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Column information
Polluters in Georgia
A & L Shielding Inc.123.00
Abb Inc.221,158.00
Abc Compounding Co. Inc.12755.00
Ac Ind.1135,830.70
Acuity Specialty Prods. Group Inc. (Dba Zep Mfg.)6129,109.14
Addison Steel Inc.117.00
Advanced Adhesive Tech.551,250.00
Advanced Inter Connection Tech. Inc. Atlanta111.00
Aep Inds. Inc.1270.00
Agco Inc.1227,516.00
Ajay N.A. Llc.46275.00
Akzo Nobel Resins583,627.00
Alcan Aluminum Corp.36449,555.00
Allied Diagnostic Imaging Resources Inc.2210.00
Allied Foods L.L.C.111,000.00
Alma / Radio Station Road Ph2 Slf2828271.68
American Colloid Co./Cetco110.40
American Proteins Inc./Cumming Division964558,260.38
American Welding & Tank12500.00
Ameristeel Corporation, Cartersville, Ga Facility1029606,990.03
Amrep Inc.773,812.00
Anchor Glass Container Corporation7435,073,060.00
Andersonville / Freeman Street Landfill2828108.84
Anheuser-Busch Inc - Cartersville Brewery9120741,653.55
Anitox Corp.1210.00
Anthony Forest Prods.111,958.00
Apac / Ga / Donzi Lane Ph 4 & 5 Lf28282,326.67
Appling County / Roaring Creek Slf28282,014.69
Arch Wood Protection Inc.3689,309.45
Archer Daniels Midland Company7773,306,792.00
Arizona Chemical363,553.00
Arizona Chemical Company440557,294.33
Armstrong World Industries62114,022,494.65
Arrowhead Fiberglass Inds. Inc.1129,970.00
Ashland Distribution Co.12237,859.00
Ashland Distribution Co.361,239.00
Atco Rubber Prods. Inc.12255.00
Athens & Clarke Counties-Dunlap Road Lf282816,408.70
Atkinson County / Pudding Creek Slf2828324.45
Atlanta / Cascade Road Sanitary Landfill2828287.62
Atlanta / Confederate Avenue Landfill282813,179.82
Atlanta / Gun Club Road Landfill282812,086.57
Atlanta / Key Road Landfill28281,513.47
Atlanta Marble Mfg. Inc.1225,928.00
Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Inc. - Atlanta Operations127,780.00
Atlantic Wood Ind. Inc.336.00
Atlas Roofing Corp.240.57
Atlas Roofing Corporation15242,960.40
Augusta Newsprint Co.412573,260.00
Austral Von Roll Isola East Inc.122,003.00
Automated Packaging Inc.1140.00
Avondale Mills Inc. Sibley Plant111.00
Baby'S Dream Furniture, Inc.973538,996.00
Baldwin County / Union Hill Ch Rd Ph2 Slf28283,295.66
Baldwin County Union Hill Church Road Phase 328283,308.92
Balfour Lumber Company, Inc.622532,368.00
Bandag, Incorporated761152,410.25
Barnesville / Goggins Road Landfill2828391.22
Barrow County / Finch Road Landfill2828222.97
Bartow County Ph1 Slf282814,003.09
Bassett Furniture Inds. Of North Carolina Inc.-Dublin2234,938.00
Bassett Furniture Industries Of Nc, Inc.10301,765,172.00
Bathcraft Inc.26688,540.00
Bathroom Designs125,555.00
Bayer Cropscience Woodbine Plant12152,534.00
Beadles Lumber Co.1140.60
Beaulieu Plant 560 - Model112,158.00
Beaulieu Plant 830111,950.00
Beaver Mfg. Co. Inc.1286.00
Behr Process Corp.24197.00
Bekaert Steel244,465.00
Benchmark Polymer Prods.11250.00
Best Mfg. Co. Menlo Div.1265,893.00
Bio-Flocryl Inc.351,384.00
Bio-Tek Inds. Inc.111.20
Bj Sanitary Landfill & Recyclihg Center3036250,648.58
Blackshear / Piney Grove Church Rd Lf2828271.68
Blakely / Howell St / Pitt Road Landfill2828804.63
Blue Bird Body Co.3511,850.00
Blue Bird North Georgia2419,608.92
Bolton Road Landfill28283,131.51
Bon L Manufacturing Co.651268,988.72
Bondo Corp.4835,436.00
Boral Bricks, Augusta Plant 3, 4, & 518701,363,939.49
Boral Bricks, Inc; Atlanta Plant18461,024,377.32
Boral Industries, Inc1515359,534.12
Boral Industries, Inc1530616,344.20
Bp Products North America, Doraville Terminal 162067,293.00
Bp Products North America, Doraville Terminal 261747,126.00
Brantley County / Smyrna Church Rd Landfill2828558.05
Briggs & Stratton Corp.22154.75
Broadhurst Environmental Landfill28282,495.79
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation123303,382,270.12
Bryan County / Sr 144 Spur Ph 2 Landfill28281,635.22
Bryan County / Us 280 Mill Creek Slf28281,635.22
Building Materials Mfg. Corp.330.23
Burgess Pigment Company759657,140.00
Burke County / Clarke Rd Sanitary Landfill28282,954.50
Button Gwinnett Landfill28289,158.72
Butts County / Brownlee Rd Slf28282,130.93
Bway Manufacturing, Inc.1267467,476.33
C & D Techs. Inc.11109.00
C & R Landfill2828313.63
C&A Floorcoverings Inc.11721.00
C-E Minerals Plant 16631,009,869.77
C-E Minerals Plant 251222,398,888.52
C.R. Bard1212,256.00
Cagle'S Inc.11519.00
Cagles Inc. Pine Mountain Valley Processing1120,348.00
Cairo / 6th Avenue Landfill2828785.43
Caldwell Tanks Alliance Llc- Broad Street Facility1211,446.00
Calhoun County / Morgan Slf28281,356.76
Calhoun Plastics & Chemicals000.00
Candler County / Sr 121 Metter Slf28281,285.35
Canton / Ridge Road Ph2 Slf28282,051.99
Capitol Adhesives61016,731.00
Caraustar Mill Group, Inc.8532,634,835.40
Caraustar/Cedartown Paperboard23876.20
Caravelle Marine, Inc.27327,025.00
Cargill Chemical Products Division253118,198.80
Cargill Inc7272,059,693.88
Carolina Skiff, Inc.23305,905.00
Carpenter Company1566,600.00
Carrier Transicold115.00
Carrollton Landfill28281,923.33
Carry-On Trailer Corp.1130,458.00
Cascade Corp.11250.00
Caterpillar Inc. Griffin Power Sys.12255.00
Caterpillar Inc. Seals Metalcasting Facility331,250.00
Cellofoam North America, Inc.2343,668.00
Cemex, Inc.92715,100,457.20
Centek Inds. Inc.115,124.00
Central State Hospital Slf2828324.45
Certainteed Corporation9241,326,430.31
Cessna Aircraft Co.2234,154.00
Chamblee / Keswick Drive Landfill2828200.03
Chaparral Boats, Inc.328845,379.64
Chart Inds.3558.00
Chatham County / I / 16 Bloomingdale Lf28287,786.76
Chatham County / Sharon Park Lf28282,235.44
Chatham County / Thomas Avenue Lf28281,635.22
Chattooga County / Penn Bridge Road Slf28281,785.21
Chem-Tech Finishers779757,628.68
Chemical Products Corporation101443,778,620.27
Chemtall Inc.51042,731.00
Cherokee Brick & Tile Co1560695,099.30
Cherokee County / Blalock Road Ph4 Slf28281,190.14
Cherokee Lng Plant8152212,098.98
Chesser Island Road Landfill28282,876.62
Chevron Prods. Co. Macon Terminal5101,697.00
Chevron Products Company - Doraville Terminal61599,905.00
Chickasha Of Georgia-Tifton Oil Mill8251,299,022.00
Citgo Asphalt Refining Company1045430,856.18
Citgo Doraville Terminal23121,706.76
City Of Baconton Landfill2828714.09
City Of Buford / Peachtree / Ind Blvd. Landfill282821,587.53
City Of Buford / Tuggle Greer Road Landfill2828849.21
City Of Collins / Sr 292 W Landfill28286,569.06
City Of Conyers / Miller Bottom Road Lf28284,760.57
City Of East Dublin/Nathaniel Dr Rows 1&2 Landfill2828735.21
City Of Forest Park / Jones Road Landfill28281,635.22
City Of Griffin / Shoal Creek Landfill28283,570.43
City Of La Grange Landfill282823,776.93
City Of Porterdale Landfill2828324.45
City Of Thomasville Landfill282816,791.84
City Of Thomasville Landfill2828394.45
City Of Tifton / Maple Street Landfill2828198.56
City Of Tifton / Omega / Eldorado Road Lf28283,693.13
City Of Valdosta-Wetherington Lane Landfill28281,399.88
City Of Waycross / Blackwell Landfill28286,569.06
Cjb Inds. Inc.1110.00
Claude Howard Lumber Co. Inc.11496.00
Claxton Poultry Farms Inc.1114,335.00
Clay County / Sr 39 Slf2828324.45
Clay County Landfill2828297.54
Clayton County Landfill282816,273.56
Clinch County / Smith Rd Homerville Slf2828142.82
Clorox Prods. Mfg. Co.23122.00
Cobb County / Cheathan Road Ph2 Slf28287,786.76
Cobb County Farm Rd #2 Ph1-2-3 Landfill28287,786.76
Coffee County-17 Mile River Slf28285,828.22
Coggins / Trade Street Landfill2828222.97
Collins & Aikman Products Co.13412,817,456.98
Colonial Pipeline Company - Atlanta Junction130273,180.00
Columbia County Sw Management Facility282811,253.76
Columbus Ph 2 Slf28284,199.90
Conagra Foods Inc. Poultry Group1117,731.00
Conagra Poultry Co.11116.00
Conocophillips Co. - Doraville Products Terminal419110,579.40
Continental Tire N.A. Inc. Aldora Plant3673,727.00
Cook County / Parrish Ave Adel Lf28281,635.22
Cook County-Taylor Road Landfill28284,938.77
Cooper B-Line Norcross4416.00
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company941308,447.00
Cooper Tire & Rubber Oliver Rubber Co. Div.122.00
Cooper-Standard Automotive Inc.2483,825.00
Cottrell Inc.11150.00
Courier Dyeing & Printing113,188.00
Coweta County / Ishmann Ballard Road Slf28285,840.07
Crawford County / Cr 49 Roberta Slf2828909.15
Creative Marble Inc.12941.00
Crisp County / Cordele / Us 41 S Ph2 Slf28286,545.79
Cromartie Agricultural Chemicals Inc.121,453.00
Crosby / Quacco Road Landfill2828890.16
Crowe Indl. Coatings222,875.00
Crown Tech. L.L.C.2217.63
Crystal Springs Print Works, Inc.875656,262.00
Custom Bath Prods. Inc.1211,930.00
D J James / Sr 17 S Landfill28286,569.06
D. L. Lee & Sons115,100.00
Dade County / Back Valley Rd Slf28281,369.26
Dalton Whitfield Regional Sw Management2828727.60
Dalton-Mcgaughey Landfill28284,050.02
Dan River Inc. Porterdale Plant000.00
Dart Container Corporation Of Georgia36392,838.00
Dawson County / Shoal Hole Rd Slf2828501.85
Decatur County / Bainbridge Ph2 Slf28282,326.67
Degussa Construction Chemicals Ops. Inc.1216.00
Dekalb County-Seminole Rd Ph2 Slf282838,974.07
Delphi Energy & Chassis Sys. Fitzgerald221,705.00
Delta Air Lines, Inc. Atlanta Station31748,452.00
Delta Air Lines, Inc. General Office Facilities31421,632.00
Delta Air Lines, Inc. Toc333773,386.00
Dodge County / Herman Ave Landfill28281,069.83
Dolco Packaging513100,514.00
Dooly County / Cr 101 Sanitary Landfill28281,784.06
Dooly County Us 41 Landfill28281,647.83
Dougherty County-Fleming-Gaissert Rd Lf282813,779.09
Douglas County/Cedar Mt Lf/Ts28286,658.80
Dow Chemical Co.1117.00
Dow Chemical Co. Dalton Plant595,377.00
Dow Reichhold Kensington Plant61121,289.00
Drexel Chemical Co.4521.01
Dsm Chemicals North America, Inc.1110723,064,178.02
Dsm Resins U.S. Inc.23280.00
Du Pont Atlanta Warehouse121.10
Durango-Georgia Paper Co.2031572,363.14
Duron Inc. Atlanta12311.00
Earney Road Landfill282810,389.23
Earthgrains Baking Companies, Inc. - Atlanta Bakery765139,722.80
Eastman Chemical Co.713853.00
Ebaa Iron Inc. Cordele Div.2328,152.00
Eka Chemicals Inc.24510.00
Eka Chemicals Inc. Gp Plant11750.00
Eka Chemicals Inc. Nyacol Plant (Agn)115.00
Elbert County / Hull Chapel Road Ph1 Slf28281,478.04
Emanuel County Swainsboro Lf28282,326.67
Emory University661157,920.00
Engelhard - Attapulgus81585,381,201.92
Engelhard Corporation - Edgar Plant74204,244,378.00
Engelhard Corporation - Gordon Plant73161,355,854.00
Engelhard Corporation - Toddville Plant82181,331,548.00
Engineered Fabrics Corporation914176,860.00
Equity Group Georgia Processing Plant228,340.00
Erco Worldwide Inc.11360.00
Ethicon Inc.125,875.00
Evans Cabinet11236,000.00
Exide Techs.12449.00
F&P Georgia Mfg. Inc.122.17
Fannin County / Sr 5 Landfill28281,469.36
Faulk South Harrington Road Ssi Landfill28281,069.83
Federal Mogul Powertrain Sys.128.00
Federal-Mogul Corp.22504.00
Ferro Corp.6121,380.22
Fieldale Farms Cornelia Complex1132,400.00
Fieldale Farms Corp. Murrayville Complex1116,945.00
Filet Of Chicken112,000.00
First American Resources Co. L.L.C.4818,644.00
Fitzgerald / Kiochee Ch Rd Ph1 Slf28281,038.24
Flexible Metal Inc.119,728.00
Florida Tile Inds. Inc.121,680.00
Flowers Baking Company Of Thomasville515204,190.00
Ford Motor Company Atlanta Assembly14382,258,202.00
Forsyth County / Hightower Rd Ph 1&3 Landfill28283,250.74
Fort Stewart Hqs 3d Infantry Div (Mech)7153155,299,668.20
Francis Road Landfill28284,514.35
Franklin County / Harrison Bridge Rd Ph1 Lf28282,021.11
Franklin County/Lavonia-Bear Creek Road Landfill28286,569.06
Freudenberg-Nok General Ptnr.2416,891.30
Fulton County / Merk / Miles Landfill282813,179.82
G-P Gypsum Corporation Brunswick Operations2016933,020,670.94
Garfield Landfill28286,569.06
Ge Power Sys. Airfoil L.L.C.115.00
Geiger International, Inc.1159,800.00
General Chemical - Augusta Plant231,099,870.15
General Motors Assembly Plant15722,473,637.20
Geo Specialty Chemicals Inc.5915,054.00
Georgia Duck And Cordage Mill21073,893.00
Georgia Feed Prods. Co.116,762.00
Georgia Institute Of Technology734390,860.00
Georgia Oxide Div. Of Omni Oxide1228.00
Georgia Pacific Corp - Warm Springs, Ga Plywood7273,009,680.00
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Cedar Springs Operations918727,352,504.22
Georgia Power Arkwright Steam Electric Generating Plant813145,182,617.25
Georgia Power Company, Bowen Steam-Electric Generating Plant75386443,124,323.33
Georgia Power Company, Branch Steam-Electric Generating Plant75380223,333,969.11
Georgia Power Company, Dahlberg Combustion Turbine Electric Generating Plant7120537,119.92
Georgia Power Company, Hammond Steam-Electric Generating Plant7538078,156,069.41
Georgia Power Company, Mcdonough Steam-Electric Generating Plant8130870,166,564.30
Georgia Power Company, Mcmanus Steam-Electric Generating Plant421691,518,039.21
Georgia Power Company, Mitchell Steam-Electric Generating Plant7514513,723,510.47
Georgia Power Company, Robins Combustion Turbine- Electric Generating Plant72470,561.01
Georgia Power Company, Scherer Steam-Electric Generating Plant75380251,453,778.57
Georgia Power Company, Wansley Steam-Electric Generating Plant76267204,285,392.97
Georgia Power Company, Yates Steam-Electric Generating Plant81954109,422,599.14
Georgia-Pacific Corp - Monticello Plywood Plant9183,412,542.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp Chip-N-Saw Div8251,000,834.10
Georgia-Pacific Corp Madison Plywood Plt8162,958,241.30
Georgia-Pacific Corp Savannah River Mill159416,643,844.49
Georgia-Pacific Corp. - Monticello Mdf71882,916.60
Georgia-Pacific Corp. - Monticello Panelboard10872,140,269.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Savannah Plywood11752.00
Georgia-Pacific Resins Inc.5815,682.40
Georgia-Pacific Resins Inc.5821,490.00
Georgia-Pacific Vienna Particleboard1254373,076.20
Geowaste-Pecan Row Msw Landfill282814,387.78
Gibson / Ph1 Sanitary Landfill2828595.07
Gillette Co. Duracell A Div.242,576.03
Gilman Building Products - Blackshear Mill620812,640.00
Gilman Building Products - Dudley Mill629744,273.00
Gilman Building Products - Fitzgerald Mill528788,671.52
Gilmer County / Tv Tower Ph 1 / 5 Landfill2828184.66
Glit Inc.24102,594.00
Glynn County / Cate Road Sanitary Landfill28289,886.98
Gold Kist - Ball Ground Protein Recovery Plant541153,264.00
Gold Kist Carrollton Processing Plant11108.00
Gold Kist Ellijay Processing Plant11305.00
Golden Peanut Peanut Crushing Div.1486,258.00
Goodwin Co.1210.00
Goodyear Cartersville Mill1226.00
Gordon County / Harris Road Ph 2 Landfill28286,185.66
Gordon County / Lick Creek Road Ranger Lf28281,069.83
Gordon County / Red Bone Ridges Msw Complex28281,974.97
Graphic Packaging Macon Mill151988,190,273.16
Great Dane Trailers1110,613.00
Great Southern Paper Co.13192,437,567.20
Greene County / Us 278 W #2 Ph 2 Landfill28281,499.58
Griffin L.L.C. (Valdosta Mfg. Services)22370.00
Griffith Micro Science Inc.132,980.00
Grovetown / Newmantown Road Landfill2828222.97
Gs Roofing Prods. Co. Inc.2321.53
Guardian Automotive Lagrange Plastics713217,878.84
Guardian Automotive-Lagrange Mouding Plant19223,200.00
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.126,516.00
Gwinnett Co / Sugar Hill / Appling Rd Lf2828381.61
H. B. Fuller Co.364,565.00
Habersham County Landfill28281,671.10
Habersham Metal Prods. Co.1112,000.00
Haralson County / Bremen Landfill28282,265.75
Harris County / Hamilton Road E Landfill2828297.54
Harrison Poultry Inc.1129,602.00
Hart County Landfill28281,776.40
Hartwell Energy Facility2040613,944.52
Hayes-Lemmerz Intl. Georgia126.00
Healthier Choice Carpet & Pad Inc.000.00
Heard County / Frolona Road Landfill2828324.45
Helena Chemical Co.57757.00
Hendrix & Dail Inc.126,600.00
Henkel Surface Techs.33170.00
Henry County Ph 2 Lf28286,458.25
Heraeus Tenevo Inc.11250.00
Hercules Incorporated95817,589,919.96
Hercules Incorporated Brunswick Plant13723,052,784.30
Hibino Corp. Of America110.18
Hiram F Sears / Cr 120 Landfill2828324.45
Hollingsworth And Vose Company231,566,150.00
Honeywell Intl.2211.60
Hoover Precision Prods. Inc.119.60
Horton Components2433,898.00
Horton Homes, Inc.671284,542.00
Houston County Solid Waste Lf282812,925.47
Hp Pelzer (Automotive Systems) Inc.247,214.00
Hussmann Corp.33260.00
I.C.I. Paints The Glidden Co.244,594.00
Imerys Deepstep Road Plant81721,011,954.60
Imerys Dry Branch Operation83631,706,911.84
Imerys Marblehill Plant8252311,686.53
Imerys Sandersville Calcine Plant8274951,266.41
Indalex Aluminum Solutions7797,144.00
Inland Paperboard And Packaging, Inc.-Rome Lumber Mill1820635,127,042.47
Intercat Savannah Inc.1229,660.00
Intermet Columbus Foundry112982,001,645.78
International Agile Mfg. Ing L.L.C.24583.23
International Flavors & Fragrances6118,774.00
International Marble Inds. Inc.1131,912.00
International Paper - Augusta Mill2127327,808,700.07
International Paper - Savannah Mill2411130,392,021.90
International Paper Meldrim Wood Products8381,618,270.90
International Paper-- Folkston Lumber718508,712.40
International Paper-Wood Products Div. Augusta Lumber Mill7371,983,386.00
International Thermocast Corp.1223,920.00
Interstate Paper Llc12333,544,655.76
Introsul Inc.1295,600.00
Isotec Intl.000.00
Itw Tacc Cartersville244,564.00
J M Huber Corp - Sandersville Plant8100386,491.67
J M Huber Corp. - Wrens Plant6100579,748.42
J&J Inds. Inc.11174.00
Jackson County / Commerce / Pigeon Street Lf28281,635.22
Jackson County / Prison Farm Lf28281,896.82
Jasper County / Monticello Landfill2828476.41
Jeff Davis County Landfill28281,280.68
Jefferson County / Us 1 Lf28282,326.67
Jefferson Smurfit Corporatin1467,800.00
Jekyll Island Auth / Old Plantation Rd Lf2828324.45
Jenkins County / Old Louisville Road Landfill28285,500.64
Jenkins County Landfill282812,014.20
Jesup Mill, Rayonier Performance Fibers2010829,713,169.30
Jet Corr81527,646.35
Jm Huber Corporation-Commerce, Ga1341821,587.00
Johns Manville960661,163.66
Johnson County / Wrightsville Lf2828297.54
Jones Co / Gray City Cr S1079 Lf28281,635.22
Keadle Lumber Enterprises Inc.22315.00
Kellogg'S Snacks1244,776.00
Kellogg'S Snacks -- Columbus, Ga Bakery750247,757.60
Kemira Chemicals Inc.5104,231.00
Kemira Chemicals Inc.24694.76
Kendall Healthcare Products128,280.00
Kerr-Mcgee Pigments (Savannah) Inc.11532,951,333.00
Kik (Georgia) Inc.22750.00
Kimberly-Clark, Lagrange Mill759506,102.80
Kimoto Tech. Inc.2490,100.00
King & Prince Seafood Corp.118,570.00
Kobelco Construction Machinery America L.L.C.226,382.00
Koch Materials Co.110.10
Koch Materials Co.120.30
Kodak Polychrome Graphics L.L.C.5109,576.00
Kraft Foods N.A. Inc. Atlanta Plant1143,579.00
Kraft Steam - Electric Generating Plant8443923,538,919.25
Kwikset Corp.1210.00
Kysor/Warren Case Plant000.00
L-3 Communications Display Sys.110.40
Lafarge Building Materials11266,232,961.80
Lamar County / Grove Street Ext Lf282819.72
Lamson & Sessions110.45
Langboard Mdf15792,529,544.97
Langboard Osb12452,399,718.48
Langdale Forest Prods. Co.2420.00
Lanier County / Studstill Road Landfill28281,152.42
Lasco Bathware261,214,600.00
Laurens County Landfill2828881.62
Lee County Landfill28281,663.83
Lifetime Cabinet Inc.114,410.00
Lincoln County / Prater Landfill28282,491.76
Line-X Franchise Development Corp.000.00
Liochem Inc.122,088.00
Lippert Components Inc.4491.37
Live Oak Landfill & Recycling Center22438,400.00
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company - Marietta8445313,096.80
Louisiana-Pacific - Athens Oriented Strandboard Mill9851,135,097.00
Lowndes County / Sr 31 Clyattvlle Landfill28281,190.14
Loxcreen Co. Inc.2210.10
Lps Labs.24427.00
Maax Southeast26512,692.60
Macon County #3 Landfill2828876.04
Macon Lng Plant8133487,597.82
Macon Plant662402,091.54
Madison County / Martin Foote Road Lf2828322.03
Magellan Terminals Holdings, L.P.36131,622.00
Mainship Corp.2229,140.00
Maple Hill Inert Landfill282822,351.26
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc3998,100.00
Marble Masters Of Middle Ga. Inc.125,661.00
Marble Works Inc.123,170.00
Marcraft Inc.1233,962.00
Marine Mfg. Inc.1187,938.00
Marion County/Mt Zion Ch Rd Ph 1/2/3 Slf28281,047.04
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.1210.00
Matsushita Battery Indl. Corp.Of America-Lithium125,800.00
Matsushita-Ultra Tech. Batterycorp Of America (Mutec)3639,000.00
Maverick Tube Corp.122,181.00
Mcdonough/Atkinson Steam Electric Generating Plant994,128,147.20
Mcduffie County / Mesena Road Landfill2828129.78
Mcneilus Truck & Mfg. Inc.1119.00
Mead Southern Wood Products - Greenville Sawmill8302,160,038.50
Meadwestvaco Packaging Systems, Llc210201,433.00
Merck & Co. Inc.101936,842.80
Meriwether County / Durand Sanitation Lf28282,479.53
Merritt/State Rd 303/Us 341 Landfill2828324.45
Metal Coaters Of Georgia1326235,293.42
Metal Container Corporation830443,112.63
Metal Prods. Co.118,857.00
Metalplate Galvanizing L.P.1140.00
Metcalf Lumber Co., Inc612572,990.00
Mfg Chemical Inc.1210.00
Mi Metals Inc.126,778.00
Microflo Co.242,288.00
Mid-Georgia Processing Co. Inc12456,367.00
Millennium Specialty Chemicals1059381,445.52
Miller / Trammel Road Landfill282840,502.10
Miller Brewing Co10414,130,426.45
Milliken & Co. Hillside Plant1211,555.00
Milliken & Co. Kex 1 Plant2291.81
Milliken & Co. Live Oak/Milstar Complex111.00
Mincey Marble Mfg. Inc.1127,435.00
Modern Welding Co. Of Ga Inc.3417,406.00
Mohawk Industries - South Hamilton Street Plant91081,329,348.76
Monroe Auto Equipment Co.2311,219.94
Monroe County / Strickland Loop Landfill28282,426.55
Montgomery County Ph 1 Slf28281,376.26
Morgan Chemical Prods. Inc. E/M Div.366,407.00
Morgan County / Wk Cmp Lf2828952.82
Motiva Enterprises Doraville Complex733304,378.00
Mount Vernon Mills, Inc., Apparel Fabrics Division8524,922,639.32
Mr. Tubs Inc.1233,520.00
Murray County Landfill28282,246.67
Nakanishi Mfg. Corp.12130,000.00
Nazdar Atlanta1234.00
Ncf Mfg. Inc.36154,750.00
Ncfi Dalton Foam Div.000.00
Nci Building Sys. L.P.1264.00
New Ngc Inc.110.60
Newton County Landfill28282,626.03
Noramco Inc.4822,556.03
Norbord Georgia Inc.11371,095,697.99
Nvf Co.1210,860.00
Oak Grove Msw Landfill282853,127.16
Occidental Chemical Corporation24305,780.00
Ocilla Ph1 Landfill2828324.45
Oconee County Landfill2828297.54
Ofs Brightwave Solutions Inc.122,450.00
Oglethorpe County Landfill2828194.67
Oil-Dri Corporation Of Georgia Ochlocknee North And South669303,140.80
Olin Corp.35886.00
Omnova Solutions Inc.247,804.00
Optima Chemical Group L.L.C.36765.00
Osi Sealants Inc.489,607.00
Owens Corning - Atlanta758751,675.40
Owens Corning - Fairburn Plant10882,527,808.00
Owens Corning Fiberglas Savannah Plant113.50
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc. - Atlanta, Ga Plant8573,516,557.74
Packaging Corporation Of America - Valdosta Mill1817114,902,607.00
Packaging Products Corporation14392,755.00
Pactiv Corporation8451,273,107.03
Pan Glo Atlanta/Div. Of Russell T. Bundy Assoc. Inc.415113,186.00
Para-Chem Standard Div.451,769.00
Pattillo / Mtn Ind Blvd Ph2&3 Lf28289,904.76
Paulding County / Gulledge Rd N Tract 1 Lf28282,954.50
Paulk / South Harrington Rd Ssi Landfill2828324.45
Pcc Airfoils Inc.362,000.00
Pcs Joint Venture123,190.00
Pcs Nitrogen Fertilizer, L.P. - Augusta Plant89419,614,675.59
Peach County / Housers Mill Road Landfill28282,380.29
Perimeter Terminal L.L.C.6124,000.00
Photocircuits Corp.368,497.00
Photocircuits Corp.4730,104.00
Pickens County / Westside Lf28281,776.40
Piedmont Labs.3619,228.00
Piedmont Paints & Primers51028,781.00
Pierce County Landfill28281,162.20
Pike County Landfill2828324.45
Pine Bluff Landfill22330,600.00
Plantation Pipe Line Company - Bremen132595,800.00
Plastikos Inc.129,268.00
Polk County / Us 278 Cedartown Landfill28281,630.07
Polygard Inc.115.00
Ppg Architectural Finishes, Inc.1421406,084.02
Precision Components Intl. Inc.36795.00
Price / Cleveland Avenue Landfill2828313.63
Price / Roosevelt Highway Landfill282846,695.66
Printpack Inc.215865,660.00
Printpack Inc.518515,340.00
Procter & Gamble Manufacturing56468,000.29
Profile Extrusion Co.129,130.00
Pulaski County / Hawkinsville Lf2828352.46
Putnam County / Martin Mill Rd Ph 1 Slf2828246.83
Putnam County Landfill28284,420.21
Quad/Graphics, Inc.774109,144.80
Quebecor World Kri Inc6151,873,974.06
Quitman / Sr 33 Ph1 Slf2828684.63
Quitman County Landfill28285,014.33
R & B Landfill28281,661.37
Rabun Apparel, Inc.8201,082,255.63
Rabun County Landfill28281,376.26
Rapidtec Division-Rotadyne712434,913.60
Rayonier - Eatonton Sawmill810829,866.58
Rayonier Inc., Baxley Sawmill8181,228,380.00
Rayonier Inc., Swainsboro Sawmill68444,220.00
Reddy Ice # 321-East Point1230,000.00
Reeves / Frontage / Buff Roads Landfill2828324.45
Regal Marine Inds. Inc.1146,920.00
Regency Thermographers110.64
Rentz Cabinet11262,000.00
Rexam Beverage Can Company845525,190.20
Rhodia Inc.8116,550.00
Riverside 41410.00
Rm Clayton Wrc530507,726.80
Roberts Road Phase 2 Landfill28287,140.86
Rockwell Automation1115.44
Rockwell Automation3335.45
Rolling Hills Landfill282888.57
Rome-Floyd Sw Commission -Berry Hill Road Landfill282810,248.11
Roper Corp.2295.41
Roper Pump Co.3419,516.00
Royal Rubber & Mfg. Co.000.00
Royster-Clark Inc.36853.00
Royston L.L.C.117,075.00
Rutgers Organics Corp.12364.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (310601)112.00
Saft America Inc.3676.00
Sanco Polymer Group11250.00
Savannah Electric: Mcintosh Steam - Electric Generating Plant7623824,244,451.47
Savannah Marble Co.1112,307.00
Savannah Resource Recovery Facility3160499,575.06
Savannah Sugar Refinery6844,017,366.48
Savannah-Dean Forest Road Landfill28282,913.75
Schley County / Cr 65 / Hicks Landfill282841,655.01
Scholle Corporation41399,452.80
Scientific Games Intl. Inc.121,165.00
Scott G. Williams22540.60
Scovill Fasteners Inc.4826,750.07
Screven County / Rocky Ford Road Landfill28281,427.57
Seminole Marine Inc.1179,397.00
Shaw Inds. Group Inc. Plant Wm120.60
Shaw Inds. Group Inc. Plant 70120.70
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Plant 1/3736253,328.61
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Plant 2643133,679.21
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Plant 20740769,719.91
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Plant 23766398,718.92
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Plant 471243,558,808.02
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Plant 80752417,974.70
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Plant 817102384,643.37
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Plant Wd9721,815,217.38
Sheboygan Paint Co.51034,457.00
Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.1179,330.00
Sierrapine, Ltd., Adel Division111111,646,324.72
Signature Finishers L.L.C.3629,487.00
Skf Usa Inc.1118.00
Snapper Prods. Inc.1116,976.00
Snf - Riceboro (Chemtall Incorporated)612277,440.00
Snf - Riceboro (Flocryl - Acrylates Plant)775298,044.00
Snf-Riceboro (Flocryl - Acrylamide Plant)111,420.00
Solvay Advanced Polymers L.L.C.1252,252.00
South Atlantic Galvanizing1151.00
Southeastern Minerals Inc.11250.00
Southern Chemical & Textile Inc.115.00
Southern Natural Gas Co. Ellerslie Compressor Station321593,880.00
Southern Natural Gas Co. Ocmulgee Compressor Station318950,640.00
Southern Natural Gas Co. Thomaston Compressor Station39303,900.00
Southern States Environmental Services282814,595.93
Southern States Phosphate & Fertilizer Co.6122,159,506.00
Southern Veneer Products6311,118,140.00
Southwire Co.243.30
Southwire Company10140853,083.34
Sp Newsprint Co.13907,340,121.90
Spalding County / Yamacraw Road Landfill28282,380.29
Sparta Landfill2828352.46
Spectra Metal Sales Inc.22680.00
Spectral Response Inc.122.00
Spurlin Inds. Inc.1122,959.00
Spurlin Industries, Inc. - Palmetto, Ga34261,984.00
Standridge Color Corp.11318.00
Star Packaging Corp.12529.00
Steelfab Of Dublin Georgia Inc.110.00
Stepan Co.461,206.00
Stephens County / Sr 145 Landfill28283,323.81
Sterilization Services Of Ga121,985.00
Stevens Graphics61224,180.00
Stewart County / Cr 145 S Landfill2828543.36
Stork Gamco Inc.3324.40
Stowe Woodward123.10
Sud-Chemie Adsorbents, Inc.8178275,753.60
Sumter County Landfill28282,824.40
Sundance Boats1116,204.00
Superior Landfill And Recycling282814,987.16
Swims / Sr 92 (Dixie) Ph 3 & 4 Landfill2828558.74
Talbot County #2 Landfill2828324.45
Taliaferro County Landfill282884.59
Tattnall County / Ohoopee Rv Lf28287,786.76
Taylor County Landfill282811,973.53
Temple Inland Forest Products Corporation - Thomson Particleboard Plant6351,882,033.53
Temple Rome Lumber Div.1132,792.00
Terrell County / Us 82 Dawson Landfill282811,079.38
Tex Par Energy Inc.611717.00
Textile Rubber & Chemical Co.11250.00
Textile Rubber & Chemical Co. Resaca Coatings Div.000.00
Textile Rubber & Chemical Co. Tex-L Div.000.00
Textron Inc. E-Z-Go Div.55899.00
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company827248,736.26
The Hon Company416296,110.00
The Procter & Gamble Paper Products Company111655,433,922.57
The Sherwin-Williams Company1227334,228.20
Thermal Ceramics, Inc.6294,140,904.72
Thiele Kaolin - Sandersville Plant51191,583,432.36
Thiele Kaolin Company, Reedy Creek Plant673762,399.18
Thomaston / Ph 2&3 Slf28285,014.33
Tiarco Chemical2210.00
Tifton Aluminum Co. Inc.5733,154.00
Tolleson Lumber Company, Inc.- Perry Mill5361,124,792.00
Tolleson Lumber Company, Inc.- Preston Mill514636,280.00
Tomco Equipment Co.1190.00
Toombs County Landfill28284,697.20
Toppan Interamerica, Inc.745227,660.00
Torrington Co.11250.00
Torrington Co.241,000.00
Towns County / Sr 288 Ts Since 19922828553.97
Trall Trinity Freight Car Plt 493221,538.00
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line - Station 1203636,908,840.00
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line - Station 1304928,441,521.60
Transmontaigne Product Services Inc. Atlanta Terminal62376,089.00
Transmontaigne Product Services Inc. Doraville Terminal11446,600.00
Transpro Inc.1116.00
Trent Tube451,260.00
Treutlen & Wheeler Counties / Sr 46 Lf2828597.27
Trigen-Biopower, Inc.619434,180.14
Trojan Battery Co.2347.00
Trus Joist A Weyerhaeuser Business11773.00
Turner County / Ashburn Landfill2828519.12
Tuscarora Incorporated845124,934.00
Tyler / Buena Vista Rd C&D Landfill2828461.64
Tyson Foods1119,350.00
Tyson Foods Inc.113,000.00
Tyson Foods Inc.1113,209.00
U. S. Can Company725336,263.00
U.S. Air Force Moody Afb Ga Small Arms & Grand Bay Ranges110.07
U.S. Army Fort Benning Infantry Center11210.00
U.S. Army Fort Benning Range Facility11221.70
U.S. Army Fort Stewart110.00
U.S. Army Fort Stewart Firing Ranges11564.00
U.S. Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Pistol Range3413,426.00
U.S. Marine Corps Mcas Beaufort Townsend Bombing Range1122.00
Union Carbide Corp.7143,361.00
Union County Landfill Ts Since 19972828664.76
United Techs. Corp. Pratt & Whitney Div.222.00
Univar Usa Inc. Norcross Facility12245,766.00
Universal Textile Techs.000.00
Universal-Rundel Corp.22236,268.00
University Of Georgia5321,741,444.00
Us Filter2336,618.00
Us Navy / Kings Bay Ph 3 Lf28286,569.06
Usa Waste Smyrna Landfill282825,689.82
Usaf Robins Afb1693830,485.54
Uwl Inc-Richland Creek Road Landfill28288,653.97
Vantage Prods. Corp.1224,176.00
Visy Paper Inc.410145,399.31
Vought Aircraft Inds. Inc.1250,841.00
Vulcan Performance Chemicals481,297.62
Vulcan Performance Chemicals Dalton Plant1211,324.00
Vulcan Performance Chemicals Los Plant7141,639.00
W. R. Grace & Co. Conn. Darex Container Prods.244,258.00
W. R. Meadows Of Georgia116,120.00
Wadley / Artesian Street Landfill2828271.68
Walker Mountain Landfill-Rome-Floyd Sw Commission2828265.56
Walton County / Roscoe Davis Road Landfill28285,014.33
Warren County / Showl St #2 Landfill2828324.45
Warrenton Chip-N-Saw (Georgia-Pacific Corp.)59774,784.20
Washington County Landfill282813,332.26
Wayne County / Gardi Landfill2828813.91
Wayne County / Goose Creek Landfill28281,688.60
Wayne County / Madray Springs Landfill2828324.45
Wayne County / Slover Landfill2828324.45
Webster County / Us 41 Preston Landfill2828297.54
Wescast Casting Cordele L.L.C.2451.00
West Rome Plant1135,601.00
Westek Inc. Martha Mills3417,760.00
Westview Landfill28281,650.36
Weyerhaeuser Company - Flint River Operations19537,195,141.64
Weyerhaeuser Company - Port Wentworth Mill17566,573,180.28
Weyerhaeuser Impak Center51266,385.51
Wheelabrator Corp.1152.00
Whitaker Oil Co.71415,039.00
White County / Dukes Creek Landfill2828381.61
White Lightning Prods.1229.00
Wienerberger Group (General Shale)1515466,312.10
Wienerberger Group (General Shale)1530333,381.50
Wika Instrument Corp.1138.00
William C. Meredith Co. Inc.233.90
Williams Landfill2828324.45
Wincup - Stone Mountain765243,337.96
Woodbridge Corporation747104,910.00
Woodgrain Millwork, Inc.39391,265.00
Worth County / Sylvester Landfill Sr 11228281,846.56
Wrens / Industrial St Landfill2828415.29
Wrens Calcine Plant725294,772.53
Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corp815213,372.10
Yamaha Music Mfg. Inc.1214,200.00
Yates Bleachery Co.118.00
Ykk Ap America Inc.3426,681.00
Ykk Usa Inc. Natl. Mfg. Center126,450.00
Ykk Usa Inc. Natl. Mfg. Center23505.00
Young Refining Corp.846163,290.68
Zartic Cedartown Plant1126,293.00