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Polluters in Connecticut
Pseg Pwr Ct Llc/Bpt Harbor Sta7829013,519,198.33
Pse&G New Haven Harbor Station5410411,039,256.82
A E S Thames, Llc11808,412,645.00
Wheelabrator Bridgeport Lp341053,870,271.46
Nrg Middletown Operations, Inc472263,512,277.82
C R R A / Mid-Connecticut321573,299,576.01
Nrg Montville Operations, Inc491742,853,212.24
Nrg Norwalk Harbor Operations421492,293,933.33
Cytec Industries Inc183981,890,595.00
Pratt & Whitney Div Utc92401,628,977.00
Devon Power, Llc522951,607,222.30
American Ref Fuel Co Of Se Ct34771,571,915.23
Motiva Enterprises Llc121021,519,029.00
Pfizer Inc192721,330,185.51
Lake Road Generating Co, L.P.8631,225,956.90
Algonquin Windsor Locks Llc9401,171,703.00
Exeter Energy L.P.6361,163,278.00
Simkins Industries Inc.23291,058,604.20
Bridgeport Energy Llc19441,000,744.56
Naugatuck Wpcf % Usfilter Ops629956,422.00
Yale University Sterling Power Plant24120843,770.00
Ogden Martin Systems Of Bristl3468841,718.78
Crompton Manufacturing Co Inc17256798,904.00
Sartomer Co Inc726791,968.00
Riley Energy Sys-Lisbon Corp2871785,658.98
Pratt & Whitney Div Utc10188765,876.00
Sprague Paperboard Inc6156649,618.00
Spongex Corporation756592,652.00
Motiva Enterprises Llc12150530,756.00
Algonquin Gas Transmission Co654515,098.00
Capitol District Energy Center630489,916.00
Quebecor,Northeast Graphic Inc6144488,114.00
Gulf Oil L.P.1266454,403.00
Ogden Projects Of Wallingford1541432,612.95
The Hartford Steam Co6114348,730.00
Frito-Lay Inc6222335,342.00
Saint-Gobain Ppl Corp10116306,985.00
Kimberly-Clark Corp6216284,806.00
Sikorsky Aircraft8178270,995.00
Univ Of Ct / Storrs6270261,580.00
Habasit Abt, Inc750238,943.00
Amerbelle Corp8208231,828.00
Magellan Terminals (Formerly Williams Energy)13127226,995.20
Milford Power Co Llc630205,982.00
Yale University Central Power Plant2793187,118.20
Pratt & Whitney Div Utc7158178,787.00
U S Naval Submarine Base/Pwr P6198168,868.00
M D C /Hartford Wpcf6126168,252.00
Arnold Foods Company6258162,526.00
Hamilton Sundstrand Corp9209162,332.77
Allegheny Ludlum Corp7164153,542.00
Waste Management Of Ct Inc612149,296.00
Dow Chemical Co12114144,283.00
Vyncolit North America, Inc987143,488.00
Amerada Hess Corp-Wethersfield1440138,975.00
Somers Thin Strip786138,386.00
Rand-Whitney Containerboard Lp612138,248.00
Tuscarora Incorporated642134,382.00
G L C Associates726129,593.00
St Raphael, Hospital Of684128,534.00
Pepperidge Farm Inc690127,162.00
Spartech Polycast, Inc762125,174.00
Minnesota Methane Llc612121,672.00
Norwalk Hospital Association6102119,862.00
Dimension Polyant Sailcloth62499,388.00
Donnelley & Sons Co, R R67899,050.00
Metal Finishing Techs. Inc.4595,779.90
Bic Consumer Prod. Manu. Co.97695,205.00
Stanley Tools Div75694,473.00
Pro Line Printing Inc63093,648.00
Coats North America721893,022.00
Vishay Vitramon,Inc72686,922.00
Jacobs Vehicle Systems, Inc74384,733.00
Conn Dept Of Transportation612080,580.00
Ross & Roberts Inc68476,590.00
Whyco Finishing Tech,Inc.106273,818.00
Hampford Research Inc82273,560.00
Cuno Inc61873,052.00
Dominion Nuclear Ct., Inc.612073,006.00
Eyelematic Mfg Co74472,432.00
C R R A / Shelton6669,118.00
Belden Brick Co151569,025.08
Brownell & Company, Inc83867,714.00
Citgo Petroleum Corp63064,224.00
Phoenix Soils Llc71963,475.09
Stp Product Manufacturing Co61263,022.00
Stanadyne Corp.2261,130.00
Electric Boat Corp625260,756.00
Phelps Dodge Copper Prod Co62459,032.00
Magellan Terminals (Formerly Williams Energy)209255,932.65
Conn Valley Hospital612055,502.00
Thermospas Inc.2254,141.00
Smurfit-Stone Container Corp63651,198.00
Danbury High School63650,994.00
Algonquin Gas Transmission Co61849,564.00
Lesro Industries Inc63048,972.00
Burns Construction Co61246,458.00
Danbury /Dpw (Landfill)67244,346.00
Martin Cabinet Inc61242,986.00
Canton Village Construction Co62440,630.00
Stamford Hospital610240,624.00
Pitney Bowes Inc85640,333.00
Kingswood Kitchens Inc64239,738.00
Ametek Specialty Metal Prods. Div.3538,981.00
Conn Container Corp61836,514.00
La Joies'S Auto/Scrap Recycl61234,180.00
Ct Acquisitions Llc Dba Danver7732,310.00
Risdon-Ams Cosmetic Cont Div612632,022.00
Wasley Products Inc71429,578.26
Von Roll Isola Usa Inc6627,210.00
Parallax Power Components L.L.C.2326,536.00
Rockville General Hospital61826,098.00
Technical Coatings Laboratory L.L.C.51025,119.00
Delta Rubber Co Sub Of Nn, Inc79125,080.00
Asml, Us Incorporated66024,818.00
Bridgeport Mutual Mgmt Corp61823,448.00
People'S Bank62422,528.00
Connecticut Jet Power, Llc61821,668.00
Comasec Safety Inc6621,200.00
Itw Converted Prods.122319,469.00
General Electric Capital Corp63619,256.00
Fm Precision Golf Mfg Corp63019,222.00
Engelhard Corp.1217,320.00
Univ Of Ct / Avery Point65415,714.00
Romatic Mfg. Co.1215,592.30
Component Tech. Inc.1115,515.00
Firestone Building Products Co72515,105.00
Lisbon Textile Prints Inc66614,828.00
New Haven Terminal Inc.718114,428.00
Waterbury North Landfill282814,372.19
Fairprene Inc.2413,942.00
Uretek Inc.3313,904.00
Guilford Gravure Inc63013,650.00
Kurt Weiss Greenhouses Of Ct66013,558.00
Meriden Landfill282813,179.82
Durham Mfg. Co.1213,005.20
Rowley Stamp & Stamping Corp.1112,843.00
Cuno Inc.2412,575.00
Tilcon Connecticut Inc61812,176.00
Supreme Lake Mfg. Inc.1111,983.00
Windsor Airmotive1111,772.00
Radcliff Wire Inc.1111,366.00
Eyelet Crafters Inc.1210,892.00
Barden Corp73710,712.00
Thames Printing Co Inc61210,200.00
Scapa Tapes N.A.3410,025.00
Mid State Medical Center64210,012.00
New Haven Terminal, Inc6909,828.00
Conarc Inc.129,490.00
Ppg Architectural Finishes Watertown119,440.00
Tech Circuits Inc.239,254.20
Circuit-Wise Inc.359,150.00
Har-Conn Chrome Co.119,141.00
Kamatics Corp.129,100.00
Hayes House % Consolidated Mgt6248,948.00
Agc Inc.348,826.00
Hampton Landfill28288,693.71
Sargent Manufacturing Co.668,668.20
United Abrasives Inc.128,592.00
Preferred Fixtures6308,036.00
Atofina Chemicals Inc. Atoglas Div.118,000.00
Braxton Mfg. Co. Inc.117,972.00
New Fairfield Landfill28287,906.20
Connecticut Spring & Stamping Corp.117,568.00
Milford Automatics Inc.127,469.00
Henlopen Manufacturing Co Inc6127,038.00
Deitsch Plastic Co. Inc.886,783.00
Manchester Landfill28286,656.85
Eyelet Design Inc.126,588.00
M. Swift & Sons Inc6846,554.00
Stanchem Inc.346,533.00
Pitney Bowes Inc6246,338.00
Pfizer Inc Crd6366,050.00
Windsor / Bloomfield Landfill28285,950.89
Metalform Co. Inc.115,900.00
Stanley Hardware Div6305,860.00
Porce-Len Ltd. Llc445,507.80
U.S. Surgical Corp./Tyco Healthcare Group225,450.00
Conn Dept Corr / Hartford Ccc6604,802.00
Rsa Corp.244,735.00
Deburring Labs. Inc.114,712.00
Cuno Inc.124,706.00
Norwich Landfill28284,535.52
Current Inc.224,337.00
Trans Flex Packagers Inc6184,254.00
Interchurch Residences6124,090.00
Hubbard-Hall Inc.8164,088.00
Indalex Inc.364,024.00
St Josephs Manor6424,012.00
Dur-A-Flex Inc.223,643.00
Bristol Landfill28283,623.55
Vanderbilt Chemical Corp.453,351.00
Carlon Rubber Products Co.113,308.00
Rogers Rogers Corp. Elastomer Components Div.223,301.20
Goodrich Pump & Engine Control Sys. Inc.233,290.35
King Inds. Inc.8153,270.00
Blakeslee Prestress Inc6183,164.00
Canterbury Landfill28283,107.85
Getty Terminals Corp.6123,065.00
E. J. Gaisser Inc.363,022.00
Hartford Hospital/Newington6122,972.00
Syn-Mar Prods. Inc.122,959.00
Electrocal, Inc.222,809.00
J.E.M. Inc.6422,706.00
Ulbrich Stainless Steels112,688.00
Seymour Sand & Stone / Caroline Rd Landfill28282,568.77
H.B. Ives Co. (Harrow Products)662,532.64
Anocoil Corp.222,437.00
M. L. & P. Trucking, Llc6122,416.00
Milford Barrell Co.332,263.00
New Haven Landfill28282,174.96
Flexcon Co. Inc.242,040.41
Reflexite Corp.222,026.10
Perma Treat Corp.5102,005.85
B I C C Brand - Rex Co661,942.00
Kanthal Building 1111,930.00
Hamilton Standard Div Utc6361,904.00
Hicks & Otis Prints Inc.361,726.00
Byk-Chemie Usa Inc.481,532.00
Laurel Ridge6121,486.00
Thompson Landfill28281,410.16
Conn Education Assoc Inc6121,356.00
Mossberg & Sons Inc. O F881,344.87
Putnam Landfill28281,323.07
Plastics Color & Compounding Inc.361,316.40
Fibercote Inds. Inc.361,303.50
Exmet Corp.111,270.00
Bridgeport Metal Goods Mfg. Co.121,253.00
Hartford Courant Co6301,240.00
Fuelcell Energy Inc.341,186.00
Demming Road Landfill28281,137.44
Killingly Landfill28281,089.34
Ge Co.111,040.00
Casco Products Corporation6241,030.00
Summit Corp. Of America361,020.00
C&M Corp.221,017.00
Torrington Co. Standard Plant341,000.31
Latex Foam Intl.11979.00
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.99926.75
East Hartford Demolition Landfill2828925.75
Peter Paul Electronics Co. Inc.11887.00
South Norwalk Electric & Water648828.00
American Wire Corp.36645.00
Winsted Precision Ball Co.11604.00
Stonington Landfill2828536.39
Coventry Landfill2828519.12
Taylor & Fenn Co.36517.39
Purification Techs. Inc.35515.00
Corbin Russwin23505.00
Prestone Products Corp612502.00
Colt'S Mfg. Co. Inc.12500.00
Glastonbury Landfill2828490.60
Tyco Printed Circuit Goup-Stafford Div.33480.00
Rollprint Packaging Prods. Inc.11479.00
Caap Co. Inc.33471.00
Norfolk Landfill Transfer Station Since 19952828461.64
Stafford Springs Landfill Ts Since 8-952828461.64
Morris Landfill2828419.51
Conn Natural Gas Corp642410.00
Dynamic Gunver Technologies66380.00
Canaan Landfill2828377.96
Marlborough Landfill2828352.46
Montville Landfill2828352.46
Brooklyn Landfill2828324.45
Somers Landfill2828324.45
Columbia Landfill2828324.45
Woodbridge Landfill2828305.29
North Canaan Landfill2828297.54
Woodstock Landfill2828297.54
Voluntown Landfill2828297.54
Suffield C&D Landfill & Transfer Station2828285.32
Ledyard Landfill2828271.68
Lebanon Landfill2828271.68
Mirror Polishing & Plating Co. Inc.12255.00
Turbine Components Corp.Site 1,2 & 412255.00
Pratt & Whitney36252.00
Macdermid Inc.22251.00
Waterbury Plating Co.11250.00
Northeastern Shaped Wire Inc.11250.00
Redding Landfill2828249.94
Morganite Crucible Inc.11238.50
Salem Landfill2828226.28
Sprague Landfill2828211.41
Waterbury Rolling Mills23210.45
Kent Landfill2828197.38
Preston Landfill2828129.78
Kanthal Building 211120.00
East Shore Water Pollution2323117.43
P-Q Controls Inc.12116.00
Flow Polymers Inc.3699.00
P&G Clairol Inc.1289.00
Ansonia Copper & Brass Inc.3664.00
Electric Cable Compounds Inc.2359.00
Minteq/Specialty Minerals Inc.3459.00
Arista Beaver Brook Circuits Inc.1255.00
Bedoukian Research Inc.2432.00
Ensign-Bickford Co.1230.00
Chromium Process Co.3524.00
Associated Spring2420.00
Superior Plating Co.2418.15
Warren Corp.2217.15
Theis Precision Steel Corp.3315.00
Schick Mfg. Inc.3413.01
Kerite Co.2212.00
U.S. Coast Guard Academy2210.81
Davis-Standard Corp.2210.00
Stamford Corp. I1210.00
Sousa Corp.1210.00
Tyco Electronics Waterbury1110.00
H Krevit & Company Inc.117.00
Utc Fuel Cells L.L.C.225.10
Marlin Firearms Co.115.00
Ansonia Copper & Brass Inc.115.00
Mcp Metalspecialties115.00
Dne Sys. Inc.114.10
Barnes Aerospace Windsor Div.114.00
Torrey S. Crane113.86
Mahle Inc. Trumbull Plant233.00
Amerada Hess Corp. Groton Terminal441.98
American Electro Prods. Inc.121.90
Tyco Printed Circuit Group Stafford Div.331.70
Bae Sys. Inertial Prods. Inc.111.00
Olson Brothers Co.121.00
Stanley-Bostitch Inc. Clinton Plant111.00
Nelson Heat Tracing Sys.110.80
Yale New Haven Hospital770.61
Tyco Printed Circuit Group110.40
Microtech Inc.110.36
Kenneth Lynch & Sons Inc.110.32
Teknicircuits Inc.120.30
Honeywell Fire Sys.110.23
Suzio York Hill Cos.110.20
Food Automation-Service Techniques Inc.110.13
Tilcon Connnecticut Inc.110.10
Tilcon Connecticut Inc.110.10
Locknetics Security Eng.110.10
Tilcon Connecticut Inc.110.10
Tilcon Connecticut Inc.110.10
U.S. Repeating Arms Co. Inc.110.09
Valspar Corp.110.08
Miller Co.220.07
Drs Power & Control Techs. Inc.120.06
Autoswage Prods. Inc.110.05
Nutmeg Chrome Corp.110.04
Goodrich Corp.110.03
Bristol Babcock Inc.110.03
Stone Container Corp.110.00
General Cable Inds. Inc.110.00
Rogers Corp.000.00