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Polluters in Maryland
Westvaco Fine Papers3788454,280,783.70
National Security Agency6804133,678.00
Sweetheart Holdings11757144,217.90
Goddard Space Flight Center7554130,232.00
Pepco - Chalk Point83552140,613,209.32
Mirant Mid-Atlantic Llc78475199,493,442.08
Constellation Power Source Generation - Wagner8138251,475,388.92
University Of Maryland6371275,158.48
Bethlehem Steel14345146,933,775.01
Back River Waste Water Trtmnt Plant634591,980.00
Mirant Mid-Atlantic7532586,515,446.62
Patuxent River Naval Air Station9318203,673.00
Tate & Lyle North American Sugars73131,639,659.10
Nevamar Company10298367,175.86
Eastalco Aluminum1628552,858,873.64
Millenium Inorganic Chemicals1327614,830,810.71
Constellation Power Source Generation - Brandon Shores7926888,349,993.62
Fmc Corp. Organic Chemicals Division38264258,046.18
Us Naval Academy6242149,370.00
National Institute Of Health6237155,696.08
Cytec Engineered Materials11236321,328.00
Lehigh Portland Cement92339,883,306.00
Naval Surface Warfare Cntr-Indian Hd92322,744,642.86
Mcardle Printing 622829,679.00
Andrews Air Force Base6228150,414.00
Fort Detrick12226754,911.18
Sherwin-Williams Company20213404,301.20
Perdue Farms72062,345,315.00
Eastern Correctional Institution7206740,953.00
U.S. Can - Steeltin Division 619820,138.00
Allegany Energy Supply Llc - R. Paul Smith Power Station7318412,506,660.80
Constellation Power Source Generation - Brandon Shores73182110,346,915.84
Pemco Corporation13181509,309.80
J.M. Huber Corporation6180276,602.00
Essroc Cement171676,582,932.81
Printing Corporation Of America 616126,485.00
Standard Register Company 616028,160.00
Kaydon Ring & Seal Inc.1115874,053.38
Owens Corning - Jesup Roofing And Asphalt Plant8156500,959.61
Statton Furniture 615658,210.00
Smith Lithograph915053,892.00
Cadmus Communications814860,552.00
Grace - Davison Chemical11137690,835.40
National Gypsum7134411,099.10
General Motors Truck & Bus Group171321,036,702.00
National Naval Medical Center6132141,675.01
General Mills Bakeries6132296,416.00
Amerada Hess Terminal16131341,750.94
Wheelabrator Baltimore Lp331293,002,046.06
Constellation Energy - Calvert Cliffs612351,391.00
Eu Services 612019,285.00
Gaf Building Products10115244,098.42
Crown Cork & Seal911243,790.00
Gamse Lithographing Company811242,348.00
Garden State Tanning/Byron Plant11111300,011.00
Easton Utilities6110678,187.00
Montgomery County Rrf311072,556,913.30
Victor Graphics710418,404.00
Sinai Hospital Of Baltimore13104155,049.15
Kelly Press 610218,894.00
Velsicol Chemical1198237,821.10
Constellation Power Source Generation - Brandon Shores696119,660.00
Trigen - Leadenhall Street696186,091.36
Cavanaugh Press 69627,612.00
French Bray99535,384.00
Tamko Roofing Products1095175,411.00
Reproductions - Rickenbacker Drive 69425,813.00
Washington Post, The129443,665.00
National Institute Of Standards And Technology684127,482.00
Clean Harbors Of Baltimore 68431,390.00
S & S Graphics68423,920.00
S.T. Services Terminal582468,960.00
Red Star Yeast880745,060.70
Cpsg Gould Strret47783,575,056.97
Carr-Lowrey Glass772270,635.00
Mack Trucks12721,739,298.34
Tidewater Publishing Corporation 67215,450.00
Automated Graphic Systems 67212,480.00
Johns Hopkins - Homewood Campus67288,325.00
Jcr Enterprises671184,055.04
Dow Jones & Company 67050,005.00
Petroleum Fuel & Terminal Company 117081,257.21
Vac Pac Manufacturing76918,100.00
Diageo North America, Inc.669350,009.00
Citgo-Star - Terminal1068123,510.00
Corporate Press - Brightseat Road 66717,710.00
Easton Utilities - Airport Park666850,750.00
American Colorgraphics86468,832.00
Western Publishing/Mail-Well Graphic56426,704.00
Northrop-Grumman - Bwi116272,997.00
Independent Cement/St. Lawerence15625,619,200.75
St Services126055,904.00
Vienna Generating Station40604,335,981.43
Moore Communications Services 66015,097.00
Rainbow Cleaners & Uniform Rental66028,990.00
Us Marine - Cumberland Ii1158294,870.00
Solo Cup - Rt. 313105826,976.00
Constellation Power Source Generation - Brandon Shores3758212,055.35
Conocophillips Baltimore Terminal115666,672.00
Middle River Aircraft Systems1156116,768.00
Editors Press75628,539.00
Sasol North America, Inc.1755841,765.11
Berlin Town Power Plant65573,655.00
Curtis Bay Terminal - Bp Products North America75480,442.00
Petroleum Fuel & Terminal Company1054108,308.00
Engineered Polymer Solutions 125477,065.25
U.S. Marine1052146,998.00
Dominion Cove Point Lng552250,236.00
Lehigh Portland Cement9516,032,216.11
Upper Potomac River Commission750101,960.00
Johns Hopkins Hospital550396,136.00
American Yeast650108,688.00
Redland Brick2349532,798.98
Cpsg Philadelphia Road648159,336.00
Hagerstown Bookbinding & Printing 64817,582.00
Communication Graphics 64821,139.00
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line6484,872,330.00
Hi-Tech Color 64822,100.00
Smith, Paul Reed Guitars 64829,794.00
Trigen - North Central Avenue648144,620.00
Craftsman Press - Craftsman Circle 64840,995.00
Conectiv-Crisfield Peaking Station647193,034.26
Aai - Club House Road 74727,929.00
Colonial Pipeline Company1247183,018.00
Us Marine - Cumberland I1146329,512.00
Simkins Industries1044607,397.70
Mccorquodale Color Card 104446,163.00
Constellation Power Source Generation1643110,393.13
Vpi Mirrex943241,658.00
Tnemec Company134342,276.00
Newland Park Landfill214281,900.00
Mncppc - Sandy Hill Landfill2142232,082.00
Signode Eastern Operations84245,162.00
Duke Energy442656,900.00
Schlumberger Malco54213,398.00
Gore, W.L. - Cherry Hill Plant54241,534.00
Aes Warrior Run9415,488,729.00
Aluglass Packaging84121,584.00
U.S. Coast Guard Yard - Curtis Bay1640112,456.00
Safeway Stores - Bread Plant44037,856.00
Russell-Stanley Services123837,836.00
Harford Co. Wte Fac.14381,194,178.39
Phoenix Services Incorporated1734354,419.21
Kline, Richard F., Incorporated1134100,185.36
Furst Brothers Company63314,300.00
United States Gypsum Company633557,628.60
Waste Energy Partners1632804,080.00
Mettiki Coal Corporation1330630,339.46
Brown Station Road Landfill1530123,882.00
Wienerberger Group (General Shale)153079,663.46
Rust-Oleum Corporation83055,934.00
Lucas, John D. Printing93025,558.00
Belden Brick Co153097,245.42
Formica Corporation330189,812.00
Lenmar, Inc.1329106,652.00
Quarantine Road Landfill282846,844.62
Central Municipal Landfill28282,015.33
Resh Landfill-Washington County28289,124.03
Hancock Municipal Landfill2828140.16
St. Andrews Municipal Landfill2828984.37
Somerset County / Fairmount Road Landfill28282,677.61
Brandywine C&D Landfill282851,911.75
Midshore Regional Landfill28286,716.30
Garrett County Sw Disposal & Recycling Facility2828532.96
Scarboro Landfill / Harford Waste Disposal Center28286,972.25
Spencer Rubble Landfill2828297.54
Mountain View Landfill / Chambers28287,857.54
Solley Road Landfill28286,006.65
Cunningham Rubble Landfill28287,140.86
Fort George Meade Landfill282825,625.20
Baltimore Marine Industries828141,666.00
Meyer Rubble Landfill28287,786.76
Fort Detrick Municipal Landfill / Area B28283,709.92
Beulah Sanitary Landfill28287,904.36
Charles County Landfill28286,527.78
Charles County Landfill28282,213.43
Northern Landfill28287,268.76
Hoods Mill Road Landfill28287,786.76
Hobbs Road Rubble Landfill2828770.24
Barstow Sanitary Landfill2828895.83
Appeal Municipal Landfill & Ts28285,048.12
Vale Summit I Sanitary Landfill28287,786.76
Baltimore County/Eastern Municipal Landfill & Ts272716,024.18
Sherwin Williams Cleaning Solutions62623,456.00
Motiva Terminal1326217,240.00
Unilever Home & Personal Care52681,900.00
Polystyrene Products52455,800.00
Allwood Products - Frostburg 62418,000.00
National Graphics 62414,094.00
Day, F.O. Bituminous - Piney Mtg1224103,642.00
Peake Printers62422,758.00
Automatic Rolls32420,156.00
George Weston Bakeries, Inc.324103,120.00
Miirant Station H624524,262.00
Colonial Pipeline Company 62422,560.95
Wells, J.V., Inc - Sharptown624298,372.90
Reliable Contracting 624154,039.00
Alpha Ridge Municipal Landfill23231,814.78
Alcore - Quarry Drive72373,476.00
Panda Brandywine, L.P.622277,577.00
Canam Steel922307,778.00
Cecil County Central Landfill2222831.16
Millersville Municipal Landfill222213,309.51
Fort George Meade102270,664.00
Mid Atlantic Label42021,326.00
Hauswald Bakery/Div Of Schmidt'S52090,760.00
Duron, Incorporated61837,893.00
Burnett, Wm. T. Company61824,730.00
Chc Industries51753,653.00
Life Like Products - Chesapeake Ave.61698,884.00
U.S. Aberdeen Proving Grounds161673.67
Thomas Manufacturing Corporation51685,588.00
Thiokol Corp1616764.69
Schmidt Baking316182,760.00
Crown Beverage Packaging714289,140.00
Rock-Tenn Box - Broening Highway61430,372.00
Cato-Fitzwater Street Terminal41269,800.00
Plymouth Tube Company512154,874.00
Stratus Petroleum 61230,295.00
Amcor Flexibles41274,160.00
Polystyrene Products51232,140.00
P Q Corporation612385,554.43
Fleetwood Travel Trailers 61222,937.50
Mail-Well Label31222,620.00
Dext Company61139,820.00
Reichs Ford Municipal Landfill & Recycling Center11111,242.83
H & S Bakery510143,860.00
Covanta Energy-8309 Tujunga Avenue Corp.510142,200.00
Cpsg Westport51017,400.00
Northwest Hospital Center (Formerly Baltimore County General Hospital)991,800.59
Franklin Square Hospital Center9910,926.42
University Of Maryland At Baltimore, Environmental Health And Safety Facility992,030.37
Mercy Medical Center997,716.16
Stericycle, Inc. (Formerly Medx, Inc. And Bfi Medical Waste, Inc.)9914,802.52
Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine991,232.83
Howard County General Hospital991,630.07
Rhodia Inc.482,086.00
Fleischmann'S Vinegar2887,620.00
Washington County Hospital771,042.59
Sun Chemical Gpi364,395.00
Erachem Comilog Inc. Baltimore Plant3613,103.16
Phoenix Color Corp36146,350.00
Xerxes Corporation36356,040.00
Elite Spice25510.00
Chesapeake Finished Metals Inc.552,600.00
Invitrogen Corp.247,886.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (201601)247.11
Air Prods. Polymers L.P.2410,065.00
Reliance Treated Wood2420.00
Lafarge Building Materials Inc. Sparrows Point247.12
American Stone-Mix Inc.33744.00
Composites Usa Inc.332,072.05
Itw Food Equipment Group L.L.C.Vulcan-Hart Div.3349.66
Atotech Usa Inc.23399.00
Fox Inds. Inc.232,342.00
Rockwood Pigments N.A. Inc.23505.00
Perkinelmer Fluid Sciences33253.90
Usda Ars Beltsville Agricultural Research Center2328.32
Stone Indl.12755.00
Black & Decker U.S. Power Tools Group12379.00
Eastern Organ Pipes Inc.124.00
Mccormick Paint Works Co.12500.00
Spirent Communications1211.00
Oaks Landfill220.11
Northrop Grumman Sys. Corp.128.04
W. R. Grace & Co. Conn1210.00
Owens-Corning Jessup Roofing & Sphalt Plant2211.00
Independent Can Co.221,000.00
Millennium Specialty Chemicals228.60
Insl-X Prods. Corp.223,363.00
Delta Chemical Corp.2249.00
Central Chemical Corp.123,131.00
Colonial Metals Inc.12255.00
W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.121,964.00
Mccormick Paint Works Co.12500.00
Waldorf Marble Inc.121,435.00
Griffith Energy Services Inc. Frederick Bulk Plant221,245.00
Tilley Chemical Co. Inc.12500.00
Terumo Medical Corp.1229,504.00
Mccormick & Co - 10901 Gilroy Road124.00
Lebanon Chemical Corp.12712.00
Rockland Bleach & Dye Works126,228.00
Good Humor Breyers Ice Cream Revised (Dba Conopco)114,555.00
Kop-Flex Inc.11162.00
Baltimore Spice11250.00
Wilkins-Rogers Inc.11250.00
U.S. Army Directorate Of Public Works1110.00
Oceanic & Naval Sys.110.46
Patapsco Designs Inc.110.07
Baltimore Galvanizing Co. Inc.11250.00
Southern Galvanizing Co.111,561.00
Trigen Laboratories11180.00
Baltimore Quality Assurance11360.00
Price Brothers Co. - Perryman Md111.85
Clorox Prods. Mfg. Co.111.00
Bp Solar Intl. L.L.C.1120.00
Conestoga Wood Specialties113.15
Wabtec Railway Electronics110.40
Neutron Prods. Inc.11250.00
W.L. Gore & Associates Fair Hill Facility000.00
W.L Gore & Associates Inc. Elk Creek 1/2/3 Site000.00