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Polluters in Illinois
122 South Michigan Llc3911746,716.54
2f Inc7711,835.16
320 Store Inc1717560.82
3m Co50453855,880.38
3m Specialty Film & Media Products653621,599,476.95
A & C Landscaping Inc1348,440.00
A & G Blacktop Inc232327,764.74
A & J Plating Co Inc11600.00
A & L Construction245,712.36
A & R Transport Inc38389,649.42
A C & R Components Inc11200.00
A Finkl & Sons Co38163114,178.89
A G Communication Sys.110.32
A T & T Corp333319,730.87
A-1 Tool Corp3941975.76
A-Korn Roller Inc224,180.00
A-Korn Roller Inc226,000.00
A-Way Grain Co2423,700.00
A-Way Inc21051,500.00
A. B. Dick Co.2420.00
Aaa Galvanizing Inc394522,106.89
Aaa Galvanizing Of Dixon Inc4431,559.92
Aaa Galvanizing Of Dixon Inc.1171.00
Aage Jensen128,840.00
Aallied Die Casting Co Of Illinois394449,387.92
Aam-Ro Corp1110.40
Aargus Plastics Inc4472,969.53
Ab Dick Co111,170.00
Ab Dick Co12920.00
Abb Air Preheater Raymond Operations Lab1634326.95
Abbey Finishing Corp101329,979.19
Abbott Laboratories53557731,942.79
Abbott Laboratories5311781,210,697.13
Abbott Laboratories11840.00
Abbott Laboratories112,080.00
Abc Metals Inc881,857.94
Abc Rail Corp39619,549.46
Abc Rail Products Corp24960.00
Abel Vault & Monument Co394341,981.10
Abell-Howe Crane2421,000.00
Ability Engineering223.70
Abingdon High School-District 21720202,954.12
Abitec Corp4170444,739.23
Abitec Corp.1287,213.00
Abla Homes Heating Plant393974,711.59
Able Dry Cleaners113,780.00
Able Electropolishing Co3859,207.40
Able-Keppy Animal Care Center38381,402.27
Abrasive Rubber Wheel3535161.23
Abs Graphics Inc227,113.12
Ac Acquisition Llc, Dba Chicago Aerosol Llc1616,460.00
Acacia Park Cemetery & Mausoleum383814,351.37
Acadia Polymers Corp Of Illlinois2418,420.00
Accent Metal Finishing Inc111,860.00
Acco International Inc434722,367.96
Accra Industries Inc3318,307.00
Accura Tool & Mold Inc242,860.24
Accurate Anodizing Corp51212,820.00
Accurate Dispersions101428,018.00
Accurate Partitions Corp39415,017.12
Accurate Ready Mix Concrete Co395382,369.38
Accurate Threaded Fasteners Inc11400.00
Ace Anodizing And Impregnating Inc39742,555.99
Ace Hardware Corp4110621,104.14
Ace Hardware Of Libertyville Inc16161,134.71
Ace Hardware Paint Division4212855,605.76
Ace Plating Co9138,009.19
Ace Reprographics123,260.00
Acetylene Tech Inc112,500.00
Acf Organics11200.00
Ach Food Companies Inc45305238,200.51
Ach Food Companies Inc45426199,178.53
Ach Food Cos. Inc.1227,690.00
Ach Food Cos. Inc.1220,592.00
Acid Products Co Inc222,051.25
Acme Die Casting384130,815.84
Acme Die Casting L.L.C.113.00
Acme Finishing Co45154132,966.62
Acme Ice Co.12500.00
Acme Packaging Corp81638,517.48
Acme Packaging Corp. Riverdale Facility2431,712.00
Acme Steel Co4366930,949,041.48
Acorn Corrugated Box Co Inc41507,552.55
Acra Electric Corp2214,422.39
Actaris Us Gas Inc55641.10
Action Athletic Equipment Inc81773,027.00
Action Color Inc223,560.00
Action Rack & Manufacturing Co66180.99
Action Rotary Die Inc443.76
Actown Electrocoil Inc102955,256.82
Adams Elevator Equipment Co2528,968.80
Adc Limited Partnership394215,302.63
Addington Enterprises2541,980.00
Addison Animal Hospital37371,990.46
Addison Trail High School-District 8820204,248.92
Adheron Coatings Corp414930,655.34
Adhesive Binding Corp335,820.00
Adhesive Systems Inc111,060.00
Adjustable Clamp Co38781,347.10
Adkins Energy627449,960.00
Adkins Energy L.L.C.11583.00
Adler Planetarium202043,308.74
Adm Alliance Nutrition Inc384441,974.55
Adm Alliance Nutrition Inc39406,409.06
Adm Alliance Nutrition Inc35520,419.18
Adm Alliance Nutrition Inc22097,200.00
Adm Animal Health & Nutrition2619,400.00
Adm Bioproducts23163,550.00
Adm Decatur Corn Processing Plant1825737,433.20
Adm East Plant231,590,914.00
Adm Grain Co21012,820.00
Adm Grain Co21028,082.68
Adm Grain Co232,200.00
Adm Grain Co2751,220.00
Adm Grain Co21016,224.00
Adm Grain Co21064,935.00
Adm Grain Co2216,720.00
Adm Grain Co2456,280.00
Adm Grain Co2325,940.00
Adm Grain Co2840,900.00
Adm Grain Company2876,120.00
Adm Grain Company21266,340.00
Adm Grain Company21012,149.36
Adm Grain Company21018,840.00
Adm Grain Company2832,300.00
Adm Grain Company2441,580.00
Adm Grain Company2466,440.00
Adm Grain Company2935,380.00
Adm Grain Company2109,840.00
Adm Grain Company1129,440.00
Adm Grain Company2108,580.00
Adm Grain Company21162,163.00
Adm Grain Company21135,580.06
Adm Grain Company21049,580.00
Adm Grain Company2958,552.48
Adm Gromark Florence2712,073.50
Adm Hull Elevator # 122980.00
Adm Hull Elevator # 22827,661.94
Adm Milling Co394021,807.55
Adm Packaged Oils393916,470.99
Adm Quincy422796,389,883.20
Adm Rail Car Repair Facility375256,992.27
Adm/Growmark & Tabor Grain Co116,660.00
Adm/Growmark River System Inc249,080.00
Adm/Growmark River Systems228,040.00
Adm/Growmark River Systems Inc2460,900.00
Adm/Growmark River Systems Inc2337,720.00
Adm/Growmark River Systems Inc2725,320.00
Adm/Growmark River Systems Inc8352420,965,540.15
Adorn Llc3317,076.00
Ads/Mclean County Landfill272724,525.52
Advance Wire Products/Jason Components Group2222,680.00
Advanced Asphalt Co3054186,174.44
Advanced Asphalt Co20212,468.90
Advanced Asphalt Co24244,203.33
Advanced Asphalt Inc334254.06
Advanced Electronics Inc7103,992.41
Advanced Filtration Systems Inc39153231,841.09
Advanced Polymer Compounding Co11800.00
Advantage Printing Inc2211,571.87
Advocate Healthcare/Ravenswood396221,436.60
Ae Staley Manufacturing Co4358421,539,731.40
Ae Staley Mfg Inc2854,300.00
Aec Pipeline (Usa) Inc775,931.58
Aeropress Corp22500.00
Aes Duck Creek7812634,742,248.47
Aes Ed Edwards Station7824594,605,299.05
Aes Medina Valley Cogen Llc6171,075,600.00
Aes Sterling Avenue Station263311,422.98
Aetna Bearing Co391984,481.03
Afco Products Inc11700.00
Afs Bioaffinity23800.00
Ag Communication System Corp394122,808.07
Ag Communication Systems Corp1228,200.00
Ag Recycling25189.36
Ag-Land Fs Inc21016,780.00
Ag-Land Fs Inc286,200.00
Ag-Land Fs Inc774,717.11
Ag-Land Fs Inc776,992.52
Ag-Land Fs Inc772,275.22
Ag-Land Fs Inc783,880.92
Ag-Land Fs Inc7741.90
Agco Corporation111114,143.07
Aggregate Materials Co265,120.00
Aggregate Supply Llc13960.00
Aggregates Supply Llc11380.00
Aggreko Llc38401,491.74
Agh Feed Mill Inc22440.00
Agi Klearfold41354,907.55
Agi L.L.C.1110,760.00
Agi Media Packaging3857,739.94
Agr Petroleum Co71310,170.33
Agrail Llc2355,400.00
Agri Grain Marketing2512,080.00
Agri Terminal Corp114,160.00
Agri-Fab Inc71844,021.57
Agri-Fine Corp39405,354.69
Agri-Pride Fs Inc2312,380.00
Agrigenetics/Mycogen Seeds34714.72
Agripride Fs Inc2619,040.00
Agripride Fs Inc21016,224.00
Agripride Fs Inc2219,000.00
Agripride Fs Inc71333,012.40
Agripride Fs Inc775,614.63
Agripride Fs Inc775,468.53
Agrium Us Inc3963106,147.93
Ahlstrom Filtration Llc4187127,982.86
Air Liquide America Corp464,689.60
Air Liquide America Corp113,480.00
Air Products & Chemicals Inc7742.27
Air Products And Chemicals Inc669.67
Air Products And Chemicals Inc397428,225.97
Airgas Specialty Gas3320.80
Airport Group International7928,201.87
Airtex Products Division2225,640.00
Airtex Products Inc36518,331.67
Aj Walker Construction Co6123,914.40
Ajax Cleaners113,180.00
Ajax Tool Works Inc39432,014.75
Akers Packaging Service Inc39796,080.41
Akerue Industries Llc Dba Kay Home Products38421,775.12
Akin Callahan Inc1140.00
Akj Industries Inc1111,700.00
Akron Services Inc1149,760.00
Akron Services Inc21073,620.00
Akron Services Inc2612,240.00
Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coating Inc465658,891.40
Akzo Nobel Non-Stick Coatings Llc579,944.00
Akzo Nobel Resins45158238,566.45
Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry Llc46291111,031.20
Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry Llc51276889,846.58
Akzo Resins And Vehicles434815,432.10
Alabama Metal Industries Corp91367,391.03
Aladdin Cleaners113,200.00
Albany Molecular Research Inc394142,350.42
Alberto-Culver Usa Inc394513,087.56
Albertus Airport33135,860.00
Alcasco Foundry222,740.00
Alcast Co333,340.00
Alco Spring Industries455318,106.00
Alcoa Extrusions Inc394431,545.83
Alcoa-Automotive Sheet Facility4542,300.00
Alexian Brothers Medical Centre406420,824.04
All Rental Garment Co1113,680.00
All Spun Metal Products2240.00
Allegiance Healthcare Corp428911,257.20
Allen Feed And Grain21073,620.00
Allendale Gravel Co Inc2459,520.00
Allerton Oil Co7762.67
Allerton Supply Co1619,620.26
Allfoam Industries Inc - K & S Service & Rental394118,034.32
Allfresh Foods Products Inc3434360.60
Alliance Grain Co2639,340.00
Alliance Grain Co2412,140.00
Alliance Grain Co22264,657.18
Alliance Grain Co21236,580.94
Alliance Grain Co2434,820.00
Alliance Grain Co2621,040.00
Alliance Grain Co21431,580.00
Alliance Grain Co61362,180.00
Alliance Grain Co2638,740.00
Alliance Grain Co224,960.00
Alliance Grain Co21037,439.56
Alliance Materials22680.00
Alliance Metal Treating Inc4167,540.00
Alliance Midwest Tubular Products391327,545.60
Allied Die Casting Corp5589.61
Allied Hastings Barrel & Drum Inc61661,540.00
Allied Iron And Steel Co1214,320.00
Allied Locke Industries Inc394235,629.07
Allied Metal Co7139,217.00
Allied Metals Co591,129.12
Allied Tube & Conduit391125,181.53
Allied Tube & Conduit Corp4358961,843.04
Alloy Chrome Inc4413.59
Alloy Engineering & Castings38104192,954.71
Allwaste Container Services1323,640.00
Allwaste Container Services1247,580.00
Allwaste Container Services Inc115,980.00
Alpha Beta Press Inc1116,960.00
Alpha Circuit Corp.110.05
Alpha Elevator1148,060.00
Alpha Fs Inc2231,200.00
Alpha Ready Mix Corp395310,247.56
Alpharma Inc397476,106.92
Alsey Refractories Co91729,171.22
Alsip Paper Condominium Assn3985202,153.51
Altair Trading Corp2715,827.92
Altman & Koehler Foundry Co Inc22920.00
Altman, Ron278,945.00
Alton & Southern Railroad Co/Gateway Yard6710,100.00
Alton Memorial Hospital4063480.45
Alton Mental Health & Developmental Ctr3816118,836.26
Alton Municipal Landfill28281,198.01
Alton Water Treatment Facility338,380.00
Altorfer Inc183452,439.41
Altorfer Power Systems5533,780.00
Altrachem Inc110.88
Alu-Bra Foundry Inc4611,858.00
Aluminum Castings Corp2415,920.00
Aluminum Coil Anodizing Corp3919921,473.87
Always Aluminum39426,214.76
Am Castle And Co387844,344.03
Amax Plating Inc146,880.00
Amber Plating Works Inc31116,620.05
Ambraw Asphalt Materials Inc222216,777.61
Amcast Inc24300.24
Amco Corp22400.00
Amco Engineering Co457263,229.12
Amcor American Metal Chem Corp2216.64
Amcor White Cap Llc45362342,539.53
Ameren Cips39782,293.40
Ameren Energy Generating Co6111,448,860.00
Ameren Energy Generating Co6162,094,020.00
Ameren Energy Generating Co8119034,233,012.59
Ameren Energy Generating Co7913351,717,600.48
Ameren Energy Generating Co8445461,029,442.42
Ameren Energy Generating Co78349119,300,410.69
Ameren Energy Generating Hutsonville Power Station4444,432.00
Ameren Energy Generating Meredosia Power Station8101,022,207.80
Amergen Energy Co Llc32562,560.26
Amergen Energy Co Llc11860.00
Ameri Coats Inc24320.00
American Airlines-Maintenance Facility42471,484.59
American Building Products332,840.00
American Buildings Co1017135,876.91
American Circuit Systems Inc243,440.00
American Colloid Co39135185,815.97
American Composite Technologies38395,837.24
American Couplings Co2223,872.00
American Decal & Mfg Co45108119,875.95
American Demolition Corp11860.00
American Demolition Corp24680.00
American Demolition Corp241,720.00
American Disposal Services Of Bloomington Landfill28282,207.62
American Enviro-Energy Inc4443,300.00
American Flange & Manufacturing Co Inc445825,682.39
American Gasket & Rubber Co.11890.00
American Gasket And Rubber331,005.00
American Generator & Armature Co39716,364.07
American Grading Company Landfill28282,721.45
American Highway Technology111882,181.31
American Ideal Cleaning Co1113,100.00
American Industrial Service Co383934,699.19
American Ingredients Co116,000.00
American Labelmark Co4843,675.73
American Legend M/C Trailers Inc114,180.00
American Licorice Co39397,863.54
American Linen Supply394015,002.33
American Linen Supply Co39395,587.49
American Litho Inc384431,104.44
American Lock Co332.08
American Louver Co395136,537.17
American Mail Well Envelope4435,704.61
American Mail-Well Envelope4524,614.81
American Material Sales24336.00
American Metal Fiber Inc11560.00
American Milling Co218366,040.00
American Milling Co212204,840.00
American Milling Co385267,882.02
American Minerals Inc83762,823.68
American Nickel Works414428,707.23
American Nickeloid Co4478101,406.76
American Ntn Bearing Mfg Corp3739,757.44
American Ntn Bearing Mfg Corp2416,220.00
American Pharmaceutical Partners Inc394026,766.13
American Powder Coating Inc24880.00
American Precision Castings Inc386312,467.17
American Progressive Circuits110.10
American Redi Mix Corp395368,203.60
American Rivet Co3832,159.93
American Shaft Co.120.20
American Spring Wire Corp404549,966.40
American Stair Corp7870,599.39
American Standard Circuits Inc3161,380.08
American Stone Mix Inc243816,665.80
American Stone-Mix Inc.551,840.00
American Stores Properties Inc11860.00
American Supply212111,023.60
American Supply Inc18182,975.14
American Thieme Corp119,880.00
American Toner Manufacturing Co263,200.00
American Waste Processing Ltd11640.00
American Wilbert Vault Corp38504,593.32
American Wilbert Vault Corp5534.94
Americhem Inc40401,776.45
Ameritech Corp2626428.63
Amerock Corp50336287,338.04
Ames Co11140.00
Ames Metal Products Co22622.00
Ametek Natl. Controls Corp.110.25
Amherdt Oil Co Dba Speck Oil Co775,739.96
Amigoni Construction2460,000.00
Amish Crafters, Inc4346253,009.03
Amitron Corp2246,280.00
Amitron Corp.2227,300.68
Amoco Corp1341,800.00
Amoco Oil Co5522,500.00
Amoco Oil Co53578,927.08
Amoco Oil Co - Delta Environmental1410,668.74
Amoco Oil Co-#1874311280.00
Amoco Pipeline Co C Div771.82
Amoco Pipeline Co N Div118.74
Amoco Service Station #52891111,380.00
Amoco Service Station #595411660.00
Ampel Inc.110.20
Amurol Confections Co33533,260.00
Anamet Electrical Inc38798,489.21
Anchor Brake Shoe Co36946,475.08
Anchor Coupling Co39795,480.15
Anchor Metal Finishing Inc114.42
Anchor-Harvey Components Llc455,160.00
Ancona Grain Inc2277,760.00
Ancona Grain Inc2431,020.00
Andersen Worldwide393918,307.77
Anderson Animal Shelter38387,457.28
Anderson Bros Oil Co7733,980.31
Anderson Cleaners117,480.00
Anderson Concrete Products357311,663.98
Anderson Die Casting Inc4440,801.00
Anderson Die Castings112.00
Anderson Fittings11320.00
Anderson Funeral Home373710,702.74
Anderson Hall Llc404042,203.68
Anderson Hospital631053,646.45
Anderson Memorial Chapel383830,749.12
Anderson Packaging Inc243,320.00
Anderson Packaging Inc111,460.00
Anderson-Shumaker Co115,760.00
Andersons Agriservices Inc112,900.00
Andres & Wilton Farmers Grain & Supply21038,285.20
Andrew Corp393911,044.62
Andrews Oil Co7135,441.74
Angelica Textile Services Inc393922,788.94
Angelos Tire38424,014.66
Animal Care Clinic373723.52
Animal Care Clinic41411,329.03
Anna Municipal Landfill2828532.49
Anna Quarries Inc2541,980.00
Anr Pipeline Co459316,756.28
Anr Pipeline Co28126130,204.26
Anr Pipeline Co393937,581.32
Anr Pipeline Co1365373,669.19
Anr Pipeline Co36135618,765.08
Anthony Liftgates Inc44280.80
Ao Smith Engineered Storage Products Co4316474,192.33
Apco Deburring & Polishing Inc22320.00
Apcon Corp161623,748.97
Apcon Corp161935,347.60
Apcon Corp1516137,792.93
Apcon Corp242573,684.55
Apex Oil Co663,853.55
Apex Tool Works22400.00
Api Industries439023,677.86
Apl Engineered Materials232.61
Apollo Colors Inc408220,421.75
Apple Canyon Airport3313,580.00
Applied Composites2655,995.20
Applied Products Inc443,481.32
Apv Service Center562,979.40
Aramark Uniform & Career Apparel Inc39395,688.81
Aramark Uniform Services39391,242.02
Aramark Uniform Services Inc3927014,635.46
Aramark Uniform Services Inc38383,424.86
Aramark Uniform Services Inc38389,629.88
Aramark Uniform Services Inc394416,039.89
Aramark Uniform Services Inc39392,440.34
Arcar Graphics Llc3312,960.00
Archem Inc7762.86
Archer Daniels Midland4110842,033.73
Archer Daniels Midland4285066,626,314.01
Archer Daniels Midland Co385732,058.96
Archer Daniels Midland Co39148656,188.72
Archer Daniels Midland Co32328.30
Archer Daniels Midland Co230.02
Archer Daniels Midland Co220.12
Archer Daniels Midland Co221,520.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co221,720.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co-N Plant3963298,013.21
Archer Daniels Midland Co. Decatur West Plant12916,000.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co. West Packaging Plant11600.00
Archer Daniels Midland-Warehouse 898225,240.00
Archer Screw Products1120.00
Archer Tinning And Re-Tinning22400.00
Archibald Candy Corp-Fannie May/Fannie Farmer396233,798.57
Architectural Specialty Products Inc4431,176.00
Arco Pipe Line Co773,647.38
Arcola Coop Grain Co2663,180.00
Arcola Cooperative Grain Co2457,420.00
Ardco Inc43622,018.85
Arends Grain Co Elevator #12459,320.00
Argo Terminal Co465019,481.42
Argonne National Laboratory4535670,070.45
Argus Press Inc1139,880.00
Arkay Plastics Illinois Inc102060,472.57
Arkwright Inc373823,832.94
Arlington Llc1132,660.00
Arlington Memorial Park38383,617.13
Arlington Plating Co489489,194.33
Armoloy Inc46676.58
Armour Swift-Eckrich39395,623.72
Armstrong Tools Inc121618,466.22
Armstrong World Industries Inc52118608,068.39
Arneson Oil Co775,113.68
Arnold Engineering Co39454,556.32
Arntzen Corp.331,078.00
Arntzen Corp.332,523.00
Arris International Inc1019179,420.56
Arris Intl.111.00
Arrow Gear Co377510,688.04
Arrow Pattern And Foundry Co396,800.23
Arrow Road Construction Co2853218,811.64
Arrow Road Construction Co121518,777.28
Arrow Terminal1560.88
Art Institute Of Chicago374347,735.75
Art'S Super Mart2020140.57
Arthur Grain Co Inc2450,240.00
Ase Blacktop & Paving Co27341,975.53
Ase Food Service Co3627,420.00
Asf-Keystone Inc46235226,340.21
Ashford Industries Inc161627,576.38
Ashford Industries Inc242463,679.64
Ashford Industries Inc274496,318.21
Ashland Chemical Co496212,134.10
Ashland Distribution Co394543,812.14
Ashland Distribution Co11860.00
Ashland Farmers Elevator Co21634,040.00
Ashland Specialty Chemical Co4410250,322.86
Ashley Elevator2212,480.00
Ashmore Grain Co2820,160.00
Ashmore Grain Co2213,560.00
Asian Trendwares Inc225,880.00
Aspen Graphics Printing Corp1414,420.00
Asphalt Sales & Products Inc242416,809.98
Asphalt Sales & Products Inc24246,378.62
Asphalt Sales & Products Inc344560,201.30
Asphalt Sales And Products Inc6726,280.00
Associated Sandblasting Systems2280.00
Assumption Co-Op775,447.77
Assumption Coop Grain Co21016,224.00
Assumption Coop Grain Co2623,820.00
Assumption Coop Grain Co21047,705.76
Assumption Coop Grain Co21016,224.00
Assumption Coop Grain Co2421,620.00
Assumption Cooperative Grain Co21024,059.94
Astaris L.L.C. Guest Ops. Solut Ia Inc. Krummrich Plant)113.00
Astaris Llc336,480.00
Astoria Ready-Mix5733,720.00
Astoria Ready-Mix Inc5719,670.40
Astroblast Inc8975,525.23
At & T1717510.23
At&T Corp/Chghilcg-Pons778,231.08
At&T Corp/Okbrilda-Pons661,020.72
At&T Corp/Planill-Pons662,501.68
Ata Finishing Corp110.20
Atc/Vancom Inc1118,340.00
Atc/Vancom Inc111,400.00
Atherton Foundry Products Inc26520.00
Atherton Grain Co113,920.00
Atherton Grain Co Inc21630,392.00
Atherton Grain Co Inc21241,040.00
Atkinson Grain2726,720.00
Atkinson Grain And Fertilizer Inc2241,600.00
Atkinson Landfill Company2828165.36
Atlantic Aviation114,980.00
Atlantic Press Inc2236,614.02
Atlas Roofing Corp3916081,063.27
Atmi Precast614104,040.00
Atwood Mobile Products397934,552.69
Aubrey Manufacturing Inc8147,979.80
Auburn Park Cleaners Inc2223,135.20
Augusta Farmers Co-Op Co22020,949.26
Aurora Blacktop Inc2829126,085.71
Aurora Circuits Llc35351,361.44
Aurora Foods Inc396210,892.25
Aurora Laundry Co Inc38382,531.45
Aurora Metals Division Llc63711,669.73
Aurora Municipal Airport39929,380.00
Aurora Packing Co39397,688.39
Aurora Pump38761,740.04
Aurora Textile Finishing Co39392,369.04
Austenal Inc38434,892.83
Austenal Inc.115.00
Austin- Westran Llc424730,473.79
Austin-Westran L.L.C.11395.00
Auto Meter Products Inc11180.00
Automatic Spring Coiling Co404246,023.16
Automotive Tech. Sys.1227,357.00
Autotrol Corp227,092.00
Aux Sable Liquid Products Lp934191,616.90
Avalon Petroleum Co1242,180.00
Avanti Food Co44594,566.80
Avaya Inc225,340.00
Aventis Behring Llc45114443,359.19
Avenue Food Mart331,401.15
Avery Dennison435535,903.11
Avis Rent A Car Systems Inc771,941.89
Avoco Oil Co775,885.96
Avon Energy Partners Llc6629,100.97
Avon Farmers Elevator242,880.00
Avon Products Inc39465,153.20
Avon Products Inc39396,893.09
Aw Zengeler Cleaners Inc1112,460.00
Aw Zengeler Grande Cleaners117,620.00
Aw Zengeler Grande Cleaners113,140.00
Awmco Inc38405,456.80
Aztec Material Service Corp573,660.00
Aztec Material Service Corp6184,140.00
Azteca Foods Inc398712,638.81
Azzarelli Construction Co242435,751.31
Azzarelli Construction-Lehigh Plant243168,990.90
B & B Metals221,260.00
B & D Machine Works Inc1160.00
B & T Polishing Inc330.25
B & W Corp553,897.30
Babbitrite Products Co221.06
Bader Quarry2439,960.00
Bagcraft Packaging Llc426153,720.83
Bahlman Oil Co777,284.71
Bailey Grain Co2832,940.00
Baileyville Co-Op229,640.00
Baja Contractors Inc61423,560.00
Bake-Line Products Inc394112,735.58
Baker Brothers Ii Inc785,634.63
Bakley Construction Corp11420.00
Bakley Construction Corp11640.00
Bakley Construction Corp11640.00
Bales Mold Service Inc41892.48
Ballard Bros Inc571,503.00
Ballco Mfg Inc11440.00
Baltimore Aircoil Co Inc-Midwest Div38427,372.51
Bank One Real Estate6692.30
Banner Moulded Products Corp446,083.61
Banner Service Corp2236,440.00
Banta Direct Marketing Inc395114,910.77
Barlett Bituminous Asphalt Llc282827,898.38
Barnant Co.125.23
Barnes Elevator Inc2459,420.00
Barnes Plating Corp561,607.30
Barnett Memorial Airport3340,760.00
Barrett Cleaners116,635.20
Barron Industries3318,410.64
Barry-Regent Cleaners2215,722.40
Bartlett Bituminous Asphalt Llc14141,683.15
Bartlett Mfg Co Inc38567,153.52
Bartlow Bros Inc35355,274.87
Basco Elevator Ltd2425,840.00
Basf Corp41152108,235.89
Basf Corp43301109,721.85
Basf Corp456049,838.40
Basf Corp. Batavia Facility9915,910.10
Basler Concrete Products575.02
Basler Electric Co91924,516.92
Batavia Concrete Inc3946520.78
Batavia Foundry & Machine Co2725,000.00
Bath Landfill2828380.42
Battery Builders Inc391,425.25
Battery Builders Inc.1220.00
Bauer Built Inc1313,040.00
Baur Trucking Inc2412,800.00
Bavaro'S Cleaners116,552.00
Baxter & Woodman Inc11120.00
Baxter Healthcare Aviation Inc112,620.00
Baxter Healthcare Corp661295,414.60
Baxter Healthcare Corp77126.00
Bayle City223,940.00
Bays Cycle Salvage2219.18
Bb Milling Co22960.00
Bc Energy & Service Co778,202.80
Beardstown Lumber & Ready Mix1129,160.00
Beau Ind Inc112,460.00
Beaumont Small Animal Clinic4141200.82
Beaver Oil & Sludge Removal1836,880.00
Beaverville Grain & Lumber Co2419,480.00
Beazer East Inc117.86
Becker Grain & Feed Co1145,000.00
Bedrock Stone Co2291,800.00
Bee-Jay Industries Inc566,075.17
Beecher Development Co323242,476.75
Beechner Heat Treating Co Inc44495.60
Beeline Ready-Mix Of Pecatonica2221.60
Beelman Ready Mix395329,830.47
Beelman Ready Mix395329,490.47
Beelman Ready Mix39532,847.46
Beelman Ready Mix395329,830.47
Beelman Ready Mix395329,590.47
Beelman River Terminals2415,340.00
Beelman River Terminals Inc286,680.00
Beelman Truck Co222,000.00
Behr Beloit2323,900.00
Behr Metals Inc394832,786.58
Behr Process Corp7817,265.00
Behr Specialty Metal Div Of Behr Iron & Steel Inc3911920,976.06
Bel Aire Cleaners11873.60
Bell & Howell Business Equipment39398,437.50
Bell City Battery Mfg Co22400.00
Bell Enterprises Inc2417,380.00
Bell Enterprises Inc21022,180.00
Bell Enterprises Inc21015,380.00
Bell Enterprises Inc - Mackinaw Grain21073,620.00
Bell Flavors & Fragrances Inc39655,915.18
Bell Fuels Inc4164,079.52
Bell Fuels Inc121,720.00
Bell Fuels Inc111,380.00
Bell Laboratories/Div Of Lucent Technologies42462,955.98
Bell Oil Terminal Inc39625,194.58
Bell Racing Co101522,205.90
Bell Racing Co112232,283.81
Bell Sports Inc774,060.68
Belleville Landfill4421,540.00
Belleville News-Democrat242,818.28
Belleville Shoe Mfg Co373,654.40
Bellwood Electric Motors1515149.22
Bellwood School Dist 88 - Roosevelt Jr High School20203,894.51
Belmont Plating Works Inc6123,045.66
Belmont Sausage Co443,735.48
Belmont Trading Co.110.33
Beloit Corp392748,453.37
Beloit Corp-Research & Development Facility397826,050.79
Belson Steel And Scrap7281,016.44
Belvedere Usa Corp39744,545.43
Belvedere Usa Corp333,900.00
Belvidere Water & Sewer Dept11280.00
Bema Poly Tech D/B/A Bema Film Systems Inc4435,737.16
Bemar Electric Motor Service44620.00
Bemis Co Inc-Paper Division45145,897.09
Benjamin Moore & Co. Melrose Park5105,376.00
Bennett Grain Co2630,300.00
Bennett Grain Co2425,140.00
Bennett Grain Co3529,140.00
Bennett'S Cleaners118,460.00
Bennies Cleaners115,580.00
Bentley Elevator Co Inc1117,400.00
Benton Airport3354,340.00
Benton Drumming Corp39402,306.21
Bentronic Corp11200.00
Bergbower Landfill Inc2828198.56
Berge Plating Work Inc5511,267.55
Berger Excavating Contractors Inc251,080.00
Berger Excavating Contractors Inc251,080.00
Berger Excavating Contractors Inc251,080.00
Berger Excavating Contractors Inc251,080.00
Berger Excavating Contractors Inc11240.00
Berger Landfill2828258.07
Berger-Vandenberg School1717986.47
Bergstrom Manufacturing Co37814,027.71
Berkshire Foods Inc457616,634.84
Berlin Industries Inc384459,152.43
Berlin Mailing Center277,292.36
Bernard Krumholz Inc119.60
Bernhard Woodwork Ltd667,390.62
Berteau-Lowell Plating Works414418,431.80
Berwick Grain Co Inc2420,140.00
Berwyn Veterinary Medical Center38383,488.87
Besly Products Corp39421,681.41
Best Cutting Die Co/Etch-A-Die33600.00
Best Kosher Foods Corp394436,606.45
Bethany Grain Co2858,320.00
Bethany Hospital387611,352.67
Bethel Grain Co Llc21421,387.52
Bethel Grain Co Llc2355,400.00
Betzdearborn Inc2434,320.00
Bevel Granite Co Inc2215,600.00
Beverlin Oil Co778,182.44
Beverly Materials Llc2459,520.00
Beverly Materials Llc251,366.36
Beverly Materials Llc24840.00
Beverly Materials Llc2459,520.00
Beverly Materials Llc2459,520.00
Beverly Mfg Co11260.00
Bevlab Veterinary Hospital3838176.02
Bfi Medical Waste Inc102042,265.31
Bfi Modern Landfill Co28288,741.32
Bfi Waste Systems Of North America Inc313117,098.66
Bfi Waste Systems Of North America Inc3035900.93
Bi-State Disposal Inc Landfill28281,472.38
Bicc General Cable415263,982.54
Biehls' Cleaners Inc1121,440.00
Big Beam Emergency Systems Inc44193.50
Big Muddy River Correctional Center381528,440.01
Big River Zinc Corp39314337,131.48
Big River Zinc Corp.592,083.00
Bigfoot Food Stores Llc1212,740.00
Bill Stasek Chevrolet Inc45622,365.19
Billet Specialties Inc225,120.00
Billy T Bob'S Inc2236,680.00
Biltrite Metal Products441158,389.93
Bimet Corp1115,808.00
Bio Star Films Llc4756,101.03
Birmingham Steel Corp55155,520.00
Bisch & Son Memorial Home38385,551.37
Bishop Landfill2828198.56
Bj Plastic Molding Co Inc111,100.00
Bjoin Limestone Inc25328.78
Bjoin Limestone Inc134,820.00
Bl Downey Co Inc425324,669.24
Blachford Corp38494,662.07
Blachford Inc35463,755.90
Black Beauty Coal Co2653,380.00
Blackhawk Fs Inc51426,960.00
Blackhawk Fs Inc21047,420.00
Blackhawk Fs Inc115,120.00
Blackhawk Fs Inc7783.81
Blackhawk Fs Inc7743,309.99
Blackley Cleaners Inc11300.00
Blacks Quarry2555,360.00
Blake Oil Co773,945.31
Blaw-Knox Construction Co455760,460.29
Blessing Hospital406436,668.54
Blessing Hospital406445,704.52
Blick & Blick Oil Co7347,798.55
Blick & Blick Oil Inc773,256.03
Blick & Blick Oil Inc7372,442.21
Blistex Inc11200.00
Blomberg Bros Inc395382,452.84
Blommer Chocolate Co385374,637.58
Bloomington Normal Cremation Service38381,046.50
Bloomington Normal Seating Co1513,320.00
Bloomington Offset Process Inc4811,806.94
Bluff City Materials2459,520.00
Bluff City Materials Inc2644,820.00
Bluff City Materials Inc2559,520.00
Bluff Springs Farmers Elevator2218,800.00
Bluff Springs Farmers Elevator Co21321,478.08
Bluffs Springs Farmers Elevator Co7713,985.05
Bmca Waukegan4497146,571.98
Bmi Inc1110,140.00
Bob Barnett Ready-Mix23275,127.67
Bob Barnett Ready-Mix Inc5719,780.00
Bob Propheter Aggregates Llc162355,289.06
Bob Propheter Construction232810,614.44
Bob Propheter Construction Llc101116,137.96
Bob Propheter Construction Llc242510,838.28
Bob Propheter Construction Llc6737,620.00
Bob Propheter Equipment Llc282932,111.20
Bobak Sausage Co441,014.34
Bobco Inc39796,893.32
Bobs Oil Inc775,302.06
Boc Gases39393,239.64
Boc Gases2365,342.00
Bocker Grain Inc2456,440.00
Bodie-Hoover Petroleum Corp39395,654.78
Bodine Electric Co352,780.00
Boesdorfer, Adcock & Boesdorfer Inc2873,240.00
Boge N.A.592,980.00
Boge North America92326,032.98
Bohemian National Cemetery3838916.78
Boley Tool & Machine12780.00
Bombardier Recreational Products619290,396.08
Boncosky Oil Co/Arden Envir Eng Inc118,720.00
Boncosky Transportation Inc12160.00
Bonell Manufacturing Co364,820.00
Bonus Landfill2828271.68
Boone County & Belvidere Municipal Landfill #26745,700.00
Boone County Service Co137,480.00
Borg Warner Transmission Systems4378575,961.37
Borg-Warner Automotive4031717,763.63
Borg-Warner Automotive Inc3123,061.14
Borgwarner Transmission System5823,400.00
Borowiak Iga2020995.66
Borowick'S Iga1717355.66
Borse Industries Inc2414,700.00
Boughton Trucking & Materials Inc1348,800.00
Boughton Trucking & Materials Inc2566,000.00
Box Usa Group Inc414725,706.21
Bp Amoco Chemical Co473295,449,413.79
Bp Amoco Chemical Co. Joliet Plant112095,625.00
Bp Dry-Cleaning Inc1140.00
Bp Naperville Complex4423979,184.52
Bp Pipelines11680.00
Bp Pipelines North America Inc110.88
Bp Pipelines North America Inc79738,145.22
Bp Pipelines North America Inc72149,944.18
Bp Prods. N.A. Inc. Chicago Terminal5101,213.00
Bp Prods. N.A. Inc. Ohare Terminal5101,011.00
Bp Products North America Inc4211554,689.79
Bp Products North America Inc85516,593.62
Bp Products North America Inc97169,805.71
Bp Products North America Inc71728,728.45
Bp Products North America Inc5522,500.00
Bp Products North America Inc5522,500.00
Bp Products North America Inc5522,500.00
Bp Products North America Inc5522,500.00
Bp Products North America Inc5515,580.00
Bp Products North America Inc5522,500.00
Bp Service Station5511,640.00
Bp Service Station5511,640.00
Bp Service Station # 150835511,640.00
Bp Service Station #53095511,640.00
Bp Service Station #95325511,640.00
Bp Service Station #96305511,640.00
Bpb America Inc1933139,409.69
Bpb Mfg.1120,643.00
Brachs Confections Inc45164110,783.79
Bradfordton Co-Op Assn21023,920.00
Bradfordton Coop Assn21214,174.98
Bradley Coatings117,800.00
Bradley University393910,218.49
Brady Mccasland Inc461,440.00
Brake Parts Inc221,720.00
Brakur Custom Cabinetry Inc456849,072.60
Brandenburg Ind Service Co11220.00
Brandenburg Industrial Service Co222,360.00
Brandenburg Industrial Services Co27740.00
Branding Oil Co Inc114,480.00
Brandt Construction Co61628,160.00
Brauer Pork Inc37371,208.64
Brea Property Management39554,983.02
Breese Municipal Power Plant441584,073.39
Bremen High School-District 228173411,661.55
Brenntag Great Lakes24755.00
Brenntag Great Lakes Llc114327,522.68
Bresson Airport3333,980.00
Bretford Manufacturing43119120,448.78
Bretford Manufacturing Inc341323,864.94
Bretford Mfg Inc111,740.00
Breuer Electric Mfg Co12420.00
Brickyard Energy Partners Llc712127,077.76
Brickyard Energy Partners Llc2933275,566.21
Bridgeport Grain Inc111,560.00
Bridgestone/Firestone North America Tire Llc452152,327,969.45
Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire Llc3359296,468.50
Brintlinger Funeral Home4040291,816.80
Brite-O-Matic Manufacturing Inc394119.44
Britt Industries434812,048.24
Brk Brands Inc22400.00
Broadus Oil Corporation Of Illinois7135,634.43
Broadview Academy20202,994.12
Bromenn Health Care Inc406425,071.94
Brookfield Zoo313143,665.43
Broshous Tire & Auto Service11340.00
Brown Printing Co1128,520.00
Brown Printing Co61732,657.30
Browning-Ferris Gas Service3268331,835.70
Browning-Ferris Gas Services61691,320.00
Browning-Ferris Gas Services Inc617112,580.00
Browning-Ferris/Mundhank Facility5826,620.00
Bruce Offset Co / Pearson I Inc1138,460.00
Brumund Foundry Inc43010,148.64
Brunner And Lay Inc465914,762.51
Brunner Brothers7716,468.34
Brunswick Laboratories Inc394450,667.15
Brushy Creek Coal Co Inc231,380.00
Bryce/Milford Grain Inc2836,000.00
Buck Oil Co Inc774,091.40
Buckeye Terminals Llc121576,735.87
Buckhart Sand & Gravel Co Inc2240.00
Budget Rent A Car77898.09
Budget Rent-A-Car Systems Inc11400.00
Buehler Foods Inc17172,453.54
Buehne Sand & Gravel Ltd2216,360.00
Buhl Press Inc2257,030.77
Buhrke Industries Inc4720,108.00
Buikema Ace Hardware17175,820.59
Builders Ready Mix Co395332,210.75
Builders Sand & Gravel Inc2459,520.00
Building Products Corp381002,532.67
Bulaw Welding2215,212.80
Bulk Molding Compounds Inc5538,298.40
Bulk Service Corp21639,814.66
Bull Moose Tube Co51613,323.94
Bumper Works415027,808.63
Bunge Foods Corp39147636,692.96
Bunge Grain Milling Inc481896,660,034.81
Bunge Grain Milling Inc2851,118.00
Bunge Grain Millings Inc2620,778.90
Bunge Milling Inc21064,940.00
Bunge Milling Inc21056,020.00
Bunge Milling Inc221,780.00
Bunge Milling Inc21050,140.00
Bunge Milling Inc.341,240,374.00
Bunge North America Inc19503,826,485.08
Bunge North America Inc2310,180.00
Bunge North America Inc2512,920.00
Bunge North America Inc2213,960.00
Bunge North America Inc2420,080.00
Bunge North America Inc2660,600.00
Bunge North America Inc2821,380.00
Bunge North America Inc2541,220.00
Bunn-O-Matic Corp11200.00
Bureau Service Co7283,982.01
Bureau Service Co71210,138.27
Bureau Valley Veterinary Service38387,396.34
Burgess Norton Mfg Co39401,302.35
Burgess Norton Mfg Co434552,329.46
Burgess Norton Mfg Co3911235,522.05
Burkart Foam Inc38112202,493.20
Burke Cleaners127,375.68
Burnham School - District 9917171,844.71
Burpee Co123,180.00
Burrell-Leder Beltech Inc424448,005.39
Burrus Seed Farms Inc4513,540.00
Burtonview Coop21042,277.26
Busboom Oil Co7135,311.35
Bushnell Municipal Electric Light & Power33664,265.08
Butala Funeral Homes373716,174.55
Butler Manufacturing Co46467250,817.69
Bway Corp39787,973.15
Bway Manufacturing, Inc4599457,897.53
Bway Mfg. Inc.4836,688.00
Byerly Aviation Inc11860.00
Byrds Cleaners1115,140.00
Byron Blacktop Inc222245,722.35
C & F Forge Co336,840.00
C & F Packing Inc393910,960.66
C & H Gravel Co591,720.00
C & H Gravel Co2534,380.00
C & H Gravel Co2645,440.00
C & H Gravel Co121,180.00
C & H Gravel Co113,360.00
C & H Gravel Co243,120.00
C & H Gravel Co2534,380.00
C & H Gravel Co231,320.00
C & H Gravel Co114,080.00
C & H Gravel Co2459,520.00
C & H Gravel Co23760.00
C & H Gravel Co263,680.00
C & H Gravel Co252,520.00
C & H Gravel Co2459,520.00
C & H Gravel Co12600.00
C & H Gravel Co231,620.00
C & R Materials Inc57240.00
C & S Chemicals Inc12780.00
C & S Tool And Mold Co22200.00
C&D Detergents Inc3912726,486.28
C. P. Hall Co.477,586.00
C.H.I. Overhead Doors Inc.000.00
C.R. Walgreen Airport33271,700.00
Cabery Fertilizer Co1112,000.00
Cable And Wireless Usa441,421.76
Cabot Corp1023717,634.80
Cabot Microelectronics Corp2416,800.00
Cabot Microelectronics Corp275,122.56
Cabrini Homes Heating Plant393957,351.65
Cadillac Products Inc45237,539.40
Cadore-Miller Printing Inc2214,032.06
Cahokia Creek Road Sanitary Landfill272732,760.59
Cahokia Marine Service2310,160.00
Cairo Dry Kilns Inc434410,618.09
Cairo Regional Airport3361,140.00
Calco Plating Co4101,800.15
Calhoun Quarry26840.00
Calhoun Quarry242,652.00
Callaghan Paving Inc243123,576.91
Callen Manufacturing Corp3933210,096.53
Callender Construction Co111,200.00
Callender Construction Co Inc2459,520.00
Calpine (Morris) Llc43116164,128.12
Calumet Armature & Electric Co8158,846.50
Calumet Brass Foundry Inc33921.00
Calumet Carton Co2510,623.27
Calumet Lubricants Co Lp3915319,878.63
Calumet Steel Co40180284,806.75
Cambridge Municipal Landfill2828297.54
Camcraft Precision Machined Components11360.00
Cameo Container Corp394026,332.67
Cameron Grain Corp33844,765.56
Campagna-Turano Bakery Inc31520,160.00
Campbell'S Airport33203,780.00
Canal Barge Co5633,140.00
Candy & Co394018,257.75
Cannon Precision Mfg - Gem Inc364026,012.29
Cannon Precision Mfg.1195.00
Cap & Seal Co7113,388.70
Capital Airport312773,200.00
Capital Meat44487.14
Capital Ready Mix51432,802.74
Capitol Engineering & Manufacturing Co8810,231.58
Capitol Power Plant4292116,823.91
Capitol Ready Mix Inc61431,720.00
Capron Manufacturing Co220.00
Carbit Paint Co414922,075.31
Cardinal Colorprint Printing229,306.39
Cardinal Industries1117,331.00
Cardinal Industries Inc.1213,869.00
Cargill - Oilseed Processing Div397839,406.32
Cargill Dry Corn Ingredients1112,600.00
Cargill Dry Corn Ingredients41171180,192.34
Cargill Ferilizer Inc224874,540.00
Cargill Grain2643,640.00
Cargill Grain2640,040.00
Cargill Grain21016,224.00
Cargill Grain2727,020.00
Cargill Grain21016,224.00
Cargill Inc2419,160.00
Cargill Inc228,000.00
Cargill Inc2625.88
Cargill Inc24477,680.00
Cargill Inc242,180.00
Cargill Inc22694,780.00
Cargill Inc2370,360.00
Cargill Inc2451,460.00
Cargill Inc21023,032.62
Cargill Inc391621,546,357.40
Cargill Inc374421,477.61
Cargill Inc North American Grain Div21058,120.00
Cargill Inc, North American Grain Div21018,420.00
Cargill Inc, North American Grain Div2611,040.00
Cargill Inc, North American Grain Div2363,120.00
Cargill Inc, North American Grain Div2416,720.00
Cargill Inc, North American Grain Div2617,260.00
Cargill Inc, North American Grain Div2339,680.00
Cargill Inc, North American Grain Div2321,140.00
Cargill Inc, North American Grain Div42363,080.00
Cargill Inc, North American Grain Div2430,540.00
Cargill Inc, North American Grain Div117,400.00
Cargill Inc, North American Grain Division21858,764.00
Cargill Inc-Salt Division33520,545.40
Cargill Nutrena Feed21312,380.00
Cargill Nutrena Feed394728,035.14
Carill Inc, North American Grain Division289,940.00
Carl Buddig & Co381159,870.75
Carl Sandburg High School38384,029.55
Carl Sandburg School - District 145171714,962.32
Carle Foundation Hospital226,536.00
Carlisle Syntec Systems415945,149.02
Carlith Printing Co2430,429.02
Carlson Oil Co7156,102.83
Carlson Oil Co Inc7136,463.25
Carlson Oil Co Inc7222,217.74
Carlson Oil Co Inc1140.00
Carlson Oil Co Inc1160.00
Carlyle Municipal Electric Plant73518,110.72
Carmi Municipal Airport3347,560.00
Carmody-Flynn Funeral Home, Ltd40409,269.87
Carousel Cleaner116,389.76
Carr Elevators Inc568,290.00
Carroll Scientific Inc36767,554.51
Carroll Scientific Inc413210,621.35
Carroll Service Co21065,300.00
Carrollton Farmers Elevator Co21226,520.00
Carry Companies Of Illinois221.04
Carson Grain Co41216,180.00
Carstens Inc115.00
Carstin Brands Inc3663,158.00
Carstin Brands Inc.1125,291.78
Carter'S Cleaners1112,720.00
Cartex Corp41519,396.85
Carthage Landfill2828271.68
Carthage-Martin Airport3313,580.00
Carus Chemical Co119,780.00
Carus Chemical Co4070183,253.39
Case Corp51126206,133.20
Case Corp4115321,038.59
Casey Fertilizer113,600.00
Casey Municipal #2 Landfill2828399.32
Casey Municipal Airport3354,340.00
Casper Stolle Quarry & Contracting Co2615,240.00
Cass County Service Co2823,247.92
Cass County Service Co21073,620.00
Cass County Service Co7142,714.27
Cass County Services Co2643,940.00
Cast Films Inc111,980.00
Cast Products Inc2315,700.00
Cast Technologies41853,392.00
Casting Impregnators Inc2213,724.00
Castle Metal Finishing Corp61440,020.10
Castle-Printech Inc1112.48
Castrol Industrial North America Inc4275412.46
Castwell Products Inc3923324,543.03
Caterpillar Inc446265,794.21
Caterpillar Inc30301,227.91
Caterpillar Inc1535484,842.16
Caterpillar Inc514932,280,821.29
Caterpillar Inc46497392,810.17
Caterpillar Inc45120173,048.62
Caterpillar Inc491813,126,810.98
Caterpillar Inc11860.00
Caterpillar Inc-Chemical Pdts Unit48188,254.80
Caterpillar Inc-Peoria Proving Ground416546,836.14
Caterpillar Inc.2320,705.00
Caterpillar Tractor53193542,989.93
Caterpillar Tractor-Mossville Tech Ctr43901,104,774.89
Caterpillar Tractor-Peoria/Rubber Plt399716,095.11
Catty Corp3654,615.92
Catty Corporation-Chemung Plant3322,400.12
Cc Rager & Son2837,740.00
Cci Mfg. Il Corp.334,320.00
Ccl Custom Manufacturing Inc4042124,904.46
Ccl Custom Mfg. Inc.1229.00
Ccr Technologies Inc21214,121.52
Ccr Technologies Inc39391,417.79
Ccr Technologies Inc39391,417.79
Cdt Landfill282938,340.32
Ce Niehoff & Co222,100.00
Cedar Concepts Inc4512,880.80
Cedar Rapids Mobile Drum Plant3034159,845.52
Cedar Siding & Lumber Inc11134,780.00
Celotex Corp384990,732.18
Celozzi-Ettleson Chevrolet11520.00
Center Point Terminals Co395712,165.36
Center Terminal Co724273,777.40
Central Blacktop Co Inc283692,720.72
Central Blacktop Co Inc3968213,048.42
Central Can Co Inc, A Delaware Corporation4583229,019.80
Central Commodities Ltd2161,459.66
Central Decal Co Inc4918,111.02
Central Die Casting40190106,711.18
Central Dupage Hospital42869,299.06
Central Il Light Co/Lincoln Storage425965,123.13
Central Illinois Asphalt Products Inc152645,606.41
Central Illinois Cont Corp1818195.06
Central Illinois Light Co30303,880.00
Central Illinois Light Co77146.89
Central Illinois Light Co7714.13
Central Illinois Light Co25254,561.90
Central Illinois Light Co121,080.00
Central Illinois Light Co-Glasford Stor Fld394146,886.83
Central Illinois Materials2573,860.00
Central Illinois Mortuary Services Ltd414124,451.84
Central Illinois Mortuary Services, Ltd37379,854.56
Central Illinois Regional Airport312610,200.00
Central Limestone Co24742.40
Central Products Com D/B/A Intertape Polymer Group3610644,557.14
Central Rubber Co394614,750.58
Central Soya Co Inc391221,787,370.87
Central Stone Co2459,520.00
Central Stone Co81429,368.70
Central Stone Co81429,368.70
Central Stone Co2459,520.00
Central Stone Co2459,520.00
Central Stone Co Cs402459,520.00
Central Stone Co-Plant Cs 522459,520.00
Centralia Cake394140,726.13
Centralia Municipal Airport33407,560.00
Century Brass Works Inc2240.00
Century Brass Works Inc298,760.00
Century Casting Corp375538,869.20
Century Concrete Co Llc2230,240.00
Century Plating Co Inc40832,171.36
Century Tool & Mfg Co22400.00
Ceramic Powders Mfg Plant7134,601.30
Cerro Copper Products Co47180262,354.81
Certified Tool & Mfg112,020.00
Cessford Construction Co24664.42
Cessford Construction Co2460,000.00
Cessford Construction Co2460,000.00
Cfc International Inc4355407,167.29
Cfm Harris Systems Inc414815,054.35
Cfm Harris Systems Inc101072,644.25
Cgh Medical Center41895,360.89
Ch Smith & Sons777,597.75
Champaign Builders Supply Co395341,178.65
Champaign County Seed Co Llc578,951.20
Champion Gas & Oil Co Of Springfield116,980.00
Champion Gas & Oil Of Springfield77585.14
Champion Laboratories Inc446535,852.64
Champion Laboratories Inc134573,867.94
Champion Laboratories Inc337,080.00
Champion Packaging & Distributing Inc.23277,711.00
Channahon Material Co221,840.00
Chapin Farmers Elevator Co21424,527.28
Charles E Larson & Sons Inc39407,153.48
Charles E Mahoney6644,200.00
Charles F Lee & Sons Inc23264,358.74
Charleston Elevator Inc2216,040.00
Charleston Elevator Inc2216,040.00
Charleston Farrier Const232719,079.88
Charleston Stone Co241,060.00
Charm Cleaners118,180.00
Chase Products Co437322,107.72
Chebanse Grain & Lumber21073,600.00
Chebanse Grain & Lumber-Papineau Location21244,780.00
Chem Plate Inds. Inc.1190.00
Chem Processing418528,533.71
Chem Processing Inc164596,899.79
Chem-Cast Ltd4641,340.00
Chem-Plate Industries Inc39789,612.38
Chem-Plate Industries Inc4325144,877.96
Chemcentral Corp489352,648.64
Chemetco Inc2542,914.60
Chemical Distribution Inc394812,351.98
Chemical Petroleum Exchange Inc5918,400.00
Chemtool Inc384534,875.73
Chemtrade Logistics Inc131,127.18
Cherry Electrical Products4615018,461.32
Chester Bross Construction Co282814,926.94
Chester Bross Construction Co1616156,809.21
Chester Center-Dept Of Mental Health3838911.75
Chester Dairy Co396210,275.61
Chestervale Elevator Inc21433,710.36
Chez Paw Gardens Inc17178,138.43
Chicago & Illinois River Marketing Llc2483,260.00
Chicago & Illinois River Marketing Llc114,800.00
Chicago - Department Of Aviation4320519,142.45
Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center Faa4173640,650.77
Chicago Aluminum Castings Co Inc261,389.60
Chicago Anodizing364,160.00
Chicago Bakery North395213,972.14
Chicago Baking Co415863,835.64
Chicago Blower Corp232327,322.82
Chicago Board Of Education39395,637.03
Chicago Carbon Co An Affiliate Of Unocal7232,689,019.74
Chicago Circuits Corp241,903.50
Chicago Data Destruction Corp38381,385.40
Chicago Decal Co118,000.00
Chicago Department Of Water39632,538.89
Chicago Department Of Water3930121,614.09
Chicago Discount Cleaners113,793.92
Chicago Dowel Co Inc394531,741.65
Chicago Dryer Co446615,977.84
Chicago Extruded Metals Co396141,239.56
Chicago Faucet Co92317,725.91
Chicago Finished Metals Inc455949,526.93
Chicago Fire Brick Co3242,464.26
Chicago Gaming Cabinets993,029.39
Chicago Heights Pattern & Model Works3838314.64
Chicago Heights Railcar Inc220.00
Chicago Heights Refuse Landfill282863,237.99
Chicago Heights Steel1627200,459.09
Chicago Magnesium Casting Co61921,281.25
Chicago Manufacturing Campus11480.00
Chicago Metallic Corp17175,038.43
Chicago Mold Engineering Co Inc22220.24
Chicago Powdered Metal Co34352,703.89
Chicago Press Corp116,860.00
Chicago Rawhide401596,226.50
Chicago South Water Filtration Plant3910125,997.62
Chicago State University393950,729.75
Chicago Steel Container Corp4610875,863.60
Chicago Steel Rule Die & Fabricators Co454620,079.28
Chicago Steel Tape Co794,274.54
Chicago Sterilization Services2420,832.53
Chicago Sun-Times1238,180.00
Chicago Transit Authority393920,045.89
Chicago Transit Authority393917,594.22
Chicago Transit Authority393920,002.86
Chicago Transit Authority39396,359.69
Chicago Transit Authority-Archer Garage393913,283.54
Chicago Transit Authority-Kedzie Garage39394,018.79
Chicago Transit Authority-Skokie Shops39396,588.32
Chicago Transit Authority-West Shops3939782.06
Chicago Tribune Co4435,376.54
Chicago Tribune Co8915,986.56
Chicago Trophy & Award Co11480.00
Chicago Turnrite Co11840.00
Chicago Vacuum Castings Corp497,042.50
Chicago White Metal556,522.36
Chicago Wilcox Mfg Co220.04
Chicago Woodworkers Ltd2210.92
Chicago, City Of384076,631.58
Chicago, City Of7134,518.21
Chicago, City Of36372,679.92
Chicago-Allis Mfg Corp471357,660.89
Chicago-Read Ctr - Dept Of Mental Health393918,614.87
Chicap - Unocal Pipeline Co113,480.00
Chicap Pipe Line Co77105.02
Chicap Pipeline Co72330,224.05
Chicap Pipeline Co1180.00
Chicap Pipeline Co12880.00
Chicap Pipeline Co11100.00
Chicap Pipeline Co1180.00
Chicap Pipeline Co113,840.00
Chicap Pipeline Co Bethany Pump Station1180.00
Chief Redi-Mix Inc395671,017.81
Childrens Memorial Hospital39391,244.55
Childrens Memorial Hospital4057630.81
Chillicothe Metal Co Inc141715,468.41
Chilo Manufacturing & Plating Co Inc176,000.00
Chippiannock Cemetery Assn38386,928.19
Chiquita Processed Foods Inc397812,875.28
Chr Hansen Inc39833,682.44
Chris Plating11860.00
Christ Bros Excavating Llc30313,478.41
Christ Hospital And Medical Center385411,860.89
Christian County Animal Control38382,752.84
Christian County Farmers Supply Co71728,795.44
Christian County Farmers Supply Co771,169.52
Chroma Liquid Color Corp5848,422.40
Chromatech Printing Inc2813,311.44
Chrome Crankshaft Co Of Ill39831,466.51
Chrome Locomotive125,740.00
Chromium Industries Inc40965,391.01
Chronicle Newspaper Inc223,728.84
Chrysler Corp562341,216,748.33
Churchill Cabinet Co434648,215.53
Ci Starnes Products Co223,860.00
Ci Wescom Co116.12
Cicero Cleaners114,717.44
Cicero School - District 9920201,594.38
Cid Recycling & Disposal Facility2225.00
Cid Recycling And Disposal Facility #3 And #4272785,082.92
Cidrdf #3282816,936.11
Cienega Inc (Liberty Cleaners)111,980.00
Cintas Corp332,620.00
Cintas Corp38382,667.19
Circle Metal Specialties Inc3840842.82
Circuit Etching Technics Inc29858.68
Circuitronics Llc493,095.08
Cirqon Technologies Corp214380.04
Cissna Park Coop Inc2104,900.00
Citation - Skokie Castwell Prods. Inc.12255.00
Citation Dycast395019,545.47
Citation Dycast127.00
Citation Oil & Gas Corp81024,523.69
Citgo Petroleum Corp368629,889,401.35
Citgo Petroleum Corp7168,101.78
Citgo Petroleum Corp786,620.92
Citgo Petroleum Corp3915431,808.50
City Of Altamont31314,962.49
City Of Alton - Department Of Public Works3838775.10
City Of Aurora38381,876.37
City Of Carmi262649,363.61
City Of Casey771,009.48
City Of Chicago113,820.00
City Of Chicago - Lawndale Transfer Station38404,560.89
City Of Chicago - Midway Airport-Dept Of Aviation112,100.00
City Of Chicago - Roseland Pumping Station5524,140.00
City Of Chicago Heights - Safety/Justice1515918.43
City Of Elmhurst1113,780.00
City Of Farmer City Power Plant1313345.42
City Of Flora221104,841.79
City Of Freeport111,120.00
City Of Greenville220.16
City Of Murphysboro332,580.00
City Of Nokomis Water Treatment Plant11460.00
City Of Pana224.80
City Of Pekin778.20
City Of Peru Generating Station4210619,834.47
City Of Quincy - Municipal Landfill No 4663,140.00
City Of Red Bud3310619,599.97
City Of Rock Falls264314,658.15
City Of Salem Landfill28285,715.47
City Of Sandwich1160.00
City Of Villa Grove-Water Plant114.36
City Water Light & Power11420.00
City Water Light & Power1819959.40
City Water Light & Power282866,797.19
City Water Light & Power334831,632.66
City Water Light & Power7838217,944,429.77
Civil Constructors Inc1212652.26
Civil Constructors Inc5556,240.00
Cj Saporito Plating Co5557.44
Cj Vitner Co394221,054.21
Ck Witco Corp8810,589.24
Clad Rex Inc71112,375.68
Clad-Rex Inc.12255.00
Claire Manufacturing Co394310,309.25
Clariant-Masterbatches Division3842,320.00
Clark Oil & Refining Corp114,700.00
Clark Oil Co/ Station #97511240.00
Clark Retail Enterprises Inc117,860.00
Clark Retail Enterprises Inc114,880.00
Clark Retail Enterprises Inc116,580.00
Clark Retail Enterprises Inc116,980.00
Clark Retail Enterprises Inc - Clark #18421160.00
Clark Service Station #20411119.20
Clark Station #11881121,300.00
Clark Station 1741111,280.00
Clark Store #421114,080.00
Clark Store 106511540.00
Clark Store 188611280.00
Clark Store 2035119,240.00
Clark Store 20361239,400.00
Clark Store 2099112,140.00
Clarkson Grain Co22239,513.20
Clarkson Grain Co Inc2831,080.00
Claud S Gordon Co4111711,086.79
Clay County Grain Co21073,620.00
Clayton Point Fertilizer227,920.00
Claytonville Cooperative Oil Co775,009.49
Clean Harbors Pecatonica Llc12240.88
Clean Harbors Services Inc379311,809.92
Cleaning Club Cleaners114,742.40
Clear Lake Sand & Gravel2542,140.00
Clear Pack Co383916,653.73
Clear-Lam Packaging Inc425560,283.33
Cleveland Corp182021,178.83
Cleveland Steel Container Corp455630,992.64
Clifford-Jacobs Forging Co51066,980.00
Climate Control Inc3840382.29
Climco Coils Co384614,173.00
Clinard Ready Mix395382,477.81
Clinton County Oil Co71312,061.99
Clinton Electronics Corp464,994.33
Clinton Landfill Inc3131152,122.78
Clorox Prods. Mfg. Co.115.00
Clorox Products Manufacturing Co3918560,820.45
Clorox Products Mfg Co264,264.00
Clothes Clean Center113,536.00
Cloud Corp383911,041.40
Cloud Corp228,480.00
Clover Leaf Elevator Co2251,840.00
Cloverhill Bakery394530,508.92
Clow International Airport33339,620.00
Clybourn Metal Finishing Co2220,579.00
Clyde L Choate Mental Health Center23322,042,584.50
Cm Lohr Inc2459,520.00
Cm Products Inc81639,234.00
Cmi Frank S Ryan Memorial21190.94
Cmp Anodizing Corp561,440.05
Cnh Global Nv3920882,626.85
Coal City Ready Mix Co5947,020.00
Coastal Mart #1079114,700.00
Coates Screen Inc461,198.30
Coating Technologies Inc43544,680.61
Cobin Salvage Yard Inc555,940.00
Coca Cola Bottling Co39394,981.79
Coffee Masters Inc222,280.00
Cognis Corp55551924,472.50
Colehour Elevator Inc51514,016.44
Coleman Cable Systems Inc1140.00
Coleman Cable Systems Inc112,480.00
Coleman Chemical15176,829.00
Coleman Chemical & Oil102532,308.36
Coles County Animal Shelter383816,548.18
Coles County Memorial Airport33237,740.00
Colfax Envelope Co5612,250.10
Collegiate Cap And Gown Co3964176,961.53
Collins & Aikman Corp71575,198.15
Collins & Aikman Corp61422,545.92
Collins & Aikman Corp122,440.00
Collins & Aikman Corp. Rantoul Prods. Plant 11123,766.00
Collins Generating Station4443,000.05
Collins Oil Service7135,691.62
Collinsville, City Of Water Treatment Plant229.60
Color Communications Inc449462,981.19
Color Communications Inc.3625,970.00
Coltec Industries Inc101836,997.13
Columbia Quarry Co2656,700.00
Columbia Quarry Co2549,980.00
Columbia Quarry Co2459,520.00
Columbus School District 9920201,365.78
Colusa Elevator Co21020,640.00
Colusa Elevator Co2815,760.00
Colusa Elevator Co2223,240.00
Colusa Elevator Co2829,420.00
Com Ed77898.09
Com Ed662,592.15
Com Ed77898.09
Com Ed77898.09
Com Ed714147.62
Com Ed77709.91
Com Ed772,421.32
Com Ed77898.09
Com Ed77354.82
Com Ed77898.09
Com Ed773,005.69
Com Ed772,087.22
Com Ed77898.09
Com Ed7763.35
Com Ed7721.68
Com Ed771,190.23
Com Ed- Rock River Division Headquarters77709.91
Com-Pac International Inc4490,341.47
Combe Laboratories Inc23285,876.57
Combined Metals Corp121,620.00
Commercial Cam Co Inc3838907.31
Commercial Cleanser Co11540.00
Commercial Finishes Co, Ltd886,971.84
Commercial Forged Products22880.00
Commercial Lithographers1227,160.00
Commons Cleaners11640.00
Commonwealth Edison11860.00
Commonweath Edison Co2527432.35
Community Hospital Of Ottawa39398,812.80
Community Ready Mix Of Beardstown Inc241,537.88
Community Ready Mix Of Jacksonville Inc36438,841.23
Community Ready Mix Of Pittsfield Inc395380,340.16
Compaction America8829,684.35
Con Agra2960,320.00
Conagra Inc21213,837.00
Conagra Inc357546,564.84
Conagra Inc3710625,616.06
Conagra Inc D/B/A Peavey Co248,020.00
Conagra Inc D/B/A Peavey Co210188,628.32
Conagra Inc D/B/A Peavey Co241,740.00
Conair Corp39432,504.63
Conco Western Stone Co1319,860.00
Concord Custom Cleaners #133116,084.00
Concrete & Block Co571,326.42
Concrete Resources Inc567,043.90
Concrete Tech. Paxton Facility111,900.00
Concrete Technology Inc2341,700.00
Concrete Unit Step Co Inc55400.00
Congress Development Co36166,560.00
Conmat Inc2545,465.60
Conmat Inc25820.00
Conmat Inc2566,260.00
Conmat Inc2460,000.00
Conmat Inc2697,600.00
Conmat Inc2460,000.00
Conmat Inc2422,160.00
Conmat Inc246,780.00
Conmat Inc249,760.00
Conmat Inc24600.20
Conmat Inc303159,681.10
Connelly-Gpm Inc2112,056.00
Conoco Inc33240.00
Conoco Inc, Wood River Products Terminal112.42
Conoco Inc. Wood River Prods.6119,010.00
Conoco Inc/Hartford Lubricants Complex4113239,512.31
Conopco Inc D.B.A. Lipton39392,247.53
Conquest Boat Co139,380.00
Consolidated Carqueville Printing82115,647.11
Consolidated Exchange Inc1180.00
Consolidated Exchange Inc1149,760.00
Consolidated Exchange Inc21016,224.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge51526,140.10
Consolidated Grain & Barge21744,880.50
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co275,404.58
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co2107,126.86
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co2450,200.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co21832,548.58
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co2145,398.54
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co2122,682.12
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co567,348.10
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co1132,000.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co2422,740.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co21426,080.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co254,720.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co5154,290.80
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co111,000.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co2324,860.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co21016,224.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co51335,200.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co111,000.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co2841,418.60
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co310102,680.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co2109,760.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co239,220.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge Co Inc2328,400.00
Consolidated Grain And Barge269,160.00
Consolidated Grain And Barge Co261,320.00
Consolidated Grain And Barge Co2250,060.00
Consolidated Grain And Barge Co2227,520.00
Consolidated Grain And Barge Co21665,220.00
Consolidated Grain And Barge Co2229,800.00
Consolidated Grain And Barge Co2249,500.00
Consolidated Grain And Barge Co227,920.00
Consolidated Linen Services39399,738.45
Consolidated Paving Inc5515,100.00
Consolidatied Press Inc2231,157.31
Consolidation Coal Co/Rend Lake Mine8272,789,397.52
Constar Inc11860.00
Construction Materials Inc1120.00
Container Graphics Corp2272.00
Container Recycling Alliance2234,920.00
Container Stapling Co5553,420.00
Contech Construction Products3153,242.40
Contemporary Control Sys. Inc.110.01
Contemporary Marble Inc236,660.00
Continental Baking Co4220416,069.54
Continental Custom Ingredients Inc221,080.00
Continental Metals Inc374349,324.50
Continental Tire N.A.3337,105.95
Continental Tire North America43310539,597.81
Continental Web Press Inc395447,890.11
Contour Saws Inc384733,394.81
Contractors Ready Mix2254,000.00
Contractors' Ready Mix Inc61042,031.66
Conway Import Co Inc3838652.42
Cook Communications Ministries394333,480.94
Cook Composites And Polymers91041,085.00
Cook County Hospital Power House4011730,311.02
Cook County Power House401566,354.92
Cookie Specialties Inc3838312.26
Cooksey Oil Co6631,613.71
Cooksville Grain Co22651,847.56
Cooper B-Line Highland4416.00
Cooper B-Line Inc914138,351.46
Cooper B-Line Troy4416.00
Cooper Lighting1118,600.00
Cooper Lighting22480.00
Cooper Oil Co889,841.85
Cooperative Gas & Oil Co772,776.29
Cooperative Gas & Oil Co779,100.89
Cooperative Grain Supply Co21037,660.00
Copley Memorial Hospital439784,872.10
Coral Chemical Co40462,678.22
Coral Lake Sand & Gravel Inc2413,440.00
Cordova Energy Center4386234,725.89
Corey Steel Co39392,992.42
Corn Belt Energy Corp32326,743.91
Corn Belt Energy Corporation- Gillium Substation3333265.26
Corn Products International Inc816219,528,845.84
Cornell Forge Co383841,889.22
Cornick Concrete Products Co395381,095.68
Cornick Concrete Products Co82222,340.00
Coronado Paint Co.112,700.00
Corporate Express1135,860.00
Corrugated Fabricating & Assembly11400.00
Corrugated Supplies Co Llc24530.40
Corrugated Supply39422,917.10
Cosmed Of Illinois404355,390.84
Cottage Hills Cleaners113,180.00
Cottonwood Airport3361,140.00
Cottonwood Hills Recycling & Disposal Facility536445,529.62
Country Cast Products Inc35800.00
Countrymark Cooperative , Llp774,674.25
Countryside Center Inc11117,141.12
Countryside Genco Llc6626,477.48
Countryside Graphics Inc2739,852.01
Countryside Landfill323383,195.32
Countryside Waste Services Landfill2828197.23
County Line Crematory Inc38385,814.55
Courier, The22247.61
Courtesy Cleaners111,360.00
Courtesy Cleaners Of Mattoon119,434.88
Courtesy Cleaning Center113,519.36
Cowhey Materials And Fuel385280,355.93
Cox Brothers1145,000.00
Cp Hall39417,108.78
Cp Hall Co4321910,937.98
Cpi Packaging Inc2217,360.00
Cr Marble Inc1311,920.00
Craftsman Plating & Tinning Corp62017,143.94
Crain Enterprises Inc11500.00
Crane Revolving Door Co44192.62
Crane/Kemlite Co374552,288.76
Crawford Labs.48775.00
Crazy Horse Concrete Inc5747,700.00
Creative Automation244,702.40
Creative Contract Packaging Corp39411,623.82
Creative Marble Inc121,680.00
Creative Printing Service Inc354639,284.90
Creative Products Inc1165,600.00
Cremation Service Inc17177,412.68
Cremation Services Of Central Illinois Inc38387,625.46
Crescent Forge & Shovel Co - Div Of Eric442,400.00
Crest Chemical Industries Ltd451,917.90
Crestwood Oil Inc773,277.12
Crete Energy Park61240,523.62
Cripe Grain Co3418,140.00
Cro-Mat Co441.04
Crompton Corp.241,255.00
Crop Production Service111,680.00
Cross Construction Co6920,920.00
Crossroads Veterinary Clinic & Hospital3840620.50
Crowley-Sheppard Asphalt Co162051,487.15
Crown Cleaners111,898.00
Crown Cork & Seal Co (Usa)1010797,643.15
Crown Cork & Seal Co (Usa)81064,175.40
Crown Cork & Seal Co (Usa) Inc414812,556.67
Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc384034,005.75
Crown Gym Mat Inc2213,400.00
Crownline Boats Inc714377,213.00
Crush-Crete Inc2412,260.00
Crystal Lake Tire & Battery1112,220.00
Csx Transportation Barr Yard42899,914.55
Cti Industries Corp51455,559.62
Cts Reeves Frequency Products38381,813.03
Cts Wireless Components- Headquarters223,100.00
Cudner & O'Connor Co11940.00
Cuiferi Sawdust Milling8109,363.59
Culinary Foods Inc397832,397.35
Culligan Intl. Co.44586.00
Culligan Usa3820,140.00
Culver-Fancy Prairie Co-Op Co21016,140.00
Culver-Fancy Prairie Coop2219,380.00
Culver-Fancy Prairie Cooperative Co21431,497.62
Culver-Fancy Prairie Cooperative Co2731,400.00
Curran Contracting Co21289,237.77
Curran Contracting Co282920,537.82
Curran Contracting Co42495,320.83
Curran Contracting Co244415,281.66
Curran Contracting Co293311,915.16
Curran Contracting Co20201,381.30
Curran Contracting Co42828,623.79
Curry Ready Mix5121,726.84
Curry Ready Mix8186,153.16
Curry Ready Mix & Builders Supply571,442.14
Curry Ready Mix Of Decatur Inc395349,078.34
Curry Ready Mix Petersburg Inc61217,831.40
Curry Ready-Mix Inc5135,000.00
Curtis Metal Finishing Co92335,301.97
Curtis Oil Co7717,720.45
Curto-Ligonier Foundries Co20296,788.63
Curwood Inc4570551,208.04
Cushing Field3347,560.00
Cushioneer Inc1133,600.00
Custom Aluminum Products Inc404422,814.22
Custom Food Products Inc38401,606.14
Custom Graphics Inc49133,352.28
Custom Hard Chrome441.43
Custom Marble Inc3518,434.70
Custom Plastics3101,900.76
Custom Telephone Printing2244,579.64
Cw Shumway & Sons19282,900.12
Cwc Fluids Inc13600.00
Cyclotron Inc124,360.00
Cygnus Corp226.72
Cyrulik Inc5632,100.00
D & J Leasing3030105,861.14
D & K International Inc363772,074.69
D & L Landfill Inc323217,999.70
D Construction Inc111,000.00
D&J Leasing151540,047.81
Da Stuart Co41453,395.16
Dacy Airport33135,860.00
Dadant & Sons Inc39623,649.18
Dador Inc2220,775.84
Dahlgrens Inc241,140.00
Dahlstrom Display Inc2152,878.25
Dai Environmental Inc1133,020.00
Daily Southtown Inc414649,320.92
Daimlerchrysler Belvidere Assembly Plant101955,292.30
Dakota Co-Op7282,438.87
Dale Lybarger Oil Co Inc71318,664.17
Dalee Oil Co1113,260.00
Dallman 7729727,083,732.36
Dalzell Municipal #2 Landfill2828297.54
Dan Maulding772,505.43
Dana Corp - Victor Products Div384912,441.84
Dana Corporation Warner Electric Div1180.00
Danforth - Gilman Grain Co21064,900.00
Danforth Gilman Grain Co2433,100.00
Danforth Gilman Grain Co21045,780.00
Danisco Sweeteners398120,608.72
Danneberger Oil Co776,909.10
Danvers Farmers Elevator Co21617,287.48
Danville Area Community College23233,224.66
Danville Brass & Aluminum Co22560.00
Danville Correctional Center41442,243.39
Danville Metal Stamping Co3330,780.70
Danville Metal Stamping Co11175.20
Danville Oil & Gas11780.00
Danville Steel1220,860.00
Darco Metal Litho Co414933,980.09
Darling International Inc3812715,431.27
Darnall Concrete Products Co3840629.17
Dart Container Corp Of Illinois3756184,798.21
Darwill Press2214,209.97
Dasco Inc467,560.65
Daubert Chemical Co128230,224.70
Davidson Grain Inc1148,200.00
Davies Molding Co Llc114,700.00
Davis & Sons Oil Co Inc7295,745.33
Davison-Fulton Funeral Chapels Ltd39395,914.90
Dawn Equipment Co384,291.52
Day & Palin Iga17176,633.39
Day & Palin Iga Food Center17177,754.12
Day Intl. Chemical Prods. Div.12500.00
Dayton Superior American Hwy. Tech. Div.221.19
Db Hess Co4624,544.57
Db Hess Co244,020.00
De Amertek Corporation Inc22375.00
De Normandie Towel & Linen Supply Co39797,714.55
De-El-Bee Maintenance774,550.27
Dean Foods Co397816,775.53
Dean Foods Co398030,704.04
Dean Foods Co1227,720.00
Dean Specialty Foods Group Llc1180.00
Decatur Airport312560,340.00
Decatur Concrete Recycling Co2459,520.00
Decatur Construction Services Inc395880,667.35
Decatur Foundry Inc2281142,743.38
Decatur Memorial Hospital396230,393.70
Decatur Plating & Mfg Co440.00
Decatur Women'S Correctional Center393910,116.36
Decorative Surfaces International121425,208.24
Deer Run Farm38382,798.64
Deere & Co47273426,977.04
Degussa/Goldschmidt Chemical Corp.714145,180.00
Dehler Manufacturing Co881,928.86
Dekalb County Landfill334575,354.27
Dekalb Feeds Inc38401,077.70
Dekalb Forge Co5714,008.40
Dekalb Plating Co Inc3939428.08
Dekalb-Taylor Municipal Airport33251,340.00
Del Monte Corp393938,883.79
Del'S Metal Co5116,440.00
Deland Farmers Coop Grain Co21116,600.00
Delaney Heald Co228,289.60
Dellwood Tire & Auto Supply38391,689.43
Delnor-Community Hospital4011914,563.25
Delong Inc118,320.00
Delta Air Lines-O'Hare Terminal 751793,523.09
Delta Circuits Inc.110.02
Delta Environmental Consultants1131,000.00
Delta Precision Circuits110.02
Delta Regional Landfill28281,758.46
Delta Technologies148,652.48
Delta-Unibus Corporation51627,634.36
Deluxe Cleaners225,828.26
Deluxe Financial Services417117,421.27
Demeter Commodities Lp2858,980.00
Demeter Inc2461,120.00
Demeter Lp51944,680.00
Demeter Lp2363,120.00
Demeter Lp111.56
Demoulin Bros. & Co44569,921.98
Deniston Co661,623.77
Denny'S Professional Cleaners2315,908.00
Department Of Veterans Affairs Medical Center631384,411.08
Dept Of Central Management Services771,816.18
Depue Interim Water Treatment Plant27472.48
Derlan Precision Gear Inc3610440,464.85
Des Plaines Game Farm38382,784.55
Des Plaines Landfill5544,380.00
Des Plaines Oasis415113,466.35
Des Plaines Park District113,800.00
Des Plaines Publishing Co2213,495.93
Designed Stairs Inc6765,204.16
Desoto Llc - Chemical Products Division3953,860.00
Deublin Co2224.68
Deveco Corp396,885.00
Dewitt County Co-Op Grain Co285,840.00
Dewitt County Co-Op Grain Co1149,760.00
Dh Martin Petroleum Co112,620.00
Di Paolo Co246,880.00
Diagraph Corp81319,289.00
Diagraph Msp An Itw Co.459,040.00
Diagraph/Itw Co102438,832.18
Dial Corp39274109,461.17
Dial Tool Co2217,818.00
Diameters Corp11460.00
Diamond Construction Co2829108,814.81
Diamond Construction Co303031,082.02
Diamond Heat Treat Inc.1119,360.00
Diamond Plating Co330.04
Diamond Roller Co11200.00
Diamond Web Printing Inc115,080.00
Dicicco Concrete Products Co32352.88
Dick'S Phillips Service124,780.00
Dickerson-Vangenhen Oil Co775,552.28
Dickey-John Corp.1177.07
Diebel Manufacturing Co1126,208.00
Diekman School - District 1492020928.63
Diel Oil Co775,468.53
Diemand Printing Co Inc1117,380.00
Dignity Cremations383818,047.28
Dike-O-Seal Inc38424,987.87
Dip Seal Plastics Inc3434303.50
District 200 Maintenance Garage117,860.00
Diversapack Llc4182167,823.72
Diversified Composites Corp4653,378.00
Diversified Cpc International Inc374232,663.69
Division Ameropan Oil Corp4119213,284.95
Dixline Corp467363,812.38
Dixon / Lee Power Plant7731,128.00
Dixon Correctional Center393950,729.75
Dixon Publishing1343,920.00
Dixon-Marquette Cement Inc487957,017.68
Dixon/Grop Landfill #2272714,410.63
Dmeter Lp2213,040.00
Dober Chemical Corp331,908.20
Dober Chemical Corportion3912,640.00
Doctors Hospital2251.10
Doll'S Inc38484,795.38
Dollar Rent A Car22874.36
Dome Petroleum Corp3113,893.40
Dome Pipeline Corp33700.00
Dome Pipeline Corp33700.00
Dome Pipeline Corp33700.00
Domestic Linen Supply Co39393,887.22
Dominicks Finer Foods383858.61
Domino Amjet Inc4814,422.40
Domino Amjet Inc38394,139.46
Don Anderson23234,625.40
Don Quick Oil Co783,911.64
Donaldson Co Inc425225,620.44
Doniver Inc2551,220.00
Donlar Corp38439,642.37
Donnas Cleaners116,000.00
Donovan Farmers Coop Elevator Hooper Div2455,260.00
Donovan Farmers Coop Elevator/Iroquois2423,660.00
Donovan Farmers Cooperative Elevator2442,900.00
Dopaco Inc394133,441.84
Dorma Door Controls Inc22865.00
Dornick Airport3327,180.00
Dot Packaging Group-Clarke Inc61428,903.07
Dougherty Oil Co771,378.12
Douglas Cleaners Inc111,407.60
Douglas County Animal Shelter37371,001.82
Douglas Press Inc3929,308.00
Doumak Inc68660.00
Dover Industrial Chrome342,100.76
Dow Automotive25178.40
Dow Chemical Co1625103,798.94
Dow Chemical Co.000.00
Dow Chemical Co.000.00
Dow Jones & Co Inc135,500.00
Dow Jones And Co Inc227,433.11
Downtown Cleaners11420.00
Dowty Landfill28281,660.87
Doyle Oil Co776,366.62
Dr Sperry & Co482,048.05
Draw Drape Cleaners Inc384016,199.48
Drawn Metal Products Division226,896.00
Dreis & Krump Mfg Co39783,276.88
Dressler Truck Service Inc2259,700.00
Drexel School District 9920201,365.78
Driv-Lok Inc39414,867.51
Drives Inc4315328,952.36
Drives Inc91734,872.88
Drum Parts Midwest Co3880384.04
Dry Clean Only Inc11180.00
Dsm Desotech Inc401618,279.66
Du Kane Precast Co385229,373.37
Du Pont Chicago Refinishing Service Center121.60
Du-Kane Asphalt Co243188,037.77
Duckwall Alco Stores Inc20201,443.49
Dugan Oil Co779,100.89
Dugan Oil Co773,360.64
Dukane Corp414214,201.91
Dukane Precast Co224,260.00
Dundee Animal Hospital Pc38765,052.46
Dunlee Co2523,940.00
Dunn Co-Division Of Tyrolt Inc415948,981.29
Dupage County Airport3121,273,140.00
Dupage County Power Plant3911425,016.11
Dupage County-Facilities Management39396,235.45
Dupage Die Casting39395,147.75
Dupage Die Casting Corp384416,914.19
Dupage Machine1113,492.00
Dupage Plating Co4414.36
Dupli-Color Products455773,263.91
Duquoin Veterinary Clinic3774258.95
Dur-O-Wal Wire Inc91121,341.00
Dura Automtive Systems Inc331,900.00
Dura Craft Kitchens Inc91256,923.45
Durable Specialty Coatings4733,335.52
Duraco Inc5819,085.00
Duraco Products Inc51214,149.04
Duratech Corp228,784.00
Duratech Corp.113,347.00
Durex International Corp38446,210.58
Duro-Chrome Industries5622.27
Duroweld Co Inc2217.78
Dussek Campbell Inc11400.00
Dustcoating Inc5517,980.00
Dustcoating Inc4418,120.00
Dutch Maid Cleaners113,123.12
Dwight Airport3313,580.00
Dynacast Inc2240.00
Dynachem Inc43162248,332.28
Dynagel Inc40815,441.12
Dynegy Havana Power Station79290,366.10
Dynegy Hennepin Power Station6877,221.50
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc8431919,608,632.21
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc79285114,782,940.19
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc8629542,217,260.93
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc2626321,466.81
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc8424738,858,762.07
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc8435320,895,222.11
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc2929863.23
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc456351,586.75
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc30396,977.14
Dynegy Vermilion Power Station710984,296.30
Dynegy Wood River Power Station7983,013.60
E & D Web Inc394611,628.02
E And J Metal Co221,040.00
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Co Inc384827,633.63
E I Dupont De Nemours & Co445,629.60
E Toman And Co39399,110.96
E-T-A Circuit Breakers11200.00
E. H. Baare Corp.110.46
E/M Corp9119,090.53
Ea Allen Lumber Co111592,538.70
Ea Cox Co242458,963.96
Ea Cox Co242556,770.92
Eagle Creek Quarries2428,500.00
Eagle Electronics Inc38533,839.17
Eagle Food Center1248,620.00
Eagle Grinding Wheel Corp39412,482.02
Eagle Polyiso000.00
Eagle Wings Industries Inc438839,436.71
Eagle Zinc Co3949112,479.35
Eaglebrook Plastics Inc55788,136.80
Eakas Corp42169162,170.60
Earl Walker Co Inc23239,118.92
Earle M Jorgensen Co22820.00
Earlville Airport3313,580.00
Earlville Farmers Coop Elevator Co11820.00
Earlville Farmers Coop Elevator Co41438,081.65
Earlybird Grain & Fertilizer Service114,800.00
Earth Inc251,680.00
Earthgrains Baking Companies Inc3811869,718.99
Easco Aluminum Inc518229,880.00
East Alton Municipal2828830.59
East Balt Commissary Inc2587,200.00
East Lincoln Farmers Grain21448,894.50
East Lincoln Farmers Grain Co21044,820.00
East Lincoln Farmers Grain Co21029,880.00
East Lincoln Farmers Grain Co21063,860.00
East Lincoln Farmers Grain Co-Johnston21037,040.00
East Moline Correctional Center416736,010.58
East Moline Landfill2828248.32
East Moline Metal Products Co35425,185.88
East Park Junior High School38381,174.81
East Peoria Cleaners114,260.00
Eastern Illinois Precast Inc221,200.00
Eastern Illinois University42153300,398.17
Eastern Star Home161610.29
Eastland Industrial Industries Inc11111,421.09
Eastman Chemical Co4515349,131.47
Eastman Chemical Co.173110,761.00
Eastman Chemicals Accurate Dispersions Div.101017,340.00
Eastwood Metal Products Inc40427,831.94
Eaton Corp4457130,235.70
Eaton Hydraulics111,080.00
Ebbie'S Corner Minimart114,620.00
Echo Inc3718,200.00
Eclipse Inc43883,548.76
Ecolab Inc449216,759.77
Ecolab Inc.2420.00
Ecolab Inc.121,471.00
Economy Folding Box Corp394318,868.89
Economy Plating Inc39463,237.47
Ecp Inc.1144.00
Ecs Corp226,240.00
Ed Etnyre & Co456168,116.74
Ed Garvey & Co1131,980.00
Ed Miniat Inc394139,892.31
Edgar County Airport3347,560.00
Edgebrook Dry Cleaning & Laundry2216,920.00
Edison Intl. Fisk Generating Station5557,160.00
Edison Intl. Powerton Generating Station812392,844.00
Edison Middle School - District 18617173,788.68
Edison Will County Generating Station912262,363.15
Edsal Mfg Co Inc47413151,716.71
Edward Etherton Oil Co Inc771,753.86
Edward Hine Co249,774.22
Edward Hines Jr. Hospital6310320,117.23
Edward Hines Precision Staining Co1139,600.00
Edward Hines Precision Staining Co115,000.00
Edward Hospital40578,678.57
Edwards County Landfill28283,445.92
Edwards Ready-Mix Co57191.52
Edwards Readymix Co572,029.20
Edwardsville Frozen Foods11740.00
Edwin L Frederick116,460.00
Effingham Asphalt Co15154,245.14
Effingham Clay2106,540.24
Effingham Clay Service Co2415,940.00
Effingham Clay Service Co228,620.00
Effingham Clay Service Co2759,980.00
Effingham Clay Service Co2218,720.00
Effingham Clay Service Co2464,660.00
Effingham Clay Service Co21016,224.00
Effingham Clay Service Co2213,600.00
Effingham Clay Service Co2424,320.00
Effingham Clay Service Co2448,960.00
Effingham Clay Service Co103629,854.25
Effingham Clay Service Co774,801.32
Effingham Clay Service Co7133,485.08
Effingham Clay Service Co7710,456.97
Effingham County Memorial Airport33169,820.00
Effingham Equity21041,100.00
Effingham Equity776,366.62
Effingham Equity77417.52
Effingham Equity91752,819.96
Effingham Equity778,557.87
Effingham Equity- Tonti2259,700.00
Effingham Monument Coinc17175,267.46
Effingham Ready Mix Co36439,601.85
Effingham-Clay Service Co1149,760.00
Eg Vogt Oil Co772,170.69
Eg Vogt Oil Co Inc663,277.52
Egyptian Concrete Co375423,728.13
Eh Baare Corp7766,599.48
Ehs Trinity Hospital39403,699.45
Eisenhower High School-Dist 6138385,777.43
Ejr Enterprises669.67
Eklund Metal Treating Inc4840,680.00
Elastec Inc8822.44
Elastomer Processing Group - Chicago1235.00
Elco Industries Inc4597121,063.33
Eldorado Enterprises Inc22400.00
Elecpac Div111,872.00
Elecsys Inc25680.00
Electri-Flex Co.33504.00
Electric Energy Inc8151272,509,904.52
Electro-Circuits Inc.110.09
Electro-Max Inc223,979.92
Electrodynamics Inc125,300.00
Electromotive Lagrange4610,512.00
Electron Beam Technologies Inc11200.00
Electroplated Metal Solutions141,380.00
Elegant Jewel Cleaners111,040.00
Elementis Pigments Inc4013293,279.94
Elgiloy Specialty Metals4418,320.00
Elgin Community College393913,056.46
Elgin Corrugated Box Co4417,765.00
Elgin Mental Health Center3911720,244.32
Elgin Sweeper Co444925,994.94
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway Co8214,132.18
Eli Bridge Co38422,688.38
Elias-Smith Funeral Home & Godfrey Crematory383815,357.25
Elk Grove Graphics1113,040.00
Elkay Manufacturing4223730,378.89
Elkay Manufacturing Co3943762.34
Elkhart Grain Co2250,740.00
Elkhart Grain Co21944,260.00
Ellinger-Kunz & Davis Inc-Dba Spfld Crematory41411,101.59
Ello Furniture Manufacturing Co404110,342.55
Elm Lawn Memorial Park17171,157.26
Elmer Larson Inc52439,433.02
Elmer Larson Inc2459,520.00
Elmer Larson Inc - Johnson Concrete385524,182.84
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital4515311,195.85
Elmhurst-Chicago Stone395855,952.17
Elmhurst-Chicago Stone6203,394.56
Elmhurst-Chicago Stone61882,234.40
Elmhurst-Chicago Stone Co591,784.68
Elmhurst-Chicago Stone Co2198,702.64
Elmhurst-Chicago Stone Co-Marengo242,380.00
Elmhurst-Chicago Stone Co-Plainfield Pt21369,392.00
Elvaston Elevator1119,200.00
Elwood Energy Llc3952140,747.20
Elwood Line Grain & Barge Fertilizer2850,760.00
Elysium Energy Llc41159641,701.43
Emco Chemical Distributors119,600.00
Emco Chemical Distributors Inc526141,960.03
Emden Farmers Grain Co21267,821.72
Emerson Electric/Us Electric Motor Div Dc Motor39432,438.03
Emery Air Charter Inc781,758.09
Eminence Grain & Coal Co226,480.00
Empire Comfort Systems455420,433.98
Empire Hard Chrome408131,518.08
Empire Hard Chrome Inc610976.89
Empire Wood Carving Co Inc2240,400.00
Emulsicoat Inc404514,294.03
Emulsions Inc447211,985.56
En-Chro Plating, Ltd33225.53
Enameled Steel And Sign Co57700.00
Enamelers & Japanners Inc436539,548.40
Encoat Services Inc124551,842.23
Encoat Services Inc.11300.00
Engineered Polymer Solution Inc Dba Valspar Coatin4347171,648.82
Engineered Polymer Solutions434824,510.90
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc4812531,599.81
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc332,319.00
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc4323286,302.75
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc D/B/A Valspar424859,939.56
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc D/B/A Valspar1120270,922.00
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc. (Dba Valspar Coatings)51022,718.00
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc. (Dba Valspar Coatings)248,691.00
Engis Corp2810,080.00
Englum Grain Co Inc285,510.88
Ensign-Bickford Co, The124,368.28
Enthone-Omi Inc6186,246.00
Envirite Of Illinois Inc38487,674.77
Envirofil Of Illinois Inc3131207,444.90
Environmental Audits & Consultants123,820.00
Environmental Group Services11660.00
Environmental Group Services Ltd11340.00
Environtech Inc272832,814.05
Envirox Llc121,260.00
Envision Boats Inc.125,624.11
Eo Schweitzer Mfg Co Inc7103,223.09
Epiworks Inc114,360.00
Equilon Enterprises Llc665,869.20
Equilon Enterprises Llc92818,683.70
Equilon Enterprises Llc726128,408.51
Equilon Enterprises Llc72745,812.79
Equilon Enterprises Llc778146,322.16
Equilon Enterprises Llc71491,257.38
Equilon Enterprises Llc232624,068.25
Equilon Enterprises Llc74158,885.94
Equilon Enterprises Llc61630,000.00
Equilon Enterprises Llc82425,710.49
Equilon Enterprises/Wood River Lubricants Plant116,980.00
Equilon Hartford Terminal5101,765.00
Equilon Pipeline Co71445,905.61
Equilon Pipeline Co Llc779,515.19
Equilon Pipeline Co Llc71243,297.83
Equilon Pipeline Co Llc7910,464.74
Equipto Electronics Corp2212,487.28
Equistar Chemicals Lp521922,781,479.10
Equistar Chemicals Lp2262620,742.17
Er Moore Co113,108.00
Erc Coles County Landfill27277,132.59
Erc/Coles County Landfill5535,600.00
Erect-A-Tube Inc128,260.00
Ericson Log & Lumber454718,180.60
Erie Feed & Grain Inc2218,220.00
Erie Foods International Inc2695,480.00
Erthal Oil Co775,782.25
Esarey Landfill28283,943.97
Esg Watts Inc272746,327.69
Esq Cleaners Of Orland Park112,945.28
Essex Group Inc4252591,649.21
Essex Pb&R663,013.55
Essex Specialty Products/Mortell394359,883.49
Essroc Cement Corp222,680.00
Estwing Manufacturing Co Inc454724,934.89
Et Simonds Construction Co5515,680.00
Ethyl Petroleum Additives Inc47209824,079.98
Ety Co114.00
Evans Food Products Co394510,450.93
Evanston Hospital43837,203.18
Even Glow Lodge1717377.24
Evergreen Cemetery Assn383811,538.19
Evergreen Fs Inc9131,742.63
Evergreen Fs Inc1149,760.00
Evergreen Fs Inc2743,500.00
Evergreen Fs Inc21846,160.00
Evergreen Fs Inc2859,840.00
Evergreen Fs Inc21059,340.00
Evergreen Fs Inc2838,621.36
Evergreen Fs Inc21223,412.72
Evergreen Fs Inc21251,260.00
Everhot Manufacturing Co23262,099.19
Ew Bredemeier & Co373723,093.18
Ex-Cell Metal Products Inc443,680.00
Ex-Tech Plastics Inc2331,280.00
Excel Corp3963177,735.35
Excel Foundry & Machine Inc61824,426.60
Excelsior Foundry Co396657,781.72
Exelon Generation Co Llc4513440,629.22
Exelon Generation Co Llc427182,606.67
Exelon Generation Co Llc427015,374.68
Exelon Generation Co Llc333423,404.67
Exelon Generation Co Llc2748225.92
Exelon Generation Co Llc427258,108.17
Exhibitgroup Inc81046,920.32
Exide Technologies408056,409.18
Exolon Co.2416,393.20
Exolon-Esk Co6563,006,538.82
Explorer Pipeline1238,060.00
Explorer Pipeline Co1226,200.00
Explorer Pipeline Co74930,018.84
Explosives Energies, A Div Of Aee11420.00
Export Packaging Co444727,684.40
Exxon Midwest Terminal45110131,637.75
Exxonmobil Cicero Lube Plant115.00
Exxonmobil Oil Corp88730,271.20
Exxonmobil Oil Corp4161414,922,726.83
Exxonmobil Oil Corp8699,517.94
Exxonmobil Oil Corp1112,220.00
Exxonmobil Oil Corp11760.00
Exxonmobil Oil Corp11520.00
Exxonmobil Oil Corp11540.00
Exxonmobil Oil Corp112,040.00
Exxonmobil Oil Corp11820.00
Exxonmobil Oil Corp. Des Plaines Terminal6123,623.06
F & S Engraving Inc332,862.00
F & S Graphics Inc21536,599.90
F And F Foods Inc395220,616.49
Fabral Inc1121,560.00
Fabrionics Inc82392,763.88
Fair-Rite Prods. Corp.241,000.00
Fairfield Municipal Airport3354,340.00
Fairfield Municipal Light333332,537.19
Fairfield Ready Mix242,178.00
Fairlawn Cemetery373816,910.57
Fairmont Corp Carpet Cushion Plant1213,440.00
Fairmount Abrasives357,280.00
Fairview Farmers Elevator Co Inc21343,460.00
Falling Springs Quarry Co2459,260.00
Fan Bag Co4831,212.26
Fanning Oil Co11420.00
Fansteel Inc35354,123.45
Farina Farms Inc3838634.40
Farley'S & Sathers Candy Co Inc38448,085.63
Farm Bureau Oil Co77273.22
Farm Bureau Oil Co778,635.44
Farm Bureau Oil Co77901.85
Farm Bureau Oil Co776,392.92
Farm Bureau Oil Co77168.03
Farm Bureau Oil Co77649.94
Farm Bureau Oil Co- Johnsonville Station772,368.80
Farm Bureau Oil Co-Storms Station774,569.23
Farmdale Pit24840.00
Farmer'S Elevator Co Of Jamaica21042,892.14
Farmers & Merchants State Bank171774.19
Farmers Co Op Co Of Oneida2410,960.00
Farmers Co-Op Assn2474,380.00
Farmers Coop Co Of Oneida2817,280.00
Farmers Coop Grain Assn21256,080.00
Farmers Coop Grain Co21237,380.00
Farmers Elevator & Supply Co2828,480.00
Farmers Elevator Co21047,400.00
Farmers Elevator Co2639,380.00
Farmers Elevator Co2847,300.00
Farmers Elevator Co21435,847.72
Farmers Elevator Co Of Biggs2534,520.00
Farmers Elevator Co Of Biggs & Easton2325,201.30
Farmers Elevator Co Of Lowder2845,901.02
Farmers Elevator Co Of Ransom2873,600.00
Farmers Exchange Inc775,510.86
Farmers Factory Co101044,773.82
Farmers Grain & Coal Co2219,360.00
Farmers Grain & Coal Co22845,500.06
Farmers Grain & Coal Co At Teheran21064,980.00
Farmers Grain & Coal Co, The21228,663.78
Farmers Grain And Coal Co2537,960.00
Farmers Grain And Coal Co21653,481.84
Farmers Grain Co22056,160.08
Farmers Grain Co2816,779.50
Farmers Grain Co21033,720.00
Farmers Grain Co21031,420.00
Farmers Grain Co Of Beecher21055,747.50
Farmers Grain Co Of Chestnut2860,020.00
Farmers Grain Co Of Dorans2733,600.00
Farmers Grain Co Of Latham21845,420.00
Farmers Grain Co Of Latham2961,860.00
Farmers Grain Co Of New Berlin2839,140.44
Farmers Grain Co Of New Berlin2938,060.00
Farmers Grain Service Inc31013,800.00
Farmers Pellet Co2430,260.00
Farmington Wilbert Vault384216,752.12
Farmland Foods Inc3980178,041.01
Farmland Industries Inc394045,506.57
Farr Co40435,236.13
Fasco Mills21231,067.78
Fasco Mills Co21073,620.00
Fasco Mills Co51544,655.24
Fasco Mills Co21073,620.00
Fasco Mills Co21073,620.00
Fasco Mills Co2556,020.00
Fasco Mills Company21417,625.18
Fashion Care Cleaners114,770.48
Fassero Oil Co775,218.74
Fato Fiberglass Co242,380.00
Fbc Industrties115,240.00
Fci Inc1149,260.00
Fcl Graphics Inc51868,001.98
Fcp Webindery Inc1425,640.00
Fe Wheaton Lumber Co383940,418.00
Fedders North America Inc4599155,237.09
Federal - Mogul Driveline Products391243,774.61
Federal - Mogul Driveline Products382756,651.85
Federal Chicago Corp226,640.00
Federal Mogul Lighting Products71232,475.90
Federal Signal Corp Signal Division465156,278.07
Federal-Mogul Corp4560174,976.27
Federated Paint Mfg Co Inc556,707.44
Federated Paint Mfg. Co. Inc.226,875.00
Feece Oil7716,239.07
Feed Flavors Inc212812,403.16
Fellowes Inc73524,093.82
Feltes Sand And Gravel Co2422,760.00
Fem Tool & Die Co11860.00
Fenzel Motor Sales114,240.00
Ferrara Pan Candy Co231,200.00
Ferrara Pan Candy Co394426,989.17
Ferrin Coop Equity Exchange2516,940.00
Ferrite International Co Inc31542,640.00
Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories112368,694.72
Fh Ayer Mfg Co126.24
Fiberbasin Inc2226,690.00
Fiberbasin Inc.128,273.00
Fiberglass Innovations L.L.C.118,621.00
Fiberteq L.L.C.2412,190.00
Fiberteq Llc614202,160.00
Fic America Corp41482,840.93
Field Container Co Lp423138,688.83
Field Container Co Lp4150617,662.63
Fillip Metal Cabinet Co3839352.34
Filmcote Inc3838424.06
Filtration Group Inc22400.00
Finish Master Plating11840.00
Finished Metals Inc38391,146.44
Finishes Unlimited Inc3321,641.00
Finishing Co Inc, The38765,177.84
Fischer Excavating Inc2525,260.00
Fischer Excavating Inc2427,640.00
Fischer Materials Inc375812,196.13
Fisher Container Corp8875,010.30
Fisher Farmers Grain & Coal Co92417,039.35
Fisher Farmers Grain & Coal Co92140,926.22
Fisher Farmers Grain & Coal Co21016,224.00
Fisher Farmers Grain & Coal Co2437,780.00
Fisher Farmers Grain & Coal Co21039,780.00
Fisher Farmers Grain & Coal Co21058,260.00
Fisher Farmers Grain & Coal Co21016,224.00
Fisher Farmers Grain & Coal Co21016,224.00
Fisher Farmers Grain & Coal Co21056,440.00
Fisher Farmers Grain & Coal Co2443,460.00
Fisher Farmers Grain And Coal Co2621,980.00
Fisher Printing Co3641,547.62
Fitchmoor Grain Inc2452,020.00
Fitz / Mar Landfill Inc28281,715.36
Fitzgerald & Associates Funeral Home41418,884.84
Fitzpatrick Bros. Inc2101,720.00
Five Corners Cleaners113,180.00
Five Oaks Recycling & Disposal Facility3237469,338.03
Fj Sibr & Sons Inc41451,860.79
Flanders Electric Motor Serv Of Ill11980.00
Fleischmann'S Vinegar Co Inc394540,618.10
Fleming-Potter, Co Inc2254,049.65
Flex-N-Gate Corp398515,816.68
Flexible Products Co136,253.78
Flexible Steel Lacing Co33700.00
Flexicon Inc118,520.00
Flexicon Inc122554,037.41
Flink Co61231,041.52
Flint Ink Co485,245.44
Flint Ink N.A. Corp. Arcar Graphics Div.12500.00
Flint Ink North America Corp63443,310.40
Floit Sand & Gravel395314,492.92
Floit Sand & Gravel Co395324,518.69
Flora Airport3367,920.00
Flora Cleaners115,600.00
Flora Municipal #2 Landfill28281,320.70
Flora Ready Mix Inc395376,341.41
Florida Plastics International Inc121,320.00
Fluid Air Inc11960.00
Fluid Management Lp23340.00
Fluorecycle Inc11860.00
Flynn Ready Mix61418,860.00
Flynn Ready Mix Concrete And Coal61011,540.00
Flynn Ready Mix Concrete And Coal Co395937,838.15
Flynn Ready Mix Concrete Co224.54
Fm Porter & Sons2460,000.00
Fmc Corp382196,720.46
Fmc Corp Agricultural Chemicals Group4103,989.00
Focal Point Llc561,400.00
Foote-Jones/Illinois Gear401145,815.95
Forbo Adhesives L.L.C.123,452.00
Forbo Adhesives L.L.C. Morris Facility121,850.00
Forbo Adhesives Llc464,777.50
Forbo Adhesives Llc63241,348.46
Ford Grain Co2440,080.00
Ford Motor Co51210635,102.60
Ford Motor Co662.90
Ford Motor Co/Chicago Stamping Plt39782,784.99
Forest City Technologies Inc6635,556.54
Forest Crematory Inc417930,177.30
Forest Electric Co11100.00
Forgings & Stampings Inc397120,247.53
Formaloy Corp331,980.00
Formel Industries Inc44283,100.13
Formosa Plastics Corp. Illinois36113,883.00
Formosa Plastics Corporation53270673,114.03
Forrest Hill Drycleaners113,140.00
Forrest Redi-Mix Inc395046,498.15
Forrest Redi-Mix Inc/Gilman246,320.00
Forreston Ready Mix57800.00
Forsheda Engineered Seals3953,246.00
Fort Dearborn Co Flexible Packaging41347,260.57
Fort Dearborn Co Lake Forest Division2238,955.99
Fort Dearborn Lithograph Co414842,128.26
Fort Lock Corp44840.00
Fotofabrication Corp335,820.00
Foulds Inc39413,124.37
Fox Anilox Technology Llc22600.00
Fox Metro Water Reclamation District416736,792.57
Fox Ridge Stone Co2459,520.00
Fox River Stone24920.00
Fox Valley Forge Co363738,923.98
Fox Valley Press Inc363630,734.21
Fox Valley Systems61037,867.00
Foxfield Cleaners11640.00
Fp Cameocolor Inc387819,874.31
Fp Fast Printing Inc1644,800.00
Fpm Heat Treating554,951.70
Fpm Heat Treating Inc786,491.70
Fpm Plating Llc394220,869.24
Fpm-Db Metal Finishing39418,727.11
Fpm/Ipsen Heat Treating397914,631.92
Fr Orr Grain Co2861,940.00
Francis & Nygren Foundry Co4710,612.82
Frank Miller And Sons Inc112517,680.22
Frank N Butler Co135,520.00
Frank N Butler Co2431,060.00
Frankfort Airport33149,440.00
Franklin Community Care Service429623,276.07
Franklin Elevator Inc2836,239.16
Franklin Elevator Inc2437,661.58
Franklin Hospital383830,705.20
Franklin Middle School - District 18617174,534.41
Frantz Mfg Co - Bearing Div5914,940.00
Frantz Mfg Co - Steel Ball Division53433,405.38
Frasca Field3395,100.00
Fred Busch Foods Corp38411,112.64
Fred C. Dames Funeral Home373712,566.93
Fred Weber Inc161852,534.82
Frederick Cooper Lamps Inc6616,465.02
Free-Flow Packaging International3915432,781.93
Freeman Coal Mining21417,446.72
Freeman United Coal Mining Co2868,500.00
Freeman United Coal Mining Co21150,243.94
Freeman United Coal Mining Co61549,595.00
Freeport Memorial Hospital406429,710.39
Freeport Municipal Landfill #427276,890.96
Freeport School District 145 - Empire School19191,342.97
Freesen Inc19191,448.54
Freesen Inc296793,251.15
Freesen Inc212239,581.11
Freesen Inc344318,870.12
Freesen Inc6742,740.00
Freight Car Services Inc8878,230.52
Frigid Fluid Co1113,780.00
Frito-Lay Inc625105,520.00
Froedtert Malt, A Division Of Imc Llc41136176,031.88
Fruit Belt Service Co773,632.36
Fruit Belt Service Co77710.47
Fruit Belt Service Co774,279.20
Fruit Belt Service Co775,698.13
Fruit Belt Service Co113,000.00
Frye-Williamson Press Inc1414,260.00
Fuchs Lubricants Co40448,798.85
Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals Inc61648,968.00
Fuller Bros. Ready Mix6236,136.38
Fuller Petroleum Service Inc777,701.81
Fulton County Landfill28281,687.13
Fulton-Carroll Center38763,584.36
Funk Forging Co3839283.40
Furst-Mcness Co39867,275.44
G & G Car Wash111,480.00
G & H Coatings331,860.00
G & K Services Inc394249,939.38
G & K Services Inc39416,724.12
G & M Mfg Corp1116,848.00
G & S Asphalt23234,395.13
G & S Foundry & Mfg42627,581.25
G & W Electric Co396210,337.06
G & W Electric Co.111.00
G&M Die Casting Co Inc333,840.00
G&M Mfg. Corp.1216,839.00
G.D. Searle L.L.C./.Pfizer Parkway Il36520.00
Gac Kansas-Chicago -Springville Inc384311,520.88
Gaddis Oil Co7148,421.84
Galassi Cut Stone11120.00
Galena Road Gravel Inc257,400.00
Galesburg Builders Supply Co395311,550.04
Galesburg Castings Inc4253,910.52
Galesburg Cottage Hospital406433,129.50
Galesburg Municipal Airport3395,100.00
Galesburg Order Buyers23849,906.74
Galesburg Ready Mix Corp22120.00
Galesville Elevator2429,160.00
Galesville Elevator Co2244,720.00
Gallagher Asphalt283435,498.56
Gallagher Asphalt Corp245771,702.86
Gallagher Corp2220,060.00
Galt-Wonder Lake Airport33298,880.00
Galva Municipal Landfill2828385.92
Ganna Construction Inc490.00
Gano Welding Supplies11360.00
Garber'S Modern Cleaners116,400.00
Garden Market Shopping Center110.88
Garden Prairie Grain Inc51413,149.92
Garden Prarie Grain Handling, Ltd21043,620.34
Gardner Denver Inc566,981.09
Gardner Disc Grinders & Abrasives394349,476.03
Garnac Grain Co111,040.00
Garvey International3967323,825.09
Garvey Marine Inc111,600.00
Garys Metals Inc364,380.00
Gas City Ltd11860.00
Gas Recovery Systems Of Illinois6618,260.00
Gas Recovery Systems Of Illinois Inc66322,440.00
Gas Technology Institute48114,980.00
Gates Rubber Co3917215,390.16
Gates Rubber Co - Galesburg Hose Plant4310669,922.98
Gateway Co-Op772,149.89
Gateway Co-Op21073,620.00
Gateway Co-Op21216,700.10
Gateway Co-Op21651,780.00
Gateway Co-Op21039,640.00
Gateway Energy Wgk Project3711147,321.28
Gateway Fs Inc91123,608.24
Gateway Fs Inc2437,960.00
Gateway Fs Inc2973,520.00
Gateway Fs Inc1129,920.00
Gateway Fs Inc21088,340.00
Gateway Fs Inc1232,420.00
Gateway Fs Inc2249,160.00
Gateway Fs Inc2454,660.00
Gateway Fs Inc21060,740.00
Gateway Fs Inc21147,580.00
Gateway Laser Technology Inc331,540.00
Gateway Packaging Inc4947,907.07
Gateway Petroleum Co Inc3333823.08
Gateway Sand & Gravel Ltd261,537.64
Gateway Western Railway663,853.55
Gatto Indl. Platers Inc.12515.00
Gavers Gravel Pit25639.54
Gaylord Container Corp394625,308.02
Gbf Graphics Inc51118,477.96
Gc America Inc61012,038.10
Gd Searle & Co38913,331.09
Gd Searle Llc4089162,328.79
Ge Betz125,605.00
Ge Capitol - Auto Finace Services31312,428.82
Ge Co.2220.00
Ge Co. Control Prods.237.00
Ge Engine Svcs Corp Aviation Inc D/B/A Garrett181920,583.94
Ge Industrial Systems4710617,143.85
Ge Lighting Llc42818,943.32
Ge Mathis3939753.14
Gees Unison Inds.2416.60
Gem City Concrete Llc395382,478.12
Gem City Concrete Llc395341,718.12
Gem Coat Inc1120.00
Gem Dry Cleaners1117,740.00
Gen Air Park3333,980.00
Gene'S Drive-In Cleaners11574.08
General Automation Inc2222,024.00
General Binding Corp3917710,748.83
General Business Forms41446,918.32
General Cable483,859.00
General Carbon252,940.00
General Chemical41618,588.00
General Contractors Inc222218,004.26
General Dynamics - Ordnance & Tactical Systems4521,564.16
General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical Systems3916514,658.21
General Dynamics Ordnance & Tactical Systems Inc39391,782.02
General Electric Co - General Control398211,419.66
General Electric Co - Plastics443432,242,055.10
General Electric Co.714687,765.00
General Electric Co/Ge Control Products377,640.00
General Electric International Inc467713,190.20
General Electric/Calrod Components41034,800.00
General Exhibits And Displays Inc39393,806.05
General Fire Extinguisher Corp3919526,035.78
General Iron Industries Inc263,251.66
General Machinery & Manufacturing Co449,177.00
General Mills Inc267,940.00
General Mills Operations Inc21223,760.00
General Mills Operations Inc4541153,053.63
General Motors - Electro-Motive Div1588393,175.08
General Packaging Products113850,477.40
General Packaging Products Inc4941,445.85
General Packaging Products Inc4550,418.19
General Press Colors Ltd3838571.01
General Services Administration4417846,262.11
Geneseo Feed & Grain Inc2764,520.00
Geneseo Municipal Utilities39467,682.54
Genesis Press Inc116,680.00
Geneva Bottle Works11200.00
Geneva Construction Co354120,254.98
Genieco Inc371,960.00
Genlyte Thomas Group Llc387932,935.59
Geo. J. Beemsterboer Co Inc11160.00
George A. Zeller Mental Health Center396216,609.51
George Evans Corp493,851.38
George Ferber & Sons, Dba Fairmount Redi-Mix395070,775.25
George Pagels Co251,560.00
George R. Justen & Son Funeral Home Pc38386,651.37
George Weston Bakeries Inc3914258,974.50
George Wilson24894.42
Georgia - Pacific417049,658.97
Georgia-Pacific Corp - Chicago Div42518,303.65
Georgia-Pacific Resins Inc268,650.00
Georgia-Pacific Resins Inc.1265.00
Gerlin Inc36741,506.72
Gesell Oil Co71318,039.23
Geske & Sons Inc25293,193.52
Gibraltar Chemical Works Inc448,212.00
Gibson Couture Cleaners115,491.20
Gibson Materials Co395341,019.10
Gibson Oil Co775,176.35
Gill Grain Co2259,700.00
Gill Grain Co2973,560.00
Gill Grain Co1149,760.00
Gillette Co - North Chicago Mfg Center417339,830.62
Gillingham Oil Co7137,069.35
Gillins Oil Co777,284.71
Gillins Oils Co772,442.84
Gilster Mary-Lee Corp38449,301.43
Gilster Mary-Lee Corp373711,518.26
Gilster-Mary Lee - Steeleville Plant389021,515.71
Gilster-Mary Lee Corp19215,960.00
Gilster-Mary Lee Sugar Plant22370,220.00
Ginger Creek Super K1135,020.00
Gingiss International113,536.00
Girard Ready Mix225,960.00
Gj Nikolas Co408246,016.34
Gkn Sinter Metals3412,800.00
Gladstone Grain Co221,700.00
Gladstone Grain Co2828,747.50
Glasford Grain & Milling Co298,500.00
Gleason Cutting Tools Corp232,700.00
Glen Oaks Medical Center373724,424.20
Glen-Gery Corporation36511,346,859.64
Glenbard Graphics Inc3322,540.00
Glenbrook Hospital404136,787.83
Glencoe Laundry Cleaning11480.00
Glendenning Grain Inc2123,800.96
Glendenning Grain Inc21425,920.00
Glenn Mccann Co Inc577,560.00
Glenn Tibble Custom Cabinetry Inc11200.00
Glideway Bed Carriage Mfg Co8841,024.27
Gls Corp3814,660.00
Goding Electric Co1160.00
Goes Lithography Co Inc39407,237.74
Gold Eagle Co.239,750.00
Gold Standard Bakery568,372.30
Gold Star113,800.00
Gold Star Fs Inc116,000.00
Gold Star Fs Inc1119,200.00
Gold Star Fs Inc21023,160.00
Gold Star Fs Inc2228,360.00
Gold Star Fs Inc119,600.00
Golden Grain394267,571.65
Golden Seed Co Llc22382.54
Goldschmidt Chemical Corp455741,654,540.48
Gols Star Fs Inc779,100.89
Gonnella Baking Co384316,365.78
Gonnella Baking Co2218.72
Gonnella Baking Co31017,160.00
Gonnella Frozen Products394119,050.46
Gonnella South3317,660.76
Good Samaritan Hospital619812,522.73
Good Samaritan Regional Health Center62742,207.09
Good Shepherd Hospital4010344,030.35
Gooder Henrichsen Co Inc6630,684.75
Goodwin Funeral Home37375,665.46
Goodwin School20201,445.78
Goodwine Co-Operative Grain Co2452,620.00
Goodwine Coop Grain Co2451,140.00
Goodwine Cooperative Grain Co21069,880.00
Goodwine Cooperative Grain Co2430,180.00
Goodwine Cooperative Grain Co21049,019.80
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co391371,107,207.08
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.4591.47
Gordon W. Balbac9112,058.09
Goreville Concrete Inc395343,539.74
Gorman Ready Mix Co Inc881,280.00
Gottlieb Memorial Hospital64805,688.71
Goudie Tool And Engineering330.30
Graceland Cemetery3838492.58
Graham C- Stores Co11860.00
Graham Paint & Varnish Co Inc5749,239.66
Grain Systems Inc3637718.54
Grainco Fs Inc7711,020.88
Grainco Fs Inc727641.42
Grainco Inc2827,760.00
Grainco Inc289,520.00
Grainland Cooperative21217,960.00
Grainland Cooperative2863,120.00
Grainland Cooperative23056,826.88
Grainstore Elevator3524,580.00
Grainstore Elevator/Ophiem Elevator2844,400.00
Grainstore Elevators2551,180.00
Grainstore Elevators21422,880.00
Grainstore Elevators22760.00
Grainstore Elevators21423,140.00
Grainstore Elevators21010,426.00
Grand Prairie Co-Op Inc21050,780.00
Grand Prairie Coop2420,600.00
Grand Prairie Coop Inc21131,583.06
Grand Prairie Coop Inc21016,224.00
Grand Prairie Coop Inc2820,321.82
Grand Prairie Coop Inc21016,224.00
Grand Prairie Coop Inc21622,425.56
Grand Prairie Coop Inc21016,224.00
Grand Prairie Coop Inc2456,900.00
Grand Prairie Coop Inc2451,420.00
Grand Prairie Coop Inc287,060.00
Grand Prairie Coop-Philo2433,940.00
Grand Tower 20401,679,465.78
Grandpa'S Farm Airport3354,340.00
Grandview Inc /Dba Waverly Family Foods882,920.66
Grandview Service Co776,116.25
Grandview Service Co8824,158.96
Grandview Service Co1112,000.00
Grandview Service Co1121,600.00
Granite City Grain1116,200.00
Granite City Pickling & Warehousing38382,789.55
Granite City Pickling & Warehousing Inc.12760.00
Grant Dean Buick138,700.00
Grant Farms3838162.86
Grant Hospital C/O Edgewater Medical Center34504,703.78
Grant Middle School - District 18617173,788.68
Grant Park Cooperative Grain Co21073,580.00
Granville Ready Mix395022,258.43
Graph-On Inc2359,320.00
Graph-Pak Corp1136,080.00
Graphic Chemical & Ink Co221,440.00
Graphic Converting Inc6136,141.21
Graphic Engravers Inc1111,480.00
Graphic Packaging Corp72066,659.86
Graphix Products Inc5614,499.43
Graves Milling Co Inc2413,040.00
Gravure Ink221,089.00
Gravure Process Co333.77
Gray Quarries2575,000.00
Grayfield Construction Co395131,479.56
Grayfield Construction Co407280,640.70
Grayhill Inc111,860.00
Graymont Co-Op Assn61563,180.00
Graymont Cooperative Assn210343.70
Grayslake Animal Hospital4141360.44
Grayslake Community High School 12720204,154.51
Great Lakes Graphics2219,853.40
Great River Ready Mix39473,230.32
Greater Beardstown Airport3320,380.00
Greater Kankakee Airport33339,620.00
Greater Peoria Regional Airport3121,140,680.00
Greater Rockford Airport312955,440.00
Grecian Delight Foods Inc51129,680.00
Greenacre Cleaners Inc1127,140.00
Greenlee Textron Inc38382,164.21
Greenville Airport3395,100.00
Greenville Service Co Inc774,905.68
Greenville Service Co Inc772,087.22
Greenwich Industries Lp93317,497.73
Greg Pelc Electroplating220.00
Greif Bros Corp Seymour & Peck Div4749,466.50
Greif Bros. Corp446230,187.10
Greif Bros. Corp49142141,012.37
Greif Bros. Corp39396,194.96
Greif Bros. Corp281,259.12
Greif Containers Inc.71451,868.00
Griffin Plating Co330.15
Griffith Laboratories Usa Inc395748,429.63
Griffith Laboratories Usa Inc405343,674.65
Griffith Microscience, Inc.11200.00
Griggsville Feed Mill Inc228,120.00
Grigoleit Co8255,110.75
Grimm Landfill / Peoria Disposal28283,622.08
Grist Mill Confections Inc394621,897.70
Griswold Feed Inc116.24
Grohne Concrete384810,991.34
Gromann Service Co - Retail71326,788.63
Gross School-Dist 9588400.44
Grosshening Inc2559,080.00
Grove Plating Co Inc383887.60
Growmark Inc - Cisco Seed Plant2268,440.00
Growmark Inc - Piper City Seed Plant223,200.00
Growmark River System Inc - Adm2427,080.00
Grundy County Redi-Mix Co2696.40
Gtc International5513,102.48
Gte Communication Systems Corp1120.00
Guardian West4611,315.00
Guardian West4652162,191.14
Guernsey Bel Inc397914,274.90
Guilford Corp9339,742.32
Gunite Corp44105326,370.06
Gunther Construction Co3383.80
Gunther Construction Co - M-5 Plant27274,664.23
Gurtler Chemical Inc11200.00
Gutmann Leather Co Inc405024,881.68
Gw Prosser Co3845298.22
H & R Industries Inc385047,727.17
H & W Communications Network Inc227,180.00
H Douglas Singer Mental Health Center404421,018.11
H Kramer & Co72047,400.90
H S West Campus39399,023.19
H. A. Framburg & Co.2310,750.01
H. C. Duke & Son Inc.3522.08
H. Kramer & Co.363,839.00
Ha Framburg And Co71419,392.09
Ha International Llc586339,621.38
Ha International Llc7158,680.54
Ha Intl. L.L.C.126,360.00
Ha Intl. L.L.C.24338,720.00
Haarmann & Reimer228,720.00
Hadady Machining Co Inc3838220.95
Haeger Potteries Inc696,709.22
Haeger Potteries Of Macomb4113417,471.19
Hafner Duplicating Co Inc11600.00
Hagen-Henry Feed Service115,600.00
Hagg Press2210,428.17
Hahn Ready Mix Co395323,624.20
Halcomb Oil Co7199,176.07
Haldex Hydraulics, Inc232,360.32
Hale Body Shop887.80
Hale Cleaners113,000.00
Hall Oil Co Inc774,529.64
Hallmark Metamora Fixture Operations4390273,020.94
Hamel Co-Op Grain Co2417,933.38
Hamilton County Concrete Inc395382,455.53
Hamilton Elevator Co1137,320.00
Hamilton Elevator Co2824,880.00
Hamilton Elevator Co Inc-Sunbury Div3846,560.00
Hamilton Elevator Co-Cabery2431,500.00
Hamilton Sundstrand49116141,994.72
Hamilton Sundstrand51112340,260.72
Hammond-Henry District Hospital39629,877.89
Hanalei Cleaners Inc111,980.00
Handles Inc61869,071.88
Handschy Industries Inc3431,700.00
Handy Button Machine Co391568,024.12
Hanna Steel Corp424546,238.36
Hannah Marine Corp., Main Wharf And Barge Mooring.22186.41
Hannel Oil Co777,931.37
Hannel Oil Co1122,880.00
Hano Business Forms2310,190.08
Hanson'S Cleaners115,328.96
Harbortown Division, Ibr Corp3316,408.00
Hardin Ready Mix Inc395382,577.74
Harding Ese Inc129,060.00
Harger Lightning Protection11160.00
Harig Mfg1717762.67
Harmon Foods Inc - County Market17176,094.12
Harmon Grain Llc232,300.00
Harmon Grain Llc - Hahnaman Station21029,432.00
Harmon Grain Llc Woosung2638,540.00
Harold'S Prefinished Wood Inc61235,160.34
Harolds Cleaners112,000.00
Harper Oil Co117,420.00
Harper Oil Co1110,480.00
Harper Oil Co11260.00
Harper Oil Co118,720.00
Harper Wyman Co396384,610.04
Harris Corp Broadcast Div1216,140.00
Harris Corp. Broadcast Communication Div.111.00
Harris Marcus Furniture373821,158.71
Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport3381,520.00
Harry Kuhn Inc61925,300.00
Harry W Kuhn Inc283525,822.89
Harry W Kuhn Inc61930,340.00
Harry W Kuhn Inc284134,119.38
Hartford Wood River Terminal Llc772195,848.00
Hartle Scrap Buyers444,400.00
Hartsburg Grain, Coal, And Lumber Co21062,760.00
Harvey Cement Products388619,174.71
Hasse & Wrede North America2216,400.80
Hastie Mining & Trucking395527,662.59
Hastie Trucking And Mining24740.00
Hausken Oil Co7783.81
Hausner Hard Chrome4423.01
Havana Dock Enterprises Llc2222,160.00
Havana Regional Airport336,800.00
Haydock Caster Co3838550.08
Hazelrigg Garage11800.00
Hb Fuller Co243,880.00
Hb Taylor Co3720.04
Hbm Co55160.76
Hcc Inc914104,951.60
Head Inc2223,140.00
Healthy Cleaners111,980.00
Heartland Cleaners & Laundry11220.00
Heartland Cremation Services373711,182.74
Heartland Eps Inc384426,356.17
Heartland Polymer Inc3336699.71
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products455778,684.63
Heaton Grain Co2430,780.00
Heaventree Candle Co12860.00
Heckett Multiserv Plant 27, A Harsco Co305243,695.40
Heckett Multiserv-Plant 4526440.00
Heick Die Casting Corp59140,000.00
Heico Ohmite L.L.C.113,642.00
Heidtman Steel Products Inc404132,460.70
Heineman'S Bakery388145,695.85
Heinkel Packing Co Inc39407,967.11
Heinz North America39456,272.35
Heisler Green Chemical Co11460.00
Helene Curtis Industries Inc4416517,419.07
Henco Hog Llc383815,376.38
Hendricks Animal Hospital3838155.90
Hendrickson Stamping404816,493.53
Henkel Adhesives Corp398119,106.29
Henkel Adhesives Corp148,560.00
Henkel Surface Technologies2316,660.00
Henning Bulk Plant113,500.00
Henri Studio Inc448032,333.42
Henry C. Hill Correctional Center4235916,807.24
Henry County Highway Dept282911,121.71
Henry County Landfill #227272,578.26
Henry Frerk Sons Inc395382,396.29
Henry Nelch & Son38505,018.11
Henry Nelch & Son Co Inc395237,353.32
Henry Pratt Co398524,557.85
Henry Pratt Co39782,280.01
Heritage Environmental Services Llc24442,298.19
Heritage Fs77313.71
Heritage Fs Inc777,556.08
Heritage Fs Inc778,975.04
Heritage Fs Inc772,630.46
Heritage Fs Inc772,003.80
Heritage Fs Inc788,359.96
Heritage Fs Inc77855.84
Heritage Fs Inc77417.52
Heritage Fs Inc7715,717.32
Herr Funeral Homes404028,069.12
Herr Petroleum Corp7131,150.62
Herrin Municipal Landfill28284,920.36
Herrin Municipal Landfill27275,392.72
Herscher Grain Co21020,100.00
Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Co3962149,238.22
Hertz Rent A Car771,440.94
Hertz-Thoma Chapel383813,488.76
Hh Howard Corp118.74
Hi Temp Inc39413,286.04
Hi-Grade Alloy Corp35600.02
Hi-Temp Inc384212,040.06
Hi-Temp Inc - Plant 3404113,130.12
Hickman, Williams & Co Of Kentucky798,860.00
Hicks Oils And Hicksgas Inc11860.00
Hicksatomic Stations Inc1118,340.00
Hidden Lakes Crematory17179,425.49
Higgins Cleaners1115,980.00
Highland Electric Light Plant386485,107.14
Highland Machine And Screw Product Co44512,549.49
Highland Park Hospital Foundation383824,385.47
Highland Ready Mix Concrete Inc385430,642.35
Highland Supply Corp3423,237.60
Highland Supply Corp42458,837.66
Highland Veterinary Hospital P C3838754.55
Highland-Winet Airport3340,760.00
Hill And Griffith Co23834,589.92
Hill Concrete Products Inc235,060.00
Hillard Oil Co774,091.40
Hillard Oil Co774,550.44
Hillsboro Airport3320,380.00
Hillsdale Coop Elevator Co2440,760.00
Hillsdale Cooperative Elevator Co21055,700.00
Hillsdale Cooperative Elevator Co21016,224.00
Hillyer Inc D/B/A Quality Ready Mix6122,991.80
Hilton Lisle/Naperville202012,185.99
Hinckley Airport33326,040.00
Hinckley Springs121,300.00
Hinckley Springs38381,588.63
Hinckley Springs388010,650.77
Hinckley Springs67201.20
Hinckley Springs3838447.11
Hindman Landfill2828312.60
Hines Oil Co7159,931.36
Hines Oil Co Inc795,491.19
Hinsdale Animal Cemetery Inc3711114,141.83
Hinsdale Hospital6513710,655.13
Hintzsche Feed & Grain - Kirkland112,000.00
Hintzsche Feed & Grain Co21036,795.00
Hintzsche Feed & Grain Inc21431,273.50
Hintzsche Feed & Grain Inc21211,385.46
Hintzsche Feed & Grain Inc2873,040.00
Hintzsche Oil7946.98
Hinz Lithographers221,782.07
Hj Eppel & Co Inc30301,457.60
Hj Mohr & Sons Co385280,967.27
Hl Fisher Mfg Co Inc220.52
Hodgson Mill22360.00
Hoffer Plastics Corp3811037,493.09
Hoffman Seed House33180.00
Hog Inc271,240.00
Hog Inc21045,958.76
Hogan Grain Co2211,840.00
Holcim (Us) Inc24360.00
Holcim (Us) Inc572,420.00
Holiday Cleaners111,071.25
Holiday Laundry & Dry Cleaners113,556.80
Holland Energy Facility 2040195,622.13
Holland Flying Service Inc3838118.89
Holland Manufacturing Corp41420,100.00
Holliday Oil Co796,642.05
Hollister Whitney Elevator119,907.00
Hollymatic Corp2210,892.13
Hollywood Cleaners Inc112,288.00
Holm Industries Inc - Jarrow Division261,609.80
Holmes Airport336,800.00
Holnam Inc2420,240.00
Holnam Inc3810759,641.76
Holnam Inc596,560.00
Holt Cleaners11180.00
Holthaus Truck Services Inc1120.00
Holy Cross Hospital43987,885.72
Holy Family Medical Center406434,324.23
Homaco Inc110.76
Homak Manufacturing Co394119,963.69
Home Appliance & Heating331,980.00
Home Oil Co1220,980.00
Home Oil Co7194,696.34
Home Oil Co775,051.39
Home Oil Co Inc773,548.55
Homer Airport3361,140.00
Homeshield/ A Quanex Division415051,918.09
Homestead Oil Co Inc776,575.09
Honeywell Inc Commercial Division121,300.00
Honeywell International39798,811.28
Honeywell International Inc4846382,265.74
Honeywell International Inc393918,307.85
Honeywell International Inc39395,162.94
Honeywell International Inc24364.00
Honeywell International Inc11780.00
Honeywell International Inc3458.00
Honeywell Intl. Inc.3513,146.50
Hooppole Lumber & Grain Co Inc2751,400.00
Horizon Genetics Llc33222.40
Horning Wire Corp221,880.00
Horns Feed Mill Inc22880.00
Horsehead Resource Development Co Inc116581,214.37
Horween Leather Co468050,232.87
Hospital Laundry Services393929,489.86
Hospital Laundry Services393920,911.73
Hospital Sisters 3rd Order St. Frances393916,803.88
Houghton International2620,560.00
Housing Auth Of Joliet/John O'Holmes Cmp881,340.20
Houston Oil Co7713,567.53
Howard & Western11860.00
Howell Airport33203,780.00
Howell Asphalt Co314011,321.31
Howell Asphalt Co122213,460.67
Howell Asphalt Co28305,378.23
Howell Asphalt Co222613,485.45
Howell Asphalt Co214334,440.61
Hri Foods/Home Run Inn Pizza221,480.00
Hrr Enterprises Inc39395,004.23
Hs Crocker Co Inc6739,003.36
Ht Gaston Corp113,760.00
Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co5922,879.00
Hubbard Feeds Inc384713,676.63
Hubbard Feeds Inc2167,748.80
Hubbard Feeds Inc. (Dba Ridley Feed Ingredients)241,000.00
Huck Store Fixture Inc91885,294.59
Hudapack Metal Treating Of Illinois Inc39411,684.49
Hudson Grain Co21034,800.00
Hueber & Sons Inc4449,160.00
Huels Marathon77710.18
Hughes Hybrids Inc22160.00
Hughes Oil Co77939.68
Hugo Foods Inc D/B/A Altadonna'S Iga171710,921.65
Huisinga Grain Co21016,224.00
Humane Mfg385,920.00
Hunter Panels11440.00
Hunter Panels L.L.C.000.00
Huntley Realty Holdings Inc397917,893.41
Huntsman Expandable Polymer Co Llc47229596,153.31
Huntsman International,Llc384127,674.58
Huntsman Polyurethanes000.00
Huston Patterson1530,760.00
Hvr Manufacturing Co353517,326.71
Hybrid International Inc383810,262.27
Hybrid Turkeys Inc383810,262.27
Hydrite Chemical Co71111,061.00
Hydrite Chemical Co241,140.96
Hydro Chem Industrial Service Inc1337.48
Hydromet Environmental Recovery Ltd23800.00
Hydrosol Inc466828,317.27
Iba S & I Inc.126,957.00
Ibiden Circuits Of America Corp22940.00
Ibm Corp33331,168.02
Ibp Inc48337464,390.39
Ibp Inc113.34
Ibp Inc.4730,270.00
Icc Channahon River Terminal31321,033.96
Icm Grain Co2224,400.00
Icm Grain Co2841,920.00
Icm Grain Co2231,900.00
Icm Grain Co2628,580.00
Icm Grain Co2125,200.00
Icm Grain Co2237,180.00
Icm Grain Co2224,400.00
Icm Grain Co-Paris Elevator21219,720.00
Icon Identity Solutions437343,097.90
Icon Identity Solutions1211,923.00
Icon Metalcraft Inc231,500.00
Ida B. Wells Heating Plant395892,225.89
Ideal Box Co232417,234.84
Ideal Cleaners1113,980.00
Ideal Industries Inc36434,143.65
Ideal Ready Mix Co Inc5912,980.00
Ideal Ready Mix Co Inc579,296.26
Ideal Ready Mix Co Inc571,145.86
Iei Barge Services2696,340.00
Ihi Turbo America332,580.00
Iko Chicago Inc405129,189.36
Il Department Of Transportation383815,376.38
Il Department Of Transportation41411,444.17
Il Dot41411,444.17
Il Dot17174,001.04
Il Epa112,960.00
Il Epa11380.00
Ill Air National Guard/182 Airlift Grp4234229,206.47
Ill Dept Of Transportation3737629.64
Illico Inc112,080.00
Illico Inc111,820.00
Illini Concrete Inc576,240.60
Illini Concrete Inc385271,521.44
Illini Concrete Inc6108,240.00
Illini Energy Resource Llc1191,160.00
Illini Foundry Co26321.56
Illini Fs73413,996.76
Illini Fs Inc784,304.74
Illini Fs Inc774,341.38
Illini Fs Inc771,482.44
Illini Fs Inc771,148.00
Illini Hospital40417,908.66
Illini Ready Mix Inc8188,261.39
Illini Ready Mix Inc61436,720.00
Illini Ready Mix Inc575,420.00
Illini Ready Mix Inc229,600.00
Illini Ready Mix Inc579,260.00
Illinois & Midland Railroad Inc112,620.00
Illinois & Midland Railroad Inc232312,488.84
Illinois & Midland Railroad Inc660.97
Illinois Agricultural Assn10201,455.14
Illinois Ayers Oil Co114.36
Illinois Bell Telephone Co772,783.46
Illinois Bell Telephone Co776,162.60
Illinois Bell Telephone Co7723,860.00
Illinois Bell Telephone Co773,344.36
Illinois Bell Telephone Co7728,560.00
Illinois Bell Telephone Co16163,785.83
Illinois Business Center17172,549.22
Illinois Cement Co47892,814,083.40
Illinois Central College393938,334.89
Illinois Central Railroad435330,659.86
Illinois Central Railroad2233,880.00
Illinois Cleaners111,800.00
Illinois Cleaners & Launderers117,180.00
Illinois Concrete Co Inc395369,491.80
Illinois Department Of Transportation383815,376.38
Illinois Dept Of Ag, Animal Disease Lab3838138.84
Illinois Dept Of Agriculture38386,465.46
Illinois Fabricators Inc22280.00
Illinois Flush Door Inc5714,842.59
Illinois Forge Inc396022,649.49
Illinois Fuel Co Llc2581,740.00
Illinois Fuel Company Llc2650,520.00
Illinois Institute Of Technology3922214,521.22
Illinois Landfill272711,953.10
Illinois Landfill Inc-Waste Systems28281,500.28
Illinois Marine Towing Inc113,600.00
Illinois Masonic Medical Center41977,263.74
Illinois Meat Co.121,750.00
Illinois Methane Llc Gas Processing3945172,852.27
Illinois Mining Co241,280.00
Illinois Mining Corp24800.00
Illinois Mining Corp Inc144,020.00
Illinois Mpp Co394111,603.88
Illinois Municipal Electric Agency33331,931.01
Illinois Municipal Electric Agency33337,106.64
Illinois Municipal Electric Agency66991.70
Illinois National Guard11860.00
Illinois Oil Products Inc364,531.00
Illinois Paving Co-2005 Plant151718,114.27
Illinois Pipeline Corp78859.04
Illinois Power387914,500.78
Illinois Power Co4145923.30
Illinois Power Co77125.71
Illinois Power Co771,816.18
Illinois Power Co - Bloomington Service6644.32
Illinois Power Co - Danville Serv A77898.09
Illinois Power Co - Decatur Service Area778,328.13
Illinois Power Co - E St Louis Serv Area3444730.41
Illinois Power Co - Kewanee Service Area77898.09
Illinois Power Co - Shanghai Gas406041,349.59
Illinois Power Co - Sparta Service Area11360.00
Illinois Power Co-Belleville Mgp Site111,300.00
Illinois Power Co-Decatur Headquarters42461,857.53
Illinois Power Co-Freeburg Gas Storage39812,568.61
Illinois Power Co-Maryville Service9121,813.48
Illinois River Correctional Center393934,092.05
Illinois School For The Deaf426939,582.10
Illinois School For The Visually Impaired1313112,459.33
Illinois State Historical Library3434430.62
Illinois State Police181851,893.76
Illinois State Toll Highway Authority171728.09
Illinois State University44148217,101.17
Illinois Superconductor Corp113,840.00
Illinois Tollway41513,073.50
Illinois Tollway41514,964.97
Illinois Tollway41512,625.79
Illinois Tollway41513,664.52
Illinois Tollway71311,027.67
Illinois Tollway - Abraham Lincoln Oasis38384,987.14
Illinois Tollway - Dekalb Oasis3838693.21
Illinois Tollway - Hinsdale Oasis38382,464.03
Illinois Tollway - Lake Forest Oasis415113,430.63
Illinois Tollway - Maintenance Bldg 241513,664.52
Illinois Tollway - Maintenance Bldg 341451,916.82
Illinois Tollway - Maintenance Bldg 539567,070.15
Illinois Tollway - Maintenance Bldg 641574,617.90
Illinois Tollway - Maintenance Bldg 728363,814.30
Illinois Tollway - Maintenance Bldg 841513,297.89
Illinois Tollway - O'Hare Oasis40446,181.64
Illinois Tool Works - Chronomatic Office1114,940.00
Illinois Tool Works - Hi-Cone Div2724,120.00
Illinois Tool Works - Hi-Cone Div2325,820.00
Illinois Tool Works - Shakeproof Div44637,081.55
Illinois Tool Works Inc/Fastex375,740.00
Illinois Valley Community Hospital396222,049.40
Illinois Valley Paving Co61438,080.00
Illinois Valley Paving Co20313,885.48
Illinois Valley Paving Co202529,365.85
Illinois Valley Paving Co313766,623.49
Illinois Valley Paving Co395343,022.27
Illinois Valley Regional Airport33142,660.00
Illinois Veterans Home - Manteno39395,065.03
Illinois Veterans Home - Quincy1818988,144.78
Illinois Waste Systems28289,158.72
Illinois Water Treatment Inc93537,447.32
Illinois Wesleyan University3535665.34
Illinois Wood Preserving Inc225,020.00
Illinois Youth Center393930,928.16
Illinois Youth Center411626,956.10
Illlinois State Tollway Authority814927.40
Image Packaging61511,584.85
Imageworks Manufacturing Inc1235,980.00
Imco Recycling Of Illinois Inc6818,097.00
Imi Wilshire Inc39396,567.88
Immaculate Heart Of Mary High School383827,091.65
Immediate Cleaners Inc115,260.00
Impact Industries384599,022.55
Impact Printers & Lithographers1114,960.00
Imperial - Division Of Stride Tool Inc1120.00
Imperial Industrial Finishing Services Inc330.67
Imperial Marble Corp2122180,862.98
Imperial Plating Co34200.05
Imperial Zinc Corp8447,982.14
Imtt - Lemont4914794,168.26
Incobrasa Industries Ltd39601,897,344.87
Incon Processing Llc127,840.00
Indian Creek Landfill28285,191.18
Indian Industries Inc D/B/A Us Weight593,035.76
Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad40501,067.59
Industrial & Wholesale Lumber111.96
Industrial Color Inc3912316,649.63
Industrial Council Of Nearwest Chicago393923,838.10
Industrial Hard Chrome, Ltd443.74
Industrial Metals Recycling Corp (Imet)37397,180.15
Industrial Salvage Landfill2828324.45
Industrial Specialty Chemicals Inc2240.00
Industrial Water Services Inc31232,780.00
Ineos Silicas Americas Llc3925990,382.21
Info Corner Materials Inc24111,486.52
Ingalls Memorial Hospital40634,699.10
Ingersol Cutting Tool Co Member Of The Imc Group2228,460.00
Ingersoll Airport33129,060.00
Ingersoll Cutting Tool Co Member Of The Imc Group11200.00
Ingersoll Milling Machine Co4446177,456.74
Ingersoll Products4249104,685.18
Ingersoll-Rand Inc. Lcn Closers Div.2212.00
Inglot Electronics Corp11160.00
Inland Container Corp39828,031.41
Inland Die Casting Inc398627,399.79
Inman Electric Co44358.72
Innertech - Nashville000.00
Innovative Technology & Materials Inc297,140.00
Insignia/Esg Inc - Carrier Hotel24245,133.07
Intac Automotive Products Inc2911,821.00
Interior Crafts Inc404435,148.02
Interlake Co (Delaware) Inc - Pontiac49281369,960.49
Intermatic Inc398026,889.99
Intermatic Inc.1220,034.00
Intermet Decatur Foundry47327672,981.01
Intermet Havana Fndy.22514.37
Intermet Havana Foundry3762200,395.63
International Mill Service131,160.00
International Paper435724,610.78
International Paper Co414630,793.29
International Paper Foodservice Business416087,672.92
International Processing Co Of America557,800.88
International Spring Co381751,448.78
International Supply Co2828560.39
International Truck And Engine Corp47261165,087.60
Interstate Bakeries Corp4154117,098.52
Interstate Brands Corp394537,276.99
Interstate Brands Corp399138,208.18
Interstate Pollution Control111,860.00
Interstate Steel Co39393,482.34
Intrafab Llc11120.00
Invensy Pict - Appliance Controls Div36367,180.66
Invensys Building Systems Inc408515,978.22
Inx International Ink Co25288,902.89
Inx International Ink Co4211116,801.18
Iola Quarry Inc251,160.00
Ion Beam Applications Inc409012,027.21
Ipsen Ceramics394123,972.83
Ircon Inc22245.00
Iri Alpha Metals1180.00
Irmco-Interntl Ref & Mfg Co4517,060.00
Iron Mountain1120.00
Iroquois Memorial Hospital388127,601.24
Iroquois Paving Corp162033,618.33
Irving Materials Inc1223,080.00
Irvington Elevator Co2658,070.00
Isg Hennepin Inc43111178,464.19
Isg Riverdale Inc.2498.00
Island Lake Foods20202,821.59
Itt Bell And Gossett46295113,551.16
Itw Buildex81646,492.86
Itw Chrono Therm5560,664.13
Itw Deltar391,069.56
Itw Pancon245,285.51
Itw Shakeproof Industrial Threaded Products35691,491.91
Itw Signode467645,691.53
Itw Switches1219,680.00
Itw/Meyercord Ctg1238,940.00
Ivex Corp111,000.00
Ivex Corp39503,503.67
Ivex Of Peoria39554,167.47
Ivex Packaging Corp4419867,651.28
Ivex Packaging Corporation Inc448,013.74
J & D Custom Glass Inc246,000.00
J & J Cleaners111,780.00
J & J One Hour Cleaners Inc117,980.00
J & J Services Inc460.62
J & L Dock Facilities Inc2443,180.00
J & M Plating39393,093.50
J & M Plating Co24117.14
J & R Landfill2828284.67
J And L Oil Inc126,100.00
J And L Oil Inc11860.00
J And M Oil Co771,001.90
J&L Oil Inc11780.00
J. L. Clark Inc.510129,563.00
J.B. Inds. Inc.111.00
Jack Kennedy Metal Products & Bldgs Inc3939137,778.26
Jackson Middle School171716,875.82
Jackson Plastics Inc3527,740.00
Jacksonville Airport3381,520.00
Jacksonville Developmental Center14142,381,908.07
James C. Helfrich Wildlife Propagation Ctr38383,618.64
James Cape & Sons - Wisconsin2537,560.00
James Cape & Sons Co6148,580.00
James Cape & Sons- Wisconsin2549,980.00
James Cape & Sons-Illinois11480.00
James Cape & Sons-Illinois395318,261.46
James Cape & Sons-Illinois61646,340.00
James D. Fiala Asphalt Corp232510,266.45
James Hardie Building Products Inc456353,495.18
James Walker Manufacturing Co35373,376.18
Jarke Corp444720,929.39
Jay-Tee Screw Machine Products Co229,972.00
Jays Foods Inc35427,688.27
Jb Oil Services Inc7133,610.05
Jb Sanfilippo & Son222,260.00
Jd Cahill Co Inc4440,396.00
Jd Graphic Co Inc2417,103.67
Jd Plating Works Inc110.04
Jd Streett & Co/Zephyr122,000.18
Jefferson County Animal Shelter11360.00
Jefferson Middle Scho0l171716,618.95
Jefferson Park Valet Shop Inc114,043.52
Jefferson Smurfit Corp394321,631.73
Jefferson Smurfit Corp429154,016.48
Jefferson Smurfit Corp3945183,906.82
Jefferson Smurfit Corp415419,915.39
Jefferson Smurfit Corp35353,001.00
Jefferson Smurfit Corp66860.01
Jefferson Smurfit Corp394120,019.75
Jefferson Smurfit Corp414628,189.15
Jefferson Smurfit Corp31078,156.55
Jefferson Smurfit Corp. Smurfit Flexible Packaging247,507.00
Jel Sert Co39414,296.02
Jelly Belly Candy Co395511,393.34
Jennings Landfill2828617.47
Jensen Plating Works Inc34315.04
Jensen Plating Works Inc4115,680.00
Jensen'S Iga17172,119.48
Jernberg Forgings Co404228,866.45
Jerome Green121,640.00
Jerry Johnson443,540.00
Jersey County Grain Co2925,980.00
Jersey County Grain Co21428,980.04
Jersey Farmers Elevator Inc2230,800.00
Jersey Sanitation Company Landfill28282,023.69
Jessup Manufacturing Co424461,063.70
Jet Lithocolor Inc21013,039.69
Jetson Midwest Mailers Inc2239,740.00
Jf Helmold & Brothers Inc24883.06
Jiffy Lube117,560.00
Jim Russell Sales Inc466,840.00
Jim'S Formal Wear223,630.00
Jim'S Formal Wear111,148.16
Jj Collins Sons Inc2616,105.27
Jl Clark Mfg Co4358445,936.64
Jlm Chemicals Inc43100115,282.20
Jlo Metal Products Inc111,240.00
Jm Huber Corp39168426,447.60
Jm Sweeney Co771.29
Joe & Frank'S Homemade Sausages Co221,300.00
Joe Hatzer & Son Inc812512.52
Joe The Tailor & Cleaner117,605.00
John A Logan College3838645.98
John A. Biewer Co Of Illinois38412,185.40
John Boos & Co254,360.00
John Crane Inc343834,411.11
John Crane Inc4050128,338.92
John Crane Inc.116,369.00
John Cundiff7138,848.81
John Deere Harvester Product Development39419,180.66
John Deere Harvester Works492193,210,280.79
John Deere Harvester Works East Moline5796,172.00
John Gillen Co383862.31
John Hofmeister & Son112,800.00
John Prior72125,068.02
John Sterling Corp454813,097.82
John Warner Hospital38381,547.53
Johns Manville39106116,731.70
Johns Manville - Waukegan1121,220.00
Johnson & Quin Inc21032,088.51
Johnson Caravelle Inc6654,334.00
Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc3811115,182.60
Johnson Oil Co775,051.58
Johnson Oil Co Shell Express Lane1149,000.00
Johnson Press Of America Inc112,700.00
Johnson Printers111,020.00
Joint American Bottoms & Sauget Treatment Facility331,820.00
Joliet Arsenal Portable Plant385260,527.22
Joliet Correctional Center404418,659.21
Joliet Equipment Co22200.00
Joliet Generating Station (#9 & #29)8111616,342,071.41
Joliet Park District Airport33169,820.00
Joliet Pattern Works Inc112,300.00
Joliet Pipeline Station-Mobil Oil Corp111,740.00
Joliet Sand & Gravel Co2514,280.00
Joliet Youth Center-Dept Of Corrections411213,749.59
Jonas Enterprises Inc4120.24
Jones And Son Inc384562,700.07
Jones Lang Lasalle3939147,692.31
Joseph F. Boente Sons774,132.70
Joseph T. Ryerson393924,040.03
Joseph Weil & Sons Inc232422,298.16
Joseph'S Food Products Co39786,854.42
Joslyn Corporation - E A D41219,580.08
Joslyn Mfg - Electrical Apparatus Div441,020.00
Joslyn Mfg - Hardware Div41270,801.43
Jp Custom Metal Finishing330.25
Jp Korris Inc11400.00
Jr Short Milling Co461401,098,089.69
Jr. Food Mart36374,032.59
Js Paluch Co Inc1110,340.00
Jsp Mold Llc4413,820.00
Jt Einoder264,920.00
Jt Einoder C/D Recycling Facility241,100.00
Justrite Manufacturing Co45483,073.29
Justrite Manufacturing/Haz-Stor8840,920.02
Jvk Precision Hard Chrome440.05
Jw Allen Co391087,856.79
K & D Cleaners119.40
K & H Disposal Landfill282822,677.58
K & R Oil Inc7217,222.81
K Cleaners113,163.68
K-Five Construction2126,600.00
K-Five Construction Corp2716,480.00
K-Five Construction Corp2833101,918.73
K-Five Construction Corp16167,129.60
K-Five Construction Corp162110,301.92
K-Five Construction Corp10142,282.37
K-Five South Plant294047,857.38
K. A. Steel Chemicals Inc.242,301.00
Ka Steel Chemicals Inc377411,729.32
Kal Kan Foods Inc3964352,964.88
Kaluzny Bros. Inc395320,808.28
Kalva Corp38413,494.65
Kama Corp3610,261.44
Kamco Plastics Inc244,565.88
Kampwerth Oil Co7810,092.98
Kampwerth Oil Co776,220.60
Kaneland Sand & Gravel Inc11700.00
Kankakee Reyclying & Disposal3351257,334.40
Kanzler Farms2210,840.00
Kap Graphics Inc1160.00
Kappa Products Corp391175,893.52
Karnak Corp32122,880.00
Karp'S Inc39444,187.12
Kasbeer Farmers Elevator Co223,180.00
Kaskaskia Community College38384,252.42
Kaskaskia Regional Port Dist-#212660.00
Kaskaskia Regional Port District121,220.00
Kastalon Inc373717,724.61
Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital404123,835.12
Katy'S Pet Cemetery38387,089.10
Kaufman Grain Co21020,480.00
Kaufman Grain Co2823,000.00
Kaufman Grain Co2844,740.00
Kaufman Grain Elevator21040,480.00
Kaufman Landfill2828198.56
Kauling Wood Products Co1114,120.00
Kb Cores38404,202.59
Kc Cleaners1134.55
Kcbx Terminals Co313362,687.64
Ke Vas Co161613,190.72
Kearney-National Inc2220.86
Kearney-National Inc113,040.00
Kec Acquisition Sub Inc26780.00
Keebler Co- Illinois Baking Division3916133,338.15
Keene Technologies Inc113,540.00
Kelley & Spalding Funeral Home38386,651.37
Kelley Vault Co Inc383814,911.37
Kelley Williamson Co1123,660.00
Kelly-Williamson Co7193,852.45
Kelmscott Press Inc1117,420.00
Kelvyn Park Cleaners115,740.80
Kelvyn Press Inc4188,381.13
Kempen Farms3312,740.00
Kempen Paint Co71123,445.10
Kempton Grain & Fertilizer2219,960.00
Ken'S Oil Service Inc774,654.48
Kendall Cleaners118,660.00
Kendall County Concrete Crushing Inc251,020.00
Kendall County Concrete Inc225.00
Kendall County Concrete Inc2459,520.00
Kendall County Concrete Inc112213,185.81
Kenmode Tool & Engineering254,260.00
Kenney Oil7136,584.65
Kenny/Kiewit/Shea Jv22760.00
Kent Feeds Inc2126,786.88
Kent Feeds Inc395623,739.85
Kentland Elevator & Supply Inc2626,680.00
Kentland Elevator & Supply Inc41410,680.00
Kerkstra'S Cleaners115,316.48
Kerr-Mcgee Chemical Corp23200.24
Kerr-Mcgee Chemical Llc396910,997.42
Kerr-Mcgee Refining Corp7747,129.20
Kerr-Mcgee Refining Corp1122,700.00
Kerr-Mcgee Refining Corp113,880.00
Kerr-Mcgee Refining Corp1249,420.00
Kerry Ingredients Inc4513,240.00
Kerry Ingredients Inc4418,880.00
Kester Solder41631,178.00
Kettler Casting Co Inc725101,782.66
Kewanee Boiler Mfg Llc39788,776.24
Kewanee Corp4462199,000.20
Kewanee Hospital393915,483.93
Kewanee Muni Landfill2424971.05
Kewanee Municipal Airport3395,100.00
Kewanee Redi-Mix5713,220.00
Key Club Cleaners1116,660.80
Keyesport Sand & Gravel Pit228,000.00
Keyesport Sand & Gravel, A Joint Venture161757,421.61
Keystone Display Inc6613,200.00
Keystone Steel & Wire Co441031,261,411.94
Kgf Technology Center394210,796.49
Kh Huppert Co228.00
Kienstra Block & Brick Llc6174,239.10
Kienstra Inc395380,696.38
Kienstra Inc395382,276.29
Kienstra Inc564,780.00
Kienstra Inc395382,478.04
Kienstra Inc22480.00
Kimball Cleaners111,600.00
Kimble Glass Inc385149,353.62
Kincaid Generation L.L.C.914262,512.00
Kincaid Generation Llc8330980,808,290.23
Kincaid Oil Inc115,240.00
Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals Inc21411,920.00
Kinder Morgan G.P. Inc33540.00
Kinder Morgan G.P. Inc33420.00
Kinder Morgan G.P. Inc2217.48
Kinder Morgan G.P. Inc91632,209.10
Kinder Morgan G.P. Inc3943406.49
Kinder Morgan Gp Inc119,120.00
Kinder Morgan Liquid Terminals Llc454431,447,131.88
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals Llc425461,673.37
Kinder Morgan Transmix Co Llc6620,340.01
Kingery Printing Co1618,760.00
Kinkaid Stone Co243,100.00
Kinney Electrical Mfg Co992,191.39
Kirlin-Egan & Butler Funeral Home17349,819.36
Kishwakee Community Hospital394010,699.09
Kishwaukee College3915612,437.17
Kishwaukee Forge Inc556,800.00
Kistler Prairie Mill Inc2527,420.00
Klein Tools Inc118,000.00
Klein Tools Inc41735,313.57
Klingele Veterinary Clinic38381,876.37
Klm Industries Inc1140.00
Klueter Bros. Concrete Products220.92
Kms Energy Inc5558,640.00
Kms Joliet Power Partners Lp6690,720.00
Kms Macon Power Inc4482,300.00
Kms Morris Power Inc66737,240.00
Knaack Mfg Co4519071,470.81
Knapheide Manufacturing Co4781242,991.67
Knapheide Mfg. Co.4648,075.00
Knapp Industrial Wood Co11200.00
Knapp Oil Co77126.09
Knapp Oil Co77167.77
Knapp Oil Co7710,018.98
Knapp Oil Co Inc77898.09
Knapp Oil Co Inc77313.20
Knapp Oil Co Inc7132,558.25
Knead Dough Baking Co Inc395112,891.47
Knight Hawk Coal/Creek Paum Mine22460.00
Knobloch Grain Co2325,760.00
Knobloch Grain Co Inc22160.00
Knop Farms353514,067.54
Knox College45115189,630.97
Knox County Landfill303039,541.38
Knox County Landfill #328286,928.05
Kns Companies Inc2646,220.00
Koch Asphalt Co231,600.00
Koch Fertilizer And Storage Terminal-Trilla242,186.98
Koch Fertilizer Storage & Terminal35372,846.04
Koch Fertilizer Storage & Terminal-Pekin37393,583.36
Koch Material Co179,863.74
Koch Refining Co Lp35354,020.90
Kochmann Oil Co77334.47
Kocour Co3962444.36
Koerner Airport3374,720.00
Koester Quarry2459,520.00
Kohl & Madden Printing Ink Corp384432,788.03
Kohler Rental Power161633,454.13
Komatsu Mining Systems Inc46200121,520.48
Kone Inc111137,903.35
Konstant Products Inc88167,915.99
Koppers Inc.1232.40
Koppers Industries Inc394131,348.33
Koppers Industries Inc4739019,955,748.86
Kostelac Grease Service Inc232325,288.96
Kozy Acres Pet Cemetery And Crematory37376,496.37
Krack Corp.33160.00
Kraft Foods Inc396726,264.31
Kraft Foods Inc39644,386.04
Kraft Foods Inc393923,111.65
Kraft Foods N.A. Inc.11165,248.00
Kraft Foods North America Inc39397,751.97
Kraft Foods North America Inc39616,971.70
Kraft Foods North America Inc4020960,019.79
Kraft Foods North America Inc459798,483.76
Kraft Foods-Claussen Pickle Co39783,024.03
Kraftseal Corp41713,310.53
Krel Laboratories Inc994,880.30
Kress Corp5517,361.58
Krispy Kreme New Mix & Distribution Facility21815,480.00
Kromark Products Co2210,180.00
Kropp Forge Division394616,898.40
Krueger And Co1111.58
Krupp Gerlach Co31422,772.96
Krupp Gerlach Co - Presta Division387920,605.19
Ksj-Korea Inc111,980.00
Kuester Tool & Die Inc373770.93
Kurland Steel Co2232.52
Kvf - Quad Corp5611,240.00
Kvf Co39392,680.70
Kvk Foundry Inc222,880.00
L & J Technoligies11200.00
L & M Cast Stone Inc374417,846.09
L & M Cultured Marble Co119,060.00
L Keller Oil Properties Inc129,500.00
L Keller Oil Properties Inc1113,180.00
L Keller Oil Properties Inc1116,580.00
L Weger Polishing & Chrome Plating332.57
L&P Acquisition Co2383,502.00
L-3 Communications Electrodynamics120.39
L.R. Nelson Corp.115.00
La Chemical Ltd1159,614.80
La Francaise Bakery Inc38415,296.52
La Gloria Oil & Gas Co93812,090.89
La Grange Memorial Hospital406410,706.26
La Grou Distribution System393915,560.14
La Harpe Cusd 335128,360.00
La Harpe Elevator1148,200.00
La Prairie-Chatton Elevator Inc21016,224.00
La-Capannina -Coffee/Alacavannia Coffee Shop2219.00
La-Co Industries Inc51826,160.00
Lab-Line Instruments Inc3542321.86
Lab-Line Instruments Inc.119.89
Lacey And Bauer Quarry2413,700.00
Laclede Steel Co472562,896,631.39
Lacon-Marshall County Airport33129,060.00
Ladd Construction Co303934,529.88
Ladd Elevator Co21438,004.00
Ladd Municipal Landfill2828297.54
Lafarge Corp21818,060.00
Lafarge Midwest Inc925217,520.00
Lafarge Midwest Inc5423810,146,030.23
Lahood Construction Inc61413,244.60
Laidlaw Corp1166,340.00
Laidlaw Corp.121,097.00
Lake Bluff Municipal #2 Landfill282827,833.62
Lake County Grading Company Landfill27273,638.85
Lake County Press Inc3328,606.79
Lake Forest Animal Clinic39391,170.91
Lake Forest Hospital417429,433.40
Lake Fork Elevator32225,930.88
Lake Fork Grain Co21637,867.02
Lake Land College394533,965.20
Lake Landfill52167,540.74
Lake Point Foods Inc33543.27
Lake Shore Foundry Co Inc221,000.00
Lake-In-The-Hills Airport33230,940.00
Lakefront Crushing Operation11200.00
Lakeland Fs Inc7207,037.78
Lakes Partnership3434338.53
Lakeview Memorial Gardens393910,101.35
Lakewood Crematory1717116.29
Lakewood Engineering & Mfg Co44124104,618.57
Lakewood Printing Inc118,000.00
Lakin General Corp22400.00
Lakin General Corp - Roller Division22560.00
Lamamco Drilling Co11860.00
Lamamco Drilling Co122,600.00
Lamar Cleaners Inc116,739.20
Lambent Technologies Corp449412,604.33
Lambert Grain Inc21213,654.86
Lamie Oil Co7710,937.07
Lampro Graphics4464,538.85
Lanark Ready Mix Co6121,280.00
Land & Lakes #328284,790.47
Land & Lakes / Wheeling Landfill28287,351.60
Land & Lakes Co665,701.50
Land & Lakes-Dolton Landfill28281,954.68
Land & Lakes/Wheeling Landfill27271,327.57
Land And Lakes Co3030175,779.14
Land And Lakes Co77689.80
Land O'Lakes Farmland Feed Llc21043,560.00
Land-O-Frost Inc398412,615.54
Landcomp Corp27275,455.51
Landfill 33 Ltd272712,209.24
Lanman Oil Co7278,582.16
Lanman Oil Co772,213.13
Lanman Oil Co775,364.72
Lanman Oil Co Inc71320,093.26
Lanman Oil Co Inc771,001.90
Lanman Oil Co Inc775,594.17
Lanphier High School - District 18617173,788.68
Lansing Municipal Airport33366,800.00
Laprairie-Chatton Elevator Inc1149,760.00
Laraway Rdf324215,045.28
Lasalle County Farm Supply2349,880.00
Lasalle County Farm Supply Co2325,340.00
Lasalle County Farm Supply Co776,324.30
Lasalle County Farm Supply Co779,559.57
Lasalle County Farm Supply Co774,926.15
Lasalle County Farm Supply Co-Serena2961,860.00
Lashore Press Inc2427,166.20
Lawnware Products Inc2313,960.64
Lawrence County Correctional Center394510,549.14
Lawrence County Disposal Centre1111137.29
Lawrence County Regional Landfill28282,802.60
Lawrence Foods Inc393936,695.54
Lawrence Gravel Inc2459,520.00
Lawrence Gravel Inc2459,520.00
Lawrence Hardware11200.00
Lawrence Hardware457235,165.64
Lawrenceville-Vincennes Airport33237,740.00
Lawson Mardon Flexible Inc1033298,587.20
Lb Staley Canton Ready Mix395330,952.19
Lc Mertz Co25603.32
Lcn Closers Div-Schlage Lock Co425527,328.38
Ld Redmer Screw Products Inc237,920.00
Leavitt Tube Co36368,248.39
Lebanon Chemical Corp2614,900.40
Lebanon Chemical Corp.127.00
Leckrone Field3320,380.00
Lee County Landfill272774,480.86
Lee Fs Inc2314,560.00
Lee Generating Station612133,020.00
Legere Investors Inc236,460.00
Leggett & Platt, Urethane Foam Division3842,483.20
Lehigh Cadillac-Direct384818,261.76
Lehigh Portland Cement Co574,660.00
Leif'S Auto Salvage22300.00
Leland Farmers Co2343,220.00
Lemfco Inc92240,522.51
Lemont Scrap Processing Ltd11100.00
Lemont Shipbuilding & Repair Co, Yard 64666,753.71
Lena Maid Meats Inc22160.00
Lender'S Bagel Bakery397050,002.46
Lenz Oil Service354,160.00
Leohr Oil Co7225,442.95
Leohr Oil Co71615,038.62
Leon'S Sausage Co39415,308.03
Leonard'S Unit Step Of Moline Inc395382,317.80
Leone Grain & Supply Inc2628,541.74
Level 3 Communications773,905.78
Level 3 Communications323224,380.05
Lewis & Clark Community College387610,987.64
Lewis Hering Elevator Co2338,760.00
Lewis Landfill2828300.22
Lewis University39399,870.73
Lewis University Airport33706,420.00
Lexington Steel Corp1919200.66
Lg Seeds Inc3748,520.00
Liberty Container Corp5524,610.69
Liberty Suburban Chicago Newspaper241,820.00
Libertyville Lumber Co119.10
Libertyville Saddle Shop Inc17171,717.19
Libman Broom Co212854,384.10
Libra Industries Inc3876420.35
Lifetime Doors Inc2932,840.00
Lifetime Rooftile Co3840458.58
Lifetouch Publishing3314,993.32
Lightning Metal Specialty221,380.00
Lincoln Developmental Center1326823,595.03
Lincoln Generating Facility44310109,833.65
Lincoln Land Fs Inc771,273.52
Lincoln Land Fs Inc771,628.56
Lincoln Land Fs Inc7742.04
Lincoln Land Fs Inc776,011.39
Lincoln Land Fs Inc2446,100.00
Lincoln Paving Co284223,293.18
Lincoln School - District 9917172,164.71
Lincoln Way Materials Co385213,833.29
Lind-Remsen Printing Co Inc228,017.86
Lindahl Brothers Inc2514,760.00
Lindberg Heat Treating Co6103,636.26
Linden Lakes Sand & Gravel - Tonyan Bros21318,900.00
Lippold Construction Co Inc /Dba Alby Quarry2515,960.00
Liquid Controls Corp123,540.00
Litchfield Bituminous Corp21225,499.22
Litchfield Bituminous Corp20205.40
Litchfield Farmers Grain & Livestock2225,320.00
Litchfield Municipal Airport3367,920.00
Litchfield-Hillsboro Landfill272736,895.51
Litho-Graphic Metal Corp4313313,918.55
Litho-Type Inc115,140.00
Lithographic Industries5944,336.00
Littelfuse Inc405712,037.38
Littelfuse Inc61237,460.00
Littelfuse Inc.1220.00
Little Co Of Mary Hospital4411629,832.95
Littlejohn Grain Inc21073,620.00
Littlejohn Grain Inc21016,224.00
Littlejohn Grain Inc21016,224.00
Littlejohn Grain Inc21016,224.00
Littlejohn Grain West Union East2106,909.74
Littleton Elevator Inc21423,100.00
Livingston County Landfill282814,094.62
Livingston Landfill2727236,032.47
Livingston Of Chatsworth2417,100.00
Livingston Of Chatsworth2228,680.00
Livingston Service Co117,240.00
Livingston Service Co77396.76
Livingston Service Co7266,032.85
Livingston Stone Corp3951172,239.80
Liz Cleaners11180.00
Lo-Ko Performance Coatings Inc2240.00
Loberg Excavating Inc2456.00
Lockformer Co385055,906.78
Loders Croklaan Usa399059,564.04
Loeber Motors Inc112.18
Logan Correctional Center1449242,113.72
Logan County Airport3347,560.00
Logan Landfill28284,639.39
Lombard Architectural Precast Prod Co572,140.00
Lombard Veterinary Hospital383810,601.83
Lone Eagle Dock11900.00
Lone Star Inds. Inc.5681,776.80
Lone Star Industries573,020.00
Lone Star Industries Inc451515,264,644.35
Long Rock Corp289,941.30
Lonza Group369,422.00
Loparex Inc1060372,734.80
Loretto Hospital39612,921.14
Lotton Art Glass663,760.00
Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital3910120,950.23
Louis Dreyfus Corp2412,380.00
Louis Dreyfus Corp245,360.00
Loveall / D&B Landfill28281,904.92
Loveall Landfill27271,082.57
Lovejoy Inc39482,432.99
Lowe Enterprises Inc118,640.00
Loyola University Chicago-Lake Shore Campus447055,581.81
Loyola University Medical Center6311314,903.53
Loyola University-Water Tower Campus394217,446.80
Lozier Oil Co776,554.24
Lr Nelson Corp381457,448.35
Lrm Materials Inc395332,963.60
Lsg/Sky Chefs39393,707.60
Ltv Copperweld - Chicago357,320.00
Ltv Copperweld Bedford Park115.00
Ltv Steel Co41225112,339.02
Lucent Technologies Inc38861,766.88
Luckey Trucking Inc2218.00
Ludlow Coop Elevator Co21016,224.00
Ludlow Cooperative Elevator Co21073,620.00
Ludlow Cooperative Elevator Co2228,820.00
Ludlow Cooperative Elevator Co2468,820.00
Ludlow Cooperative Elevator Co2646,640.00
Ludlow Cooperative Elevator Co2448,180.00
Lundia/Division Of Mii Inc628129,451.27
Luster Products Inc2731,180.00
Lustro Plastics Co38391,404.21
Lutheran General Hospital4212431,212.18
Lyon Metal Products Llc45191150,121.95
M & D Ag Inc21073,620.00
M & D Flexographic Printers Inc4046455,835.31
M & D Printing2224,660.00
M & H Grain Llc2124,321.08
M & M - Mars4311567,072.08
M & M Paltech Inc1160.00
M & M Service Co1115,200.00
M & M Service Co2452,040.00
M & M Service Co2442,760.00
M & M Service Co2825,279.38
M & M Service Co2644,200.00
M & M Service Co21117,302.60
M & M Service Co2348,740.00
M & M Service Co2821,881.52
M & M Service Co21030,415.46
M & M Service Co775,280.90
M & M Service Co71938,414.03
M & M Service Co775,009.49
M & R Rubber Co351,019.88
M & W Feed Service224,060.00
M & W Gear Co436445,059.26
M&M / Mars Division Of Mars Inc391066,265.56
Maass Midwest Mfg. Co.1110.00
Mabry Oil Co7814,602.27
Macarthur High School-Dist 6138385,769.69
Machinery Components Inc55183.74
Mack Chicago5660,136.26
Mackinney Co, The3323,200.00
Macklin Bros. Inc2541,220.00
Macklin Inc24900.00
Macklin Inc252,480.00
Macklin Inc241,440.00
Macklin Inc2445,580.00
Macklin Inc241,520.00
Macklin Inc / Illinois Cement252,551.62
Macks Supermarket20202,794.56
Maclair Asphalt Co1515767.37
Maclair Asphalt Co Inc15254,496.37
Maclean Forge452,840.00
Macneal Memorial Hospital404114,431.88
Macomb Municipal Airport3361,140.00
Macon County Landfill4472,800.00
Macon County Landfill Corp3238520,404.23
Macoupin County Contracting Inc16165,400.61
Madden Communication2225,408.91
Madden Mental Health Center383836,155.54
Madison Paper Co39804,785.64
Madison Service Co7476,173.89
Madison Service Co - Alhambra Feed Mill1233,980.00
Madison Yards11860.00
Magie Brothers Oil Co394227,516.73
Magnacast Corp2443.16
Magnetic Inspection Laboratories Inc404316,902.03
Magnetrol International881,847.52
Magruder Color Co Inc38392,050.08
Mail-Well Label4624,334.48
Mair Oil Co774,655.02
Maison Deritz117,480.00
Majestic Wood Carving Co438847,445.59
Major Armature Co-Recycling Div11111,160.34
Major Reflector Products39852,705.73
Mallinckrodt Specialty Chemicals Co31027,120.85
Manan Medical Products Inc221,680.00
Manchester Tank & Equipment Co10133,744.91
Manley Brothers Of Indiana331161,627.34
Manley Monuments1120.00
Manlius Oil Co774,175.21
Mann Bros Inc - Dixon-Marquette Cement/Prairie Grp122,620.00
Mann Bros. Inc12120.00
Mann Bros. Inc - Prairie/ North Central Materials23240.00
Manor Tool & Mfg Co2330,140.00
Mansfield Grain Inc1149,760.00
Mapco Inc6751,845.62
Mapei Corp48789,085.97
Maple Dew Cleaners11480.00
Maplehurst Farms2814,940.00
Maplehurst Farms5183,927.40
Maplehurst Farms2103,040.00
Maplehurst Farms51526,950.02
Maplehurst Farms Inc51714,062.62
Maplehurst Farms Inc5176,353.10
Mar Graphics229,820.34
Marathon Ashland Petroleum L.L.C. Robinson Terminal483,581.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc21017,640.76
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc6842,789.06
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc396824,146.46
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc713105,059.92
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc72687,378.38
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc1212,200.00
Marathon Ashland Pipe Line Llc72639,792.13
Marathon Ashland Pipe Line Llc711541,795.49
Marathon Ashland Pipeline Llc7942,694.21
Marathon Ashland Pipeline Llc7811,896.00
Marathon Ashland Pipeline Llc6274411,622,103.49
Marathon Ashland Pipeline Llc785195,656.30
Marathon Ashland Pipeline Llc71521,029.39
Marathon Ashland Pipeline Llc781,048.68
Marathon Ashland Pipeline Llc11360.00
Marathon Ashland Pipeline Llc11860.00
Marathon Ashland Pipeline Llc11860.00
Marathon Tank Service777,075.95
Marble Sys. Inc.126,614.00
Marble Works51245,975.00
Marblecast Products Inc3418,960.00
Marblehead Lime Co663954,817.46
Marco N.P.K. Inc36361,666.47
Marco Petroleum Co7712,210.12
Marengo Foundry Corp41513,612.00
Marion Gardner Jr22620.00
Marion Memorial Hospital22161.12
Marissa Landfill2828148.92
Markus Cabinet Mfg101027,993.37
Maroa Farmers Coop Elevator Co2636,040.00
Maroa Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co1125,680.00
Marquardt School-District 15881,000.31
Marquis Grain Inc2109,040.00
Marquis Mtd Inc21016,224.00
Marriott Motor Hotel393929,143.62
Marsco Manufacturing Llc5520,895.39
Marshall Field & Co397840,555.02
Marshall Municipal Utilities291139,373.36
Martin Grain Co2645,180.00
Martin Grain Inc2258,140.00
Martin Marietta Aggregates2439,660.00
Martin Marietta Aggregates2459,520.00
Martin Marietta Aggregates/J-Mar Inc255,800.00
Martin Marietta Materials Inc2674,000.00
Martin Marietta Materials Inc2447,940.00
Martin Marietta Materials Inc136,060.00
Martin Marietta Materials Inc254,220.00
Martin Marietta Materials Inc394318,327.16
Martin Marietta Materials Inc #8272559,020.00
Martin Materials Corp6144,059.00
Martin Materials Corporation2448,000.00
Martin Materials Corporation2769,920.00
Martin Resources Inc2118,060.00
Marvel Group Inc45536,324.57
Mascoutah Power Plant71316,046.60
Mason Corp6825,475.48
Mason County Service Co785,765.45
Masonite Corp - John M. Coates Tech Center3118,740.00
Massac Environmental Tech Inc121,480.00
Massac Environmental Technologies Inc121,560.00
Massey Oil Co775,468.53
Master Cleaners115,980.00
Master Graphics Llc2413,607.66
Master Kraft115,824.00
Masterbrand Cabinets Inc5156796,943.52
Matchless Metal Polish Co394212,871.42
Material Resources Inc395742,979.74
Material Sciences Corp4285258,884.37
Material Service Corp222618,862.96
Material Service Corp774,889.34
Material Service Corp242,520.00
Material Service Corp2573,780.00
Material Service Corp226323,280.00
Material Service Corp245,560.00
Material Service Corp254,460.00
Material Service Corp21813,288.82
Material Service Corp21133,240.00
Material Service Corp21429,000.00
Material Service Corp - Yard 6122242,580.00
Material Service Corporation-Yard 10241,660.00
Matheson Trigas Inc3980804.72
Mathews Co20201,574.38
Matsushita Industrial Equipment Co (Miecoa)342,045.84
Matsushita Universal Media Services Llc Of America3521,220.00
Matt Bartels Concrete Plant #1395353,324.20
Mattoon Keller Oil Co Inc775,636.30
Maxco Ready Mix385131,314.52
Maxit Inc9194,352.96
Mayan Concrete Inc385566,941.51
Mayfair Molded Products Corp39392,524.46
Mayfair Pumping Station394540,092.99
Maytag Galesburg Refrigeration Prods.000.00
Maytag Herrin Laundry Products44531478,181.81
Maytag/Galesburg Refrigeration Products4659236,095.88
Mazon Farmers Elevator Co2421,340.00
Mazon Farmers Elevator Co2651,080.00
Mazon Farmers Ellevator Co222,880.00
Mbl (Usa) Corp1311,440.00
Mbl (Usa) Corp39115390,139.66
Mc Gill Metal Products Co19191,308.76
Mc Henry Bulk Plant773,089.50
Mcbride & Shoff Inc3535121.21
Mccann Concrete Products Inc243,448.28
Mccarthy Improvement Co161757,162.06
Mcclain Corp26160.40
Mccleary Industries Inc429210,032.77
Mcclure Quarries Inc231,200.00
Mcconnell Co-Op7323,943.17
Mcdonald Funeral Home Inc39398,365.46
Mcdonald Trucking & Paving Inc6731,040.00
Mcdonnell & Miller Itt11200.00
Mcdonough Fs Inc778,808.12
Mchenry Citgo1149,620.00
Mchenry County Courthouse19191,788.65
Mci Telecommunciations29291,272.41
Mci World Com202025,628.34
Mci World Com Network Information Center7779,520.00
Mci Worldcom333346,943.57
Mci Worldcom32321,474.41
Mci Worldcom163285,548.42
Mci Worldcom32322,103.88
Mci Worldcom16167,828.99
Mcintyre Group, Ltd414313,970.55
Mckay'S Plating Co9132,181.70
Mckinley School2020645.75
Mckirgan Bros. Oil Co774,049.21
Mcknight Ag Inc21073,620.00
Mclaughlin Body Co - Govt Products405874,254.79
Mclean County Animal Control46543,040.24
Mclean County Asphalt And Concrete Plant571,342.80
Mclean County Asphalt Co Inc15169,215.77
Mclean County Concrete Co3843556.51
Mclean County Service Co77542.85
Mclean County Service Co77355.24
Mclean County Service Co114,800.00
Mclean County Services Co778,036.45
Mcleansboro Power Plant16169,524.49
Mcnabb Grain Co2814,152.52
Mcshares Inc. Viobin Usa Div.1218,102.00
Mcwhorter Technologies Inc113,880.00
Mead Containerboard414719,447.47
Mead Packaging4476337,600.36
Meaden Screw Products Co2217,804.69
Mecalux Illinois Inc71813,686.49
Mech-Tronics Corp.129,974.00
Mech-Tronics Corporation13800.00
Mechanicsburg Farmers Grain Co21836,060.54
Mechanicsburg Farmers Grain Co21213,192.60
Mechanicsburg Farmers Grain Co21010,465.32
Mechanicsburg Farmers Grain Co21016,224.00
Mechanicsburg Farmers Grain Co2824,700.00
Meco Inc393923,649.09
Meco Inc.362,927.00
Meco Metal Finishing Illinois Llc385820,249.78
Medalist Inc Ifd3926524,748.33
Medford Oil Co7715,299.89
Meemun Enterprises Inc11300.00
Mega Circuit Inc.1210.00
Meier Duitsman Oil Co Inc774,550.84
Meier Oil Service774,133.38
Meier Oil Service Inc771,273.32
Meier Oil Service Inc771,983.55
Meier Oil Service Inc775,614.61
Meier Oil Service Inc7721,874.14
Meigs Field39234,080.00
Meioco Terminal73296,210.29
Meisei Inc1121,560.00
Melar Litho Inc225,481.00
Melin Printing Co227,919.27
Meminger Metal Finishing Inc131,560.00
Memorial Hospital397814,161.00
Memorial Hospital631376,880.82
Memorial Hospital Of Carbondale22811.90
Memorial Medical Center62866,919.06
Menard Correctional Center39172119,492.11
Mendota Agri-Products Inc393910,155.91
Mendota Farmers Co-Op21038,000.00
Mendota Farmers Coop Supply Co91347,450.87
Menk Usa8861,563.14
Mennel Milling Co Of Illinois286,946.84
Mentzer Landfill2828324.45
Mep Flora Power Llc61740,028.74
Mer Roc Fs Inc7727,342.67
Mer-Roc Fs Inc77772.68
Mercer County Airport3327,180.00
Mercer County Nursing Home171765.35
Merchandise Mart Properties Inc393941,473.88
Mercy Hospital & Medical Center468457,785.94
Merdian Rail Products Corp42120790,938.37
Meredosia Terminal Inc395725,490.51
Meridan Grain Co2854,460.00
Meridian Automotive Systems Inc41163376,052.56
Meridian Rail Corp.4727,077.00
Merisant Co2103,080.00
Merkle-Korff Industries- Plant 39935,541.98
Merlan Inc111,360.00
Merrill Corp112,120.00
Merrills Contractors Inc3319,000.00
Mers Inc12147.86
Mertel Gravel Co395355,739.07
Merz Vault Co Inc383812,714.56
Meskan Brass Foundry2126,308.42
Met Inc11400.00
Met Inc - Images Marine11860.00
Met Inc - Little Grassy Campground113,920.00
Met-Co Industries113,367.00
Metal Arts Finishing Inc3939562.88
Metal Box International Inc343817,741.14
Metal Finishing Research Corp2460.80
Metal Impact Corp373822,691.94
Metal Improvement Co22440.00
Metal Management Midwest Inc2211,140.00
Metal Management Midwest Inc2311,520.00
Metal Management Midwest Inc11300.00
Metal Management Midwest Inc11860.00
Metal Management Midwest Inc256,400.00
Metal Management Midwest Inc121,780.00
Metal Management Midwest Inc33344,849.11
Metal Recycling Systems Inc11300.00
Metal-Fab Inc22400.00
Metal-Matic Inc3915012,202.62
Metalico-Granite City Inc3916739,917.38
Metals Technology Corp404344,273.77
Metalstamp Inc2211,090.00
Metform Corp34309,306.00
Metform Corp685,354.53
Methodist Hospital383814,676.16
Methodist Medical Center3838489.32
Methodist Medical Center38761,854.14
Methodist Medical Center Of Illinois4169233,557.45
Methodist Services Inc38763,236.99
Metokote Corp438554,042.77
Metokote Corp - Plant #28434840,966.52
Metro Animal Service3811435,792.78
Metro Concrete Llc395317,525.87
Metro Concrete Products Inc1113,000.00
Metro East Industries Inc6798,270.57
Metro Litho3348,948.10
Metro-East Mfg Co243,400.00
Metromedia Technologies Inc129,080.00
Metropolis Airport3388,320.00
Metropolis Ready Mix5838,680.00
Metropolitan Exposition Authority32322,214.53
Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority3939628.76
Metropolitan Sanitary Dist38386,527.80
Metropolitan W R D Of Greater Chicago371084,129.86
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District38763,095.49
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District383815,629.05
Metz Baking Co614171,676.04
Meuth Construction Supply Inc385269,194.87
Mexicali Hard Chrome333.79
Meyer Material Co405980,866.68
Meyer Material Co395379,834.10
Meyer Material Co405980,486.64
Meyer Material Co395827,903.49
Meyer Material Co254382,670.55
Meyer Material Co243780,703.47
Meyer Material Co405914,050.64
Meyer Material Co622145,020.00
Meyer Material Co6183,912.74
Meyer Material Co38576,749.41
Meyer Material Co405682,478.41
Meyer Material Co395379,427.47
Meyer Material Co385260,336.91
Meyer Material Co385282,237.44
Meyer Material Co2459,520.00
Meyer Material Co - Plant 1385273,578.15
Meyer Material Co - Preco Pit 122459,520.00
Meyer Material Co Crystal Lake Yard #433840497.25
Meyer Material Co Elgin Yard # 41227,200.00
Meyer Material Co-Big Foot Pit #142459,520.00
Meyer Material Co-Huntley Yard #45385241,341.77
Meyer Material Co-Streamwood Plant #3405967,607.49
Meyer Materials Co385258,646.73
Meyer Materials Co2435,980.00
Meyer Steel Drum Inc396249,842.00
Meyer Steel Drum Inc1134154,254.68
Meyercord Revenue Co41428,520.21
Mgf Industries Llc353734,205.84
Mi-Jack Products Inc2317,080.00
Michael Reese Hospital & Med Center395514,282.94
Mickey Truck Bodies Inc.551,325.00
Mickey'S Linen & Towel118,400.00
Micrins Inc330.10
Micro Circuits Inc12680.00
Micro Industries Inc61612,836.31
Micro Inks Corp6936,949.85
Micromatic Spring Co3316,655.60
Mid America Airport3932,360.00
Mid America Bank11860.00
Mid America Fiber113,900.00
Mid America Pipeline Co5546,940.00
Mid America Protective Coatings Inc882,495.45
Mid America Sand & Gravel Co2459,520.00
Mid City Lithographers - Printing Div411228,589.09
Mid-America Commodities Inc62566,920.00
Mid-Coast Terminal Co21055,940.00
Mid-Continent Coal & Coke Co2615,960.00
Mid-Illinios Concrete Inc395315,052.99
Mid-Illinois Concrete Inc394748,976.29
Mid-Illinois Concrete Inc395382,415.56
Mid-Illinois Concrete Inc395349,159.06
Mid-Illinois Concrete Inc513680.08
Mid-Illinois Concrete Inc35423,786.42
Mid-Illinois Concrete Inc395326,264.20
Mid-Illinois Concrete, Inc395370,957.50
Mid-Land Illinois Concrete Inc395370,777.74
Mid-State Mortuary Services Inc373728,489.12
Mid-States Concrete Products Co395329,357.81
Mid-States Recycling1140.00
Mid-States Truck Leasing77898.09
Mid-West Sand & Gravel Inc245,040.00
Midamerican Energy Co77898.09
Midamerican Energy Co-Moline Combustion Turb451685,302.98
Midcoast Aviation Inc6887,339.88
Middleby Cooking System1120.00
Middletown Grain Inc2828,220.00
Midland Industries Inc3912125,175.19
Midstate Core Co374,660.00
Midway Airport4204,469,300.00
Midway Airport Amc Buildings11860.00
Midway Wire Inc404625,699.70
Midwest Brass Forging Co Inc3737406.44
Midwest Control Products343917,651.50
Midwest Control Products Corp6102,724.00
Midwest Electric Power Inc4321160,440.90
Midwest Environmental119,700.00
Midwest Folding Products391111,984.55
Midwest Forging Die Dba Water Works Of Rockford11100.00
Midwest Galvanizing Inc5930,120.00
Midwest Generation Llc8535522,353,231.14
Midwest Generation Llc8318513,240,487.00
Midwest Generation Llc494516,453,772.97
Midwest Generation Llc252719,069.16
Midwest Generation Llc293859,902.34
Midwest Generation Llc13131.31
Midwest Generation Llc314817,099.08
Midwest Generation Llc8643933,159,608.66
Midwest Generation Llc191921,081.71
Midwest Generation Llc7846350,129,692.15
Midwest Generation Llc8558658,467,799.62
Midwest Generation Llc8322990,168,791.39
Midwest Grain Products Of Illinois393731,123,241.69
Midwest Material Co2510,580.00
Midwest Material Co2531,060.00
Midwest Metal Coatings Llc4312527,500.42
Midwest Mill Service Co.22500.00
Midwest Motor Specialists4457.44
Midwest Oil Llc71415,589.95
Midwest Patterns Inc.000.00
Midwest Printed Circuit Services Inc3927,060.00
Midwest Recycling Of Illinois Inc1110.40
Midwest Services Inc128,020.00
Midwest Slurry Inc2240.00
Midwest Soil Remediation6619,340.00
Midwest Steel Mill Services27585.36
Midwest Trophy Manufacturing Co23540.00
Midwest Trophy Mfg.11255.00
Midwest Waste Inc/Coles County Landfill28285,246.38
Midwest Zinc Corp. Hillsboro Facility110.14
Midwest Zinc-Hillsboro Inc39196182,523.18
Midwest/Gendex Dental-Div Of Dentsply Int'L141,240.00
Midwestern Gas Transmission3535.28
Midwestern Gas Transmission242834,740.80
Midwestern Wood Products222,000.00
Mike'S Anodizing Co3846683.58
Mike'S Inc11200.00
Mikron Industris Inc. (D/B/A Spectus)1236,979.00
Milam Recycling And Disposal Facility3668118,170.70
Milan Stone Quarry2414,260.00
Milan Wilbert Vault41418,460.56
Milani Foods - Div Alberto-Culver Usa Inc38482,902.75
Milestone Contractors Lp242434,622.42
Milledgeville Farmers Elevator Co5135,817.88
Millennium Polishers Inc224,320.00
Millennium Rail Inc102246,409.70
Miller Fluid Power3510120,638.12
Miller Oil Co6254,934.56
Miller Purcel Co2528.64
Millers Ready-Mix387856,158.81
Millikin University Power Plant397845,546.42
Million Air114,180.00
Millstadt Greenhouses6161,324.12
Millstadt Municipal Landfill282814,242.21
Millstadt Rendering Co39395,729.21
Milnot Co45767,209.71
Milplex Circuits Inc35672.52
Milton Enterprises Inc81655,709.42
Milton Industries Inc223,200.00
Mine Recovery Services Inc2410,720.00
Mineral Elevator Inc221,660.00
Mineral Resource Technologies Llc2418,860.00
Mineral Solutions116,380.00
Mineral Solutions Inc210460.00
Mineral Solutions Inc368,980.00
Mineral Solutions Inc2812,840.00
Minier Coop Grain Co21073,620.00
Minier Cooperative Grain Co2839,100.00
Minnesota Diversified Products Inc3981550,907.94
Minooka Grain Lumber & Supply Co21020,700.00
Minooka Meter Station393926,028.43
Misericordia School - North171724,867.65
Missal Farmers Grain Co21065,040.00
Mississippi Lime Co5249,470.72
Mississippi Lime Co269,860.00
Mississippi River Transmission Corp222244,824.50
Mississippi River Transmission Corp27705,366.43
Mississippi River Transportation Corp2324,626.40
Mitchell Airport3340,760.00
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc11260.00
Mitsubishi Motor Mfg Of America Inc492652,476,646.71
Mitsubishi Motor Mfg. Of America Inc.1014572,519.00
Mj Celco2237,206.00
Mmi Products Inc147,580.00
Mo Concrete1120.00
Mobil Oil Corp - Lube Plant405715,993.72
Mobil Pipe Line Co7712,030.27
Mobil Pipe Line Co7147,432.96
Mobil Pipe Line Co-Patoka Station715241,017.00
Mobil Pipeline Co11120.00
Modagrafics Corp694,093.80
Model Star Laundry Co39398,162.69
Modern Custom Casting221,120.00
Modern Die Casting Corp388350,113.14
Modern Drop Forge Co38448,593.43
Modern Gas And Oil Co11160.00
Modern Hard Chrome Of Illinois Inc440.29
Modern Plating Corp394012,396.82
Modern Plating Corp.115.00
Modine Mfg Co - Mchenry Plant43849,177.40
Moeller Ready Mix Inc395346,476.74
Moeller Ready Mix Inc395382,457.81
Mohawk Spring Co Inc2148,578.72
Moldtronics Inc312262.64
Moline Consumers Co2460,000.00
Moline Consumers Co2459,520.00
Moline Consumers Co2459,520.00
Moline Consumers Co2459,520.00
Moline Consumers Co2459,520.00
Moline Consumers Co2459,520.00
Moline Consumers Co2460,000.00
Moline Consumers Co2459,520.00
Moline Consumers Co82317,013.39
Moline Consumers Co - R/M Concrete Div395381,725.22
Moline Crematory & Cremation Services373710,065.46
Moline Forge Inc399013,454.05
Molo Oil77901.85
Momence Packing Co397841,414.31
Monee Ready-Mix Concrete Co395382,477.81
Monica Elevator Co21037,553.64
Monica Elevator Co21022,420.00
Monica Elevator Co267,740.00
Monmouth Airport3333,980.00
Monmouth Ceramics Dba/ Western Stoneware4415,980.00
Monmouth Feed Service Inc115,000.00
Monmouth Grain & Dryer Co21073,620.00
Monmouth Grain & Dryer Co Inc2211,220.00
Monmouth Ready Mix Corp61428,969.30
Monmouth Stone Co Quarry2459,520.00
Monroe Cleaners112,740.00
Monsanto Co22029,880.00
Monsanto Co2136,957.00
Monsanto Co32510,853.92
Monsanto Co21844,840.00
Mont Eagle Mills2258,100.00
Mont Eagle Mills Inc245,780.00
Mont Eagle Mills-West Elevator2220,420.00
Monterey Coal Co - Mine #121574,380.00
Monterey Mushrooms Inc396134,197.43
Montgomery Landfill28282,601.52
Monticello Grain Co2231,440.00
Monticello Grain Co2411,940.00
Monticello Municipal Landfill28285,014.33
Montrose Cemetery & Crematorium383847,512.78
Moomaw Elevator & Trucking1146,500.00
Moores Oil & Fertilizers Inc81027,911.84
Moorman'S Inc1147,980.00
Morgan Bronze Products Inc551,000.00
Morgan Marshall Industries Inc39803,309.23
Morgan O'Hare Inc3819717,426.46
Morgan Services Inc3910713,837.12
Morris Community Landfill27272,239.26
Morris Genco Llc618514,500.00
Morris Hospital4010326,055.78
Morris Muni Airport33285,280.00
Morris Sand & Gravel Inc2224,480.00
Morris Tick Co Inc224,320.00
Morrison, City Of111,300.00
Morrisonville Farmers Co-Op21047,460.00
Morrisonville Farmers Coop21045,700.00
Morse Automotive Corp4519,620.00
Morse Automotive Corp384230,715.04
Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals Inc381162,403.40
Morton International418917,545.09
Morton International61029,563.00
Morton International Inc5326564,007.14
Morton International Inc22960.00
Morton Metalcraft Co1021180,390.22
Morton Metalcraft Co112223,143.08
Motorola Co122,580.00
Motorola Inc11860.00
Motorola Inc2939,660.00
Motorola Inc38501,897.96
Motorola Inc39467,429.56
Motorola Inc39391,225.23
Moultrie County Redi-Mix5755,620.00
Moultrie Grain Assn21043,440.00
Moultrie Grain Assn21015,980.00
Moultrie Grain Assn2619,580.00
Mounds Production Co Llc425778,120.00
Mount Carroll Petroleum786,845.67
Mount Glenwood Memory Gardens171754,338.83
Mount Sinai Hospital425324,904.79
Mount Vernon Neon1125.90
Moweaqua Farmers Coop2106,340.00
Mozel Inc592,172.16
Mozel Inc. Columbia510220.00
Mpc Prods. Corp.110.03
Mpc Products Corp36760.00
Mpg Industries Inc110.02
Mpl Techs.112,640.00
Mr. B'S Dry Cleaners11300.00
Mr. Snappy Cleaners122,645.76
Mr. Swifty Cleaners Inc1218,969.60
Msc - Engineered Materials & Solutions Group4541,328.00
Msc Yard 33255,800.00
Msc-Engineered Materials & Solutions Corp.9107,385.00
Msl Midwest Operations224,455.00
Mt Carmel Sand & Gravel Co39566,293.67
Mt. Carmel Airport3374,720.00
Mt. Carmel Sand & Gravel1124,080.00
Mt. Carmel Sand & Gravel Co Inc2459,520.00
Mt. Hawley Auxiliary Airport33142,660.00
Mt. Hope Cemetery383843,983.68
Mt. Olivet Memorial Park38382,487.28
Mt. Pulaski Grain - A Div Of Lake Fork Grain Co22436,835.98
Mt. Pulaski Products Inc61440,800.00
Mt. Pulaski Products Inc31169,300.00
Mt. Sterling Airport3320,380.00
Mt. Vernon Airport33108,680.00
Mt. Vernon Elevator Co41338,592.52
Mueller Co739353,897.52
Mueller Co399323,977.24
Mueller Co. Plant 12412.00
Muller-Pinehurst Dairy414638,228.92
Mullins Grain Co21241,940.00
Mullins Grain Co21041,500.00
Multi / County Landfill2828257.72
Multicolor Specialties Inc667,576.00
Multifilm Packaging Corp41121,443.87
Mulvany Marathon Bulk Plant71914,506.37
Mundelein Liquors20201,441.56
Murboch-Coll-Lillibridge Inc393920,862.05
Museum Of Science And Industry6685,360.00
Musick Plating Co4100.47
Musser Division-Selmer Co Inc114,838.40
Mutual Wheel Co1120.00
Mwrd Kirie Water Reclamation Plant42921,952.15
Mwrdgc-125th St. Pumping Station39393,480.50
Mwrdgc-Egan Wrp18296,587.52
Mwrdgc-North Side Wrp43100906.87
Mycogen Seeds373744,524.95
Myers Industries Inc91899,971.10
N Henry & Son Inc116,200.00
Nabisco Inc3929311,650.65
Nacco Materials Handling Group Inc435697,299.59
Nacme Steel Processing Llc112,640.00
Nagle Pumps Inc39464,008.99
Nalco Chemical Co4218032,555.36
Nalco Chemical Co - Corp & Tech Center3910140,270.36
Nalge Nunc International223,920.00
Nanophase Technologies Corp3729,600.00
Nanophase Technologies Corp31333,396.79
Naperville Ready Mix Inc395360,806.21
Narvick Bros Lumber Co Inc395330,451.58
Narvick Brothers Lumber Co Inc61826,060.00
Narvick Brothers Lumber Co Inc20295,557.20
Nascote Industries43477117,947.93
Nat'L Precision Circuits & Electronics4410,566.26
Nation Pizza Products384212,820.34
National Aviation Center33135,860.00
National Baking Co396037,813.86
National Bronze Powder Co Inc33411.20
National By-Product Inc2213,740.00
National By-Products Inc39646,429.32
National Car Rental System Inc771,440.94
National Casein Co409517,905.09
National Cleaners/Shirt Express114,000.00
National Closure Corp6710,660.00
National Coating Technologies222,997.50
National Concrete Pipe Co5930,240.00
National Container Services6645.76
National Controls Corp2415,340.00
National Fiberglass Products5835,632.85
National Gypsum Co397772,339.07
National Interchem Corp24532.36
National Lamination Co39789,893.18
National Maintenance And Repair38406,962.33
National Manufacturing Co4610447,115.01
National Manufacturing Co21218,300.84
National Material Co1111,420.00
National Metalwares Lp236,480.00
National Railroad Passenger Corp378512,508.27
National Starch & Chemical Co.81612,769.00
National Starch And Chemical Co45286583,120.62
National Steel Corp - Granite City Div5067613,363,200.27
National Technology Inc364,660.55
National Vinegar Co1315,020.00
National Vinegar Co1525,420.00
Natural Enrichment Industries Llc21043,720.00
Natural Gas Pipe Line Co Of America-Station 1162626221,978.75
Natural Gas Pipeline431124,085,705.93
Natural Gas Pipeline Co39273927,956.03
Natural Gas Pipeline Co1424146,402.69
Natural Gas Pipeline Co2214,840.44
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America11120.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America121,485.88
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America113.50
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America43811,825,605.87
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America41652,323,018.67
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America263267,301.03
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America - Station 201482032,143,384.29
Natural Gas Pipeline Of America2328,859.94
Natural Gas Pipeline-Stat 1154646272,842.11
Naval Training Center501169272,310.60
Naylor Pipe Co387629,228.56
Naz Dar Co38391,425.40
Nazdar Chicago61212,153.00
Nb/Microseal Division31353,131.14
Nci Building Sys. L.P.115.00
Nd Inc1222,380.00
Ne-Co Asphalt Co385743,607.96
Neblock Inc33680.00
Neff Oil Co774,175.21
Neff Oil Co7265,649.73
Nehi Royal Crown Corp418429,417.35
Nehring Electric Works Co232,460.00
Neil Oil Co775,468.53
Nelson Harkins Industries1160.00
Nelson Oil Co7710,937.07
Nelson Steel And Wire Co Inc772,050.99
Nestle Corp22120.00
Nestle Food Co397858,985.81
Nestle Food Co/Libby'S39396,741.41
Nestle Usa Inc398346,428.18
Nestle Usa Inc397511,812.09
Nettle Creek Sand Inc11180.00
Nevin Laboratories Inc9910,039.64
New Dominion Farms Of Illinois37375,549.10
New Hartford Quarry294,704.06
New Heights Recovery & Power Llc3764299,843.83
New Lenox School District 122668.74
New Morton1064137,799.89
New Ngc Inc.110.50
New Pack'G Co3636113.01
New York Cleaners Inc1114,000.00
New York Cleaners Inc118,000.00
Newark Farmers Grain Co21240,860.00
Newark Farmers Grain Co777,200.89
Newby Oil Co73213,097.55
Newell Companies394110,350.11
Newly Weds Foods Inc62013,709.22
Newsweb Corp137,400.00
Newton Ready Mix Inc395326,752.96
Niantic Farmers Grain Co2727,240.00
Nichols Aluminum51289,360.00
Nickson Oil Co773,903.90
Nicor Gas7763.05
Nicor Gas2882513,311.25
Nicor Gas291541,366,517.85
Nicor Gas71423.44
Nicor Gas789,618.09
Nicor Gas3746178,902.26
Nicor Gas45116582,546.91
Nicor Gas3647317,866.47
Nicor Gas713289.30
Nicor Gas7131,851.48
Nicor Gas7817,820.89
Nicor Gas30170582,836.41
Nicor Gas713339.22
Nicor Gas7742.15
Nicor Gas713375.26
Nicor Gas77898.09
Nicor Gas7131,851.48
Nicor Gas7784.27
Nicor Gas415259,160.30
Nicor Gas77501.77
Nicor Gas77104.57
Nicor Gas77897.71
Nicor Gas7742.48
Nicor Gas713354.99
Nicor Gas7783.81
Nicor Gas713347.67
Nicor Gas131455,176.46
Nicor Gas11860.00
Nicor Gas112.70
Nicor Gas121,720.00
Nicor Gas662,253.26
Nicor Solutions34347,301.99
Nicor/Horizon Interconnect393911,869.05
Nielsen & Bainbridge1119,200.00
Nina Enterprises Inc428565,342.09
Nissan Forklift Corporation, Na424612,032.58
Nissan Industrial Engines3121,353.68
Nobert Plating2262.49
Nobert Plating Co35855.46
Nobert Plating Co4720,786.22
Nokomis Quarry Co2459,520.00
Norco Cleaners Inc1114,560.00
Norco Pipe Line Co Llc114,800.00
Norcross Safety Products Llc4255206,130.97
Norfolk & Western Railway Co397851,397.48
Norforge & Machining Inc31320,676.40
Normans Cleaners2212,969.60
Normans Cleaners222,687.84
Norridge Magic Touch Cleaners Inc115,291.00
North American Demolition Inc1117,580.00
North American Electroless Nickel234,009.00
North American Lighting Inc89330,897.32
North American Lighting Inc514236,722.68
North American Lighting Inc2997,140.00
North American Pipe Corp/Napco338112,000.00
North American Salt Co22400.00
North American Warehousing Co111,780.00
North Central Materials/Prairie Group Llc2530,060.00
North Elementary School171716,618.95
North Oil Co1111,080.00
North Park Cleaners114,717.44
North Ridge Junior High School3838871.11
North Safety Products Inc407416,317.57
North Safety Products Inc391175,385.34
North Shore Cleaners2214,040.00
North Shore Gas Co38386,624.84
North Shore Gas Co77250.46
North Shore Gas Co61609906.76
North Shore Printers Inc394110,361.30
North Shore Sanitary District252521,169.74
North Shore Sanitary District36368,945.46
North Shore Sanitary District121221,167.13
Northeastern Illinois University396220,072.24
Northern Baking39781,134.93
Northern Bank Note Co116,800.00
Northern Fs Inc7176,174.27
Northern Fs Inc71327,387.34
Northern Fs Inc71415,153.42
Northern Illinois Hospital Services Inc383818,047.77
Northern Illinois Metal Finishing115,760.00
Northern Illinois Service Co2459,520.00
Northern Illinois University1717388.63
Northern Illinois University42286222,021.09
Northern Illinois Wilbert Vault Co Inc37374,694.55
Northern Natural Gas Co2550184,763.57
Northern Star Plating & Finishing Co384112,309.43
Northern Telecom Inc1320,460.00
Northfield Block Co5149,055.14
Northfield Block Co553,900.00
Northfield Block Co385259,330.15
Northfield Block Inc395625,322.02
Northridge Pet Cremations38384,200.34
Northrop Grumman Systems Corp34373,717.18
Northrop Grumman Systems Corp146,180.00
Northrop Grumman Systems Corp2520,878.00
Northway Inc111,180.00
Northwest Airlines Inc77898.09
Northwest Community Hospital42796,005.93
Northwest Crematory Ltd37373,720.91
Northwest Illlinois Construction Co910113,820.00
Northwest Sorting Center38406,851.82
Northwestern Corp22400.00
Northwestern Flavors Inc39506,097.71
Northwestern Memorial Hospital429516,367.58
Northwestern Plating Works Inc38392,664.03
Northwestern University3915784,362.71
Northwestern University Chicago Campus6219531,277.61
Northwind Concrete Products221,160.00
Northwind Concrete Products Co225,040.00
Northwind Concrete Products Llc397164,991.43
Nortown Cleaners38393,925.15
Norwalk Tank Co11132,055.03
Norwegian American Hospital468025,765.97
Norwood Marking Systems Inc384045,364.63
Nosco Inc4731,302.40
Nosco Inc41128,218.03
Nova Chemicals1118,220.00
Nova Chrome Inc3642155.25
Novak Cleaners112,700.00
Noveon Inc42677,622,463.09
Noveon Inc.610294,572.00
Ntn Bearing1241,300.00
Ntn-Bower Corp3916658,972.02
Nu-Deal Inc772,734.27
Nu-Way Cleaners115,418.00
Nucor Steel Kankakee Inc42681,176,027.93
Nugent Wenckus457622,512.69
Nuway Speaker Prods. Inc.115,696.00
Nuway Speaker Products Inc384515,112.78
Nuway Speaker Products Inc343626,285.17
Nycomed Amersham Imaging33219.00
Nylok Fastener Corp91120,014.80
Nystrom-Division Of Herff Jones Inc38761,833.91
O'Connors Cleaners112,780.00
O'Daniel Trucking Co61452,480.00
O'Daniel Trucking Co395582,420.06
O'Daniel Trucking Co27341,870.05
O'Hare Airport41634,994,160.00
O'Malley Grain Inc25124.84
O'Neal Airport3388,320.00
Oak Forest Hospital39558,103.40
Oak Knoll Animal Hospital Ltd38381,402.27
Oak Park Hospital4410335,281.54
Oak State Products Inc3910314,331.94
Oakland Memory Lanes Inc37377,620.91
Oakley Enterprises Inc1213,560.00
Oakley Industries Inc2217,160.00
Oakley Steel Products Co3838876.52
Oakridge-Glen Oak Cemetery & Mausoleum476060,305.37
Oasis Industries Inc2347,838.00
Oasis Industries Inc2212.80
Oberbeck Feed Co125,380.00
Oberbeck Feed Co21051,980.00
Oblong Feed & Seed Inc223,200.00
Occidental Chemical Corp61352,360.00
Occidental Chemical Corp. Sauget Plant2410,750.00
Ochs Landfill #22828529.30
Oconee Grain Co2648,300.00
Odegards Laundry & Cleaners Inc22411.20
Odell Enterprises Llc D/B/A Barker Energy777,806.47
Odermath Usa Inc26333.56
Odm Tool & Manufacturing Co394034,851.96
Odum Concrete Products Inc395082,435.53
Odum Concrete Products Inc355372,096.78
Odum Concrete Products Inc2822,923.80
Off Broadway Dry Cleaners111,300.00
Ogden Avenue Materials Inc162226,930.57
Ogle County / Davis Junction Landfill282823,514.29
Oglesby Municipal Landfill2727304.33
Oglesby Municipal Landfill2828230.10
Ohio Grain Co2834,720.00
Ohio Power Co/Cook Coal Terminal31331,652.66
Ohio River Dock Corp1562,000.00
Ohmite Manufacturing Co40889,584.96
Oil Technology11200.00
Oil-Dri Corp Of America4106,850.48
Ok Grain Co21032,463.84
Ok Grain Co2851,780.00
Okawville Farmers Elevator Co21069,840.00
Okawville Farmers Elevator Co2274,140.00
Okawville Farmers Elevator Co21073,500.00
Oletex Inc39535,878.91
Olin Corp33331,035.36
Olin Corp5913231,168,733.93
Olin Corp39437,226.05
Olin Corp. - Zone 17 Facility361,262.00
Olmarc Packaging Co281,800.52
Olmarc Packaging Co395,580.00
Olmstead Cleaners11860.00
Olney Cleaners115,000.00
Olney-Noble Airport3340,760.00
Olon Industries Inc61223,294.87
Olsen'S Elevator & Feeds11360.00
Olsens Elevator And Feeds11360.00
Olson Aluminum Castings Ltd387,701.92
Olson Oil Co7135,559.13
Olson Oil Co7710,144.31
Olson'S Grain Inc1149,760.00
Olsun Electrics Corp22460.00
Oltman & Sons Inc395318,215.91
Olympia Cleaners112,995.20
Olympia Cusd #1632321,080.07
Olympic Cleaners1124,680.00
Omega Demolition2797.72
Omega Demolition Corp11240.00
Omega Demolition Corp11200.00
Omni Circuits Inc398824,465.44
Omni Products Inc234,480.00
Omron Automotive Electronics Inc2817,036.98
Omron Manufacturing Of America Inc239,380.00
Omya Quincy Inc251,480.00
On-Cor Frozen Foods Inc392349,731.86
One Hour Martinizing115,177.52
One Hour Martinizing114,268.70
One Hour Martinizing Co112,000.00
Oney Foods17175,182.75
Oney'S Foods22360.00
Oneys Food Mart202021,121.18
Onyx Environmental Services98183208,946.51
Onyx-Zion Landfill Inc323319,902.57
Opta Food Ingredients Inc282,500.00
Orange Crush Llc251,345.96
Orange Crush Llc162187,970.45
Orange Crush Llc303654,566.11
Orange Crush Llc242639,456.57
Orange Crush Llc243137,146.63
Orange Crush Llc243236,778.04
Oregon Stone Plant2566,480.00
Organics/Lagrange Inc383862.66
Orica Nitrogen L.L.C.1290,819.00
Orica Nitrogen Llc39101549,666.53
Original Ferrara Inc775,868.24
Original Smith Printing1157,780.00
Orpack-Stone Corp396418,895.47
Orton Quarry Inc2459,520.00
Osbernville Grain Co2462,940.00
Osco Inc7193,874.50
Osmose Wood Preserving110.40
Osram Sylvania Lake Zurich Ecs112,075.00
Osram Sylvania Products Inc153,540.00
Oster Enterprises Inc1121,840.00
Osterman Cleaners112,280.00
Ottawa Veterinary Hospital383860.60
Otto & Sons39394,314.44
Otto And Sons38761,731.64
Our Lady Of Resurrection Medical Center22173.60
Overdale Corp11400.00
Overton Gear & Tool Corp221.44
Owens Corning24500.14
Owens Corning Trumbull41121,854.04
Owens Corning-Summit Roofing & Asphalt391511,559,613.58
Owens Oil Co71337,584.56
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc391022,053,140.51
Owens-Brockway Glass Containers Inc11860.00
Owens-Brockway Plastic Products Inc192751,300.69
Owens-Brockway Plastics Inc377431,405.72
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Tech - Trumbull Div33740.00
Oxy-Dry Corp2213.52
Ozinga Bros395342,879.66
Ozinga Bros. Inc395672,797.81
Ozinga Brothers Inc395341,829.42
Ozinga Chicago Rmc Inc395382,396.30
Ozinga Illinois Rmc Inc395381,695.38
Ozinga Illinois Rmc Inc385252,837.93
Ozinga Illinois Rmc Inc395345,863.60
Ozinga Illinois Rmc Inc395342,919.66
Ozinga Illinois Rmc Inc395354,884.20
Ozinga Illinois Rmc Inc395322,824.72
Ozinga Illinois Rmc Inc395331,672.31
Ozinga Illinois Rmc Inc395382,357.74
Ozinga Illinois Rmc Inc395216,695.68
Ozinga Illlinois Rmc Inc384953,912.20
P & H Mfg Co4454106,688.17
P & H Mfg. Co.332,545.00
P & H Plating Co Inc3834,802.40
P & S Grain Co Inc2274,140.00
P & W Foundry Inc2320.04
P-Mark Quarry2439,960.00
P-Mor Engineering Co113,000.00
Pa Bonvallet'S Son Inc119,600.00
Paasche Airbrush Co13281.60
Pac-Seal Inc International353,600.00
Pace Industries Inc81047,277.51
Packaged Concrete Inc71721,540.00
Packaging By Design7949,645.02
Packaging Dynamics Inc. Bagcraft Div.114,803.00
Packaging Personified Inc1316,540.00
Packaging Products Inc38761,036.82
Pacsci Motion Control Inc51624,946.30
Pactiv Corp448122,802.94
Pactiv Corp3844104,542.92
Pactiv Corp3860193,251.63
Pactiv Corp4464,020.44
Pactiv Corp313513.34
Pactiv Corp47138,900.00
Pactiv Corporation4592125,993.53
Pactuco Inc - Midwest Div3943154,289.80
Paddock Publications Inc414611,599.72
Palace Cleaners111,780.00
Palex Container Systems4194143,341.42
Palex Containter Systems5962,742.02
Pallet City Inc2240.00
Palmer House Hilton393925,778.90
Palmer Printing Inc1511,260.00
Palos Community Hospital40804,277.50
Pamarco Inc46722.02
Pamco Printed Tape & Label Co404253,251.83
Pan Glo Chicago242,904.00
Panasonic Communication & Systems Co222.50
Panduit Corp468,360.00
Panduit Corp40575,547.54
Panduit Corp1223711.86
Panduit Corp - Network System Div235,060.00
Panduit Corp - Terminals Division122,140.00
Pangburn Oil Inc774,591.97
Pangburn Oil Inc774,425.11
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co46160727,791.66
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co2582979,245.15
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline131444,911,198.43
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co13461,845,473.77
Pantagraph, The39795,735.46
Pape Memorial Home393955,530.99
Par Services Inc - Concrete Division5159,880.80
Parade Packaging4655,148.39
Paragon Die Casting Co232,380.00
Paragon Spring And Stamping Co228,440.00
Parallel Lines8825,618.94
Paramount Plastics Inc2233,400.00
Parco Foods Llc332,780.00
Parent Petroleum6121,906.78
Parent Petroleum Co11860.00
Parenti & Raffaelli Ltd83729,574.04
Paris Cleaners-Furriers Inc1134,180.00
Paris Community Hospital Assn396221,209.95
Paris Metal Products Llc438981,773.72
Parisian Novelty Co41785,047.16
Park Crematory Inc38388,258.64
Park Forest Animal Clinic3838976.37
Park Press239,860.52
Parke Custom Processing2223,200.00
Parker Seals/Gnp Operations331,240.00
Parkview Manufacturing Corp38393,961.38
Parkview Metal Products2424,308.00
Parkwyn Funeral Home37378,945.46
Parsons Co Inc253,831.70
Parsons Co. Inc.224.00
Parsons Engineering & Environmental Services116,880.00
Parsons Engineering Science11520.00
Pasco Beverages Inc.112,250.00
Passavant Memorial Area Hospital4141156.80
Patio Gas 76 Inc1126,200.00
Patrick Media Group Inc38381,762.02
Patrick S. Dougherty25400.00
Patterson Bros Oil And Gas Inc77898.09
Patterson Dental Co1244,540.00
Paul S. Millikin Co1128,200.00
Paveloc Industries Inc395628,425.84
Paw Print Ltd17171,428.73
Paxton Airport3327,180.00
Paxton Landfill #2282819,560.85
Paxton Municipal #2 / Rt. 9 Landfill28281,369.26
Paxton Ready Mix Inc202652,160.24
Payne & Dolan Inc171714,385.00
Payne & Dolan Inc2459,520.00
Payne & Dolan Inc24540.00
Pbm Concrete Inc385253,737.82
Pcp Imaging477,760.00
Pcs Phosphate Co Inc3956127,694.93
Pdv Midwest Refining Llc72913,119.31
Peabody Coal Co234433,170.34
Peabody Coal Co2411,720.00
Peace Industries, Ltd335,967.84
Peak Cleaners112,000.00
Pearcy Grain Services Inc4449,160.00
Pearl City Elevator1110,920.00
Pearl City Elevator Inc92851,847.94
Pearl Paints North America Inc394112,999.83
Peavey Co21877,407.56
Peavey Co2328,820.00
Pechiney Plastic Packaging38391,921.67
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc426585,154.66
Pechiney Rolled Products Llc394865,486,274.66
Peer Food Products Co6618,536.32
Peerless Household Cleaners1112,480.00
Peerless Industries10105,932.84
Peerless-Premier Appliance Co4516623,696.36
Pekin Airport3361,140.00
Pekin Hardwood Lumber Co332,520.00
Pekin Landfill27276,975.13
Pekin Memorial Hospital396243,175.18
Pekin Paperboard Co Lp385474,861.78
Pelron Corp394210,159.39
Pelstar Llc71017,235.16
Peltier Glass Co577,942.44
Penberthy Inc447831,378.57
Pence Oil Co774,175.21
Penn Aluminum Industries3931245,082.82
Penray Companies61017,663.00
Penray Companies231,314.48
Penrose Elevator Co1145,000.00
Penzoil-Quaker State Co2526,527.28
Peoples Energy Resources Corp42542,393,311.21
Peoples Energy Resources Corp-131st Stat226,960.00
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co377410,819.37
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co393919,231.65
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co45534552,356.21
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co391113,971.22
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co - Calumet St39393,441.93
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co - S Dist Sp39416,842.99
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co Rogers Pk38382,025.40
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co-73rd St Reg39393,846.57
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co-Central Shop3838611.79
Peoples Gas Light And Coke Co431834,591.60
Peoples Gas Light And Coke Co393911,081.63
Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter17171,242.75
Peoria Blacktop Inc - Div Ra Cullinan3350369.79
Peoria City-County Landfill2828600.93
Peoria City/County Landfill #1272715,438.94
Peoria Disposal Co475786,401.74
Peoria Journal Star Inc394026,860.66
Peoria Plastics Div - Bleyer Ind Inc3939474.13
Peoria River Terminal123,180.00
Peoria Tube Forming Corp221,720.00
Peotone Animal Hospital383852,958.24
Pepperidge Farm Inc1561,020.00
Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers Inc418319,308.09
Perfect Plastic Printing Corp2311,136.51
Perfection Oil Co774,863.56
Perfection Plating Inc39424,984.22
Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp2565.48
Perfecto Cleaners & Dyers Inc112,660.00
Performance Chemicals4065118,054.96
Performance Laser & Fab2315,860.00
Performance Products Inc11860.00
Perkins Products Inc283219,739.51
Permacor Inc341,960.00
Perruso Cleaners1117,340.00
Perry County Dog Pound3838358.00
Perry Memorial Hospital4064202,293.27
Perry Ridge Landfill118,043.88
Peru Municipal #2 Landfill28283,023.68
Peru Municipal Landfill #227272,311.46
Petco Inc353617,201.98
Peter Baker & Son Co242854,879.40
Peter Baker & Son Co - Lake Bluff Yard284087,989.81
Peter Baker & Son Co Plant #6232338,401.11
Peter Baker & Sons Co2433182,975.29
Petersen Sand & Gravel Inc243,200.00
Peterson Aluminum Corp3839955.73
Peterson Propane Co115,980.00
Peterson Spring/Greenville Plant3256,684.80
Petroleum Fuel & Terminal Co6819,693.39
Pfizer Inc591106,589.26
Ph Broughton & Sons Inc2424217.02
Ph Broughton And Sons Inc202721,219.89
Pharmagraphics (Midwest) Llc4541,058.65
Pharmasyn Inc1119,000.00
Phelps Dodge Chicago Rod Inc4118675,479.96
Phelps Dodge Chicago Rod Inc.1213.00
Phibro-Tech Inc3911721,408.13
Philip Lochman & Co112,900.00
Philip Metals Inc333361.68
Phillip E. Kitchen11420.00
Phillip Metals Recovery11800.00
Phillips 661226,420.00
Phillips Brothers Inc2429,222.02
Phillips Joanna Co11620.00
Phillips Petroleum Co115,140.00
Phillips Pipe Line Co112,620.00
Phillips Pipe Line Co146480,316.56
Phillips Pipe Line Co1235100,480.23
Phillips Pipe Line Co-Maroa Pump Stat33121,940.00
Phillips Pipeline Co-Decatur Terminal920103,693.70
Phoenix Oil Co66466.69
Phoenix Paper Products Inc1215,700.00
Piasa Motor Fuels Inc71726,822.70
Piatt County Airport3340,760.00
Piatt County Service7145,406.63
Piatt County Service Co1112,960.00
Pickard Inc39436,044.03
Pickneyville Correctional Center41557,636.02
Pierce Chemical Co38425,942.04
Pierron Oil Co71314,029.09
Pike County Landfill Inc323596,516.21
Pike Feeds Inc264,480.00
Pikeland Pork Llc37371,139.55
Pilkington N.A.223,067.56
Pilkington North America Inc40173679,091.64
Pillsbury Co38382,056.95
Pillsbury Co394370,238.33
Pinckneyville Hospital39394,372.09
Pinckneyville-Duquoin Airport3354,340.00
Pines Trailer Div - Great Dane Lp89108,595.40
Pinnacle Genetics Llc1616342.75
Pinta'S Cultured Marble Inc.125,437.00
Pioneer Asphalt Corp45101327,285.99
Pioneer Hi-Bred4826,222.60
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc2219,960.00
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc11200.00
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc222,440.00
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc3833,900.00
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc51525,307.00
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc2813,520.00
Pioneer Oil Co71310,401.00
Pioneer Plating Co11200.00
Pioneer Press4531,655.72
Pioneer School171711,974.41
Pipers Cleaners111,380.00
Pisgah Cooperative Grain Co21027,441.04
Pitchford Elevator Co2232,840.00
Pitchford Elevator Co2449,260.00
Pitchford Elevator Co1149,760.00
Pittsburgh Tube Co - General Tube Div38438,978.92
Pittsfield Penstone Airport3347,560.00
Plainfield Propane Llc11860.00
Plains Marketing Lp71527,278.63
Plains Marketing Lp785,701.93
Plains Marketing Lp785,483.20
Plains Marketing Lp784,873.91
Plains Marketing Lp787,514.76
Plains Marketing Lp734130,052.35
Plains Marketing Lp7835,682.60
Plano Metal Specialties Inc554,976.15
Plasco, Inc.112,224.56
Plastag Corp2534,382.38
Plastic Decorator3651,200.00
Plastics Capacitors Inc Plant 2228,810.00
Plastics Color Corporation Of Illinois4127,482.96
Plastipak Packaging Inc3434401.19
Plastisol Products Inc3111,201.12
Plastofilm Industries Inc114,480.00
Plastron Industries Inc1127,080.00
Plating Service Co40425,087.16
Plews/Edelmann Div Of The Stant Corp1160.00
Plexus Corp - Bil1816,951.04
Plexus Corp. - Bgil110.04
Plote Construction Inc61438,140.00
Plote Construction Inc212781,664.63
Plote Construction Inc162499,054.69
Plote Construction Inc6149,280.00
Plote Construction Inc2030103,141.02
Plote Construction Inc6174,580.00
Plote Construction Inc243267,325.13
Plote Construction Inc2549,220.00
Plote Construction Inc22540.00
Plymouth Tube Co3915731,328.56
Pm Ag Products Inc39409,101.48
Pmb Hydra-Screw114,936.00
Pmp Fermentation Prods. Inc.12108,528.00
Pmp Fermentation Products Inc40202431,766.46
Poffy'S Scrap Metal441,753.98
Poggenpohl Ready Mix5715,700.00
Poggenpohl Ready Mix5715,760.00
Poggenpohl Redi-Mix5731,360.00
Poggenpohl Redi-Mix61410,473.00
Pohlers Industrial Electric Service1313120.01
Polar Tech Industries Inc1129,500.00
Pollard Motor Co11860.00
Polo Cooperative Assn1116,000.00
Polo Cooperative Assn7134,189.34
Polo Municipal Landfill2828324.45
Poly Circuits Inc6124,173.80
Poly Circuits Inc5203,674.00
Poly Cleaners1119,948.76
Poly Cleaners115,678.40
Poly Shapes Corp4446,384.57
Polyfilms Inc220.84
Polyone Corp43153941,661.59
Polyone Corp.2381,300.00
Polyone Corporation296,600.00
Polyonics Rubber Co Inc36395,624.99
Pontiac Airport3381,520.00
Pontiac Center-Dept Of Corrections393950,729.99
Pontiac Landfill282862,987.51
Poor Clares Sisters-Corpus Christi2020433.31
Poplar Grove Airport33448,300.00
Porcelain Products Co3985158,687.35
Pork Power Inc38381,409.32
Port Lacon Enterprises Inc1218,000.00
Porter Athletic Equipment Co39405,413.40
Powder Coat V Inc36702,356.42
Powell Duffryn Terminals, Lemont Wharf.110.02
Power King112,180.00
Power Packaging Inc - Dry Division251,640.00
Powerlab Inc37441,722.35
Powerlab Inc.113.65
Ppg Architectural Finishes Batavia119.00
Ppg Inds. Inc. Works # 144832,836.34
Ppg Industries596,080.00
Ppg Industries Inc422721,151,471.38
Pq Corp40152362,855.79
Pq Corp395172,055.52
Prairie Central21060,400.00
Prairie Central Coop Inc2961,060.00
Prairie Central Cooperative Inc21047,660.00
Prairie Central Cooperative Inc21031,540.00
Prairie Central Cooperative Inc2844,560.00
Prairie Central Cooperative Inc2658,360.00
Prairie Central Cooperative Inc41451,139.66
Prairie Creek Services Inc21051,280.00
Prairie Farms Dairy - Quincy Milk Div39625,518.08
Prairie Farms Dairy Inc398012,515.99
Prairie Farms Dairy Inc39397,660.66
Prairie Farms Dairy Inc38383,479.42
Prairie Farms Dairy Inc - Aro-Dressel Div411061,590.73
Prairie Farms Dairy Inc Durst Div3838957.99
Prairie Farms Dairy Inc-Decatur Ice Cream Division39391,506.63
Prairie Farms Dairy-Olney Division391249,689.88
Prairie Hill Recycling And Disposal Facility28281,116.51
Prairie Material Nsa2648,720.00
Prairie Material Nsa2561,920.00
Prairie Material Sales385282,237.44
Prairie Material Sales364881,425.17
Prairie Material Sales - Plant 2395379,513.87
Prairie Material Sales Inc395042,598.15
Prairie Material Sales Inc395368,554.41
Prairie Material Sales Inc2616,040.00
Prairie Material Sales Inc222,840.00
Prairie Material Sales Inc223,800.00
Prairie Material Sales Inc1348,440.00
Prairie Material Sales-Plant 21395381,604.20
Prairie Material Sales-Plant 24385281,420.33
Prairie Material Sales-Plt #6385246,732.70
Prairie Material Sales-Plt #7385280,850.08
Prairie Material Sales-Plt #8395382,234.41
Prairie Material Sales-Plt 14385258,865.40
Prairie Material Sales-Yard 19395355,123.52
Prairie Material Sales-Yard 23395352,580.16
Prairie Material Sales-Yard 32344635,914.89
Prairie Material Sales-Yard 33395359,233.87
Prairie Material Sales-Yard 34395363,313.87
Prairie Material Sales-Yard 35385551,413.87
Prairie Material Yard 18395310,467.56
Prairie Materials Nsa2433,720.00
Prairie Materials Sales Inc395660,611.94
Prairie Materials Sales Inc384448,005.20
Prairie Materials Sales-#3395352,620.16
Prairie Materials Sales-Plant 10385282,010.49
Prairie Materials Sales-Plt 4395381,721.63
Prairie Materials Yard 22395382,217.74
Prairie Materials Yard 25395371,247.11
Prairie Materials Yard 26385216,511.02
Prairie Materials Yard 28395382,030.25
Prairie Materials Yard 2938510.94
Prairie Materials Yard 3038529,766.99
Prairie Materials Yard 37395382,194.41
Prairie Materials Yard 38395149,516.70
Prairie Materials Yard 39395353,963.83
Prairie Materials Yard 971536,820.00
Prairie Materials Yard 9821148,640.00
Prairie Materials, Nsa2652,080.00
Prairie Packaging Inc2411,625.34
Prairie Packaging Inc415100,367.37
Prairie View Recycling And Disposal Facility11126,171.12
Prarie Central Cooperative Inc21066,720.00
Prarie Material Sales Inc39109155,795.93
Prarie Material Sales Inc - Aztec Material384975,762.12
Prater Industries Inc10116,418.56
Prather Oil Co Inc118,560.00
Praxair Inc11860.00
Praxair Inc348,800.00
Praxair Inc39731,751.13
Praxair Surface Technologies Inc816233.53
Praxair Surface Technologies Inc384,540.00
Precise Castings Inc.122.00
Precision Chrome Inc5516.65
Precision Coating Inc6810,442.59
Precision Extrusions Inc252,240.00
Precision Finishing230.90
Precision Forming & Stamping Co.123,952.80
Precision Instrument Mfg Co3942489.50
Precision Plating Co384417,236.10
Precision Plating Of Quincy Inc220.00
Precision Products Inc3510,440.00
Precision Twist Drill Co3718,741.63
Precoat Metals4676477,195.35
Precoat Metals1015161,209.97
Prem Magnetics Inc11620.00
Premcor Alsip Distribution Center7136,759.00
Premcor Refining Group Inc46566933,045.04
Premcor Refining Group Inc486622,363,212.72
Premier Metal Finishing Inc330.15
Premier Paint & Varnish Co Inc5539,920.00
Prentice Farmers Elevator & Co21040,221.92
Prentice Farmers Elevator Co21434,860.00
Pres-On Abrasives61840,423.87
Pres-On Tape & Gasket Corp.116,240.00
Presnell Bros, Ready Mix Concrete Co572,740.00
Presnell Bros. Inc395381,198.15
Presnell Bros. Inc61079,040.00
Prestige Cleaners112,300.00
Prestige Cleaners11620.00
Prestone Products Corp6149,818.53
Prestress Engineering Corp61459,840.00
Prestressed Slabs Inc55160.00
Prevue Metal Prod Inc1717671.57
Price Brother Co39705,534.62
Price Printed Circuits Inc22520.00
Pride Cleaners Inc1119,800.00
Pride Container Corp408916,284.17
Pride Metal Products Llc8944.83
Prima Plastics333,600.00
Primex Technologies Inc373731,940.92
Primrose Candy Co394620,331.87
Prince Agri Products Inc810188.89
Prince Agri-Products Inc2412.32
Prince Manufacturing Co38267226,238.24
Princeton Muncipal Electric Utility233272,323.34
Princeton Municipal Landfill28281,162.05
Princeton Redi-Mix395362,173.87
Print Flex Inc43087,093.74
Printing Craftsmen Of Joliet Inc113,200.00
Printpack Inc3993144,957.92
Prior Landfill28281,069.83
Pro Tech Plastics Inc37386,471.37
Pro-Pak Industries5924,240.35
Process Maintenance Inc243,360.00
Prochem Inc International28520.00
Proctor Hospital40417,208.33
Producers Chemical Co.671,015.00
Progressive Steel Treating Inc51141,940.00
Prosise Oil Co778,558.04
Prosser Construction Co26332,791.16
Protectoseal Co9945,644.63
Provena Hospitals41734,677.22
Provena Hospitals D/B/A Covenant Medical Center40648,693.66
Provena Hospitals D/B/A Mercy Center394031,167.87
Provena Hospitals D/B/A St. Joseph Hospital40644,872.10
Provena Hospitals D/B/A St. Joseph Medical Center383824,103.69
Provena Hospitals D/B/A St. Mary'S Hospital41949,855.36
Provena Hospitals D/B/A United Samaritans406310,988.41
Provena United Samaritans Medical Center36887,927.91
Provident Hospital Of Cook County406413,384.65
Pruitt & Associates Inc Crematorium383836,503.68
Pt Ferro Construction Co274069,441.97
Ptc Alliance Corp5627,040.00
Publishers Offset Press224,997.81
Pure Asphalt Co38405,253.86
Purina Mills Inc / Pmi Holdings Corp21535,460.00
Purtscher Oil Co775,468.53
Purtscher Ready Mix Concrete39513,266.32
Pvs Chemicals Inc (Illinois)395719,106.81
Pyramid Materials Co1146,100.00
Pyroferric International Inc424927,650.84
Qc Finishers71523,291.07
Qc Metal Pickling39402,394.91
Qc Powder11300.00
Qma Inc331,208.00
Quad Cities Landfill2830121,695.08
Quad City Airport312896,000.00
Quad County Concrete Inc395082,375.17
Quad County Ready Mix395329,888.03
Quad County Ready Mix Of Breese385228,377.69
Quad County Ready Mix Of Centralia395318,053.78
Quad County Ready Mix Of Salem5724,308.68
Quad County Ready Mix Of Swansea385282,315.98
Quad-County Ready Mix395643,363.08
Quad-County Ready Mix395350,182.18
Quad-County Ready Mix385211,335.73
Quad-County Ready Mix Concrete Of Carlyle385251,276.96
Quad-County Ready Mix Of Nashville395350,302.18
Quaker Oats Co39158193,398.79
Quaker Oats Co38401,771.86
Quala Systems Inc39392,951.91
Qualitek International Inc441,220.00
Quality Bags Inc4413,691.34