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Polluters in Maine
Georgia-Pacific Corporation3112740,657,367.00
Sappi - Somerset4311916,424,015.86
International Paper Co. Andro3018013,104,365.76
Great Northern Paper Inc Mill West177113,081,389.10
Domtar Maine Corp37889,559,651.10
Meadwestvaco Oxford Corp421388,766,647.66
S D Warren Co - Westbrook28707,078,241.22
Fpl Energy Wyman Llc441725,548,263.81
Dragon Products Co.10494,643,844.68
Lincoln Pulp And Paper Co Inc251174,603,861.86
Great Northern Paper Inc Mill East17713,964,275.21
International Paper (Bucksport)18743,555,949.54
Boralex Stratton Energy Inc7193,051,921.76
Louisiana-Pacific Corp - Woodland Osb15452,565,246.92
Boralex Fort Fairfield7382,504,315.79
Madison Paper19342,386,443.91
Eastern Fine Paper Inc17382,384,233.62
Boralex Ashland7232,358,436.63
Greenville Steam Co6162,079,799.83
Bucksport Clean Energy 20201,998,232.07
Fmc Biopolymer8211,974,474.84
J. M. Huber Corp.14431,769,356.59
Maine Energy Recovery Company29671,734,350.78
Huhtamaki Foodservice Inc12361,726,934.13
Boralex Livermore Falls6161,563,001.61
Mccain Foods Usa Inc.7641,518,176.04
Naval Computer & Telecommunications Station-Cutler Me8811,179,710.14
Wausau-Mosinee Paper Co - Otis Mill39831,154,900.69
Maine Independence Station7281,106,308.64
Penobscot Energy Recovery Co31851,074,075.00
Mccain Foods Usa Inc - Tatermeal7341,022,842.41
Lousiana Pacific (Houlton)1768973,241.51
Wheelabrator-Sherman Energy Co731939,266.61
J Paul Levesque & Sons Inc - Ashland68829,720.22
Regional Waste Systems Inc827804,591.88
Indeck West Enfield Energy Center730797,056.43
Irving Tanning Co.1056705,529.29
University Of Maine Orono861672,989.77
Pioneer Plastics Corporation1867665,780.67
J Paul Levesque & Sons Inc - Masardis615638,733.66
Boralex Athens Energy55622,996.96
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard1161601,598.82
Robbins Lumber Inc723591,523.14
Irving Forest Products - Dixfield733445,880.02
Biw Re: Main Yard1170409,981.77
Mid Maine Waste Action Corporation1020330,142.53
Crossroads Landfill617302,051.77
Nexfor Fraser Papers Inc1213285,478.81
Irving Forest Products - Pinkham Sawmil649272,362.51
Prime Tanning Co.1129266,413.20
Masonite Corporation1160257,755.75
Androscoggin Energy Llc1657252,888.02
Cyro Industries1230251,401.69
Bowdoin College741234,182.66
Eastern Maine Medical Center749230,367.41
Hancock Lumber Co Inc625229,866.33
Moose River Lumber Company Inc720226,451.49
Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Llc619219,629.00
Hardwood Products Company612217,088.29
Portland Pipe Line Corporation556212,000.00
J & L Electric (Forster Inc - Strong)710208,845.42
Exxonmobil Oil Portland Terminal954201,792.43
Lavalley Lumber Co Llc624201,470.03
Stratton Lumber Incorporated78200,779.71
Columbia Forest Products Veneer Div2002939200,324.18
Spencer Press Of Maine Inc.917200,259.95
Specialty Minerals Inc520192,842.38
Augusta Mental Health Institute725182,762.03
Westpoint Stevens Inc874182,736.24
Dayton Sand And Gravel Co Inc629182,417.59
Morin Brick Company (Auburn)1825172,266.93
A E Staley Manufacturing Company845170,560.07
Pike Industries Inc - Fairfield511151,771.58
Colby College741150,577.25
Robinson Manufacturing Co.810148,489.52
Pleasant River Lumber Co613145,294.50
Pike Industries Inc - Lewiston55142,226.92
Motiva Enterprises - South Portland1159141,696.58
Kingfield Wood Products67141,084.60
National Semiconductor Corp899135,133.83
Barrett Paving Materials Inc651134,168.03
Pratt And Whitney1667132,951.58
Perma Treat Corp624131,412.60
Old Town Lumber631130,794.37
National Starch And Chemical Corp.1052123,182.62
Pike Industries Inc - Poland728122,125.54
Central Maine Medical Center629115,276.20
Dingley Press, The915111,865.03
Tex Tech Industries Inc829109,746.65
Va Medical Center657108,507.15
Jackson Laboratory768106,251.28
Brunswick Naval Air Station7122103,716.91
Solon Manufacturing Co Inc612103,512.08
Biw Re: Hardings Plant883103,265.99
Lovell Lumber Co Inc735101,441.54
International Paper - Auburn72098,528.94
F R Carroll Inc62497,458.22
Gulf Oil Limited Partnership145297,155.53
Andover Wood Products Inc71396,234.59
Commercial Paving Co Inc62095,096.97
Maine General Medical Center - Thayer62492,013.34
Old Town Canoe72791,289.89
Pike Industries Inc - Augusta 71251191,160.00
Univ Of Southern Maine At Portland65690,498.52
Cousineau Wood Products63990,055.92
Pride Manufacturing Co61289,551.41
Saint Marys Regional Medical Center75087,036.36
General Dynamics Armament Systems93186,694.78
Lane Construction Corp - Hermon (38)61780,844.31
Burnham And Morrill Co72380,812.46
Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline Llc61980,248.91
North End Composites6879,203.13
Interface Fabrics Group North Inc72779,025.54
Bates College76079,011.68
Interstate Brands Corporation5878,428.49
Maine General Medical Center - Seton61876,849.12
Moosehead Mfg Co - Dov-Fox6775,768.47
Pike Industries Inc - Portland5575,054.39
Trombley Industries Inc61572,503.92
Irving Oil Corp.164372,075.23
O'Hara Ice Company72170,189.35
Lane Construction Corp (23)62068,318.19
Cold Brook Energy Inc103666,409.51
Maine Air National Guard 101st Air67065,770.76
Pike Industries Inc - Wells6764,675.43
Moosehead Mfg Co - Monson6764,498.63
Farmington Chipping Enterprises Inc61264,120.25
Formed Fiber Technologies52063,790.00
Harry C Crooker & Sons Inc - Topsham95061,851.62
Bruce A Manzer Inc51260,792.46
Morin Brick Company (Lachance Division)151557,525.46
Global Companies Llc92556,089.76
Maine Woods Co72053,994.12
Calley & Currier Co6752,407.00
Bangor Hydro-Electric Co - Bar Harbor52052,353.80
National Wood Products91551,387.22
Pike Industries Inc - N Waterford6647,679.97
Lane Construction Corp - Prospect (28)62146,701.16
Pike Industries Inc - Farmington71246,554.06
Bethel Furniture Stock Inc6646,357.92
Loring Commerce Centre71346,119.78
Lane Const Corp Dba Sunrise Matls (47)62445,838.49
Bangor Hydro-Electric Co - Medway52045,715.00
Charleston Correctional Facility76645,699.26
Philips Elmet76344,446.68
The Hinckley Company, Llc ( Trenton)8942,084.18
Lane Construction Corp - Hermon (37)62241,679.63
Cianbro Fabrication And Coating Corp61941,663.28
Fairchild Semiconductor Corp129041,561.72
Sanmina Corp8941,145.84
Edwards Systems Technology91739,338.29
Osram Sylvania Inc. (Penobscot)91738,640.69
Northeastern Log Homes61337,694.00
Hyponex Corporation61237,467.93
Exxonmobil Oil Bangor Terminal62937,226.00
Pike Industries Inc - Anson5535,467.21
Lane Construction Corp - Hermon (32)62435,261.34
Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway71534,683.41
Tambrands Inc83733,142.06
Sprague Energy Corp (Cumberland)127932,834.70
Grimmel Industries6632,603.28
Masters Machine Company1131,515.00
Saunders Brothers61531,294.84
Fpl Energy Mason Llc3912231,280.05
Webber Tanks, Inc. (Bucksport)72530,687.59
Maine State Prison At Warren63629,059.02
Maine Medical Center64428,882.72
Vic Firth Mfg Inc51128,280.59
Genest Concrete Works Inc - Sanford73327,013.78
Lane Construction Corp - Hermon (Rap)61926,762.75
Performance Product Painting5626,275.74
Mattingly Products Co Inc71525,775.66
Houlton International Corp51524,067.85
Megquier Hill Farms5623,626.00
Pine Tree Landfill5623,266.00
Greater Portland Region Rrf (Nti33063)285122,346.27
Lane Const Corp Dba Sunrise Matls (35)61822,016.39
Sabre Corporation8921,215.08
Univ Of Southern Maine At Gorham63021,158.30
Long Creek Youth Development Center71321,060.05
Hinkley Co.91020,482.65
Mid Coast Hospital65119,853.36
Cary Medical Center62419,123.46
Southern Maine Medical Center77317,989.21
Bangor Mental Health Institute62417,930.07
Houlton Regional Hospital72117,697.99
Mbna Bracebridge Corp79817,231.78
Blue Hill Memorial Hospital51016,880.46
Lane Construction Corp - Hermon (41)61616,867.30
Maine Rs Maintenance Center5516,426.00
Harold Macquinn Inc6916,374.98
Wps New England Generation Inc - Caribou53516,333.57
Cianbro Fabrication And Coating Corp2215,807.00
Pike Industries Inc -South Berwick (Ibm)6615,412.60
Enefco International, Ltd.1115,294.00
Penley Corporation6614,844.00
Maine Rubber International6714,739.00
Forest Industries6814,352.02
Millrock Inc1112,994.20
Hussey Seating Co61712,916.58
Lane Const Corp - Calais (24)63012,132.44
Sas Pittsfield, Inc.2211,877.00
Cives Steel Co., New Eng. Div.2210,730.00
Katahdin Analytical Services, Inc.1110,486.00
Saunders Manufacturing Co. Inc.119,502.00
Atlantic Custom Preprocessors119,000.00
Bangor Hydro-Electric Co - Eastport5158,554.00
Mpac (Maine Poly Acquistion Corp)5108,225.62
Indeck Jonesboro Energy Center7377,677.65
Jones And Vining Of Maine227,574.00
Quality Egg Of New England, Llc-Decoster7147,404.49
Lane Construction Corp - Prospect (16)6207,396.31
Saco Landfill28287,307.49
Falcon Shoe Manufacturing Co.227,071.00
Wolverine (Sebago Mechanic St Westbrook)566,926.26
Lyn-Flex Industries116,000.00
Maine Industrial Repair Service, Inc.115,638.00
Sebago Inc. (Cumberland)115,035.00
Heritage Salmon Inc.115,000.00
Pride Mfg. Company114,800.00
Fpl Energy Cape Llc5104,475.68
Johns Manville Corporation114,256.00
Westbrook Energy Center7204,005.36
Lou Silver Inc793,959.19
Lane Construction Corp (22)6273,873.34
General Alum New England (Delta)223,725.00
Kenway Corporation113,605.00
Sebago Inc - Bridgton673,289.41
Etheridge Foundry And Machine Co563,274.12
Sawyer Environmental Recovery Facility (Serf)28283,228.78
Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding Co. Inc.113,204.00
Brunswick Landfill28283,138.74
Dirigo Dowels Inc662,989.31
Lewiston Landfill28282,631.02
H. G. Winter & Sons Inc.112,575.00
Eldur Corp.112,364.00
Norridgewock Landfill & Transfer Station28282,142.86
Oakhurst Dairy112,001.00
Augusta Landfill28281,997.31
Forster Inc. (East Wilton)111,925.00
Bath Landfill28281,776.81
Auburn Landfill28281,771.41
Carrier Chipping Inc551,588.42
Webber Tanks Inc. (Brewer)6171,549.16
Tri-Community Recycling & Sanitary Landfill28281,451.31
Sebago Inc - Gorham5111,423.24
Cf Wells111,296.00
Morris Yachts221,264.00
Biddeford Landfill28281,190.14
Sprague Sanford Inc.111,088.00
Wise Business Forms (Frmly Epx Group)111,068.00
Biw Ebmf (Mallet Land Dr)111,029.00
Wps New England Generation Inc - Presque721927.95
Sermatech International, Inc.11800.00
Silvex Inc.33647.00
Wilbur Yachts11537.00
Presque Isle Landfill2828491.91
General Electric Company55487.00
Fiber Materials Inc.23419.10
Auburn Manufacturing Inc.11400.00
Frenchville Landfill2828381.61
Lane Construction Corp - Hancock (42)613308.66
Atlantic Custom Processors Llc618250.62
South Portland Landfill2828154.73
General Electric Co. (Bangor Florida Ave)3336.00
Sci Technology, Inc.2222.00
General Electric Co. (Bangor)1112.00
Metso Paper Usa Inc.2210.00
First Technology/Control Devices1110.00
Smith & Wesson Division2210.00
Mega Industries (Gorham)113.78
Rich Tool & Die333.00
U.S. Natl. Park Service Acadia Natl. Park111.00
Avx Tantalum Corp.110.33
Milo Chipmill110.12
Intelligent Controls120.10
Southern Maine Specialties110.00
Nichols Portland110.00
Dielectric Comm330.00
Penobscot Frozen Foods, Inc.110.00
Penobscot Frozen Foods, Inc. (Front St.)110.00
Lane Construction Corp - Pi (43)570.00
Lane Construction Corp - Hermon (12&26)6350.00