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Column information
Polluters in Kentucky
17 W Mining115207.25
17 West Mining Inc135202,558.50
3-W Corporation1511,127.86
3m Cynthiana1296338,157.10
A F Riedinger & Sons226,000.00
A O Smith Corp101618,434.91
A O Smith Elec Prod Co59135,982.62
A O Smith Elect Prod Co61290,160.82
A-1 Cleaners11787.80
A-Carb Llc64028,055.82
Aaper Alcohol & Chemical Co. Inc.112,865.00
Abarta Oil & Gas Co. Inc5115,770.57
Abm Dry Cleaners111,319.08
Accent Marble Inc.113,781.00
Accuride Corporation19188150,627.07
Actaris Us Gas Inc132421,083.31
Action Graphics Inc112,180.00
Action Petroleum Co. Ltd.7144,255.52
Adair County Hospital880.00
Adairville Feed Mill525497.27
Adairville Feed Mill530806.72
Adams Concrete Products14651.58
Adams Construction Corp16420.19
Adcom Wire Co52221,568.55
Addington Mining Inc11632,278.75
Adm Gromark5148,159.40
Admart Custom Signage61123,904.32
Admiralty Boats Inc2110.00
Advanced Insulation Concepts Inc.000.00
Advertiser Printers Inc3353,257.34
Aep Kentucky Coal Llc164,778.03
Aep Kentucky Coal Llc1270.00
Aep Kentucky Coal Llc1143,388.13
Afco Manufacturing Inc.2316,531.28
Afg Industries Inc5251,793,242.34
Ag Spray Equipment, Inc103866,835.44
Ag/Gro Fertilizer Co1510,787.94
Ag/Gro Fertilizer Co Inc159,917.36
Agi Media Packaging1124,800.00
Ahlstrom Filtration Inc1267973,669.18
Air Products & Chemicals172301,017,463.10
Airguard Industries Inc2233,200.00
Aisin Automotive Casting Inc.82423,236.07
Ajax Magnethermic Corp31833,170.92
Ak Steel Corp201594,257,358.42
Ak Steel Corp918212,398,866.86
Akzo Nobel Resins7138,388.00
Albany Redi-Mix111163.14
Albany Redi-Mix150.00
Alcan Aluminum Corp58486,402.80
Alcan Aluminum Corp1037646,701.58
Alcan Composites Usa, Inc.53311,621.69
Alcan Ingot & Recycling1916289,644,836.78
Alcoa Automotive Casting17440.00
Alcoa Automotive Castings1117850,338.49
All-Rite Ready Mix Inc161,678.90
Allen Co Inc The1460.43
Allen Company Inc The518105,796.08
Allen Company Inc The51871,176.03
Allen Company Inc The62563,335.56
Allen Company Inc The59013,074.91
Allensville Grain Mill4914,081.38
Alley-Cassetty Coal Co191,917.77
Alley-Cassetty Coal Co190.00
Allied Drum Services56111,790.00
Allison Abrasives Inc72113,027.12
Altec Industries Inc105224,572.35
Amak Brake Llc1279114,291.70
Ambrake Corp15238251,124.21
Ambrake Corp9140.00
Amcor Flexibles Inc73051,410.56
Amer Bluegrass Marble Co2432,531.00
American Emblem Tool Co134474,841.60
American Excelsior Company1110,908.00
American Fuji Seal Inc20169247,538.61
American Greetings Corp55171,402.92
American Greetings Corp5573,529.16
American Limestone Co Inc19247,286.89
American Limestone Company16975,656.38
American Limestone Company Inc1248,245.91
American National Rubber Co1112445,342.82
American Nonwovens Corp102241,147.27
American Racing Equipment1657223,335.03
American Standard Inc13617,316.94
American Sunroof Company1052116,252.67
American Synthetic Rubber16393,919,777.60
American Wire Products102278,306.58
American Wood Fibers51410,960.67
American Woodmark Corp61117.75
American Woodmark Hazard Div.110.65
Americas Finest Woodworking Team Inc134557,286.36
Ameristop Development Co141,490.70
Ameristop Development Co141,822.35
Ameristop Development Co141,582.39
Ameristop Development Co141,401.08
Ameristop Development Co14904.34
Ameristop Development Co14973.73
Ameristop Development Co143,290.68
Ameristop Development Co14926.69
Ameristop Express #803159,673.35
Ameristop Express #804158,167.10
Ameristop Express #8051341,313.17
Ameristop Express #806158,475.73
Ameristop Express #807158,380.08
Ameristop Express #808155,378.58
Ameristop Express #809147,531.43
Ameristop Express #811157,016.08
Ameristop Express #8121425,108.44
Ameristop Express #813182,932.58
Ameristop Express #814142,404.79
Ameristop Express #815155,307.55
Ameristop Express #816159,077.30
Ameristop Express #817168,674.31
Amfine Chemical Corp.3610,339.50
Amtrol Inc61554,014.03
Anderson Bros Hardwoods56102,558.95
Anderson Forest Products5851,080.60
Anderson Forest Products5152,258.80
Anderson Packaging3316,560.00
Anderson Wood Products5787,600.00
Angell Manufacturing Company, Inc.179290,131.84
Anr Pipeline Co5502,678,589.09
Anr Pipeline Co5528.65
Apex Energy Inc1107,693.14
Appalachian Realty Company1120.00
Appalachian Reg Hospital51012,612.48
Appolo Fuels Inc12316,561.65
Aramark Uniform Services5426,615.86
Arch Chemicals Inc34346631,024.45
Arch Coal Terminal Inc1317,908.25
Architectural Ornamental Iron Fab., Inc6130.00
Ardco Incorporated2415,210.73
Arete' Mdf Llc Dba Cox Cabinet113052,263.59
Argus Energy Llc12141,835.09
Argus Energy Llc1170.00
Aristech Acrylics Llc87973,066.48
Arvin Sango Inc.1247.00
Ashland Distribution Co.71414,341.00
Ashland Oil11739.20
Ashland Oil & Transport111.22
Ashland Petroleum Co1610,128.82
Ashland Pipe Line Llc1225,349.66
Ashland Pump Station1620,875.40
Ashland Slag Company12020,816.22
Ashland, Inc.2550.00
Asphalt Terminal Inc130.00
Ast Electrofin Inc.1210,250.00
Atlantis Plastic Inc2202,981.58
Atlas Concrete182,132.77
Atlas Concrete Tri County146,081.25
Atlas Dry Cleaners Co Inc226,000.00
Atlas Riverfront Concrete18248.65
Atofina Chemicals Inc26202740,782.99
Atofina Chemicals, Inc455982,757,995.07
Atr Wire & Cable Co Inc69532,238.02
Audubon Metals Llc957228,456.01
Augerscope Inc5119,124.19
Austin, Nichols & Co Inc5231,447,295.08
Averitt Lumber Co Inc1210,122.60
Avis Rent-A-Car145,251.60
Awp Butcher Block, Inc3832,224.79
Azteca Milling L P512754,864.22
B & G Holdings Llc141,533.19
B & J Landfill28281,409.84
B P Oil144,500.80
B P Oil144,676.28
B P Oil145,008.45
B P Oil154,227.07
B P Oil147,466.31
B-Four Inc1130.00
Bada Co6101,916.59
Bagdad Roller Mills Inc1743,524.34
Bagdad Roller Mills Inc41419,146.85
Bailey Port Inc5600.00
Baillie Lumber Co Inc51273,175.33
Bando Mfg Of America Inc31371,975.59
Barber Cabinet Co Inc2233,130.69
Barbour Brothers Cleaners115,400.00
Barbourville Landfill28282,825.46
Bardstown Mills Inc15589.00
Barrett Paving Materials51421,879.66
Barrett Paving Materials62528,392.42
Barrett Paving Materials62427,085.21
Barton Brands Ltd5393,196,226.69
Barton Brands Ltd520391,344.82
Bassett Stone Company1538,761.08
Bavarian Trucking Company Landfill282817,814.23
Baxter Metal Company44252.00
Bay West Paper Corp560.00
Bayonet Mining Company Inc1715,150.84
Bdcc Holding Company Inc13219,925.71
Bdcc Holding Company Inc192,900.14
Bear Branch Coal Co1230.00
Bear Creek Oil Co Inc1140.00
Beech Fork Processing Inc123159,317.90
Beechmont Press Inc116,900.00
Begley Lumber Co58136,052.50
Begley Lumber Co Inc1221,500.60
Bekaert Corporation75024,515.19
Bel Cheese Inc61221,974.43
Belden Wire & Cable83227,951.32
Belden Wire And Cable71430,152.73
Bell Concrete Industries5233,001.85
Bell County Coal Corp190.00
Bell County Coal Corp12031,470.14
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems Llc62532,188.19
Berea College624212,084.97
Berkeley Energy Corp1173,817.51
Berkeley Energy Corp1102,204.95
Best Way Dry Cleaners111,413.30
Bethel Cleaners113,701.50
Bevins Sand & Gravel Inc1170.00
Bf Medley & Co Ky Dist Inc6160.00
Bfi Waste Sys N America77198,971.44
Bfi Waste Sys Of N America342,381.34
Big B Cleaners113,701.50
Big B Cleaners #110113,499.60
Big B Cleaners #111115,047.50
Big B Cleaners #112113,499.60
Big B Cleaners #118113,499.60
Big B Cleaners #120113,499.60
Big Sandy Readymix Concrt151,032.24
Bilt Rite Products51113,514.86
Bird Vinyl Products Ltd.51724,309.99
Blackburn Correctional61617,078.21
Bledsoe Coal Corp1222,641.71
Bledsoe Coal Corp120681.24
Bledsoe Coal Corp12079,128.45
Bledsoe Processing14425,056.21
Blue Grass Cooperage Co. Inc51577,234.00
Blue Grass Plating Co Inc73024,697.25
Blue Ridge Recycling & Disposal Facility28286,351.97
Blue Ridge Recyl/Disposal25161,044.35
Blue Star Plastics Inc886,161.16
Bluegrass Army Depot166831,691.42
Bluegrass Art Cast Inc16226.82
Bluegrass Cooperage620343,098.00
Bluegrass Furniture Co36536.21
Bluegrass Generation Co623232,164.55
Bluegrass Industrial Co110.00
Bluegrass Paving Inc5754,145.65
Bluegrass Sandblasting110.00
Bluegrass Sandblasting8110.00
Bluegrass Spec Flooring5760,249.43
Bobby Harper Dist1614,697.20
Bobby Harper Dist Co1427,195.45
Bobby L Harper Dist Co142,562.23
Bonded Fibers Southeast110.00
Boone Laundry & Cleaners113,163.10
Boone Ready Mix Inc15615.73
Borden Chemical Co1426394,635.00
Bosch Rexroth Corporation83320,728.81
Boulevard Distillers11446,947.60
Boulevard Distillers11429,966.61
Bourbon Limestone Co Inc19327,416.12
Bowling Green Concrete17104.45
Bowling Green Concrete141,719.00
Bowling Green Landfill282816,300.71
Box Usa Group Inc.3316,840.00
Boyle Block Co510291.19
Bp Amoco1263,020.00
Bp Oil145,931.92
Bp Oil Co143,938.18
Bp Oil Company155,571.24
Bp Oil Company155,326.88
Bp Oil Pipeline Co11220,438.52
Bp Products North America6342,468.95
Brake Parts Inc1210183,353.53
Brandon & Brandon Paving, Inc587,212.10
Branham & Baker Coal Co126455,594.30
Branham & Baker Coal Co150.00
Braxtons Inc224,000.00
Braxtons Inc226,000.00
Breck County Ready Mix15101.94
Breck County Ready Mix Co150.00
Bremner Inc672697,159.15
Brenntag Mid-South Inc103418,962.95
Brewer & Reid Lumber Co122,760.00
Briggs & Stratton Corp992190,051.94
Brinkman Oil Co14474.70
Brinkman Oil Co1919,047.55
Brinkman Oil Co Inc173,594.00
Brinkman Oil Grants Lick141,101.68
Brite Metals Inc2453.40
Brookcave Dry Cleaning112,220.90
Brooks Crushed Stone Llc1545,349.42
Brophys Chevron Usa143,129.16
Brown-Forman Corp58106,229.64
Brown-Forman Distil, Howard St4536,310.00
Browns Plating Service4531.13
Buckhorn Processing Co1160.00
Buckhorn Processing Co180.00
Buckman Feed Company5236,253.56
Budd Company, The252,170.45
Buffalo Trace Distillery6782,102,597.73
Builders Concrete Block Co1626.01
Builders Concreteof Richmond Inc170.05
Bulk Plants Inc1914,965.52
Bull Creek Coal Corp180.00
Bunge Corp5200.00
Burgess Bros Grain Co4105,191.26
Burke-Parsons-Bowlby Corp715106,445.92
Burton Stone Inc1310.00
C &C Korner Market141,338.90
C A Garner Veneer, Inc51592,107.78
C Cutshaw4815,960.00
C R Mining Co1230.00
Cagles Keystone Foods Llc52515,147.09
Cal-Maine Foods Inc5235,708.84
Caldwell Stone Co Inc14015,795.07
Caldwell Tanks68101,390.00
Calgon Carbon Corporation111451,611,570.01
Calloway County Asphalt5132,388.34
Cambrian Coal Corp1134,805.33
Camco Chemical Co6173,636.71
Cameo Cleaners112,692.00
Campbellsville Landfill28281,086.71
Capital 1-Hour Cleaners116,057.00
Carbide Industries Llc6543,222.05
Carbide Industries Llc6222,061,278.00
Carbon Tech Fuels170.00
Cardinal Aluminum Co. Plant 3246,572.00
Cardinal Cleaners11740.30
Cardinal Health65549,561.71
Cardinal Kitchens1312,672.00
Cardinal River Resources Inc1142,438.99
Cargill Fertilizer133,040.00
Cargill Inc53015,436.59
Carmeuse Lime &Stone Inc171106,173,036.21
Carmeuse Lime Inc171395,794,955.86
Carpenter Co71413,302.08
Carpenter Landfill28284,048.09
Casey Ready-Mix Concrete160.00
Casey Stone Co1492,153.30
Castle Cleaners114,980.20
Caterpillar Inc54614,408.52
Cave City Machine And Tool, Inc.7290.00
Cave Run Stone Llc1294,780.43
Cc Metals & Alloys Inc5110250,554.84
Ccl Label21925,609.33
Cedar Ridge Landfill2828813.91
Celanese Ltd.81083,189,168.60
Centennial Resources180.00
Centennial Resources180.00
Centennial Resources180.00
Centennial Resources Inc1140.00
Centennial Resources Inc1260.00
Centennial Resources Inc1190.00
Central Kentucky Asphalt132939,633.03
Central Kentucky Asphalt51795,432.78
Central Kentucky Asphalt523177,511.91
Central Kentucky Asphalt5130.00
Central Kentucky Asphalt580.00
Central Ky Coatings Inc260.00
Central Ky Mixed Concrete1873.16
Central Ky Mixed Concrete15262.23
Central Ky Powder Coating5164,443.40
Central Ky Process6759,095.54
Central Ky Processing77825,940.45
Central Motor Wheel Of America847201,305.26
Central Motor Wheel Of America Inc13155115,263.27
Central Readymix Concrete160.00
Central State Hospital5735,400.00
Ceradyne Co. Semicon Assoc.22199,464.00
Ceramics Designs7926,611.02
Certified Oil Company1733,521.31
Ch Development Llc1193,199.80
Ch Reichmuth Sawmill & Lbr11937.50
Chaney Lumber Co5656,850.80
Charles Medley & Assoc5130.00
Charlton Company Inc688,931.30
Chas Coal Llc11714,696.49
Chevron Louisville Terminal/Lubricants Blend Plant8145,916.50
Chevron Products Co61462,536.41
Chevron Usa Inc1631,109.23
Chevron Usa Inc1435,867.39
Chevron Usa Inc #0048808148,480.37
Cheyenne Resources Inc11115,808.40
Cheyenne Resources Inc1248,205.26
Cheyenne Resources Inc190.00
Chisholm Coal Co1280.00
Chris'S Creations, Inc123550,065.80
Cincinnati Gas & Electric7812445,049,183.73
Cissell Manufacturing Co553,380.00
Citgo Petroleum Corp.8145,281.00
City Of Georgetown Landfill28281,499.58
City Supply Co15303.11
Clark County Landfill28283,260.14
Clark Elkhorn Coal Co171,886.48
Clark Refining & Marketng142,062.14
Clark Refining & Mrkting149,843.47
Classic Cleaners111,615.20
Classic Cleaners111,346.00
Classic Cleaners111,615.20
Classic Cleaners11511.48
Classic Cleaners #160116,730.00
Classic Rattan Inc910724.00
Clean Harbor Environment120.00
Cleancoal Terminal Co152,700.00
Clinton Co Concrete Inc156,035.92
Clintwood Elkhorn Mining15591,841.20
Clopay Co53553,693.22
Clothes Doctor112,557.40
Cloud Concrete Products15164.73
Clover Creek Brick Co5160.00
Cmh Manufacturing, Inc.41315,625.95
Coal Mac Inc1170.00
Coal Preparation Inc180.00
Coal Recovery Iii160.00
Coal Recovery Iii1120.00
Coal Recovery Iv160.00
Coal Recovery Systems Inc115536.49
Coastal Coal Co Llc14178,927.40
Cobra Coal Company170.00
Coit Drapery1112,460.00
Colley Block Co59256.45
Collis Inc74743,300.77
Colona Synfuel Lp12210,447.28
Color & Supply Inc292,488.32
Color Corp. Of America81010,153.00
Columbia Gas Trans Corp67196,980.11
Columbia Gas Trans Corp629994,737.14
Columbia Gulf Trans Co5303,430,595.86
Columbia Gulf Trans Co5452,568,549.37
Columbia Kentucky Corporation5200.00
Columbia Natural Resource2257,806.41
Columbia Natural Resource3853,675.67
Columbia Natural Resource350.00
Columbia Natural Resource812170,383.66
Columbia Natural Resource890.00
Columbia Natural Resource890.00
Columbia Natural Resource35333,341.67
Columbia Natural Resources770.00
Columbia Natural Resources770.00
Columbia Natural Resources1144160,886.63
Columbia Natural Resources770.00
Columbia Natural Resources813192,040.29
Columbia Natural Resources712151,130.02
Columbia Natural Resources11220.00
Columbia Natural Resources5563,910.84
Columbia Natural Resources5559,955.42
Columbia Natural Resources5594,847.96
Columbia Ready Mix Inc170.00
Commercial Furnishings, Inc.83565,127.60
Commonwealth Aluminum Lewisport Llc425751,917,430.43
Commonwealth Block Co Inc481,789.70
Commonwealth Block Co Inc1497.06
Commonwealth Of Kentucky63713,355.10
Commonwealth Of Ky51051,653.70
Community Cleaners224,000.00
Conagra Poultry Of Ky Inc54652,468.92
Conagra Poultry Of Ky Inc63237,074.50
Conco Inc3449,912.00
Concord Custom Cleaners113,365.00
Concord Custom Cleaners116,853.86
Concord Custom Cleaners113,499.60
Concord Custom Cleaners111,260.48
Concord Custom Cleaners114,307.20
Concord Custom Cleaners114,307.20
Concrete Materials Corp1101,511.05
Concrete Materials Corp17292.26
Concrete Materials Corp16240.49
Concrete Products14119.07
Concrete Products Inc1749.34
Concrete Service Co140.00
Cone Solvents Inc.8141,255.00
Consol Coal Of Kentucky170.00
Consol Of Kentucky Inc11752,180.27
Consol Of Kentucky Inc12341,583.88
Consolidated Biscuit Co54351,230.63
Consolidated Nutrition146,909.60
Containment Systems Inc370.00
Contech Const Prod Inc599,164.45
Contech Construction Prod8191,194.23
Continental Mills Inc11215,434.81
Continental Pet Technolgy5813,607.06
Continental Web Press Inc73339,516.01
Coo-Par Concrete Corp111,800.00
Cook & Sons Mining Inc11225,398.82
Cook Family Foods Ltd518100,775.24
Cooksey Bros. Disposal Co Inc Landfill282823,380.55
Cooper Industries2513,623.91
Cooper Industries, Inc.4417.94
Cooper Painting Inc612485.35
Cooper Tire & Rubber Co884265,669.61
Copar Inc767121,104.78
Copar Inc.6256,046.42
Copperweld - Stainless Div.3315.00
Corbin Materials Co Inc16278.92
Corbin One Hour Cleaners116,366.58
Corhart Refractories2430,780.00
Corning Incorporated7173392,089.36
Cosmo Wheels Inc6164,919.72
Countrymark Coop Inc.5121,445.81
Courier Journal & Times2363,540.00
Cowboy Charcoal Usa62848,486.46
Cox Interior, Incorporated655510,885.43
Cps Corporation570.00
Cr/Pl Llc41333,545.80
Crane Plumbing, Ltd Part52315,566.50
Crc No 1 Llc5340.00
Createc Corp9295,278.54
Crescent Coal Co150.00
Crest Products Inc7302,879.06
Crider & Rogers Landfill28281,521.40
Crop Production Services152,087.94
Crop Production Services11800.00
Crouse Concrete162,780.96
Csx Transportation Inc91426,874.78
Cta Acoustics Inc871153,436.02
Cta Acoustics Inc45148,570.00
Ctna Manufacturing Limited Partnership980641,328.78
Cumberland Forest Product57589.11
Cumberland Gap Provisions52689,005.96
Cumberland Products Inc53630,583.80
Cumberland River Coal Co160.00
Cumberland River Resources Llc1260.00
Curry Timber Products Inc1413,558.00
Curtis-Maruyasu America114549,921.14
Custom Cleaners112,692.00
Custom Cleaners110.00
Custom Cleaners11888.36
Custom Resins Inc772218,804.99
Custom Touch Drycleaners111,749.80
Cymetech L.L.C.2210.00
Cynthiana Landfill28281,086.71
Cytech Products Inc8188,822.80
D & C Mining170.00
Dairy Mart141,086.56
Dal-Tile Corp1886382,792.71
Dallas Benge Trucking Inc5838,136.87
Dana Brake Parts Inc.3411,608.00
Dana Corp7156,519.24
Dana Corp9114124,257.53
Dana Corp51640,952.18
Dana Corp. - Plumley Division2225,462.26
Dana Corporation77151,332.54
Dana Corporation62528,101.76
Dana Corporation3732,633.34
Dana Corporation84847,982.98
Daramic Inc6592,759,561.92
Darrin'S Cleaners111,346.00
Dart Container Corp663840,196.29
Dart Polymer Inc9134190,877.91
Dave O'Mara Contractor Plant 71130.59
David J. Joseph Co The125,301.12
Daviess Co Fiscal Court2336,922.24
Daviess Co Sand & Gravel194943.88
Daviess County Landfill2828136.45
Davis Quality Cleaners222,000.00
Dawson Manufacturing Co1134444,896.87
Dawson Springs Landfill28281,846.56
Debra Lynn Coals160.00
Debra Lynn Coals1170.00
Debra Lynn Coals Inc1175,921.25
Debruce Grain Inc170.00
Deco Paper Products1110,400.00
Decoart Inc25110,484.61
Degussa Corporation72333,512.20
Delta Air Lines Inc51425,389.89
Delta Machinery Company Inc1170.00
Denham & Lewis Coal Proc13014,545.86
Denny Beckner & Co5124,930.27
Denyo Manufacturing Corp5231,252.95
Department Of Energy51462,192.96
Desa International Inc65021,769.05
Deters Company The157,147.50
Deters Company Inc132,027.56
Deters Company Inc144,849.08
Deters Company Inc144,985.27
Devx Operating Company330.00
Diamond May Coal Co123114,891.57
Dickerson Lumber51670,065.28
Diversified Composites Inc.2219,151.00
Dix River Stone Inc18693.08
Dixie Fuel Company18103,976.80
Dixie Oil Inc142,661.16
Dixie Paving Inc51332,006.84
Dlx Inc150.00
Donaldson Co Inc53189,494.81
Donnelly Corporation143,522.10
Donovan Commercial Ind8120.00
Doric Products Company76042,851.75
Dotson Concrete16226.04
Douglas Autotech Corp11592.73
Dow Chemical Company The2321,521.77
Dow Corning Corp79287,921.53
Dow Corning Corp183928,589,422.86
Dowell Schlumberger Inc2715.66
Dozit Co Inc3441,930.86
Dresser Equipment Group105633,960.63
Drycleaning Plus111,749.80
Duke & Long Distributing Co., Inc.141,301.91
Duke & Long Distributing Co., Inc.14741.49
Duke Energy Marshall County,Llc584135,131.17
Duke Energy Metcalfe, Llc5440.00
Dunaway Timber Co Inc1613,785.12
Dupont Dow Elastomers12451,321,491.00
Dura Automotive Of Fulton61750,584.07
Duro Bag Manufacturing95255,612.70
Duro Bag Mfg Co11244210,369.54
Duro Designer Co.1114,013.00
Duro Paper Bag Mfg Co661,822.74
E & J Corporation Inc170.00
E I Dupont Inc6463,514,923.93
E-K Wood Products Company5648,980.07
Eagle Hardwoods Inc63550,365.59
Eagle Industries Llc1267454,747.03
Earthgrains Baking Co Inc12308.27
Earthgrains Baking Co Inc58164,576.12
East Anderson Hardwoods Llc57107,341.64
East Ky Power Coop7616522,486,319.55
East Ky Power Coop7616165,231,643.90
East Ky Power Coop76176114,349,613.58
East Ky Power Corp131221,866,497.99
Easterday Tie & Timber Co71776,452.16
Eastern Alloys Of Ky6340.30
Eastern Ky Correct Comp637102,568.82
Eastern Ky University624279,426.30
Eastlex Machine Corporation47133.89
Eaton Asphalt Paving51660,016.44
Eaton Asphalt Paving Co51111,205.79
Eaton Asphalt Paving Co61483,959.32
Eaton Asphalt Paving Co142312,227.49
Eaton Asphalt Paving Co Inc570.00
Ebonite International21541,941.85
Eldridge Oil Co Inc164,327.17
Electro Cycle Inc821230,668.66
Elkhorn Stone Inc17969,278.78
Elkton Die Casting L.L.C.113.32
Elmo Greer & Sons Inc5815,709.82
Elmo Greer & Sons Llc180.00
Elmo Greer & Sons Llc1130.00
Elmo Greer & Sons Llc51221,290.22
Elmo Greer & Sons Llc51012,544.15
Elmo Greer & Sons Llc51930,727.63
Elmo Greer & Sons Llc6144,637.33
Elmo Greer & Sons Llc62321,690.52
Elmo Greer & Sons Llc142724,585.11
Elmo Greer & Sons Llc5851,595.00
Elmo Greer & Sons Llc5812,898.01
Elmo Greer & Sons Llc51437,776.05
Elmo Greer & Sons Quarry Llc12814,155.39
Emerald Inds.1231,187.00
Emerson Electric Co74266,297.15
Emerson Power Trans Corp9168,883.30
Emerson Power Trans Corp62323,040.47
Emerson Power Trans Corp65762,371.92
Emro Marketing Co154,511.46
Enerfab Inc59495.43
Enersys Inc942117,030.21
Enersys Inc711967,727.68
Enersys Inc. Tube Mfg.222,753.00
Englehard Corp, Harshaw Chem5646,095.00
Ensign-Bickford Co The7287,198.04
Epperson Waste Disposal Company Landfill282815,656.91
Equilon Enterprises Llc144,426.16
Equilon Enterprises Llc143,151.84
Equitable Production39207,074.12
Equitable Production39184,428.77
Equitable Production39215,887.87
Esco Corporation81320,651.48
Escue Wood Preserving Inc35575.36
Essroc Materials Inc171,436.69
Estron Chemical Inc1516593,400.06
F P International19251,671.06
Fabric Cleaners113,499.60
Familee Cleaners115,357.08
Fannin Industries5513,847.13
Farmers Elevators Inc51810,913.81
Farmers Gin Co Inc5152,495.12
Farmers Grain Co51224,845.20
Faurecia Exhaust Sys. Inc. Louisville Plant12500.00
Feagan Food Mart141,185.50
Federal Materials Co Inc5176,211.80
Federal Materials Co Inc1616,456.01
Federal Materials Company15600.12
Federal Medical Center530105,149.20
Federal-Mogul Corp22189114,487.10
Federal-Mogul Corp2212124,404.79
Felker Brothers Corp92125,549.45
Ferrill & Stockton Landfill2828468.61
Fet Engineering Inc673,937.92
Fetter Printing Co1578,580.00
Fibermark Inc6110.00
Field Packing Co61123,122.52
Firestone Building Produc61575,240.25
Firestone Tire & Rubber5195,466.40
Fischer Special Mfg Co6739,083.21
Flair Molded Plastics Inc82412,187.40
Fleetwood Homes Of Ky #452523,724.93
Fleetwood Travel Trailers Of Ky, Inc #601170,030.28
Flexcel - Danville121969,048.16
Flexcel Fordsville14803458,199.54
Flint Ink Corp67843,692.31
Flint Ink North America Corp2437,499.25
Florida Tile Industries712765,375.90
Floyd County Landfill28288,693.71
Foam Design Inc6152,664.16
Fontaine Trailer Co915123,671.58
Ford Construction Co Inc5138,664.97
Ford Motor Co, Ky Truck Plt15432,489,048.00
Ford Motor Co, Lou Assy Plt16333,096,912.00
Forest Products Inc59100,484.25
Forest Products Inc117,267.00
Forest Products Inc127,693.91
Fort Campbell Landfill28286,569.06
Fort James Operating Co73152,338.60
Fort James Operating Co64032,851.06
Fort Wright Marathon141,556.93
Four Rivers Coal Inc173,413.66
Four Roses Distillery Llc63777,506.36
Frankfort Materials62130,087.77
Frankfort Plastics91447,645.88
Frederick & May Lumber Co1113,058.50
Freedom River, Inc.142,051.17
Freeman Corp636122,143.87
Freeport Mcmoran Resource141,031.40
Freudenberg Nonwovens Ltd83659,955.50
Frito-Lay, Inc4699,800.00
Froedge Machine & Supply457,169.83
Ft Thomas Carryout141,563.66
G E Appliance Park11251,119,140.00
G F Vaughan Tobacco Co6155,781.15
G Sharpco Inc143,165.64
G. E. Lighting, Llc10105160,744.68
Gaddie Shamrock Llc117920.42
Gaddie Shamrock Llc1306,419.05
Gaddie Shamrock Llc117697.74
Gaddie Shamrock Llc5839,023.12
Gaddie Shamrock Llc1329,330.95
Gaddie Shamrock Llc5836,151.80
Gaines Lumber Co115,040.00
Gallatin Steel Co9852,488,523.49
Gamco Products Co117430,562.08
Garcy Corporation76753,678.82
Gary Wagner Enterprises161,365.92
Gate Petroleum Co55250.67
Gates Corp The566343263,656.42
Gatliff Coal Co14613,339.49
Gatliff Coal Company1244,328.27
Gator Made, Inc.52126,443.18
Ge Co. Kentucky Glass Plant2426,405.00
Geary Brothers Inc.111,215.00
Gemtron Corporation677103.79
General Cable Company825130,830.52
General Electric Co61081,061,175.83
General Electric Co1438170,779.16
General Electric Co157836,076.94
General Electric Co51463,729.32
General Motors Corp13891,145,106.84
General Shale Prod1833405,307.33
General Shale Products514340,288.25
Germantown Milling1423,999.96
Gibbs Die Casting Alumin16236102,871.95
Gibbs Die Casting Aluminm20519273,291.51
Given Oil Service1411,200.22
Givens Coal Company Inc160.00
Glacier Rock Inc130263,283.55
Glasgow Landfill28285,072.86
Glasgow Spray Dry Inc54044,219.35
Glasgow Spray-Dry Inc4727,385.97
Glass Paving Inc51816,456.83
Glass Paving Inc51932,213.07
Gohmann Asphalt & Construction Inc180.00
Gohmann Asphalt & Construction Inc62720,139.45
Gohmann Asphalt, Outer Loop6624,160.00
Goodrich Corporation2217824,576.95
Graham & Hammer Lumber Co58106,112.00
Graham Pallet Company111,800.00
Grand Eagle Mining1120.00
Grants Lick Market Inc153,803.43
Grassy Stone Llc14875,480.11
Grayson County Ready Mix15277.69
Green Tokai Co668246,500.93
Green Valley Env Corp514161,034.40
Green Valley Farm Supply110.00
Greensburg Asphalt Plant111,048.00
Greenville Quarries11027,079.19
Greif Bros. Corporation829317,849.44
Griffin Industries746409,989.27
Griffin Industries644142,777.58
Griffin Industries Inc61481,748.61
Griffin Industries, Inc.6220.00
Gruen-Wald Engineered Laminates, Inc.3325,713.34
Grupo Antolin Kentucky Inc102824,460.18
Guardian Automotive Trim19136402,224.52
Gulf States Paper105944,827.72
H B Fuller Company106331,164.57
H B Stanley Incorporated15204.11
H G Mays Corporation5811,934.11
Hadley Paving Inc582,359.36
Hagan & Stone Pallet Co119,000.00
Hall Concrete Products Co110.96
Hamilton Hinkle & Ruth Of Georgetown6973,749.81
Hancock Landfill2828484.63
Hanson Aggregates Davon Inc15034,673.21
Hanson Aggregates Midwest1550.00
Hanson Aggregates Midwest16511,583.11
Hanson Aggregates Midwest1155,227.28
Hanson Aggregates Midwest12138,252.66
Hanson Aggregates Midwest1630.00
Hanson Aggregates Midwest1352,780.39
Hanson Aggregates Midwest13517,202.56
Hanson Aggregates Midwest11513.17
Hanson Aggregates Midwest1180.00
Hanson Aggregates Midwest18312,186.72
Hanson Aggregates Midwest15723,846.58
Hanson Aggregates Midwest1789,892.82
Hanson Aggregates Midwest Inc1652,485.70
Hanson, Plc1530469,106.42
Hapco Llc5114,130.12
Hardin Co Ready Mix Inc170.14
Hardin County Landfill1115,577.95
Hardin County Ready Mix15346.16
Hardin Memorial Hospital82356,422.05
Harlan Applchn Reg Hosptl61277,665.44
Harlan Cumberland Coal Co1894.45
Harlan Cumberland Coal Co1625,508.00
Harlan Nehi Bottling Co661,252.64
Harold White Lumber Inc592,310.45
Harper Properties141,634.07
Harper Properties Dba1411,998.08
Harper Properties Inc143,844.30
Harrison County Ready Mix15241.56
Harrod Concrete & Stone16718,415.83
Harrod Concrete & Stone Co11312,200.92
Harrod-Carter Inc511475.49
Hart County Landfill28281,376.26
Hart County Stone Co1411,959.43
Hart County Stone Inc51119,832.24
Hart County Stone Inc1470.00
Hart Gas & Oil1923,951.59
Hartco Flooring Co1041155,309.52
Hartco Of Ky Inc1110,283.44
Hartford Standard Corp598,313.40
Hatfield Station No 117242.92
Hausner Hard-Chrome Inc318175.83
Hawley Products Inc1575197,329.35
Hayes Lemmerz Inc9429,375.05
Hayes Lemmerz Intl56720,045.98
Hayes Lemmerz Intl Ky Inc2215813,206.32
Heaven Hill Distilleries5372,980,492.29
Heaven Hill Distilleries11967,918.21
Hebron Corner Mart15917.14
Heckett Multiserv1287,151.45
Heckett Multiserv Plant51210371,740.45
Heckett Multiserv Plt 232626,113.03
Henderson County Rvrpt Aj12226,593.99
Henderson Landfill28284,229.51
Henderson Materials Inc1212,950.00
Henderson Mun Pow & Light76100915,955.41
Henderson Terminaling Co65239,660.58
Hendrick Screen Co.225.00
Hendrickson Truck Suspension Sys.1279.10
Hendrix & Dail Inc.123,000.00
Hennegan Company The43655,108.30
Henson Paving521122.26
Hertz Rent-A-Car141,251.55
Hickman Pipe And Tube Corporation2438,964.20
Hickman-Fulton Cnty11813,847.10
Hickory Specialties, Inc.54637,698.73
High Tech Chrome Plating1416.16
Highland Cleaners1132,800.00
Highland Heights Marathon141,030.34
Highlander Dry Cleaners11538.40
Hiland Cleaners224,000.00
Hills Pet Nutrition, Inc612331,668.42
Hillshire Farm & Kahns8223110,301.08
Hilltop Landfill28281,635.22
Hilltop Stone Llc18624,058.83
Hinkle Contracting Corp580.00
Hinkle Contracting Corp178,612.80
Hinkle Contracting Corp5821,619.32
Hinkle Contracting Corp585,916.74
Hinkle Contracting Corp5923,950.08
Hinkle Contracting Corp580.00
Hinkle Contracting Corp1200.00
Hinkle Contracting Corp5717,983.72
Hinkle Contracting Corp5832,170.25
Hinkle Contracting Corp5816,650.06
Hinkle Contracting Corp51875,702.44
Hinkle Contracting Corp51833,466.32
Hinkle Contracting Corp5858,337.43
Hinkle Contracting Corp1200.00
Hinkle Contracting Corp6215,155.98
Hinkle Contracting Corp5138,135.28
Hinkle Contracting Corporation5822,678.14
Hinton Cleaners Inc113,499.60
Hitachi Automotive Prod91891,577.59
Hite Ready Mix16434.86
Hk Systems Inc81623,262.20
Hodgenville Cleaners112,557.40
Hoffman Engineering Co53810.79
Holiday Mansion International Inc7289,519.21
Holley Performance Prod1162334,638.59
Hollinee Corp1081266,072.12
Home & Oil Gas Co Inc169,882.23
Homer Gregory & Co Inc51071,581.50
Homer Gregory & Co Inc565,400.00
Homer Short Co Inc180.00
Hon Company The1571357,502.46
Hoover Universal Co572,477.56
Hopkins County Coal Llc139204,522.19
Hopkinsville Elevator Co5114,142.82
Hopkinsville Elevator Co5317,270.51
Hopkinsville Elevator Inc5110.00
Hopkinsville Landfill28288,134.72
Hopkinsville Milling Co1525,839.63
Hopkinsville Milling Co5127,668.21
Hopkinsville Wood Products92751,769.08
Howards Bp144,086.61
Hq 101st Airborne Div6317122,171.35
Hubbard Feeds, Inc.5191,686.80
Hudson Foods/Farm9493,218.14
Huish Detergents Inc57374,030.30
Hussey Copper Ltd72133,925.61
Hutson Co Inc5171,321.74
Hutsons Grain Inc5166,177.21
Hy-Klas Paints Inc.361,522.00
Hydro Aluminum/Louisville1167159,617.72
Hyland Company The5599,142.49
Hytone Cleaners224,000.00
Ichikoh Manufacturing763228,778.21
Idlewild Concrete152.97
Ikerd-Bandy Co Inc174,419.19
Ikerd-Bandy Co Inc1120.00
Ikerd-Bandy Co Inc180.00
Ikerd-Bandy Co Inc160.47
Imc Phosphates Company1340,841.10
Imco Recycling Inc1042326,941.23
Imi Irving Materials Inc1715,180.50
Imi Irving Materials Inc171,583.71
Imi Irving Materials Inc15486.02
Imi South Llc17417.94
Imi South Llc170.00
Imi South Llc190.00
Imi South Llc180.00
Imi South Llc180.00
Imi South, Llc180.00
Imo Industries, Inc.12265,765.48
Inco Alloys International124933,506.04
Indiana Hardwoods116,000.00
Indiana Hardwoods-Greensburg58216,982.14
Industrial Powder Coating54441,288.93
Infiltrator Systems Inc229155,682.20
Ingersoll-Rand Co13280.00
Inland Paperboard & Pkg141642,879.67
Inoac Packaging Group764125,703.16
Instant Products Inc1110,380.00
Intermont Terminals Inc140.00
International Business Machines Corp62699.07
International Catalyst Technology, Inc52820,486.86
International Crankshaft93434,935.93
International Paper94334,927.90
International Paper Company5380.00
Interplastic Corporation119835,493.82
Interpolymer Corp.3630.00
Intertape Polymer Group1030192,705.72
Intertec Systems53452,369.34
Invensys Precision Die Casting968164,678.83
Irvine Concrete Co1430.05
Irving Material161,756.66
Irving Materials Inc15793.64
Irving Materials Inc167,253.37
Irving Materials Inc14203.12
Irving Materials Inc171,602.86
Irving Materials Inc170.00
Irving Materials Inc110215.26
Irving Materials Inc180.00
Irving Materials Inc191,625.65
Irving Materials Inc151,049.44
Irving Materials Inc170.00
Irving Materials Inc170.00
Irving Materials Inc161,697.16
Irving Materials Inc161,001.07
Irving Materials Inc Delta Divison115759.66
Irving Materials Inc Imi160.00
Irving Materials Inc Imi161,932.48
Irving Materials, Inc16830.89
Irving Materials, Inc161,697.16
Irving Materials, Inc.188,236.65
Island Creek Coal Co1245,772.74
Island Creek Coal Co1153,441.56
Isp Chemicals Inc.161695,287,082.25
Itw/Signode Corp52024,610.53
J & K One Stop151,495.96
J & L Mining - Stripping Inc18615.87
J D S Food Mart141,683.16
J M Smucker Company, The573128,091.28
J S Technos Corporation5621,187.00
J-Ron, Inc10354,274.77
J.L. French Corp1137139,872.94
Jacksons Pronto Cleaners11807.60
James B Beam Distill Co11716,268.37
Jasper Iron & Metal Co62217,047.04
Jds Food Mart #4 Inc142,365.82
Jefferson Gas Transmisson51134,579.59
Jefferson Smurfit5525,980.00
Jellico Chemical Co. Inc.482,820.00
Jericol Mining Inc1120.00
Jet One Hour Cleaners115,599.36
Jett-A-Way Cleaners116,400.00
Jideco Of Bardstown, Inc81329,462.42
Jiffy Cleaners113,499.60
Jim Beam Brands Co6344,164,170.10
Jim Beam Brands Co6593,474,936.63
Jim Beam Brands Company6241,023,238.73
Jim Smith Contracting Co6284,086.21
Jim Smith Contracting Co51320,549.10
Jim Smith Contracting Inc51372,695.07
Jim Smith Contracting Inc62432,062.67
Jmt Inc61667,517.10
Jockey International, Inc51610,694.55
Johnson Controls1026129,744.65
Johnson Controls Inc772538,267.91
Johnson Controls Inc5329,645.55
Johnson Oil Company, Inc14727.10
Joseph Mining Co15948.67
Joseph Seagram & Sons Inc112,423,983.89
Jr Hoe & Sons Inc6119,990.55
K B Alloys Inc84026,421.30
K.M.M.C. Llc11721,595.71
Kanipe Enterprises Inc154,248.72
Karst Robbins Coal Co,Inc1140.00
Katayama American Co. Inc.2213.00
Katterjohn Concrete Prod15259.18
Keco Industries Inc122849,263.75
Keebler Foods Company5528,944.28
Kelley Technical Coatings3382,840.00
Ken Dec Inc1510629,528.65
Ken-Mor Ready Mix, Inc.1516.39
Ken-Tron Mfg. Inc.1127,300.00
Kenamerican Resources Inc1206,118.52
Kendall Polyken Dba Tyco Adhesives61275,205.27
Kenlake Foods686,250.10
Kentucky Aggregates112273.98
Kentucky Coal Terminals19170,150.49
Kentucky Energy, L.L.C.281,391.64
Kentucky Hydrocarbon Co515293.75
Kentucky Ladder Co11300.01
Kentucky Leather Company5230.00
Kentucky May Coal Co Inc14341,041.12
Kentucky Mfg Company810137,313.75
Kentucky Mountain Power Llc7540.00
Kentucky Oil & Refining550.00
Kentucky Pioneer Energy Llc5310.00
Kentucky Power Co78201133,208,123.44
Kentucky Processing Co4130.00
Kentucky Processing Co1230.00
Kentucky Solite Corp536754,367.57
Kentucky State Penitentiary5200.00
Kentucky State University61776,069.95
Kentucky United Coal Llc1147,676.38
Kentucky Utilities8190.00
Kentucky Utilities821587,623,464.21
Kentucky Utilities Co7849136,022,087.05
Kentucky Utilities Co82459129,982,116.39
Kentucky Utilities Co78405163,939,763.08
Kentucky Utilities Co530903.15
Kentucky W.Va Gas Company13341,353,292.01
Kentucky-Tennessee Grain151,593.75
Kentucky-Tennessee Grain5114,427.38
Kenway Concrete Inc19395.99
Kenway Contracting Inc160.52
Kenway Contracting Inc5100.00
Kenway Contracting Inc1150.00
Kenway Contracting Inc160.00
Kenway Paving Llc5613,760.48
Kenwest Terminals Llc152104,313.09
Kerr Group Inc243,195.14
Key Cleaners112,476.64
Key Cleaners #121112,853.52
Key Oil Co1615,040.81
Key One Hour Cleaners129,691.20
Key One Hour Cleaners112,232.10
Ki(Usa) Corporation62918,256.18
Kimberly-Clark Corporation976673,921.07
Kinder Morgan Bulk Termin1280.00
Kinder Morgan Operating1130.00
Kings Daughters Hospital6114,633.00
Kingsford Manufacturing Company745526,722.04
Kingsford Mfg Co774923,376.82
Kleen Rite Cleaners Inc111,817.10
Kleen Rite Cleaners Inc111,884.40
Knott County Mining Co13038,066.74
Kocolene Oil Corporation143,622.57
Kocolene Oil Corporation143,329.26
Kokoku Rubber Inc73253,086.77
Koppers Industries,Inc710148,823.00
Kosmos Cement Co113611,208,309.73
Kosmos Cement Company1874,786.56
Kotter Ready-Mix154,634.30
Kramer'S Lane Landfill28284,346.86
Kroger Country Oven Bakry5215,730.19
Kuhlman Electric Co51915,166.70
Kustom Cleaners113,545.10
Kuttawa Plastics7184549,707.57
Kwik Klean Kleaners114,643.70
Kwik Mart161,563.95
Kwik Shoppe #316509.96
Ky Cooperage Inc52891,991.81
Ky Dept Military Affairs680.00
Ky Dept Military Affairs1412716,127.46
Ky Dept Military Affairs5302,622.33
Ky Dept Of Military Affairs572,057.36
Ky Electric Steel Corp6431,231,331.68
Ky Heat Treating5363,128.05
Ky River Reg Animal Shelt332,184.00
Ky State Reformatory610848,538.75
Ky W Virginia Gas Co Llc1225895,430.72
Ky W Virginia Gas Co Llc1248490,644.19
Ky W Virginia Gas Co Llc1227167,629.92
Ky West Virginia Gas Co12391,168,927.84
Ky-Harlan Coal Co1100.00
Ky-Tenn Clay Co54825,302.04
L & L Dry Cleaners226,000.00
L K Tapp & Sons15813.19
L&M Gribbins Co Inc34672.64
L&R Fuel Inc160.00
L-3 Communications1226656.97
L/N Concrete140.00
Lacross Enterprises Inc114,780.00
Lafarge Corporation13324.53
Lafarge North America540487,053.58
Lake Cumberland Stone18614,652.36
Laminated Timbers Inc341,779.49
Lances Service141,241.03
Landmark Mining Co Inc199,779.41
Lanham River Terminal157178.09
Larry T Glass Construction Co Inc1260.00
Larry T Glass Construction Co Inc180.00
Larry T. Glass Construction Co., Inc.1120.00
Lasco Composites Lp1123559,406.94
Laser Graphic Systems61426,265.55
Laurel Ridge Landfill282827,417.84
Lawrenceburg Assembly Opr2631,892.82
Lawson Mardon Packaging14187334,073.24
Lb Foster Co690.00
Lear Kentucky Lp2792,145.89
Lebanon Asphalt Plant111,952.00
Lebanon Oak Flooring51345,736.00
Lee Masonry Products Inc510289.68
Lee Masonry Products Inc151,356.00
Lee Masonry Products Inc1261.78
Leeco Inc11019,070.15
Left Fork Mining Co Inc1250.00
Leggett Partners L P536133,334.96
Leggett Partners L P92134,971.50
Leggett Partners L P627211,914.89
Leggett Partners Lp2357,289.80
Leggett Partners Lp5131,218.99
Leitchfield Cleaners112,355.50
Leitchfield Landfill2828271.68
Leslie Resources17334.16
Leslie Resources Inc170.00
Leslie Resources Inc1110.00
Leslie Resources Inc180.00
Leslie Resources Inc1141,809.01
Leslie Resources Inc170.00
Letcher Landfill2828543.36
Levi Strauss & Co5102,890.86
Lewis Coal Company1291,706.10
Lewis County Sand & Gravel Inc119515.93
Lexington / Fayette Landfill282829,077.90
Lexington Paint & Supply1211487,109.75
Lexington Quarry Co110212,864.98
Lexington Quarry Co53822,107.80
Lexmark International Inc8143105,724.61
Lge Energy Wilson Station1212303,050.60
Licking River Castings52428,542.91
Lincoln County Ready Mix1587.70
Lingo Mfg Co81246,309.51
Linkbelt Construction10119125,635.12
Lion Uniform Inc11207,402.14
Lippert Components Inc12228,140.71
Liter'S Inc1150.00
Liter'S Inc110346.30
Liters Quarry1140.00
Liters Quarry Inc1383,541.80
Liters Quarry Inc1358,722.56
Liters Quarry Inc190.00
Liters Quarry Inc1424,398.90
Liters Quarry Inc111759.99
Liters Quarry Inc11145,658.29
Livermore Ind Plating Inc1161,665.93
Ln Concrete Materials Cor511530.57
Local Sanitation Landfill28284,547.80
Lodestar Energy Inc11049,207.32
Lodestar Energy Inc13630,503.24
Lodestar Energy Inc11122,567.73
Lodestar Energy Inc129130,701.15
Lodestar Energy Inc11166.17
Lodestar Energy Inc1273,182.40
Lodestar Energy Inc11022,996.38
Lodestar Energy Inc180.00
Lodestar Energy Inc170.00
Logan Aluminum Inc212821,295,804.05
London Church Furniture2415,656.09
London Dry Cleaners112,234.36
London Rotary Forms Inc511972.10
Lone Star Industries Inc111576.40
Long Fork Coal Company13230,840.35
Lookout Hts Laundry&Drycl221,413.86
Lord Corporation1582179,218.25
Lou Gas & Elec, Cane Run7851245,877,208.50
Lou Gas & Elec, Mill Creek8043379,808,385.01
Lou Gas & Elec, Paddy'S Run66191,820.00
Lou Gas & Elec, Waterside5510,020.00
Lou Gas & Elec, Zorn Sta44490.00
Louisa Community Hospital8130.00
Louisville Bedding Co51341,260.56
Louisville Fire Brick Wks62012,853.01
Louisville Forge/Gear Wks1323393,479.25
Louisville Gas & Electric7927334,536,128.36
Louisville Gas & Electric10105209,090.77
Louisville Gas & Electric1051568,892.27
Louisville Paving Co6763,100.00
Louisville Plate Glass118,440.00
Lourdes Hospital5400.00
Love Cleaners111,346.00
Lowes Concrete Inc6140.00
Lusbys Enterprises143,121.66
Lwd Inc7820582,272.50
Lwd Sanitary Landfill28285,751.45
Lykins Oil Co1410,739.76
Lykins Oil Co Inc178,974.93
Lyon County Riverport Authority1108,726.52
M & M Cleaners111,346.00
M A Walker Company Inc16830,498.54
M A Walker Company Inc1150.00
Mackay Inc51715,486.67
Madison Landfill28281,956.08
Madisonville State Office61120,541.18
Magic Coal Company1140.00
Magic Mart Inc561,629.55
Magni Industries123829,028.18
Mago Construction Co Llc51745,986.44
Mago Construction Co Llc51434,790.62
Mago Construction Co Llc142616,315.71
Mago Construction Co Llc5129,544.50
Mago Construction Co Llc51215,725.56
Mago Construction Co Llc52180,906.62
Mago Construction Co Llc52618,270.94
Mago Construction Co Llc51240,022.43
Mago Construction Co Llc51336,350.69
Mago Construction Co Llc5130.00
Mago Construction Co Llc5170.00
Mago Construction Co, Inc142,304.80
Magoffin Landfill2828381.61
Main Street Cleaners224,000.00
Majestic Collieries Co120.00
Majestic Collieries Co11613,442.00
Makers Mark Distillery515709,468.58
Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc24171110,737.62
Manalapan Mining Co11434,731.90
Manalapan Mining Co Inc11561,197.40
Manalapan Mining Co Inc1121,380.72
Marada Powerboats8172,644.35
Marathon Ashland Pet Llc64234,852.79
Marathon Ashland Pet Llc33184035,175,102.96
Marathon Ashland Pet Llc137970,823.33
Marathon Ashland Pet Llc845105,262.11
Marathon Ashland Pet Llc125230,256.80
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc56137,168.75
Marathon Ashland Pipe Line Llc131,348.38
Marathon Oil Co. Louisville Ky Terminal (A)484,038.00
Marathon Oil Co. Louisville Ky Terminal (K)5106,600.00
Marcus Paint Company5936,080.00
Marion Feed Mill Inc4112,609.87
Markwest Hydrocarbons Inc652149,489.75
Martek Biosciences Corp857768,567.65
Martin Co Coal Corp519422,552.10
Martin Coal Processing Cp1711,820.74
Martin County Coal Corp1251,156.60
Martin Marietta Aggregates17110,310.47
Martin Marietta Materials5137148,580.29
Martin Marietta Materials112153,890.62
Martin Marietta Materials1410.00
Martin Marietta Materials Inc1190.00
Mason Co Ky Fiscal Court5525,136.27
Matco Inc1140.00
Mathews Conveyor Division812238,916.74
Matsushita Appliance Corp16316106,419.84
Mauri-Lou Dry Cleaners224,000.00
Mayfield Grain Co Inc51119,219.78
Mayfield Grain Co., Inc6590.00
Maysville Materials Co5851,293.41
Maysville Ready Mix14321.82
Maysville-Mason County Landfill28287,613.94
Mazak Corp103911,339.94
Mc Mining Llc12618,998.66
Mcarthur Lumber & Post Co591,303.48
Mccammish Manufacturing83248,897.30
Mccammish Mfg Co Inc894,569.08
Mccoy Elkhorn Coal Corp1134,947.89
Mccoy Elkhorn Coal Corp15819,221.54
Mccracken Landfill28287,049.19
Mccreary Classic Cleaners111,884.40
Mccreary Co Ready Mix1683.25
Mchenry Brass Inc1014561.81
Mckechnie Vehicle Components1355420,933.47
Mckinney Production Coatings11293,847.81
Mclean Landfill2828324.45
Meade County Ready Mix1140.00
Meadwestvaco Kentucky Lp242519,450,095.97
Meadwestvaco Kentucky, Lp1078545,872.76
Medical Center880.00
Medisin, Inc9229,918.09
Mejo Inc141,760.40
Mercer Stone Company Llc16320,558.45
Meritor Heavy Veh Brk Sys208518,843.98
Meritor Hvbs (Usa)757182,498.68
Meritor Suspension System79813,595.44
Metcalfe Co Farm Supply181,855.85
Metropolis Readymix11410,775.97
Metroweb Acquisition, Lp14500.00
Meuth Construction Supply18319.08
Michels Paving Co Inc5776,422.95
Michels Paving Co Inc580.00
Mid America Machine240.03
Mid West Terminal Inc.12500.00
Mid-Continent Spring Co.113612,128.14
Mid-Park Incorporated72014,664.93
Mid-South Electronics116213,608.02
Mid-State Auto Prts Reblt10696,625.27
Midwestern Gas Transmission52568.44
Mikron Industries Inc6701,698.70
Miles Farm Supply Inc160.00
Miles Farm Supply Inc11210.86
Miles Farm Supply Inc1431,399.90
Military Packaging Inc585,988.27
Millard Processing Plant110.30
Millennium Fuels Ii8165145,462.97
Minova Usa31310,395.46
Mitsubishi Elec Auto Amer46352,087.84
Model Cleaners Inc112,490.10
Modern Welding Co Inc91155,604.69
Modern Welding Co Ky Inc81517,151.98
Modern Welding Co Of Ky10358,201.87
Modern Welding Co.193549,051.86
Modine Manufacturing Co1373178,469.32
Monarch Hardware Manufacturing71126,656.47
Monessen Hearth Systems41269,713.57
Montaplast Of N America59133,609.25
Montebello Packaging Inc51728,653.10
Montgomery County Sanitary Landfill & Mrf282812,883.54
Monticello Flooring & Lbr51351,812.48
Monticello Wood Industries Llc51440,311.45
Monticello Wood Industries Llc5885,056.43
Moonshine Boat Trailers2419,025.58
Moore Dp, Llc6192,287.09
Morehead State University620215,279.87
Morgan Concrete & Mtls111,067.00
Morgan County Hosp340.00
Mother'S Cookie Co./Kellogg Co.1253,199.00
Mountain Construction15651.07
Mountain Enterprises Inc1181,208.52
Mountain Enterprises Inc5825,380.30
Mountain Enterprises Inc51366,360.06
Mountain Enterprises Inc5120.00
Mountain Enterprises Inc580.00
Mountain Enterprises Inc5868,331.22
Mountain Enterprises Inc5872,299.79
Mountain Enterprises Inc580.00
Mountain Enterprises Inc5855,100.16
Mountain Enterprises Inc5130.00
Mountain Enterprises Inc51344,439.01
Mountain Enterprises Inc51264,293.87
Mountain Enterprises Inc580.00
Mountain Enterprises Inc580.00
Mountain Enterprises Inc117241.05
Mountain Enterprises Inc51837,206.13
Mountain Enterprises Inc570.00
Mountain Enterprises Inc142298,357.85
Mountain Enterprises Inc142786,093.55
Mountain Express Cleaners111,817.10
Mountain Materials Inc15838,890.62
Mountain Materials Llc127882.36
Mountain Metal Co78498.35
Mountaineer Furniture Mfg11410.00
Mouser Custom Cabinetry Llc17149463,249.67
Mpd, Inc66511,350.22
Mr Tuxedo Inc113,257.32
Mrm Associates6150.00
Mtd Products Inc83736,695.20
Mubea Inc51038,669.42
Muhlenberg Ready Mix16788.09
Muhlenburg Co Bd Educatn665,585.10
Muhlenburg Landfill & Drop Boxes2828848.51
Mullican Feed Mill Inc5117.90
Murphy Red-E-Mix Inc1727,298.47
Murray Landfill28281,557.35
Murray Paving Inc51215,143.16
N.R.E Acquistion Co Llc2420524,489.55
Nacco Materials Handling8103107,236.64
Nally & Gibson Georgetown Llc128406.27
Nally & Gibson Georgetown Llc15341,051.44
Nally & Gibson Quarries1505,642.38
Nally & Gibson Quarries192,672.44
Nally & Gibson Quarries1352,444.67
Nally & Hamilton Ent Inc1154,445.40
Nally & Haydon Cumberland16041,751.23
Nally & Haydon Llc5198,385.83
Nally & Haydon Llc17735,302.11
Nally & Haydon Surfacing582,452.19
Nally & Haydon Surfacing51222,474.07
Nally & Haydon Surfacing5821,283.62
Nally & Haydon Surfacing1513,893.65
Nally & Haydon Surfacing Llc5140.00
Nally & Haydon Surfacing Llc5725,664.74
National Auto Truckstop15770.35
National Car Rental Syst14823.33
National Electric Coil481,895.30
National Tobacco Co3315,300.00
National Wood Prod Co61014,358.07
National-Standard Company4830.00
Natural Bridge Stone Co18010,189.62
Nelson Company Of Ky115,577.75
Nelson County Concrete111941.06
Nelson Landfill28286,279.97
Neltners Inc142,347.63
Neo Industries Inc571,600.83
Nes Rebuild Center, Inc.7789,696.87
Nestaway-Coated Metl Prod453,143.60
Nestle Usa54716,661.83
Nevamar Company Llc511222,347.05
New Coal Company Inc., The132722.37
New Horizons Coal Inc1485,329.87
New Horizons Llc150.00
New Ridge Mining Company15423,470.21
Newell Enterprises1680.25
Newell Enterprises15536.00
Newell Enterprises150.00
Newell Enterprises140.00
Newell Enterprises, Llc5160.00
Newport Steel Corp63765,001.88
Nexans Magnet Wire Inc1263245,509.04
Nhk Associated Spring1015788,925.83
Nicholas County Landfill28282,326.67
Nielsen Company The896167,540.56
North American Capacitor Co.121,677.00
North American Galvanizing337,410.00
North American Pipe Corp.21325,512.76
North American Refractories97027,100.94
North American Stainless112232,273,340.53
North Coast Energy Eastern Inc5100.00
North Star Steel Co511176,357.99
Northeastern Products51330,105.93
Northern Ky Aggregates In15415,630.87
Noveon Inc101328,460.00
Noveon Inc.364,141.00
Nsu Corporation5913,855.15
Nu-Look Cleaner112,355.50
Nu-Look Cleaners111,346.00
Nugent Sand Company15109,824.79
Ohio County Landfill282822,088.73
Ohio River Concrete Corp1230.00
Ohio Valley Aluminum1166119,332.06
Ohio Valley Asphalt Inc5969,265.52
Ohio Valley Asphalt Inc599,953.38
Ohio Valley Asphalt Inc58545.04
Ohio Valley Gravel & Sand Co Inc13411,198.16
Ohio Valley Terminals Inc1230.00
Okonite Company The93035,902.22
Old Circle Coal Co Inc130.00
Old Hickory Clay53712,267.56
Olde Masters Originals344,457.57
Omega Plastics Corp5925,004.51
Omico Plastics Inc2573,941.55
Opus Horn Repair7100.00
Oscar Hornsby, Inc.160.00
Osram Sylvania Inc11972,170,776.34
Osram Sylvania Inc15292529,188.82
Osram Sylvania Prod Inc117545,495.63
Outer Loop Rdf282860,838.27
Outokumpu Copper Franklin2634,870.72
Owens Corning120.00
Owensboro Brick & Tile182196,353.89
Owensboro Concrete Co111734.34
Owensboro Grain Co1473,831.80
Owensboro Grain Co4151,269.83
Owensboro Grain Co71114,185,910.36
Owensboro Grain Co Inc1514,414.32
Owensboro Grain Co,. Inc.4133,432.31
Owensboro Grain Ed Oil5145,505.02
Owensboro Landfill282810,867.14
Owensboro Municipal Util8537139,694,099.38
Owensboro Paving Co62079,536.54
Owensboro River Sand & Gr1780,395.69
Owensboro Riverport Authority1120.00
Oxy Vinyls11263,200,513.00
P C & H Construction Co178,113.15
P C & H Construction Inc180.00
Packaging Unlimited33140,200.00
Pactiv Corporation618204,447.84
Paducah Mccracken County1166,716.07
Pan-Oston Co5202,840.18
Parallel Products4472,860.00
Paris Landfill2828468.61
Park Valley Land Development170.00
Parker Hannifin Corp5231,768.14
Parker Seal Company6457,853.46
Parkland Furniture Inc5612.60
Parkway Construction, Inc51348,809.98
Parrot Cleaners1116,000.00
Parts Cleaning Technologies26185,486.00
Parts Unlimited Inc115,240.00
Pasminco International Exploration Inc5350.00
Patriot Coal Co Ltd147190,752.89
Pattie A Clay Infirmary121220,428.49
Paul Welch Dba Welch Precast Concrete Pr158,756.67
Pc Ky Synthetic Fl 3 Llc533990.23
Pci Inc1074213,857.74
Peabody Coal Co131,606.56
Peabody Coal Co1314,656.58
Peabody Coal Co178,528.05
Peabody Coal Co130.00
Peabody Coal Co130.00
Peabody Coal Co13259.65
Peabody Coal Company1513,680.20
Peabody Coal-Prep Plant130.00
Pearce Bros Ready Mix186,009.41
Peavey Company5716,085.52
Peavey Company52110,830.30
Peavey Grain Elevator1910,151.81
Pendleton County / Butler Landfill282823,164.89
Pennington Block Co14358.05
Perdue Farms Inc104711,829.58
Perdue Farms Incorporated59629,602.19
Perdue Furniture Inc8160.00
Period Furniture113240,046.70
Perm Cast Llc16158100,476.06
Permits Inc1130.00
Perry County Landfill2828297.54
Perry Hardwood Lumber Inc113.00
Petroferm Incorporated2222,440.00
Peyton Mining Company1108,755.98
Pharo Enterprises Inc222,000.00
Philip Damstrom Inc153,926.30
Philip Morris, Lmcp5511,540.00
Philips Lighting Company10941,747,587.26
Phillips Diversified Mfg330183,554.43
Pikeville Landfill28284,195.60
Pilot Corporation153,872.79
Pilot Oil Corporation154,060.44
Pine Branch Coal Sales11413,141.74
Pine Branch Coal Sales1884,404.71
Pine Branch Coal Sales170.00
Pine Branch Coal Sales Inc1844,892.60
Pine Mountain Lumber Llc1251,721.50
Pine Mountain Stone17018,327.64
Pinnacle Processing Inc518440,351.66
Pioneer Plating Llc10310.00
Pittsburg Tank & Tower Co. Inc.71085,801.01
Pj Murphy Forest Products Cor6206,186.21
Plasti-Line Inc52114,591.37
Plastic Products Co Inc1313051,175.72
Pleasant View Farms Agri4132,819.95
Pleasant View Terminal150.00
Plexus Electronic Assembly84427,649.18
Ply-Tech Corporation698,489.00
Plymouth Extruded Shapes1051124,277.98
Poly One Corp562742.96
Polyair Packaging17171,327.12
Polymer Partners209513,905.47
Pontiki Coal Llc13221,608.92
Port Autority Of Lyon Ct14147,494.51
Portland Forge An Allegheny Tech. Co.3429.00
Potter Mining Co Inc160.00
Potter Mining Co Inc110.00
Ppg Architectural Finishes Inc.48840.00
Ppg Architectural Finishes Louiseville1224.00
Ppg Industries Inc52122,363.41
Precision Micron Powders122,496.00
Precision Steel, Inc.2516,632.24
Precision Tube472,733.94
Premier Elkhorn Coal Co190242,726.98
Premier Elkhorn Coal Co170.00
Premier Elkhorn Coal Co180.00
Premium Allied Tool Inc.1110,752.00
Premium Processing Inc117862.15
Pressin Shop Inc The112,220.90
Prestige Cleaners222,000.00
Prestress Serv Melb Inc510750.09
Prestress Services Of Ky16764.48
Primary Energies Corp.170.00
Prime Finish Llc21023,501.79
Process Machinery Inc644102,870.26
Processing Systems Llc1941,057.92
Processing Systems Llc12279,146.60
Progress Metal Reclamation Co141870,800.35
Progress Paint Mfg. Co.111,500.00
Progress Rail Service101220,377.73
Progress Rail Services227153,738.85
Publishers Printing Co1214026,917.83
Publishers Printing Co1221080,063.21
Purchase Asphalt Co Llc51065,244.80
Puritan Uniform Rental1136,000.00
Pyles Concrete Inc1721,243.01
Pyles Concrete Inc180.00
Pyles Concrete Inc180.00
Pyles Concrete Inc18631.07
Pyramid Mining Inc142,758.33
Qc Of Ky, Inc.79325.25
Qualified Paving Llc5820,596.44
Quality Cleaners111,749.80
Quality Cleaners116,730.00
Quality Cleaners11740.30
Quality Manufacturing Inc5122,351.71
Quality Oil Co160.00
Quality Stone & Ready Mix16408.56
Quality Stone & Ready Mix1134,369.53
Qualls Oil Company1434,378.24
Quebecor World828798,579.49
Quebecor World Franklin91313,060,201.66
Quik-Pik, Inc853160,154.76
R & D Associates Inc1260.00
R A Jones & Company Inc571,821.14
R J Tower Corporation91023,691.71
R R Donnelley & Sons Co7113237,235.91
R R Donnelley & Sons Co792333,774.90
Radac Corp.1118.76
Radcliff Concrete Inc15310.89
Ragland Quarry Inc1198,945.09
Rail Services Inc11304,020.42
Rainbow Cleaners111,772.55
Rainbow Cleaners114,576.40
Ramset Fastening Systems6910,004.52
Rawl Sales & Processing C160.00
Ready Mix Concrete &Block16273.73
Ready Mix Concrete Of Smt514499.30
Ready Mix Concrete Of Somerset, Inc14163.96
Ready Mix Concrete/Block14603.68
Ready Mix Concrete/Block141,241.01
Red River Hardwoods Inc5610,816.55
Red Wing Shoe Co5570,763.39
Redbird Resources Llc1150.00
Redline Racing & Restoration Inc16659,876.90
Reed Minerals Division5140216,119.35
Refining Consultants Llc1118.15
Reid/Green/Hmp&L Station Ii1313867,864.50
Reis Concrete Products16940.64
Reliable Dry Cleaners22789.41
Remington Arms Co. Inc.110.03
Renaissance Mark1036151,475.90
Republic Services Of Kentucky Llc69183,095.21
Republic Services Of Ky511305,877.90
Republic Services Of Ky Llc68129,011.23
Rescar Inc13213,257.49
Reynolds Metals, Lam Plant513259,606.00
Richard & Emma Cook552,049.84
Richard Deck Dba Imperial Concrete160.00
Richard Deck Inc, Imperial Concrete170.00
Richardson Cleaners116,393.50
Right Beaver Ready/Mix126,083.99
Rinker Materials South Central Inc17323,122.20
Rinker Materials South Central Inc120562.83
River Metals Recycling Ll223,250.16
Rivereagle Corporation12031,310.27
Riverside Generating Co,Llc760507,908.17
Riverside Stone Company11333,121.74
Riverview Terminal Company1492,408.73
Riverway South14610,531.08
Road Builders Inc1533116,225.24
Roadside Processing Inc190.00
Rob Fork Processing Plant110.60
Robinson Stave Company519185,859.24
Rock Dust Products1544,810.66
Rogers Group Inc11009,403.43
Rogers Group Inc1230.00
Rogers Group Inc1200.00
Rogers Group Inc1513,804.09
Rogers Group Inc5200.00
Rogers Group Inc54035,950.57
Rogers Group Inc51827,275.09
Rogers Group Inc1170.00
Rogers Group Inc15892,054.16
Rogers Group Inc197199,602.89
Rogers Group Inc1200.00
Rogers Group Inc1170.00
Rogers Group Inc1737,773.44
Rogers Group Inc5830,232.21
Rogers Group Inc5200.00
Rogers Group Inc514251,531.00
Rogers Group Inc15751,146.72
Rohm & Haas Co. Louisville Plant1224300,885.00
Roll Coater Inc1534549,741.45
Roll Forming Corp2219,800.00
Rons Food Mart141,427.44
Rowan Co Bd Of Education5103,627.65
Roy Anderson Lumber Co119,969.32
Royester Clark, Inc.1519,298.28
Royster Clark, Inc.1619,747.32
Royster Clark, Inc.141,100.00
Royster Clark, Inc.1109,738.83
Rumpke / Berea Landfill2828297.54
Rumpke Of Kentucky Inc72671,932.39
Rumpke Of Kentucky Inc1120.00
Rumpke Of Kentucky Inc52613,401.78
Russellville Elevator5179,797.82
Ryan Foods Company51020,947.50
S & W Recycling5653.79
S R Of Ky Inc1213474,384.32
Sachs Automotive Of America9369,764.44
Safety-Kleen Corp2487162,268.34
Safety-Kleen Sys. (409001)125.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (409101)113.00
Sam Dills Landfill2828324.45
Samaritan Hospital52010,651.21
Sand Source Inc The5480.00
Sandhill Coal Processing1958.96
Sargent & Greenleaf575,399.12
Saturn Machine & Welding298,501.36
Sca Incontinence Care117262.00
Scan-Pac Mfg Co Inc352,504.78
Scapa Press Fabrics12972.31
Schraders Cleaners Inc222,000.00
Schwan'S Food Manufacturing Inc79192,994.32
Schwarte Service Center141,138.58
Schwegmanns Sunshine226,000.00
Scott Lumber Incorporated5721,996.00
Scott Mclean Inc772,690.26
Scotts Auburn Mills Inc164,049.64
Scottys Contracting & Stone Lcc580.00
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc51330,933.55
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc112287.68
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc590.00
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc5818,812.66
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc18211.10
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc17397.17
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc1343,753.14
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc110157,825.78
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc575,389.21
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc1336,018.29
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc62170,878.10
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc62613,012.61
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc61912,318.35
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc61935,830.76
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc6198,880.00
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc61831,360.60
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc51826,454.57
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc1350.00
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc1292,379.15
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc1480.00
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc1410.00
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc51280,325.74
Sebree Dock Inc155,237.76
Semicon Assocs1181,780.00
Service Cleaners113,499.60
Service Welding & Machine Co. Inc.125,425.00
Sextet Mining Corp5180.00
Sgl Carbon Corp747217,497.81
Shamrock Coal Co Inc11118,264.41
Shamrock Coal Company Inc180.00
Shamrock Fuel Inc1110.00
Shamrock Fuel Inc138987.44
Shelby Industries6203,926.05
Shelby Landfill28281,190.14
Shelbyville Asphalt Co Llc5827,238.08
Sheridan Furniture240.00
Sherman Dixie Concrete Industries15308.31
Sherwin Williams Auto Finishes2073309,930.75
Shoemaker Enterprises Inc141,628.92
Shoemaker Enterprises Inc5201,076.44
Shorewood Packaging Corp1372,330.00
Sidney Coal Company Inc12479,810.29
Sidney Coal Company Inc163,350.37
Sidney Coal Company Inc11825,812.09
Sidney Coal Company Inc167,207.47
Siemer Milling Company56330,180.52
Sipple Brick Inc1818182,274.89
Sipple Brick Inc637101,164.78
Skf Industries Inc42351,097.38
Skilcraft Sheetmetal Inc.2210.00
Smelter Service Corporation810443,272.83
Smith Coal Processing171,786.04
Smith Generating Facitly 20100969,592.53
Solae - Louisville1277,769.00
Somerset Refinery Inc17181226,913.81
Somerset Scrap Metal555,949.10
Somerset Stone Company1879,446.58
Somerset Wood Products In51588,287.19
Sonoco Prods.119,892.00
Sonoco Products Company669223,790.55
South Lake Processing1153,091.21
South Side Deli Mart141,266.44
South Union Elevator5136,681.06
Southern Graphic Systems Inc1117,666.00
Southern Sanitation Inc292914,844.35
Southern Shores Terminal123131.41
Southern States Coop1115.25
Southern States Coop Inc15901.60
Southern States Coop Inc11884.40
Southern States Coop Inc1527,543.11
Southern States Coop Inc171,300.80
Southern States Coop Inc5204,950.30
Southern States Coop Inc17427.60
Southern States Coop Inc172,979.50
Southern States Coop Inc63337,716.85
Southern States-Park Cty6214,277.02
Southfork Coal Company160.00
Southwestern Portland1331,880.54
Southwestern Tobacco Co6180.00
Southwire Co14282113,373,188.22
Spartan Rock Products Inc1121,968.95
Special Metals619467.40
Specialty Engraving Systm1317,346.27
Specialty Rock Products4303,609.87
Speedway Superamerica Llc164,437.88
Speedway Superamerica Llc152,384.16
Speedway Superamerica Llc176,478.92
Speedway Superamerica Llc1511,281.85
Speedway Superamerica Llc142,103.08
Speedway Superamerica Llc154,917.84
Speedway Superamerica Llc163,917.05
Speedway Superamerica Llc175,607.21
Speedway Superamerica Llc152,768.55
Speedway Superamerica Llc174,703.98
Speedway Superamerica Llc153,797.56
Speedway Superamerica Llc164,078.76
Speedway Superamerica Llc153,383.62
Speedway Superamerica Llc142,164.94
Sportpaint Plant 2124,084.00
Sportpaint Plant 3128,154.00
Springfield Asphalt Plant11110.00
Springfield Landfill2828271.68
Springfield Redrying Co51510,483.79
Sprowl Lumber Co Inc110.00
Square D Co82096,410.89
Square Deal Lumber Co113.00
Square Deal Lumber Co Inc15125.18
St Joseph Hospital63315,327.66
Stamler Corp102018,105.21
Standard Register Company83423,867.10
Standard Supply Company59867.79
Stanford Ready Mix Concr14128.11
Star Fire Mining Company1230.00
Starks Pipe Co15718.17
State Wide Env Services10145,796.24
Stearns Technical Textile96418,843.93
Steel Technologies Inc73532,084.15
Sterling Ventures Llc18166,314.89
Stewarts Bracken Co Farm Supply1152.00
Stone Castle Properties11445,022.40
Stone Container Corp.11894.00
Stoody Company1159159,091.34
Straight Creek Coal Resources1320.00
Straight Creek Coal Resources12566,762.20
Straight Creek Coal Resources112109.23
Straight Creek Coal Resources1119,601.87
Stupp Bridge Company3615,156.92
Sturgeon Mining Co17506.93
Styline Industries61483,042.17
Sud-Chemie, South Plant1220606,970.00
Sud-Chemie, West Plant1018250,500.31
Sumitomo Elec Magnet Wire7138283,318.20
Sumitomo Electric Wiring Sys. Inc.110.50
Sumitomo Electric Wiring Sys. Inc.11224.76
Summit Polymers Inc91649,788.97
Summit Polymers Inc144140,221.29
Summit Processing1130.00
Sun Chemical Gpi5356,390.13
Sun Company, Inc. (R&M)151,215.04
Sun Manufacturing143720,742.85
Sun Manufacturing Div Of14267233,640.19
Sun Oil Co Of Penn142,408.55
Sun Windows Inc11696.25
Sunline Incorporated93811,705.81
Sunny Knott Coal Inc11034,706.05
Sunny Ridge Mining Co12170,357.86
Sunset Cleaners Inc113,499.60
Suntec Industries Inc6832,431.57
Superior Battery Mfg Co81802,209.11
Superior Coatings Llc51417,702.09
Superior Graphite645211,587.96
Superior Solvents & Chemicals24823.00
Swan Cleaners/Shirt Lndry114,307.20
Sweco Inc11259,087.35
Swedish Match62226,877.35
Swift & Company4638,820.00
Swift Cleaners221,001.49
Swifty Oil Co14699.51
Swifty Oil Co, Inc.14763.90
Sypris Techs.3315.00
Ta Operating Co141,374.59
Tarter Gate Company, Inc.25192,113.00
Taubensee Steel & Wire Co62720,456.00
Taylor County Asphalt Plant111,272.00
Taylor Cty Hosp770.00
Taylor Green Ready Mix Co17319.74
Tbell Development Co Llc228,640.00
Tecumseh Products Co1080103,566.63
Tekno Inc68172.28
Teknor Color Co2523,033.97
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co5151,444,898.13
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co5110299,114.34
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co5180611,945.30
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co55011,856.02
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co5802,595,746.49
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co51019,059.70
Tennessee Gas Pipelineco510298,479.48
Terry Plasters142,166.65
Tex Craft Cleaners224,000.00
Texas Eastern Transmission101173,949,405.93
Texas Eastern Transmission630692,819.31
Texas Gas Trans Corp51344,700.66
Texas Gas Trans Corp516133,397.36
Texas Gas Trans Corp5851,646,187.37
Texas Gas Trans Corp51699,386.80
Texas Gas Trans Corp51134,553.12
Texas Gas Transmission516180,202.92
Texas Gas Transmission550804,728.07
Texas Gas Transmission540150,539.20
Texas Gas Transmission Corporation540383.94
Texas Instruments510773.40
Texwood Industries Lp864602,294.83
Tg Ky Llc1253347,670.60
Therm-O-Disc, Inc.44415,226.96
Thomas Concrete Llc16455.80
Thomas Concrete Company15110.10
Thomas Concrete Company15127.47
Thomas Concrete Inc16458.85
Thomas Concrete Products168,969.45
Thornton Oil Corporation1617,862.52
Thornton Oil Corporation147,426.80
Thornton Tile & Marble Inc.112,576.00
Thoroughbred Generating Company Llc10700.00
Thrifty Lumber Co Inc150.00
Ti Automotive61447,048.49
Ticona Polymers Inc.5122,942.17
Tipton Ridge Quarry1329,410.98
Titan Fabrication366,091.85
Todd Harris Excavating Llc1163,259.68
Tokico (Usa) Inc129519,702.43
Tompkinsville Block Co14364.60
Topy Corporation1311564,810.51
Toyo Automotive Parts (Usa) Inc151011,083.31
Toyota Motor Mfg Usa Inc285366,203,075.11
Toyotomi America Corp5130.00
Trace Die Cast Inc12684174,937.92
Trane Company105628,104.00
Transcraft Corporation132742,427.11
Transit Mix Concrete Co.16206.29
Transload Terminal Incorporated171,670.14
Transmontaigne Terminal12165101,253.68
Transmontaigne Terminal75038,313.82
Transmontaigne Terminals2316,856.27
Transmontaigne Terminals1131,826.99
Trelleborg Ysh112442,055.97
Tri County Ready Mix158,195.65
Tri County Ready Mix1617,263.66
Tri-Co Ready Mix150.00
Tri-County Baptist Hosptl440.00
Tri-County Landfill2828349.85
Tri-K Landfill Inc23104,738.72
Tri-State Concrete1563.33
Tri-State Plating Inc.115.00
Trigen-Cinergy Sols Of Silver Grove Llc52091,288.43
Trigg Landfill28281,369.26
Trim Masters Inc68264,229.73
Trim Masters Inc2210,001.60
Trinity Ind Corp/America8135,478.19
Trinity Industries91632,106.47
Trinity Industries Inc5126,836.19
Trinity Marine Products Inc732303,616.16
Triple K Construction Co13213,319.45
Triumph Energy Corp145,840.12
Triumph Energy Corp151,130.38
Triumph Energy Corp152,598.62
Triumph Energy Corp151,654.76
Triumph Energy Corp143,201.54
Triumph Energy Corp153,245.53
Tru Seal Technologies Inc71626,123.15
Trus Joist A Weyerhaeuser Business1145855,398.79
Tucker Readymix Inc1725.86
Tucker Readymix Inc181,528.65
Turley Landfill2828297.54
Turnbull Concrete Inc1120.00
Tuscarora Inc. - Isc Group Louisville000.00
Tva-Environmental Affairs78995125,009,381.50
Tyco Electronics Corp1217710,302.87
Tyco Electronics Corporation661102,462.71
Tyco International Ltd Co15140100,108.39
Tyson Bearing Company Inc15167143,655.92
Tyson Foods54057,406.48
U. S. Refractories61411,144.84
U.S. Army Fort Campbell Range Facility112,504.00
Ulrich Chemical Inc.241,000.00
Unifirst Corp5141,441.06
Union County Coal Co Inc1237,565.29
Union Underwear Co Inc844384,376.53
United Dairy Farmers161,635.33
United Dairy Farmers18265.81
United Dairy Farmers159,672.30
United Dairy Farmers17417.40
United Dairy Farmers Inc182,977.63
United Defense5831,900.00
United L-N Glass102887,482.36
United Parcel Service513252,820.00
United States Enrichment Corp8441,632,618.03
United Waste Systems Ky1214,793.51
Univar Usa Inc. Ludlow Branch121,830.00
Universal Fasteners Inc1555102,109.39
Universal Lamp & Shade554,876.51
Universal Plating2210.95
University Of Kentucky8991,931,236.21
Us Tobacco Mfg Lp633106,187.37
Us Tobacco Mfg Lp5334,166.39
Usaarmc & Fort Knox7211128,371.32
Vac Magnetics Corporation922356.03
Valair Parking143,295.62
Valley Sanitation Inc Landfill28281,575.52
Valley Stone Llc16316,009.68
Valley Stone Llc1570.00
Valley View Landfill282830,012.37
Valspar Industries Usa Inc1041333,872.90
Van Houtte Inc972230,937.36
Vanderbilt Chemical Corp9108229,763.28
Vege Manufacturing616449.11
Velottas Pavement & Coating580.00
Venture Inds.2270,725.00
Venture Western Michigann538593,235.56
Vermont American Corp95270,106.27
Vermont American Corp971106,906.07
Vesuvius Usa1844,233.44
Veterans Admin Med Cen3410,940.00
Victor Products Division, Dana Corp14540.00
Viking Energy Llc5150.00
Visalia Market153,482.11
Vittitow Cabinets126955,835.88
Vm&M Mining Inc14120,807.52
Vogue Cleaner111,615.20
Vulcan Const Material Lp1486,482.57
Vulcan Const Materials Lp15612,080.11
Vulcan Constr Material Lp1617,982.88
Vulcan Constr Material Lp16750,308.07
Vulcan Constr Material Lp113623,269.04
Vulcan Construction Materials Lp1471110,814.28
Vulcan Materials Company150.00
W & W Hardwoods Inc2454,063.19
W F Ware Co Inc110.00
W H Yancy & Son Inc580.00
W T Congleton Co16159.14
W. R. Grace & Co.-Conn1551247,268.00
Wacker Polymer Systems Lp41657,822.61
Wagner Oil Co Of Ky162,417.51
Wald L.L.C.117.80
Walker Co Of Ky Inc The635129,747.42
Walker Co Of Ky Inc The17414.13
Walker Co Of Ky Inc The13637,826.58
Walker Co Of Ky Inc The1519,473.26
Walker Co Of Ky Inc The18479.12
Walker Co Of Ky Inc The16015,746.40
Walle Corporation211758,294.22
Waltex Incorporated7192,935.63
Walton Concrete15874.56
Walton Save #118141,555.56
Warner Fertilizer Plant1121,599.98
Warrior Coal Llc11513,796.23
Wash Ridge Coal Co Inc122358.51
Wayne Dry Kilns Inc5658,951.26
Wayne Landfill28281,738.74
Weatherly Consumer Prod3202,026.93
Webasto Roof Systems Inc146,252.93
Webster County Coal Llc11937,806.39
Webster Landfill28281,428.17
Weisenberger Flour Mills164,860.47
Welchs Sand & Gravel Co1418,554.93
Welding Alloys Usa Inc.69780.00
Wellmore Coal Corp160.00
Wells Group Llc The170.00
Wells Group Llc The170.00
Wells Group Llc The16446.74
Wells Group Llc The16525.37
Wells Group Llc The17807.95
Wells Group Llc The16271.50
Wells Group Llc The161,241.24
Wells Group Llc The1724,158.85
Wells Group Llc The180.00
Wells Group Llc The15344.01
Wells Group Llc The111372.73
Wells Group Llc The15251.55
West Irving Die Casting Of Kentucky46276.00
West Kentucky Landfill28282,010.91
West Ky Asphalt & Matrls580.00
West Ky Pavers Inc5811,665.52
Western Baptist Hospital5302,856.62
Western Consolidated Corp180.00
Western Ky Energy Corp82346133,775,766.77
Western Ky Energy Corp7835430,719,238.35
Western Ky Energy Corp7853150,927,524.85
Western Ky Energy Corp7819841,954,923.32
Western Ky University612163,112.18
Western Sky Industries Inc153512,751.16
Westlake Energy Corporation14350.00
Westlake Pvc Corp.9157293,675.40
Westlake Vinyls Inc.2950197,645.00
Westlake Vinyls, Inc.205622,261,786.10
Weyerhaeuser Co104917,991.33
Weyerhaeuser Company72915,624.54
Weyerhaeuser Company624205,218.32
Weyerhaeuser Company63355,076.00
Weyerhaeuser Company-Kentucky Mills22831,703,507.98
Weyerhauser Company - Kentucky Millls611310,935,288.71
Whayne Supply Co336,300.00
Whitaker Coal Corp153110,594.85
White Fiberglass Systems350.00
White Hydraulics Company51142,156.26
White Stone Co198,365.00
Whitehall Furniture Llc1054219.74
Whitley Co Concrete &Sply1570.34
Wienerberger Group (General Shale)1530435,549.90
Wil-Nan Inc164,520.39
Wilco Inc2420,000.00
Wilco Refining Llc5500.00
Wild Flavors Inc51643,898.69
Willamette Industries5211,020.30
William Lusby Gasoline1511,369.33
Williams Landfill282811,212.49
Winchester Coatings52339,631.37
Wintech, Inc.4819,402.73
Wonderfuel, Llc560.00
Woodco Of Kentucky Inc55313,783.21
Woodcraft Industries Inc5953,879.27
Woodford Spears & Sons156,229.39
Woodruff Supply Co Inc51973,824.02
Woodwork Of Mid-America15216,702.22
Worthington Custom Plastc349,881.09
Wt Congleton Co1141,100.97
Yager Materials Inc170.00
Yager Materials Inc1626,920.60
Yh America Incorporated1446116,195.43
Young Manufacturing Co623117,577.03
Young Sawmill, Inc.114,896.00
Youngs Drycleaners111,346.00
Yukon Valley Minerals Inc1142,433.37
Yukon Valley Minerals Inc112199.30
Yukon Valley Minerals Inc1829.87
Yukon Valley Minerals Inc130.00
Zachry Construction Corp180.00
Zeon Chemicals Ky, Inc740330,172.60
Zoeller Co11680.00
Zotefoams Fabrications Ltd520232.01