods - Eagan3030881.87
Custom Crushing & Screening Inc - Nm313515,589.42
Custom Products Of Litchfield Inc141443,295.00
Cybex Inc3320,300.00
Cypress Semiconductor (Minnesota) Inc5110474,520.83
Cytec Engineered Materials Inc4536420,494.12
Daggett Truck Line Inc554,520.00
Dahl Farm 11177,100.00
Dahl Farm 21161,680.00
Dahlgren & Co Inc42527148,879.52
Dairy Farmers Of America Inc - Fergus Fa55108,320.00
Dairy Farmers Of America Inc - Winthrop5557,320.00
Dairy Farmers Of America Inc - Zumbrota5117266,990.05
Daka Corp116,300.00
Dakota Bulk Terminal Inc3322,800.00
Dakota County Technical College42581,071.71
Dakota Electric Association30301,448.79
Dakota Growers Pasta Co - New Hope424223,192.69
Dakota Premium Foods Llc - S St Paul424213,355.35
Dale Edgar Farm11900.00
Dale Edgar Farm Sec 18 Ne112,200.00
Daley Farms Of Lewiston Llp1160,980.00
Dan Sturm Farm1172,480.00
Danckwart Feed & Grain Inc1148,400.00
Daniel Pribyl Farm1150,980.00
Danner Inc3131101,115.46
Darling International Inc - Blue Earth55105,100.00
David & Shay Christensen Farm1164,160.00
David Brandts Farm1169,400.00
David C Johnson Farm1134,800.00
David Dahl Hog Farm119,240.00
David Murra Farm11126,460.00
David P Burkel Jr Farm 1 - Burlington11112,600.00
David P Burkel Jr Farm 2 - Burlington1182,160.00
David P Burkel Jr Farm 3 - Gorman11219,140.00
David P Burkel Jr Farm 4 - Norman11560,039.98
David Reuter Farm1167,860.00
David Spinler Constr Inc - Nonmetallic313512,022.94
David Wiebke Farm1149,600.00
Davis - Frost Inc515313,992.44
Davisco International Inc - Le Sueur428617,023.93
Davisco International Inc - Nicollet4223814,563.35
Dawnway Demolition Landfill28282,326.67
Dawson Wwtp21263,830.39
Dayton'S Plant42569,981.52
Dci Inc414215,989.02
Dci Inc.3631.55
Dean Vroman Farm1136,680.00
Decal Minnesota Div Of Cm Associates117,020.00
Decisionone Corp - Pine City37372,781.96
Degussa Construction Chemicals Ops. Inc.121,417.00
Del Monte Foods - Plant 1145513,540.00
Delano Municipal Utilities303014,019.25
Delano Wwtp212610,831.70
Delmar Elevator111,860.00
Delta-Waseca Inc332,080.00
Deltak Llc445,740.00
Dem / Con C&D Landfill282822,229.98
Dennis Bottem Farm1154,560.00
Dennis Coleman Farm11169,000.00
Dennis Magnuson Farm11128,780.00
Dennis Richter Farm1161,680.00
Dennis Sohre Farm1117,340.00
Determan Brownie Inc262623,989.55
Detroit Lakes Gas Turbine44480.00
Detroit Lakes Wwtp212619,761.25
Detroit Lakes-Wething Field3586115,760.60
Diamond K Dairy Inc1145,760.00
Diamond Products Co16152,200.00
Diamond Vogel North Inc419853,011.85
Diasorin Inc51765,422.22
Diekmann Farms Inc1169,400.00
Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Schools - School38381,263.06
Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Schools-School D38381,511.31
District Energy St Paul Inc-Hans O'Nyman805362,736,115.01
Diversified Agriculture Inc - Site 11174,020.00
Diversified Agriculture Inc - Site 21174,020.00
Diversified Energy Co Llc43274461,324.62
Dll Excavating - Nonmetallic31359,836.41
Doane Pet Care Co - Le Sueur5528,860.00
Dodge Center343432,575.71
Dodge Center Wwtp21265,983.58
Dodge County29291,075.51
Dodge County Sanitary Landfill2828226.51
Dome Pipeline Corp - Benson Terminal331,820.00
Dome Pipeline Corp - Hector Station33160.00
Dome Pipeline Corp - Lerdal Station33280.00
Dome Pipeline Corp - Mankato Pump3380.00
Dome Pipeline Corp - Mankato Terminal332,560.00
Dome Pipeline Corp - Wheaton Station331,400.00
Donald Bauleke Farm1133,200.00
Donald Dekam Farm1169,400.00
Donald Diekmann Farm1175,560.00
Donald J Delanghe Site #11149,600.00
Donald J Delanghe Site #21148,600.00
Donald L Buhl Farm11103,320.00
Donaldson Co Inc4972120,204.78
Donarski Bros Inc - Nonmetallic313625,666.85
Donnelly Wwtp2126466.26
Dotson Co Inc4220882,363.13
Double K - Farrowing Site1111,560.00
Double K - Finishing Site1177,100.00
Double T Turkey Farm11129,860.00
Doug Meyer Farm1161,680.00
Douglas Corp - Eden Prairie44234152,835.98
Douglas Corp - Mpls4214542,055.98
Douglas Corp - Plating Division6610,532.00
Douglas Lusk Farm1159,220.00
Douglas Machine Inc4411,300.00
Dpc Inds. Inc.12225.00
Ds Brown\Lewis Engineering Division10109,764.40
Ds Manufacturing442,260.00
Duane Weerts Farm11753,940.00
Dublin Dairy Sec 301183,400.00
Duininck Bros Inc - Nonmetallic313698,714.20
Duke'S Body Shop22102,880.00
Duluth Air National Guard Base47156025,062.70
Duluth Brass Manufacturing Inc11360.00
Duluth Entertainment & Convention Center478814,590.89
Duluth International Airport (Daa)4565962.50
Duluth Intl57247980,064.16
Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Railway Co22757,920.59
Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Railway Co -12963,780.00
Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Railway Co P332,900.00
Duluth Petroleum Products Terminal21619,933.03
Duluth Steam Cooperative Association847101,437,911.29
Duluth Superior Blacktop Inc686834,430.74
Dumont Dairy Llp1165,220.00
Dumont Wwtp212628.87
Dunnell Wwtp2126299.31
Dunwoody Institute39407,252.83
Duo Plastics Inc.1133.00
Dura Supreme Inc53349308,690.07
E & P Farms1163,100.00
E Street Makers Inc171712,061.00
E/M Corp - New Brighton8830,403.60
Eagan Municipal Center30301,301.52
Earl Tusa & Sons Inc1137,680.00
East Bethel31313,890.19
East Central Mixed Mun (Kanabec)30303,507.59
East Grand Forks Demo Lf & Compost Facility2828491.65
East Gull Lake Wwtp21522,715.83
East Mesaba **29292,293.55
East Mesaba Sanitary Landfill28284,998.60
East River Farms11129,539.99
Eaton Hydraulics Inc6676,237.40
Ecolab - Engineering Center536191,381.95
Ecowater Systems Inc5110498,381.58
Edco Products42442,967.43
Edward Kraemer & Sons Inc - Quarry3061129,031.88
Edwin E Thoreson Inc68682,647.83
Eischen Cabinet Co446,460.00
Eitzen Wwtp212666,033.45
Elbow Lake Demolition Landfill28285,014.33
Elbow Lake Muni343458,636.48
Electric Machinery Co4761341,671.34
Electrochemicals Inc554,681.00
Electrolux Home Prods. Freezers000.00
Elk River Bituminous Inc686827,595.25
Elk River Machine Co324316,635.20
Elk River Municipal Utilites30307,850.85
Elk River Resource Recovery Facility4847143,174.28
Elk River Wwtp212619,263.84
Elko/New Market Wwtp21261,820.54
Elmore Truck Accessories Inc2213,700.00
Elmore Truck Accessories Inc - Elmore2125,986.00
Elo Engineering Inc2224,380.00
Elroy Geistfeld Farm Sec 21155,700.00
Elwood Heldt Farm1129,600.00
Ely Muni57221127,427.28
Ely Wwtp212611,805.00
Emerson Motion Control552,700.70
Emmons Wwtp2126627.34
Enbridge Energy Partners - Clearbrook307935,264.94
Endres Processing Llc66141,120.00
Energy Economics Inc4415,000.00
Energy Park Utility Co446211,756.73
Engineer'S Realty Demolition Landfill28289,379.02
Engineered Polymers Corp43217104,929.84
Engineering Laboratory Design Inc116,300.00
Entolo - New Hope221,900.00
Enviro-Chem Inc - Plant 1413684,124.91
Enviro-Chem Inc - Plant 2223,480.00
Environments Inc443,360.00
Environments Inc - South Plant515443,289.35
Equipment Coating Inc101028,298.00
Eric R Setterberg - Setterberg Turkeys11219,140.00
Erickson Brothers1159,220.00
Ethanol 2000 Llp43315791,573.37
Evelands Inc.117,785.00
Eveleth Wwtp212612,216.64
Eveleth-Virginia Muni3468129,673.85
Evergreen Acres Partnership1153,700.00
Evtac Mining - Fairlane Plant8037312,131,828.94
Evtac Mining - Mine39165310,000.34
Excel Dairy1144,700.00
Excel Metal Finishing Inc111138,484.60
Exetare Partnership1161,680.00
Exetare Partnership - Belview Site1161,680.00
Exetare Partnership Llp - Site I1159,220.00
Exetare Partnership Llp - Tyro Twp11150,500.00
Exhibitgroup/Giltspur - Minneapolis111,660.00
Extra Tender Llp1157,360.00
Fabcon Inc5543,060.00
Fairfax Sand & Gravel - Nonmetallic3132334.53
Fairmont Foods Of Minnesota4242313.07
Fairmont Muni358679,179.56
Fairmont Power Plant43279153,840.45
Fairmont Wwtp212620,881.69
Fairview Chisago Lakes Health Center44651,763.63
Fairview Lakes Regional Medical Center45697,366.78
Fairview Red Wing Medical Center46691,154.01
Fairview Southdale Hospital511053,666.78
Fairview University Medical Center41473,525.09
Fairway Construction Inc - Nonmetallic313411,599.29
Falls Intl57221403,444.52
Far-Gaze Farm1141,160.00
Faribault County29292,418.19
Faribault Muni3586122,459.97
Faribault Wwtp212672,511.55
Farmco Supply - Hilltop Swine Inc1167,860.00
Farmers Coop Elevator Co - Cottonwood119,620.00
Farwell Kensington Sanitary Dist Wwtp2126312.13
Fast Dairy1145,380.00
Fast Development Inc1142,260.00
Featherlite Graphics4423,100.00
Federal Cartridge Co - Anoka4224946,814.09
Federal-Mogul Corp Powertrain Systems421278128,925.44
Feikema Farms1155,760.00
Feldman Bros1149,600.00
Felling Products Inc1111,580.00
Ferche Millwork Inc5567,400.00
Fergus Control Center30301,384.94
Fergus Falls29292,119.04
Fergus Falls Muni-Einar Mickelson Fld5722182,119.58
Fergus Falls Resource Recovery Facility44133429,958.93
Fergus Falls Wwtp212635,644.91
Fiberglas Fabricators Inc2931,528.60
Fiberglas Fabricators Inc.1130,000.00
Fibra-Form Products Inc113,140.00
Fifty Lakes Modified292995.41
Fil-Mor Express Inc664,220.00
Fillmore County343426,581.76
Fillmore Demolition Landfill2828298.41
Filmtec Corp.2211,241.00
Fine Swine Inc1155,520.00
Fingerhut Fulfillment5512,200.00
Finishing Equipment Inc118,620.00
Finishing Touch Industries Inc414426,165.80
Firmenich Inc334,780.00
First Bank System - Energy Park Dr30304,239.53
Firstar Center44652,900.75
Fischer Sand & Aggregate Co1140,120.00
Flagship Pork Properties1146,260.00
Flexcon Co Inc465089,499.39
Flint Hills Resources L.P.666,030.00
Flint Hills Resources Lp - Pine Bend7227217,176,274.61
Flint Hills Sulfuric Acid/Alum Rosemount495739,998.58
Floodwood Modified2929110.49
Floodwood Modified Sanitary Landfill2828248.32
Flying Cloud35861,181,107.72
Flying Cloud Sanitary Landfill1488280,045.49
Flykt Demolition Landfill2828198.56
Fm Frattalone Excavating & Grading Inc313629,610.25
Fmc Foodtech Inc.22255.00
Foldcraft Co82451123,793.80
Fond Du Lac Ojibwe School77942.00
Ford Motor Co - Twin Cities Assembly Plt497981,787,730.12
Ford Motor Co. Twin Cities Assembly Plant1120490,548.00
Forest City Road (Yonak)506376,224.50
Forsman Farm1187,140.00
Fosston Muni346854,772.65
Fox Feedlot Inc1177,460.00
Fox Packaging Inc424993,214.56
Franklin Wwtp2126924.55
Frattalone Demolition Landfill2828348.04
Frazee Wwtp21262,172.72
Freeport Finishing Inc121269,227.20
Freking Farms Inc1140,320.00
French Lake2929591.94
Froedtert Malt - Winona4269596,716.31
Froedtert Malt Corp - Minneapolis113,340.00
Fsi International - Lyman Blvd555,940.00
Fusion Coatings Inc - Div Of Rtm404018,564.40
G & K Services - Minneapolis Industrial48375239,448.21
G & K Services - St Cloud65492,063.23
Gaf Building Materials Corp50317170,221.08
Gaines & Hanson Printing Co7746,580.00
Gale'S Auto Body Shop2213,900.00
Gannett Offset - Minneapolis414175,629.75
Ge Capital Fleet Services45681,514.48
Ge Interlogix121.94
Ge Osmonics Minnetonka Facility57113101,488.91
Geistfeld Llp1174,020.00
Gemini Inc121211,748.80
General Dynamics Advanced Information Sy6714,820.50
General Electric Int'L Inc - Mpls33600.00
General Electric Int'L Inc - Mt Iron337,800.00
General Mills - Checkerboard Facility11880.00
General Mills - Soo Elevator11940.00
General Mills Data Center - Minneapolis30301,847.16
General Mills Elevator A - Duluth111,560.00
General Mills Inc - Minneapolis479725,549.20
General Mills Operations - Elevator T111,020.00
General Mills Operations Inc - Fridley5540,420.00
General Mills Operations Inc - Purity5530,300.00
General Mills Operations Inc -James Ford8866,577.00
General Safety Equipment Corp115,860.00
Generation Pork Inc1174,020.00
Genpak Llc - Formerly Strout Plastics42496257,951.23
George & Mary Peichel Farm - Nicollet1180,200.00
George & Mary Peichel Farm - Sibley1179,580.00
Georgia-Pacific - Duluth Hardboard694391,498,762.33
Geotek Inc32045,467.67
Gervais Brothers Ii1157,840.00
Gesell Concrete Products - Nonmetallic313612,814.29
Ghw Products Inc11209,000.00
Gibbs Farm Inc1167,020.00
Gilbert Wwtp21266,042.43
Gilland Feedlot Inc1145,620.00
Glacial Plains Cooperative424828,983.89
Glacial Plains Cooperative - Degraff118,000.00
Glacier Paving Inc - Nonmetallic313624,883.23
Glasco Industries114,860.00
Glen Kesteloot Farm1134,440.00
Glen N Graff Farm1133,060.00
Glencoe Light & Power Commission47198151,431.65
Glencoe Wwtp212618,191.91
Glenwood Muni343431,924.25
Goebel Fixture Co444645,583.39
Golden Oval Eggs11109,880.00
Gondek Demolition Landfill28286,549.97
Gonvick Wwtp21261,815.12
Goodhue Cooperative2929209.54
Goodhue County (Red Wing)29291,410.58
Goodhue County Demolition Landfill2828346.60
Goodhue Wwtp21261,107.18
Gopher Motor Rebuilding Inc992,980.20
Gopher Resource Corp815473,157,866.19
Gopher State Litho Corp7737,653.00
Gorans Bros Inc A-Farm1181,160.00
Gorans Bros Inc B-Farm11101,440.00
Gorans Bros Inc C-Farm11101,440.00
Gorans Bros Inc D-Farm1181,160.00
Gorans Bros Inc E-Farm1191,300.00
Gorans Bros Inc F-Farm1181,160.00
Gorans Bros Inc G-Farm1181,160.00
Government Center552,640.00
Gpff Inc - Shetek 5 & 61144,540.00
Gpff Inc - Whitetail Run1143,880.00
Graco Inc - David A Koch Center4547103,717.44
Graco Minnesota Inc. Minneap Olis3521,009.00
Grand Casino Hinckley45668,098.45
Grand Marais Public Utilities Commission41511,249.66
Grand Marais Wwtp21266,743.86
Grand Marais/Cook County343423,623.88
Grand Rapids Area506333,127.06
Grand Rapids Area Sanitary Landfill28281,391.49
Grand Rapids Wwtp20110112,543.72
Grand Rapids Wwtp478129,143.75
Grand Rapids/Itasca Co-Gordon Newstrom Fld57221217,803.04
Grandview Farms Inc11365,239.99
Grandview Hogs Llp11127,880.00
Grandy Pork Llp1174,020.00
Granit-Bronz Foundry425628,534.23
Granite City Ready-Mix - Nonmetallic313635,570.82
Granite Falls Wwtp21267,921.64
Grathwohl Bros Llp - Site I1161,680.00
Grathwohl Bros Llp - Site Ii1161,680.00
Gray Farms Inc1174,020.00
Great Lakes Compressor Station No. 5 Cloquet661,279,800.00
Great Lakes Gas Transmission - Station 117792,482,647.48
Great Lakes Gas Transmission - Station 217341,343,412.99
Great Lakes Gas Transmission - Station 317511,669,232.13
Great River Energy23696,046.72
Great River Energy - Cambridge39397,038.15
Great River Energy - Elk River39747,667,639.49
Great River Energy - Maple Lake39399,188.53
Great River Energy - Pleasant Valley41170257,632.07
Great River Energy - Rock Lake39398,211.10
Great River Energy - St Bonifacius397829,895.28
Great Western Dock & Terminal1128,540.80
Greatbatch - Globe Tool Inc2451,234.40
Greater Morrison3030193.82
Grede - St Cloud Inc45170400,383.32
Green Bay Packaging Inc - Coon Rapids5516,940.00
Green Lake Sswd Wwtp21267,273.89
Green Power Acres1161,680.00
Green Prairie Coop - Sec 2311128,000.00
Green Prairie Coop - Sec 71169,400.00
Greenfield Wwtp202029.15
Greg Bothun Farm1143,800.00
Greg Smith Farm1166,980.00
Gregory Lanoue Farm1160,140.00
Grist Mill Inc/Ihfsb5570,160.00
Gronewold Farms1161,680.00
Gross-Given Co557,960.00
Grove City Wwtp21261,691.75
Guidecraft Usa1110,140.00
Gustavus Adolphus College5518,080.00
Guy Jeremiason Farm1192,540.00
Guy Jeremiason Farm - Sec 281146,260.00
H. B. Fuller Co.111.00
Hacker Hog Barns Inc1184,820.00
Hagsten Excavating Inc - Sand & Gravel114,000.00
Halcon Corp4229479,173.36
Hallett Dock Co - Dock 51281,823.42
Hallett Dock Co - Dock 6114,780.00
Hallock Muni3468116,867.05
Halstad Municipal Utilities3030293.24
Halstad Wwtp2126925.10
Ham-It-Up Hog Farm Inc1168,780.00
Hamline University477819,559.79
Han-Mar Inc1175,240.00
Hancock Concrete Prod Co Inc - Nonmetall141,300.00
Hancock Wwtp21262,653.41
Hanson & Mankato Sanitary Landfill28282,010.11
Hanson Pipe & Products - Nonmetallic142,200.00
Hanson Spancrete Midwest Inc5544,820.00
Happy'S Potato Chip Co5516,180.00
Hard Chrome Inc431748,056.72
Hardrives Inc - Nonmetallic313659,610.73
Hardrives Inc - Plant 701444526,090.11
Harmony Wwtp21261,287.55
Harsco Track Technologies555,160.00
Harvest Land Inc - Nietzel Site11202,899.99
Harvestland Inc Christensen Site11202,899.99
Harvestland Inc Green Site11202,899.99
Harvestland Inc Rieke Site11202,899.99
Hassan Sand & Gravel Inc - Nonmetallic31345,774.99
Hastings Dg30303,525.35
Hastings Veterans Home - State Of Mn47907,778.85
Hatfield Wwtp20201,053.25
Haubenschild Farm Inc1143,040.00
Hauenstein & Burmeister Inc72319,144.15
Haugen Furniture Co467048,357.16
Hawkeye Three Llp1144,720.00
Hawkeye Two Llp1144,720.00
Hawkins Inc - Minneapolis675,499.00
Hawkins Inc - Termial I566,495.00
Hawkins Water Treatment Group Red Rock1210.00
Hawkinson Construction Co - Nonmetallic313545,900.47
Hawley City Of3030524.78
Hawley Muni343456,030.37
Hayfield Wwtp21264,130.30
Hb Fuller Co - Corporate Campus- Vadnais518740,030.08
Hb Fuller Co - Data Center - Arden Hills2727105.55
Hbos Manufacturing Lp - Schult Homes333740,313.22
Hc Osvold Co44880.00
Hd Hudson Manufacturing Co444,820.00
Healtheast Midway Health Services557,100.00
Healtheast Woodwinds Health Campus47885,458.22
Hearth & Home Technologies Of Lake City45624469,772.49
Heartland Corn Products433311,121,735.30
Hector Muni343451,717.29
Hector Wwtp21263,759.01
Hedstrom Lumber Co Inc - Grand Marais5672220,740.37
Heers Family Farm1161,680.00
Heinrich Envelope11260.00
Heintz Pontiac Cadillac Toyota115,100.00
Hellickson Farms1175,640.00
Henderson Wwtp21263,573.47
Hengel Ready Mix & Constr - Nonmetallic313613,655.15
Henkemeyer Landfill282810,579.29
Hennepin Cnty Adult Correction Facility45699,635.90
Hennepin County Energy Center47392121,067.43
Hennepin Technical College - Brooklyn Pk445110,372.39
Hennepin Technical College Eden Prairie487112,811.23
Henning Wwtp21262,911.58
Henrich & Sons Inc - Nonmetallic133,220.00
Hewitt Machine & Manufacturing Inc444560,170.66
Hi Tech Milling Corp5521,280.00
Hi-Tek Rubber Inc - Ogilvie3872681.64
Hiawatha Gilts1189,440.00
Hiawatha Metalcraft Inc3313,815.00
Hiawatha Rubber Co2214,940.00
Hibbing Demolition Landfill28282,196.63
Hibbing Public Utilities Commission2438.20
Hibbing Public Utilities Commission6231,452,501.49
Hibbing Sanitary Landfill28282,238.12
Hibbing Taconite Co67416,922,424.80
Hibbing Wwtp North Plant212611,978.71
Hibbing Wwtp South Plant212627,803.85
Hickory Grove2929599.46
Highway 60 Pork1165,380.00
Highway 77 Seasonal2929287.24
Highway 77 Seasonal Landfill2828380.42
Hilco Demolition Landfill28286,569.06
Hilex Corp. (Dba Kik (Minnesota) Inc.)11190.00
Hill Wood Products5712040,087.38
Hill Wood Products Inc - Mt Iron11963.47
Hinckley Wwtp21266,735.78
Hiniker Co447950,160.75
Hinnenkamp Dairy1134,740.00
Hitchcock Industries Inc424665,941.32
Hoffco Inc2950,165.60
Hoffman Construction Co Pit3136482.50
Hoffman Enclosures Inc4692205,550.94
Hogs Unlimited Inc1161,680.00
Hokah Wwtp2126618.49
Holaday Circuits Inc111141,526.20
Holcim Us Inc - Burnsville Terminal114,440.00
Holcim Us Inc - Minneapolis Terminal116,540.00
Holden Farms Inc - Fallingbrook Facility11141,280.00
Holden Farms Inc - Pine Grove Facility1119,240.00
Holden Farms Inc - Spring Hill Facility1131,860.00
Holden Farms Inc - Winnona1149,340.00
Holdingford Wwtp212615,268.59
Holland Pork Cooperative - Farm I1174,020.00
Holland Pork Cooperative - Farm Ii1174,020.00
Holland Pork Cooperative - Sec 111151,360.00
Holland Wwtp2020471.69
Holm Bros Construction - Nonmetallic313620,362.03
Honeywell - Commercial Aviation Products333530,997.04
Honeywell - Golden Valley4834492,165.13
Honeywell Electronic Materials Inc.111.00
Honeywell Inc - Military Avionics414231,464.00
Honeywell-Plymouth Operations518133,637.59
Hood Packaging Corp - Arden Hills42218162,740.76
Hoover Construction Co - Nonmetallic313513,745.33
Hopkins Auto Body1112,300.00
Horizon Milling Llc - Rush City426065,868.24
Hormel Foods Corp - Austin49866583,342.82
Hospital Linen Services553,320.00
Houston County2929833.28
Houston County343422,802.93
Houston Wwtp21261,558.09
Howard Lake Wwtp21264,281.49
Hoyt Lakes2929402.58
Hoyt Lakes Demolition Landfill2828352.46
Hoyt Lakes Sanitary Landfill2828413.26
Hoyt Lakes Wwtp21264,374.39
Hq Finishing1174,020.00
Hubbard Feeds Inc - Mankato118,780.00
Hubbard Feeds Inc - Worthington337,060.00
Hudson Demolition Landfill2828352.46
Hudson Sanitary Landfill282816,423.08
Huisinga Farms Inc - Sec 2611191,220.00
Huot Manufacturing Co221,220.00
Hutchinson Manufacturing Inc496948,507.97
Hutchinson Muni-Butler Field358682,957.74
Hutchinson Tech. Inc.221,092.00
Hutchinson Technology Inc - Hutchinson482058151,562.34
Hutchinson Technology Inc - Plymouth8818,055.00
Hutchinson Utilities Commission -Plant 148425115,702.54
Hutchinson Utilities Commission -Plant 24470355,245.08
Hutchinson Wwtp212644,884.02
Hydra-Mac Inc221,040.00
Ibm - Rochester617875,853.46
Ifp Inc - Faribault3328,700.00
Ifp Inc - Oslo3325,620.00
Illbruck Inc - Minneapolis395144,553.52
Illinois Fixture & Wood Products Inc226,743.40
Imation Corp6133454,386.92
Imperial Custom Molding Inc1616102,082.98
Impressions Inc424472,923.21
Independence Wwtp20206.73
Industrial Container Services - Mn Llc5529,300.00
Industrial Containers & Dumpbox Mfg555,660.00
Industrial Fabrication Services Inc119,900.00
Industrial Finishing5018350,074.79
Industrial Finishing Services Inc131395,266.80
Industrial Hardwood Products Inc4414,360.00
Industrial Painting Specialist111186,687.20
Inland Paperboard & Packaging Inc5520,620.00
Inno-Flex Corp444665,684.15
Instant Web Inc4410,400.00
Integris Metals Inc262642.14
Interchange Office Park/Grubb & Ellis554,080.00
Intermet Co - Minneapolis Plant6748,377.00
International Bildrite Inc5269281,823.36
International Paper - Sartell1023684,826,066.68
International Paper Co5540,840.00
Interplastic Corp - Minneapolis Plant477119,057.91
Interplastic Corp - Vadnais Hghts Plant4912,405.68
Interstate Power & Light - Fox Lake53354381,241.15
Interstate Power & Light - Hills Diesel55380.00
Interstate Power & Light - Montgomery556,460.00
Inthermo Inc552,240.00
Invest Cast Inc39413,181.69
Iron Range2929441.96
Isanti Wwtp21263,076.22
Isanti-Chisago County29291,380.46
Isd 002 - Hill City School3737888.66
Isd 031 - Bemidji Middle School3636145.24
Isd 031 - Bemidji Senior High School3838496.50
Isd 11 - Anoka High School42583,431.10
Isd 11 - Jackson Middle School42583,704.37
Isd 14 - Fridley Community Education Ctr34340.21
Isd 14 - Fridley High School395341.20
Isd 14 - Fridley Middle School363641.19
Isd 14 - Hayes Elementary School34340.35
Isd 14 - Stevenson Elementary School39398,924.67
Isd 146 - Barnesville High School617811,228.25
Isd 191 - Burnsville Senior High School41493,229.38
Isd 191 - Nicollet Junior High School41493,166.77
Isd 194 - Kenwood Trail Junior High44652,633.97
Isd 194 - Lakeville Senior High School41552,712.80
Isd 196 - Apple Valley High School30301,574.77
Isd 196 - Eagan High School2727127.69
Isd 200 - Hastings Middle School3636228.95
Isd 2142 - Albrook High School7910621,896.84
Isd 2142 - Cherry High School7910720,841.03
Isd 2142 - Cook High School7910639,506.90
Isd 2142 - Cotton High School7810417,486.04
Isd 2142 - John F Kennedy High School477333,914.64
Isd 2142 - Orr High School7910621,399.75
Isd 2154 - Eveleth-Gilbert High School39396,626.65
Isd 241 - Sw Jr High & Sibley Elementary38381,656.91
Isd 271 - Jefferson Sr High School42563,540.05
Isd 271 - Kennedy Sr High School42604,483.17
Isd 271 - Oak Grove Middle School42604,932.95
Isd 271 - Olson Middle School42594,012.56
Isd 272 - Eden Prairie High School42564,824.80
Isd 273 - Edina Community Center42583,933.18
Isd 273 - Edina High School42594,341.16
Isd 278 - Orono High School38382,857.59
Isd 279 - North View Jr High School39393,540.10
Isd 279 - Osseo Jr High School41552,712.94
Isd 279 - Osseo Sr High School42574,657.65
Isd 279 - Park Center Sr High39395,860.57
Isd 281 - Robbinsdale Cooper Senior High41553,148.46
Isd 2859 - Glencoe Senior High School38382,629.55
Isd 2887 - Mcleod West High School21212,296.98
Isd 2887 - Mcleod West School - Stewart2260.00
Isd 318 - Grand Rapids High School43493,313.85
Isd 347 - Willmar Jr High School38382,568.30
Isd 417 - Tracy High School42581,589.95
Isd 432 - Mahnomen Public School617832,335.41
Isd 482 - Little Falls Community Hs39393,622.62
Isd 547 - Parkers Prairie High School42563,436.03
Isd 623 - Parkview Center School3636124.26
Isd 623 - Roseville Area Middle School3636145.66
Isd 676 - Badger Public School21212,602.03
Isd 696 - Ely38382,727.52
Isd 728 - Elk River Area High School39394,058.63
Isd 742 - St Cloud Apollo High School39396,502.17
Isd 742 - St Cloud Technical High School42606,823.74
Isd 834 - Oak-Land Junior High School38382,857.38
Isd 834 - Stillwater Area High School42572,690.24
Isd 834 - Stillwater Junior High School38383,210.18
Isd 861 - Winona High School3636392.95
Ispat Inland Mining Co411988,216,455.88
Itasca Community College821201,966.67
Iten Chevrolet-Geo1110,140.00
Itron Inc324313,096.42
Ivc North Inc Dva Ti-Kromatic Paints222213,623.20
J & E Manufacturing Co22560.00
J & L Farms1175,560.00
J & S Gravel - Nonmetallic313361,865.69
Jackson County2929658.67
Jackson Muni3586124,775.90
James Automotive Industries Inc221,000.00
James K Sathre Farm1173,100.00
James R & Robert E Buldhaupt Farm1161,680.00
James Tutt Farm1174,020.00
Janesville Municipal Utilities47816,283.82
Japs-Olson Co8843,541.80
Jax Dairy Farm Inc1136,100.00
Jean & Patricia Fiedler Farm1150,080.00
Jeff & Cheryl Ptacek1130,840.00
Jeff & Debra Brockberg Farm1177,420.00
Jefferson Smurfit Corp (Us)4548331.04
Jennie-O Foods Inc - Melrose5517,860.00
Jennie-O Foods Inc - Willmar5545,120.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Aj Farm11331,160.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Bach Farm11296,079.99
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Benson Farm11129,240.01
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Buffalo Run Farm11442,340.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Chatfield Farm11218,820.01
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Claremont East11202,899.99
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Claremont West11121,740.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Commerfordgrower11331,160.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Deerfield Farm11292,179.99
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Faribault5513,280.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Fay Farm11129,039.99
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Feed Mill Cabot5566,120.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Fga - North11217,620.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Groen Farm11127,220.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Hillcrest Farm11292,179.99
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Jennings Farm11331,160.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Johnson Grower11331,160.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Lingenfelter11147,300.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Martin Farm11331,160.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Merton Farm11292,179.99
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Molly Creek Farm11274,540.01
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Northfield4413,500.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Roseville Farm11115,660.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Ross Farm11169,620.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Roulet Farm11296,079.99
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Sandridge N Farm11117,960.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Swenson Farm11331,160.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Toddco Blue11141,220.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Toddco Green11231,460.01
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Turco Grow Farm11156,920.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Valleyview11158,259.99
Jennie-O Turkey Store - White Oak Farm11188,899.99
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Wilcox Lake Farm11651,539.98
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Wilner Farm11131,080.00
Jensen Demolition Landfill2828198.56
Jerry & Julia Oscarson Farm1161,680.00
Jim Lupient Harold Chevrolet7719,410.00
Jim Tauer Farm1153,540.00
Jim Veldkamp Farm1138,540.00
Joel Alan Hotovec Farm1164,160.00
John Brindley Farm1155,520.00
John Covey Farm - Site I1161,680.00
John Covey Farm - Site Ii522373,347,354.36
John Taatjes Farm 11161,680.00
Johnson Aggregates - Nonmetallic313647,939.28
Johnson Bros/Lochness29293,094.57
Johnson Brothers Liquor Co3737289.23
Johnson Components Inc1111,320.00
Johnson Farms - Pipestone1174,940.00
Johnson Finishing Co4410,080.00
Johnson Screens Inc.3324.00
Johnson/Anderson & Associates Inc1112,740.00
Jon W Brower Farm1161,680.00
Jones Metal Products Inc547742,898.40
Jordan Wwtp21268,606.46
Josie'S Pork Farm Inc - Gaylord1192,540.00
Josie'S Pork Farm Inc - St Peter1168,080.00
Jostens Inc - Owatonna559,120.00
Jostens Inc - Red Wing44760.00
Joyner'S Die Casting & Plating Co121242,706.80
K & G Mfg. Co.1210,120.00
K & L Pork Llc1155,520.00
Kal-Mar Inc1138,540.00
Kal-Mar Inc - Kalmar 21147,800.00
Kammerer'S Inc2214,220.00
Kanabec Hospital42582,189.47
Kandiyohi Wwtp2126954.18
Kangas Enameling Inc103936,322.00
Kapak Corp4416,420.00
Kasson Wwtp212610,225.47
Kato Eng.110.55
Kato Engineering6629,880.00
Katolight Corp384834,618.47
Kedu Inc1143,540.00
Keewatin Taconite Operations55916,604,075.30
Keewatin Wwtp21263,049.37
Keith Greier Farm1161,680.00
Ken & Larry Spaeth Farm1177,100.00
Kensington Wwtp2126361.34
Kenyon Municipal Utility30302,330.23
Keri M Anderson Farm1161,680.00
Kerkhoven Wwtp21261,829.94
Kerry Ingredients5521,480.00
Kevin J Malecek Farm1174,020.00
Kevin Leibfried Farm1174,020.00
Kevin Schmidt Farm1159,220.00
Kevin Zimmer Farm1175,560.00
Keystone Automotive Industries Mn Inc445,660.00
Kgm Contractors Inc - Nonmetallic3132375.81
Kielmeyer Construction Inc - Nonmetallic313564,211.82
Kiester Swine Finishing1161,680.00
Kings Marble Inc225,280.00
Kingsway Construction Inc - Nonmetallic313311,717.08
Kip Felix Farm1136,060.00
Kjell Mattson Farm1197,160.00
Kjl Companies Inc Dba Prairie Trailer446,800.00
Knife River Sanitary District2126356.93
Knight Colors & Chemicals Co22116,978.23
Knott Farms1161,680.00
Koch Materials - Marshall Asphalt Plant5530,560.00
Koch Materials - St Paul Asphalt Plant448,060.00
Koch Materials Co - Savage5519,200.00
Koch Nitrogen Co - Barnesville33560.00
Koch Nitrogen Co - Murdock2280.00
Koch Nitrogen Co - Vernon Center55800.00
Koehl Farm1127,960.00
Kohl & Madden Printing Ink Corp4433,880.00
Kohlnhofer Farms Inc - Circle K Farm1111,640.00
Kohlnhofer Farms Inc - Site I1161,680.00
Kohlnhofer Farms Inc - Site Ii1150,120.00
Kohlnhofer Farms Inc - Site Iii1169,400.00
Kolstad Co229,960.00
Koochiching Sanitary Landfill2828271.68
Koppelman Farm'S Inc1146,260.00
Korf Bros.29291,323.70
Korstar Inc2211,300.00
Koski Ready Mix Sand & Gravel & Oil Co224,740.00
Kplop - Moorhead Products Terminal46328111,873.38
Kplop - Roseville Products Terminal921475,217.52
Kplop - Sauk Centre Products Terminal9225261,302.80
Kraft Foods - New Ulm4412926,679.83
Kraft Foods Inc - Albany4929799,204.57
Kramer Swine Finishing1130,840.00
Krause Farm1161,680.00
Kurt Manufacturing Co - Die Cast434336,581.76
Kurt Manufacturing Inc - Main St546620,767.39
Kurt Manufacturing Inc - Quincy St43449,374.57
Kuskies Salvage33600.00
Kwik-File Llc4518650,499.61
L & M Radiator Inc.112.00
La Crescent Wwtp21265,166.41
La Grande2929443.93
Lafarge North America - Red Rock1813,606.65
Lafayette Wwtp21261,239.67
Lake Air Metal Products Inc446,680.00
Lake City Wwtp212612,166.34
Lake County29291,790.61
Lake Crystal Utilities Commission30305,057.98
Lake Crystal Wwtp21263,913.85
Lake Elmo3552453,698.36
Lake Elmo Hardwood Lumber442,040.00
Lake Henry Wwtp2126548.56
Lake Marion Dg30305,162.68
Lake Of The Woods2929243.63
Lake Of The Woods Sanitary Landfill #22828129.78
Lake Park Dairy Llp1144,800.00
Lake Region Manufacturing Co6643,904.20
Lake Shore Pork1177,100.00
Lakefield Junction Station4138867,738.76
Lakefield Wwtp21262,064.88
Lakeland Mold Co191976,247.60
Lakeside Foods Inc - Brooten38382,561.93
Lakeside Foods Inc - Plainview424329,113.86
Lakeview Hospital45698,271.24
Lakeville Water Treatment Plant45681,478.23
Lamb Weston/Rdo Frozen4490306,037.43
Lamettry'S Collision Inc - Burnsville1111,660.00
Lamettry'S Collision Inc - Eden Prairie1111,340.00
Lamettry'S Collision Inc - Maplewood116,260.00
Lamettry'S Collision Inc - Richfield119,260.00
Land O'Lakes - Browerville5565,400.00
Land O'Lakes Feed Plant - Detroit Lakes448,140.00
Land O'Lakes Feed Plant -Inver Grove Hts445,460.00
Land O'Lakes Inc - Pine Island4225842,591.59
Lanesboro Wwtp21261,076.00
Larco - Acrometal331,180.00
Larry Mohwinkel Farm1148,120.00
Larsen'S Manufacturing Co5748,108.00
Larson Products Inc - Sec 511121,740.00
Larson-Glastron Boats Inc555881888,499.57
Laskin Energy Center44149.31
Lau Industries Inc141444,603.00
Lcs Co114,000.00
Le Center Wwtp21264,390.86
Le Sueur Inc422487259,674.51
Le Sueur Inc.1249.00
Le Sueur Muni355224,097.53
Leaf Industries Inc4213789,447.38
Lee Johnson Farm1159,220.00
Leech Lake29292,713.05
Leef Bros Inc42424166,706.01
Lejeune Steel Co464728,496.12
Lenort Pork1175,500.00
Lexington Manufacturing Inc2219,040.00
Liberty Carton Co466223,940.61
Liberty Paper Inc11197,000.00
Lifecore Biomedical Inc.12200.00
Lily Creek Farm C/O Daryl Bartz1149,160.00
Lindeman & Wells Inc1159,220.00
Lindenfelser Landfill28285,639.35
Lindon Lovsness Farm1137,400.00
Litchfield Muni346854,578.11
Litchfield Public Utilities Commission478118,677.13
Litchfield Wwtp212634,587.14
Litho Inc7720,680.00
Litho Technical Services141421,019.20
Little Falls Machine Inc1115,460.00
Little Falls Wwtp212625,728.33
Little Falls/Morrison County-Lindbergh Fld3586150,307.65
Little Pine Dairy Llp1162,340.00
Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems Inc554,940.00
Loewe Brothers Inc1118,080.00
Loftness Manufacturing3310,180.00
Lone Tree Dairy Llp1156,420.00
Long Prairie29291,109.89
Long Prairie Packing Co - Long Prairie393912,134.21
Longview Fibre Co5520,780.00
Longville Muni343433,552.98
Lonsdale Painting224,000.00
Loram Maintenance Of Way Inc337,760.00
Lorang Brothers11107,960.00
Loren Schmidgall Farm1130,840.00
Lou-Rich Inc484942,998.45
Louis Leustek & Sons Inc - Nonmetallic313639,184.27
Louisiana-Pacific Corp - Two Harbors681148346,026.42
Louisiana-Pacific Two Harbors Siding1116,548.00
Lowry Manufacturing Co Inc8815,753.08
Lsp Cottage Grove Cogeneration Facility47281227,955.44
Luhman'S Construction Co - Nonmetallic314036,565.93
Lukes Brothers11131,899.99
Lund Boat Co42100235,712.40
Lund Boat Co.3577,341.00
Lundin Construction Co - Nonmetallic313533,205.98
Luverne Municipal Power Plant30301,112.12
Luverne Wwtp212615,302.75
Lynn A Below Farm1170,620.00
Lyon County30307,393.79
M & D Metal Finishing Specialist Inc9935,282.00
M & J Construction Co - Nonmetallic313326,873.84
M & S Farms1161,680.00
M-Foods Dairy Llc5554,440.00
Mabel Wwtp21261,264.10
Mac Manufacturing Inc7738,065.00
Macalester College4910130,388.02
Mackay Envelope Co Llc13631,080.00
Mactac Engineered Products441,080.00
Madelia Light & Power Standby Generation32448,873.85
Madelia Wwtp212611,652.41
Madison Lake Wwtp21261,283.05
Madison Wwtp21265,268.09
Madison-Lac Qui Parle County343414,072.63
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc - Albert Lea1640158,158.42
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc - Alexandria9403128,911.11
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc - Faribault1640157,776.26
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc - Mankato926363,458.32
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc - Marshall16178148,569.96
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc - Rochester913754,542.85
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc - Rosemount713330,423.84
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc - St Paul9467302,097.78
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc - Willmar163455,119.24
Mahnomen County2929293.71
Mahnomen County343410,749.86
Mahnomen County Demolition Landfill2828354.43
Mail Handling Inc/Bindery Express/Libert414318,461.62
Main Plant/Riverside5140692,514.42
Majestic Woodworking Inc448,620.00
Maleska Turkey Farm Inc11156,240.01
Malt-O-Meal Co - Plant 2 - Northfield42819351,034.23
Mammoth Inc434430,216.55
Man/Erd Hog'S1159,220.00
Manco Of Fmt Inc1146,260.00
Maney International Of Duluth Inc35353,400.14
Manheim Auctions - Mpls Auto Auction1317,769.33
Mankato Public Works2929198.43
Mankato Regional57193491,819.51
Mankato Wwtp2126110,595.95
Mantorville Wwtp21261,560.06
Manufacturers' Services Central Us Ops.111.60
Manus Prods. Inc.242,316.00
Manus Products Inc414113,092.49
Maple Lake Wwtp21264,738.53
Maple Leaf Enterprises, Inc1156,600.00
Mar / Kit Sanitary Landfill28281,154.66
Mar-Kit (Anderson-Kittson)30301,523.34
Marathon Ashland Petroleum - Cottage Gro8824,169.80
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc7849522,181,224.06
Marble Wwtp21262,315.28
Marigold Foods Inc - Farmington424213,501.58
Mark & Lisa Fiedler Farm1186,360.00
Mark & Paul Meany Farm1159,220.00
Mark Buldhaupt Farm1156,840.00
Mark O Sletta Farm1159,220.00
Mark Schwartz Farm1161,680.00
Marksman Metal Co Inc131327,221.00
Marshall Field'S Distribution Center5541,440.00
Marshall Muni-Ryan Field3586205,931.91
Marshall Municipal Utilities2280.00
Marshall Wwtp202043,515.61
Martin Marietta Materials - Nonmetallic1547,700.00
Martin Marietta Materials - St Cloud213152,516.30
Marvin Windows & Doors84789791,612.08
Mary Jean Waibel Farm1164,160.00
Marzolf Farm1161,680.00
Maselter Cabinets Inc228,860.00
Master Collision Group Llc - Bloomington151518,242.00
Master Collision Group Llc - Plymouth141412,684.00
Matson Demolition Landfill2828198.56
Maynard Wwtp21261,240.00
Mayo Clinic, Waste Management Facility141412,045.23
Mayo Medical Center - Rochester6610311,050,828.46
Mazeppa Wwtp2126884.27
Mcconnon Demolition Landfill2828357.04
Mces - Blue Lake Wwtp2525159,460.00
Mcf - Moose Lake4643536,727.60
Mcg Inc37374,526.22
Mcglynn'S Bakery4217330,620.37
Mci Worldcom - Minjmn30301,321.95
Mcl Enterprises L.L.P1164,160.00
Mclane Minnesota Inc47852,304.22
Mclaughlin & Schulz Inc - Nonmetallic51016,940.00
Mclaughlin & Schulz Inc - Plant 596686837,702.46
Mclaughlin & Schulz Inc - Worthington404015,043.48
Mclaughlin Gormley King Co - Chaska4012389,680.70
Mcnamara Contracting Inc4041105,614.93
Mcnamara Contracting Inc - Nonmetallic313646,395.42
Mcneilus Truck & Manufacturing Inc44405357,167.26
Mcquay Intl.334.00
Mcquay Intl.111.00
Mcto - Heywood Garage467314,715.62
Mcto - Nicollet Garage46725,351.43
Mcto Overhaul Base46715,049.98
Me Global Inc421021164,291.61
Me Global Inc.48110.20
Medallion Cabinetry Inc49529539,303.88
Medford Wwtp21261,476.28
Medtronic - Lake Pointe44605,921.30
Medtronic Perfusion Systems424327,992.87
Medtronic, Inc.1110.00
Meeker County **29291,348.99
Meeker County Sanitary Landfill2828648.90
Meeker Washed Sand & Gravel - Nonmetalli3030249.83
Melrose Dairy Proteins Llc49287289,090.29
Melrose Feed Mill Inc117,080.00
Melrose Public Utilities30308,144.10
Melrose Turkey Farm Inc11340,880.00
Melrose Wwtp212638,150.71
Melvin Jackson Turkey Farm11296,239.99
Menahga Concrete Products - Nonmetallic313516,972.04
Menard'S Apple Valley30301,133.41
Menasha Packaging - Lakeville Container454833,544.50
Mentor Corp - Anoka43411260,697.21
Mentor Urology - Minneapolis414248,432.30
Menve Inc - Menagha11712,219.97
Menve Inc - Verndale11432,200.01
Mercury Minnesota Inc417516,377.35
Mercury Waste Solutions Inc.110.01
Mercy Hospital & Health Care Center451022,882.32
Meritex Enterprises Inc44519,499.93
Merrill/May Inc Dba Merrill Corp517231,237.05
Mesaba Aviation Inc4565838.10
Mesabi Bituminous Inc - Schley Mine A686839,751.66
Meschke Poultry11223,200.00
Meschke Poultry - Section 2911223,200.00
Met Council - Eagles Point Wwtp212638,361.61
Met Council - Empire Wwtp2126167,690.36
Met Council - Hastings Wwtp212630,013.97
Met Council - Rosemount Wwtp212613,785.89
Met Council - St Croix Valley Wwtp212663,013.06
Met Turkey Inc11168,399.99
Metal-Tek Inc39395,860.22
Methodist Hospital Park Nicollet Health51108212,846.69
Metro Council - East Metro Transit558,820.00
Metro-Mark Inc121243,861.00
Metropolitan Airports Commission55180,560.00
Metropolitan State University24240.00
Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant10312192,510,105.73
Metz Baking Co Of Roseville42250142,527.35
Metz Professional Waste Applicators1164,160.00
Meyers Printing191982,154.40
Mg Waldbaum Co - Gaylord449323,730.59
Mhc Inc - Glenwood1116,640.00
Mhf Of Freeborn County Inc11198,000.00
Michael Juergens Farm1161,680.00
Michael L Anderson Farm1160,920.00
Michael Wolf Farm1154,740.00
Mico Inc2520,100.00
Micro Control Co - Main111,000.00
Mid Continent Cabinetry4257361,629.78
Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix - Annandale686841,536.81
Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix Inc - Litchfield686810,886.50
Mid-Valley Grain Coop - Div Of Cenex118,320.00
Midcon Asphalt Co - Alexandria686812,053.06
Midcon Asphalt Co - Sauk Centre Plant68686,282.71
Midland Research Center338,800.00
Midwest Asphalt - Eden Prairie4040109,878.97
Midwest Asphalt - Plant 2 - New Brighton454666,616.53
Midwest Asphalt Corp - Nonmetallic313665,581.39
Midwest Coca-Cola Bottling Co5565,040.00
Midwest Electric Products Inc5516,300.00
Midwest Metal Products Inc444828,796.42
Midwest Veneer & Pressing Inc2210,980.00
Mike Brandts Farm 11120,860.00
Milestone Materials - Nonmetallic3136380,499.05
Millcraft Llc2218,920.00
Mille Lacs2929174.64
Miller Hill Super One Foods30302,559.63
Millerbernd Manufacturing Co - Winsted5527,134.60
Minerals Solutions Inc114,040.00
Minn Correctional Facility - Faribault52311366,826.40
Minn-Kota Ag Products - Breckenridge3310,240.00
Minn-Kota Ag Products - Kent448,940.00
Minncast Inc191927,905.20
Minneapolis Air Route Traffic Control Ct4639017,765.22
Minneapolis City Hall/Courthall30312,649.05
Minneapolis City Of - Asphalt Plant686829,325.62
Minneapolis Enameling Co Inc447,940.00
Minneapolis Institute Of Arts42595,805.20
Minneapolis Water Works - Fridley466918,067.74
Minneapolis West Business Center45682,427.38
Minneapolis-St Paul Intl/Wold-Chamberlain/5724727,192,856.87
Minnesota Brewing/Gopher State Ethanol50206208,569.44
Minnesota Correctional - Lino Lakes467220,367.52
Minnesota Correctional Facility - Shakop47872,925.09
Minnesota Correctional Facility - Stillw5527,800.00
Minnesota Correctional Facility St Cloud5531,720.00
Minnesota Correctional Facility-Red Wing456910,102.10
Minnesota Diversified Products Inc394776,986.95
Minnesota Diversified Products Inc -West3941149,410.66
Minnesota Elevator Inc363641.75
Minnesota Energy43336409,137.03
Minnesota Extended Treatment Options5111128,170.44
Minnesota Family Farms Cooperative1157,680.00
Minnesota Historical Society478814,506.72
Minnesota Malting Co5564,280.00
Minnesota Methane Llc - Burnsville1470454,651.72
Minnesota Pork Inc - Haroldson1174,020.00
Minnesota Pork Inc - Nienow1174,020.00
Minnesota Pork Inc - Site 11165,460.00
Minnesota Pork Inc - Site 21165,460.00
Minnesota Pork Inc - Sonnabend1174,020.00
Minnesota Power - Taconite Harbor Energy7855310,407,453.65
Minnesota Power Inc - Boswell Energy Ctr7948187,636,398.80
Minnesota Power Inc - Laskin Energy Ctr804189,030,122.95
Minnesota Power Inc - Ml Hibbard983731,991,105.15
Minnesota Sawdust & Shavings Co Inc4411,500.00
Minnesota State College - Se Technical4054203.64
Minnesota State University - Mankato55128,320.00
Minnesota State University Moorhead467134,230.98
Minnesota Supercomputer Center30302,371.08
Minnesota Valley 811166,312.31
Minnesota Valley Alfalfa Producers-Mnvap4296111,083.50
Minnesota Valley Health Center38381,305.23
Minnesota Veterans Home - Luverne45653,148.60
Minnesota Veterans Home - Minneapolis479018,579.24
Minnesota Zoological Garden5113827,828.30
Minuteman Intl. Multi-Clean Div.12231.00
Missota Paper Co79389957,808.21
Mixon Inc.11114.00
Mjc Farms1149,040.00
Mmpa - Minnesota River Station415849,563.86
Mn Residential Academies For The Deaf5511,420.00
Mn Sanitation Services2929432.09
Mn West Community & Technical College39393,727.10
Mndot Metro Div Hq - Waters Edge Bldg30304,952.85
Modern Design Llc55553,727.52
Modern Metals Products11800.00
Modern Tool Inc44760.00
Modern Transport Terminal1119,220.00
Modernistic Inc - Empire Dr616326,762.11
Modernistic Inc - Jenks Ave111122,227.60
Modine Aftermarket Holdings Inc.121.00
Modine Airsystems Inc44760.00
Moen Hogs1161,680.00
Montevideo Wwtp212617,039.02
Montevideo-Chippewa County355275,235.96
Montgomery Wwtp21266,931.30
Monticello Wwtp212618,310.45
Moorhead Municipal Airport343426,060.56
Moorhead Power Plant551,000.00
Moorhead Wwtp253180,925.82
Moose Lake Power Plant30301,741.60
Mora Municipal346898,624.56
Mora Municipal Utilities478017,474.42
Mora Wwtp21269,398.94
Morgan Grain & Feed Co42526,588.43
Morgan Wwtp21262,623.02
Morical Bros Inc - Nonmetallic313822,100.45
Morris Muni358641,224.32
Morrison County Landfill28281,069.83
Morristown Wwtp21261,359.28
Mortenson Farms1159,220.00
Morton Wwtp21261,843.22
Mosloski/Gerhardt Farm Site1174,020.00
Motley Wwtp21265,498.49
Mountain Iron Wwtp21265,279.32
Mountain Lake Furniture5515,300.00
Mountain Lake Municipal Utilities49953,481.60
Mpls Community & Technical College47895,484.58
Mpls Garage (City Of) Equip Serv - 603642583,528.60
Mr Paving & Excavating - Nonmetallic31348,910.63
Mr Paving & Excavating Inc - Nonmetallic313643,896.81
Mts Systems Corp444630,528.38
Municipal Castings Inc4560112,316.90
Municipal Power Plant30301,741.60
Munson Lakes Nutrition Llc - Howard Lake5517,360.00
Murphy Marine Terminal112663.48
Murray County2929737.43
Murray County Sanitary Landfill2828519.12
Mutual Service Insurance Companies (Msi)30301,215.97
Mycogen Seeds111,320.00
Myers Field343443,781.84
Nahan Printing Inc53458138,662.83
Napco International Inc4414,840.00
Nary National-Shefland Field5581204.50
National Clay Co - Sleepy Eye555,100.00
Natural Biologics L.L.C.2412,305.00
Neal Johnson Farm Site I1151,880.00
Neal Johnson Farm Site Ii1147,800.00
Neil D Hansen Farm1159,220.00
Neusch Farms Inc - Feedlot1129,760.00
Nevers Industries Inc475030,743.72
New Dimension Plating4106,377.55
New Flyer Of America5512,780.00
New Flyer Usa Inc - St Cloud54369131,558.38
New Horizon Farms - Hillview East1155,520.00
New Horizon Farms - North1155,880.00
New Horizon Farms - Research1174,020.00
New Horizon Farms - West1146,340.00
New Horizon Farms - Wheatfield Finishers1174,020.00
New Prague Water - Light - Power & Bldg478150,190.25
New Prague Wwtp21265,433.61
New Prague Wwtp21265,709.05
New Richland Wwtp21262,134.98
New Ulm Muni3586141,515.64
New Ulm Public Utilities-Municipal Power44200159,839.52
New Ulm Quartzite Quarries Inc118,980.00
New Ulm Steel & Recycling Inc441,400.00
New Ulm Wwtp212649,457.75
Newport Terminal Corp21392,519.54
Nico Products Inc4719476,332.96
Nielsen Farm - Albert Lea1155,520.00
Nilfisk-Advance Inc505329,189.52
Noble Inds. Ltd.110.30
Nobles County30303,461.10
Nobles County Sanitary Landfill2828955.77
Nokomis Pork Inc - Winnewissa Pork Inc1140,400.00
Nor-Lakes Services Midwest Inc.113.65
Norcraft Cos. L.L.C.611125,687.40
Nordic Fiberglass Inc43593,886.00
Nordic Fiberglass Inc.1239,098.00
Nordic Press Inc414219,057.15
Norgaard Family Farms1161,680.00
Norling Farms Inc 1111,278,339.97
North Branch Water & Light Commission45662,284.97
North Branch Wwtp21267,476.05
North Country Pork1161,680.00
North Country Regional Hospital556,860.00
North Koochiching Wwtp215223,881.06
North Memorial Medical Center5531,100.00
North Ridge Farm Llp - Site I1127,760.00
North Ridge Farm Llp - Site Ii1163,460.00
North Ridge Farm Llp - Site Iii1147,800.00
North Star International Trucks Inc117,060.00
North Star Processing Llc553,660.00
North Star Steel Minnesota - St Paul4517912,118,095.54
North States Industries Inc441,560.00
Northeast Otter Tail County Sanitary Landfill2828627.17
Northeast Ottertail29291,178.94
Northern Border Pipeline - Compressor 125472252,247.93
Northern Border Pipeline - Compressor 135472247,165.90
Northern Castings Corp4718286,069.27
Northern Castings Corp.116.28
Northern Con-Agg Inc - Nonmetallic313525,561.82
Northern Engraving Corp51115472,528.50
Northern Enterprises Inc449,474.20
Northern Food & Dairy Inc5582,000.00
Northern Improvement Co - Madsen Unit 40676783,320.32
Northern Improvement Co - Nonmetallic313530,144.49
Northern Natural Gas Co - Carlton5151188,949.01
Northern Natural Gas Co - Faribault385822,861.22
Northern Natural Gas Co - Farmington54282595,367.60
Northern Natural Gas Co - Hugo25432,597.53
Northern Natural Gas Co - North Branch51255201,111.44
Northern Natural Gas Co - Owatonna385532,445.88
Northern Natural Gas Co - Wrenshall Lng4924877,273.11
Northern Plains Dairy Llp11120,760.00
Northern States Power Co.122053,528.70
Northern Tool & Equipment Co456412,382.05
Northern Woodwork Inc2214,420.00
Northfield Acquisition Co - East & West4231677,462.72
Northfield Acquisition Co.4746,907.00
Northfield Hospital - Rice County43503,252.40
Northfield Wwtp212639,094.10
Northland Aluminum Products Inc47592154,576.48
Northland Crushing Inc - Nonmetallic316738,247.62
Northome Modified2929340.53
Northome Modified Sanitary Landfill28281,499.58
Northprint International Inc - 8th St424266,373.82
Northshore Mining Co - Babbitt41124503,699.10
Northshore Mining Co - Silver Bay7935314,359,840.87
Northshore Wood Products551,497.01
Northwest Airlines - Airbus Maintenance7160214,670.34
Northwest Airlines - Iron Range4789957.28
Northwest Airlines Inc - Building J478917,312.56
Northwest Airlines Inc - Mpls/St Paul531124389,485.23
Northwest Swiss-Matic Inc2230,970.00
Northwood Panelboard Co834882,628,225.67
Northwoods Demolition Landfill2828461.64
Norwood Promotional Products Inc3396,488.00
Norwood Young America Wwtp212610,473.79
Novartis Nutrition Corp5590,680.00
Noy Farms Inc - Site I1163,460.00
Noy Farms Inc - Site Ii1176,960.00
Nrg Energy Center Minneapolis Llc564921,584,036.91
Nrg Energy Resource Recovery - Newport119,260.00
Nrg Foster House Facility30301,636.90
Nrg North Riverfront Plant39395,445.96
Nrg Riverside Plant479054,305.64
Nsp - General Office3031541.36
Nsp - Granite City4122416,524.84
Nsp - Sherburne Generating Plant78488131,269,455.93
Nsp - United Health Care2958331.27
Nsp Dba Xcel Energy - Black Dog8239221,745,854.70
Nsp Dba Xcel Energy - Blue Lake4021886,136.54
Nsp Dba Xcel Energy - Inver Hills41394391,269.46
Nsp Dba Xcel Energy - Maple Grove132,236.80
Nsp Dba Xcel Energy - Prairie Island4237029,174.51
Nsp Dba Xcel Energy - Red Wing501722,827,693.27
Nsp Dba Xcel Energy - Wescott Lng Plant472278,301.10
Nsp Dba Xcel Energy - West Faribault17343,712.88
Nsp Dba Xcel Energy Alliant Techsystems29291,179.03
Nsp Dba Xcel Energy Monticello Nuclear4216818,577.74
Ntt Of Minnesota Inc - Metallic313514,304.67
Nuvex Ingredients Inc559,180.00
Nw Angle Modified292944.19
Nygaard Enterprises Inc222,080.00
Nystrom Inc - Brooklyn Park334,000.00
Nystrom Inc - Minneapolis6641,288.78
O'Connor Farm Partnership1126,700.00
Oak Grove506350,631.37
Oakridge Hills1192,540.00
Oasis Systems Inc2258,129.00
Ochs Brick Co6068298,275.10
Oehlke Pork1155,520.00
Ogilvie Wwtp21261,787.29
Old Dutch Foods Inc5540,240.00
Olivia Wwtp21265,913.35
Olmsted County (Roch/Locoshonas)29298,070.04
Olmsted County / Kalmar Sanitary Landfill28281,721.07
Olmsted County C&D Landfill28283,528.20
Olmsted County-Kalmar30302,592.75
Olmsted Waste-To-Energy Facility461541,032,561.99
Omann Brothers Inc - St Michael686835,729.62
Omni Refurbishing404116,459.57
Onan Corp50169645,629.96
Onan Power Electronics - St Peter55240.00
Orr Regional343416,287.78
Orr Sanitary Landfill282815,117.89
Orr Wwtp2126655.55
Ortonville Muni-Martinson Field346840,650.53
Osi Environmental Inc - Eveleth42564,427.63
Ostrander Wwtp2126544.28
Otsego Wwtp East21261,645.93
Otter Tail Power Co - Hoot Lake Plant8132911,350,327.47
Otter Tail Power Co. Hoot Lake Plant5612,951.50
Our Farm Gedicke - Jones1164,160.00
Outback Five Inc1184,820.00
Owatonna Construction Co - Masonry44780.00
Owatonna Construction Co - Nonmetallic70103122,716.78
Owatonna Degner Rgnl3586148,903.55
Owatonna Public Utilities - Power Plant414136,168.67
Owatonna Public Utilities - West Owatonn5520,520.00
Owatonna Wwtp212663,735.87
Owens Corning - Mpls Plant42303456,946.02
P & J Products Co - Site I1120,280.00
P & J Products Co - Site Ii1121,300.00
P & J Products Co - Site Iii11149,140.00
Pacal Llc22180.00
Pace Dairy Foods Co42425,612.27
Packaging Corporation Of America5519,120.00
Page & Hill Forest Prods. Inc.2315,495.36
Palm Manufacturing And Sales228,740.00
Pankratz-Agri Production1186,600.00
Park Hill Turkey Farm Inc11209,000.00
Park Industries387312,559.68
Park Industries Inc4420,260.00
Park Rapids Muni-Konshok Field57221117,087.91
Patrick Duncanson Farm1159,220.00
Patrick Krzmarzick Farm1174,020.00
Patrick Mohr Farm1179,940.00
Patrick W Mccoy Farm1174,020.00
Paul & Donita Platz Farm1176,800.00
Paul Fiedler Farm1149,360.00
Paynesville Wwtp212616,346.47
Pearl Baths Inc54147198,583.70
Pearson Candy Company556,500.00
Peavey Red Rock Elevator - St Paul1134,060.00
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc - Mpls423461,302,534.30
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc - St L Pk42132738,534.68
Pederson Brothers Inc - Nonmetallic313526,206.39
Pelican Rapids Wwtp215212,268.02
Pemstar Inc.1110.00
Penda Glasstite Inc4299274,250.96
Penda Glasstite Inc.612118,880.00
Penner Poultry Farm1158,080.00
Pepsi Bottling Group Llc44840.00
Perham Renewable Rf816372,875.84
Perham Resource Recovery Facility4469301,628.89
Perma Groove Inc4413,960.00
Permatite Manufacturing345,046.00
Perschbacher Farm - West Site111,460.00
Perschbacher Hog Farm - Home Site119,240.00
Peter Sonnek Farm1164,160.00
Peterson Enterprises - Site I1174,020.00
Peterson Enterprises - Site Ii1157,820.00
Peterson Farms - Sec 361159,220.00
Peterson Wwtp2126257.50
Pettersen Bros - Farmland Site1155,520.00
Pettersen Bros - Flitter Site1161,680.00
Pgi Companies Inc393955,473.04
Pheasant Run Great Plains Family Farm1143,180.00
Phenix Manufacturing Co Inc - Mankato5539,300.00
Phillips & Temro Industries Inc1111,480.00
Phillips Recycling Systems Inc1116,720.00
Phoenix Industries Of Crookston Ltd4554176,596.55
Phoenix Packaging Inc414344,915.02
Phoenix Solutions Co222,600.00
Pier Foundry161618,117.40
Pierz Demolition Landfill28286,569.06
Pine Bend Electric40128358,382.66
Pine Bend Paving Hma Plant686821,957.62
Pine Bend Sanitary Landfill282811,190.56
Pine Island Wwtp21267,134.19
Pine Lane506340,320.53
Pine River Area Sanitary District21262,273.85
Pine River Regional346832,538.31
Pinz Sand And Gravel - Isle686810,325.09
Pioneer Custom Cabinets Inc225,800.00
Pioneer Metal Finishing5537,840.00
Pipestone County2929838.46
Pipestone County Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Pipestone Muni358693,963.30
Plainview Milk Products Coop1180.00
Plainview-Elgin Sanitary District Wwtp212614,669.02
Plasti-Dip International101025,798.00
Plating Inc.1192.00
Plato Woodwork Inc49387215,894.93
Pleasant Prairie Pork Inc - Site I1174,020.00
Pleasant Prairie Pork Inc - Site Ii1174,020.00
Pleasant View Hogs1164,000.00
Plymouth Foam Inc4394220,431.19
Pm Windom475525,774.61
Polar Tank Trailer Inc - Co Rd 17527535,349.29
Polarfab L.L.C.111,883.00
Polaris Inds. Inc.3344,000.00
Polaris Industries Inc - Roseau46322607,554.22
Polk Cnty Solid Waste Resource Recovery4379296,204.64
Polk County30305,262.59
Polk County Sanitary Landfill28281,036.60
Poly Foam Inc79176226,287.51
Ponderosa Sanitary Landfill(Blue Earth County) Ts28288,545.11
Pope/Douglas Waste Management44131338,247.60
Pork Plus Inc1174,020.00
Pork Royal Farms Inc1177,100.00
Pork Transition Inc11129,539.99
Port Crosby Assoc Demolition Waste Landfill2828181.69
Port Of Minneapolis115177,736.89
Porta-Mix Concrete Inc2253,100.00
Portage Modified Sanitary Landfill2828248.32
Post-Bulletin Co Inc2214,260.00
Potlatch - Bemidji8610442,534,202.13
Potlatch - Cook859111,014,580.25
Potlatch - Grand Rapids86600778,172.65
Potlatch - Lumbermill - Bemidji5672367,138.95
Power Coat Inc224,800.00
Power Process Equipment Inc13133,715.60
Prairie Growers Inc1139,480.00
Prairieview Pork Inc1146,880.00
Precision Fiberglass Prods. Ltd.129,754.00
Precision Fiberglass Products Ltd429449,323.76
Precision Press121231,781.80
Preston Public Utilities324423,250.41
Preston Wwtp21264,669.75
Pretty Bird International Inc444,140.00
Princess Marble Co3868,470.85
Princeton Muni355296,907.39
Princeton Public Utilities Commission456932,039.34
Prinsburg Farmers Co-Op11152,179.99
Print Craft Inc3335,600.00
Prior Lake Aggregates Inc30252113,444.88
Pristine Properties Llp1161,680.00
Pro Finishing Services4425,820.00
Pro-Corn Llc46462760,120.89
Process Displays Co393948,790.49
Progress Casting Group Inc - Albert Lea394264,371.07
Progress Casting Group Inc - Plymouth4044131,269.80
Pronk Ready Mix Inc - Nonmetallic313513,754.95
Prospect Foundry Inc42150143,854.09
Protient Inc2280.00
Psi Prefinishing Specialists Inc1111138,921.60
Quality Circuits Inc6610,359.00
Quality Manufacturing Inc1115,080.00
Quality Painting And Metal Finishing Inc448,340.00
Quality Turkey Inc 111231,320.01
Quebecor World St Cloud4528859,399.16
Quentin Aanenson Field343454,727.34
Quest International4221227,873.02
Qwest Communications - 12075303015,845.12
Qwest Communications - Duluth44520.00
Qwest Communications - Gv/Orchard Co45677,173.70
Qwest Communications - Minneapolis5533,400.00
Qwest Communications - Normandale45662,706.69
Qwest Communications - St Paul Market St5515,620.00
Qwest Communications Inc - Plymouth557,540.00
Qwest Communications Inc - Wayzata443,240.00
R & C Enterprises - Barn 111123,380.00
R & C Enterprises - Barn 211123,380.00
R & L Turkeys (Klaphake) Feedmill N11169,520.00
R & L Turkeys - Klaphake Feed Mill Alex11121,740.00
R & R Thier Feedlot Inc1143,640.00
R-Way Corp227,400.00
Rahr Malting Co - Shakopee461273640,335.35
Railside Turkey Farm Inc11361,179.99
Ramsey County Government Center West556,340.00
Randall Reinhart Farm - Sec 261191,760.00
Randall S Rauk Farm1150,880.00
Randall Wwtp21261,841.46
Random Specialties Inc445,860.00
Randy Tholen Farm1115,860.00
Randy Wilson Farm1155,520.00
Rathman'S Inc1159,220.00
Rayfo Inc - Clayton454647,580.06
Rayven Inc424849,262.80
Rb Painting & Metal Finishing Inc111121,284.60
Rck Inc Dba Kcc Dairy1158,600.00
Rcs Acquisition Llc Dba Isanti Foods446,820.00
Rebco Pork Inc1142,580.00
Red Rock29294,229.15
Red Wing Grain Llc111,400.00
Red Wing Plant234611,249.63
Red Wing Sanitary Landfill28283,052.91
Red Wing Shoe Co Inc - Plant 14712,758.00
Red Wing Shoe Co Inc - Plant 271883,913.00
Red Wing Solid Waste Boiler Facility3757357,296.60
Red Wing Wwtp212644,903.79
Redball Llc8816,898.00
Redball Llc - Hall Ave8820,854.00
Redi Haul Trailers Inc5529,563.60
Redwood County29291,854.86
Redwood County Demolition Landfill28285,293.53
Redwood County Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Redwood Falls Muni3586100,146.41
Redwood Falls Public Utilities - S Plant3012117,138.32
Redwood Falls Public Utilities -Mill Lot456848,200.83
Redwood Falls Wwtp215229,719.89
Regina Medical Center5516,880.00
Regions Hospital5533,520.00
Reid Miller Farm1166,920.00
Release Coatings Of Minneapolis Inc4212268,485.07
Renville County30302,680.42
Renville Wwtp21268,063.19
Retailer Services Corp424431,083.40
Revier Cattle Co Inc1189,280.00
Revier Feedlot Inc1184,720.00
Rexam Beverage Can Co - St Paul (Eva)44609604,699.14
Rice County303011,076.40
Rice County Sanitary Landfill28284,424.83
Richard & Debra Scheffler Farm1174,020.00
Richard B Helgeson343445,606.07
Richard Downs & Ken Henderson Farm1159,220.00
Richard Nuytten Farm1182,500.00
Richard Vroman Farm1135,500.00
Richard W Trebesch Farm1160,020.00
Richmond Wwtp21262,297.76
Ridge Land Farm1192,540.00
Ridgewater College44529,964.98
Ridgeway Enterprises Inc - Dairyridge1140,060.00
Rie Coatings495250,277.86
Rieke Farms Inc1161,680.00
Rihm Motor Co38396,281.74
Riley Bros Construction Inc686865,815.80
Ritchie Bros Auctioneers - Lakeville445,980.00
Ritrama Inc4372299,088.04
River Bend Asphalt Co688776,318.96
River Bend Asphalt Co - Cedar Grove404122,951.11
River City Asphalt - Nonmetallic313613,259.50
River Ridge Dairy1135,800.00
River Turkey Farm Inc11211,020.00
Riverland Community College3030462.22
Riverview Dairy Inc1158,700.00
Riviera Cabinets121282,917.07
Rm Johnson Co Inc557,380.00
Road Rescue Inc3344,960.00
Roadway Landfill Site282815,117.89
Rob-Lee Pork Llp1186,360.00
Robbinsdale Armstrong Senior High School42572,380.53
Robert & Pamela Gierke Farm1186,360.00
Robert B Hill Co1133,500.00
Robert Cunningham Farm 11159,220.00
Robert Cunningham Farm 21161,680.00
Robert Nienow Farms Inc1137,680.00
Roberts Automatic Products2218,512.30
Roberts Sand & Gravel Inc - Nonmetallic313514,498.58
Rochester International57247979,790.79
Rochester Medical Corp - Site 1455463,358.96
Rochester Medical Corp - Site 22954,432.00
Rochester Public Utilities - Silver Lake794822,644,765.21
Rochester Public Utility - Cascade Creek4116860,968.42
Rochester Sand & Gravel - Plant 3686826,094.71
Rochester Sand & Gravel - Plant 776868137,444.99
Rochester Wwtp/Water Reclamation Plant2082160,315.20
Rock County2929824.09
Rock County Sanitary Landfill28281,635.22
Rockford Wwtp21265,776.14
Rodney Wedin Farm1173,260.00
Roe Farms Inc1154,440.00
Roger D Kingstrom Farm11153,460.01
Rogers Wwtp202013,375.38
Roland Kittleson Farm1155,520.00
Roman Dairy Farms Inc1127,880.00
Ron & Mary & Cameron Mulder Farm1157,940.00
Ronald Scott Farm1161,680.00
Roseau Muni/Rudy Billberg Field3468141,069.84
Rosemount Aerospace Inc - Burnsville6687,200.00
Rosemount Aerospace Inc - Eagan446,020.00
Rosemount Inc - Chanhassen Facility5711416,701.62
Rosemount Inc - Eden Prairie Facility527739,143.13
Rosendahl Feedlots1161,680.00
Roverud Construction Inc - Nonmetallic313649,505.62
Rtp Co559,160.00
Rupp Industries Inc - Preserve Blvd387310,715.24
Rush City Rgnl355250,973.99
Rushen Turkey Inc11141,520.00
Rushford Wwtp21262,531.13
S & S Automotive Service Corp - Dba Qual5512,440.00
S. J. Electro Sys. Inc.1143.20
Sacred Heart Wwtp21261,360.39
Safety-Kleen Corp (5-103-01) - Blaine2131,172.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (510302)125.00
Sahrside Dairy Inc1157,940.00
Saints Peter & Paul School34340.35
Salo Manufacturing Inc3943,629.00
Salol / Roseau County Landfill28281,297.79
Samsung Electronics Corp447,620.00
Samuel Jones & Brian Steen Hog Site1159,220.00
Sandra Malecek Farm1159,220.00
Sanmarbo Farms Inc1174,020.00
Sappi Cloquet Llc864068,118,072.16
Sara Lee Coffee & Tea Foodservice4412,520.00
Sauk Centre2929650.13
Sauk Centre Welding & Machine Works Inc141444,632.42
Sauk Centre Wwtp21269,463.95
Sb Foot Tanning Co5686379,929.25
Sb Son Inc68684,153.34
Schell'S Pine Grove Farm1148,020.00
Schenkey Inc - Nonmetallic313542,377.18
Schlagel Inc131328,781.04
Schmidt Printing131342,299.60
Schoenfelder Farms Llp - Roch11176,560.00
Schoon Farms1138,360.00
Schott Corp.111.00
Schultz Hog Farms Inc1164,160.00
Schwartzman Co Inc1148,460.00
Schweigert Foods - Albert Lea5531,040.00
Schwing America Inc5376141,630.32
Scott & Dale Schweer Farm1153,120.00
Scott Gustafson Farm1168,480.00
Scoville Press Inc7751,532.00
Screen Printed Products Inc332,860.00
Sellner Manufacturing Co161627,952.00
Seneca Foods Corp - Arlington397410,185.29
Seneca Foods Corp - Blue Earth478219,261.47
Seneca Foods Corp - Glencoe4810924,189.57
Seneca Foods Corp - Montgomery475632,180.90
Seneca Foods Corp - Rochester475329,962.43
Seneca Wastewater Treatment Plant73227366,845.89
Sexton Printing Inc11116,719.20
Shakopee Valley Printing42460130,657.93
Shamrock Enterprises - Nonmetallic313667,505.91
Shamrock Enterprises - Oronoco404155,701.20
Shamrock Leathers Inc11800.00
Shapco Printing Inc404140,903.17
Sherbrooke Asphalt Inc - Nonmetallic313613,852.70
Sherburn Wwtp21261,339.76
Shoreview Farm Inc1159,220.00
Shriner'S Hospital4410,940.00
Sibley Aggregates - Nonmetallic313660,534.05
Sibley County2929447.07
Sierra Corp343492,119.80
Signation Sign Group Inc111127,732.52
Silent Knight1116.00
Silgan Containers Mfg Corp - Savage45432352,354.23
Silgan Containers Mfg Corp - St Paul49444128,951.70
Silgan Containers Mfg. Corp.1277,897.00
Silver Bay Municipal343421,499.91
Silver Bay Wwtp21266,691.11
Silver Lake Finishing1174,020.00
Silver Ridge Hog Farms Inc1137,000.00
Silver Ridge Hog Farms Inc - Sec 101137,000.00
Silver Ridge Hog Farms Inc - Sec 41199,480.00
Silver Star Industries Inc5536,909.80
Simcote Inc2210,420.00
Sioux Valley Canby Campus47851,678.17
Sjoquist Bros Dairy1133,340.00
Sky Harbor346885,077.96
Skyline Displays Inc33280.00
Skyline Displays Inc - Intl Design Ctr507416,886.68
Skyview Dairy1149,880.00
Sl - Montevideo Techology Inc1116,680.00
Sleepy Eye Public Utility47899,568.63
Slidell Inc672,153.65
Smi & Hydraulics Inc11760.00
Smith Foundry4223530,597.51
Smith System Manfacturing Co464949,876.94
Smyth Companies Inc - Austin6611,476.40
Smyth Companies Inc - Minneapolis404036,704.40
Smyth Companies Inc - St Paul444473,200.53
Solvay Pharmaceuticals48165134,331.75
Son-D-Farms Inc - Dale Bullerman1177,100.00
Son-D-Farms Inc - Dave'S Site1153,980.00
Son-Shine Pork1170,020.00
Sonstegard Foods Inc557,480.00
Soudan Demolition Landfill2828283.73
South Branch Hogs Llp1129,600.00
South St Paul Muni-Richard E Fleming Fld3434332,273.80
South St Paul Sr High School38382,236.83
Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Coop843884,583,129.62
Southern Mn Constr Co Inc - Nonmetallic3135175,518.83
Southwest Prairie Pork1130,840.00
Space Tables Inc446,980.00
Sparboe Summit Farms11159,020.00
Specialty Minerals Inc51779,040.00
Specialty Minerals Inc - Cloquet518108,020.00
Spectro Alloys Corp45401480,167.66
Spectrum Coatings2210,660.00
Spring Lake Demolition Landfill2828366.64
Spring Valley Utilities478234,869.14
Spring Valley Wwtp21267,106.81
Springfield Muni343415,766.56
Springfield Power Plant45685,972.06
Springfield Wwtp21264,928.10
Spronk Brothers Iii1174,020.00
Spx Service Solutions445119,517.05
Spx Valves & Controls4228082,591.86
Sse Manufacturing Inc - Specialty Foods6620,735.00
St Clair Wwtp21261,187.78
St Cloud Hospital479349,493.58
St Cloud Regional57221668,043.18
St Cloud State University53340216,463.62
St Cloud Technical College42595,704.59
St Cloud Wwtp47853,283.08
St Cloud Wwtp2063116,588.59
St Francis Medical Center/Home44643,232.33
St Francis Regional Medical Center47867,467.82
St Francis Wwtp21264,866.40
St Gabriel'S Hospital67126110,125.29
St George Community Ww System212649.09
St James Diesel Generating Plant291743,706.81
St James Municipal343434,399.96
St James Wwtp212618,475.18
St Joe Turkey Farm11198,840.00
St John'S Hospital (Healtheast)5515,380.00
St Johns University Order Of St Benedict676556,798.41
St Joseph'S Hospital - Healtheast5512,580.00
St Joseph'S Medical Center441,820.00
St Lawrence Cement - Duluth Terminal114,260.00
St Louis Park City Of45682,861.48
St Luke'S Lutheran Care Center47883,807.30
St Mary'S Medical Center47897,231.21
St Mary'S Regional Health Center45694,851.76
St Mary'S University479012,999.53
St Michael Wwtp212611,375.62
St Olaf College5546,260.00
St Paul Brass And Aluminum Foundry4241214,371.67
St Paul Community & Technical College4411,400.00
St Paul Downtown Holman Fld35861,338,023.64
St Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch666,080.00
St Paul/Ramsey County Public Health3838537.69
St Peter Community Hospital & Health Car552,420.00
St Peter Regional Treatment Center51112133,016.71
St. Augusta (Landfill, Inc.)506313,322.06
St. Louis Co Regional Sw30305,185.83
Stanley Hydraulic Tools - Two Harbors663,942.70
Stanton Airfield343465,151.62
Staples Muni343462,545.52
Staples Wwtp21266,596.62
Star Exhibits Inc - Shingle Creek116,920.00
Star Tribune11669,640.00
Star West Chev-Olds-Geo12128,420.10
Starbuck Demolition Landfill2828297.54
Starbuck Wwtp21263,330.65
State Of Minnesota Dept Of Human Service5111266,001.39
State Of Mn - Transportation Bldg30309,590.75
Staver Foundry Co161617,663.60
Steele County30305,340.06
Steele County Sanitary Landfill28281,477.25
Stephen Kiecker Farm1174,020.00
Steris Inc471643,266.16
Steve Citterman Farm1174,020.00
Steve Rasche Farm1192,540.00
Steven E Dold1174,020.00
Steven Felten Farm1173,720.00
Steven Jaster Farm1161,680.00
Stevens County2929816.33
Stewart Bridge Farm11176,520.00
Stewartville Wwtp212610,593.95
Stiernagle Farm1159,520.00
Stommes Construction Inc - Nonmetallic313550,310.75
Stora Enso Dpm & Drpm47115271,945.40
Storden Wwtp2126421.71
Stp Inc1174,020.00
Strata Corp - Nonmetallic1523,260.00
Stratmoen Hog Finishing Inc1174,020.00
Streater Inc421202239,524.31
Strobel Farms - Sec 111176,500.00
Strobel Farms - Sec 231189,440.00
Strongwell - Chatfield Division4567299,695.10
Strout Plastics - Lakeville101018,261.41
Structural Wood Corp118,260.00
Stylmark Inc5525,220.00
Styrotech Inc4252315,068.03
Sun Chemical Corp112,920.00
Sun Patio Inc31514,832.00
Sun Prairie2929390.07
Sun Prairie - Koch Pass1161,680.00
Sun Prairie - Kochfield1174,020.00
Sun Prairie Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Sunnyside Turkeys Inc - Bartel11123,760.00
Sunrise Fiberglass Corp55108190,883.51
Super Radiator Coils - Chaska4040134,073.35
Superior Fcr Sanitary Landfill Inc282820,979.72
Superior Ford Inc101021,531.00
Superior Industries Of Morris Inc4221555,868.48
Superior Minerals Corp - Savage4218754,872.90
Superior Plating Inc45682216,978.50
Supervalu Inc - Minneapolis Division47909,535.90
Supreme Pork Inc11111,340.00
Svin Hus Inc1115,600.00
Swan River Farm Llp11220,280.00
Swanson & Youngdale Inc3838611.33
Swanville Wwtp2126608.30
Swift Pork Co - Worthington42253118,280.98
Swift-Eckrich Inc - St James5513,280.00
Swift-Eckrich Inc - Wells5512,080.00
Swine Complex Inc - Feed Mill1131,820.00
Syntegra (Usa) Inc111,380.00
T A Schifsky & Sons Inc404048,147.02
Tandem Products Inc101011,484.00
Tanner Systems Inc111,400.00
Tapemark Co1122,000.00
Target Center3030943.58
Target Financial Services499821,765.30
Target Stores Corporate Headquarters30307,808.29
Taylor Corp Campus5545695,609.07
Tc\American Monorail Inc141519,934.05
Tcb 7 Llc C/O Excel Management Llc45683,520.80
Team Powder Coating Inc22980.00
Techne/R & D Systems Inc45699,006.43
Technical Center4411,980.00
Technical Die-Casting Inc5527,980.00
Technical Finishing Services Inc424435,032.51
Technical Resin Packaging Inc.121,900.00
Telamco Inc.1217,174.00
Tellijohn Sanitary Landfill28282,404.09
Ten Brook Pork Llp - Sect 101120,620.00
Ten Brook Pork Llp - Sect 211188,820.00
Tennant Co - Golden Valley4568681,212.16
Terry Traynor Farm1161,680.00
Tesch Farms1176,720.00
Texpar Energy Inc442,220.00
Tfe Enterprises Inc112,140.00
The Free Press551,120.00
The Hustad Co - Central Ave112,900.00
The John Roberts Co101038,235.20
The Parkdales38383,251.99
The Plastics Group Inc - Maple Plain5510,860.00
The Pullet Connection Inc1157,580.00
The Specialty Manufacturing Co772,979.60
The Toro Co - Lyndale311507165,226.64
The Toro Co - Windom5527,780.00
The Trams Farm Inc1144,180.00
The Woodshop Of Avon Inc161627,086.00
Thermo King Corp - Minneapolis479160,304.23
Thief River Falls Regional57221285,212.58
Thier Feedlots Inc1157,540.00
Thirteen Acres Inc11211,020.00
Thomas Engineering Co2619,800.00
Three Generations Pork Inc1159,520.00
Ticona Celstran Inc34340.56
Tidy Farm Turkeys Inc11432,200.01
Tilney Pork Llp1146,560.00
Tim & Albert Gerhardt Farm -Welcome Site1159,220.00
Tim & Dave Schieffert Farm - Sec 351198,700.00
Tim & Dave Schieffert Farm - Sec 361198,700.00
Tim & Mary Jean Waibel Farm1184,820.00
Tim A Steier Farm1130,840.00
Tim Doubler Farm1151,820.00
Timmerman Finishing Inc4417,500.00
Tiro Industries Llc - Fridley4833860,021.88
Todd County Demolition Landfill2828436.62
Todd Field355237,422.45
Tom Anderson Farm1139,680.00
Tony Downs Foods Co4365181.72
Tony Truesdell Farm1155,520.00
Toquam Hogs1130,840.00
Tower Asphalt Inc4076130,404.93
Tower Municipal343411,727.20
Towmaster Inc7771,041.00
Tracy Muni343426,321.15
Travel Tags - Inver Grove Heights4857127,845.80
Travelers Express - Brooklyn Center30301,321.95
Trc Circuits Inc.110.01
Tri-City Paving Inc - Nonmetallic3135149,288.10
Tri-R-Pork Inc - Site I1155,520.00
Trimont Wwtp21261,255.16
Triple J Land & Livestock Llp1143,640.00
Troumbly Bros Inc - Nonmetallic3131902.73
Troy Farms Inc1174,020.00
Troy Nine Ent1159,220.00
Truman Public Utilities5144,560.00
Truman Wwtp21262,136.63
Trus Joist - A Weyerhaeuser Business82203895,652.73
Truth Hardware Corp - Owatonna424241,054.71
Truth Hardware Paint Plant - Owatonna4833167,748.49
Trw Automotive112.52
Trw Automotive - Machine Bldg Division771,715.00
Tuffy'S Pet Foods Inc5510,640.00
Tuohy Furniture Corp - Chatfield8232385,911.05
Tuohy Furniture Corp - Plant 5464911,140.67
Tursso Companies Inc383920,848.82
Twf Industries Inc - Alexandria525530,235.50
Twf Industries Inc - Barrett1914717,879.90
Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant38381,594.39
Twin City Bottle447,860.00
Twin City Concrete Products Co - St Paul4433142,885.72
Twin City Container Inc424491,291.81
Twin City Die Casting Co - Monticello557,520.00
Twin City Die Castings Co - Mpls5511,960.00
Twin City Plating551,910.00
Twin City Tanning Co. Llp1111,792.00
Twin Rock Family Farms Inc1143,540.00
Two Harbors Municipal Power Plant32432,367.54
Two Harbors Wwtp212612,129.78
Two Thousand Fahrenheit Inc66800.00
U Of M Cloquet Forestry Center7131,202.00
U.S. Air Force Duluth Minnesota Ang122,428.00
U.S. Air Force Minneapolis St. Paul Iap Ars Mn111.00
U.S. Army Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant1227.00
Ulland Brothers Inc North - Nonmetallic3136137,703.32
Ulland Brothers Inc South - Nonmetallic313657,170.50
Unicircuit - Roseville414462,426.73
Unimin Minnesota Corp - Kasota Plant445823,515.42
Unimin Minnesota Corp - Le Sueur445640,997.93
Unisys Corp - Roseville Operation551,460.00
Unisys Macs - Eagan456829,626.44
United Defense Lp5630447,428.32
United Health Technology Center30307,366.07
United Hospitals Inc483129,839.60
United Machine & Foundry141445,595.00
United Steel Products Co4426,020.00
United Sugars Corp - Chaska44598,386.17
Unity Hospital479218,403.71
Univar Usa Inc. St. Paul510929.00
Universal Plastics Inc442,640.00
University Of Minnesota - Campus Sources3334827,359.03
University Of Minnesota - Crookston728699,090.41
University Of Minnesota - Duluth5347563,776.28
University Of Minnesota - Library Access3030644.84
University Of Mn - Morris5522,100.00
University Of Mn - S 2nd St45682,493.76
University Of Mn - Twin Cities1031104687,284.02
University Of St Thomas4768630,333.63
Us Marine Corp582272,701.44
Us Steel Corp - Minntac633448,462,071.05
Usg Interiors Inc - Cloquet431541987,652.11
Usg Interiors Inc - Red Wing792163,459,029.27
Uss Great Lakes Fleet Inc Two Harbors22406,025.73
Valley Asphalt Products Inc - New Ulm686837,626.80
Valley Craft Inc715101,555.41
Valley Farm1189,140.00
Valley Forest Resources Inc788239,620.26
Valley Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Gmc (Main Bu114,800.00
Valley Pork Llp11107,960.00
Valmont/Applied Coating Technology - 242157790,389.25
Vander Wal Brothers1116,580.00
Vaubel Farm Inc - Svinstia1155,520.00
Vaubel Farms Inc - Famay Site1142,680.00
Vaubel Farms Inc - Medo Site1184,520.00
Velocity Express41422,017.47
Verlyn Dekam Farm11114,120.00
Vermillion Demolition Landfill2828268.43
Vermillion Modified2929467.39
Vermillion Modified Landfill28282,051.99
Vermillion Wwtp2126632.45
Vernon Center Wwtp1929545,317.72
Versa Iron & Machine610499,358.50
Veterans Affairs Medical Center - St Clo5523,000.00
Veterans Agency Medical Center - Minneap5553,640.00
Viking Drill & Tool Inc434424,893.68
Viking Explosives & Supply Inc.1146.00
Viking Gas Transmission - Ada672502,149,685.89
Viking Gas Transmission - Angus672501,881,629.39
Viking Gas Transmission - Cushing672501,504,530.48
Viking Gas Transmission - Frazee67220999,928.81
Viking Gas Transmission - Humboldt66276300,818.17
Viking Gas Transmission - Milaca672501,121,921.54
Viking Waterbeds Inc607556,541.43
Village Chevrolet Co115,100.00
Viracon Inc424391,574.48
Virgil M Johnson Farm1159,220.00
Virginia Dept Of Public Utilities782282,000,608.55
Virginia Regional Medical Center45688,616.88
Virginia Wwtp212631,004.75
Vision Woodworking - Fridley464921,463.91
Vision-Ease Lens - Ramsey4594163,504.30
Voelz Brothers1159,220.00
Vz Hogs Llp1176,800.00
W Hodgman & Sons Inc - Nonmetallic313524,729.96
Wabasha County2929864.73
Wabasha Wwtp21265,945.54
Wabasso Wwtp21261,555.10
Waconia Manufacturing Inc2316,820.00
Wadena Asphalt Inc686811,790.14
Wadena County Demolition Landfill2828461.64
Wadena Muni346838,792.71
Wadena Wwtp21265,884.24
Waldoch Collision Center1110,860.00
Waldorf Corp - A Rock-Tenn Co421752,472,345.87
Walker Muni346864,585.57
Walnut Grove Wwtp21261,683.51
Walter G Anderson Inc11091,704.00
Wanamingo Wwtp21262,865.25
Wanda Wwtp2126190.47
Warren Krohn Farm1164,160.00
Warren Wood Inc559,280.00
Warrior Manufacturing Llc4419,694.00
Warroad Intl-Swede Carlson Field346864,522.39
Waseca County29291,318.54
Waseca County Sanitary Landfill28281,297.79
Waseca Muni343439,090.88
Waseca Wwtp212621,609.26
Washington County506344,495.70
Waste Disposal Engineering506346,072.76
Waste Management - Burnsville Sanitary2390,000.00
Waste Management - Spruce Ridge58111,535.18
Waste Management Inc -Elk River Landfill1452173,488.16
Water Gremlin Co333219,200.50
Water Heater Innovations Inc.1212,079.00
Waterous Co Inc30110130,865.12
Watertown Wwtp21266,739.37
Waterville Wwtp21263,562.58
Watkins Aircraft Support Products - Blue5515,060.00
Watkins Aircraft Support Products - Yell5510,700.00
Watkins Inc5517,340.00
Watlow Winona Inc.113.32
Watonwan County29292,726.51
Watonwan County Sanitary Landfill2828648.90
Watonwan Farm Service2213,900.00
Watonwan Farm Service Co - Kiester335,120.00
Watson Wwtp2126617.77
Waverly Wwtp21261,710.97
Waymar Industries Inc444668,778.75
Wayne Dahl Pork Farm1112,320.00
We-No-Nah Canoe2312,803.00
Weather-Rite Inc - Minneapolis2211,445.00
Web Label Ltd442,780.00
Weigh-Tronix Inc4325876,354.97
Weiner Memorial Medical Center456833,907.05
Welcome Wwtp21261,225.34
Wells Concrete Products Co - Prestress454760,763.12
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage478613,030.60
Wells Public Utilities478131,442.42
Wenger Corp478428,587.23
West Concord Wwtp21262,351.94
West Group Co - Eagan547867,331.43
West Ridge Pork - Sec 161152,500.00
Western Lake Superior Sanitary District384743,203.74
Westland Dairy Llp1171,540.00
Westling Manufacturing Co4427,660.00
Westmor Industries Llc - Tank Shop497521,633.73
Westmor Industries Llc - Truck Shop101022,323.60
Weyerhaeuser Co5510,440.00
Weyerhaeuser Co - Austin -Containerboard7730,512.60
Weyerhaeuser Co - Roseville4421,640.00
Weyerhaeuser Co - White Bear - Container414124,605.28
Wheaton Muni343425,409.02
Whirl-Air-Flow Corp - Big Lake44160.00
Whirl-Air-Flow Corp - Mpls443,460.00
White Bear Lake High School - S Campus44622,142.10
Whitewater River Pollution Control Fac212612,392.67
Wilkie Sanderson8819,622.00
William Schmidt Farm 11117,260.00
Williams Wwtp2126563.01
Willmar Muni-John L Rice Field57167123,942.28
Willmar Municipal East Substation30304,512.77
Willmar Municipal Sw Substation30305,456.35
Willmar Municipal Utilities781952,217,330.00
Willmar Poultry Farms Inc - Burlington11202,899.99
Willmar Poultry Farms Inc - Countyline11202,899.99
Willmar Poultry Farms Inc - Crestview11202,899.99
Willmar Poultry Farms Inc - Highland11202,899.99
Willmar Poultry Farms Inc - Highway 7111137,980.00
Willmar Poultry Farms Inc - Hilltop11233,340.00
Willmar Poultry Farms Inc - Magnum11202,899.99
Willmar Poultry Farms Inc - Millcreek11202,899.99
Willmar Poultry Farms Inc - Prairie Ridg11202,899.99
Willmar Poultry Farms Inc - Quam11129,860.00
Willmar Poultry Farms Inc - Solomay Lake11243,480.00
Willmar Regional Treatment Center5193142,541.59
Willmar Wwtp212667,852.38
Wilmarth Plant23469,623.09
Wilson Trailer Sales222,120.00
Wilwerding Dairy Inc1164,960.00
Winco Inc5516,480.00
Windom City Of Municipal Utility30302,497.49
Windom Muni346856,767.33
Windom Wwtp212617,246.37
Wingen Farms - Farm I1119,200.00
Wingen Farms - Farm Ii1188,820.00
Wingspan Llp11148,060.00
Winland Electronics Inc553,940.13
Winnebago Manufacturing229,920.00
Winnebago Wwtp21266,168.50
Winona County29295,830.61
Winona County Demolition Landfill2828525.91
Winona County Sanitary Landfill28284,431.75
Winona Muni-Max Conrad Fld358671,457.42
Winona River & Rail Inc1120,400.00
Winona State University5539,860.00
Winona State University - Lourdes Hall553,040.00
Winona Wwtp212666,674.97
Winsted Muni343499,923.10
Winsted Wwtp21529,239.62
Winthrop Wwtp21526,308.75
Wipaire Inc4410,240.00
Wlssd (Duluth Disposal Co)29297,770.51
Wm Mueller & Sons Inc - Blakely7111376,410.20
Wm Mueller & Sons Inc - Carver404129,194.58
Wm Mueller & Sons Inc - Nonmetallic313641,441.65
Woge Farms11162,320.01
Wolkerstorfer Co Inc4215119,466.73
Wollum Feedlots1119,640.00
Woodco Prefinishing Inc9928,980.00
Woodcraft Industries - Foreston5594,120.00
Woodcraft Industries Cabinet Door Divisi1112,660.00
Woodcraft Industries Inc - St Cloud5555,500.00
Woodlake Sanitary Landfill333392,366.76
Woodland Dairy Inc1167,520.00
Woodstock Wwtp202053.74
Woodville Pork1160,140.00
Worldwide Warehouse - Bloomington47902,527.55
Worthington Diesel Generating Plant292039,915.30
Worthington Muni358675,356.78
Worthington Rendering Co442,500.00
Worthington Wwtp212631,210.53
Wykoff Wwtp2126556.14
X-Cel Optical Co3319,820.00
Xcel Energy - Minnesota Valley801747,004.82
Xcel Energy - Allen S King Generating7937675,261,701.36
Xcel Energy - High Bridge Generating8052522,048,462.81
Xcel Energy - Riverside Generating Plant8450656,148,363.66
Yellow Medicine29291,069.28
Yellow Medicine County Sanitary Landfill2828519.12
Yunker Farms1161,680.00
Zalk Steel & Supply Co.1213.00
Zenith Products Co425115,513.47
Ziegler Inc - Bloomington5710744,081.73
Ziegler Inc - Shakopee444,940.00
Zimmerman Wwtp21263,961.40
Zinpro Corp8832,331.00
Zuel Co Inc118,400.00
Zumbrota Wwtp212610,768.09