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Column information
Polluters in Massachusetts
100 Memorial Drive Associates5200.00
1010 Massachusetts Avenue Llc5100.00
1017 Southbridge Associates550.00
102fw/Sptg-Eso Mass Ang Base794561,946.00
1350 Main Street7218,000.00
1415 Hyde Park Avenue Llc550.00
200 Inner Belt Road550.00
226 Causeway Street7350.00
330 Beacon Condo Trust6214,000.00
38 Chauncy Street Llc664,000.00
380 Union St Properties Llc73510,000.00
3m Chelmsford7701,774.00
3m Touch Systems7569,260.00
4400 Ltd Partnership6372,000.00
495 Network Center6567,488.00
55 Holding Court Llc552,000.00
55 Summer Llc6160.00
555 Watertown Llc7216,000.00
600 Washington Street5156,000.00
A Monti Granite Co Inc770.00
A Shapiro Boston Incorporated7148,000.00
Aa Will Materials-Freetown Quarry73534,000.00
Aa Will Materials-Lakeville8224,000.00
Aa Will Sand & Gravel8168,000.00
Ab & W Incorporated770.00
Abbott Bioresearch Center Inc813645,692.00
Abington High School7140.00
Abington Landfill28284,501.23
Aborn School550.00
Abraham Lincoln School550.00
Academy Ave School7140.00
Academy Manor Nursing5100.00
Accurate Plastics In812712,411.00
Acme Laundry Company662,000.00
Acme Laundry Company5100.00
Acs Auxiliaries Group71058,600.00
Acton Landfill2828156.64
Acton Metal Process5151,676.00
Acton Refinishing Company5201,500.00
Acushnet Company - Ball Plant Iii58012,795.00
Acushnet Company Plant #210231353,645.00
Acushnet Company-Plant I10181187,956.00
Ad A Day Company Incorporated6517,333.00
Adams Landfill28283,699.33
Adams Laundry & Dry8234,979.00
Adams Memorial School7140.00
Adams Plunkett School7280.00
Adden Furniture Incorporated756102,980.00
Addison Gilbert Hospital69522,713.00
Addison Wesley Company55510,000.00
Adesa Auction Of Boston7714.00
Adhesive Applications Inc-Dielectric127213,218.00
Adm Cocoa816830,121.00
Adminstration School Building770.00
Adolf Jandris & Sons55225.00
Advance Coatings Company118217,494.00
Advanced Cast Produc64614,000.00
Advanced Engine Rebu770.00
Advanced Signing Incorporated5404,714.00
Aea Tech. Qsa Inc.110.10
Aearo Company59052.00
Aerospace Support550.00
Aerovox Incorporated51303,485.00
Af Ford Junior High School7144,000.00
Afc Cable Systems770.00
Afc Cable Systems615210,575.00
Ag/Nd 225 Metronorth Lessee Llc728844.00
Agawam School System7140.00
Agawam School System7142,000.00
Aggregate Inds. Northeast Region Inc.110.38
Aggregate Inds. Northeast Region Inc.110.23
Aggregate Inds. Northeast Region Inc.110.22
Aggregate Industries1048286,002.94
Aggregate Industries9102110,800.70
Aggregate Industries1083216,532.68
Aggregate Industries10112174,006.20
Aggregate Industries8156,000.00
Aggregate Industries770.00
Aggregate Industries6164,000.00
Aggregate Industries84322,004.00
Aggregate Industries86014,000.00
Aggregate Industries8828,000.00
Aggregate Industries8318,000.00
Aggregate Industries8238,001.00
Aggregate Industries82946,000.00
Aggregate Industries Inc91614,400.20
Aggregate Industries N.E. Region7916,000.00
Aggregate Industries Northeast771.00
Aggregate Industries Northeast89312,151.00
Aggregate Industries Northeast93238,000.19
Aggregate Industries Northeast93712,805.30
Aggregate Industries Northeast89322,000.00
Aggregate Industries Northeast86538,000.00
Aggregate Industries Northeast Region88922,000.00
Aggregate Industries Northeast Region87114,601.00
Aggregate Industries Northeast Region98056,000.15
Aggregate Industries Northeast Regioninc93110,040.20
Aggregate Industries-Northeast Region85120,000.00
Aggregate Industries-Northeast Regioninc9236,676.16
Agri Mark Inc848164,325.00
Agway Incorporated51102,000.00
Ah Rice Corporation72126,000.00
Ahearn Landfill2828268.00
Ainslie Corporation8705,122.00
Albany International5301,560.00
Alberox Corporation61205,421.00
Albert Basse Assoc Inc550.00
Alcoa Fasteningsystems8716,060.00
Alden Merrell Corporation55012,000.00
Alden Research Laboratory550.00
Aldrich Cleaners550.00
Algonquin Regional High School5150.00
Alkermes Inc721440.00
Alkermes Inc5450.00
Allegheny Rodney918035,552.00
Allegiance Telecom Incorporated550.00
Allegro Microsystems1224230,088.00
Allen Avenue School5100.00
Alliance Leather Inc8107110,707.00
Allied East Bridgewater Landfill851362,600.00
Allmerica Financial812936,000.00
Alpha Auto Body55420.00
Alpha Gary Corp10164130,848.00
Alviti Realty Incorporated5100.00
Am Steel & Aluminum774,081.00
Ameresco Chicopee Energy, Inc550.00
American Airlines520856.00
American Archtec Iron6175,368.00
American Auto Auction778,000.00
American Dryer Corp7420.00
American Electric Cable5151,000.00
American Furniture Restoration550.00
American Insulated Wire1322186,925.10
American International College6174,000.00
American Light Fixture7777,179.00
American Lithography Corporation5534,000.00
American London7490.00
American Manufacturing5154,000.00
American Optical5700.00
American Polymers89514,640.00
American Reclamation51010,000.00
American Red Cross770.00
American Saw & Manufacturing1127539,911.00
American Seafoods International Llc5304,640.00
American Stone Mix Incorporated61738,000.00
American Superconductor74212.00
American Tissue Mill #261126.00
Americraft Carton Inc711978,161.00
Ames On Demand5102,000.00
Ames Safety Envelope55556,000.00
Amesbury Group Inc Extruded Prod Divison5102,792.00
Amesbury Health Center5150.00
Amesbury Middle School770.00
Ametek Aerospace Incorporated7893,769.00
Amherst College749145,697.00
Amherst Crocker Farm School770.00
Amherst Fort River7140.00
Amherst Junior High School7142,000.00
Amherst Landfill/Recycling Center33332,588.36
Amherst Wildwood School61612,000.00
Amherst/Pelham Regional High School7140.00
Amor Flexibles Healthcare554,000.00
Ampad Corporation5200.00
Ampad Corporation5856,284.00
Analog Devices74910,273.00
Analog Devices Inc1048276,835.00
Analog Devices Incorporated5303,202.00
Analogic Corporation5306,000.00
Anbar Non Ferrous550.00
Anderson Power Prod Div Anderson Interco5150.00
Anderson Woodturning550.00
Andover Animal Hospital Inc6110.00
Andover Coated Products Inc72111,116.00
Andover Doherty Middle School5104,280.00
Andover High School6224,080.00
Andover Newton Theological School7144,102.00
Andover South Elementary5201,400.00
Andover West Element5102,000.00
Andrea Management Company65410,000.00
Andreu World America, Llc770.00
Angel View Crematory86024,015.00
Anika Therapeutics Inc.1199.00
Animal Rescue League6174,000.00
Animal Rescue League7210.00
Animal Rescue League Fall River5100.00
Animal Rescue League New Bedford5100.00
Anna Jaques Hospital77728,000.00
Anp Bellingham7105293,282.00
Anp Blackstone7119234,666.00
Anthony J Sitkowski School5100.00
Anthonys Pier Four5250.00
Antons Cleaners550.00
Antons Cleaners550.00
Aotco Metal Finishing7910.00
Aotec Llc7424,000.00
Applied Biosystems121,026.00
Applied Biosystems550.00
Applied Graphics Inc817327,047.00
Apponequet Regional High School550.00
Aquinas College At Milton660.00
Aramark Uniforms64634,000.00
Arc Technologies Incorporated5151,170.00
Archer Rubber Company95268,812.00
Argus Reality83154,660.00
Ark Les Corporation8302,481.00
Arlington Redevelopment Board64712,000.00
Armstrong Pharmaceuticals Inc71683,520.00
Arqule Incorporated711915,100.00
Arqule Incorporated510015,487.00
Arrow International5957,272.00
Arthur Blank & Company5512,000.00
Arthur D Little Incorporated6155109,302.00
Artisan Industries Incorporated5304,000.00
Ase Americas Inc108021,252.00
Ashburnham Finishing7282,366.00
Ashburnham Landfill2828564.80
Ashby Landfill28281,715.36
Ashby Landfill2828517.34
Ashfield School550.00
Ashland Distribution Company1621411,152.00
Ashland Technology Center6168,564.00
Ashley School770.00
Ashmont Tailor & Cleaners550.00
Associated Electro Mechanics Inc627249.00
Associates Of Cape Cod Inc5100.00
Assumption College83115,145.00
Astrazeneca L.P.57547,170.00
Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals Lp71478,333.00
Astro Chemicals Inc.1212819.00
At&T Blackstone714330.00
At&T Broadband-Roxbury Facility510420.00
At&T Cambridge7132,640.00
At&T Fairhaven5556,639.00
At&T Framingham7142,660.00
At&T Littleton7142,000.00
At&T Springfield7142,860.00
At&T Worcester7145,901.00
Athol High School5104,000.00
Athol Landfill28281,442.62
Athol Memorial Hospital5100.00
Athol Table Llc77734,109.00
Atlantic Extrusion Corporation6382,200.00
Atlantic Graphics Service550.00
Atlantic Union College751168,000.00
Atlas Founders Incorporated66421.00
Attleboro High Schoo5300.00
Attleboro Housing Authority5300.00
Attleboro Lfg Utilization Project515188,000.00
Attleboro Water Pollution Control Fac71293,400.00
Auburn High School7358,000.00
Auburn Landfill282828,789.27
Auburn Mall515382.00
Auburn Middle School7210.00
Auto Finishing Company6372,000.00
Automatic Machine Pr63633,175.00
Avecia Biotechnology Inc.241,293.00
Avedis Zildjian Company5807,300.00
Aveni Cleaners550.00
Avery Dennison Corp109047,435.00
Avery Dennison Corporation6603,929.00
Avon Custom Mixing6860.00
Avon High School7144,000.00
Avon Tape Inc725236,108.00
Avon Zatek7213,740.00
Aw Chesterton Co732916,446.00
Aw Perry Inc662,000.00
Aw Perry Incorporated550.00
Aw Perry Incorporated6124,000.00
Ayer Landfill2828941.08
B And F / Bfi Landfill282819,577.39
B F Goodrich Landfill28282,535.83
B&J Manufacturing Co7986,006.00
B&W Press Inc5510,000.00
Babs Foundry Incorporated6639.00
Babson College512540,902.00
Bacon Felt Company Inc71829,344.00
Bae Systems71614,871.00
Bae Systems-Ocean Systems51015.00
Baker Brothers Systems5300.00
Baker Cleaners551.00
Baker Commodities899180,868.00
Baker Mfg Inc550.00
Baker Square Condominium554,000.00
Ballard Material Products910223,416.00
Ballard Street Landfill28281,582.67
Banas Sand & Gravel8222,000.00
Bancroft Building6116,000.00
Bancroft Fountain Realty6116,000.00
Barbour Corporation7194,860.00
Barclay House The6176,000.00
Barhena, Inc D/B/A Adamation5200.00
Barnstable Grade 5550.00
Barnstable High School550.00
Barnstable Landfill28288,454.14
Barnstable Middle School550.00
Barr Associates776,000.00
Barr Associates77300.00
Barre Landfill282821,788.38
Barry Controls9226142,434.00
Bartlett High School61212,000.00
Basf Corporation59510,082.00
Bassette Printers51012,000.00
Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering558,000.00
Bay Shore Apartments550.00
Bay State Circuits552,000.00
Bay State Crucible81130.00
Bay State Gas Co7280.00
Bay State Gas Co5102,000.00
Bay State Gas Co7560.00
Bay State Gas Company7140.00
Bay State Gas Company6120.00
Bay State Gas Company7420.00
Bay State Grit Cloth56022,020.00
Bay State Paper Co10188774,739.07
Bay Village550.00
Bayer Corp. Plastics Tech.1283.00
Bayer Healthcare Llc7983,844.00
Bayer Healthcare Llc712619,311.00
Bayside Laminating525279.00
Baystate Galvanizing5101,187.00
Baystate Medical Cen8155165,986.00
Bba Nonwovens Colrain614450,590.00
Bc Industries886,550.00
Beacon Capital Partners770.00
Beaudoin Village5200.00
Becton Dickinson691457.00
Bedford Senior High62062,000.00
Belchertown Landfill2828562.77
Belchertown Senior High School6126,000.00
Bellecraft Woodworkig5206,000.00
Bellingham Cogeneration1862912,786.57
Bellingham Landfill28283,050.47
Belmont Laundry611364.00
Bemis Associates Inc61392,649.00
Bemis Seam Tape Div (Ayer Road)5153,080.00
Benea Block Corporation660.00
Benevento Asphalt Corp86538,000.00
Benjamin Moore & Co72935,120.00
Bentley College624710,000.00
Berklee College Of Music7428,268.00
Berkley Farms550.00
Berkley Landfill28289,904.76
Berkshire Asphalt Co83716,000.00
Berkshire Community7350.00
Berkshire Concrete5100.00
Berkshire Concrete Corporation5521.00
Berkshire Eagle660.00
Berkshire Electric Cable Company5105,200.00
Berkshire Gas Greenfield52514,002.00
Berkshire Gas North Adams5308,000.00
Berkshire Gas Pittsfield52512,000.00
Berkshire Industries5202,232.00
Berkshire Manufactured Products Inc5306,362.00
Berkshire Medical Center89986,843.00
Berkshire Mill Apartments5516,000.00
Berkshire Power Llc1772384,794.30
Bernardston Landfill2828909.93
Bestway Of New England Inc.2210.00
Bete Fog Nozzle Inc.22106.00
Beth Israel Deaconess Med Ctr - West786400.00
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center6264,000.00
Bethany Health Care7146,084.00
Beverly Compost Site28284,438.89
Beverly Hospital811914,172.00
Beverly Landfill282836,458.37
Beverly Landfill2828318.39
Beverly Senior High6214,000.00
Bevilacqua Paving Company7210.00
Bf Brown Middle School72710,000.00
Bfi Fall River Landfill81617,730.00
Bfi Incorporated Of Massachusetts552,674.00
Bfi Oak Bluffs77332.00
Bfi Randolph Landfill72210,000.00
Bfi Yarmouth770.00
Bha Archdale84522,478.00
Bha Beech Street83841,888.00
Bha Bromley Heath Tmc79819,584.00
Bha Camden Street664,400.00
Bha Charlestown55022,000.00
Bha Eva White5200.00
Bha Franklin Hill6164,000.00
Bha Lenox Street63432,072.00
Bha Mary Ellen Mccormick720311,684.00
Bha Maverick Development72110,462.00
Bha Mission Hill52011,888.00
Bha Old Colony Development77022,818.00
Bha Orient Heights71472,824.00
Bha Roslyn Apartments550.00
Bha South Street62824,526.00
Bha Whittier62824,063.00
Bha-Franklin Field81277,684.00
Bigelow Cleaners550.00
Bigelow Electrical550.00
Billerica Landfill2828285.51
Billerica Water Treatment Plant770.00
Biltrite Corp.11930.00
Biogen Incorporated6110.00
Biogen Incorporated52572.00
Biogen Incorporated79810,000.00
Biogen Research Bio55201,143.00
Birchland Park School7420.00
Bird Incorporated Granular816581,040.00
Bird Incorporated Landfill28285,636.13
Bird Incorporated Roofing8288147,731.00
Bird Machine12117182,985.00
Bishop Connolly High School82310,000.00
Bishop Feehan High School6128,000.00
Bishop Stang High School774,000.00
Biw Cable Systems5306,048.00
Biw Cable Systems72884.00
Bixby International6516,000.00
Bl Makepeace Incorporated770.00
Blackstone Landfill28282,170.24
Blackstone Mill Depot Street Trust664,000.00
Blackstone Regional Technical School7218,200.00
Blandford Demolition Landfill28281,235.73
Blandford Landfill2828448.10
Blh Electronics5102,500.00
Bliss Bros Dairy Inc7140.00
Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Massachusetts7310.00
Bmc Durfee High School5150.00
Bme Engineering Incorporated810624,844.00
Bnz Materials Inc815912,405.00
Boc Gasses Boc Group7281,317.00
Boc Group, Inc.871459,113.00
Body Shop World By Wagner5204,580.00
Bolton Landfill2828562.86
Bond Construction Co85018,001.00
Bondi'S Island Landfill7737,191.00
Boott Cotton Mills550.00
Borden & Remington1211048,637.00
Border City Mill #1884,000.00
Borge Landfill282840,502.10
Boro Sand & Stone Corporation91112,559.30
Borregaard Synthesis116213,387.00
Bose Corporation87811,785.02
Bose Corporation621222.00
Bose Corporation5854,321.00
Bostik Findley Inc1431051,499.00
Boston & Maine Corporation5405,060.00
Boston College Chestnut Hill8234195,396.00
Boston Convention & Exibition Center550.00
Boston Fire Department5150.00
Boston Gas Company63049,293.00
Boston Gas Everett82264,001.00
Boston Gas Leominster Lpa6120.00
Boston Herald5108,000.00
Boston Landfill / Un. Of Mass28281,260.16
Boston Medical Cente71190.00
Boston Museum Of Fine Arts51562,696.00
Boston Offset Gannet5308,392.00
Boston Park Plaza Hotel811033,176.00
Boston Police Department-Headquarters7350.00
Boston Properties Incorporated7564,116.00
Boston Properties Limited Partnership6966,000.00
Boston Public Health-Long Island88960,500.00
Boston Retail Products6222,168.00
Boston Sand & Gravel911320,919.10
Boston Scientific Corporation5653,680.00
Boston Scientific Corporation8168,000.00
Boston Ship Repair Incorporated5510,000.00
Boston Trailer Manufacturing Company5208,000.00
Boston University Medical Campus65231.00
Boston University Physical Plant8502437,239.00
Boston Water & Sewer Commission550.00
Boston Water And Sewer Commission550.00
Boston Wharf Company554,000.00
Boston Wharf Company770.00
Boston Wharf Company772,000.00
Boston Wharf Company770.00
Boston Wharf Company552,000.00
Boston Wharf Company6682,000.00
Boston Wharf Company552,000.00
Boston Wharf Company772,000.00
Boston Wharf Company772,000.00
Boston Wharf Company552,000.00
Boston Wharf Company774,000.00
Boston Wharf Company770.00
Boston Wharf Company7144,000.00
Boston Wharf Company7144,000.00
Boston Wharf Company772,000.00
Boudreau Finishing552,000.00
Bourne High School5106,000.00
Bourne Landfill338824,314.27
Boutwell Owens & Co5528,000.00
Bowne Of Boston Inc51608,000.00
Boxford Landfill2828712.56
Boyd Smith Incorporated51520,000.00
Boylston Landfill2828311.34
Bradford & Bigelow Inc51023,048.00
Bradford College62375,178.00
Bradford Industries11253131,554.00
Brady Enterprises Inc5454,000.00
Braemoor Rehabilatation7210.00
Braemore Apartments5152,000.00
Braintree Electric9156300,411.00
Braintree Hospital Llc75220,000.00
Braintree Landfill282836,458.37
Braintree Landfill282833,434.19
Braman Screw Machine5150.00
Brandeis University815429,809.00
Breda Transportation Inc550.00
Brewster Landfill282815,729.54
Brickstone Square5350.00
Bridge Street School6304,000.00
Bridgewater Raynham Regional High School6220.00
Bridgewater State College6361302,000.00
Brigham & Womens Hospital712617,347.00
Brighton Marine Health5107,616.00
Brighton Realty Trust6126,903.72
Brisco Baling Company62826,644.00
Briscoe Middle Schoo7214,000.00
Bristol Community Co5650.00
Bristol Community Co54010,333.00
Bristol County Jail5306,000.00
Bristol Myers Squibb Medical Imaging Inc859720,816.00
Bristol Pacific-Howard Arthur Mills6614,000.00
Bristol Plymouth Regional Tech School81302,164.00
Brittany Dyeing & Printing Corp.9472225,348.00
Brockton City Hall770.00
Brockton High School550.00
Brockton Hospital812910,519.00
Brockton Landfill282819,367.11
Brockton Multi Service Center74313.00
Brockton Plastics5250.00
Brockton Ssi Wwtp8127157,040.00
Brookfield Engineering7705,258.00
Brookfield Landfill2828806.98
Brookfield Wire Company5304,000.00
Brookhouse Condominiums899106,000.00
Brookline Housing Authority7144,000.00
Brookline Housing Authority770.00
Brookline Housing Authority7140.00
Brookline Valet Serv5102,000.00
Brooks School61078,110.00
Brownell Boat Stands51510,012.00
Browning Ferris Ind772,000.00
Browning Ferris Industries5150.00
Brox Industries Inc8868,099.00
Brox Industries Inc86512,000.00
Brox Industries Inc85812,000.00
Brox Industries Inc8171109,837.00
Brunelle Dump282888,267.06
Brussels Development6610,000.00
Bs Realty Ltd Ptr5104,580.00
Buckeye Pipe Line Company Lp5304,760.00
Buckland Sanitary Landfill2828519.58
Budget Rent A Car5900.00
Bullard Abrasive Products76913,913.00
Bunker Hill Communit85323,068.00
Bunzl Extrusion663.00
Bunzl Extrusion Massachusetts84318,401.00
Burbank Hospital65220,880.00
Burgess Elem School5102,000.00
Burlington Landfill282863,237.99
Burncoat Middle Scho662,000.00
Burncoat Senior High662,000.00
Burt'S Furniture770.00
Burtman Iron Works51024,585.00
Butcher Co.11677.00
Butler Automatic Inc7496,000.00
Butterfield School5100.00
C F Jameson & Co, Inc8221,360.00
C Plastics Corporation520400.00
C&C Realty Carrier550.00
C. B. Fisk Inc.111.00
Cabot Corporation7706,910.00
Cabot Road Partners Llc550.00
Cabotville Industrial Park61618,000.00
Cado Fabrications Incorporated56511,249.00
Calender Linen552,000.00
California Products Corp72810,000.00
Callahan Company221917,633.00
Calorique Ltd5101,964.00
Cambium Corporation74914,369.00
Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association5100.00
Cambridge Brands Inc52028,092.00
Cambridge Hospital86430,990.00
Cambridge Housing Authority5100.00
Cambridge Housing Authority550.00
Cambridge Housing Authority5200.00
Cambridge Housing Authority5150.00
Cambridge Housing Authority5100.00
Cambridge Housing Authority5100.00
Cambridge Housing Authority5200.00
Cambridge Housing Authority550.00
Cambridge Housing Authority5100.00
Cambridge Housing Authority5100.00
Cambridge Housing Authority5100.00
Cambridge Housing Authority550.00
Cambridge Housing Authority5150.00
Cambridge Housing Authority5100.00
Cambridge Housing Authority51040.00
Cambridge Marriot5150.00
Cambridge Neuroscience Incorporated5200.00
Cambridge Press Incorporated5100.00
Cambridge Tool & Manufacturing Company59543,899.00
Cambridge Tool & Mfg6324,923.00
Cambridge Tower Corporation5108,000.00
Camelot Company The74220,000.00
Camger Chemical1827016,499.00
Canton Bronze Aluminum7494,000.00
Canton Landfill282822,477.67
Cape Cod Coffee Co7140.00
Cape Cod Hospital715464,000.00
Cape Cod Potato Chips57015,200.00
Cape Cod Ready Mix Inc.110.20
Cape Cod Redi Mix Concrete5200.00
Cape Cod Redi Mix Concrete6310.00
Cape Cod Regional Te5300.00
Cape Cod Shipbuilding5352,000.00
Cape Cod Times5202,260.00
Capitol Circuits51706,000.00
Capstan Atlantic23732.00
Caraustar Industries5609,320.00
Cardinal Comb Corporation550.00
Cardinal Health74210,000.00
Cardinal Spellman High School6110.00
Cargill Flour Milling550.00
Cargo Trex N Building 13550.00
Cargocaire Engineering714011,172.00
Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center613212,245.00
Caritas Norwood Hosp89960,678.00
Carmelita Landry Rink550.00
Carney Bros Construction550.00
Carney Hospital56024,000.00
Carver Landfill28288,108.93
Carver Landfill2828348.04
Cascades Diamond Incorporated854118,160.00
Casoli Sand & Gravel5536.00
Castle Square Apartments5100.00
Castle Square Associates7210.00
Castle Square Associates7210.00
Castle Square Associates7140.00
Castronics Incorporated7350.00
Casual Male Corporation5150.00
Casual Male Corporation61828,000.00
Catholic Memorial Home6120.00
Cavicchio Greenhouse72818,000.00
Cecil Smith Landfill28285,236.85
Ceemi-Doreen Street8224,000.00
Ceemi-West Springfild Station52181504,513.40
Ceemi-Woodland Road8224,000.00
Celestica Corp.123.10
Cem Realty Trust Llc550.00
Center Cleaners & La776,000.00
Center School5100.00
Central Administration552,000.00
Central Cleaners550.00
Central Cleaners Incorported550.00
Central Coating Company88621,102.00
Century Llc5510,000.00
Ceramics Process System550.00
Cesyl Mills550.00
Cgi Circuits Incorporated631962.56
Ch Yates Rubber Company75630,000.00
Champagne Lafayette Communications Inc554.00
Channel Center-Parcel 67560.00
Channing L Bete Company57014,103.00
Chapel Bridge Park Associates61710,000.00
Chapman Mfg Co Inc7287,278.00
Chappaquidic Landfill28281,069.83
Charles G Allen6164,295.00
Charles River Laboratories53514,715.00
Charles River Laboratories71613,537.00
Charles River Laboratories57538,847.00
Charles River Pollution Control5100.00
Charles River Publishing5708,000.00
Charles Stark Draper711216,000.00
Charlette Foundry8622,000.00
Charlton Landfill28281,650.36
Charlton Landfill2828677.28
Charlton Memorial Ho8109136,746.00
Charm Sciences Inc5150.00
Chartpak Pickett57014,000.00
Chase & Sons Inc71125,100.00
Chase Precast Corporation61122,860.00
Chase Street School5200.00
Chase Walton Elastomers53014,260.00
Chatham Elementry School7210.00
Chatham Furniture Reproductions Inc72832,000.00
Chatham Junior Senior High School72142,000.00
Chatham Landfill28281,995.05
Chelsea Clock Company7490.00
Chelsea Drum Company73510,000.00
Chelsea Landfill2828318.39
Chelsea Sandwich Llc918668,281.00
Chelsea Soldiers Home57518,000.00
Chemdesign Corp15121950,280.00
Chemi Graphic Incorporated96618,320.00
Chemsford Landfill2828176.03
Cheshire Dump2828248.32
Chesterfield Landfill28289,320.63
Chestnut Park Assoc5108,000.00
Chestnut Street School5200.00
Chevalier Furniture552,000.00
Chf Industries770.00
Chicopee Bowe School5100.00
Chicopee Bowie School5100.00
Chicopee Comp High S5156,000.00
Chicopee Concrete Sv64232,000.00
Chicopee Electric Light86942,335.00
Chicopee High School5304,000.00
Chicopee Housing Authority7280.00
Chicopee Housing Authority7280.00
Chicopee Provision Company7630.00
Chicopee Sanitary Landfill812995,400.00
Chicopee Selser School5100.00
Chicopee Streiber School5102,000.00
Childlife Inc81650,159.00
Childrens Hospital61207,341.00
Childrens Hospital Boston550.00
Chilmark Landfill28281,987.41
Chiofaro Company884737.00
Chomerics Division51652,775.00
Chomerics Incorporated625931,078.00
Chuckran Corp Landfill2828269.03
Churchill Coatings71464,000.00
Churchill Coatings71444,001.00
Churchill Linen Service8926,000.00
Circle Finishing Inc54054.00
Circuit Board Express6106410.00
Cirelli Foods Incorporated5250.00
Citgo Petroleum Corporation14160197,741.00
City Cleaners Incorporated550.00
City Cleaners Incorporated5150.00
City Cleaners Incorporated5152,000.00
City Express Cleaners556,000.00
City Of Marlborough Biofilter550.00
City Of New Bedford, North Terminal Wharf.44328.28
City Of South Deerfield / Lee Rd Landfill28281,039.07
Cl Hauthaway & Sons86369,844.00
Claremont Flock Corp616927,020.00
Clarendon Hill Tower61828,000.00
Clariant-Masterbatches Division5102,000.00
Clark Associates550.00
Clark Cutler Mcdermo821237,483.00
Clark Steel Drum Company7215,500.00
Clark University861453,596.00
Clarke School For Deaf63324,740.00
Clarks Cove Realty6228,000.00
Clarksburg Landfill28282,051.99
Classic Cleaners Inc550.00
Classical High Condominiums554,000.00
Clean Harbors Of Braintree116198,617.00
Clean Rentals Inc5455,035.00
Clean Rentals Incorp550.00
Cliflex Bellows Corporation81231,573.00
Cliftex Corporation51520,000.00
Clinton Adams Coporation62324,000.00
Clinton Hospital742492.00
Clinton Landfill2828151.60
Cmw Regional Landfill28288,768.96
Coan Inc7980.00
Coastal Cement Corpo770.00
Coastal Oil Of New England82355,484.00
Coastal Oil Of New England813713,742.00
Coaters Inc822527,632.00
Coca Cola5150.00
Coca Cola Bottling C52514,000.00
Codman Fl & Jc Co53014,500.00
Coelho Middle School5100.00
Cohassett Heights Demolition Landfill282811,433.86
Cohassett Landfill28281,250.94
Coldwater Seafood Co550.00
Cole Avenue Dump2828462.26
Cole Hersee Company75640.00
Coleman Manufacturing7140.00
College Of The Holy Cross87886,596.00
Collins & Aikman-Western Ave8531,120.00
Colonial Brass Co721350.00
Colonial Gas Company Dba Keyspan Energy718278.00
Colonial Print Company Inc5102,000.00
Colorgraphics Inc5206,400.00
Colrain Landfill28287,423.52
Columbia Manufacturing Incorporated86032,205.00
Columbus Park School550.00
Comcast Of Boston7141,800.00
Comcast Of Massachusetts Iii, Inc7145,960.00
Comm Of Mass-Linderman Building550.00
Comm Of Mass-Mccormack Building550.00
Commerce Building Associates7730,000.00
Commerce High School6336,000.00
Commercial Sheet Metal85440,095.00
Commonwealth Packaging Corp6212,109.00
Commonwealth Sprague57519,171.00
Community Elementary School6220.00
Community Newspaper Co550.00
Community Newspaper Company Inc5512,000.00
Compaq Computer Corp5153,418.00
Compaq Computer Corporation-Tay25305,460.00
Composite Modules Incorporated56012,911.00
Comtran Corporation7710,000.00
Concord Foods Incorporated5350.00
Concord Landfill2828837.29
Concord Wire Company5406,000.00
Concrete Block Insulation52050,000.00
Concrete Services7184,001.20
Concrete Services6169.00
Congregational House5152,000.00
Congress Street Associates7210.00
Congress Tech Spray81135,180.00
Conn Valley Block Co5150.00
Connectivity Products5106,058.00
Conoco Phillips Company1448978,735.00
Consolidated Coating79112,673.00
Consolidated Color Company7358,000.00
Consolidated Fabricators71412,000.00
Construction Service8812,000.00
Construction Service8812,000.00
Continental Cleaners550.00
Continental Consolid5514,000.00
Converse Middle School5150.00
Conway Landfill2828261.03
Cooley Dickinson Hospital854143,833.00
Corenco Industrial Landfill28289,299.20
Corex Products Inc552,000.00
Cottage Cleaners5150.00
Country Club The774,000.00
County Concrete Corporation5250.00
County Heat Treat Co.11250.00
Courier Stoughton712634,362.00
Courier Westford813560,699.00
Covanta Haverhill Incorporated371012,188,349.31
Covino Environmental Associates Inc550.00
Cowing School770.00
Coyle Cassidy High School7148,000.00
Coyne Textile Servic64116,110.00
Coyne Textile Servic52016,000.00
Coz Realty Trust552,064.00
Cp Clare Corporation5452,837.00
Cpc Incorporated57013,090.00
Cpf Co-Op Inc5104,000.00
Cpi-Beverly Microwave Division725913,150.00
Craft Incorporated6262,095.00
Crane & Company Inc810144,321.00
Crane & Company Inc832180,002.00
Cranston Print Works8323664,337.00
Crapo Hill Landfill56532,780.00
Creative Packaging Inc8220.00
Creative Paper Inc82367,200.00
Crescent Avenue Realty Trust550.00
Cri Tech6412,109.40
Cricket Press51512,000.00
Crimson Cleaners550.00
Crocker Technical Papers Inc76382,388.00
Croft Corporation56536,209.00
Crosby Elementary School845793.00
Cross Country Group8132,000.00
Crosspoint Limited5104,000.00
Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc8219613,840.00
Crown Service System86512,590.00
Crown Service System83716,320.00
Cs Ashley School5100.00
Ctc Communications Corporation728122.00
Cti Cryogenics9934,786.50
Cumberland Eng.24510.00
Cumberland Farms Inc87218,916.00
Cumberland Farms Inc87253,203.00
Cuming Corporation57052,000.00
Cummington Demolition Landfill2828207.93
Curtis Fine Papers844306,502.00
Custom Industries Inc5144,000.00
Custom Marble Design550.00
Cw Knight Corporation77718,180.00
Cw Realty Company61218,000.00
Daily Evening Item7350.00
Dampney Company Inc998,667.90
Damrell Ewer Partners Llc776,000.00
Dana Farber Cancer Institiute798191.00
Danaher Tool Group1115217,499.00
Danvers Animal Hospital7140.00
Danvers High School72112,000.00
Danvers Landfill28285,009.43
Dartmouth High School770.00
Dartmouth Landfill28285,433.92
Dartmouth Middle School776,000.00
Dartmouth Power Assocates8151211,071.00
Dartmouth Wwtp55512,000.00
Data Instruments81714,414.00
Datel Inc.1112.40
Dav-Tech Plating Inc92519,140.00
David Clark Company89917,686.00
David Prouty High School5100.00
David Prouty Int School550.00
Dawson School5100.00
Db Finishing Comapny5203,610.00
Db Gurney Company5200.00
Deaconess Glover Hospital66210,041.00
Deaconess Nashoba Ho8183670.00
Deaconess Waltham Hospital69217,202.00
Dean College57518,456.00
Dean Column Incorporated6610,000.00
Decas Cranberry Prod778,000.00
Decorated Products76322,000.00
Dedham Holiday Inn7420.00
Dedham Landfill28284,438.89
Deer Hill School5104,000.00
Deerfield Academy-Trustee7564,399.00
Dek Portfolios Llc7350.00
Dela Inc5100.00
Delaware Valley Corp7210.00
Deleware Valley Corp7280.00
Delkin Superior Dry Cleaners550.00
Demakes Enterprises7282,000.00
Dennecrepe Corporation550.00
Dennis Demolition Landfill2828645.11
Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School5252,000.00
Dependable Cleaners550.00
Dependable Cleaners550.00
Dependable Cleaners550.00
Dependable Dry Cleaners5100.00
Dependale Cleaners550.00
Depot Street Associates554,000.00
Depuy Orthopaedics Inc. A Johnson & Johnson Co.1110.00
Depuy Orthopaedics Incorporated61314,998.00
Deschamps Printing5100.00
Design Mark Ind53012,400.00
Devens Commerce Ctr5506,000.00
Dexter Electronic Materials661642.00
Dexter Park Apartments5350.00
Dighton Industries62134,000.00
Dighton Landfill28283,369.51
Dighton Power Assocates735122,254.00
Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School8246,000.00
Diman Regional Vocational Technical Sch83112,000.00
Dimock Community Hea61830,000.00
Distrigas Of Massachusetts, Llc8194333,233.00
Doble Engineering Company5250.00
Dodge Company The9884,607.00
Doelcam Display Inc550.00
Doherty High School51014,000.00
Dollar Rent A Car550.00
Don Roy'S Auto Body Inc51521.00
Doranco Incorporated75610,479.00
Doubletree Guest Suites7492,000.00
Douglas Landfill282825,618.04
Douglas Mills Sales550.00
Dover Westwood Landfill28285,332.93
Dow Jones & Company Inc55510,000.00
Draper Properties Incorporated85145,212.00
Dresser Flow Control/Masoneilan6814,430.00
Drury High School7280.00
Ds Graphics5520,000.00
Dudley Elementary6170.00
Dudley Elementry School6120.00
Dudley Landfill / Recycle Center2828324.45
Duds Cleaners550.00
Duggan Apartments5300.00
Duggan Middle School7420.00
Duncan Group The1016451,873.00
Dunstable Landfill282894,197.09
Duralectra Incorporated7284,800.00
Durant Paint Company550.00
Durasol Corporation5156,600.00
Durfee Union Mills73548,000.00
Durham Manufacturing Co52036,511.00
Duro Finishing Inc12308552,786.05
Duro Industries Plant 27185129,107.00
Duro Textile Printer7263169,047.00
Dutton Yarn Company6160.00
Duxbury Intermediate School552,000.00
Dw Clark Company Incorported661,410.00
Dyetex Inc82262,000.00
Dynagraf Inc5518,000.00
Dynamics Research Corporation7702.00
E Ciardi Company Incorporated5204,000.00
E Parrella Company Inc718575.00
Ea Jones Elementry School7144,000.00
Eagle Traffic Control Systems Inc5504,330.00
Eagle Tribune Publishing Company5606,983.00
Early Learning Center5100.00
East Bridgewater Central School550.00
East Bridgewater High School550.00
East Bridgewater Landfill2828352.46
East Bridgewater Middle School550.00
East Brookfield Landfill282828,789.27
East Coast Induction Incorporated735338.00
East Fitchburg Ssi62795,448.00
East Junior High School550.00
East Longmeadow High7492,000.00
East Longmeadow Landfill282843,886.23
East Longmeadow Landfill282831,413.10
East Longmeadow Mountain View7210.00
East Middle School772,680.00
East West Enterprise560905.00
Eastern Acoustic Works72116,000.00
Eastern Cast Hardware51010,000.00
Eastern Chem Lac1423828,083.00
Eastern Cleaners Cor550.00
Eastern Etchng & Manufacturing911057,934.00
Eastern Machine & Design550.00
Eastern Packaging Co7492,260.00
Eastern Process Company510015,920.00
Eastern Tool & Stamp61372,314.00
Eastham Landfill282825,865.90
Easthampton Dye Work5203,600.00
Easthampton Landfill28282,410.25
Eastman Gelatine Corp10326319,506.50
Easton Junior High School6188,000.00
Easton Landfill2828535.64
Easton Middle School6124,000.00
Eastprint Inc5202,000.00
Eastworks Llp6224,000.00
Eaton Global Hose (Fka:Dana Corp.)82222,705.00
Ec Hilliard Corporation5153,244.00
Ec Stone School5102,000.00
Ec Whitney & Sons5203,669.00
Ecc Corporation71338,362.20
Eco/Pittsfield Llc1784207,648.87
Eco/Springfield Llc1787283,940.31
Economic Development661,600.00
Eddington Thread Mfg89333,122.00
Edgartown Landfill28281,776.40
Egremont Landfill282817,024.81
Egremont Landfill28282,051.99
Eh Friedrich Co554,000.00
Eh Sargent Water Treatment5150.00
Eis Wire & Cable770.00
Eisai Research Insti78414,000.00
Eisai Research Insti812013,380.00
El Paso Charlton Station76334,614.00
El Paso Energy Mendon72828,069.00
El Paso Energy-Stati770242.00
Elbe Cesco Unionbook5204,660.00
Electrochem Canton770.00
Electronic Concepts Inc7126198.00
Electronic Products5406,000.00
Elizabeth Hasting Middle School6110.00
Elm Street Dump2828475.72
Elm Street School5108,000.00
Emc Corporation5352,720.00
Emc Corporation77711,320.00
Emc Corporation5253,316.00
Emc Corporation76311,516.00
Emc Corporation7562,940.00
Emc Corporation7423,760.00
Emco Printers Incorp554,000.00
Emerson & Cuming Composite Materials612313,441.00
Emerson & Cuming Specialty Polymers81243,579.00
Emerson Hospital81668,580.00
Emery Worldwide550.00
Emmanuel College71752,000.00
Empire Linen5106,000.00
Endicott College75612,162.00
Energy Sciences Incorporated552,000.00
Engineered Materials Solutions10147950,864.00
Engineered Yarns Co Div Of Pascale Ind5202,000.00
Entergy Nuclear Generation Company814550,725.00
Enterprise Publishing5556,000.00
Entwistle Company The611112,157.00
Epec Incorporated836514,761.00
Equity Industrial Gheb Llp8862,378.00
Equity Office Properties550.00
Equity Office Properties At Russia Wharf5154,000.00
Ercon Inc7286,040.00
Ergste Westig Massachusetts, Lp5203,180.00
Erika Realty Trust7212,885.00
Erving Landfill2828324.45
Erving Paper Mills8193727,682.00
Es Ritchie & Sons5401,772.00
Esleeck Manufacturing89121,904.00
Essem Packing Company550.00
Essex County Court House51524,000.00
Essex County Newspapers5302,000.00
Eureka Mfg Company89994,119.00
Everett Mills Steam Co87934,126.00
Evergreen Solar, Inc.8579,088.00
Excelsior Printing550.00
Excelsior Process & Engraving5200.00
Exelon Fore River Development Llc7141,820.00
Exelon Framingham Llc98876,001.00
Exelon Mystic Llc5144614,053,495.70
Exelon New Boston Llc392391,282,876.92
Exelon West Medway Llc813744,000.00
Exhibit Group Giltsp5256,620.00
Exodus Communications7280.00
Exodus Communications7420.00
Express Cleaners558,000.00
Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation14462247,898.14
Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation1491125,155.05
F&D Tool Company Inc5100.00
Fabreeka International Inc7563,875.00
Facemate Corp82978,340.00
Factory Mutual Engineering61077,012.00
Fairfield Farms Kitc67216,000.00
Fairhaven High School5100.00
Fairhaven Landfill2828700.09
Fairhaven Town Of550.00
Fairmont Copley Plaza5208,000.00
Fall River Herald News5100.00
Fall River Ssi5135138,309.00
Falls School5100.00
Falmouth Disposal Area Landfill28281,324.62
Falmouth High School5152,000.00
Falmouth Hospital5256,000.00
Falmouth Ready Mix Inc.110.10
Falmouth Teaticket School550.00
Falvey Finishing Company6101,600.00
Fantini Bakery5108,900.00
Fapl Corporation5700.00
Farley School554,000.00
Farnsworth Fibre Corporation5152,000.00
Farrar & Carty Landfill2828203.33
Farren Care Center61736,000.00
Faulkner Hospital887132,004.00
Fausey Elemtary School7140.00
Fb Washburn Candy7210.00
Fc Phillips Inc5150.00
Federal Express5150.00
Federal Metal Finish7770.00
Feeleys Company Inc5300.00
Fenwal Safety Systems880.62
Fenway Parkside Lp6610,000.00
Fernald Center85170,000.00
Ferraz Shawmut Inc8653,966.00
Fiba Tech Inc550.00
Fiber Tech Inc7146,000.00
Fibertec Incorporated5559,918.00
Fibre Leather Manufacturing1015319,711.00
Fidelity Engineering550.00
Fidelity Investments735622.00
Fidelity Investments7914,385.00
Fidelity Investments7702,191.00
Fidelity Press Incorporated5150.00
Fidelity Properties5156,000.00
Fila Research & Development Center550.00
Filenes Basement6212,000.00
Filtraion Specialties Inc749932.00
Finberg School5100.00
Finish Tech7144,019.00
Finish Unlimited Incorporated7918,269.00
First Church Of Christ Scientist813225,538.00
First Electronics Company515558.00
Fishery Products International51350.00
Fitchburg / Westminster Landfill282823,922.89
Fitchburg Gas & Electric7210.00
Fitchburg Gas & Electric660.00
Fitchburg Gas & Electric-Lpga7144,000.00
Fitchburg Landfill2828131.40
Fitchburg State College8108106,511.00
Fitchburg/Westminster Landfill8718,780.00
Flagship Press Inc5100.00
Flair Cleaners5560.00
Fleet Bank5100.00
Fleet Center, The7528,619.00
Fleming Industries552,000.00
Fletcher Landfill282863,237.99
Flexcon Co. Inc.369,798.00
Flexcon Company Inc12341197,231.00
Flexcon Company Inc76323,447.00
Flexcon Industries59538,106.00
Flexographic Printin5257,157.00
Flint Cleaners5100.00
Flo Chemical Corp66316,748.00
Florence Casket Company72844,000.00
Fm Callahan & Sons6422,125.00
Foam Concepts Inc72180,000.00
Foamtech Corporation515545.00
Forecaster Of Boston5150.00
Forest City Management6106,000.00
Forest Hills Crematory6120.00
Forest Park Middle School6186,000.00
Forest Products Association556,000.00
Formal Wear Manageme5150.00
Forrestdale School5104,000.00
Forsyth Dental Center7634,044.00
Fort Meadow School550.00
Fortifiber Corp89332,000.00
Fosta Tek Optics Incorporated6864,250.00
Foster Precise A Division Of Lb Foster C556,000.00
Foster Southeastern78110,000.10
Fountain Plating Company96131,558.02
Four Biotech5100.00
Fox Hill Village5250.00
Fox Packaging Company992,050.39
Fox River Paper Company8218718,954.00
Foxboro High School5104,000.00
Foxborough Landfill28281,349.05
Foxborough Realty Associates77018,876.00
Foxfire Coatings770.00
Fp International742116,000.00
Fp Mcnamara Rubbish Removal Incorporated550.00
Fraen Corporation5909,602.00
Fraen Corporation5100.00
Framingham Housing A71412,056.00
Framingham State Col74971,534.00
Francis J Barresi Heights7140.00
Francis Wyman Elementary School550.00
Franciscan Childrens Hospital6664,000.00
Frank C Meyer Company81015,010.00
Frankies Cleaners5100.00
Franklin Avenue School550.00
Franklin County Tech5150.00
Franklin Fixtures Inc5353,547.00
Franklin High School6170.00
Franklin Medical Cen88463,592.00
Franklin Paint Co111216,129.00
Freedman School5100.00
Freeport Cleaners5150.00
Freetown Elementry School5100.00
Freetown Landfill2828586.38
Fresh Pond Apartment550.00
Freudenberg Nonwoven812825,476.00
Friendly Ice Cream5406,000.00
Frontier Regional School District61720,000.00
Fujifilm Microdisks7358,000.00
Fuller System Inc550.00
Furnace Brook Middle School5100.00
Furniture Rehab Inco82214,039.00
Future Electronics62712,000.00
Fw Lombard Company7146,160.00
Fw Olin College Of Engineering550.00
Fwl Industries7495,478.00
G&F Industries Incorporated770.00
G&L Trilling House554,000.00
G&W Foundry Corporat714298.00
Gaf Materials Corp1127657,451.19
Gallery Graphics7637,000.00
Galvin Middle School556,000.00
Gardner Athol Health662,000.00
Gardner High School5150.00
Gardner Junior High School5104,000.00
Gardner Landfill28284,100.09
Gardner Street Landfill770.00
Garelick Farms - Lynn810617,390.00
Garelick Farms Inc610654,000.00
Garlock Printing And889114,474.00
Garment Express Inc5253,230.00
Gas Recovery Services Incorporated721302,540.00
Gas Recovery Systems72172,000.00
Gas Recovery Systems - Chicopee728114,000.00
Gas Recovery Systems Inc - Randolph721185,200.00
Gates Intermediate School7287,158.00
Gateway Holding Company550.00
Gateway Regional High/Middle School L5104,000.00
Gavitt Wire & Cable627219.00
Gay Head Ldl2828444.28
Gca Corporation550.00
Gcr Inc Landfill282819,737.73
Geartronics Corp550.00
Geltex Pharmaceuticals, Inc Dba5200.00
Gem Gravure Company1115813,602.00
General Cable101385,648.00
General Cable Corp76310,997.00
General Chemical Corporation7117760.00
General Cleaners Of Holyoke550.00
General Dynamics Aviation Services5255,200.00
General Dynamics C4 Systems82311,000.00
General Dynamics C4 Systems825114,840.00
General Dynamics Corporation810214,117.00
General Electric Aircraft Engines148434,321,651.24
General Electric Company560588.00
General Electric Fitchburg84412,124.00
General Electric International81842,000.00
General Electric International Inc613257,840.00
General Electric Landfill28287,668.70
General Linen Service7210.00
General Metal Finish1010414,190.01
General Mills Bakeries & Foodservice62114,000.00
General Sand & Stone664,000.00
General Sandblasting52510,000.00
General Steel Products7286,000.00
Genetics Institute Llc931690,514.00
Gentex Optics8699,599.00
Genzyme Corporation9472,505.00
Genzyme Corporation5504,500.00
Genzyme Corporation71479,300.00
Genzyme Corporation7285,640.00
Genzyme Corporation8202,470.00
Genzyme Corporation7654,400.00
Geolabs Incorporated721300.00
George H Dean Company550.00
George H Potter School666,033.00
German Gerena School7280.00
Germanium Power Devices Corporation7123112.00
Getronics Incorporated8654.00
Gf Revere Incorporated552,000.00
Gfi/Big Joe Llc5150.00
Gi Plastek Ltd86585,372.00
Gift Basket Supply550.00
Gilbertville Storage7140.00
Gill Landfill2828198.56
Gillette Company The10232196,844.01
Gillette Company The9156748,140.00
Gitto Global Corp64636,013.00
Gitto Global Corp.2493.98
Gkn Sinter Metals Inc85523,222.00
Gl&V Impco-Jones Inc5100.00
Gl&V Usa Inc552,000.00
Glad Realty61218,000.00
Glens Falls Lehigh Cement Company6235,200.00
Glines & Rhodes Incorporated7852.60
Global Center Inc7980.00
Global Companies Llc85714,047.00
Global Petroleum Corp.7139,864.00
Global Revco Terminal1218851,834.00
Global South Terminal L.L.C.6125,870.00
Globalware Solutions Inc550.00
Globe Newspaper Company818452,214.00
Globe Newspaper Company826272,222.00
Globe Rubber Works56529,000.00
Gloucester Landfill28281,600.17
Glyptal Inc515534,930.00
Goddard Center8896,000.00
Goddard House6128,000.00
Goddard School Of Science + Technology5108,000.00
Goddard Valve Corporation551,122.00
Gold Medal Bakery612360,376.00
Good Humor Breyers Ice Cream76316,000.00
Goodway Graphics Inc550.00
Gordon College62864,000.00
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary7210.00
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary51598,860.00
Gordon Mindick Properties5104,000.00
Gortons Of Gloucester77210,337.00
Goshen Landfill2828170.65
Gosnold Landfill2828381.61
Gosnold Landfill28281,258.33
Gotham Ink Of New England Incorporated5202,790.00
Governors America Corp.112.43
Grace Performance Chemicals715412,196.00
Grafton Data Center77018,048.00
Grafton Dump282821,328.91
Grafton Job Corp Center5550.00
Grafton Landfill28281,381.94
Grafton State Hospital Dump282813,179.82
Grafton Wwtp5100.00
Granby Sanitary Landfill89331,473.00
Grand Realty Trust61716,000.00
Granger Lynch Corp89545,962.00
Granite State-Westford7214,592.00
Graniteville Foundry64172,000.00
Granville Landfill282821,587.53
Graphic Arts Finshers Inc7422,454.00
Graphic Litho52014,000.00
Graphic Services56517,820.00
Grasso Landfill28288,102.20
Great Barrington Landfill2828422.54
Great Sandy Pond Wtp55342.00
Greater Boston Ymca550.00
Greater Lawrence Sanitary District89046,909.00
Green Hill Park Landfill28281,650.36
Greenfield High School6426,000.00
Greenfield Industries6304,990.00
Greenfield Industries/Disston5352,117.00
Greenfield Middle School6124,000.00
Greenfield Sanitary Landfill550.00
Greyhound Lines Incorporated6410.00
Griffin Street Corporation7146,000.00
Grinnell Mill Realty Trust7140.00
Groton Dunstable Reg5100.00
Groton Landfill28286,737.22
Groveland Landfill2828318.39
Gte Glass Landfill2828580.95
Gte Realty Corportation28285,433.25
Guaranty Building5104,000.00
Gulf Oil Lp Chelsea15268155,546.00
H&R 1871 Incorporate716236,864.00
Haartz Corp116426,556.00
Haemonetics Corporation51516,000.00
Hallet Street Landfill2828566.58
Hallsmith Sysco Food5857,339.00
Hampden Animal Facil6110.00
Hampden Automotive8726,076.00
Hampden Fence Supply5302,000.00
Hampden Landfill28288,550.80
Hampden Papers Inc711214,536.00
Hampshire College5103,200.00
Hampshire Courthouse5100.00
Hampshire Regional High School5100.00
Hancock Courts554,000.00
Hancock Landfill282815,117.89
Hano Document Printe5254,868.00
Hanover Junior High School5250.00
Hanover Landfill2828348.04
Hans Cleaners550.00
Hanscom Field Atc Tower550.00
Hanson Indian Head7280.00
Hanson Printing Company Inc550.00
Hanson Transfer Station28286,549.97
Harbor Fuel Oil Corporation5856,000.00
Harbor Lofts Vamp Bd6182,000.00
Harbor Point51050.00
Harbor Towers I & Ii64933,440.00
Hardigg Industries65113,968.00
Hardric Laboratories8360.00
Hardric Laboratories830162.00
Hardwick Kilns51030,000.00
Hardwick Knitted Fabric1011295,269.01
Hardwick Laminators7210.00
Harmonic Drive Technologies7140.00
Harmony Grove Cemetery6330.00
Harodite Industries Inc822984,641.00
Harrington Memorial Hospital5400.00
Harris Mfg & Supply82419,797.00
Harvard Longwood Campus6719,423.00
Harvard Medical School770.00
Harvard University813698,106.00
Harvard University9198948,517.10
Harvard Vangard Medical Associates7420.00
Harwich Junior & Sen5150.00
Harwich Landfill28283,348.97
Hasbro Games88483,313.00
Hatfield Wood & Demolition Landfill2828447.44
Hathaway Mills Llc6644,053.00
Haverhill Landfill28283,716.92
Haverhill Paperboard10602,186,377.12
Haverhill Wwtp6732,000.00
Hawthorne Place Condomidiums5100.00
Hazen Paper Company8223161,366.00
Hba Cast Products Company62113,420.00
Hc Starck Incorporated1187030,397.00
Healthalliance Leominster Campus75612,293.00
Healthsouth Braintree Rehab Hospital6214,000.00
Healthsouth St Josephs Healthcare Center76314,000.00
Heat Fab Incorporated5252,000.00
Heat Transfer Products714652.00
Heatbath Corporation683378.00
Heath Brook School5104,000.00
Heath Hawley Charlemont Lf2828156.19
Hebrew Rehabilitation Center62120,000.00
Heimlich Nurseries6178,000.00
Heinrich Ceramic Decal57024,000.00
Helen H Hansen Elem School550.00
Helix Hitemp Cables52015,960.00
Helix Technology Corp721818.00
Henri A Yelle School5150.00
Henry Perkins Co The6262,000.00
Herberg Middle School837844.00
Hercules Inc726311,032.00
Heritage Heights7210.00
Herley Microdynamics81144,787.00
Hero Coatings Inc97219,929.00
Hewlett Packard Corporation7563,844.00
Heywood Hospital86552,585.00
Hh Arnold Company Inc5454,000.00
Hi Way Concrete Products7284,000.00
High School550.00
High Tech Asemblies550.00
Highland Laundry Co5150.00
Hilco-The Hilsinger Company5160142.00
Hildreth School5100.00
Hill Roberts School5100.00
Hillcrest Hospital86415,077.00
Hillcrest Park Cemetary7280.00
Hingham Landfill28287,670.44
Hinsdale Transfer Station Ts Since 198028281,135.66
Historic Reality550.00
Hk Graphics Inc6161,168.00
Hobbs Brook Management7211,080.00
Hobbs Brook Management770.00
Hobbs Brook Management7424,940.00
Hobbs Brook Management7771,545.00
Hoffman Building774,000.00
Hogan Regional Center860176,000.00
Holbrook Kennedy School5100.00
Holbrook Landfill28281,235.39
Holden Landfill282819,878.99
Holden Trap Rock Co81438,505.00
Holden Trap Rock Co85537,602.00
Holiday Cleaners550.00
Holland Company Inc73314,005.00
Holland Landfill28281,076.97
Hollingsworth & Vose8191525,286.00
Hollingsworth & Vose827497,299.00
Holliston High School6220.00
Holly Cleaners Incorporated550.00
Hollywood Cleaners550.00
Holt And Bugbee Company8230.00
Holy Family Hospital811483,271.00
Holyoke Animal Hospital550.00
Holyoke Card Company714714,373.00
Holyoke Community College8862,000.00
Holyoke Gas & Electric Department832486,000.00
Holyoke Geriatric56534,000.00
Holyoke Hospital88642,178.00
Holyoke Landfill28286,549.97
Holyoke Mall At Ingleside51512,000.00
Holyoke Soldiers Home54524,000.00
Holyoke Tire & Auto550.00
Holyoke Water Power Company7513716,113,699.51
Holyoke Wwt Plant7771,590,243.00
Homeland Builders76313,726.00
Hood Coatings76346,328.00
Hoosac Water Quality District8221,338.00
Hopkins Academy5150.00
Hopkinton Landfill28287,906.20
Hopkinton Lng Corp7273426,070.00
Hopkinton Middle High School5100.00
Hopwood Globe Ltd8366,001.00
Horace Mann School5100.00
Horizon Milling Llc610614,000.00
Horn Packaging Corporation5250.00
Houghton Chemical Company1921511,190.00
Hoyt Corporation6362,203.00
Hp Hood Inc6166,508.00
Hub Fabric Leather79825,206.00
Hub Fabric Leather74914,564.00
Hub Folding Box Company63142,860.00
Hubbardston Landfill282846,354.20
Hudson Color Concentrates, Inc.5252,000.00
Hudson Landfill28282,440.70
Hudson Light & Power Department8128134,820.00
Hudson Lock6310.03
Hudson Machinery Ww5452,400.00
Hudson Poly Bag Incorporated5206,000.00
Hull Landfill282813,318.49
Hull Wwtp5252,000.00
Hunt Center88110,198.00
Huntington Landfill2828302.84
Hurley Cleaners552,000.00
Hyannis Sand & Grave6452,040.00
Hyannis Sand & Gravel6118,000.00
Hyde Manufacturing Company6814,011.00
Hyer Industries Incorporated7631,240.00
Hyperion Catalysis55860.00
Ibm Corp - Cambridge5402,512.00
Idc Bellingham770.00
Ideal Concrete Block Co5203,198.00
Ideal Tape Company9221324,154.00
Igo Administration Building7140.00
Illegal Landfill Site28283,101.73
Imi Incorporated7632,476.00
Imperia Corporation75611,547.00
Indeck Pepperell Power865125,251.00
Independent Concrete Pipe8299,000.00
Independent Nail Company8437,582.00
Indian Orchard Elemetary School5100.00
Indian Orchard Mill5204,000.00
Indusol Incorporated6129180.00
Industrial Chemical Company770.00
Industrial Etching5104,000.00
Industrial Foundry5100.00
Industrial Heat Treatment8434,000.00
Industrial Polymers67515,288.00
Industrial Power Services Corporation550.00
Industrial Precision Coatings Inc6326,000.00
Infinity Holding Llc86770,001.00
Inner Tite Corporation7321,928.25
Innovative Membrane924123,857.00
Instron Corporation62820,000.00
Instrumentation Laboratory515154.00
Insulation Tech51534,200.00
Intel Massachusetts Inc1018990,495.00
Intelcore Technologies, Inc.550.00
Intelicoat Technologies111194178,928.00
Interface Fabrics Group Finishing Inc9212172,375.10
International Metal Products554,000.00
International Paper722441,646.00
International Paper62222,160.00
Interplex Etch Logic L.L.C.126.00
Interpolymer Corp.3630.00
Interstate Coffee Se6236,000.00
Interstate Container84348,652.00
Invensys Systems10516118,396.00
Ionics Incorporated715413,408.00
Ipswich Industries Dba Rau Bros6162,000.00
Ipswich Municipal Light818950,000.00
Iron Mountain Records Management5100.00
Irving Oil Terminals816978,156.00
Island Road Materials Inc7212,660.00
Isomedix Incorporated63210,060.00
Isp Freetown Fine Chemicals12244183,580.00
Itt Industries770.00
Itw Devcon915153,341.00
Itw Foilmark Inc912127,674.00
Itw Tacc1123653,897.00
Ivex Novacel Inc624846,846.00
Ivex-Bleyer Paper Division5254,000.00
J P Dawe Jr Elem School550.00
J Shannon & Sons5150.00
J Von550.00
J&J Corrugated Box Co87187,558.00
Jabil Circuits Inc550.00
Jackson Street Eleme6110.00
Jamaicaway Tower51018,000.00
James Austin Company7234,873.00
Japenamelac Corporation74916,008.00
Jaybird & Mais Inc6314,065.00
Jc Corrigan Mental Health Center5308,000.00
Jc Penney5150.00
Jefferson Park Apartments5100.00
Jefferson Realty Partnership550.00
Jefferson Smurfit Co99540,320.00
Jen Manufacturing Incorporated7405,855.00
Jen-Coat Inc53532,000.00
Jet A Way61136,000.00
Jeweled Cross Co7564,000.00
Jewish Memorial Hospital5508,000.00
Jg Maclellan Concrete Co72115,123.00
Jg Mclellan Concrete71410,680.00
Jms Manufacturing Company5652,060.00
John F Kennedy Junior High6124,000.00
John F Kennedy Middle School6114,000.00
John Glenn Middle School5104,000.00
John Hancock Financial Services Inc728308.00
John Hancock Mutual52017,240.00
John Hancock Tower6174,697.00
John J Adams Die Corporation62726.00
John J Doran School5100.00
John R Lyman Co6162,000.00
John S Lane & Son Inc811488,392.00
John S Lane & Sons - Asphalt79813,228.00
John S Lane & Sons I88342,714.00
John S Lane & Sons Inc62136,002.00
Johnson And Wales Inn5304,782.00
Jordan Jackson School5154,000.00
Jordon Hospital The713320,000.00
Joseph Demello School556,000.00
Joseph H Gibbons Elem School550.00
Jostens Inc78216,000.00
Journeyman Press, The550.00
Jp Bartlett Company814649,528.00
Judd Wire Incorporated9937,380.00
Junior High School5150.00
Junior Senior High School554,000.00
Junior Senior High School51028,000.00
Juniper Park School7140.00
Justin Clothing Co5106,000.00
Jw Martin School5150.00
K And M Electronics78319,830.00
Kadant Web Systems Inc8231,347.00
Kanzaki Specialty Papers814250,097.00
Kayem Foods, Inc53511,126.00
Keivan Towfigh5252,000.00
Keiver Willard Lumber Corporation6112,000.00
Kellwood New England550.00
Kelly School Holyoke5200.00
Ken-Lac Inc.1151.00
Kendall Square Parcel A Llc550.00
Kennedy Lofts7210.00
Kennedy Middle School7218,000.00
Kennedy School554,000.00
Kens Foods Incorporated72114,060.00
Kensington School5100.00
Key Polymer6462,065.00
Keyspan Energy Delivery Cp Lng81126,009.00
Keyspan Energy Delivery Lynnlng8761,558.00
Keyspan Energy Delivery New England79164,914.00
Keyspan Energy Delivery Salem Lng845350.00
Keyspan Energy-Danversport545134.00
Keyspan Energy-Gloucester53514.00
Keyspan Energy-Haverhill8921,010.00
Keyspan Energy-Norwood52514.00
Keyspan Energy-Tewskbury713847,760.00
Kidde Fenwal Incorporated92638,003.50
Kilburn Isotronics7931,631.00
Kiley James Company55200.00
Killam School550.00
Killeen Machine Tool Co5204,514.00
Kilmartin Industries555326.00
Kimball Companies The550.00
Kimball Condominiums5106,000.00
Kimball Farms5102,000.00
Kimball Sand Company83730,002.00
Kimberly / Clark Landfill282821,955.73
Kindred Hospital Boston North Shore72812,300.00
Kinefac Corporation5204,000.00
King Kalipers Incorporated8442,000.00
King Philip Regional62410,000.00
King School7148,000.00
Kings Beach Towers770.00
Kingston Dump2828348.04
Kingston Elementry School5150.00
Kingston Landfill2828498.30
Kirk Eastern5100.00
Kirkhill-Ta Co Haskon Div920796,779.00
Kirwood Tech Publish53524,000.00
Kittredge School552,000.00
Kleenit Inc5100.00
Knowlton Disposal Landfill28281,652.46
Koch Membrane813335,694.00
Kochman Reidt & Haigh53013,400.00
Kollmorgen Corporation Electro-Optical650251.00
Komtek Div Kervick1210710,690.08
Konarka Technologies770.00
Kopin Corporation7148,360.00
Korber Hats Incorporated51016,000.00
Kraft Foods8386291,665.00
L&J Of New England610726,308.00
L&M Stress Relieving5100.00
L&S Industries Inc550.00
L3 Communications Essco Inc5453,855.00
L3 Communications Henschel7982,651.00
La Salle Cleaners550.00
Lacey Truck Equip5102,000.00
Ladies Garment Center770.00
Lafarge North America88756,000.00
Lafoe Construction Landfill28284,438.89
Lahey Hitchcock Medi69030,000.00
Lakeside Cemetary550.00
Lakeville Landfill28281,677.50
Lally Column Corp556,080.00
Lally Column Corp774,642.00
Laminating Coating Technologies Inc82126,492.00
Lamson & Goodnow Man5258,000.00
Lancaster Dcam State Complex814424,346.00
Lancaster Landfill28281,020.40
Lancaster Landfill28281,650.36
Lane Construction Co83622,000.00
Lane Construction Co63238,180.00
Lane Construction Co88960,542.00
Lane Construction Co86076,862.00
Lane Construction Company817270,720.00
Lane Construction Corporation52516,000.00
Lane Construction Corporation52512,000.00
Lane School5104,000.00
Lantor Incorporated5452,920.00
Larson Tool & Stamping Company7911,548.00
Lasell College6504,000.00
Lau Technologies666,000.00
Laurence Candle5150.00
Lavigne Press5526,000.00
Lawlor School550.00
Lawrence General Hospital77092,000.00
Lawrence High School550.00
Lawrence Lynch Corp84523,302.00
Lawrence Memorial Hospital88133,338.00
Lawrence Redi Mix6351,126.00
Lawrence Redi Mix631708.00
Lawrence Water Treatment Facility550.00
Le Belcher Incorporated5520,000.00
Leach & Garner Company713811,623.00
Leahy School550.00
Leavitt Corporation The770.00
Leavitt Machine Co7140.00
Lebaron Foundry Inc109060,758.00
Ledgemont Research7562,005.00
Lee Landfill28282,051.99
Lee Landfill2828517.11
Lee Products Company96122,511.00
Lee School District5102,000.00
Leeds Elementary School6120.00
Leggat Mccall Properties5200.00
Leggett & Platt Inc Urethane Division5900.00
Leicester Landfill2828290.18
Lelanite Corporation5650.00
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital711244,000.00
Lenox Landfill28281,265.11
Leominster Bennett School660.00
Leominster Gallagher Administration Bldg6118,000.00
Leominster High School6178,000.00
Leominster Johnny Appleseed School6120.00
Leominster Landfill282815,501.99
Leominster Northwest Elementry School6120.00
Lesco Inc8951,224.00
Level 3 Communications6261,094.00
Levertt Landfill2828541.36
Levitz Furniture550.00
Lewcott Corporation1214351,421.00
Liberty Carton Company New England6328,000.00
Light Metal Platers64122,916.00
Light Metal Platers51010,234.00
Lightolier - Wilmington716655,748.00
Lightolier Fall River833146,000.00
Lincoln Eliot School550.00
Lincoln Landfill2828156.64
Lincoln Property Company7350.00
Lincoln Sudbury High5150.00
Lincoln Village54010,000.00
Lindberg Heat Treat8432,000.00
Linwood Cemetery6530.00
Lista International Corp843118,766.00
Litecontrol Corp58532,000.00
Litecontrol Corporation Plymton5700.00
Littleton High School5100.00
Littleton Jr High School6124,000.00
Littleton Landfill28284,874.41
Locker Elementary School5150.00
Lockheed Martin Corporation7426,380.00
Loella Dewing School5100.00
Logan International Airport550.00
Longmeadow High School54010,000.00
Longmeadow Williams5208,000.00
Longview Fibre Co64413,465.00
Longview Fibre Company57514,368.00
Loren Products6268,000.00
Louis O Beede & Sons6178,000.00
Louise Davy Trahan School5100.00
Lowell Cogen Company814678,967.00
Lowell General Hospital67364,000.00
Lowell High School7140.00
Lowell Housing Authority6164,000.00
Lowell Housing Authority6168,000.00
Lowell Housing Authority5156,000.00
Lowell Housing Authority Father Norton6160.00
Lowell Humane Society6110.00
Lowell Landfill2828718.69
Lowell Regional Wwtp610312,000.00
Lowell Sun Publishing5100.00
Lowell Water Treatment770.00
Lp Athol Corporation5100.00
Ls Starrett Company1183130,121.00
Lucent Technologies10160208,431.96
Ludlow Industrial Realties844100,000.00
Ludlow Landfill2828586.83
Ludlow Senior Center5100.00
Ludlow Textiles Company Inc72858,000.00
Lunenberg Landfill282813,179.82
Lunenburg Landfill2828352.46
Lunt Silversmiths78816,454.00
Luster On Products69631.00
Lutco, Inc.5102,000.00
Luxtec Corporation550.00
Lyle Junior High Sch552,000.00
Lyman Terrace5150.00
Lynch Middle School5150.00
Lynn Landfill282825,054.71
Lynn Plastics Company Llc913521,025.95
Lynn Regional Wwtp5850.00
Lynn Vocational Tech770.00
Lynnfield Middle School550.00
M Kamenstein550.00
M.T. Sullivan Landfill28286,549.97
M/A Com Inc950526,286.00
M/A Com Inc823024,729.00
M/A Com Inc7217,200.00
M/A Com Incorporated815723,887.00
Ma Ang 104 Fighter Wing92827,200.00
Ma Ang Curtis72884.00
Ma Ang Station - Milford5100.00
Ma Army National Guard63112,012.00
Ma Bay Commuter Railroad Co71124,257.00
Ma Cape Cod & Islands Mental Health Ctr550.00
Ma Monson Developmental Center735148,000.00
Ma National Guard7915,446.00
Ma State Police5352,000.00
Ma Turnpike Authority550.00
Ma Turnpike Authority550.00
Ma Turnpike Authority550.00
Ma Turnpike Authority550.00
Ma Turnpike Authority550.00
Maaco - Auto Paint & Body Works53014,920.00
Maaco Auto Painting51516,000.00
Maaco Auto Painting72817,600.00
Maaco Auto Painting779,600.00
Maaco Auto Painting51016,000.00
Maaco Auto Painting51520,000.00
Maaco Auto Painting556,000.00
Maaco Auto Painting54016,000.00
Macdermid Graphic Arts1230,341.00
Mace Adhesives & Coa85715,861.00
Madico Inc105916,381.00
Madison Cable Corporation72114,000.00
Madix Incorporated7287,784.00
Magnet Wave Products Incorporated5150.00
Mahoneys Garden Center84554,000.00
Mahoneys Nursery8362,000.00
Main Street Textile79812,753.00
Main Street Textiles6117,632.00
Majilite Manufacturing Inc550.00
Majilite Mfg Inc10111152,288.00
Malden / Illegal Site2828285.51
Malden Government Center5150.00
Malden Landfill28287,906.20
Malden Medical Center7496,412.00
Malden Mills Industries8931156,654.00
Manomet Landfill28283,620.83
Mansfield High School5200.00
Mansfield Landfill28284,667.18
Mantrose Haeuser Co78962,643.00
Manufacturers Realty7428,000.00
Marathon Co7352,000.00
Marblehead Landfill282836,458.37
Marblehead Municipal Light-Commercial8462,329.00
Marblehead Municipal-Wilkens8234,016.00
Marcus Printing Company5100.00
Marian Manor Incorporated6120.00
Marine Biological Laboratory515515,752.00
Marion Landfill28281,587.66
Mark Richey Woodwork73512,090.00
Market Forge Industries Inc55010,002.00
Marlborough Foundry6112,000.00
Marlborough Hospital73570,028.00
Marriott Hotel5107,552.00
Marshfield Landfill28281,192.39
Marshfield-High School550.00
Marthas Vineyard Hospital7216,090.00
Martinson Middle School5100.00
Martone Uws Landfill28283,710.25
Mary Lane Hospital72112,000.00
Mary M Lynch School5100.00
Mary Wells Junior High School7140.00
Mashpee Landfill282827,623.77
Mason Box Co The5100.00
Mason Tanning Company6574,000.00
Masonic Home51044,000.00
Mass Bay Community College5256,000.00
Mass College Of Art810616,000.00
Mass College Of Liberal Arts63716,000.00
Mass College Of Pharmacy & Health Servic51510,000.00
Mass Container Corporation61232,000.00
Mass Dep Wall Exp Station515148.00
Mass Engineering & Tank Incorporated5306,222.00
Mass Eye & Ear Infir6315,620.00
Mass General Hospital89212,000.00
Mass General Hospital62116,060.00
Mass Lite Division74212,800.00
Mass Maritime Academy821319,369.00
Mass Mutual Insurance89653,483.00
Mass Wrentham Development Center7136148,329.00
Massachusetts Broken Stone Company550.00
Massachusetts Electric660.00
Massachusetts Electric - Wollaston660.00
Massachusetts Electric Company550.00
Massachusetts Electric Company6751,810.00
Massachusetts Hospital School88518,000.00
Massasoit Community College7140.00
Masse Circuit Co5952,000.00
Masters Corporation54012,675.00
Mastex Industries Incorporated5250.00
Materials Developement Corporation7623,970.00
Matheson Gas Product550.00
Mattacheese Middle School5150.00
Mattapoisett Landfill28283,075.93
Maxymillian Technologies Incorporated550.00
Maxymillian Technologies Incorporated5516,000.00
Mayflower Cemeteries5400.00
Mayflower School550.00
Mayhew Steel Product550.00
Mayhew Steel Product554,000.00
Mbta Albany Street Bus Garage7126200.00
Mbta Charleston Yard620115,600.00
Mbta Everett Shops619220,400.00
Mbta Oper Cont Center5104,000.00
Mbta Orient Heights Carhouse7631,160.00
Mbta Quincy Bus Garage6574,000.00
Mbta Riverside Carhouse7914,800.00
Mbta South Bay Maintenance5802,000.00
Mbta South Boston Power83016,000.00
Mbta South Station51016,000.00
Mbta Wellington Carhouse7706,400.00
Mccabe Sand & Gravel Co7181.44
Mcelwain School552,000.00
Mci Bridgewater Correctional Complex818232,407.00
Mci Cedar Junction87886,000.00
Mci Concord68120,000.00
Mci Framingham817285,999.00
Mci Norfolk798174,000.00
Mci Shirley82936,000.00
Mckinstry Incorporated5251,460.00
Mclean Hospital713723,005.00
Mcstowe Engineering5200.00
Mdc Amelia Earhart Dam5406,000.00
Mdc Charles River Dam5508,000.00
Me Small Elementry School5152,000.00
Medfield Landfill282833,434.19
Medford Housing Authority550.00
Medford Landfill282863,237.99
Medford Landfill28281,715.36
Medical Area Total Energy93623,749,870.00
Medtronic Ave115,166.00
Medway Landfill2828318.39
Medway Middle & High School7280.00
Mello Investment Trust7286,142.00
Mello Landfill282868,382.38
Melrose Wakefield Hospital88515,493.00
Memorial Middle Scho552,000.00
Memorial Middle School62214,000.00
Memorial School6116,000.00
Memorial School7140.00
Memorial School7428,000.00
Mendon Memorial School5150.00
Mercantile Wharf Building51510,000.00
Merck Boston Research Center7140.00
Mercury Wire5104,000.00
Mercy Medical Center84540,228.00
Meredith Williams Middle School5300.00
Merrill Communications Llc76353,000.00
Merrimac Landfill2828411.96
Merrimac Paper Company1096424,136.03
Merrimack College721021,126.00
Merrimack Magnetics5303,980.00
Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Company62225,226.00
Merrimack Valley Hospital813810,000.00
Merrimack Valley Industrial Associates L6122,045.00
Mestek Incorporated513516,000.00
Metal Tronics Inc.117.34
Metalor Technologies Usa816845,894.00
Metalor Technologies Usa1113315,906.00
Metfab Engineering52511,948.00
Methuen Landfill282825,054.71
Metropolitan Life Insurance85012,000.00
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company550.00
Metrowest Medical Center6539,413.00
Metrowest Medical Center65112,572.00
Metso Automation812110,000.00
Mh Parks Co6182,000.00
Michael E Smith Middle School6128,000.00
Micron Medical Products95412,991.00
Microsemi Corporation715811,516.39
Microsemi Lawrence124.20
Microwave Development7701,387.00
Middlefield Landfill28282,051.99
Middlefield Landfill28282,051.99
Middlesex House Of Correction78914,000.00
Middlesex Research M814331,815.00
Middleton Landfill2828381.61
Middleton Landfill28281,179.09
Mildred Aitkens Elementary School5150.00
Mile Tree664,000.00
Milford High School63330,000.00
Milford Landfill282897,683.63
Milford Power Lp8141284,269.00
Milford Whitinsville Regional Hospital89036,002.00
Millbrook Distributors5100.00
Millbury Landfill282828,789.27
Milldam Square Condominiums Inc5100.00
Millenium Power Partners Lp1755454,739.21
Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc550.00
Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc550.00
Millipore Corporation89316,698.00
Millipore Corporation96511,942.00
Millis Landfill28281,477.03
Millville Landfill28281,650.36
Milton Hospital5908,270.00
Milton Landfill28282,986.09
Minery Dump28282,051.99
Mini Systems Incorporated7210.00
Minnechaug High5156,000.00
Minot Forrest School550.00
Minute Maid Company The72112,268.00
Minuteman Limited Pa7490.00
Mirant - Canal4934570,525,129.50
Mirant - Kendall Llc523712,929,498.79
Mirant - Oak Bluffs88061,858.00
Mirant Canal Llc - West Tisbury87251,014.00
Misco Hill Elementary5254,000.00
Miss Halls School6172,000.00
Mission Main Develop770.00
Mit Lincoln Laboratory63329,032.00
Mitre Corporation717513,777.00
Mittinague School660.00
Mj Industries550.00
Mj Kuss Middle School5152,000.00
Mks Instruments Inc550.00
Modern Aluminum Anod811015,024.00
Modern Aluminum Anodizing5400.00
Modern Dispersion89823,754.00
Modu Form Inc55535,330.00
Mohawk Cdt52518,000.00
Monarch Place550.00
Monroe Bridge Landfill2828690.53
Monson Junior & Senior High School5102,000.00
Monson Landfill28281,235.73
Monson Small Animal Clinic5100.00
Montague Landfill28282,681.83
Montague Machine Company6360.00
Montgomery Company86627,600.00
Montgomery Company82917,034.00
Montrose Cable Design Technologies51518,260.00
Monument Mt Regional62210,000.00
Moore Wallace We Andrews Company52572,000.00
Morgan Construction6168,000.00
Morgan Construction923224,582.00
Morgan Services Inc6176,000.00
Morningside School525986.00
Morrison Berkshire5250.00
Morse Pond School5100.00
Morse Sand & Gravel662,000.01
Morton Hospital Corp89816,430.00
Morton Middle School51512,000.00
Motorola Incorporated5354,208.00
Mount Everett School5206,000.00
Mount Holyoke College8207206,787.00
Mount Tom Box Co Inc55274.00
Mra Laboratories7351,701.00
Mra Laboratories Incorporated7706,950.00
Mrsw Compost Facility550.00
Msf Incorporated Comeplay6610,000.00
Msm Industries Incorporated5206,000.00
Mspca Edgartown8150.00
Mspca Hospital5204,000.00
Mspca Methuen6276,000.00
Mspca Nantucket7140.00
Mt Auburn Cemetery6380.00
Mt Auburn Hospital715429,569.00
Mt Greylock School District61814,000.00
Mt Hope Street Sanitary Landfill55532,997.00
Mueller Corporation818324,100.00
Mullen Testers6110.00
Multiprint Inc52510,000.00
Mupac Corporation6461,563.20
Mustang Partners6120.00
Mvp Realty Co552,000.00
Mw Custom Papers, Llc - Laurel Mill1190359,954.02
Mw Custom Papers, Llc - Willow Mill11149322,636.02
Mwra Alewife Brook P5152,197.00
Mwra Arlington #2 Pump Station5400.00
Mwra Braintree Weymouth85770,244.00
Mwra Brookline Pump520116.00
Mwra Caruso Pumping5150.00
Mwra Central Maintenance Facility5250.00
Mwra Chelsea Creek8717,525.00
Mwra Clinton Wwtp81267,753.00
Mwra Columbus Park8586,536.00
Mwra Commercial Poin5200.00
Mwra Cottage Farms880677.00
Mwra Deer Island755282,838.00
Mwra Delaurie Pump Station8454,550.00
Mwra Fore River Staging Area7252152,015.00
Mwra Fox Point Cso5150.00
Mwra Gillis Pump Sta8361,200.00
Mwra Hingham Pump Station616208.00
Mwra Houghs Neck5100.00
Mwra Hyde Park Pump5250.00
Mwra Newton Pump Station5150.00
Mwra Norumbega Reser5300.00
Mwra Nut Island Hdwrks87820,450.00
Mwra Prison Point Pu8856,218.00
Mwra Southboro Shaft5951,804.00
Mwra Ward Street8376,547.00
Mwra Weston Reservoi52568.00
My Bread Baking Co10167112,360.00
Mykrolis Corp939570,002.00
Mylec Inc6366,000.00
Mystic Valley Foundry7210.00
Mystic Valley Towers52512,000.00
N Purchase Cemetary6320.00
Nagog Park Investors Llc5100.00
Nantucket Asphalt In8150.00
Nantucket Cott Hospital7144,000.00
Nantucket Electric Company5200.00
Nantucket Electric Company8882,444.00
Nantucket High School550.00
Narragansett Regional High School5104,000.00
Nashawena Mills81616,109.00
Nashoba Regional School District62214,000.00
Nashoba Valley Structural5100.00
Nasoya Foods Inc7425,677.00
Nathaniel Morton Sch5158,000.00
Natick High School52524,031.00
Natick Landfill28282,819.68
Natick Paperboard937561,776.50
National Coating Cor812625,571.00
National Metal Finishing, Inc6268,343.00
National Nonwovens66944,654.00
National Nonwovens6609,317.00
National Offset Blnk770.00
Natural Pharmaceuticals Inc10105,328.00
Nauset Regional High5154,000.00
Nauset Regional Middle School5154,000.00
Ned Corporation5156,000.00
Needham Landfill28281,822.71
Nelson Place School550.00
Neponset Avenue Landfill28282,414.12
Nevlen Company Incorporated5650.00
New Balance Athletic Shoe627332.00
New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc5552,410.00
New Bedford / Shawmut Ave Landfill282825,678.56
New Bedford Aj Gomes5154,000.00
New Bedford Carney Academy5250.00
New Bedford City Hall Annex550.00
New Bedford Economic Development5254,000.00
New Bedford High School5152,000.00
New Bedford Keith Junior High School51528,000.00
New Bedford Mcfadden5104,000.00
New Bedford Mt Pleasant5200.00
New Bedford Normadin53510,004.00
New Bedford Pulaski School5408,000.00
New Bedford Regional High School72842,041.00
New Bedford Rehabilitation Hospital63212,000.00
New Bedford Rodrigues Adminstration Bldg52510,000.00
New Bedford Roosevelt Junior High School5200.00
New Bedford Superior770.00
New Bedford Thread Co5100.00
New Bedford Water Po67714,993.00
New Commonwealth Center550.00
New Corr Packaging5108,231.00
New England Baptist Hospital88762,141.00
New England Baystate Press550.00
New England Business51056,000.00
New England Business Service7282,000.00
New England Casket Co711967,365.00
New England Confectionery72832,000.00
New England Custom Coaters6258,100.00
New England Etching711212,641.00
New England Gas Company81784,188.00
New England Home For Little Wanders662,030.00
New England Medical Center Hospital55518,000.00
New England Plastic5252,000.00
New England Plastics5254,800.00
New England Regional85321,716.00
New England Sinai Hospital62116,000.00
New England Sterling565114.00
New England Wooden W7565,202.00
New Horizons At Choate6300.00
New Marlborough Landfill28281,265.11
New Method Plating Co5150.00
New Model Cleaners554,000.00
New St Landfill (Danehy Park)28282,439.01
New Street Realty Corporated5106,000.00
Newark America74989,500.00
Newark Atlantic Paperboard Corp.1123.70
Newbury Landfill2828662.16
Newburyport High School660.00
Newburyport Wwtp5208,000.00
Newly Weds Foods55548,652.00
Newman Building5108,000.00
Newton Cemetery Corporation6360.00
Newton Landfill2828128,878.58
Newton Wellesley Hospital7105102,473.00
Newtowne Court Apartments5104,000.00
Nexus Custom Electronics Inc.121.21
Nichols & Stone Co890244,000.00
Nichols College6128,442.00
Niles Company Incorporated, The5104,000.00
Nimrod Press814159,393.00
Nipmuc Middle High School550.00
Noble Hospital71260.00
Norfolk Asphalt Company6490.00
Norfolk Corporation5151,900.00
Norfolk Landfill2828244.32
Nortel Networks Incorporated82930.00
North Adams Regional Hospital8879,555.00
North Adams Sanitary Landfill282826,251.43
North American Chemical74220,000.00
North American Ind7142,000.00
North American Thread85024,689.00
North Andover Landfill282836,458.37
North Andover Landfill28284,438.89
North Andover Resco295226,314.32
North Attleboro Amvet Elemtry School5200.00
North Attleboro Comm629218,000.00
North Attleboro Middle School5354,000.00
North Attleborough Landfill28284,744.58
North Berkshire Vocational School5254,000.00
North Brookfield Landfill2828568.79
North Central Correctional Institute837154,000.00
North Elementry School5100.00
North High School552,000.00
North Junior High School5150.00
North Middlesex Regional High558,000.00
North Randolph Cleaner550.00
North Revere Landfill28281,260.16
North Shore Medical8118109,309.00
North Street School51012,000.00
North Trust662,000.00
North/Win Ltd62818,271.00
Northampton High Sch6182,000.00
Northampton Landfill28284,914.14
Northampton Landfill550.00
Northborough Landfill282846,695.66
Northbridge Landfill2828172.06
Northeast Concrete Products Corp.53014,000.00
Northeast Seat Company667.00
Northeastern University89661,560.00
Northern Research & Engineering5104,960.00
Northfield Mountain Station71425.00
Northfield Mt Hermon75679,246.00
Northfield Mt Hermon86468,287.00
Northgate Recycling6652,000.00
Northshore Mall5502,080.00
Northwest Airlines7320.00
Norton Landfill28281,912.31
Norton Paper Company Landfill28289,904.76
Norwell High School7140.00
Norwell Landfill282831,413.10
Norwell Mfg Company76410,640.00
Norwell Middle School7142,000.00
Norwood (Pcb) Landfill2828318.39
Norwood Commerce Center8368,505.00
Norwood Landfill2828664.55
Notre Dame Dulac Institute51526,000.00
Notre Dame School5100.00
Nova Biomedical63214,000.00
Nova Chemicals Inc875123,937.00
Novartis Institute For Biomedical Resear550.00
Novelty Bias Bind Co5102,000.00
Noveon Inch Specialt921213,324.00
Noveon Incorporated5254,000.00
Np Dry Cleaners5150.00
Nstar Gas6412,765.00
Nts Acton5100.00
Nu Visions Mfg. L.L.C.114.00
Nu Way Cleaners Inc550.00
Nunes Landfill282865,380.87
Nutcracker Brands Inc69230,000.00
Nyacol Products Incorporated11646,831.10
Nylco Corporation713333,414.00
Nypro Incorporated66116,245.00
Oak Bluffs Landfill Ts Since 6-962828827.61
Oak Ridge School5100.00
Oakham Landfill28281,513.47
Oakmont Regional High School73512,000.00
Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc8171119,350.00
October Company Inc772,000.00
October Company-Chemetal7146,000.00
October Company-Stik Ii Div810711,246.00
Odonnell Middle School5150.00
Ofs Fitel-Sturbridge8367,609.00
Old Colony Envelope51542,000.00
Old Millis Landfill2828318.39
Old Mother Hubbard83815,154.00
Old Norton Dump2828324.45
Old Peabody Landfill28281,260.16
Old Rochester Regional High School52012,000.00
Old Rockland Landfill2828348.04
Old Stone Mill5252,000.00
Old Wayland Dump282815,146.13
Old Wayland Landfill / Boston Post Rd2828460.89
Oldcastle Architectural Pdts8275262,878.00
Olin Aegis Incorporated61354,693.00
Olin Gypsum Landfill2828192.65
Oliver Ames High School6120.00
Olsons Greenhouses72844,000.00
Olympic Manufacturing Group7356,249.00
Omega Laboratories545248.00
Omniglow Corporation93829,770.00
Omnova Solutions Inc13803,074.00
On Site Electrostatic Refinishing550.00
One Federal Street Building5200.00
One Lincoln Street550.00
One Post Office Square550.00
One Price Dry Cleaners550.00
Onset School552,000.00
Onyx Special Services Inc.112.54
Optron Systems Incorporated5100.00
Orange Landfill2828381.61
Orchard Cove Inc770.00
Orchid Cleaner550.00
Organogenesis Inc5601,884.00
Orleans Landfill Transfer Station Since 19902828513.43
Osgood Elementry School6124,000.00
Osmonics Westborough5504,020.00
Osram Sylvania Inc6499,409.00
Otis Air Force Base Landfill28281,927.99
Otis Landfill2828380.42
Otis Memorial Elemen5102,000.00
Our Lady Of Elms College7352,931.00
Our Lady Sacred Heart5100.00
Oxford Asphalt & Paving6112,012.00
Oxford Foods, Llc5100.00
Oxford High School5304,000.00
Oxford Landfill282832,089.92
Oxford Middle School5100.00
Oxford School6114,000.00
P Allen & Son Dump282831,174.81
Pa Landers Inc550.00
Pa Landers Inc83696,165.00
Pacific Mills Industrial Complex82228,000.00
Package Industries7498,000.00
Package Printing Co5404,000.00
Packaging Corporation Of America85215,151.00
Palmer Cove Dump2828318.39
Palmer Foundry Incorporated52523,245.00
Palmer High School7560.00
Palmer Landfill28281,923.33
Palmer Landfill282831,413.10
Palmer Landfill28286,549.97
Palmer Old Mill Pond School7350.00
Palmer Paving Corp116734,815.56
Palmer Paving Corporation118953,364.52
Palmer Paving Corporation95122,012.57
Palmer Wwt Plant7210.00
Pandolf Perkins Comp87126,579.00
Parallax Power Components Aerovox Div.1211,015.00
Paratronix Incorporated553,128.00
Park Cleaners Inc5102.00
Park Plaza550.00
Park View Specialty Hospital65154,090.00
Parker Junior High School550.00
Parkhill Manufacturing Center6618,000.00
Parlex Corporation836915,891.00
Patriot Ledger The68618,000.00
Pcl Packaging7988,060.00
Peabody Landfill282836,458.37
Peabody Municipal Light Plant853114,000.00
Pembroke Landfill28281,190.14
Pentucket High School550.00
Pentucket Junior High School550.00
Pentucket Regional School District550.00
Pepperell Landfill2828380.28
Pepperell Mills5150.00
Pepperhorn Llc61217,720.00
Pepsi Cola Bottling5250.00
Pequot Associates550.00
Perfect Press Dry Cleaners Inc550.00
Perini Corporation5150.00
Perkinelmer Life Sciences Inc71895,501.00
Perkins Precoat65696,771.00
Perkins School79112,525.00
Perma Flex Engineering5203.00
Perstorp Compounds Incorporated119695,355.20
Pet Memorial Park83012,136.00
Peter Thacher Middle School7210.00
Petnel Properties Llc7140.00
Pfizer Global Research & Development7563,563.00
Pharmasol Corporation713357,654.00
Philipp Manufacturing54514,000.00
Philips Medical Systems73928,060.00
Phillips Academy88521,712.00
Phillipston Landfill Transfer Station Since 19702828313.63
Phoenix Color Corp550.00
Phoenix Tanning7427,320.00
Photofabrication Engraving757798.00
Piantedosi Baking Co8169104,927.00
Pierce Junior High School550.00
Pillsbury Bakeries62112,000.00
Pinetree Power Fitch829750,000.00
Pioneer Consolidated554,000.00
Pioneer Valley Plating550.00
Pioneer Valley Regional School61710,000.00
Pittsfield Cemetery7140.00
Pittsfield Generating9313533,366.00
Pittsfield High School8702,993.00
Pittsfield Landfill282843,079.30
Pittsfield Municipal Landfill550.00
Pittsfield Sand & Gr61156,000.00
Pittsfield Wwt Plant550.00
Pj Keating Co8136142,000.00
Pj Keating Company844108,000.00
Pj Keating Company8131202,000.00
Plainfield Landfill28282,051.99
Plainville Generating7770.00
Plainville Landfill8150112,298.00
Plainville Stock Co770.00
Planned Parenthood7420.00
Plant Action Incorporated62712,000.00
Plastic Packaging Company52020,000.00
Plastican Incorporated5156,124.00
Plating For Elecronics7982,000.00
Plating Technology Inc5408,000.00
Pleasant Mountain8154,046.00
Pleasant Poly International Inc711945,000.00
Plumley Village East778,000.00
Plymouth Correctional Facility550.00
Plymouth County Courthouse5152,000.00
Plymouth Landfill28281,238.72
Plymouth North High51020,000.00
Plymouth Rubber Company11223442,201.00
Plymouth Wastewater Treatment Plant5150.00
Point Gloria Trust5100.00
Polaroid Corp.101932,283.10
Polaroid Corporation10522289,768.00
Polaroid Corporation821926,000.00
Polaroid Holding Corportion12408539,100.00
Poly Metal Finishing1016512,300.00
Polycarbon Industries, Inc.8111,500.00
Polyclad Laminates7105778.00
Polyfoam Corporation742102,922.00
Polymer Concentrates5251,400.00
Polymer Design7496,964.00
Polymer Injection Molding5302,315.00
Polymer Technology55400.00
Polymetallurgical Corporation81803,327.00
Polyvinyl Films Incorported6940.00
Poorvu Schlager Associaties5100.00
Posco Incorporated79114,000.00
Pottenger School5150.00
Powder Mill Middle School5100.00
Powder Shield Technology7491,190.00
Pratt & Austin Company Inc5100.00
Precise Packaging Incorporated5105,360.00
Precision Coating Company Incorporated5208,020.00
Precision Lithograining Corp72896.00
Precision Machinists770.00
Precision Tape & Label Company Inc550.00
Presidential Heights550.00
Pride Printers Incorporated557.00
Pridecraft Inc5154,000.00
Prime Laminating776,000.00
Princeton Landfill2828313.63
Printed Circuit Corp824516,545.00
Pro Corporation Pmc77012,000.00
Procoating Incorporated772,000.00
Professional Contract837743.60
Profiles Inc550.00
Prolerized Ne Company72820,200.00
Proma Technologies8156102,816.00
Providence Hospital63440,000.00
Provincetown Landfill28281,635.22
Psinet Data Hosting Center770.00
Publishers Book Bind5150.00
Pullman Street Dump2828313.63
Purecoat North Llc1015122,629.00
Puritan Lawn Memorial Park Crematory770.00
Purity Services Inc5658,000.00
Putnam Gardens61646,000.00
Putnam Investments5356,000.00
Putnam Investments5255,917.00
Putnam Vocational High School79110,000.00
Quabaug Corporation62470,002.00
Quabbin Regional Middle & High School5100.00
Quabbin Wire & Cable772,000.00
Quaboag Regional High School6124,000.00
Quaker Fabric Corp Of Fall River- N8847,510.00
Quaker Fabric Corporation826969,531.00
Quaker Fabric Plant550.00
Quaker Fabric Plant J668,400.00
Quality Concrete6226,000.00
Quality Craft Industries5706,916.00
Qualters Middle School5100.00
Quantum Catalytics Llc616600.00
Quantum Corporation51403,529.00
Quarry Hills7710,938.00
Quarry Hills7562,248.00
Quarryhill Comm School550.00
Quebecor World Acme Printing Co76355,400.00
Quebecor World Eusey Press Inc55067,140.00
Quebecor World Rpc723368,754.00
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated550.00
Quincy Housing Authority770.00
Quincy Landfill282817,622.78
Quincy Medical Center865156,000.00
Quincy Point Church6272,000.00
Quinn Perkins Sand81552,000.00
Quinsigamond College5304,000.00
Quinzani Bakery Inc61712,000.00
Qwest Communications7350.00
R.J. Paquette12500.00
Radant Technologies7142,000.00
Radcliffe Perkins Campus86225,716.00
Ralph Curcio Company772,002.00
Rand Whitney Container94622,500.00
Randolph Prods. Co.364,060.00
Rathbone Precision Metals7379,646.00
Ravenbrook Farms Demolition Landfill28287,786.76
Raynham Sanitary Landfill353594,573.57
Raynham Taunton Greyhounds550.00
Raytheon Company - Tewksbury5352,804.00
Raytheon Company Executive Offices7771,532.00
Raytheon Company Mpt7493,585.00
Raytheon Electronic630710,978.00
Raytheon Rf Components712950,170.00
Raytheon Systems51904,049.00
Raytheon Systems Company51054,784.00
Raytheon Systems Company72398,497.00
Raytheon Systems Company - Ids893673,008.00
Rb Enterprises778,000.00
Re Smith Printing5358,100.00
Reading High School556,000.00
Reebok World Headquarters5209,792.00
Reed & Barton Silver1024662,290.20
Reed Rico770.00
Reeds Landing5852,452.00
Refinity Corporation62293,869.00
Reflek Corporation6274,000.00
Regency Park5520,000.00
Regency Towers I5200.00
Regis College816941,333.00
Rehoboth Landfill2828435.12
Reid Graphics Inc61318,568.00
Reid Middle School8461,368.00
Reilly School550.00
Reingold Elementry School6224,080.00
Reit Management & Research Inc550.00
Reliance Printing Co5558,000.00
Remco Concrete5453,971.00
Republican Company T51105,537.00
Resource Control Inc.550.00
Revere Copper Products619382,050.00
Revere Graphics Worldwide730122,388.00
Rex Cut Products Incorporated7210.00
Rex Lumber6120.00
Reynolds Dewalt Printing Inc5256,000.00
Rice Oil Company Incorporated5408,940.00
Rich Products Corporation78416,850.00
Riley Power Inc81162,741.00
Rinker Matls - New England Pipe7140.00
Rite Way Cleaners550.00
Ritz Carlton Hotel62712,940.00
Ritz Towers-Boston Commons74944,000.00
Riverdale Mills Corporation88110,030.00
Riverside Cemetary770.00
Riverside Cleaners550.00
Riverside Industries770.00
Riverside Manufacturing Co5207,982.00
Riverview Apartments5250.00
Riverwalk Dev Inc51512,000.00
Riverway At Mission Park550.00
Rivinius & Sons Incorporated7140.00
Rivkind Associates Inc5158,000.00
Rm Packer Company Incorporated12456,011.00
Robbins Co595533.00
Robbins Manufacturing Co Inc550.00
Robert Adams School7210.00
Robert K Finn School6124,000.00
Roberts Cleaners550.00
Robertson'S Furniture Restoration550.00
Robinson Cuticura Apts550.00
Robinson Gardens5150.00
Rocco Landfill28282,028.47
Roche Brothers Barrel & Drum Co.810656,000.00
Rochester Bituminous85148,831.00
Rochester Landfill28284,983.10
Rock Tenn Company51308,000.00
Rockbestos Surprenan1011510,453.00
Rockland Almshouse School550.00
Rockland Esten School5200.00
Rockland Jefferson School5100.00
Rockland John Rogers5200.00
Rockland Landfill28281,901.42
Rockland Lincoln School5100.00
Rockland Mckinley School5200.00
Rockland Memorial Park School5100.00
Rockland Senior High School5200.00
Rockport Landfill282836,458.37
Rockport School552,000.00
Rockport Waste Water Treatment Plant5350.00
Rodney Hunt Company1111956,538.00
Rogers Foam Company68318,021.00
Rogers School550.00
Rohm & Haas Advanced Materials616200.00
Rohm & Haas Electronic Materials530900.00
Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials Llc1226328,969.00
Rohtstein Corporation5100.00
Rolands Tire Service550.00
Rollins School550.00
Rolls Royce Naval Marine5401,747.00
Roma Color Inc6534,866.00
Roma Marble Inc6710,023.00
Romeo Spray Service5104,000.00
Roosevelt School5100.00
Roosevelt Towers556,000.00
Rosemar Silver Company610712,438.30
Rosemary Office Center62120.00
Rosenfeld Concrete Company66111,351.00
Rosenfeld Concrete Company6164,000.00
Rosenfeld Concrete Corp81412,440.00
Rotadyne Decorative Technologies5407,286.00
Roth Tec Engraving Corp7121,295.00
Rotundo Precast Incorported59028,922.00
Rowe Contracting Company62722,000.00
Rowe Contracting Company5150.00
Rowe Demolition Landfill28281,069.83
Rowes Wharf Condominium5250.00
Rowley Landfill2828414.38
Royal Cleaners & Launderers5102,000.00
Royal Environmental550.00
Royal Institutional Services71428,000.00
Royal Institutional Services, Inc51010,063.00
Royal Label Company5550.00
Royal Plating & Poli550.00
Royalston Landfill282813,257.60
Rubbair Door Incorporated76316,000.00
Rubchinuk Landfill28281,782.43
Rugg Manufacturing Company5301,689.00
Rule Industries Incorporated5100.00
Runkle School552,000.00
Runtal North America57012,000.00
Rural Cemetery5200.00
Rus Of Pittsfield54522,000.00
Russelectric Inc5250.00
Russell Demolition Landfill28281,235.73
Russell Elementry School550.00
Russell Harrington75622,000.00
Russos Greenhouse51545,440.00
Rutland Landfill282838,338.71
Rwa Inc.12186.66
Ryan Iron Works Incorporated550.00
Sacred Heart High School5154,000.00
Safety Kleen Corporation5152,000.00
Safety Kleen Corporation5200.00
Safety Kleen Corporation6575.00
Safety Kleen Systems7491,379.00
Sagamore Mill #1774,000.00
Salem Oil & Grease Company59010,793.00
Salem State College Assistance Corp6280.00
Salem State Okeefe Campus5408,000.00
Salem State Power Pl78436,000.00
Salem State S Campus5150.00
Salem Suede Incorporated710512,000.00
Salem Suede Incorporated7980.00
Salisbury Landfill2828411.96
Saloom Furniture5100.00
Saloom Furniture Company, Inc.66645,477.00
Salvation Army6110.00
Samtan Engineering5200.00
Samuel Bowles School5100.00
Samuel Cabot Incorporated77028,560.00
Sancta Maria Nursing Facility6492,050.00
Sand Hill Landfill28281,923.33
Sandwich High School550.00
Sandwich Municipal Landfill35352,747.26
Sanmina - Sci Corp924220,606.40
Sanmina Corporation Tech Center East711216,086.00
Sarnafil Incorporated1112567,423.03
Sarni Cleaners Incorporated5104,000.00
Sarni Original Dry Clean5106,000.00
Satkin Mills660.00
Saugus Landfill28284,438.89
Saugus Landfill2828153.90
Saunders School550.00
Savage Arms Incorporated7354,000.00
Savogran Company107610,871.00
Savoy Landfill2828574.75
Saxonville Realty Trust62116,000.00
Sbgi Corp88715,069.00
Sc Wakefield 20063412,000.00
Sca Landfill / Watertown282863,237.99
Schneider Automation93811,276.30
Schott Fiber Optics6519,234.60
Schrafft Center550.00
Schwarz Paper Company74224,000.00
Schweitzer Mauduit9267688,537.00
Schweitzer Mauduit88821,954.00
Scituate Concrete7210.00
Scituate Landfill28282,743.04
Scott Construction Company Incorporated63190.00
Scully Signal Company7282,000.00
Sea Watch Internatio552,000.00
Sea Watch International Ltd7144,285.00
Seach School7140.00
Seaman Paper Company1068463,515.07
Sears 1163618141.00
Second Street Associates550.00
Security & Detection Sys. Woburn110.03
Seekonk High School6128,000.00
Seekonk Landfill2828393.38
Select Engineering51034,000.00
Semass Partnership363134,799,172.13
Sencorp Systems Incorporated5206,456.00
Senior Flexonics Incorporated621526.00
Sentinel Products770.00
Service Chemical Llc789907.00
Servolift Eastern Corporation91516.25
Sf Medical5202,920.00
Shaffer Landfill282881,494.60
Shane Realty Trust662,000.00
Shanklin Corporation7358,000.00
Sharon High School5250.00
Sharon Landfill28281,055.20
Sharon Middle School5100.00
Sharon Middle School5100.00
Shaughnessy School550.00
Shawmut Corporation1026778,422.00
Shawomet Gardens76316,000.00
Shaws Supermarkets81671.00
Shawsheen Rubber Company72316,501.00
Shawsheen V School550.00
Shea Concrete Products Incorporated5208,000.00
Sheffield Landfill282816,920.73
Shepard & Parker Incorporated7140.00
Shepard Clothing Co5510,000.00
Shepherd Hill Regional High School6124,000.00
Shepley Wood Product63242,724.00
Sheraton Commander5200.00
Sherborn Landfill2828829.15
Sherman Printing Co Inc550.00
Sherwin Williams Co550.00
Shield Packaging12585,434.48
Shire Biologics Inc5204,000.00
Shirley Landfill2828752.39
Shirley Landfill282863,237.99
Shrewsbury Commons7700.00
Shrewsbury Electric84731,080.00
Shrewsbury High School6120.00
Shrewsbury Landfill2828326.04
Signs By J Incorporated7142,000.00
Silver City Aluminum57023,899.00
Silver Lake Regional5108,000.00
Silvio O Conte Middle School7280.00
Simmons College62710,169.00
Simonds Industries89637,040.00
Simplex Time Recorded Company821121,087.00
Sippican Elementry School5100.00
Sippican Incorporated5702,904.00
Sisters Of Providence5200.00
Situate High School7287,578.00
Skychefs Vmf5400.00
Skyworks Solutions Inc88857,975.00
Slade Laundry Inc52510,000.00
Slade School5100.00
Slater Building5514,000.00
Smith & Wesson88952,430.00
Smith Avenue School5150.00
Smith College8160477,130.00
Smith S Vocational High School6324,000.00
Smtc Manufacturing Corporation71542,577.00
Smurfit Munksjo Paper Incorporated10105453,080.03
Smurfit-Stone Container Corp62752,000.00
Solomon Mental Health Center5100.00
Solutia Incorporated1825942,347,026.30
Somerset Condominium770.00
Somerset High School7280.00
Somerset Junior High School5150.00
Somerset Operations Inc (Nrg Energy)7923012,638,954.54
Somerville Hospital7562,174.00
South Bay Landfill28281,260.16
South Boston High School778,000.00
South Campus Group Llc88115,245.00
South Carver Landfill28286,549.97
South Elementary School550.00
South Essex Sewerage818334,898.00
South Hadley High School6128,000.00
South Hadley Landfill28283,127.94
South Hadley Sewer Pump Station51050.00
South Hadley Wwtp5151,327.00
South Junior High School550.00
South Lincoln Realty550.00
South Middle School5156,000.00
South River School5150.00
South School5100.00
South Shore Hospital811772,831.00
South Shore Plating Company Incorporated7222,000.00
South Shore Regional Voc High School61212,000.00
South Street Dump2828348.04
South Union Company61710,000.00
Southampton Landfill282815,117.89
Southampton Landfill2828780.85
Southampton Road School5100.00
Southbridge High School7140.00
Southbridge Power & Thermal Llc85078,804.00
Southbridge Sanitary Landfill7737,980.00
Southbridge Sheet Metal Works7424,780.00
Southeastern Concrete Incorporated8732,218.00
Southeastern Regional Voc High School716812,000.00
Southern Container5608,045.00
Southern Graphic Systems Inc550.00
Southern Redi Mix6110.00
Southern Worc County Arc Inc770.00
Southwick Clothing Llc8376,397.00
Southwick Tolland Rhs7210.00
Southwood Community Hospital87112,076.00
Southwood Hospital Landfill282836,458.37
Southworth Company61717,613.00
Southworth Company5100.00
Southworth Milton Incorporated550.00
Sparkle Cleaners5100.00
Spaulding & Slye Colliers International7140.00
Spaulding & Slye Colliers International550.00
Specialty Aluminum Incorporated5402,519.00
Specialty Manufacturing5856,000.00
Specialty Materials Incorporated10100102,936.00
Specialty Minerals111486776,261.15
Spectacle Island Landfill2828641.33
Spectro Coating Corp68421,732.00
Speedline Technologies552,000.00
Spencer Landfill282822,571.15
Sprague Energy10956,620.08
Sprague Energy Twin5352,678.00
Sprague-Everett Terminal58535,060.00
Springfield Cemetery7280.00
Springfield Civic Center5150.00
Springfield College57527,200.00
Springfield Industrial Center61244,000.00
Springfield Landfill28286,549.97
Springfield Landfill2828348.04
Springfield Landfill2828348.04
Springfield Landfill28281,235.73
Springfield Landfill28281,235.73
Springfield Library & Museum51014,000.00
Springfield Municipal Heating Plant74224,000.00
Springfield Municipal Operations Center5150.00
Springfield Priority Mail Processing Cen770.00
Springfield School Department550.00
Springfield Sheraton5250.00
Springfield State Of7280.00
Springfield Technical College87112,000.00
Springfield Wastewater Treatment Plant74913,480.00
Springfield Wire Inc62613,080.00
Sprint Communications7282,964.00
Sprint-Boston Esolutions7281,577.00
St Annes Hospital85040,000.00
St Anthony Schools550.00
St Cecilias Parish550.00
St Elizabeths Medical Center619689,423.00
St Francis Home5256,000.00
St Gobain141389973,396.80
St Gobain Ceramic664,384.00
St Gobain Ceramics & Plastics73925,570.00
St Gobain Containers91721,883,122.00
St Gobain Performance Plastics5405,608.00
St Gobains Performance Plastics913030,288.00
St Hyacinth College6124,000.00
St Jeanne Darc School7140.00
St Johns Seminary7280.00
St Josephs Abbey82252,000.00
St Lukes Hospital815046,022.00
St Marks School5254,000.00
St Marys Women & Infants7144,000.00
St Memorial Medical816775,740.00
St Vincent Hosp @ Worc Med Ctr79116,000.00
Staff S Cleansers550.00
Stafford Place Condominiums770.00
Stahl Usa Incorporated1543649,151.00
Stainless Steel Coatings Inc.22255.00
Standard Plating Incorporated770.00
Standard Rubber Products880.00
Standard Thomson Corporation5854,070.00
Standard Times5555,200.00
Stanley Cleaners5150.00
Star Holdings Lp525202.00
Star Press770.00
Star Printing Corporation5512,000.00
Starmet Corporation1021723,130.00
State Coat Front5152,000.00
State Road Cement Block5100.00
State Street Bank550.00
State Street Bank - Westwood714137.00
State Street Bank Square81496,993.00
Std Manufacturing Incorporated5100.00
Stearns Building550.00
Steel Art Co5305,626.00
Steel Fab Incorporated5100.00
Steel Products Company550.00
Steele Landfill2828153.90
Steinert Hall Building5100.00
Sterling Clark Lurton1319533,784.00
Sterling Landfill2828300.97
Stern Leach Company828617,935.00
Stern Leach Company66730,215.00
Stetson Sanitone Cleaners550.00
Stevens Linen Assoc5400.00
Stevens Service Corp7147,347.00
Stevken Manufacturin5207,000.00
Stiles & Hart Brick Company19172157,312.66
Stillwater Fasteners5400.00
Stockbridge Landfill2828261.43
Stone Container Corp64130,000.00
Stoneham Research Center873130,004.00
Stonehill College62212,000.00
Stony Brook Energy Center81591,634,094.00
Stony Hill Animal Clinic714192.00
Stop & Shop Company6491,850.00
Stop & Shop Company53024,027.00
Stop & Shop Supermarket770.00
Storms Forge Incorporated7172,945.00
Storopack Incorporated51046,000.00
Stoughton High School5204,000.00
Stow Partners Llc554.00
Strathmore Paper Co Landfill282831,413.10
Stripping Workshop, The5902,000.00
Studley School7210.00
Sturbridge Business Park7779,905.00
Sturbridge Landfill & Recycling2828575.52
Sturdy Memorial Hosp611458,921.00
Styletek Inc5152,000.00
Suddekor L.L.C.66146.00
Suffolk County Court62216,000.00
Sullivan Bros Printers Inc552,000.00
Sullivan Paper Company812744,685.00
Sullivans Ledge Landfill282818,974.84
Summit Casting Corporation5150.00
Summit Press Inc5152,000.00
Sun Chemical Corporation7144,000.00
Sun Microsystems Incorporated51009,180.00
Sunderland Wood Demo Landfill2828409.44
Sunray Cleaners550.00
Supercon Incorporated6406,000.00
Superior Baking Company5102,000.00
Superior Cake5300.00
Superior Cleaners556,000.00
Superior Cleaners & Tailors550.00
Superior Court Building7144,000.00
Superior Process Company714713,526.00
Surface Coatings Incorporated1424032,855.00
Surface Protection Industries8383,824.00
Sutton Landfill2828489.18
Swampscott Landfill2828318.39
Swan Finishing Company10244340,024.06
Swan Finishing Company881,984.00
Swank Incorporated8161,092.00
Swank Incorporated67429,136.00
Swansea Brown Elementary School662,000.00
Swansea Case High School7140.00
Swedish Cemetery6220.00
Sweetheart Cup Company77711,001.00
Sylvester Ray Demolition Landfill28286,564.93
Synthon Ind Incorporated7914,000.00
T&T Anodizing5408,792.00
Table Talk Pies Incorporated7560.00
Tabor Academy51300.00
Taco Inc8503,054.00
Taconic High School81014,861.00
Tahanto Regional High School6178,000.00
Tamer Industries Incorporated76317,200.00
Tannery Ii552,000.00
Tantasqua Reg High School61716,090.00
Tasco Realty Company64112,000.00
Tatham School7140.00
Tatnuck Magnet Schoo550.00
Taunton Catholic Middle School7144,000.00
Taunton Landfill28284,149.82
Taunton Landfill Gas829122,252.00
Taunton Municipal Light - Cleary Flood49278770,127.82
Taunton State Hospit54046,000.00
Taunton Stove Company Incorporated7282,156.00
Taylor School550.00
Tdf Metal Finishing Company Inc6212,609.00
Tdl Inc7700.00
Tec Mark Plating72841.00
Tech Etch Incorporated121717,503.00
Tech-Etch Incorporated5105,881.00
Techcommons - Natick7210.00
Techpak Solutions Incorporated817838,258.00
Ted Ondrick Co Llc5100.00
Ted Ondrick Company Llc87832,483.00
Teke Furniture Restoration5304,004.00
Teke Furniture Restoration770.00
Teknor Apex Company11217299,068.00
Templeton Developement Center5406,000.00
Templeton Landfill2828352.46
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Station 26179140,452.00
Teradyne Inc7490.00
Teradyne Inc7140.00
Teradyne Inc9318,000.00
Teradyne Inc93210,000.00
Teradyne Inc7350.00
Teva Pharmaceuticals Usa5300.00
Tewksbury Hospital580126,000.00
Tewksbury Memorial High School5108,000.00
Texas Instruments Inc93731,119,640.60
Texon Usa830230,668.00
Textron Systems Corporation93299,487.03
Thermo Iec5552,000.00
Thomas Carrigg & Son8220.00
Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control Center550.00
Thomas Strahan Inc5152,000.00
Three Dimensional Ch558,000.00
Tillotson Complex992153,638.00
Tillotson Rubber550.00
Tillotson Rubber Company61110,038.00
Tilly Realty71412,000.00
Timbacc Realty Inc81513,661.00
Timilty School550.00
Tire Centers Llc52016,602.00
Tisbury Landfill2828398.29
Titan Pcb East Inc816915,861.00
Titeflex Corporation829837,447.00
Titleist & Foot Joy81237,768.00
Titleist & Foot Joy612826,251.00
Titleist & Foot Joy Worldwide545197.00
Titleist Bldg C711218,941.00
Tl Edwards Inc8200136,000.00
Tl Edwards Inc8648,453.00
Tobey Hospital72144,000.00
Tobey Realty550.00
Toepfert Apartments5200.00
Toltec Inc8225,344.00
Toomey S Cleaners550.00
Top Coat Division Of Gaf Materials Corp7672,234.00
Top-Flight Golf Company8226145,637.00
Tops Cleaner550.00
Topsfield Landfill2828532.52
Torwel Industries555,000.00
Totsy Manufacturing550.00
Towers At Chestnut H75612,000.00
Town Of Bourne C&D Landfill & Msw Transfer Station28282,529.57
Town Of Truro Landfill/Ts Since 6-30-902828508.14
Towne & Country Cleansing Craftsmen, Inc71419,360.00
Townsend Landfill2828476.41
Toyota Lift Of Boston735824.00
Transkaryotic Therapies Inc7270.00
Transkaryotic Therapies, Inc5407,408.00
Transkaryotic Therapies, Inc (Tkt)768584.00
Travel Leather Co6246,000.00
Treet Cleaners5100.00
Trego Foundry Inc5100.00
Tremont House Hotel6220.00
Tresca Brothers Sand & Gravel911728,399.10
Tresca Brothers Sand & Gravel, Inc7141,203.00
Trew Corporation810081,280.00
Trident Alloys Inc550.00
Trigen Boston Energy81573,223,500.00
Trigen Boston Energy Corp85810,000.00
Trigen Boston Energy Corp770.00
Trinity Catholic Academy770.00
Triram Corporation734311,346.00
Tsi Mason Research5150.00
Tst 125 High Street Llc7140.00
Tubed Products L.L.C.719648,444.00
Tufts University8721140,798.00
Tufts University853213,768.00
Tufts University Boston Campus61222,387.00
Turbine Component Services8784,980.00
Turners Falls High School5104,000.00
Tuthill Energy Systems/Coppus Turbine5546,000.00
Tuthill Vacuum Systems5351,579.00
Tweave Incorporated519012,026.00
Twin City Cleaners5104,000.00
Twin Rivers Technology8201564,371.00
Tyco Adhesives5250.00
Tyco Electronics810620,802.00
Tyco Electronics Corp88518,354.00
Tyco Healthcare Ludlow822531,518.00
Tyco Valves & Controls Lp-Wrentham102043,284.00
Tympanium Corporation550.00
Tyrolit N.A. Inc.241.11
U S Filter550.00
U S Tsubaki Inc Automotive Division6373,694.00
U.S. Air Force Hanscom Afb220.07
U.S. Air Force Mass Otis Ang Base 102nd Fighter Wing112.00
U.S. Air Force Westover Joint Arb123.00
Uae-Lowell Power Llc85146,946.00
Umass Amherst Campus82871,198,840.00
Umass Boston Campus5702,000.00
Umass Dartmouth8188275,780.00
Umass Eastern Mass Ext Center5304,000.00
Umass Lowell - West Campus530529.00
Umass Lowell-North Campus859192,097.00
Umass Lowell-Residential Nc6636,956.00
Umass Lowell-South Campus890174,338.00
Umass Medical Center8144481,012.00
Umass Medical Center64032,404.00
Umass Medical School Jamica Plain78462,000.00
Umass Medical School Mbl550.00
Umass Memorial Medical Center69519,060.00
Umass Memorial Medical Center62996,079.00
Umass New Bedford55514,000.00
Unifirst Corp81699.00
Unifirst Corporation8552,907.00
Unifirst Corporation520442.00
Union Energy Corporation515190,000.00
Union Hospital815139,124.00
Union Products Inc53012,740.00
United Airlines52020,268.00
United Aniline Company7210.00
United Auto Company Inc5150.00
United Coop Farmers5104,000.00
United Lens Co763132.00
United Lithograph59544,000.00
United Parcel Service5252,170.00
United States Gypsum8296165,765.00
Univar Usa Incorporated111426,321.00
Universal Laundry61610,452.00
Universal Plastic Corporation555,120.00
Universal Products5650.00
Universal Tag Inc5100.00
University Of Mass Medical School6614,000.00
University Of Massachusetts Foundation5100.00
Unquity Road Dump (Mdc)28282,225.17
Unum-Provident Company7704,000.00
Upper Blackstone Ssi8120122,032.00
Upper Cape Cod Regional Voc School5204,000.00
Upton Landfill282813,179.82
Urquhart Family Llc8451,042.00
Us Air5150.00
Us Air Force Cape Cod88148,026.00
Us Airways - Hanger6578,320.00
Us Army Devens Rfta61209,008.00
Us Army Soldier Systems Center827139,557.00
Us Assemblies-New England6264,892.00
Us Barnes Bldg8534,254.00
Us Coast Guard51200.00
Us Coast Guard Buoy5659,842.00
Us Coast Guard Eh&S Department742040,094.00
Us Edith Nourse Va Hospital818828,663.00
Us Environmental Protection Agency7420.00
Us Food & Drug Administration6310.00
Us Govt General Services Adminstration5152,000.00
Us Hanscom 66th Sptg9438492,418.00
Us Internal Revenue Service64432,000.00
Us Postal Service6128,000.00
Us Postal Service5407,673.00
Us Postal Service56516,480.00
Us Postal Service Vm550.00
Us Postal Service Vm5253,335.00
Us Postal Service-Vm5150.00
Us Synthetics Corporation660.00
Us Trust550.00
Us Tsubaki Incorporated6176,676.00
Us Va Medical Center819021,109.00
Us Va Medical Center614224,278.00
Us Va Medical Center86716,000.00
Usda Human Nutrition555359.00
Usgen New England Incorporated82722111,901,170.97
Usgen New England Salem7966039,603,357.44
Utility Mfg Co550.00
Uws Hudson / Stow Landfill2828335.82
Uxbridge High School7282,000.00
Uxbridge Landfill28281,381.94
Va Boston Healthcare System829230,523.00
Valentine Tool & Stamping Incorporated52510,000.00
Valley Plating Incorporated5251,220.00
Vals Cleaners550.00
Varian Incorporated7281,434.00
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Asso66825,617.00
Varney Bros Sand & Gravel8222,230.00
Varney Brothers Sand & Gravel Inc81208,527.00
Vaughn Manufacturing Corporation74972.00
Vellumoid Inc51510,000.00
Vencor Hospital Boston6170.00
Venture Tape117188,696.00
Verizon Laboratories55510,745.00
Verizon Massachusetts550.00
Verizon Massachusetts5302,700.00
Verizon Massachusetts5151,520.00
Verizon Massachusetts5302,620.00
Verizon Massachusetts5253,440.00
Verizon Massachusetts515720.00
Verizon Massachusetts510970.00
Verizon Massachusetts5201,160.00
Verizon Massachusetts5152,742.00
Verizon Massachusetts5251,830.00
Verizon Massachusetts5304,688.00
Verizon Massachusetts5101,760.00
Verizon Massachusetts520880.00
Verizon Massachusetts5201,020.00
Verizon Massachusetts5202,480.00
Verizon Massachusetts5104,540.00
Verizon Massachusetts5101,367.00
Verizon Massachusetts5555,040.00
Verizon Massachusetts520940.00
Verizon Massachusetts5656,192.00
Verizon Massachusetts (Springfield)5154,315.00
Verizon New England7141,313.00
Verizon New England550.00
Verizon New England Incorporated5150.00
Verizon Wireless550.00
Vernon Hill Development Llc86518,000.00
Vernon Hill School5108,000.00
Vernon Plastics Inc13350204,105.00
Vernon Towers Associ770.00
Vertex Pharmaceutic770.00
Vertis Inc95375,678.00
Veryfine Products510228.00
Veryfine Products Inc887246,407.00
Veterans Skating Rink5100.00
Vh Blackinton & Company91813,285.00
Viasys Healthcare Inc.Thermedics Polymer Prods. Div.000.00
Vicor Corporation7856,135.47
Victoria Realty550.00
Village Cleaners550.00
Village Forge Inc770.00
Vins Cleaners552,000.00
Vision American Saw Llc550.00
Vocational Tech. School550.00
Vogel Printing5100.00
Vogue Wallcoverings72158,000.00
Voltek Incorporated68616,000.00
Vulcan Company The8641,828.00
W J Graves Construction Co714100.00
Wa Wood Company552,000.00
Wachusett Potato Chips82330,000.00
Wachusett Regional High School83048,746.00
Wading River Pumping Station5154,000.00
Wahconah Regional High School5250.00
Wakefield Corporation The6368,627.00
Wakefield Engineering51155,285.00
Wakefield Materials6229,340.00
Wakefield Materials Corp7177,720.15
Walbert Plastics Incorporated5302,598.00
Walden Park Associates62410,000.00
Wales Dump282811,472.37
Wales Landfill282810,299.91
Walnut Grove Cemetary61130.00
Walnut Hill Water Treatment Plant7330.00
Walsh Middle School7216,000.00
Walter A Furman Co7919,180.00
Waltham Cleaners Inc5101,313.00
Waltham Engineering8532,130.00
Waltham Government Center5102,000.00
Walton & Lonsbury Incorporated6362,001.00
Wampanoag Mill664,000.00
Wampatuck Elementry School7218,036.00
Wamsutta Middle School550.00
Wang Center6110.00
Ward School550.00
Ware Courthouse550.00
Ware Elementary School5100.00
Ware High School556,000.00
Ware Landfill2828700.09
Ware Middle School552,000.00
Ware Rite Distributors Inc52011,740.00
Wareham High School550.00
Wareham Middle School550.00
Warner Brothers Inc84441,540.00
Warren Farms Landfill2828447.44
Warren Landfill282892,628.10
Warren Laundry51012,000.00
Warren Prescott School550.00
Warren Pumps Inc93718,615.00
Warwick Landfill28284,297.32
Warwick Landfill28286,569.06
Washington Elms Apartments6618,000.00
Washington Management Corporation7280.00
Washington Mills55040,000.00
Washington Street School5100.00
Waste Management Hunt Road Landfill82930,000.00
Waste Management Incorporated77740.00
Waste Management Incorporated77926.00
Waste Management Of Woburn552,000.00
Waste Management Titcomb Pit Landfill61115,540.00
Watercraft Inc5524,000.00
Waters Corporation68920,374.00
Waters Lithographic552,000.00
Waters Technology Corporation11420140,114.33
Watertown Bemis Dump2828285.51
Watertown Mission Critical Facility770.00
Wayland / Cochituate Road Landfill2828748.23
Wayland Business Center6182,478.00
Wayside Cleaners550.00
Webster Landfill282825,618.04
Webster Printing Company5154,000.00
Webster Spring Company6398,380.00
Weetabix Company Inc717562,399.00
Wellesley College8173289,441.00
Wellesley Holding Ii5100.00
Wellesley Public Schools5510,000.00
Wellesley Rosewood Maynard Mill Lp53528,600.00
Wellfleet Landfill2828812.80
Wendell Demo & Stump Landfill28288,275.23
Wenham Landfill28281,260.16
Wentworth Institute63623,660.00
West Boylston Landfill282839,100.83
West Bridgewater High School550.00
West Bridgewater Landfill282815,184.06
West Brookfield Landfill-Wigwam Road Landfill2828846.31
West Elementary School5100.00
West Fitchburg Wwtf5250.00
West Middle School6162,000.00
West Roxbury Crushed Stone81532,000.00
West Springfield Housing5100.00
West Springfield Senior High School74910,000.00
West Street Wtp5200.00
West Tisbury Landfill28284,514.35
Westboro Auto Body661.00
Westborough Data Center5153,154.00
Westborough High School5150.00
Westborough Landfill2828313.63
Westborough State Hospital862184,321.00
Westend Laundry Inc550.00
Westerbeke Corporation59567,445.00
Western Bronze Incorporated550.00
Western Mass Hospital68711,956.00
Western Mass Rendering Co Inc7216,000.00
Westfield Coatings Corporation1125335,195.00
Westfield Electroplating Co8159,385.00
Westfield Gage Company Incorporated72114,054.00
Westfield Grinding Wheel6615.00
Westfield High5156,000.00
Westfield Paper Co Landfill28282,983.77
Westfield State College882144,560.00
Westfield Twiss Street Sanitary Landfill550.00
Westfield Vocational High School5100.00
Westford Anodizing Corporation5201,080.00
Westford Landfill28283,821.60
Westford Street Lowell Landfill Gas Util3564160,064.45
Westhampton Landfill282844,114.01
Westin Hotel6270.00
Westin Hotel Copley5300.00
Weston High School7210.00
Weston Landfill28281,436.37
Weston Landfill282863,237.99
Westover Air Reserve Base926958,984.00
Westover Job Corps Center6214,000.00
Westport High School5202,000.00
Westport Landfill2828461.64
Westport Middle School5252,000.00
Westside Finishing77771.00
Westwood Landfill2828318.39
Weymouth Animal Detention Center5100.00
Weymouth Landfill282836,458.37
Whaling Mfg Company Inc550199.00
Wheaton College8179106,840.00
Wheelabrator Millbur371862,431,049.70
Wheelabrator North Andover Incorporated91181,878,012.00
Wheelabrator Saugus Jv371362,061,937.46
Whidden Memorial Hospital87573,500.00
White Bros Lynch8316,394.00
White Cleaners61614,000.00
White Street School5100.00
Whitehead Institute7330.00
Whitehead Institute7770.00
Whitehead Institute7700.00
Whitman Castings535150,732.00
Whitman Company Inc5606,000.00
Whitman Conley School5150.00
Whitman Hanson Regional School81612,000.00
Whitmor Company Inc550.00
Whittemore Company62416,588.00
Whittemore Wright Company5152,845.00
Wilbraham Demolition Landfill2828374.76
Wilbraham Industrial Park662,000.00
William I Horlick Company Incorporated5200.00
William Wright Company811259,857.00
Williams College893486,545.00
Williams Communication7280.00
Williams Elementary Sch - Pittsfield52554.00
Williamsburg Landfill282830,911.29
Williamstown Schools5100.00
Wilmington Dump2828118,350.25
Winchendon Landfill28281,598.15
Winchester Hospital88624,943.00
Winchester Hospital Family Medical Ctr550.00
Windfield Alloy71260.00
Windle Industries666,000.00
Windsor Landfill282813,938.74
Winfield Brooks Co716114,000.00
Wing Memorial Hospital7490.00
Winthrop Atkins Company Inc510519,040.00
Winthrop Printing Company63640,000.00
Wireway Husky Corporation72810,096.00
Wixon Middle School6170.00
Wizard Auto Body Incorporated552,000.00
Wj Glowacki & Sons8220.00
Wm Filens & Sons550.00
Woburn Sanitary Landfill550.00
Woburn Steel Drum813411,041.00
Wollaston Alloys Inc1140536,623.00
Wollaston Foundry6260.00
Wood Art Incorporated5108,000.00
Wood Ayer Realty Company82411,016.00
Wood Recycling, Inc.73537,242.00
Woodland Elementary7140.00
Woodlawn Cemetary6310.00
Woodmeister Corp.5306,138.00
Woodmeister Corp.5306,272.00
Woods Equipment Co.2210.00
Woods Hole Ocean Institute5202,000.00
Worcester Academy63340,000.00
Worcester Army National Guard7561,544.00
Worcester Art Museum7356,050.00
Worcester Bancroft School5150.00
Worcester City Hall5104,000.00
Worcester Common Outlets86210,940.00
Worcester County Jail710510,062.00
Worcester East Middle51516,000.00
Worcester Envelope Company53012,447.00
Worcester Housing Authority51012,000.00
Worcester Housing Authority664,000.00
Worcester Memorial Auditorium5516,000.00
Worcester Mfg Inc65530,545.00
Worcester Millbrook Llc5514,000.00
Worcester Polytechnical Institute887157,020.00
Worcester Regional Transit Authority54012,000.00
Worcester Sand & Gra62424,000.00
Worcester State College711922,044.00
Worcester State Hospital852104,904.00
Worcester Superior Court83012,029.00
Worcester Telegram & Gazett61110,000.00
Worcester Tool & Stamping778,000.00
Worcester Vocational Tech High School61228,000.00
Worcester Vocational Tech High School5102,000.00
Worcester Vocational Tech High School5100.00
Worcester Wire Company Dump282885,938.72
World Color Book Ser617358,377.00
World Trade Center7214,009.00
World Trade Center West Office Building770.00
Worldcom - Mci51020.00
Worthington Landfill282810,389.23
Wrap Arounds Incorporated515500.00
Wrentham Steel Products7421,301.00
Wright Line Incorporated885117,625.00
Wte Recycling Incorporated868130,000.00
Wyeth Research8699,815,180.00
Wyeth Research71754,009.00
Wyeth Research56533,686.00
Wyman Gordon Company65516,939.00
Wyman Gordon Company12504256,979.00
Wynn Middle School5104,000.00
Xo Communications Incorporated55348.00
Yankee Candle Company71478,433.00
Yankee Plastics Inc5510,000.00
Yarmouth Landfill282815,220.79
Yarmouth Sanitary Landfill71418,471.00
Yarmouth Wwtp7218,000.00
Ymca Central Branch61126,000.00
Ymca Of Greater Springfield6120.00
Ymca Of New Bedford7140.00
Ymca Pittsfield550.00
Ymca Westfield7280.00
Yorrex Realty Trust550.00
Youville Hospital63622,000.00
Zapco Energy Tactics87241,339.00
Zentrix Techs. Inc.110.11
Zielinski Ash Land Application2828201.63
Zoo New England51109,200.00
Zoots Inc5301,764.00