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Polluters in Florida
Tampa Electric Company75746165,738,080.52
Tampa Electric Company7571196,336,808.27
Gulf Power Company81663125,011,161.23
Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.75457101,629,084.60
Lakeland Electric8840836,076,445.02
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.75404280,623,597.22
United States Navy44378544,777.42
Florida Power & Light (Ppe)5435265,277,019.22
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.5033710,347,877.93
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.6133361,112,978.43
Orlando Utilities Commission8332438,838,128.10
Cedar Bay Cogeneration Inc.623179,212,716.11
Florida Power & Light (Pmr)6031275,278,037.94
Reliant Energy Indian River, L.L.C.5330815,338,387.41
Kraft Foods, Maxwell House Coffee24302256,756.02
Stone Container Corporation2829929,111,106.22
Anheuser Busch, Inc. Jacksonville39270543,982.57
Florida Power & Light (Psn)5925517,898,730.37
Gulf Power Company7625336,709,724.86
U S Naval Station Mayport28224192,671.41
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.302191,589,229.34
City Of Gainesville, Gru8421824,200,880.10
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.5121582,841,090.68
Florida Power & Light (Ptf)5419535,883,503.15
United States Gypsum Co.23195606,610.76
Florida Power & Light (Prv)5419431,473,745.90
Rinker Materials Corporation.171915,460,179.29
City Of Vero Beach56188582,548.89
Cargill Fertilizer, Inc.171889,984,479.53
Solutia Inc.181887,678,965.38
Gulf Power Company751868,672,116.99
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Pulp/Paper Mill3617721,095,322.75
Florida Power & Light (Pcc)5117645,983,287.56
Baptist Medical Center27174706,214.51
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.301581,276,118.83
Vandolah Power Company, Llc2715460,534.83
Citgo Petroleum Corporation10154260,380.60
Florida Power & Light (Pfl)221508,124,071.74
Florida Power & Light (Pmt)56149133,257,900.12
City Of Tallahassee461482,609,530.15
Chevron Products Company1614594,121.81
Wheelabrator South Broward, Inc431422,580,863.59
City Of Lake Worth Utilities51142539,689.85
Wheelabrator North Broward, Inc.421392,925,293.03
Florida Power & Light (Ppn)2213414,943,967.82
City Of Tampa34132947,013.84
Hillsborough Cty. Resource Recovery Fac.371311,347,729.19
Buckeye Florida, Limited Partnership2213131,880,841.26
Pasco County361231,843,205.60
Lakeland Electric6120299,717.25
Lakeland Electric541181,054,657.24
Cargill Fertilizer, Inc.111189,613,417.11
Chevron Products Company12117130,316.53
Millennium Specialty Chemicals251172,067,134.37
New Ngc, Inc.7111614,205.83
Florida Power & Light (Pfm)201104,228,291.21
Chevron Products Company1410855,611.70
International Paper Company1910713,871,995.33
Coastal Fuels Marketing, Inc.251061,147.82
Cargill Fertilizer, Inc.111068,592,555.18
Bp Products North America, Inc.810447,753.08
Support Terminal Operating Partnershiplp19104196,422.91
Florida Crushed Stone Co., Inc.1310111,900,164.14
Ft Pierce Utilities Authority39100199,727.95
Dade Co. Rrf299847,138.39
Iff Chemical Holdings, Inc.25971,387,990.43
Amerada Hess Corporation1096149,280.46
Johnson Controls Battery Group, Inc8968,854.32
New Hope Power Partnership9965,516,529.26
Citrus World, Inc.8941,793,013.42
White Springs Agricultural Chemicals,Inc10946,078,865.28
Chevron Products Company1792158,844.52
United States Air Force2192105,959.60
Imc Phosphates Company89219,511,208.38
Tallahassee City Purdom Generating Sta.5190826,235.48
Tropicana Products, Inc.10897,638,879.32
Atlantic Coast Asphalt2889148,894.13
Department Of The Navy6899,525.93
Eaton Aerospace Llc488723,129.59
Alcoa Extrusions, Inc1387213,323.14
Florida Cement, Inc.38498,201.58
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation (Us)208325,495,172.88
Tampa Electric Company25827,368,440.33
Bpb Manufacturing, Inc.2282184,066.57
Stone Container Corporation2581182,793.37
United Technologies Corporation779568,095.94
Florida Power & Light (Pcu)3979797,601.18
Lee County Dept. Of Solid Waste Mgt.32781,508,107.91
Pinellas Rrf3076197,134.06
Engelhard Corporation576360,802.18
United States Air Force774131,720.00
Us Air Force/Cape Canaveral Afs674166,406.00
U.S. Sugar Corp. Clewiston Mill117337,492,896.42
Coronet Industries, Inc.873294,369.11
Reichhold, Inc.247223,306.36
St Cloud City Power Plant672135,673.45
Atlantic Coast Asphalt, Inc.267173,261.23
Rayonier Performance Fibers Llc177110,999,800.34
Atlantic Dry Dock Corporation2670163,994.38
International Paper1869355,405.03
St Vincents Medical Center316716,975.85
Miami Dade Rrf146616,887,851.53
Indiantown Cogeneration, L.P.16668,117,167.47
Leon County3566135,876.49
Us Air Force (Macdill Afb)20651,814.70
Florida Rock Industries, Inc.12653,454,649.67
Lafarge North America, Inc.6641,267,727.79
Sarasota Co Bd Of Co Comm356441,979.84
Calumet Florida, L.L.C.664437,869.64
Sarasota Co. Board Of County Comm'S3463222,447.82
Sugar Cane Growers Co-Op8638,227,418.60
Manatee County Utility Operations Depart3463563,959.61
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.8625,977,709.07
Kissimmee Utility Authority1861792,338.27
Atlantic Sugar Association7616,661,140.03
Cf Industries, Inc., Plant City Phos12619,684,386.36
Brandy Branch 20601,642,569.45
Gerdau Ameristeel Jacksonville Mill Div.2460907,892.99
Petroleum Fuel & Terminal Company136013,670.41
U.S.Sugar Corp. Bryant Mill135927,025,182.30
New Ngc, Inc., D/B/A National Gypsum Com857267,521.97
Tarmac America Llc14575,991,685.29
Anchor Glass Container Corporation22563,230,309.87
Bacardi Bottling Corporation185514,859.42
Osceola Farms65518,696,167.82
Pinellas Co. Board Of Co. Commissioners22553,537,985.43
Florida Tile Industries, Inc.55532,887.24
Florida Keys Electric Coop Assoc65488,640.00
Us Air Force/Patrick Afb65372,043.92
Bp Products North America, Inc.95320,288.71
Metal Container Corporation2553262,231.58
Ics-Fl, Llc952178,700.00
Lake Co. Rr295223,330.09
Ocean Spray Cranberries751294,750.12
Cutrale Citrus Juices Usa,Inc8513,555,911.18
Flowers Bakery2250165,033.39
Seminole Electric Cooperative Inc.19501,791,629.19
Hardee Power Partners7491,558,033.02
Oleander Power Project, Lp749319,326.00
Gold Kist Inc. Poultry Plant- Live Oak749133,194.59
Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control74939,250.98
Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department1149284,329.65
City Of Tampa-Wastewater Dept.748203,874.60
Louis Dreyfus Citrus, Inc.6481,401,438.25
Florida Gas Transmission Company6481,895,766.18
Florida Gas Transmission Company6482,388,463.46
Walt Disney World Company1746538,915.00
Agere Systems194650,911.10
North County Rrf234696,835.72
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.20451,073,819.78
Arizona Chemical Company15452,851,660.29
James Hardie Building Products, Inc.645119,238.00
Covanta Lake, Inc.11441,100,851.33
Calpine/Auburndale Power Partners, Lp1843556,124.13
Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Dept643868,751.94
Goodrich Corporation184328,993.31
Kinder Morgan Port Sutton Terminal, Llc743577,934.02
Trend Offset Printing Services, Inc.184223,015.17
Miami Dade Water And Sewer Dept542392,471.31
United States Navy64296,321.94
Aoc, L.L.C.1142112,028.40
Vaw Of America, Inc.942337,762.72
Spanish Trail Lumber Co., Llc16421,088,220.73
Gaf Materials Corporation942201,781.32
Keys Energy Services1041428,158.78
Tropicana Products, Inc8412,519,128.43
Solid Waste Authority Of Pbc12404,127,387.72
Griffin Industries Of Florida740946,228.40
Tampa Bay Shipbuilding & Repair Company2239474,220.83
Reliant Energy Osceola, Llc739375,465.67
Exxonmobil Production Company8397,543,172.00
Sterling Fibers, Inc.1439205,860.00
Genpak Llc339584,385.79
Peace River Citrus Products6391,092,991.87
Imc Phosphates Company (Cfmo)639179,700.78
Citrosuco North America, Inc.6383,526,066.94
Florida Power & Light (Pdc/Osf)6386,563.04
Pasco Cogen Limited(Parent Co: Aquila)938905,179.99
Jackson Memorial Hospital73870,720.46
Okeelanta Corp638159,009.80
Miami Dade Water And Sewer Dept538511,989.62
Duval Asphalt Products, Inc.283755,344.52
Standard Sand & Silica Co73764,412.86
Halifax Medical Center63715,294.00
Closetmaid Fka Clairson Intl637107,275.80
Florida Gas Transmission Company6361,860,912.92
Orlando Cogen Limited, L.P.2836666,898.46
Bp Products North America Inc93679,420.00
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.7361,000,740.29
Ashland Inc.14369,657.77
City Of Jacksonville(Girvin Rd Landfill)2636101,346.49
Florida Gas Transmission Company6361,447,011.41
Shady Hills Power Company, L.L.C.636478,522.00
Cutrale Citrus Juices Usa Inc7362,116,174.82
Bay County Board Of County Commissioners9361,085,430.03
International Paper193565,977.17
Florida Power & Light (Pms)73518,171.58
Morton Plant Mease Health Care73567,132.91
Florida Cement, Inc. (Fl Rock Industr)334104,606.72
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.8341,481,752.21
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc834205,620.00
Apac-Southeast, Inc.273444,216.99
Apac- Southeast, Inc.273458,681.93
Arizona Chemical Company733265,210.43
Citgo Petroleum Corp1033155,951.00
Escalade Sports243392,446.30
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.1832462,462.59
Franklin Industrial Minerals632174,884.00
Palm Harbor Homes53241,508.00
Tampa Electric Company8326,366,858.38
Munters Corp1832330,917.93
Todhunter International Inc .632196,911.57
Miami Dade Water And Sewer Dept53132,029.08
Apac-Southeast, Inc Central Florida Div.243181,829.40
Gilman Building Products Co.631511,177.40
Duval Asphalt Products283181,333.97
Transmontaigne Product Services Inc.1431199,498.89
Tampa Armature Works63124,791.66
Florida Gas Transmission Company6301,880,139.03
Florida Gas Transmission Company6302,364,687.02
Vertis, Inc.93070,240.00
Resolution Performance Products Llc1030137,046.68
Cargill Juice North America, Inc.8303,837,016.13
Luhrs Corporation1130287,800.00
Florida Brick & Clay Co., Inc153061,634.42
Florida Gas Transmission Company630906,830.78
Lake Investment, L.P.630997,000.02
Homestead City Utilities4291,820,000.00
Pdm Bridge Llc112939,564.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Plywood Plant12291,731,696.75
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.729505,414.85
Palm Beach County Water Utilities Dept.829345,097.84
Lakeland Drum Service, Inc.729237,460.00
Lesco, Incorporated729291,276.14
Smurfit Stone Container Corporation242968,789.19
Transmontaigne Product Services Inc1329142,087.94
Schwartz Road Type Iii Landfill2828165.28
Melbourne Airport Authority282826,303.91
Sarno Road Class Iii Landfill2828792.73
Cape Canaveral Afs / Landfill282834,125.12
Palm Bay Landfill2828214.58
Singleton Avenue Open Dump282826,303.91
Cherokee Crushed Stone2828390.31
Broward County Interim Contingency Lf28284,562.61
Champion Motors Incorporated28281,573.08
City Of Hallandale2828142.29
Fort Lauderdale Waste Tire Collectn Ctr282815,600.59
Deerfield Bch, City Of/Old City L/F28281,573.08
Aveva Drug Delivery Systems, Inc.72811,610.00
Coral Springs Dump28287,906.20
Dixie County Central Lf28287,726.48
Dixie County C&D Landfill282862.27
486 Sand Pit Inc C&D Debris Landfill282819,906.61
Citrus Central Sanitary Landfill28283,737.28
Blountstown Landfill2828156.83
Calhoun County Landfill28286,569.06
Charlotte County Lf #228281,561.12
Naples Airport Authority Landfil2828207.93
Columbia County Central / Winfield Landfill28283,260.14
Section 16 Lf28286,024.17
Desoto County / Section 16 Landfill2828864.78
Immokalee Landfill (#2)28281,288.64
Naples Sanitary Landfill282820,422.63
Monier Resources Fly Ash Lf2828380.42
Rosemary Hill Landfill28281,956.69
Keystone Heights Landfill (Class Iii)2828324.45
Hernando County Northwest Landfill28281,786.88
Teresa Lee Lf Inc (C & D Debris)2828271.68
Highlands County Sw Mgmt Center Lf28283,006.64
Desoto City Sanitary Landfill2828762.19
Avon Park C & D Facility Landfill2828188.99
Croom Slf (High Corner Rd Lf)28281,561.12
Hernando Sandpit & Wood Disp Facility2828103.15
Florida Mining Cement Div Lf282815,117.89
Lee / Hendry Sanitary Landfill28286,520.28
Suwannee River Mine Solid Waste Site2828271.45
Swift Creek Mine Solid Waste Site28288,980.29
Five Points Class Iii Landfill28283,172.05
Wetappo C&D Disposal Facility Landfill2828171.43
Gilchrist County Lf28281,618.75
Glades County Sanitary Landfill #22828173.24
Buck Horn Landfill28281,162.20
Engelhard / Block Ii2828178.00
Byrd Sanitary Landfill2828488.72
Chattahoochee Landfill28281,570.91
Ridge Manor Disposal Service Landfill28287,307.49
Hardee County Regional Landfill2828765.89
Hrs Gulf Co Public Health Unit2828146.00
Camp Five Landfill2828301.87
Perdido Landfill & Mrf282815,464.32
Ridgdill Rock Pit (C&D) Landfill2828324.45
Hamilton County C&D Disposal Facility2828140.28
Hamilton County Sanitary Landfill2828691.07
Franklin County Lf28285,500.64
Franklin County Central Landfill2828419.78
Florida Dept. Of Children And Families82815,039.42
Stetson Road Landfill282842,822.31
Trinity / Hammond Lf282832,089.92
Jax Se Regional S / W Disposal Facil28281,792.84
East Duval Slf (Greenfield Creek)28287,479.56
Sunbeam Rd Slf (Renewal)2828945.26
Flagler County Sanitary Landfill2828177.11
Panhandle Paving & Grading (Long Lf)2828403.23
Baker & Son Construction Co. C&D Lf2828652.65
Auto Shred Industries Dump2828171.32
Beulah Landfill2828408.03
Gadsden East Landfill28281,570.91
Jones Road Landfill & Recycling Inc282835,544.35
Sandler Rd Slf282828,789.27
Pinecrest L / F28281,792.84
Northeast Alachua Slf2828234.54
Gainesville Regional Utilities21281,873,294.70
Florence Lf Recycling Center2828103.15
O'Steen Brothers C&D Landfill / Sr 24282895.22
Alachua County Ne Auxillary L / F2828248.32
Southeast Landfill (Renfroe)282811,501.44
University Of Florida Lf2828183.88
Baker County Central Landfill282823,980.37
Northwest Alachua Slf2828153.10
Southwest Alachua Sanitary Landfill28284,494.20
Majette North And Majette South Slf28282,805.19
Santa Fe Landfill28281,369.26
New River Correctional Institution Lf28282,519.04
Back Beach Rd Facility28283,764.04
Florida Asphalt Paving Co. C&D Facility28281,024.32
Steelfield Road Landfill28287,186.47
Union Corrections Institution Slf2828271.68
126th Avenue Class Iii Landfill2828290.38
City Of Tarpon Springs Landfill28281,305.02
Toytown Slf282863,237.99
Pinellas County/Bridgeway Acres Phase I Landfill282812,025.88
West Lake Park Road Landfill2828285.51
Pratt & Whitney28281,863.46
Pratt & Whitney Slf28281,057.57
City Of Belle Glade Lf28281,863.46
Palm Beach County / Cross State Landfill #228281,573.08
Palm Beach County Lf #1 (Lantana)282880,294.29
Palm Beach County Solid Waste Disposal Facility282817,354.51
Leheup Dump28287,307.49
Oak Street Landfill282813,863.88
Southport Road Slf28283,449.55
Poncho'S Construction Co C&D Lf2828887.20
Orange County Highway / Avalon C&D Facil2828147.35
Cardinal Health Pts, Llc928191,424.29
Ridge Rd Lf (New Port Richey Lf)2828181.69
Envir. Waste Control (Marquis Slf)2828230.70
Indiana Ave Yard Trash Landfill2828907.00
Coastal Landfill Disposal Inc282814,072.29
Ash / Len Co. Const / Demo Debris Dump2828650.49
Sunset Sand C&D Debris Dump Landfill2828346.83
West Pasco Class Iii Landfill282818,135.88
Redding Slf (Central Landfill Inc)28285,230.50
City Of Zephyr Hills Yard Trash Landfill282816,766.35
Parrish Grove Landfill2828834.91
Pasco Lakes Inc C&D Landfill28283,221.60
Putnam County Central Landfill Ph Ii28283,013.18
Interlachen Sanitary Landfill2828271.68
Huntington Class Landfill2828381.61
Santa Rosa Holley Landfill28281,630.07
Santa Rosa North Lf28282,051.99
Tillman Ridge Sanitary Landfill28282,673.30
Ashland Specialty Chemical Company92810,790.00
Bartow Lf2828409.37
North Central Landfill28283,934.69
Barcola Lf (Site 202)2828239.18
Southeast Polk Landfill28281,154.91
Mountain Lake Corp Yard Trash Landfill2828761.86
Northeast Polk Landfill28282,309.83
City Of Winter Haven Yard Trash Landfill282819,367.11
American National Recycling #52828166.27
Taylor County Central Landfill2828608.14
Central Union Landfill2828434.69
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.7281,054,895.97
Environmental Enterprises Of Volusia Co.28282,720.91
Tomoka Farms Road Landfill28286,180.11
Ormond Beach Landfill / Class I / Iii28281,160.72
Lower Bridge C&D Landfill & Ts28281,216.54
J Strickland & C Thomann / Taylor C&D Lf282849.44
Waste Recyclers Of N Fl C&D Lf / Freeport2828216.90
Chipley Landfill28281,162.20
Mudhill Landfill2828215.71
Lake Marie Landfill28281,453.45
Plymouth Ave Landfill / Class I/Iii2828874.17
Linkovich Landfill / Class Iii2828995.00
Santa Rosa Central Landfill282813,471.92
Rowley C&D Debris Landfill2828145.88
St. Lucie County Sanitary Ph 1 Lf282812,957.39
City Of North Port Lf (Old)28282,942.69
Venice Lf28281,054.48
Lake Developers Of Osceola Inc C&D Lf28287,682.38
Kembro C&D Debris Landfill2828786.88
Santa Rosa Trash Landfill (Class Iii)28281,086.07
Northwest Santa Rosa Landfill2828380.42
Sanford Yard Trash Site (Class Iii)2828197.43
Branford Trash Site Landfill282848.07
Suwannee County Central Landfill2828776.01
Sumter County Landfill2828257.09
Bee Ridge Landfill28283,742.20
Kingsway Road Landfill28281,215.70
New Northeast Hillsboro Slf(Taylor)2828310.16
Old Manhattan Avenue Class I Landfill2828324.45
Plant City Slf (Sparkman Rd)28281,178.82
Southeast Hillsborough County Sw Landfill28289,171.31
Hillsborough Heights Lf282868,697.58
Central Lafayette Landfill2828285.51
Apalachee Correctional Institute Lf2828197.43
Jackson East Landfill28284,997.63
Springhill Regional Landfill282814,402.03
Environmental Protectors Assoc., Inc28282,956.12
Holmes County Sanitary Landfill2828271.68
Indian River County Landfill28282,585.56
Williston Slf2828252.12
Bronson Sanitary Landfill / Levy County2828589.01
Us 27 South Sanitary Landfill28289,115.66
Williams Concrete Const Co C&D (2 Sites)282813,701.55
Umatilla Landfill282815,117.89
Astatula Sanitary Landfill #2, Class Iii282815,117.89
Jefferson County Sanitary Landfill / Capps2828778.68
Astatula Landfill #1 & Ash Monofill28286,067.38
Howey-In-Hills Landfill28282,051.99
City Of Leesburg Landfill2828318.54
Florida A&M University72827,538.40
Log House Road Landfill282820,667.02
Verel Landfill2828254.83
Lena Road County Landfill28286,220.33
Palmetto / Erie Rd Lf28281,141.70
City Of Bradenton Dump28282,415.06
Aucilla Area Sw Disp Facility / Class I & Iii28282,149.08
Greenville Lf2828246.83
Cedar Key Lf282895.98
New Cedar Key Lf2828156.83
Liberty County Disposal2828414.51
Inglis And Yankeetown Slf28281,358.39
Jason Hemenway C&D Landfill282832.30
Chiefland Lf2828156.83
Crowder Excavating C&D Landfill2828702.07
Pine Hills Road Trash Site28281,255.57
Keene Road C&D Landfill28283,629.08
Pine Ridge Recycling & Disposal282829,391.02
Bay Lake Construction Debris Lf28288,821.18
Clark'S Landfill282822,571.15
Martin Marietta Corp / Sand Lk28281,381.94
Clark'S Pit / Class Iii Landfill2828193.36
Lofton Creek Landfill28285,500.64
Long Key Sanitary Landfill2828334.63
Middle Torch Key2828461.64
Stock Island Landfill (Key West Lf)28281,822.32
Baker #2 Landfill (Baker West)2828552.88
Baker (#1) Dump28287,307.49
Lovejoy Road Dump2828183.88
Baggett Creek Dump2828120.03
Okaloosa County C&D Landfill28283,107.85
Milligan Sawmill Dump2828183.88
Wright Landfill2828170.65
Ray Construction Of Okaloosa County282861.87
Point Center Inc C&D Landfill28281,185.44
West Nassau Sanitary Landfill28284,201.01
Bryceville Sanitary Landfill2828271.68
Martin County (Palm City I) Slf28289,320.63
Baseline Landfill282810,312.16
Harrison Open Dump28282,942.69
58th St Lf (Main County Lf)28281,863.46
Homestead / Florida City Dump282810,808.22
North Dade County Class Iii Trash2828588.00
North Dade County Landfill Class I & Iii282845,491.38
South Dade Solid Waste Disposal Facility28287,981.84
Atlantic Recycling Company2828118.61
Key Largo Landfill2828324.45
Kinder Morgan Olp "C"22816,753.50
U S Foundry Manufacturing Corp.1627894,433.58
Camilo Muebles122766,094.00
Motiva Enterprises, Llc82742,405.40
Southern Pavements, Llc232743,549.26
Iluka Resources Inc.727544,041.75
Desoto County Generating Company, Llc727251,065.41
Exxon-Mobil Oil Corporation727314,905.45
Trail Ridge Landfill, Inc.2626169,563.15
Sage Lumber Company Llc162610,186.72
Pasco Beverage Company72631,113.60
Pepperidge Farm, Inc626110,804.52
Gulf Sulphur Services Ltd., Llp62687,920.00
Kinder Morgan Port Sutton Terminal, Llc226182,170.00
Yuengling Brewing Co.72634,658.85
Csx Transportation, Inc.22635,905.28
Broward County725643,914.61
H & J Asphalt, Inc.52595,107.90
Alliance Laundry Systems Llc132527,816.34
Cargill Juice North America7251,300,815.56
Holly Hill Fruit Products825400,997.29
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.20241,534,471.02
Metal Industries, Inc.1124161,572.56
City Of Lake Worth Slf / South2424383.50
Amerada Hess Corporation824176,642.98
Weyerhaeuser Company212431,704.50
Smithfield Foods, Inc.62429,520.00
Florida Hospital62455,760.00
Amerada Hess Corporation824125,204.53
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation212441,384.39
Southern Gardens Citrus Processing Corp.8244,886,534.04
St. Ives, Inc.62459,007.99
A. Duda & Sons, Inc. / Citrus Belle623779,974.42
Kanthal Palm Coast122359,374.00
City Of Jacksonville (North Landfill)222399,189.87
Exact Inc.14234,446.19
Jaxson Brown, Inc.232358,966.53
Apac-Southeast, Inc.62337,552.00
Department Of Veterans Affairs102337,690.73
Gilman Building Products723951,363.82
Cargill Fertilizer, Inc.72397,164.92
Life-Like Products,Llc212291,962.16
Southernmost Wte1422757,492.00
Flowers Baking Company Of Miami, Llc.62299,818.37
Bay Resource Mgt. Center (Nti26239)14222,226,844.57
Reichhold, Inc.1422131,732.00
Cargill Juice North America, Inc.722830,638.00
Speedling, Inc.72263,530.06
J.H. Williams Oil Company, Inc.72111,212.00
Blount Island Command, Us Marine Corps92160,590.40
Motiva Enterprises Llc721242,271.00
Bp Products North America, Inc.721107,729.00
Fmc Technologies Inc.62134,118.59
University Of South Florida (Usf)7214,941.02
Eva-Tone, Inc.72132,609.50
U.S. Agri-Chemicals Corporation7215,322,679.50
Dart Container Corporation Of Florida621229,052.59
Eastern Associated Terminals Co., Llc22096,296.17
Citrus World, Inc.620776,521.15
St. Joseph'S Hospital122011,924.33
Florida Petroleum Corp.10204,829.36
Florida Power & Light(Psl)62011,720.35
F M C Corp820284.59
Chromalloy Castings Tampa, Corporation62046,089.53
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.720274,657.13
Citrus Service, Inc.720151,082.85
Coastal Lumber Co8202,174,450.16
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Chip/Saw9191,083,375.61
Silver Springs Citrus Inc.71958,180.00
Polk Power Partners, L.P.619256,824.14
Chemcentral Corporation91917,003.00
Delta Laboratories111987,031.00
Georgia-Pacific Corporation8191,166,894.14
Metalcoat Inc Of Florida81936,960.00
Imc Phosphates Company6197,729,396.94
Pensacola Christian College, Inc.619261,406.79
Florida Hospital61812,380.00
Va Paving Inc61811,847.66
Kerry'S Bromeliad Nursery Fka Fernlea6181,790.60
Bay State Milling Co21882,626.00
Florida Gas Transmission Company618641,833.80
Florida Gas Transmission Company61870,906.35
W R Grace & Co6185,851.40
Maverick Boat Company, Inc.1318195,399.00
Film Technologies Int, Inc81849,276.53
Coastal Modular Buildings, Inc101847,058.00
Apac- Southeast, Inc. -Central Fl. Div161842,218.09
Bethesda Memorial Hospital121813,300.70
Crestview Aerospace Corporation91815,260.00
Halifax Paving, Inc.518128,667.30
Florida Gas Transmission Company6182,499,922.07
Premier Chemicals, Llc618132,616.00
N. Fla/South Ga Veterans Health System11181,890.02
Miami Dade Aviation Dept61825,900.00
E.R. Jahna Industries, Inc.61831,572.00
New Smyrna Beach Power Plant61813,320.00
New Smyrna Beach Utilitiies6182,020.00
Sun Graphic, Inc.718565,726.01
Oldcastle Retail, Inc. D/B/A Bonsal Amer7179,127.01
Pride Enterprises91718,905.33
Rinker Materials Of Florida, Inc.517186,137.29
Eagle-Picher Ind.(Wolverine Gasket Div.)417104,758.20
Gulf Marine Repair Corporation1317116,506.60
Gulf Coast Recycling, Inc.7172,814,192.88
North Florida Lumber7171,090,061.04
Catalina Yachts, Morgan Division917211,456.00
Boca Raton Community Hospital12167,063.25
Federal Heath Sign Company91610,232.10
Pride Enterprises71692,456.01
Vought Aircraft Industries51619,405.20
City Of Key West816813,855.60
Central Materials Company, Inc.61617,773.96
Cargill Inc.- Salt Division616109,962.60
International Ship Repair & Marine Serv.1216201,332.00
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.516310,280.00
International Paper Company716583,119.11
Interstate Brands Corporation151613,476.00
Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals Inc.81619,808.00
Eckler Industries, Llc101614,528.00
Central Florida Pipeline316177,547.82
Publix Super Markets3166,215.44
St. Marks Powder, Inc. A General Dynamic516898,353.06
Apac-Florida, Inc. - North Fl Division61525,146.00
International Paper Company61557,936.00
M C Graphics, Inc., Modern Graphic Arts61511,660.79
G. A. Braun, Inc.5155,306.00
Sunset South - Taylor Corporation2155,133.00
Fact-O-Bake Of Pensacola, Inc.61520,490.00
Palm Beach Aggregates, Inc.21536,125.82
Hunter Marine Corporation415419,440.00
Calumet Florida, L.L.C.5157,769.13
C W Roberts Contracting Inc61562,978.86
Goodrich Corporation71596,824.77
Transmontaigne Product Services Inc.5154,856.54
Gatsby Spas Inc.91576,464.89
New Piper Aircraft Inc71565,184.80
Marimark Corporation71422,638.48
Mickey Body Company101418,252.00
Pan American Construction-Apac Florida71493,401.70
Mercy Hospital11147,786.86
Ashland Distribution Co.7143,495.00
Florida School For The Deaf & The Blind71433,614.00
Monierlifetile Llc41442,726.22
Keymark Corp Of Florida1314225,216.00
Tradit'L Watercrft Dba Island Packet71476,316.71
Schneller Inc., Florida71417,866.80
High Performance Systems, Inc.1314257,389.23
Delta Asphalt61495,613.72
Manna Pro Corporation2148,045.94
Mfm Industries Inc414104,513.90
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners Lp314253,165.80
Caterpillar Inc.3149,609.64
The Quikrete Companies6146,870.80
Bay Linen, Inc.7144,305.53
Arizona Chemical - Div Of Ipco51431,259.00
Higdon Industries Inc1114113,113.82
Ajax Paving Industries, Inc.61469,079.52
Apac-Southeast, Inc Central Florida Div.61455,181.63
C A Meyer Paving & Const Co61446,201.88
V. E. Whitehurst & Sons, Inc.61446,924.38
Kissimmee Utility Authority613482,336.46
Acticarb Tailored Products, Llc5133,233.89
Florida Furniture Industries, Inc.51377,011.00
Georgia Pacific Corp61396,397.51
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Co - Trailridge413672,240.01
Gilman Building Products Co.713147,487.28
Fruit Growers Express Company8139,410.60
Stimpson Company, Inc.8134,112.22
Memorial Regio Hosp/So Broward Hosp Dist111323,203.57
Parallel Products Of Florida, Inc.61317,613.90
Northwest Florida Holdings, Inc.81330,735.15
Eb Pipe Coating Inc.813171,590.00
Oldcastle Retail, Inc.3134,153.70
Group Iii Asphalt,Inc.61360,440.00
Ranger Construction Industries, Inc.61375,158.72
Cooper Coating Company, Llc.101348,936.64
Lakeland Regional Medical Center11139,533.06
Dickerson Florida, Inc71381,053.08
Dayco Products Inc913202,652.12
Tampa Steel Erecting Company111236,385.00
Seabring Marine Industries, Inc.312291,539.99
U S Agri-Chemicals Corp.712594,929.10
Winter Haven Hospital11128,024.33
Bayfront-St. Anthony'S Health Care11127,559.95
Metal Industries, Inc.91216,974.60
Cox Target Media, Inc.71249,579.43
R.E. Purcell Construction Co., Inc.71216,065.48
City Of Largo - Wwtp81211,720.65
Florida Gas Transmission Company61220,097.07
Keys Energy Services61288,160.00
Better Roads, Inc.61244,635.95
Southern Bakeries, Inc.312168,927.14
Apac-Southeast, Inc.61285,350.00
Transmontaigne Product Services Inc.31239,750.00
Central Florida Hot Mix, A Div. Of Lane61275,747.10
Apac-Southeast, Inc.-First Coast Div.61241,419.50
Transmontaigne Product Services Inc.31286,660.00
Mount Sinai Medical Center6123,874.74
Better Roads, Inc.61290,719.63
Gulf Sulfur Services Ltd., Llp412106,006.40
Citrus World Inc Fka Golden Gem612476.06
Ajax Paving Ind., Inc.61263,084.37
Better Roads, Inc.61289,568.51
Superior Asphalt, Inc.61214,733.65
Transmontaigne Product Services Inc.312141,802.00
Clariant Life Science Molecules (Florida1212132,416.20
Driltech Mission Llc121263,923.60
Florida Hospital61211,420.00
Overstreet Paving Co61248,486.53
Hardrives Asphalt Company61280,949.43
Holy Cross Hospital11124,802.84
Col. Met., Inc.111247,868.76
Mantua Manufacturing Co.81230,784.33
Orange Cogeneration Limited Partnership612341,265.69
Florida Army National Guard - Camp Blndg6127,153.70
Apac-Southeast, Inc612103,534.00
General Asphalt Co., Inc.612183,270.82
Lee Moffitt Cancer Center61239.50
Ranger Construction Industries, Inc.61281,822.18
Pavex Corp Dba Ranger Construction South6125,431.10
Florida Gas Transmission Company612215,224.30
Ajax Paving Industries, Inc.61265,473.68
Pavex Corp Dba Ranger Construction South61259,492.36
Florida Hospital6121,240.00
Apac-Southeast Inc Central Fla Division61269,034.91
Weekley Asphalt Paving, Inc.61250,904.00
Apac- Southeast, Inc., Central Fl. Div61225,199.59
Interstate Brands Corporation612136,871.18
Purina Mills, Llc.2121,909.19
Gulf Paving Co61213,163.71
Ajax Paving Industries61169,459.04
Homestead Air Reserve Base61119,018.44
Hardrives Asphalt Company61162,609.38
General Dynamics Armament/Technical Prod6114,684.06
Weyerhaeuser Company61135,398.00
Asphalt Developers6115,804.87
Interstate Brands Corp.61199,440.00
Cargill Inc31126,705.44
Apac-Florida, Inc. Sarasota Division61163,276.02
Sacred Heart Health System11116,962.10
N. Fla/South Ga Veterans Health System11111,336.05
Sonny Glasbrenner, Inc.7115,357.62
Apac-Southeast, Inc., Sarasota Div.61173,175.71
Volusia Solid Waste Management Division611403,819.99
Orange County Utilities Solid Waste Div.51159,460.00
Trademark Metals Recycling Llc.101130,357.83
Times Publishing Co.81170,174.56
Essilor Of America, Inc.91191,982.57
Mi Metals, Inc./Metal Industries, Inc.91143,341.53
Stericycle Inc101133,956.79
Medico Environmental Services, Inc.111150,722.08
L&P Materials Mfg Inc Fka Klm Industries8117,701.54
Chris*Craft Boats - Plant 1611242,086.00
American Marine Holdings, Inc.411167,400.00
Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.71110,026.52
Flexible Foam Products Inc.6105,934.00
Aar Landing Gear Services61074,132.29
Contender Boats Incorporated210299,700.00
Cigarette Racing Team, Llc41036,634.59
Manheim Auctions, Inc.71023,219.78
Manheim Auctions, Inc.71031,124.59
Manheim Auctions, Inc.71024,996.29
Marble Works41023,400.00
Manheim Auctions, Inc.71030,989.51
Emergency One, Inc.61039,303.90
Florida Power & Light (Pbg)6100.00
Shamrock/Division Of Kcs International,C71041,636.00
Lear Corporation71039,809.00
Hy-Yield Bromine, Inc.51010,292.20
Clear Cote Corp.510795.00
Aar Manufacturing, Inc.91020,135.41
Dse, Inc. (Genertek Int'L Corp)7101,313.20
Fabbro Marine Group21049,600.00
Utilities Commission, City Of New Smyrna51013,700.00
Specialty Minerals, Inc.610160,320.00
Motiva Enterprises Llc31055,320.00
Spartech Marine Industries Florida6104,860.35
Waste Management Of Leon County, Inc610164,383.36
Flowers Baking Company Of Bradenton, Llc310119,958.60
Rinker Materials Of Florida610150,700.00
Grubbs Construction Company61092,647.34
Suwannee Lumber Company610220,904.80
Vectorworks Marine Incor51016,292.00
U.S. Navy Naval Air Station Jacksonville6107,031.10
Owens Corning, Trumbull Division510145,435.30
General Asphalt Co., Inc.61057,846.19
Atlantic Marine, Inc.2108,813.52
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority51018,801.80
Standard Sand & Silica Company61054,731.84
Florida State University51070,582.96
John C. Hipp Construction Co. Alachua61012,031.06
Asphalt Production Llc610123,894.47
Continental Florida Materials, Inc.210158,909.40
King Excavating, Inc.69263,565.31
Swisher International, Inc.4934,202.00
Custom Chemicals Corporation598,929.13
Murphy Oil Usa, Incorporated199,402.40
The Printing House, Inc.19141,920.00
Waste Management Inc. Of Florida49343,401.99
Ajax Paving Industries, Inc.6968,952.92
C.W. Roberts Contracting, Inc.6947,776.46
Better Roads, Inc.694,882.07
Community Asphalt Corp6999,697.86
C. W. Roberts Contracting, Inc.6949,134.79
Triangle Construction Road Building Inc.6921,662.40
D.A.B. Constructors Inc6932,660.43
Quikrete Miami593,682.04
Metecno Insulated Panel Systems697,576.92
G.A.C. Contractors Inc.6933,261.40
T-R Drum & Freight Co.394,302.36
Apac-Southeast, Inc. - First Coast Div.695,984.95
Collins Industries, Inc.69122,222.00
Louis Dreyfus Citrus, Inc.692,177,151.97
Crane Cams Inc594,263.00
Florida Transformer, Inc.9921,112.59
The Marbleworks6917,556.64
Suncoast Paving, Inc.9974,646.42
West Palm Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center990.00
Ridge Generating Station, L.P.992,619,028.51
Trader Publishing Company6917,068.93
Gause Built Custom Boats, Inc.396,846.30
Howco Environmental Services, Inc.796,806.88
Interprint, Inc.7943,712.74
Jefferson Power Lc79184,999.65
Cubic Simulation Systems, Inc.793,862.80
Crown Cork And Seal79134,501.58
Bertram Yacht, Inc3964,240.00
Miami Internation Airport88269,718.00
Knight Ridder, Inc.5817,360.00
Sonoco Products Company48109,086.71
U.S. Air Force Macdill Afb4824.21
Custom Fabrication, Inc.6816,864.80
Baha Cruiser Boats, Inc.6855,913.00
Dean Steel Buildings, Inc.5837,360.00
Emergency One, Inc.7814,570.73
Blue Hawaiian Products, Inc.38183,613.47
Suncoast Paper & Envelope, Inc.7822,476.17
Stamas Yacht Inc.4834,882.00
Genlyte Thomas Group, Llc6846,129.20
Quality Acrylic Baths Of Clearwater, In.4819,711.22
Transitions Optical, Inc.6851,546.09
Fp Spiralkote Inc28202,972.47
Tyco Healthcare Kendall58143,301.00
Harsco Corporation4815,680.00
Community Asphalt Corporation6872,122.32
Lockheed Martin18761.86
North Cypress Reserve58168,180.00
Quebecor World, Central Florida Press6835,563.58
Jefferson Smurfit Corp/Bradenton Contain5823,718.33
Kar Printing, Inc.6815,252.16
Motiva Enterprises, Llc1813,580.20
Pall Membrane Technology Center, Inc.7826,303.40
Univar Usa Inc. Jacksonville Facility481,350.00
Underground Utility Contractors, Inc.8853,756.00
Jacksonville Port Authority, Blount Island Marine 8842.62
Jacksonville Port Authority, Blount Island Marine 8842.62
Jacksonville Port Authority, Blount Island Marine 8885.23
Media Printing Corporation4835,228.00
Tm Windows And Doors Company4812,840.00
New River Cabinets & Fixture Inc.5848,500.00
Pro-Line Boats, Inc.28275,400.00
Santa Rosa Energy Llc6856,436.00
White Construction Company, Inc.6813,995.19
Newspaper Printing Company, Inc.6814,979.12
Wood Mulch Products, Inc.68126,481.88
Morton International2831,299.84
Parkway Asphalt, Inc.6831,779.51
Monterey Mushrooms488,261.17
Okeechobee Asphalt687,046.48
Harlis R. Ellington Construction, Inc.6735,813.62
Florida Rock Industries, Inc.3768,395.39
Brevard Co Board Of County Commissioners67108,180.00
Master Containers, Inc.67138,944.01
Metal Culverts, Inc.673,681.42
D&W Paving576,098.49
Petro Operating Company471,108,651.99
First Marketing Corp. / Taylor Corp.177,239.40
Brewer Company Of Fl5712,710.53
Hurlburt Field, Usaf2711,600.00
Ttx Company7710,207.02
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodyworks771,988.00
Wells Construction Service, Inc.7737,034.00
Sun Sentinel6752,100.00
M.C. Assembly & Test, Incorporated773,200.00
Florida Power & Light (Pcs)77233.38
Crowley American Transport, Mcgiffen Dock.7717.77
Brand Label, Inc.57155,228.00
Huntsman Petrochemical Corp.4718,450.00
Sea Ray Boats, Inc.47347,860.00
Middlesex Asphalt, L.L.C.67168,177.20
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc17115,180.00
Media General Operations, Inc.37138,121.71
Apac-Southeast Inc Central Fla Division7744,435.37
C&C Manufacturing, Incorporated37280,585.01
Parthenon Prints5799,740.00
Keller Kitchen Cabinets3712,209.20
Community Asphalt6749,708.67
The Coca Cola Company6788,829.11
Miami-Dade Solid Waste Management57289,728.00
Ennis Drum Service/Ennis Container, Inc.27137,054.00
P & S Paving Inc7751,786.23
Wattyl U.S. Ltd.7776,000.00
Northrop Grumman St. Augustine7749,654.20
Gulf Coast Paving & Grading7720,601.20
Dorado Marine3710,476.00
Endeavour Catamaran Corporation3718,652.88
Roscioli International, Inc.6711,800.00
Wellcraft Marine Plant #137147,788.00
Dab Constructors, Inc.7724,321.50
Lazzara Yachts, Inc2740,852.80
Convergent Label Technology2714,519.91
Bausch & Lomb Pharmaceuticals6740,144.18
Sherwin-Williams Co.47245.10
Florida Power Corporation7780,016.27
Nailite International37514,460.01
Aero Kool Corp372,064.00
Royal Oak Enterprises571,837,903.98
Florida Boat Works, Inc.2614,834.00
Eastern Aero Marine, Inc.6616,068.80
Ge Engine Services-Miami, Inc.46117,286.00
Aerothrust Corp4623,217.25
Benada Aluminum Of Florida5660,138.00
Fine Art Lamps36231,480.00
Modern Welding Company Of Florida4630,491.12
Phoenix Marble Inc4610,517.20
Fiber Unlimited4655,061.86
Marine Muffler Corporation2613,500.00
Gale Industries6610,035.34
Greater Tampa Bay Auto Auction Company6646,338.00
Univar Usa Inc. Tampa Facility361,418.00
Action Craft, Inc.6638,528.00
Seabring Marine Industries, Inc.267,000.00
Wellcraft Marine Plant #666754,646.99
Dg Energy Solutions, Llc662,532,388.49
Gsp Marketing Technologies, Inc.56165,517.40
Dyco Paints, Inc. (Maxie E. Quinn)6649,053.04
Spa Manufacturer'S, Inc.2637,836.00
American Environmental Container Corp.26322,200.00
Lockheed Martin Corporation669,251.59
Intrepid Powerboats Inc3667,080.00
Honeywell International4613,451.97
Montco Research Prods. Inc.3610,711.00
S2 Yachts, Inc.26107,760.00
Cf Industries, Inc.361,051,201.10
Dougherty Marine Partnership3666,120.00
Dictaphone Corporation1625,321.60
Apac-Florida, Inc. - N. Florida Division6675.20
Peavy & Son Construction Co Inc6669,045.53
Apac-Florida Inc.66408.00
Waste Management Inc. Of Florida46874,631.97
Rinker Materials Of Florida, Inc.2687,420.00
Apac-Southeast, Inc., Central Fl. Div.6638,774.33
Anderson Columbia Co., Inc.6639,600.00
Windsor Metal Specialties, Inc.5654,047.20
Ranger Construction Industries, Inc.6655,094.80
Apac-Florida, Inc6690,000.00
Keys Energy Services6614,740.00
Fleming Lumber Co6687,200.00
Peavy & Son Construction Co.661,803.12
Apac-Southeast, Inc. - First Coast Div.6653,357.62
Soil Treatment Services, Inc.6646,697.06
Moltech Power Sys. Inc.361,010.00
Murphy Oil Usa, Inc.1651,747.60
Apac-Florida, Inc - North Fl Division6615,400.00
Orlando Paving Company66109,868.27
Orlando Paving Company6659,995.47
Atlas-Transoil, Inc.66157,924.37
Charlotte Co.Board Of Co.Commisioners6611,520.00
South Florida Shavings Co.6646,620.00
Electrostatic Painting Services Holding561,045.71
Transflo Terminal Services, Inc.362,120.00
Airlite Processing Corp Of Florida261,235.91
Flightstar Aircraft Services, Inc.4610,711.71
Sun Fiberglass Products, Inc.2644,026.00
Tyco Printed Circuit Group - Melbourne Div.467,533.80
Magnivision Aka American Greetings5631,870.00
Lauderdale-Miami Auto Auction6638,262.00
Pavex Corp Dba Ranger Construction South6631,957.92
Gulf Power Company66388,620.01
Florida Select Citrus, Inc.663,996.43
South Florida Water Management District66129,542.00
Ranger Construction Industries Inc6617,583.88
American Sand & X-Cavation665,760.00
Orlando Paving Company66108,255.28
Central Florida Aggregate, Inc.6633,814.00
Robert A. Connor, Inc.66275,500.00
E & H Car Crushing Company568,084.60
Apac-Southeast Inc., Central Fl Division6648,132.54
Calumet Florida, L.L.C.568,884.17
Sypris Electronics Llc1643,620.00
Orlando Paving Company6634,450.77
Pavex Corp Dba Ranger Construction-South6613,019.22
Waste Management, Inc. Of Florida56162,700.00
Anderson Columbia Co., Inc.6634,680.00
Citgo Petroleum Corporation1683,644.40
Counts Construction Company, Inc.6639,745.39
Ranger Construction Industries Inc6672,197.92
Apac-Southeast Inc Central Fla Division66106,760.37
Orlando Sanford Int'L Airport6610,547.96
South Florida Water Management District66396,542.00
Baxter Asphalt & Concrete665,008.80
Panhandle Land & Timber6662,300.00
Waste Management Inc. Of Florida56521,680.01
Florida Gas Transmission Company66166,389.20
Apac-Southeast Inc., Central Fl Division6610,869.52
Clark Environmental Inc5519,756.40
South Florida Water Management District55187,294.00
Hubbard Construction Company5535,338.97
Miami Dade Solid Waste Mgmt/55616,861.99
Anderson Columbia Co., Inc.5583,100.00
Brow. Co. Office Of Integ. Waste Mgmt.45104,580.00
Inland Paperboard And Packaging, Inc.255,647.23
Whitaker Oil Company1530,171.60
Edron Fixture Corp.3557,760.00
Brow. Co . Office Of Integ. Waste Mgmt.4580,360.00
Anderson Columbia Co., Inc.5549,880.00
Murphy Oil Usa, Inc.1533,380.00
Diversified Container Services, Inc.3559,244.00
Fleetwood Homes Of Florida Inc., #703542,140.00
Edron Fixture Corp.154,600.00
Steel Fabricators L.L.C.5551,160.00
Dometic Corporation552,269.40
Far Research Inc3527,120.00
American Whirlpool Products Corporation2596,206.52
Phoenix Motors Inc.,Dba Palm Collision551,960.00
Dura Automotive Systems, Inc.5517,894.40
Jet Turbine Service, Inc. (Jts)5510,005.51
Unison Industries-Limited Partnership4515,646.00
Blazer Boats, Inc.2565,006.00
Cerex Advanced Fabrics452,674.00
Escambia County Bocc551,158.52
Sims Portex, Inc.5520,192.42
North Florida Shipyards, Inc.352,713.80
South Florida Water Management District55266,774.00
South Florida Water Management District55125,098.00
Precision Fabricating & Cleaning Co. Inc3523,496.00
Ward Oil Company1531,920.00
Intersil Corporation5567,260.00
Calumet Florida, L.L.C.2574,953.93
Coniglio Construction And Demolition Deb55176,100.00
South Florida Water Management District55102,322.00
City Of Mascotte5514,364.00
Florida Silica Sand Company Inc55410.56
Florida Production Engineering, Inc.35289,174.00
Pall Filtration & Separations Group Inc4572,011.00
Marble Crafters2521,792.00
Sunshine Mirror Company Inc25111,560.00
Raytheon Company3511,800.48
Hit Promotional Products5540,312.18
Hydro Spa45384,196.59
Us Dept. Of Energy-Grand Junction Office551,134.00
Allen Industries, Inc.2512,957.68
Acme Sponge & Chamois Co., Inc.3519,359.23
Spaulding Craft, Inc.2522,794.00
Sutherlin Imports Llc556,460.00
Ntu Electronics, Inc.454,566.06
Oshkosh Truck Corporation5548,978.00
Precision Econowind, Inc.3553,540.00
Westship World Yachts2551,340.00
Photoengraving Inc5521,717.54
Regal Marine Industries55510,400.02
Leisure Bay Manufacturing2558,288.00
Correct Craft Inc25110,480.00
Adapto Steel Products3595,780.00
Caribbean Fiberglass Products3544,640.00
Mako Marine International Inc.35128,660.00
Miami Dade Medical Examiner44380.00
Lippert Components Inc34124,614.93
Turbocombustor Tech.241,000.00
Angler Boat Corporation34103,140.00
Port Consolidated Inc.245.00
Delta Laboratories Incorporated444,264.00
Dimensional Plastics Corporation344,242.00
Fisher Marble Corp.2412,350.00
Panhandle Marble Company, Inc.2425,699.00
M. A. Bruder & Sons Inc.243,894.00
Cook Composites & Polymers Co. .2412,377.84
Florida Line Of Astatula2433,098.68
American Composites Engineering, Inc.2441,340.00
Duckworth Steel Boat Works4411,818.00
Seminole Machine & Welding, Inc.3414,931.28
Fry Tech.24510.00
Pall Aeropower Corp2420,080.00
Florentine Marble Company, Inc.4449,000.00
Arch Mirror South Inc24187,660.00
Odom Fiberglass, Incorporated2430,920.00
Martin Electronics Inc.4411,480.00
Polystar Industries Inc24100,703.23
Boston Whaler, Inc.34562,400.01
Media General Operations, Inc., Dba Sunc1411,664.26
Indian Trail Improvement District4449,369.60
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation34430.00
Mitchell Brothers, Inc.448,780.00
Honeywell Friction Materials241,971.00
Richard'S Paint Mfg. Inc.241,000.00
Spurlin Industries, Inc.24231,700.00
White Rock Quarries24193,396.05
Mocar Oil Company, Inc.1410,660.00
J.E. Ausley Construction Inc4499,292.50
Ryan Incorporated Eastern1410,090.00
Hendry Corporation346,450.00
Wilen Press Lc3474,224.64
Bfs Diversified Products, Llc3456,532.00
Nebraska Printing Company Inc.2433,826.00
Monierlifetile Llc3449.02
King Motor Company4412,260.00
Motorola, Inc.448,702.00
Engineered Finsihes, Inc444,320.00
Sea Ray Boats Inc44480,969.99
Leggett & Platt442,127.58
Hanson Roof Tile Inc24950.04
Andrx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,3465,400.40
St. Ives Avanti14128,306.20
Wwg Asphalt Co2435,703.24
Seminole Co Board Of Co Commissioners44104,840.00
110th Avenue Investments, Inc.4410,080.00
Marion County Bd Of Co Comm44434,760.00
Bombardier Motor Corp.249,044.20
Hillsboro Printing Co1411,560.00
Polk County Solid Waste Division4433,137.60
Jet Aviation Associates, Ltd.144,000.00
Charles Brown Oil Company, Inc.13250.00
Transflo Terminal Services, Inc. (Ttsi)33780.20
Brice Southern Inc137,000.00
Rinaldi Printing Company1318,940.00
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Co Inc Highland33202,999.99
Skyline Corportation338,360.00
Walt Disney World3322,502.00
Fhp Manufacturing2355,400.00
C W Roberts Contracting Inc332,643.01
Transflo Terminal Services, Inc.33860.00
The Orion Companies334,941.80
Sun Publications Of Florida, Inc.1312,929.20
Progressive Communications International1318,222.11
Meyers Bakeries33129,022.20
Earthsource, Inc.338,200.00
Okeechobee Landfill, Inc.33369,060.00
Relief Printing East137,664.08
Wastequip Manufacturing Co33115,400.00
Andrx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.330.00
Tire Center, Llc3311,600.00
Nortrax Equipment Company Inc.3350,080.00
Warren Equpment, Inc.335,300.00
Skyline Corporation3326,280.00
Custom Marble, Inc.3316,868.00
C & C Marble, Inc.3326,680.00
Drc Industries, Inc.336,880.00
Sea Ray Boats Inc.3377,700.00
Southeast Wood Inc.2315.00
Palmas Printing Inc33700.00
Sea Ray Boats Inc.33181,000.00
Alpha General Services, Inc.3374,480.00
Quincy Joist Company33185,322.99
Chancey Metal Products, Inc.3346,113.89
Textured Coatings Of America,Inc.3329,280.00
East Balt. Bakery Of Florida, Inc.33103,573.33
Skyline Corporation3318,660.00
Transflo Terminal Services, Inc. (Ttsi)332,020.00
By-Pass Paint Shop Inc137,300.00
Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority23150,634.00
Trademark Nitrogen Corp23101,249.00
Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers (America) Inc332,701.08
Damar Manufacturing Inc332,253.00
Delta Air Lines, Inc1324,060.00
Us Ink, A Division Of Sun Chemical Corp.2316,114.00
Pcc Print Shop Inc1345,000.00
Entegra Roof Tile Corp231,314.00
Anderson Columbia Company23108,271.24
Blaylock Oil Co1325,260.00
Port Consolidated Inc.233.00
Gold Kist Live Oak Processing Plant2312,170.00
Scott Paint Co.231,750.00
Jetta Prods. Inc.3313,863.00
Bluewater Sportfishing Boats, Inc.3320,360.00
Increte Sys. Inc.3317,105.00
Carpenter Technology Corporation331,109.30
Florida Metal Stamping Inc2324,801.12
Coastal Steel Construction, Inc.236,942.20
Lorad Chemical Corporation3313.38
Tse Industries, Inc.2328,300.00
Apalachee Pole Co.3326.80
Mrc Precision Metal Optics, Inc.330.00
Tampa Fiberglass, Inc.3323,640.00
E. A. Mariani Asphalt Co.3311.72
Master Packaging Inc13135,722.00
Macho Products, Inc.3354,800.00
Brenntag Mid-South Inc.231,245.00
Comtech Antenna Systems, Inc.239,320.00
Magnum Marine Corporation236,841.00
Coastal Fuels Marketing Inc.- Fisher Island Terminal331.14
Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control2314,693.50
Sherry Mfg.Co.,Inc3321,760.00
Cordis Corp.3311,420.00
Bridgestone Aircraft Tire (Usa),Inc.3331,360.00
Seastrike Boats (Vip Marine Industries)125,460.00
Sonic Aviation2231,620.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Ocala I-Beam Plant2212,177.00
Merillat Corp22233,551.99
Nitro Leisure Products Inc.228,438.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (309702)128.00
Perko Inc.1210.00
Sentry Inds. Inc.125.00
Brain Power Inc.1210.00
Pompeii Furniture12255.00
Dm Industries, Ltd22281,504.00
Cellofoam North America Inc2248,354.00
Baker Manufacturing Co2223,060.00
Reinforced Plastics Ind. Inc.1210,150.00
Wheeled Coach Inds.1225,340.00
Gencor Inds. Inc.126,646.00
Foamex Lp22280,216.00
Master-Halco Inc.129.00
Gac Tampa Inc.120.17
Southern Marble Manufacturing, Inc.2218,860.00
Florentine Marble Mfg. Corp.121,436.00
Hendrix & Dail Inc.12900.00
Bold, Inc.2212,340.00
Flexbon Paints12448.00
Maritec Industries2229,200.00
Anvil Paints & Coatings122,980.00
Baxter Healthcare Corporation22700.00
Graves Spray Supply12500.00
Instrument Transformers Inc.120.16
Maxxim Medical222,787.20
Twc Of Florida, Inc.2281,320.01
American Marble, Inc.2214,500.00
Structural Technologies, Inc.22744.00
Purecoat International, Llc2213,600.00
Port Consolidated, Inc.226,441.00
Custom Fab1211,173.00
Cdr Systems Corporation2254,800.00
Twin Vee Powercats2259,660.00
Givaudan Flavors Corp.123,600.00
Sunbelt Forest Prods. Corp.2210.00
Ocean Air Environmental121,984.00
Kik (Florida) Inc.22244.00
Mohawk Mfg. Co.121,390.00
La France Corporation227,400.00
Ken Hall & Associates Dba Sports-Craft2249,200.00
Ge Sealants And Adhesives, Llc227,132.00
Viking Pools Southeast Inc.22114,200.00
Rj Dougherty Associates2246,000.00
Hudson Tool & Die Co22101,640.00
Jeld-Wen Inc.128,640.00
Industrial Metal Spraying122,860.00
Interstate Brands Corporation12100,230.20
Bradshaw Manufacturing, Inc.12196.00
Better Business Forms, Inc1226,060.00
Owen Joist Corporation22301,840.00
Anderson Columbia, Inc. #9220.00
Canam Steel Corporation12268,499.99
Anderson Columbia, Inc. #10220.00
Precision Metals Industry1211,769.80
J E Wilson & Son1215,965.40
Florida Recycling Services Fka Bfi224,380.00
Walt Disney World Co.1258,360.00
Wood Group Turbopower, Inc.1280.00
Gp Plastics Corp.12152,040.00
Palm Beach Newspapers, Inc.1255,200.00
Koppers Inc.12120.30
Insteel Wire Products Inc.226,918.92
Hydro Aluminum2224,280.00
Clean Harbors Florida, Llc125,054.00
Patrick Industries1234,800.00
Savannah Foods Industrial, Inc1210,440.00
Wheelblast, Inc.1284,360.00
Empire Art Products Inc1221,320.00
Trademark Metals Recycling225,360.00
Hot Box1221,894.00
Revlon Professional Prods.12255.00
Jci Jones Chemicals Inc.123.00
Florida Custom Marble Inc.1210,068.00
Coastal Fuels Marketing Inc. - Pensacola Terminal220.00
Hells Bay Boatworks2232,180.00
List Industries, Inc.2294,340.00
Rockwell Collins, Inc.2269,400.76
Harris Corporation2215,284.09
Harris Corp. Government Communications Sys. Div. (Gcsd)121.28
Corinthian Marble Works Inc.1213,443.00
Jeffrey W. Allen Inc.(Dba Apollo Marble Prods. Co.)127,884.00
Sen-Dure Products Inc222,260.00
Tropical Asphalt Prods. Corp.122,000.00
Abb Inc.1210.00
Viatech Inds. L.L.C.121.60
Dozier & Gay Paint Co.222,667.00
Chemcentral Intl.12255.00
Interiors Cultured Marble Inc.125,312.00
Beetle Plastics, Inc.2263,232.00
Tamko Roofing Prods. Inc.225.00
United Steel Works, Inc.126,344.00
Fabricated Products Of Tampa, Inc.1213.76
Jabil Circuit, Inc.1255,782.66
Anderson Columbia Company, Inc.229,400.00
Allied Septic Tank Company225.61
Texwood Industries, L.P.122,316.20
Andrx Pharmaceuticals2276,600.20
Pompeii Furniture225,660.00
Modular Solid Surfaces, Llc225,194.00
Pallet One2268.00
Whitecraft Rattan, Inc.129,280.00
Anderson Columbia, Inc #11 Plant220.00
Stone Container Corp.1222,456.00
Tampa Amalgamated Steel1212,960.00
M.W.I. Corp.127,080.00
Hoover Industries, Inc.12276.00
Tampa Electric Company221,008,651.18
Anderson Columbia, Inc. #7220.00
A & L Art And Frames, Inc.1219,440.00
Orlando Sentinel Communications1271,400.00
Bv Oilcompany121,260.00
F H Foster Oil Corp., Inc.1210,700.00
Carpenter Co., Insulation Division12449,119.99
Fine Art Lamps1264,000.00
Progressive Communications International1232,093.00
Metal Container Corp12359,480.00
Key Safety Systems, Inc.1230.20
Howell Oil Co., Inc.1215,519.50
Trademark Metals Recycling222,300.00
Atlantic Industrial Services2236,780.00
Storopack, Inc.1117,100.00
Rex Corporation1140,800.00
Greyhound Lines Inc.11808.00
Big C Steel, Inc.113,820.00
Tampa Bay Fisheries Inc.112,915.00
Ge Generators (Pensacola) L.L.C.1115,280.00
Van Linda Iron Works Inc11580.00
Unique Originals1162,740.00
Hillsborough County Solid Waste Mgt Dept119,200.00
George Weston Bakeries, Inc.11105,400.00
St. Lucie County11141,420.00
Afl Industries, Inc.11280.00
Martin Co.Utilities And Solid Waste Dept11105,020.00
Sixto Packaging1118,500.00
Fpt Florida Llc112,000.00
Style Crest Products111,880.00
Young Oil Company, Inc.117,900.00
Solectron, Inc.1132,040.00
Intercit, Inc. D/B/A Firmenich114,004.00
Advanced Fabricators, Inc.11760.00
Poly Plastic Packaging Company, Inc.1180.00
Dyno Nobel Inc.115.00
Northrop Grumman St. Augustine111,239.80
Advantage Steel,Inc116,120.00
Envirocoat, Inc.11360.00
Smp Electronics111,120.00
Tampa Maid Foods Inc.1111.10
Kirchman Oil Corp116,000.00
Automated Plastics Group Inc.11680.00
William Lehman Buick-Saab1113,600.00
Lee County Port Authority11248.00
Pops Painting, Inc.111,800.00
Dow Jones & Company116,300.00
Metal Spray Painting113,740.00
Orlando Sentinel Communications113,000.00
Homac Manufacturing Company110.00
Cellofoam North America1171,000.00
Futronix Inc.115.00
Dusky Marine Inc.1115,500.00
Jci Jones Chemicals Inc.111.00
Port Consolidated Inc.111.00
Sonic Usa Inc.114,713.00
In-Vogue Inds. Inc. (Dba Elegant Marble)112,137.00
Jupiter Marine Intl. Inc.1114,660.00
Aerc.Com, Inc110.15
Sunbelt Chemicals117,480.00
Metalplate Galvanizing L.P.11125.00
Adcom Wire Co.1124.27
Medtronic Xomed110.00
Tape & Label Engineering1115,528.79
Kolortrax Unlimited1115,200.00
Nina Plastic Bags, Inc.11187,320.01
Sugar Supply, Inc.11212.00
Metal Industries, Inc.111,402.70
Jack M. Berry Inc.1122,000.00
Bon Vivant Corp.119,900.00
Aluminum Systems, Div. Jrr Group113,000.00
Ccda Waters L.L.C.11750.00
General Electric Automation Services117,580.00
Southern Marble Inc.116,557.00
U.S. Navy Nswc Dahlgren Div. Coastal Sys. Station110.20
Baker Paint Mfg.118,900.00
Remcraft Lighting Products115,220.00
Royal Foam Enterprises, Inc.1172,720.00
Loewenstein, Inc.1174,680.00
Reptron Manufacturing Services1114,900.00
Precision Metals Industry113,100.00
Braman Cadillac, Inc.1110,540.00
Mirage Mfg. Co. Inc.114,680.00
Uniroyal Optoelectronics Inc.11250.00
Southern Die Casting Corp113,000.00
Precision Engine Products Corp (Pepc)1139,420.00
Pinellas County Government1164,334.18
Metal Industries, Inc1165.92
Commercial Shredding Inc114,580.00
Holland Pump Mfg., Inc.112,020.00
Alabama Electric Cooperative11366.96
W & W Holding Corp1111,800.00
Wood Group Turbopower, Inc.112,000.00
Dixie Lime & Stone116,300.00
Trailer Conditioners, Inc.115,700.00
Premier Industries, Inc.11259,000.00
Paragon Machine Company, Inc.1198.00
Illinois Tool Works115,940.00
Sermatech Internations Inc.11500.00
Gulf Coast Plastics, Inc.1179,400.00
Metric, Inc. (Jan Nylund)112,980.00
Walt Disney World112,340.00
Pride Enterprises1113,204.57
Orlando Drum Company1126,000.00
Raytheon Company11199.99
Union Tag Mfg.1137,702.00
R.J. Dougherty Associates Inc.1123,039.00
Axon Circuit Inc. Longwood Facility110.32
Pgt Inds. Inc.1110,014.00
Jackson Marble Inds. (Dba Marble Specialists)11250.00
Robbins Mfg. Co.110.00
Avestapolarit Pipe Inc.114,153.00
Florida Marble Inds. Inc.111,423.00
Arr-Maz Prods. L.P.115.00
U.S. Gauge110.55
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Palatka Chipmill110.24
Price Brothers Co. - Palatka Fl111.89
Addison Steel Inc.1114.00
Boca Resorts, Inc114,240.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (309701)116.00
Precious Plate Florida11250.00
Venture Marine1116,000.00
Monierlifetile L.L.C.112.74
Classic Cultured Marble Inc.114,263.00
Industrial Plastic Systems Inc1113,600.00
Marine-Industrial Paint Co.116,807.00
Security & Detection Sys. Florida110.01
Brenntag Mid-South Inc.115.00
Fibre Tech. Inc.113,300.00
Contour Fabricators1120.00
Stoller Chemical Co. Of Florida Inc.11250.00
Mercer Prods. Co.1111.00
Allied Fiberglass Industries Inc.1165,800.00
Precision Boat Works111,700.00
Wellcraft Marine115,373.00
Onyx Special Services Inc.111.03
Safety-Kleen Sys. (307902)113.00
Clorox Prods. Mfg. Co.119.00
Harcros Chemicals Inc.1143.00
Axon Circuit Inc.110.60
Sypris Electronics L.L.C.112.40
Great American Marble Inc.1112,892.00
Polygard Inc.116,379.06
Unique Marble Inc.112,479.00
Novurania Of America Inc.117,153.00
Florenata Solid Surfaces112,100.00
Damp Rid Inc.113,564.00
U.S. Air Force Eglin Afb (Aac/Emcp)1114.00
U.S. Air Force Eglin Afb Ranges Fl11315.00
Marble-Lite Corp.1111,700.00
Purity Prods. Inc.11250.00
Republic Metals Corp.1173.00
Apache Products Company000.00
Johns Manville Jacksonville000.00