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Polluters in Washington DC
Benning Generating Station26503,258,405.61
Pepco-Buzzard Pt Gen Stn10191,328,575.14
St. Elizabeth Hospital1030171,778.90
Capitol Power Plant10391,943,245.70
U.S. Gsa Central Heating Plant1086796,142.90
U.S. Soldiers And Airman'S Hom73643,592.28
Bureau Of Engraving And Printing733116,858.81
D.C. General Hospital660292,667.44
Naval Research Laboratory63627,984.32
Howard University655136,544.34
U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Dalecarlia Wtp Aqueduct Div.232,383.00
U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Mcmillan Wtp Aqueduct Div.231,293.00
Gsa-West Heating140.00