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Polluters in Michigan
20th Century Machine Company Inc227,582.63
3m Detroit Abrasives71155,716.00
4th Street Aggregates116,524.00
945 Cone303130,696.17
A & E Agg Inc11127,294.32
A & E Aggregate Of Canton, Inc.11747.00
A & K Finishing, Inc. - Plant 21454,068.00
A Lindberg & Sons Inc11580.00
A Lindberg & Sons Inc112,400.00
A Lindberg & Sons Inc115,220.00
A Lindberg & Sons Inc111,000.00
A Lindberg & Sons Inc112,000.00
A&K Finishing, Inc.1214,605.00
A-1 Disposal Inc2828324.45
A. G. Simpson (Usa) Inc.115.00
Aactron Inc7133,652.06
Aar Mobility Systems31342,196.00
Aar Mobility Systems138,162.00
Abb Inc.111,585.00
Abbott Laboratories-Ross Products Division3998353,620.10
Abrasive Finishing Inc.1210.00
Access Business Group, Llc4160980,717.37
Ace Asphalt & Paving Co Inc Plant 1396090,953.93
Ace Asphalt & Paving Co Inc Plant 3263150,324.95
Ace Disposal Service282840,502.10
Acheson Colloids Co3967115,761.80
Acme Township Dump28286,569.06
Acocks Medical Facility Slf28281,069.83
Acore Door Co111,120.00
Acs Disposal Site2828198.56
Act Laboratories Inc4227,607.70
Ada Cogeneration4152373,589.01
Ada Township Dump2828324.45
Adac Automotive Trim 36th St. Plant101322,971.38
Adac Automotive Trim Saranac Plant91221,396.78
Adac Door Components Muskegon Plants132663,083.63
Adams Road Landfill282863,237.99
Adams Township2828324.45
Adc Inc161711,725.44
Adco Diecast Corp.115.00
Adco Products Inc.77668,565.47
Adept Plastic Finishing Inc1570,642.00
Adept Plastic Finishing Inc11170,110.00
Adm Grain Co5114,284.00
Adm Grain Company4103,465.00
Adm Grain Company585,236.00
Adm Grain Company51410,702.00
Adrian Asphalt Co243230,833.87
Adrian Fabricators Inc.11335,605.00
Adrian Landfill714214,479.00
Adrian Township Dump28281,069.83
Advance Engineering Co6131,620.00
Advance Packaging Corp6715,350.00
Advanced Fibermolding Inc2673,646.00
Advanced Heat Treat Corp2312,288.00
Aep Cook Nuclear Plant385326,039.76
Aeroquip Corp72413,090.00
Aetna & Deerfield Township Lf28281,069.83
Aetna Township Dump2828198.56
Afco Industries714837,576.00
Aget Manufacturing Co81728,255.00
Aggregate Industries - Ac1 Portable Plant303143,710.89
Aggregate Industries - Ac1 Portable Plant303125,758.21
Aggregate Industries - Ac1 Portable Plant30318,586.07
Aggregate Industries - Ac2 Portable Plant303128,707.61
Aggregate Industries - Ac2 Portable Plant303122,797.22
Aggregate Industries - Ac2 Portable Plant30318,443.42
Aggregate Industries - Ac2 Portable Plant30316,754.73
Aggregate Industries - Ac2 Portable Plant303113,509.47
Aggregate Industries - Ac2 Portable Plant30314,221.71
Aggregate Industries - Ac3 Portable Plant303113,001.72
Aggregate Industries - Ac3 Portable Plant303113,001.72
Aggregate Industries - Ac3 Portable Plant30315,572.17
Aggregate Industries - Ac3 Portable Plant303161,293.83
Aggregate Industries - Battle Creek Plant1111,246.00
Aggregate Industries - Mason Plant263159,318.04
Aggregate Industries - Millikin Plant119,415.00
Aggregate Industries - Nordberg Hp300 Plant30316,840.56
Aggregate Industries - Nordberg Hp300 Plant30316,840.56
Aggregate Industries - Nordberg Hp300 Plant303137,643.62
Aggregate Industries - Nordberg Hp300 Plant303130,794.84
Aggregate Industries - Pullman Plant114,219.00
Aggregate Industries - Wayland Plant447,809.00
Aggregate Industries - Zeeland Plant263135,506.92
Aggregate Industries Grand Valley Plant508290,846.04
Aggregate Industries/Chelsea117,993.00
Aggregate Resources117,037.00
Aggregate Resources Plant 102303125,652.28
Aggregate Resources Plant 10230312,230.63
Aggregate Resources Plant 103303115,133.88
Aggregate Resources Plant 10330315,044.63
Agrium Us Inc7128,636.00
Air Taylor Machines78126,811.00
Aircraft Sve Intl Group1323,651.00
Airport Slf (Formerly Dickman)282815,117.89
Ais Construction Equipment Corp181919,534.14
Ajax Material Corp.396071,687.80
Ajax Materials Corp396081,227.77
Ajax Materials Corp396085,216.28
Ajax Materials Corp3960102,776.90
Ajax Materials Corp396060,371.21
Ajax Materials Corp396096,680.73
Ajax Materials Corp.344963,210.17
Ajax Materials Corp.497991,378.22
Ajax Metal Processing Inc.2325,295.00
Ajax Paving Industries30319,796.99
Ajax Paving Industries303115,323.49
Ajax Paving Industries Inc31323,107.38
Ajax Paving Industries Inc303125,074.45
Ajax Paving Industries Inc313212,429.54
Akron Township28281,069.83
Akron Township Lf South2828198.56
Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc. Car Refinishes & Decorative Coat.7146,362.00
Akzo Nobel Coatings, Inc520118,015.00
Alabaster Township Dump2828198.56
Alamo Township Dump2828970.67
Alamo Township Rubbish Dump2828277.88
Albar Industries, Inc.714511,860.00
Albee Township Dump282814,242.21
Albion / Sheridan Township Lf2828248.32
Albrecht Sand And Gravel539018,531.62
Albrecht Sand And Gravel539043,240.45
Alchem Aluminum Inc.110.00
Alchem Aluminum, Inc.61760,890.00
Alco-Nvc Inc.11800.00
Alcoa Automotive Castings67578,552.15
Alcona Township Dump2828198.56
Alcona Township Dump / Black River Rd2828324.45
Algansee Township Dump28286,569.06
Algonac Cast Products Inc2465.00
Allegan County Landfill2828198.56
Allegan Township Dump2828198.56
Allen Township Dump28281,069.83
Allens Disposal Area2828380.42
Allied Chucker & Eng122,664.00
Allied Concrete Products Inc15163,007.00
Allied Concrete Products Inc15162,393.92
Allied Concrete Products Inc15167,152.58
Allied Concrete Products Inc15167,502.91
Allied Concrete Products Inc15169,137.78
Allied Disposal Company28286,569.06
Allied Finishing Inc.2423.00
Allied Paper28283,514.27
Alloy Steel Treating Co. Inc.1148,501.00
Alma Products I Inc7934,745.00
Almena Township Dump28281,069.83
Almond Product, Inc.3310,682.00
Almond Products Inc61963,048.00
Almont Village Disposal Facil28286,569.06
Aloha Township Dump2828324.45
Alpena / Green Township (Southside)28281,069.83
Alpena Compressor Station29290.00
Alpena Crtc Michigan Air National Guard162213,755.00
Alpena Power Generation, L.L.C., Calcite665,563.00
Alpena Power Generation, L.L.C., Devere15156,075.59
Alpena Power Generation, L.L.C., Long Lake15152,135.72
Alpena Power Generation, L.L.C., Rockport15153,459.85
Alpena Sanitation Dump2828324.45
Amasa Mill Dump2828324.45
Amber Township Dump28286,569.06
American Aggregates Of Michigan Eljay 4530310.00
American Aggregates Of Michigan Eljay 5430311,409.00
American Aggregates Of Michigan Eljay 54303122,074.32
American Aggregates Of Michigan Inc Highland Plant111,315.00
American Aggregates Of Michigan Inc Oxford Plant11744.00
American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc4011061,713.68
American Axle & Mfg Inc91862,868.00
American Colloid Co.111.70
American Jetway Corp.88989.00
American Legion 35128281,650.36
American Seating Company354013,875.00
American Stone-Mix Inc.55473.00
Americhem Sales Corp.362,686.00
Ameriwood Industries373948,345.72
Ametek Prestolite Motors254,882.02
Amp Industries7761,532.34
Amstore Inc6155,917.00
Anchor Coupling Inc.1210.00
Anchor Exc & Wrecking Co Lf2828380.42
Anderson Development Co43127123,475.64
Anderson Development Co.117.00
Anderson Landfill28281,715.36
Andreski Hiawatha Type Iii28281,069.83
Andrews University282815,117.89
Angelo'S Crushed Concrete, Inc263148,358.96
Angelos Crushed Concrete Inc428769,176.24
Angelos Crushed Concrete Inc303113,051.66
Angelos Crushed Concrete Inc15162,699.68
Angelos Crushed Concrete Inc396050,725.37
Angelos Crushed Concrete Inc15163,194.74
Angelos Crushed Concrete Inc11820.00
Angelos Crushed Concrete Inc112,560.00
Ann Arbor Slf Phase I & Ii28282,155.77
Ann Arbor Wastewater Treatmt Plt67670.00
Anr Pipeline - Central Charlton Compressor Station631220,862.95
Anr Pipeline Co - Woolfolk Compressor Station7521,521,929.72
Anr Pipeline Co. - Orient Compressor Station720168,200.59
Anr Pipeline Co. - Winfield Compressor Station73494,928.33
Anr Pipeline Co. - Goodwell Compressor Station254783,262.54
Anr Pipeline Co. South Chester Compressor Station734120,396.22
Anr Pipeline Company - Bridgman Compressor Station251312,147,143.97
Anr Pipeline Company - Hamilton Compressor Station25179484,519.87
Anr Pipeline Company Coldwater Dehy Plant130.00
Anr Pipeline Company Croton Dehy Plant130.00
Anr Pipeline Company Lincoln Compressor Station6271,241,071.63
Anr Pipeline Company North Hamilton Dehy Plant15129.00
Anr Pipeline Company Winfield Dehy Plant13379.00
Anr Storage Company - Excelsior Compressor Station745162,735.79
Anr Storage Company -- Rapid River Compr745242,506.12
Anr-Coldsprings/ Blue Lake Gas Storage Company7511,473,445.54
Antrim / Kalkaska Landfill28281,069.83
Antrim Development Corp - Tower51195,053.00
Antrim Processing Co - Warner 36 Co2 Removal Fac.6615,970.44
Antwerp Township Disposal2828324.45
Apollo Plating Inc5872.00
Arbela Township Site2828198.56
Arcadia Township28281,069.83
Arcadia Township Dump28281,069.83
Arenac / Omer Slf2828198.56
Argyle Township2828198.56
Arlington Township Dump2828324.45
Armada Township Sanitary Lf28281,650.36
Armaly Sponge (Dba Armaly Brands)1210.00
Armorclad Inc3344.97
Armstrong Intl. Inc.338.00
Armstrongs Lf2828324.45
Arthur Township Dump2828198.56
Arvinmeritor Taylor Facility12107.00
Arvon Township Dump2828324.45
Arvron Inc13131,210.00
Asahi Thermofil Inc85760,786.60
Asama Coldwater Manufacturing, Inc.1223159,445.76
Asc Inc31253,499.00
Asc Inc245872,883.00
Ash Stevens Inc.11236.00
Ash Township Sanitary Landfill2828380.42
Ashland Distribution Company107315,155.26
Ashland Township2828324.45
Asphalt Paving, Inc263766,528.76
Aspinalls Garbage Service28281,069.83
Assiwins Dump (Baraga Township)28286,569.06
Assyria Township Dump28281,069.83
Astro Cap Mfg825188,869.00
Atlas Oil Co61511,740.00
Atmosphere Annealing Inc4568,321.00
Atofina Chemicals Inc4289334,234.64
Au Gres City Dump28281,069.83
Au Gres Township Dump28286,569.06
Au Sable Township Dump28281,069.83
Au Train Township Dump 12828198.56
Audette Cadillac, Inc.172,596.00
Aura Dump (L'Anse Township)2828324.45
Aurelius Gas Plant760188,021.00
Aurelius Township Landfill282814,242.21
Aurora Specialty Chemistries113.00
Auto Alliance Intl45117653,765.82
Auto Specialties2828380.42
Auto Specialties / Riverside28282,051.99
Autocast Inc.1123.00
Autolign Mfg Group101237,881.00
Automotive Composites Co.569,897.00
Autumn Hills Recycling And Disposal Facility2940298,313.00
Avery Township Dump28281,069.83
Avfuel Corp13841.00
Avl Powertrain Engineering5108,202.00
Axchem Inc.12168.00
Aztec Producing Company, Inc.725287,549.62
B & B Refuse Service Landfill28281,069.83
B. B. Paint Corp.221,000.00
B. C. Cobb Plant7938434,403,279.56
Bacco Construction Co11114,049.22
Bacco Construction Co11114,949.49
Backus Township28281,069.83
Bad Axe City Dump2828198.56
Bailey Mfg79280.00
Baker Furniture Co11282,334.00
Baldwin Landfill28281,069.83
Baldwin Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Baldwin Township Dump2828324.45
Bales Trucking Landfill2828380.42
Balkema Excavating, Inc. -- Portable Plant303117,935.96
Baltimore Township Dump28281,069.83
Bangor Township Slf2828248.32
Bangor Township Slf28281,069.83
Banks Hardwoods, Inc.377447,782.67
Baraga Village Dump28286,569.06
Barlow Road Dump2828198.56
Barnes Aerospace Lansing Div.12500.00
Barrett Paving Materials316468,490.18
Barrett Paving Materials6684,705.00
Barrett Paving Materials Inc660.00
Barrett Paving Materials Inc6638,424.00
Barrett Paving Materials Inc6641,414.00
Barrett Paving Materials Inc6657,695.00
Barrett Paving Materials Inc4377108,207.83
Barrett Paving Materials Inc6631,587.00
Barrett Paving Materials, Inc1420758.28
Baryames Cleaners Inc116,817.00
Basf Corp6446,562.00
Basf Corp44128384,038.17
Basf Corporation364345,852.56
Batavia Township Dump2828198.56
Bates Township Dump28286,569.06
Battle Creek Demolition Ldfill28282,051.99
Battle Creek Gravel Co Inc.28291,133.68
Battle Creek Gravel Co Inc.28292,771.21
Battle Creek Gravel Co Inc.2829944.73
Battle Creek Gravel Co Inc.28291,448.59
Battle Creek Wrecking Co Inc.282815,117.89
Baxter Bioscience251,143.00
Baxter Dump28289,904.76
Bay City Electric Light & Power154013,235.66
Bay City Electric Light & Power154044,375.05
Bay City Wastewater Treatment Plant34393,292.73
Bay County Development Landfill2828380.42
Bay De Noc Township Dump2828198.56
Bay Mills Landfill2828813.91
Bay View & Big Pine Dump2828324.45
Bayer Cropscience12298.00
Bayer Cropscience Lp367814,447.90
Bbi Enterprises L.P. Inc.2239,824.00
Bbi Enterprises, L.P.51424,679.00
Bc Cub Area Operations282815,117.89
Bear Lake 1 Cpf5646,461.00
Bear Lake 9 Cpf5519,551.00
Bear Lake Township2828198.56
Bearinger / North Allis Township28281,069.83
Beaver Creek Township28286,569.06
Beaver Township28282,051.99
Beaver Township Dump28281,069.83
Beaverton Township Dump2828198.56
Becker &Scrivens Concrete Prd792.00
Bedford Township Lf2828248.32
Behr Industries Corporation615115,408.00
Bekaert Corp51012,281.00
Belair Kar Wash2828198.56
Belding Storage Co Lf28286,569.06
Belding Tank Technologies, Inc.1128,999.00
Bell Pickup Service2828198.56
Belle River 7825782,113,482.54
Belle River Berm Project2828380.42
Belle River Compressor Station471441,301,907.22
Belvidere Township2828198.56
Ben Horton & Sons Disp Area28281,069.83
Ben Powell Disposal282863,237.99
Bendix Corp2828248.32
Bengal Township Dump2828324.45
Benteler Automotive Corp.11250.00
Benteler Automotive Corp.11750.00
Benteler Automotive Corp.11750.00
Benteler Automotive Incorporated104427,156.00
Bentley Township Dump2828324.45
Benton Disposal Service2828248.32
Benton Township Dump (Cordwood Rd)28286,569.06
Benzie County Slf28286,569.06
Benzie Garbage Disposal Servic28286,569.06
Bergland Township Dump28286,569.06
Bernarde Thomas Slf2828324.45
Bessemer Plywood Corp425592,171.24
Bethany Township Landfill2828198.56
Bethel Township Dump2828324.45
Betz Industries Inc115983,960.13
Bierlein Bldg Movers Landfill2828254.83
Big G2828198.56
Big Prairie Township Dump28286,569.06
Big Rapids Slf28286,569.06
Big Rapids Slf28281,069.83
Big Rapids Township Disposal Site28281,069.83
Bil Mar Foods3626372,679.50
Billings Township Disposal Area28281,069.83
Bingham Township Dump2828198.56
Biolab Inc71321,352.00
Birch Run Township Dump282814,242.21
Birds Eye Foods Inc.364012,692.90
Bit-Mat Products Of Michigan Inc C / O Klink Tru1193,773.00
Black River (Ironwood Township)28286,569.06
Blackmer A Dover Resources Co.35437.30
Blackmore Co128,800.00
Blair Township28281,069.83
Blissfield Mfg Co22013,630.00
Blissfield Village Dump28286,569.06
Bloks Refuse Service Slf2828198.56
Bloomfield Township Dump28286,569.06
Bloomingdale Township Landfill28281,069.83
Blue Lake Township Disposal28282,051.99
Blue Lake Township Sanitary Lf28281,069.83
Boar'S Head Provisions Co., Inc.35454,362.77
Boardman Township Disposal Area2828324.45
Bodycote Thermal Processing113,127.00
Bolen Asphalt Paving, Inc.529951,827.81
Bolen Asphalt Paving, Inc.326233,175.87
Booms Construction Inc28286,569.06
Boon Township Dump2828198.56
Bootnack Dump (Torch Lake Township)28286,569.06
Borroughs Corporation164665,811.07
Bostik Findley Inc81843,399.00
Boston Dump (Franklin Township)2828198.56
Bourdow Lf282814,242.21
Bourret Township Dump28281,069.83
Boyne City Dump2828198.56
Bp Canada Energy Company5617,564.00
Bp Products North America Inc - Cheboygan Terminal21723,449.19
Bp Products North America River Rouge645110,751.00
Bp Products/Jackson21919,312.66
Bpb Manufacturing, Inc.172981,976.00
Brabant`S Dump2828324.45
Bradford White Corporation1037197,923.00
Bradley Sand And Gravel Inc30314,204.37
Brady Township Dump2828970.67
Brady Township Dump2828970.67
Branch County Proposed Lf2828324.45
Branch County Road Commission4352101,764.49
Branch Road Landfill282831,413.10
Branch Township Dump2828198.56
Brandon Road Land Reclamation2828380.42
Brant Township Dump28283,514.27
Bray Road Landfill2828348.04
Breen Township Dump28281,069.83
Breen Township Dump2828324.45
Brent Run Landfill613368,758.00
Brevort Dump (Moran Township)2828324.45
Brevort Township Dump28281,069.83
Bridgeport Township Slf28283,514.27
Bridgeport Township Slf282814,242.21
Briley Township Dump28286,569.06
Bronson / Rogers Slf28281,069.83
Bronson Plating Co.11250.00
Bronson Sanitary Landfill2828198.56
Brookfield / Grant Township Dump2828324.45
Broomfield Township Dump2828324.45
Brown Brother Landfill28281,069.83
Brown City Landfill28281,069.83
Brown Paper Company Landfill2828277.88
Brown Township2828198.56
Browns Dump28286,549.97
Browns Slf28286,569.06
Brunswick Bowling And Billiards416990,619.03
Buchanan Township Lf2828380.42
Buckeye Tank Terminal Co1119226,993.00
Buckeye Township Dump28281,069.83
Buckley / Hanover Disposal28281,069.83
Buel Township Dump28286,569.06
Buena Vista Township Lf2828970.67
Burgess-Norton Mfg. Co. / Std. Auto Parts Co.Div.72628,520.00
Burlington Village & Township Dump28282,051.99
Burnash Landfill282831,413.10
Burners Inc.3643667.02
Burnette Farms Packing Co Lf(Oren Small)28286,569.06
Burnside Dump2828198.56
Burt Lake East Disposal Site2828324.45
Burt'S Landfill28282,051.99
Bus White / Urb Excav / Bridgeport2828970.67
Bush Private Landfill2828324.45
Buskirk Lumber Co363669.05
Butman Township Dump28281,069.83
Butterfield Township Dump2828198.56
Butterworth Site282840,502.10
Bwl Comfort Street Disposal282814,242.21
Byholt, Inc.112,861.00
Byron Township Dump28289,904.76
C & B Landfill Services, Inc2828248.32
C H Smith Co Inc110.00
C H Smith Co Inc29302,551.67
C H Smith Co Inc29301,631.39
C H Smith Co Inc2930833.27
C L Rieckhoff Co269,693.00
C&C Landfill614567,451.00
Cabot Corporation1012361,290.00
Cadillac Asphalt Products Company Plant 3a3960120,819.52
Cadillac Asphalt Products263159,080.42
Cadillac Municipal Dump28281,069.83
Cadillac Products Automotive Co.18109,666.00
Cadillac Renewable Energy Facility39391,376,602.48
Cadillac Rubber & Plastics Inc715157,219.01
Cadon Plating Co4815,000.00
Caledonia Township28281,069.83
Calhoun Fndy. Co. Inc.110.03
California Township Dump28286,569.06
Calumet Electronics Corp4710,431.30
Calumet Township Authority Lf2828324.45
Calvin Slf2828324.45
Cambria Landfill28286,569.06
Camp Grayling Dump2828324.45
Campbell Township Dump2828324.45
Cannon Muskegon Corp82424,470.60
Canton Ind & Research Dev Corp28281,715.36
Capac Compressor Station639449,487.59
Caraustar Custom Packaging1533,047.00
Carboloy Inc3412,963.00
Carbone Of America Ultra Carbon Div.11123.00
Cardinal Landfill Corp282863,237.99
Cargill Salt882372,572,166.46
Carl Schlegel Inc.11532.00
Carleton Farms Landfill613634,806.00
Carmeuse Lime Inc.223.70
Carmeuse/ River Rouge8151,730,731.40
Carmeuse/Detroit Lime5101,581,315.00
Carp Lake Township Dump28286,569.06
Carp Lake Township Dump2828324.45
Carrick Gravel And Crushing3031571.67
Carrick Gravel And Crushing3031857.50
Carrick Gravel And Crushing30314,859.19
Carrick Gravel And Crushing30311,715.01
Carrick Gravel And Crushing30311,715.01
Carrick Gravel And Crushing30314,573.36
Carroll Products Inc1356,624.00
Carrollton Township Refuse Dump2828970.67
Carrom Company2328,226.00
Carson City Landfill2828198.56
Carsonville Community Dump28281,069.83
Cascade Die Casting / Mid-State110.00
Cascade Engineering, Inc7712.13
Casco Township Dump28281,069.83
Case Township Container Site2828198.56
Case Township Dumping Grounds / Dump28286,569.06
Caseville / Lake Township Dump28286,569.06
Casnovia Township Dump28282,051.99
Cass County Road Commission303358,830.76
Cass Valley Excavating Lf28286,569.06
Cassopolis Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Cast Coatings11710,950.00
Cast Coatings Inc1519,999.00
Castleton / Maple Grove2828198.56
Cato Glenwood Facility52658,620.00
Cdq Co Chesterfield Township28281,650.36
Cdr Pigments And Dispersions368687,188.59
Cecorr Inc374612,532.41
Cedar Ridge Recycling & Disposal Facil28284,963.73
Cedarline Llc - Chestonia 1756166.00
Cello-Foil Products, Inc.11084,231.00
Cemex, Inc.4913221,046,971.60
Cen Inds.4510.20
Center Road Landfill28286,549.97
Central Asphalt Inc.345518,161.04
Central Metal Products123,187.00
Central Michigan University51214361,664.26
Central Sanitary Lf2333,616.00
Central Wayne Energy Recovery51123515,270.80
Centurion Vehicles Inc1547,684.00
Century Foundry Inc51416,087.00
Cereal City Landfill2828380.42
Ch Smith Company Inc110.00
Champagne & Marx Exc Inc1517173.60
Champagne & Marx Exc Inc1517322.40
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc15160.00
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.1519481.88
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.151720.58
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.15170.98
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.15172.94
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.151714.70
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.151750.96
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.15171.96
Champion Township Dump2828324.45
Chapin Township Slf2828970.67
Charleston Township2828970.67
Charlevoix Disposal Site28281,069.83
Charlotte Disposal Landfill2828324.45
Charlotte Disposal Service28281,069.83
Charlotte Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Charter Township Of Calumet Slf2828324.45
Chase Township Dump2828198.56
Chassel Township Dump2828198.56
Chelsea Village Landfill282828.42
Chem Trend Holding Inc.92011,917.00
Chemcentral Detroit447020,649.25
Chemcentral/Grand Rapids103517,300.00
Chemical Processing Inc42513,075.00
Cheney Limestone Co111,435.00
Cherry Grove, Calm Lake, Selma Township2828198.56
Cheshire Township Disposal28281,069.83
Chevrolet / Flint Manufac Lf2828348.04
Chicagoan Lake (Stambaugh Township)2828198.56
Chippewa Township Disposal28281,069.83
Chocolay Township Dump28281,069.83
Chromatech Inc.1210.00
Chrome Craft Corp45511.00
Churchill Township Dump2828198.56
Cisco Road (Watersmeet Township)2828198.56
Citation Grand Rapids1115.00
Citgo Petroleum Corp2866,461.59
Citgo Petroleum Corp11370,487.00
Citgo Petroleum Corp1550,023.00
Citizens Disposal, Inc.57356,900.00
City Aluminum Foundry531330.00
City Concrete&Asphalt Crushing31322,743.88
City Concrete&Asphalt Crushing31327,556.59
City Concrete&Asphalt Crushing313212,342.09
City Disposal Company Landfill2828324.45
City Environmental Services Inc Of Water282864,581.00
City Environmental Services Lf, Inc. Of Hastings610182,099.00
City Of Adrian Dump2828324.45
City Of Algonac Slf2828248.32
City Of Battle Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant6815299,297.33
City Of Bay City Dump282815,117.89
City Of Buchanan Landfill2828380.42
City Of Caspian Dump28281,069.83
City Of Cheboygan Dump28286,569.06
City Of Clare28286,569.06
City Of Clio Disposal Area282831,413.10
City Of Croswell2828198.56
City Of Dearborn Lf #128281,715.36
City Of Escanaba Dump2828198.56
City Of Essexville Dump282815,117.89
City Of Fenton Sanitary Land2828348.04
City Of Flint Bishop Airport28286,549.97
City Of Gaastra Dump28286,569.06
City Of Gladstone Dump28286,569.06
City Of Gladwin Dump28286,569.06
City Of Hancock2828324.45
City Of Houghton Dump2828198.56
City Of Howell Slf28282,051.99
City Of Ionia Disposal Area(Cleveland Lf2828324.45
City Of Jackson Lf2828248.32
City Of Laingsburg Slf2828324.45
City Of Lansing Sanitary Land282814,242.21
City Of Livonia Lf Site2828302.23
City Of Lowell2828324.45
City Of Ludington28281,069.83
City Of Marquette Slf2828198.56
City Of Marshall Landfill2828248.32
City Of Menominee2828198.56
City Of Menominee Slf28281,069.83
City Of Midland Municipal Solid Waste Facility2294,603.00
City Of Monroe Slf2828380.42
City Of Montague Dump282815,117.89
City Of Morenci Dump2828198.56
City Of Munising Slf2828324.45
City Of Muskegon Heights28282,051.99
City Of Muskegon Lf28282,051.99
City Of Niles Sanitary Lf2828198.56
City Of Parchment Disp Area2828277.88
City Of Perry Dump28286,569.06
City Of Saginaw Slf2828277.88
City Of Saginaw Slf282814,242.21
City Of Sault Ste Marie Dump2828198.56
City Of Scottville Dump2828324.45
City Of South Haven / 12th Ave28281,069.83
City Of St Ignace Dump2828324.45
City Of St Johns Landfill28281,069.83
City Of Stambaugh28281,069.83
City Of Standish Lf2828324.45
City Of Stanton Slf28281,069.83
City Of Stanton Disposal Landfill2828324.45
City Of Wyoming Disposal28289,904.76
City Sand & Landfill Inc56460,860.00
Clam Union Disposal Site28286,569.06
Clare Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Clarence Hoppenworth Slf2828324.45
Clarendon Township Landfill282815,117.89
Clariant Corp. Masterbatches Div.2210.00
Clark Disposal Area2828198.56
Classic Manufacturing Inc3711,781.00
Claude Road Landfill2828348.04
Clawson Tank Co3914,997.00
Clay Township Slf2828380.42
Claybanks Township Disposal28281,069.83
Clayton Township2828324.45
Clearwater Township Dump2828324.45
Cleary Property282863,237.99
Clement Township Dump #22828324.45
Cleon Township Dump28281,069.83
Clifford Village Dump2828324.45
Cliffs Disposal2828324.45
Climax Township Dump2828277.88
Clinton River Road Ds Ar282846,695.66
Clinton Township Dump2828324.45
Clinton Village Dump28281,069.83
Clinton Village Of3110032,612.66
Clyde Manlius & Ganges Trash28281,069.83
Cms Antrim Gas L.L.C.1533777,094.72
Cms Gas Transmission (Little Bear Comp. Station)434389,013.86
Cms Gas Transmission W. Branch Compr. St.434340,144.78
Cms Generation Kalamazoo River Generation Station1414814.21
Cms Generation Zilwaukee Station15300.00
Cms Generation, Livingston Generating Station141411,514.36
Cms Marysville Gas Liquids Company3660162,807.85
Coca Cola Bottling Co5257,680.00
Coding Products, A Division Of Illinois Tool Works48201,865.00
Coe Township Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Cohoctah Township Landfill2828380.42
Coldsprings Disposal Site2828198.56
Coldwater Bakery Division51195,115.00
Coldwater Board Of Public Utilities155588,860.11
Coldwater City Brush Dump2828324.45
Coldwater Industrial Park28281,069.83
Coldwater Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Cole Specialty Sys. Inc.1210.00
Coleman Road Site2828448.23
Colfax Township Disposal Site28286,569.06
Colfax Township Dump2828198.56
Collier Road Landfill2223,410.00
Collins & Aikman000.00
Collins & Aikman Clinton Twp.771,232.67
Collins & Aikman Co2426,318.00
Collins & Aikman Plastics1634,415.00
Collins & Aikman, Inc. - Evart Operations44135585,239.67
Collins And Aikman Plastics, Inc.155,647.00
Colon Township Dump2828324.45
Colon Village Ts2828198.56
Columbia Township Lf282815,117.89
Columbia Township Slf28281,069.83
Columbiaville Village Dump2828324.45
Columbus Compressor Station3038193,100.71
Columbus Ili Production Llc (Samson Resources Co)73490,931.00
Columbus Township Dump28286,569.06
Comau Pico122.00
Comins Township Dump28281,069.83
Commercial Fabricating & Engineering Inc1416,931.00
Commercial Steel Treating Corporation3615062,792.00
Community Sanitary Landfill28282,051.99
Comprehensive Environmental Solutions113129.00
Concord Slf2828380.42
Conformance Coatings & Prototype, Inc.1728,721.00
Congailosi Foundry Site28286,569.06
Consolidated Crushed Stone28292,546.12
Consolidated Crushed Stone282910,184.47
Consolidated Crushed Stone282944,288.48
Consolidated Crushed Stone Plant 3282928,260.04
Constantine Village Dump28286,569.06
Construction Recycling Systems, Inc.11206.89
Construction Recycling Systems, Inc.11498.97
Construction Recycling Systems, Inc.1148.68
Construction Recycling Systems, Inc.11377.27
Construction Recycling Systems, Inc.1185.19
Consumer Energy De Karn Jc Weadock Generating Plant10152,506,026.00
Consumers Asphalt Co262879,166.90
Consumers Concrete Corporation12444,605.00
Consumers Energy Company- White Pigeon Co11881,367,936.01
Consumers Energy Northville387758,449.44
Contech Div. Of Spx Corp.3373.00
Contech, A Division Of Spx Corporation93345,688.07
Continental Aluminum83330,360.90
Continental Coatings1538,346.00
Continental Identification Products335,411.00
Continental Lighting13208.00
Continental Plastics Company1210,838.00
Conway Products Corporation D/B/A Emerald Spa Corp2653,770.00
Cook Composites And Polymers Co.427538,040.18
Cook'S Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Cooks Dump (Inwood Township)2828198.56
Cooper Township Slf282814,242.21
Cor-Met Inc.2420.00
Cork Street Landfill282814,242.21
Counter Point Furniture Products12324,392.00
Country Fresh Embest1110,360.00
County Line Landfill2828248.32
County Line Lf28281,069.83
County Pit 22828324.45
County Pit 328281,069.83
Cousins Petroleum12718,310.00
Couty Pit 128286,569.06
Cove Landfill Of Bad Axe Inc2228,784.00
Covington Township Dump2828324.45
Crane Resistoflex, Plastic Lined Piping Products36384,557.53
Crawley'S Garbage & Trash Disp2828198.56
Crest Inds. Inc.12972.00
Creyts Road Ash Disposal Fac.28281,069.83
Cross Village Township Dump2828198.56
Croton Township Dump28281,069.83
Crowl Solid Waste Disposal Are28286,569.06
Crown Group The Detroit51819,330.00
Crown Group The Ecorse1022132,641.00
Crown Group The Livonia4621,086.00
Crown Plating Co220.00
Crown Vantage282812,585.70
Crystal Dump2828324.45
Crystal Modified Dump28286,569.06
Cul-Mac Ind. Inc.24755.00
Curtis Metal Finishing Co734104,423.00
Curtis Township Dump No 12828198.56
Curtis Township Dump No 22828324.45
Custer Sanitary Landfill2828198.56
Custer Township Dump2828198.56
Custom Asphalt Producers, Llc415345,348.99
Custom Crushing Recycle Inc113,566.67
Custom Crushing Recycle Inc11445.33
Custom Forest Products, Inc.477675,597.27
Cygnet Automated Cleaning Inc.442,857.00
Cytec Industries51102103,479.51
D & B Disposal Company2828198.56
D'Elegant Inc354,626.00
Dafter Sanitary Landfill Inc272831,008.00
Dagget Sand & Gravel Landfill2828559.64
Daimler Chrysler Corp361862,063,148.26
Daimlerchrysler Ag, Warren Truck Assembly Plant431434,615,192.30
Daimlerchrysler Corp. Mound Rd. Engine Plant56214.00
Daimlerchrysler Corp. Sterling Stamping Plant404367,726.40
Daimlerchrysler Detroit Axle3753105,814.25
Daimlerchrysler Jefferson North442311,787,941.32
Daimlerchrysler Mack Ave932155,892.05
Daimlerchrysler Mcgraw358341,942.31
Daimlerchrysler Mt Elliott424727,294.65
Daimlerchrysler Technology Center421891,293,201.08
Daimlerchrysler Trenton Engine3677210,560.26
Daimlerchrysler Warren Stamping Plant152042,610.00
Dake Press Div14582.00
Dallas Township Disposal Area28281,069.83
Dana Corporation295414,133.22
Dana Corporation - Harvey Street Facility72842,016.48
Dana Corporation - Sanford Street Facility65113579,194.21
Dana Corporation, Perfect Circle Division486,152.00
Dansville Village Dump282814,242.21
Dapco Industries3365,990.60
Darling International3693159,326.27
Darling International Inc36164159,810.82
Dart Container Corporation Of Michigan43174327,382.19
Dart Oil & Gas Corp59101,167.00
Dart Oil & Gas Corp59135,837.00
Dart Oil & Gas Corp56140,212.00
Davies Solid Waste Disposal2828380.42
Davison Township Disposal Area28281,235.73
Day International, Inc.3755691,275.69
Dayton Township Solid Waste Disp2828198.56
Dean Bros 27 Mile28281,650.36
Dean Bros Chesterfield Township28281,650.36
Dean Specialty Foods Group Llc3720730,333.35
Dean Specialty Foods Group, Llc52116,130.00
Dearborn Industrial Generation431904,369,240.93
Debron Indl. Electronics Inc.120.94
Decatur Village Dump2828198.56
Decc Co Inc33330,920.00
Deco'Plate Mfg Company122096,971.23
Decor Precast Of Michigan110.10
Decorative Veneer12586.00
Deep River Township Dump28286,569.06
Deerfield Township Disposal2828198.56
Deerfield Township Slf2828198.56
Deerfield Village Dump28281,069.83
Degussa Construction Chemicals Operations Inc6247,096.24
Delaware Township Dump2828324.45
Delduca Demolition Fill2828348.04
Delduca Landfill28281,235.73
Delfield Co.3630.00
Delphi Flint West369911,885.95
Delphi Automotive Plant4590171,283.49
Delphi Automotive Systems (Delphi-E)358182,392.06
Delphi E & C Systems Saginaw Operations3955232,972.62
Delphi Energy & Chassis Systems374660,334.94
Delphi Flint East44111489,418.45
Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems, Holland Road261202,462,790.84
Delta Charter Township Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Delta College3720815,506.03
Delta Solid Waste Landfill28282,483.12
Delta Tube & Fabricating Corporation31063,985.00
Denso Manufacturing Michigan, Inc.3879272,672.30
Denton Township28286,569.06
Denver Township Landfill28281,069.83
Denver Township Solid Waste Disp2828198.56
Dependable Landfill2828380.42
Depor Industries Inc2245,774.00
Dervage Disposal28287,906.20
Detroit Metropolitan Airport3722450,621.55
Detroit Coke Plant282863,237.99
Detroit Diesel Corp412701,062,095.57
Detroit Edison Colfax Peakers282811,910.35
Detroit Edison Conners Creek42171529,932.68
Detroit Edison Dayton Peakers28285,972.17
Detroit Edison Greenwood Energy Center531799,903,814.86
Detroit Edison Hancock Station142846,454.53
Detroit Edison Northeast Station234515,015.93
Detroit Edison Placid Station282827,110.90
Detroit Edison River Rouge9237945,559,541.84
Detroit Edison St. Clair Power Plant12201,441,442.71
Detroit Edison Superior17178,352.68
Detroit Edison Trenton Channel9060075,407,223.14
Detroit Edison Wilmot Peak282846,666.86
Detroit Edison, Marysville Power Plant744267,175.00
Detroit Edison-Belle River Pow Er Plant1220281,199.38
Detroit Edison/ Delray Power Plant142898,182.68
Detroit Edison/Monroe Power91511276,425,410.55
Detroit Electro-Coatings Company Llc4814,825.00
Detroit Public Lighting452041,015,584.25
Detroit Recycled Concrete1111,127.00
Detroit Rendering Co2828248.32
Detroit Salt Co112,000.00
Detroit Steel Co385225,417.94
Detroit Steel Co.122,805.00
Detroit Steel Treating Co334,696.00
Detroit Stoker Co354315,267.79
Detroit Thermal Boulevard Heating353544,561.83
Detroit Thermal / Henry Heating35358,794.22
Detroit Thermal Llc - Beacon34170903,714.95
Detroit Thermal Willis Heating Plant19270.00
Detroit Tubular Rivet Inc2229,074.00
Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant37190947,807.33
Detronic Industries Inc384,509.00
Dewitt Barrels Inc1333,125.00
Dewitt Barrels Inc121,478.00
Dewitt Township Landfill2828198.56
Deyoung Refuse Removal2828198.56
Dgp Inc.21548,545.00
Diamond Chrome Plating Inc91647,149.76
Diamond Electric Mfg. Corp.113.00
Diamond Petroleum L.L.C Chester 10 Co2 Recovery7120.00
Dickson Township Dump28286,569.06
Dme Company3313,405.00
Dnr Inc2238,644.00
Dobbins Landfill28281,069.83
Dock Foundry Corporation713178,416.00
Doezema Farms28283,101.73
Dominion Midwest, Chester Production Facility613130,893.00
Dominion Midwest, Mid Charlton 26 Production Fac.613172,020.00
Don Brittons (Type Iii) Slf28286,569.06
Don Elliott Sand & Gravel30317,061.95
Donnelly Corp368249,296.37
Donnelly Corp.412255,322.00
Donnelly Corp.2421,017.00
Donnelly Corporation37184105,044.40
Donnelly Corporation4257158,941.42
Dorr Township Dump28281,069.83
Dott Manufacturing Company718168,862.00
Double Eagle Steel Coating Co.122,399.50
Dover Township Dump28281,069.83
Dover Township Dump2828324.45
Dow Agrosciences Llc924137,407.00
Dow Chemical Co. - Dow Automotive - Hillsdale473,158.00
Dow Corning - Midland Plant51148435,152.46
Dow Corning Auburn Facility112,599.00
Dow Corning Corp Lf2828324.45
Dow Corning Corp. Healthcare Inds. Materials Site111,526.00
Doyle & Mueller Township Dump2828324.45
Drenth Brothers, Inc.303110,744.73
Drenth Brothers, Inc.30313,695.46
Drenth Brothers, Inc.11285.00
Drummond Island Township Dump(East)2828198.56
Drummond Island Township Dump(West)28281,069.83
Dte (Chessplay)5523,386.00
Dte Gas & Oil Co.55110,659.00
Dte Gas & Oil Co.55112,139.00
Dte Gas & Oil Co.51058,586.00
Dte Gas & Oil Co. - Old Vandy South Cpf51569,978.00
Du Pont Mt. Clemens Plant45149228,594.03
Duell & Gardner Lf2828380.42
Duff Road Dump2828380.42
Duffy Mott Landfill2828198.56
Duffys Slf28281,069.83
Duncan Aviation Inc.31438,468.00
Duncan Township Slf2828198.56
Dundee Sanitary Landfill282815,117.89
Dunigan Brothers, Inc2828380.42
Dunn Paper, Inc.37116104,849.98
Dunnings Disposal2828348.04
Dupont Solid Wst Dsp / W Gate St282815,117.89
Duramet Corporation2338,479.00
Duramic Abrasive Products Inc.114,228.00
Durr Industries Inc364710,496.09
Dykema Excavators Inc.30319,353.56
Dynecol Inc69900.00
E / M, Division Of Morgan Chemical Products, Inc.92733,149.00
E I Du Pont De Nemours & Co36156,006.00
E I Du Pont De Nemours & Co380.00
E I Dupont Dump28281,235.73
E W Bliss Company2828324.45
E-T-M Enterprises, Inc.101325,253.20
E.B. Eddy Paper Inc.882144,090,109.09
Eagle Alloy Inc9101237,079.02
Eagle Harbor Township Dump2828198.56
Eagle Ottawa Grand Haven364240,693.63
Eagle Ottawa Rochester Hills, Ltd.43888,386.00
Eagle River Dump / Houghton Township2828324.45
Eagle Township Dump2828324.45
Eagle Valley Recycle & Disposal Facility5669,092.00
East Jordan Dump2828324.45
East Jordan Iron Works451191,240,641.35
East Jordan Iron Works, Inc Type Iii2828348.29
East Lansing Sanitary Landfill2828277.88
East Lansing Wastewater Treatment Plant66134118,955.01
East Lind Heat Treat, Inc477,630.00
East Tawas Dump2828324.45
Eastern Mi University43215279,175.10
Eastlake Village Dump28286,569.06
Eaton Corp305846,284.68
Eaton Corp3816580,498.47
Eaton Corp Foundry Div S W Dsp2828324.45
Eaton Corp.110.28
Eaton Hydraulics134,351.00
Eaton Landfill2828248.32
Eaton Proving Ground2833168,818.53
Eaton Rapids Gas Storage System742215,167.61
Eckert & Moores Park Station8725824,052,819.12
Eden Township Dump28286,569.06
Edenville Township Dump28286,569.06
Edison Street Landfill2828248.32
Edw C Levy Co Plant 1162,900.00
Edw C Levy Co Plant 338932.00
Edw C Levy Co Plant 6271,212.00
Edward C Levy Company28282,051.99
Eftec N.A. L.L.C.126.00
Egelston Township Dump2828248.32
Elba Township Dump2828324.45
Elberta / Millburg Inc28282,051.99
Elbridge Township Dump28281,069.83
Electro Chemical Finishing Co.36765.00
Electro Chemical Finishing Co.12255.00
Electro Plating Services Inc5532,227.00
Electrolux Home Products (Formerly Frigidaire)101478,436.66
Electroplating Industries, Inc183,695.00
Elias Williams Jr Illegally Operated Til 196928281,715.36
Elk Rapids Sanitary Lf28286,569.06
Elk Run Sanitary Landfill2239,904.00
Elk Township Dump2828324.45
Elk Township Refuse Disposal Area28281,069.83
Elkland Township / Cass City Village28281,069.83
Ellington Township Dump28281,069.83
Ellsworth Village28286,569.06
Elm River Township Dump28281,069.83
Elmer Township Dump2828198.56
Elmer Township Dump28286,569.06
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc31324,582.70
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc31323,437.02
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc3132795.42
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc31323,437.02
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc313215,267.19
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc31321,145.67
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc303126,310.88
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc313227,141.68
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc313236,661.57
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc31327,954.23
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc303126,937.33
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc313254,115.25
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc31322,864.18
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc31325,155.53
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc31321,193.13
Elmer'S Crane & Dozer, Inc30319,396.74
Elmers Crane & Dozer Inc11902.00
Elmers Crane & Dozer Inc313247,870.30
Elmers Crane & Dozer Inc39115106,351.88
Elmers Crane & Dozer Inc.243228,177.85
Elmira Township Dump28281,069.83
Elmwood Township Dump28281,069.83
Elmwood Township Solid Waste Disp28281,069.83
Elsie Davis Pit28283,514.27
Ely Township Dump28286,569.06
Emerson Township Landfill28281,069.83
Empire Iron Mining Partnership382578,786,983.11
Enamelite Industries, Inc.11325,933.00
Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership120.00
Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership120.00
Enbridge Pipelines (Toledo) Inc.149,566.00
Engineered Heat Treat Inc.1112,000.00
Ensign Township Dump2828198.56
Enterprise Township Dump2828324.45
Environmental Systems Corp.28282,051.99
Eq Resource Recovery Inc334515,502.00
Eq-Site #2-Mdwtp529436,789.00
Equilon Enterprises11724,438.00
Equilon Enterprises Detroit93275,138.08
Equilon Enterprises Llc D/B/A/Shell Oil Products41857,901.72
Equilon Enterprises Llc-Marshall Terminal628117,127.64
Ervin Amasteel Division619167,506.00
Escanaba Paper Company8139120,076,167.26
Escanaba Power Plant22473,847,286.39
Esco Company Limited Partnership4013734,364.84
Essroc Cement Corp292171,265.00
Everett Goodrich Trucking Inc222912,075.02
Evergreen Township Dump2828324.45
Evergreen Township Dump2828198.56
Evert City Dump28281,069.83
Excel Decorating & Finishing, Inc.16951.00
Excel Electrocircuit Inc.12255.00
Excelda Mfg.241,000.00
Excelsior Township Dump28286,569.06
Exeter Township Rubbish Disposal2828248.32
Exhibit Works132,958.00
Exit 41 Slf2828198.56
Explorer Motor Homes Div5193,816.00
Extruded Metals52326,973.00
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation1319287,256.12
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation73429,831.05
Exxonmobil Oil Woodhaven44352164,320.10
Fab-Lite Inc.125,596.00
Fabricating Engineers Inc236,616.00
Fabricon Products Inc63377,649.00
Fagerdala-Paclite, Inc.1153,268.00
Fair Haven Township Solid Waste Dis28286,569.06
Fairbank Township Dump2828324.45
Fairfield Township Dump28286,569.06
Fairgrove Township Dump2828198.56
Fairmount Minerals (Harrietta)4997,166.00
Fairmount Minerals, Ltd. Bridgman Facility345322,485.00
Fairplains Township Modified Dump28286,569.06
Falcon Foam, A Division Of Atlas Roofing Corp.3540245,232.67
Falls Fiberglas Products Inc1190.00
Farmers Crude Production-Headquarters Oil Field216118,414.00
Farwell Compressor Station No 1224544,428,413.67
Fastner Coatings, Inc.5928,567.00
Federal Mogul Corp385424,472.02
Federal Mogul Powertrain517865,234.00
Federal Mogul Powertrain Inc.713169,331.00
Federal Mogul-St. Johns93649,407.00
Federal-Mogul Powertrain Systems1429138,222.00
Federated Oil & Gas Prop - Charlton 166621,402.00
Felch Location Dump2828198.56
Felty Landfill28289,904.76
Fennville City Dump28286,569.06
Fermi Energy Center246170,958.17
Ferris State University3611979,812.67
Ferro Industries Inc7910,056.01
Ferrous Environmental Recycling Corp136,663.00
Ferry Township Disposal28286,569.06
Fiber-Tech Industries, Inc.2227,045.00
Fiberglass Composites1411,821.00
Fifth Street Service Area28283,514.27
Fillmore Township Dump2828324.45
Finishers Unltd Monroe1121,186.00
Finishing Touch Inc42915,558.00
First Energy Corp52095,960.00
Fischers Slf28286,569.06
Fisher Sand And Gravel Co11113.49
Fisher Sand And Gravel Co11819.65
Fisher Sand And Gravel Co11327.86
Fisher Sand And Gravel Co Inc111,014.00
Fisher Sand And Gravel Co Inc112,535.00
Fisher Sand And Gravel Co Inc11351.00
Fitzgerald Finishing Co373967,021.86
Flat Rock Metal Inc366895,445.88
Flexfab L.L.C.110.10
Flexible Furniture Division1415,508.00
Flint Metal Fabrication Division893,216.00
Flint Water Pollution Control Facility81408112,688.57
Florence Cement Co. Inc.30314,304.39
Florence Cement Co. Inc.3031604.12
Florence Cement Co. Inc.3031453.09
Florence Cement Co. Inc.30312,189.95
Florence Cement Company, Inc.3031600.04
Florence Cement Company, Inc.3031600.04
Florence Cement Company, Inc.30312,775.18
Florence Cement Company, Inc.30313,525.23
Flynns Illegal Dump Site2828324.45
Folkertsma Slf28289,904.76
Fonson, Inc.3031983.53
Force Energy Co512154,568.00
Force Energy Co522115,193.00
Force Energy Co56145,931.00
Force Energy Co51262,500.00
Force Energy Co5620,308.00
Force Energy Co51135,738.00
Force Energy Co5661,994.00
Force Energy Co517145,662.00
Force Energy Co5692,417.00
Force Energy Co5646,209.00
Force Energy Co517107,333.00
Force Energy Inc5671,720.00
Ford Engine Mfg & Dev6620,877.00
Ford Motor Co357035,065.76
Ford Motor Co / Wixom Assembly28281,715.36
Ford Motor Co Allen Park Landfill225,821.00
Ford Motor Co Autotrans New Prod.301861,993,140.58
Ford Motor Co Brownstown364758,766.26
Ford Motor Co New Model Program Ctr36774,217.49
Ford Motor Co Research & Engineering Center5215,282,263.00
Ford Motor Co Rouge Complex44117966,925.62
Ford Motor Co-Elm St Boilerhouse3786405,629.47
Ford Motor Co. - Wayne Integral Stamping11131,002.11
Ford Motor Co. Michigan Truck Plant1530347,621.26
Ford Motor Co. Vulcan Forging Plant11100.00
Ford Motor Co. Woodhaven Stamping Plant120.59
Ford Motor Co/ Livonia Transmission Plant37149163,902.68
Ford Motor Co/ Wayne Complex451243,271,619.49
Ford Motor Company - Romeo Engine Plant1052633,751.61
Ford Motor Company - Van Dyke Plant3810470,036.83
Ford Motor Company Wixom Assembly Plant461811,038,921.72
Forest City Technologies Inc138,938.00
Forest City Techs. - Wixom124,300.00
Forest Disposal & Landfill28286,549.97
Forest Lawn Landfill68256,699.00
Forest Township Dump28281,069.83
Forest Waste Disposal282831,413.10
Forester Township Dump2828198.56
Forsyth Township Dump28286,569.06
Fort Gratiot Sanitary Landfill282810,382.35
Fort James Operating Company - Epic Plant71011,401.80
Foster 28 Cpf59131,300.00
Four Winns Boats, L.L.C. - Cruiser314408,386.00
Four Winns Boats, L.L.C. - Sport And Engineering315613,292.00
Four Winns Boats, L.L.C. - Trailer1315,001.00
Four Winns Eng.128,901.00
Fourteen Mile Road Site282846,695.66
Fowlerville Village / Handy Township28282,051.99
Fox River Paper Company38530.00
Frankenlust Township Dump2828380.42
Frankenmuth City Dump2828277.88
Fraser 8 Cpf51565,484.00
Fraser Township Landfill2828380.42
Fredricksons Slf2828248.32
Free Soil Village Dump28286,569.06
Freedom Compressor Station1117291,284.70
Freeport Village Dump28286,569.06
Fremont Township Dump2828970.67
Fremont Township Dump28281,069.83
French Paper Co374228,468.20
Frito Lay Inc3610024,506.84
Fritz Enterprises Inc295933,340.07
Fritz Products384430,188.24
Frost Township Modified Open Dump2828324.45
Fruitland Old Landfill2828380.42
G & H Landfill28281,650.36
G C W Disposal28281,715.36
G.M. Powertrain Group383392,425,630.39
Gage Products Company435559,459.36
Gagetown Solid Waste Disp Site28286,569.06
Gaglio Foundry Disposal Site2828198.56
Gaines Township Disposal2828324.45
Gallagher Dump28286,569.06
Garavaglia Disposal Co282863,237.99
Garden Township Dump2828324.45
Garden Township Dump28286,569.06
Garfield Township Dump2828198.56
Garfield Township Dump28286,569.06
Garfield Township Dump28286,569.06
Garfield Township Dump2828324.45
Garfield Township Dump28282,051.99
Gase Bakery Division5837,844.00
Gay Dump (Sherman Township)28286,569.06
Gaylord Combustion Turbine Plant141453,310.88
Gaylord Municipal Slf2828198.56
Gelman Sciences Inc11332,776.00
General Chemical Industrial Products Inc.39752,073,795.81
General Dynamics Land Systems Muskegon744107,784.50
General Filters, Inc.232,457.00
General Formulations, Inc.51636,703.00
General Motors - Powertrain Group Saginaw72002,578,884.18
General Motors Corp. - Milford Proving Ground3914588,635.55
General Motors Corp. - Pontiac Centerpointe Campus364953,801.83
General Motors Corp. Powertrain Flint North38202349,129.95
General Motors Corporation - Lansing Plants 2,3& 6482373,413,652.61
General Motors Corporation - Orion Assembly1997000451612,172,617.65
General Motors Corporation - Van Slyke Complex443343,456,470.47
General Motors Corporation, Pontiac Assy Center451783,940,217.91
General Motors Creative Services124,152.00
General Motors Hamtramck48865,323,192.06
General Motors Lansing Facility - Plant 11144464,957.04
General Motors Pontiac Site Operations39104986,551.30
Genesee Landfill28286,549.97
Genesee Power Station Limited Partnership771,009,937.00
Genesys Regional Medical Center428531,034.46
Geneva Township Dump2828324.45
Gentex Corp. Automotive Div.1111.56
Gentex Corp. Fire Protection Div.110.24
George P Johnson22719,427.00
George W. Johnson - Hersey Power Plant31146104,190.34
George Westcott Dump Site2828198.56
Georgetown / Allendale Township Disp282814,242.21
Georgia Pacific Corp374622,962.07
Georgia Pacific Resins, Inc3746958,385.07
Georgia-Pacific Corporation11412,752,508.00
Georgie Boy Manufacturing, Llc1135,620.00
Gerald D Ross28286,549.97
Gerber Products Co39152114,514.83
Gerken Materials Inc262719,032.84
Germfast Township Dump28286,569.06
Gerrish Township Dump2828198.56
Gibraltar National Corporation38384,698.32
Gibson Township Landfill282815,117.89
Giddings & Lewis Fndy. L.L.C.333.00
Gilchrest Landfill2828324.45
Gilead Township Dump2828198.56
Gilford Township28281,069.83
Gilmore Township Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Girard Township Slf28286,569.06
Glacial Sand & Gravel112,296.00
Gladwin County Slf28281,069.83
Gladwin Township Disposal Area2828324.45
Glen'S Sanitary Landfill282859,672.00
Globe Construction Company (Kalamazoo)2935200,801.94
Globe Construction Company (Galesburg)396173,538.29
Gm Powertrain Flint Engine South447.00
Gm Powertrain Group - Saginaw Metal Cas645004,862,230.54
Gm Powertrain Group Bay City Plant4012954,723.85
Gm Powertrain Romulus266146,895.33
Gm Powertrain Romulus364089,403.35
Gm Service Parts Operation364893,898.55
Gm Technical Center384744,965,186.02
Gm Truck Product Center - East, West, Central366151,559.98
Gmc-Mfd Grand Blanc Metal Plant2164628,639.80
Gmi Composites Inc.116,950.50
Gmpt Saginaw Malleable Iron364,513.00
Gmvm - Lansing Grand River Assembly91615,414.30
Gmvm Lansing Plants 2 3 & 6 (Body)1019883,112.50
Gmvm-Lansing #191555,539.70
Gobles City Dump2828198.56
Golden Township Dump2828198.56
Goodale Enterprises120.00
Goodwell Township Dump2828198.56
Gore Township Dump2828198.56
Gourley Township Dump28286,569.06
Gpm Inds. Inc.116,300.00
Gpm Industries Inc2528,427.00
Grand Haven Board Of Light And Power375929,805.98
Grand Haven Plastics Inc2210,624.00
Grand Island Township Dump2828324.45
Grand Ledge Academy Disposal28286,569.06
Grand Ledge Sanitary Landfill2828198.56
Grand Rapids Asphalt3347200,924.99
Grand Rapids Gravel Co.116,677.00
Grand Rapids Gravel Company114,236.00
Grand Rapids Metal Fabrication385594,559.85
Grand Traverse Co Sl28281,069.83
Grand Trunk Western Railroad35759,647.34
Grandville Lf282840,502.10
Grandville Printing Co1937,243.00
Granger Grand River Avenue Landfill713444,578.00
Granger Waste Management Fac# 1 Ext Of 33-0000052828135.93
Granger Wood Street Landfill715369,796.00
Grangers Illegal Landfill282814,242.21
Grant Area Solid Waste Disposal2828324.45
Grant Township Dump2828324.45
Grant Township Dump2828198.56
Grant Township Dump (Doriva Beach)2828198.56
Grant Township Dumping Ground28281,069.83
Graphic Packaging Corporation361391,400,113.58
Gratiot Co Slf28286,569.06
Grattan Township Dump28283,101.73
Grayling Generating Station Ltd Ptnr621051,145,266.89
Grayling Sanitary Landfill28286,569.06
Great Lake Inc5712,250.00
Great Lakes Castings Corporation45114373,094.45
Great Lakes Die Cast Corp. (Formerly Dilesco Corp.)1213.00
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Station #1023461,570,582.00
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Station #1123691,199,430.31
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Station #1323701,251,134.38
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Station #723471,228,478.89
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Station #823701,847,942.43
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Station #92324674,352.85
Great Lakes Plastics Corp33161,992.00
Great Lakes Pulp Co353594,197.25
Great Lakes Tissue3949867,416.95
Greater Detroit Resource Recovery351152,547,322.97
Grede Foundries Inc4675303,873.58
Grede Foundries, Inc.4783660,790.83
Green & Mitchell Disposal Area28286,569.06
Green Bay Packaging Inc-Kalamazoo Container Div.357717,269.41
Green Lake Township Lf2828324.45
Green Township Lf28281,069.83
Greenbush Township Dump2828324.45
Greenbush Township Slf28281,069.83
Greendale Township28286,569.06
Greenleaf Township Dump2828198.56
Greenpoint Slf2828970.67
Greenville Landfill2828412.83
Greenwood Township Disposal2828198.56
Greenwood Township Dump28286,569.06
Greenwood Township Waste Dump28281,069.83
Gregg Farm Disposal Area2828198.56
Grimes Slf28281,069.83
Griswold Machine & Eng. Inc.1211,263.00
Griswold Machine & Engineering, Inc. (Plant #1)1218,108.00
Grocer'S Baking Company - Grand Rapids429162,817.00
Grosso Trucking And Supply Company30318,894.78
Grout Township2828324.45
Groveland Reclamation Center28287,906.20
Groveland Sanitary Landfill28287,906.20
Grumman Olson Inds. Inc.123,050.00
Grumman Olson Industries Inc.640125,943.00
Guardian Fiberglass Inc3476946,981.65
Guardian Industries17652,278,548.53
Guardian Walled Lake Fabrication Corporation131,613.00
Gun Plain & Plainwell Cty Dump2828324.45
Gutter Suppliers Inc5833,826.00
Gypsum Property2828324.45
H & D Inc30311,607.00
H & D Inc30316,347.18
H & D Inc40506,454.16
H & D Inc30313,989.66
H & D Inc30319,642.01
H & D Inc14228,659.37
H & D Inc30311,928.40
H & D Inc30314,499.61
H & D Inc426341,190.49
H & D Inc30317,797.96
H & D Inc394827,666.02
H & D Inc303114,463.02
H & D Inc - Bayshore30315,864.69
H & D Inc - Bayshore30311,466.17
H & D Inc - Bayshore30315,864.69
H & D Inc - Bayshore30315,131.60
H & D Inc - Bay Shore Pit30311,524.18
H & D Inc - Bay Shore Pit30313,658.03
H & D Inc - Bay Shore Pit30311,676.60
H & D Inc - Bay Shore Pit30314,420.12
H & D Inc - Bay Shore Pit30311,981.43
H & D Inc - Bay Shore Pit30311,981.43
H & D Inc - Bayshore31320.00
H & D, Inc.49761,680.01
H & M Disposal Grounds2828324.45
H & M Disposal Grounds2828324.45
H O Trerice Co110.00
H P Streicher Inc345913,392.00
H.B. Fuller Co.52135,483.00
H.C. Starck - (Opt Out Permit 346-98)64842,004.00
Hagar Township Dump2828380.42
Hagerman Dump (Stambaugh Township)28286,569.06
Hagerman Dump (Stambaugh Township)28286,569.06
Halfway Dump (Powell Township)2828198.56
Halliday Sand & Gravel Inc - Plant #230313,709.75
Halliday Sand & Gravel Inc - Plant #230315,396.01
Halliday Sand & Gravel Inc - Plant #230319,443.01
Halliday Sand & Gravel Inc - Plant #230313,709.75
Halliday Sand & Gravel Inc - Plant #2303111,466.51
Halliday Sand & Gravel Inc - Plant #330311,309.79
Halliday Sand & Gravel Inc - Plant #330319,168.55
Halliday Sand & Gravel Inc - Plant #330316,548.97
Halliday Sand & Gravel Inc - Plant #330319,168.55
Halliday Sand & Gravel Inc - Plant #330316,548.97
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Plant #1 225-97a30314,947.73
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Plant #1 225-97a30316,679.43
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Plant #1 225-97a30311,236.93
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Plant #1 225-97a30316,679.43
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Plant #1 225-97a30312,473.86
Halliday Sand & Gravel, Plant #1 225-97a30312,721.25
Halliday Sand And Gravel151612,750.03
Halliday Sand And Gravel15169,250.02
Halliday Sand And Gravel30312,938.75
Halliday Sand And Gravel30312,309.02
Halliday Sand And Gravel15163,000.01
Halliday Sand And Gravel Inc. (6000 Cone Plant)30312,765.88
Halliday Sand And Gravel Inc. (6000 Cone Plant)303112,600.11
Halliday Sand And Gravel, Inc. - Plant #415165,028.02
Halliday Sand And Gravel, Inc. - Plant #415163,519.62
Halliday Sand And Gravel, Inc. - Plant #415168,547.64
Halliday Sand And Gravel, Inc. - Plant #415163,016.81
Halliday Sand And Gravel, Inc. - Plant #415161,759.81
Halliday Sand And Gravel, Inc. - Plant #415163,268.21
Hamilton Township (Dodge Lake) Dump2828324.45
Hamilton Township Dump2828324.45
Hamlin Township Dump2828324.45
Hamlin 2282813,179.82
Hampton Township2828380.42
Hamptons Disposal2828324.45
Hanks Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Hanson Brick37751,110,600.09
Harbison Walker Refractories Co556197,012.00
Harbor Beach28281,069.83
Harbor Beach Power Plant901387,931,405.36
Harbor Graphics Corp1212,961.00
Harbor Industries Inc132,831.00
Harbor Springs Landfill2828324.45
Haring Township Dump2828324.45
Harmon Landfill2828198.56
Harrison Disposal2828324.45
Harrisville City Of Dump2828198.56
Harsco Track Technologies21028,185.00
Hart & Cooley, Inc.375661,184.79
Hart Township Dump28286,569.06
Hartford City & Township Dump2828324.45
Hartford City & Township Dump2828198.56
Hartland Production Facility6775,054.00
Hartley & Hartley28282,051.99
Hartley & Hartley Inc2828248.32
Hartwick Pines State Park28281,069.83
Hastings City Landfill2828324.45
Hastings Fiberglass Products Inc31510,110.90
Hastings Mfg Co375719,198.52
Haworth Inc725170,977.00
Haworth Inc114,552.00
Haworth, Inc. - Big Rapids Components-Steel & Wood3523,733.00
Hay Township Dump28281,069.83
Hayes Lemmerz International716135,175.00
Hayes Lemmerz International Inc3866188,574.87
Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc. - Cadillac, Inc.9321,571,680.00
Hayes Road / Site 82828313.63
Hayes-Albion Corporation1340217,680.00
Hayes-Lemmerz Technical Center, Inc.6183,794.00
Hayfield Township Dump28286,569.06
Heat Treating Services Corp41632,308.00
Heath Township Dump28281,069.83
Hejl'S Solid Waste Disposal Ar2828324.45
Hekman Furniture Company711143,841.00
Helen Inc. (Dba Environmental Coatings Inc.)241,000.00
Helen Lake Disposal2828324.45
Helena Township Dump28281,069.83
Hemlock Elevator Co4723,225.00
Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation4016181,422.37
Hendricks Township / Rexton Dump28286,569.06
Hendricks Township Dump28286,569.06
Henkel Surface Technologies38446,416.45
Henrietta Township2828248.32
Henry Ford Hospital4210163,619.32
Hercules Disposal Slf28286,569.06
Hercules Inc13171,425.34
Herman Miller Inc123,000.00
Herman Miller Spring Lake Campus - 171st & Hickory838144,525.00
Herman Miller, Inc917143,100.00
Herrguth Land Development Slf2828970.67
Hersey Township & Village Dump28286,569.06
Hess Asphalt Paving4106,614.00
Hewett Motor Sales Co282831,413.10
Hi-Tech Coatings, Inc.61376,052.00
Hiawatha Sportsman Club Dump28281,069.83
Hiawatha Township Dump2828324.45
Hickman Williams & Co3642168.54
Higgins Township28286,569.06
Hillman Area Disposal28281,069.83
Hillman Power Co39441,455,903.84
Hillman Township Dump28286,569.06
Hillsdale Division - Mt. Pleasant Plant2616,800.00
Hillsdale Tool & Mfg Co32238,895.00
Hillsdale, City Of Public Utilities16100132,879.65
Hispanic Mfg / Gonzalez Mfg4743,581.00
Hitachi Magnetics Corp510129,758.00
Hizer'S Dump28286,569.06
Hlf Furniture Inc.1110,181.00
Hobart Wrecking Company28281,069.83
Holcim (Us) Inc.599829,338,068.59
Holdens Sanitary Landfill2828198.56
Holland Board Of Public Works181886.18
Holland Bpw, 48th Street Peaking Station1658235,631.27
Holland Bpw, Generating Station & Wwtp974143,816,414.16
Holland Public Works Zeeland Township Lf28285,624.62
Holland Slf2828970.67
Holland Terminal, Inc.1781,496.00
Holland Township Dump2828324.45
Holland Usa353,037.00
Holland Usa, Inc. - Muskegon Division61011,861.00
Holly Disposal, Inc.282863,237.99
Holly Sand & Gravel114,329.00
Holz Crushing Inc11409.20
Holz Crushing Inc11102.30
Holz Crushing Inc11511.50
Honeywell International (Burdick & Jackson)93026,006.99
Honeywell International, Inc22942.00
Hope College353521,486.63
Hope Township Dump28286,569.06
Hope Township Dump2828324.45
Hopkins Township Dump28281,069.83
House Street Disposal Area2828324.45
Howard City Disposal Area2828324.45
Howard Energy Company, Inc.5573,706.00
Howard Finishing, Llc.61065,533.00
Howard Miller Company3840212,833.50
Howell Compressor Station431841,081,959.82
Howmet Whitehall Castings, Nw Campus, Plants 1&393885,150.00
Howmet Castings Plant 103664.00
Howmet Corporation, Plant 4112916,742.00
Howmet Corporation, Se Campus, Plants 5 & 1093934,846.00
Hrf Exploration & Production5626,900.00
Hrf Exploration & Production5697,115.00
Hrf Exploration & Production5692,203.00
Hrf Exploration And Production56102,023.00
Hrf Exploration And Production5614,240.00
Hrf Exploration And Production512161,092.00
Hrf Exploration And Production511197,842.00
Hrf Exploration And Production Inc51687,187.00
Hrf Exploration And Production Inc51150,241.00
Hrf Exploration And Production Inc51112,828.00
Hrf Exploration And Production Inc51120,355.00
Hubbardston Disposal Area2828324.45
Hubscher & Son, Inc. - 50ve Portable30319,545.71
Hubscher & Son, Inc. - Asphalt Products System115,729.00
Hubscher & Son, Inc. - Deerfield Plant113,664.00
Hubscher & Son, Inc. - Hp2003031645.94
Hubscher & Son, Inc. - Hp20030311,536.46
Hubscher & Son, Inc. - Hp2003031514.24
Hubscher & Son, Inc. - Hp20030311,962.90
Hubscher & Son, Inc. - Hp20030311,611.71
Hubscher And Son, Inc- Cedarapids 44331424,823.50
Hubscher And Son, Inc- Cedarapids 44331425,461.15
Hudson City Dump2828198.56
Hudson Township (Hog Island)28286,569.06
Hudson Township Dump (Borgstrom Rd)2828324.45
Huitt And Son2828324.45
Hulbert Township Dump28281,069.83
Humbolt Township Dump2828198.56
Hume Township Disposal Area2828198.56
Humphrey Prods. Co.110.30
Hunington Foam Corporation3536136,577.15
Huntsman Llc930582,453.81
Huron Casting Inc.2045181,247.79
Huron Inc5750,617.00
Huron Mountain Club Dump28281,069.83
Huron Valley Steel Corp466,329.00
Huskey Envelope Products Inc1433,462.00
Hydra Lock Corp110.00
Hyperion Energy, Lp (Rich Unit)1110,308.00
Hyperion Energy, Rich Field Gas Plant11239,679.00
I.I. Stanley Co., Inc.1442103,258.32
Icg - Inverness Castings Group, Inc.769150,900.00
Ics - Michigan, Llc4865,394.00
Ignash Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Iko Monroe Inc465777.00
Imc Potash Hersey4367179,473.42
Imco Recycling Inc.29108600,064.53
Imlay City Lf28286,569.06
Imus Sanitary Landfill2828380.42
Inalfa Roof Systems, Incorporated1813,471.00
Independence Recycling Inc28310.00
Independence Recycling Inc.28310.00
Independent Garbage Serv Rs Dp28283,514.27
Indian Lake Dump (Thompson)28286,569.06
Indian Lake State Park Dump28286,569.06
Industrial Ave Disposal Site28282,051.99
Industrial Coating Inc158,722.00
Industrial Park City Of Bangor2828324.45
Industrial Services Of America282863,237.99
Industrial Steel Treat Co.18169156,852.00
Ingallston Township Dump2828198.56
Ingersoll Township Dump28286,569.06
Instaset Plastics12235.00
Integrated Metal Technology, Inc.31310,880.00
Inter Lakes Auto & Truck Salv2828285.51
Internal Grinding Abrasive364,519.10
International Materials Inc110.00
International Paper Co491566,935,007.60
International Paper Company385216,584.58
International Paper Company51450,351.00
Intertape Polymer Group7291,114,478.00
Inwood Township Dump (Chain Of Lakes)2828324.45
Inwood Township Dump (County Rd)28281,069.83
Ipc Communication Services, Incorporated33869,127.00
Ipmc Aquisition Llc38150384,484.65
Iron River Township.Disp.(Beechwood28281,069.83
Irving Township Dump28286,569.06
Irwin Seating Co11836.00
Isabella Township28286,569.06
Ishpeming & Negaunee Slf2828324.45
Isp Coatings2233,738.00
Itw Aim Components71447,001.79
Itw Foils (Formerly Maple Roll Leaf Co.)4836,627.00
Ivc Industrial Coatings, Inc.117,676.00
J & M Disposal28281,069.83
J C Weadock 8340633,217,518.35
J C Weadock Coal Ash Disposal2828623.49
J&M Plating Company91620,092.00
J. B. Sims Generating Station921562,266,628.20
J. H. Campbell Plant90403121,312,710.17
J. L. French88518,153.00
J.R. Whiting Co8734339,501,201.93
Jabil Circuit Inc1112,283.00
Jabil Circuit, Inc1118,107.00
Jack Norton Hauling Service28281,069.83
Jackson 20140591,363.79
Jackson Co Resource Recovery510175,657.00
Jackson Co. Rrf816328,669.47
Jackson County / Dalton Rd Landfill28281,862.72
Jackson Iron Div Magnimet Corp282815,117.89
Jackson Products, Inc.1620,849.00
Jacobs Inds. Plant 23613.30
Jacobs Plastics Inc1122.00
James River Company / Kvp Landfill2828519.12
Janet Sand & Gravel Co Inc - Plant 40243113,236.03
Jasper Township Dump2828324.45
Jaycor, Inc21130,795.00
Jefferson Township Landfill28281,069.83
Jeld-Wen, Inc.374122,805.01
Jerome Township Disposal28286,569.06
Jesco Industries Inc1111,200.00
Jessco Inc2828324.45
Jet Engineering Inc.352,472.00
Jh Packaging1717,758.00
Jk Industrial Processing Llc30317,316.02
Jk Industrial Processing Llc - Cedarapids Plant30316,463.40
Jk Industrial Processing Llc - El Jay Plant303111,644.82
Jk Industrial Processing Llc - Telsmith 52g Plant30313,420.72
Jk Industrial Processing Llc - Telsmith 52s Plant303113,257.03
Joe Davis Crushing Inc112,220.00
Johann A. Krause, Inc243,802.00
John Dean Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
John Henry Co The63999,593.00
Johnson Controls Interiors - Battle Creek62721,124.00
Johnson Controls Interiors - Lakewood/Beechwood112517,686.70
Johnson Controls Interiors - Maplewood/Meadowbrook112435,119.35
Johnson Controls Interiors L.L.C. It/Sv/Cw Facility11130.00
Johnson Controls Interiors-Southview/It/Cottonwood124654,279.77
Johnson Matthey Vehicle Test & Dev62688,704.00
Johnson Oil Co Of Gaylord284.74
Johnson Tech. Inc.361,500.00
Jonesville Asphalt Co415328,235.00
Jordan Development Company - Sawdust Pigeon River5674,741.00
Jordan Development Company, L.L.C. - Black Antrim5629,924.00
Jordan Development Company, L.L.C. - Dover West5627,437.00
Jordan Development Company, L.L.C. - Haymeadow51119,036.00
Jordan Development Company, L.L.C. - Nadv 45630,192.00
Jordan Development Company, L.L.C. - Schroeder5691,872.00
Jordan Development Company, L.L.C. - Vienna 251156,988.00
Judd Landfill Inc282863,237.99
Juniata Township28286,569.06
K & J Landfill282863,237.99
K / H Refuse Service Inc Phase 128281,069.83
K And W Landfill Inc272816,146.00
K C Industries Inc61642,162.00
K I Sawyer Afb Disposal Area2828198.56
K. C. Jones Plating Co.34755.00
Kaiser Optical Systems Inc19487,187.37
Kalamazoo City / Ravine Rd2828970.67
Kalamazoo City / Riverside Gulf28283,514.27
Kalamazoo County / Ross Township Slf28283,514.27
Kalamazoo Technical Furniture Inc.145,667.00
Kalamazoo Water Reclamation Plant568,235.00
Kalin Construction11425.50
Kalin Construction111,276.50
Kalin Construction Co Inc111,503.60
Kalin Construction Co Inc112,067.45
Kalin Construction Co Inc11187.95
Kalin Construction Co. Inc.11446.94
Kalin Construction Co. Inc.11173.81
Kalin Construction Co. Inc.11322.79
Kalin Construction Co. Inc.11645.58
Kalin Construction Co. Inc.11893.88
Kalin Construction Co., Inc,26260.00
Kalkaska Burial Site2828198.56
Kalkaska Sanitary Landfill28286,569.06
Kalsec, Incorporated3778345,143.82
Kamax Hamtramck3315,114.00
Kamax L. P.33386.00
Karn - Weadock Facility9677368,963,730.09
Karona Inc342,098.00
Kasle Steel Corp6613,117.00
Kasson Sand And Gravel306326,773.63
Kasson Sand And Gravel Co11820.00
Kaumagraph Flint Corp3741,549.00
Kav Company Slf28281,069.83
Kawkawlin Township Dump282815,117.89
Kay Automotive Graphics4662,141.00
Kaydon Bearing Co51312,808.00
Kcs Recsources, Inc. - Otsego 6 Cpf57185,592.00
Kcs Mich Resources - Excelsior 9 Cpf5773,888.00
Kcs Michigan Resources Anderson-Lutz #1-27a110.00
Kcs Michigan Resources, Inc. Otsego Lake 26 Cpf5690,839.00
Kcs Resources, Inc. Goose Creek Gsf57184,497.00
Keeler Brass Company4271233,746.58
Keelers Landfill28281,069.83
Kellogg Company4489705,838.84
Kellogg'S Morning Foods Grand Rapids Bakery1128,577.00
Ken'S Pickup Service Landfill & Ts28282,027.56
Ken-De Industries L.Lc.148,933.00
Kent Career Technical Center35355,615.07
Kent County District Heating And Cooling44264253,727.07
Kent County Waste To Energy Facility50108538,136.01
Kent Foundry Co.103241,739.00
Kenton Dump / Duncan Township2828324.45
Kentwood Landfill Extensions282840,502.10
Kentwood Manufacturing Company222,084.00
Kentwood Mfg Co2212,057.00
Ker-Wood, Inc.1210,572.00
Kerr Mfg Co330.00
Key Plastics L.L.C. - Howell Division141864,161.71
Key Plastics, L.L.C.3878,295.73
Kimberly-Clark Michigan491252,537,555.99
Kinde Village Dump2828324.45
Kindel Furniture Company22259,319.00
Kinder Morgan Co3157607,444.61
Kinderhook / Gilhead Slf28281,069.83
King Milling Co123,722.00
Kingsley & Paradise Township2828324.45
Kingston Village Lf28286,569.06
Kinross Correctional Facility1442574,045.96
Kinross Township Dump28286,569.06
Klacking Township Dump28286,569.06
Klett Construction Company, Inc.263170,072.08
Klett Construction Company, Inc.476074,444.70
Klett Recycle, Llc30311,812.81
Klett Recycle, Llc30311,812.81
Klett Recycle, Llc30319,366.20
Klett Recycle, Llc30316,949.12
Klett Recycle, Llc3031906.41
Klett Recycle, Llc30319,366.20
Kmart Corp298731,339.72
Knape Industries Inc51714,753.00
Knappen Milling Company141,205.00
Knoll Inc3647387.44
Knox`S Slf2828324.45
Koch Materials Co.369414,865.08
Kochville Township Dump2828970.67
Koehler Township Dump2828324.45
Kopacz Industrial Painting Co2109,801.16
Koyo Corp.127,925.00
Kraft Foods North America, Inc.3883485,588.31
Kraft Foods North America, Inc. - Lifesavers Fac.376332,897.46
Krakow Township Dump2828324.45
Kreher Wire Processing1210.00
Kruger Commodities368244,891.72
Kurdziel Iron Of Rothbury4668685,330.44
Kurdziel'S Industrial Waste2828324.45
L E Marlowe & Sons Landfill2828285.51
L Perrigo Co3616.00
L.E. Jones Co.33750.00
Lac La Belle Dump / Grant Township2828198.56
Lacks Industries Inc162692,312.56
Lacks Industries, Inc.1430199,254.23
Lacks Trim Sys. Inc. 52nd St. Paint West3638,574.00
Lacks-Plastic-Plate Raleigh398,551.00
Lafarge North America - Alpena Plant5543057,290,815.11
Lafarge North America, Presque Isle Quarry220936,013.00
Lafarge Type Iii Landfill2828765.85
Lake Ann & Almira Sanitary Lf28286,569.06
Lake City Disposal Site28281,069.83
Lake County Landfill28286,569.06
Lake Gogebic Dump / Marenisco2828324.45
Lake Mary Dump Mastodon28281,069.83
Lake Odessa Village Dump28281,069.83
Lake Of The North2828198.56
Lake Of The Pines28281,069.83
Lake Township Ds Ar2828324.45
Lake Township Dump2828380.42
Lake-Lyon-Markey Townships Lf2828324.45
Lakefield Township2828324.45
Lakefield Township Dump282814,242.21
Lakeland Asphalt Corp223069,750.02
Lakeland Finishing Inc1239,015.00
Lakeshore Marble Co. Inc.115,664.00
Lameraux Sanitary Landfill2828198.56
Laminga Dump / Stanton Township28281,069.83
Lamotte Township Disposal2828198.56
Land Of Lakes / Watersmeet Township28281,069.83
Landscape Forms Inc.551,009.00
Langworthy Slf2828198.56
Lansing Board Of Water & Light Erickson8713012,247,554.17
Lansing Board Of Water & Light-Erickson55448,967.50
Lapeer Dump28281,069.83
Lasalle Township Landfill282815,117.89
Lasco Bathware271,252,927.00
Lawrence Plastics Inc111,203.00
Lawrence Sanitary Lf28286,569.06
Lawrence Village Dump28281,069.83
Lc Redi Mix Inc7844,140.00
Ldm Technologies131645,981.08
Ldm Technologies, Inc.28678028678039103,571.00
Lear Corp Detroit123147,570.00
Lear Corp.000.00
Lear Corporation119,812.00
Lear Corporation11110.00
Lear Corporation71150,143.05
Lear Corporation - Grand Rapids353625,679.41
Lear Corporation - Mendon8928,582.65
Leavitt Township Dump2828324.45
Lee 8 Storage Partnership4244103,324.68
Lee Township Dump28286,569.06
Lee Township Dump28286,569.06
Leelanau Co Slf2828198.56
Lefere Forge & Machine Co71154,663.00
Leland Engineering Inc.24138,301.00
Leland Township Dump28286,569.06
Lenawee Co Road Commission397436,805.73
Lenox Township Disposal2828313.63
Leon Plastics376113,711.21
Leoni Township Dump28282,051.99
Leonidas Dump2828198.56
Leroy Township Dump28283,514.27
Leroy Township Dump28282,051.99
Lewis & Fur Farms28286,569.06
Lexamar Corporation4455186,288.52
Lexington Municipal Dump2828324.45
Liberty Landfill28284,265.46
Libra Industries Inc.12156,443.00
Libralter Plastics Inc.71291,164.12
Lilley / Merrill Swf28286,569.06
Limestone Township Dump28281,069.83
Lincoln Township Dump2828198.56
Lincoln Township Dump28281,069.83
Lincoln Township Solid Waste Disp Auth28281,069.83
Lincoln Village Disposal28281,069.83
Lionel Llc11139.00
Litchfield City / Township Dump2828198.56
Little Girl'S Point2828324.45
Little Lake Dump (Forsyth Township)2828324.45
Little Traverse Township Dump28281,069.83
Littlefield Township Dump2828198.56
Livonia Landfill2828324.45
Lloyd Flanders Industries Inc1377,003.00
Lockes Slf2828380.42
Lockhart Chemical Company364928,324.54
Lockwood Landfill & Disposal28286,569.06
Logan Cpf5746,036.00
Logan Township Dump2828324.45
Logan Township Dump2828198.56
London Aggregates28110102,238.00
Long Lake Dump28281,069.83
Long Lake Township Dump2828198.56
Long Rapids Disposal2828324.45
Longworth Plating Sve Co220.00
Loon Lake Dump2828198.56
Lorin Industries608390,483.58
Lost Lake Woods Club28286,569.06
Lotus Engineering Inc28119367,819.29
Loud Township Dump28281,069.83
Louis Marsack & Sons Ds28281,650.36
Louis Padnos Iron & Metal389719,240.00
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation4481303,096.09
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation43561,407,726.30
Louisiana-Pacific Gwinn377496,240.59
Lowell And Bowne Township Dump28283,101.73
Lowell Engineering3835,046.00
Lti Printing, Inc.139,728.00
Lucas Landfill2828324.45
Ludlow Coated Products3862415,844.62
Luna Pier Landfill28282,051.99
Luther Dump28281,069.83
Luzerne Dump2828324.45
Lymtal International Inc.364313,839.92
Lynn Township Dump2828248.32
Lyon Development, Inc.714347,035.00
Lyon Sand & Gravel Co30316,342.41
Lyon Sand & Gravel Co30319,513.61
Lyon Sand & Gravel Co30316,246.08
Lyon Sand & Gravel-Cr Jaw303130.00
Lyon Township Slf2828119.62
Lyons Industries36158,911.00
M & M Sanitation Dump28286,569.06
M / 189 Dump Stambaugh Township2828198.56
M / 97 Landfill28281,650.36
M A L Enterprises Inc #2282863,237.99
M A L Enterprises, Inc #128287,906.20
M C Landfill28287,906.20
Maaco Auto Painting128,132.00
Mac Valves Inc152735,994.09
Mac'S Service2828324.45
Macdermid Inc.36275.00
Macdonald'S Industrial Products - Plant #3364814,667.24
Mackinac Island Landfill282829.81
Mackinaw City Dump28281,069.83
Macomb Township Site 9 Annex (Smda)282813,179.82
Madison Township Dump2828198.56
Magic Finishing Co.61416,975.00
Magline Inc353,616.00
Magni Industries Inc3744,615.00
Mahle Valve Train Inc.2420.00
Malow Disposal Landfill282813,179.82
Mancelona Sanitation Service28281,069.83
Mancelona Township Dump28281,069.83
Manchester Gravel&Concrete313237,329.28
Manchester Slf2828277.88
Manheims Auto Auction1231,584.00
Manistee County Landfill6818,847.00
Manistique / Slining Company Landfill2828793.30
Manistique Papers Inc39922,644,149.23
Mansfield Township Dump28286,569.06
Manthei Development Corporation31321,138.95
Manthei Development Corporation31325,845.22
Manthei Development Corporation31322,420.85
Manthei Inc - Veneer Mill373752,011.65
Maple Forest Township2828324.45
Maple Rapids Village Dump2828324.45
Maple Ridge Dump28281,069.83
Maple Ridge Township2828198.56
Maple Valley Township Mod Dump28281,069.83
Marasco'S Painting Company / M & M Coatings Inc125,090.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum120.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum476446,762,288.27
Marathon Ashland Petroleum52760,776.51
Marathon Ashland Petroleum52156,215.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc125,646.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc - Flint53437,143.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc - Lansing Terminal11662,342.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc - N. Muskegon73485,513.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc - Niles53198,712.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc- Bay City-Marquette32384,511.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc-Traverse City21436,695.96
Marathon Ashland Petroleum-Bay City Wilder Term.12526,758.00
Marathon Ashland Pipe Line1732,367.00
Marathon Ashland Pipeline1612,500.00
Marathon Oil Co. Detroit Mi Terminal (Lp&A)6103,833.00
Marathon Pipeline Co69103,088.00
Marbelite Corp.1112,152.00
Marble Era Products Inc114,457.00
Marblehead Disposal Area2828324.45
March Coatings Inc139,438.00
March Coatings Plant 2137,009.00
Marenisco Township Lf28286,569.06
Marilla Township28286,569.06
Marion Village28281,069.83
Markwest Michigan Pipeline Co.Llc-Junction Station184,136.00
Markwest-Michigan Pipeline Llc Manistee Station2557,452.00
Marlette Sanitary Landfill2828198.56
Marlette Township Dump28281,069.83
Marquette Area Materials Mgmt28286,569.06
Marquette Board Of Light & Power731031,337,737.52
Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority1130,000.00
Marquette County Type 111 Lf2828198.56
Marsalle Road Lf28281,069.83
Marsh Plating Corp.1213.00
Marshall City, Electric Powerplant154054,545.55
Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties, Llc8342,938,794.23
Martinrea Inds. Inc.115.00
Martiny Township Dump28286,569.06
Marvin L Weiman Wreck & Excav2828248.32
Marysville Npdc364112,520.09
Mason / Turner Township Dump2828198.56
Mason County Lf (Scottville)2828140.28
Mason Sanitary Landfill282814,242.21
Masonville Township Dump2828324.45
Mass Dump (Greenland Township)2828324.45
Massee Products Ltd1333,086.00
Master Finish Co.1110.00
Mastodon Township2828198.56
Matchwood Township Dump28281,069.83
Material Control231,552.00
Material Processing Inc1416,677.00
Mathy Construction Company Plant #1511110.00
Mathy Construction Company Plant #211110.00
Mathy Construction Company Plant #2411110.00
Mathy Construction Company Plant #2511110.00
Mathy Construction Company Plant #4111110.00
Mathy Construction Company Plant #5211110.00
Mathy Construction Company Plant #5711110.00
Mathy Construction Company Plant #711110.00
Maton Disposal Park28281,069.83
Matrix System Automotive Finishes Inc.6931,445.00
Maverick Tube Corporation952242,369.00
Mayco Plastics, Inc.915180,575.12
Mayfield 281123,100.00
Mayville Village Dump28281,069.83
Mc Laren Engines Inc1225547,745.09
Mcbain Disposal Gardens28281,069.83
Mcclain Industries, Inc.1130,820.00
Mcdonalds Sanitary Landfill282815,117.89
Mcgean-Rohco Inc.121,650.00
Mcgill Road C & D Landfill28286,877.23
Mckay Press Inc12054,043.00
Mckinley Dump #228286,569.06
Mckinley Township Dump2828198.56
Mckinley Township Dump28281,069.83
Mclellan Slf # 228281,069.83
Mcm Management Corp15169,258.57
Mcn Pipeline & Processing Co (Vienna)517122,684.00
Mcn Oil & Gas, Thunder Bay Co2 Plant623121,673.87
Mcn Oil - Warner 27 Cpf5528,186.00
Mcn Oil And Gas (Boyne Valley 31 Cpf)559,691.00
Mcn Oil And Gas (Chester 16 Cpf)55182,042.00
Mcn Oil And Gas (Elmira 14)55155,723.00
Mcn Oil And Gas (Elmira 23)5566,903.00
Mcn Oil And Gas (Hawk Lake Cpf)5550,516.00
Mcn Oil And Gas (Jordan 35 Cpf)5547,942.00
Mcn Oil And Gas (Warner 13)55114,193.00
Mcn Oil And Gas - Albert 151134,923.00
Mcn Oil And Gas - Connie Stevens East51141,538.00
Mcn Oil And Gas - Custer56121,427.00
Mcn Oil And Gas - Loudbert51119,589.00
Mcn Oil And Gas - North Rust Never Sleeps51158,939.00
Mcn Oil And Gas Bagley 16 Cpf5542,801.00
Mcn Oil And Gas Clearwater 2 Cpf5527,153.00
Mcn Oil And Gas Custer 15/ 20 Cpf5542,598.00
Mcn Oil And Gas Custer 33 Cpf5599,199.00
Mcn Oil And Gas Echo 26 Cpf5531,247.00
Mcn Oil And Gas Jordan 12 Cpf5528,381.00
Mcn Oil And Gas Jordan 95527,516.00
Mcn Oil And Gas Kearney 9 Cpf5524,087.00
Mcn Oil And Gas Warner 8 Cpf5526,884.00
Mcn Pipeline & Processing Co (Turtle Lake Fac.)623143,656.59
Mead Johnson & Company4114474,653.77
Mead Paperboard (Type Iii Slf)2828198.56
Meade Publishing Papers2828198.56
Meade Township Disposal Area28281,069.83
Meade Township Dump28286,569.06
Mecosta Township28281,069.83
Mecosta & Morton Dump2828324.45
Medallion Instrumentation Systems17185.00
Medina Township Sanitary Lf28281,069.83
Medtech Ambulance Corp.1125,700.00
Medtronic Inc. Attn: Sterile Systems37773,099.38
Melco Inc30318,520.08
Melling Forging Co385927,414.19
Memorial Hospital38565,696.85
Menasha Corp2828324.45
Menasha Packaging Company, Llc, Otsego Mill441391,215,405.44
Menasha Packaging Company,Llc - Coloma Plant363911,675.32
Menominee / Ingallston Dump28281,069.83
Menominee Landfill282825,041.03
Menominee Paper Company39951,018,621.50
Mentor Township Dump2828324.45
Mercury Displacement Industries238,889.84
Mercury Exploration Co - Garfield 1-8 Cpf51042,822.00
Mercury Exploration Co, - Snl Cpf5768,608.00
Mercury Exploration Co, Livingston 31 Cpf5772,296.00
Mercury Exploration Co,. - Hayes 2951046,226.00
Mercury Exploration Co. Garfield 1-9 Cpf51037,735.00
Mercury Exploration Co., - Dover 36 Cpf5731,837.00
Mercury Exploration, Fred X Cpf5730,626.00
Mercury Exploration, Co - Dover 35 Cpf51264,527.00
Mercury Exploration, Co. - C. S. & C.S. Northcpf5821,211.00
Meridan Automotive Systems51720,876.00
Meridian Automotive Systems376240,634.97
Meridian Automotive Systems2331,221.00
Meridian Automotive Systems Inc 1 & 7 Grand Rapids122173,547.96
Meridian Automotive Systems Inc Plt 5111911,833.34
Merillat Industries3862269,584.00
Merit Energy56154,127.00
Merit Energy - Blue Lake E 18 Cpf5917,472.00
Merit Energy - Charlton C6100.00
Merit Energy - Albert 2561062,440.70
Merit Energy - Bagley A 25 Cpf5955,005.00
Merit Energy - Bear Lake 13617152,490.84
Merit Energy - Bear Lake 22611237,885.76
Merit Energy - Bear Lake 32510221,290.00
Merit Energy - Blair 36 Cpf59156,546.00
Merit Energy - Charlton 28 Cpf5975,502.00
Merit Energy - Chester 18 Cpf59144,926.00
Merit Energy - Chester 34 Cpf5984,678.00
Merit Energy - Forest 24 Cpf5988,638.00
Merit Energy - Frederic 2515175,969.00
Merit Energy - Grant 29615103,103.41
Merit Energy - Hayes 2259134,220.00
Merit Energy - Kalkaska F Cpf5927,760.00
Merit Energy - Kalkaska Gas Plant2452985,712.30
Merit Energy - Komerska 145912,451.00
Merit Energy - Mancelona B5972,487.00
Merit Energy - Maple Grove 16611238,376.77
Merit Energy - Mayfield 19 Cpf59100,477.00
Merit Energy - Otsego 10 Cpf5939,066.00
Merit Energy - Rapid River 2459110,504.00
Merit Energy - Ricci 19 (Blue Lk)5975,625.00
Merit Energy - Simpson T Cpf59113,508.00
Merit Energy - Springdale 25511184,497.00
Merit Energy - Springdale 28 Cpf5980,691.00
Merit Energy Co. - Brown 7511459,037.00
Merit Energy Co/ Whitewater 225986,050.00
Merit Energy Company - Manistee 15 Cpf5971,286.00
Merit Energy Company - Whitewater 3259147,654.00
Merit Energy Company - Case 33 Cpf59185,522.00
Merit Energy Company - Chester 10 South5936,854.00
Merit Energy Company - Foster 12 Cpf5917,659.00
Merit Energy Company - Mentor Gas Plant510143,701.00
Merit Energy Company - Sorgett 26 Cpf5140.00
Merit Energy Company. - Cleon 11511157,506.00
Merit Energy Company. - Mayfield 23612675,688.58
Merit Energy Lp Cleon 19 Unit1123,100.00
Merit Energy- Blue Lake 1759131,995.00
Merit Energy- Charlton 7 Cpf5925,580.00
Merit Energy- Kalkaska 11 Cpf5989,411.00
Merit Energy- Mayfield 1659137,957.00
Merit Energy- Paradise 19 Cpf5987,463.00
Merit Energy. - Manistee Sulfur Plant7331,692,669.40
Metal Components Inc3113,604.00
Metal Technologies, Inc. - Ravenna Ductile935433,447.57
Metaldyne Corp137,981.00
Metaldyne Corp.225.00
Metaldyne Precision Forming223.00
Metalloy Corp Foundry Div89443,142.00
Metalworks Inc1234,058.00
Metokote Corporation, Plant 1651215,516.00
Metokote Corporation, Plant 204523,389.00
Metro Recycling / Lf28282,752.26
Metz Belknap & Bismarck Township2828324.45
Mh Industries Inc134,811.00
Mi Automotive Compressor Co611969,152.00
Mi Dept Community Health3721619,618.42
Mi So Central Power Agency871054,413,354.75
Miba Hydramechanica Corporation126,445.00
Mich Con Gas - Kalkaska Compressor Station47141327,863.17
Michigan Aggregates Corp1126,409.00
Michigan Casting Center282863,237.99
Michigan Disposal Inc / Augusta Township Landfill2828277.88
Michigan Environs Inc272824,977.00
Michigan Ethanol Llc3613947,968.48
Michigan Foam Products Llc5658,159.00
Michigan Limestone Operations Inc11216,936.00
Michigan Limestone Operations, Inc.720269,773.00
Michigan Maple Block Co36364,024.51
Michigan Paperboard Co3956311,346.35
Michigan Paving And Materials Co.41431,287.00
Michigan Power Limited Partnership4396409,235.13
Michigan Prestain1746,631.00
Michigan Seamless Tube, Llc377914,693.66
Michigan Seat Co4528.00
Michigan South Central Power Agency161643,123.57
Michigan Spring & Stamping Precision Prods. Group Inc.1210.00
Michigan Standard Alloys2828380.42
Michigan State University985499,503,420.99
Michigan Steel1059129,642.74
Michigan Sugar Company - Sebewaing Factory39911,673,365.12
Michigan Sugar Company - Carrollton Factory37100578,690.36
Michigan Sugar Company, Caro Factory39881,374,736.96
Michigan Sugar Company, Croswell Factory39911,058,056.40
Michigan Turkey Producers115.00
Michigan Waste Services404623,825.49
Michigan Wheel Corp.3357.00
Michner Plating Co36588,855.45
Mid / Thumb Slf2828198.56
Mid Michigan Materials Inc306121,840.04
Middlebury Township Lf28281,069.83
Middletons The Spindle Railing Co1358,756.00
Middleville Slf28281,069.83
Midland Cogeneration Venture4310611,070,983.45
Midland Contracting Co448766,088.94
Midway Aggregates114,621.00
Midwest Industrial Laundry Services, Inc.2226,887.00
Midwest Metallurgical Laboratory, Inc.6219.00
Midwest Plating Co. Inc.115.00
Midwest Products Finishing2443,080.00
Midwest Rubber & Plastic,Inc.31597,674.00
Mikado Township Dump28286,569.06
Milan City Landfill282815,117.89
Milan, York, London Township Dump2828380.42
Milford Compressor Station2929149,380.20
Milford Fabricating Co7208,175.00
Millen / Hawes Township Refuse & Stor28281,069.83
Miller Bros Paving Co42680.00
Miller Products, Inc.514183,333.00
Millington Township Solid Waste Dis28286,569.06
Mills Township Dump28286,569.06
Milton Township28286,569.06
Milton Township Dump2828324.45
Minden City Dump28286,569.06
Minowitz Mfg Co155,436.00
Mirant Zeeland151599,979.23
Misak Landfill Site2828198.56
Mission Hills Memorial Gardens Inc6060683.43
Mitchell Township Disposal Area2828198.56
Mjw Incorporated Slf282863,237.99
Mnp Corp.115.00
Modern Hard Chrome Service Co.24265.00
Modern Plastics Corp.11250.00
Moffatt Township. Dump28286,569.06
Molded Plastic Industries, Inc.3542,122.00
Molesworths Dump28281,069.83
Monitor 11 Cpf51052,524.00
Monitor Sugar Company36127610,215.47
Monitor Township Landfill2828380.42
Monocle Lake Dump2828198.56
Monroe Inc4612,374.00
Monsanto Company Landfill2828285.51
Montague Disposal Lf Area28286,569.06
Montague Township Lf2828248.32
Monterey Township Dump28286,569.06
Montero'S Pit2828198.56
Montgomery Aggregate Products111,500.00
Montgomery Village Dump28281,069.83
Montmorency / Oscoda Landfill282810,665.81
Montmorency Township Dump / West Side28281,069.83
Moonlight Industries Inc1119,880.00
Moore Township Dump2828198.56
Moorland Township Dump2828248.32
Moose Lake Aggregate293026,800.24
Morbark Inc357348,276.67
Morley Village Dump2828198.56
Morningstar Dump28286,569.06
Morrow Combustion Turbine Plant32442,791.74
Morton Salt & Performance Chem. Divs. Of Morton391282,706,610.36
Moscow Township Dump Site2828198.56
Motor Products - A Division Of Allied Motion Tech.132824,392.00
Mottes Materials, Inc.112,051.12
Mottes Materials, Inc.11265.30
Mottes Materials, Inc.112,111.31
Mottes Materials, Inc.111,502.82
Mottes Materials, Inc.11475.89
Mottes Materials, Inc.11674.29
Mottes Materials, Inc.11663.24
Mottes Materials, Inc.111,580.72
Mpw Container Management Corp.1382,707.00
Mrm Industries Inc2630,559.00
Msx Intl Special Vehicles33512,173.00
Mt Forest Landfill2828380.42
Mt Haley Township Dump2828198.56
Mt Pleasant Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Mud Lake Dump (Torch Lake Township)2828324.45
Mueller Brass Co.23690.00
Mullett Township Dump East / Derby Rd28286,569.06
Multi / County Lf Co2828198.56
Mundt Dump2828248.32
Munising Township Dump2828198.56
Munro Township (Douglas Lk Disp St)28281,069.83
Munro Township / Mc Louth Rd28281,069.83
Muskallonge Lake Dump28286,569.06
Muskegon Castings Corp.125.60
Muskegon County Solid Waste Facility51659,080.00
Muskegon Dev. Mitchell Lake Ii5627,776.00
Muskegon Development Co. (Big Wolf Lake)5624,058.00
Muskegon Development, Bass Lake5613,723.00
Muskegon Development, Crapo Lake5620,122.00
Muskegon Development, Little Crapo Lake Facility5624,749.00
Muskegon Development, No Lake5626,998.00
Muskegon Development, Perch Lake51189,024.00
Muskegon Development,Lower Chub Lake / Viking Lake51137,808.00
Muskegon River Compressor Station21142758,569.12
Muttonville Compressor Station636131,408.43
N W Berrien Co Sanitatn Auth282815,117.89
Nagle Recycling Co114,636.00
Nahma Township Dump28281,069.83
Napoleon Township Sanitary Landfill28282,051.99
Nashville Village Dump28286,569.06
National Asphalt Products Inc303155,316.40
National Asphalt Products Inc30310.87
National Asphalt Products Inc30315.33
National Asphalt Products, Inc.26312,352.32
National Asphalt Products, Inc.110.00
National City Wallboard Plant518200,057.90
National Concrete Products6171,371.00
National Galvanizing L.P.121,000.00
National Standard Company438282,185.12
National Steel Corp4843139,801,075.99
National Zinc Processors Inc.121.10
Natural Aggregates Corporation163,283.00
Nazareth Road Site2828970.67
Ncoc Inc. (National Chemical & Oil Corp.)11217.00
Ncp Coatings, Inc.162358,219.70
Nd Industires, Inc.5659,590.00
Ne Cass County Lf Authority28281,069.83
Nelson Paint Co. Of Michigan221,418.00
Nero Plastics Inc.1232,568.00
Nester Township Dump28286,569.06
Nestle Waters North America3535577.60
New Baltimore Slf282846,695.66
New Hudson Sand & Gravel113,256.00
New Hudson Sand & Gravel Hewitt Robbins Jaw30310.00
New Prods. Corp.22220.00
Newark Township Landfill2828324.45
Newaygo Area Solid Waste Ds St2828324.45
Newell'S Sanitary Landfill28286,569.06
Newkirk Township Dump28281,069.83
Newton Township Dump28281,069.83
Newton Township Dump2828248.32
Nicholas Plastics Inc.71121,654.44
Niles City Dump28282,051.99
Niles Township Lf28282,051.99
Non Ferrous Cast Alloys Inc.1124.00
Nor Cote, Inc.62319,392.00
Norbrook Plating, Inc.112124,988.65
Norman Markel Lf282815,117.89
Norman Township Dump28286,569.06
Noron Industries Inc1125,134.00
North Allis Township Dump28286,569.06
North American Refractories Co.42258,558.00
North Branch Township Lf28286,569.06
North Higgins Lake State Park28281,069.83
North Lansing Fill #12828970.67
North Lansing Landfill #22828217.07
North Muskegon Disposal Area2828248.32
North Star Steel Co38931,753,390.56
Northeast Gravel Slf28283,101.73
Northeast Land Development2828248.32
Northeast Landfill Inc28287,906.20
Northeast Lf & Sand Co2828285.51
Northern Coatings & Chemical Co. Inc.571,750.00
Northern Crushing And Recycling, Llc30317,214.52
Northern Crushing And Recycling, Llc30313,661.81
Northern Crushing And Recycling, Llc303110,780.95
Northern Crushing And Recycling, Llc30311,901.24
Northern Crushing And Recycling, Llc30312,951.96
Northern Crushing And Recycling, Llc30316,712.85
Northern Oaks Recycling And Disposal272731,322.00
Northern Precision Machine Prod Inc118,166.00
Northland Corp3913,564.78
Northport Village Dump2828198.56
Northside Landfill28282,051.99
Northstar Print Group - Norway715172,690.00
Northwest Airlines315348,060.26
Northwest Oil Company Dump28286,569.06
Northwest Ottawa Co Refuse Ds28283,514.27
Northwestern Natural Gas - Big Bass Lake511146,993.00
Norton Township Dump28282,051.99
Norvell Township Dump282815,117.89
Norvell Township Lf28282,051.99
Norway Lake Dump (Felch Township)2828324.45
Norwich Township Dump2828324.45
Nottawa Township Sanitary Landfill28286,569.06
Novesta Township Site28286,569.06
Novi Crushed Concrete1513,996.00
Nsk Corp6956,729.00
Nucraft Furniture Co11357,568.00
Nupak Solutions, Inc.115,565.00
O. I. L. Energy Corp. - Warner 36 Facility5621,989.00
O.I.L. Energy Corp. - Bagley 17 Facility5620,510.00
O.I.L. Energy Corp. - Big Wolf Facility51156,919.00
O.I.L. Energy Corp. - Elmira 3451135,942.00
Oakite Products Inc671,555.00
Oakland Co Rd Comm Slf #228281,715.36
Oakland Co Rd Comm Slf #328281,715.36
Oakland Co. Service Center - Central Steam Plant3514037,662.23
Oakland Heights Development, Inc.67112,050.00
Oakland University3514045,261.76
Oakwood Custom Coating6313,681.00
Oakwood Hospital374833,014.90
Oakwood Plastics Division1198.00
Ocqueoc Township Dump28286,569.06
Ogden Township Dump2828198.56
Oil Chem Inc.12500.00
Old Au Sable Township2828198.56
Old C C Camp Dump28286,569.06
Old Castle Inc. 4d110.10
Old Cooper Township2828970.67
Old Currie Park Lf28281,069.83
Old Galesburg City2828277.88
Old Grant Dump28286,569.06
Old Hart City Dump28281,069.83
Old Leavitt Township Dump28281,069.83
Old Markey Township Dump28286,569.06
Old Montrose Dump282831,413.10
Old New Era Dump28281,069.83
Old Oscoda Township Dump28281,069.83
Old Schoolcraft Lf2828970.67
Old Tile Factory2828285.51
Olimer'S Dump2828324.45
Oliver Peaking Station282819,486.64
Oliver Products Co1159,724.00
Oliver Township Dump28286,569.06
Oliver Type 111 Sanitary Lf2828198.56
Olivet City Landfill28281,069.83
Omans Contracting Inc454,451.00
Omimex Energy- Claybanks 2 Facility416113,351.00
Onaway City Dump2828198.56
Onaway Disposal2828198.56
Onoto Township Dump28286,569.06
Onsted Village Dump2828198.56
Ontegra Brighton000.00
Onyx-Arbor Hills Landfill613949,298.00
Orange Township Dump2828324.45
Orangeville Township Landfill28286,569.06
Orchard Hill Sanitary Landfill612527,851.00
Oscar Worth Dump28286,569.06
Osceola Township Dump2828324.45
Oscoda Co Animal Burial Site28281,069.83
Oscoda Township Disposal Area28286,569.06
Ossineke Township Disposal2828198.56
Otsego City Lf28281,069.83
Otsego Lake Township Dump2828324.45
Otsego Township Slf28286,569.06
Ottawa Aggregates Inc30319,342.08
Ottawa Aggregates Inc30314,275.65
Ottawa Aggregates Inc30311,169.52
Ottawa Aggregates Inc3031129.95
Ottawa Aggregates Inc30314,450.17
Ottawa County Farms Landfill614777,996.00
Ottawa Silica Company28287,906.20
Otter Lake Dump28286,569.06
Overisel Compressor Station2161504,170.41
Overisel Township Dump2828324.45
Ovid Township Dump28281,069.83
Ovid Township Dump28281,069.83
Owens Corning Trumbull Division38292214,428.14
Owens Illinois Closure, Inc.21018,135.60
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc.931519,166.40
Owosso Graphic Arts3921,822.00
Owosso Refuse Service Inc, Lf28281,069.83
Packaging Corporation Of America353510,156.53
Packaging Corporation Of America - Filer City Mill883189,511,963.38
Packaging Personified, Inc.7839,628.82
Packard Industries Inc687,559.00
Packerland Packing3714841,435.85
Painesdale Modified Open Dump28286,569.06
Paint Work Inc2524,284.45
Palisades Plant386421,151.28
Palmyra Township Dump2828324.45
Panel Processing Inc119,725.00
Panel Processing Of Coldwater1312,148.00
Paris Township Dump28281,069.83
Park St Brush Ds Facility28286,569.06
Parkedale Pharmaceuticals, Inc.47171247,784.07
Parker Excavating Gravel & Recycle Inc31322,215.71
Parker Excavating Gravel & Recycle Inc31328,030.86
Parker Excavating Gravel & Recycle Inc31323,547.07
Parker Excavating Gravel & Recycle Inc31324,451.09
Parker Excavating Gravel & Recycle Inc31323,692.17
Parker Excavating Gravel & Recycle Inc31323,192.54
Parker Excavating Gravel & Recycle Inc3132768.79
Parker Excavating Gravel & Recycling Inc31321,300.83
Parker Excavating Gravel & Recycling Inc31322,786.14
Partello Compressor Station40104225,104.35
Paul Bechtel Sand And Gravel303110,595.50
Paulstra Crc5963,644.00
Paulstra Crc Cadillac Division815248,438.00
Paulstra Crc Corporation398133,285.75
Paw Paw Township Dump28281,069.83
Paxton Resources Inc., Alba Cpf Chestonia 275514,046.00
Paxton Resources, Inc., Big Lake Cpf5520,039.00
Paxton Resources, Livingston 18 Cpf5689,680.00
Payne & Dolan Inc C1611111,412.54
Payne & Dolan Inc C1711112,093.58
Payne & Dolan Inc C1911112,439.66
Payne & Dolan Inc C211111942.45
Payne & Dolan Inc C211111740.49
Payne & Dolan Inc C24 Permit #23-97a497621,452.78
Payne & Dolan Inc C341111372.59
Payne & Dolan Inc C3411111,141.05
Payne & Dolan Inc C341111815.03
Payne & Dolan Inc C351111209.86
Payne & Dolan Inc-C2238523,318.80
Payne & Dolan Inc-C22385213,275.20
Payne & Dolan Inc-C22385217,068.12
Payne & Dolan Inc-C22385213,749.32
Peacock Township2828198.56
Peavey Co4912,115.00
Peck Street Dump282815,117.89
Pelican Metal Products, Llc1119,561.00
Pelkie Dump (Baraga Township)28281,069.83
Pellston Sanitary Landfill28286,569.06
Pemco Die Casting Corp.1222.00
Peninsula Copper Inds. Inc.23353,334.03
Pentwater Wire Products, Inc.333,164.00
Peoples Landfill, Inc.69225,604.00
Perch Lake Disposal2828324.45
Perch Lake Site (Mcmillan Township)2828198.56
Perma Fix Of Michigan101045,763.30
Perspective In Laminate122,580.00
Peterson / Lahti Landfill2828879.29
Petrochem/Solvent Distillers Of Nortru421462,178.58
Pfizer Global Manufacturing, Holland Plant44102298,525.14
Pfizer Global R&D55342257,755.86
Pharmacia & Upjohn Company39115685,369.33
Pharmacia & Upjohn Company542853,588,738.26
Pickford Dump2828324.45
Pierson Township Dump2828324.45
Pilkington North America, Inc.1512,405.00
Pilot Industries Inc166,662.00
Pilot Tool & Die1210.00
Pinconning City Dump2828380.42
Pinconning Township Dump282815,117.89
Pine Township Disposal Site28286,569.06
Pine Tree Acres, Inc.715532,515.00
Pine Valley Landfill2828970.67
Pinnacle Foods Corporation35109100,002.46
Pioneer Cabinetry Inc2545,180.00
Pioneer Foundry Co Inc7143,445.00
Pioneer Rock Landfill282810,818.05
Pioneer Township Dump28286,569.06
Pitlik & Wick Inc., Plant #1110.00
Pitlik & Wick Inc., Plant #211324.36
Pitlik & Wick Inc., Plant #211152.64
Pitsch Sanitary Landfill1111,662.00
Pitsch Sanitary Landfill28282,790.31
Pitsch Wrecking Co. - Concrete Recycling Plant11619.00
Plascore Inc3818,291.00
Plassein International11016,729.00
Plastech Engineered Products Inc41115,489.00
Plastech Engineered Products, Inc.494,745.00
Plasti Paint Inc1166,138.00
Plastic Plate Inc9129,327.00
Plastic Plate Inc. Brockton Plant24510.00
Plastic Trends Inc7777,182.93
Plastigage Corp710118,260.00
Plastipak Packaging Inc7720,942.26
Pleasanton Township Dump2828198.56
Plum Hollow Golf Course28287,906.20
Pmg Enterprises Plant 34510.20
Pmg Enterprises Plant 4110.10
Pokagon Township Disposal28286,569.06
Pollard (U.S.) Ltd353922,962.20
Polymer Concrete Corp.12595.00
Polyply Composites Inc.117,131.00
Polytec Foha1116,140.00
Porath Sand And Gravel166,231.00
Port Austin Township Dump28281,069.83
Port City Die Cast1210.00
Port Of Monroe Heckett En Lf2828380.42
Port Sanilac Village Dump28281,069.83
Portage City Sanitary Landfill28283,514.27
Portage Township Dump2828324.45
Portage Township Landfill28281,069.83
Porter Township Dump2828198.56
Porter Township Landfill2828198.56
Poseyville Rd / Dow Chemical Co2828198.56
Power & Utilities Ops.333.00
Powerquest Boats Inc.21143,702.00
Ppg Chemfil-Troy24672.00
Ppg Grow Detroit510513.00
Ppg Industries Inc4153,669.00
Ppi Aerospace Acquisition, Llc476,224.45
Ppi Aerospace Acquisition, Llc71720,236.43
Pratt & Whitney Autoair21411,662.00
Precision Coatings, Inc.414254,135.00
Presque Isle Township Ts #22828198.56
Printco, Inc.527109,964.66
Printco, Inc.41756,286.00
Prodrive Engelhard Llc55148,535.00
Producto Chemicals115.00
Progressive Metal Forming Inc.55515.00
Proto Crafts Inc21027,855.00
Pryor Disposal2828324.45
Putnam Peakers282829,843.23
Pvs Tech. Inc.1225.00
Pyramid Paving & Contracting Co262848,980.75
Quaker Chemical Corp. (2)235,575.00
Quality Spring Togo Inc11331,795.00
Quanex/Macsteel Division36602,719,238.90
Quantum Composites Inc236,201.00
Quicksilver (Formerly Shell) - Lovells 27 Cpf51023,196.00
Quicksilver Resources - Bart Star51135,861.00
Quicksilver Resources Inc. - Chester East 1-105635,895.00
Quicksilver Resources Inc. - Hayes 105626,703.00
Quicksilver Resources Inc. - Reckow Howes 1-261462,373.00
Quicksilver Resources Inc. - Sherman 355957,775.00
Quicksilver Resources Inc. - St. Kalkaska 1-1061066,866.04
Quicksilver Resources Inc. - Usa Kalkaska 1-3061066,934.01
Quicksilver Resources Inc. - Usa Kalkaska 3-206108,476.01
Quicksilver Resources Inc. -Bagley East/Livingston511123,998.00
Quicksilver Resources Inc. -Usa Kalkaska 1-20/2-195973,114.00
Quicksilver Resources, Inc.- P Lease25246,805.00
Quincy Aggregate Resources111,054.00
Quincy Products102428,809.00
Quincy Street, Inc.36371,040.28
R E Glancy Inc30336,092.72
R E Glancy Inc30340.00
R E Glancy Inc30318,498.77
R E Glancy Inc303310,062.76
R E Glancy Inc303118,261.28
R E Glancy Inc303331,458.01
R E Glancy Inc1817,406.00
R Smith & Sons - Southwest Gravel, Inc.30311,060.00
R Smith & Sons, Inc. - Plant #1303120,670.62
R Smith & Sons, Inc. - Plant #130316,201.19
R Smith & Sons, Inc. - Plant #130316,201.19
R Smith & Sons, Inc. - Plant #130316,201.19
R Smith & Sons, Inc. - Plant #130312,067.06
R Smith & Sons, Inc. - Plant #2/Sturgis Wp30313,673.69
R Smith & Sons, Inc. - Plant #2/Sturgis Wp3031877.30
R Smith & Sons, Inc. - Plant #2/Sturgis Wp3031932.13
R T London Company1412,529.00
R T London Company1221,083.00
R. J. Marshall Co.2326,861.00
R.E. Glancy, Inc.303212,932.08
R.E. Glancy, Inc.3032733.89
R.E. Glancy, Inc.303218,968.77
Raco Dump28286,569.06
Rainbow Coatings, Inc.3536,502.00
Rainbow Dump28281,069.83
Raisin Township Dump28286,569.06
Raisin Township Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Raisinville Site #12828380.42
Ralston Foods379427,242.33
Ramona Park Slf282846,695.66
Randell Mfg. Inc.110.70
Randolph Farms Landfill2828714.03
Rapid River Township2828198.56
Ravenna Township Dump2828380.42
Ray Compressor Station44156310,694.97
Ray Shanecks Dump28286,569.06
Ray Township Disposal2828313.63
Raymond Road Landfill2828248.32
Raymond Road Sanitary Lf Co2828380.42
Reading Garbage28281,069.83
Reclaimed Industries Site #128287,906.20
Recticel N.A. Inc.2422.00
Recycled Aggregates, Llc111,825.00
Recycled Polymeric Materials Inc.000.00
Red Oak Dump2828324.45
Red Spot Westland Inc817109,859.00
Redding Township28286,569.06
Reed City Compressor Station638580,871.06
Reed City Landfill28286,569.06
Reese Village Dump28281,069.83
Regal Finishing Company, Inc.3865,903.00
Rehau Inc4828,329.00
Reilly Plating/ Mlok Inc1640,288.00
Reitas Restaurant Lf2828198.56
Reliance Finishing Co.54912,801.00
Renaissance Power Llc1951357,338.28
Reno Township Dump28286,569.06
Renosol Corp2622,797.87
Repair Industries Of Mi1534,419.00
Repcolite Paints Inc.12500.00
Republic Township Dump2828198.56
Resource Recovery Corp6618,437.00
Reuls Lf2828248.32
Rexair Inc91317,230.65
Rexton Dump (Hudson Township)2828324.45
Ricardo Inc510170,735.00
Rice Lake Dump Torch Lake Township28286,569.06
Rich Township Dump28281,069.83
Richards Garbage Service2828198.56
Richfield Township28281,069.83
Richland Township Dump282814,242.21
Richmond Landfill2828895.83
Richmond Township Slf28281,069.83
Rieth Riley Construction Co Inc202859,824.23
Rieth Riley Construction Co Inc4761123,449.40
Rieth Riley Construction Co Inc507266,019.89
Rieth Riley Construction Co Inc5392133,472.84
Rieth Riley Construction Co Inc539171,045.41
Rieth Riley Construction Co Inc476478,400.48
Ring Screw Division366064,756.17
Ripey Dump (Franklin Township)28286,569.06
Rivershores Building Products Inc1111,096.00
Riverside Correctional Facility1751212,727.75
Riverside Sand & Gravel Landfill28283,101.73
Riverton Township28286,569.06
Riverview Gravel Co28283,514.27
Riverview Land Perserve57275,757.00
Riverview Landfill282812,533.38
Rka Petroleum Co11546,724.00
Rmt Woodworth3316,850.00
Robbins Inc1159,812.00
Robert Bailey Contractors, Inc. - Cr1 Plant30314,171.26
Robert Bailey Contractors, Inc. - Cr2 Plant30317,544.94
Robert Bosch Corporation Chassis Division51243758,853.27
Robert Bosch Fuel Systems Corporation368436,925.13
Robert K. Potter Disposal28281,069.83
Robertshaw Controls2468,273.30
Robin Hood Disposal Site28281,069.83
Robroy Industries Enclosure Division1423,947.00
Rock Recyclers313213,577.75
Rock Recyclers31324,814.85
Rock Recyclers313213,577.75
Rock Recyclers313235,918.39
Rock-Tenn Co3759278,225.75
Rock-Tenn Company, Mill Division36111212,802.08
Rockwood Quarry114335,690.00
Rod Link Demolition2828324.45
Rohen Enterprises Slf28281,069.83
Rolland Township Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Rollin Township Dump28281,069.83
Rome Township Dump28281,069.83
Romeo Gas Processing Plant368694,409.08
Romeo Rim Inc. Plant 2000.00
Romeo Rim, Inc.215190,914.20
Ron Brown & Sons Inc243235,171.97
Roscommon County Landfill28286,520.28
Roscommon Disposal Area2828198.56
Roscommon Township Dump28286,569.06
Rose City Dump2828198.56
Rose Township Dump28286,569.06
Ross Township Slf2828277.88
Rosso Hwy Safb2828313.63
Rotor Coaters International56134,991.00
Rouge Steel Co1312322,793,412.22
Round Lake Sand & Gravel115,456.00
Round Lake Slf28281,069.83
Roush Industries652486,300.00
Rousseau Bark Disposal Site2828324.45
Rubicon Township Dump2828324.45
Rudyard / Kinross Dump28286,569.06
Rural Refuse Inc Site #128282,051.99
Rutherfor Chemical, Llc416039,479.45
Rw Popp Excavating Inc.111,593.00
S F Gilmore Inc1219,822.00
S P Kish Industries Inc1112,491.00
S. D. Warren, Muskegon, Mi, Operations804258,532,265.55
S2 Yachts Inc. - Tiara Yachts Division1688,857.00
Safety Kleen Corp.391,337.00
Safety Kleen Corp.3111,284.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (401001)1210.00
Sage Township Dump2828198.56
Saginaw Asphalt Paving Co476037,757.90
Saginaw Asphalt Paving Co539042,235.91
Saginaw Asphalt Paving Co396063,693.83
Saginaw Asphalt Paving Co539030,334.39
Saginaw Control & Engineering, Inc.4810,861.00
Saginaw Metal Casting Ops.1626176,057.00
Saginaw Valley Landfill69193,228.00
Sagola Township Dump2828324.45
Salem / Plymouth Landfill282863,237.99
Salem Township Dump2828198.56
Saltarelli Landfill2828285.51
Salzburg Road Landfill2828313.79
Samuel-Whittar Inc11560.00
Sanborn Township Disposal28281,069.83
Sand Beach Development28281,069.83
Sands Township Dump28281,069.83
Sandvik Steel Co.33210.00
Sanicem Landfill28281,715.36
Sanico North28283,514.27
Sanico South2828970.67
Sanilac County Park #128286,569.06
Sanitary Garbage Landfill282815,117.89
Sanitary Landfill Area No 228282,051.99
Sara Lee Bakery2315,292.00
Saranac Landfill28283,101.73
Saturn, Madison Heights Facility56191.00
Sauble Township Dump2828324.45
Sauk Trail Hills Development67185,520.00
Scarberry Demolition Fill282815,117.89
Schafer Bakery Division51379,347.00
Schoolcraft Co Dump2828324.45
Schooley Lf28281,069.83
Schwabs Dump28289,904.76
Schwarb Foundry477417,256.45
Scipio Township Dump28286,569.06
Scp Enterprises Inc2113,233.45
Searles Construction - 36 Plant30311,959.60
Searles Construction - 36 Plant303117,636.41
Searles Construction - 45 Plant3031608.28
Searles Construction - Spokane Plant30316,596.54
Searles Construction - Wash Plant303116,177.32
Seaver Industrial Finishing Co.353766,710.94
Sebewaing Landfill28281,069.83
Secord Township Dump No 12828324.45
Secord Township Dump No 22828324.45
Selfridge Air National Guard Base4414191,270.73
Selfridge Plating Inc102322,703.00
Semco Energy Gas Company - Collin Field5541,586.00
Semco Energy Gas Company - Harris Station5582,541.00
Semco Energy Gas Company - Morton Wells Facility5525,061.00
Seneca Township Dump28281,069.83
Seney Township Dump2828198.56
Serviscreen Corp.1327,454.00
Seven Mile Hill Dump2828324.45
Seville Township Slf2828198.56
Sexton Van Wormer Road Lf.2828970.67
Seymour Road Landfill28287,867.96
Shamrock Fastener Technologies51718,649.00
Shawmut Mills122,411.00
Shell Exploration & Production - Maple Grove 65924,973.00
Shell Oil Products Us-Niles Terminal44662,371.35
Shell Western E & P Inc - Loud 2959112,910.00
Shell Western E & P Inc - Charlton 12611215,834.71
Shell Western E & P Inc - Charlton 477197,592.59
Shell Western E & P Inc - Frederic 20612101,047.30
Shell Western E & P Inc - Otsego Lake 34612462,634.49
Shell Western E & P Inc, Blue Lake 2761245,684.16
Sheridan Books3496,741.00
Sheridan Books131,262.00
Sheridan Township Dump28286,569.06
Sheridian Township Slf2828198.56
Sherman Township Disposal Area2828198.56
Sherman Township Disposal Site28286,569.06
Sherman Township Dump28281,069.83
Sherman Township Dump2828324.45
Sherman Township Dump2828324.45
Sherman Township Lf2828198.56
Sherrods Refuse Service28286,569.06
Sherwin-Williams Company1149177,999.83
Sherwood & Athens Township & Villag2828324.45
Sherwood Township Landfill28281,069.83
Shiawasee Slf28281,069.83
Shorts Sanitary Landfill2828198.56
Sibley Limestone11131,726.00
Sid Parr Dump (Soo Township)2828324.45
Sidnaw Dump (Duncan Township)28286,569.06
Sidney Township Landfill28281,069.83
Silbond Corp367138,152.28
Silver Mill Frozen Foods Inc282815,117.89
Sims / Whitney Township Dump2828324.45
Sinai Hospital351050.00
Six S Inc Pt 171534,960.00
Six S Inc Pt 171540,422.50
Six S Inc Pt 171533,867.50
Six S Inc Pt 5716298,720.00
Six S Inc. Pt 4716278,104.00
Six Star Ltd Type Iii282863,237.99
Six-S Inc Pt 37151,235.06
Six-S Inc Pt 3715600.84
Six-S Inc Pt 37151,502.10
Six-S Inc Pt 2716121,442.08
Six-S Inc Pt 2716107,693.92
Skidway Disposal Dump2828324.45
Slagle Township Dump2828198.56
Sligh Furniture Co61261,101.20
Sligh Furniture Company415523,222.50
Smiley Landfilll2828324.45
Smith Paving Inc11447.00
Smiths Aerospace51122,282.00
Smiths Creek Landfill57133,067.00
Smock Hills Landfill2828198.56
So Macomb Ds Authority / Site 7282813,179.82
Solar Of Michigan51813,720.00
Soldier Lake Dump28286,569.06
Solutia Inc9174288,349.00
Somerset Township Dump2828198.56
Soo Line Rr Solid Waste Site28281,069.83
Sora Limestone Inc3132180,148.60
Sour Gas Ventures - Otsego Lake 27 Gas Plant61483,423.11
Sour Gas Ventures, State Frederic 15 Gas Plant626333,572.30
South Branch / Henderson Township Dis2828324.45
South Branch Dump2828198.56
South Branch Township Lf2828324.45
South Kent Gravel Inc111,005.00
South Kent Gravel Inc115,000.00
South Kent Gravel Inc115,695.00
South Kent Landfill2256,996.00
South Macomb Disposal Auth 62828313.63
South Romeo Gas Storage Co66117,106.42
Southeast Berrien County Landfill Authority68440,000.00
Southwest Cass County Landfill28286,569.06
Southwest Ottawa County Lf28283,514.27
Sparrow Health System407033,601.73
Sparta Dump2828324.45
Sparta Foundry Waste Disposal Facility282829,200.35
Sparta Foundry, Inc.4559373,432.70
Sparta Landfill282840,502.10
Spartan Asphalt Paving Co.3348239,629.10
Spartan Graphics52518,508.00
Spartan Industrial Inc114,640.00
Spartan Motors, Inc.1541,195.00
Spartan Steel Coating620176,586.00
Spaulding Township Dump282814,242.21
Specialty Heat Treat Of Holland Inc.112,163.00
Specialty Heat Treating Inc.111,148.00
Specialty Steel Treating Inc51821,096.00
Specialty Steel Treating Inc.7831,380.40
Specification Stone Products Inc111,662.00
Spectrum Cubic92321,421.00
Spectrum Industries Inc82860,505.00
Spindletop Oil & Gas Co.564,110.00
Spring Water Campground2828198.56
Springdale Township2828198.56
Springvale Township Dump2828324.45
Spurr Township Dump28281,069.83
Srw Inc - Chester 7519157,513.00
Srw Inc - S Chester 22511123,062.00
Ssab Hardtech Inc.1166,232.60
Ssi Technology, Inc.111,096.00
St Ignace Township Dump2828324.45
St Joseph Mercy Hospital375443,767.87
St Mary Hospital3610915,881.96
St Mary'S Cement291,187.00
St. Clair / Belle River Power Plant961640134,344,327.50
St. Clair Compressor Station2183361,825.10
St. Ignace Township Dump2828198.56
St. Julian Wine Co.12255.00
St. Lawrence Cemetary28281,650.36
Stager Lake Dump Mastodon Township28281,069.83
Stan'S Landfill2828285.51
Standard Products Dump28286,569.06
Standish Lincoln Township Dump28286,569.06
Stanek Rack Co Inc244,465.25
Stanhope Tool, Inc.441,341.00
Stannard Township Dump28281,069.83
State Crushing Inc112,000.00
State Disposal Corp28289,904.76
State Heat Treating Inc.11250.00
State Of Michigan37741,158.35
State Str Solid Waste Ds Ar2828324.45
Steelcase Inc. - Grand Rapids Complex411961,093,692.03
Steelcase Inc., Wood Furniture Division670.00
Steelcase Inc.- Kentwood Complex41231610,209.76
Steeltech Ltd.3315.00
Steig Sanitary Landfill28286,569.06
Steketee-Van Huis11720,478.00
Stephan Wood Prod Inc1827,978.00
Stephenson And Lawyer Inc2418,301.70
Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, Daimlerchrysler461831,471,455.30
Steuben Dump (Inwood Township)28286,569.06
Stevens Lake Dump Garden Township28281,069.83
Stewart Sutherland Inc1211,619.00
Stockbridge Township Dump282814,242.21
Stockbridge Village Landfill2828970.67
Stone Container Corp401917,405,376.24
Stoneco Inc287548,912.65
Stoneco Inc285377,585.34
Stoneco Inc, Portable Crusher 111595.00
Stoneco, Inc. - Denniston Quarry1201.00
Stoney Point Gas Plant62568,327.00
Stoney Point Slf2828248.32
Stony Creek Metropolitan Park282813,179.82
Strange Sanitation Service2828324.45
Stricker Paint Products167,011.00
Stronach Township28281,069.83
Stronach Township2828198.56
Sturgeon River Dump (Felch Township)2828324.45
Sturgis Foundry Corporation4580332,437.71
Sturgis Iron & Metal Inc Expansion2828324.45
Sturgis Municipal Power Plant16407,731.17
Sturgis Sanitary Landfill2828198.56
Sugar Island Township Dump2828198.56
Sullivan Township Dump2828380.42
Sulzer Metco (Us) Troy333,326.00
Summerfield Township Disposal28286,569.06
Summit Essexville Inc25153,513.00
Summit Petroleum Corp - Rosebush Gas Plant511135,672.00
Summit Polymers Inc796,607.46
Summit Polymers, Inc.71120,186.90
Summit Polymers, Inc71039,907.60
Summit Polymers, Inc. - East Plant71017,115.53
Summit Polymers-Vicksburg71046,469.03
Sun Chemical Corp3710659,685.79
Sun Plastic Coating Co1929,392.00
Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals Lp - Owosso1537159,826.03
Sunoco Pipeline Inkster1218,565.00
Sunoco Pipeline L.P. - Marysville Pump1720,500.00
Sunoco River Rouge3753149,917.22
Sunrise Sanitary Landfill28286,569.06
Sunsation Products Inc.349,858.00
Superior Brass & Aluminum Casting Co.3635.82
Superior Furniture Co123315,876.00
Superior Sanitation Landfill2828586.93
Superior Sanitation Lf28286,569.06
Superior Township Dump28286,569.06
Sur Flo Plastics71451,298.95
Surburban Sanitary Lf2828277.88
Sutherland Field2828277.88
Swan Creek Township Dump282814,242.21
Sylvania Co Ltd Partnership313382,740.82
Sylvania Sand Llc114,872.00
Sylvester Material Co., Inc.306187,536.42
Sylvester Material Co., Inc.303532,196.03
Sylvester Material Co., Inc.30318,100.88
T J Fiore Crushed Concrete Inc113,500.00
T M Development Co Llc30310.00
T M Development Co Llc30311,645.16
T M Development Co Llc3031290.32
T M Development Llc31320.00
T M Development Llc30310.00
Tac Mfg Inc132755,857.48
Tadd Industries Inc.1313,818.00
Taggart Compressor Station671,314,430.69
Takata Petri Inc.12755.00
Tanks R Us112,709.00
Tapex American Corp4361,970.00
Tawas Area Sanitary Landfill28286,569.06
Tawas Plating Co.121,500.00
Tawas Township Dump2828324.45
Taylor Building Products, Inc.2712,240.00
Taymouth Landfill2232,936.00
Taymouth Landfill (Tay-Ban)2828221.79
Taystee Bakery1259,500.00
Team Industries Inc11133,280.00
Tech Line Products2213,482.00
Tech Nickel Inc.112.00
Tecumseh City Dump28286,569.06
Tecumseh Compressor Co398532,019.47
Tecumseh Products Co22338.54
Teds Turner Dump2828324.45
Temperform Corp3416,387.09
Tenneco Automotive Litchfield11196.00
Tenneco Automotive- Marshall7112,040.00
Terminal Road Landfill (Acme Landfill)2828198.56
Terra Energy Ltd - Bagley 115978,150.00
Terra Energy Ltd - Bagley 2351480,105.00
Terra Energy Ltd - Bagley 70051114,004.00
Terra Energy Ltd - Charlton 851120,480.00
Terra Energy Ltd - Charlton East51138,521.00
Terra Energy Ltd - Charlton West/Chain O Nine51118,418.00
Terra Energy Ltd - Chester 7-115611,767.00
Terra Energy Ltd - Corwith Dover51129,877.00
Terra Energy Ltd - Elmer Fudd 151146,095.00
Terra Energy Ltd - Livingston51129,058.00
Terra Energy Ltd - Skeba Caple51118,933.00
Terra Energy Ltd - Smc Phase 25119,678.00
Terra Energy Ltd - South Caple Ranch5626,417.00
Terra Energy, Kitchen Farms Cpf5574,378.00
Terra Energy, Ltd. - Peggy Fleming51118,071.00
Terry Materials Of Michigan, Inc.358319,460.96
Terumo Cardiovascular Sys.163,019.00
Tes Filer City Station671873,833,325.49
Tesa Tape Inc.25106,608.00
Texas Township Disposal Area2828277.88
The Andersons Union City Farm Center1166.00
The City Of Dowagiac Public Works15650.00
The Dow Chemical Company U.S.A., Midland872611,548,624.76
The Dow Chemical Company, Cal/Mag Products922250,304.00
The L J Gascho Furniture Co172477,084.00
The Moo / Lee Co2828248.32
The Robert Cariton Hanger Company2927,530.80
The Upjohn Company (Pharmacia & Upjohn Co.)3650149,784.92
The Worden Company2450,094.00
Thelamco Inc51217,541.00
Theodore Rogers Ds2828380.42
Thetford Combustion Turbine Plant141430,444.02
Thetford Corp.24310.00
Thetford Township Dump28286,549.97
Thierica, Inc.42146,405.47
Thomas Township Slf282814,242.21
Thompson Mccully Co.2937157,555.39
Thompson Mccully Quarry Co12639.00
Thompson Recycle Co1176.34
Thompson Recycle Co11534.37
Thompson Recycle Co111,111.14
Thompson Recycle Co11139.95
Thompson Recycle Co11373.21
Thompson Recycle Co11101.78
Thompson Recycle Co11156.92
Thompson Recycle Co11513.16
Thompson Recycle Co1172.10
Thompson Recycle Co111,162.03
Thompson Township Dump2828324.45
Thompson-Mccully Co2937144,289.68
Thompson-Mccully Co.2937119,914.34
Thompson-Mccully Co.3349130,181.32
Thompson-Mccully Company - Coldwater Plant344527,647.65
Thomson Shore Inc2943,233.00
Thornton Landfill28287,906.20
Threaded Products Co587,218.36
Three Lakes Dump28286,569.06
Three Rivers Slf28281,069.83
Thumb Electric Cooperative15354,847.68
Thunder Bay Mfg Corp.937104,571.88
Thunder Lake Dump (Inwood Township)28286,569.06
Thyssenkrupp Budd357033,621.44
Ti Automotive (Formerly Bundy Corportation)24755.00
Ti Group Automotive Systems, Llc3910220,257.96
Tiara Yachts Inc. A Div. Of S2 Yachts Inc.22598,413.00
Tiercon Components, Inc.2119,825.00
Tilden Mining Company L.C.3718416,646,681.61
Timco Engine Center5108,486.00
Tiodize/Michigan, Inc.161,648.00
Tm Development Co31328,540.21
Tm Development Co Llc30312,427.36
Tobacco Township Refuse Site2828198.56
Toefco Engineered Coating Systems161716,023.00
Toivola Modiified Open Dump28286,569.06
Toivola Dump (Stanton Township)28286,569.06
Tom Tarr Slf2828970.67
Tony Angelo Cement Construction Co.715844.00
Total Door1313,512.00
Tower Automotive Prods. Co. Inc.22440.22
Tower Automotive Tool Inc.1127.00
Tower Automotive Tool L.L.C.223.50
Town & Country Swd Area28281,069.83
Town And Country282815,117.89
Town Of Richmond Landfill2828981.09
Township Of Duncan Sanitary Lf28281,069.83
Toyota Tech Center52112,814.00
Tpi Petroleum, Inc. Roosevelt Site1183.00
Trans-Matic Mfg. Co.115.00
Transign Inc.113,410.00
Transtar Autobody Techs.781,510.00
Traverse City2828324.45
Traverse City Light And Power Bayside Power Plant3984595,410.42
Trelleborg Ysh Inc384871,857.28
Trendway Corporation3357,812.00
Trendwell Energy Corp - Albert 16511124,738.00
Trendwell Energy Corp - Avery 155563,794.00
Trendwell Energy Corp - Briley 951182,292.00
Trendwell Energy Corp - Charlton 275631,507.00
Trendwell Energy Corp - E. Albert 165554,446.00
Trendwell Energy Corp - Vienna # 31511116,342.00
Trendwell Energy Corp - Vienna 1651133,949.00
Trendwell Energy Corp - Vienna 25539,131.00
Trendwell Energy Corp - Vienna 2051152,184.00
Tri City Aggregates1114,889.00
Tri City Aggregates174,079.00
Tri City Aggregates1165,976.00
Tri County Sanitation2828324.45
Tri Township Modified Landfill2828198.56
Tri-City Rdf5697,953.00
Tri-County Sanitary Landfill2828324.45
Tri-State Hospital Supply Corp.4820.00
Tri-Township Landfill2828248.32
Tri-Township Slf2828324.45
Trident Lighting L.L.C.91947,862.53
Trimountain Modified Op. Dump28281,069.83
Trowbridge Township Dump28286,569.06
Tru Line Metal Prod Inc112,181.00
Trw Automotive Commercial Steering Sys.2210.00
Turin Township Dump28286,569.06
Tuscarora Inc415591,464.00
Tuscarora Township Dump2828324.45
Tuscola Minerals Company6721,600.08
Tuscola Township Solid Waste Disp2828324.45
Tweddle Litho Co3536578.40
Tyler Refrigeration Corp37847,354.00
Tyrone Township & Kent City Dump28289,904.76
U P Furniture Inc1114,803.00
U S Building & Development Co28282,051.99
U S Gypsum Co3066102,092.06
U S Silica Co364522,054.88
U.S. Army Installation Management Agency - Detroit3717536,664.16
U.S. Farathane Corp. Utica000.00
U.S. Marble Inc.1220,362.00
Undine Inc Landfill2828178.00
Uni-Bond Brake, Inc.130.00
Uniform Color Co.33509.00
Union City Modified Dump2828198.56
Unionville Village Dump2828198.56
Unistrut Corp4613,583.00
United Feeds Inc487,729.00
United Paint & Chemical Corp4516,597.00
United Solar Ovonic232,186.00
United States Gypsum Co75985,952.30
Univar Usa Inc. Taylor12957.00
Universal Coating Inc2766,176.83
Universal Crane Dump28282,051.99
Universal Handling Equipment Co Inc2439,576.00
University Mi Dearborn3514016,822.22
University Of Mi45314962,684.48
University Of Michigan Flint4348430,996.35
Up North Industries Llc71432,986.61
Uppco John Warden Station8611727,369.04
Upper Peninsula Power Co - Portage Station66105,767.00
Us Epa Natl Vehicle&Fuel Emission2443.00
Us Liquids Of Detroit61016,466.00
Us Plywood Corp / Champ Int28281,069.83
Utica Site28281,650.36
Utica Transit Mix And Supply1175.00
Utica Transit Mix And Supply11175.00
Ux, Inc.2732,317.00
V A Medical Center389927,951.64
Vacuum Orna Metal Inc61277,505.00
Vail Rubber Works Inc.111.00
Valenite Inc. Die & Wear / Walmet22255.00
Valley / Vulcan Mold Co.28281,715.36
Valley Asphalt Company - Plant 10243135,373.46
Valley Asphalt Company - Plant 20263146,006.52
Valley Asphalt Company - Plant 3039573,169.68
Valley Asphalt Company - Plant 3039576,735.58
Valley Asphalt Company - Plant 50263167,723.68
Valley City Plating41010,678.33
Valspar Corporation82937,009.00
Van Landfill282863,237.99
Van Riper State Park Dump2828324.45
Vandervilt Village & Corwith2828198.56
Vandyke Generating Plant38134114,339.02
Vantico A&T Us Inc.000.00
Vassar Coatings Inc61412,521.00
Vassar Sanitary Landfill28286,569.06
Vast Sumitec Inc333,256.00
Vaungarde Acquisition, Llc1349,288.00
Vcf Films, Inc.40129173,031.58
Vector Pipeline Lp5393136,340.19
Venice Park Rdf715546,360.00
Venture Grand Blanc91387,199.47
Venture Grand Rapids, L.L.C.1127160,909.31
Venture Industries1413,660.00
Vergennes Township Dump28283,101.73
Vermontville Landfill2828324.45
Vernon Lf28286,569.06
Verona Township Dump28281,069.83
Verzburg Slf2828198.56
Veterinarian Cremation Service5353467.78
Viatec Inc.118,861.00
Viatec, Inc. / Belding2536,616.00
Victor Township Dump2828198.56
Victory Township28281,069.83
Vienna Junction Landfill512296,247.00
Viking Energy Of Lincoln, Inc.621061,173,036.87
Viking Energy Of Mcbain651181,207,227.21
Vill Of Alpha Dump2828198.56
Vill Of Copper City Dump28281,069.83
Vill Of Lake Linden Dump2828324.45
Vill Of Laurium Dump28281,069.83
Village Of Alpha Dump28286,569.06
Village Of Barryton28281,069.83
Village Of Caro28281,069.83
Village Of Caro Slf2828324.45
Village Of Chesaning282814,242.21
Village Of Elsie Dump28281,069.83
Village Of Empire Dump28281,069.83
Village Of Hesperia2828198.56
Village Of Jonesville Disposal2828324.45
Village Of Maple Rapids & Essex28286,569.06
Village Of Merrill Dump2828970.67
Village Of Mesick Disposal28281,069.83
Village Of Milford282863,237.99
Village Of Mineral Hill Dump2828324.45
Village Of Ontonagon Dump2828324.45
Village Of Suttons Bay2828198.56
Village Of Ubly Disposal Area2828198.56
Village Of Union City15150.00
Village Of Vicksburg Lf282814,242.21
Visteon Chesterfield Trim Plant267658,705.38
Visteon Technical Center36161122,071.69
Visteon Corporation Sterling Plant3991265,720.22
Visteon Corporation - Gear Facility494,307.00
Visteon Corporation Utica Plant47150461,198.70
Visteon Sheldon Rd121640,978.81
Visteon/Milan Plant18641,997,626.69
Visteon/Monroe Plant364968,649.90
Visteon/Rawsonville Plant44273257,476.36
Visteon/Saline Plant36138143,561.45
Visteon/Ypsilanti Plant3921385,092.82
Vkw Hardwoods51513,546.83
Vlasic Foods Inc Slf2828248.32
Voigt & Schweitzer Galvanizers Inc.1121.00
Voltek, Division Sekisui America Corporation195176,704.00
W R Grace Chemical Company282814,242.21
W. Marquette County Sanit Authority2828324.45
Wacker Chemical Corp6114,254.00
Walbro Engine Management115.00
Wale Lf2828970.67
Walker Land Reclamation Inc2828313.63
Ward Lake Energy, Chester 18 Cpf5529,315.00
Ward Lake Energy, North Charlton 3155134,959.00
Ward Lake Energy, Briley 8 Cpf5538,828.00
Ward Lake Energy, Charlton 11/12, Vienna 18 Cpf5533,639.00
Ward Lake Energy, Charlton 18 - Cpf5525,640.00
Ward Lake Energy, Charlton 19 Cpf55114,765.00
Ward Lake Energy, Charlton 21 Cpf5516,109.00
Ward Lake Energy, Charlton 24 - Cpf55127,555.00
Ward Lake Energy, Charlton 36 - Cpf55149,768.00
Ward Lake Energy, Charlton 7 Cpf5595,919.00
Ward Lake Energy, Chester 22/27 Cpf5523,262.00
Ward Lake Energy, Chester 23 Cpf55109,381.00
Warren Powertrain4517699,569.90
Warren Township Dump28286,569.06
Warren Waste Water Treatment Plant6873360,922.64
Washington Township Site #10282846,695.66
Waterland Trucking Service Inc.303154,071.22
Waterland Trucking Sve313246,062.97
Waterland Trucking Sve31320.00
Waterloo Township Dump2828248.32
Waters Landfill282811,982.18
Watertown Township Disp Facility2828324.45
Watertown Township Lf28286,569.06
Watson Martin Township Landfill2828198.56
Waucedah Township Slf2828324.45
Waverly Township Dump28286,569.06
Way Bakery61570,132.00
Wayland City Dump28286,569.06
Wayland Township Dump2828324.45
Wayne Co Comm College Downriver35702,769.17
Wayne Co Comm College Eastern35702,324.83
Wayne Co Comm College Northwest35701,929.81
Wayne Co Comm College Western3570158.58
Wayne Disposal Inc2828406.69
Wayne Disposal Inc28281,472.38
Wayne Disposal Inc / Site #3 (Shamrock)282815,117.89
Wayne Disposal Inc.12192,937.00
Wayne State University722645,155.48
Weare Township Dump28281,069.83
Webb Chemical Service Corp.14285,895.00
Webber Township28286,569.06
Webberville Landfill28283,514.27
Webbs Landfill28286,569.06
Weber Sand & Gravel - Concrete Recycle Plant30311,310.43
Weber Sand & Gravel - Concrete Recycle Plant30311,310.43
Weber Sand & Gravel - Concrete Recycle Plant303118,345.97
Weber Sand & Gravel - Concrete Recycle Plant30313,276.07
Weber Sand & Gravel - Concrete Recycle Plant30318,517.77
Weber Sand & Gravel, Inc. - El Jay Plant30314,146.64
Weber Sand & Gravel, Inc. - El Jay Plant30318,049.36
Weber Sand & Gravel, Inc. - El Jay Plant3031975.68
Weber Sand & Gravel, Inc. - El Jay Plant303111,220.32
Weber Sand & Gravel, Inc. - Rap Plant30312,938.94
Weber Sand & Gravel, Inc. - Rap Plant30314,618.33
Weber Sand & Gravel, Inc. - Rap Plant30312,938.94
Weber Sand & Gravel, Inc. - Rap Plant30313,498.73
Weber Sand & Gravel, Inc. - Saginaw Asphalt Plant30314,812.72
Weber Sand & Gravel, Inc. - Saginaw Asphalt Plant30314,958.56
Weber Sand & Gravel, Inc. - Saginaw Asphalt Plant30314,812.72
Webster Road Landfill282831,413.10
Weiderhold Dump28286,569.06
Weil Sl282846,695.66
Welch Foods Inc388539,327.19
Wellington Township Disposal28286,569.06
Wells Township Dump2828198.56
West Branch Dump2828324.45
West Branch Gas Plant63683,390.00
West Branch Township Dump2828198.56
West Branch Township Dump28281,069.83
West Burt Lake Disposal Site2828198.56
West Iron Co Dump Authority28281,069.83
West K L Ave Slf28283,514.27
West Lansing Gravel Co28281,069.83
West Long Lake Dump2828324.45
West Michigan Recycle Inc111,291.00
Western Michigan University45312465,264.79
Westside Gas Producers, Llc819132,157.47
Westside Recycling And Disposal Facility272951,205.00
Wexford County Dpw Landfill28281,175.17
Wexford County Landfill272843,964.00
Weyerhaeuser Co2828198.56
Weyerhaeuser Co81724,395.00
Weyerhaeuser Company10201,285,663.63
Wheatland Township Dump2828324.45
Whirlpool Corp. Benton Harbor Div.2410.20
White Cloud Area Solid Waste28281,069.83
White Lake Landfill Inc384810,060.00
White Lake Production Facility63237,331.00
White Oak Township Dump28283,514.27
White Pigeon Paper Company38105593,247.83
White Pine Copper Refinery Inc913777,069.47
White River Township Dump2828248.32
White Tower Industrial Laundry11116,420.00
Whitefeather Landfill6861,724.00
Whitefish Township Dump28286,569.06
Whitehall Products1311,864.00
Whitehall Products Ltd367,767.00
Whites Sanitary Landfill2828248.32
Whittaker & Gooding Co.282814,242.21
Wibbeler Landfill2828324.45
Wilderness Energy Services (Chester Plant)511249,253.00
Wilderness Energy Services (Sec. 29)617264,710.00
Willard Sanitation Serv Ds2828285.51
William Beaumont Hospital4224431,833.87
William Beaumont Hospital4347049,429.68
Williams Dumping Ground28281,069.83
Williams Township Slf28282,051.99
Williamston Refuse Center Slf2828970.67
Willis Manufacturing Inc51229,361.00
Wilson / Harrison State Park28286,569.06
Wilson Township Disposal Area2828324.45
Wilson Township Dump / Rayburn Pit2828324.45
Windsor Township Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Winfield Township Dump2828198.56
Wingfield Landfill28286,569.06
Winsor Township Dump28286,569.06
Wirtz Mfg. Co. Inc. Plant 1112.00
Wirtz Mfg. Co. Inc. Plant 21118.00
Wisconsin Electric Power Company8792058,168,214.12
Wisner Township Dump28286,569.06
Wmu Energy Resource Center371332,403.06
Wolcottville Sand And Gravel Corp112,865.00
Wolffs Landfill28281,069.83
Wolverine Dump / Wilmot Township28281,069.83
Wolverine Enviro - Sage Creek Production Facility61326,243.00
Wolverine Enviro, West Albert 11 Prod. Facility52239,065.00
Wolverine Environ, Briley 34 Production Facility62882,265.02
Wolverine Environ, Loud 15 Prod. Facility62897,510.00
Wolverine Environ,Gilchrist Creek Prod Facility61867,553.00
Wolverine Environ., Loud 13 Prod. Facility61874,642.00
Wolverine Gasket Division71138,719.00
Wolverine Hardwoods Inc.5050206.67
Wolverine Leathers3313,930.00
Wolverine Power, Gaylord Generating Station3314157,946.92
Wolverine Power, Tower Power Plant3810228,397.13
Wolverine Power, Vestaburg Power Plant4118060,087.70
Wolverine Siding Sys.11250.00
Wolverine World Wide - A, F And Sole Fac623157,330.00
Wolverine World Wide Inc. - Factory 24b417214,881.00
Wolverine World Wide Tannery364265,071.98
Wood Island Waste Mgt., Inc. Type Ii28281,363.85
Woodard Inc364,393.00
Woodbridge Corp34167,176.00
Woodbridge Foam Corp311184,492.00
Woodland Meadows Rdf619354,704.00
Woodland Meadows Recycling & Disposal Facility282811,359.06
Woodland Meadows Recycling Facility2828718.69
Woodland Paving Co.3352119,696.81
Woodspecs Inc71452,468.00
Woodstock Township Dump28286,569.06
Woodward Fst18128,373.00
Woodworth Inc.1116,613.00
Woodworth Industries Inc335,957.00
Woodworth Sand & Gravel282815,117.89
Worthen Industries, Inc.51283,962.00
Wright Coating Co Inc52314,750.00
Wyandotte Dept Muni Power1052205,071,291.86
Wyckoff, Inc73622,244.50
Wyoming Asphalt Paving Inc46836,292.26
Wyoming Asphalt Paving Inc243055,663.19
X-Cel Industries Inc.1239,661.00
Xenon Llc1511,823.00
Yale Lift-Tech3712920,707.94
Yale Sanitary Landfill282815,117.89
Yamaha Musical Prods.110.12
Yankee Springs Township Dump28286,569.06
Yerington / Brown Inc28286,569.06
Young Patriots Park Fill28281,715.36
Youngs Sanitary Landfill / Ford'S Landfill2828324.45
Ypsilanti Comm. Utilities Authority6767301,722.94
Ypsilanti Township Slf2828970.67
Yukon Mfg Co.1513,054.00
Z Technologies Corp1123,439.00
Zeeland Board Of Public Works1212252,964.82
Zeeland Farm Soya619368,948.00
Zimmer Marble Co. Inc.11831.00