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Polluters in Delaware
Conectiv Delmarva Generation-Edge Moor12265532,640,833.58
Motiva Enterprises Llc - Delaware City109494695,121,841.60
General Motors Corporation1008291,268,645.16
Dover Air Force Base1001044277,423.82
Daimlerchrysler Corporation989221,803,286.41
Indian River Generating Station9649157,614,726.18
Dupont Experimental Station954391,765,629.89
Dupont Edgemoor923996,392,793.54
Sunco Inc R M9111773,629,131.14
Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex Llc87345121,817.69
Dupont Stine - Haskell Laboratory86655378,853.70
Dupont Chestnut Run86208455,958.12
Alfred I Dupont Hospital For Children86386255,064.13
Sea Watch International Ltd8529559,908.98
St. Francis Hospital8450615,466.54
Proctor And Gamble Dover Wipes Company84450208,025.48
General Chemical Corporation84505955,032.93
Ametek Inc Chemical Products Division8326911,383.29
Spi Polyols Inc835351,449,060.15
Pinnacle Foods Corporation - Vlasic Plnt83207101,725.64
Allen'S Hatchery Inc Allen'S Milling82262138,586.04
Mountaire Farms Of Delaware Inc-Millsbor82322484,417.55
Christiana Care - Christiana Hospital82479308,626.14
Hanover Foods Corporation8213165,382.48
Nvf Company Inc - Yorklyn Facility8224568,631.20
Hercules Incorporated Research Center82444252,250.65
Nrg Energy Center Dover Llc811765,409,966.74
Perdue Farms Inc - Georgetown81199314,003.52
Perdue Farms - Bridgeville80147122,125.84
Kraft Foods North America8029021,823.44
City Of Dover - Mckee Run Generating Sta794362,499,687.74
Dupont Wilmington Office Building79395158,899.71
Mountaire Farms Of Delmarva - Selbyville7999229,232.90
Allen Family Foods Inc79159113,203.89
Mountaire Farms Of Delmarva Frankford79116180,685.55
Perdue Farms Inc - Milford78157113,445.11
International Petroleum Corp Of Delaware5928131,905.42
Rohm & Haas Electronic Materials Cmp Te58445100,170.80
Citisteel Usa581281,861,974.38
Veterans Administration Hospital5716716,005.94
Westvaco Corporation579424,374.33
Christiana Care - Wilmington Hospital5629734,432.45
Occidental Chemical Corporation56515160,524.93
Bayhealth Med Center Kent General Hosp563898,747.65
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp55395175,618.98
Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals Lp-Fairfax5565062,632.67
Wilmington Wastewater Treatment Plant547113,827.78
Bayhealth Medical Ctr - Milford Memorial5417631,336.23
Formosa Plastics Corporation54223599,825.38
University Of Delaware Newark53778118,909.75
Johnson Polymer Inc5316967,604.72
Dassault Falcon Jet-Wilmington Corp538027,830.66
Noramco Inc5320521,489.76
Inland Paperboard And Packaging5114435,320.56
Amtrak Wilmington Maintenance Facility5117414,749.68
Delaware Correctional Center - Smyrna5138340,066.36
Wilmington Piece Dye Co505754,792.57
The Crowell Corporation4912418,162.36
City Of Dover Van Sant Generating Sta499849,334.17
Delaware State University4935418,567.76
Warren F Beasley Power Station499629,893.08
Lafarge North America Inc49834255,182.39
Justin Tanks Llc485267,202.59
Delaware Terminal Company4727326,574.79
Printpack Inc46111244,908.31
Air Liquide Medal Lp45672,046.30
Fmc Biopolymer4339847,520.67
Fp International Inc435256,714.82
Delaware City Plant 42433,428,008.91
Conectiv Delmarva Generation-Hay Road411881,092,614.02
Christiana Materials415965,198.65
Tilcon Delaware - Bay Road4168119,669.25
Pure Green Industries Inc395111,695.17
City Of Seaford-Electric Power Plant39234269,324.93
Edward J. Kaye Construction394891,604.12
Delaware Recyclable Products Inc384823,763.65
De Solid Waste Authority Cherry Island374146,431.14
Conectiv Delmarva Generation-Christiana377476,706.23
Conectiv Delmarva Generation-Madison St37372,810.70
Conectiv Delmarva Generation-Del City373726,855.83
Conectiv Delmarva Generation-West_subst373724,926.03
City Of Lewes Power Plant32647,182.58
De Solid Waste Authority Southern2932861,284.28
De Solid Waste Authority Pigeon Point2932139,715.06
Delaware Central #1 Landfill28286,731.06
Southern Solid Waste Management Center28284,744.95
De Solid Waste Authority Sandtown2528616,477.84
Macdermid Inc175231,396.14
Edgemoor Materials Inc132546,127.29
Hirsh Industries127069,597.42
Motiva Enterprises Marketing Term127065,943.00
Kaneka Delaware Corporation1163249,646.00
Vpi Film Llc112652,527.56
Tilcon Delaware - Georgetown1111104,888.40
American Minerals Inc102637,629.83
Tilcon Delaware - Terminal Avenue102289,340.72
Honeywell International Inc1033187,582.54
Metachem Products Llc10460384,927.61
E-A-R Specialty Composites S B U Aearo93618,680.27
Diamond Materials Llc930102,616.98
Clean Earth Of New Castle91986,787.20
Contractors Materials Llc Hot Mix Plt91360,883.33
Interstate Construction Of Delmarva Inc914102,218.62
Tilcon Delaware - Horsepond Road932115,715.66
Ilc Dover Inc.7818,440.00
Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc6166894.42
Unisource Worldwide Inc61332,890.00
Perdue-Agrirecycle Llc62267,286.73
Air Liquide America L P52228,700.00
Ge Energy (Usa) Llc51528,765.80
Avecia Inc.581,560.00
Laidlaw Corporation41733,276.72
Harris Manufacturing Co Inc3619,724.00
Metal Masters Food Service Equipment Co.3420.00
Multi-Tech Inc32647,520.00
Ptfe Compounds Inc3332,990.00
Orient Corp. Of America242,822.00
Green Tree Chemical Techs. Inc. - Aerosols Div.22111.00
Mil-Del Corporation226,110.00
Dentsply Caulk West Plant22500.00
Ppg Architectural Finishes Dover2344.00
Camdel Metals Corporation2825,875.00
Playtex Prods. Inc.114.00
Quality Kitchen Corp112,100.00
Burris Logistics - Harrington118,000.00
Lehigh Valley Dairy111,870.00
Lewes Dairy Inc112,168.00
Cannon Cold Storage110.00
Burris Logistics - New Castle110.00
Delaware Refrigerated Services110.00
United States Cold Storage116,138.00
Chrome Deposit Corporation120.08
Hardcore Composites11463.00
Spatz Fiberglass Prods. Inc.114,473.53
Agilent Techs. Inc. Newport Site11854.00
Procino Plating Inc125.80
Dentsply Caulk-Lakeview11165.00
Gac Seaford Inc.121.18
Marble Works Inc.112,371.00
Kuehne Chemical Co. Delaware City Plant115.00
W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. Otts Chapel Site110.34
Vp Racing Fuels114.00
Astropower Inc. Solar Park12255.00
Insteel Wire Prods.110.00
Agilent Techs. Inc. Little Falls Site111,422.00
Arlon Inc.121,500.00
Standard Technologies & Machine Co Inc111.36
Industraplate Corp110.01
Pepsi Cola Bottling Company110.00
Trappe Packing Corporation110.00
The Pond Ice Arena110.00
Seaford Ice Inc110.00
J G Townsend110.00
Birdseye Foods110.00
Rodel Technical Center000.00