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Polluters in California
1 Day Paint & Body Center7195,350.75
1$ Cleaner, C Chen, E Lee Et A673,549.67
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc11226,619.92
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc10219,873.73
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc92010,671.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc11228,089.02
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9354,890.23
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc15279,710.09
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc8201,365.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc39835.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc8216,761.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9232,164.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc155313,323.23
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9261,445.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc8177,967.66
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9217,985.40
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9198,985.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc11218,036.13
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc15287,523.24
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9217,297.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc15286,080.12
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc15277,607.31
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc8156,816.26
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc11258,477.98
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9215,705.00
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc9203,686.95
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc371,056.77
1-Day Paint & Body Centers Inc993,254.19
101 Autob Shop36491.75
101 Body Shop99115.62
101 Disposal Company2828285.51
1010 Full Service Dry Cleaner221,158.57
10960 Property Corp 62553,537.34
14th Avenue Landfill2828285.51
155th Street Disposal Site282863,237.99
19th Avenue Auto Body Center352,517.08
19th Avenue Cleaner22786.45
1st Class Collision Inc882,508.23
2 Genes Aviation Inc132,580.00
2045 Corporation660.00
20th Avenue Cleaner221,080.50
20th Century Fox Film Corp 116716,143.36
26th Street Landfill28281,715.36
2nd & Juanita Dump28287,906.20
34th Street Car Wash, Inc41672.13
34th Street Cleaners11810.00
35th Street E, Pump Station404027.72
360 Network664.83
360 Networks6628,702.27
374 Jatko Road, Berry Creek2828248.32
3m Co, Dental Products Div12632.80
3m Company 94157,056.95
3m Industrial Optics131,061.84
3m Medical Products 83524,392.19
3m Pharmaceuticals177219,630.13
3rd Ave Lf / San Mateo Composting Site2828318.39
4 Bros Body Shop3372.41
49 / 00179 Unnamed2828324.45
4mc-Burbank, Inc. 13544.91
4th St Woodworking Co11518.00
5 Day Business Forms Mfg Inc 145,780.00
54th St And Paramount Blvd. D.S.28281,715.36
7 Day Tire & Body88822.64
7- Eleven515243.79
7-11 #15883 (Southland)515198.49
7-11 #20912 (Southland)515123.81
7-11 #22814 (Southland)515101.49
7-11 #23108 (Southland)515129.39
7-11 Citgo (Atascadero)111.49
7-11 Food Store #2005451987.58
7-11 Store #2251-14117515253.55
7-11 Store #2251-17334515206.34
7-11 Store #2251-17647515262.45
7-11 Store #2251-19976515305.23
7-11 Store #2251-20632515541.94
7-11 Store #2251-21756515148.48
7-11/Citgo (Pismo Beach)111.25
7-Eleven #32241416190.73
7-Eleven C/O Secor11356.29
7-Eleven, Inc416240.52
7-Eleven, Inc416647.20
7-Eleven, Inc416154.22
7-Eleven, Inc416144.93
7-Eleven, Inc416133.33
7-Eleven, Inc41631.05
7-Eleven, Inc41650.22
7-Eleven, Inc41640.11
7-Eleven, Inc41669.96
7-Eleven, Inc41662.45
7-Eleven, Inc41628.93
7-Eleven, Inc41666.20
7-Eleven, Inc41667.96
7-Eleven, Inc41624.01
7-Eleven, Inc41651.30
7-Eleven, Inc41694.36
7-Eleven, Inc41660.15
7-Eleven, Inc #2115441637.98
7-Eleven, Inc.66526.00
7-Eleven, Inc.66523.00
7-Eleven, Inc.116.63
7-Eleven, Inc.114.49
7-Eleven, Inc.1113.76
7-Eleven, Inc.119.86
7-Eleven, Inc.1111.03
7-Eleven, Inc.114.40
7-Eleven, Inc.113.99
7-Eleven, Inc.114.70
7-Eleven, Inc.115.15
7-Eleven, Inc.115.72
7-Eleven, Inc.115.02
7-Eleven, Inc.117.70
7/11 Materials, Inc61825,073.58
70 Mm Inc 151,341.31
75th St East & Little Rock Disposal Site28281,715.36
7th Ave Cleaners 672,539.57
7th Street & Anderson Street28287,906.20
7up/Rc Bottling Co Of Southern887.53
8309 Tujunga Avenue Corporatio66128,062.53
88 Auto Body2318.99
8th Avenue Tideland Dump28287,906.20
979 Obispo St2828181.69
99 Food Mart41629.99
99 Shell515727.48
99 Travel Center111,926.00
A & A264,480.00
A & A American Automotive55265.73
A & A Body & Paint56605.12
A & A Concrete Supply, Inc2215,633.60
A & A Express416132.43
A & A Food Mart4160.10
A & A Texaco #241616.48
A & F Finishing 124,333.38
A & J Auto Body 2292.32
A & K Body Paint1190.82
A & K Body Paint 119.58
A & L Fairfax French Cleaners 11519.39
A & M Auto Body11127.15
A & M Bandag Inc 142,158.15
A & M Paint & Body Shop11491.81
A & P Growers61018,917.85
A & R Auto Body991,306.99
A & T Woodworking 123,236.54
A & W Auto Body Inc351,007.81
A & W Cleaners11886.60
A & Willtz Auto Body361,745.36
A 1 Collision Repair366,695.01
A Aability Auto Body & Paint88443.35
A And B Auto Body And Fender W6466,469.24
A C E Rentals 63021,472.04
A C Transit District12648.60
A Classic Finish23320.17
A French Cleaners111,884.82
A G Layne Inc88971.08
A I C Stripping & Sandblasting110.01
A J Auto Clinic24936.88
A J Electronics Inc113,774.00
A Ok Body Shop12580.00
A Quality Auto Painting121,277.79
A Silvestri Corp22605.32
A T & T Telecommunications6649.64
A T & T Telecommunications66124.93
A T & T Wireless618929.99
A T & T Wireless Services6637.28
A T & T Wireless Services6631.52
A T & T Wireless Services6633.37
A T & T Wireless Services6629.48
A T & T Wireless Services6637.28
A T & T Wireless Services6637.28
A T & T Wireless Services6629.48
A Tool Shed, Inc2465.54
A&A Auto Body & Paint88435.14
A&A Prestige Cleaners22732.52
A&A Ready Mixed Concrete Inc2610,167.08
A&C Paint & Body88882.60
A&D Cleaners & Laundry22585.90
A&F Plastics Inc7112,012.69
A&L Litho Inc6713,038.17
A&M Products Manufacturing Co.3611,266.24
A&M Products Manufacturing Co.66316,913.87
A&P Cleaners22839.70
A-1 Aggregates Inc1818331.92
A-1 Auto Body Shop341,754.77
A-1 Body Shop441,734.92
A-1 Body Shop12137,512.46
A-1 Body Shop 2221.88
A-1 Cleaners11204.00
A-1 Cleaners 11876.90
A-1 Cleaners11775.58
A-1 Coast Rentals Inc 6173,862.14
A-1 Martin'S Auto Body Shop33101.97
A-1 Plank Inc 111,620.00
A-1 Plating, Inc.110.01
A-16clutch Co Inc 6155,643.67
A-H Plating, Inc 1730180.82
A-Silk Dry Cleaners1110,095.00
A-Superior Collision Shop131,926.58
A. C. D. Inc 82325,442.33
A. L. Gilbert Company137825,724.23
A. Teichert & Son40308244,670.23
A. Teichert & Son Df#3551115544,833.37
A. W. Hoch8514,696.98
A/C Folding Gates 6111,940.00
Aa Auto Garage Repair227.57
Aa Auto Garage Repair12567.53
Aa Printing2228.71
Aa'S Drive-In Dry Cleaners11945.90
Aa'S Drive-In Dry Cleaners 111,014.81
Aa-One Lithograph Inc. 184,260.00
Aaa Advance Finishing, Inc 103930,606.75
Aaa Auto Body 682,353.47
Aaa Glass Corp 81922,524.84
Aaa Partitions Inc 6123,140.00
Aaa Plating110.00
Aaa Plating & Inspection Inc 6147,900.00
Aaa Sorrento Valley2323375.80
Aai/Acl Technologies 9192,542.01
Aai/California Carshell, Inc 61930,236.26
Aalba Dent, Inc490.11
Aarons Body Shop33379.36
Aart Marble Company 126,505.48
Ab Brite Cleaners22120.15
Aba Energy (Heath 10-1)353,660.00
Aba Energy (Hunt 9-1)3315,114.00
Aba Energy (Niehues 4-1)335,328.00
Aba Energy Corp.22218.00
Aba Energy Corporation22876.00
Aba Energy Corporation1320254.29
Aba Energy-Reimers Mastr Meter331,136.00
Abacor Inc883,727.44
Abacus Auto Body & Paint 24328.48
Abacus Printing & Graphics Inc6122,760.00
Abbas Ali Nazemi117.83
Abbey Press, Inc 129.75
Abbott Laboratories6121,007.87
Abbott Laboratories1140.80
Abbott Transistor Laboratories52216,573.72
Abc Body Shop231,781.46
Abc Cleaners221,061.95
Abc Cleaners22670.05
Abc Custom Wood Shutters, Stah127,863.68
Abdo M. Alomari116.07
Abel Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick333,715.93
Abels Auto Body & Paint882,385.07
Abgenix Inc6145,782.48
Abgenix Inc66150.57
Abj Cleaners Inc22344.25
Able Auto Body 2227.85
Able Electronics Corp.110.65
Ablestik Laboratories 162719,961.02
Abrasive Finishing Co 3920,415.00
Absolute Auto And Truck Repair143,784.76
Ac Products Inc16338,319.51
Ac Transit710429.41
Ac Transit12571.01
Ac Transit12490.38
Ac Transit District - Central8211,619.13
Acacia Gas & Carwash8812,067.06
Academy Films Inc 153,037.95
Academy Studio47279.07
Academy Tent Inc 671,243.06
Accent Auto Body661,635.30
Accent Counter Tops Inc 2264.71
Accent Furniture, Inc 1211,000.00
Access Auto Body Shop13398.19
Access Manufacturing, Inc.361,516.13
Accessory Art Products Inc.12403.05
Accion Const Iron & Windows Mf6105,070.99
Accuforms, Inc. 6114,314.18
Accurate Auto462,696.34
Accurate Auto Body & Paint341,110.21
Accurate Auto Body, Inc11950.10
Accurate Body & Frame44497.76
Accurate Metal Fabricators Inc335,976.06
Accurate Metal Fabricators Inc6187,947.17
Ace Cleaners 11546.38
Ace Cleaners11628.67
Ace Cleaners221,547.29
Ace Cleaners11603.59
Ace Cleaners And Draperies11863.41
Ace Clearwater Enter. 81815,600.97
Ace Clearwater Enterprises 243,493.96
Ace Cogen Company21051,946.40
Ace Cogeneration Co.10341,184,794.95
Ace Iron Inc131,456.16
Ace Iron, Inc166,719.70
Ace Merchandise Corp., Akg Ind112,820.00
Ace Plating Co Inc9182,579.01
Ace Sandblasting Corp 61039,504.02
Acevedo'S Body Shop 110.12
Ach Food Companies, Inc63115,310.42
Acheson Colloids Co.111.00
Acker-Stone Industries Inc 6161,334.80
Acme Auto Body1163.54
Acme Cleaners111,350.00
Acme Fiberglass, Inc21133,511.31
Acme Fill Corporation2934170,181.99
Acme Fixture & Casework Inc 22294.73
Acme Packaging Corporation254,196.04
Acme Paving6182,638.55
Acme-Wiley Corp Of Cal 6105,732.80
Acorn Engineering Co 111540,059.55
Acro-Coat, Inc 693,338.83
Act Cleaners1172.00
Act Electronics Inc.110.25
Act I, Inc11202.50
Act Manufacturing11130.40
Actagro, Llc.69531.37
Action Iron Works Inc 6117,223.58
Action Painting Service Inc 61010,115.17
Action Point Inc 67220.00
Action Printers134,410.00
Active Magnetic Inspection 220.00
Active Sandblasting Co 6812,301.18
Active Supply Co 71527,435.22
Acurex Refrigeration Pro Div-B11548.00
Acuson Corporation 6635.81
Ad-Art Inc13272,837.33
Adams And Coltrin2229,013.00
Adams Grain Co.4187,443.94
Adams Grain Company22974.10
Adams Grain Company11361,503.84
Adams Grain Company91714,620.73
Adams Grain Company61211,686.58
Adams Rite Sabre International112,228.00
Adams Steel 3720,911.74
Adams, Schwab & Adams22890.00
Adams, Schwab And Adams6102,568.28
Adams, Schwab And Adams281,899.32
Adaptive Circuits285,678.92
Adelanto Disposal Site282863,237.99
Adept Technology, Inc 2211.08
Adesa Corporation1613,181.77
Adin Disposal Site2828198.56
Adin Dump2828198.56
Adm Milling Co, Centennial Mil331,666.53
Admiral Baker Golf Course2828285.51
Advance Auto Body36957.27
Advance Business Graphics Inc 6135,320.00
Advance Disposal Co. Inc.11677.60
Advance Dry Cleaners221,004.53
Advance Heli-Welders & Mfg Co11254.88
Advance Paper Box Co 71734,754.00
Advance Tech Collision121,295.55
Advance Truck Painting Inc 3818,060.27
Advanced Auto Body332,656.65
Advanced Auto Body235,491.04
Advanced Auto Body Center131,410.07
Advanced Auto Body Center 22234.51
Advanced Body & Frame45794.86
Advanced Coating & Silkscreening Inc16328,445.09
Advanced Collision Repair & To881,030.38
Advanced Component Labs (Usa) 111,403.19
Advanced Course2828348.04
Advanced Electromagnet6712,163.77
Advanced Energy Sources Inc 6109,425.83
Advanced Environmental Inc.115.00
Advanced Fabrication Technolog113,109.91
Advanced Food Products Llc61832,300.00
Advanced Ground Systems Engine695,398.77
Advanced Litho Systems, Inc195,370.53
Advanced Metal Finishers Inc21310,141.38
Advanced Micro Devices Inc241.31
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc1812296,181.50
Advanced Power Technology-Rf I46462.12
Advanced Printing143,225.40
Advanced Spa Designs 21168,946.40
Advanced Surf Designs23866.91
Advanced Tech Collision151,597.92
Advanced Web Offset Inc244,988.74
Advantage Boats, Inc 130.00
Advantage Body Shop231,399.14
Advantage Cleaners22488.70
Adventist Health Hospital667,019.94
Adventist Health Redbud Community Hospital443.73
Advertisers Mailing Serv 6144,600.00
Aelco Corp91110,484.54
Aera Energy Llc 35426103,061.33
Aera Energy Llc 2041784,285.40
Aera Energy Llc 1420720,911.79
Aera Energy Llc13101329,697.77
Aera Energy Llc 154,256.60
Aera Energy Llc61871,625,101.37
Aera Energy Llc 6231739,758.31
Aera Energy Llc6148345,117.49
Aera Energy Llc686136,354.64
Aera Energy Llc655186,934.54
Aera Energy Llc 67376.43
Aera Energy Llc615322,930,525.63
Aera Energy Llc17147258,509.65
Aera Energy Llc4222451,610,886.44
Aera Energy Llc625150,199.44
Aero Engines Inc 184065,710.64
Aero Powder Coating Inc 675,740.00
Aero Trader 374,520.00
Aero Union Corporation124.20
Aero Union Corporation110.33
Aero-Ddl, Anaheim, Plant 2776,859.00
Aero-Ddl, Anaheim, Plant 37719,941.00
Aero-Motion, Inc1184.96
Aerochem Inc102312,139.67
Aerochem Inc1493468,920.16
Aerocraft Heat Treating Co Inc71946,686.75
Aerojet Fine Chemical46984,337,557.42
Aerojet Gencorp, Aerojet Elect87113,942.30
Aerojet Lrc Landfill28281,715.36
Aerojet Ordnance Co464670,821.12
Aerojet Plant 228287,906.20
Aerosol Serv Co Inc 61428,557.81
Aerospace Aluminum Heat Treati91540,220.54
Aerotest Operations, Inc1152.80
Aes Alamitos, Llc4128912,178,787.74
Aes Delano Inc6421,443,797.55
Aes Huntington Beach, Llc401771,739,937.41
Aes Mendota, L.P.4266529,333.71
Aes Placerita Inc 154228,924.97
Aes Redondo Beach, Llc412189,506,077.45
Aesculap Inc1113.13
Aff Automobile Experts2228.14
Affordable Auto Body13944.33
Affymetrix Inc66853.89
Affymetrix, Inc36200.00
Afg Industries Inc13671,614,615.18
Ag Containers Specialties, Inc3314,963.10
Ag Formulators Inc.224.20
Ag Formulators, Incorporated61933,891.26
Ag Soil Amendment / Lawrence2828198.56
Ag Soil Amendment / Roke28281,069.83
Ag-Fume Services Inc 6722,180.00
Agcon, Inc.41536,973.10
Aggregate Materials Processing222,184.00
Aggregate Products (Jfs-Ccr)203459,430.69
Aggregate Products, Inc.61024,671.07
Aggrelite Rock Company104853,354.86
Agilent Technologies14775.82
Agilent Technologies, Inc5620,411.64
Agilent Technologies, Inc186525,541.34
Agilent Technologies, Inc113013,131.33
Agilent Technologies, Inc17438,993.97
Agilent Technologies, Inc8104,990.13
Agilent Technologies, Inc 1135.09
Agilent Technologies, Inc155020,829.30
Agilent Technologies, Inc14203,042.52
Agm Enterprises Inc.116.75
Agnews State Hospital810252.44
Agostini Petrol Dist512164.62
Agra Quest, Inc110.00
Agrashell Inc 6140.00
Agri Service317954,581.90
Agri-Cel, Inc.3012416,748.77
Agricultural Research Service8182,554.98
Agrium U S Inc442,683.80
Agrium U.S. Inc.121,010.00
Ahf Ducommun Inc3810,099.03
Ahl Forest Products1149,796.00
Ahlport Inc5582.89
Aidlin A / 22828348.04
Aidlin Geothermal Project3430482,994.32
Aiken Builders Products61433,748.80
Ail Systems Inc. Eaton Corp.225,087.00
Aim Spray Inc1115,075.31
Aimcor,Applied Industrial Mate24372.78
Air Chem Sys Inc 133,720.00
Air Cooling Technology10266,173.20
Air Factors/Lok231,104.46
Air Industries Corp2445102,874.47
Air Liquide America Corp22110.00
Air Liquide America Corporatio210239.05
Air Liquide America L.P.1122,660.00
Air Liquide American Corp332,084.25
Air Logistics Corp 225,804.00
Air Monitor Corporation 111.10
Air Nail Company 11790.32
Air National Guard 146 Aw/Em660.00
Air Prod & Chem Inc12539,788.28
Air Prods. Mfg. Corp. Martinez Waterfront Rd113,788.00
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc61420,843.90
Air Products Hycal Co L.P.,Air829226,936.60
Air Products Mfg Corp5529,909.00
Air Products Polymers Lp 7124,966.50
Air-Vol Block682,390.56
Airco Industrial Gases2231,893.27
Aircraft Cylinder & Turbine In7149,921.70
Aircraft Service International2670.03
Aircraft X-Ray Labs Inc 118532,792.03
Airfoil Management Co11227.00
Airgas Dry Ice1235,496.00
Airgas-Northern Calif & Nevada561,769.72
Airport Charter Shell515663.96
Airport City Auto Body113.67
Airport Disposal Site282831,413.10
Airport Fabrication Corp 610480.00
Airtronics Metal Products8121,829.24
Airways Gin, Inc.6750,111.43
Aiwa Research & Development,In112.52
Aj Usa Inc88845.65
Aj'S Quick Clean Center22865.55
Ajc Autobody34432.84
Akhtar Javed Company117.40
Akins Body Shop Inc283,096.98
Akins Collision Center Inc4104,545.90
Akita Ent, Inc21039.79
Akt America Incorporated1170.40
Akzo Coatings Inc, Aerospace F1674912,811.65
Akzo Coatings Inc.9929,068.42
Akzo Coatings Inc. 1743145,581.06
Akzo Nobel Chem Inc, Filtrol C25756.27
Al & Leo Finishing Inc1312,730.08
Al Innocenti9997.19
Al Larson Boat Shop 61925,683.69
Al Pombo, Inc63017,345.02
Al'S Body Shop 46252.53
Al'S Finishing 114,109.66
Al'S Garden Art, Inc.6625,126.40
Al'S Iron Works 6109,081.51
Al'S Plating Co Inc10142,493.95
Alaco Ladder Co 6241,507.29
Aladdin Cleaners111,544.40
Alameda Auto Body3464.49
Alameda Auto Body3142,717.62
Alameda Auto Care251,619.34
Alameda Collision Repair Inc231,274.60
Alameda County9181,039.66
Alameda County Medical Center 220.66
Alameda County Mosquito Abatem332.64
Alameda County Water District56299.32
Alameda County Water District151711,686.87
Alameda Hospital1113.42
Alameda Newspaper Group1525,170.00
Alameda Newspaper Group133,946.00
Alameda Newspaper Group/San Ma2511,090.83
Alameda Painting Co., Inc. 144,340.00
Alameda Painting Co.,Inc332,548.00
Alameda Street Landfill28281,715.36
Alamitos Company 1131,798.30
Alamo 1 Hour Cleaners221,340.23
Alamo Station, Llc1111.60
Alanmar Oil Company2451.66
Alaska Airlines - Oakland47346.64
Alaska Airlines - San Francisc34289.58
Alba Industries Inc 91616,347.58
Albany Body Shop22700.53
Albertsons #702066266.68
Albertsons #702266266.68
Albertsons #703566266.68
Albertsons #704966266.68
Albertsons #705766266.68
Albertsons #706266371.01
Albertsons #706666266.68
Albertsons #710266266.68
Albertsons #712766266.68
Albertsons #713466266.68
Albion Burn Dump28281,069.83
Albion Ocean Dump28286,569.06
Alchem Plastics Inc.115.00
Alchem Plastics Inc.115.00
Alco Cad-Nickel Plating Corp 7151,484.12
Alco Iron & Metal Co @ Mare Is220.02
Alcoa Fastening Sys. Fullerton Ops.4690,292.28
Alcon Surgical Inc 6102,536.09
Alden Farris Inc881,196.64
Alden V Johnson282813,179.82
Alder Hotel Site28281,069.83
Alder Station Site2828324.45
Alderpoint Burn Dump282815,117.89
Aldila - Poway8117,579.31
Alert Plating Co.2420.00
Alex Costa614339.75
Alex Stuart Design, Inc557,458.00
Alex'S Dry Cleaning And Valet 112,934.24
Alex'S Drycleaning Valet131,071.29
Alfa Leisure Inc. 17660.00
Alfis Auto Body34568.90
Alflex Corp.12755.00
Alfred Matthews-Cads.,Olds.331,608.81
Alfred'S Picture Frames, Inc 61649,807.53
Alfredo Garcia, Jr.110.36
Algorx Pharmaceuticals, Inc11171.20
Alhambra Dry Cleaners114,845.60
Alhambra Dump28281,715.36
Alioto'S Garage Inc382,438.14
Aliso Water Management Agency 104266,668.14
Aliso Water Management Agency51910.48
All Action Autobody/Aki'S Auto34178.19
All American Aggregates6828,453.90
All American Asphalt 131913,605.93
All American Asphalt, Unit No.183751,000.14
All American Gas119.31
All American Paint & Body7104,976.96
All American Pipeline Company101172,539.90
All American Pipeline, L.P.103201,965.88
All American Pipeline, L.P.62915,838.65
All Auto Body & Frame 363,916.06
All Brite Auto Body 16428.61
All Car Auto Painting & Body R811889.15
All Car Collision Center 3344.11
All Chem Aka The Toyon Project2828198.56
All Cities Lf / Kofy Radio Site28287,906.20
All City Auto Body331,567.76
All City Auto Body 123,380.00
All City Cleaners223,817.80
All Custom Wood Works131,433.37
All Interiors 143,500.00
All Makes Auto Body Shop33528.26
All Metals Processing Co Inc 673,073.90
All Metals Processing Of Orang6417,117.60
All Pro Paint882,512.33
All Pure Chemical Co210937.80
All Purpose / Mission Trails Landfill2828570.17
All Star Pac, Inc.660.86
All Star Service Station88679.19
All-Bann Enter. Inc133242,608.53
All-Coast Forest Products245,737.20
Allan Maki Disposal Site2828380.42
Allan Motor Company 241,615.46
Alleghany (Footes Crossing)28286,569.06
Alleghany Landfill28281,069.83
Allegiance Healthcare1140.00
Allen & Dahl Funeral Chapel2626628.76
Allen & Dahl Funeral Chapel2323770.71
Allen Foam Corporation22186.10
Allen Gas / Chevron883,290.56
Allen Oldsmobile-Cadillac Inc 696,500.00
Allen'S Auto Body8112,562.52
Allen'S Cleaners, Nora Ayvazia112,263.46
Allergan Inc6121,081.75
Allergan Inc 62226,587.44
Allergan Medical Optics45739.03
Allied Body & Frame Shop125,606.64
Allied Castings Inc.1315475.58
Allied Chemical Company / Pittsburg282863,237.99
Allied Equipment Rentals Inc 123,757.92
Allied Manufacturing Inc228,528.98
Allied Record Co 145,505.45
Allied Signal Aerospace Co12135,381.15
Allied Signal Inc (Nsr Use Only)176412,848.76
Allied Waste Industries57549.44
Allied Waste Industries2212,841.29
Allied Waste Industries (Kelle1819795,914.07
Allied-Signal Aerospace Co.3351,119.54
Allied-Signal Inc,Garrett Gen586,617.12
Allied-Signal Ocean Systems 104860,294.60
Alliedsignal Aerospace Sys&Eq 91125,109.86
Alliedsignal Aerospace Systems7718,560.15
Alliedsignal Aerospace, W Coas222,575.79
Allison Electronics Inc 134,465.99
Alloys Cleaning Inc.1210.00
Allpro Paint & Body881,453.21
Allpro Paint & Body77454.77
Allpro Paint & Body88985.23
Allred Collins Site282863,237.99
Allstar Ii Body Shop56749.97
Alltech Group Inc23152.65
Allwaste Transportation & Reme223,384.98
Almaden Body & Paint251,757.70
Almaden Valley Collision 11224.81
Almaden Valley Upholstery & Bo3348.95
Almaden Winery2828198.56
Almanor Custom Concrete2126,748.36
Almar Cleaners11759.00
Almega Collision Center46550.62
Almond By-Products26873.60
Almond Tree Hulling Co363,852.80
Almont Orchards, Inc.6121,693.16
Aloha Cleaners115,060.96
Alongi Brothers Collision And 45164.05
Alonso Dismantlers2828324.45
Alonzo Printing Co, Inc1139,334.00
Alpha Beta Co./Ralph Grocery C85211,256.57
Alpha Graphics #35812408.00
Alpha Industries31214,942.43
Alpha Investment Associates282863,237.99
Alpha Magnetics Inc131,440.51
Alpha Restoration Studio Inc151,768.54
Alpha Therapeutic Corp 1110792,161.02
Alpha/Owens Corning, L.L.C.11912.00
Alphagraphics #1845557.78
Alpin Auto Repair And Body Sho142,131.25
Alpine Burnsite 1282863,237.99
Alpine Burnsite 22828285.51
Alpine Cleaners22376.65
Alpine Cleaners22917.11
Alpine Cleaners 11755.48
Alpine Gas & Diesel883,257.65
Alpine Millwork'S Mfg Co Inc 692,880.10
Alpine Vilage Soccer Fiel28281,715.36
Alrayco, Llc3316,812.00
Alse Auto88821.02
Alstom Transportation Inc11156.82
Alta Bates Hospital15606,394.98
Alta Bates Summit Medical Cent8162,286.99
Alta Bates Summit Medical Cent9324,353.35
Alta Bates Summit Medical Cent662,386.89
Alta Dena Certified Dairy Inc 6610,860.00
Alta Mesa Improvement Company120.00
Alta Plating & Chemical, Corp.230.02
Alta Vista Gin/Murrieta Farm6632,322.63
Altamont Technologies Inc110.64
Altawood Inc.114,432.00
Altera Corporation6121,993.26
Alternative Materials Tech.45173.44
Alto Mine2828198.56
Alto'S Auto Collision227.31
Alton Geoscience 445,070.03
Alturas Landfill2828352.46
Alum-A-Therm 61210,940.00
Alumax Mill Products Inc 1882135,619.59
Alumin-Art Plating, Inc.554,896.17
Aluminex Finishing Inc4418,639.87
Aluminum Body Corp 196,413.02
Aluminum Precision Prod Inc,Al61334,732.81
Aluminum Precision Prods Inc, 686,283.20
Aluminum Precision Products In62045,262.94
Alvarado Hospital Medical Cent31695,992.51
Alves Petroleum Inc7221,992.31
Alza Corp. - Evra Site12500.00
Alza Corporation271,778.63
Alza Corporation 35728.05
Alza Corporation4133,103.15
Alza Corporation1310450,342.40
Alza Corporation1140.80
Alzeta Corporation 224.83
Am Cabinets, Inc. 9133,390.14
Am-Vi Auto Body And Paint3427.20
Am/Pm Mini Mart522680.57
Amada Mfg America, Inc 132432,963.71
Amador City Burn Dump2828324.45
Amador County Sanitary Landfill28283,693.13
Amador Transit Mix & Supply Co.28281,069.83
Amador Transit Mix - Jackson2233,941.60
Aman Bros Inc Engineers 6816,587.84
Aman Bros Inc Engineers 6812,065.00
Amatos Auto Body Inc881,358.79
Amberwood Products, Inc398,144.99
Ambitech Inc.12388.00
Amboy Illegal Dump Site282863,237.99
Amboy Old Burn Dump28287,906.20
Amc Colorgrafix 177,280.00
Amercian Auto Body Inc.22210.67
Ameri Mex Grocery882,764.07
America Cleaners22518.76
America Import Auto Body112.68
America'S Best Coffee Roasting55800.09
American Airlines122.40
American Airlines66156.57
American Airlines Inc303018,378.14
American Airlines Inc (Eis Use1420172,853.96
American Auto Painting493,325.31
American Auto Repair & Paintin1129.40
American Avenue Disposal Site282812,844.85
American Borate Co, Dunn Plant10419.78
American Borate Co.264,780.40
American Borate Disposal Site2828198.56
American Brass & Iron Foundry1763485,733.23
American Broadcasting Co 8138,648.80
American Cabinet Company221,484.64
American Canyon Levee Ds28282,051.99
American Canyon Sanitary Landfill28283,981.39
American Caster Corp225,096.00
American Cleaner111,615.20
American Cleaners 11411.47
American Cleaners22715.72
American Color Graphics74867,221.37
American Composite Inc.1113,108.00
American Conform Industries In678,920.00
American Custom Marble, Inc3320,896.28
American Cyanamid / Azusa2828285.51
American Demolition Concrete C120.00
American Disposal Company28287,906.20
American Door Manufacturing3122,079.60
American Eagle Airlines, Inc11234.61
American Eagle Wheel Corporati92479,975.00
American Electronics Inc 13279,613.33
American Etching & Mfg Co 10153,259.26
American Excelsior Co 61921,961.46
American Fabrication Corp 166,580.00
American Fiber Industries 6181,976.89
American Forest Products Dump28281,069.83
American Forest Products Mill28282,051.99
American Fuji Seal, Inc. 71414,686.81
American Furniture Restoration11584.00
American Furniture Systems Inc6241,800.00
American Gas55294.73
American Gas & Mini Mart55213.06
American Gas Mini-Mart55100.61
American Girl Mine135127,793.26
American Hawaiian #35282846,695.66
American Hawaiian Prudential / Westlake La2828313.63
American International Mfg68714.35
American Lamp Co Inc.124,120.07
American Licorice Company8813,207.84
American Linen886,919.51
American Litho23898,896.51
American Lithographers & Busin22776.73
American Lithographers & Busin62017,961.19
American Magnetics Corp 6121,528.98
American Marble2214,647.97
American Mat & Frame, Inc22403.38
American Metal Processing, Inc661,731.15
American Microsystems, Inc112.91
American Mobile Power Co 6124,088.60
American Moulding & Millwork8637,130.14
American National Can Co4469,341.00
American National Can Co33119.30
American National Can Company66251,873.00
American Perlite Company939131,538.48
American Plating110.00
American Polystyrene Corp192,565.31
American Port Services142,173.41
American Precision Mfg111,827.58
American Precision Mgf, Inc121,019.51
American President Lines55822.20
American Racing Equipment Inc 8157,607.91
American Racing Equipment Inc 64763,398.53
American Racing Equipment Inc,85710,305.43
American Remedial Technologies6687,364.00
American Rice Inc164415,668.26
American River Asphalt2450152,209.64
American River Soil Remediation2828285.51
American Roofing Industries 110.00
American Security Products Co 184854,266.63
American Security Products Inc1922,517.37
American Sign Products11103.40
American Soil Products24644.71
American Standard Inc Lf28281,715.36
American Superior, Inc.992,959.24
American Tool & Engineering132317,217.14
American Truck & Auto66635.65
American United Products33230.73
American Warehouse Equipment I147,520.00
American West B M D3722,144.08
American Woodworks3414,896.26
American Xtal Technology31629,520.61
American Yeast Corporation71516,232.89
Americh Corp 3873,046.80
Amerigas Propane L.P.161634,213.73
Ameripak Oil Co. Llc115.67
Ameritone Paint Corp15157.96
Ameron Concrete & Steel Pipe S1062121,988.16
Ameron Pole Products6215,220.63
Ameron Protective Coat Div (Eis&Nsr Use)814925,664.89
Ameron Steel Fabrication Divis72120,846.33
Amgen Inc.2912296,367.97
Amisub, Irvine Medical Ctr Dba62411,376.68
Amkco Fabrication Co., Alan Ka689,334.31
Ammunition Accessories,Inc.13222,368.09
Amoruso Printing11589.00
Amot Controls Corporation 114.57
Amp Inc48152.64
Amp Incorporated685,730.21
Amp Incorporated 116.60
Amp Printing 111,407.13
Amp Printing Inc11017,027.91
Ampro Corporation Inc 121.88
Amr Corporation(Plm Sprngs Reg66648.09
Amrep Inc 101316,227.36
Amvac Chemical Corp309114,966.74
Amway Corp, Nutrilite Products74917,746.67
An American Car Wash 11340.00
Anabolic Laboratories Inc 81219,553.00
Anacapa Berry Farms1184.00
Anacapa Marine Service2453322.36
Anacapa Oil 200162424,251.88
Anacapa Oil 200361847,740.58
Anadite Inc102219,621.42
Anaheim / Olive Blvd. Dump2828285.51
Anaheim Citrus Products Co717241.00
Anaheim City Dump #728281,715.36
Anaheim Dump #628281,715.36
Anaheim Gen Hosp, Engineering 6173,520.00
Anaheim Hills Auto Body Inc 688,617.14
Anaheim Hotel Partnership,Anah6624,521.26
Anaheim Memorial Hospital1122.00
Anaheim Mills Corp 62618,399.16
Anaheim No.12828285.51
Anaheim Street Liquid Disposal28281,715.36
Analog Devices Inc7155,088.51
Analog Devices,Pmi Division41321,371.13
Anaplex Corp 92117,570.89
Anatex Enterprises 134,761.68
Anchor Auto Body352,784.89
Anchor Avenue Disposal Site282846,695.66
Anchor Brewing Company883,015.31
Anchor Glass Container Corp662.26
Anchor Landfill28281,305.02
Anchor'S Away Detailing121,286.54
Anchors Way Marine Inc.1015825.42
Anco Metal Improvement Company4412,639.35
Ancon Marine110.00
Ancon Marine Inc 62410,594.92
Ancora Verde Corporation77229.30
Andersen Rack Systems, Inc6827,628.65
Andersen'S Pea Soup1180.00
Anderson Behel Imports13986.40
Anderson Behel, Inc7107,583.43
Anderson Bros. Auto & Paint11696.96
Anderson Chevrolet9121,906.28
Anderson Clayton Corp/Burrel142444,553.19
Anderson Clayton Corp/Butte152539,830.37
Anderson Clayton Corp/Hanford6946,277.89
Anderson Clayton Corp/Idria #16761,320.00
Anderson Clayton Corp/Kerman10106.65
Anderson Clayton Corp/Kingsriv102013.74
Anderson Clayton Corp/Oil Mill2574366,361.49
Anderson Clayton Corp/Silver C1652155,168.33
Anderson Clayton Corporation5544,371.43
Anderson Desk779,364.39
Anderson Disposal Site Landfill28286,772.49
Anderson Enterprises Inc231,482.45
Anderson Graphics Inc 173,720.00
Anderson Lithograph42431,483.01
Anderson Lithograph Co 1459212,563.70
Anderson Moulds222.86
Anderson Petroleum116,040.00
Anderson Printing 61211,360.00
Anderson Pump Co151,676.30
Anderson Truss221,913.76
Anderson'S Boat Yard Inc454,161.13
Anderson, Aubrey28287,906.20
Anderson-Cottonwood Concrete681,198.80
Andersons Auto Body231,354.04
Andpak Ema Inc11409.38
Andre Road Mals Properties Illegal Site2828380.42
Andre'S Auto Body & Paint, A. 141,462.73
Andreini Bros Inc15213,017.19
Andres Metal Craft68730.54
Andy Saberi119.43
Andy'S Auto Body3314.03
Andy'S Auto Sport2417,705.70
Andy'S Auto Sport Inc220.59
Andy'S T-Shirts4158,193.91
Anemostat-West, A Mestek Co 92216,346.04
Ang Packaging Center112,049.69
Angel Body And Paint11174.24
Angel Island2828277.88
Angel'S Cleaners 11634.07
Angel'S Onyx Creations662,060.00
Angela'S Cleaners 111,288.37
Angeles Abbey Mem Park Inc391565.35
Angelica Textile Services 697,779.20
Angelica Textile Services 6918,559.20
Angelica Textile Services 66914,683.20
Angell & Giroux Inc 9153,252.94
Angelo Giusti Disposal Site28286,549.97
Angels Camp / Burn Site28281,069.83
Angelus Block Company282,248.40
Angelus Metal Finishing 680.00
Angelus Mfg. 133,540.00
Angelus Plating Wks 615160.00
Angelus Sanitary Can Machine C106123,263.55
Angkor Auto Body And Paint22569.04
Anguiano Dump282840,502.10
Anheuser-Busch Inc., (La Brewe31655631,489.40
Anheuser-Busch, Inc1081367,122.42
Ani Holding Llc111,005.98
Anita Ultramar Gasoline55355.09
Ann Auto Body & Paint88940.07
Ann'S Cleaners 11269.82
Anna'S Orchid Cleaners 11317.03
Annabelle'S French Cleaner22725.45
Annadel Dry Cleaners 11392.99
Annapolis Landfill282829.72
Annapolis Milling Annapolis2410,245.00
Annex Shoveler Mine282815,117.89
Anodyne Inc 5817,217.50
Another Time Antiques241,093.60
Anritsu Company1198.40
Ansys, Inc 10231,603.75
Antelope Beacon520504.07
Antelope Liquors520117.71
Antelope Valley Aggregate Inc11352,037,536.43
Antelope Valley Hospital Distr63116,686.28
Antelope Valley Public Landfill282812,298.11
Anterra Energy Services Inc.6142,170.55
Anthony Cleaners22551.57
Anthony International8942,824.80
Anthony Pools, Div Anthony Ind364,579.00
Anthony Welded Products Inc155,920.00
Anthony'S Auto Craft 1155.28
Anthony'S Auto Craft Inc3104,889.12
Anthony'S Auto Craft North392,472.19
Anthony'S North Inc8133,514.30
Anthonys Auto Center88168.31
Antioch Auto Body Inc31210,399.34
Antioch Building Materials22428.94
Antioch Building Materials Com72629,195.19
Antioch City Dump28287,906.20
Antioch Disposal Service Landfill / Lynch Site282863,237.99
Antioch Rock & Ready Mix352,343.32
Antioch Rock & Ready Mix282,177.83
Antique Designs 152,620.00
Anto Offset Printing125,142.00
Antoines Cleaners22167.40
Antonowich Huller24188.23
Anvil Case Co.119,664.00
Anvil Cases, A Calzone Company91953,390.04
Anza Sanitary Landfill2828867.61
Anzalone & Associates, Inc. 612337.57
Aoc L.L.C.488,116.00
Apac International 1188.27
Apache Plastics, Lp33181.79
Apadana Cleaners22430.65
Apaulo Inc 6116,209.59
Apec Corp331,917.00
Apex Auto Body887,175.74
Apex Aviation Corporation12124.00
Apex Bulk Commodities Inc24960.65
Apex Bulk Commodities, Inc220.00
Apex Drum Co Inc 102444,979.80
Apex Metal Polishing Co 6103,632.72
Apm, Inc362,045.35
Apogee Sound International131,995.71
Apollo Cleaners22713.46
Apollo Cleaners112,692.00
Apparatus Unlimited, Inc.111,831.80
Appian 80 Express Cleaners11944.35
Apple Computer 1216.22
Apple Plastics Inc 1614,440.00
Applegate Chevron416362.54
Applegate Market41651.53
Appliance Enameling & Serv 150.00
Applied Aerospace Str Corp61717,069.17
Applied Aerospace Structures1216597.83
Applied Anodize Inc250.01
Applied Biosystems24709.00
Applied Biosystems242,556.00
Applied Biosystems Inc66249.62
Applied Biosystems Inc66235.86
Applied Ceramics Inc134,340.10
Applied Energy - N O R I S3263267,883.19
Applied Energy - N T C3257199,178.74
Applied Energy - Naval Station3257299,176.05
Applied Graphics Tech, Gore Gr62418,535.33
Applied Graphics Technologies 62142,500.00
Applied Industrial Coatings132,434.19
Applied Industrial Materials C24667.08
Applied Industrial Materials C220.00
Applied Magnetics Corporation 111.95
Applied Materials143413,185.12
Applied Materials23343.50
Applied Materials8162,273.77
Applied Materials1142.40
Applied Materials Inc12803.83
Applied Materials Inc11176.80
Applied Materials, Building 7811264.00
Applied Powdercoat Inc 6153,434.89
Applied Technologies Assoc.111,580.97
Applied Thin-Film Products473,359.43
Apro #18 / Sanesco881,877.22
Apro #21 / Sanesco 885,312.67
Apro #23 / Chiefs Regent881,174.73
Aptco Llc61234,918.37
Aptek Inc393,449.01
Aptos Corporation34154.32
Aptos Village Cleaners11569.00
Apw Enclosure Systems Llc310833.15
Aqua Chinon Wash2828285.51
Aqua Chinon Wash Lf/Site 3/Original Lf282863,237.99
Aqua Creations126,986.00
Aqua Graphic Technology Usa12940.64
Aquageosciences, Inc113.84
Aramark Uniform Service 66210,561.17
Aramark Uniform Services661,869.06
Aranda'S Woodcraft Inc 12600.00
Aratex Services, Inc886,932.24
Arbek Mfg Inc 3778,061.05
Arborgast Ranch Illegal Dump28281,069.83
Arbuckle Burn Dump2828324.45
Arbuckle Dump2828198.56
Arcadia Chair Co 61021,240.00
Arcadia City Dump28281,715.36
Arcadia Inc.5103,500.00
Arcady Oil Co.28289,904.76
Arcata Landfill282815,117.89
Arcata Lumber Company (Aka Arcata Redwood #1)2828108.93
Architectural Facades Unlimite11791.46
Architectural Facades Unlimite12838.00
Architectural Response Kollect359,220.00
Architectural Woodworking Co 101916,825.00
Arco # 056301114.86
Arco # 50741111.46
Arco # 5562 (Atascadero)119.17
Arco # 5779 1110.25
Arco # 58071112.72
Arco # 59061116.46
Arco # 60331113.64
Arco # 63511115.96
Arco #00371 - Munther M Hawatmeh416525.29
Arco #00583 - Edmond Nassar416405.17
Arco #00595 - Mercedes L Acosta416602.74
Arco #0068885,435.34
Arco #01960 - Surjit Bisla416400.67
Arco #020671122.16
Arco #02076 - L J S Enterprise Inc416854.36
Arco #02093 - K & N Ventures Inc416472.05
Arco #02130 - W/N Food Store Inc416617.95
Arco #02133 - Peter Jacoway416577.32
Arco #02186 - Khai Quang Vo416504.33
Arco #03054 - Sikander S Jassar416331.37
Arco #04932 - Fawad M Ebrahimi416333.65
Arco #05365 - Seyegh Group Inc416679.63
Arco #05420 - Edmond D Nassar416552.85
Arco #05450 - Robert Gweon416436.18
Arco #05469 - Wright Enterprises416584.26
Arco #05489-Bp West Coast Products Llc416518.15
Arco #05493 - Sukhminder Singh Dosanjh416556.92
Arco #05505-Bp West Coast Products Llc416608.27
Arco #05565-Bp West Coast Products Llc416515.33
Arco #05566-Bp West Coast Products Llc416535.79
Arco #05588-Bp West Coast Products Llc416490.96
Arco #05627-Bp West Coast Products Llc416643.73
Arco #05634 - Sikander Jassar416371.32
Arco #05657-Bp West Coast Products Llc416360.26
Arco #05730-Bp West Coast Products Llc416765.65
Arco #05751-Bp West Coast Products Llc416521.20
Arco #05785-Bp West Coast Products Llc416523.59
Arco #05796-Bp West Coast Products Llc416527.47
Arco #05818-Bp West Coast Products Llc416460.56
Arco #05878-Bp West Coast Products Llc416426.44
Arco #06020 - Alfred Reali416434.49
Arco #06064 - Robert C Greene416566.68
Arco #06080 - John J Serpa416327.18
Arco #06208-Bp West Coast Products Llc416378.11
Arco #06218-Bp West Coast Products Llc416651.35
Arco #06313-Bp West Coast Products Llc416717.13
Arco #06322-Bp West Coast Products Llc416593.43
Arco #0633888,432.16
Arco #06335-Bp West Coast Products Llc416481.67
Arco #06347-Bp West Coast Products Llc416993.11
Arco #06353 - Pc Partners416732.16
Arco #06356-Bp West Coast Products Llc416747.06
Arco #0765886,645.57
Arco #1014887,782.99
Arco #1058886,726.83
Arco #1353883,612.45
Arco #1664888,898.00
Arco #1677887,194.39
Arco #1710885,982.10
Arco #1712883,899.68
Arco #1725885,299.35
Arco #1754885,488.21
Arco #1758883,375.37
Arco #1783888,528.48
Arco #1785886,762.16
Arco #1790885,885.50
Arco #1806885,260.90
Arco #1914885,677.12
Arco #1925886,317.68
Arco #3035885,959.44
Arco #3037883,625.80
Arco #3052885,551.08
Arco #3077-1155642.98
Arco #3615416438.60
Arco #5007885,455.36
Arco #5087882,881.99
Arco #5132885,673.55
Arco #5134883,493.18
Arco #5137886,505.00
Arco #5139887,334.54
Arco #5141886,397.19
Arco #5176886,159.10
Arco #5208886,229.14
Arco #5214884,868.78
Arco #5216887,324.39
Arco #5217887,031.49
Arco #5218885,171.04
Arco #5231883,830.63
Arco #5263887,661.23
Arco #5296888,274.81
Arco #52978810,083.05
Arco #5350886,414.67
Arco #53658810,390.91
Arco #5367887,556.08
Arco #5393886,167.78
Arco #5408886,639.47
Arco #5489 Petroleum Prod.5101,693.41
Arco #5549887,418.35
Arco #598885,890.04
Arco #6021885,192.15
Arco #604884,540.34
Arco #6075884,417.83
Arco #6086885,261.29
Arco #6101884,792.44
Arco #6128886,588.81
Arco #6138888,186.47
Arco #616885,292.19
Arco #619255632.03
Arco #61958810,061.33
Arco #6200885,346.84
Arco #6315886,723.32
Arco #6376889,941.31
Arco #640885,876.33
Arco #703886,376.75
Arco #704885,961.21
Arco #774887,398.49
Arco #9532885,696.06
Arco #9533883,431.70
Arco #9543884,313.01
Arco #9559884,077.23
Arco #9560888,283.65
Arco #9561882,344.42
Arco #9562884,445.62
Arco #9563887,330.19
Arco #9564883,525.22
Arco #9566885,536.58
Arco #9567887,510.10
Arco #9568885,252.08
Arco #9569885,899.51
Arco #9570888,902.48
Arco #9571888,603.78
Arco #9572887,973.89
Arco #9573884,764.35
Arco #9574887,598.41
Arco #9575886,233.49
Arco #9576886,617.97
Arco #9577883,909.89
Arco #9578885,000.06
Arco #9579884,567.56
Arco #9580884,558.89
Arco #9595886,808.74
Arco #9596885,412.32
Arco #9597884,421.69
Arco #9598887,144.80
Arco #9599885,564.56
Arco #9749887,758.80
Arco #9750886,235.22
Arco #9751885,746.46
Arco #9752886,727.20
Arco #9755883,498.56
Arco #9756886,669.17
Arco #9757885,847.91
Arco #9758884,257.17
Arco #9759884,820.33
Arco #9760886,810.52
Arco #9761888,217.70
Arco (Riverpoint, Llc)1118.36
Arco - Balboa Station8813,598.44
Arco - Dean'S Mini Mart5101,504.99
Arco - Zaitoon Am/Pm55892.73
Arco / Bonsall888,856.01
Arco / Carlsbad889,623.46
Arco / Carmel Valley Rd888,020.66
Arco / Carroll Centre Rd887,388.55
Arco / El Cajon886,369.62
Arco / Home Ave886,897.15
Arco / Lake Jennings8813,741.38
Arco / Main Av S885,062.02
Arco / Miramar Rd886,584.94
Arco / Murphy Canyon Rd887,461.21
Arco / Oceanside888,166.95
Arco / Otay Center Dr887,904.19
Arco / Palm Ave8813,859.63
Arco / Poway887,002.04
Arco / San Marcos887,766.63
Arco Am-Pm416430.30
Arco Am-Pm Mini Market5101,282.44
Arco Am/Pm5101,551.83
Arco Am/Pm1111.97
Arco Am/Pm #54935102,179.78
Arco Am/Pm #55655101,667.27
Arco Am/Pm #56275101,891.10
Arco Am/Pm 2076 Env Compliance5101,927.08
Arco Am/Pm 2093 Env Compliance5101,267.20
Arco Am/Pm 2130 Env Compliance551,473.14
Arco Am/Pm 2168 Env Compliance5101,661.99
Arco Am/Pm 2186 Env Compliance5151,358.70
Arco Am/Pm 434, Env Compliance5102,505.38
Arco Am/Pm 4493 Env Compliance5101,586.11
Arco Am/Pm 49325101,493.42
Arco Am/Pm 5450 Env Compliance5101,626.41
Arco Am/Pm 5469 Env Compliance5101,936.04
Arco Am/Pm 5569 Env Compliance5101,292.61
Arco Am/Pm 5650 Env Compliance510432.49
Arco Am/Pm 595, Env Compliance5101,542.79
Arco Am/Pm 6080 Env Compliance510798.14
Arco Am/Pm 6100 Env Compliance510757.11
Arco Am/Pm 760, Env Compliance5102,171.36
Arco Am/Pm Mini Market5101,729.66
Arco Am/Pm Mini Market #52585102,101.55
Arco Am/Pm Mini Market #52755101,444.51
Arco Am/Pm Mini Mart5101,211.49
Arco Am/Pm Mini-Market5101,262.50
Arco Am/Pm, David'S5101,285.62
Arco Buena Fe Lease Disposal Site2828318.39
Arco C/O Delta Environmental 111.02
Arco C/O Secor110.01
Arco C/O Secor110.49
Arco C/O Secor 1111.76
Arco Coles Levee Disposal Site28284,438.89
Arco Cqc Kiln191241,058,394.03
Arco Encinitas / Mobil883,776.31
Arco Facility #952955369.30
Arco Facility #961755542.08
Arco Facility #961855491.78
Arco Facility #961955444.44
Arco Fairfield Lease Disposal Facility2828318.39
Arco Gas #2133 Env Compliance5101,067.29
Arco Gas #548, Env Compliance510848.74
Arco Gas, Sai Enterprises515454.37
Arco Johns #1948885,313.37
Arco Mini Mart416281.14
Arco Mini Mart111,506.60
Arco Oil And Gas Company648476.83
Arco Oil And Gas Company3441086,943.19
Arco Pdl Mini Market885,999.31
Arco Pipe Line Co 2551448,593.91
Arco Products #54655101,296.76
Arco Products Co-Richmond Term6526,340.78
Arco Products Co. Marine Termi1525864,793.23
Arco Products Company 1611654,259.43
Arco Products Company5101,067.81
Arco Products Company 6214,340.61
Arco Products Company 62024,333.93
Arco Products Company C/O Seco1116.83
Arco Service Station #2094124,860.00
Arco Smog Pros883,751.06
Arco Station No 515 C/O Urs22393.42
Arco Terminal Services Corp,Fo7173,323.00
Arco Western Pipe Line Co 72524,346.61
Arco'S Auto Body Shop10123,027.57
Arco, Garrison'S510854.50
Arco, North Tully5101,209.08
Arco, O & E5101,050.19
Arco, Quick Stuff # 7707119.56
Arco-Am/Pm Mini5101,862.54
Arcturus Manufacturing Co2510929,668.44
Arcturus Marine Systems2213.70
Ardco Manufacturing Inc221,616.83
Arden Cleaners11659.48
Arden Fair Cleaners114,038.00
Arden Plaza Cleaners112,692.00
Ardenwood Cleaners221,093.74
Ardrox Incorporated191914,225.20
Arena Auto Body & Painting11584.03
Argonaut Oaks Cleaners 111,010.46
Argus Crematory4040260.04
Ariana Auto Body12698.90
Aristech Chem Corp131611,172.57
Aristocrat Cleaners11586.85
Arizona Street Slf28287,906.20
Arkoma Productions Co3113,315.18
Arlene'S Cleaners221,226.34
Arlon Adhesive System/Decorati102347,716.42
Arlon Electronics Substrates D112133,240.75
Armand'S Auto Upholstery Inc1129.23
Armitage Naval Air Site 27 China L Nwc2828318.39
Armorcast Prod. Co 31236,034.64
Armorcast Products Company 1667,640.00
Armstrong Technology Inc1192.22
Armstrong World Industries Inc1267123,192.43
Armtec Defense Prod. Co 123755,804.59
Armtec Defense Products Co111614,881.83
Arnaz Road2828313.63
Arnco 6232,620.00
Arne Sign & Decal Company12858.00
Arnez Electro-Finishing, Inc.33562.82
Arnold Birky'S Body & Paint 2277.47
Arnold Circuits Inc 123,346.21
Arnold Magnetics Corp131,861.28
Arnold Private Ds / Aka Hanford Recycling28282,051.99
Arnold Road Dump2828313.63
Aromat Corporation 120.13
Arral Ind44228.35
Arran Metal Decoratng 45695.82
Arrow Cleaners22450.87
Arrow Cleaners 111,976.40
Arrow Electric16439,335.29
Arrow Glen Body Shop Inc 12360.00
Arrow Sign Company 1169.25
Arrow Truck & Bodies Equip Inc9913,462.31
Arrowhead Brass Prod. Inc 92429,476.75
Arrowhead Mountain Spring Wate611240.00
Arrowhead Products6626,890.42
Arroyo Grande Com. Hospital6184,548.18
Arroyo Grande Shell #135061115.55
Arroyo Seco Rock22832.00
Arroyo Valley Crematory1315136.76
Arseen Auto Body 111.02
Art Cleaners22801.66
Art Cleaners11546.00
Art Cleaners22805.71
Art Ctr Col Of Design 6136,860.00
Art Hild Body Shop141,463.91
Art Sign Company141,947.23
Art'S Custom Cabinets Inc31615,193.02
Artco Printers & Lithographers177,520.00
Artcrafters Cabinets Inc 6204,420.00
Artesia Manufacturing Company7710,997.91
Artesia Ready Mix22194.04
Artesia Ready Mix Concrete33014,845.06
Artesia Ready Mix Concrete Co.3915,153.60
Artesia Readymix Concrete, Inc330.00
Artesia Readymix Concrete, Inc330.00
Artesia Sawdust Products, Inc.68180.00
Arthrocare Corp12884.33
Arthur Mcadams660.00
Arti Cleaners22259.20
Artisan House Inc16748.40
Artistic Body & Paint121,868.41
Artistic Brass4433,358.00
Artistic Cleaners11448.57
Artistic Plating & Metal Finis695,320.00
Artistic Polishing & Plating10108,669.52
Artmaster Studios Merchandise381,603.20
Artois Feed, Inc.52556,623.20
Artois Rice Drier377,133.12
Arts Bodycraft Inc371,697.94
Artz' Westside Chevron416154.62
Arvin Burn Dump2828318.39
Arvin Sanitary Landfill282831,016.73
Arvinyl, Div Arvin Ind Inc177720,719.57
Arya Cleaners221,872.45
As / Con Landfill28281,715.36
Asap Cleaners, Inc 11917.37
Asap Drycleaning And Restorati11377.24
Asbury Graphite Inc Of Calif221,954.80
Ascon Construction / Long Beach2828285.51
Ascon Sanitary Landfill28287,906.20
Ascor Inc11193.60
Ash Creek2828324.45
Ash Street / Taft #2 Burn Dump28284,438.89
Ash Valley2828198.56
Ashland Chemical Co11666.16
Ashland Chemical Company 3513278,651.75
Ashland Chemical Company12122,089.06
Ashland Chemical Company147018,726.14
Ashland Chemical Inc 1312513,794.81
Ashland Distribution Co.1119933.00
Asia Auto Body Shop 14180.00
Asian Neighborhood Design 121,330.09
Asiana Textile Printing, Inc. 663,655.14
Asml Optics Llc11501.60
Asml Track Systems13847.54
Asml Us, Inc, Track Systems 2248.67
Aspen Exploration Corp51652,002.74
Aspen Exploration Corp.33265.54
Aspen Exploration Corp.367,037.59
Aspen Exploration Corp.3326,865.92
Aspen Exploration Corporation3524,830.00
Aspen Helicopter171,640.00
Aspen Interiors Inc 135,980.00
Asphalt Construction Co Inc141824,573.80
Asphalt Products Oil Corp Hy51012,931.67
Assign New Site To This Swis No.28281,650.36
Assoc Spring Barnes Grp Inc,As111,164.00
Assoc. Ready Mix Concrete685,329.66
Associated Aerospace Activitie11935.20
Associated Feed & Supply105138,533.63
Associated Plastics Inc 4981,849.84
Associated Power Inc 621250,933.21
Associated Ready Mix Concrete,2222.40
Associated Surface Prep., Inc.6626,455.28
Ast Research Inc226,753.60
Asta Construction684,149.20
Astarta Oil Company6163,102.00
Astech/Mci Manufacturing Inc 81349,762.53
Astoria Metal Corporation349,878.70
Astral Autocraft Inc1238.14
Astro Aluminum Treating Co Inc718102,978.40
Astro Cleaners 11324.74
Astro Cleaners11533.73
Astro Pak Corp131,792.74
Astro Pak Corporation 6178,000.00
Astro-Fab Inc 364,296.84
Astrofoam Molding Company Inc.142214,896.97
At & Sf Railroad Ash Hill Disposal Site28281,715.36
At&T Broadband66382.67
At&T Dunnigan Repeater6101,995.14
At&T Wireless5560.00
At&T Wireless550.00
At&T Wireless - Santa Clara Sw6123,376.07
At&T Wireless Services6629.48
At&T Wireless Services110.00
At&T Wireless Services6629.48
At&T Wireless Services6629.48
At&T Wireless Services6629.48
At&T Wireless Services6629.48
At&T Wireless Services110.00
At&T Wireless Services6629.48
At&T Wireless Services6625.59
At&T Wireless Services6629.48
Atapco Office Products Group2817,758.20
Atasca Resources Inc13536.31
Atascadero Arco1112.82
Atascadero Marble Works111,352.11
Atascadero Mutual Water Co.694,991.47
Atascadero State Hospital91816,597.30
Atascadero State Hospital Landfill2828277.88
Atcheson, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railway Co28281,650.36
Atchison,Topeka& Santa Fe Rail7717,939.50
Atcor Corporation111,434.40
Athearn Inc 7114,648.56
Athens Disposal 492,552.33
Atkinson Brick Co 1823130,345.40
Atkinson Brick Co15150.00
Atkinson Washington Zachry,Eas6200.00
Atkinson, Washington, Zachry, 242,853.76
Atlantic Body Shop, Gabriel A 131,260.00
Atlantic Envelope Company 18938.97
Atlantic Envelope Company11413,399.15
Atlantic Oil 2030668,642.93
Atlantic Oil 20316632,186.35
Atlantic Oil 20766668,895.88
Atlantic Oil Company3611,805.01
Atlantic Oil Company3911,905.01
Atlantic Oil Company3911,905.01
Atlantic Oil Company618653.03
Atlantic Oil Company51468,601.77
Atlantic Oil Company110.00
Atlantic Oil Company1118104.78
Atlantic Oil Company33100.00
Atlantic Richfield Co/Arco Car138229,994.50
Atlantic Richfield Co/Arco Col87550,894.00
Atlantic Richfield Co/Arco Vin15168148,504.23
Atlantic/Pacific Shutter Co In1537,160.00
Atlantic/Pacific Shutter Compa147,904.41
Atlas Carpet Mills Inc 82422,105.63
Atlas Carpet Mills, Inc. 6113,085.60
Atlas Lift West22412.95
Atlas Pacific Corporation 7129,101.05
Atmel Corporation1179.20
Atofina Chemicals Inc 618460.00
Ats Products Inc1232,920.00
Ats Products Inc 11793.37
Ats Products, Inc 111,079.26
Atsc East Hynes Terminal9161,159.00
Att Wireless Services66184.19
Atwood & Pursel Landfill2828285.51
Auberry Civic Club Ds282813,179.82
Auberry Energy, Inc.1217793.95
Aubrey Ridge Landfill28282,051.99
Auburn Sanitary Landfill Site28283,514.27
Aurora Body Works Inc.11128.50
Aurora Modular Industries Inc123943,053.08
Aurora Modular Industries, Inc62645,331.63
Austin Oil Co 67636.00
Austin Plastic Inc 3516,467.60
Austin Plastics Inc.129,850.00
Austin Road Landfill28287,774.87
Auto Analysts11410.78
Auto Art Paint & Body882,270.13
Auto Axcess Collision - Blnp C2226.28
Auto Body Builders11270.16
Auto Body Builders 14106.79
Auto Body Center 11154.96
Auto Body Excellence Inc88533.67
Auto Body Excellence Inc882,023.82
Auto Body Experts2497.33
Auto Body International991,261.79
Auto Body Rebuilders35829.16
Auto Body Specialist22170.00
Auto Collision Center493,869.11
Auto Craft Body Shop3387.45
Auto Dimensions3329.96
Auto Europa Auto Body22712.23
Auto Expert Body Shop1144.27
Auto Limar Inc 123,750.11
Auto Mall Collision Center Inc993,250.83
Auto Metal Service 112.15
Auto Park Touchless Car Wash881,943.43
Auto Passion13386.46
Auto Perfectionists Ltd23672.38
Auto Service Plus 61220.00
Auto Sheet Metal Works 24155.29
Auto Spa, Inc. (The)114.86
Auto Sport Pro-Body Shop381,341.79
Auto Tech Body & Frame11215.17
Auto Tech Body Shop13756.98
Auto Tech Collision Center131,956.58
Auto Tech Service Center88529.56
Auto Warehousing Of L A 161,760.00
Auto West Collision3145,699.59
Auto World Body & Frame12214.60
Auto World Body Works, Inc 3381.75
Autobahn Body & Paint 22151.18
Autocam California111,364.00
Autocraft Auto Body551,500.26
Autoexact Collision & Paint33303.64
Automation Printing 167,480.00
Automax Of Bay Area122,169.21
Automekanika Body Shop 2257.59
Automobile Collision Center13648.72
Automobile Exchange99100.50
Automotive Collision Service352,766.90
Automotive Enterprise471,366.12
Autoplus Body Shop & Paint33148.47
Autronics Corp 6131,840.00
Autumn Press144,032.00
Aux Provencaux11704.00
Ava Enterprise, Llc115.59
Avalon Cleaners222,592.00
Avalon Ford Inc553,451.00
Avalon Shutters Inc 1222,300.00
Avenal Landfill2828957.87
Avenue Auto Service Inc231,114.46
Avenue Body Shop575,434.17
Avenue Body Shop36688.87
Avenue L Pump Station404022.69
Avery / Burn Site2828324.45
Avery Dennison63766,518.91
Avery Dennison 75212,720.82
Avery Greene Motors372,562.68
Avibank Mfg Inc223919,597.69
Avica Inc 16475.05
Avila Auto Body, Inc. 12660.00
Avx Filters Corp258,070.00
Award Metal'S121,585.58
Axial Industries174,247.97
Aydin Corporation220.32
Aydin Molded Devices 7158,582.84
Az Engineering Co Inc3346.40
Azevedo Hay & Grain24655.28
Azevedo Quarry163462,577.76
Azie'S Auto Body & Frame Shop1181.41
Azims Auto Body & Painting2466.87
Aztec Cleaners22294.30
Aztec Technology Corp442,500.63
Azteca Body Shop & Auto Recons4436.31
Azusa City / Van Tassel Cyn28287,906.20
Azusa City Sierra Madre Landfill282863,237.99
Azusa Class Ii Disposal Site28287,906.20
Azusa Land Reclamation Co Inc Inert Lf282816,887.21
Azusa Street Dump / West Covina2828285.51
Azusa Western Inc #128281,715.36
B & B Auto Body66328.28
B & B Body & Paint442,504.04
B & B Body Shop112,183.39
B & B Dismantlers Aka B & B Auto Recyclr28281,069.83
B & B Enameling Inc 102525,536.10
B & B Furniture Restoration2252.21
B & B Ind 68451.03
B & C Disposal Site / Jackson Rd Lf28287,906.20
B & C Welding & Iron Works 131,042.69
B & D Auto Body45255.21
B & E Lundberg24400.45
B & G House Of Printing, Inc. 165,860.00
B & H Auto Body Inc, 12296.37
B & H Finishing3134,306.79
B & J Drop Box Sanitary Landfill28287,518.08
B & M Auto Body 338.71
B & M Petroleum Corporation118.50
B & P Cultured Marble Inc2227,752.11
B & S Enterprises Inc 113,141.52
B & S Hacienda Auto Body242,553.70
B & T One Hour Cleaners224,041.70
B & W Petroleum41668.75
B & W Petroleum (Bait Barn)416122.58
B & W Tile Co Inc126.77
B & Z Printing, Inc. 139,300.00
B .W. Hotel, L.L.C. 6209,906.38
B A S Precision Sheet Metal 110.01
B And R Finishing Co 687,587.43
B And W Auto Body Shop11104.89
B And W Petroleum416190.00
B Braun Medical Inc.96165,396.13
B D & G Sandblasting Co (A Cor262,013.00
B E Aerospace Services Divisio6133,077.84
B J Services Co Usa, Santa Fe 61841,353.40
B Of A, Corporate Real Estate8326,651.02
B P John Hauling 6720,423.00
B R & F Spray, Inc2157,176.11
B Woodmore Painting251,937.97
B&B Saab25855.59
B&C Tractor28281,715.36
B&P Auto Body22205.09
B&R Finishing Co 61311,380.26
B&R Scenery11193.60
B&S Hacienda Auto Body142,144.04
B&T Industries3411,116.93
B-2 Auto Body24503.60
B-Line Body Shop Inc2135,756.98
B-Line Cleaners 11556.49
B. F. Goodrich/Carbon Products8838.28
B.C.N. Truck & Auto Body363,537.08
B.I.C. Farms28286,569.06
B.J. Services Co. Usa/Ventura66594.00
B.W./I.P. International, Inc.1188.96
Baba Ram Deva Llc/Springville Food Mart41666.24
Babcock Inc 6213,426.13
Babcock, Inc33752.00
Babylon Printing133,328.31
Bace Environmental111,236.52
Bachem Inc.481,530.00
Badasci / Billingsley Tire Dump2828380.42
Badger Creek Limited88873.01
Badger Creek Limited5585,518.40
Badlands Disposal Site Landfill28283,607.20
Bae Sys.110.81
Bae Systems Aircraft Controls 6292,712.32
Bae'S Holiday Cleaners11404.72
Baf Complete Auto Care 2290.94
Baf Ind 94916,928.04
Bag O Bag41620.96
Baggese Brothers Shell C/O Eti112.90
Bailard Landfill282811,401.02
Baja Collision Repair88410.51
Baker Bob Chevrolet & Geo881,559.94
Baker Bob Ford88514.66
Baker Bob Volkswagon884,310.37
Baker Commodities Inc 92548,196.02
Baker Commodities Inc420162.87
Baker Commodities, Inc145642,899.85
Baker Illegal Disposal Site (South)2828285.51
Baker Illegal Dump (North)28287,906.20
Baker Performance Chemicals9283,109.26
Baker Performance Chemicals, I231244.37
Baker Petrolite Corporation16243.90
Baker Range2828318.39
Baker Ron Chevrolet Geo Isuzu881,927.19
Baker Tanks Inc. 61202,657.72
Bakersfield City C/O Cal Water6633.80
Bakersfield City Landfill6614,140.00
Bakersfield City Of(Civic Aud)612455.21
Bakersfield City Wastewater #267640.52
Bakersfield City Wood Site61822,521.42
Bakersfield Heart Hospital6362,553.16
Bakersfield Memorial Hospital445853,837.15
Bakersfield Metropolitan (Bena) Sanitary Landfill282812,741.46
Bakersfield Rehab Hospital6663.07
Bal Cleaners11134.91
Balance Rock Mountain Landfill Ts Since 19972828175.98
Balboa Auto Body88879.81
Balboa Boat Yard Inc 1713.97
Balboa Crest Cleaners22216.00
Balboa Park Landfill28287,906.20
Balboa Park Nursery2828285.51
Balch Camp Disposal Site282813,179.82
Balcom Canyon Ii282813,179.82
Balcom Canyon Iii282846,695.66
Baldwin Contract./Road 7643331,039.81
Baldwin Contracting (Astec)620169,314.41
Baldwin Contracting (Stony Cr)662454,870.60
Baldwin Contracting Co. 220026671,332.34
Baldwin Contracting Co. 300110265,914.93
Baldwin Contracting Company6160.00
Baldwin Contracting Company12205,380.59
Baldwin Contracting Company1125133.11
Baldwin Contraction Co.81718,073.60
Baldwin Minkler Farms3319.28
Ball Metal Beverage Container11145719,497.12
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.157689,207.54
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.2429,888.00
Ball Oldsmobile Inc.692,382.71
Ball Western Can Company, Llc914196,591.00
Ballard Canyon Road2828181.69
Ballerina Cleaners11874.90
Balsamo Enterprise, Inc. 110.00
Baltimore Aircoil Of Cal5137,182.15
Bancroft Cleaners221,509.11
Band Box Cleaners11108.00
Bandag Inc 121815,483.86
Bangor Quarry6813,740.55
Bank Of America10546,850.79
Bank Of America 11377.25
Bank Of America Nt & Sa, Brea 6341,837.72
Banner Pharmacaps Inc 62645,300.00
Banner Sign Co Inc 181,651.42
Bans Cleaners22376.65
Bans Cleaners Ii22264.60
Bar 49 Ranch / Solid Waste Disposal Site282815,117.89
Bar-Lo Mfg, Inc 6144,880.00
Barber Dealer Group Body Shop2221.45
Barber Ford Body Shop991,860.01
Barber Private Dump28289,904.76
Barbour'S Save Center5172,446.30
Barcel/Cdt, Inc.2955,317.90
Bardeaux S A Ltd3427,958.31
Bardon Enterprises111465,993.93
Bariteaus Of Santa Cruz, Inc.112,180.00
Barksdale Inc4184,514.41
Barletta Dehydrator667,214.00
Barlow Specialty Advertising I103610,880.26
Barnes Furniture11637.58
Barnett (C. R.) Tank Farm141,049.50
Barney'S Hole Digging Serv Inc666,840.62
Baron Von Frier22185.86
Barrango Inc495,097.49
Barrel Inn Liquors416371.16
Barry Ave Plating Co Inc 6147,720.00
Barry Controls6619,317.70
Barsotti'S Auto Body, Inc7131,231.77
Barstad & Donicht Inc12658.00
Barstow Railyard116420,341.39
Barstow Refuse Disposal Site Landfill28282,169.71
Barstow, City Of - Wwtp236288,526.62
Bartelt Design & Manufacturing1119.31
Bartholomew Enterprises2183,223.40
Bartlett'S Auto Body & Paint S35312.83
Barto-Signal Petroleum Inc. 1187,366.81
Barton Brands 6117,400.00
Bartoni'S Body Shop24251.80
Basati Inc Dba Amar Gas & Food416212.80
Bascom Best Cleaners22371.81
Basels Body And Frame88697.87
Basf Corp. (Colton)453,442.00
Basf Corp. Coatings/Colorants131315,400.24
Basf Corporation102654,256.67
Basf Corporation-Santa Ana Pla106331,265.69
Basf Structural Materials Inc12213,131.29
Basic Business Forms Inc.33799.95
Basin By / Products Company28281,715.36
Basque French Bakery69362.84
Bass Lake Disposal Site2828198.56
Bass Lake Dump2828248.32
Bau Furniture Manufacturing, T187,540.00
Bauchet Int'L Inc 72543,400.00
Bausman & Co 1737,735.31
Bausman & Company 1718,596.68
Baxman Gravel Co686,186.80
Baxter Fenwal334,130.00
Baxter Health Care Corp, Hylan8232,186.45
Baxter Health Care Corp,Bentle6176,540.00
Baxter Healthcare2737174.66
Baxter Healthcare Corp., Hylan73335,219.62
Baxter Healthcare Corporation,3471.24
Baxter Healthcare Pharmaseal D4428,237.90
Bay 1 Hour Cleaners22768.15
Bay Area Auto Spa, Inc572,214.52
Bay Area Bodyshop151,964.57
Bay Area Bumper Service222,674.69
Bay Area Bumpers, Inc231,185.68
Bay Area Circuits Inc2914,305.81
Bay Area Coffee Inc77262.00
Bay Area Crematory110.00
Bay Area Diablo Petroleum112.16
Bay Area Diablo Petroleum Comp5304,960.68
Bay Area Kenworth Trucks 2237.36
Bay Area Labels1182.43
Bay Area Pallet Co 101011.23
Bay Area Rapid Transit Distric3610,329.11
Bay Area/Diablo Petro.129.69
Bay Area/Diablo Petroleum7243,672.42
Bay Auto Body & Stripping252,497.84
Bay Auto Body And Painting13360.02
Bay Auto Zone12387.31
Bay Automotive Collision Repai230.59
Bay Breeze Cleaners11800.60
Bay Bridge Garage Inc33215.50
Bay Cities Auto Auction 484,750.09
Bay Cities Collision Center362,485.33
Bay Cities Container Corp 6102,880.00
Bay Cities Envelope Corp110.02
Bay City Auto Body23261.47
Bay Concepts Inc121,552.98
Bay Drycleaners111,112.17
Bay Equipment & Repair137,072.00
Bay Harbor Hosp 6217,985.44
Bay Internet, Inc111,140.04
Bay Mirror, Inc 2663,739.01
Bay Ornamental Iron & Welding 691,731.64
Bay Road28281,260.16
Bay Sheets668,849.66
Bay Sheets, Inc888,142.79
Bay Ship & Yacht Co102672,396.81
Bay Ship & Yacht Company373,069.15
Bay Shore Systems, Inc111.60
Bay Sulfur Company610244,762.05
Bay-Con, Inc1714,482.61
Bayer Corporation82443,266.55
Bayer Crop Science112.20
Bayline Paper Supply Co 1117.11
Bayscene Mh Park (Cays)28281,715.36
Bayshore Autobody11156.76
Bayshore International Trucks57927.92
Bayview Dryclean & Laundry Ser115,811.82
Bazz-Houston Co 7840,507.50
Bbe Sound Inc, G & L Musical P144,720.00
Bdm Cultured Marble144,316.00
Beach Billiards Mfg., Inc.6629,560.00
Beach Cleaners231,536.30
Beacon #3491416375.54
Beacon #3504416213.00
Beacon #3640416343.94
Beacon #3659416549.01
Beacon #3691416360.42
Beacon #515115.85
Beacon Cardlock #610512201.10
Beacon Laundry & Cleaners Inc 6812,448.04
Beacon Liquor - Jarnal Singh41654.64
Beacon Oil Co. #3090416335.05
Beacon Oil Company416161.22
Beacon Oil Company416333.80
Beacon Oil Company #3228416331.37
Beacon Oil Company #3540 (Ultra)416578.70
Beacon Oil Company #3618416333.80
Beacon Oil Company #540 (Ultra5151,830.89
Beacon Oil Company #633 (Ultra5171,518.35
Beacon Oil Company (#3612)416582.44
Beacon Oil Service Station 537416379.76
Beacon Oil, Downtown Beacon41678.31
Beacon Station #419515937.32
Beacon Station #474515937.60
Beacon Station #492515989.20
Beacon Station #5025151,183.65
Beacon Station #5135151,198.73
Beacon Station 6415151,328.58
Beacon/Arco #3616416595.13
Beagle Mfg Co Inc351,555.00
Beale Afb Facility Wide21112297,230.04
Beale Afb Sanitary Landfill2828476.41
Beale Air Force Base66167.95
Beale Air Force Base Landfill No. 12828198.56
Beall Slough Illegal Disposal Site2828248.32
Bear Equip. Rental Inc. 663,543.01
Bear Medical Sys Inc12156,902.88
Bear Mountain Limited611112,081.24
Bear Mountain, Inc 650128,589.82
Bear River Disposal Site28281,069.83
Bear River Reservoir Dump2828324.45
Bear Valley Landfill28281,069.83
Beardsley D.S.282846,695.66
Beasley Cleaners222,401.65
Beatrice Cheese Inc51331.39
Beaudrys Complete Auto Repair88476.19
Beaumont Lf282863,237.99
Bechelli Cleaners77803.90
Beck Oil Inc.5261,316.40
Becker Oil Company57168.08
Beckman Coulter172,324.80
Beckman Instruments Inc (Eis &105240,788.00
Becton Dickinson Immunocytomet8176,213.74
Bedrock Ready Mix Service Inc263,948.08
Beeco (Distribution Auto Service)282863,237.99
Behr Process Corp 104014,527.20
Behr Process Corp 4118,574.00
Behring Diagnostics, Inc9188,550.79
Bei Systron Donner Co, Edcliff11245,428.70
Bekaert Specialty Films162031,188.60
Bekaert Specialty Films L.L.C.2215,037.00
Bel Air Cleaners 11971.34
Bel Aire Displays147,056.80
Bel-Aire Cleaners221,139.36
Bell (Old Sac City)28287,906.20
Bell Cleaners22299.70
Bell Cleaners221,390.51
Bell Foundry Co991,170.82
Bell Gardens, City Of (Com Svc1710,980.00
Bell Industries116,928.00
Bell Industries, Precision Met23702.85
Bell Jr High / Sweetwater Slf Ii282863,237.99
Bell Pontiac/Gmc Inc 684,926.13
Bell Powder Coating10315,641.26
Bell Pump Station660.00
Bell-Carter Olive Co.4166,126.39
Bellaire Oil Company660.00
Bellam Blvd Lf Aka San Rafael Lf282814,242.21
Belle Reve Furniture Manufactu1613,405.46
Bellevue Cleaners22870.33
Bellflower-Somerset Mutual Wtr6144,600.00
Bellingham Marine Industries22152.48
Bellomy Cleaners221,835.00
Belltown I28281,715.36
Bellwood Chevrolet 155,951.53
Belmont Auto Collision Repair22255.02
Belmont Boats123,615.08
Belmont Island Park Landfill28284,438.89
Belmont Shores Mobile Home Estates2828285.51
Belmont Village Cleaners 111,349.08
Belmonte Shutters111,215.89
Belwin Cleaners112,422.80
Bemis Company, Inc1102,252.00
Bemmy'S Auto Painting 11803.44
Ben Holt Shell5151,172.02
Ben Lomond Cya Disposal Site282814,242.21
Ben Lomond Solid Waste Disposal Site28289,787.45
Ben Lomond Texaco113.55
Ben'S Auto Body Shop23255.98
Ben'S Truck & Equipment Inc6246,670.36
Ben'S Truck & Equipment Inc62426,434.55
Ben-Wal Printing Inc 685,020.00
Benbow Landfill2828380.42
Benchmark Fixture Corporation134,091.51
Bender Machine Inc312244.08
Benecia Cleaners 11647.56
Benedetti Corporation3329,282.20
Benedict-Retty Crematory1315501.81
Benicia Cabinetry22200.95
Benicia Industries Inc24676.85
Benicia Lf / Benicia State Park282822,038.27
Benicia State Rec Area / South Hampton2828181.69
Benjamin Cleaners221,845.55
Benjamin Moore & Co.55144.93
Benjamin'S Cleaners221,927.36
Benmatt Ind Inc774,104.82
Bennett Murray Brine Sump28287,906.20
Bennett Sign Centre12337.89
Bennett'S Fixtures, Inc1191.69
Benson Cleaners 11654.30
Benson Ridge2828198.56
Benson'S Body & Paint2495.49
Benson'S Cleaners 111,106.92
Bentley / Simonson Inc.612854.80
Bentley / Simonson Inc.6152,707.00
Bentley Mills Inc 93343,280.89
Bently / Simonson Inc.241558,430.73
Benton Crossing Sanitary Landfill2828952.82
Benton Dump28281,715.36
Benton Oil And Gas13867.80
Benz Auto112.01
Benz Auto Body45153.76
Benz Collision Center 4436.52
Bepex Corporation141,076.72
Berkeley Asphalt Co132446,298.89
Berkeley Auto Body Inc251,399.33
Berkeley Body Shop451,057.58
Berkeley Cleaning Center11554.76
Berkeley Farms Inc61210,160.95
Berkeley Farms, Inc 222.48
Berkeley Forge & Tool Inc8604,603.84
Berkeley Marine Center 33124.04
Berkeley Marine Center12590.53
Berkeley Millwork & Furniture133,943.70
Berkland Dry Cleaners11834.13
Berkley Petroleum1120.00
Berkley Petroleum Inc660.00
Berkley Petroleum, Inc.660.00
Berkley Petroleum, Inc.6100.00
Berlex Laboratories, Inc8384,472.15
Berlin Warehouse Inc101024.55
Bernal Auto Body Inc3116,549.49
Bernal Cleaners22892.28
Bernard & Bob'S Classic Auto B141,437.17
Bernardi Cleaners111,620.00
Bernardi'S Collision Center11134.83
Bernies City Garage33880.04
Berry Petroleum Company130.00
Berry Petroleum Company66288,769.60
Berry Petroleum Company3636614,631.61
Berry Petroleum Company371699431,071.99
Berry Petroleum Company66347,945.20
Berry Petroleum Mcgrath 4 Pool6191,581.90
Berry Seed & Feed Company138734,624.34
Berry Street Mall / Fingers Landfill282814,242.21
Berryessa Sporting Goods112.69
Bert Berg'S Disposal Site282846,695.66
Bert-Co Industries6656,300.00
Bert-Co Industries, Bert-Co Gr61217,020.00
Bertagna Orchards2436.80
Bertea Corp Logistics Div 61132,371.05
Bertolini Inc, Bertolini Seati1140.00
Bertolli'S Auto Body Shop Inc2812,710.52
Bertoluccis Body & Fender7299,020.14
Berumen'S Body Shop1215.27
Beryllium Contam Equip Dspsl Area (14)28281,715.36
Best Auto1158.08
Best Auto Body & Paint551,271.67
Best Auto Painting45803.79
Best Auto Wholesaler881,046.80
Best Body Shop113.81
Best Bumpers Inc 1148.85
Best Buy661,545.69
Best Cleaners11742.50
Best Cleaners22228.52
Best Cleaners 111,200.68
Best Dry Cleaners22326.70
Best Instrument Repair Company1223.99
Best Label Co Inc 11114,460.00
Best Of The Bay Auto Body12690.29
Best Of The Bay Collision Repa119.77
Best On Western Auto Body & Pa11102.87
Best Rock Products Corporation6123,185.73
Best Roofing Company66123,822.40
Bestfoods Baking Co 65355,786.40
Bestforms Inc11450.00
Bestway Cleaners22232.20
Bestway Dry Cleaners11673.00
Bestway Drycleaners113,230.40
Beta Circuits Inc310710.21
Bethel Island28281,715.36
Bethlehem Steel Dump28281,715.36
Bettencourt Auto Body & Paint882,241.39
Betteravia Road2828181.69
Betts Spring Co 1122.33
Betty Brite Cleaners11580.10
Betty Brite Cleaners113,694.95
Betz Laboratories, Inc9958.31
Beverly Coachcraft 686,133.79
Beverly Hills Auto Body Inc 682,520.00
Beverly Hills Dump282863,237.99
Beverly Hospital 6177,534.30
Bfi - The Recyclery162267,053.97
Bfi Waste Systems Of North Ame362,488.88
Bfi Waste Systems Of North Ame91335,761.78
Bfi Waste Systems Of North Ame225,532.84
Bfm Associates, Inc2300.00
Bfm Energy Products Corp101025,054.54
Bfm Vaccum Met. Inc.5533,427.45
Bi Technoligies Corporation64517,930.10
Bi Technologies, Corporation 6246,090.40
Bi-City Paint & Body Shop Inc47632.11
Bianchi International 6125,660.00
Bianco Cadillac Inc 123.61
Bidart Bros (Almond Hulling)399,027.20
Bidart Bros (Grape Storage)12680.00
Bidart Bros. Feedlot446.08
Bieber Disposal Facility2828198.56
Bien Hoa Auto Body & Paint336.62
Big 4 Rents242,043.34
Big Basin State Park Disposal Site28283,514.27
Big Bear City612218,939.56
Big Bear-Mt. Doble Landfill28282,326.67
Big Bend2828277.88
Big Bend Disposal Site2828248.32
Big Blue Hills Lf / Fresno County282810,026.98
Big Boyz Autobody 11384.87
Big Canyon2828285.51
Big Creek Lumber Company61227,491.94
Big Creek Municipal Disposal Site (Usfs)28281,650.36
Big Creek, So Cal Edison Disposal Area2828313.63
Big Ed'S Auto Body2532.49
Big Flat Burn Site2828324.45
Big J Tire 69220.00
Big Pine Distributors61850,882.00
Big Pine Landfill2828324.45
Big Springs2828198.56
Big Sur Loma Vista Llc111.39
Big Sur River Inn Resort110.81
Big Tree Wood Products Inc 139,940.00
Big Valley Ford Body Shop22362.26
Biggs Rice Dryer6101,419.14
Biggs-Gridley Mem Hosp.66173.34
Bill & Bill'S Body Shop 1125.50
Bill Lane28283,101.73
Bill Lang Pont Cad Inc383,207.85
Bill Morrow'S Shell5151,096.81
Bill Nelson Chevrolet Inc3107,876.69
Bill Scyphers114.80
Bill Wright Toyota41616.77
Bill'S Body Shop330.73
Bill'S Cleaners114,038.00
Billings Chevrolet152,450.00
Billy Wright Dump Site Landfill28282,352.00
Bimbo Bakeries Usa12138,167.87
Binford Land Illegal Disposal Site2828970.67
Bio / Waste Enterprises Composting28286,569.06
Bio Industries, Inc.3313,785.38
Bio Rad Laboratories342,004.74
Bio-Rad Laboratories10229,158.41
Bio-Rad Laboratories11360.18
Bio-Rad Laboratories362,271.83
Biofuel Systems152741,565.78
Biola University 65953,120.00
Biosite Inc.113,726.00
Bird Prod. Corp117,128.00
Bishamon Industries Corporatio68820.00
Bishop Industries5812,491.27
Bishop Sunland Landfill28283,208.25
Bishop/Laundry Linen5526,482.00
Bishops Canyon Landfill282863,237.99
Bisso Brothers Disposal Site28281,235.73
Bixby Ranch Dump282822,038.27
Bixel Assoc C/O Transpacific D6720.00
Bj Rees'S Enterprise66680,778.96
Bj-Services 2261.60
Bkd Holdings1120.00
Bkk Corporation, Landfill Divi1234238,354.89
Bkk Disposal Site #22828285.51
Bkm Inc.6646.41
Black Butte Solid Waste Disposal Site28281,034.08
Black Hawk Body Shop12982.12
Black John'S Slough2828970.67
Black Meadow Landing Resort Disposal282863,237.99
Black Mountain Body And Paint88254.52
Black Mountain Spring Water, I1110.49
Black Oxide Ind Inc 6158,640.00
Black Stone Mine2828198.56
Blackburn Oil Company41616.20
Blackhawk Furniture, Inc 1742,840.00
Blackhawk Manufacturing, Inc.6612,760.00
Blackland Properties Site28287,906.20
Blackmans Don Boat Service10141,872.80
Blafer Woodfinishes 3617,258.96
Blair Lease - Oilwell Tech.130.00
Blair Sign Programs1138.72
Blair'S Metal Polishing 3356,039.06
Blake Printing And Publishing116,612.00
Blake'S Auto Body577,005.19
Blake'S Auto Body10138,892.43
Blake'S Auto Body583,157.69
Blake'S Auto Body Inc142,055.35
Blanchard Street Dump28287,906.20
Blazing Star Mine28281,069.83
Bldg 1393, Cargo Road2210011.02
Blech Corp3610,978.00
Blessed Cleaners 111,457.68
Bliss Industries, Inc122,995.31
Blocksburg Burn Dump28282,051.99
Blocksom & Co 1114,069.80
Blomberg Window Systems101415,340.07
Blommer Chocolate Company, Inc112616,010.73
Bloomfield Dump282863,237.99
Bloomfield Dump282863,237.99
Bloss Memorial Healthcare Dist62479.19
Blossom Hill Cleaners 11404.72
Blossom Hill Printing11192.00
Blossom Valley Cleaners 11818.22
Blossom Valley Collision253,221.65
Blu-White Cleaners231,817.80
Blue Anchor, Inc.11959.00
Blue Bird Body Shop45282.63
Blue Bird Cleaners22787.43
Blue Bird Cleaners221,466.37
Blue Bird Cleaners 11906.56
Blue Coral Inc. Mckay Chemical271,162.10
Blue Cross Of Cal 6191,695.61
Blue Cross Pet Hospital38380.71
Blue Diamond28287,906.20
Blue Diamond Almond Growers2236.80
Blue Diamond Growers64210,766.63
Blue Diamond Growers50851,110,890.62
Blue Diamond Materials616938.40
Blue Diamond Materials, Div Su91027.88
Blue Diamond Materials, Fontan8101,410.65
Blue Diamond Materials, Garden81010,771.49
Blue Diamond Materials, Sun Va152738,237.21
Blue Mountain Minerals11399335,987.33
Blue Pacific Spas4622,003.86
Blue Ribbon Cleaners221,164.94
Blue Ribbon Mulching2828285.51
Blue Rock Co223,759.72
Blue Star Materials Inc.680.00
Bluffside & Willowcrest282863,237.99
Blythe Airport Dumpsite282863,237.99
Blythe City28281,715.36
Blythe City, Regional Wastewat6102,408.32
Blythe Laundry & Cleaners, Inc112,654.68
Blythe S/C663,523.85
Blythe Sanitary Landfill28282,351.14
Bm Auto Repair & Body 2226.13
Bmmc Dba Us Intec330.06
Bmw - Vehicle Preparation2610025,679.02
Bo-Mar Cleaners 11135.91
Board Ford Inc 14700.00
Bob Beaty Ford99884.76
Bob Cain112.66
Bob Hill Hydraulic Crane Renta681,939.72
Bob Longpre Pontiac Inc26524.30
Bob Motter Body Shop13747.64
Bob Vanella Huller2257.04
Bob'S Auto And Truck Stop416128.89
Bob'S Custom Paint & Body Shop6127,468.53
Bob'S Screen & Graphics, Inc111,256.00
Bob'S Truck Painting111,792.00
Bob'S Washette Cleaners22736.25
Bobar Market & Gas881,184.60
Bobcat Central4160.84
Bobrick Washroom Equip Inc 9221,584.37
Bobson Cleaners112,596.19
Bobson'S Cleaners11200.00
Boc Gases1229,903.00
Bode Gravel Co21448,650.13
Bodfish Burn Dump28281,260.16
Body & Paint Specialists13502.89
Body Beautiful Car Wash8811,401.73
Body Craft99670.24
Body Kraft88373.57
Body Master Usa23191.93
Body Pros 131,027.42
Bodycote Alphabraze121,067.17
Bodycote Thermal Processing121,400.00
Bodylines Body Shop23753.65
Bodyman, The11192.40
Bodymaster U.S.A.77105.72
Bodytech Ltd. (2)662.18
Bodyworks By Jerry88792.29
Boeger Durham Dryer24652.80
Boeger Durham Dryer61211,270.24
Boeger Rice Dryer, Inc.21011,597.40
Boeing Reusable Space Systems6217,221.75
Boeing Satellite Systems Inc1740118,156.68
Bofors-Lithographix, Incorpora21126,218.68
Bogin C/O Cambria Environmenta111.25
Bohemian Grove282831,413.10
Boitano Site28286,569.06
Bokides Petroleum Inc.5757.88
Bola Market112.17
Bolero Co2228.59
Bolinas Landfill282814,242.21
Bolling & Finke Ltd2107,836.29
Bolo Station Rail / Cycle Project28287,906.20
Bombardier Transportation Hold82820,177.99
Bon Voyage Body Shop 683,980.00
Bona'S Cleaners 11822.94
Bond Bob Automotive881,998.05
Bonded Cleaners22560.25
Bonded Cleaners223,027.04
Bonded Cleaners221,401.79
Bonded Cleaners 672,020.00
Bonded Fiber Products Inc 677,848.80
Bonfare Markets, Inc.41698.08
Boni'S Auto Body Shop462,212.24
Bonita Cleaners22368.55
Bonita Village Cleaners223,217.05
Bonner Rice Dryer11915,186.89
Bonsall Sanitary Landfill28287,906.20
Bonzi Sanitary Landfill2828958.15
Boomer'S Fabricare Ctr Inc23993.29
Boonville Burn Dump2828324.45
Bor-All Enterprises, Inc.416215.18
Boral Resources Inc, Corona Pl66159.53
Boral Resources Inc, Irvine Pl3311.00
Bordeaux Printers Inc7812,226.35
Borden Chemical Inc.488,107.00
Borden Decal Company4313,723.32
Borden Manufacturing210546.40
Borden Packaging & Industrial105361,366.41
Border Valley Pressing, Inc6654,968.67
Borel Cleaners11945.90
Borel Cleaners 11284.15
Borello'S Cleaners 112,590.23
Borges Of California, Inc.110.09
Borgia Furniture Finishing Inc168,440.00
Boron Burn Dump2828318.39
Boron Sanitary Landfill28281,381.21
Borrego Landfill Inc.32523,854.35
Borzini Sand & Gravel683,037.38
Boss Paint & Body 120.00
Boston Scientific Corporation111,323.20
Boston Scientific/Target252,039.58
Bostrom Bergen Metal Products232,360.13
Bostrom'S Autoxcellence 25524.48
Bostrom'S Livermore Auto Body452,150.27
Botanicals Intl Inc111.67
Botta'S Auto Body 1159.08
Bottle Shop The88444.28
Boucher Site / Bolsa Chica Lf282863,237.99
Boulevard Body Shop131,329.08
Boulevard Buick/Pontiac/Gmc Tr140.00
Bourns Inc 11222.26
Bourns Inc489,118.59
Bowdens Auto Body88180.63
Bowman Country Store52019.94
Bowman Plating Co Inc 6117,780.00
Bowne Of Los Angeles Inc 62116,480.00
Bowne Of Los Angeles Inc 92416,052.88
Box Canyon Landfill28281,715.36
Box Master333,732.00
Boyd Furniture Mfg Company Inc.66113,262.40
Boyd'S Body Shop371,068.89
Boyds North Shore Cleaners22329.40
Boyes Springs / Ultramar28281,235.73
Boyett Petroleum416245.08
Boyett Petroleum416103.75
Boyett Petroleum416354.84
Boyett Petroleum416139.71
Boyett Petroleum416195.90
Boyett Petroleum41678.45
Boyne Ranch - Otec101612,363.38
Boys And Girls Club Of Pasaden664,800.26
Bp Exp & Oil Inc, Bp Marine Am221,461.00
Bp Oil C/O Cambria Environment114.29
Bp Oil Co.515495.09
Bp Oil Company120.23
Bp Oil Company122.71
Bp Oil Company C/O Alisto Engi111,296.60
Bp Solar Inc3410.57
Bp West Coast Products1121.32
Bp West Coast Products Llc1118.10
Bp West Coast Products Llc1145.20
Bp West Coast Products Llc1119.57
Bp West Coast Products Llc1114.17
Bp West Coast Products, Llc123620,914.52
Bp West Coast Products, Llc932241,869.16
Bp West Coast Products, Llc14641,387.90
Bp Westley515766.75
Bp, Atwater Gascard Inc.534192.01
Bp, Card Gas Inc.515780.43
Bp, Patrick'S5517.25
Bp, Pazin Bp Distributor544910.94
Brad'S Auto Body382,291.62
Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpa121,468.61
Bradford Shredder Sanitary Landfill28287,906.20
Bradley Allen Auto Body & Pain882,992.63
Bradley Canyon Farms28284,814.82
Bradley East Landfill2828193.41
Bradley Landfill And Recycling646226,916.55
Bradley Nameplate Corporation11180.00
Bradley Nameplate Corporation 1215.98
Bradley Sanitary Landfill2828349.81
Brake Parts Inc627785.35
Braley Cleaners22108.00
Braleys Cleaners22207.90
Branco'S Vac Valley Shell114.56
Brand Park Landfill28281,278.33
Branford Lf2828285.51
Branham Lane Cleaners22711.31
Braun Corp221,011.90
Braun Linen Service Inc 668,015.61
Brawley Disposal Site Landfill28282,585.19
Brawley Geothermal Development Area2828248.32
Bray B.D.2828324.45
Braylor Corp 7914,536.00
Brea Agricultural Services11465.70
Brea Canon Oil Co3325.96
Brea Canon Oil Co771,344.00
Brea Canon Oil Company Inc 47614,733.85
Brea Canon Oil Company-Albert 42225,175.04
Brea Canyon Oil Co Inc 8199,799.30
Brea Canyon Oil Co,Albert Levi56018,464.98
Brea City 95911,735.89
Brea City Dump #128287,906.20
Brea City Dump #228287,906.20
Brea Power Partners, L.P.920300,339.80
Breaktime Coffee Service55341.35
Brecht Bmw881,350.58
Breck Property / Buellton, Hwy 1012828834.91
Breck Ranch2828181.69
Bredero Price Company 61815,071.53
Breezy Point Old Burn Dumpsite2828285.51
Breitburn Energy Company Llc13043,940.00
Breitburn Energy Company Llc61096,306.40
Breitburn Energy Corp 63835,360.00
Breitburn Energy Corp 8964,779.25
Breitburn Energy Corp 2318,373.96
Brenda'S Classic Cleaners221,575.10
Brenntag West Inc.242,806.00
Brenntag West Inc.241,531.00
Brenntag West, Inc360.00
Brentwood Auto Body110.00
Brentwood Auto Body121,185.29
Breshears Chevron Service515600.23
Bret Harte Cleaners22850.38
Bretz Mill Solid Waste Disposal Site28281,650.36
Breuners Home Furnishings Corp11407.01
Brian W. Neuschwander116.48
Brian'S Ventura Shell55534.38
Brianz Auto Body131,139.66
Bridgehead Dry Dock34926.57
Bridgemark Corporation63488.66
Bridgemark Corporation 6267,075.20
Bridgeville Burn Dump28282,051.99
Briggs & Sons 24121.53
Bright Cleaners11675.00
Bright Shark Powder Coating 102124,341.98
Brightman Dump2828198.56
Brights 24 Hr Fuel881,180.57
Brink'S Cleaners221,440.23
Brinke Jan88233.99
Brinks Designs88595.24
Brisbane Lagoon282836,458.37
Brisbane Landfill282836,458.37
Brisbane Printing25762.81
Brisbane Recycling Co, Inc28259.39
Brisco Pit Landfill2828277.88
Bristol Fiberlite Industries, Inc9199,620.17
Brite 1 Hr Cleaners249,449.01
Brite Cleaners111,053.00
Brite Plating Co. Inc.115.00
Brite-N-Clean Cleaners 11442.50
Brithinee Electric 102310,226.06
Britz Fertilizer3101,756.76
Britz Fertilizer Co11120.00
Britz Incorporated5634,910.87
Brizuela'S Body Shop1219.17
Broadview Coop Gin Inc141451,647.71
Broadway Auto Body141,744.92
Broadway Auto Body232,185.08
Broadway Auto Body/Dick Mancin26960.18
Broadway Cleaners22325.35
Broadway Cleaners221,452.40
Broadway Cleaners & Laundry 111,173.70
Broadway Fashion Cleaners221,658.72
Broadway Motors Ford Body Shop22117.38
Broadway Tire28287,906.20
Broadway Tire Inc.33683.73
Broadway Volkswagen110.62
Brock Chevron416335.95
Brock'S Trailers123,340.00
Brockman Lane Caltrans Borrow Pit2828198.56
Brockman Lane Disposal Site2828198.56
Brodhead Steel Prod 11187.55
Bronco Builders Inc.218413.66
Bronco Cleaners &Laundry 675,729.58
Bronze-Way Powder Coating, Inc63018,707.83
Bronzeway Plating Corp 6404,889.46
Brooks Concrete Products282840,502.10
Brooks Motor Cars24127.88
Brooks Products1116,871.00
Brooks Woodcraft11564.56
Brother'S Food Mart4161.85
Brother'S Hecker Pass Market113.10
Brothers Body Shop3386.07
Brothers Royal Crown41636.06
Brotman Partners Lp,Cal Ltd,Br6156,617.72
Brown Dump (Nissan Motor Corp)282863,237.99
Brown Intl Corp44613.00
Brown Marvin K Cadillac881,577.35
Brown Precision Inc.66274.40
Brown Sand Inc3120.00
Brown Sand Inc.1165735.11
Brown Trout Publishing1126,140.00
Brown Valley Cleaners221,703.76
Browning Ferris Industries (Bf143,260.00
Browning-Ferris Industries Of2342460,013.43
Browning-Ferris Industries/Ca 610135,300.00
Browns Valley Diposal Site28286,569.06
Browns Valley Disposal Site2828324.45
Brownwood Furniture, Inc. 1132,120.00
Brubaker-Mann Inc.225,824.00
Bruce Eicher, Inc 175,260.00
Bruce'S Body Shop22264.03
Brudvik Inc 61214,003.03
Brue'S Body Shop99102.92
Bruno'S Auto Body Shop11203.99
Bruno'S Electric Motor Repair918899.45
Brunswick Corp, Defense Div661,521.00
Brunswick Timber Bark Disposal Site2828324.45
Brunton Enterprises Inc,Plas T484,506.64
Bryan Enterprises Inc., Bryan 191,940.00
Bryan'S Cleaners & Dyers Inc 673,182.49
Bryant Auto Body, Llc59703.72
Bryant'S Inglewood Service Inc69220.00
Bryant, C.L.534726.41
Bryant, C.L. Inc (Unocal)416219.36
Bsh Home Appliances Corp 81912,851.63
Bsk Associates558,705.92
Bubble Clean Buggy Bath515515.43
Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Par7335,004.81
Buchanan Cleaners221,557.44
Buchanan Cleaners221,993.27
Buchmin Industries810132,001.03
Buck & Change Cleaners11493.76
Buck Knives, Inc11124,118.06
Buck Meadows Disposal Site2828198.56
Buck'S Launching2828277.88
Buckeye Disposal Site2828380.42
Buckner By Storm5315,812.45
Buckner By Storm124.00
Bucks Auto Body88648.61
Bucks Body And Fender Inc 142,380.00
Bucks Lake Lf28286,569.06
Bud Stokes Dump282822,038.27
Buddie'S Auto Body11192.62
Budget Cleaners221,769.72
Budget Cleaners221,135.44
Buds Body Shop34235.89
Buellflat Rock Company7869,477.69
Buena Body Shop992.19
Buena Park City Dump28281,715.36
Buena Vista Hills Disposal Site28284,438.89
Buenaventura Lemon Co612128.45
Buff & Plating Works110.00
Buggy Bath416186.49
Buggy Bath416413.21
Buggy Bath Car Wash (Chevron)416148.98
Bugle Boy Industries Inc 6116,439.46
Builders Brass Wks Corp (Eis U3371,719.50
Builders Concrete32421,158.26
Builders Concrete32111,449.57
Builders Concrete Inc6123,093.31
Builders Concrete Inc.3927,997.20
Builders Concrete, Inc.31856,637.25
Builders Fence Co Inc 91897,240.74
Building Materials Manufacturing Corp.837171,833.35
Bulk Bark5104,795.78
Bullet Fiberglass14440.52
Bump & Shine99259.73
Bumper Shop Inc.341.53
Bundy & Bevilacqua, Inc.99542.92
Bundy & Bevilacqua, Inc.991,893.53
Bundy Canyon282863,237.99
Burbank City, Pub Serv Dept4313980,457.44
Burbank Coach Works Inc 69780.00
Burbank Landfill #1282863,237.99
Burbank Landfill Site #328284,774.61
Burbank Steel Treating Inc 71014,670.00
Burger King Corp.1414275.39
Burke Industries Inc, Sfs Divi61811,315.20
Burke Industries, Inc8116,887.64
Burlingame Collision Repair Ce45682.69
Burlingame Ford 11193.01
Burlingame One Hour Cleaners22928.05
Burlingame Refuse Disposal Area28283,962.98
Burlington Northern/Santa Fe R1261,900.00
Burney Disposal Site2828248.32
Burney Fabricare77357.57
Burney Forest Products2020452,615,399.90
Burney Mountain Power19191,144,529.51
Burns Bob Cleaners22411.75
Burns Cleaners 11323.78
Burns Philp Food Inc,Fleishman61636,198.86
Burnseds Frame & Body Shop 11850.88
Burr Master Inc11737.18
Burrows Oil Company141,114.00
Burtin Corporation 115,588.80
Burton Medical Products Corpor69300.00
Burton Way Hotels,Llc 6306,319.10
Busch Semiconductor Vacuum Gro1262.29
Business Cards Tomorrow 122,264.00
Business Cards Tomorrow111,019.96
Busseys Automotive Services88443.35
Buster'S Motor Home & Auto Bod23409.09
Busy Bee Cleaners221,594.20
Butcher Co. Inc.24623.00
Butler Manufacturing Company92238,860.81
Butler-Conti Dodge 1140.43
Butte City Dump28286,569.06
Butte County Rice Growers Assn18765,469.60
Butte County Rice Growers Assn141311,950.17
Butte County Sheriff'S Office66120.91
Butte County Sheriff'S Office618427.36
Butte Creek Brewing Company66106.93
Butte Fire Center66171.34
Butte Meadows Burn Dump & Ts28282,051.99
Butte Oroville Veterinary Hosp1116.00
Butte Sand & Gravel613120,432.99
Butte-Glenn Community College6124,006.38
Butterfield Ranch28287,906.20
Buttes Resources Company1111992.08
Button & Turkovich6114,039.01
Buttonwillow Burn Dump282836,458.37
Buttonwillow Ginning Co330.00
Buttonwillow Ginning Co.12133.12
Buttonwillow Ginning Co.153055,614.23
Buttonwillow Ginning Co.12269,159.46
Buy And Save Mart51090.96
Bw/Ip International Inc442,024.68
Bwd Corporation11130.40
By Faith Auto Body Shop Inc2325.40
Byington Steel Treating, Inc11418.40
Byron Orris Inc364,749.45
Byron Power Company,C/O Ridgew8404,746.59
Bythe Sanitation28281,715.36
C & C Body Shop 4429.20
C & C Drycleaner222,203.97
C & C Industries3616,467.71
C & C Industries 238,819.61
C & D Plastics 6106,572.80
C & G Trailer Serv & Repair11328.41
C & H Autobody & Repair455.09
C & H Sugar Company, Inc11156289,944.39
C & J Cox Corporation1110.11
C & L Mini Mart416123.66
C & M Wood Industries, Inc.32499,686.77
C & N Auto Body111,846.97
C & P Auto Body Shop264,815.32
C & R Printed Bag Co Inc103384,510.41
C A R, Inc4466.23
C C Douglass Mfg Inc1151,340.63
C David Gregory & Co Inc341,295.18
C E Toland & Son221,666.17
C G & E Auto Body22163.98
C L Bryant416219.36
C L Pharris Sand & Gravel Inc 373,852.80
C L Pharris Sand & Gravel Inc 3133,697.20
C Street Auto Body45446.30
C T & Michael Joseph Drilling2828324.45
C&B Arco Dba H&R Enterprises416324.51
C&H Auto Body & Paint88956.49
C&H Auto Body, Repairs, Radiat1359.52
C&M Chevrolet88870.28
C&M Enterprises/Dba Sterling Cleaners111,674.00
C&M Wood Inds. Inc.223,372.00
C&R Cleaners 674,006.41
C&S Truck Bodies & Rv Supplies99802.65
C-Brite Metal Finishing Inc 675,133.75
C. G. I. Sys 1323,680.00
C. International1160.00
C. J. Fiberglass Co. 132,573.88
C. L. Smith Trucking22235.60
C. Smith Transport Inc 6188,598.13
C.F. Koehnen & Sons Inc.282,764.20
C.I Composites57252.94
C.J. Chevron, Llc1113.36
C.L. Bryant510822.07
C.W.R. Mfg331,444.53
Ca Air National Guard1630275.05
Ca Commercial Asphalt - Hollis284825,007.98
Ca Commercial Asphalt- Carrol 31102107,532.64
Ca Dept Of Forestry & Fire66133,183.50
Ca Furniture Collections101044,716.40
Ca National Guard8859.52
Ca Newsrack Refurbishing Co 22124.28
Ca Plating615125.88
Ca St Dept. Of Corrections3710498,744.10
Ca St Of 22nd District Agric A34671,004.27
Ca State University Sacramento251122,198.00
Ca, Dept Of Corrections6561,423.44
Cabinet Coats131,685.36
Cabinet Craft262,728.88
Cabinex Manufacturing Co, Inc257,479.69
Cable & Wireless Usa C/O Stear66184.22
Cabo Yachts337.92
Cabo Yachts. Inc.1153,397.00
Cabrac Mfg113,885.00
Cabrillo Power I Llc Encina Po502346,104,626.64
Cabrillo Power Ii Llc Division30505,037.90
Cabrillo Power Ii Llc El Cajon31663,850.02
Cabrillo Power Ii Llc Kearny M316626,982.09
Cabrillo Power Ii Llc Miramar 31468,747.37
Cache Creek Dairy22140.00
Cactus Dump (Rialto)2828285.51
Cactus Flat Disposal Site2828198.56
Cactus Road / Aka Tripp Salvage282863,237.99
Cade Mountain Septage Disposal Site28281,069.83
Cadillac / Fairview28287,906.20
Cadillac Of Menlo Park3138,528.93
Cadiz Summit Old Burn Dump282863,237.99
Cafe Reyes220.04
Caffe Classico, Inc220.86
Caffe Roma Coffee Co66182.00
Caffe Roma Coffee Roasting Co220.10
Caffe Trieste224.65
Caffe Trieste 331.07
Caffe Trieste, Inc55686.73
Caines Cleaners 111,092.75
Cajoleben, Inc., Galasso'S Bak61351,139.20
Cajon Solid Waste Disposal Site2828285.51
Cal / Ida Dump28286,569.06
Cal / Ida Lumber Company, Auburn28283,514.27
Cal / Lutheran282813,179.82
Cal Army National Guard23120.16
Cal Aurum Ind 6182,510.40
Cal Auto Body112.37
Cal Bumper Co Inc3629.29
Cal Cleaners & Laundry22539.38
Cal Coast Fuel12893.30
Cal Compact Lf / Metro 200028281,715.36
Cal Cotton Fumigating Co Inc112,496.00
Cal Custom Mfg2422,062.02
Cal Custom Mfg.111,532.00
Cal Dept Of Corrections Delano6201,544.58
Cal Dept Of Water Resources4160.57
Cal Electroplating Inc 6111,100.00
Cal Gasket Corp33234.90
Cal Green Auto Body 15720.00
Cal Hi Tec Finishing Llc154,556.19
Cal Hi-Grade Furniture Corp33661.30
Cal Lifestyles 61013,880.00
Cal Marble Furn Mfg., Corp441,974.30
Cal Metal Processing Co 6184,019.44
Cal Metal X222.00
Cal Poly Landfill28283,514.27
Cal Poly State U115316,676.62
Cal Printing153,090.00
Cal Spray Inc281,834.52
Cal St Univ La 108022,444.69
Cal St Univ Long Beach Eh&S 1514982,586.99
Cal St Univ Northridge 117620,983.22
Cal St Univ, Dominguez Hills 22339,668.00
Cal St Univ, San Bernardino1010452.49
Cal St, Frank D. Lanterman St 61624,530.57
Cal St, Inst For Women 142018,648.01
Cal St, Polytechnic Univ, Pomo826020,871.32
Cal State Univ C/O Grupe Comme6192.08
Cal State University Bakersfld637231.55
Cal Tech Collision Center 13869.35
Cal Tech Metal Finishers 45205.66
Cal Trans 31133,651.89
Cal Truck Equip Co 3616,199.28
Cal Water Service Co61233.44
Cal Water Service Co6611.69
Cal Water Service Company6614.74
Cal West22756.00
Cal Yee Farms11208.00
Cal-Dry Products61228,485.73
Cal-Fiber Co 6135,816.62
Cal-Mode Furniture Mfg Co Inc 585,862.47
Cal-Pacific Dyeing & Finishing6127,902.21
Cal-State Upholstery1140.00
Cal-Style Furniture Mfg Co121240,907.80
Cal-Swiss Mfg. Co., Inc.2211,929.26
Cal-Tech Autobody Repair231,664.40
Cal-Tron Plating Inc4531,655.00
Cal-Waste Industries Inc 6100.00
Cal-West Automotive246,229.06
Cal-West Seeds241,193.40
Cal-Western Paints Inc 6166,485.00
Calabel, Llc111,240.00
Calavar Corporation22339.00
Calavaras Vlly Springs (Flintkote) Clay2828324.45
Calaveras Cement / Div Of Flintkote Co28282,249.19
Calaveras Cement Camp Nine28286,569.06
Calaveras Materials Inc.31633,545.60
Calaveras Materials Inc.3636,595.46
Calaveras Materials Inc.37258,669.20
Calaveras Materials Inc.61653,435.02
Calcor Space Fac Inc4104,763.00
Calcustom Mfg.127,992.00
Caldera Spas71238,223.02
Caldo Oil Company C/O Weiss As33264.12
Caldwell Enterprises, Inc1113.80
Caldwell Enterprises, Inc.244,259.80
Calex Manufacturing Co, Inc372,615.80
Calexico Solid Waste Disposal Site28282,517.88
Calgene, Llc1120.00
Calgene, Llc1140.00
Calgon Carbon Corp.331,953.75
Cali Cleaners 111,875.22
Cali-Blok/Eis Brake Parts227,312.00
Caliber Collision / Classic Eu88500.82
Caliber Collision Centers / Be885,874.42
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch881,440.90
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch882,994.68
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch882,380.97
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch881,958.14
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch882,629.33
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch88725.37
Caliber Collision Centers / Ch881,217.17
Calico Rock Milling Inc.72734,380.54
Calico Stripping 13990.94
Calif Correctional Center3151130,554.91
Calif Door Corp117,821.44
Calif Sports Inc/Great Western63515,517.09
Calif St Dept Of Corrections,C8323,686.39
Calif State Prison - Coalinga108626,972.41
Calif State Prison - Corcoran611014,568.67
Calif State University, Fresno11778,872.76
Calif Valley Comm Services District Lf2828277.88
Calif Water Service Co6610.32
Calif Water Service Co6617.60
Calif Water Service Co668.69
Calif Water Service Co665.87
Calif Water Service Co6610.55
Calif Water Service Co6610.54
Calif Water Service Co110.08
Calif Water Service Co667.87
Calif Water Service Company6610.55
Calif. Collision Specialists991,206.50
Calif. Dept Of Corrections1212112,576.43
Calif. Dept. Of Food & Ag.61263.36
Calif. Dept. Of Water Resource1160.00
Calif. Oils Corp- Seedtec Div.2220.40
Calif. State Univ. Chico9257.58
Califoria Mart 2280.00
California & Hawaiian Sugar Ds282863,237.99
California Amforge Corporation63311,560.00
California Army National Guard6459,040.00
California Auto Body142,576.79
California Automotive Concepts253,272.91
California Automotive Sealing,8126,755.11
California Avenue Norge Villag221,745.00
California Bio-Mass Inc 6301,934.30
California Biomass28287,906.20
California Body & Frame11115.57
California Box11140.00
California Camper Repair2342.20
California Car Wash41647.50
California Carson282863,237.99
California Cascade Indus332,279.72
California Casuality110.00
California Cedar Products484.90
California Cereal Products, In8152,368.38
California Chassis, Inc 138,420.00
California Classics3342.90
California Classics Auto Body13839.59
California Cleaners 11607.08
California Coasts Color Inc 6143,475.33
California Cogeneration Corp.6612,467.79
California Color3329.26
California Community News 128,720.00
California Corrugated Industri24617.73
California Cotton Fumigating C112,840.00
California Crrctnl Inst-Thchp57477283,349.67
California Custom Shapes Inc 673,100.00
California Dairies, Inc 61354,374.99
California Dairies, Inc.94570,468.09
California Dairies, Inc.69345,146.19
California Decor 145,682.23
California Display 129,720.00
California Electric Steel, Inc2828324.45
California Engineering Co553,620.00
California Expanded Metal Prod78704.44
California Family Foods Llc.154644,142.38
California Family Foodszumwalt61421,386.54
California Federal Bank5101,068.96
California Fiberloft Inc3212,230.48
California Fine Wire11193.77
California Finest Body & Frame11138.32
California Fuel Stops Inc416549.13
California Fuel Stops, Inc.416394.48
California Fuels/Pacific Pride51070.54
California Fuels/Pacific Pride51064.35
California Fuels/Pacific Pride510126.71
California Fuels/Pacific Pride515150.43
California Hi Tec Finishing 241,049.28
California Highway Patrol440.34
California Highway Patrol1120.00
California Hydronics Corp23375.69
California Image Body & Paint242,523.08
California Industrial Products92130,807.58
California Institute Of Technology2033139,604.03
California Leather Finishers,58655.20
California Litho Co., Inc 6144,020.00
California Lithographers11126,396.49
California Marble Products 127,952.35
California Materials Company282863,237.99
California Medical Facility2013033,490.30
California Mens Colony165854,332.57
California Mens Colony Landfill2828277.88
California Micro Devices Corp375,308.52
California Millworks Corp 114,000.00
California Model & Design Grou1178.24
California Moulding Co 1515,791.81
California Natural Products66036,509.23
California Newspaper Partners112,440.00
California Oak Cleaners223,394.27
California Offset Printers 61818,320.00
California Oils Corporation951319,712.69
California Olive Growers63411,086.83
California Pacific Med Ctr, Pa156710,674.91
California Pacific Medical Cen145016,594.66
California Pacific Medical Cen12648,874.15
California Paperboard Corporat81394,216.70
California Pipe Fabricators354,570.04
California Polishing & Plating610282.40
California Portland Cement Co 3212,035.36
California Portland Cement Co 3315543,544,269.33
California Portland Cement Co.583679,635,952.17
California Portland Cement Co.660.06
California Portland Cement Co.8183,834.51
California Portland Cement Co.220512.80
California Portland Cement Co.3211,332.00
California Pre Stain 120.00
California Pretzel Co69645,913.83
California Products91326,019.98
California Radomes, Inc5185,705.80
California Reflections2211.92
California Rock & Asphalt Inc74143,146.74
California Rock And Asphalt113027,728.95
California Salvage Company2828285.51
California Shirt Print Inc 6106,600.00
California Spray Dry Co65444,208.16
California State Prison-Solano65614,190.74
California State University, F4273102.32
California State University, H441.12
California Steel Industries In363351,002,553.38
California Street Landfill282813,936.21
California Technical Plating C613860.00
California Valley Landfill2828298.41
California Waste Removal Systems Inc.28289,904.76
California Water Service110.00
California Water Service22286.00
California Water Service24572.00
California Water Service110.00
California Water Service5927,588.03
California Water Service Co.3680.00
California Water Service Compa683,607.28
California Water Service Compa481.25
California Youth Authority282814,242.21
California-Fresno Oil Co416702.31
California-Fresno Oil Co4161,229.94
Calipatria City Landfill2828380.42
Callan Oil District, Inc113,717.00
Callaway Golf364663,985.76
Callaway Golf Co336015,053.55
Calle Andalucia28284,814.82
Calmat - Black Mtn Road34229171,536.09
Calmat - Goleta729193.95
Calmat - Mission Ctr Rd32187243,635.01
Calmat - Pala31160337,347.54
Calmat - Poway11438,178.37
Calmat - Santa Barbara631160.12
Calmat Class Iii Disposal Site28281,533.36
Calmat Co1515115.93
Calmat Co 61413,380.00
Calmat Co 6613,600.00
Calmat Co 61213,920.00
Calmat Co (Dba) Industrial Asp183828,645.49
Calmat Co.5920,536.22
Calmat Co.171,647.10
Calmat Co.125158,042.33
Calmat Co.5150.00
Calmat Co.5150.03
Calmat Co. Conrock Division34174199,852.89
Calmat Co. Dba Vulcan Mat.5314174,321.58
Calmat Co. Dba Vulcan Mat.47862,030,582.44
Calmat Co. Dba Vulcan Mat.5214099,725.42
Calmat Co., Dba Vulcan Materia6124,689.66
Calmat Company 2124,969.97
Calmat Company73144,163.03
Calmat Company640122,612.88
Calmat Disposal Site / Irwindale282863,237.99
Calmat Of Central California3617,710.00
Calmat Of Fresno3214,757.72
Calmat Properties Co (Hewitt P6618,792.08
Calmills Inc21225.27
Calnev - Bulk Plant Daggett45572,230.08
Calnev Pipe Line Co (Nsr Use) 108658,657.48
Calnev Pipe Line Company1810,652.18
Calogic Corporation 23220.55
Calpeak Power Llc667,277.77
Calpella Disposal Site28281,069.83
Calpella Dump28286,569.06
Calpine - Bear Canyon Creek125772,485.67
Calpine - Calistoga Geothermal1452114,817.12
Calpine - West Ford Flat126451,499.30
Calpine Greenleaf I1121463,610.72
Calpine Greenleaf Unit Ii/Yuba City Energy Center922237,835.63
Calpine King City Cogen, Llc1649306,662.03
Calpine Monterey Cogen1212112,939.52
Calpine Natural Gas California6637,739.85
Calpine Natural Gas California6623,211.08
Calpine Natural Gas California224,567.20
Calpine Natural Gas California6629,027.69
Calpine Natural Gas California66101,466.80
Calpine Natural Gas California6613,392.85
Calpine Natural Gas California665,283.50
Calpine Natural Gas California6615,416.46
Calpine Natural Gas California446,792.80
Calpine Natural Gas California664,369.14
Calpine Natural Gas California661,181.83
Calpine Natural Gas California56320.38
Calpine Natural Gas California667,694.62
Calpine Natural Gas California666,467.46
Calpine Natural Gas Company664,087.31
Calpine Natural Gas Company661,707.83
Calpine Natural Gas Company6612,312.85
Calpine Natural Gas Company61013,527.15
Calpine Natural Gas Company110.00
Calpine Natural Gas Company668,503.50
Calpine Natural Gas Company442,711.08
Calpine Natural Gas Company667,863.50
Calpine Natural Gas Company551,826.54
Calpine Natural Gas Company552,112.80
Calpine Natural Gas Company662,521.83
Calpine Natural Gas Company443,687.31
Calpine Natural Gas Company665,450.97
Calpine Natural Gas Company551,406.06
Calpine Natural Gas Company110.00
Calpine Ng Co660.00
Calpine Pittsburg Llc849932,530.46
Calpine Unit 13: Power/Steam F1319151,504.28
Calpine Unit 16: Power/Steam F1014161,059.91
Calsonic Climate Control Inc3311,877.76
Caltrans Austin Cr River Rd=Hy 116(Arch)282831,413.10
Caltrans Austin Creek, Cazadero2828348.04
Caltrans Austin Creek,Monte Rio (Archiv)28281,235.73
Caltrans Commerce (Special Cr)114,356.00
Caltrans Disposal282815,117.89
Caltrans Disposal Site, Exeter282822,038.27
Caltrans Disposal Sites, Unknown Loc28286,569.06
Caltrans Earth & Rock Disposal28286,569.06
Caltrans Earth And Rock2828198.56
Caltrans Long Beach, San Gabriel Fwy2828285.51
Caltrans Long Beach, W La River282863,237.99
Caltrans Maint Yd Donner Lake / I / 8028286,569.06
Caltrans Rock And D S2828198.56
Caltrans Route 73 Project2828285.51
Caltrans-Willows Maint. Stn.1238.00
Calwest Galvanizing Corp 64821,680.92
Cam Automotive1235.65
Camarillo Auto Body991,307.04
Camarillo Car Wash55182.87
Camarillo Cleaners672,228.45
Camarillo Coachworks99784.22
Camarillo Dump282813,179.82
Camarillo Dump #5128281,650.36
Camarillo Sanitary District12941,351.42
Camaro Cleaners2312,004.29
Camaro Cleaners111,304.98
Cambria Auto Restoration111,119.79
Cambria General Store111.18
Cambria Rock/S&G610366.80
Cambria Solid Waste Disposal Site28283,514.27
Cambrian Cleaners222,527.22
Cambrian Plaza Dry Cleaners225,087.63
Cambro Manufacturing Co 113732,953.96
Camden Cleaners22636.24
Camellia Enterprises1112,598.60
Camellia Memorial Lawn3838126.04
Camelot Furniture Corp 127,500.00
Cameo Cleaners 111,150.09
Cameo Cleaners 111,254.64
Cameo Cleaners Inc 673,209.38
Cameron Corner Convenience881,036.53
Camilleri'S Auto Works, Inc12801.02
Camino Cleaners Wash & Dry11379.00
Camp 19 Us Forest Svc Sequoia Nat'L For282846,695.66
Camp 628286,569.06
Camp 9 Burn Dump28281,260.16
Camp Kearney Mesa2828285.51
Camp Mather Dump2828198.56
Camp Nine Dump2828198.56
Camp Roberts Inactive Landfill282814,242.21
Camp Roberts Landfill2828277.88
Camp Roberts Solid Waste Disposal Site2828319.58
Camp San Luis Obispo2332.08
Camp Stoneman282863,237.99
Camp Tawonga28281,069.83
Campbell Auto Restoration23117.74
Campbell Coffee Roasting Co220.59
Campbell Collision Center115.25
Campbell Collision Center Inc141,761.05
Campbell Graphics2113,919.73
Campbell Plaza Cleaners222,358.40
Campbell Soup Company315192.97
Campbell Soup Company183014,632.13
Campbell Soup Supply Co.93679,108.28
Campbell'S Auto Body12362.19
Campbell'S Holiday Cleaners 11688.03
Camper Shell Center3310,484.53
Camper Shell Depot Inc334,656.00
Campero'S Corporation132,481.97
Campo Burnsite28287,906.20
Campo Mini Market882,369.20
Campton Place Hotel221,590.09
Camptonville Disposal Site28286,569.06
Camrosa Wastewater Treatment P314359.32
Canal Street Disposal Station #428287,906.20
Canam Metal Prod 610200.00
Canandaigua West, Inc73148,635.18
Canandaigua West, Inc.67448.85
Canandaigua Wine Co. Inc.11600.00
Canandaigua Wine Company73128,478.88
Candescent Technologies Corp4511,227.58
Candy Apple Construction28281,069.83
Canepa'S Car Wash416118.83
Canepa'S Car Wash41684.37
Canepa'S Car Wash517435.35
Canepa'S Car Wash510609.95
Canners Steam Co Inc 8201,465.01
Cannery / Garden Grove28287,906.20
Cannery Street Disposal Station #162828285.51
Cannon (Old Sac City)28287,906.20
Cannon Dry Cleaning Company11810.00
Cannon Fabrication Inc 124,940.00
Cannon Safe Co, Inc 112,548.78
Canon Business Machines Inc 134437,363.03
Cantisano Foods Inc662,688.40
Cantua Cooperative Gin, Inc.61528,492.55
Canyon Dam Lf28286,569.06
Canyon Plaza Cleaners22415.80
Canyon Rock Co Inc2411,847.64
Canyon Rock, Sand & Gravel25781,096.58
Capacity Construction Inc88870.28
Capco/Psa, California Art Prod91557,675.80
Capello, Inc.6135,320.72
Capital Desk Co 6922,672.38
Capital Drum Inc.63143,113.86
Capitol Auto Body Inc33696.01
Capitol Bodyshop231,350.79
Capitol Collision Repair82115,928.84
Capitol Ford 33755.87
Capitol Iron Works, Inc.331,586.30
Capitol Oil Corporation6711,917.29
Capitola Cleaners11711.00
Capo Park District Del Obispo28287,906.20
Capri Auto Body131,475.82
Capstran Pacific 6193,700.00
Captains Cove Housing Development2828277.88
Car Aroma Supply23272.20
Car Care Auto Body & Refinishi363,775.01
Car Craft Collision Specialist113.93
Car Image88201.15
Caravan Trading Company72417,120.14
Carbahal'S Inc.12148.05
Carcoa / El Cajon884,581.31
Carcoa Auto Body & Paint / Con884,281.64
Carcoa Auto Painting 61211,169.92
Carcoa Auto Painting 6116,574.15
Carcoa Auto Painting 6117,839.94
Carcoa Auto Painting 61110,275.24
Carcoa Of La Inc 6117,973.67
Carcoa Of Northern Ca. Inc. 6125,374.91
Carcoa Of Southern California 6114,986.73
Carcoa Of Southern California 6115,580.00
Carcoa Quality Body & Paint / 884,322.69
Carcoa Quality Body & Paint / 883,271.78
Carcoa Quality Body And Paint 881,293.11
Carcoaof Southern California 6115,522.99
Cardan Aircraft Painting116,911.52
Cardan Manufacturing 1133,588.60
Cardiac Pathways Inc12376.80
Cardinal Church Furniture 91013,950.23
Cardinal Cleaners Inc11472.18
Cardinal Cogen A Joint Venture9291,155.35
Cardinal Cogen Inc636543,324.57
Cardinal Health141,844.00
Cardinal Industrial Finishes131,128.64
Cardinal Industrial Finishes Inc185016,824.34
Cardlock Fuels5587.29
Cardlock Fuels/Southern Co Oil41665.81
Cardoso Body & Frame Shop 11102.65
Careful Cleaners 111,033.39
Carey Sign Graphics 19521.69
Cargill Inc 6203,332.00
Cargill Incorporated138343,274.84
Cargill Salt117881,136.84
Cargill Salt Division622116,813.40
Carl A. Cox (Tracy Shell)416347.83
Carl A. Cox, Shell Station5151,984.24
Carl Burger Dodge World882,524.65
Carl J. Woods Construction2102,182.64
Carl Zeiss Meditec12404.80
Carl'S Auto Body11143.26
Carl'S Body Shop253,115.53
Carl'S Fine Dry Cleaning221,930.28
Carl'S Ready Mix2812,538.68
Carlmont Village Cleaners 11310.29
Carlon Dump28281,069.83
Carlos Arroyo & Sons 22198.42
Carlos Body Shop88147.78
Carlos Body Shop45236.39
Carlos Cleaners 112,954.21
Carlotta Burn Dump2828380.42
Carlsbad Burnsite282863,237.99
Carlsbad Oil881,316.22
Carlsbad Village Auto Body & P88857.97
Carlson & Beauloye Inc.811122.70
Carlton Classic Cleaners / Lau22526.50
Carlton Forge Works 141559,582.72
Carmel Center Cleaners12948.00
Carmel Cleaners11949.00
Carmel Highlands Service, Inc.111.46
Carmel Mtn Ranch Car Wash885,799.33
Carmel Pennisula Cleaners111,186.00
Carmel Plaza Cleaners221,620.00
Carnival Time Shows Inc 6815,791.23
Carny Chem Corp4469.00
Carols Cleaners22722.25
Carousel Cleaners111,938.24
Carpenter Co 1236840,192.57
Carpenter Parmatech21037,293.67
Carpenter Special Products444,839.88
Carpinteria City Dump282822,038.27
Carr'S Cleaners11539.00
Carr'S Cleaners114,398.30
Carrera Auto Body/ Tai Shing A471,007.11
Carrera Boats, Cpc/Victory Mar132,940.00
Carreras Auto Body Inc.22430.00
Carriage Cleaners11644.18
Carriage Cleaners 111,038.79
Carriage Cleaners22251.10
Carrier Corporation Bdp Compan33572.80
Carrillos Auto Body881,022.17
Carrs Car Center882,870.64
Carrville Disposal Site28286,569.06
Cars Dawydiak8115,664.30
Carson Cogeneration Company3245103,524.96
Carson Energy/Smud305519,932,925.51
Carson Hill Mine2828198.56
Carsons Dry Cleaners22510.30
Cart Mart Inc881,012.94
Carter & Company11581.24
Carter Industries143,196.17
Carter Industries 1179.27
Carter Sandblasting & Painting226,699.00
Carter Sandblasting & Painting6199,163.30
Cartwright Electronics Inc22815.29
Carusso'S Restoration121,150.54
Carvin Corp678,901.42
Casa Blanca Disposal Site2828834.91
Casa De Oro Regal Cleaners22488.70
Casa Grande Site2828348.04
Casablanca Fan Company466,831.03
Cascade Cleaners22452.25
Cascar Inc8811,416.89
Casella Lighting Co 243,007.44
Casex Company664,807.15
Casey'S Auto Repair387,641.52
Casitas Municipal Water Dist.6618,866.28
Casmalia Resources2828181.69
Caspar Landfill2828136.45
Caspian, Inc.163110,141.58
Cassara Disposal Site2828285.51
Cast Alloys Inc 6130.00
Castaic Clay Mfg Co., Inc 1829382,452.46
Castaic Landfill (Archived)28281,715.36
Casterland Burn Dump2828248.32
Castle & King Rock & Ready Mix22453.60
Castle Afb Lf #1, 2, 3, 4, 52828248.32
Castle Mountain Mine32781118,471.81
Castle Mountain Mine (Proposed)2828285.51
Castle Mountain Project2828285.51
Castle Of Marble351,262.81
Castle Vista Landfill A & B28282,051.99
Castlewood Cabinets33314.87
Castro Body Shop45245.76
Castro Cleaners11607.50
Castro Street Body Shop3333.77
Castrol Inc122.00
Castrol Industrial North Ameri6204,018.25
Casual Lamps Of California4242,247.60
Cat Canyon2422902,524,780.22
Catalina Industries Inc. 556,687.60
Catalina Pacific Concrete Co. Alameda Plant110.00
Catalina Pacific Concrete Co. Irvine Plant110.00
Catalina Pacific Concrete Co. Sun Valley Plant110.01
Catalina Pacific Concrete Co. West La Plant110.01
Catalina Yachts Inc 930227,430.63
Catalinia Pacific Concrete Co. San Juan Plant110.00
Catalytica Bay View, Inc 76312,832.13
Catalytica Energy Systems Inc882,356.07
Cathedral Liquid Site2828285.51
Cathedral Mortuary Associates39399.25
Cathedral Oaks Dump282822,038.27
Cathey'S Body Shop45378.60
Catholic Youth Camp Disposal Site2828348.04
Catlett Whs61633,649.22
Caton And Associates34447.70
Cavagnaro Dump2828198.56
Cavallino Coachworks33552.58
Cavallino Rampante Ltd31414,868.83
Cawelti'S Car Care55207.43
Cb Mill, Inc126,401.59
Cb&I Constructors,Inc. 6610,906.60
Cbase Corporation6164,603.60
Cbi Water61138,695.48
Cbm Warehouses, Inc.61214,370.92
Cbm Warehouses, Inc. #2261,938.00
Cbs Inc 84111,894.87
Cbs Studios 4482,182.39
Cbs/Mtm Studios 9808,286.87
Ccl Label 151,864.00
Cdf Valley View Conserv. Camp6104,681.50
Cdr Systems Corp.2347,524.00
Cds Leopold, Inc111,566.26
Ce Adams / Arroyo High School2828285.51
Cecil Basenberg6225,273.79
Cecil'S Liquors & Delicatessen, Inc.116.58
Cecilville B.D.2828198.56
Cecilville Disposal Site2828324.45
Cedar Grove2828380.42
Cedar Lawn Memorial Park & Mor110.01
Cedar Springs Disposal Site28281,715.36
Cedars-Sinai Medical Ctr 1257104,614.92
Cedarville Disposal Site / West28286,569.06
Cedarville Landfill / East (Closing)28281,069.83
Ceilings Plus, Jv 6124,140.00
Celeritek Inc492,943.20
Celeritek Wireless Subsystems11231.20
Celite Corporation322530285,355,309.17
Celite Products Corp23235,345.70
Celltech Mfg. Ca Inc.12122.00
Cellulo Company62116,380.92
Cemetary Hill Lf28281,069.83
Cemex - Black Mountain Quarry3226213,762,723.28
Cemex - River Plant16318528,178.42
Cemex Usa Construction Materia384,600.80
Cemex Usa Construction Materia3136,976.80
Cemex Usa Construction Materia32013,843.20
Cemex, Concrete Prod Inc.22523.60
Cemex, Calif. Aggregates, Inc.281,149.88
Cemex, Concrete Production222,895.20
Centaur Pharmaceuticals Inc 122,078.58
Centennial Cleaners113,537.00
Center Square Cleaners11675.00
Centinela Hospital Medical Cen47152.00
Central Auto Body2210.67
Central Automotive88595.24
Central Body Works13959.34
Central Ca Almond Growers Assc31319,668.20
Central Ca Almond Growers Assc31814,003.24
Central Cabinet Co.51559,747.82
Central Cal Women'S Facility6431,696.95
Central Chevrolet Co4107,218.79
Central City Auto Body & Paint4598.34
Central Cleaners22557.98
Central Cleaners221,126.61
Central Concrete Supply2610,234.74
Central Concrete Supply2128,228.99
Central Concrete Supply684,560.87
Central Concrete Supply , Inc285,195.68
Central Concrete Supply - A Us243,963.96
Central Concrete Supply A Us C21612,586.94
Central Concrete Supply Compan269,126.13
Central Concrete Supply Compan241,863.06
Central Concrete Supply, A U S242,447.05
Central Concrete Supply, Inc21012,145.15
Central Concrete Supply, Inc22428,930.40
Central Contra Costa Sanitary2268246,947.60
Central Contra Costa Sanitary 91822.50
Central Contra Costa Sanitary1524358.16
Central Contra Costa Transit A181,223.20
Central County Occupational Ce44380.63
Central Electric/Central Furni1179.03
Central Marble Supply252,656.02
Central Marin28283,514.27
Central Marin Sanitation Agenc175280,984.10
Central Plants Inc22323.00
Central Pump Station661,531.46
Central Shops/City & County Of27434.03
Central Valley Builders Supply224,683.84
Central Valley Cheese661,143.32
Central Valley Cooperative Inc5858,210.06
Central Valley Fabricators12620.00
Centruy Collision And Repair C23408.75
Century 1 Hr Martinizing11224.60
Century Buick- Pontiac, Inc111.52
Century Composites779,036.13
Century Laminators Inc 51018,520.00
Century Marble 71260,045.00
Century Plastics Inc 102227,308.02
Ceradyne Inc 92929,391.61
Ceres Body Shop11160.99
Ceres Cleaners11810.00
Ceres Gas Inc416175.09
Cerritos City, Water Div 4813,840.00
Cerritos Community College 63613,174.34
Cerritos Dodge 6104,450.52
Cerritos Regional Park2828285.51
Cerro Villa Heights Disposal Station #728287,906.20
Certainteed Corporation1364690,955.66
Certainteed Corporation54712,240.74
Certified Ad Services53626,047.44
Certified Auto Body341,027.88
Certified Enameling Inc 162581,139.15
Certified Grocers Of Cal Ltd 6376,073.21
Cervitor Kitchens Inc 102510,129.57
Ces Energy Corona, Ltd. 922155,384.59
Cet Environmental 6680.00
Cgeh / 1 China Lake2828198.56
Cgeh / 1 China Lake Nws2828198.56
Cha Industries341,099.70
Chabot Collision13723.96
Chabot Golf Course Fill28285,433.25
Chad Industries 15464.03
Chad'S Auto Body12314.24
Chadwick Canyon 180282863,237.99
Chaffey College 6186,901.12
Chaffey Hi Sch, Chaffey Union 6295,295.41
Chaffey Joint Union High Schoo4121,492.56
Chaffey Joint Union High Schoo6182,732.82
Chaffey Joint Union High Schoo6294,829.40
Chairworld Inc5525,956.00
Chakalian Holiday Cleaners 111,011.81
Chalet Prods. Co.122.00
Chalk Cliff Limited55200,665.12
Chalk Mountain Liquor111.94
Challenger Minerals Inc8239212.11
Chambless Illegal Dump & Burn Site282863,237.99
Champ Frame Straightening Equi14573.22
Champion Auto Body & Repair 22120.59
Champion Auto Body, Inc 3332.89
Champion Auto Body, Inc 2235.91
Champion Carpet & Wood Service11162.83
Champion Home Builders31913,873.37
Champion Parts Western Divisio1814581,268.90
Champion Pneumatic Machinery132,560.00
Champllin Petroleum Company2828285.51
Chandler/Chase Corp 668,690.45
Channel Inds. Inc.1212.00
Channel Island Boat Yard7112,403.22
Channel Islands Aviation164,960.00
Chapala Market111.32
Chaparral Concrete Co. San Bernardino Plant110.00
Chaparral Petroleum Inc.-West7298806,816.91
Chapel Of Light5050108.51
Chapel Of The Angels662,492.77
Chapel Of The Chimes714389.99
Chapel Of The Chimes 120.01
Chapel Of The Chimes Memorial 110.01
Chapel Of The Pines22255.90
Chapel Of The Roses1315654.98
Chapman Designs Inc. 115,966.92
Chardonnay Cleaners221,855.43
Charles Caine Co Inc 123320,287.64
Charles Caine Company Inc 6102,492.39
Charles Crabtree Painting110.56
Charles Graphics31911,519.62
Charles Hanson Sr Property2828380.42
Charles Henry Company4133,339.39
Charles Schwab Co Inc1105,364.00
Charleston Cleaners 11655.65
Charleston View Dump28286,569.06
Charter Communications2240.00
Charter Way Chevron515915.29
Chase Bag Co33304,343.53
Chase Production Company2769583.80
Chateau Fresno Landfill282816,943.64
Chatfield-Clark Co Inc 1159.27
Chatsworth Plating Corp669,791.10
Chau'S Auto Sport 1116.66
Chavez Auto Body333,197.33
Cheaper Auto Body8865.68
Cheek Engineering & Stamping 613794.49
Cheese & Protein International639265.19
Chem Coatings Corp.11112.00
Chem Tech Labs, Inc, A Subs Ma331,153.60
Chemcentral La 175926,013.34
Chemcentral/San Francisco6101,001.81
Chemex Inc22218015,654.67
Chemgold, Inc9208,888.06
Chemical And Pigment Company 3634.51
Chemical Compounding Company1115.70
Chemical Lime Company885432,335.87
Chemical Lime Company39729.63
Chemical Transfer Co., Inc.110.00
Chemical Waste Management / Coalinga2828313.63
Chemical Waste Management, Inc4515351,307.73
Chemicals And Pigments Company / Pittsburg28281,715.36
Chemoil Refining Corp.72426,302.77
Chemoil Terminals Corporation 412431,332.19
Chemoil Terminals Corporation 481496.25
Chemrite Corporation9931.17
Chemron Corporation11197,038.78
Chemteo Pacific Services Inc28281,715.36
Cherokee Auto Body22376.20
Cherokee Chemicals Inc. Dba Cci1210.00
Cherokee International Inc 675,000.00
Cherokee Road Site, Oregon Gulch2828380.42
Cherry City Cleaners221,241.81
Cherry Valley Dump2828198.56
Chester Alexanian Cull Fruit Ds28281,650.36
Chester Cleaners111,174.50
Chestnut Avenue Landfill282810,319.12
Chestnut Cleaners22741.60
Chestnut Street Cleaners222,170.40
Chevron # 917171114.79
Chevron # 958671114.46
Chevron # 98425118.97
Chevron #2 Burn Dump282836,458.37
Chevron #20203755406.25
Chevron #9-041555325.50
Chevron #9-252155374.92
Chevron #9-256155376.40
Chevron #9-292055361.31
Chevron #9-299155407.16
Chevron #9-351355292.36
Chevron #9-426755229.92
Chevron #9-527355361.90
Chevron #9-529855637.07
Chevron #9-570755325.21
Chevron #9-723655530.25
Chevron #9-725655409.52
Chevron #9-738255164.82
Chevron #9-769255480.85
Chevron #9-971255302.12
Chevron #90750 (Benser#2)112.89
Chevron #91156 (Bewley'S)116.95
Chevron #95266127,972.00
Chevron #98013 (Dorsey)116.18
Chevron (Hwy 41)115.64
Chevron (San Miguel)113.58
Chevron (Templeton)114.92
Chevron - Coalinga/Kettleman24199910,159.32
Chevron - Middle Station109367.09
Chevron / 888,831.86
Chevron / 11th Avenue884,822.02
Chevron / Balboa Avenue884,630.80
Chevron / Baltimore Dr La Mesa885,092.83
Chevron / Bonita Rd Chula Vist887,600.21
Chevron / Camino Del Rio N885,078.29
Chevron / Camino Santa Fe887,981.93
Chevron / Cardiff886,449.41
Chevron / Carlsbad Village Dr883,974.98
Chevron / Carmel Mountain Rd8810,968.85
Chevron / Clairemont Mesa Blvd884,113.20
Chevron / Coronado Ave888,521.40
Chevron / Del Cerro Blvd886,042.41
Chevron / Dennery Rd888,443.24
Chevron / E Via Rancho Pkwy888,115.03
Chevron / East Valley Pkwy885,141.49
Chevron / El Camino Real Carls887,449.35
Chevron / Euclid Ave884,511.08
Chevron / Fallbrook882,267.75
Chevron / Friars Rd885,590.06
Chevron / Garnet Avenue886,319.02
Chevron / Governor Dr882,636.31
Chevron / H Street Chula Vista886,851.40
Chevron / India Street885,074.20
Chevron / Ingraham Street884,229.66
Chevron / La Jolla886,800.78
Chevron / Lake Murray Blvd883,259.99
Chevron / Lakeside885,351.46
Chevron / Lemon Grove884,383.76
Chevron / Leucadia886,778.40
Chevron / Magnolia Av N886,315.14
Chevron / Melrose Dr Vista886,165.90
Chevron / Midway Dr889,603.80
Chevron / Mission Village Dr882,488.89
Chevron / Mollison Ave El Cajo885,912.09
Chevron / N Broadway8810,889.07
Chevron / N Coast Highway889,209.34
Chevron / N Escondido Blvd884,255.98
Chevron / N Harbor Drive883,147.55
Chevron / Oceanside8815,963.61
Chevron / Otay Lakes Rd Chula 884,755.63
Chevron / Park Blvd885,533.62
Chevron / Plaza Ct Chula Vista888,730.82
Chevron / Poway883,337.66
Chevron / Ramona884,161.14
Chevron / Rancho Santa Fe Rd889,871.68
Chevron / Roll Drive San Ysidr887,921.01
Chevron / S Hotel Circle888,696.85
Chevron / San Marcos888,743.82
Chevron / San Ysidro Blvd889,871.68
Chevron / Scripps Poway Pkwy886,983.21
Chevron / Sorrento Plaza887,861.15
Chevron / Spring Valley887,302.02
Chevron / Sycamore Rd San Ysid8811,925.73
Chevron / Tamarack Ave Carlsba888,765.62
Chevron / University Ave La Me885,216.68
Chevron / University Avenue883,906.85
Chevron / Vista Way Vista886,572.96
Chevron / Vista Wy888,226.40
Chevron / W Washington St884,476.80
Chevron Bitterwater Pump Sta27168720.44
Chevron Bulk Terminal41225,231.41
Chevron By The Sea111.52
Chevron C/O Cambria Environmen11335.33
Chevron Chemical Company7193,068.02
Chevron Chemical Company115,750.00
Chevron Inc7281,011.11
Chevron La Mesa Car Wash883,353.86
Chevron Lf 15 / Pollard Pond28287,906.20
Chevron Olive / Vista883,024.02
Chevron Pipe Line Co, Cal Div2287.00
Chevron Pipe Line Co, Cal Div24166.28
Chevron Pipe Line Co, Cal Div314616.06
Chevron Pipe Line Company3121,860.66
Chevron Pipe Line Company31211.97
Chevron Pipe Line Company3291,233.18
Chevron Pipe Line Company315251.52
Chevron Pipe Line Company3121,106.31
Chevron Pipeline Co -Tank Farm124,580.00
Chevron Prods. Co. San Francisco Terminal51013,201.00
Chevron Products Co 91819,549.82
Chevron Products Co7258,489.47
Chevron Products Co416903.05
Chevron Products Company75479,363.77
Chevron Products Company1113.07
Chevron Products Company119.10
Chevron Products Company118.84
Chevron Products Company1113.30
Chevron Products Company1110.56
Chevron Products Company1112.01
Chevron Products Company118.62
Chevron Products Company1123.70
Chevron Products Company117.81
Chevron Products Company1115.76
Chevron Products Company416493.65
Chevron Products Company1120.42
Chevron Products Company 121,486.50
Chevron Products Company35167913,629,225.44
Chevron Products Company 113.64
Chevron Products Company52394,850.02
Chevron Products Company1114.63
Chevron Products Company1114.63
Chevron Products Company1118.96
Chevron Products Company1119.76
Chevron Products Company1110.70
Chevron Products Company416319.03
Chevron Products Company C/O C110.77
Chevron Products Company C/O S11908.18
Chevron Research And Technolog2016413,420.30
Chevron Rio Bravo Station27243487.86
Chevron Service Station4162.21
Chevron Station #90150118.56
Chevron Station #93181114.15
Chevron Station #981691110.55
Chevron Station #99098113.15
Chevron Station & Mini Mart111,500.00
Chevron U S A Inc6300.00
Chevron U S A Inc6145346,413.08
Chevron U S A Inc61247,939.56
Chevron U S A Inc3030509,577.83
Chevron U.S.A.25213249,418.62
Chevron U.S.A. - Cat Canyon85752,513.28
Chevron U.S.A. Inc111071,370.73
Chevron U.S.A. Inc (Eis Use) 1420116,010.46
Chevron U.S.A. Inc (Eis Use) 19259.12
Chevron U.S.A. Inc Unit No.013140586.09
Chevron U.S.A. Inc Unit No.0212448,411.98
Chevron U.S.A. Inc.33231612,148,763.28
Chevron U.S.A. Inc.660.20
Chevron U.S.A. Inc. #96953416690.29
Chevron U.S.A. Production Co.1242835.11
Chevron U.S.A. Production Co.3210222,711.49
Chevron Usa416382.15
Chevron Usa416401.08
Chevron Usa416257.28
Chevron Usa416322.87
Chevron Usa84279,662.95
Chevron Usa116.50
Chevron Usa1118.41
Chevron Usa5151,427.19
Chevron Usa1122.00
Chevron Usa1111.09
Chevron Usa1113.48
Chevron Usa Inc416959.51
Chevron Usa Inc6389967,328.30
Chevron Usa #98109416490.96
Chevron Usa - Greeley Gas Plt4756.80
Chevron Usa / "Old" Site2828285.51
Chevron Usa / Richmond Burn Dump282863,237.99
Chevron Usa / Robey28283,514.27
Chevron Usa Coalinga Area Fuel Terminal28281,650.36
Chevron Usa El Segundo Refinery282863,237.99
Chevron Usa Inc30195140,621.57
Chevron Usa Inc416396.82
Chevron Usa Inc416508.56
Chevron Usa Inc416563.81
Chevron Usa Inc416413.46
Chevron Usa Inc23755494,543.25
Chevron Usa Inc48973858,986.04
Chevron Usa Inc 348.45
Chevron Usa Inc11500.00
Chevron Usa Inc11820.00
Chevron Usa Inc110.00
Chevron Usa Inc120.00
Chevron Usa Inc1416,700.00
Chevron Usa Inc66481,898,569.47
Chevron Usa Inc11560.00
Chevron Usa Inc120.00
Chevron Usa Inc113,740.00
Chevron Usa Inc6181,644.04
Chevron Usa Inc4160.00
Chevron Usa Inc141,040.16
Chevron Usa Inc66161,794,918.83
Chevron Usa Inc Ss #2020416297.65
Chevron Usa Inc Lost Hills Gp1811931,782.54
Chevron Usa Inc.881,289.00
Chevron Usa Inc.311026674,434.47
Chevron Usa Inc.778,316.00
Chevron Usa Inc.88147,174.00
Chevron Usa Inc.416539.49
Chevron Usa Inc. #203576416512.49
Chevron Usa Inc. - Harbor Dr E82939,910.27
Chevron Usa Inc., #92133416803.85
Chevron Usa Landfarm2828285.51
Chevron Usa Production Company15249269,257.10
Chevron Usa Production Company28602,033.62
Chevron Usa Production Inc63038,053.64
Chevron Usa Products Company416765.64
Chevron Usa Products Company416410.38
Chevron Usa Products Company416419.96
Chevron Usa Products Company416454.82
Chevron Usa Products Company416354.54
Chevron Usa Products Company416407.75
Chevron Usa Products Company416525.07
Chevron Usa Products Company416563.86
Chevron Usa Products Company416437.23
Chevron Usa Products Company416352.51
Chevron Usa Products Company416561.16
Chevron Usa Products Company416542.50
Chevron Usa Products Company416634.85
Chevron Usa Products Company416214.61
Chevron Usa Products Company416500.49
Chevron Usa, Inc123343,498.31
Chevron Usa, Inc.111021,177.67
Chevron Usa, Inc. #92316416613.87
Chevron Warren Gp197010,626.78
Chevron West Coyote Hills Site 10028287,906.20
Chevron, Century510834.86
Chevron, Coffee & Floyd5151,032.09
Chevron, Dimis515979.14
Chevron, Hallmark5171,433.06
Chevron, Kansas Ave5151,571.57
Chevron, Mchenry Ave515817.42
Chevron, Merced Mall5152,645.61
Chevron, Nunes'55162.83
Chevron, Oakland Airport-North6235,682.44
Chevron, Paul Hughes Station5151,824.47
Chevron, Professional5151,583.74
Chevron, Windecker Inc. Card L510562.50
Chevron-Market Street Car Wash55568.13
Chevrontexaco Business And Rea81688,861.45
Chhina'S Market & Gas Station55289.99
Chicago Grade Landfill6138,241.31
Chick Packaging Of Northern Ca335,747.97
Chico Burn Dump282815,117.89
Chico Cemetery Association383867.26
Chico Cleaners117.00
Chico Collision Center4445.31
Chico Fire Station #46634.22
Chico Fire Station #566110.79
Chico Fire Training Ctr66204.47
Chico Granite And Marbleworks220.01
Chico Memorial Mausoleum6673.38
Chico Metal Finishing7734.62
Chico Muni Services2274.39
Chico Municipal Airport66131.47
Chico Municipal Airport Disposal Site28282,051.99
Chico Municipal Services, City6616.32
Chico Nut Company240.11
Chico Scrap Metal2211.07
Chilcoot Lf28281,069.83
Children'S Hospital Oakland Re66406.19
Children'S Hospital Of Los Ang104338,867.38
Childrens Hospital And Health 1415153,521.04
Childrens Hospital Of Orange C6206,769.73
Childrens Hospital, Oakland10147,002.41
Chilton Autobody244,617.55
China Grade Burn Dump2828318.39
China Grade Sanitary Landfill282823,360.29
China Lake Nwc Ds Unnamed Geothrmal Well2828324.45
China Lake Nwc Golf Course Landfill (25)282863,237.99
Chinese Camp County Dump28281,069.83
Chinese Hospital662,963.59
Chino Basin Municipal Water Di66570.90
Chip Express Corporation33355.66
Chiquita Canyon Slf282862,851.36
Chiron Corporation97928,928.17
Chiron Corporation6182,644.07
Chocolate Mountains Regional Landfill2828380.42
Choice Lithographics Inc 1811,280.00
Chooljian Bros Packing Co5947,291.27
Chowchilla City West282815,117.89
Chowchilla Dump Site East28282,051.99
Chowchilla Illegal Dump Site282815,117.89
Chowchilla Shell (Tesei Petro)416228.25
Choy'S Auto Body And Repair233,007.03
Chris Lin & Company114,845.60
Chrisman Dryer62016,443.80
Christopher'S Body Works2217.18
Christy Concrete Prods. Inc.113,100.00
Christy Concrete Products/Div681,430.48
Chroma Systems Partners 62425,257.08
Chromal Plating Co.111.00
Chromalloy Los Angeles 6258,419.27
Chromalloy San Diego132064.12
Chromatic Inc Lithographers 6160.00
Chrome Craft26663.76
Chrysler Pacifica88467.98
Chualar River Road Disposal Site28284,814.82
Chuck Patterson Auto4497.66
Chuck Wolf Sand And Gravel6205,104.06
Chucks Place-Fastrip 9041140.00
Chula Vista Auto Body88599.35
Church / Wilmington 1822828285.51
Church Borchard Murphy Gin220.00
Church Demolition Site28286,569.06
Church Of Golden Rule Disposal Area28286,569.06
Church Street Landfill28281,715.36
Churchill Energy Inc670.00
Chuys Auto Boy88628.08
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp 103911,125.74
Cierra Photonics Inc672,185.29
Cigarettes Cheaper292,460.24
Cigna Health Care44650.30
Cigna Healthplans Of Californi6233,020.00
Cima Road Store Residence / U.S. Po Ill. D28281,715.36
Cima Road Towing Disposal Site28287,906.20
Cimarron Oil Llc661,877.72
Cimco, Cal Injection Molding C11740.00
Cingular Wireless110.00
Cintas 330.66
Circa Corporation 22383.04
Circle 7 Days Food Mart52059.53
Circle A Food Stores114.33
Circle Aw Products Co102710,232.02
Circle Bar Ranch Illegal Dump Site28283,514.27
Circle K55408.14
Circle K55449.99
Circle K55465.50
Circle K55616.57
Circle K # 873441683.13
Circle K #01232113.50
Circle K #104555203.29
Circle K #117841663.24
Circle K #1197111.44
Circle K #120541681.14
Circle K #1787881,730.00
Circle K #1984881,903.92
Circle K #2964881,598.17
Circle K #2970881,479.36
Circle K #2971882,790.42
Circle K #2987882,948.15
Circle K #361441693.94
Circle K #5017416107.52
Circle K #5095882,627.41
Circle K #5213888,050.43
Circle K #523655161.57
Circle K #523855205.66
Circle K #5246883,096.08
Circle K #5250886,630.82
Circle K #5448-Circle K Stores416203.64
Circle K #5703885,272.71
Circle K #5708884,524.80
Circle K #5717885,217.53
Circle K #7953884,000.44
Circle K #8545882,642.86
Circle K #8581883,461.80
Circle K #860541686.54
Circle K #860641667.30
Circle K #8671416204.66
Circle K #8675884,792.70
Circle K #8688882,279.70
Circle K #875541698.11
Circle K #882541661.23
Circle K #884355396.37
Circle K Corp #2955882,859.86
Circle K Corp #2981883,847.06
Circle K Corporation #867155880.67
Circle K Food Stores115.34
Circle K Store #194055390.39
Circle K Stores Inc #5445416273.78
Circle K Stores Inc #5446416269.57
Circle K Stores Inc #5447416257.13
Circle K Stores Inc #5449416144.69
Circle K Stores Inc #2705675113.63
Circle K Stores Site #0569655480.23
Circle K Stores, Inc 113.87
Circle K Stores, Inc.1117.56
Circle K Stores, Inc.114.41
Circle K Stores, Inc.116.85
Circle Of Life, Marguerite C J660.00
Circle Paint Co1166.45
Circle Printing Co., Inc. 143,000.00
Circle Z111.16
Circuit Link Inc 222,382.74
Circuit Systems Company Inc55253.16
Cirexx Corporation4106,316.33
Cirpro Technology, Inc25533.03
Cisco Systems Inc11120.00
Cisco Systems, Site 4 Campus,66217.34
Cisneros Fiberglass Co117,920.00
Citation Precision112411,833.94
Citation Precision22500.00
Citation Press1711,904.00
Citizens Telecommunications55196.91
Citizens Telecommunications1120.00
City And County Of San Francis134414,747.36
City Body Repair4420.94
City Body Repairs24826.57
City Cabinetmakers248,642.43
City Chevrolet884,798.88
City Cleaners222,060.48
City Collision 13364.83
City Collision Center22126.03
City Disposal Company2828285.51
City Disposal Dba Harbor Dump28287,906.20
City Dryclean 11573.36
City Dump & Salvage #1 & 3 Dump Site28281,715.36
City Dump & Salvage #2282863,237.99
City Dump & Salvage #42828285.51
City Dump And Salvage D.S.#2828285.51
City Dump Salvage #1 & 3 Dump Site282863,237.99
City Farm Dump28281,715.36
City Garage & Car Star 115.40
City Garage Collision Repair 34953.80
City Garage Frame Body Company46308.61
City Garbage Company Landfill282812,630.29
City Of Alameda, Maint Serv Ce10108.98
City Of Alhambra Landfill28281,715.36
City Of Alturas Wwtp2828324.45
City Of American Canyon 99329.64
City Of American Canyon661,057.72
City Of Antioch66215.97
City Of Benicia19321,911.28
City Of Benicia Public Works D238.25
City Of Berkeley Camp28281,069.83
City Of Berkeley, Dept Of Publ2214,804.16
City Of Berkeley/Engr Div/Publ61213.31
City Of Brentwood11601.69
City Of Burbank28129.17
City Of Burlingame, Waste Wate264756,224.87
City Of Calistoga1011838.07
City Of Cerritos - Water Divis4823,140.00
City Of Chico Police Dept6659.56
City Of Cloverdale Potw44203.88
City Of Clovis660.25
City Of Colfax Landfill2828277.88
City Of Corcoran Landfill2828248.32
City Of Corona - Utility Servi11116,027.62
City Of Corona - Utility Servi330.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi2220.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi488,720.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi333,800.00
City Of Corona - Utility Servi330.00
City Of Daly City66229.86
City Of Daly City66509.12
City Of Daly City35219.23
City Of Fairfield8826,483.86
City Of Fillmore / Ventura County282816,316.76
City Of Foster City/Estero Mun1313875.99
City Of Fresno Flt Mgt/Wwtp1116.20
City Of Fresno Landfill2828797.73
City Of Fresno, Public Works15718,192.51
City Of Galt Landfill28281,715.36
City Of Gilroy28281,715.36
City Of Grover Beach660.00
City Of Guadalupe Water Tank2828181.69
City Of Hanford,Wastewater Fac6241,119.98
City Of Hermosa Beach, Finance69796.89
City Of Hope Medical Center9952,990.00
City Of Huntington Beach2828285.51
City Of Huntington Beach Landfill28287,906.20
City Of La Harbor Department28287,906.20
City Of Laguna Beach Disposal Site28287,906.20
City Of Lemoore6612,098.90
City Of Lindsay Dump2828181.69
City Of Livermore Sewage Treat11123,372.99
City Of Lompoc - Maintenance Operations14881,205.90
City Of Lompoc - Wwt Plant249132,059.58
City Of Lompoc-Landfill2626641.71
City Of Los Angeles Bureau Of 620414,623.52
City Of Los Angeles-Bureau Of Sanitation6634,322.40
City Of Los Banos660.36
City Of Los Banos6618.10
City Of Los Banos6622.71
City Of Los Banos666.11
City Of Los Banos660.07
City Of Los Banos61814.39
City Of Los Banos660.36
City Of Los Banos Disposal Site282815,117.89
City Of Madera612604.07
City Of Madera66541.00
City Of Menlo Park163075,479.23
City Of Mill Valley66173.67
City Of Millbrae Wastewater Tr913729.54
City Of Modesto7301,142.27
City Of Mountain View (Shoreli1616192,165.00
City Of Oakland Museum/Safety113.50
City Of Oakland Public Works A34845.37
City Of Oakland Transfer Station2828285.51
City Of Pacifica 111.94
City Of Pacifica Calera Creek6133,280.31
City Of Palo Alto Landfill182676,946.87
City Of Palo Alto Utilities De62457,186.95
City Of Paris Cleaners11744.71
City Of Paso Robles11296.60
City Of Perris Illegal Dump Site2828285.51
City Of Petaluma551,366.98
City Of Petaluma472,649.97
City Of Pismo Beach342,319.33
City Of Redding Benton Landfill2828380.42
City Of Reedley6672.18
City Of Richmond810398.13
City Of Richmond Water Polluti20213,839.33
City Of Ripon Dump28289,904.76
City Of San Anselmo Corp Yard282814,242.21
City Of San Jose (Singleton Ro161615,101.54
City Of San Jose Fire Training440.84
City Of San Juan Bautista2828198.56
City Of San Luis Obispo22461.89
City Of San Pablo Police Dept66251.62
City Of Sanger Disposal Site2828313.63
City Of Santa Barbara - El Estero Wwtp279013,433.00
City Of Santa Clara161683,132.09
City Of Santa Clara16367,114.35
City Of Santa Clara, Silicon V817247,626.15
City Of Santa Cruz - Wastewater Trmt Plt638161,603.48
City Of Santa Maria Landfill131312,708.86
City Of Santa Maria Wastewater Plant1344206.00
City Of Santa Monica Landfill #228287,906.20
City Of Santa Rosa Wastewater1462225,676.05
City Of Santa Rosa Wastewater1010254.36
City Of Signal Hill Landfill282863,237.99
City Of Simi Valley Public Ser6367,714.90
City Of Sonoma282831,413.10
City Of St Helena99249.50
City Of Stockton6661.86
City Of Stockton612135.78
City Of Stockton61262.12
City Of Stockton61252.42
City Of Stockton Mun. Utility624967.90
City Of Stockton Municipal Uti66271.36
City Of Stockton, California6615.38
City Of Stockton, California6631.98
City Of Sunnyvale Solid Waste161738,083.62
City Of Sunnyvale Water Pollut144021,955.68
City Of Sunnyvale/Public Works221,869.79
City Of Ten Thousand Buddhas28286,569.06
City Of Tracy Lf28289,904.76
City Of Tulare14713,518.12
City Of Tulare661,137.72
City Of Turlock Water Control6203,325.93
City Of Ukiah Solid Waste Disposal Site28283,793.16
City Of Upland, Upland Landfil8117.57
City Of Vallejo243,744.00
City Of Watsonville Wastewater62448,506.82
City Of Willits Disposal Site Landfill2828251.49
City Of Winters Lf (Old)28282,051.99
City Of Yuba City6157,109.64
City Office Furniture Inc 6126,251.46
City Overhead Doors11313.63
Civic Center Auto Body88718.40
Cl Bryant Inc.530668.68
Clairemont Equipment Rental882,073.08
Clairemont H.S. Burnsite28287,906.20
Clairmont Town Square Cleaners22528.53
Claremont Colleges2828285.51
Claremont Colleges 64250,976.88
Clarence Ochs Oil8161,907.94
Clark Avenue Landfill2828181.69
Clark Avenue Source24795466,270.71
Clark Engineering Const61019,671.44
Clark Foam Prod. Gordon Clark 243,435.64
Clark Lithograph Inc. 6121,680.00
Clark Pacific2102,431.54
Clark Pacific 723127,341.33
Clark Road Burn Dump2828248.32
Clark'S Printing Company Inc.241,872.59
Clark'S Sandblasting6831,411.90
Clarklift Of San Diego88155.99
Class Auto Center, Incorporate6105,831.14
Class Iii Disposal Site28287,906.20
Classic Auto392,471.83
Classic Auto Body4412.53
Classic Auto Body & Painting241,721.60
Classic Auto Body & Towing3333.47
Classic Autobody461,049.89
Classic Bath Designs Inc 6128,300.00
Classic Cabinet101225,101.63
Classic Car Wash C/O Atc Assoc110.51
Classic Cleaners111,328.00
Classic Cleaners11566.61
Classic Cleaners111,009.50
Classic Cleaners111,091.00
Classic Cleaners111,134.00
Classic Cleaners221,077.75
Classic Cleaners & Laundry226,999.75
Classic Cleaning Of Walnut Cre22713.94
Classic Coach Werks111,639.79
Classic Custom Finishing Inc82412,911.04
Classic Furnishings 175,003.12
Classic Graphics2512,212.36
Classic Marble339,511.94
Classic Mill & Cabinet3116,331.29
Classic Touch Fashion Cleaners221,240.37
Classico San Francisco Inc 1251.41
Clayland Brothers Auto Body1246.98
Clayton Manufacturing Company 6312,300.00
Clceo Corp 11249.31
Clean & Press For You 11661.05
Clean Care11546.00
Clean Cleaners Of Moraga221,618.51
Clean Cleaners Of Orinda12866.26
Clean Cleaners Of Orinda,Inc 11715.01
Clean Harbors Buttonwillow. L.L.C.99284.76
Clean Harbors San Jose L.L.C.247.10
Clean Harbors San Jose, Llc35955.87
Clean Living Cleaners11445.20
Clean Look222,589.48
Clean Look Cleaners121,697.60
Clean N' Save223,123.97
Clean Sciences Llc14528.00
Clean Shop Cleaners 11930.86
Clean Steel Inc 3700.00
Clean Touch222,513.70
Clean Wash Center221,515.96
Clean Xpress111,080.00
Cleaner Cleaners, The22686.96
Cleaners 2000221,691.93
Cleaners Express11243.00
Cleaners Hanger Company 48386.43
Cleaners Plus112,140.14
Cleaning & Alteration Shop 11809.45
Cleaning & Alteration Shop221,577.42
Cleaning & Alteration Shop11565.87
Cleaning By Albert11445.20
Cleaning By Eddie22559.66
Cleaning Circus112,692.00
Cleantime Cleaners11523.80
Clear Creek Burn Dump2828198.56
Clear Creek Disposal Site2828248.32
Clear Oak Designs141,968.15
Clearlake Lava - Lower Plant102862,303.76
Clearlake Lava - Upper Plant102853,096.79
Clearlake Oaks Dump Site2828198.56
Clearlake Park28281,069.83
Clearlake Redi-Mix - Finley11132,204.03
Clearlake Redi-Mix/Lakeport11133,688.18
Clearwater Group11120.16
Cleator Corporation192229,089.71
Cleland Dump28287,906.20
Clemes & Clemes Inc146,269.21
Cleofe Elefante113.81
Cleveland Shaft / Mgm / O'Connor2828198.56
Clickner & Prater Industries, 2101,340.98
Cliff'S Auto Body & Paint991.97
Clift Hotel22545.69
Clinton Dump2828198.56
Clipper Creek2828277.88
Clipper Mills Disposal Site2828198.56
Clo Wastewater Treatment Fac.44165.20
Clorox Products Manufacturing36752.00
Clorox Services Company3134,820.92
Clougherty Packing Co, Farmer 61244,840.00
Clover Flat Landfill Inc2025132,317.35
Clover Stornetta Farms Inc.115.00
Clovis Community Hospital661,356.58
Clovis Landfill28284,578.31
Clow Valve Co 123624,353.11
Cm Farr Metal Construction Inc11104.00
Cmc Printed Bag Inc 6929,860.00
Cmp One Limited Partnership6211,862.08
Co Of Santa Cruz - Gen Service18283,800.93
Co Of Santa Cruz - Landfill33117,164.27
Coach & Colors 6860.00
Coach Kraft Body Shop1138.96
Coach Specialties Inc11222.64
Coach Specialties, Inc 11305.87
Coach Works445.71
Coachella City2828362.52
Coachella Valley Disposal Site Landfill282817,791.46
Coachella Valley Water Dist104210,184.28
Coachella Valley Water Dist.(W1120.00
Coachmaster Auto Body12577.86
Coalinga Cogeneration Co262692,281.72
Coalinga Disposal Site Landfill28281,905.64
Coalinga Farmers Co-Op Gin330.00
Coaltar Landfill28283,514.27
Coarsegold Dump282815,117.89
Coast Auto Body11117.00
Coast Auto Body357,980.43
Coast Cleaners11680.00
Coast Coil Co333,586.34
Coast Converters Inc 71215,806.96
Coast Counties Truck & Equipme382,221.63
Coast Enameling Co338,539.00
Coast Fndy.123.00
Coast Grain Company72714.11
Coast Grain Company 62327,149.44
Coast Index Co. Inc.13767.13
Coast Industrial Supply Co Inc114,995.00
Coast Metal Craft Corp3310,022.00
Coast Mfg.111.00
Coast Oil Company103238,802.05
Coast Paper Box, Company 6111,740.00
Coast Plating Inc 660.00
Coast Plating Inc 6169,700.00
Coast To Coast Metal Finishing683,640.00
Coast Wood Preserving2210.00
Coastal Circuits Inc.115.00
Coastal Multichrome Co Inc350.38
Coastal Oil & Gas Corp.3113,194.31
Coastal Valley Plating Co. Inc1323312.19
Coastal Wood Products Inc 111,620.00
Coastcast Corp 8269,619.41
Coastcast Inc162912,346.68
Coastcraft Rubber Co1315777.80
Coastline Metal Finishing Corp6118,617.64
Coastline Metal Finishing Corp6211,493.67
Coatek, Inc5515,841.62
Coatings Resource Corp 81141,905.00
Cobb Mountain Dump Site2828324.45
Coca-Cola Bottling Co, Adeco D6368,477.60
Coca-Cola Bottling Company117,041.89
Coca-Cola Company81530.99
Cochran & Celli Chevrolet141,230.29
Coelho'S Body Repair & Sales25577.10
Coen Company, Inc17375,775.22
Coen Company, Incorporated331,611.76
Cofab Corporation341,577.17
Coffee 1 Hr Martinizing11316.60
Coffee And Floyd Chevron416175.88
Coffee House Supply44200.55
Coffee Market220.49
Cogen Dump28281,715.36
Coherent Inc121,125.25
Coherent Inc.156415,272.03
Coherent Inc.122.06
Coit Drapery & Carpet Cleaners6615,286.30
Coit Drapery & Carpet Cleaners674,170.47
Coit Drapery Capet & Upholster111,109.00
Coit Ranch4428,045.89
Coit Services22900.45
Coit Services Of North Bay Inc11254.29
Colby Poster Printing Co 684,640.00
Cold Canyon Landfill, Inc61021,662.47
Cole Cleaners22886.78
Coliseum Body Shop13435.20
College Heights Burn Dump2828318.39
College Of Alameda4697.16
Collegeville Market & Cafe41675.77
Collimated Holes Inc 11217.65
Collins Eddy282815,117.89
Collins Pine Co20481,095,178.04
Collins Pines Lf28286,569.06
Collision & Refinishing Specia133,152.93
Collision 2000 Center88611.66
Collision Care / Carcoa882,586.22
Collision Craft Auto Body2281.37
Collision Repair & Sales22780.55
Collision Repair Specialists121,767.09
Collision Service Center Of Oa141,870.69
Collision Specialist11102.02
Collisions Plus882,188.03
Colliss Ranch28283,514.27
Colliss Ranch Site Illegal Dump28283,514.27
Collotype Labels International11968.26
Colma Auto Body Shop Inc1114.99
Colmac Energy Inc 66526,720.00
Cologne Auto Body23931.59
Coloma / Lotus #12828248.32
Coloma / Lotus #22828248.32
Colombara'S Cabinet & Millwork33423.30
Colomex Frame & Body Shop3488.81
Colonia Motors372,024.42
Colonial Cleaners112,092.00
Colonial Dodge882,292.34
Colony Cleaners / Carmel Mtn R22800.55
Colony Cleaners / Regents Rd22592.65
Color America Textile Processi6305,435.20
Color Coat Enameling & Applian8245,383.84
Color Copy Printing22520,728.36
Color King Auto Paint 156,260.00
Color Master Printex, Inc 61911,031.95
Color Tech2231.47
Color West Graphics, Inc. 153,480.00
Color West Lithography Inc Uni82543,116.74
Color Wheels 138,456.42
Color-Box, Llc61415,425.63
Color-Tec Industrial Finishing123917,326.58
Colorcoat Powder Coating44220.62
Colorgraphics Inc102168,536.58
Colormax Industries Inc. 6139,418.49
Colornet Press 6217,172.34
Colosseum Gold Mine28281,715.36
Colton Metalex Co 61417,606.07
Colton Refuse Disposal Site Landfill282813,195.08
Columbia Analytical Services33959.12
Columbia County Dump2828198.56
Columbia Dump (Old Burn)28281,069.83
Columbia Lithograph, Inc. 1410,020.00
Columbia Showcase & Cabinet Co81470,244.80
Columbia West Hills Medical Ce7149,087.44
Columbus Auto Body221,745.68
Colusa County Canning Co.74492,255.03
Colusa Rice Coop Eastside153240,508.08
Colusa Rice Coop Tuttle163412,229.84
Colusa Rice Cooperative Niagar163438,418.35
Comet Cleaners222,394.00
Commander Naumann Drill Site618585.67
Commerce Printing Service143,398.81
Commerce Refuse To Energy Faci5392409,360.53
Commercial Auto Body330.00
Commercial Auto Body Shop99251.35
Commercial Bldg Componets, Inc51038,208.68
Commercial Casework, Inc123,874.08
Commercial Custom Seating & Up111,160.00
Commercial Enameling Co 62411,312.87
Commercial Filter Recycling, I11351.69
Commercial Fueling Systems C/O110.70
Commercial Inspection Service110.99
Commercial Pattern, Inc2328,689.89
Commercial Press Inc4688,454.38
Commercial Sandblast Co115,672.67
Commerical Clear Print, Inc. 6193,800.00
Commerical Wood Products Co.1115,865.92
Common'S Auto Parts Inc110.00
Commonwealth Aluminum - Torrance Coil Coating11217.70
Commonwealth Aluminum Concast 972139,365.03
Communications & Power Industr15338,310.94
Communications & Power Industr114219,301.47
Community Alzheimers Living Ct6660.07
Community Hospital 241.97
Community Hospital Los Gatos-S9311,510.99
Community Hospital Of Los Gato6241,447.68
Community Memorial Hospital301165,966.85
Community Recycling & Resource61413,202.46
Competition Camper Shells 134,380.00
Complete Auto Body36665.32
Complete Auto Center Co 13504.37
Complete Collision Center, Llc12585.34
Complete Dry Cleaners 11354.81
Complete R V Service & Repair347.34
Compliant Spray Painting, Faci6102,401.92
Compliant Spray Painting, Inc.6243,620.00
Component Research Co Inc 7112,874.61
Composite Optics Inc16194,328.25
Composite Structures Llc125910,949.62
Composites Horizons Inc 10184,609.21
Compte'S Inc. 6186,700.00
Compton Enterprises6892.71
Compton Solid Waste Disposal Site2828285.51
Computer & Electronic Finishin7101,198.51
Computer Cabinet Corporation 411112.57
Computer Finishing Inc. 7167,840.66
Computer Image Systems, Inc 267,008.67
Computer Science Corporation3059455.28
Con Crush Inc15235,155.86
Conagra Foods8204,013.84
Conagra Foods24113158,537.50
Conagra Foods, Gilroy Foods810733,909.94
Conagra Turkey Company6144.94
Conagra, Inc31110,008.90
Concord Auto Body & Frame 11196.86
Concord Graphic Arts151,875.07
Concord Iron Works, Inc568,008.34
Concordia Resources Inc.181,353.70
Concordia Resources, Inc.6624,052.32
Concordia Resources, Inc.6610,045.16
Concordia Resources, Inc.6616,048.82
Concours Auto Restoration2215.21
Concours Elite3342.00
Concow Burn Dump2828380.42
Concrete Readymix, Inc21258,651.46
Conde'S Auto Body & Paint6630.00
Condi,A Div.Of American Seatin7713,047.04
Condor Pacific Ind Inc233,942.48
Condor Pacific Ind Inc 1101,900.00
Condor Truck Service55141.15
Cone Chevrolet Co Inc 6128,329.38
Conejo Graphics351,214.57
Conejo Mtn. Memorial Park4851187.45
Conejo Valley Shell55299.76
Conex Cable Inc136,296.00
Conexant Systems Inc 1511952,307.55
Confluence Fmc, Inc- Harden Industries112913,516.83
Connell Auto Center12264.00
Connell Processing Inc 6274,320.00
Conners Body Shop23513.46
Connoisseur Coffee Co244.13
Connolly-Pacific Co 6207,439.48
Connor Formed Metal Products 6204,664.72
Connor'S Ranch282815,117.89
Conoco Inc11428.00
Conoco Inc., Rio Viejo Lease1411611.52
Conoco Phillips119.90
Conoco Phillips #252411 113.28
Conoco Phillips #254232113.18
Conoco Phillips #254717115.28
Conoco Phillips #255679115.73
Conoco Phillips #255798113.84
Conoco Phillips #256053110.73
Conoco Phillips #256293114.41
Conoco Phillips Company115.34
Conoco Phillips Company115.34
Conoco Phillips Santa Maria Fa232018,453,653.95
Conocophillips - San Francisco299358,594,134.54
Conocophillips Co. La Refy. Wilmington Plant20321,067,905.70
Conocophillips Company111.62
Conocophillips Company116.36
Conocophillips Company113.86
Conocophillips Company118.62
Conocophillips Company117.05
Conocophillips Company116.11
Conocophillips Company113.24
Conocophillips Company119.82
Conocophillips Company116.93
Conocophillips Company118.05
Conocophillips Company115.27
Conocophillips Company119.03
Conocophillips Company1116.20
Conocophillips Company114.50
Conocophillips Company117.42
Conocophillips Company119.98
Conocophillips Company113.42
Conocophillips Company114.01
Conocophillips Company1126.77
Conocophillips Company114.18
Conocophillips Company - 25086141696.18
Conocophillips Company - 254318416132.02
Conocophillips Company - 254907416168.06
Conocophillips Company - 255389416274.51
Conocophillips Company - 255417416173.20
Conocophillips Company - 255663416220.97
Conocophillips Company - 255886416470.90
Conocophillips Company - 255938416105.66
Conocophillips Company - 256000416128.65
Conocophillips Company - 256004416122.33
Conocophillips Company - 25609441639.85
Conocophillips Company - 256361416212.59
Conocophillips Company - 256837416352.66
Conocophillips Company - 257264416284.77
Conocophillips Company - 257424416255.24
Conocophillips Company - 257580416259.80
Conocophillips Company - 2611158416207.69
Conocophillips Company - 2611164416109.96
Conocophillips Company - 2611194416325.01
Conocophillips Company - 2611195416166.87
Conocophillips Company - 2705738416269.60
Conocophillips Santa Maria Facility17298,019.36
Conocophillips Santa Maria Facility Carbon Plant5710,964.65
Conocophillips Ventura Station2883170,699.04
Conopco Dba Unilever Best Food66073,065.17
Conopco Dba Unilever Best Food642102,270.17
Conrock Co.-Redi Mix222,094.40
Consol Controls Corp Plt No. 4121,678.00
Consol Fabricators Corp 5740,409.00
Consol Lauco Sys371,171.37
Consolidated Devices Inc334.84
Consolidated Drum Reconditioning Co Inc91211,940.50
Consolidated Equipment Corp. 117,120.00
Consolidated Fabricators61044,223.59
Consolidated Fabricators Corp 5730,070.00
Consolidated Fabricators Corp 41498,329.33
Consolidated Fiberglass2016849,060.63
Consolidated Film Industries 1130370,052.37
Consolidated Foundries - Pomona115.00
Consolidated Foundries-Pomona1711769,620.41
Consolidated Printers, Inc7172,864.96
Consolidated Publications, Inc1934,974.00
Construction Fasteners Inc.22149.00
Construction Fasteners, Inc.331,230.17
Consumers Auto Body Repair 44200.62
Container Exchange Internation123,477.41
Container Management Service-L82140,626.71
Container Management Service-L103710,060.89
Container Recycling Alliance63414,745.75
Container Serv. Co, Ifco Industries, Dba915238,580.99
Container Storage489,776.84
Container Supply Co Inc 63115,840.00
Container-Care International I133659,772.27
Container-Care International,682,486.11
Containment Solutions Inc.41337,536.64
Contec Industries, Inc11540.00
Contech Construction Products11111,011.39
Contempo Design West, Inc41013,721.35
Continental Airlines Inc (Nsr 1713767,495.33
Continental Auto & Truck12116.21
Continental Baking Co Inc2103.01
Continental Body Shop 35284.26
Continental Cleaners222,263.95
Continental Cleaners 111,732.53
Continental Cleaners / 10th Av222,079.00
Continental Cleaners / San Mar221,759.05
Continental Cleaners/Duenda Rd22796.50
Continental Cleaners/Mission A221,954.80
Continental Coatings Inc 131629,133.70
Continental Colors Corp 669,476.56
Continental Forge Co 6813,000.00
Continental Grain Company9364.97
Continental Graphics Inc 6115,213.20
Continental Heat Treating Corp674,540.00
Continental Maritime3615927,527.47
Continental P.E.T. Technologie339629.43
Continental Rpv'S2258.61
Continental Tool Company Inc339.08
Continuous Coating Corp. 6132,768.63
Continuous Forms And Checks123,058.00
Contra Costa Auto Body & Paint121,163.18
Contra Costa Body Shop232,302.04
Contra Costa Cabinetry Inc2477.63
Contra Costa Co Office Of Ed/R4792.54
Contra Costa College2213.36
Contra Costa County15301,826.14
Contra Costa Newspapers1215,322.00
Contra Costa Newspapers Inc61029,104.19
Contra Costa Regional Medical13542,730.68
Contra Costa Sanitary Landfill14281,945.18
Contra Costa Sanitation Distr22567.47
Contra Costa Vinyl Service22263.27
Contra Costa Water Dist, Bollman Wtr Trt28287,906.20
Control Data Corporation111,843.00
Convenience Corner Iii41615.46
Convict / Whitmore Tubs Dump2828324.45
Conway - Brooking245219,946.73
Conway - Enos19897,399.16
Conway - Goodwin6480.00
Conway - Newhall Lease15701,256.87
Conway - Union Sugar24282333,309.09
Conway - Waite Bradley Lease16671,434.62
Conway Oil, Inc. - Hancock165562,675.83
Conway Oil, Inc. - Magenheimer24296202,790.06
Cook Composites & Polymers Co.135435,155.00
Cook Concrete Products22770.00
Cook Energy Inc.182,615.60
Cook Induction Heating Co 6131,421.26
Cook'S Auto Body342,564.75
Cook'S Collision373,723.55
Cooks Collision582,139.29
Cooks Collision121,757.94
Cooks Collision143,083.10
Cooks Collision Of Dublin121,350.53
Cooley Ranch Disposal Site282863,237.99
Cooper & Brain - Brea 12336,724.74
Cooper & Brain Inc 4108,038.70
Cooper Drum Company88985.68
Cooper Electronic Technologies1196.68
Cooperheat 6181,356.58
Coorstek, Inc111,004.80
Copper Harbor Company11927.82
Copper Mountain Mesa Illegal Lf28287,906.20
Copperopolis / Burn Site28286,569.06
Copperwood Cleaners11807.60
Copy Plus11264.00
Coral Chem Inc332,386.25
Coral Industries Inc441,341.00
Corbin Pacific, Inc.31186,830.91
Corby Auto Body24370.56
Corby'S Collision361,499.07
Corcoran Milling Company330.00
Cordeiro Vault Company343,758.13
Cordova Printed Circuits, Inc12526.41
Corlund Electronics120.33
Cormier Chevrolet Co 692,320.00
Corn Products International760171,614.08
Corner Store Co. (The)117.09
Corner Store Co. (The)112.19
Cornerstone Automotive, Inc.112.83
Cornerstone C&M Inc.612558.00
Cornerstone Evangelical Baptis220.13
Corning 76 Station520337.30
Corning Collision & Color11272.00
Corning Disposal Service11208.00
Corning Shell520304.98
Corona Auto Body 156,280.00
Corona City 33218.28
Corona City, Utilities Service362,480.00
Corona City, Utility Services 33780.00
Corona City, Utility Services 4160.00
Corona Disposal Site28283,312.48
Corona Dump28287,906.20
Corona Energy Partners, Ltd 122488,568.80
Corona Industrial Sand Project6190.00
Corona Muni612466,596.18
Corona Products 61915,292.45
Corona Truck Salvage2828285.51
Corona Venture Ltd Inc, Choice135,640.00
Corona, City Of (Wastewater Tr489,829.05
Coronado Cleaners22510.30
Coronado Island Marriott Resor2291.80
Coronado Island Ultramar / Mob883,730.44
Coronet Mfg Co Inc 94437,251.00
Corporate Identity Systems343,759.71
Corral Hollow Landfill28285,197.00
Corru-Kraft Iv12132.88
Corsair Marine Inc.123,020.00
Corsican Furniture, Inc 111716,850.01
Corsican Tables Co551,677.25
Cort Furniture Rental121,657.34
Corte Madera Cleaners 111,282.92
Cortland 1 Hr Cleaners22800.95
Corvette City34347.66
Corwin Ind Corp, Automotive In685,186.33
Cosby Oil / Apollo Oil882,210.80
Cosmed Of California114.00
Cosmed Of California1112458.03
Cosmetic Laboratories Of Ameri71019,000.81
Cosmodyne Corp 11227,614.59
Cosmopolitan Cleaners22743.85
Cosmotronics Corp.7122,919.47
Coso Operating Company, Llc1059457,836.77
Costa Brothers Dairy28281,069.83
Costa Incorporated 111,168.00
Costa Verde Car Wash889,702.57
Costco Gasoline Facility #4038822,668.58
Costco Gasoline Facility #4058814,737.83
Costco Station #4838813,412.58
Costco Wholesale883,560.54
Costco Wholesale8831,534.44
Costco Wholesale8833,134.28
Costco Wholesale343832,674.23
Costco Wholesale8818,993.77
Costco Wholesale416309.78
Costco Wholesale66334.12
Costco Wholesale #142416885.63
Costco Wholesale Corporation416269.85
Costco Wholesale Inc.55153.58
Costelli & Pardini Auto Body262,903.96
Costello Brothers Inc 612620.00
Costers Furniture Refinishing341,437.72
Cosworth Engineering Inc 6104,749.48
Cotati Corp Yard282831,413.10
Cotati Dump Site2828348.04
Cote Enterprise Inc,Western Sa6869,440.19
Cottonwood Creek Dump28282,051.99
Cottonwood Creek Sand & Gravel62627,461.48
Cottonwood Health Care3397.57
Couch & Philippi Inc353,949.41
Coughran Brothers61517,891.40
Coughran Brothers332,809.14
Coughran Brothers331,974.73
Coughran Brothers664,704.25
Coughran Brothers6624,409.85
Coughran Brothers6620,803.98
Coughran Brothers61233,157.76
Coughran Brothers669,749.68
Coughran Brothers668,551.02
Coughran Brothers6614,208.02
Coughran Mechanical Services699,647.69
Coughran Mechanical Services6658,851.69
Coughran Mechanical Services6613,636.62
Coughran Mechanical Services6617,294.74
Coughran Mechanical Services6622,729.47
Coughran Mechanical Services669,349.20
Coughran Mechanical Services,66843.03
Coulter Forge Company, Inc66211,818.46
Coulter Steel & Forge Company 1140.35
Coulterville Landfill2828324.45
Country Affaire, Inc 1619,040.00
Country Club Auto Body,P Sarde132,303.30
Country Club Cleaners 11809.45
Country Club Cleaners11569.70
Country Club Cleaners11162.00
Country Club Cleaners 111,133.22
Country Club Cleaners 11741.99
Country Club Cleaners111,138.00
Country Club Cleaners111,615.20
Country Club Cleaners234,196.77
Country Club Shell515720.13
Country Club Shell416105.91
Country Oaks Cleaners11969.12
Countryside Mini Mart & Deli416109.95
County Body Shop & Paint24716.65
County Dump28281,260.16
County Engineer L.O.V Landfill671,008.13
County Fair Grounds Disposal Site28283,514.27
County Fair Mall55476.91
County Line Chevron416407.81
County Line Cleaners 113,955.49
County Line Cleaners11518.36
County Line Gin5646,867.96
County Line Warehouse152716,420.39
County Of Alameda8242,505.11
County Of Alameda88723.29
County Of Alameda618877.12
County Of Alameda66470.98
County Of Alameda Public Works110.00
County Of Lake, Fmd5513.64
County Of Lake, Swm6616,305.71
County Of Orange, Iwmd6664,641.60
County Of Santa Barbara - Courthouse1530837.41
County Of Santa Barbara - Foxen Canyon131316,755.87
County Of Santa Barbara - Jail15421,566.37
County Of Santa Barbara-Tajiguas Landfil3678379,967.82
County Of Santa Barbara/Laguna Sant.Dst15271,909.01
County Of Santa Clara161613,591.38
County Of Santa Clara66378.99
County Of Solano Airport111,947.00
County Of Tulare Resource Mngm612137,326.87
County Road Yard / Santa Ynez Airport2828834.91
County Yard Site 1962;Moorpark 118 / 23282846,695.66
Court Galvanizing, Inc.668,225.95
Courteous Cleaners 11233.84
Courtesy Auto Service 111.24
Courtesy Chevrolet881.79
Courtesy Chevrolet Center881,055.01
Courtesy Cleaners243,060.86
Courtesy Motors4487.68
Courtside Cleaners22619.79
Covanta Stanislaus, Inc3570868,751.67
Cove Contractors2828324.45
Covel0 Ranger District Old Ranger Statio2828324.45
Covelo Dump @ Airport28281,069.83
Covelo Dump @ Refuse Lane2828198.56
Covelo Ranger District (Howard Lake Site28286,569.06
Covelo Ranger District Gully Dumps28281,069.83
Covelo Woodwaste Site #328281,069.83
Cover Street Stockpile28287,906.20
Covina City Landfill28287,906.20
Coyle Reproductions Inc 6714,200.00
Coyote / Hellyer Park Landfill2828285.51
Coyote Canyon282813,179.82
Coyote Canyon Sanitary Landfill2828718.69
Coyote Street Dump Site28286,569.06
Cp Kelco3277345,024.15
Cpn Pipeline Company116.16
Cps Printing5613,022.91
Cr & R Inc 672,400.00
Cr & R Inc 41051,071.46
Cr Briggs Corp.3519,014.50
Cr/Pl, L.L.C. 8111,782.01
Craft Auto Body33142.03
Craftsman Office Furniture 103030,224.30
Craftsman Trade Press13940.00
Craftsmen Printing184,370.00
Cragar Industries6654,858.06
Crain Industries, Inc591,282.00
Crain Walnut Shelling2362,256.00
Crane Co, Hydro-Aire Div10351,042.61
Crane Rental Service Inc 6612,073.46
Craneveyor Corp127,860.00
Cray Cleaners 11944.35
Craycroft Brick Inert Site282813,179.82
Crazy 'J' Oil Company6110.00
Crazy Horse Auto Body88816.92
Crazy Horse Sanitary Landfill1111735.23
Crc Fine Quality Printing331,230.19
Creanova Inc 230.61
Creations Manufacturing Inc.3587,696.40
Creative Auto Body Shop, Inc34214.24
Creative Cabinetry2272.20
Creative Commerce, Inc.222,620.24
Creative Components Inc 127,745.14
Creative Concepts12348.99
Creative Elegance, Inc 5713,540.00
Creative Exhibits121,434.43
Creative Exhibits3450.35
Creative Finisning 113,931.84
Creative Ideas78149,911.40
Creative Iron375,355.17
Creative Labels Inc121,318.00
Creative Laminates Inc 11519.48
Creative Laminates Inc111,009.63
Creative Laminating3320,605.00
Creative Litho299,941.44
Creative Wood Products52130,954.61
Creative Woodworks12340.00
Crebassa'S Auto Body Inc131,284.05
Cree Microwave142,546.53
Creekside Cleaners222,062.12
Creekside Cleaners114,845.60
Creekside Plaza Cleaners221,664.58
Creel Printing Company Of California, Inc.81524,285.36
Cremation Services Inc2323992.68
Crescent City Landfill28281,497.12
Crescent Cranes Inc 664,384.15
Crescent Mills Lumbermill Woodwaste Site28281,069.83
Cresent Auto Wrecking Disposal28281,715.36
Crest Cleaners, Inc22686.96
Crest Coating Inc 93931,008.61
Crest Energy Corp.617579.50
Crest Energy, Inc 66450.40
Crest Energy, Inc6666,774.69
Crest Energy, Inc.3514,648.00
Crest Energy, Inc.3725,268.00
Crest Graphics Inc 6213,360.00
Crest Oil And Gas Mgmt. Corp3319,050.00
Crest Oil And Gas Mgmt. Corp.3312,920.00
Crestline Old Burn Dumpsite282863,237.99
Crestline-Lake Arrowhead Water991,064.18
Crestmore Disposal Site (Kessler)2828285.51
Crestmore Rd28287,906.20
Creston Disposal Site (Blm)2828277.88
Crestview One Hour Mart113,230.40
Cribb'S Private Dump28286,569.06
Crimson Resource Management97188,208.34
Crimson Resource Management473391.27
Crimson Resource Management232051,384,044.64
Crimson Resource Management110.00
Crimson Resource Management61846,697.11
Crimson Resource Management5616,620.06
Crimson Resource Management6321,975.33
Crist Oil Company5152,886.60
Criterion Catalyst Co L.P. 106214,794.05
Criterion Catalysts Company Lp10157164,088.06
Criterion Gate & Mfg Co 124,346.76
Crivello & Disalvo Body & Pain331,442.98
Crocker Cleaners121,879.23
Crockett Auto Body11908.98
Crockett Auto Body252,111.09
Crockett Cogeneration, A Cal L945532,381.89
Crockett Container Corp 61416,060.00
Crockett Graphics1811,998.08
Crockett Landfill28287,906.20
Crocketts Premier Auto Body141,474.04
Croft Site2828313.63
Crosby & Overton Inc28281,715.36
Crosby & Overton Transportation Co.28281,715.36
Cross Country Travel Center #1520372.51
Cross Country Travel Center #2520664.52
Cross Creek Ginning Co.67128,631.43
Cross Petroleum111,740.00
Crossland'S Country Store520168.55
Crossroads Cleaners 671,687.28
Crow Canyon Cleaners221,888.38
Crow Canyon Dry Cleaners 111,146.72
Crow Canyon Swds282863,237.99
Crown Beverage Packaging Inc34188,980.00
Crown Chevrolet Body Shop266,130.54
Crown Chrome Plating Inc 72121,770.38
Crown City Furniture Mfg 6811,927.88
Crown City Plating Co.1211512,673.36
Crown Cleaners22336.15
Crown Cleaners111,080.00
Crown Cleaners111,615.20
Crown Cleaners11688.03
Crown Cleaners22346.51
Crown Cleaners221,794.88
Crown Cleaners 111,322.77
Crown Cleaners11376.39
Crown Cleaners 6131,068.18
Crown Cleaners/Coronado22982.80
Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc83438,176.25
Crown Cork & Seal Company 44443,775.38
Crown Disposal Co Inc331,548.82
Crown Dodge991,307.04
Crown Furniture Manufacturing,1115,500.00
Crown Printers 62016,740.00
Cruickshank Rd Mals Props / City&Countysit2828380.42
Crushed Products, Inc 22993.20
Crutcher Tufts Production Co6128684.43
Crutcher-Tufts Production Co1337153,185.13
Crystacomm Inc 1198.93
Crystal Auto Body & Paint2212.38
Crystal Cleaners11566.61
Crystal Cleaners22200.48
Crystal Cleaners11957.84
Crystal Cleaners11319.96
Crystal Cleaning Center221,125.20
Crystal Clear Cleaners221,002.26
Crystal Cream & Butter Co132711,247.75
Crystal Creek Aggregate, Inc.61617,247.80
Crystal One Hour Martinizing11644.18
Crystal Technology, Inc251,612.51
Csc Of Oakland 221.88
Csk Auto1140.00
Cslo Animal Regs282814,242.21
Cslo Pennington Creek Landfill2828970.67
Cslo Sutter Ave28283,514.27
Csr Hydro Conduit 82420,357.22
Csu - Channel Islands 624636.43
Ctec Inc.112,903.40
Cubic Corporation152127,896.93
Cubic Defense Applications Inc.110.20
Cuddeback Lake Gunnery Range Disposal Si2828285.51
Cuesta Cadillac & Olds110.00
Cuesta College Eng/Tech11416.02
Cuff & Collar Cleaners111,844.02
Cultured Marble Prods. Ltd.124,247.50
Cultured Marble Products31058,032.19
Cultured Stone Corporation93816,215.37
Cummings Wood Recycling28284,814.82
Cundiff Steel Fab & Erecting664,347.89
Cupertino Body Shop131,183.24
Cupertino Village Cleaners11343.71
Cupertino Village Cleaners 11310.29
Curlew Six2420.20
Curley & Red'S Auto Body Shop251,233.31
Curly'S Cleaners111,615.20
Curly'S Elite Cleaners111,346.00
Curry Village28281,069.83
Curtesy Oil Co41669.56
Curtesy Oil Co41659.34
Curti Dump28287,906.20
Cushion Cut Inc 5913,866.25
Cushion Cut Inc33268.00
Custom Alloy Sales Inc 7118,584.82
Custom Alloy Scrap Sales Inc71826,149.86
Custom Auto Body And Restorati241,197.01
Custom Auto Body Shop Inc881,423.04
Custom Cabinet & Counter Top145,722.29
Custom Chemical Formulators In22154.80
Custom Chrome & Bumper22147.41
Custom Cleaners221,133.21
Custom Cleaners22674.04
Custom Cleaners221,098.71
Custom Cleaners #222516.16
Custom Commercial Dry Cleaners121,743.71
Custom Commercial Dry Cleaners11913.32
Custom Control Sensors Inc224,303.00
Custom Craft368,963.68
Custom Craft Cabinets Inc133,319.34
Custom Design Counter Tops Inc113,942.00
Custom Enamelers Inc10169,802.57
Custom Fabricator'S 14240.00
Custom Fiberglass Mfg Co/Custom Hardtop1223309,319.40
Custom Industrial Finishes355,519.52
Custom Lithograph Inc 83023,402.67
Custom Made Packaging2613,321.10
Custom Metal Manufacturing Com1244.04
Custom Mike'S Body Shop56430.30
Custom Motorcycle Painting1181.04
Custom Paint Finish341,003.36
Custom Printing135,460.00
Custom Printing Inks Ltd8818,521.76
Custom Rubber Mix Inc663.79
Custom Wood Finishing 1251.80
Custom Woodcraft352,314.12
Customcraft 71867,504.81
Customer Utility Landfill2828285.51
Cuyama River Site2828181.69
Cv Intl Inc221,363.00
Cv Ventures - Duckpond Landfil2747906.24
Cwmi - Azusa Facility115811,468.68
Cyantek Corporation 110.01
Cyber Systems Inc11384.06
Cyclesmiths The88397.79
Cypress Amloc Land Co , Inc263176,963.27
Cypress Auto Body 140.00
Cypress City331.31
Cypress Cleaners111,328.00
Cypress Cleaners221,101.46
Cypress Dump / Stanton Station #828281,715.36
Cypress Hill Memorial Park 110.00
Cypress Lawn Cemetery Associat78128.01
Cypress Semiconductor123,112.55
Cypress View Mausoleum23231,811.36
Cyrus Canyon Disposal Site28281,260.16
Cytec Engineered Materials Inc.3514,452.00
Cytec Engineered Materials, In6627,636.30
Cytec Fiberite Inc135279,518.60
Cytec Fiberite, Inc.103546,156.97
D Devi Oil Company Inc416369.17
D & D Cleaners11249.58
D & E Precision Sheet Metal In6135,640.00
D & F Autoshine36465.25
D & H Truck Equipment8810,090.37
D & L Cleaners112,422.80
D & L Cleaners111,615.20
D & L Woodworking 110.00
D & M Auto Body351,258.69
D & R Auto Body And Paint1173.28
D & S Garage, Inc23128.96
D & T Fiberglass1211,656.00
D Aircraft Products Inc1694.06
D And A Engineering351,344.37
D And D Inc4168.59
D F Manufacture 114,801.19
D J Simpson Company64112,040.59
D J Wagner Touch Of Class 3231,261.48
D L Mayra Design Inc668,401.60
D W Nicholson Corporation112,892.38
D&D Disposal Inc,West Coast Re4612415,834.08
D&S Body Shop231,311.78
D&V Petroleum884,919.28
D&V Petroleum882,522.72
D&Y Company719250.89
D'Garcis Auto Body56958.23
D'Lynns Cleaners111,346.00
D'S Mini Mart41637.56
D-Lux Cleaners / Boulevard Cle223,119.85
D. D. Williamson & Co. Inc.12500.00
D.C. Cleaners11243.00
D.C.I. & B.S.I.361,193.89
D/D Auto Body Repair 1116.64
Da-Les Auto Body4111,942.26
Da/Pro Rubber Inc442,342.90
Dade Behring62015,032.03
Dade Behring, Inc.1140.00
Daggett Leasing Corp774252,987.14
Dahl-Beck Electric22808.00
Dai Oildale Inc61890,172.44
Daico Ind Inc783,115.55
Daico Industries55655.45
Dailey Body Company4236,109.33
Daily Disposal Service 206282863,237.99
Daily Press113,000.00
Daily Republic1150,712.00
Dainippon Screen Engineering O1125.84
Dairy Farm Mine2828970.67
Dairy Farmers Of America55760.00
Dairy Farmers Of America82320,624.35
Dairy Farmers Of America62725,119.02
Dairy Farmers Of America667,880.00
Dairymans Cooperative Creamery865527.56
Daisy Cleaners / Santee22976.05
Daisy Dry Cleaners / Clairmont221,202.85
Dakota Press162,572.00
Daland Body Shop23919.47
Dale Grogan112.34
Dalton & Son Paint & Body88537.77
Dameron Alloy Foundries Inc 8194,344.71
Dameron Hospital624857.10
Dan & Bob'S Equip,D J & R J Mc6123,424.22
Dan Copp Crushing Corp6140.00
Dan Copp Crushing Corp.6204,707.20
Dan Copp Crushing Corp. 6815,644.04
Dan Garcia Co2206,309.29
Dan Laughlin Customs11134.83
Dan'S Auto Body 4469.73
Dan'S Auto Service C/O Secor111.87
Dan'S Body & Paint22283.81
Dan'S Body Shop2369.93
Dana Cleaners22559.33
Dana Cleaners11242.83
Dana Corp, Fluid Drives Div44150.00
Dana Creath Designs Inc 1121,320.00
Danfield Inc 61310,139.62
Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospit62311,394.71
Daniele'S Classic Auto Body &222,018.02
Daniels Liquor886,169.87
Danny Terry Painting9992.16
Dannys Paint & Body Shop88648.61
Dantes Parkway Cleaners221,039.50
Daphne Fernwood Cemetery And M714287.38
Darbys Paint & Auto Body881,309.53
Darigold-Los Angeles118,359.00
Darling International32993,525.59
Darling International8817,383.80
Darling International Inc 62550,240.00
Darling International Inc.62183,511.35
Darling International, Inc.62313,387.78
Darnell Corp4103,273.05
Darpetro, Inc5152,571.90
Darpetro, Inc5151,931.16
Darpetro, Inc5151,058.46
Darpetro, Inc5152,595.68
Darpetro, Inc., Dba Gasco Oil515843.31
Darrel Twisselman681,338.54
Darrow Painting, Inc.12123,092.68
Dart Container Corp Of Califor1435423,380.00
Dart Container Corporation61325,039.20
Darwin Illegal Burn Dump2828198.56
Dassel'S Petro. Inc.1216.03
Dassel'S Petroleum, Inc.113.46
Data 22415.95
Data Circuit Systems Inc2135,973.59
Data Circuits Sys.115.00
Data Prod. Corp1114,580.00
Data Prod. Corp11324.00
Databyte Technology Inc221,285.40
Datametrics Corp C/L See441,589.26
Datametrics Corporation 3151,814.51
Dataproducts Corporation11151.20
Datatape Inc225,102.56
Dave'S 6-Pak And Snacks5101,141.51
Dave'S Marine Fuel5550.90
Dave'S Sixpacks & Snacks515600.59
Davenport Disposal Site2828970.67
Daves Auto Body551,145.08
Daves Autobody & Towing12124.08
Daves Custom Boats10121,822.32
David Cervantez Lf28287,906.20
David Grant Medical Center65425,049.00
David Jones119.45
David Tavarez111.48
Davids Auto Body Shop88628.08
Davies Oil Co416245.22
Davies Oil Co Inc416312.47
Davies Oil Co., Inc.246,038.21
Davies Truck Repair & Detailin2250.00
Davila International Circuits354,353.06
Davior Ind Inc11628.85
Davis Auto Body88205.26
Davis Autobody334,230.96
Davis Autobody North 111,522.06
Davis Boats136,282.00
Davis Body Shop 111,542.99
Davis Cleaners22773.97
Davis Cleaners 11607.08
Davis Creek Disposal Site2828198.56
Davis Dump (Aka Davis Jl)28281,715.36
Davis Enterprise11500.00
Davis Exxon114.47
Davis Material Handling Co, In11941.00
Davis Sanitary Landfill28282,051.99
Davis Shell1110.73
Davis Street Smart933147,599.98
Davis Transmitter Site282815,117.89
Davis Truck Painting357,291.18
Davis Wire Coporation95014,756.70
Davis Wire Corp 111649,058.04
Davis, City Of2240.00
Davis, City Of513752.05
Davis, City Of1160.00
Davis, City Of Wwtp61937,654.29
Davit Dayton Rice Ptn6126,772.46
Day & Night Cleaners22164.70
Day Road28286,569.06
Day Star Industries 180.00
Day-Glo Color Corp104011,183.05
Days Market88862.14
Dayton Superior Specialty Chem Ical Corp. Edoco241,000.00
Dc Trailer Service, Inc.331,694.64
Dch (Oxnard), Inc.7716.01
Ddrw - Sharpe Site11883,342.76
De Anza Square Cleaners, Inc22862.91
De Francesco & Sons Inc.648203,914.59
De Garmo Pit Landfill28281,715.36
De Gough'S Precision Doors330.02
De La Rosa Repair Serv Inc446,523.00
De La Salle High School77184.92
De La Torre Corp 1117,090.67
De Luna Furniture Refinishing23749.71
De Luxe Cleaners221,601.19
De Pue Warehouse Company, Inc.163423,436.93
De Sousa'S Furniture Restoring116,045.95
Deaf Dog Coffee Roastery220.12
Dealer Auto Body Service 6105,266.88
Dealer Service Auto Body882,023.82
Dean'S Auto Body & Painting231,127.57
Deas Custom Wood Finishing2526,979.96
Death Valley Junction2828198.56
Debbie L. Chin111.13
Debonair Auto Body352,028.83
Debord Septic Disposal282836,458.37
Dec Associates 153,700.00
Decco Castings Inc.12142,130.23
Decker Brothers Inc.662,350.96
Decker Orchards, Inc.220.92
Decor Concepts51022,808.00
Decore-Ative Specialties33766.16
Decratrend Corp5261,703.84
Decter Mannequin Inc553,015.27
Dee Bee'S Elegant Cleaners22707.48
Dee Fitzgerald6309,372.58
Deegan Woodworks 2497.98
Deep Cleaner 111,349.08
Deep Springs College Disposal Site28286,569.06
Deer Creek Oil Company33560.72
Deer Creek Rock62419,826.37
Deer Valley Disposal Site28281,069.83
Defense Distrib Depot San Joaq8674,108.90
Defense Distribution Reg West22372.00
Defense Logistics Agency/Defen41213.84
Defoe Furniture 4 Kids Inc 699,580.00
Defont'S Auto Body1112.04
Deft Inc 82817,215.32
Degussa Construction Chemicals4875,288.45
Degussa Construction Chemicals Ops. Inc.124.00
Dekel Construction And Develop351,202.10
Del Amo Financial Center11100.00
Del Mar Cleaners22935.55
Del Mar Cleaners111,241.00
Del Mar Cleaners22888.27
Del Mar Die Casting Co., Inc111,220.00
Del Mar Dump282863,237.99
Del Mar Highlands Car Wash889,504.12
Del Mar Ultramar / Chevron882,767.59
Del Mar Window Coverings,Div O5161,854.28
Del Mesa Farms Porterville6428,429.98
Del Mesa Farms Turlock Feedmil62715,122.59
Del Monte Corporation64078,107.55
Del Monte Corporation Plant #32416.47
Del Monte Corporaton413145.64
Del Monte Foods #256126,130.61
Del Monte Foods Plant No. 2555301.12
Del Monte Foods Research Cente10222,650.04
Del Monte Usa Plant #1184049,130.89
Del Norte Cleaners 11830.23
Del Norte County Agricultural Commission2828324.45
Del Obispo Disposal Station #328281,715.36
Del Paso Dump (Taylor)28281,715.36
Del Rey Car Wash, Inc.112.58
Del Rey Landfill282813,179.82
Del Valle Reservoir Ds28281,715.36
Delancey Street Foundation 2335.94
Delano #2 Burn Dump282836,458.37
Delano Burn Dump28281,260.16
Delano Cleaners11945.00
Delano Growers Grape Products72023,258.50
Deleo Clay Tile Co Inc 6814,642.52
Delgado Bros. 1914,540.00
Delgado Brothers Co 175,820.00
Delgraphics, Inc. 14657.78
Delhi Gas & Food Mart (Karmjit Singh)41682.49
Delia'S Cleaners112,632.50
Delia'S Cleaners, Inc113,804.74
Delias Cleaners Inc11135.00
Delicato Vineyards117.20
Delight Cleaners22754.02
Dell Auto Body Refinishing363,184.13
Delleker Lf2828324.45
Delphi Productions Inc121,533.31
Delta Air Lines Inc661,620.75
Delta Air Lines, Inc23166.35
Delta Air Lines, Inc7292,603.97
Delta Airlines Inc303114,594.09
Delta C/O Environmental Cost M110.20
Delta Container2828324.45
Delta Diablo Sanitation66479.47
Delta Diablo Sanitation Distri1131125,617.34
Delta Elevator Co Inc 10152,395.80
Delta Energy Center1769717,965.66
Delta Fair Cleaners221,332.59
Delta Folding Gates Inc 6101,360.00
Delta Plating Inc310309.76
Delta Scientific Corp 6140.00
Delta Star, Inc138,857.51
Delta Steel Erectors12755.41
Delta Sugar Corp Landfill28282,051.99
Delta Technical Coatings Inc 22393.80
Delta Web Printing, Inc11620.00
Deltronics Corp. 6106,220.00
Delux Tailors And Cleaners112,646.00
Deluxe Cleaners11250.00
Deluxe Cleaners2283.70
Deluxe Corp1220,659.76
Deluxe Financial Services, Inc36565.44
Deluxe Laboratories Inc,Deluxe1033479,893.63
Deluxe Packages 71566,767.86
Deluxe Packages6712,199.22
Demaria Landfill2828248.32
Demello Truck Body & Trailer R1176.32
Demenno/Kerdoon 1575111,674.49
Demert & Dougherty Inc2247.60
Denair Mart41666.10
Denny Landfill Disposal Site2828324.45
Dentoni'S Welding Works, Inc.12320.00
Dentpro Auto Body24180.77
Denverton Company2828834.91
Department Of General Services8203,941.03
Department Of The Army - Pom112.68
Department Of The Army - Pom Annex1116.19
Department Of The Navy171726,890.54
Dependable Furniture Manufactu1847,368.24
Dependable Plastics And Patter1410,612.09
Deposition Sciences Inc12528.00
Dept Of Convention & Cultural8162,805.81
Dept. Of The Air Force6738,613.52
Depue Azevado Dryer16387,016.61
Depue Delevan Dryer163424,879.18
Depue Haas Dryer6189,670.40
Depue Spooner Dryer163414,893.27
Depue Warehouse Co- Cheney16344,392.75
Derby Acres Burn Dump28281,260.16
Derlan Inc 62610,250.05
Derrick Engineering28281,260.16
Descalso Lithograph367,687.03
Descanso Sanitary Landfill28281,715.36
Deseret Farms Of Ca6121,984.20
Desert Aggregate, Inc5618,473.72
Desert Aggregates624122,090.40
Desert Aggregates 112793,354.67
Desert Alfalfa Mills, Inc84234,251.35
Desert Center Landfill2828157.37
Desert Cottonseed Products Inc61822,284.92
Desert Disposal Company / Grandview28287,906.20
Desert Gravel Company686,824.17
Desert Hosp 61520,262.86
Desert Hot Springs Aka Riverside Co Ds2828285.51
Desert Petroleum, Inc. #787515999.78
Desert Shores Ds28282,051.99
Desert Valley Hospital, Inc6202,484.18
Design I Mfg 134,720.00
Design In Wood12214.00
Design Woodworking463,320.17
Design Workshops11711,110.62
Designed Mobile Systems Ind1222,612.13
Designer Sign Systems 223.50
Designers Sash & Door 123,720.00
Designing Mfg Installation 162210,695.85
Designs Alive Inc 102019,713.86
Designs By West Coast Furnitur110.00
Desser (Pick Your Part)28281,715.36
Details Inc 51115,128.79
Detrex Corp 1427.94
Deuel Vocational Institute61069,797.29
Deutsch American Pneumatic Too6103,221.83
Deutsch Co, Electronic Compone20275,226.79
Deutsch Co, Metal Components D134150,786.71
Deutsch Co. Ecd112.00
Deutsch Metal Components - Uni121239,810.24
Dev Co Sandblasting6641,185.60
Devco Oil Co.127.29
Devil Creek Burn Dump282815,117.89
Devil'S Postpile282815,117.89
Devin Co 4236,286.97
Devincenzi Metal Products913700.50
Devlin Road Transfer & Recycli2210,752.00
Devoe Coatings Co612155,548.18
Devore Landfill28287,906.20
Dewitt Sand And Gravel221,049.10
Dewitt State Hospital28283,514.27
Dexol Ind Inc122.47
Dext Company794,399.21
Dexter Axle Co.12500.00
Dexter Canyon Disposal Site2828285.51
Dexter Corp, Electronic Materi143,221.00
Dexzel, Inc.35563.47
Dey L P66632.00
Dfc Company22468.00
Dharma Enterprises 11289.34
Dharma Press12884.00
Diablo Auto Body Inc7113,882.95
Diablo Lincoln-Mercury Inc6131,745.31
Diablo Mazda/Subaru11616.00
Diablo Services Corp 220.24
Diablo Timber2615,119.08
Diaged North America, Inc8161,962.71
Diagnostic X-Ray, Inc484,029.45
Diamond Auto Body23198.13
Diamond B, Inc.333,233.68
Diamond Cleaners221,085.80
Diamond Cleaners22852.46
Diamond Crystal Brands, Inc.324508.17
Diamond Height Cleaners22458.36
Diamond International Disposal Site28286,569.06
Diamond Landfill2828198.56
Diamond Litho Inc.341,536.30
Diamond Pacific Products Co 61412,417.13
Diamond Polyethylene Products 692,860.00
Diamond Walnut Growers, Inc.1971307,944.88
Diamond Z Manufacturing61227,669.21
Diana Fruit Company, Inc81710,384.31
Diaz Container Repair3616,142.40
Dibble Creek Store5206.97
Dibble'S Auto Body, The Collis35963.67
Dicalite Minerals Corporation2729207,457.71
Diceon Electronics Inc5523,653.00
Dickey Petroleum51570.88
Dickey Petroleum41680.35
Dicon Fiberoptics Inc671,664.13
Die Cast Prod. Inc 133015,490.35
Diebold Inc., Campus Systems D6183,393.62
Dietz Equipment Sales111,952.00
Dillano Auto Body 123,172.19
Dillion Trail2828285.51
Dimaggios Classic Cleaners111,487.00
Dimension One Spas91351,916.71
Dimensions Collision4410.17
Dimic Sheet Metal 12440.00
Dimond Printers13594.00
Dinsmore Burn Dump2828248.32
Dinsmore Illegal Dump Site282815,117.89
Dinsmore Tee Pee Burn Dump2828248.32
Dinuba City Dump282822,038.27
Dinuba Energy Inc.1214742.56
Dinuba Forest Industries Inc6221,356.27
Dion International Trucksinc88830.55
Dion'S Downtown Autobody12997.46
Dip N Strip12448.00
Diplomat Cleaners 67862.43
Directors Guild Of America 614565.82
Disc Graphics, Inc 1918,320.00
Discovery Auto Body332,044.65
Discovery Partners Intl. Chemrx Div.365,670.00
Disneyland Resort 44363476,056.16
Display Concepts, Inc 176,650.67
Displays Inc 152,680.00
Disposal Company282863,237.99
Disposal Gardens Aka Torrance Sand&Gvl2828285.51
Disposal Waste System / Kraft2828285.51
Dist 10 Dryer145258,407.58
Distinctive Cleaners22503.55
Distinctive Skylights237,389.28
Distribution & Auto Serv Inc 6147,097.60
Distributors Unlimited 129,760.00
Ditty Container Inc 6874,000.00
Ditty Drum 121560,586.79
Div Mat Inc 681,989.92
Div Mat Inc 681,124.89
Divecon Services Lp.6180.00
Diversey Corp3184,440.28
Diversey Corp.661,155.47
Diversified Materials682,728.80
Diversified Materials, Div Mat688,798.45
Diversified Minerals227,638.40
Diversity Materials221,407.28
Dixon City28284,814.82
Dixon Dam28281,715.36
Dixon Hard Chrome Inc 914138.75
Dixon Liquor & Deli112.61
Dixon North282822,038.27
Dixon Seed Service241,915.80
Dixon Unified School District Landfill28284,814.82
Dixon, City Of2260.00
Dixon, City Of55259.34
Dj Ultramart416291.65
Dk Environmental Inc.222.00
Dlite Cleaners & Laundry221.35
Dlugosh Cabinet And Fixture In272,230.71
Dna River Rock113027,610.69
Dna Sciences Inc551,610.51
Dnr Industries, Inc. 133,700.00
Do+Able Products Inc 6115,280.00
Doan'S Autobody & Paint33581.14
Doane Products Co 62816,768.69
Doane Products Company64220,515.12
Doctors Hospital Of Pinole782,702.64
Doctors Medical Center6608,862.52
Doe'S Custom Cabinets13610.54
Doe-Kao Sandia National Labora2111217,467.92
Doig / Crites Ranch2828324.45
Dolby Laboratories Inc1149.60
Dold'S Workshop2412,274.68
Dole Dried Fruit & Nut Co.449,602.00
Dole Enterprises327332,216.88
Dole Enterprises61223,582.76
Dollar Cleaners234,423.23
Dollar Cleaners234,018.60
Dolores Street Disposal Site2828285.51
Dolphin Engineering 13140.00
Dom'S Electric6629.57
Doman Auto Body11387.20
Dome Printing & Lithograph61014,652.35
Dominguez Energy Co 1140.00
Dominguez Energy,L.P,Carson Es4207,186.37
Dominguez Properties 6186,820.36
Dominic Castro Dump28281,715.36
Dominquez Golf Course2828285.51
Domtar Gypsum Co.131314.38
Domtar Gypsum Inc 5520.00
Don & Sons Body & Paint99504.38
Don Dominguez Apartments282863,237.99
Don Heim & Son The Dry Cleaner11759.00
Don Keesler Service515284.65
Don Knott Ford28281,715.36
Don Pedro Dam Site28281,069.83
Don'S Auto Body366,189.48
Don'S Auto Body2811,714.14
Don'S Body Repair11336.51
Don'S Dandy Mart512150.79
Don'S Transmissions12222.40
Donahue Printing Co 62813,960.00
Donald C. Slawson Exploration11380.00
Dong Tien Auto Body & Repair334.72
Donjean Cleaning & Restoration11675.00
Donner Ski Ranch2828324.45
Dons Body Shop132,256.94
Dons One Hour Dry Clng-King Ci11360.00
Dooley Tire Center332,162.59
Dooling Bros Inc362,839.44
Doorcraft - Rocklin6950,435.36
Doors And Drawers162,681.16
Dopaco Inc671,085,424.11
Dopaco Inc155120,005.68
Dopaco Inc.93448,072.50
Dorfile Company3550,391.93
Dorris Lumber And Moulding225,640.78
Dos Palos City Disposal Site2828313.63
Dos Palos Cooperative Gin Inc.122660,413.97
Dot Printer154,666.00
Doty Bros Equipment Co 62411,569.27
Double Butte Disposal Site Landfill28281,139.59
Double C Limited510191,734.88
Double D Enterprise Inc 1442,840.00
Double Ee Liquor Mart127,380.00
Double M Trucking110.00
Double Tree Hotel 110.02
Douglas City Disposal Site2828324.45
Douglas Products Division17970150,266.18
Douglas Products Division 1898381,900.47
Douglass Square Cleaners22635.85
Dow Chem U.S.A. (Nsr Use) 186054,758.76
Dow Chem U.S.A. (Nsr Use)208932,322.74
Dow Chemical000.00
Dow Chemical Company25226166,849.44
Dow Chemical Dump28287,906.20
Dow Cleaners221,307.36
Dow Jones & Co Inc 6208,379.43
Dow Jones & Company, Inc1419,945.20
Dowell Schlumberger Inc.2236.53
Dowling Miner Magnetics Corp12697.46
Down The Road Bodyworks 11112.12
Down Town Auto Body23434.90
Downey Auto Cntr, Santa Margar141,791.30
Downey Comm Hosp 687,000.00
Downey Dump28281,715.36
Downey Glass Co.,Sdi Operating112519,335.52
Downieville Dump Saddleback Road2828198.56
Downieville Lavezolla Road Dump28286,569.06
Downieville Town Dump2828198.56
Downing Ave Dump282840,502.10
Downs Avenue Dump2828318.39
Downs Oil Co Inc 148,879.20
Downtown Metal Center 6154,529.14
Doyle Dump2828324.45
Dpix Llc51222,428.87
Dpt Water Resources-Lost Hills4166.97
Dr Dryclean Inc221,549.38
Dr. Sherwin & Mary Miller111.46
Dragon Valve Co Inc333,714.00
Drew Ford8811,621.58
Drexler Technology Corp111,056.28
Dreyer'S Grand Ice Cream Inc.12610.00
Dri Clean Expert22459.24
Dri Clean Express 11947.15
Dri Clean Express11373.05
Drilling And Prod, Central Src713172.09
Drilube Co 112927,953.43
Driscoll Custom Boats11146,874.92
Drisscoll Boat Works10133,699.93
Drown News Agency, Inc. 6147,693.18
Drum Canyon / West Side282822,038.27
Dry Clean 4 U22609.63
Dry Clean America 11844.52
Dry Clean Today1111,636.20
Dry Clean Today1126,812.30
Dry Clean Usa / Carmel Country22583.20
Dry Clean Usa / El Cajon22529.20
Dry Clean Usa / Poway22101.25
Dry Clean Way222,157.67
Dry Clean World / Escondido22259.20
Dry Cleaner22398.98
Drybay, Inc222,343.16
Dryclean 1 Hour221,295.33
Dryclean 4-U11673.00
Dryclean 580 111,052.28
Dryclean Abc 11675.89
Dryclean Best221,018.25
Dryclean City22965.20
Dryclean City22804.18
Dryclean Club Of America22565.15
Dryclean Plus221,271.11
Dryclean Pro221,625.43
Dryclean Usa221,548.33
Dryclean Usa221,323.62
Dryclean Usa 111,349.08
Dryclean Usa222,141.82
Dryclean Usa 111,071.77
Dryclean Usa 11337.27
Dryclean Usa111,346.00
Dss Company6124,650.86
Du Rite Cleaners11241.00
Du Rite Cleaners114,033.80
Dual Graphics, Inc6624,460.00
Duarte City, Comm Redevelopmen61020.00
Dublin Auto Body375,217.90
Dublin Auto Center Dodge11100.00
Dublin San Ramon Services Dist163819,303.03
Duck Pond Landfill Excavation28281,715.36
Duckback Products Inc441,083.48
Ducommun Aerostructures3688,172.50
Ducommun Technologies Inc 61613,498.36
Due Torri Coffee4