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Polluters in Alaska
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Central Compressor Plant716227,022,700.02
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Central Gas Facility711615,799,820.02
Agrium Kenai Nitrogen Operations1317810,815,365.41
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Central Power Station7899,592,899.95
Gvea North Pole Power Plant5209,248,100.03
Teck Cominco Alaska Red Dog Mine72528,201,120.00
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Gathering Center #1 (Gc-1)71817,868,500.00
Eielson Air Force Base92457,254,499.21
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Lisburne Production Center71876,835,260.01
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Endicott Production Facility72496,764,920.06
Chugach - Beluga River Power Plant5306,699,079.99
Unocal Swanson River Field61916,495,640.04
Conocophillips Central Production Facility #163155,741,399.95
Us Army Fort Wainwright9515,255,868.83
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Gathering Center #3 (Gc-3)71704,578,679.95
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Flow Station #371124,446,120.02
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Flow Station #1 (Fs-1)61024,382,019.97
Conocophillips Alaska - Central Production Facility #371804,086,520.00
Conocophillips Alaska - Kenai Lng Plant7974,069,660.00
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Flow Station #271373,877,559.97
Gvea Healy Power Plant6163,367,532.42
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Valdez Marine Terminal61583,351,580.04
Tesoro Alaska Company - Nikiski Terminal111513,346,026.65
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Gathering Center #2 (Gc-2)72003,283,719.99
Trans Alaska Pipeline System Pump Station 351403,022,239.99
Aurora Energy6212,962,295.00
Conocophillips Alpine Central Processing Facility61162,931,260.09
Anchorage Municipal Light & Power George M. Sullivan Generation Plant Two5102,750,040.00
Unocal King Salmon Platform61222,747,599.95
Trans Alaska Pipeline System Pump Station 151552,613,759.97
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Northstar Production Facility71692,067,259.99
Unocal Grayling Platform51641,893,679.99
Tesoro Alaska Company - Kenai Refinery183621,839,272.70
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Milne Point Production Facility71411,713,520.02
Unocal Dolly Varden Platform61521,712,460.01
Xto Energy Inc. - Platform C5801,619,460.00
Trans Alaska Pipeline System Pump Station 95401,538,140.01
University Of Alaska5251,525,900.03
Bethel Utilities Corporation5301,468,720.00
Trans Alaska Pipeline System Pump Station 45951,459,739.97
Cook Inlet Pipeline Co. Drift River Terminal5391,399,439.94
Xto Energy Inc. Platform A5751,337,799.99
Unisea, Inc. - Dutch Harbor Terminal Facility61021,253,007.01
Conocophillips Alaska - Tyonek Platform71351,241,140.01
U.S. Air Force - Eareckson Air Station52951,214,200.00
Nushagak Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Power Plant-Dillingham5351,181,199.98
Trans Alaska Pipeline System Pump Station 75401,170,320.01
Us Air Force - Clear Air Force Station7601,107,719.00
Unocal Steelhead Platform5821,062,980.00
Trident Seafoods - Akutan Facility61001,055,320.00
Nome Joint Utility System5301,036,600.03
City Of Unalaska - Dutch Harbor Power Plant5351,020,799.99
Westward Seafoods, Inc.535933,080.01
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Seawater Injection Plant East762908,120.00
Kotzebue Power Plant531882,959.99
Teck Cominco De Long Mountain Regional Transportation System Port Facility6192764,940.00
Unocal Monopod Platform6108733,460.01
Alaska Power & Telephone - Tok Power Generating Station530634,300.00
Kennecott Greens Creek Mining Company937626,756.90
Ketchikan Public Utilities - Bailey Powerhouse520624,860.02
Trident Sand Point Seafood Facility651589,380.00
Williams Alaska Petroleum North Pole13160575,967.50
Unocal Bruce Platform6126540,060.00
Peter Pan Seafoods, Inc. - King Cove555535,159.99
Haliburton Energy Services, Inc. - Deadhorse Facility644512,899.99
Cordova Electric Coop Orca Power Plant530495,680.00
Trans Alaska Pipeline System Pump Station 12540479,140.00
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Seawater Treatment Plant, Pbu792472,700.01
Alyeska Seafoods, Inc.570461,200.00
Unocal Trading Bay Production Facility6186454,460.00
Icicle Seafoods, M/V Northern Victor540447,640.00
Unocal Granite Point Platform5115420,999.99
Copper Valley Electric Association - Glenallen Diesel Plant550420,119.99
Conocophillips Alaska - Kuparuk Seawater Treatment Plant745401,260.00
Unocal Anna Platform6142382,480.00
Beaver Creek Production Facility5135366,540.00
Copper Valley Electric Association-Valdez Co-Generation Facility510352,679.99
Marathon Oil Company - Kenai Gas Field 34-31586351,300.00
Marathon Oil Company - Kenai Gas Field Pad 14-6589337,620.00
Anchorage Municipal Light And Power - Hank Nikkels Plant One520335,447.40
Yakutat Power, Inc.520297,860.00
Ael&P Lemon Creek555277,800.00
Usa Waste Management (Channel Incinerator)919234,858.94
Cook Inlet Pipeline Co. Christy Lee Loading Platform516221,400.01
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Badami Development7116213,540.00
Forest Oil Corp. West Mcarthur River Unit673169,000.00
Red Dog Ops.915163,521.02
Copper Valley Electric Association - Valdez Diesel Plant545114,320.00
Trident Seafoods Corporation - St. Paul Processing Facility535106,460.00
Alaska Railroad Fairbanks Heating Plant4887,840.00
Anc Water And Wastewater Facility - John M Apslund/Pt. Woronzof Facility51086,160.00
Tesoro Alaska Company - Anchorage Terminals 1 & 21025671,233.04
Unocal Granite Point Tank Farm58065,800.00
Fort Knox Mine7856,743.00
Fort Wainwright Landfill282843,321.31
Unocal Baker Platform610021,720.00
Unocal Dillon Platform614913,260.00
Elmendorf Landfill282811,925.78
Central Peninsula Baling Facility-Soldotna Lf282810,445.28
North Star Borough Landfill28288,553.39
Us Army Fort Richardson Installation5316,840.00
Fort Yukon White Alice Afs Landfill28286,569.06
Kalakaket Creek Rrs Landfill28286,569.06
Cold Bay / White Alice Dera Landfill28286,569.06
Homer Balefill Landfill28284,841.94
Organic Incineration Technologies16164,300.49
Kodiak Borough Landfill28284,127.93
U.S. Air Force - Elmendorf Afb61143,560.00
City Of Ketchikan Inert Landfill & Msw Ts28282,802.77
Unalaska Landfill28282,702.54
Chevron Prods. Co. Anchorage Terminal5101,894.00
Univar Usa Inc. (Formerly Vopak Usa Inc.)361,858.00
City Of Sitka Landfill28281,397.93
Barrow Landfill28281,303.35
Bear Creek Rrs Landfill28281,069.83
Delong Mountain Transportation Facility Port Site461,055.00
Port Of Anchorage, P. O. L. Terminal, Dock No. 2.56931.23
Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Regional Hospital (Formerly Bethel Hospital)99683.71
Oxbow Landfill2828574.19
Illinois Creek Mine33505.00
Petro Star Valdez Refy.12500.00
City Of Wrangell Landfill2828461.64
Tok Landfill2828461.64
Point Lay Landfill2828461.64
Nuiqsut Landfill2828461.64
Nenana Solid Waste Landfill2828461.64
Scammon Bay Landfill2828461.64
Wainwright Landfill2828450.10
Point Hope Landfill2828445.48
Dot Lake Landfill2828443.96
Alakanuk Landfill2828443.96
Cordova Balefill / Odiak Site Landfill2828425.49
Cape Lisburne Afs Landfill2828324.45
Bethel White Alice Demolition Landfill2828324.45
Houston Landfill2828297.54
Big Lake Landfill2828297.54
Eielson Afb Landfill2828198.56
Tin City Afs Landfill2828198.56
Branite Mountain Rrs Landfill2828198.56
Unocal Petroleum Products, Ketchikan Terminal Whar44151.59
Valdez Construction Waste Landfill2828144.38
Williams Alaska Petroleum Inc. Fairbanks Terminal24136.00
Port Of Anchorage, Terminal No. 3 Wharf.44135.01
U.S. Army Delta Training Area11107.90
Tyonek Native Corp., North Foreland Wharf.4486.94
Delta Western, Juneau Wharf.4482.36
Taku Oil Sales, Juneau Terminal Wharf.4469.02
Crowley Marine Services, Kotzebue Dock.4435.13
City Of Nome, Snake River Cargo Dock.4415.58
Petro Star Inc.1210.00
True North Mine1110.00
City Of Haines, P. O. L. Terminal Dock.449.87
Western Pioneer, Dutch Harbor Wharf.447.05
U.S. Dod Usaf Elmendorf Afb116.00
U.S. Coast Guard Integrated Support Command Kodiak112.00
King Cove Deep Water City Dock.442.00