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Polluters in Arkansas
Entergy Ark-White Bluff77205121,881,449.85
Entergy Ark-Independence77206102,092,700.11
Georgia-Pacific Corp Crossett Paper Mill3936253,517,587.80
Swepco-Flint Creek Power Plant789736,300,249.84
Eastman Chemical Company-Ark Eastman Div389424,309,646.16
Georgia-Pacific Studmill And Plywood2516623,118,046.08
Lion Oil Company3251718,145,150.96
Domtar Industries Inc-Ashdown Mill2323415,125,459.01
International Paper Company2215614,947,957.76
Mid-America Pkg,Llc/Delta Natural Kraft482529,371,463.76
Green Bay Packaging - Ark Kraft Division322497,302,121.04
Alcoa Industrial Chemicals-Bauxite61225,527,822.92
Nucor Corporation-(Nucor Steel, Arkansas121594,398,182.93
Pinnacle Frames & Accents, Inc-Woodhall12314,137,059.86
Lake Catherine 411644,048,357.28
Potlatch Corporation-Cypress Bend Mill181553,643,537.99
Riceland Foods, Inc., Soya Division5963,438,580.01
Cooper-Standard Automotive572382,977,719.61
Albemarle Corporation283952,900,819.46
Weyerhaeuser Company--Dierks Mill212112,729,329.31
Ball Metal Food Container Corporation17462,042,620.02
International Paper - Leola Lumber Mill9581,996,960.03
Terra Nitrogen Limited Partnership7611,959,412.01
Potlatch Corporation12261,936,392.84
John L Mcclellan Generating Station491001,669,323.51
Mueller Copper Tube Products8471,621,360.01
Deltic Farm & Timber - Waldo19941,572,619.22
International Paper Company-Gurdon161011,430,162.19
Georgia-Pacific-El Dorado Sawmill17521,369,182.60
Longview Gas Company - Stamps4351,330,814.57
Sgl Carbon Corporation5451,330,375.99
Arkansas Electric Coop Corp. Bailey Generating Station49831,327,686.50
Quanex Corporation -Macsteel Division11751,306,683.02
Mrt-Carlisle Compressor Station3661,279,301.98
Nucor-Yamato Steel111361,268,566.20
Acme Brick Company-Fort Smith Plant17941,236,026.28
Viskase Corporation6241,231,686.58
Ash Grove Cement Company40841,226,407.88
Ngp Co-Station 305 - Texarkana111491,169,502.01
Bryce Corporation41211,149,936.82
Entergy Ark-Ritchie42691,148,118.98
Mrt-Fountain Hill Compressor Station2301,089,679.99
Georgia-Pacific Fordyce Plywood Facilty19671,071,080.20
Planters Cotton Oil Mill4301,046,219.96
Weyerhaeuser-Mountain Pine302311,028,941.88
Georgia Pacific Resins10286981,758.40
Pactiv Corporation1117972,655.55
Allied Tube & Corporation975961,599.98
Amfuel - Plant #1938912,740.01
Pine Bluff Entergy Center2236904,155.07
Del-Tin Fiber Llc-El Dorado718904,084.03
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Water Txs1093899,116.01
Acme Brick Co -- Perla Plant1744843,233.81
Weyerhaeuser Company-Emerson Division2191830,177.12
Ic Corporation1652792,966.01
Arkansas Lime Company521772,600.63
Drew Foam Companies, Incorporated16757,379.99
Bae Systems425742,390.02
Archer Daniels Midland Company446702,150.01
Bearden Lumber Company537697,599.99
Gdx Automotive45121686,520.00
Central Moloney, Inc., An Arkansas Co.13315681,894.67
Ranger Boats/Woods Manufacturing Company15495657,548.19
Temple-Inland Forest Products Corp.633637,419.99
Potlatch Corp - Southern & Bradley Units1933629,460.00
Great Lakes Chemical18149629,409.83
Electrolux Home Products1537617,599.99
S-R Of Arkansas1470609,163.39
Arkansas Steel Associates757595,980.02
Great Lakes Corporation--South Plant2387562,304.10
Thomas B Fitzhugh Generating Station4983560,734.02
Anthony Forest Products Co-El Dorado533551,586.80
Bpb Gypsum,Inc357541,019.99
Bibler Brothers Company340537,606.01
Deltic Farm & Timber Company-Sawmill2094530,849.88
Bean Lumber Company, Incorporated1630524,268.00
Minnesota Mining And Manufacturing9374510,379.85
Acme Brick-Clarksville Plant1753509,138.74
General Shale Products Corporation Llc419506,806.00
Acme Brick Company - Ouachita Plant1719503,327.19
Smi Joist Company35502,407.99
Noram-Malvern Compressor Station334495,530.00
Ngc-Compressor Station-30611243492,130.00
El Dorado Chemical Company511484,620.00
Wrightsville Power Facility 20138481,120.27
Maverick Tube Corporation11478,000.00
Premcor Refining Group, Inc1598471,413.79
Baldor Electric Company-Fort Smith Plant816464,591.00
The Cooper Tire Company53171458,814.30
Buddy Bean Lumber Company,Incorporated321456,055.99
Awg-Drake Compressor Station368439,063.93
Centerpoint Energy/W .Point216434,740.00
Pinnacle Frames & Accents, Inc #21222426,282.51
Idaho Timber Corporation Of Carthage,Inc37393,800.00
Ray White Lumber Company314391,959.99
Arkansas Poly, Incorporated552380,943.99
Gp-Oriented Strandboard Facility1129377,904.74
Emerson Electric Company, Motor Division13345364,165.56
Whiting Petroleum Company10118355,851.21
Anthony Timberlands1440354,399.99
Teris, Llc179697350,516.36
Cross Timbers-Mcmillian Compressor Sta716348,932.01
Correll Incorporated836344,804.62
Quebecor World-Jonesboro Div641340,340.00
Alcoa-Hot Sprgs Continuous Rolling Plant712339,357.50
Air Systems Incorporated2363330,840.50
A E Staley Manufacturing Company538328,246.01
Green Bay Packaging Inc-Pinecrest Lumber1030315,660.01
Waterloo Industries,Incorporated1447306,102.00
Wheatland Tube Company - Omega Division622292,040.01
Entergy Ark-Couch41101283,901.12
Kawneer Company Incorporated9115281,447.00
Riverside Furniture Corporation-Plant 5677279,020.01
Acme Brick-Wheeler Plant1777260,654.99
Mid-America Cabinets Inc411258,832.00
Atlantic Research Corporation21362254,380.02
Alumax Foils, Incorporated358253,907.99
Great Lakes Chemical Corp-West Plant520252,437.00
Awg-Batson Compressor Station315249,908.00
Mrt-Glendale Compressor Station646246,220.00
Superior Industries Int Inc-Fayetteville11424244,153.75
Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America11108243,680.00
American Railcar Industries,Incorporated1234242,216.00
Travis Lumber Company,Incorporated1031228,361.40
Meyer'S Bakeries435227,552.08
Porocel Corporation788227,421.00
Calico Trailer Manufacturing Company619225,540.00
Ngc-Station #30713172218,492.00
Arkansas Terminaling And Trading Company831217,900.00
Berenfield Containers (Sw) Limited1240215,414.00
Magee Company1380213,616.18
Amerimax Coated Products, Incorporated1428206,545.01
Armtec Countermeasures Co.11184,876.00
Teppco-El Dorado #1 Terminal7254184,468.00
H G Toler And Son Lumber Company623183,276.00
Arkansas Glass Container Corporation318182,000.00
Hamilton Moses 4182181,557.35
Centerpoint Energy-Dunn Compressor315179,860.00
Cypress Chemical Company2457174,582.00
Awg-Sells Compressor Station425171,478.00
Entergy Ark-Lynch41100168,656.48
Robbins Hardwood Flooring Inc-Witt Plant1741167,835.79
Seeco - Stockton Compressor Station415167,660.00
Centerpoint-- Walker Compressor Station321167,404.00
Robbins Hardwood Flooring, Inc.418160,000.00
Hope Brick Works1530159,907.08
Afco Steel, Incorporated22156,600.00
Awg-Davis Compressor Station423155,340.00
Duke Energy-Hot Springs Facility Llc16105154,301.40
Chem-Fab Corporation14157152,800.00
Dow Chemical-Russellville Site755150,658.00
Awg Woolsey Compressor Station429148,920.00
Proform Company,Llc318148,000.00
Reliant Energy-Hobbs Compressor Station321134,060.00
Tyson Foods-River Valley Animal Foods348133,316.00
Nibco Incorporated-Blytheville Division2195131,268.22
Riceland Foods-Jonesboro Grain Dryer4119129,770.00
Century Flooring Company1051127,000.00
Gates Rubber Company38143126,720.00
Reliant Energy-Tates Island Compressor314124,640.00
Akin Industries1425120,845.00
Norton Proppants Divi Of Saint-Gobain Cp362114,240.00
Wabash National Wood Products415107,140.00
Whirlpool Corporation1129105,680.00
Te Products Pipeline Company9240102,912.00
Centerpoint-Webb City Compressor Station318101,310.00
Fm Corporation819100,274.00
Greenville Tube Corporation81699,225.00
Robbins Hardwood Flooring,Incorporated114997,524.00
L A Darling Company123396,125.00
Smith Fibercast41895,389.00
Kenner Manufacturing Company, Inc112490,910.00
American Railcar Industries123990,906.20
Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company6888,696.00
Superior Industries International, Inc.516087,452.00
San Antonio Shoe Company52686,428.00
Steele Plastics, Inc.92279,480.00
Tetco-Bald Knob32578,000.00
Vp Buildings Inc6977,920.00
Union Pacific Railroad-Jenks Facility915876,323.12
Riverside Furniture611476,212.40
White-Rodgers Division/Emerson Electric93275,728.08
Smi Steel Arkansas41975,520.01
Ball Metal Food Container Corporation82073,900.00
Reynolds Metals Company1916473,622.68
Tankinetics Inc4471,200.00
Automated Conveyor Systems Incorporated2269,812.00
Pine Bluff Arsenal202267,877.20
Usa Coe-W G Huxtable Pumping Station41360,655.00
Ozark Gas-Noark Compressor Station53959,440.00
Baxter Healthcare Corporation1111459,429.00
American Tubing,Incorporated2356,400.00
Entergy Ark-Moses32156,334.00
Sgl Technic Inc.1255,650.00
Smurfit-Stone Container67455,469.48
Mrt-Bigger Compressor Station21855,342.00
Reliant Energy-Piney Compressor Station2654,540.00
Delta Consolidated Industries,Inc96754,412.20
Wabash Alloys L.L.C.5854,404.70
Brentwood Industries, Incorporated4454,000.00
Glad Manufacturing Corporation61852,000.00
Tyson Foods -River Valley Animal Foods32750,680.00
Road Systems, Inc.43849,912.80
Bass Cat Boats31648,060.00
Jason International Inc82547,554.96
J. V. Mfg.3645,366.00
Inspec Foams Inc.1243,247.00
Owens Corning2440,308.00
Holland Usa, Inc81339,340.60
Conagra Foods Inc.1138,800.00
Russellville Steel Company Inc3938,260.00
Tyson Foods Inc.1136,660.00
Baldwin Piano Inc2330,494.00
Tyson Foods Inc.1130,000.00
U.S. Vanadium Corporation54429,920.00
Trojan Luggage Company,Dba Americo71128,848.82
Tyson Foods Inc.1126,007.00
Tyson Foods Inc.1125,460.00
Tyson Foods-Pine Bluff Feed Mill4625,120.00
Riceland Foods Inc. Stuttgart Rice Div.1125,000.00
Tyson Foods Inc. Hope Processing Plant1123,880.00
Riverside Furniture Plant 12423,000.00
Brushy Island Landfill282821,453.61
J.V. Mfg.51021,449.00
Albemarle Corp. West Plant4719,770.00
Tyson Foods Inc.1118,860.00
Smi Steel Products101018,180.00
Sanyo Mfg. Corp.1218,108.00
Pacific Mdf Prods. Inc.3617,031.00
Bekaert Corp.2416,949.00
Searcy Laundry Products-Maytag Appliance56116,712.00
Conagra Frozen Foods Frozen Food Plant1116,631.00
General Cable1116,093.00
Conagra Foods1115,883.00
Tyson Foods Inc.1115,580.00
Danaher Tool Group2415,100.00
Excel Speciality Prods.1115,060.00
Washington / Tontitown Landfill282815,003.37
Keystone Fasteners Inc.1115,000.00
Virco Mfg. Corp. Plant 31214,140.00
Wayne Farms L.L.C. Danville1113,746.00
Norandal Usa Inc.1213,600.00
Remington Arms Co. Inc.3313,554.00
Pinnacle Foods Corp.1213,390.00
Baldor Electric Co.1113,170.00
Claridge Prods. & Equipment Inc.1213,112.00
Shannon Road Landfill282813,104.58
Reddy Ice 381 Pine Bluff1213,000.00
Alumacraft Boat Co.3312,931.00
Jonesboro-City Water & Light42712,882.00
Rogers Tool Works Incorporated3611,957.80
Industrial Ironworks Inc.1111,901.00
Burlington Rug Corp. Plant #11211,705.00
Russellville Camshaft Facility1211,428.00
Cyro Inds.1211,359.00
Robert Bosch Tool Corp.1111,263.00
Ashley Lighting Inc.1210,674.00
Kemlite Co. Inc.2410,082.00
Tiffany Inds. L.L.C.1210,019.00
Odom'S Tennessee Pride Sausage Inc.1110,000.00
Conagra Foods Poultry Group119,852.00
Pilgrim'S Pride Corp. Dequeen Processing Plant119,712.00
City Of Benton Landfill28289,389.60
Conway Regional Medical Center3188,100.00
Ok Foods Inc.118,013.00
Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.118,000.00
Petit Jean Poultry118,000.00
City Of Forrest City Landfill28287,786.76
Mafco Inc.127,247.00
Rlh Inc Landfill28287,161.91
Crittenden County Landfill28287,161.91
1 Poulan Drive Facility366,800.00
Borden Chemical Inc.486,741.00
Jefferson County Landfill28286,730.31
Hazen Landfill28286,569.06
Ashley County Landfill28286,522.80
Tri-State Marble Inc.116,182.00
Tyson Foods-Spadra Feed Mill366,180.00
Rice Capital Inc446,000.00
Mississippi County Landfill28285,796.30
Advance Fiberglass Inc.115,700.00
Union County / El Dorado Landfill28285,597.72
Raytheon Aircraft Co.125,582.00
Union Power Station151615,436.00
Shumaker Public Service Landfill28285,212.68
Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.5105,098.00
City Of Conway Landfill & Mrf28285,085.37
Crawford County Landfill28285,014.33
Poulan/Weed Eater364,600.00
Binnacle Ind. L.L.C. (Dba House Of Marble)114,594.00
Farmers Oil Corp. Inc.484,510.40
Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.244,491.00
Howard County Landfill28284,364.17
Ameron Performance Coatings & Finishes Group774,289.00
Preformed Line Prods. Co.124,260.00
Reliant Energy-Helena Compressor Station264,180.00
City Of Jacksonville Landfill28284,031.71
Hope Feed Mill/Hudson Foods354,000.00
Mrt-Tuckerman Compressor Station3283,924.00
Epoxyn Prods. L.L.C.123,760.00
Walther Trowal123,750.00
Texas Eastern Transmission Corp-Hope Sta3243,680.00
Norac Inc.233,646.00
Upper Southwest Arkansas Sw Mgmt28283,607.31
Fort Smith Landfill28283,307.76
Ct1-Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp593,280.60
Southland Furniture223,252.00
Little Rock Municipal Landfill28282,872.84
Diaz Intermediates Corp.122,750.00
Rolling Meadows Landfill28282,666.11
Saline County Regional Sw Mgmt District28282,653.91
Mrt-Sherrill Compressor Station3242,600.00
Coastal Unilube Inc.362,472.00
C L C Sanitation Landfill28282,464.14
City Of Jonesboro Landfill28282,286.77
Yell County Landfill28282,285.62
Bekaert Corp.122,251.00
Northeast Arkansas Regional Solid Waste District28282,107.22
Jackson County Landfill28282,093.08
Fulton Landfill-Quail Road28282,076.27
United Sanitation Lf28282,072.23
Fulton Landfill / Arkansas Street28281,946.69
Trefilarbed Arkansas Inc.241,791.00
City Of Morrilton Solid Waste Landfill28281,759.49
Van Buren County Landfill28281,510.24
Cobb - Vantress Feed Mill121,500.00
Pope County Landfill28281,499.58
Dana Towing Group441,340.00
Weyerhaeuser Wood Treating111,300.00
Lawrence County Landfill28281,267.02
Blytheville Landfill28281,258.33
Apac-Arkansas Inc. Arkhola-Preston Asphalt121,033.51
Poinsett County Landfill2828971.45
City Of Beebe Landfill2828954.85
City Of Pocahontas Landfill2828923.71
Lafayette County Landfill2828921.10
Frit Inds.24920.00
City Of Newport Landfill2828910.18
Harsco Co. Heckett Multiserv Plant 4911852.00
Harsco Co. Heckett Multiserv Plant 5411803.00
Lee County Landfill2828801.04
Virco Mfg. Corp. Main Facility36765.00
Arkansas General Ind.11750.00
Camden Solid Waste Landfill2828746.95
Univar Usa12720.00
Sloan Valve Co.12513.00
Mid-America Distillations Inc.24510.00
John Tinkle Sanitary Landfill2828508.80
Clay County Landfill2828507.27
Mid-South Mfg. Inc.23503.00
Kohler Co. Arkansas Faucet Ops. Sheridan Plant22500.00
Spang & Co. Magnetics Div.12500.00
George'S Processing Inc.12500.00
Mrt-Diaz Compressor Station313480.00
Berry Petroleum Co.44466.00
Cross County Landfill2828415.62
City Of Waldron Landfill2828393.38
Coastal Unilube Inc.12388.00
Tri County Landfill2828377.96
City Of Paris Landfill2828365.37
Sevier County Landfill2828352.27
City Of Hughes Landfill2828352.27
Independence County Landfill2828339.92
City Of Hope Landfill2828339.92
Desha County Landfill2828339.92
Eudora Landfill2828324.45
Phillips County Landfill2828324.45
City Of Magnolia Landfill2828312.60
Apac-Arkansas Inc. Arkhola-Jenny Lind Asphalt12310.33
Stovall Sanitary Landfill2828294.31
Mena / Polk County Landfill2828288.91
Pyramid Plastics Inc.24272.00
Little River County Landfill2828267.39
Superior Graphite Co.12266.35
Ipsco Tubulars Inc.22255.00
Southern Steel & Wire Co.11250.00
Rapid Die & Molding Co.11250.00
Pike County Landfill2828249.85
Northwest Ark Waste Landfill2828248.32
Nevada County Landfill2828221.26
City Of Bentonville Landfill2828208.88
Quest Corp.33205.00
City Of Batesville Landfill2828200.69
Garland County Inert Landfill2828184.66
White County Landfill2828182.09
Southeast Arkansas Landfill2828160.13
Arkansas City Terninal948139.80
Wheeling Machine Prods. Inc. .11117.00
Cloyes Gear & Prods. Inc.11103.00
City Of Camden2828101.48
Eaton Hydraulics Inc.2388.08
P.E. Barnes Co.1180.30
Commercial Resins Blytheville3371.90
Koppers Inc.1258.00
Entergy Ark-Mabelvale41757.65
Garlock Rubber Techs.1252.00
Polyone Corp. E & Pa2451.00
Trinity Inds. Inc. Fitting Grp.3447.02
Exide Corp.3540.66
General Dynamics Atp1132.00
Amercable Inc.1226.00
Cooper Power Sys. Kearney Ops.1125.00
City Of West Helena Landfill282824.84
Baldor Drives Center1224.00
Hatfield Lumber Co. Inc.2420.00
Jan-Eze Plating Inc.1216.50
Virco Mfg. Corp. Plant 23315.00
Federal-Mogul Corp.1214.60
Southwestern Die Casting Co.1212.00
Matthews Intl. Corp.2412.00
Bearden Landfill282810.47
Kohler Co.1210.00
Mid-States Asphalt116.00
Precision Ind. Inc.225.96
Kohler Co.115.00
Tokusen Usa Inc.115.00
Samuel Bingham Co.115.00
Pratt & Whitney Psd Inc.115.00
Kd Tools Danaher Tool Group115.00
Emerson Electric Co. White-Rodgers Div.115.00
Rohr Inc. (Dba Goodrich Aerostructures Group)123.73
Siplast Icopal Inc.113.29
Anchor Die Cast113.00
Parker Hannifin Benton Mobile Cylinder Div.333.00
Arkansas Aluminum Alloys Inc.122.90
Eaton Aeroquip Inc.112.50
Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp.111.00
A. Tenenbaum Co. Inc.120.83
Firestone Building Prods. Co.120.43
Epc Of Arkansas110.22
Firestone Tube Co.110.10
Dow Chemical Co.000.00
Bunge Corporation110.00
Haworth - Jonesboro000.00
Morrell Mfg. Inc.000.00
Telex Communications Inc.000.00