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Polluters in Arizona
Cholla Power Plant8340386,586,766.43
Salt River Sand & Rock - Dobson Facility9354272,699.26
Az Electric Power Cooperative Inc8427329,153,071.51
Abitibi Consolidated Snowflake Division812733,562,746.11
Irvington Generating Station8124913,103,017.80
Navajo Generating Station75225119,607,824.86
Salt River Sand & Rock - Beeline Facility9212619,362.94
Earthgrains Baking Companies Inc519975,290.10
Salt River Sand & Rock - Higley Facility9184207,670.74
Adesa Phoenix Llc517321,332.88
Trendwood Inc2172129,197.00
Tucson Electric Power Co-Springerville7516273,502,170.57
Srp Agua Fria Generating Station371602,544,501.42
United Dairymen Of Arizona10151250,482.63
Coronado Generating Station7515073,552,286.39
Woodstuff Manufacturing Inc5136403,407.78
Phelps Dodge Corp-Morenci Branch131282,016,225.88
Kyrene Generating Station43127735,165.45
Freescale Semiconductor Inc10123117,122.44
Building Products Co18103121,294.53
Sfpp Lp5103625,058.52
Aps Saguaro Power Plant 47102516,059.90
Thornwood Furniture Mfg2100137,743.00
Cholla Custom Cabinets Inc59936,739.18
Trw Vehicle Safety Systems Inc89429,330.80
Ocotillo Power Plant3793550,023.79
Sanmina Phoenix Division98759,132.50
Phoenix Brick Yard1886328,600.50
Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station683296,358.70
Honeywell International Inc782254,109.70
Luke Afb - Ces/Cev677117,381.62
Case Furniture & Design Llc27634,004.35
Arizona Portland Cement Company40728,684,896.66
Ameron Intl-Water Transmission Group56749,734.43
M E Global Inc967346,604.43
Aps West Phx Power Plant1667525,353.61
Microchip Technology Inc766117,220.47
Sca Tissue North America Llc2165147,346.29
Oak Canyon Manufacturing Inc265175,252.00
The Boeing Company56542,228.25
National Gypsum Co661114,274.30
Desert Sun Fiberglass260141,105.00
Asarco - Ray Complex Hayden Smelter136036,983,050.40
Madison Granite Supplies557118,704.12
Mastercraft Cabinets Inc855292,262.20
Presto Casting Co65439,523.12
Sierrita Mine353537,504.01
Salt River Landfill3752745,098.53
Litton Electro-Optical Systems650173,362.98
Eagle Industries Llc54984,712.14
Empire Machinery Co547147,084.77
91st Ave Wastewater Treatment Plant54796,379.00
Copper Mountain Landfill36465,237.34
Halna Inc746168,604.28
Dolphin Inc84540,074.30
Bp West Coast Products Llc/Phx Terminal94568,579.74
Microchip Technology Inc64431,274.23
Craftsmen In Wood Mfg54325,041.00
Sunward Materials94395,662.50
Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center54381,561.43
Shell Oil / Phoenix Terminal1143324,035.84
Mohave Valley Landfill36439,121.73
The Procter & Gamble Mfg Co54234,946.28
Arizona Public Service Yucca Power Plant4141608,916.16
Oakcraft Inc541109,242.17
Bhp Copper - San Manuel Smelter3410.00
23rd Ave Wastewater Treatment Plant541142,703.35
Goodrich Aircraft Interior Products841183,775.17
St Microelectronics74073,642.55
North Star Steel Arizona94047,515.17
South Point Energy Center, Llc 20402,486,426.51
Calmat Arizona - Mesa Asphalt Plant104082,292.02
Desert Basin - Reliant Energy 20403,191,052.09
Phoenix Cement8391,709,627.00
Morton Salt Glendale Facility53936,573.73
Flagstaff Compressor Station#2439756,060.00
Chevron Usa Inc73977,215.11
Northwest Regional Landfill333968,255.01
Allied Waste Ind Inc Sw Reg Facility333953,341.51
Salt River Project313836,971,778.44
Sun State Rock & Materials53869,930.00
Skunk Creek Landfill538106,744.19
Calmat Arizona - Higley Asphalt Plant93841,838.31
Trendwood Inc238114,112.40
Mtd Southwest Inc537104,575.98
Cavco Industries Llc33762,441.50
Hogue Printing Inc13622,350.50
United Metro Plant #11536161,639.41
Calmat Arizona - Mesa Concrete Plant53535,682.82
Mail-Well Envelope53560,542.86
Calmat Arizona - Higley Concrete Plant5358,997.57
Lake Havasu City Landfill31355,984.99
La Paz County Landfill16356,878.41
Maax Spas Arizona335169,929.07
Western States Petroleum93432,131.14
Schult Homes23434,901.50
Cavco Industries Llc/Durango Plant23426,906.29
Duke Energy Arlington Valley Llc633103,835.77
Pinnacle West Energy Corp633479,710.99
United Metro Plant #12533189,644.80
Gray Wolf Regional Landfill10334,525.16
Penn Racquet Sports Inc633346,874.30
Vulcan Materials Co-Western Division63369,364.46
Arizona Materials13110,787.47
Arizona State University53164,407.90
Quebecor World-Phoenix Division530121,585.80
Sunland Beef Co630100,879.94
United Metro Materials - Beeline Crushing Plant530157,113.73
Kingman No.1 Compressor Station429738,060.00
Rexam Beverage Can Company729366,590.20
Chemical Lime Company - Douglas Facility11291,553,826.14
Huachuca City Landfill & Mrf28286,160.92
Camp Geronimo2828735.21
Payson Lf2828735.21
Pine Cswlf2828735.21
Tusayan Cswlf28282,051.99
Tonto Basin Landfill2828324.45
Hayden Cswlf28284,514.35
Dudleyville Landfill28282,628.22
Star Valley Cswlf2828324.45
Miami Msw Landfilll2828707.88
Pleasant Valley / Young Municipal Lf28283,181.49
San Jose Msw Landfilll2828324.45
Graham County Central Landfill2828324.45
Buckhead Mesa Municipal Solid Waste Lf28281,770.75
Regional Landfill (Safford / Graham County)2828807.79
Artesia Msw Landfilll2828324.45
Thatcher Cswlf28286,024.17
Eden Msw Landfilll2828381.61
Duncan Cswlf2828222.97
Sheldon Msw Landfilll28286,569.06
Loma Linda Msw Landfilll2828542.05
South Greenlee County Mswlf2828324.45
York Valley No. 1 Cswlf2828156.83
Pima Cswlf2828271.68
Fort Thomas Msw Landfilll2828324.45
Franklin Cswlf2828222.97
Morenci Cswlf2828222.97
La Paz County Landfill28283,323.41
Quartzite Landfill2828811.06
County River Tribes Landfill2828324.45
Bouse Landfill2828324.45
Sanders Cswlf28281,069.83
Apache County Regional Landfill28281,104.54
Benson Msw Landfill2828381.61
Alpine Cswlf2828311.47
Nutrioso Cswlf28286,569.06
Navajo Cswlf28281,069.83
Page Msw Landfill28281,275.26
Cinder Lake Landfill282812,525.34
B.B Bonner Co. Cswlf2828248.32
Marble Canyon Cswlf282815,117.89
Ashurst Lake Cswlf28282,051.99
Forest Lakes Cswlf2828380.42
Morman Lake Cswlf2828380.42
Lees Ferry Cswlf2828380.42
Mund'S Park Cswlf2828248.32
Clint'S Well Cswlf282815,117.89
Grand Canyon / North Rim Landfill2828227.72
Russell Gulch-Globe Landfill28281,992.34
Williams Msw Landfilll2828239.67
Greer Cswlf2828324.45
Vernon Cswlf2828324.45
Concho Cswlf28286,569.06
Douglas Landfill2828519.12
Sunizona Cswlf282817,781.53
Bowie Cswlf282815,117.89
Eastern Regional Msw Landfill28282,613.86
Pearce Cswlf28282,051.99
Cochise Cswlf282815,117.89
Courtland Cswlf282815,117.89
Double Adobe Cswlf282815,117.89
Dragoon Cswlf2828380.42
St. David Cswlf28282,051.99
Bisbee Msw Landfill28281,279.40
Wilcox Msw Landfilll2828297.54
Sun Sites Cswlf282815,117.89
Naco Cswlf2828248.32
Tombstone Regional Landfill2828324.45
Hassayampa Msw Landfill28283,382.61
Rainbow Enterprises Cswlf28281,715.36
Ehrenberg Landfill2828324.45
Cienega Springs Cswlf2828222.97
Perry Lane Methane Cswlf28281,715.36
Ray Road / Val Vista Cswlf28287,906.20
Queen Creek Msw Landfill28286,571.61
Gm Proving Grounds Cswlf28287,906.20
Goodyear Sump #4 Cswlf282863,237.99
Chandler Msw Landfill282810,133.57
Allied Concrete Cswlf2828285.51
Mesa Cswlf282863,237.99
Chandler Int. #2 Cswlf28281,178.82
Chandler Int. #3 Cswlf28281,178.82
First Street Crlf2828285.51
Rrca (Old Tempe) Cswlf2828285.51
Gila Bend Msw Landfill282825.49
Wickenberg Msw Landfill28281,758.07
Anteres Cswlf282863,237.99
El Mirage Crlf282863,237.99
Bermuda City Cswlf282843,458.04
Chandler Int. #1 Cswlf28281,178.82
Tri City Msw Landfill282813,629.40
Arizona State University #1 & 2 Cswlf282843,458.04
Cave Creek Msw Landfill28287,039.53
Bradley Regional Landfill28281,923.33
Deer Valley Landfill28281,715.36
16th St. (Del Rio) Cswlf2828285.51
Alamo State Park Cswlf2828285.51
Tempe #1 Cswlf28281,715.36
19th Avenue Cswlf28281,715.36
22nd Avenue Cswlf28281,715.36
Aguila Cswlf282863,237.99
Arizona Sand & Rock Cswlf28287,906.20
Avondale Cswlf28285,433.25
Aztec Transfer Station2828324.45
Central Avenue Crlf282863,237.99
Deer Valley Cswlf28281,715.36
Ameron Cswlf282863,237.99
Beardsley Cswlf2828285.51
Boothill Cswlf28287,906.20
Florence State Prison Cswlf28285,433.25
H & H Materials Cswlf28287,906.20
Juice Of Life Cswlf282863,237.99
Rainbow Valley Cswlf282863,237.99
Satoris (Earthworks) Cswlf2828285.51
Estes Cswlf282863,237.99
Morristown Cswlf28281,715.36
Old Town Dump Cswlf28281,715.36
Perryville Cswlf2828285.51
Turf Paradise Cswlf28287,906.20
Ufi Cswlf282863,237.99
Turkey Track Pit Cswlf28286,620.29
William Roer Cswlf28287,906.20
Hickman'S Egg Ranch Cswlf28281,715.36
Terra Quest Regional Landfill28287,906.20
Wayne Oxygen Cswlf28281,715.36
Spreckels Sugar Cswlf2828285.51
New River Msw Landfill28282,435.48
Design Master Homes Cswlf28287,906.20
Tolleson Cswlf28287,906.20
Littlefield Msw Landfill2828297.54
Golden Valley Cswlf2828261.43
Colorado City Msw Landfill2828352.46
Silver Creek Cswlf2828170.65
Cerbat Msw Landfill28283,285.10
La Canada Cswlf282846,695.66
Prudence / Kenyon Ter Cswlf28288,125.75
Silverbell (Old) Cswlf2828262.62
Organ Pipe Monument Cswlf282813,179.82
Sahuaro Monument Cswlf28289,057.36
Broadway No. 1 Cswlf282846,695.66
Cactus Cswlf282846,695.66
Sasbe Cswlf28281,134.15
Catalina Msw Landfill28287,786.76
29th Street Cswlf2828313.63
A Mountain Cswlf282846,695.66
Congress Cswlf282810,026.98
Cortaro Road Cswlf282813,179.82
Davis / Monthan Cswlf28281,650.36
Harrison Road No. 2 Cswlf282813,179.82
Houghton / Irvington Cswlf28281,650.36
Columbus #1 & 2 Cswlf282846,695.66
El Camino Del Cerro Cswlf2828313.63
Esperanza Cswlf28281,650.36
Jail Annex Cswlf28281,650.36
La Cholla #1 & 2 Cswlf282832,089.92
Linda Cswlf28281,650.36
Nearmont Cswlf2828313.63
Ina Road Construction Debris Landfill28288,944.61
Old Nogales Cswlf282832,089.92
Marana Cswlf2828313.63
Mission Cswlf2828313.63
Rita Road Cswlf28281,650.36
Ryan Field Cswlf2828313.63
Los Reales Municipal Solid Waste Lf282819,099.71
Ryland Cswlf28281,650.36
Vincent Mullins Cswlf282813,179.82
Prudence Cswlf28281,650.36
St. Mary'S Cswlf282846,695.66
State Pit Cswlf28281,650.36
Tumamoc Cswlf282813,179.82
Why Cswlf2828324.45
Wilmot Road Cswlf282846,695.66
Tangerine Road Municipal Solid Waste Lf282812,175.77
Sahuarita Msw Landfilll28282,462.66
Printpack Inc32898,484.40
Camp Verde Landfill28282,993.54
Sedona Cswlf2828170.65
Skull Valley Cswlf2828170.65
Kirkland Cswlf2828324.45
Hillside Cswlf2828289.41
Prescott Valley Msw Landfill28282,883.96
Bagdad Landfill2828259.56
Ash Fork Msw Landfill2828129.78
Prescott Valley Cswlf28282,051.99
Prescott / Sundog Ranch Rd Landfill28287,786.76
Cocopah Landfill282816,794.00
Martinez Lake Lf2828324.45
Yuma Proving Grounds Landfill2828248.32
Roll Msw Landfill28285,659.85
Cemex Mesa Plants No #61 & #7152885,353.00
Show Low Cswlf2828198.56
Snowflake Cswlf2828198.56
Winslow Msw Landfilll28282,595.59
Pen Rob Msw Landfill282812,656.62
Heber / Overgaard Cswlf28284,514.35
Joseph City Cswlf2828324.45
Lone Pine Landfill28287,786.76
Holbrook South Msw Landfill28288,459.03
Taylor Cswlf2828324.45
Aps / Cholla Power Plant Pswlf28281,069.83
San Manuel Pswlf28282,051.99
Walnut Cswlf282846,695.66
Cottonwood Cswlf2828313.63
Ajo Msw Landfill2828480.11
Mammoth Msw Landfill28282.24
Kearney Cswlf2828170.65
Florence Cswlf28281,718.24
Oracle Cswlf2828248.32
Picacho Msw Landfill2828248.32
Randolph / La Palma Cswlf282815,117.89
Adamsville Landfill28283,981.98
Apache Junction Municipal Solid Waste Lf28283,311.06
Maricopa #2 Cswlf28281,881.78
Stanfield Msw Landfill28281,635.22
Superior Msw Landfill2828324.45
Coolidge Msw Landfilll2828441.25
Coolidge No. 2 Cswlf2828380.42
Eloy Msw Landfill28282,326.67
Casa Grande Municipal Solid Waste Lf28283,456.50
Elgin Msw Landfill(Sonoita)2828738.63
Patagonia Msw Landfill2828446.27
Central Arizona College2828289.41
Sierra Estrella Landfill28282,275.14
Kelvin / Riverside Cswlf282815,117.89
Maricopa #1 Cswlf282813,863.88
Nogales Cswlf28281,069.83
Rio Rico Msw Landfill28285,163.22
Tubac Msw Landfill/Collection Site Since 19962828859.81
Black Canyon City Landfill2828297.54
Kino Springs Cswlf28286,569.06
Mayer Cswlf28281,561.12
Rogers Corp/Advanced Circuit Materials727148,983.62
Cavco Industries Llc22621,743.39
Schuff Steel Co52697,389.91
Allied Tube & Conduit Corp-Phx Operation52544,522.84
United Metro Materials - Beeline Concrete Plant5255,324.87
United Metro Materials - Mckellips Concrete Plant525451.87
Santan Generating Station5251,423,479.40
United Metro Materials - Higley Concrete Plant52582,168.19
Courier Graphics Corp52521,228.59
Marlam Industries Inc725117,756.30
Munters Corp72550,854.73
Fleetwood Homes Of Arizona Inc #2132525,061.00
Mesa Fully Formed Inc324107,810.00
United Metro Materials - Beeline Asphalt Plant924106,067.98
Redman Homes Inc22456,318.40
Phoenix Newspapers Inc52423,252.15
Cemex Usa (Sun City)22414,785.10
Wickenburg Facility52330,331.00
Thunderbird Furniture22344,542.00
Century Graphics Llc52230,755.07
Honeywell Engines Sys & Service Phx R&O52249,471.57
Phelps Dodge Miami Inc.112235,607.00
River Ranch Plant22145,924.20
Hanson Aggregates Of Arizona Inc22168,132.00
Cemex Usa (Phoenix)12123,721.00
Williams Compressor Station321496,763.80
Coreslab Structures (Ariz) Inc22121,919.00
Farmers Gin Inc52029,201.90
Charles Schwab & Co Inc52030,009.42
Red Mountain Mining Inc52043,994.00
Palm Harbor Homes Inc12046,329.93
Master Block Inc52011,411.00
Nelson Lime Plant6202,270,800.42
Painted Desert Landfill (Pen-Rob)10202,433.67
Monier Lifetile Llc72043,353.44
Flipchip International Llc82028,995.00
Kingman Arizona Plant71931,827.68
Paloma Gin Properties Llc51914,030.00
Butterfield Station51992,496.73
Anabolic Laboratories Inc51944,583.41
Holsum Bakery/Tempe51842,702.00
Scottsdale Health Care Hospital51846,213.30
Mesa Materials Inc51859,193.71
Valencia Power Plant3183,615.33
Mesa Materials Inc51879,022.47
Daimlerchrysler Arizona Proving Grounds518462,146.39
Mojave Topock Compressor Station318222,691.49
Metal Management Arizona Inc51792,998.00
The Phoenician Resort51750,651.09
Legends Furniture Inc216154,358.38
Wincup Holdings Inc516265,909.81
Cesar Color Inc61624,408.70
O'Neil Printing Inc11625,389.00
Team Two Design Assoc Inc21532,289.95
Chris Fischer Productions Inc21529,141.00
Phoenix Agro Invest Inc51416,250.40
Alleco Stone Llc51474,860.00
Tpac A Division Of Kiewit Western Co51415,712.17
Tarr Inc.7141,477.87
Pan-Glo West71438,083.77
Ashland Distribution Co.7134,601.00
Bhp Copper- Pinto Valley Ops-Pv Unit51362,242.28
Chandler Ready Mix Inc11312,929.00
Staco Architectural Roof Tile51326,458.90
Vulcan Materials Co-Western Division21322,344.80
Dutch Flat Compressor Station31233,190.12
Arizona Galvanizing Inc61236,960.40
Bhp Copper- San Manuel Operations612179.40
Equilon Phoenix Transmix Facility6125,072.00
Chevron Prods. Co. Tucson Terminal611994.10
New Directions Inc21141,225.70
Cave Creek School Dist51154,151.39
U Haul Intl/Technical Center11133,011.00
Oasis Bedroom Co21131,952.70
Bryant Industries Inc21045,324.00
Tri-Cities Landfill910573,267.89
North Center Street Landfill91068,120.82
Woodcase Fine Cabinetry Inc21070,191.65
Creative Shutters Inc21025,271.40
Conocophillips Phoenix Terminal5105,559.00
Henry Products Inc59114,458.60
Phelps Dodge Bagdad Inc.891,025.00
San Simon Compressor Station39181.77
Seligman Compressor Station3935,298.74
Bowie Compressor Station39163,715.02
Holsum Bakery Inc5934,451.00
Earnhardt Ford1922,803.00
Purcells Western States Tire5926,374.60
The Heil Company1923,996.05
L & M Laminates & Marble2971,430.00
General Mills5837,102.00
Executive Door2833,056.40
W R Meadows Of Az Inc58333,955.99
Glendale Mun Sanitary Landfill/Fld Oper5883,727.60
Western Organics Inc2846,650.63
Imsamet Of Arizona583,457.00
Quincy Joist Company37131,667.00
Phelps Dodge Sierrita Inc.571,300.50
Ultra Installations Inc2757,599.00
Romic Environmental Technologies, Incorporated478,365.00
Allied Signal6766,920.00
Chemresearch Co. Inc.4731.00
Acme Gin Co Inc5716,712.21
Yuma Cogeneration Associates3765,472.93
Gcr Truck Tire Center2739,023.00
Owens Corning Eloy Plant4783,989.90
Apache Nitrogen Products Inc2760,620.00
South Mountain Gin5717,512.00
Pacific Designs2758,545.00
Kilauea Crushers Inc1712,631.53
Stone Creek Inc2742,270.00
Flagstaff Compressor Station36410,730.40
Bonded Logic Inc5619,710.00
Wenden Compressor Station3643,686.90
Willcox Compressor Station361,272.25
Hackberry Compressor Station3622,287.71
Alamo Lake Compressor Station3616,005.85
Hexcel Corp.3650,390.00
Johns Manville361,500.00
Benson Compressor Station360.00
Anderson Clayton Corp-Valencia Gin5627,626.40
Western States Petroleum666,142.30
Acme Electric Corp. Aerospace Div.36765.00
Arch Chemicals Inc.36396.00
Pimalco, Incorporated66243,820.20
United Metro Materials #415588,960.00
Thermo Rock West, Incorporated55116,260.00
Parker Hannifin Gtfsd1559,133.00
Stericycle, Incorporated5540,046.00
Ryobi Outdoor Products, Incorporated5522,866.00
Magic Woods Inc1525,555.16
Ag Products1523,789.76
Western Shutter Llc2528,442.75
Billboard Poster Company Inc1539,305.00
Advanced Materials Technologies, Incorporated443,080.00
Arizona Processing4472,220.00
Cerbat Landfill3496.62
Nesco Mfg Inc1428,448.00
Skyline Steel Inc1425,418.00
Plymouth Tube Company4422,260.00
Gila River Farms Gin4444,300.00
Fairview Generating Station342,248.80
Guardian Fiberglass Inc.347,429.32
Ivc Indl. Coatings Inc.249,710.00
Learjet Inc.2453,595.00
Laminate Tech. Corp.24276.00
Sci L.L.C. On Semiconductor241,678.00
Univar Usa Inc. (Formerly Vopak Usa Inc. )24798.00
Corning Gilbert Inc.2411.00
Heraeus Inc. Materials Tech. Div.2315.00
Intel Main Chandler Campus23255.43
Motorola - Mesa333,100.00
U.S. Air Force Plant No. 44236,960.10
Temtco Steel - Arizona Div.332,155.00
Air System Components L.P.2352,187.00
Asarco Inc. Mission Complex23176.00
Stoneville Pedigreed Seed Company3369,000.00
Apache Nitrogen Prods. Inc.129,152.00
Slim-Fast Foods Co. Tucson12500.00
Triangle Truss, Incorporated221,000.00
Tri-State Hospital Supply Corp.1260.00
U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Yuma12286.27
Badger Meter Inc.22255.00
Honeywell Tucson - Ccapg120.07
Imation Corp.123,660.00
Tucson Outstanding Prods.125,283.00
Southwire Co.225.00
Honeywell Ssg120.01
Asarco Inc. Ray Ops. Mine22652.20
Honeywell Tucson-Oracle120.01
Steris Inc.1280.80
Arizona Pacific Wood Preserving Inc.122.58
Western Bonded Prods. Inc. Flex Foam1219,447.00
Sumco Southwest Corp.12755.00
Vulcan Materials Co. University121.04
Boc Edwards Kachina12500.00
Fiber Fab Inc.121,603.00
Ping Inc.225.00
Interface Data Sys. Inc.1231.00
Columbus Chemical Inds. Inc.1294.00
Kachina Technical Services & Processes Inc.1219,620.00
Hartson-Kennedy Cabinet Top Co. Inc.2214,858.00
Apex Chemical Corp.1210.00
Motorola Tempe12150.00
Mgc Pure Chemicals America Inc.12138.00
Goodrich Corp. Universal Propulsion Co.12155.00
Koch Asphalt Solutions Southwest Glendale Az220.20
Onyx Special Services Inc.220.05
Oberg Arizona1210.00
Arizona Polymer Flooring Inc.12218.00
Imsamet Of Arizona221.00
Trenwyth Inds.22733.00
Earl'S Fiberglass1212,970.00
Southwest Distributing Co.22179.00
Gould Electronics Inc.228.00
Super Radiator Coils1227,825.00
Westates Carbon- Arizona Inc.1210.00
Nestle Purina Petcare Co.225.54
W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. Woody Mountain Campus126,758.70
Aacco Cast Prods. Inc.12375.00
L & M Laminates & Marble1146,226.00
Able Steel Fabricators Inc.115.00
World Resources Co.110.50
Talley Defense Sys. Inc.110.10
Mcdonnell Douglas Helicopter Co.110.24
Contract Mfg. Service Inc.110.12
Belden Communications Div.110.05
Microsemi Corp.1111.00
Superlite Block110.10
Varian, Inc.110.93
Circuit Express Inc.115.00
Motorola Computer Group110.01
Union Distributing Co. Inc.110.10
Superlite Block110.10
Honeywell Inc. Medical Prods.110.06
American Fiberglass116,693.00
Phoenix Metallics110.03
Professional Chemicals Corp.1191.00
Goodrich Turbomachinery Prods.11250.00
Gem Microelectronic Materials1185.00
Classic Thermographers110.02
Valley Machine Works110.03
Ucsc Ltd. Co.1110.00
Gannon & Scott Phoenix Inc.1111.00
Triumph Corp.118,398.00
A N R Mfg. Ltd.116,300.00
Arizona Marble Ind. Inc.111,149.00
Avonti Mfg. Inc.111,423.00
Proclean Of Arizona Inc.11250.00
Arizona Environmental Container Corp.1144,799.00
Union Distributing Co.Inc.110.20
Fabricated Prods. Inc. (Dba Seafab Metals Co.)1111.00
Equatorial Mineral Park Inc.110.20
Triangle Indl. Corp.110.10
U.S. Air Force Davis-Monthan Afb1114.00
Distinctive Marble Inc.113,472.00
Baja Prods. Ltd.117,149.00
Texas Instruments Tucson11250.00
Sasol N.A. Ceralox Div.11750.00
Southwest Fiberglass L.L.C.1121,052.00
Inter-Fab Inc.1142,000.00
Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. Prescott Fndy.114.00
U.S. Marine Corps Cannon Complex111.58
U.S. Doi Bureau Of Reclamation Yuma Area Office11750.00
Mountain Marble Mfg. Inc.116,147.00
U.S. Marine Corps Barry M. Goldwater Range112,443.00
Gowan Co.111,220.00
Pima Valve, Incorporated11560.00
Classy Closets11600.00
United Metro Materials #481119,260.00
Superior Lime & Chemical1111,400.00
Sacaton Super Mart1118,760.00
Casa Blanca Market116,200.00
Pepsi Bottling Group11250.00
Lone Butte Waste Water Treatment Plant1160.00
Gila River Gas Station1120,000.00
Phillips Services1111,000.00
Arizona Box11340.00
Dairy Nutrition Services114,000.00
Solkatronic Chemicals, Incorporated11640.00
Bmc West11400.00
Praxair Inc.11843.00
Komatke Gas Station1110,200.00
Pacific Scientific1160.00
Hill Brothers Chemical Co.11250.00
Rock Solid, Incorporated1119,000.00
Kysor Panel Sys.000.00
Tuscarora Inc. - Isc Group000.00
Atlas Roofing Corp.000.00
Fiskars Garden Tools Phoenix000.00