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Polluters in Hawaii
Heco - Kahe Power Plant1721533,117,328.91
Hc & S - Puunene Mill1115915,473,740.58
Heco - Waiau Power Plant1723314,172,735.53
Kalaeloa Cogeneration Plant82613,543,236.00
Meco - Maalaea Generating Station1523111,895,086.37
Chevron Hawaii Refinery2539710,513,917.11
Meco - Kahului Power Plant15639,114,310.18
Helco - Kanoelehua Power Plant151448,159,822.32
Kiuc - Port Allen Generating Station131716,036,199.00
Tesoro - Campbell Industrial Park, Barber'S Pt. Harbor Loading Facility125695,149,809.83
Aes Barbers Point14864,649,974.16
Helco - Puna Power Plant14423,454,415.24
Heco - Honolulu Generating Station14921,620,999.13
Meco - Palaau Power Plant131571,158,725.28
Conoco Honolulu Terminal6211,074,987.00
Helco - Shipman Power Plant1238887,309.72
Meco - Miki Basin Power Plant13121848,206.82
Ameron Kapaa Quarry8165778,457.65
Helco - Keahole Power Plant1397750,375.44
Maui Pineapple Co.12133678,815.42
Chevron Kahului Marketing Terminal110521,560.00
Helco - Waimea Power Plant1030405,329.85
Chevron Honolulu Terminal Marine628278,491.00
Chevron Port Allen Marketing Terminal618272,382.00
Shell Hilo Bulk Plant17258,360.00
Chevron Marine Mooring Terminal11218,900.00
Ameron Camp 10 Quarry97388,861.56
Hamakua Energy Partners L.P. Hamakua Energy Plant4451,309.42
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.1238,900.00
Hawaiian Cement - Puunene Quarry311238,540.00
Waimanalo Gulch Landfill & Ash Monofill282837,700.64
Hilo Coast Power Co.3327,421.00
Kaluakoi Landfill282815,117.89
Waikoloa Landfill282815,117.89
Rego Landfill282815,117.89
U.S. Navy Pearl Harbor Naval Complex3615,022.90
Waiakapu Landfill282812,659.03
South Hilo Landfill28289,232.82
Kauai Island Utility Cooperative226,182.00
State Of Hawaii, Barbers Point Harbor, Piers 5 And445,178.98
U.S. Navy Pacific Missile Range Facility244,632.00
Kauai Power Partners L.P.123,120.00
Equilon Honolulu Terminal5102,500.00
Pohakuloa Landfill28282,229.15
Aloha Petroleum Ltd. Barbers Point Terminal5102,173.73
Waialeale Estates Landfill28282,051.99
Chevron Prods. Co. Hilo Terminal5101,998.00
Halehaka Landfill28281,038.24
Kona Community Hospital55674.82
Kapaa Landfill2828600.54
State Of Hawaii, Pier 5.44484.47
Kalamaula (Molokai) Landfill2828357.04
Makani Landfill2828324.45
U.S. Army Schofield Barracks Range Facility11286.00
Olowalu Landfill2828271.68
State Of Hawaii, Barbers Point Harbor, Barge Wharf44225.42
U.S. Army Pohakuloa Training Area Range Facility11158.00
State Of Hawaii, Diamond Head Terminal, Piers 1 An44126.28
Hchevron Prods. Co. Honolulu Terminal Transportation510102.00
State Of Hawaii, Pier 6.4481.12
U.S. Army Schofield Barracks / Wheeler Army Airfield227.00
Bei Hawaii - Barbers Point115.00