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Polluters in Iowa
Muscatine Power & Water93138819,103,543.39
Midamerican Energy Co. - George Neal North9160791,303,170.92
Ipl - M.L. Kapp Generating Station9020115,026,105.06
Ipl - Prairie Creek Generating Station8946116,706,029.78
Midamerican Energy Co. - George Neal South8831553,172,770.44
Midamerican Energy Co. - Riverside Station877789,828,148.66
Ipl - Lansing Generating Station8649519,998,402.55
Ipl - Dubuque Generating Station854038,898,563.46
Pella Corporation - Pella Division856672,549,148.50
Ipl - Sutherland Generating Station8581817,686,575.26
Ipl - Sixth Street Generating Station845539,723,801.88
Ipl - Ottumwa Generating Station8427463,696,354.54
City Of Ames Steam Electric Plant/Combustion Turbine833105,683,607.15
Council Bluffs 8333179,049,128.81
Ipl - Burlington Generating Station8234116,157,316.65
Louisa 8111658,843,598.90
Cedar Falls Municipal Electric Utility/Cts804273,106,108.54
Central Iowa Power Coop. - Fair Station7817912,701,740.50
Cornbelt Power - Wisdom Generating Station772131,839,934.77
Adm - Des Moines Soybean584952,582,963.13
Adm Corn Processing - Cedar Rapids57372050,356,119.46
Midamerican Energy Co. - Louisa Station5631953,409,159.78
Midamerican Energy Co. - Council Bluffs Energy Ctr5639074,005,088.42
Adm Corn Processing - Clinton56314623,882,886.77
Monsanto Company - Muscatine 3670/6908/69095313981,896,006.77
Pella Municipal Power Plant515062,998,198.23
Iowa Army Ammunition Plant4820242,566,742.88
Cargill, Inc. - Cedar Rapids442702,066,868.08
Firestone Ag Tire Company446881,373,207.07
Bluestem Solid Waste Agency Sanitary Landfill #143121645,797.05
Iowa City Sanitary Landfill427680,960.54
John Deere - Dubuque Works4213833,082,955.61
Iowa State University/ Isu Heating Plant408467,797,128.38
Lafarge North America Inc.3962316,953,149.79
John Deere - Davenport Works39540181,631.11
Black Hawk County Sanitary Landfill3913828,197.46
John Deere - Waterloo Works38607254,041.32
Amana Refrigeration Products - Maytag Appliances371821374,181.41
Titan Tire Corporation352092695,415.49
Metro Park East Sanitary Landfill3462224,242.76
Central Disposal Systems, Inc.3445568,242.40
Dickinson Landfill3449202,541.49
Alcoa Inc.3330713,427,190.50
Maytag - Newton Laundry Products - Plant 23215207,737,797.20
Lehigh Cement Company - Mason City3252823,782,327.43
John Deere Waterloo Works - Donald Street Site316831,098,576.72
Omega Cabinets, Ltd.314521,100,788.92
University Of Northern Iowa - Power Plant/Main Campus297771,896,834.81
Scott Area Sanitary Landfill2958272,219.07
Scott County Sanitary Landfill28285,363.42
Sac County Sanitary Landfill2828894.43
Plymouth Inert Lf28281,936.21
Flannegan Sanitary Landfill28282,249.19
Winneshiek County Sanitary Landfill28284,584.52
North Central Iowa Regional Sanitary Landfill28283,281.53
Woodbury County Sanitary Landfill2828662.19
Wright County Sanitary Landfill2828908.46
Sioux City Sanitary Landfill28287,924.12
City Of Hawarden Sanitary Landfill (C&D)28287,786.76
Northwest Iowa Area Solid Waste Agency28285,430.84
Shelby County Sanitary Landfill2828356.51
City Of Ames Sanitary Landfill2828714.09
Ottumwa / Wapello County Sanitary Landfill28282,973.26
Van Buren County Sanitary Landfill2828207.65
Union County Sanitary Landfill28281,509.86
Adams / Taylor County Sanitary Landfill28281,086.71
Tama County Sanitary Landfill28281,633.22
City Of Newton Sanitary Landfill28284,062.44
Iowa County Sanitary Landfill282812,057.69
Ida County Sanitary Landfill2828420.61
Humbolt County Sanitary Landfill2828763.23
Floyd / Mitchell County Sanitary Landfill28283,547.40
Henry County Sanitary Landfill28283,445.92
Rural Iowa Landfill28284,668.95
Harrison County Sanitary Landfill & Ts2828435.89
Lee County Sanitary Landfill & Mrf/Great River Swa28282,318.41
Kossuth County Sanitary Landfill28282,936.94
Jones County Sanitary Landfill2828796.33
Southeast Multi-County Sanitary Landfill28285,723.03
Bluestem Landfill #2 / Marion28281,317.02
South Central Iowa Landfill28283,254.69
Mahaska County Sanitary Landfill28284,774.61
Bluestem Landfill #1 / Cedar Rapids28284,014.48
Louisa County Sanitary Landfill28283,091.49
The Hon Company - Oak Steel Plant2816021,290,165.40
H.J. Heinz, L.P.28669196,212.91
City Of Muscatine Landfill & Recycling Center282810,047.08
Marshall County Sanitary Landfill28284,811.22
Marion County / South Central Iowa Solid Waste28285,120.11
American Coals Landfill28281,069.83
Montgomery County Sanitary Landfill28281,230.71
Lucas / Monroe County Sanitary Landfill28281,434.75
Audubon County Sanitary Landfill2828691.72
Benton County Sanitary Landfill28281,296.65
Boone County Sanitary Landfill28285,251.63
North Dallas Sanitary Landfill28282,409.71
Carroll County Swm Commission / Landfill & Mrf2828962.03
Calhoun County Sanitary Landfill2828434.69
Buena Vista County Landfill & Mrf2828446.06
Landfill Of North Iowa28288,381.28
Cherokee County Sanitary Landfill28284,170.74
Chickasaw County Sanitary Landfill2828297.54
Clinton County Sanitary Landfill (East)28286,500.05
Crawford County Sanitary Landfill2828616.48
Iowa Army Ammunition Plant Slf2828198.56
Des Moines County Regional Solid Waste Commission28289,691.82
Wayne-Ringgold-Decatur Co. Slf28283,545.04
Delaware County Sanitary Landfill28281,010.55
South Dallas County Sanitary Landfill28283,621.70
Dubuque Metropolitan Sanitary Landfill282810,561.65
Tschiffgrie Excavation Inc28284,997.63
Fayette County Slf & Recycling28282,858.47
Grundy County Sanitary Landfill2828923.28
Franklin County Sanitary Landfill28282,595.59
Appanoose County Sanitary Landfill28281,341.07
Adair County Sanitary Landfill2828506.65
Allsteel Muscatine Components Plant27326180,372.72
John Deere - Ottumwa Works27215585,780.57
St. Luke'S Regional Medical Center2619917,049.37
Union Tank Car Co. - Muscatine26474958,652.80
Vermeer Manufacturing Company252076254,213.44
Winnebago Industries, Inc. - Forest City25713773,778.63
United Brick & Tile2495714,376.32
Sioux City Brick & Tile Company2445420,690.32
Omaha Standard, Inc.23227197,743.91
Anamosa State Penitentiary2336771,755.08
Ipl - Centerville Combustion Turbines And Diesels2311725,695.02
Dupont Performance Coatings223364261,544.03
Blue Bird Midwest22229349,901.85
Grain Processing Corporation21195534,908,841.26
Blackhawk Foundry & Machine21169576,731.66
Equistar Chemicals, L.P.21515718,236,206.94
Holcim (Us) Inc. - Mason City20386,466,443.63
Bertch Cabinet Mfg., Inc. - Waterloo/Oasis Facility203321,095,446.26
Case Corporation20351207,682.12
Green Valley Chemical Corporation202232,722,034.73
Gomaco Corporation20320105,325.56
University Of Iowa Main Power Plant/Main Campus & Hospitals2072436,179.56
Lear Corporation20869865,296.00
Keokuk Steel Casting, Inc. - Hawkeye Facility19320835,084.94
Brand Fx Body Company - Swea City19202290,124.50
Metzeler Automotive Profile Systems191341443,051.64
Vogel Paint & Wax Co., Inc. - Albany Place Se.191249291,745.29
Northern Natural Gas Co. - Oakland Compressor193451,854,987.63
Nichols Aluminum - Davenport194051,325,000.94
John Deere - Des Moines Works191043290,389.81
Gkn Armstrong Wheels, Inc. - Armstrong19504322,029.48
Winnebago Industries, Inc. - Hampton19238223,959.60
John Deere Foundry - Waterloo1910261,119,597.38
Northern Natural Gas Co. - Redfield Compressor19391657,379.83
Glen-Gery Corporation1872406,856.93
Northern Natural Gas Co. - Waterloo Compressor18146952,362.77
Northern Natural Gas Co. - Ogden Compressor182674,516,317.39
Northern Natural Gas Co. - Garner Lng Plant18149414,282.23
Stellar Industries, Inc.1822054,789.97
Polaris Industries, Inc.18464290,525.45
Cedar Rapids Wpcf1894165,760.00
General Mills Operations, Inc.1819002,187,344.79
Featherlite Manufacturing, Inc. - Cresco1812486,430.58
Donaldson Company, Inc. - Cresco18266201,156.63
The Dexter Company188982,609,435.08
North Star Steel Company181551,851,751.01
Sudenga Industries, Inc.17259107,514.70
Elkem Carbon - Keokuk171183630,819.52
Iowa Methodist Medical Center1719049,807.04
Barton Solvents Inc. Council17314,395.00
Barton Solvents Inc. Bettendorf Branch17314,448.00
Fansteel Wellman Dynamics17532305,449.27
Modernfold, Inc.17458150,813.56
American Welding & Tank Company1779189,085.92
Bertch Cabinet Mfg., Inc. - Legacy Division172531,023,786.39
Dynamic Fiberglass, Inc.16104101,386.80
Woodharbor Molding And Millworks, Inc.16286237,748.00
Winegard Company1614798,772.67
Cambrex Charles City, Inc.16330236,831.63
Sivyer Steel16830797,880.38
Kraft Foods, Inc. - Davenport161371,488,822.10
Iowa Paint Tech. & Manufacturing Center1645943,094.55
Griffin Wheel Company162651,402,724.06
Snap-On Tools Manufacturing Company1644792,798.12
Generac Power Systems, Inc.165832,487.79
Ipsco Steel, Inc.162492,649,458.10
Dodgen Industries, Inc.15358,137.75
A-1 Fiberglass - Rinehart Manufacturing158347,762.58
Gkn Armstrong Wheels, Inc. - Estherville15208112,826.84
John Deere Product Engineering Center1510641,140,744.46
Friesen Of Iowa1420892,586.40
Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc.14130174,692.33
Koehring Cranes, Inc.146448,668.19
Curries Division Of Aadg, Inc. - 9th Street14302350,320.00
Nichols Aluminum Casting14181665,600.00
Featherlite, Inc. - Shenandoah Operations146790,940.34
Griffin Pipe Products Company142241,007,022.07
Barton Solvents Inc. Des Moin14262,548.00
Pella Corporation - Sioux Center14146327,942.40
United States Gypsum Co. - Fort Dodge14885959,923.98
Magellan Pipeline Co., Llc. - Sioux City14360200,872.00
Bp - Cedar Rapids Terminal1491206,149.98
Sheaffer Manufacturing Co., Llc141269,011.81
Woodmarc, L.C.14298362,843.60
3m (Minnesota Mining & Mfg. Co.) - Knoxville1417221,946,083.12
Cedarapids, Inc.1420470,614.25
Lennox Manufacturing, Inc.13291290,570.14
Star Building Systems13105710,710.11
Gregory Manufacturing Co., Inc.1385111,424.60
Wilson Trailer Company136861,487.60
Tama Paperboard13239661,185.20
Crane Valve13225273,786.96
Glacier Daido America, Llc1334882,894.92
Midamerican Energy Co. - Electrifarm Turbines1377185,380.00
Bertch Cabinet Mfg., Inc. - Oelwein13118205,532.00
Kiefer Built, Inc.133643,139.15
Electrolux Home Products132381,230,780.00
Riley Industrial Painting1350868,348.00
Eagle Window & Door, Inc.13304654,457.08
Industrial Laminates/Norplex, Inc.137074,479,677.46
Transco Railway Products, Inc.1290278,280.00
Magellan Pipeline Co., Llc. - Waterloo12115644,173.40
Midamerican Energy Co. - Waterloo Lundquist Sta.1226026,484.05
Pella Corporation - Carroll Division12178157,526.93
Curries Division Of Aadg, Inc. - 12th Street12140210,648.43
Advanced Component Technologies12278122,943.70
Hirsch Industries, Inc.1295121,179.05
Magellan Pipeline Co., Llc. - Des Moines12548284,743.05
Quad City Drum Recycling Company121755,800.00
Flint Hills Resources, L.P. - Bettendorf Terminal12164544,940.00
National Cooperative Refinery Association12237149,330.00
Magellan Pipeline Co., Llc. - Iowa City12272149,918.63
Enterprise Ngl Pipeline, Llc. - Iowa City Terminal12122221,883.19
Loparex, Inc.11363991,868.57
Ceco Building Systems11244758,252.99
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America - Station 204111253,196,984.00
Adm Corn Processing1111236,820.00
Penford Products Co.11971,305,462.00
Chicago Bridge & Iron Co.1121196,431.05
Midamerican Energy Co. - Sycamore Turbines1131151,333.20
Silgan Containers Mfg. Corp. - Fort Dodge1159536,703.59
Magellan Pipeline Co., Llc. - Fort Dodge1172127,992.00
Georgia Pacific - Fort Dodge11701709,627.17
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America - Station 2051165321,132.00
Magellan Pipeline Co., Llc. - Mason City1121584,458.36
Spencer Hospital11111,748.49
Magellan Pipeline Co., Llc. - Milford11107795,398.00
Magellan Pipeline Co., Llc. - Dubuque1170499,559.64
Lakes Regional Healthcare1111386.04
Dura Automotive Systems10569,714.82
Pella Corporation - Shenandoah1066202,494.70
Ipl - Lime Creek Combustion Turbines Station103481,410.04
Quality Mat Co., Inc.1050416,640.00
Curwood, Inc.10413268,970.25
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America - Station 10810771,935,210.52
Usda, National Animal Disease Center10119148,530.86
Iowa E.P.S. Products, Inc. - Des Moines1056247,002.86
Midamerican Energy Co. - Pleasant Hill Turbines106112,462.10
Construction Products, Inc.1061143,980.00
Ipl - Grinnell Combustion Turbines Station10391,869.47
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America - Station 198103522,080.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America - Station 1991035119,320.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America - Station 107101043,726,570.00
Ajinomoto Heartland Llc.1050593,103.00
Climax Molybdenum Company105522,576,659.90
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America - Station 10910783,022,380.00
Silgan Containers Mfg. Corp. - Fort Madison958678,032.47
Diamond V Mills, Inc9226424,072.01
Cr-1, L.P. - Dba Cargill Nutriproducts94196,989.00
Pmx Industries, Inc.9242200,658.01
Bfc Electric Company, Llc9581,705,600.00
Bunge North America, Inc. - Bunge Avenue92731,734,505.28
Pella Corporation - Story City Division99369,700.00
Dethmers Manufacturing Co.94950,800.00
Universal Rundle Corporation963343,760.00
Koch Nitrogen Company - Fort Dodge91441,100,865.83
Anr Pipeline Co. - Lineville Compressor91351,330,600.57
Fleetguard, Inc.9288268,847.20
Ag Processing, Inc. - Eagle Grove93003,328,042.85
Metokote Corporation - Plant 15972103,507.46
Quinn Machine & Foundry93008444,370.47
Ag Processing Inc A Cooperative - Manning9226849,179.61
Northern Natural Gas Co. - Paullina Compressor9667,101.43
Smi Joist Company956393,236.00
United States Gypsum Co. - Sperry9254979,572.25
Alliance Pipeline L.P. - Manchester916216,352.20
Bloomfield Foundry, Inc.9242393,210.89
Ipl - Burlington Agency Street Combustion Turbines89346,662.09
Cargill, Inc. - Iowa Falls8225495,321.39
Manildra Energy Corporation8204260,658.05
Ag Processing, Inc. - Mason City8253887,900.02
Tyson Retail Deli, Inc.8161222,910.64
Terra Nitrogen - Port Neal Complex8958,136,469.77
Ag Processing, Inc. - Sergeant Bluff820424,074.69
Bpb Fort Dodge Plant87751,179,836.05
Cf Processing, Llc884754,845.38
Ag Processing, Inc. - Emmetsburg8214628,943.08
Color Converting Industries8181330,752.40
Cargill, Inc. - Des Moines82211,989,854.62
Ag Processing, Inc. - Sheldon82771,187,619.50
Mckee Button Company85315,618.80
Metso Minerals Industries, Inc.86537,559.20
Archer Daniels Midland - Keokuk8383867,107.40
Cargill, Inc. - Soybean East Plant7153866,946.04
Anr Pipeline Co. - Birmingham Compressor7901,914,868.09
Weber & Sons Button Co., Inc.7715,682.60
Trajet Products, Inc.773143,050.20
Cryovac Inc., Sealed Air Corporation7259508,909.54
Metro Methane Recovery Facility771602,400.00
Midamerican Energy Co. - Shenandoah Power Station727530,680.00
Midamerican Energy Co. - River Hills Turbines710518,755.30
Arch Mirror North71929,830.00
Linwood Mining & Mineral Corporation74241,314,939.85
Cargill, Inc. - Eddyville753826,617,349.75
American Packaging Corporation7250167,366.00
Cargill, Inc. - Sioux City72831,374,173.74
Tall Corn Ethanol L.L.C.7810,705.00
Tasler, Inc. - Eps728243,056.20
Koch Materials Co. - Dubuque Asphalt Terminal721824,335.06
Dubuque Water Pollution Control Plant71379250,260.00
Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. - Waterloo7284154,705.73
Quad/Greenfield, Llc659242,873.80
Diamond Vogel Paint Co. Inc.6617,088.00
Van Diest Supply Co.661,816.00
Webster City Diesel Turbine663,504.07
Metokote Corporation - Plant 2461355,536.17
Xerxes Corporation665118,584.00
Guardian Industries Corporation6572,555,354.78
Central Iowa Power Coop. - Summit Lake695271,541.46
Cargill Corn Milling67359,778.00
Midamerican Energy Co. - Coralville Turbines6461,820.00
Hearth & Home Techs. Inc.6641,548.00
Orba-Johnson Transshipment63057,805.48
Roquette America Inc. Keokukplant67192,998.30
Kaneb Pipe Line Op. Partnership Lp - Rock Rapids565128,740.00
Heartland Eps, Inc.55140,000.00
Bp - Bettendorf Terminal565305,860.00
Nst Landfill Gas Of Iowa, Inc.550.00
Donaldson Company, Inc. - Grinnell550.00
Bp - Des Moines Terminal585337,720.00
Kaneb Pipe Line Op. Partnership Lp - Le Mars575138,264.00
Emco Enterprises Inc.5595,280.00
Principal Life Insurance Company516512,077.54
Kaneb Pipe Line Op. Partnership Lp - Milford585345,188.00
Jeld-Wen, Inc.,Dba Jeld-Wen - Dubuque5240659,382.15
Midamerican Energy Co. - Merl Parr Turbines5253,900.00
Maquoketa Municipal Utilities - 105 Generac Dr.5253,661.74
Riley Paint Co.485,250.00
Zinpro Corp.44812.40
Adm Power Plant4413.00
Eaton Corp.472,005.00
Clow Valve Co. Fndy.48192.02
Harsco Corp. Heckett Multiserv Plant 52444,967.00
Klinger Paint Co. Inc.4814,105.00
Gomaco Corp. - Plant 23617,021.00
Precision Inc.33258.00
Decorah Ops. Textron Fastening Sys.3315.00
Modine Mfg. Co.3326.10
Barker Co.33750.00
Precision Idler Inc.3322,452.00
Helena Chemical Co.361,290.00
Wells' Dairy Eng. Cente R33750.00
Warren Distribution Inc.362,505.40
Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc.33213.00
Modern Welding Co. Of Iowa Inc.339,263.00
Ipsco Tubulars Inc.341,005.01
Paul Mueller Co.361,500.00
Benco Mfg.33180.50
Eagle Ottawa Waterloo224,293.00
Viking Pump South Main Facility2210.00
Viking Alloys Fndy.2263.00
Ibp Inc.23760.00
Aveka Mfg.249,509.00
Ge Co.2211,279.03
Exide Techs.232,958.00
Winnebago Inds. Inc.2432,886.00
A.Y. Mcdonald Mfg. Co.24423.00
Precision Inc. Corning2213.00
Brenntag Great Lakes L.L.C. Iowa Facility243,063.00
Gustafson L.L.C.2312.00
Gelita Usa Inc.232,205.82
Kay Dee Feed Co. Inc.2420.00
Fisher Controls Intl. Inc.24510.00
Pella Municipal Power Plant22724.00
Ibp Inc.2325,105.00
Evergreen Packaging Equipment241,000.00
Prince Agri Prods. Inc.22250.05
Procter & Gamble Hair Care L.L.C.2420,067.00
Williamsburg Mfg.23382.68
Midland Forge Div.2216.58
Dial Corp.121,000.00
Scotts Co. Fort Madison Ia11250.00
Box Usa Mfg. Of Iowa117.00
A. I. Processors1236.00
Commander Buildings Inc.11452.00
American Color Graphics123,291.00
Maytag Newton Laundry Prods. Pl11251.00
Rockwell Collins Inc. Coralville Ops.111.66
Iowa Contract Fabricators Inc.1182.00
Carry-On Trailer Corp.1121,500.00
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.110.00
Cargill Inc.1248,138.00
Rockwell Collins Inc. - C Avenue Facility1114.00
Square D Co.11500.00
Rockwell Collins Inc.111.66
Maax Midwest - Cedar Mfg.12111,850.00
Diamond Prods. Co.114,065.00
Intier Automotive Seating Of America Romech A Div.1220.00
Wacker Biochem Corp.1231,284.00
A.Y.M. Inc.11827.00
Land O Lakes Farmland Feed115,004.00
Maintaineer Corp. Of Iowa115.00
Rosenboon Machine & Tool Inc.122,768.00
K.A. Steel Chemicals Inc.116.00
Missouri Valley Steel Co.11250.00
Valmont Coatings Inc. (Dba Siouxland Galvanizing Corp.)1129.00
Diosynth Inc.1238,520.00
New Ngc Inc.120.70
Gemini -Decorah11878.00
Voltmaster Co. Inc.1215.87
Bituminous Materials & Supply L.P.120.16
Hach Co.121,000.00
Traer Mfg. Inc.119.00
Spartech Townsend111,300.00
Adm Animal Health115.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (505301)115.00
R. R. Donnelley Printing Co. L.P.1260,264.00
Paxton & Vierling Steel Co.115.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (504701)117.00
Aco Yp Inc.117,637.00
Johnson Mfg. Co.120.21
Leiner-Davis Gelatin11127.60
Nulex Inc.129,000.00
Twin State Inc.1214,955.00
Carfrae Meat Co. Inc.11300.00
Beef Prods. Inc.1218,250.00
Excel Corp.1110,000.00
Sethness Prods. Co.122,160.00
Ibp Inc.119,000.00
Hydrite Chemical Co.12970.00
Wells' Dairy North Ice Cream Plant11250.00
Federal Mogul Ignition Prods. Champion Spark Plug Co.12500.00
Genencor Intl. Inc.125,835.00
Barker Co.11250.00
National By-Products Inc.122,016.00
Michael Foods11200.00
Iowa Packing Co.123,750.00
Boc Gases1225,677.00
Spec Cast113.91
Regency Thermographers120.47
Eagel Window & Door Inc.1129,824.00
Art'S-Way Mfg. Co. I Nc.1111,554.00
Morrison Brothers Co.1111.00
Arrow Acme Inc.117.83
Lewisbins+Division Orbis Corp.111,718.00
Wellborn Inds. Ltd.110.10
Rock Tenn Co.124,019.00
Trimark Corp.110.22
Bituma Corp.1233,067.00
John Deere Engine Works1119,848.00
Northland Prods. Co.1210.00
Bowie Mfg. Inc.128,391.00
Advanced Heat Treat Corp.119,584.00
Farmland Foods Inc.1138,000.00
National By-Products Inc.121,386.00
Tur-Pak Foods Inc.12255.00
Ibp Inc.1236,000.00
Ajinomoto Food Ingredients L.L.C.127,413.07
Kemin Inds. Inc.1210.00
Praxair Inc.115,103.00
Nutra-Flo Co. Floyd Facility127,200.00
River Terminal Corp.121,000.00
Conagra Frozen Foods Council Bluffs119,125.00
John Morrell & Co.1231,039.00
Twin State Inc.126,240.00
Swift & Co.1222,908.00