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Polluters in Indiana
#30 - Silgan Closures, Llc45136142,841.72
20th Century Fiberglass4261487,632.40
20th Century Fiberglass Plant #4414959,501.53
3 M Co. Hartford City48120259,879.84
A Asphalt Co. Inc.27585,131.16
A. P. Green Refractories Co. Inc.8111,891.09
A.E. Staley Man. Co. South Plant4655016,521,565.30
A.E. Staley Sagamore Operation808366,359,777.92
A.S.K. Tire Shredder28281,235.73
Abtrex Industries51031,778.32
Accra Form Composites51417,507.00
Accra Pac, Inc.12140,136.16
Accurate Castings Inc.11246.00
Acraline Products, Inc.2210.00
Adams County North Landfill28281,237.47
Adams County South Landfill1212825.34
Addenda Corp.1228.00
Adm Frankfort423721,938,691.94
Adm Grain Company406938,534.76
Adorn, L.L.C.3959651,015.73
Adplex-Rhodes, Inc.416353,982.96
Aero Coach (Dutchmen)4426,370.28
Aero Fab Division Of Tpc2210.00
Aero Metals, Inc.331,798.00
Agc Division - Alcoa Power Generating98784247,960,870.27
Aisin Usa Mfg., Inc.102378,522.51
Ak Industries, Inc.4688,909.81
Ak Steel Rockport Works42270815,848.94
Aker Plastics Co. Inc.4247427,265.19
Aker Plastics Co. Inc.4245422,235.02
Akron Foundry, Inc.1244104,349.27
Alac Garment Services404244,371.85
Alcan Aluminum Corporation4186907,485.21
Alchem Plastics Corp.2210.00
Alcoa - Lafayette Division46459250,385.34
Alcoa Automotive - Indiana Assembly And Fabricatin111.00
Alcoa Inc. - Warrick Operations6469858,683,029.53
Alexander Chemical Corporation3420.00
All American Homes Of Indiana, Llc3333,097.02
Allegheny Ludlum Corporation44199840,011.10
Allison Transmission General Motors Corp443761,088,844.45
Alpha Systems, Inc.4593104,711.17
Alpine Electronics Manufacturing Of America1157.00
Altec Eng. L.L.C.1134,621.00
Altec Engineering, Inc.4042153,564.61
Altec Engineering, Llc2467,560.00
Altec Industries, Inc.347,776.32
Altec, L.L.C.91168,903.21
Aluminum Recovery Technologies, Inc.4515562,337.28
Alumitech Of Wabash, Inc.415050,522.78
Alveys Sign Company1312,638.50
Am General Corporation48337883,093.62
Amcast Automotive Gas City110.12
American Art Clay Co. Inc.4118237,588.71
American Cargo Corporation415920,278.88
American Chemical Service, Inc.121649,121.54
American Electic Power Rockport Plant13191,749,651.60
American Electric Power-Tanners Creek88471165,152,635.77
American Iron Oxide Company4393147,592.86
American Iron Oxide Company4293209,892.89
American Millwork40454,463.04
American Renolit Corp.11250.00
American Roller Co, Llc41244114,090.59
American Woodmark1328394,684.50
Ameriqual Foods, Inc.397814,728.15
Ampcor Ii, Inc.1556105,442.03
Anchor Glass Container Corporation10392,774,637.95
Anchor Glass Container Corporation10291,730,785.64
Anco Products, Incorporated5511,557.60
Anderson Development Co.12594.00
Anr Pipeline Celestine Station513421,339,375.81
Anr Pipeline Co - Shelbyville Station503903,291,654.37
Anr Pipeline Co Portland Station4927836,216.82
Anr Pipeline Co. Lagrange Station49132878,852.59
Anr Pipeline Co. Sulphur Springs Station45134240,920.90
Anr Pipeline Nat Gas_co-St. John Station39952,018,786.32
Apg, Inc1145.59
Api Construction Corp.39429,970.16
Apollo America Corp.40805,834.62
Aramark Uniform Services41418,006.30
Arch Wood Protection, Inc.2429.00
Armor Metal Group710125,569.57
Arrow Uniform Rental4016416,925.54
Arrowhead Plastic Engineering, Inc.2251,475.00
Artec Manufacturing3641,512.00
Arvin Exhaust241,148.00
Arvin Exhaust North America24586.00
Arvin Sango Inc.241,112.00
Arvinmeritor A&Et - Central Tubing Facility2438.00
Arvinmeritor, Inc., 17th Street Plant414792,179.54
Arvinmeritor, Inc., Technical Center407479,581.78
Asf-Keystone, Inc.4218946,187.26
Ashland Distribution Co. - Indianapolis4710610,493.78
Ashland Distribution South Bend Plant39401,020.80
Ashley Industrial Molding, Inc.4750329,001.69
Asphalt Cutbacks, Inc.391504,555.01
Asphalt Engineers Inc252563,017.92
Asphalt Materials, Inc.4140537,259.09
Asphalt Supply Co., Inc.324153,269.42
Astral Industries Inc.43113382,287.38
At Of Gm - Park Fletcher Building 3831623,415.08
Atlas Fndy. Co. Inc.110.30
Auburn Foundry Plant 126881,845,372.72
Auburn Foundry Plant 2828435,675.22
Aurora Casket Co Inc2255915,712.50
Aurora Casket Co-Vanguard Plt937176,517.27
Autoliv Asp Inc.000.00
Autosport Painted Accessories405011,354.24
Avery Dennison Graphics Division434753,069.28
Avery Dennison-Decorative Film Division1340106,790.32
Avery Dennison-Fasson Roll Div.41134196,182.10
Avery Dennison-Fasson Roll Division41204242,520.39
Avestapolarit Inc. Plate Products4266519,559.63
Azteca Milling, L.P.40294448,346.90
Bae Systems Controls1215.00
Bahr Brothers Manufacturing2256.00
Bakery Feeds405634,173.92
Ball Brass & Aluminum Foundry1237.00
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp4353291,819.39
Ball State Univ43832,748,649.09
Barretts Minerals Inc232.22
Bartholomew Co. Landfill333313,173.68
Bartholomew County Landfill28289,780.87
Batesville Mfg, Inc. Combo 137-0001620301,124,040.89
Batesville Mfg. Inc. Hageman Plant482,000.00
Bauer Built, Inc.115,600.00
Bayer Healthcare Llc41214176,315.73
Bayer Healthcare Llc418721,995.16
Bechtel Plant Machinery Incorporated Mis22436,124.01
Beck Industries3942145,613.58
Beemsterboer Slag Corporation1639234,812.01
Behlen Manufacturing Company404015,914.16
Belden Wire & Cable Bec120.45
Bemis Company, Inc.9703,412,528.81
Bennington Marine Corp.114,600.00
Benteler Automotive Corporatio N1144.00
Berry Plastics Corp.1260,000.00
Best Access Systems161725,203.52
Beta Steel Corp41591,140,468.58
Bethlehem Steel - Kvaerner Songer, Inc.2266311.36
Bethlehem Steel Corp. - Burns Harbor671967362,134,004.70
Better Way Products, Inc.68787,570.40
Bfi Waste Systems1243.83
Bicc Cables Co.121,247.00
Bing Assembly Systems, Llc44261369,014.42
Bison Manufacturing3348,650.44
Black Beauty Coal Co. Francisco Mine111,980.00
Blackfoot Landfill4156124,886.43
Blackford County Landfill28281,266.96
Blastech, Inc451,788.71
Bmg Music41415,143.00
Bohn Aluminum Corp.11255.00
Bomarko Inc.4037026,473.08
Bon L Manufacturing Company1724341,118.24
Bootz Mfg Co4243889,853.82
Bootz Plumbingware Co127,550.00
Borgwarner Dtp Inc.4068184,633.73
Bowne South Bend Manufacturing8829,294.00
Bp - Brookston775191,554.86
Bp - Granger Terminal73115,560.17
Bp - Indianapolis Terminal73736,836.76
Bp Chemical Company436052,530.27
Bp Products N.A. Inc- Hammond Tank Farm718123,910.80
Bp Products N.A. Inc. - Whiting Terminal82517,681.32
Bp Products North America Inc, Whiting R4728555,308,722.48
Bpb America, Inc.411113,546,495.16
Bradenburg Industrial Service Company7105,122.45
Brake Supply82012,653.82
Brc Rubber & Plastics, Inc.- Montpelier407250,993.73
Bremen Castings Inc48198476,199.47
Bremen Corporation36123,110.00
Bremen Glass Inc.28722,866.40
Bremen Technologies, Llc4197142,370.68
Bridgeport Brass D/B/A Olin Brass4129271,060.96
Bridon-American Corp.113,591.00
Brinly-Hardy Company2629.48
Bristol Laminating, Inc.394613,318.21
Brooks Construction Co. Inc.426616,923.33
Brown County Landfill28281,635.22
Bruce Fox, Inc.4413,680.01
Brulin Corp.12260.00
Btc Cabinet113,660.00
Buckeye Terminals, Llc - East Chicago St143347,840.00
Buckeye Terminals, Llc - Hartsdale Stat142758,104.00
Bucko Construction - 15th Street Plant4182256,560.76
Building Materials Manufacturing Corp.330.29
Building Materials Mfg. Corp.330.38
Bull Moose Tube Company, Inc117,700.00
Bulldog Battery Corporation127.00
Bunn Excavating, Inc.8126,728.68
Butler Mill Service Co.11255.00
Butler University4132818,586.22
By-Pass Paint Shop Inc2715,583.03
C&C Fiberglass, Inc.1922210,300.00
C&D Charter Power Systems, Inc11415.00
C.C. Perry K Steam Plant915091,512,786.45
C.P. Incorporated81263,596.16
Caldwell Gravel Sales (Cgs)823472,437.49
Caldwell Gravel Sales, Inc.3330,194.78
Camco Manufacturing Inc1210,500.00
Cameo Marble4150142,584.44
Camp Atterbury Maneuver Training Center11173.00
Can Clay Corp15105117,276.61
Cana Inc.68290,071.47
Canam Steel Corporation13225,800.00
Capitol City Container Corp.452,847.18
Capitol City Metals, L.L.C--Shredding Yd3618,758.21
Car Brite Inc.5103,259.00
Carb-Rite Company405635,540.55
Cargill Burns Harbor Grain El41139149,491.99
Cargill Dry Corn Ingredients42167213,971.72
Cargill, Inc.414542,028,164.35
Cargill, Inc. - Lafayette412011,927,394.86
Cargill, Inc. - Mount Vernon419212,756.76
Cargomate/Continental Cargo/Wehaul444726,344.70
Carlisle Industrial Brake And Friction44126294,219.22
Carman Industries Inc.13131,519.70
Carmeuse Lime Incorporated10673,983,442.41
Carpenter Co.40446,424.89
Carrera Designs - Plant 14461112,190.80
Carriage, Inc. Combo 039-179&039-00205406363,876.08
Carrier Corporation1136,360.00
Casting Service51168314,725.71
Casting Technology Drive115.00
Caterpillar Inc.44247711,653.55
Center Point Landfill282826,786.92
Center Terminal Company71738,970.84
Central Corrugated, Incorporated418215,637.66
Central Soya Company Inc443534,107,011.32
Central Soya Company, Inc.401841,951,240.66
Central State Hospital4141190.56
Century Marble Co. Inc.1111,780.00
Charles O. Hiler Division419837,886.44
Charleston Corp.2566,215.88
Chem Tech, Inc.775,535.00
Chemcentral/Fort Wayne5104,035.00
Chemtrusion Indiana, Inc.243,469.27
Chief Industries, Inc. - Buildings Division115.00
Child Craft Industries, Inc.52201710,072.69
Chromasource Inc.554,154.00
Chromasource Inc.556,234.00
Chryso Inc.248.00
Cincap Vii, Llc257884,325.75
Cinergy Noblesville Generating Station4559,382.20
Citadel Architectural Products81624,720.00
Citgo Petroleum Corp9114346,416.40
Citizens Coke & Gas Worthington Station1178,946.02
Citizens Gas & Coke666494,055,100.98
Citizens Gas & Coke Utility - Lng North456520,366.08
Citizens Gas & Coke Utility - Lng South9968,597.53
City Light Plant17196,585.59
City Of Richmond Landfill282842,409.62
City Of South Bend-Wastewater Treatment64171559,506.86
City Of Valpo-Elden Kuehl Wwtp772,126.88
Clark Memorial Hospital401419,643.64
Clark Station # 379552,834.60
Clark-Floyd Landfill298313,133.26
Clifty Creek Coal Ash Disposal Landfill28281,301.04
Clinton Labs.2243626,245.00
Cmg, Inc.41839,213.25
Cmw, Inc.414230,746.23
Coachmen Rec. Vehicle Plant No.9001119,640.00
Coachmen Recreational Vehicle Co.,Llc11108,060.00
Coal Bluff Landfill2828158.89
Cokenergy Inc.41312,843,958.14
Cole Hardwood4714470,039.99
Colonial Brick Corp.19170147,844.99
Color Master Inc.122.00
Color Master Inc.122.00
Colwell General71725,860.00
Commercial Finishing40414,362.02
Commercial Finishing Corp 26th St.40414,382.92
Community Hospital East416249,354.90
Conagra Foods4116423,638.03
Conn-Selmer, Inc., Vincent Bach Division4711,076.09
Conquest Mini-Homes/Gulfstream Coach,101443,882.33
Consolidated Grain And Barge Company402051,215,854.92
Consolidated Leisure Industries, Llc3742,892.80
Consolidated Recycling Co.12260.00
Contech Division, Spx Corp.2220.00
Cook Inc.12255.00
Cooper Automotive, Anco Prod.4413.01
Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Eng.Prod.Div451541,078,697.14
Copeland Corporation226.00
Copperfield L.L.C.1221,627.00
Copperfield, Llc.414613,793.39
Coppes Cabinets464717,437.50
Cornelius Manufacturing1221,431.00
Corning Mine114,700.00
Corsi Cabinet Company, Inc.1236,078.62
Corydon Stone & Asphalt1465678,150.13
Coulter & Son, Inc.3332,420.00
Countrymark Cooperative, Inc (Refinery)3455421,641,515.83
Countrymark Cooperative, Inc (Riverdock)7275,067.90
Countrymark Cooperative, Inc.729634,425.12
Countrymark Cooperative, Inc.86433,039.62
Countrymark Cooperative, Inc.725348,380.60
County Line Landfill405482,692.63
Covanta Indianapolis, Inc.551911,985,459.39
Covermaster, Inc.1035281,830.12
Craddock Finishing Corporation2437,602.66
Crane Nwsc Landfill2828461.64
Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power651581,117,873.84
Creation Windows407950,037.14
Creative Wood Products, Inc126,213.60
Criterion Catalyst And Technologies, Lp40102136,758.41
Crown Audio, Inc.2125,521.09
Crown Cork & Seal Co. (Usa) Inc.4451310,326.72
Crown Equipment Corporation Greencastle1111,027.00
Cryovac Rigid Packaging Cryovac, Inc.412664,199.65
Crystal Valley Homes3310,607.76
Cts Corporation Automotive Products41413,597.04
Cts Resistor/Electrocomponents110.61
Cummins Engine Co4058567,777.75
Cummins Engine Co #54149429,144.99
Cummins Midrange Engine Plant - Columbus43135148,159.79
Cummins, Inc. (Columbus Engine Plant)4065784,100.46
Custom Woodcraft, Inc.405723,215.16
D & S Industries40518,959.25
D & S Machine Products, Inc.1111,000.00
D&W Inc.91243,064.19
D.A. Inc.3942,353.09
Da-Lite Screen Company, Inc.42170383,174.21
Dadon Corp Dba Merhow Industries112,701.00
Daimler Chrysler Corporation Foundry27103577,428.87
Daimlerchrysler Corp Transmission Plant442212,964,945.88
Daimlerchrysler Indiana Transmission Plt4157171,785.88
Daimlerchrysler Kokomo Casting Plant41153188,113.72
Dairy Farmers Of America4011846,507.78
Dalton Corp. Kendallville Mfg. Facility493223,595,079.92
Dalton Corporation Warsaw Manufacturing494873,260,136.93
Damon Coporation Plants 1,2,3 And 9394640,081.17
Damon Corporation-Breckenridge Div.4411,958.14
Dana Corp., Perfect Circle Div.4455.00
Dana Torque-Traction Manuf. Tech. Inc43319145,266.00
Daramic, Inc.411171,440,548.22
Dave O Mara Contractor Plant 1365328,845.16
Dave O Mara Contractor Plant 2365330,836.37
Dave O Mara Contractor Plant 3375422,015.90
Dave O Mara Contractor Plant 4365328,156.76
Dave O Mara Contractor Plant 5377139,958.82
Dave O Mara Contractor Plant 6355225,997.78
Dave O'Mara Contractor Plant 3118.48
Dave O'Mara Contractor Plant 51112.45
Davies Imperial Coatings, Inc.101838,008.95
Daviess County Landfill28282,580.90
Deaconess Hospital43784,294.41
Decatur Hills, Inc.415867,502.63
Deco-Chem Inc.12510.00
Decoring Supplies & Equipment, Inc.405615,121.68
Deercroft Recycling & Disposal Facil.3265522,674.56
Dekalb County Landfill28285,014.33
Dekko Stamping2210.00
Delaware Machinery & Tool Co., Inc.4611.48
Delivery Concepts, Incorporated249,924.30
Delphi Automotive Sys. L.L.C. Bypass5918,602.00
Delphi Corporation Llc.50224154,930.60
Delphi Delco Electronics Systems51922298,990.69
Delta Faucet Company34697.00
Deluxe Financial Services414212,516.43
Depuy Orthopaedics, Inc.1111,335.00
Design Industries4499,394.88
Dexter Axle Co.405346,845.37
Dexter Axle Company478352,025.50
Dgc Plastic Molding1156.00
Dht Plant 61115.00
Digital Audio Disc Corporation118.00
Diversified Sys. Inc.11750.00
Dmi Furniture4422,694.89
Dmi Furniture5067139,538.68
Donaldson Company, Inc.517106,632.99
Donnell Inc Solid Fill Site28281,309.16
Doorcraft Of Indiana5216586,841.94
Doors And Drawers, Inc.3310,090.35
Doors Plus, Inc.406192,205.26
Dorsey Paving Inc46819,738.39
Dow Agrosciences4138242,104.37
Dse, Inc. Dba Screen Tech Designs, Inc.3417,017.06
Dubois Wood Products, Inc549394,225.59
Duke Energy Vermillion, Llc38272103,280.11
Dunn Memorial Hospital641433,491.40
Dura Automotive Systems, Butler Jack Ops41294,260.00
Dura-Vent Corporation2354,559.00
Dutch Made, Inc.116,089.00
Dutch Mills1110619,546.35
Dutchmen Mfg. - 376406373,068.28
Dutchmen Mfg. - 380405546,477.87
Dutchment Mfg. - Middlebury406561,635.06
Dwyer Instruments Inc.110.42
Dwyer Instruments Inc.110.08
Dynamax Corporation3425,398.58
E & B Paving Inc.252570,913.07
Eagle Craft Inc.51047,692.92
Ear Specialty Composites & Aearo Company311121,760.00
Earthmovers Landfill4157144,932.50
East Chicago Recovery, Inc.81815,313.72
Eaton Corporation Forge Division2210.00
Edcoat Limited Partnership458975,184.34
Edward C Levy Co Inc /Isg2131,816.71
Edward C. Levy Company312256,778.55
Edwards Landfill28282,696.01
Efp, Corp404185,436.01
Ek Blessings Company, Inc.414820,551.14
Elan Operations, Inc.117,113.00
Electro-Spec, Inc.11255.00
Electrotek Metals41822,869.83
Eli Lilly & Company-Clinton Labs914368,696,903.51
Eli Lilly & Company-Tippecanoe Labs612665,057,302.91
Eli Lilly And Company (Lcc)20236,591.99
Eli Lilly And Company (Ltc)1224123,321.90
Elite Enterprises*66213,014.00
Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Co. Inc.439837,738.95
Elkhart County Landfill344876,400.81
Elkhart Foundry & Machine Co., Inc.1710663,374.23
Elkhart General Hospital41642,104.61
Elkhart Products Corp881,489.99
Elkhart Products Corporation898,182.45
Elliott-Williams Co., Inc.113,220.00
Elpaco Coatings Corporation447694,743.77
Elsa Llc43744112,814.44
Emtec Composites, Inc.6725,104.93
Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership72670,977.45
Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership1377,924.60
Enkei America, Inc.43359153,946.85
Environmental Test Systems, Inc1310,154.99
Eps, Inc. D/B/A Valspar Coatings134523,803.32
Equilon Enterprises Llc-Indianapolis717568,443.54
Erler Industries, Inc.66447,453.18
Esm Group Inc. Kingsbury Plant120.01
Essex Electric Inc.2241.00
Essex Group Inc. Chemical Processing71415,507.00
Essex Group Inc; Fort Wayne & Chem. Proc46146236,613.26
Essex Group, Inc.4498433,668.78
Essex Group, Inc.49102,703.00
Essex Group, Inc.491501,410,058.34
Essex Group, Inc. Metals Processing #05554147978,407.01
Essroc Cement Corp.5051220,388,547.38
Essroc Cement Corp.9051313,556,069.81
Et And T Frames, Inc.4615191,257.04
Et Prods. Co. Inc.11750.00
Evansville Metal Prod3637514.40
Evansville Sheet Metal Works, Inc11685.00
Evansville State Hospital418214,450.62
Excel Co-Op - Chalmes Petroleum6126,936.00
Exide Technologies463,678.00
Explorer Pipeline Comp.83549,411.60
Explorer Van Company610187,060.52
Exxon Mobil Corporation - Hammond Term123062,507.64
Ez Loader40471,026.73
F-Jasper 11th Ave53198193,586.23
F.E. Harding Asphalt Company44121111,465.56
Fairfield Manufacturing Co.227,795.00
Fairmont & Kustom (Combo 039-00334&219)18100249,586.52
Farmersburg Mine114,356.00
Faultless Caster Corp40859,652.04
Faurecia Exhaust Systems, Inc. Granger Facility12260.00
Federal Express416916,887.65
Federal Mogul Corporation - Power Train Systems3669.00
Fehrenbacher Cabinets11142,988.18
Ferro Corp. Filled And Reinforced Plast.619121,052.67
Ferro Corporation612283,190.13
Fiber-Tron, Inc.122234,653.26
Fiberglas & Plastic Fabricating Inc.5123,670.71
Fibre Form Corporation41432,468.77
Final Finish, Llc46517,525.44
Fire King Security Products, Llc1114,060.00
Fireking International, Inc.8912,149.40
Firestone Building Products Co.41524,160.82
Firestone Industrial Products43185522,798.09
Flanders Electric Motor Service402909,688.76
Flanders Electric Motor Service4142518.14
Fleetwood Homes Of Indiana, Inc. #553313,102.74
Fleetwood Motor Homes Of Indiana1158478,180.88
Fleetwood Travel3615,978.18
Flexcel - Borden2236278,674.31
Flexcel - Santa Claus1316222,304.33
Flexel Solid Fill Site Landfill28281,069.83
Flexible Foam Products, Inc.3625,888.08
Flexsteel Industries, Inc.40535,526.35
Flint Ink North America Corporation43114171,449.97
Flint Ink North America Corporation429216,672.16
Floyd Memorial Hospital And Health Servs4012015,002.91
Foam Fabricators, Inc.4142181,763.53
Foamex L.P.4456116,850.15
Foamex, L.P.48137290,082.39
Foil Lam., Div. Of Glenmark191,855.00
Ford Meter Box Co. Inc.11532.00
Forest River Inc, Cardinal Division435652,816.51
Forest River, Inc464941,476.69
Forest River, Inc4615149,579.66
Forest River, Inc48515,819.63
Forest River, Inc. Cedar Creek Division475215,905.05
Forest River, Inc. Wildcat Division465114,694.83
Former Dairy Mart Stores #1735521.32
Former Marathon #2318330.44
Fort Wayne Foundry - Columbia City1236281,197.40
Fort Wayne Foundry-Lima Road Division4356128,833.19
Fort Wayne Foundry-Pontiac Division4387420,023.56
Fort Wayne Liquid Coatings, Inc4142283.97
Fort Wayne Pools, Inc.52064,863.39
Fountain County Landfill28281,541.52
Fountain Foundry184041,962.20
Fountaine Truck Equipment Co.111,173.60
Four Seasons Housing71215,356.59
Four Seasons Housing Inc7817,524.48
Four Winds International Corporation4373125,397.84
Four Woods Laminating78326,118.32
Franklin Elec Co4255135,773.64
Freudenberg-Nok General Partnership912161,500.80
Freudenberg-Nok General Partnership3869,274.00
Freudenberg-Nok General Partnership28559.12
Freudenberg-Nok Shelbyville Plant 12393.00
Frito-Lay, Inc.43190902,600.01
Fritz Enterprises Inc.303931,680.49
Frontline Manufacturing722462,387.39
Frontline Mfg.51366,540.00
Fujitsu Ten Company Of America1112.00
G-P Gypsum, Wheatfield Indiana41351454,038.99
G.F. Munich Welding3345,683.52
Gac Indianapolis Sheetfed Division61015,756.00
Gac Indianapolis Web Division81318,256.01
Gac Midamerica, Inc.11255.00
Gallery Graphics Group4041134,113.43
Gartland Foundry Company2578144,099.25
Gary Coal Processing4020662,527.17
Gary Sanitary Landfill364376,942.20
Gaska Tape, Inc.914168,039.45
Gatx Rail335,580.00
Gdx Automotive - Wabash4966492,857.68
Ge Engine Services-Tri-Ind. Inc Tri-Remanufacturin221,500.00
Ge Industrial Systems (Geis)44278199,440.47
Ge Industrial Systems, Inc4316532,211.04
Ge Medical Systems - Warsaw1248.00
Ge Plastics Mt. Vernon Inc.9178915,629,184.44
Ge Specialty Industrial Systems399772,983.47
Geiger & Peters, Inc.4418,638.80
Genencor Intl. Indiana Inc.11380.00
General Aluminum Mfg. Co.23257.00
General Cable Inds. Inc.2214.00
General Devices Co., Inc73016,721.11
General Electric Company44209401,204.13
General Electric I&Rs41511,396.77
General Mills4113124,935.07
General Motors Natp Fort Wayne Assembly512204,369,136.71
General Shale Products46611,026,446.25
Genpak Llc4044265,927.92
Geo Koch Sons Inc40995,397.24
George Pfaus Sons Company, Inc.4012013,385.33
Georgetown Substation Generating Plant2525154,590.80
Gibson County Landfill No. 228282,595.59
Gilpin Ironworks Inc.815331,155.60
Gladieux Trading & Marketing Co., L.P.7131,140.28
Glaval Corporation3513,797.96
Global Glass Inc.127,698.86
Global Glass Inc.619393,379.54
Globe Valve Corp408083,285.31
Gm Mfd Indianapolis Metal Center404012,694.49
Gm Powertrain Bedford Facility1562413,509.35
Godfrey Conveyor Company Inc.412261,174.09
Gold Shield Of Indiana Inc. 43-11275,171.00
Gold Shield Of Indiana, Inc.7121,116,553.18
Golden Casting Corporation261162,297,956.15
Good Samaritan Hospital6711612,334.73
Goshen Stamping Company, Inc.4047839.27
Grabill Cabinet Company1954131,522.88
Grain Processing Corporation481921,116,676.49
Great Dane Trailers4111138,266.50
Great Dane Trailers406069,762.72
Grede New Castle, Inc.401301,302,663.82
Greendale Landfill28281,635.22
Greenfield Research Labs.1110,000.00
Greentown Landfill28282,479.38
Griffin Industries, Inc. - Newberry4378419,910.81
Griffith Landfill2828461.64
Grissom Air Reserve Base145737,079.04
Grote Industries, Llc199188,819.88
Guardian Automotive Trim, Inc.46275949,651.85
Guardian Industries2139164,208.67
Guide Corporation4587605,401.06
Gulf Stream Coach, Inc.2070188,704.87
H. A. Industries-Div Of Am Castle & Co.4020077,002.36
H. T. Aluminum Specialties9154,695.39
H.A. Parts Products Of Indiana Company1125414,780.00
H.B. Fuller Co405419,893.79
H.R.O., Inc.3535,756.37
Haas Cabinet Co. Inc.58321,330.99
Halstab Division Of Hammond Group, Inc.422185,682.30
Hammond Group, Inc. (Hgi)4257529,266.84
Hancock County Landfill28283,693.13
Hansen Corporation112.00
Hanson Aggregates Midwest, Inc-Stone32186,907.90
Hanson Aggregates Midwest, Inc-Stone372870,263.87
Harris Kayot Inc.91044,559.34
Harrison Steel Casting1326325,641.67
Hartford Bakery Inc.40202145,633.75
Hartland Distillations Inc.12260.00
Hartson Kennedy Cabinet Top Company, Inc35247,195.00
Hartson-Kennedy Cabinet Top Company, Inc56901,166.00
Hartzell Fan Inc.122,987.00
Haulmark Industries44860.00
Haulmark Industries, Inc.6630,840.00
Haulmark Industries, Inc.77166,280.00
Hayes Landfill, Inc.3032166,927.14
Hayes Lemmerz Int'L - Wabash49170158,737.20
Hayes Lemmerz International17367331,547.30
Hayes Lemmerz International - Bristol47634321,136.98
Haynes International, Inc.42154313,173.15
Heartland Automotive, Llc1011261,500.00
Heckett Multiserv 7 At Isg Steel4104,727.45
Heckett Multiserv Plant 11477,789.17
Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems596,224.13
Hendrickson Truck Suspension Sys. Plant 133500.50
Hendrickson Truck Suspension Sys. Plant 3341,025.20
Hendrickson Trus Susp. Sys., Plant 22210.00
Henry County Hospital651281,053.37
Heritage Aggregates, L.L.C.32132,360.83
Heritage Environmental Services Llc911783.24
Hermaseal Co.111.00
Herr Custom Painting457046,190.02
Hill-Rom Co5163101,480.92
Hill-Rom Co. Inc. Plating Plant12510.00
Hitachi Cable Indiana, Inc.411655,306.81
Hogue Enterprises404110,434.76
Holcomb & Hoke Mfg Co,. Inc.39406,224.02
Holland Colors Americas Inc3318.00
Holland Dairy112,079.00
Holmes & Company Inc.47109116,181.52
Holsum Ft. Wayne, Inc.4096123,054.71
Holy Cross Services Corp.43112284,461.06
Home Products International, Inc. Combo4196365,366.89
Home-Crest Corporation57104609,920.47
Honeywell Commercial Vehicle Systems3364.00
Honeywell Inc. Combo (141-5&6)8159247,357.25
Hoosier Energy - Ratts Station8824047,870,270.35
Hoosier Energy Rural Elec Merom Station8925663,193,213.67
Hoosier House Furniture, Inc.4052996.64
Hoosier Railcar4415,072.00
Hoosier Stamping & Mfg. Corp404511,002.62
Hoosier Tire & Rubber Corp.5674,705.77
Hoosier Wood Creations, Inc..81235,954.01
Horizon Terra, Inc.4745,012.91
Horner Electric152,502.00
Hot Mix Inc.81115,129.47
Houba Inc.234,955.00
Howmet Corp. Laporte Casting336,536.00
Hubbard Feeds Inc. Formerly Conti Group40586,385.16
Huhtamaki Foodservice Inc.44405143,146.94
Hull Lift Truck, Incorporated81313,719.20
Huntington City Landfill282811,079.38
Hurst Manufacturing118.00
Hy-Tec Fiberglass Inc.115,166.00
Hydraulic Press Brick Co.8383,031,778.42
Hydrite Chemical Co.12157.00
I/N Tek -Comb41342569,226.78
Iaap Charleston Landfill28286,569.06
Ikec - Clifty Creek Station75826144,375,658.03
Imagineering Enterprises, Inc.467314,150.41
Impa - Anderson Station94338,628.39
Impa - Richmond Station94353,226.22
Impact Forge, Inc.33765.00
Impressions, Inc.41425,086.84
Independent Asphalt Company192210,024.03
Independent Protection Company, Inc225478,085.35
Indian Industries - Dba Escalade Sports51242,588.71
Indiana American Water Co., Inc.1717223.41
Indiana American Water Co., Inc.1717817.31
Indiana Army Ammunition Plant531065,636.15
Indiana Building Systems, L.L.C.1173,320.00
Indiana Desk-Dubois4043105,387.34
Indiana Ductile Llc104267,967.37
Indiana Furniture Industires *4012414,174.01
Indiana Glass Company4084418,590.48
Indiana Handle Company469519,893.27
Indiana Harbor Coke Company511594,691,857.75
Indiana Heat Transfer Corporation52832,538.98
Indiana Michigan Power-Rockport91356191,532,835.52
Indiana Oxide Div Omni Oxide Corp1228.00
Indiana Precision Plastics11991.00
Indiana State Univ4321962,742.80
Indiana Tube Corp.4012174,109.53
Indiana University432837,749,585.14
Indiana University-South Bend39782,667.66
Indiana Veneer Product Div. Of Harris-Ta5153185,896.51
Indiana Veneers Corp528839,386.10
Indianapolis Belmont Wwtp601883,345,526.47
Indianapolis Newspapers - Downtown1425,836.69
Indianapolis Newspapers - Pulliam Center146,775.45
Indpls Air Route Traffic Control Center4213818,214.20
Indpls.Juvenile Correctional Facility4180625.17
Industrial Anodizing, Co.1214.00
Industrial Coatings Services418214,530.32
Industrial Contractors, Inc. Metal Fab81412,733.71
Industrial Dielectrics, Inc.623155,193.01
Industrial Plating Inc.111.00
Industrial Plating Inc.111.00
Industrial Steel Construction, Inc.414959,120.83
Indy Railway Service Corp.3330,080.00
Inland Paperboard - Evansville408119,224.39
Inland Paperboard - Graphic Resource Cen408941,576.24
Inland Paperboard - Roosevelt404219,119.44
Inland Paperboard - Stout Field414723,283.58
Intat Precision, Inc.1055361,093.67
International Paper Co.461456,901,983.75
International Truck And Engine Corp.441701,947,836.03
Interstate Brands Corp.3943193,076.92
Interstate Castings42116106,669.46
Intrametco Processing Inc.446317,046.55
Inwood Office Furniture4680,634.70
Ipalco-Pritchard Station8849845,538,407.03
Ipl Cumberland Substation2018012,116.94
Ipl German Church Substation2020019,238.75
Ipl Harding Street Station92598112,663,680.00
Ipl Petersburg Generating Station88499148,797,123.01
Ipl Prospect Substation2020011,328.51
Ipl Rockville Substation2016012,961.24
Ipl Sunnyside Substation2028016,632.52
Ipl Thompson Substation2048039,604.22
Ipl-Glens Valley Substation2016014,445.02
Ipl-Guion Substation2020015,691.63
Ir Von Duprin367612,846.23
Ironside Energy, Llc415118,822.60
Irving Materials Inc. - Luray Sand & Grl31742,329.86
Irving Materials, Inc. - Erie/Bluffton32059,230.26
Irving Materials, Inc. - Erie/Huntington320169,222.89
Irving Materials, Inc./Stony Creek Stone32080,403.95
Isg International Mill Service33982.36
Isk Magnetics Inc415533,091.88
Itt Aerospace/Communications110.16
Itt Aerospace/Communications110.17
Ivc Industrial Coating215485,348.83
J And L Cargo Express, Inc.91049,080.15
J. M. Hutton & Co. (Combo 177-53&54)1216179,192.36
J.E.J. Moulding9169,661.00
J.H. Rudolph & Co., Inc.274678,912.91
J.H.Rudolph & Co416754,645.00
J.Q. Tex, Inc - Dba Trailmaster1123,094.00
Jackel, Inc.2213,116.80
Janco Products, Inc.4610453,144.67
Jason Industries, Inc.1020274,311.32
Jasper Chair Co5276140,263.78
Jasper Corporation121253,080.63
Jasper County Highway Dept.43575,034.37
Jasper Desk Company, Inc.419584,187.00
Jasper Engine Exchange, Inc.3142202,725.64
Jasper Furniture Company1223,255.00
Jasper Laminates125,955.00
Jasper Landfill28281,785.21
Jasper Municipal Electric Utility43692,680,578.56
Jasper Rubber Products, Inc.22505.00
Jasper Seating Co5291317,579.48
Jasper Seating Company - Ferdinand4460,900.00
Jay County Landfill4458132,105.33
Jayco Inc. (00265)1111217,219.82
Jayco, Inc. (00019)11189,405.82
Jayco, Inc. (00528)101041,291.74
Jaytec Incorporated11255.00
Jci Jones Chemicals Inc.1214.00
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation4085100,019.64
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation4085420,714.35
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation (U.S.)44823,014,351.39
Jefferson Yachts3514,600.00
Jennings County Landfill28282,076.27
Jerry David Asphalt82536,000.78
Jet Corr, Inc.414233,652.47
Jofco Plt 1 & 2 Combo (037-9 & 24)*50147231,827.01
Johns Manville41171721,934.91
Johns Manville Intl.000.00
Johnson Controls, Inc.429211,045.81
Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc.111,851,083.80
Jupiter Aluminum Corporation44306313,206.99
Jupiter Coil Coating Division6748,023.71
Kamic Corporation11255.00
Karges Furniture Co., Inc.409015,784.73
Karl Schmidt Unisia, Inc.114329,766.41
Keihin Ipt Mfg.Inc.121.00
Keil Chem -Ferro Co4814358,775.05
Keller Crescent Co., Inc.101341,286.75
Keller Crescent Co., Inc.9105,187.28
Keller Manufacturing Co., Inc.5081223,820.98
Keller Mfg. Co., Inc. - New Salisbury4761133,331.56
Kemira Chemicals, Inc.4112387,639.99
Ken-Koat, Inc.51176173,030.33
Kerr-Mcgee Chemical Corporation - Fpd415520,073.91
Kerry Ingredients40168203,042.67
Key Plastics L.L.C.111770,863.59
Keystone Rv Company116,620.00
Keystone Rv Company121285,194.60
Kimball Electronics Auburn111.00
Kimball International Combo 37-30,50,53*47116,166.24
Kimball International*52288978,946.32
Kimball Office Casegoods Manufacturing4754337,932.42
Kitchen Kompact Inc11131,374,520.33
Knauf Fiberglass141403,349,009.57
Kobelco Metal Powder Of America, Inc.4396524,581.18
Koch Originals40755,910.99
Koetter Woodworking Inc.48133118,579.73
Koetter Woodworking, Inc.1238,002.87
Kokoku Wire Industries Corporation12910.00
Koppers Industries Inc7105,548.93
Kountry Wood Products, L.L.C.3395,632.91
Kreider Manufacturing, Inc.449444,475.79
Krieger & Ragsdale Co., Inc.414511,879.73
Kroger Company - Indianapolis Bakery42101104,012.48
Ks Bearings Inc.12242.00
Ksi, Llc40441,085.99
Kyb Manufacturing Na, Inc.111.00
La Gloria Oil And Gas/Crown Central Pet.1256531,762.15
Lafarge North America1333955,275.97
Lafayette Home Hospital641683,593.31
Laketon Refining Corp.120.10
Lasalle Steel Company4033166,404.46
Lasalle Steel Company - Fluid Power Operations111.00
Lau Industries, Inc.112.00
Lawrence County Landfill28281,635.22
Lear Corp.-124545,708.46
Lear Corporation Eeds & Interiors43332,722.37
Lehigh Cement Company4935620,156,861.09
Levy Co., Calumite/Finishing Plant274721,575.91
Liberty Landfill, Inc.4158118,150.95
Liberty Waste Landfill (Ransbottom Landfill)282811,079.38
Lime-O-Sol Company116,916.00
Lincoln Foodservice Products, Inc.4346356,358.53
Lippert Components Inc4443.28
Lippert Components Inc2241.00
Lippert Components Inc229.00
Lippert Components Inc2211.00
Lippert Components, Inc5518,073.00
Lippert Components, Inc.992,571.65
Lippert Components, Inc.5557,936.36
Little Sandy No. 10 Mine113,800.00
Lloyd'S Mobile Gasoline Station771,086.58
Lnp Engineering Plastics, Inc.12878.00
Logansport Municipal Light & Power31626,108,319.90
Logansport State Hospital4012022,140.34
Lone Star Industries, Inc621624,685,909.27
Lone Star Industries, Inc.391,256.96
Lord Corporation675,961.79
Louisiana-Pacific Corp.1347,200.00
M And M Fabricators Corporation41616,445.06
Madison County Landfill282811,107.96
Madison Precision Products, Inc.3311.00
Madison State Hospital418225,188.63
Magnequench International, Inc.12260.00
Magnequench Ug3511,789.41
Magnetics International, Inc.4349136,095.47
Majestic Products Company3935,901.29
Major Tool & Machine, Inc.19203,658.17
Manchester Tank6914,709.95
Mann & Hummel Usa Inc.1150.00
Manual Transmissions Of Muncie Llc4169278,695.07
Mar-Zane Plant #182020102,118.52
Mar-Zane, Inc. Pt. 168864,751.17
Marathon Ahsland Pipeline-Griffith East7883,641.41
Marathon Ashland Pet. - Evansville Term78725,853.42
Marathon Ashland Pet. - Indpls Terminal720175,437.60
Marathon Ashland Pet., Clarksville Term.86075,016.92
Marathon Ashland Pet., Hammond Terminal722121,240.28
Marathon Ashland Pet.- Speedway Terminal724113,648.74
Marathon Ashland Pipe Line - Lebanon Sta112215,072.60
Marathon Ashland Pipe Line-Griffith Stat7159164,957.45
Marble Creations4440,342.96
Marble Works Of Indiana112,646.00
Mark Line Industries116,340.00
Masco Support Services2422,039.92
Mason Corporation42564204,442.79
Masonite (Formerly Premdor)415518,634.11
Master Fab Inc.610246,047.27
Master Guard Corp.4252524,702.00
Master Manufacturing Co., Inc.414822,983.49
Master Spas, Inc.438217,088.08
Masterbrand Cabinets Inc. Huntingburg Ops.110.15
Masterbrand Cabinets Plant #2 & #3a4351586,167.93
Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc. - Richmond819350,995.59
Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc. Plant 4/2250621,551,610.29
Masterbrand Plant #34960670,216.38
Mcbeth Road Landfill4053206,987.16
Mccarty'S Landfill28281,499.58
Mcgill Mfg. Co. Inc.123,210.00
Mead Johnson & Co4311729,074.32
Mead Johnson And Company44234233,571.87
Medcast, Inc.2420.00
Medtec Ambulance Corporation (Medtec)426823,003.84
Merchants Metals1112.00
Meridian Automotive Systems1147551,365.00
Meridian Automotive Systems 14399538,529.81
Meridian Automotive Systems-Huntington4346186,529.78
Metaldyne Sintered Components67564,620.90
Metalloy Corporation Fremont Casting Division110.12
Metalloy Fremont Division23262.00
Metalworking Lubricants Company419446,978.56
Methodist Hospitals Inc414115,070.49
Mfd Marion Plant4580614,862.81
Mica Shop, Inc.101034,420.45
Micronutrients, A Division Of Heritage Technologie231,001.00
Mid-Continent Coal & Coke, Co.31243,245.74
Mid-Continent Coal & Coke, Co.-Usx312255,995.30
Mid-Continent Coal & Coke-Poi312103,658.89
Mid-Continent Coal&Coke Co. Sentry Src31281,295.15
Mid-Continent Coal&Coke-Bethlehem Steel61563,260.41
Mid-States Rubber Products, Inc.444931,476.61
Middlebury Hardwood Products, Inc.56247,919.10
Midwest Disposal Of Indiana Landfill28284,818.01
Midwest Molding, Inc.42436,024.47
Midwest Pipe Coating425020,450.09
Midwestern Gas Transmission25771,429.05
Mike'S Custom Painting12236150,153.34
Milestone Contractors L.P.202331,355.58
Milestone Contractors, L.P.4386281,573.10
Millennium Products, Inc.25134,095.30
Miller Door & Trim Inc405163,068.34
Miller Plating And Metal Finishing22260.00
Miller Veneers,Inc.4747317.09
Miller'S Wood-N-Things40473,149.64
Milso Industries1321143,119.84
Mirant Sugar Creek Llc3811854,505.26
Mishawak Concrete Asphalt Recycling226,600.00
Mishawaka Wastewater Treatment Plant6190134,627.31
Ml-Ks Bearings Inc.12242.00
Mobel, Inc4255260,883.54
Modine Mfg. Co.1292.00
Modine Midwest Inc.1114.00
Mohawk Flush Doors, Inc.405910,324.84
Molding Products Div41440,392.57
Monaco Coach Corporation - Wakarusa4482870,189.96
Monaco Coach Corporation Nappanee Wood57166,931.82
Monaco Coach Corporation-Elkhart720344,063.60
Monogram Conversions, Inc.123122,458.42
Monroe County Landfill282811,079.38
Monroe Custom Utilty Bodies91516,706.38
Montpelier Electric Generating Station25200276,751.19
Mossberg And Company, Inc.1743,630.20
Moulding Division Of Robert Weed Plywood4751163,412.47
Mpl Corporation4741,209.45
Mrm Toluic Company232,790.00
Mti Insulated Products, Inc.485234,158.46
Multicolor Corporation1117166,875.88
Mulzer Crushed Stone31712,706.66
Mulzer Crushed Stone3146921,785.71
Muncie, In Terminal481,610.00
Munster Community Hospital4377041,037.65
Munster Landfill28284,939.56
Munster Steel51318,159.86
Muscatatuck State Hospital & Training247428,843,899.23
National Briquette Corp.112.00
National By-Products, Inc.4189126,125.74
National Processing Company11682.00
National Products Llc1116,700.00
National Railroad Passenger Corporation6924,640.00
National Standard Co. Woven Filter Fiber Div.11255.00
National Starch & Chemical Corporation39658596,661.62
National Steel Corp42111574,244.75
Native Hardwoods Inc.101063,080.00
Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane541271,015,352.81
Nch Corp. Mohawk Labs. Div.121,428.00
Ncp Coatings, Inc.41597,224.22
New Castle Machining & Forge123.00
New Energy Corp.431227,119,586.45
New Millennium Building Systems, Llc711298,197.55
New Ngc, Inc.110.50
New York Blower Company33190.00
Newco Metals Processing45135176,656.62
Newmar Corporation521377,650.64
Newport Army Ammunition Plant Landfill28286,569.06
Newton County Landfill4054153,652.64
Niblock Excavating2531276,127.62
Nickell Moulding Co., Inc.4462,724.74
Nipsco - Bailly Station9565348,134,706.04
Nipsco - Dean H. Mitchell Station95503715,981.67
Nipsco - Michigan City9325345,017,627.21
Nipsco - R.M. Schahfer95614104,570,311.04
Nipsco North Hayden Pipeline Heater888,171.58
Nipsco Vector Crown Point Pipeline Heate88316.05
Nishakawa Standard797119,662.18
Nishikawa Standard Company2797,909.00
Noble Composites, Inc.4156366,092.08
Norfolk Southern Railway Company3215551,586.41
North American Moulding, Inc.404614,365.01
North American Refractories40435,520.18
North Manchester Foundry, Inc.41133265,243.71
North Vernon Industry Corporation3529,297.00
North Wells Landfill28283,066.60
Ntn Driveshaft, Inc.43132139,652.37
Nu-Wood Company41017,206.50
Nucor Building Systems3328.00
Nucor Fastener36807.00
Nucor Steel475002,888,390.92
Nucor Vulcraft Group, St. Joe Division822402,280.53
Oak Ridge Recycling & Disposal Facility4155110,367.43
Obryan Barrel Co., Inc.421418,987.46
Odyssey Boat Division43461,919.23
Oil Technology, Inc. - Ispat Steel Plt#2521346137,138,618.12
Oil Technology, Inc. - Ltv Steel Plant4343321,776,728.52
Olympic Fiberglass Industries51492,642.19
Omc Aluminum Boat Group Inc.125,829.00
Omco Cast Metals Inc.2420.00
Omco Mould Inc.1272.00
Omega Industries, Inc.7856,849.76
Omnisource Corporation123220,790.02
One Shot, Llc1219.00
Onyx Paving Company, Inc.2525132,008.44
Orbit Composites & Better Way Products3323,720.00
Orc Plastics - Rostone61546,850.76
Orica Usa Inc.22475,143.25
Ottenweller Company, Inc.464851,744.92
Owen County Landfill2828527.53
Owens Brockway Glass Container Inc.41851,379,878.77
Owens Corning113.90
Owens Corning Fabricating Solutions7411,282,129.59
P & J Industries, Inc.118.00
Pace American5058142,734.09
Pactiv Corporation4089375,028.18
Padgett, Inc.3349,221.16
Palletone Of Indiana, Inc,47106164,771.42
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co493813,655,193.69
Paoli, Inc.1212505,654.60
Par-Kan Comp.4017240,315.19
Paragon Plastics, L.L.C.11266.75
Parker Hannifin426522,796.80
Parker Hannifin Corp. Brass Prods. Div.1210.00
Parker Hannifin Corporation, Cylinder Division, As112,641.00
Parker Hannifin New Haven51042.00
Parkview Memorial Hospital6515331,179.39
Parts Cleaning Technologies, Llc424711,484.56
Patrick Industries38134,143.14
Patriot Homes Inc.3532,605.45
Patriot Paint Co., Inc.4420925,139.66
Paul H. Rohe323522,158.85
Paul H. Rohe81114,966.32
Paul H. Rohe Co, Inc.33436,030.52
Pc Indiana Synthetic Fuel #2 Llc21622,639.26
Pd George Co.7133,025.00
Pen Products - Mcf111.00
Penz Products, Inc.405514,675.27
Pepl - Edgerton Station493981,831,222.48
Pepl - Montezuma Station574053,277,754.67
Performance Painting1267,760.00
Pernod Ricard Usa802093,665,057.25
Perry Chemical & Mfg. Co., Inc.11219,101.70
Peru Utilities76221380,071.09
Peters Revington Furniture45813,948.81
Pfizer Inc802421,865,309.02
Phelps Dodge Magnet Wire Company46261430,037.93
Philip Metals - Burns Harbor Yard71820,287.56
Philips Products/Ventline Div394312,920.73
Phillips Pipeline10315241,761.34
Phoenix Fabricator And Erectors5870,526.34
Pike County Sanitary Landfill Ii28281,831.74
Pilkington North America, Inc.117.00
Pilot Inds. Inc.110.50
Pioneer Hi-Bred Intl81125,978.53
Plastic Composites Corporation475031,765.46
Pliant Corporation (Formerly Kcl Corp)11240.00
Pluto Corporation (Plant #1)1228.00
Plymouth Foundry61819,329.12
Polar King International31648,760.75
Pollution Control Industries, Inc3710,360.44
Polyfoam Packers Corporation4084182,551.87
Polygon Company41135100,682.77
Polyjohn Enterprises Corporation112.00
Pomp'S Tire Service, Inc.138,642.70
Portland Forge, An Allegheny Technologies Co.2319.00
Portside Energy Corporation46136607,385.64
Poster Display1312,114.10
Powder Processing And Technology407819,938.23
Power Gear113,800.00
Ppg Industries, Inc. Wks #284126959,017.30
Prairie Group - Plant 75315659.06
Prairie Group - Plant 76416727,080.28
Prairie Group - Plant 79102725.20
Prairie View Recycling4181570,695.77
Pratt Corporation3358,102.94
Praxair Inc4168112,218.56
Praxair Inc.4323220,737.93
Praxair Surface Tech. Inc.36449.00
Praxair Surface Tech. Inc.111.00
Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc.3654.00
Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc.6241,317.15
Praxair, Inc.4250162,321.96
Precision Products Group, Inc.46496,047.52
Precoat Metals47226791,768.66
Premier Boxboard Ltd.11250.00
Premier Fiberglass51024,871.90
Prestigious Printing40757,877.87
Prime Pvc116,196.00
Primex Plastics Corp.110.50
Print Communications12679,209.00
Print Support Inc/Mignone Communications157,720.00
Print Xcel Dba Discount Labels1267,983.09
Printpack Inc.7211,175,938.40
Printpack, Inc.914549,850.80
Prodesign Composites2460,416.00
Prodesign Paint Plant 8203323,556.62
Product Specialties456105,448.81
Productivity Fabricators1110,255.00
Progress Rail Services Corporation4311243,156.33
Psi - Energy Connersville Peaking Sta.20837,928.04
Psi Energy - Cayuga89261134,420,377.43
Psi Energy - Gallagher88474111,571,834.66
Psi Energy - Gibson88594352,794,755.70
Psi Energy - Wabash River95766153,188,237.61
Psi Energy Miami-Wabash Peaking Station211299,447.00
Psi Energy-Edwardsport8838721,120,762.12
Psi Energy-Noblesville8835910,015,296.06
Purdue University -Wade Utility Plant442937,492,785.56
Purdue University Calumet4024015,260.15
Putnam Plastics Inc1274,000.00
Pvc Compounders Inc.2450.00
Quaker Oats Co-Mayflower Midwest Facilit4116439,829.15
Quality Coatings Inc.3513,180.00
Quality Frames, Inc405715,919.15
Quemetco, Inc.42821,285,549.34
Qwest - Pop1717164.76
Qwest - T11717525.01
R And R Custom Woodworking, Inc.305470,790.64
R D Finishing, Inc.132,389.98
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company43681,228,219.78
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company431344536,821.43
Raco, Inc.112223,689.65
Railworks Wood Products4814585,212.03
Ranch Fiberglas, Inc.1026110,336.03
Randolph Farms, Inc.4158189,577.76
Raytheon Tech. Services Co.4312835,589.03
Rci Hv, Inc114.60
Rea Magnet Wire Co4553440,528.07
Rea Magnet Wire Co, Inc4557120,334.36
Reclaimed Energy Company, Inc.536421,566.08
Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co., Inc.55122157,259.50
Reed Minerals Div.404674,118.59
Reilly Industries, Inc.455876,189,102.07
Reliance Electric Co. - Master Plant2296.00
Reliance Electric Co. Reeves Facility45479.00
Remote Controls, Inc.124211,487.12
Republic Technologies International409015,551.52
Rescar Industries, Inc.332,068.51
Resco Products, Inc.59136311,273.53
Rexam Beverage Can Company1193,336.00
Rhodia Inc.601894,793,811.77
Richmond Liner Foundry & Machine Plant408558,433.31
Richmond Power & Light8723330,016,699.83
Rieke Packaging Systems56233,974.97
Rieter Automotive North America45139108,933.29
Rieth-Riley Asphalt Plant #3253569132,583.24
Rieth-Riley Asphalt Plant #3263558135,181.45
Rieth-Riley Asphalt Plant #365355868,241.31
Rieth-Riley Asphalt Plant #367426255,899.33
Rieth-Riley Asphalt Plant #36702747143,538.00
Rieth-Riley Asphalt Plant #3752747102,122.79
Rieth-Riley Portable Asphalt Plant #328449030,722.33
Rieth-Riley Portable Concrete Plant #39592312,829.07
Rieth-Riley Portable Concrete Plant #565365344,329.42
Rieth-Riley Portable Concrete Plant #566365310,510.27
Rightway Fasteners Inc4156236,145.35
Rinker Boat Company, Inc.827560,664.05
Ripley County Milan Landfill28286,023.39
Rjr Drying72241,220.47
Rmg Foundry (Formerly Dodge)44240387,474.40
Roadmaster, Llc419724,047.67
Robert L. Kelly Asphalt, Inc.26266,053.69
Robert Weed Plywood Corporation3333,867.06
Robur Corporation401571,158.92
Robus Leather Corp.1110.00
Roche Diagnostics Corporation29145707.63
Rochester Metal Products Corp.1052158,162.15
Rock-Tenn Company404185,172.18
Rockwell Automation2296.00
Rogers Group,Inc.-Greene Co. Asphalt253572,459.09
Rogers Group,Inc.-Greene Co. Sand & Grvl31251,854.97
Rogers Group,Inc.-Portable Asphalt2533105,242.01
Rogers Group,Inc.-Vincennes Asphalt71650,478.96
Rogers Group,Inc.-Washington Asphalt253511,495.69
Rogers Group-Bloomington Crushed Stone9723,441,411.16
Rogers Group-Interstate Sand & Gravel336117,817.71
Rogers Group-Mitchell Crushed Stone336314,992.53
Rogers Group-Newton County Stone345386,777.52
Rogers Group-Owen Valley Quarry325150,076.00
Rogers Group-Sieboldt Quarry5642,891,651.83
Rogers Group-Wabash Sand & Gravel43137,012.46
Roll Coater Inc.1546397,356.44
Roll Coater Inc.43115534,943.26
Rolls-Royce Corporation. Plant 5 & 853387604,972.60
Romark Industries616140,732.47
Romweber Furniture Company4248227,991.57
Rotary Lift/ A Dover Industries Company616189,178.00
Royal Adhesives & Sealants924158,898.39
Royal Coach, Division Of Monaco Coach Co116,400.00
Royal Food Prods. Inc.11450.00
Royal Spa Mfg.114749,626.55
Rtp Company14171,529.07
Rumpke / Medora Landfill282827,463.21
Saco Industries, Inc.72448,289.41
Safety & Environmental Resources435223,692.01
Safety-Kleen Oil Recovery Co.44301641,602.66
Safety-Kleen Systems (407602)2410.11
Safety-Kleen Systems (506001)124.00
Safety-Kleen Systems (508201)126.00
Saint Clair Press404417,592.03
Saint Josephs College4385332,156.93
Saint Margaret Mercy Healthcare Centers4161032,323.15
Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.9171,735,292.62
Sampson Fiberglass, Inc.4467124,108.17
Saxon Metals121213,775.55
Sca Tissue North America, Llc4184127,358.52
Scepter, Inc4498,651.00
Scherer Industrial Group, Inc.41463,932.48
Schmidt Cabinet Company, Inc.46397,257.10
Schmidt Furniture And Music, Llc111,293.40
Schuster'S Building Products110.10
Schwab Corporation71145,988.04
Schwarz Pharma Mfg.,Inc.414267,451.75
Scott Brass, Inc.3338.68
Seleco, Inc.442,605.60
Sellersburg Stone Co.2162204,813.15
Sensient Flavors, Inc.414925,933.93
Sermatech-Aeroforge Corporation35525.00
Seymour Tubing, Inc.481,540.00
Shell Oil Products Us East Chicago Term7178136,803.57
Shell Oil Products Us Hammond Terminal74137,018.86
Shoreland Metals Llc111.00
Shorewood Packaging Corp Of Indiana25134,169.80
Sigeco - A. B. Brown9637438,552,027.15
Sigeco - Bergdolt Road - Negt27592,373.84
Sigeco - F.B.Culley Generating Station9455842,290,724.30
Sigeco - Ohio River2550271,754.81
Sigeco - Oliver Gas Storage Field91893,612.17
Signature Graphics, Inc.1122,820.00
Silgan Closures, Llc48138195,953.50
Silgan Containers Corp487070,295.38
Siligan Containers Corp.4352464,798.14
Sky Cylinder Testing, Inc.404912,808.82
Skyline Corporation- Plt 11110145,353.46
Skyline Corporation- Plt 11214188,038.91
Skyline Corporation- Plt 616121513,493.84
Skyline Corporation- Plt 81212169,505.31
Slater Steels - Fort Wayne Specialty Alloys Divi486,945.00
Smiths Medical Asd, Inc1417,160.00
Smoker-Craft Inc417206,488.78
Smurfit Stone Container Corporation123,560.00
Soalr Sources - Wheatland Rail Siding2834,159.60
Solae L.L.C.- Remington In40137273,951.00
Solar Sources Inc. Carbondale Preparation Plant111,310.00
Solar Sources Underground, L.L.C.2106,800.74
Somerville Central Mine119,848.00
Somerville North Mine1112,055.00
Sonoco Crellin44168,640.00
Sonoco Flexible Packaging481561,414,074.72
Sonoco Prods. Co.1112,200.00
South Bend Absorbtech? Llc.4144109,057.81
South Bend Medical Foundation1111991.61
South Bend Terminal - Bet162639,100.00
South Side Landfill, Inc.63268340,440.03
South Wells County Landfill28283,066.60
Southeast Wood2210.00
Spartech Industries55266.00
Spawn Mate, Inc.12155.00
Specialized Wood Products125967,815.14
Specialty Hardwoods Of Indiana Inc.221,967.06
Spectra Incorporated4012417,036.89
Speedway Landfill2828297.54
Spencer County Sanitary Landfill28287,049.19
Spg Graphics1415,080.00
Sport Graphics, Inc.1330,960.00
Springs Valley Manufacturing1417198,206.54
Springville Compressor Station2552109,213.64
Spx Corporation - Contech Division33155.00
St Vincent Hospital4118611,354.21
St. Francis Hospital - Beech Grove4224527,072.10
St. Francis Hospital And Health Center4219515,125.06
St. Mary'S Medical Center413094,372.90
St. Mary'S Medical Center - Welborn411232,583.50
Standard Glas, Inc.415715,702.20
Standard Register Company1111,860.00
Stanrail North Plant40519,533.28
Stanrail South Plant61322,611.25
Starcraft Bus & Mobility, Div Fr4188106,191.00
Starcraft Marine, Llc1726290,666.78
Starcraft Rv437780,943.53
State Line Energy Llc9024635,668,967.11
Steel Dynamics, Inc.444413,639,657.46
Steel Dynamics, Inc. Structural And Rail1343496,114.59
Steel Warehouse Company, Inc.482,635.00
Steelcase, Inc., Stow Davis Div.1631106,806.74
Stellite Coatings36780.00
Sterling Boiler And Mechanical, Inc.471,097.57
Sterling Casting471201,951,747.38
Sterling Fluid Sys. (Usa) Inc. Peerless Pump Co.111,082.00
Stoutco, Inc.1213,300.00
Strick Corporation56858.00
Stripco, Inc.41415,255.30
Structural Composites Of Indiana, Inc.4164120,158.03
Structural Fabricators, Inc.3313,031.39
Styline Industries88311466,415.00
Styline Industries Plant 1131311,348.83
Suburban Steel Supply Company439134,992.55
Sullivan County Landfill28283,167.23
Sun Chemical Gpi12509.00
Sunnybrook Rv, Inc.406370,804.82
Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals Lp9102168,569.41
Superior Aluminum Alloys2095172,119.11
Superior Environmental Remediation, Inc1216,484.90
Superior Environmental Remediation, Inc.127,344.04
Superior Laminating, Inc.50729,811.12
Superior Metal Technologies431064,302.08
Superior Oil Company143136,673.00
Superior2 Solvents And Chemicals, Inc.3104,421.87
Supreme Corporation4461263,101.17
Swartzendruber Hardwood Creations, Llc359,922.78
Swiss Caps2598,956.80
Syndicate Sales Inc., Aquafoam367,542.00
Syndicate Sales, Inc.2417,953.06
Syndicate Systems, Inc.428436,653.99
T G C - Ambia Station48204105,471.53
T G C - North Judson Station492001,095,870.79
T.P.C. & Company, Inc.40456,083.36
Talbert Mfg.447293,944.79
Tanco Clark Maritime, L.L.C.41412,077.57
Te Products Pipeline Co.,Lmtd Prtnrshp75874,720.00
Tecumseh Products Co. Salem Operations35213.14
Tenneco Automotive6856,946.89
Teppco Princeton Terminal143731,981.98
Tetco - French Lick Station181121,296,116.69
Tetco - Gas City Station1732181,986.29
Tetra Pak Materials Lp414331,274.46
Texas Gas Transmission - Dillsboro481862,049,303.39
Texas Gas Transmission - Leesville488575,418.45
Texas Gas Transmission - Petersburg4575166,415.70
Texas Gas Transmission - Wilfred485587,338.23
Textron Automotive Exteriors Inc.4856184,603.07
Textron Fastening Systems, Psd1150,000.00
The Andersons Clymers Operations311105,836.53
The Andersons Delphi Operations2108,689.13
The Andersons Dunkirk Operations2106,801.43
The Art Of Design, Inc.40433,329.72
The Braun Corporation5586,162.30
The Commodore Corporation94522,363.89
The Dallas Group Of America4117012,034.61
The Flexaust Company Inc.1113,388.00
The Geon Company22161.00
The Jackson Group1311,880.00
The Kay Company, Inc.718132,082.00
The Levy Co.-Seperation Plant2117,296.78
The Maco Corporation111.00
The Pq Corporation4092403,940.59
Therma-Tru Corporation1117140,318.00
Thermafiber Inc. Wabash Plant438120,145,659.68
Thomson Multimedia, Inc.461401,379,066.34
Thunderbird Products, Inc.1336355,686.00
Thyssenkrupp Budd Company - Kendallville611602,542.32
Thyssenkrupp Gerlach Company574,910.58
Thyssenkrupp Waupaca, Inc. - Plant 5494064,663,631.60
Tipton County Landfill28282,176.27
Tokheim Corporation408313,588.02
Topp Industries, Inc.51271,938.07
Torque-Traction Mfg. Techs. Inc.110.13
Total Enterprises, Ltd.11257,776.02
Tower Automotive1176.00
Tower Automotive Products Company, Inc.111.00
Tower Automotive Products Inc.222.00
Tower Structural Laminating, Inc.5858,375.10
Toyoshima Indiana, Inc.115,005.00
Toyota Iem, Inc.457295,438.85
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Of Indiana461531,972,014.44
Tpc, Ctp Sheetmetal Div115.00
Trans Agg,Inc. Dba Gibbco, Inc.81121,662.47
Transco Railway Products, Inc.8812,223.06
Transflo Terminal Services, Inc.11254,500.73
Transmontaigne Pipeline121,885.99
Transmontaigne Terminal Inc.74117,980.04
Transmontaigne Terminal Inc.711772,596.68
Traylor Chemical & Supply Co.Inc.121,151.00
Trelleborg Automotive46276660,807.21
Trelleborg Automotive277,820.00
Triplex Plating, Inc.11255.00
Tritech Mfg. Inc.110.40
Truck Accessories Group Dba Leer Midwest45112484,649.83
Truck Clean, Inc.1112,896.80
Truth Publishing Company, Inc.333,500.00
Trw Automotive115.00
Tube City, Inc.4144384,595.82
Twin Bridges Recycling & Disposal Facil4162690,181.14
Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc.41183276,493.49
U S Steel Co Gary Works632215220,246,632.41
U.S. Army Camp Atterbury Maneuver Training Center11172.80
U.S. Defense Natl. Stockpile Ctr. New Haven Depot120.00
U.S. Steel - East Chicago Tin Operations41166252,724.96
Ugn Inc.000.00
Ulrich Chemical, Inc.7137,250.00
Ulrich Chemical, Inc.5101,800.00
Ulrich Chemical, Inc.231,652.00
Ultra/Glas Of Lakeville2473,360.00
Undersea Sensor Sys. Inc.110.50
Unifrax Corporation New Carlisle Plant3150388,372.30
Unilever Hpc Usa41178110,379.45
Union City Body Company Llc711227,768.00
Union Tank Car Co. Plant 13333.00
Union Tank Car Co/E. Chicago Lining Fa4015018,591.93
Union Tank Car Company - Plant #141422106,616.38
Uniontown Landfill282814,281.72
Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Mfg.48133682,185.70
Uniseal, Inc.; Plant #24321927,110.09
United Airlines Indpls Maintenance Centr40264132,877.42
United Expressline, Inc.418891,761.27
United Expressline, Inc.1215,362.00
United Refuse Company, Inc.282811,256.03
United States Aluminate Company, Inc.6644,320.20
United States Can Company46434237,473.93
United States Gypsum Company10257533,255.81
United States Gypsum Company41435385,959.05
United Tech.- Otis Elevators204146,378.72
Univ Of Evansville4221319,911.13
Univar Usa Inc. South Bend24232.00
Universal Tool & Engineering Co., Inc.1215.00
University Of Notre Dame Du Lac793628,486,407.09
University Of Southern Indiana3911718,486.68
Urschel Laboratories5774.03
Us Mineral Products Company810114,007,408.03
Us Penitentiary4121436,925.79
Usf/Envirex Products81146,594.00
Uss - Central Teaming Company, Inc.3176293,012.39
Uss-International Mill Service31232,644.52
Uss/C.J.Langenfelder & Son, Inc.31559,598.31
Ut Electronic Controls11202.00
Utilimaster Corporation416591,094.60
Vacumet Corp., Metallized Paper Division7976,533.52
Vahala Foam, Inc.414633,401.05
Valeo Sylvania, Llc920124,549.85
Valeo, Inc. Engine Cooling Auto. Div.411124,993.69
Valmont Industries, Inc.247.62
Valspar Coatings5511992,842.87
Van Waters & Rogers Inc5101,571.00
Van Waters And Rogers Inc24232.00
Vee Engineering Inc.115,118.00
Vee Engineering, Inc.117,302.00
Ventra Corporation404414,084.54
Venture Industries (Portland)41425,155.56
Venture Industries (Hc)424455,398.66
Venture Technologies, Llc424837,761.37
Venture Welding4141801.38
Venture Welding (Howe)4044187,685.75
Venture Welding, Inc.4044115,931.87
Vermette Machine Co., Inc.414716,051.79
Vesuvius Usa40562,649.11
Vibracoustic North America4628,118.00
Victorian Homes3313,237.08
Victory Environmental Services2929151,355.19
Vigo Coal Co. Inc. Cypress Cre Ek Mine3310.10
Viking Engineering Company, Inc.9263,066.40
Village Pantry #3921211.67
Village Pantry #54010105,832.98
Vim Recycling717261,583.58
Vim Recycling, Inc.2106,801.40
Vista Packaging124.60
Visteon Corporation - Indianapolis Plant41132110,345.12
Visteon Systems, Llc4457261,708.81
Vitamins, Inc.24412,000.00
Vitco Inc404316,941.87
Voss Industries Dba Pgp Corporation414429,089.87
Vsv Group Dba Mccoy Miller/Goshen Coach1011105,937.42
W & M Mfg.,Inc.4145108,904.84
W. M. Kelley Company, Inc.81314,406.49
W.R. Grace45227105,403.96
Wabash Alloys, L.L.C.487381,584,320.98
Wabash Alloys, Llc7824,735.90
Wabash Environmental Technologies, Llc4141518.85
Wabash National Lp Main Plant1824499,859.30
Wabash National Lp South Plant162384,965.01
Wabash River Energy Ltd.21561,254,695.83
Wabash River Energy, Ltd1111.00
Wabash Valley Landfill4054251,225.64
Walsh & Kelly Inc.394533,761.62
Walsh & Kelly Inc.192122,192.55
Walsh & Kelly Inc.:Griffith Plant192329,217.06
Walter Piano Company, Inc.9934,668.00
Ward Corporation44171106,029.88
Warren County Landfill2828324.45
Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc.8163,825.00
Washington County Landfill28281,688.82
Waupaca Pallet, Inc - Troy129,523.00
Waverly Plant32230,529.20
Wayne Asphalt & Const2565385,252.60
Wayne Metals, Llc454738,115.50
Weil Mclain, A United Dominion Company48270744,205.97
Weiss Prestaining Inc.4149174,426.39
Wells Cargo, Inc.4562,589.46
West Clinton Landfill28282,326.67
Wevac Plastics Corporation, Llc.51456,634.06
Wheatland Generating Facilities2496204,196.75
Wheeler Rdf28289,972.74
Wheeler Recycling & Disposal Facility3651127,230.12
Whirlpool Corp42164406,141.84
Whiskey Hollow Solid Fill Site2828297.54
Whitesville Mill Service Co.11255.00
Whitford Trailer & Equipment39455,014.00
Whiting Clean Energy, Inc.27111474,686.62
Whitley Products, Inc414237,679.17
Wieland Design, Inc.405012,647.09
Wieland Furniture4021140,427.05
Williamson Polishing & Plating Co., Inc.111.00
Winona Memorial Hospital421507,440.58
Wishard Memorial Hospital401348,286.12
Witt Industries Muncie Galvanizing Plant118.00
Wolf Lake Terminals, Inc.418418,200.11
Woodcrest Manufacturing4755290,387.52
Woodcrest Manufacturing - Dinette Plant58336,004.41
Woodmaster, Inc.4692222,230.96
Worthington Generation Llc25100173,822.30
Worthington Steel424626,541.45
Worwag Coatings, Llc. North America357,210.00
Yaw Hill Sanitary Landfill282815,117.89
York Casket Company66429,840.00
Zeneca Resins510988.00
Zimmer Inc. Plant #52420.00
Zimmer Paper Products Inc40435,876.77