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Column information
Polluters in the USA
Regional Sanitation Dist3897470,481,000.85
Burney Forest Products2020452,615,399.90
Georgia Power Company, Bowen Steam-Electric Generating Plant75386443,124,323.33
Rio Rancho Facility2061409,126,000.00
Reliant Energy Keystone Power Plant77198403,284,644.74
W. H. Sammis Plant74560382,822,785.55
Allegheny Energy Supply Co/Hatfields Ferry Power Sta80292378,112,509.21
Bethlehem Steel Corp. - Burns Harbor671967362,134,004.70
Reliant Energy/Keystone Power Plt26131359,198,970.89
Psi Energy - Gibson88594352,794,755.70
Dp&L, J.M. Stuart Generating Station77536347,248,059.13
Duke Energy Corp - Belews Creek Steam Station97280346,408,171.84
Conesville Power Plant77658334,879,963.99
Alabama Power Company76527333,593,855.78
Appalachian Power - John E Amos Plant74256326,253,812.10
Tva Johnsonville Fossil Plant811089309,684,376.08
Muskingum River Power Plant74492293,761,109.42
Monticello Stm Ele Stn77672292,552,260.73
Celite Corporation322530285,355,309.17
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.75404280,623,597.22
Detroit Edison/Monroe Power91511276,425,410.55
Homer City Ol/Homer City Gen Sta73240272,460,839.51
Cp&L - Roxboro Steam Electric Plant93532271,018,134.91
Martin Lake Electrical Station78669268,954,798.16
Ppl Montour Llc/Montour Ses73167256,952,389.86
Georgia Power Company, Scherer Steam-Electric Generating Plant75380251,453,778.57
Duke Energy Corporation - Marshall Steam Station94459249,927,330.46
Agc Division - Alcoa Power Generating98784247,960,870.27
Tva Kingston Fossil Plant78912238,758,424.78
Westar Energy, Inc.74294232,246,330.38
Georgia Power Company, Branch Steam-Electric Generating Plant75380223,333,969.11
U S Steel Co Gary Works632215220,246,632.41
Big Brown80480215,277,626.56
Cinergy Corp Miami Fort Station74496214,405,529.67
Monongahela Power Co.- Fort Martin Power74255213,686,669.07
Ohio Valley Electric Corp., Kyger Creek Station74522207,614,602.18
Cardinal Power Plant (Cardinal Operating Company)74355204,533,970.29
Georgia Power Company, Wansley Steam-Electric Generating Plant76267204,285,392.97
Mirant Mid-Atlantic Llc78475199,493,442.08
Indiana Michigan Power-Rockport91356191,532,835.52
Dominion - Chesterfield Power Station81455189,877,277.89
Cinergy Cg&E Wc Beckjord Station74614186,733,182.67
Ohio Power - Mitchell Plant74173185,125,992.38
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., Eastlake Pla74388184,116,623.27
Welsh Power Plant74294183,964,377.73
Ppl Brunner Island Llc/Brunner Island73245182,051,188.14
Alcoa Sandow Plant371505181,962,031.96
Alabama Power Company83613179,419,133.61
W A Parish Station82671178,173,095.39
Four Corners Power Plant79530171,942,563.71
Gavin Power Plant74233166,370,530.38
Tampa Electric Company75746165,738,080.52
American Electric Power-Tanners Creek88471165,152,635.77
La Generating Llc/Big Cajun 2 Pwr Plnt73280164,386,830.97
Kentucky Utilities Co78405163,939,763.08
Alabama Power Company (Miller Power Plant)81459158,319,233.08
Alabama Power Company76456155,549,876.10
Fort Stewart Hqs 3d Infantry Div (Mech)7153155,299,668.20
Tva Cumberland Fossil Plant78290153,610,685.36
Psi Energy - Wabash River95766153,188,237.61
Santee Cooper Winyah81637150,904,726.81
Ipl Petersburg Generating Station88499148,797,123.01
Bethlehem Steel14345146,933,775.01
Sacramento Cogeneration Authoy1972144,494,104.96
Ikec - Clifty Creek Station75826144,375,658.03
Kansas City Power & Light Co.74307141,429,480.67
Pepco - Chalk Point83552140,613,209.32
American Italian Pasta Company-American Italian Pasta Company690138,970,953.28
Leland Olds Station78342138,195,792.21
Oil Technology, Inc. - Ispat Steel Plt#2521346137,138,618.12
Tva Bull Run Fossil Plant78140136,926,576.09
Southern California Edison78224135,690,422.03
Psi Energy - Cayuga89261134,420,377.43
St. Clair / Belle River Power Plant961640134,344,327.50
Western Ky Energy Corp82346133,775,766.77
Mount Storm Power Plant74353133,264,633.71
Florida Power & Light (Pmt)56149133,257,900.12
Kentucky Power Co78201133,208,123.44
Avon Lake Power Plant80234132,618,134.62
Pacificorp_jim Bridger78265131,755,728.25
Nsp - Sherburne Generating Plant78488131,269,455.93
Kentucky Utilities Co82459129,982,116.39
Gulf Power Company81663125,011,161.23
Tva-Environmental Affairs78995125,009,381.50
Pa Power Co/Bruce Mansfield Plt74507124,691,733.27
Amerenue-Sioux Plant75384124,461,107.85
Noranda Aluminum Inc-Noranda Aluminum Inc9370124,198,826.60
Nppd Gerald Gentleman Station79171124,193,114.79
Appalachian Power - Mountaineer Plant7490122,157,943.77
Entergy Ark-White Bluff77205121,881,449.85
American Electric Power Northeastern Station84313121,577,451.98
M R Young Station 1 & 278209121,525,438.47
J. H. Campbell Plant90403121,312,710.17
Dunkirk Steam Generating Station65275120,546,547.44
Navajo Generating Station75225119,607,824.86
Ameren Energy Generating Co78349119,300,410.69
Amerenue-Labadie Plant76380118,692,478.20
Pleasants Energy Llc78316118,382,716.81
Wci Steel, Inc.45687117,789,752.04
Eastman Chemical Company61905116,146,376.58
Wis Electric Power Pleasant Prairie Station80374114,937,501.01
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc79285114,782,940.19
East Ky Power Coop76176114,349,613.58
Appalachian Power Co.-Philip Sporn Plant74398113,752,480.31
Alabama Power Company83511113,738,042.42
Southwire Co14282113,373,188.22
Ipl Harding Street Station92598112,663,680.00
Usgen New England Incorporated82722111,901,170.97
Psi Energy - Gallagher88474111,571,834.66
Colstrip Energy Ltd Partnership79520111,004,368.56
Hw Pirkey Power Plt82143110,883,288.70
Fayette Power Project83415110,553,983.27
San Juan Generating Station75421110,391,734.77
Constellation Power Source Generation - Brandon Shores73182110,346,915.84
New Madrid Power Plant75277110,299,891.12
Ohio Power - Kammer Plant74247109,470,207.69
Georgia Power Company, Yates Steam-Electric Generating Plant81954109,422,599.14
Coal Creek Station77158108,560,668.77
Public Svc Co Of Ok3287107,160,440.00
Nipsco - R.M. Schahfer95614104,570,311.04
Orion Power Midwest, Cheswick Station84208104,107,157.38
Wheelabrator Shasta E.C.I.1416103,811,878.53
Tva Gallatin Fossil Plant81605103,210,638.77
Kansas City Power & Light Co-Hawthorn Station85177103,113,442.47
Pampa Plant22416103,000,924.22
Entergy Ark-Independence77206102,092,700.11
Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.75457101,629,084.60
Colstrip Steam Electric Station2276101,486,716.63
Columbian Chemicals Company72799,856,875.97
Duke Energy Corporation - Allen Steam Station9053998,618,836.53
Tva John Sevier Fossil Plant7841596,836,889.39
Huntley Steam Generating Station6431696,670,863.72
Tampa Electric Company7571196,336,808.27
Sloss Industries Corporation - Coke/Utilities/Btf1211296,019,778.48
Motiva Enterprises Llc - Delaware City109494695,121,841.60
Monongahela Power Co-Harrison7838395,055,233.00
Dominion - Yorktown Power Station8632395,016,321.85
Columbian Chemicals Company1612894,688,342.50
Reliant Energy Limestone8655794,674,894.80
Aes Ed Edwards Station7824594,605,299.05
Reliant Energy/Shawville Generating Station7537994,576,143.72
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co., Wm. H. Zimmer7414693,138,321.78
Midamerican Energy Co. - George Neal North9160791,303,170.92
Midwest Generation Llc8322990,168,791.39
Alliant Energy-Columbia Generating Station7721489,836,238.70
Alcan Ingot & Recycling1916289,644,836.78
Constellation Power Source Generation - Brandon Shores7926888,349,993.62
Doe Run Company-Glover Smelter1413688,282,400.53
Harrington Station8036688,018,871.41
Aluminum Company Of America - South Plant2153987,951,925.41
Minnesota Power Inc - Boswell Energy Ctr7948187,636,398.80
Dominion - Chesapeake7846487,548,755.16
Cholla Power Plant8340386,586,766.43
R. E. Burger Plant7739086,550,985.53
Mirant Mid-Atlantic7532586,515,446.62
Cp&L - Mayo Facility8821186,130,190.51
American Electric Power-Clinch River Plant7427883,235,949.97
Santee Cooper Cross7933782,999,231.24
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.5121582,841,090.68
Sommers Deely Spruce Pwr8445982,513,838.50
Belle River 7825782,113,482.54
Mississippi Power Company, Plant Daniel7121581,922,577.71
Transalta Centralia Generation7333681,828,413.89
Mississippi Power Company, Plant Jack Wa7223181,664,564.28
Kincaid Generation Llc8330980,808,290.23
Basin Electric_laramie River Station7928580,702,398.09
Pacificorp_dave Johnston7718080,234,061.50
Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, Inc. - Plant 2149479,875,819.51
Lou Gas & Elec, Mill Creek8043379,808,385.01
Tolk Station8024179,518,461.24
Council Bluffs 8333179,049,128.81
Georgia Power Company, Hammond Steam-Electric Generating Plant7538078,156,069.41
Horsehead Corp/Monaca Smelter1420476,484,379.10
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation - Steubenvil4460476,113,664.22
Armstrong Energy Llc/South Bend Sta7521276,087,530.19
R. H. Gorsuch Station7260576,067,792.69
Detroit Edison Trenton Channel9060075,407,223.14
Florida Power & Light (Pmr)6031275,278,037.94
Xcel Energy - Allen S King Generating7937675,261,701.36
Omaha Public Power District - North Omaha Power Station9233575,190,405.30
Midamerican Energy Co. - Council Bluffs Energy Ctr5639074,005,088.42
Allen Fossil Plant92123473,927,044.19
Psnh - Merrimack Station7622373,665,102.54
Coronado Generating Station7515073,552,286.39
Tucson Electric Power Co-Springerville7516273,502,170.57
Sandow Steam Electric7615873,181,922.65
Electric Energy Inc8151272,509,904.52
Intermountain Generation Station7024772,073,726.47
Pacificorp_naughton Power Plant8225672,073,454.87
Leamington Cement Plant1512671,384,349.30
Santee Cooper Jefferies8338671,176,972.53
Hudson Generating Station8224670,615,435.59
Associated Electric Cooperative Inc-Thomas Hill Energy Center-Power Division7635070,598,811.73
Mirant - Canal4934570,525,129.50
Georgia Power Company, Mcdonough Steam-Electric Generating Plant8130870,166,564.30
Mojave Cogeneration Company7869,837,580.00
Grand River Dam Auth7121069,776,640.57
Karn - Weadock Facility9677368,963,730.09
Antelope Valley Station7819668,181,167.21
Dupont White Pigment And Mineral Products1727767,968,054.70
Ak Steel Corporation51111267,906,586.24
L V Sutton Steam Electric Plant8834966,925,982.45
Archer Daniels Midland4285066,626,314.01
Northport Power Station4740966,411,805.42
Ppl Martins Creek 8641265,445,917.96
Florida Power & Light (Ppe)5435265,277,019.22
East Ky Power Coop7616165,231,643.90
Portland 7821865,082,114.47
Tri State Generation Craig8340964,797,114.67
Entergy Gsi/Nelson8022864,138,791.55
Kodak Park Division9588664,080,523.32
Duke Energy Corporation - Cliffside Steam Station9146763,879,744.78
Sunbury Generation Llc/Sunbury Ses7271563,827,864.03
Ipl - Ottumwa Generating Station8427463,696,354.54
Hoosier Energy Rural Elec Merom Station8925663,193,213.67
Mw Custom Papers Llc - Chillicothe Mill6830763,060,145.20
Bowater Newsprint & Directory - Calhoun Operations2236962,946,979.30
Cleco Power Llc/Dolet Hills Pwr Stn7911261,499,098.49
Hunter Power Plant7532661,265,501.92
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.6133361,112,978.43
Exxonmobil Production Company129161,073,220.00
Ameren Energy Generating Co8445461,029,442.42
R G & E Russell Station6932260,863,751.71
Alabama Electric Cooperative10123160,288,917.14
Orion Power Midwest /New Castle Plt7528660,042,786.93
Conemaugh Sta Owners Group/Conemaugh Plt7724959,074,604.35
Wp & L Alliant Energy - Edgewater Gen Station7833158,992,106.13
Louisa 8111658,843,598.90
Otter Tail Power Company7715658,732,921.39
Alcoa Inc. - Warrick Operations6469858,683,029.53
Midwest Generation Llc8558658,467,799.62
Amerenue-Rush Island Plant7419158,462,834.02
Dp&L, Killen Generating Station7415358,427,046.76
Reliant Energy/Portland Generating Station2414558,415,796.88
Wisconsin Electric Power Company8792058,168,214.12
Giant Yorktown Refinery2412258,133,899.56
Ppl Martins Creek Llc/Martins Creek2820257,930,253.93
Indian River Generating Station9649157,614,726.18
Lafarge North America - Alpena Plant5543057,290,815.11
Amerenue-Meramec Plant7949556,588,745.68
Xcel Energy - Riverside Generating Plant8450656,148,363.66
Imperial Irrigation District3910756,086,977.12
Huntington Power Plant7626055,933,537.64
Weirton Steel Corporation1646155,930,569.47
P4 Production Llc2118655,668,024.00
Bp Products North America Inc, Whiting R4728555,308,722.48
Dominion - Possum Point7826754,969,673.62
Mercer Generating Station7926354,873,507.00
Westvaco Fine Papers3788454,280,783.70
Public Service Co Comanche Plt7823054,278,775.70
Public Service Co Cherokee Plt7845853,865,635.14
Monongahela Power Co-Albright9834453,857,858.79
Citgo Petroleum Corp/Lake Charles Mfg Cmplx36117353,551,200.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp Crossett Paper Mill3936253,517,587.80
Midamerican Energy Co. - Louisa Station5631953,409,159.78
Midamerican Energy Co. - George Neal South8831553,172,770.44
Eastalco Aluminum1628552,858,873.64
Trigen-Cinergy Solutions8113452,772,912.23
Liberty Fibers Corporation1910752,519,830.39
Ameren Energy Generating Co7913351,717,600.48
Constellation Power Source Generation - Wagner8138251,475,388.92
Western Ky Energy Corp7853150,927,524.85
Adm Corn Processing - Cedar Rapids57372050,356,119.46
Midwest Generation Llc7846350,129,692.15
Oppd Nebraska City Station7710649,651,748.79
Cleco Corp/Rodemacher Power Station8017449,498,929.38
Reynolds Metals St Lawrence Reduction Pl4211448,917,419.60
Carolina Power & Light Asheville Steam Electric Plant8425148,905,620.08
Weyerhaeuser Company6131248,596,701.10
Isg Cleveland Inc.5250648,474,126.58
Mississippi Lime Company-Mississippi Lime Co11100248,473,154.60
Us Steel Corp - Minntac633448,462,071.05
Toledo Edison Co., Bay Shore Power Plant7734848,340,253.50
Appalachian Power - Kanawha River Plant7517848,277,105.70
Portland General Electric Company9927348,152,027.64
Beaumont Refinery40328948,151,465.80
Nipsco - Bailly Station9565348,134,706.04
Aquila Inc-Sibley Generating Station7225048,017,125.17
Hoosier Energy - Ratts Station8824047,870,270.35
Niles Plant7315447,666,634.42
Kansas City Power & Light Co-Iatan Generating Station7811647,394,650.49
Progress Energy - F Lee Plant8741947,219,118.78
Potomac River Generating Station7237547,168,395.40
Ormet Primary Aluminum Corp.4539347,162,733.86
Century Aluminum Of West Virginia1157947,140,168.41
Aes Greenidge Llc8529046,483,106.82
Florida Power & Light (Pcc)5117645,983,287.56
Lou Gas & Elec, Cane Run7851245,877,208.50
Detroit Edison River Rouge9237945,559,541.84
Ipalco-Pritchard Station8849845,538,407.03
Blue Ridge Paper Products - Canton Mill6982745,085,179.00
Cincinnati Gas & Electric7812445,049,183.73
Nipsco - Michigan City9325345,017,627.21
Kansas City Power & Light Co-Montrose Generating Station7830944,830,793.01
Chevron Products Company, Pascagoula Ref56106844,480,476.30
Duke Energy Corporation - Riverbend Steam Station8843144,265,224.19
Borger Refinery36215143,576,593.56
Lignite-Fired Power Plant779943,549,759.16
Dairyland Power Coop Genoa Station-Eop7618643,543,744.39
Deer Park Site75741243,496,468.19
Monongahela Power Co.-Willow Island7925543,340,890.64
Lafarge Building Materials Inc166343,071,180.20
Alliant Energy-Nelson Dewey Gen Station7733043,043,991.54
Public Service Co Pawnee Plt7913042,760,109.67
Aes Westover7725142,573,923.35
Sigeco - F.B.Culley Generating Station9455842,290,724.30
Drummond Company, Inc.2216442,276,467.62
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc8629542,217,260.93
Western Ky Energy Corp7819841,954,923.32
Meadwestvaco Packaging Resource Group2616941,659,082.07
Fort James Operating Company3251341,447,818.08
Wis Electric Power Oak Creek Station8042841,345,453.83
Georgia-Pacific Corporation3112740,657,367.00
National Steel Corp4843139,801,075.99
Owensboro Municipal Util8537139,694,099.38
Usgen New England Salem7966039,603,357.44
J.R. Whiting Co8734339,501,201.93
Inland Paperboard & Packaging, Inc.146439,413,798.00
Wis Public Service Corp - Weston Plant8038639,088,205.53
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc8424738,858,762.07
Orlando Utilities Commission8332438,838,128.10
Great Lakes Carbon Corp/B R Calcined Coke Plt78438,560,192.50
Sigeco - A. B. Brown9637438,552,027.15
Intalco Aluminum Corp Ferndale1213438,186,847.00
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Monticello4314037,862,298.10
Dominion - Bremo Power Station7621037,828,104.38
U.S. Sugar Corp. Clewiston Mill117337,492,896.42
Coleto Creek Plant7310437,330,060.45
Wis Electric Power Valley Station8042837,137,981.17
Ppg Industries, Inc.2016137,049,974.32
Asarco - Ray Complex Hayden Smelter136036,983,050.40
Salt River Project313836,971,778.44
Gulf Power Company7625336,709,724.86
Holcim (Us) Inc-Clarksville5229436,674,582.02
Texas City Refinery37182736,646,125.63
Danskammer Generating Station7733636,399,665.37
International Paper Company4939336,374,260.00
Swepco-Flint Creek Power Plant789736,300,249.84
Packaging Corporation Of America2523436,247,902.94
South Mississippi Electric Power Associa7413236,159,142.19
Grafil Inc214236,085,970.17
Lakeland Electric8840836,076,445.02
North Valmy Station7719836,075,102.21
Kentucky Utilities Co7849136,022,087.05
Invista, S.A.R.L.3676036,001,694.82
Progress Energy Carolinas - Cape Fear Plant8728435,991,347.13
Westar Energy, Inc.7841335,951,310.79
Florida Power & Light (Ptf)5419535,883,503.15
State Line Energy Llc9024635,668,967.11
Marathon Ashland Pet Llc33184035,175,102.96
Inland Paperboard And Packaging, Inc.-Rome Lumber Mill1820635,127,042.47
O'Hare Airport41634,994,160.00
International Paper Company3028134,991,169.71
Grain Processing Corporation21195534,908,841.26
Aes Duck Creek7812634,742,248.47
American Electric Power Glen Lyn7428234,687,280.33
Louisville Gas & Electric7927334,536,128.36
Exxonmobil Ref & Supply52668734,487,591.40
Shell Chemical Lp/Norco Chem Plt East Site2967734,408,445.62
B. C. Cobb Plant7938434,403,279.56
Uss - Clairton Works56235634,324,313.11
Ameren Energy Generating Co8119034,233,012.59
B.L. England Generating Station7938733,826,312.62
Murphy Oil Usa, Inc./Meraux Refinery2828233,688,246.00
Reliant Energy Mid A/Titus Electric Gen Sta7528433,510,530.99
J C Weadock 8340633,217,518.35
Midwest Generation Llc8643933,159,608.66
Heco - Kahe Power Plant1721533,117,328.91
Wi Public Service Corp - Jp Pulliam Plant8068733,099,994.12
G-P Gypsum Corporation Brunswick Operations2016933,020,670.94
Southern Illinois Power Coop7840032,804,843.41
Conectiv Delmarva Generation-Edge Moor12265532,640,833.58
International Paper - Riegelwood Mill5785032,294,479.86
International Paper:Georgetown7588132,163,914.53
Alcoa Massena Operations (West Plant)4713631,891,881.61
Buckeye Florida, Limited Partnership2213131,880,841.26
Sierra Pacific Power Company72431,680,554.23
Bowater Inc Paper/Pulp5241931,475,748.23
Florida Power & Light (Prv)5419431,473,745.90
Acme Steel Co4366930,949,041.48
Willamette Industries, Inc. - Kingsport Mill2031130,864,360.17
Stanton Station7819830,836,789.26
Nevada Power Company7437530,808,697.49
Doe Run Company-Herculaneum Smelter1330430,722,504.13
Western Ky Energy Corp7835430,719,238.35
Stone Container Florence6699930,574,273.33
Packaging Corporation Of America2114430,525,469.28
Entergy La/Ninemile4126630,439,269.41
International Paper - Savannah Mill2411130,392,021.90
Mfs Inc/Mineral Wool Plt 1105030,268,845.70
Gibbons Creek8811830,179,555.62
Borger Carbon Black1041130,110,594.62
Richmond Power & Light8723330,016,699.83
Boise Cascade Corporation90104129,921,041.79
Santee Cooper Grainger8023029,838,646.34
Orion Power Midwest/Elrama7435029,831,458.22
Giant Mid-Continent, Inc. Albuquerque Products Terminal 57529,831,450.00
E I Dupont De Nemours & Co Inc3547129,766,002.70
Jesup Mill, Rayonier Performance Fibers2010829,713,169.30
Ph Glatfelter Co/Spring Grove2817929,655,340.51
Weyerhaeuser - Valliant3948929,579,975.54
Alumax Of South Carolina3547729,425,596.39
Honeywell Nylon Inc-Hopewell3433829,378,535.31
Holcim (Us) Inc.599829,338,068.59
Big Spring Carbon Black1210229,160,081.57
Republic Engineered Products, Inc4547229,154,364.05
Az Electric Power Cooperative Inc8427329,153,071.51
Williams Ethanol Services Inc8126229,127,937.95
Stone Container Corporation2829929,111,106.22
Dupont Delisle Facility2226328,880,155.00
Muscatatuck State Hospital & Training247428,843,899.23
John P Madgett 779928,701,256.40
Progress Energy Robinson Station8142028,529,841.65
Aes Somerset Llc7213328,482,286.70
Columbia Falls Aluminum1217028,432,684.00
Cabot Corporation/Ville Platte Plnt2256428,413,621.23
Western Farmers Elec Coop7314028,397,758.32
Plant B921142727,969,224.99
Nppd Sheldon Station7714227,872,886.22
Dow Chemical Co/La Operations71154427,827,138.93
Holcim (Texas) Lp2035227,815,857.76
International Paper - Augusta Mill2127327,808,700.07
Columbian Chem Co/ North Bend1115327,773,108.50
Roseburg Forest Products Co.8024427,511,225.08
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Cedar Springs Operations918727,352,504.22
Weyerhaeuser Company - Plymouth85130727,346,791.48
Celanese Acetate Llc167827,290,439.96
Minneapolis-St Paul Intl/Wold-Chamberlain/5724727,192,856.87
Dallman 7729727,083,732.36
Stone Container Corp (D/B/A Smurfit-Stone Contain)4117227,062,017.89
U.S.Sugar Corp. Bryant Mill135927,025,182.30
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Central Compressor Plant716227,022,700.02
Reliant Energy/Seward Power Plt7529026,877,222.70
Cabot Corporation/Canal Plant1242226,856,151.76
Exelon Generation Co/Eddystone7745626,805,962.05
Colorado Springs Utilities-Drake Plt8735326,799,224.41
Solutia, Inc29118026,742,169.31
Cargill, Inc. - Eddyville753826,617,349.75
Cabot Corporation-Ohio River Plant1219626,448,893.99
Graphic Pkging Internat'L/W. Monroe Mill64140426,347,244.00
Public Service Co Hayden Plt8023226,120,586.53
Oklaunion Power Station7411026,031,808.16
Bowater (Alabama), Inc.4916326,030,460.00
Board Of Public Utilities - Nearman7410525,935,886.12
International Paper/Mansfield Mill5293825,892,195.00
Los Angeles International62225,853,201.26
Alabama River Pulp Co Inc3435325,729,172.40
Dominion - Clover Power Station7418925,556,253.99
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation (Us)208325,495,172.88
Motiva Enterprises,Llc/Convent4743725,397,564.00
International Paper, Kaukauna Facility3450125,265,140.85
Sun Company, Inc.4632125,229,431.67
Lovett Generating Station7525424,864,724.15
Celanese Acetate Rock Hill4947324,773,252.97
Wis Electric Power Pt Washington Station7432124,635,197.12
Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc., W.H. Weatherspoon Plant9135424,567,074.91
Pursue Energy Corporation, Thomasville G102824,560,140.00
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., Ashtabula Pla7933324,554,921.87
Westar Energy, Inc.7830124,551,010.65
Great Plains Synfuel Plant53424,508,180.00
Eastman Chemical Company-Ark Eastman Div389424,309,646.16
Savannah Electric: Mcintosh Steam - Electric Generating Plant7623824,244,451.47
City Of Gainesville, Gru8421824,200,880.10
Sanders Lead Co216624,142,795.01
Eckert & Moores Park Station8725824,052,819.12
Georgia Pacific Corp Big Island Plt3322023,930,057.24
Port Arthur Refinery33152123,888,814.91
Adm Corn Processing - Clinton56314623,882,886.77
Dairyland Power Coop Alma Station7682823,858,237.78
Lehigh Cement Company - Mason City3252823,782,327.43
Tesoro Northwest Company5583423,685,643.92
Bonanza Power Plant779923,558,173.14
Picway Power Plant7410423,551,413.32
Kraft Steam - Electric Generating Plant8443923,538,919.25
Lone Star Industries Inc-Cape Girardeau6934823,494,667.77
Georgia-Pacific Studmill And Plywood2516623,118,046.08
Dsm Chemicals North America, Inc.1110723,064,178.02
Public Service Co - Arapahoe7844323,034,920.06
United States Steel Corporation - Fairfield Works1321023,028,818.00
Duke Energy Corporation - Buck Steam Station8651822,976,967.12
Scc Hodge Inc4628022,913,532.00
Rouge Steel Co1312322,793,412.22
Duke Energy:Lee8240522,609,014.06
East Ky Power Coop7616522,486,319.55
Imc Phosphates Co/Uncle Sam Plnt1012822,479,711.00
Midwest Generation Llc8535522,353,231.14
Exxonmobil Chem Co/Br Chem Plt59197822,349,884.00
Alabama Power Company8035722,307,647.28
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc7849522,181,224.06
Holcim:Holly Hill5028622,159,499.55
Stora Enso No. America-Wis. Rapids Pulp Mill3337522,105,648.04
Tesoro Refining And Marketing28117722,082,685.22
Xcel Energy - High Bridge Generating8052522,048,462.81
Empire District Electric Co-Asbury Plant7513921,973,391.98
Valero Refining Company - Cali2579421,912,880.82
University Of Missouri - Columbia-Power Plant716121,899,772.78
Psnh - Schiller Station7836121,835,446.41
Great Lakes Carbon Llc52821,822,370.19
Carbon Power Plant7520121,810,631.00
Oil Technology, Inc. - Ltv Steel Plant4343321,776,728.52
Venco Moundsville Calcining Plant1118521,751,163.49
Nsp Dba Xcel Energy - Black Dog8239221,745,854.70
Jsc Brewton, Inc.5172821,742,462.40
Hooker Furniture Corporation6074321,684,630.42
Countrymark Cooperative, Inc (Refinery)3455421,641,515.83
Pcs Nitrogen Fertilizer,L.P./Geismar1033421,548,446.00
Ae Staley Manufacturing Co4358421,539,731.40
Sid Richardson Carbon Co/Addis Plt126921,453,763.70
Venco/Lake Charles Calcining Plant1612721,377,186.22
North Star Bhp Steel L. L. C.127221,373,325.76
Aes Cayuga7518221,179,335.74
Psi Energy-Edwardsport8838721,120,762.12
Meadwestvaco Corporation Inc65105721,113,359.50
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Pulp/Paper Mill3617721,095,322.75
Cemex, Inc.4913221,046,971.60
Adm/Growmark River Systems Inc8352420,965,540.15
Doe Run Company-Buick Smelter917920,908,297.96
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc8435320,895,222.11
General Chemical116520,838,599.68
Eagle Rock Energy, Inc1310820,816,894.00
Ppg Industries,Inc.57138320,757,008.27
Ash Grove Cement Co255220,619,319.20
International Paper:Eastover6132320,463,926.86
Essroc Cement Corp.5051220,388,547.38
Lehigh Cement Company4935620,156,861.09
Thermafiber Inc. Wabash Plant438120,145,659.68
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporati1216920,128,438.18
Continental Carbon Company106120,120,916.26
Sunoco, Inc Schuylkill River Tank Farm37130420,083,015.51
Escanaba Paper Company8139120,076,167.26
Dak Monomers Llc6867520,036,315.30
City Utilities Of Springfield Missouri-James River Power Plant8265520,034,096.43
Madison Gas & Electric Co Blount St Stn9661020,030,131.44
Ipl - Lansing Generating Station8649519,998,402.55
Koppers Industries Inc4739019,955,748.86
Great Lakes Carbon Corp86119,950,667.00
Carson Energy/Smud305519,932,925.51
Exxonmobil Ref & Supply Co/B R Refinery47302519,921,050.94
Conocophillips Ponca City Refinery48155519,832,421.59
Dupont Chemicals/Burnside Plant51519,714,000.00
Sacramento Power Authority182019,685,095.22
Pcs Nitrogen Fertilizer, L.P. - Augusta Plant89419,614,675.59
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc8431919,608,632.21
Gaylord Container Corp/Bogalusa Mill5170319,566,911.00
Imc Phosphates Company89219,511,208.38
Horsehead Resource Dev/Palmerton Fac1316419,152,932.55
Sikeston Power Station-Sikeston Power Station7310819,145,948.01
Meadwestvaco Coated Board Southern Wood Products5582119,105,357.00
Muscatine Power & Water93138819,103,543.39
Dp&L, O.H. Hutchings Generating Station7966819,101,213.07
Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, Inc. Plant #I149419,096,868.70
Cf Industries, Inc./Donaldsonville Nitrogen1633918,824,015.00
Osceola Farms65518,696,167.82
Trigen Energy Corporation-Grand Avenue Station4919518,620,552.16
Bp America - Whitney Canyon72418,563,720.50
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation716418,486,540.00
Aes Beaver Valley Llc/Beaver Vally Cogen177718,287,820.59
Equistar Chemicals, L.P.21515718,236,206.94
Corpus Christi Refinery31111218,232,303.21
Holcim Us Inc1418118,228,222.82
Exxon Shute Creek I43118,165,599.89
Lion Oil Company3251718,145,150.96
Channelview Complex40185818,048,817.14
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation712617,980,040.00
Coffeyville Resources Refin. & Mktng.1737017,964,303.95
City Water Light & Power7838217,944,429.77
Florida Power & Light (Psn)5925517,898,730.37
Roseton Generating Station4420017,847,552.57
Sloss Industries Corporation - Mineral Wool Plant2912117,844,720.55
Texas Operations68591217,815,212.06
Sce&G:Srs Area D1515017,766,032.71
Ipl - Sutherland Generating Station8581817,686,575.26
International Paper Co/Louisiana Mill60148917,657,973.60
International Paper Company3416517,624,656.59
Tnp One Steam Electric St10036517,620,014.13
Hercules Incorporated95817,589,919.96
Stora Enso No. America-Biron Mill1411417,493,341.34
Degussa Corp/Ivanhoe Carbon Black Plt1214117,452,744.50
Union Carbide/Taft & Star52440017,359,235.00
Rhodia Inc/Br Fac4322617,353,777.00
Conocophillips Co/Alliance Refinery2565717,351,407.45
Choctaw Generation Llp, Red Hills Genera7811617,349,748.26
Complex 6b 7 824117317,186,441.69
Flint Hills Resources Lp - Pine Bend7227217,176,274.61
Chalmette Refinery Llc./Chalmette Refinery51163217,137,670.00
Lafarge North America Inc.3962316,953,149.79
Aes Shady Point Llc1810316,943,032.04
Hibbing Taconite Co67416,922,424.80
Miami Dade Rrf146616,887,851.53
Rowley Plant1210016,722,923.68
Ipl - Prairie Creek Generating Station8946116,706,029.78
Georgia Pacific/Pt Hudson Operatns61115116,651,282.70
Tilden Mining Company L.C.3718416,646,681.61
Georgia-Pacific Corp Savannah River Mill159416,643,844.49
Fort James Operating Company10581516,615,569.04
Keewatin Taconite Operations55916,604,075.30
Port Jefferson Power Station4819016,601,447.62
Royal Oak Enterprises-Ellsinore Division Plant #1724016,563,636.98
A.E. Staley Man. Co. South Plant4655016,521,565.30
North Texas Cement Co.2547916,504,723.11
Houston Plant2413116,465,456.00
International Paper, Natchez Mill5123216,455,679.90
Colorado Springs Utilities - Nixon Plt8113716,433,353.10
Sappi - Somerset4311916,424,015.86
Jack Daniel Distillery, Lem Motlow Prop.92416,366,160.00
Joliet Generating Station (#9 & #29)8111616,342,071.41
Ipl - Burlington Generating Station8234116,157,316.65
Exxonmobil Billings Refinery2727816,151,427.70
Holyoke Water Power Company7513716,113,699.51
Stone Container Corporation Hopewell5540316,058,917.23
Boise Cascade Corp/Deridder Mill5073116,057,067.00
Entergy Gsi/Nisco62415,972,000.00
Northwest Aluminum Company, Inc.5016515,938,693.20
A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company2016715,841,612.20
Sabine Plant3821915,835,509.99
Voridian Eastman Chemical Co5450915,827,193.82
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Central Gas Facility711615,799,820.02
Chemical Manufacturing22104015,739,100.51
Anheuser-Busch Inc-St. Louis22139715,728,956.30
Pcs Phosphate Company Inc. - Aurora6496015,704,971.62
Texas Lehigh Cement Co.913315,660,450.91
International Paper Company6736115,657,600.00
Ge Plastics Mt. Vernon Inc.9178915,629,184.44
Weyerhaeuser Company, Columbus Pulp And1713915,628,518.60
Reynolds Metals Co/Lake Charles Carbon Co2013915,587,175.60
Kerr Mcgee Chemical Corporation1559915,539,817.18
Domtar A. W. Corp-Nekoosa2925715,475,724.06
Hc & S - Puunene Mill1115915,473,740.58
Warren Power, Llc- Peaking Facility4116615,358,713.55
Longview Fibre1536015,355,369.00
Reliant Energy Indian River, L.L.C.5330815,338,387.41
Sabine River Works68324215,302,406.87
Txi Riverside Cement Company1342015,276,102.51
Fort James-Pennington4428715,257,162.32
Midlothian Plant109103015,127,694.28
Domtar Industries Inc-Ashdown Mill2323415,125,459.01
Cemex, Inc.92715,100,457.20
Sneed Booster78815,085,972.18
Gcc Dacotah1115015,049,763.71
Aqualon Div Of Hercules Inc-Missouri Chemical Works1530815,047,071.22
Frontier El Dorado Refining Company3175715,041,757.20
Ipl - M.L. Kapp Generating Station9020115,026,105.06
International Paper Company2215614,947,957.76
Florida Power & Light (Ppn)2213414,943,967.82
Exxonmobil Oil Corp4161414,922,726.83
Packaging Corporation Of America - Valdosta Mill1817114,902,607.00
Rc Cement Company Inc-River Cement Co - Selma Plant1230514,846,875.09
Millenium Inorganic Chemicals1327614,830,810.71
Holcim Inc1825014,692,008.00
Valero Refining Co.- N.J.2434614,614,984.60
Elkem Metals Company - Alloy L.P.2533214,599,362.87
Shell Martinez Refinery22141914,591,405.27
Boise Cascade 198114,522,795.07
Sinclair Oil Corp2687614,479,594.22
Premcor Refining Group3528814,398,768.48
Northshore Mining Co - Silver Bay7935314,359,840.87
Weyerhaeuser Company - Vanceboro Pulp And Paper64121814,351,036.82
Sunoco Inc (R&M)/Marcus Hook Refinery2925414,341,717.09
St Lawrence Cement Corp-Catskill Quarry1814414,305,391.11
Entergy No/Michoud4616114,281,943.50
Craig Industries Inc-Summersville Plant630014,252,419.40
James River Cogeneration Company185714,243,116.45
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.185914,211,641.22
Heco - Waiau Power Plant1723314,172,735.53
Borger Carbon Black Plt1121714,163,434.68
Monongahela Power Co.-Rivesville Power7421514,110,787.28
Sunflower Electric Power Corporation7912814,068,918.11
Exelon Mystic Llc5144614,053,495.70
Weyerhaeuser Co2719714,045,363.80
Us Mineral Products Company810114,007,408.03
Psnh - Newington Station5218413,992,219.95
Aes Deepwater Inc7713513,932,484.44
Mandan Refinery284513,917,881.60
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline/Cs 60612413,902,000.00
International Paper Company1910713,871,995.33
Evadale Mill54127913,863,496.97
Lucite International, Inc.127513,849,607.21
Cemex - Black Mountain Quarry3226213,762,723.28
Alliant Ammunition & Powder Company Llc1117013,746,042.70
Georgia Power Company, Mitchell Steam-Electric Generating Plant7514513,723,510.47
Dupont Washington Works72222613,686,632.17
Roanoke Cement Company186413,671,604.12
Seaman Corporation112913,660,974.00
Chevron Products Company35167913,629,225.44
Essroc Cement Corp.9051313,556,069.81
Kalaeloa Cogeneration Plant82613,543,236.00
Board Of Public Utilities - Quindaro8124613,520,661.33
Pseg Pwr Ct Llc/Bpt Harbor Sta7829013,519,198.33
Westar Energy, Inc.5220513,439,961.88
National Steel Corp - Granite City Div5067613,363,200.27
Essroc/Nazareth Lower Cement Plt 1209413,344,987.66
Aquila Inc-Lake Road Plant7817513,341,181.52
City Utilities Of Springfield Missouri-Southwest Power Plant7921413,324,477.43
Seadrift Plant83440213,308,052.89
Graymont Western Us Inc54613,301,927.14
Georgia-Pacific West, Inc.120153713,275,212.65
Procter & Gamble Paper Products Co-Neely'S Landing818513,263,085.02
Midwest Generation Llc8318513,240,487.00
Lehigh Cement Company1211313,227,866.00
Conocophillips Co/Trainer Ref2725113,189,559.44
Potlatch Corp Id Division, Pulp And Paperboard2218513,189,350.00
Bayer Cropscience6830313,144,009.92
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corp816913,111,160.95
International Paper Co. Andro3018013,104,365.76
Irvington Generating Station8124913,103,017.80
Great Northern Paper Inc Mill West177113,081,389.10
Gerdau Ameristeel1719513,057,627.73
Uss Corporation - Edgar Thomson Works2767312,997,316.90
Capitol Cement Corporation1026012,987,252.18
Cargill Corn Milling2922612,957,079.49
Sweeny Refinery Petrochem38175212,944,346.73
Entergy Mississippi Inc, Gerald Andrus P6212312,937,344.35
Toscopetro Corp6160412,917,448.47
Giant Cement Co6239612,857,014.20
Cokenergy Inc.41312,843,958.14
Weyerhaeuser/Johnsonburg Mill3117212,836,764.41
Decordova Steam Electric4111612,781,809.25
Public Service Co - Valmont7813712,729,841.19
Central Iowa Power Coop. - Fair Station7817912,701,740.50
Ucar Carbon Company, Inc.1231012,680,003.73
Jewel Coke Company Llp154612,648,273.31
Somerset Operations Inc (Nrg Energy)7923012,638,954.54
Bp Amoco Chemicals2152612,611,471.04
Diboll Facility4588512,608,134.07
Stone Container1816912,606,737.99
Hercules Cement Co Lp/Stockertown1617512,560,716.45
Orion Refining Corp2968512,537,814.00
National Cooperative Refinery Assn3395712,520,929.75
Allegany Energy Supply Llc - R. Paul Smith Power Station7318412,506,660.80
Sunflower Electric Power Corporation123012,440,066.23
Ak Steel Corp918212,398,866.86
International Paper5525712,387,850.50
Lake Creek Steam Electric Station3917212,385,420.97
Motiva Enterprises Llc/Norco Refinery40127412,382,911.47
Pulp & Paper Mill57202312,346,413.13
Isg Plate Llc/Coatesville1835812,270,971.49
Lansing Board Of Water & Light Erickson8713012,247,554.17
Works No 41226112,212,305.39
Aes Alamitos, Llc4128912,178,787.74
Roseburg Forest Products Co.9665012,159,093.96
Chevron U.S.A. Inc.33231612,148,763.28
Puget Sound Refining Company3423812,144,740.67
Evtac Mining - Fairlane Plant8037312,131,828.94
North Star Steel Minnesota - St Paul4517912,118,095.54
International Paper Co/Pineville Mill5870512,090,708.00
Continental Carbon Co104412,022,593.28
Fort James Operating Co2019411,973,609.00
The Timken Company - Steel Plants43132611,962,054.23
Tradinghouse Stm Elec Sta106111,911,914.88
Florida Crushed Stone Co., Inc.1310111,900,164.14
Meco - Maalaea Generating Station1523111,895,086.37
Conocophillips/Lake Charles Refinery39219911,868,889.00
Escondido, City Of318311,841,336.98
Holnam Inc, Artesia7715211,833,007.13
Ormet Aluminum Mill Products Corporation1514511,814,005.60
Hunter Industries203011,788,157.40
Bp Cherry Point Refinery4755911,769,589.00
Sinclair Oil Corp-Sinclair Refinery2115311,764,139.19
Transco Station 17077711,732,328.29
Painesville Municipal Electric Plant6837611,649,949.96
S. D. City Pt. Loma Waste Wate4714011,628,654.33
Marathon Ashland Pipeline Llc6274411,622,103.49
Akzo Nobel Chemicals Inc85611,580,301.00
Energy Partners Ltd/E Bay Cntrl1125711,406,376.00
Channel Energy Energy36332111,398,462.20
Otter Tail Power Co - Hoot Lake Plant8132911,350,327.47
Ravenswood Generating Station4861311,335,507.60
Exelon Generation Co/Cromby Generation Station7920611,329,159.19
Bp Products North America Inc5355111,328,841.84
Ppl Montana - Je Corette Plant717911,278,215.15
Kosmos Cement Co113611,208,309.73
Trigen Syracuse Energy Corporation225511,131,079.61
Power Plt/ Lab/ Tailings Impoundment1718411,091,319.00
Bp Chemicals, Inc.3522911,074,345.98
Midland Cogeneration Venture4310611,070,983.45
Pse&G New Haven Harbor Station5410411,039,256.82
Cemex, Inc.2614911,038,561.69
Rmc Pacific Materials2410011,002,801.94
Nevamar Co Llc4119111,002,125.34
Rayonier Performance Fibers Llc177110,999,800.34
Texarkana Mill5668610,968,643.45
Platte River Power Authority - Rawhide7717110,963,403.65
Weyerhauser Company - Kentucky Millls611310,935,288.71
Agrium Kenai Nitrogen Operations1317810,815,365.41
Entergy La/Little Gypsy3812810,790,938.31
Weyerhaeuser Co./Red River Mill5667610,789,070.00
Mobil Oil Corp, West Coast Pip47215210,774,902.78
Solvay Minerals, Inc.123410,747,019.84
Ei Du Pont De Nemours49181510,705,930.72
Hanson Permanente Cement2718510,699,971.77
Fmc Corp_green River Plant_sodium Prod62410,660,619.80
Mckee Plants26216210,645,983.75
Lafarge Bdlg Materials139110,635,952.00
Invista May Plant4026110,575,386.14
Mitsubishi Cement 20004320110,562,737.20
Empire District Electric Company (The)7720510,532,053.76
Chevron Hawaii Refinery2539710,513,917.11
Alcoa, Inc.-Badin Works2828310,469,004.39
Monarch Cement Company (The)3210310,452,065.75
Portland Cement2243010,433,920.53
Minnesota Power - Taconite Harbor Energy7855310,407,453.65
Houston Refinery29227610,367,003.75
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.5033710,347,877.93
Ppg Ind Inc/Works No 61010110,328,622.60
Wynnewood Refining Co2768910,287,717.70
Fullerton Gas Plant1933610,264,036.17
Texas City Refinery2173310,205,891.40
Essroc/Nazareth Cement Plt 31513410,199,666.47
Lafarge Midwest Inc5423810,146,030.23
Rocky Mountain Arsenal Usarmy93910,100,077.89
Astoria Tunnel Headhouse / Pcb Storage5135210,079,717.15
Duke Energy Corp - Dan River Steam Station9340410,064,302.02
Colowyo Coal Co22210,059,600.00
Psi Energy-Noblesville8835910,015,296.06
Cemex, Inc.104210,013,535.63
Escalante Station801359,998,610.34
Cargill Fertilizer, Inc.171889,984,479.53
Cenex Harvest States232929,971,958.70
Vinyl Acetate Facility 57479929,954,010.41
Rock Creek Plant71299,921,520.02
Detroit Edison Greenwood Energy Center531799,903,814.86
Streetman Plant103669,898,002.40
Citgo Petroleum Corp368629,889,401.35
Lehigh Portland Cement92339,883,306.00
Conocophillips Company131159,848,800.00
Midamerican Energy Co. - Riverside Station877789,828,148.66
Wyeth Research8699,815,180.00
Formosa Plastics Corporation4717599,787,406.47
Lwb Refractories Co/W Manchester151679,782,696.73
Ipl - Sixth Street Generating Station845539,723,801.88
Cf Industries, Inc., Plant City Phos12619,684,386.36
California Portland Cement Co.583679,635,952.17
Cemex Inc/Wampum Cement Plt201869,635,377.89
Cargill Fertilizer, Inc.111189,613,417.11
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Central Power Station7899,592,899.95
Domtar Maine Corp37889,559,651.10
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Station140243899,550,920.13
Misschem Nitrogen Llc341889,534,591.53
Keystone Portland Cement/East Allen401759,532,586.90
Corn Products International Inc816219,528,845.84
Packaging Corporation Of America - Filer City Mill883189,511,963.38
Aes Redondo Beach, Llc412189,506,077.45
Michigan State University985499,503,420.99
Rhinelander Paper Co241499,488,755.86
P H Robinson Station382039,484,207.44
Big Spring Refinery3417539,463,461.48
Meadwestvaco Kentucky Lp242519,450,095.97
Shelby Municipal Light Plant733099,422,223.20
Port Arthur Plant3712249,391,094.07
Triad Nitrogen Llc101559,386,609.00
Cogen South431909,383,510.85
Mid-America Pkg,Llc/Delta Natural Kraft482529,371,463.76
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., Lake Shore Pl751349,364,161.48
Tasco, Nampa81099,330,680.00
Gvea North Pole Power Plant5209,248,100.03
Cedar Bay Cogeneration Inc.623179,212,716.11
Echo Carbon Black Plant112089,149,750.63
Bayway Refinery275489,125,011.17
Meco - Kahului Power Plant15639,114,310.18
Riverside 41829,103,891.50
Samuel A Carlson Generating Station742739,068,868.28
Artesia Refinery235559,055,382.92
Minnesota Power Inc - Laskin Energy Ctr804189,030,122.95
Camden Facility211159,014,027.77
Tioga Gas Plant5609,013,280.00
West Refinery3821049,012,366.61
Cogentrix Of North Carolina Inc - Southport411328,992,939.20
Trigen - Colorado Energy Corporation27978,925,097.73
E.G. Hill Compressor111738,905,263.36
Port Arthur Refinery2512668,899,241.34
Ipl - Dubuque Generating Station854038,898,563.46
Cedar Bayou 411238,873,342.46
Georgia Pacific Corportaion, Leaf River311168,835,002.53
Sunoco Inc187038,815,610.00
Empire Iron Mining Partnership382578,786,983.11
Valero Refining Company3510718,785,236.01
Nolanville Plant12728,782,582.40
Meadwestvaco Oxford Corp421388,766,647.66
Eunice Gas Plant154768,734,390.83
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation81698,709,539.12
Roanoke Valley Energy Facility18528,699,074.43
Eli Lilly & Company-Clinton Labs914368,696,903.51
Arizona Portland Cement Company40728,684,896.66
Gulf Power Company751868,672,116.99
King Ranch Plant113418,649,769.20
United Refining Co/Warren Plt182448,632,651.91
Conocophillips - San Francisco299358,594,134.54
Cargill Fertilizer, Inc.111068,592,555.18
Dow Corning Corp183928,589,422.86
Waha Plant121568,553,239.35
S. D. Warren, Muskegon, Mi, Operations804258,532,265.55
Texas City Refinery3820608,509,222.24
Clear Lake Plant6210458,500,887.99
University Of Notre Dame Du Lac793628,486,407.09
Afg Industries - Greenland Plant10678,484,593.40
Tasco, Paul11678,475,860.00
Public Svc Co Of Ok7348,459,140.00
Conoco Phillips Santa Maria Fa232018,453,653.95
Entergy Gsi/Willow Glen483098,448,954.68
Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation,91098,444,800.00
Balcones Plant103148,441,930.39
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line - Station 1304928,441,521.60
Manitowoc Public Utilities964408,415,441.17
A E S Thames, Llc11808,412,645.00
Us Army National Training Ctr.261428,399,755.08
Conoco Phillips 302548,399,357.98
U.S. Department Of Energy, Y-12 Plant17888,393,516.00
Kannapolis Energy Partners Llc-Kannapolis291258,365,932.11
The Point Arguello Project3020838,316,716.88
American Bituminous Power-Grant Town Plt15728,309,801.66
Poletti Power Project44948,272,212.96
Cemex, Inc. - Lyons Cement Plant11818,264,826.92
Springs Industries:Grace473288,259,948.66
Sugar Cane Growers Co-Op8638,227,418.60
Ispat Inland Mining Co411988,216,455.88
Teck Cominco Alaska Red Dog Mine72528,201,120.00
Graphic Packaging Macon Mill151988,190,273.16
Domtar A. W. Corp.-Port Edwards241518,188,280.22
Helco - Kanoelehua Power Plant151448,159,822.32
Terra Nitrogen - Port Neal Complex8958,136,469.77
Florida Power & Light (Pfl)221508,124,071.74
Ford Motor Co-Kansas City Assembly Plant263208,123,808.18
Sappi Cloquet Llc864068,118,072.16
Indiantown Cogeneration, L.P.16668,117,167.47
Rj Reynolds Tobacco Co. (Tobaccoville)463278,113,075.52
Sherhan Plant133768,090,204.01
Smurfit Newsprint Corporation1004118,072,722.71
Mobile Energy Services Company631138,070,580.01
Boise Cascade332778,065,803.00
Plum Creek Manufacturing Lp Colmb Fls9848,040,500.00
Monument Plant156428,033,738.20
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline - Station 18081438,000,697.01
Ugi Development Co/Hunlock Power Sta751727,995,958.24
Harbor Beach Power Plant901387,931,405.36
Bowline Point Generating Station431837,923,078.86
Rm Heskett Station - Mandan761527,901,578.91
Graymont Pa Inc/Pleasant Gap Plt71007,896,078.00
Pt Townsend Paper18677,876,895.70
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Gathering Center #1 (Gc-1)71817,868,500.00
American Commercial Terminals-American Commercial Terminals2387,865,876.04
Suncor Energy - Denver Refinery222087,859,661.33
Odessa Cement Plant73307,856,119.40
International Paper Co581287,855,829.60
Chocolate Bayou Plnt239827,811,044.40
Iowa State University/ Isu Heating Plant408467,797,128.38
Campbell Soup Company451677,784,338.58
Platte Generating Station741007,781,923.30
National Cement Co Of Alabama19297,781,562.01
Carbon Black Plant101077,779,823.21
Apac Kansas Inc-Harrisonville Asphalt Plant6227,757,222.82
Intercontinental Terminal3416727,753,514.47
Ford Motor Company, Cleveland Casting Plant1007797,751,337.22
Tasco, Twin Falls8517,750,141.00
Indiana University432837,749,585.14
Cogentrix Of Richmond152267,740,165.86
Maytag - Newton Laundry Products - Plant 23215207,737,797.20
Imc Phosphates Company6197,729,396.94
Ge Co/Erie Plt14697,702,583.39
1604 Plant153507,695,910.19
Chaco Gas Plant167967,682,085.52
Solutia Inc.181887,678,965.38
Great River Energy - Elk River39747,667,639.49
Tropicana Products, Inc.10897,638,879.32
West Coast Products Llc3126727,627,896.59
Kentucky Utilities821587,623,464.21
Noveon Inc42677,622,463.09
Allegheny Energy Supply Co/Mitchell Power Sta812547,608,312.83
Oci (Rhone_poulenc) Wyoming16417,602,511.05
Burlington Resources_lost Cabin3147,578,600.03
Exxonmobil Production Company8397,543,172.00
Deepwater Generating Station842497,532,227.80
Crystal City Nitrogren Company117,500,220.20
Purdue University -Wade Utility Plant442937,492,785.56
Coyanosa Gas Plant122447,481,927.22
Beaumont Chemical Plant269007,453,788.23
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line/Stn 656757,428,000.00
Cytec Industries - Redacted Non-Confid504717,414,318.86
Stone Container Corp401917,405,376.24
Ash Grove Cement Company442287,373,625.43
Tampa Electric Company25827,368,440.33
Pikes Peak Plant12517,364,230.21
Lafarge Building Materials Harleyville31767,355,553.51
Sp Newsprint Co.13907,340,121.90
Comanche 20407,325,311.30
Rock Wool Manufacturing Company11397,313,267.00
Green Bay Packaging - Ark Kraft Division322497,302,121.04
Lehigh Cement Co /Evansville Cement Plt191887,293,478.14
Waste Management Of Colorado Den Arap Di28307,282,040.53
Cedar Bayou Station10727,265,660.00
Waddell Compressor Station122057,261,588.56
Eielson Air Force Base92457,254,499.21
Terra Nitrogen Ltd Partnership8757,238,542.00
Pilkington, Na161937,238,388.15
Keystone Compressor Stn.71327,230,497.81
Weyerhaeuser Company - Flint River Operations19537,195,141.64
Ppg Ind Inc/Works 87217,174,975.14
Procter & Gamble Paper Products Company292447,155,296.85
Inter Power Ahlcon L/Colver Power Proj20367,144,210.89
Coastal Eagle Point Oil Company206427,131,063.70
New Energy Corp.431227,119,586.45
Sierra Pacific Industries21417,119,286.84
Lewis Creek Plant38827,103,704.29
Public Svc Co Of Ok7277,096,560.00
Handley Steam Elec. Sta.392587,089,431.71
Philip Morris Usa Inc - Park 500622917,084,959.74
Permian Bsn Stm Elec Sta391247,080,981.49
S D Warren Co - Westbrook28707,078,241.22
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc/La Refining Div433937,063,405.71
Lone Star Ind Inc Dba Buzzi Unicem Usa-Pryor132067,034,943.73
Pg&E Generating14756,988,134.90
La Gloria Gas Plant62226,981,640.00
Lufkin Mill294256,979,702.95
Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties Inc.8686,975,686.06
Pasadena Plant256216,973,684.20
Black Hills Corporation_simpson 2791186,972,349.24
International Paper Co491566,935,007.60
Public Service Co Cameo Plt781226,923,109.34
Nevada Cement Company7506,913,774.77
Cambria Cogen Co/Cambria Cogen20466,911,810.24
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line - Station 1203636,908,840.00
International Paper Co.461456,901,983.75
Southwestern 411646,886,091.96
Jal No. 3153516,867,037.02
Ciniza Refinery253036,863,237.38
Cemex, Inc.896,844,395.80
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Lisburne Production Center71876,835,260.01
Como Plt131716,826,179.94
Lafarge North America Inc9136,798,837.61
Gulf States Paper Corporation312466,787,741.70
Corrigan Mill10856,774,810.59
Sasol North America Inc/Lake Charles Chemical Plant386716,768,228.00
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Endicott Production Facility72496,764,920.06
Marathon Ashland Petroleum476446,762,288.27
Cii Carbon,L.L.C./Gramercy5206,756,000.00
Fairhaven Power Company17226,745,294.53
Whelan Energy Center74976,719,249.06
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation285086,708,496.07
Chugach - Beluga River Power Plant5306,699,079.99
Central Electric Power Cooperative-Chamois Plant731126,680,623.71
Atlantic Sugar Association7616,661,140.03
Bunge Grain Milling Inc481896,660,034.81
Stora Enso No. Amer. - Niagara Mill191206,639,691.62
Keystone Plant152546,639,482.59
Weyerhaeuser Company11811996,636,084.14
Lafarge Midwest, Inc.412236,633,045.10
Greif Inc15996,620,760.57
Essroc Cement171676,582,932.81
Weyerhaeuser Company - Port Wentworth Mill17566,573,180.28
Tri State Generation Nucla74996,565,511.86
Tembec Usa Llc/St. Francisville Mill456156,557,802.00
Holcim (Us) Inc. Portland Plant171166,538,607.93
Cognis Corp191396,536,277.68
Simcala Inc7246,527,840.00
Goldsmith Gasoline Plant81826,507,433.12
Nissan North America, Inc.401376,506,412.10
Unocal Swanson River Field61916,495,640.04
Oswego Harbor Power502416,471,725.68
Holcim (Us) Inc. - Mason City20386,466,443.63
Heartland Cement Company362386,461,937.65
Midwest Generation Llc494516,453,772.97
Ash Grove Cement Company701466,453,314.94
Five Rivers Electronic Innovations, Llc. - Cabinet Division7566,447,011.40
American Cast Iron Pipe Company131676,429,610.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4866,417,440.00
Oneok Field Svc93256,398,766.00
Lumberton Power, Llc822036,397,667.39
Wolverine Tube Division5336,393,840.00
Dupont Edgemoor923996,392,793.54
Adm Quincy422796,389,883.20
Hawkins Gas Plant104246,373,593.14
Tampa Electric Company8326,366,858.38
Honeywell Intl Inc/Farmers Valley191786,366,068.41
S. D. City - Metro Biosolids C481026,364,110.69
A.E. Staley Sagamore Operation808366,359,777.92
Morgan Creek Steam Electric Station392026,352,481.35
Amalgamated Sugar Company, The1074636,323,634.70
Montana Sulphur & Chemical7496,267,666.00
Boise Cascade Corp - International Falls844646,264,892.87
Stora Enso No. Amer. - Kimberly Mill171116,263,897.07
Galey&Lord:Society Hill352746,261,273.79
Bluewater Compressor Station141806,253,400.00
The Procter And Gamble Co.522306,252,015.61
Mosinee Paper Corp201626,245,162.53
Baytown Olefins Plant3810696,241,055.56
Lafarge Building Materials11266,232,961.80
Transalta Centralia Mining, Llc14596,211,577.30
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp/Gramercy Plant62436,208,047.00
Toyota Motor Mfg Usa Inc285366,203,075.11
Reilly Industries, Inc.455876,189,102.07
East Texas Gas Plant165026,188,515.98
Visteon Tulsa Field Plt9536,179,178.00
Akron Thermal Energy Corporation944186,176,177.56
Carmeuse Lime &Stone Inc171106,173,036.21
Entergy La/Waterford 1 & 2461616,152,915.83
Dupont:Teijin Films404296,142,118.07
Mirant Delta, Llc402796,133,981.83
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Taylorsvill552096,126,589.80
Teepak Llc461196,115,887.41
Logansport Municipal Light & Power31626,108,319.90
Maljamar Gas Plant163056,106,520.00
Cabrillo Power I Llc Encina Po502346,104,626.64
International Paper Ticonderoga Mill632376,095,940.55
White Springs Agricultural Chemicals,Inc10946,078,865.28
Carmeuse Lime Inc/Millard Lime Plt16836,065,811.29
Lafarge Corp/Whitehall Plt181956,061,410.86
Pcs Nitrogen Fertilizer, L.P.11406,058,595.03
Grede Foundries, Inc.131296,048,238.72
Kiuc - Port Allen Generating Station131716,036,199.00
Weyerhaeuser Company, Philadelphia Facil14426,034,239.00
Lehigh Portland Cement9516,032,216.11
Simpson Tacoma Kraft20746,026,146.10
Tarmac America Llc14575,991,685.29
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.8625,977,709.07
Tyler Pipe Co4917505,975,794.03
Sweeny Complex225505,974,199.15
Degussa Engineered Carbons Lp127015,941,006.14
Georgia - Pacific Osb/Plywood - Dudley462455,933,590.60
Owens Corning443345,920,290.86
Aquila, Inc. - W.N. Clark Station9275,901,665.93
Continental Cement Company Inc-Ilasco Plant643155,894,481.44
Smurfit-Stone Stevenson401205,894,143.10
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Station 209182865,878,442.72
Bishop Facility1826665,875,114.15
Salt Lake Refinery254265,858,486.31
Jack Daniel Distillery101005,850,910.73
Carmeuse Ohio, Inc. - Maplegrove Lime Plant7175,825,295.57
Ash Grove Cement Co, E Marginal8235,808,136.90
Anr Pipeline Co/Patterson Cs6375,802,000.00
Carmeuse Lime Inc171395,794,955.86
Chemical Lime Co Of Alabama9475,792,020.88
Reliant Energy Mid A/Warren Station11755,785,083.25
Black Hills Corporation _osage8155,784,799.35
Cogentrix Virginia Leasing Corp11675,783,312.52
Murphy Oil Usa18725,780,827.59
Bp Amoco Chemical-Cooper River Plant403045,776,935.41
Fort Churchill Power Station491245,765,413.30
Georgia Gulf Chem & Vinyls Llc/Plaquemine624415,753,924.01
Imc Chemicals, Inc.3510045,750,383.88
Conocophillips Central Production Facility #163155,741,399.95
Indian Basin Gas Plant163885,736,671.40
Vintage Petroleum Inc10605,735,480.00
March Air Force Base665,734,024.00
Point Comfort Plant186575,733,510.32
Union Carbide (Dow) So. Charleston Plant803755,710,033.64
Chaparral Steel Midlothian111945,702,872.46
Pegasus Gas Plant101965,700,248.00
International Paper - Statesville Container27365,698,180.96
Fort James Camas Llc201875,692,734.00
Koch Nitrogen Co10785,689,176.00
City Of Ames Steam Electric Plant/Combustion Turbine833105,683,607.15
Pope & Talbot, Inc.1024275,679,102.96
Kutz Gas Plant112245,672,120.76
Chevron Chemical Co2111155,669,028.77
Consolidated Edison Co. Of New York -East River Facility501675,649,616.89
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corp10875,646,107.93
Cinergy Miami Fort Generating Station12195,619,432.10
Independent Cement/St. Lawerence15625,619,200.75
Chemetals, Inc.121375,619,056.82
Pasadena Plant303935,616,507.23
The Carbide/Graphite Group Incorporated8495,602,199.14
Port Neches Plant5917355,582,728.94
Cf&I Steel L P Dba Rocky Mtn Steel Mills181025,579,697.50
Tosco Refining Company1811575,573,009.34
Georgia Pacific/Urania182515,561,567.20
Fpl Energy Wyman Llc441725,548,263.81
Fairway Gas Plt101035,543,618.04
Reliant Energy Warren Station753005,541,913.58
Tx Petrochemicals Lp234145,531,967.80
United States Enrichment Corporation722775,529,132.80
Alcoa Industrial Chemicals-Bauxite61225,527,822.92
New Hope Power Partnership9965,516,529.26
Aes Warrior Run9415,488,729.00
Pechiney Rolled Products Llc394865,486,274.66
Placid Refining Co Llc/Pt Allen271745,468,170.00
Weyerhaeuser Company231215,463,360.00
Rinker Materials Corporation.171915,460,179.29
Bp Amoco Chemical Co473295,449,413.79
The Procter & Gamble Paper Products Company111655,433,922.57
Cogentrix Of Rocky Mount581735,427,774.48
Con Ed-East River Generating Station382115,422,964.79
Cricket Mountain Plant172595,414,990.57
Nrg Energy Center Dover Llc811765,409,966.74
Nrg Sterlington Power Llc/Sterlington Plnt441155,391,854.48
Engelhard - Attapulgus81585,381,201.92
Graham Steam Electric Sta411045,364,485.72
Austin Utilities - Ne Power Station781525,362,332.87
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company131145,351,549.86
Tpi Petroleum Inc253485,346,045.27
Basf Corp. Hannibal Plant424345,336,137.88
Sierrapine Limited482965,333,867.56
Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc-Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc81465,330,121.01
General Motors Hamtramck48865,323,192.06
U.S. Agri-Chemicals Corporation7215,322,679.50
Spectrum Field Svc Inc72165,312,936.00
Spsa Refuse Derived Fuel Plant311655,303,948.27
Baytown Chemical Plant4820445,303,527.18
Viskase Corportion13395,289,974.90
Isp Chemicals Inc.161695,287,082.25
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Louisville532175,285,960.80
Ford Motor Co Research & Engineering Center5215,282,263.00
Rubicon, Inc.516425,271,288.00
Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Co14655,268,938.48
Lone Star Industries Inc451515,264,644.35
Cii Carbon Llc/Chalmette5165,262,000.00
Ash Grove Cement121295,255,935.00
Us Army Fort Wainwright9515,255,868.83
Soyland Power Coop Inc771165,247,332.42
Roberts Ranch Gas Plant61465,243,533.24
Devil'S Slide Plant102345,241,210.70
Globe Metallurgical, Inc.8415,226,003.00
Equilon Enterprises, Llc1715085,224,500.35
Nucor Steel121145,223,642.76
Schuylkill Energy Res/St Nicholas Cogen13385,220,837.59
Ecusta Business Development Center Llc645395,212,678.09
Lafarge Building Materials171095,192,999.01
Wah Chang872895,192,781.96
Georgia Power Arkwright Steam Electric Generating Plant813145,182,617.25
Sierra Pacific Power Company8215,176,362.38
Aqua Glass Corporation102035,157,446.59
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company111095,154,197.48
Tesoro - Campbell Industrial Park, Barber'S Pt. Harbor Loading Facility125695,149,809.83
American Rockwool Incorporated19465,149,399.67
Frontier Refining, Inc.141105,138,636.42
El Paso Natural Gas - Laguna Station16615,138,005.92
Waha Gas Plant111895,133,290.70
Valley Steam Elec. Sta.411795,112,990.14
Boise Cascade Corporation803965,112,867.63
Public Svc Co Of Ok7475,109,520.00
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company11985,096,936.42
Tosco Refining Company20675,096,669.73
Wis Doa / Uw Madison--Charter St13425,093,473.85
Norandal Usa Inc163245,086,821.89
Weyerhaeuser Co.19565,081,091.14
Anchor Glass Container Corporation7435,073,060.00
Wyandotte Dept Muni Power1052205,071,291.86
Eli Lilly & Company-Tippecanoe Labs612665,057,302.91
Smart Papers - Hamilton Mill752085,056,319.97
Republic Engineered Products Llc441455,054,323.80
Eunice A Compressor Station141825,038,780.00
Delmita Gas Plant101875,032,698.20
International Paper Co/Springhill37835,028,659.00
Tracy Generating Station543335,028,432.77
The Medical Center Company672445,012,995.36
Guardian Industries271625,010,980.06
Ash Grove Cement7605,008,000.00
Cytec Industries,Inc/Fortier Plnt247184,990,730.31
Magnolia Resources Inc, Pachuta Harmony13554,973,840.20
Lisbon Natural Gas Processing Plant111014,969,544.00
Linam Ranch Gas Plant163874,965,720.00
Gm Technical Center384744,965,186.02
Garnett Wood Products-Charcoal Plant594,958,687.76
Newman Station441534,954,870.01
Entergy/La Station 1441524,954,787.56
Jal No. 4151634,944,420.00
Colorado Interstate Gas Company7984,932,883.67
Mount Vernon Mills, Inc., Apparel Fabrics Division8524,922,639.32
Wheelabrator Martell Inc.6144,921,851.68
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline131444,911,198.43
Barney M Davis Power Sta411114,896,700.71
Southern Gardens Citrus Processing Corp.8244,886,534.04
Tennessee Alloys Corporation8284,884,240.00
U.S. Borax193154,872,479.27
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line6484,872,330.00
Consol Pa Coal Co/Bailey Prep Plt7434,868,599.96
Gm Powertrain Group - Saginaw Metal Cas645004,862,230.54
Odessa Petrochemical Plt3513524,857,955.73
Dover Municipal Light Plant721044,849,252.91
Tilden Gas Plant11804,847,673.10
General Motors-Wentzville Center27744,836,435.14
International Paper - Sartell1023684,826,066.68
Imc Phosphates Co/Faustina Plnt142114,813,979.51
Birchwood Power Partners, L.P.16334,811,855.42
Semass Partnership363134,799,172.13
Elkem Metals Company7274,797,033.45
Gmc Powertrain Div.4812964,796,090.85
Rhodia Inc.601894,793,811.77
Alumax Foils Inc-Alcoa Foil Products/Alumax Foils Inc125404,790,017.30
Hunt Refining Company202434,777,819.90
Columbia Gas - Ceredo Cs8794,764,760.00
Trunkline Gas Company, Independence Comp151084,761,062.40
Elizabethtown Power, Llc812024,752,929.44
Dupont - Belle362434,748,553.89
Lafarge North America Inc-Independence Plant162664,741,085.84
Union Oil Of California11714,737,620.00
Duke Energy-South Bay Power Pl511664,727,059.07
Air Liquide Bayport Compl7514,725,674.57
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line/Cs 456694,724,000.00
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline-Centralia Compressor Station111104,716,155.90
Transco Gas Pipe Line Corp Station 1657894,714,418.64
W R Cowley Sugar House7424,712,354.05
Carmeuse Lime Inc Millersville Operations8204,706,968.10
Eunice Gas Plant156164,695,424.00
Indiana Harbor Coke Company511594,691,857.75
Scrubgrass Generating Co Lp/Kennerdell Plt201044,689,361.58
Pa State Univ/Univ Park Campus191644,688,353.63
Plum Creek Sawmill At Evergreen6274,686,000.00
Lone Star Industries, Inc621624,685,909.27
Basf Corporation/Geismar Site608354,678,888.47
Cargill, Inc151574,678,769.20
Hunter Plant204224,671,601.26
Thyssenkrupp Waupaca, Inc. - Plant 5494064,663,631.60
Northern Natural Gas Company141574,651,317.46
Aes Barbers Point14864,649,974.16
Dragon Products Co.10494,643,844.68
Northern Natural Gas Co71844,629,732.00
Daimlerchrysler Ag, Warren Truck Assembly Plant431434,615,192.30
Lincoln Pulp And Paper Co Inc251174,603,861.86
Glens Falls Lehigh Cement Company171414,601,647.57
Erg- Orcutt Hill2430284,598,636.76
Waxahachie Plant173444,597,219.99
Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Coop843884,583,129.62
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Gathering Center #3 (Gc-3)71704,578,679.95
Showa Denko Carbon262724,562,285.42
La-Z-Boy Of Tennessee, Inc.121324,536,323.80
Signal Mountain Cement Co.19264,529,019.84
Angus Chem. Co/Sterlington Plnt157154,524,338.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp6744,519,836.00
Northern Natural Gas Co. - Ogden Compressor182674,516,317.39
Central Products Co Dba Ipg Group294234,514,530.91
City Of Hamilton Department Of Public Utilities813144,513,310.45
Gallup Compressor Station151844,501,400.00
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation - Roaring River6427454,496,096.84
Freeport Plant121274,491,919.50
Northern States Power Co-Bay Front Gen Stn935314,485,848.26
Appleton Papers/Spring Mill311864,484,150.15
Ebensburg Power Co/Ebensburg Cogeneration Plt18324,482,935.21
Industrial Laminates/Norplex, Inc.137074,479,677.46
Midway Airport4204,469,300.00
Gilberton Power Co/John B Rich Mem Power Sta13404,448,052.95
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Flow Station #371124,446,120.02
Colorado Interstate Gas Co Kit Carson8244,442,174.28
Ei Du Pont - Kinston Plant351284,440,937.33
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company11864,431,606.90
Farwell Compressor Station No 1224544,428,413.67
Degussa Engineered Carbons Lp11514,418,645.16
Mi So Central Power Agency871054,413,354.75
Nucor Corporation-(Nucor Steel, Arkansas121594,398,182.93
Invista Inc - Waynesboro111734,396,997.11
Northern Natural Gas Company152694,396,646.03
Southern California Gas Co.469024,396,426.85
Holston Army Ammunition Plant (Hsaap)131394,393,581.28
Hood Industries Inc, Waynesboro27484,388,411.60
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Flow Station #1 (Fs-1)61024,382,019.97
Cargill, Incorporated - Salt Division (Akron, Oh)10584,379,498.84
Seminole C.O. 2 Rcvy. Pt.71314,371,140.02
Dearborn Industrial Generation431904,369,240.93
General Motors Natp Fort Wayne Assembly512204,369,136.71
Bear Island Paper Company Llc23994,357,642.67
Shell Chemical Lp/Geismar Plnt286474,355,357.92
Channelview Plant239494,353,942.21
Appleton Papers, Inc.761834,353,613.55
Amer Ref Fuel Co/Delaware Valley Res Rec12744,348,917.62
Firestone Polymers/Lake Charles Fac81434,348,231.00
Chemical Lime Company8704,343,609.80
Empire Abo Plant153744,342,060.00
Georgia - Pacific Whiteville Plant441354,338,488.25
Aerojet Fine Chemical46984,337,557.42
Vienna Generating Station40604,335,981.43
The Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company104384,334,233.35
Gm Nao/Scg Lordstown Assembly42754,331,437.10
Jones Station39994,328,544.77
Dominion - Cornwell Compressor Station161374,322,501.65
General Electric Aircraft Engines148434,321,651.24
Quebecor World11454,316,075.77
Kimberly-Clark Corporation15544,308,485.30
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company17784,302,231.34
Jr Simplot Company Don Siding Complex81054,285,900.00
Hartco Flooring Company101704,282,419.58
Texas Eastern Gas, Union Church Compress6524,279,780.00
Federal Mogul Corporation Friction Products, Inc.152584,275,934.56
American Crystal Sugar - E Grand Forks785444,275,619.47
Zirconium/Halfnium Production Plant161644,273,294.82
Mine & Copperton Concentrator101084,266,021.40
Valero Refining Co/Krotz Springs Refinery275984,261,401.00
Duke Energy Moss Landing Llc421264,261,198.23
Ak Steel Corp201594,257,358.42
Agave Gas Plant161774,249,560.00
Engelhard Corporation - Edgar Plant74204,244,378.00
Freeport Site4730034,238,547.95
Gas Turbines6634,235,119.98
Florida Power & Light (Pfm)201104,228,291.21
Artesia Gas Plant164524,227,980.00
Intertrade Holdings, Inc.13894,223,932.61
Hoeganaes Corporation142114,212,035.93
Wise Alloys, L.L.C.161614,212,003.00
Sf Phosphates, Inc7174,206,599.91
Glass Center10684,204,884.42
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company - Station 860101304,199,484.00
Northern Natural Gas Company132184,198,391.30
Sierra Pacific Ind21234,197,574.48
Thomason Charcoal Company-Thomason Charcoal Company61454,197,298.64
W Ranch Comp Sta Vanderb132984,193,051.81
Owensboro Grain Co71114,185,910.36
Weyerhaeuser:Marlboro Paper Mill634334,181,808.45
National Cement Co654124,179,356.18
Adm Corn Processing - Marshall792524,175,276.69
Quebecor World Memphis8754,175,021.00
Corpus Christi East Plant399324,174,297.20
Holcim Us Inc - Trident Plant9874,166,139.64
Jim Beam Brands Co6344,164,170.10
Bunge Milling Inc101554,158,219.70
Allegheny Ludlum Corp - Brackenridge177294,151,579.93
Hempstead Resource Recovery Facility561324,150,240.94
Enterprise Products Operating, L.P.123884,148,113.23
Thermal Ceramics, Inc.6294,140,904.72
Pinnacle Frames & Accents, Inc-Woodhall12314,137,059.86
Rubbermaid-Division Of Newell Rubbermaid6594,130,490.40
Miller Brewing Co10414,130,426.45
Mcdonough/Atkinson Steam Electric Generating Plant994,128,147.20
Solid Waste Authority Of Pbc12404,127,387.72
Department Of Public Utilities, City Of Orrville,733324,109,265.97
Central Soya Company Inc443534,107,011.32
Con Edison - Hudson Ave Station412124,103,373.96
Norit Americas Inc94214,099,687.05
E.B. Eddy Paper Inc.882144,090,109.09
Guardian Industries7594,089,616.06
Logan Generating Plant, L.P.13584,088,902.60
Conocophillips Alaska - Central Production Facility #371804,086,520.00
Natural Gas Pipeline431124,085,705.93
Miller Brewing Company461244,082,245.36
Westlake Petrochemicals Lp/Ethylene Mfg Complex143654,080,791.00
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Oxford521694,079,032.20
Saturn Corporation247214,075,973.12
Morgantown Energy Associates13604,073,194.88
Conocophillips Alaska - Kenai Lng Plant7974,069,660.00
Yellowstone Energy Limited Partnership5324,060,000.00
T.N. Gas Ppln. Station 32132474,055,357.81
Citizens Gas & Coke666494,055,100.98
Florida Gas Transmission Co/Franklinton C S #96674,050,000.00
Lake Catherine 411644,048,357.28
Oregon Steel Mills, Inc.492564,040,475.04
Koch Nitrogen Company101244,039,786.00
Quality Veneer Company24274,038,793.13
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company7904,038,741.15
Dominion - Hastings Compressor Station13954,035,661.30
Covanta Fairfax, Inc.9544,033,956.76
Bruce Hardwood Flooring, L.P.101584,029,742.00
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Grenada Osb36724,029,696.60
Three Rivers Refinery2810074,023,585.92
Armstrong World Industries62114,022,494.65
Savannah Sugar Refinery6844,017,366.48
Honda Of America Manufacturing, Inc.533414,009,234.88
Blanco Compressor Station - A,C,D Plants174074,002,440.00
Calumet Lubricants Co/Shreveport Refinery164753,999,144.00
Amer Ref Group/Bradford181313,984,052.50
Fashing Plant131483,983,697.78
Carmeuse Lime Incorporated10673,983,442.41
Black Hill Power & Light Company (Ben French)131093,964,905.26
Great Northern Paper Inc Mill East17713,964,275.21
Bp Amoco Chemical Texas C227633,962,188.43
Yates Gas Plant81493,961,385.99
Terrell Gas Plant11863,957,333.99
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc, Canton Refinery574363,954,866.73
Chaparral Steel13463,954,858.48
Texas Eastern Transmission101173,949,405.93
General Motors Corporation, Pontiac Assy Center451783,940,217.91
Chemical Lime Company-Ste. Genevieve10863,935,677.56
Williams Field Services Ignacio B Plt12593,931,484.54
American Synthetic Rubber16393,919,777.60
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co-Houstonia111063,914,134.50
Lehigh Southwest Cement Co.624533,906,368.45
Vulcan Chemicals558343,903,966.82
Ak Steel Corporation431153,903,315.71
Chocolate Bayou Chemical215333,902,096.80
Appleton Coated L.L.C.421953,893,278.62
Occidental Of Elk Hills, Inc.63593,892,311.57
Pasminco Zinc, Inc.151873,888,299.40
Terra Nitrogen Ltd Partnership9643,882,560.00
Kimberly Clark Pa Llc/Chester Operations201613,877,729.68
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Flow Station #271373,877,559.97
Wheelabrator Bridgeport Lp341053,870,271.46
Mdu - Lewis & Clark Station771093,868,522.17
Maryneal Cement Plant163733,865,851.40
American Woodmark Corporation -Hardy Co.21443,858,028.62
Potlatch Corp., Saint Maries Lumber Complex10273,857,933.65
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp10983,856,768.00
Boise Cascade Corp/Oakdale Plywood16463,854,158.00
Escanaba Power Plant22473,847,286.39
Cargill Juice North America, Inc.8303,837,016.13
Graymont Dolime (Oh), Inc.9663,836,102.75
Wilkes Power Plt411353,833,888.20
Tes Filer City Station671873,833,325.49
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4423,830,834.00
Andersen - Main924413,829,089.77
Carmeuse Lime & Stone10523,827,833.30
Bunge North America Inc19503,826,485.08
Holland Bpw, Generating Station & Wwtp974143,816,414.16
Intl Paper Co/Erie Mill20973,814,291.37
Saunders Plant153623,813,550.60
Armstrong Cement & Supply/Winfield13553,812,966.28
Sinclair Refinery - Casper14903,806,642.29
Midkiff Gas Plant143453,806,248.59
General Chemical Corporation71133,804,860.00
John Wayne-Orange County6243,802,524.87
Midlothian Energy Lp6963,796,658.40
City Of St. Marys Power Plant701593,791,087.87
Anr Pipeline Company181943,780,831.50
Chemical Products Corporation101443,778,620.27
Reynolds Metals Company Richmond Foil Plant8863,771,661.95
Bmc Holdings Inc81023,762,519.76
Cascades Plastics Inc-Warrenton393,757,502.36
Norandal Usa, Inc.122183,750,953.26
Medical Area Total Energy93623,749,870.00
Salt Lake City Refinery292393,749,840.20
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Gloster Ply591243,748,495.60
Ef Barrett Power Station477473,746,239.38
Holtsville Facility342263,743,095.08
Tenaska Gateway Generating Station 20603,741,582.71
Lehigh Southwest Cement Co.251263,729,910.70
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America - Station 107101043,726,570.00
Moltan Company10463,725,339.52
Columbia Gas Transmission - Hartsville Compressor Station10603,720,120.00
El Paso Refinery205803,715,122.80
Bandera Compressor Station10263,704,345.47
Goldendale Aluminum11553,701,889.00
Hillsboro Plant8183,701,133.33
Aromatics & Olefins Plant234753,698,417.42
Carbon Black Division131713,690,924.18
Pernod Ricard Usa802093,665,057.25
J.L. Bates Power Station38923,658,346.11
Arch Chemicals, Inc.7743,656,338.69
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co493813,655,193.69
Quebecor Printing Kingsport, Inc.101593,653,202.32
Anr Pipeline Company - Marshfield Comp Stn7553,649,628.16
North Branch Power Station792663,647,064.35
Potlatch Corporation-Cypress Bend Mill181553,643,537.99
Steel Dynamics, Inc.444413,639,657.46
Block 31 Area141883,638,699.99
Central Soya Company - Delphos671083,635,225.63
Boise Cascade Corp/Florien Plywood17663,632,653.00
Sunco Inc R M9111773,629,131.14
Mississippi Phosphates Corporation10533,624,380.00
Sea Robin Pipeline Co/Erath Comp Stn.5333,624,000.00
Chemical Lime--Clifton Lime101373,614,512.62
Columbia Gulf Transmission Company, Bann8803,613,640.00
Snyder Gas Plant112593,607,931.81
Eramet Marietta, Inc.14403,607,742.61
Pacific Oroville Power, Inc.21223,605,647.76
Ipsco Steel, Inc.16313,604,940.00
Furnace & Steel Mill143053,601,526.82
Dalton Corp. Kendallville Mfg. Facility493223,595,079.92
Pharmacia & Upjohn Company542853,588,738.26
Corpus Christi Plant173813,577,720.08
Cpsg Gould Strret47783,575,056.97
Plantation Pipeline Co/Br Tank Farm123,574,000.00
Dominion - Oscar Nelson Compressor Stn13643,572,508.90
Marshall Municipal Utilities-Marshall Municipal Utilities81013,563,199.07
Abitibi Consolidated Snowflake Division812733,562,746.11
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Plant 471243,558,808.02
International Paper (Bucksport)18743,555,949.54
Cutrale Citrus Juices Usa,Inc8513,555,911.18
Bpb America, Inc.411113,546,495.16
Interstate Paper Llc12333,544,655.76
California Portland Cement Co 3315543,544,269.33
Pinellas Co. Board Of Co. Commissioners22553,537,985.43
Citrosuco North America, Inc.6383,526,066.94
Phillips Refinery235403,523,775.31
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc. - Atlanta, Ga Plant8573,516,557.74
E I Dupont Inc6463,514,923.93
Nrg Middletown Operations, Inc472263,512,277.82
Roswell Compressor Station15853,506,540.00
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company211463,492,389.17
Cogentrix Of North Carolina Inc35933,490,334.05
Reliant Energy461873,483,614.80
Howell Pet Corp_elk Basin Gas Plant8313,477,864.05
Dak Americas412623,475,738.71
Jim Beam Brands Co6593,474,936.63
Gm- Nao Janesville- Truck Platform201323,472,893.27
Con Ed-74th Street Sta361103,472,830.78
Tennessee Gas Pipeline-Station 4761783,466,000.00
Libbey-Owens-Ford Co.13843,462,670.53
Usg Interiors Inc - Red Wing792163,459,029.27
J.M. Huber Corporation - Wood Product Division15953,458,217.00
Cardinal Fg7243,457,610.14
General Motors Corporation - Van Slyke Complex443343,456,470.47
Florida Rock Industries, Inc.12653,454,649.67
Helco - Puna Power Plant14423,454,415.24
Cargill Inc - Fayetteville591773,446,193.96
Trapper Mining Inc7373,441,438.99
Rogers Group-Bloomington Crushed Stone9723,441,411.16
Slaughter Gasoline Plant112183,439,902.02
Riceland Foods, Inc., Soya Division5963,438,580.01
Sierra Pacific Power Company6403,437,489.05
Roseburg Forest Products Co.762143,432,107.59
Columbia Gulf Trans Co5303,430,595.86
Delaware City Plant 42433,428,008.91
Alcoa Inc.3330713,427,190.50
Hood Industries Inc, Wiggins261023,416,755.80
Cornell University Main Campus613793,414,521.14
General Motors Corporation - Lansing Plants 2,3& 6482373,413,652.61
Georgia-Pacific Corp - Monticello Plywood Plant9183,412,542.00
Bemis Company, Inc.9703,412,528.81
Columbia Gulf Transmission Co/Rayne61363,412,000.00
Chemical Lime Company - Kimballton Plant11793,410,625.49
Independence Station411073,407,986.49
Oak Grove Resources, Llc8423,389,874.00
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation123303,382,270.12
Georgia Pacific Corp Jarratt Plant10263,368,740.00
Procter & Gamble Paper Prod Co/Mehoopany222913,368,512.21
Pioneer Natural Resources Usa, Inc.111863,367,546.19
Gvea Healy Power Plant6163,367,532.42
Sunnyside Cogeneration Facility541573,364,964.63
Williams Refining & Marketing, L.L.C.328793,363,562.72
Hardin Generator Project663,358,000.00
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Valdez Marine Terminal61583,351,580.04
Knauf Fiberglass141403,349,009.57
John Covey Farm - Site Ii522373,347,354.36
Tesoro Alaska Company - Nikiski Terminal111513,346,026.65
University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill674413,345,597.09
Indianapolis Belmont Wwtp601883,345,526.47
Van Nuys6123,340,079.62
Shenango Inc.554923,333,625.19
Waupaca Foundry-Plants 2 & 3174313,329,528.27
Ultramar Inc (Nsr Use Only)464053,328,079.85
Ag Processing, Inc. - Eagle Grove93003,328,042.85
Gulf South Pipeline Co/Montpelier Cs6583,324,000.00
Dan River Incorporated Schoolfield14913,323,504.91
Exxon - Syu Project3010563,308,018.90
Archer Daniels Midland Company7773,306,792.00
Mecklenburg Cogeneration Facility10353,304,666.57
C R R A / Mid-Connecticut321573,299,576.01
Northwest Pipeline Soda Springs6243,298,500.00
Intl Paper Co/Lock Haven Mill8353,298,464.02
University Of Tennessee Steamplant7383,294,800.00
Anr Pipeline Co - Shelbyville Station503903,291,654.37
Ak Steel Corp/Butler Works214643,290,685.83
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Gathering Center #2 (Gc-2)72003,283,719.99
Lon D Wright Power Plant771233,281,436.20
Monument Compressor Station15963,280,220.00
Koppers Ind/Monessen Coke Plt24883,278,750.38
Pepl - Montezuma Station574053,277,754.67
Ford Motor Co/ Wayne Complex451243,271,619.49
Newport News Shipbuilding141243,270,310.29
Boise Cascade - Yakima6573,269,800.00
Dyersburg Fabrics Limited10933,269,739.20
Anr Pipeline Company10833,268,639.40
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company - Station 87102403,262,940.07
Dalton Corporation Warsaw Manufacturing494873,260,136.93
Afg Industries, Inc.6103,259,900.54
Milliken Magnolia479353,258,963.56
Benning Generating Station26503,258,405.61
Black River Power Electrical Generating401173,256,897.87
Craven County Wood Energy19363,251,070.61
Katy Gas Plant122823,249,661.01
Cunningham Station461433,245,297.60
Griffin Pipe Products Company11453,239,399.92
Cardinal Fg7183,238,896.69
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company373693,238,065.25
Shurtape Technologies - Hickory/Highland Plt235253,235,654.15
Ejiw Ardmore Foundry Inc83663,235,362.00
Anchor Glass Container Corporation22563,230,309.87
Columbia Gulf Transmission Company - Hampshire Compressor Station10903,226,180.00
Trigen Boston Energy81573,223,500.00
Cargill Incorporated451923,222,756.96
Crompton Mfg Co Inc/Geismar Plant4610723,219,013.38
Cii Carbon,L.L.C./Norco5143,218,000.00
La Porte Complex4211353,216,876.29
Columbia Gulf Transmission Company,Inver10703,212,340.00
John Deere Harvester Works492193,210,280.79
Williams Olefins Llc/Geismar Ethylene141423,209,250.00
Swanson Group, Inc.811683,206,281.79
Texas City13393,205,500.04
Vanderbilt University101053,203,304.77
Kerr-Mcgee Rocky Mountain Corp. - Hudson11683,200,977.48
Oxy Vinyls11263,200,513.00
E.I. Du Pont Fort Hill Plant443,200,500.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America - Station 204111253,196,984.00
Barton Brands Ltd5393,196,226.69
Desert Basin - Reliant Energy 20403,191,052.09
Celanese Ltd.81083,189,168.60
Johns Manville132173,185,871.19
Pipe Casting Plant13633,183,379.18
Independence Power And Light-Blue Valley Station811813,182,479.07
Blandin Paper/Rapids Energy Center1026363,179,211.89
Pacific Lumber Company, The16503,179,159.05
Smelter & Refinery222363,176,623.53
Anchor Glass Container Corporation71433,171,600.00
Florida Gas Transmission Co/Eunice Cs 76463,164,000.00
Johns Manville132393,160,866.68
Gopher Resource Corp815473,157,866.19
Drayton Plant9213,141,856.04
Grays Harbor Paper Lp241103,140,221.00
Afg Industries, Inc. Jerry Run Plant7593,132,955.06
Bryans Mill Plant111563,128,281.06
Georgia Pacific Corporation-Georgia Pacific Firedoor Core Plant61353,127,517.08
Caterpillar Inc491813,126,810.98
Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, Inc.482303,122,856.58
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation479133,118,788.60
Us Steel Corporation - Irvin Plant234463,118,648.83
St Gobain Containers Llc8663,117,898.00
Nueces Bay Power Station38963,111,529.16
Rosebud County Western Energy Mine5753,108,000.00
Cedar Falls Municipal Electric Utility/Cts804273,106,108.54
American Magotteaux Corp.101923,101,958.40
Surface Specialties, Inc.10483,099,862.11
Sunoco Inc (R&M)181633,097,203.02
Ford Motor Co, Lou Assy Plt16333,096,912.00
Pechiney Rolled Products, Llc.152983,092,928.00
Decker Mine8973,088,005.00
Houston Central Gas Plant131373,086,440.02
John Deere - Dubuque Works4213833,082,955.61
Anchor Glass Container Corp8353,082,420.00
J. M. Huber Corporation104523,079,515.60
Monument Compressor Station151713,071,760.00
Thomson, Inc.431453,069,285.31
Quebecor World Franklin91313,060,201.66
Koch Nitrogen9543,056,082.81
Hercules Incorporated Brunswick Plant13723,052,784.30
Boralex Stratton Energy Inc7193,051,921.76
Nevada Power Clark Station371253,051,055.20
Nu West Industries8203,049,870.00
Oneok Field Svc81263,049,200.00
Sterling Steel Company, Llc413843,043,555.04
Collins Products Llc1005833,041,827.48
Johns Manville International, Inc.132933,040,759.64
Bay City Plant2712263,040,104.20
Independence Power And Light-Missouri City Station14483,034,960.53
Eunice North Compressor Station154223,034,856.40
Hydraulic Press Brick Co.8383,031,778.42
Hansford Site121513,030,860.00
Columbia Gulf Transmission Company, Cori10663,025,460.00
Trunkline Gas Co/Epps Comp Station5733,024,000.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America - Station 10910783,022,380.00
Trans Alaska Pipeline System Pump Station 351403,022,239.99
Columbia Gas - Kenova Cs7663,021,800.00
Columbia Gas - Lanham Cs7753,021,000.00
Anchor Glass Container Corp - Shakopee39653,020,719.25
Jameson Gas Plant111963,014,690.40
Quebecor World131073,014,574.00
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation (U.S.)44823,014,351.39
Montana Tunnels Mine8613,012,298.10
Georgia Pacific Corp - Warm Springs, Ga Plywood7273,009,680.00
Lehigh Portland Cement7703,007,118.02
Exolon-Esk Co6563,006,538.82
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line/Cs 54131443,006,391.00
Boise Cascade Corporation802403,003,087.66
Wheelabrator Baltimore Lp331293,002,046.06
Avondale Mills Stevens351462,999,540.68
Pella Municipal Power Plant515062,998,198.23
Frisco Battery Recycling264072,988,066.02
Bellefield Boiler Plant222302,984,336.29
Heaven Hill Distilleries5372,980,492.29
Aluminum Company Of America, Inc. - North Plant101312,979,678.70
Austin White Lime Company81212,978,962.23
Cooper-Standard Automotive572382,977,719.61
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4492,977,260.00
Albemarle Corp434942,973,721.21
El Paso Fld Srvcs Co/Eunice Extraction61582,968,000.00
Daimlerchrysler Corp Transmission Plant442212,964,945.88
Aurora Energy6212,962,295.00
Bp America Production Company6452,959,514.49
Georgia-Pacific Corp Madison Plywood Plt8162,958,241.30
Tosco Refining Company313002,952,586.14
Kerr-Mcgee Pigments (Savannah) Inc.11532,951,333.00
Stimson Lumber - Libby8352,950,009.00
Sierrapine, A California Limited Partner811192,949,830.02
Hunt Forest Products,Inc/Pollock Mill6272,942,000.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp10692,940,768.00
Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties, Llc8342,938,794.23
Duke Energy Morro Bay381572,934,454.80
Crawford Compressor Station182522,933,333.98
Conocophillips Alpine Central Processing Facility61162,931,260.09
Aera Energy Llc615322,930,525.63
Mirant - Kendall Llc523712,929,498.79
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company8424902,928,403.01
Wheelabrator North Broward, Inc.421392,925,293.03
Guardian Industries Corp.20522,919,435.03
Enterprise Gas Proc Llc/N Terrebonne Gas Plnt131342,918,367.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline/Port Sulphur Station 5276782,916,000.00
Dominion Cleveland Thermal Inc501892,910,654.59
Weyerhaeuser Company953292,907,066.57
Saint-Gobain Containers14382,903,410.99
Swva, Inc.16882,903,177.10
Climax Molybdenum Amax Henderson Mill12442,901,689.68
Albemarle Corporation283952,900,819.46
Sunray Compressor Station151562,899,128.75
Laclede Steel Co472562,896,631.39
Rogers Group-Sieboldt Quarry5642,891,651.83
Nucor Steel475002,888,390.92
Waupaca Foundry Inc-Plant No 1162602,887,967.39
3m - Hutchinson Tape Manufacturing Plant743652,887,284.54
Arcos Ind Llc/Mt Carmel Plt572,884,456.12
Bp America Production Company6602,882,814.34
Southern California Gas Co535042,881,380.83
Transwestern Pipeline Co #6112,877,156.00
Royster - Clark Nitrogen421422,877,080.02
Kerr-Mcgee Rocky Mountain Corp.-Brighton9152,866,786.61
Colorado Refining Co Total Petroleum181522,865,669.31
Havco Wood Products, Inc.10662,865,651.80
Entergy Mississippi Inc, Rex Brown Plant441002,865,246.01
Delta Mills:Delta #2368622,863,525.14
American Ref-Fuel Co Niagara,Pl391172,862,768.87
Sierra Pacific Ind. - Burney21252,862,522.94
Advanced Glassfiber Yarns329562,860,503.01
Uniek Inc13132,859,760.00
Nucor Steel151002,856,850.83
Nrg Montville Operations, Inc491742,853,212.24
Arizona Chemical Company15452,851,660.29
El Segundo Power, Llc401612,848,316.45
Channelview Plant171172,847,798.99
Gcc Rio Grande, Inc. Tijeras Plant 183892,840,834.58
Milwaukee County Power Plant10322,835,532.18
Naval Air Weapons Station Md747652,835,497.30
Panther Creek Partners/Nesquehoning Plt15432,832,026.23
Lyondell Chem Co/Lake Charles Plnt485162,831,854.00
Nsp Dba Xcel Energy - Red Wing501722,827,693.27
Northern Natural Gas Company11702,821,857.00
Anchor Glass Container Corp36642,821,457.09
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Hiedelbe12772,818,940.00
Collins & Aikman Products Co.13412,817,456.98
Gulf Coast Recycling, Inc.7172,814,192.88
Illinois Cement Co47892,814,083.40
North Lake Steam Electric Station411992,812,229.66
Sewerage & Water Bd Of N.O./Main Water Purification5462,808,000.00
Penreco/Karns City171002,807,402.24
Fmc Corporation - Steam Plant11372,802,703.79
Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Inc391912,798,650.60
Copper Refinery141312,798,151.96
Holcim (Us) Inc - Fort Collins Plant131032,794,109.08
Ohio University Lausche Heating Plant742802,792,922.89
Consolidation Coal Co/Rend Lake Mine8272,789,397.52
Bridgestone/Firestone Inc7810542,789,165.43
Cleco Corp/Teche Power Station38822,787,925.68
Us Dod Wright-Patterson Afb Oh723642,787,901.36
Quebecor Printing Richmond Incorporated12632,787,207.73
Crown Pacific Limited Partnership76972,786,816.12
H & K Charcoal-H & K Charcoal6562,786,575.68
Equistar Chemicals Lp521922,781,479.10
Kohler Co-Metals Processing Complex184572,779,963.76
Camp Lejeune Marine Corp Base10123702,776,787.16
Anchor Glass Container Corporation10392,774,637.95
Piney Creek Lp/Piney Creek Power Plt9132,772,640.03
International Paper Riegelwood Mill15232,771,627.70
Quail Compressor Station14682,770,100.00
Carolina Stalite Company554702,768,035.31
Wahpeton Plant7172,767,039.00
Becromal Of America, Inc.14562,763,550.50
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Company, Inc.141832,759,800.69
Daramic Inc6592,759,561.92
Columbia Municipal Power Plant-Columbia731742,759,472.12
Texas Lime Company61182,758,323.33
Nucor Steel:Darlington287302,758,198.37
Atofina Chemicals, Inc455982,757,995.07
Georgia-Pacific Corporation11412,752,508.00
Anchorage Municipal Light & Power George M. Sullivan Generation Plant Two5102,750,040.00
Ball State Univ43832,748,649.09
Unocal King Salmon Platform61222,747,599.95
Naval Surface Warfare Cntr-Indian Hd92322,744,642.86
Dlm Foods131612,744,178.66
Golfcourse Compressor Station14952,741,720.00
Indspec Chem Corp/Petrolia223602,736,201.41
District Energy St Paul Inc-Hans O'Nyman805362,736,115.01
Green Bay Packaging Inc Mill Division14452,734,323.47
Southern Natural Gas/Toca Comp Stn61562,732,000.00
Masonite Corporation, A Subsidiary Of183372,731,773.90
U. S. Pipe & Foundry Company Inc.(No. B'Ham Plant)13702,731,311.35
Dominion - Hastings Extraction Plant16632,729,444.00
Weyerhaeuser Company--Dierks Mill212112,729,329.31
Pg&E Topock Compressor Station627462,729,273.45
Kraton Polymers U.S. Llc564572,726,951.06
Air Products & Chemicals,Inc/No Fac91472,726,454.00
Green Valley Chemical Corporation202232,722,034.73
Puckett Compressor Station131142,721,185.57
West Refinery242112,720,132.90
Quanex/Macsteel Division36602,719,238.90
Broyhill Miller Hill Complex323432,716,321.73
Dominion - Southampton Power Station762162,707,213.40
Morton Salt & Performance Chem. Divs. Of Morton391282,706,610.36
Smi Steel, Inc.14622,706,351.00
Georgia Pacific/Logansport22672,705,393.00
Gerdau Ameristeel - Sayreville111032,705,087.00
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group421092,701,350.85
Ford Motor Co-Hazelwood281642,695,002.63
Daishowa America28912,694,990.11
Florida Gas Transmission Company332422,690,140.00
Chicago Carbon Co An Affiliate Of Unocal7232,689,019.74
Ocean Energy Inc Blaine County #16772,688,000.00
Bon Wier Plywood Plant161262,683,812.17
Temple Inland Forest Prd.8712,681,144.06
Jasper Municipal Electric Utility43692,680,578.56
Caprock Industries Iii112,678,613.28
Anr Pipeline Co5502,678,589.09
East Vealmoor Gas Plant122462,670,112.98
Vent Booster7772,660,480.01
Flexsys - Nitro Plant636092,655,241.04
Youngstown Thermal772482,654,563.67
Anr Pipeline Company-Maitland Compressor Station9982,652,755.68
Ipsco Steel, Inc.162492,649,458.10
Columbia Gas - Files Creek Cs7762,647,360.00
Rochester Public Utilities - Silver Lake794822,644,765.21
Manistique Papers Inc39922,644,149.23
Guardian Industries Corp. Floreffe13842,643,480.56
Northeastern Power Co/Mcadoo Co Gen14452,642,664.78
Williams Prod. Rmt Corp. - Parachute111022,642,516.57
Miller Brewing Company - Eden Plant331422,638,791.38
Caraustar Mill Group, Inc.8532,634,835.40
Nucor Steel15812,632,891.43
Encina Waste Water Authority321152,630,810.32
Holliston Mills, Inc.72442,629,633.80
Northwood Panelboard Co834882,628,225.67
Usge N New England Inc. Manchester Street Station20602,627,120.24
Florida Gas Transmission Company, Wiggin18782,625,480.00
Mountain Creek Station413102,625,426.27
Columbia Gulf Transmission Co/Delhi6952,624,000.00
Ridge Generating Station, L.P.992,619,028.51
Anniston Army Depot474042,617,928.91
Stora Enso No. Amer.-Whiting Mill13552,616,983.99
Trans Alaska Pipeline System Pump Station 151552,613,759.97
Sierrapine Ltd Ampine Division6992,613,387.11
Thermo Cogen Partnership Ft Lupton7212,613,019.99
Jewel Acquisition/Midland Fac17912,610,669.59
City Of Tallahassee461482,609,530.15
The Dexter Company188982,609,435.08
Encana Oil & Gas (Usa), Inc-Dragon Trail12982,604,599.88
W.T.U.-Ft. Phantom Power Station39832,603,169.06
Visteon Corp - Nashville Glass131982,598,903.00
Southern Natural Gas Company, Gwinville17972,597,840.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co5802,595,746.49
Georgia Pacific6322,586,346.78
Lake Ray Hubbard411342,583,348.29
Adm - Des Moines Soybean584952,582,963.13
Wheelabrator South Broward, Inc431422,580,863.59
General Motors - Powertrain Group Saginaw72002,578,884.18
Thyssenkrupp Waupaca, Inc.-Plant 4181682,578,152.49
Longview Gas Plant91812,576,892.80
Olefins & Aromatics218702,576,676.13
Climax Molybdenum Company105522,576,659.90
Big River Industries Livlite Division10302,574,889.80
Pcs Nitrogen Of Ohio L.P.692,574,300.00
Anr Pipeline Company7752,573,605.29
Oneok Field Services Company81832,573,322.60
Cargill Salt882372,572,166.46
San Juan River Gas Plant151402,570,760.00
Chevron Phillips Chem Co Lp/St James101192,570,691.00
Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc151062,569,388.12
Sierra Pacific Industries21252,569,196.00
Columbia Gulf Trans Co5452,568,549.37
Narrows Generating Station40712,567,214.22
Iowa Army Ammunition Plant4820242,566,742.88
Western Illinois University661682,565,696.07
Louisiana-Pacific Corp - Woodland Osb15452,565,246.92
M A Patout & Son Ltd/Enterprise Factory6542,562,000.00
Horner Charcoal Co Inc-Horner Charcoal Co Inc6612,560,589.04
Bowie Resources, Llc - Bowie No 2 Mine4232,558,815.24
Montgomery County Rrf311072,556,913.30
Guardian Industries Corporation6572,555,354.78
Florida Gas Transmission Co/Zachary Comp Stn6522,554,000.00
Pella Corporation - Pella Division856672,549,148.50
Greater Detroit Resource Recovery351152,547,322.97
San Juan Plant Gas Plant151952,545,040.00
Srp Agua Fria Generating Station371602,544,501.42
Pawnee Gas Plant111122,543,413.67
Edna Compressor Station151262,541,497.82
Graymont Pa Inc/Bellefonte Plant N Thomas St9562,539,696.00
Kimberly-Clark Michigan491252,537,555.99
Johns Manville - Waterville 0775232,535,425.98
Potlatch - Bemidji8610442,534,202.13
Dg Energy Solutions, Llc662,532,388.49
Mcwane Cast Iron Pipe Co.171132,531,750.00
Tennessee Gas Pipline- Station 214182862,531,638.46
Langboard Mdf15792,529,544.97
Owens Corning - Fairburn Plant10882,527,808.00
Aqua Glass Corporation - Performance Plant10632,526,738.78
Cat Canyon2422902,524,780.22
Chevron South224542,522,719.17
Luling Gas Plant12822,520,031.15
Tropicana Products, Inc8412,519,128.43
Harrisburg Auth/Municipal Incinerator18302,513,341.07
Weyerhaeuser - Wright City241252,510,130.00
Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant10312192,510,105.73
Consumer Energy De Karn Jc Weadock Generating Plant10152,506,026.00
Boralex Fort Fairfield7382,504,315.79
Westchester County Health Care Corp551652,500,584.95
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Station 204182672,500,520.41
Florida Gas Transmission Company6182,499,922.07
Gp:Prosperity Plywood401092,499,739.97
City Of Dover - Mckee Run Generating Sta794362,499,687.74
Bp Pipelines North America Inc63242,497,392.00
Salt Creek Field Gas Plant121352,492,074.19
Saint-Gobain Containers Inc6122,492,000.00
Ford Motor Co, Ky Truck Plt15432,489,048.00
Gallatin Steel Co9852,488,523.49
Gomez Complex151062,487,448.02
South Point Energy Center, Llc 20402,486,426.51
Great Lakes Gas Transmission - Station 117792,482,647.48
Bunge Corporation, Marks81332,479,080.00
Mitsubishi Motor Mfg Of America Inc492652,476,646.71
Stratford Upholstery Company Llc, The22222,474,924.00
General Motors Assembly Plant15722,473,637.20
Weyerhaeuser Company - Elkin Plant593452,472,759.59
Waldorf Corp - A Rock-Tenn Co421752,472,345.87
Eastman Kodak Company482692,469,675.52
Chemical Lime Co Of Alabama10302,468,008.11
Nacogdoches O.S.B.18822,467,832.17
Philip Morris Usa Manufacturing Center614852,467,712.91
Enogex Products Corp91332,466,928.00
Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems, Holland Road261202,462,790.84
Sheffield Steel15862,459,322.00
International Paper:Newberry371202,458,676.44
Shell Chemical Company111182,457,700.00
Thompson Gas Plant121602,452,700.41
Boise Cascade Corporation811812,451,637.08
North Star Steel Of Texas18982,450,503.28
Mont Belvieu Plant112102,449,979.81
Johns Manville International, Inc.81112,448,479.99
Texas Eastern Transmission Lp - Somerset231352,438,721.52
Great Southern Paper Co.13192,437,567.20
Bp America Production Co. Wattenberg Plt101022,437,410.89
Atofina Petrochemicals Inc/Cosmar Styrene Plnt194312,432,266.28
Wheelabrator Millbur371862,431,049.70
Nathaniel Energy Corp12802,430,984.00
Boise Cascade Corporation854032,430,135.55
G.M. Powertrain Group383392,425,630.39
Flying J Refinery (Big West Oil Co.)222852,425,586.26
Joseph Seagram & Sons Inc112,423,983.89
Northampton Gen Co/Northampton18622,422,953.80
Tillamook Lumber Company771022,415,516.89
Mountain Cement Co9122,411,432.96
Wolverine Tube Inc6672,411,134.00
Johns Manville International Inc. - Defiance Plant11992,410,983.01
3m - Administrative Offices - Maplewood539662,409,721.61
San Juan Refinery (Bloomfield)211832,408,968.62
Guardian Geneva Float Glass Facility30692,406,974.36
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co111072,404,294.00
Global Stone Tenn Luttrell Company121142,401,319.76
Reliant Energy Portland Power Plant692,400,545.40
Langboard Osb12452,399,718.48
Lafarge/Systech Environmental Corp.351222,398,938.37
C-E Minerals Plant 251222,398,888.52
S. D. City - Miramar Landfills481222,397,442.62
Northern Natural Gas Company11752,396,482.99
Peoples Energy Resources Corp42542,393,311.21
Florida Gas Transmission Company6482,388,463.46
Westar Energy, Inc.461772,387,708.63
Fain Gas Plant112142,386,521.21
Madison Paper19342,386,443.91
Trunkline Gas Co17772,385,101.83
Eastern Fine Paper Inc17382,384,233.62
Cantera Natural Gas Inc4622,382,640.00
Jacksonville Developmental Center14142,381,908.07
Tenaska Frontier19672,377,531.12
Owens Corning132472,373,531.62
West Fraser South Inc/Joyce Sawmill6412,372,000.00
Finch Pruyn & Co441632,368,850.19
Texas City Plant4710622,366,805.59
Florida Gas Transmission Company6302,364,687.02
Premcor Refining Group Inc486622,363,212.72
Boralex Ashland7232,358,436.63
Archer Daniels Midland Co10112,355,190.82
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company - Station 71102902,354,575.45
Honest Abe Log Homes, Inc., Pallet Pro, Inc. & Etc9572,353,552.00
Hutchinson Energy Center 49832,352,816.55
Solutia Incorporated1825942,347,026.30
Perdue Farms72062,345,315.00
Goodrich Compressor Sta8692,344,099.41
Eagle Mountain Station461542,343,117.58
Fuji Hunt Specialty Products Company18772,341,789.11
Dynegy Midstream Svcs Lp/Venice Gas Proc122242,337,240.00
U Of I - Champaign/Urbana636282,336,914.92
Georgetown Steel-Closed341342,331,733.01
Bridgestone/Firestone North America Tire Llc452152,327,969.45
Texas Eastern Trans /Delmont6732,325,457.43
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America41652,323,018.67
Mustang Electric Station18582,321,799.81
Carthage Cmpsr Stn 2112002,321,557.81
Boise Cascade Corp Plywood13452,320,921.01
American Crystal Sugar - Crookston885122,320,806.23
Burroughs Ross Colville Company101312,319,437.60
C L M Corporation-Superior8602,317,051.85
Amerada Hess Corporation-Port Reading Refiner24952,316,849.65
Simpson Timber Co25712,316,244.00
Metalico-College Grove, Inc.13662,312,506.77
Cardinal Fg Flat Glass Plant21322,309,055.68
W.T. 2 Station16642,302,914.36
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Columbus13762,302,559.80
Chrysler Corp-North Plant201462,301,439.20
Dupont De Nemours E I & Company Inc James River Pl8132,301,035.55
Michelin:Sandy Spring582412,300,512.96
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co/313 Coudersport7842,299,431.99
Golden Casting Corporation261162,297,956.15
Nrg Norwalk Harbor Operations421492,293,933.33
Rio Grande Generating Station421302,293,550.51
John S. Rainey Generating Station 20802,291,970.26
Duke Energy Field Services, Lp131112,291,144.24
Big Spring Cogeneration7582,290,430.59
Decker Creek Power Plant391402,289,078.90
V.H. Braunig Plant451962,285,964.10
Caterpillar Inc514932,280,821.29
Guardian Industries17652,278,548.53
Arthur Kill Generating Station421572,278,322.90
Armstrong World Ind /Marietta Ceiling Plt191072,276,174.84
Heating Plant & Incinerator (Hmiwi)5152,273,600.00
North American Stainless112232,273,340.53
Crane Booster7492,272,219.93
Canadian Plant142082,270,996.80
Nelson Lime Plant6202,270,800.42
J. B. Sims Generating Station921562,266,628.20
Nucor Steel:Berkeley249062,266,351.55
Owens-Brockway Glass Container20622,264,754.84
Kinder Morgan Interstate Gas Trans17442,262,855.49
International Paper Company301552,262,540.00
Westlake Vinyls, Inc.205622,261,786.10
Dominion - Altavista Power Station792112,259,531.54
Con Ed-Waterside Station421452,259,171.76
Ford Motor Company Atlanta Assembly14382,258,202.00
Central Soya Co. - Bellevue5592,256,699.96
Colorado Interstate Gas Co Cheyenne Stn8392,254,476.70
South Mississippi Electric Power Associa481232,252,737.88
Nichols Aluminum19392,249,444.20
Perdue Farms Incorporated7352,246,917.25
Timberland Gathering & Processing Co101272,245,776.00
International Paper - Armour Lumber Mill25432,243,762.40
La Porte Plant4530212,242,518.97
General Electric Co - Plastics443432,242,055.10
Bunge Corporation8842,237,000.00
Smrc/Union Sugar248322,236,107.16
Lower Colorado River Authority381762,235,973.36
Montana Refining151722,234,567.00
K Ply27612,233,637.00
Manchief Power Company Llc11342,233,571.03
Sherwin Plant74442,232,033.80
Bay Resource Mgt. Center (Nti26239)14222,226,844.57
Long Beach6242,224,618.24
Port Arthur Plant237632,223,917.01
Bulk Mineral Handling112232,222,156.00
Black Hills Corporation Simpson 1562,221,594.90
Dynegy Midstream Svcs Lp/Yscloskey131732,220,983.00
General Motors Linden Assembly71202,218,480.00
Willmar Municipal Utilities781952,217,330.00
Craftmaster Mfg/Towanda Mill283142,216,052.71
American Ref-Fuel Company Of Essex County361952,213,085.48
Phillips Cogeneration Plant8362,210,859.97
Western Gas Resources Westana Inc10712,204,320.00
Dupont Company - Fayetteville Works371602,202,572.21
Texas Recreation Corp71392,200,918.00
Mirant Delta, Llc42852,200,759.70
Owens-Brockway Glass Container8402,199,437.45
110 Clean Fill Disposal Site25312,199,062.15
W. R. Grace & Co113142,193,388.00
Solutia Chocolate Bayou P3113822,192,335.21
Covanta Haverhill Incorporated371012,188,349.31
General Mills Operations, Inc.1819002,187,344.79
Haverhill Paperboard10602,186,377.12
Southern Natural Gas201532,185,840.00
Lone Star Steel Company142112,181,662.60
Southern Natural Gas201532,181,260.00
Pasadena Terminal168932,181,012.22
American Crystal Sugar - Moorhead844472,180,678.71
Columbia Gulf Transmission Co/Alexandria Cs5572,180,000.00
Nucor Steel Seattle, Inc17342,179,056.37
Morton Salt Div40852,178,893.94
Louis Dreyfus Citrus, Inc.692,177,151.97
Coastal Lumber Co8202,174,450.16
Plant X371652,174,136.06
General Motors Corporation - Orion Assembly1997000451612,172,617.65
Empire Coke Co26972,171,892.12
Osram Sylvania Inc11972,170,776.34
Williams Field Services/C.S. #625712,168,000.00
Brush Cogeneration Partners/Colo Power7472,166,932.67
Pyco Industries Inc82592,166,702.00
Owens Corning113172,165,749.80
Natural Gas Pipeline Company-Marble Hill Plant151502,165,438.97
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4302,164,780.00
Transcontinental Gas/Frazer Sta 2009982,164,534.59
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp5792,163,940.00
Owens Corning:Anderson312992,163,892.04
Mead Southern Wood Products - Greenville Sawmill8302,160,038.50
Southern States Phosphate & Fertilizer Co.6122,159,506.00
Etter Booster12612,158,943.94
Pocahontas No. 51 Preparation Plant19302,158,040.19
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Plt 6241162,156,030.69
Tippett Plant121022,155,752.82
Mosinee Holdings, Inc.462392,154,780.48
Andector Petroleum Stn7482,151,739.96
Hampton Lumber Mills - Wa Inc./Randle Facility10202,150,446.68
Springtown Gas Plant112652,150,334.42
Tex Booster Station13842,149,733.98
Viking Gas Transmission - Ada672502,149,685.89
Anr Pipeline Company - Bridgman Compressor Station251312,147,143.97
Pruet Production Company442,146,800.00
U. S. Pipe & Foundry Company,Inc.(Bessemer Plant)13962,146,661.05
Kn Gas Gathering, Inc.18822,145,037.05
Ebbtide Corporation8782,144,346.36
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America - Station 201482032,143,384.29
Abitibi-Consolidated Corporation Sheldon Mill131682,143,067.01
Owens-Corning Delmar Plant191842,142,710.62
Anadarko Gathering Co.121102,142,051.38
Georgia-Pacific Corp. - Monticello Panelboard10872,140,269.00
Dominion - Lightburn Compressor Station151112,138,120.38
Fraser Nh Llc484102,137,252.85
Wellman Ind:Palmetto393142,132,812.77
Cone Mills:Carlisle252482,130,200.20
Broyhill Virginia Street Complex664242,129,114.69
Owens-Brockway Auburn Plant 3539982,128,179.94
Noveon, Inc.711022,124,473.90
U. S. Steel Mining Company, Llc351222,123,576.55
Clodine Expanded Shale &104312,123,499.49
Spearman Plant111042,123,165.03
Nucor Steel12682,122,487.97
Cutrale Citrus Juices Usa Inc7362,116,174.82
Tmt-Pathway, L.L.C.772,116,173.00
Madill Gas Processing Llc10512,116,080.00
Nafta Region Olefins Complex141992,115,878.20
Spraberry Gas Plant72522,112,953.80
Wausau-Mosinee Paper Corporation15952,106,481.76
Georgia Pacific Plywood531662,105,120.00
Sonora Compressor Station6262,104,540.00
Buffalo Trace Distillery6782,102,597.73
Gulf Plains Gas Plant152972,102,386.00
Tennessee Electroplating131002,101,928.00
Westar Energy, Inc.8632,097,139.51
Burlington Electric Dept. (Mcneil Station)79912,096,495.23
P G & E-Humboldt Bay Plant461352,096,281.02
Goodyear Houston Chem Plt2119842,094,627.11
Ameren Energy Generating Co6162,094,020.00
Dyno Nobel Inc-Lomo Plant4172,090,949.48
Wilcox Gas Plant161502,084,185.22
Ucar Carbon Company, Inc.111232,081,385.20
Greenville Steam Co6162,079,799.83
Sonora Gas Plant91282,079,531.99
Ge Logan Lighting Plant9382,076,485.60
Kimberly Clark Corporation10782,075,998.84
General Chemical Industrial Products Inc.39752,073,795.81
Intermet Corporation Radford11552,071,943.52
Xto Energy Inc./Cotton Valley Gas122602,068,008.00
Roseburg Forest Products10702,067,846.35
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Northstar Production Facility71692,067,259.99
Millennium Specialty Chemicals251172,067,134.37
Cargill, Inc. - Cedar Rapids442702,066,868.08
Pope And Talbot, Inc.6312,066,760.00
Exxon - Syu Project2914662,066,396.53
Houston Chemical Complex1110382,063,682.20
Mt Carmel Cogen/Culm Fired Cogen Plt71722,063,199.80
Daimler Chrysler Corp361862,063,148.26
Wheelabrator Saugus Jv371362,061,937.46
Omnova Solutions, Inc211232,061,751.02
Carbide Industries Llc6222,061,278.00
Cargill Inc7272,059,693.88
Northern Natural Gas Company151772,056,883.29
Certain Teed Prod Co/Mountaintop13602,053,904.42
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc391022,053,140.51
Texas Gas Transmission - Dillsboro481862,049,303.39
Spontex, Inc.7312,048,728.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Purvis C13662,047,117.40
Libbey Glass, Inc.61162,046,000.00
Wheelabrator Falls Inc/Falls Twp35662,042,808.90
Ball Metal Food Container Corporation17462,042,620.02
Clyde L Choate Mental Health Center23322,042,584.50
Antelope Valley Aggregate Inc11352,037,536.43
Lehigh Cement Co/York Operations12502,035,741.37
Philip Morris Usa Inc., Cabarrus Manufacturing Facility264172,034,990.76
Nichols Station391262,033,375.96
Occidental Chemical Corp/Taft Sodium8842,032,232.60
Calmat Co. Dba Vulcan Mat.47862,030,582.44
Gregory Power Facility18462,030,196.98
Cleco Evangeline Llc/Evangeline Pwr Stn17652,030,024.72
Duke Energy Fld Srvcs Lp/Minden Gas Plnt63792,030,000.00
Cargill, Inc.414542,028,164.35
Ppg Industries Fiber Glass Products Inc4931922,026,078.25
Peace Valley Charcoal Inc-Peace Valley Charcoal Inc6162,021,878.44
Anr Pipeline Nat Gas_co-St. John Station39952,018,786.32
Phelps Dodge Corp-Morenci Branch131282,016,225.88
Union Carbide (Dow) - Institute Site301552,015,389.80
Wichita Falls Plant244452,015,140.41
Columbia Gas - Clendenin Cs7452,013,340.00
Williston Basin - Cabin Creek6932,010,000.00
Four Star Oil & Gas Company12842,008,260.00
Headlee Dev Gas Plant121972,008,183.99
Cargill, Incorporated10652,008,096.80
Us Navy Norfolk Naval Base-Sewells Point104472,005,951.43
Kastler/Marushack Compressor Station111022,002,969.60
Intermet Columbus Foundry112982,001,645.78
Virginia Dept Of Public Utilities782282,000,608.55
Miller Brewing Co 161462,000,392.95
Southern Illinois University42711,999,025.10
Astoria Gas Turbine Power28621,998,884.40
Bucksport Clean Energy 20201,998,232.07
Amerada Hess Corp/Sea Robin Gas Proc Plnt6601,998,000.00
Visteon/Milan Plant18641,997,626.69
International Paper - Leola Lumber Mill9581,996,960.03
Kerr-Mcgee Chemical Llc131171,994,885.00
Ford Motor Co Autotrans New Prod.301861,993,140.58
Minnesota Power Inc - Ml Hibbard983731,991,105.15
Oracle Packaging Company10601,989,954.40
Cargill, Inc. - Des Moines82211,989,854.62
Spraberry Plant151931,989,497.99
Pg&E Hinkley Compressor Sta629481,988,471.13
Texas Gas Transmission, Llc. - Kenton Compressor Station10951,987,796.00
Promontory Plant2711561,985,774.35
Covanta Indianapolis, Inc.551911,985,459.39
Cna Holdings Inc - Shelby Plant262491,984,900.22
International Paper-Wood Products Div. Augusta Lumber Mill7371,983,386.00
Marion Steel Company10241,983,075.96
Hydraulic Press Brick6141,981,999.98
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co6251,980,906.00
La Palma Power Station38701,978,293.95
Sand Hills Plant142101,978,237.20
Dsm Copolymer/Addis Plant101471,976,000.00
Stryker Creek Electric Station461451,975,784.19
Fmc Biopolymer8211,974,474.84
Techneglas, Inc.8101,973,817.99
Colorado Interstate Gas Company7561,972,873.02
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Of Indiana461531,972,014.44
The Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co.2221,972,005.47
Western Gas Resources Inc101251,965,820.00
Southern States Chemical7241,964,712.20
General Motors Corp. Fairfax Plant231801,961,449.29
Terra Nitrogen Limited Partnership7611,959,412.01
Weyerhaeuser Company853531,959,268.33
Public Service Co Fort Saint Vrain Plt21691,956,682.48
Duke University531871,955,540.53
Eagle Point Cogeneration Ptnr. (Epcp)21391,954,794.30
Stepan Co555531,954,188.08
Atofina Inc252031,953,947.51
Sterling Casting471201,951,747.38
Central Soya Company, Inc.401841,951,240.66
Martin Brothers Container10161,948,610.40
Cargill Inc - Raleigh23991,947,963.56
International Truck And Engine Corp.441701,947,836.03
Con Ed-59th St Sta391221,946,363.80
3m (Minnesota Mining & Mfg. Co.) - Knoxville1417221,946,083.12
Montenay Montgomery /Plymouth35721,945,918.41
Valverde Gas Plant155661,945,320.00
Public Service Company Of New Mexico Reeves Generating Station381151,943,571.10
Capitol Power Plant10391,943,245.70
International Paper-De Pere Facility10481,942,703.79
Adm Frankfort423721,938,691.94
Pine Hall Brick Company Incorporated241081,938,294.07
Potlatch Corporation12261,936,392.84
Duke Energy Field Services - Spindle111261,935,857.26
Carpenter Tech Corp/Reading Plt2017001,935,598.81
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America - Station 10810771,935,210.52
University Of Kentucky8991,931,236.21
Cargill, Inc. - Lafayette412011,927,394.86
Beaumont Facility16341,922,058.00
Westinghouse:Savannah River Site496081,919,143.24
Commonwealth Aluminum Lewisport Llc425751,917,430.43
Anr Pipeline Co. - Birmingham Compressor7901,914,868.09
Anr Pipeline Co6131,914,800.00
Hallador - South Cuyama246921,912,972.02
Wheelabrator Frackville/Morea Plt14211,911,784.23
North Jersey Energy Associates7181,910,840.00
Exxonmobil Chem/Br Plastics Plnt181181,908,784.00
Wyoming Refining Co_newcastle Refinery13511,908,251.20
Gulf South Pipeline Co/Clarence5211,908,000.00
Middle Mesa Cdp61371,904,334.05
Chevron Usa Inc66481,898,569.47
Incobrasa Industries Ltd39601,897,344.87
University Of Northern Iowa - Power Plant/Main Campus297771,896,834.81
Regency Gas Services, Llc9451,896,154.13
Monsanto Company - Muscatine 3670/6908/69095313981,896,006.77
Florida Gas Transmission Company6481,895,766.18
Unocal Grayling Platform51641,893,679.99
Eustace Plant61261,890,760.01
Cytec Industries Inc183981,890,595.00
Teksid Aluminum Foundry, Inc.124821,888,842.42
Exide Technologies/B R Smelter8631,886,200.00
St Gobain Containers91721,883,122.00
Temple Inland Forest Products Corporation - Thomson Particleboard Plant6351,882,033.53
Viking Gas Transmission - Angus672501,881,629.39
Florida Gas Transmission Company6301,880,139.03
Newsprint South Inc55851,878,909.50
Wheelabrator North Andover Incorporated91181,878,012.00
3v Inc362001,877,104.00
Railroad Friction Products Corp271281,874,132.14
Quebecor World Kri Inc6151,873,974.06
Gainesville Regional Utilities21281,873,294.70
Knox Lee Power Plant411741,869,780.88
Electric Power Generation19681,868,616.03
Mallinckrodt Inc.-Mallinckrodt Inc.6417991,866,889.94
Quebecor World - Dyersburg14801,866,586.04
East Ky Power Corp131221,866,497.99
Timber Products Co.511461,866,262.17
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co77791,865,997.03
Missouri Hardwood Charcoal-Rolla Plant6491,865,995.32
Pfizer Inc802421,865,309.02
Centerpoint Energy Fld Svcs, Inc./Sligo Gas Plt51071,864,000.00
Citisteel Usa581281,861,974.38
Johns Manville Plant 85101,861,371.20
Lockport Cogeneration Facility411651,861,221.24
Florida Gas Transmission Company6361,860,912.92
Kerr-Mcgee Ft Lupton Compressor Station14661,856,940.78
Northern Natural Gas Co. - Oakland Compressor193451,854,987.63
Blue Heron Paper Company985971,854,122.84
Hal C. Weaver Power Plant17601,853,834.97
Anr Pipeline Company10801,852,361.00
North Star Steel Company181551,851,751.01
Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc.111,851,083.80
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp9341,850,900.00
Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc51631,849,085.24
Agrium Us Inc82571,848,950.00
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Station #823701,847,942.43
General Motors Corp314941,846,538.77
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co13461,845,473.77
Auburn Foundry Plant 126881,845,372.72
Georgia Pacific Corporation541631,844,140.00
Pasco County361231,843,205.60
Vulcan Construction Materials Lp6121,841,425.62
Cornbelt Power - Wisdom Generating Station772131,839,934.77
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation - Martins Fe461991,839,393.87
Tesoro Alaska Company - Kenai Refinery183621,839,272.70
Magic Valley Generating Station17511,838,091.15
Chevron Usa Inc./Caillou Isl., Cb Chandeleur5161,838,000.00
Royal Oak Enterprises571,837,903.98
Adm - Mankato814461,837,820.78
Burlington Industries Incorporated Hurt Fin. Plant11581,836,508.29
Hughes Hardwood International, Inc.10561,833,958.40
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Bay Springs56831,831,350.72
Pepl - Edgerton Station493981,831,222.48
Lafayette Consolidated Govt/Bonin Station381151,830,622.42
General Motors Corp/Shreveport Assembly Plnt20971,829,409.67
Tonawanda Coke Corp37661,827,184.50
Vaughan-Bassett Furn Co - Elkin Furniture353521,826,294.74
Gerdau Ameristeel Us Inc. Charlotte Steel Mill Div18381,825,631.88
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America43811,825,605.87
Alchem Aluminum Shelbyville, Inc.12611,823,155.76
Western Sugar Cooperative9151,821,865.68
Sgl Carbon Llc11191,820,601.47
Homestead City Utilities4291,820,000.00
Norit Americas Inc7941,819,490.00
Weyerhaeuser Company201391,819,444.09
General Electric Co184531,818,533.00
3m Company-Nevada - Commercial Graphics201681,817,678.07
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Plant Wd9721,815,217.38
Onondaga Co Resource Recovery Facility571901,813,825.77
Gulf South Pipeline Co Lp/Bistineau61161,812,000.00
Techneglas Inc/Pittston9511,811,921.02
Northeast Solite Corporation13531,811,064.51
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4461,810,560.00
Chevron Carter Creek5171,807,352.02
Ford Motor Company - Ohio Assembly Plant528291,807,120.89
Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation Roanoke Plant111011,806,061.21
Wt-1 Compressor Station161491,805,520.00
Charter Steel131331,803,847.64
Daimlerchrysler Corporation989221,803,286.41
Prairie Lea Compressor Station17641,800,739.96
Outokumpu American Brass Buffalo Plant36671,800,700.38
Saint-Gobain Containers7351,799,027.84
Alumax Mill Prod Inc/Mill Prod253471,797,758.60
Georgia-Pacific/Emporia Plywood46871,795,403.87
Chevron Usa Inc66161,794,918.83
Afg Industries Inc5251,793,242.34
Citrus World, Inc.8941,793,013.42
Foamex International Inc 8291,791,904.51
Seminole Electric Cooperative Inc.19501,791,629.19
Exxonmobil Production Co10901,789,200.00
Daimlerchrysler Jefferson North442311,787,941.32
Ford Motor Co - Twin Cities Assembly Plt497981,787,730.12
Solite Corporation And Giant Resource Recovery, Inc.25751,787,718.38
Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Co4191,787,680.00
Central Soya Co Inc391221,787,370.87
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp9711,785,426.00
Trigen Trenton Energy Co.8581,785,140.00
Ak Steel - Zanesville Works16831,778,674.78
The Timken Company - Bearing Plants746991,778,270.62
Polyethylene Plant83621,777,675.41
Pbs Coal Inc/Shade Creek Plt7211,774,950.69
Mercury Marine - Plants 3,4,10,12,15,17,98241211,770,720.16
Anchor Hocking Glass Co.6501,770,640.00
J. M. Huber Corp.14431,769,356.59
Dupont Experimental Station954391,765,629.89
Bassett Furniture Industries Of Nc, Inc.10301,765,172.00
Gp:Russellville Plywood401251,765,156.57
Paris Generating Station16741,764,524.98
Roche Vitamins Inc112331,757,132.00
Ford Motor Company Norfolk Plant18341,756,336.15
Ciba Specialty/St. Gabriel Plant444031,754,384.09
North Star Steel Co38931,753,390.56
Texas Eastern Transmission - Lebanon231351,753,331.32
Ravenswood Steam Plant431591,750,062.72
American Electic Power Rockport Plant13191,749,651.60
Cpfilms Inc.9331,749,643.39
Ozona Gas Plant11921,749,517.60
Green Lake Plant303471,749,252.63
Gerdau Ameristeel-Perth Amboy13961,748,461.00
Philips Lighting Company10941,747,587.26
Garden City Feed Yard, Llc111,746,058.96
Nevada Power Sunrise Station37401,745,784.73
Owens-Brockway Glass/Clarion9451,744,999.99
Riverview Plant17301,743,135.86
Plains Comp Station71181,742,405.19
P4 Production_rock Springs Facility8101,741,487.39
University Of Georgia5321,741,444.00
Saint Gobain Containers/Port Allegany Boro7191,740,333.41
Stanley Furniture Co Inc12331,740,153.67
Aes Huntington Beach, Llc401771,739,937.41
Mack Trucks12721,739,298.34
Gregory Compressor Stat5361,736,056.00
Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.9171,735,292.62
Us Navy Naval Air Station Oceana91121,734,871.10
Bunge North America, Inc. - Bunge Avenue92731,734,505.28
Maine Energy Recovery Company29671,734,350.78
Ergon - West Virginia, Inc.151301,732,868.34
Chrysler Assembly Plant 1-Fenton22601,732,718.30
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Plywood Plant12291,731,696.75
Anchor Glass Container Corporation10291,730,785.64
Carmeuse/ River Rouge8151,730,731.40
Enogex Products Corp9431,728,764.00
Huhtamaki Foodservice Inc12361,726,934.13
Tenn. Gas Pipeline Sta.1152231,726,188.60
Kingsford Manufacturing Company91471,724,541.20
Southern Lime7491,724,506.00
Channelview Cogenergation Facility17991,724,354.35
Degussa Corporation343571,724,318.00
Quebecor World Inc/Atglen161041,723,671.60
Basf Corporation10181,722,078.00
Plains Cooperative Oil Mi66431,720,664.20
Greenwood Utilities, Henderson Station24971,720,234.00
Pactiv Corporation6171,720,123.20
Selkirk Cogeneration Project351341,718,296.86
Blessing Compressor Stn7501,714,179.79
Anchor Glass Container/Plt 513461,713,904.62
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Milne Point Production Facility71411,713,520.02
Milagro Gas Plant10591,713,479.88
Corning Asahi Video Prod Co/State College14301,712,901.99
Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation-Oran Facility7791,712,603.67
Unocal Dolly Varden Platform61521,712,460.01
Colorado Interstate Gas9541,710,014.00
Phoenix Cement8391,709,627.00
Northwest Pipeline Corp Rangely Sta8141,708,339.29
Imerys Dry Branch Operation83631,706,911.84
Bfc Electric Company, Llc9581,705,600.00
Sgl Carbon Llc473861,704,391.18
Weyerhaeuser Company-Kentucky Mills22831,703,507.98
General Motors Corp Cpc Group18571,702,454.00
Block 16 Green Plant13601,701,533.58
El Cedro Gas Plant92061,699,102.83
Johns Manville International, Inc. - Plant 3101721,698,595.00
Philtex & Ryton Plant247781,698,141.42
Isg Warren Inc.542341,697,818.84
Kerr-Mcgee Frederick Cs11241,694,962.80
Southern Natural Gas Company, Muldon Sto181261,694,794.60
Merit Energy. - Manistee Sulfur Plant7331,692,669.40
Beaumont Works3710881,690,139.38
Formosa Plastics Corporation, La281941,689,465.13
Gp:Hollyhill Mdf391061,689,054.88
Alabama Power Company (Powell Avenue Steam Plant)11681,688,086.00
Chemtrade Logistics Inc361,687,460.00
Cogeneration Facility14491,686,629.61
Supreme Cattle Feeders, Inc.111,686,534.42
Cajun Sugar Cooperative, Inc.6301,684,000.00
Grand Tower 20401,679,465.78
Ray Olinger Plant441411,679,001.16
Nucor Steel Birmingham,Inc.7241,677,052.00
Centerpoint En-Miss River Trans Corp/Unionville Comp Stn5701,674,000.00
Dynegy Chico Gas Plant121481,673,660.19
Michigan Sugar Company - Sebewaing Factory39911,673,365.12
Crompton Corp. Sistersville Plant434441,672,443.91
R.W. Miller Plant441451,671,685.43
John L Mcclellan Generating Station491001,669,323.51
Great Lakes Gas Transmission - Station 317511,669,232.13
Cargill Inc-Kansas City7551,668,164.60
Coyanosa Gas Plant161411,667,993.02
Rock Tenn Co Mill10691,667,772.84
Louisiana Pigment Co132101,664,642.00
Phillips Petroleum Co/Lk Washington Cntrl51111,664,000.00
Bayer Polymers Llc121211,662,914.99
Bayou Steel Corp.121831,662,165.00
Apac Missouri-Willard Plant 26201,661,344.12
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Isola Co13851,660,899.80
Western Pyote Compressor Station141041,659,120.00
Stimson Lumber - Bonner8391,658,034.00
Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corporation12221,657,100.85
Goldschmidt Chemical Corp455741,654,540.48
Temple-Inland Forest Products Corporation271051,652,940.00
General Motors Corporation - Moraine Assembly16401,652,479.04
Corn Plus432221,649,029.04
3m Healthcare12661,648,771.00
Pasadena Cogeneration12581,647,907.98
Sierrapine, Ltd., Adel Division111111,646,324.72
Texas Gas Trans Corp5851,646,187.37
Saint-Gobain Containers10661,644,594.04
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co/Pigeon Sta 30713751,644,260.81
Brandy Branch 20601,642,569.45
Usi, Inc.2141,641,600.00
New South Camden Plant37421,639,943.06
Tate & Lyle North American Sugars73131,639,659.10
Nevamar Company Llc20891,638,235.65
S.R. Bertron Station392151,638,157.55
Oneok Field Services Company7211,636,335.91
Owens Corning, Medina Plant401561,636,181.28
Compressor Station #167171191,635,830.00
Rockwell Lime Company10501,635,321.82
Stony Brook Energy Center81591,634,094.00
L. & H. Compressor Station13781,632,684.81
United States Enrichment Corp8441,632,618.03
Prize Energy Resources Inc4921,630,908.00
Ward Mfg Inc/Blossburg Plts 1-315571,630,471.45
Briggs & Stratton Corp Wauwatosa Plant152281,629,317.44
Solite Corp, Virginia Solite Division321321,628,999.24
Pratt & Whitney Div Utc92401,628,977.00
Guadalupe Generating Station17981,628,737.79
Jeld-Wen, Inc. Dba Jeld-Wen822941,628,039.66
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Greenvil322521,626,215.60
Aera Energy Llc61871,625,101.37
Weyerhaeuser Company, Bruce Facility14471,624,560.00
Tennessee Dickel Distilling Co.6351,623,828.00
Venoco - Carpinteria335371,621,602.89
Mueller Copper Tube Products8471,621,360.01
Heco - Honolulu Generating Station14921,620,999.13
Colorado Interstate Gas Co Springfield9521,619,793.74
Xto Energy Inc. - Platform C5801,619,460.00
International Paper Meldrim Wood Products8381,618,270.90
Owens-Brockway Glass Container171571,617,969.59
Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe101571,617,773.00
Tinker Afb Us Air Force Logistics Ctr385191,615,905.00
Wps Westwood Generation Llc/Generating Station73921,615,439.88
Xplor Energy Operating Co/Main Pass Blk 35 Fld12671,615,246.00
Afg Industries Inc13671,614,615.18
Spring Creek Mine5361,614,000.00
International Paper Company16301,611,980.00
Calgon Carbon Corporation111451,611,570.01
Aera Energy Llc4222451,610,886.44
Afg Industries Inc.; Cinnaminson Plant.7301,610,340.00
Allied Signal, Inc.122161,609,665.96
Louisiana Pacific Corp-Northern Div-Hayward291991,608,883.62
Oneok Field Services Company181081,608,766.39
Essex Generating Station71831,608,360.00
Corus Tuscaloosa17411,607,615.00
Devon Power, Llc522951,607,222.30
Mustang Gas Prod Llc11771,605,626.00
Niagara Generating Facility74811,603,466.22
Shuqualak Lumber Company Inc, Planer Mil7291,602,600.00
Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc.-River Street23811,602,364.48
3m Specialty Film & Media Products653621,599,476.95
El Paso Fld Srvcs/Pelican Plant6301,598,000.00
Delta Oil Mill Inc82161,596,120.00
Pump Canyon Compressor Station151051,595,340.00
Weyerhaeuser Company - Grifton521581,593,454.39
Madera Glass Company361441,593,051.07
Columbia Gas - Glenville Cs7391,593,040.00
Duke Energy Field Services, Lp13401,592,448.54
Adm East Plant231,590,914.00
Holyoke Wwt Plant7771,590,243.00
Goodyear Tire And Rubber Company Danville15831,589,432.14
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.302191,589,229.34
American Colloid Company10531,588,075.50
New United Motor Manufacturing245251,588,065.92
Samoa-Pacific Cellulose, Llc28981,586,447.67
John Morrell & Company9641,586,306.58
Bartlett Collins Glass91311,585,742.00
Philip Morris Usa Inc - Blended Leaf (Bl) Plant181531,584,637.61
Wabash Alloys, L.L.C.487381,584,320.98
Nrg Energy Center Minneapolis Llc564921,584,036.91
Thiele Kaolin - Sandersville Plant51191,583,432.36
Century Furniture Industries Plant #1631771,581,919.81
Carmeuse/Detroit Lime5101,581,315.00
Inmetco/Ellwood City14881,580,651.57
Fortafil Fibers, Inc.141741,580,373.40
Refugio Cmprssr Station81041,579,399.40
Ethan Allen Inc. (Beecher Falls Div.)191451,577,998.90
Regency Gas Services, Llc6211,577,906.80
Shoup Gas Plant111191,577,122.18
Michelin Tire Corporation411181,577,006.00
Deltic Farm & Timber - Waldo19941,572,619.22
American Ref Fuel Co Of Se Ct34771,571,915.23
Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc. - Cadillac, Inc.9321,571,680.00
Weyerhaeuser Co/Dodson Division23951,571,349.00
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Station #1023461,570,582.00
Procter And Gamble/The Folger Coffee Co64571,570,000.00
Sunoco Chemicals (Former Allied Signal)165021,569,515.53
Gomez Gas Plant12921,566,419.98
Hollingsworth And Vose Company231,566,150.00
Laredo Power Station401461,565,873.26
Wading River I C Facility381371,565,576.16
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co/Pontchartrain Wrks131921,564,282.00
Bp America _ Anschutz Ranch East9531,564,240.01
Boralex Livermore Falls6161,563,001.61
Shell Chemical Lp/Norco Chem Plnt West Site505461,562,445.53
Guadalupe Compressor Station7161,561,374.00
U.S. Army-Dugway Proving Ground211721,560,856.05
Owens Corning-Summit Roofing & Asphalt391511,559,613.58
Bp America Production Company6381,559,010.91
Conger Gathering Facility11631,558,766.01
Hardee Power Partners7491,558,033.02
Barlow Operators Of Tulsa Llc34891,557,669.17
Andrews Booster7531,557,359.99
Exelon Generation Co - Delaware Station401341,557,122.10
American Soda Llp - Piceance Facility12481,556,159.91
Terrell Compressor17541,555,220.99
Cenex Harvest States Coop - Mankato544161,554,579.50
Chemical Lime Company - Douglas Facility11291,553,826.14
Hays Energy Project6581,552,397.98
Elementis Chromium483771,552,376.74
University Of Virginia10941,552,185.87
Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc. Plant 4/2250621,551,610.29
Adm Corn Processing10221,550,628.63
Cargill Inc8901,550,140.00
Rogers Group, Inc6121,549,585.80
The Dow Chemical Company U.S.A., Midland872611,548,624.76
Cargill Inc391621,546,357.40
Umetco Minerals Corp241,545,997.70
Jrw & Associates Cogeneration661,545,605.12
University Of Cincinnati833101,545,431.43
Orion Power Midwest - Brunot Island33801,545,200.51
Bp America Production Company6261,544,868.09
Kern River Cogeneration Co352361,544,778.49
Dominion - Camden Compressor Station12511,543,865.00
City Of Toledo, Division Of Water Reclamation311521,543,418.93
Sycamore Cogeneration Co24651,542,499.75
Bibler Bros Lumber Inc91091,540,120.00
Trans Alaska Pipeline System Pump Station 95401,538,140.01
Centerpoint En-Miss River Trans Corp/Perryville Comp Stn4301,538,000.00
Abengoa Bioenergy Corporation13491,536,944.47
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.20241,534,471.02
Source Petroleum, Inc./Quarantine Bay Cs6651,532,000.00
Mississippi Power Company, Chevron Cogen27521,531,613.15
Northern Natural Gas Co7271,530,480.00
Dial Corp-Dial Corp81501,530,262.56
Colorado Interstate Gas Co Watkins Sta10271,528,690.40
Bunge Corp/Soybean Processing Div.7431,528,000.00
T.C. Ferguson Power Plant38741,527,834.96
Certainteed Corporation101561,526,539.78
Texaco Chemical Company16161,526,283.41
University Of Alaska5251,525,900.03
Rocky Mountain Bottle Co9231,523,452.50
Anr Pipeline Co - Woolfolk Compressor Station7521,521,929.72
Potash Mine & Mill151231,520,600.00
York Cnty Solid Waste/York Cnty Resource Recovery351001,519,567.60
Motiva Enterprises Llc121021,519,029.00
Mccain Foods Usa Inc.7641,518,176.04
Georgia Power Company, Mcmanus Steam-Electric Generating Plant421691,518,039.21
Hankins Lumber Company Inc, Quitman40641,517,459.20
Owens Brockway Glass Container Inc9431,516,387.20
Vineland Municipal Electric Utility - Down St121031,514,287.80
Cleveland Plywood Mill161981,513,539.02
S. D. Metro Pumping Station #234411,513,380.35
Dart Container Corp/Leola172271,513,200.57
C.C. Perry K Steam Plant915091,512,786.45
Lee County Dept. Of Solid Waste Mgt.32781,508,107.91
Sce-Ormond Beach Gen Station451671,507,160.13
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, New Alba411051,506,613.20
Multitrade Of Pittsylvania Co Lp9281,505,542.93
Viking Gas Transmission - Cushing672501,504,530.48
Grant County Feeders111,503,079.22
Anr Pipeline Company7681,501,971.82
Georgia-Pacific - Duluth Hardboard694391,498,762.33
East Ohio Gas - Chippewa Station14571,496,481.26
Regency Gas Services, Llc6291,496,371.21
Jasper Osb Mill181081,489,120.71
Coors Brewing Co Valley Complex161011,488,856.87
Kraft Foods, Inc. - Davenport161371,488,822.10
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation9701,487,220.00
Vulcan Chemicals362141,486,235.08
Ag Processing Inc-St. Joseph - Lower Lake Road8491,485,166.80
Pavonia Compressor Station181141,485,091.34
Canyon Gas Resources - Rifle C.S.14681,484,290.73
Station 30211751,482,404.78
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.8341,481,752.21
Cogen Technologies Linden Venture, L.P.8951,481,491.00
The Scotts Co.3481,481,380.00
La Jara Compressor Station8801,479,200.29
Quebecor World Buffalo Inc36841,478,336.66
South La Sugars Coop/Glenwood Factory6301,476,000.00
Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company15771,475,138.40
Owens Brockway Glass Containers - Plant #128291,475,120.02
Anr-Coldsprings/ Blue Lake Gas Storage Company7511,473,445.54
Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, Daimlerchrysler461831,471,455.30
Weyerhaeuser, Mccomb Wood Products15671,469,106.00
R. J. R. Packaging - Plant 200991,469,060.00
Bethel Utilities Corporation5301,468,720.00
Western Gas Resources Inc10311,467,180.00
Weyerhaeuser Co/Zwolle Div18921,466,794.07
Georgia Pacific Corporation Skippers Plant20681,466,499.79
Continental Tire North America, Inc.712581,466,344.45
Hanson Brick Columbia Plant471931,466,321.33
Bergen Generating Station91211,464,520.20
Tennessee Gas Pipeline-Stn 40 & 50062601,462,000.00
Trans Alaska Pipeline System Pump Station 45951,459,739.97
Louisiana-Pacific Corp - Roxboro571401,459,113.26
Morton Salt Division Of Morton International, Inc.441431,457,331.02
Duke Energy Field Services, Lp13601,456,053.49
Hillman Power Co39441,455,903.84
Empire District Electric Co-State Line Facility18731,452,867.71
Hibbing Public Utilities Commission6231,452,501.49
Beatrice Nitrogen Plant9761,451,833.20
Globe Metallurgical Inc34481,450,827.10
Carthage O.S.B. Plant13991,450,090.17
Manchief Electric Gen Station 20401,449,859.67
Dogie Canyon Compressor Station13711,449,824.60
Knauf Fiber Glass10431,449,255.00
Spi Polyols Inc835351,449,060.15
Bp America Production Company11311,448,994.56
Ameren Energy Generating Co6111,448,860.00
Bayer Polymers Goose Creek451811,448,360.85
Armstrong World Ind /Floor Plt282301,447,625.22
Austin, Nichols & Co Inc5231,447,295.08
Kinder Morgan Liquid Terminals Llc454431,447,131.88
Florida Gas Transmission Company6361,447,011.41
Cg Electrodes Llc/St Marys13571,446,645.00
Weyerhaeuser:Carolina Particleboard363281,446,595.13
Cargill Salt Co- Watkins Glen Plant351051,445,842.06
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co5151,444,898.13
Gowanus Generating Station411151,443,837.68
Aes Delano Inc6421,443,797.55
Atoka #3 Compressor Station16801,443,560.00
Detroit Edison St. Clair Power Plant12201,441,442.71
Daramic, Inc.411171,440,548.22
Boral Bricks Inc - Salisbury Plant30841,440,034.19
Duluth Steam Cooperative Association847101,437,911.29
Gobernador - Manzanares Compressor Station141121,437,260.00
Lefors Gas Plant131551,437,010.40
Texas Gas Trans Corp/Bastrop Cs5801,436,000.00
Pacific Wood Laminates, Inc.811721,435,247.22
Kings Plaza Total Energy Plant39781,434,159.75
Harrisonburg Rrf14221,433,486.63
Southern Natural Gas Corp.8641,433,040.00
Cora Texas Mfg Inc/Sugar Mill6361,432,000.00
International Paper Company-Gurdon161011,430,162.19
Allegheny Energy Inc. Pleasants/Willow Island Power Stations12211,427,615.20
Gulf Coast Waste Disposal616901,426,266.82
Fort James Operating Company, Green Bay Mill-East17591,426,221.76
Mi Vida Gas Plant71471,426,127.98
Chemtrade Performance Chem Llc251061,425,781.28
Santan Generating Station5251,423,479.40
Pecos River Compressor Station14681,421,700.00
Polyethylene Plant138821,420,909.00
Giddings Plant91181,420,880.00
Hilcorp Energy Co/ W Hackberry Fld55181,418,000.00
El Paso Corp/Sng - Bear Creek Storage61011,418,000.00
R R Donnelley Printing Co11541,417,881.94
Linden Generating Station461441,416,262.79
So Cal Edison Co161301,415,301.48
Buffalo Color Corp - Lee St Plant47981,415,107.17
Sonoco Flexible Packaging481561,414,074.72
Sunray Plant152391,413,799.99
Daimlerchrysler Corp4910731,412,704.65
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District-Bissel Plant332771,411,412.85
Essex Group, Inc.491501,410,058.34
Seneca Coal Co Seneca Ii W221,410,000.00
Owens Brockway Glass/Crenshaw11521,409,791.39
Western Gas Resources Inc5271,409,000.00
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation43561,407,726.30
International Paper Company18361,405,759.80
Griffin Wheel Company162651,402,724.06
Golden Sunlight Mine11481,402,380.30
Louis Dreyfus Citrus, Inc.6481,401,438.25
Stanley Furniture Company Inc671691,401,115.45
Graphic Packaging Corporation361391,400,113.58
Cook Inlet Pipeline Co. Drift River Terminal5391,399,439.94
Hankins Lumber Company Inc, Elliot40541,398,528.87
Ocean Energy, Inc/Main Pass 69 Platform B12901,396,517.00
Franklin Limestone Company6301,395,716.00
Oneok Field Svc81111,395,080.00
Merck & Co/West Point312281,394,850.11
Carthage Compressor Station5581,393,113.79
Dimmitt Compressor7491,393,073.20
Plains End, Llc13131,392,080.69
Texas A. & M. University101131,390,838.41
International Paper:Sampit37781,389,737.50
Iff Chemical Holdings, Inc.25971,387,990.43
Shackelford Plant14731,386,690.59
Alliant Energy-Rock River Gen Station37921,385,913.81
Hanson Brick East, Llc, Dba Hanson Brick-Monroe381941,385,828.44
Caraustar Industries, Inc.14461,385,194.54
Crimson Resource Management232051,384,044.64
Ellwood Quality Steels Co/New Castle Plt20891,383,195.59
Dominion - Yellow Creek Cs14371,381,903.24
Northern Natural Gas Co7501,380,144.00
Duke Energy Field Services -Mewbourn91471,380,066.79
Owens Brockway Glass Container Inc.41851,379,878.77
Grayco Booster12431,379,868.03
Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation39781,379,431.99
Thomson Multimedia, Inc.461401,379,066.34
Absaloka Mine7431,378,000.00
Dartmouth College251641,377,705.24
Cadillac Renewable Energy Facility39391,376,602.48
Columbia Gas - Kermit Cs13341,375,740.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp9521,375,546.00
Michigan Sugar Company, Caro Factory39881,374,736.96
Kitchen Kompact Inc11131,374,520.33
Cargill, Inc. - Sioux City72831,374,173.74
Firestone Ag Tire Company446881,373,207.07
Dominion Trans Inc/Oakford Sta91101,370,609.39
Georgia-Pacific-El Dorado Sawmill17521,369,182.60
Consumers Energy Company- White Pigeon Co11881,367,936.01
Gulf Lumber Co7331,367,100.00
Nicor Gas291541,366,517.85
Florim Usa, Inc.6421,364,372.00
Boral Bricks, Augusta Plant 3, 4, & 518701,363,939.49
Gomez Station6321,362,780.01
Dynegy Midstream Svcs Lp/Delta Gathering112011,362,534.00
Lafarge West, Inc. - Spec. Agg. Quarry13491,362,160.61
Twentymile Coal Co.- Foidel Creek2801,361,917.84
Oil Seed Processing6221,359,249.00
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group - Everett623081,358,535.00
Woodgrain Millwork Inc.27651,356,520.00
Engelhard Corporation - Gordon Plant73161,355,854.00
Southern Natural Gas211491,355,120.00
Lancaster Cnty Swma/Lancaster Rrf6181,354,719.99
Kentucky W.Va Gas Company13341,353,292.01
Acme Brick Company181171,352,537.08
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company143551,350,872.62
Anr Pipeline Company7641,348,331.80
Seneca Coal Co2181,348,228.15
Hillsborough Cty. Resource Recovery Fac.371311,347,729.19
Pabco Building Products52071,347,380.00
Glen-Gery Corporation36511,346,859.64
Acme Brick Bennett Plant181571,345,052.90
Exxonmobil Production Company16811,344,580.00
Great Lakes Gas Transmission - Station 217341,343,412.99
Trunkline Gas Company, Shaw Compressor S161081,342,448.00
Covanta Alexandria/Arlington, Inc.8421,340,736.50
Exxonmobil Production Company4311,339,939.68
Anr Pipeline Celestine Station513421,339,375.81
Lignite Gas Plant5251,339,200.00
Sca Tissue North America - Menasha Paper Mill291571,338,190.29
St Paul Downtown Holman Fld35861,338,023.64
Xto Energy Inc. Platform A5751,337,799.99
Marquette Board Of Light & Power731031,337,737.52
Saint Gobain Containers12891,337,668.98
3m:Tape Plant371,337,500.00
S-R Of Tennessee191881,336,175.20
Graymont Western Us Inc23711,335,637.40
Libbey Glass Inc.412051,335,493.95
Texas Eastern Transmission, Lp/W. Monroe Cs5241,334,000.00
Sanyo Chemical & Resin, Inc.259201,332,373.58
Anr Pipeline Company7751,332,366.01
Engelhard Corporation - Toddville Plant82181,331,548.00
Nucor Steel Jackson, Inc16491,331,359.40
Ag Processing Inc - Dawson493511,330,966.76
Longview Gas Company - Stamps4351,330,814.57
Anr Pipeline Co. - Lineville Compressor91351,330,600.57
Sgl Carbon Corporation5451,330,375.99
Pfizer Inc192721,330,185.51
Scotch Plywood Co16251,330,076.00
Lee Brick And Tile Company381601,329,921.80
Saint-Gobain Containers Inc6201,329,662.00
Mohawk Industries - South Hamilton Street Plant91081,329,348.76
Kimble Glass Inc.81421,328,945.00
Pepco-Buzzard Pt Gen Stn10191,328,575.14
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp8371,327,820.00
Anr Pipeline Company, Greenville Compres13651,327,720.00
Arkansas Electric Coop Corp. Bailey Generating Station49831,327,686.50
Globe Metallurgical Inc.39691,327,044.26
Certainteed Corporation9241,326,430.31
International Paper-Waverly Facility191751,326,082.97
Williams Field Svcs Pla 9 Sta61051,326,058.12
The Lubrizol Corporation - Wickliffe Facility503271,325,556.91
Cargill, Inc.123371,325,304.20
Nichols Aluminum - Davenport194051,325,000.94
Carlisle Tire Corporation11431,324,057.29
Dyersburg Compressor Station/Trunkline Gas Company5401,323,800.00
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.6551,322,971.14
Lusk Plant14691,322,700.00
Nuevo - Platform Habitat364051,322,438.61
Pa State Sys Of Higher Ed/Indiana Univ9761,322,286.21
Joe N Miles And Sons Inc13571,322,180.00
Southern Natural Gas/Franklinton Stn6911,322,000.00
Glenshaw Glass Company, Inc.131581,321,864.17
Dupont Dow Elastomers12451,321,491.00
Esco Corporation33901,320,520.17
Agra Resources Coop Dba Exol432401,319,702.51
Wood Mode Inc/Kreamer Plt181401,319,022.00
Wellmont Holston Medical Center10121,318,301.80
Santa Monica Muni6121,317,441.43
West Linn Paper Company712621,317,310.86
Amarillo Facility133201,316,249.99
Trunkline Gas Co/Pollock Station5601,316,000.00
Thermo Power & Elec Inc8151,315,784.99
Linwood Mining & Mineral Corporation74241,314,939.85
Koch Hydrocarbon Lp101091,314,560.00
Taggart Compressor Station671,314,430.69
Ingleside Plant432501,313,491.06
32-7 Cdp Compressor Station71191,312,823.28
Anadarko Gathering Co.12691,312,508.02
Cii Carbon Llc7221,311,932.00
Battleground Plant14981,310,762.39
Mohawk Industries Inc - Lees Carpets Division10561,310,588.10
Trunk L Compressor Station71661,310,438.31
University Of Mo - Rolla-Rolla Power Plant6841,310,115.80
Cactus Feeders Of Kansas, Inc. Dba Syrac111,309,544.43
Rock Island Arsenal384211,307,988.43
Waste Management Of Alameda Co15361,307,522.57
Norfolk Southern Railway Co/Juniata Locomotive Shops13681,307,029.81
Enterprise Gas Proc Llc/Toca Gas Proc Plnt12951,306,884.00
Quanex Corporation -Macsteel Division11751,306,683.02
Denver Regional Landfill16251,305,832.02
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc.501781,305,741.89
Penford Products Co.11971,305,462.00
Sale Ranch Gas Plant151111,303,963.00
Grede New Castle, Inc.401301,302,663.82
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc - Mpls423461,302,534.30
Belle River Compressor Station471441,301,907.22
Cargill Juice North America7251,300,815.56
Arrington Gas Plant121481,300,110.20
Mgp Ingredients, Inc.91531,299,324.66
Chickasha Of Georgia-Tifton Oil Mill8251,299,022.00
Tetco - French Lick Station181121,296,116.69
Stone Container Corp.- Coshocton58711,296,002.95
Logan Aluminum Inc212821,295,804.05
Us Finishing-Closed383811,294,865.63
Deer Park Plant3232081,294,763.39
3m - St Paul Main Plant512101,294,096.88
Bp America Production Co/Grand Chenier Gas Plant5661,294,000.00
Neenah Foundry Co - Plants 2 And 3 (W2179)12951,293,598.27
Daimlerchrysler Technology Center421891,293,201.08
Tamco 14701,290,267.62
The Hon Company - Oak Steel Plant2816021,290,165.40
Pump Mesa C.S.61121,289,907.56
North Sherman Gas Plant141411,288,891.80
Anheuser Busch Inc6541,288,584.32
Chevron Oronite Co/Oak Point Plant301141,288,405.95
Hercules Inc151041,288,260.09
Broyhill-Rutherford Plt631371,287,209.31
Georgia Pacific Corp Brookneal Plt14471,286,179.14
Weyerhaeuser Company10201,285,663.63
Quemetco, Inc.42821,285,549.34
Dyno Nobel Inc. - Cheyenne Plant7451,285,178.00
Lula-Westfield,L.L.C./Westfield Raw Sugar Factory6421,284,000.00
Oregon Panel Products, Llc812161,283,678.60
Norbord Industries421851,283,659.99
Exelon New Boston Llc392391,282,876.92
Ecoflo Inc13891,282,776.30
Owens Corning Fabricating Solutions7411,282,129.59
Duke Energy Field Services - Enterprise10431,281,410.32
Great Lakes Compressor Station No. 5 Cloquet661,279,800.00
Oceanside City Of Water Utilit501101,279,709.94
Mrt-Carlisle Compressor Station3661,279,301.98
Martco Partnership/Lemoyen Plant231391,278,745.20
Norling Farms Inc 1111,278,339.97
La Sugarcane Coop,Inc./St.Martin6361,278,000.00
Pan Pacific8981,276,972.00
Resilite Sports Prod/Northumberland Plt11291,276,169.00
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.301581,276,118.83
P.F.C. 107331,275,900.41
Excel Corp.41411,274,931.78
Gp:Russellville Partcleboard441291,274,064.90
Cheney Lime & Cement Co9351,273,380.00
Dupage County Airport3121,273,140.00
Pactiv Corporation8451,273,107.03
Station 34312991,272,852.81
Duke Energy Field Services - Platteville9851,272,646.00
Grey Ranch Treating Plant9791,272,164.01
Lackland Air Force Base336211,272,065.59
Bradford Ranch Plant151351,271,984.00
Eastman Cogeneration Facility17361,271,481.82
General Motors Corporation1008291,268,645.16
Nucor-Yamato Steel111361,268,566.20
Ashland Chemical Company10361,268,065.99
Lafarge North America, Inc.6641,267,727.79
Mertzon Gas Plant121761,266,592.00
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corporation5131,264,725.01
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Columbia55881,264,290.10
Iberia Sugar Cooperative, Inc.6481,264,000.00
La City, Dwp Haynes Generating Station432541,262,896.87
La City, Dwp Scattergood Generating Sta604301,262,589.47
Hood Industries, Inc/Coushatta Sawmill8261,262,026.30
El Paso Fld Srvcs Co/Riverside61181,262,000.00
Keystone Steel & Wire Co441031,261,411.94
Parkdale Steam Station391541,261,201.62
Ngpl Compressor Station 10613401,260,851.83
Westvaco Consumer Packaging Division10351,260,350.00
American Video Glass Co Llc/Mt Pleasant Plt131181,260,124.57
Saint-Gobain Containers Llc-Pevely7301,258,552.36
Vulcan Corp10741,258,395.00
Kosa Spartanburg283161,256,550.75
Thomasville Furniture Plant C/M/W/Sb9214071,255,895.08
Bowater Inc., Forest Products Division44751,255,620.00
Wabash River Energy Ltd.21561,254,695.83
Wheaton Usa Inc. Glass Ops.83901,254,215.00
Chevron Usa Inc/W Bay Compress Stn61091,254,000.00
Duke Energy Field Services - Greeley8891,253,219.33
Unisea, Inc. - Dutch Harbor Terminal Facility61021,253,007.01
Lasco Bathware271,252,927.00
Cryovac Inc/Cryovac Rigid Packaging2111,252,199.97
Pasadena Pvc Plant112851,251,805.98
Raton Power Plant9171,251,487.00
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Station #1323701,251,134.38
Pasadena Plant2711761,248,244.01
Anr Pipeline Company, Sardis Compressor8571,247,640.00
Duke Energy - Ladder Creek Helium Plant10481,246,856.23
Lionite Hardboard201201,244,541.10
Dominion - Kennedy Compressor Station15341,243,757.30
Western Sugar Co12311,243,215.49
Weyerhaeuser Co/Arcadia Osb Div11741,243,053.28
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp5511,242,808.00
Hanes Dye And Finishing Co.274081,241,812.02
Conocophillips Alaska - Tyonek Platform71351,241,140.01
Anr Pipeline Company Lincoln Compressor Station6271,241,071.63
East Jordan Iron Works451191,240,641.35
Bunge Milling Inc.341,240,374.00
Kohler Co:Vitreous Plant376591,238,652.01
Bass Enterprises Prod Co/Cox Bay5441,238,000.00
Coats North America - Sevier Plt26721,237,780.35
Microporous Products, L.P.11801,237,451.08
Busch Agricultural Resources - Moorhead523351,237,215.83
Acme Brick Company-Fort Smith Plant17941,236,026.28
Michelin:Lexington Us5321761,235,833.63
San Jacinto Steam Ele Sta17421,235,326.98
Sonoco Prod Co/Downingtown14511,233,797.30
Glen Gery Corp/Mid-Atlantic Plant35771,233,605.20
Tyrone Mine/Power Plant163911,233,431.42
Benedum Gas Plant122161,232,893.80
Viskase Corporation6241,231,686.58
Cattle Empire, Llc #2111,231,467.65
Ky Electric Steel Corp6431,231,331.68
Duke Energy Field Services - Marla12621,230,821.08
Electrolux Home Products132381,230,780.00
Goodyear Tire And Rubber Company421151,230,637.93
Waste Mgmt Of Co Denver Arapahoe17191,230,274.38
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Station #723471,228,478.89
Rayonier Inc., Baxley Sawmill8181,228,380.00
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company43681,228,219.78
Texarkana Facility211921,227,695.01
Big River Industries, Inc.7531,227,335.40
Ash Grove Cement Company40841,226,407.88
Lake Road Generating Co, L.P.8631,225,956.90
Huron Lime Company4141,225,920.01
Saint-Gobain Containers Llc37451,224,620.72
Roseburg Forest Products Co.802301,222,490.88
Anr Pipeline Company7271,222,472.37
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Co-Spruance Plt261461,221,188.26
Tennessee Gas Pipeline/Kinder Station 8236981,220,000.00
Aquila, Inc.991,219,326.18
Questar Gas Management Company12781,219,214.96
Honda Of America, East Liberty Plant491141,217,106.18
Mmsd-Jones Island Wastewater Treatment Plant371131,217,069.30
Chrysler Corp562341,216,748.33
U S Salt - Watkins Glen Refinery371101,216,147.85
St. Louis Downtown Airport391,215,940.00
Consolidated Grain And Barge Company402051,215,854.92
Menasha Packaging Company, Llc, Otsego Mill441391,215,405.44
Lasco Bathware261,214,600.00
U.S. Air Force - Eareckson Air Station52951,214,200.00
Pvs Chemicals36491,213,978.46
Camden County Energy Recovery Associates,L.P.331681,213,188.57
Abbott Laboratories5311781,210,697.13
Ditntrotoluene Plant154141,210,047.23
Cargill, Inc. (Soybean Mill)71221,209,636.83
Lybrook Plant91501,209,564.44
Sewaren Generating Station473381,209,537.63
Greer Lime Facility251041,209,308.86
Cantera Natural Gas Inc11961,209,048.00
Honeywell International, Inc.334031,208,264.92
Jr Simplot Company - Food Group8891,207,760.00
Mercer Lime & Stone /Branchton11291,207,724.80
Viking Energy Of Mcbain651181,207,227.21
Rr Donnelley And Sons Co423601,205,418.96
Cp&L - Richmond Cnty Combustn Turbine353131,204,767.26
Transcontinental Gas Pipe151241,204,327.99
Tennessee Aluminum Processors, Inc.111401,204,043.18
Williston Basin - Little Beaver6791,204,000.00
Weyerhaeuser Co.12171,203,050.80
Exxonmobil Prod Co/Blue Water Gas Plnt6731,202,000.00
South La Sugars Coop/St. James6301,202,000.00
Vulcraft Division Of Nucor271041,201,783.40
Tulsa 41821,200,793.93
Bridgeton Landfill Authority-Bridgeton33961,200,791.87
V & M Star401481,200,257.90
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Station #1123691,199,430.31
Collins & Aikman Products Company, Albemarle Plant613701,198,938.96
Umass Amherst Campus82871,198,840.00
University Of Calif., Davis64921,198,086.12
Gulf States Paper36821,197,600.00
Burnett Main Compressor7381,196,038.03
Anheuser Busch Baldwinsville Brewery411821,194,829.93
Harford Co. Wte Fac.14381,194,178.39
Big Sky Mine5311,194,000.00
Clow Water Systems Company9521,193,749.28
Laclede Gas Company-St. Louis - Sinks Road12851,192,893.57
Commercial Brick Corp19841,192,311.22
Rogers Group, Inc.6181,191,578.60
El Paso Compressor Station72151,191,407.00
Global Stone Chemstone Corporation10681,190,014.17
Ag Processing, Inc. - Sheldon82771,187,619.50
Mill Creek Wwtp632011,186,416.28
T R Miller Mill Co21921,185,983.80
Venoco - Ellwood358891,185,786.40
Mobil Oil Exploration & Production S E131081,185,500.00
31-6 Cdp C.S.111491,185,273.41
Fountain Valley Power, L.L.C.11231,185,272.38
Ace Cogeneration Co.10341,184,794.95
Linden Station - Buckeye Pipe Line Co., L.P.4571,184,540.00
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America8221,184,378.00
Ocean State Power15201,183,803.00
Bunge North America (East) Llc6311,183,763.00
Dakota Ethanol12741,181,764.00
Nushagak Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Power Plant-Dillingham5351,181,199.98
Flying Cloud35861,181,107.72
Bpb Fort Dodge Plant87751,179,836.05
P.F.C. 15 G. & M. Survey11451,179,778.00
Naval Computer & Telecommunications Station-Cutler Me8811,179,710.14
Great Lakes Gas Transmission-Comp Station #66111,179,619.65
Western Farmers Elec Coop441161,177,972.42
Co-Gen Ii76811,177,004.05
Nucor Steel Kankakee Inc42681,176,027.93
Printpack Inc.7211,175,938.40
Longhorn Glass81661,175,870.47
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corporation6391,174,524.59
Chemical Lime Co Of Alabama6201,173,360.15
Viking Energy Of Lincoln, Inc.621061,173,036.87
Covanta Hennepin Energy Resource Co Lp621451,172,662.31
Loparex, Inc7351,172,400.00
Duke Energy Field Services, Lp8381,172,067.44
Tennessee Gas Pipeline/Station 8346591,172,000.00
East Vacuum Liquid Recovery152481,171,840.00
Printpack Inc-Hazelwood Plant12251,171,821.28
Algonquin Windsor Locks Llc9401,171,703.00
Russell Station671,171,201.80
Cincinnati Machine Div. Unova I.A.S.925831,170,626.79
Kurz-Hastings Inc246091,170,507.67
Trans Alaska Pipeline System Pump Station 75401,170,320.01
Source Petroleum, Inc./Half Moon Lake Pltfrm51081,170,000.00
Dartco Of Texas Waxahachi8161,169,559.98
Ngp Co-Station 305 - Texarkana111491,169,502.01
Ky West Virginia Gas Co12391,168,927.84
Olin Corp5913231,168,733.93
General Electric Aircraft Engines, Evendale Plant493381,167,604.92
Georgia-Pacific Corporation8191,166,894.14
Mitsubishi Polyester Film Llc323421,166,350.21
Northern Natural Gas Company12681,166,144.23
Lea Refinery201371,165,690.05
Marsulex, Inc.4121,164,140.01
Duke Energy Field Services - Roggen111041,163,971.72
Manz 29-6 #2111221,163,608.22
International Paper Co.11441,163,408.00
Exeter Energy L.P.6361,163,278.00
Columbia Gas - Lost River Cs8851,161,800.00
Owens Corning141461,161,695.91
Cherokee Sanford Group Llc - Moncure481291,161,519.06
Public Svc Co Of Ok6181,160,540.00
Bf Goodrich Tire Manufacturing647121,159,080.00
Meco - Palaau Power Plant131571,158,725.28
Red Bluff #3 Compressor Station15831,158,236.00
Memphis Hardwood Flooring Company, Grena8261,158,036.00
Miami University752251,157,498.00
Weyerhaeuser/Lillie Division201181,157,114.00
Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire, Llc143011,155,612.54
Global Stone St Clair Inc8421,155,164.20
Wausau-Mosinee Paper Co - Otis Mill39831,154,900.69
Gadsby Power Plant451711,153,125.19
Ppg Industries Inc422721,151,471.38
Sw Dumas Booster7451,150,239.99
Weyerhaeuser Co/Holden Sawmill & Log Process52081,150,000.00
Bryce Corporation41211,149,936.82
Russell Corporation371231,148,637.62
Merit Energy-Halfmoon Station581,148,600.02
Entergy Ark-Ritchie42691,148,118.98
Texas Gas Transmission Llc, Greenville C141381,148,102.00
Source Petroleum, Inc/Eloi Bay Prod Pltfrm51081,148,000.00
Sanford Booster6441,147,379.98
Dominion Resources Services Inc471371,146,992.50
Pgh Corning Corp/Port Allegany13381,145,697.60
Grayling Generating Station Ltd Ptnr621051,145,266.89
General Motors Corp13891,145,106.84
Burney Mountain Power19191,144,529.51
Monterey Mushroom, Inc.9181,143,646.00
Chillicothe Correctional Institution742411,142,341.99
Viking Gas Transmission Co6301,141,956.33
Bp America Production Co. [Misc. Engines661,140,924.00
John Deere Product Engineering Center1510641,140,744.46
Greater Peoria Regional Airport3121,140,680.00
Beta Steel Corp41591,140,468.58
Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Inc19361,138,479.80
Microfibres, Inc.12721,135,504.35
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4301,135,400.00
Louisiana-Pacific - Athens Oriented Strandboard Mill9851,135,097.00
Stimson Lumber Co Arden9281,134,180.60
Lula Westfield Llc/Lula Factory6361,134,000.00
University Of Illinois - Chicago643821,133,394.37
Ford County Feed Yard, Inc.111,130,969.97
Oneok Field Services Company7341,130,461.22
Raceland Raw Sugar Corp/Raceland Factory5431,130,000.00
Huntington Resource Recovery Facility38871,129,844.55
Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America101201,129,307.82
Oneok Field Services12411,128,744.49
Compressor Station 411531,128,428.01
Enterprise Gas Proc, Llc/Toca Plant5991,128,000.00
32-8 #2 Cdp71021,126,951.00
Hopewell Cogeneration Ltd Partnership893061,126,756.13
Shields Bag & Printing Co141841,126,653.00
Chevron Products Company141191,126,500.50
Trunkline Gas Co35561,126,084.52
Hudson Lumber And Truss Inc24371,125,428.00
Tolleson Lumber Company, Inc.- Perry Mill5361,124,792.00
Thomaston Comp. Stn.7511,124,705.60
Broyhill Harper Furniture Co601291,124,577.17
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp9321,124,494.00
Quebecor Printing - Hawkins6551,124,306.00
Batesville Mfg, Inc. Combo 137-0001620301,124,040.89
Venture - Seabrook17871,123,611.69
Midwest Grain Products Of Illinois393731,123,241.69
Viking Gas Transmission - Milaca672501,121,921.54
Heartland Corn Products433311,121,735.30
Johns Manville International, Inc. / Plant #01 - W10481,121,545.00
Masonite Corp10951,120,739.98
Texas Instruments Inc93731,119,640.60
John Deere Foundry - Waterloo1910261,119,597.38
G E Appliance Park11251,119,140.00
Trigen Biopower Inc - Eden37791,119,129.89
Dutchess Co Resource Recovery Facility18261,118,719.74
Southern Veneer Products6311,118,140.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline-Station 8386571,118,000.00
Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power651581,117,873.84
B & H Panel Company161081,116,824.04
Grain Processing Corporation481921,116,676.49
Gold Shield Of Indiana, Inc.7121,116,553.18
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc7381,116,274.33
Weaver Compressor Station25981,116,216.80
M C Dixon Lumber Co51751,115,820.00
Lost Pines 1 Power Plant18401,115,819.10
Intertape Polymer Group7291,114,478.00
Belva Booster7551,114,223.99
Pinetree Power - Tamworth33401,114,084.65
Hood Industries Inc, Beaumont28781,113,880.00
Blue Diamond Growers50851,110,890.62
Hanson Brick37751,110,600.09
Vulcan Materials Co.6181,110,386.00
Bayer Corporation423661,108,980.48
Petro Operating Company471,108,651.99
Us Air Force - Clear Air Force Station7601,107,719.00
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co391371,107,207.08
S. Fullerton Booster Station6341,106,560.02
Maine Independence Station7281,106,308.64
Adm Processing-North Kansas City8521,105,287.56
Dupont Dow Elastomers Llc161951,105,280.00
G.S. Roofing Products Co-Gads Hill Plant6811,105,201.62
Caterpillar Tractor-Mossville Tech Ctr43901,104,774.89
Marsh Furniture Company363891,104,735.23
Willamette Industries, Vaughn8161,104,262.01
Hampton/Nasa Steam Plant9181,104,134.42
Dominion - Loup Creek Compressor Station13451,103,235.18
Northern Natural Gas Company151391,102,131.95
Agrifos L L C101711,101,985.01
Georgia-Pacific Corp., Mt. Hope Osb33771,101,689.79
Anheuser-Busch Columbus Brewery483861,101,371.82
Boral Bricks20581,101,277.83
Koch Nitrogen Company - Fort Dodge91441,100,865.83
Covanta Lake, Inc.11441,100,851.33
Omega Cabinets, Ltd.314521,100,788.92
Trigen Biopower Inc - Forest City40841,100,021.39
Alma Plantation, Ltd.6471,100,000.00
General Chemical - Augusta Plant231,099,870.15
Quebecor Printing452351,099,210.17
John Deere Waterloo Works - Donald Street Site316831,098,576.72
Wise Alloys, L.L.C.12141,098,420.00
Jr Short Milling Co461401,098,089.69
Fred Weber Slf35671,096,239.51
Texas Eastern Transmission, Lp/Iowa Gas5381,096,000.00
T G C - North Judson Station492001,095,870.79
Norbord Georgia Inc.11371,095,697.99
Bertch Cabinet Mfg., Inc. - Waterloo/Oasis Facility203321,095,446.26
Northern Natural Gas Company151021,095,204.15
Collins Pine Co20481,095,178.04
Daimlerchrysler Corp463061,094,889.14
Trigen Biopower Inc - North Cove39771,093,912.94
Steelcase Inc. - Grand Rapids Complex411961,093,692.03
Packaging Corporation Of America, Ackerm15591,093,154.51
Peace River Citrus Products6391,092,991.87
Calumet Lubricants Co/Princeton Refinery101401,092,735.71
Conectiv Delmarva Generation-Hay Road411881,092,614.02
Midland Station133191,092,083.59
Glenwood Main Power Station381261,091,220.79
Southern Natural Gas Company, Louisville161301,091,140.00
Consol- Blacksville #2 Preparation Plant9341,091,075.36
Gmad (Eis Use)771,090,800.00
Duke Energy Field Services, Lp13801,090,472.13
North Florida Lumber7171,090,061.04
Advanced Organics571241,089,971.23
American Packaging Corporation8691,089,795.14
Mrt-Fountain Hill Compressor Station2301,089,679.99
Atofina Chemicals Inc312781,089,145.78
Allison Transmission General Motors Corp443761,088,844.45
Spanish Trail Lumber Co., Llc16421,088,220.73
Maddox Station42621,087,286.53
Columbia Gas - Cleveland Cs7821,087,140.00
Eljer Plumbingware/Ford City Plt71341,087,040.25
Meridian Resource & Exp Co/Weeks Island Fld.63721,086,000.00
International Paper Co - Seaboard242261,085,689.24
Bay County Board Of County Commissioners9361,085,430.03
Dopaco Inc671,085,424.11
Boralex Chateaugay Inc391281,084,900.87
Belden Brick Co153901,084,671.90
Whirlpool Corp. Marion Div.7261,083,458.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp. Chip/Saw9191,083,375.61
Equitrans - West Union Cs 5310431,082,324.71
Rabun Apparel, Inc.8201,082,255.63
Howell Compressor Station431841,081,959.82
Gordon Gas Processing Plant121641,080,883.40
Duke Energy Field Services, Lp13571,080,526.13
Denso Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc.162021,080,115.62
Biomass One, L.P.741601,079,625.55
Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Eng.Prod.Div451541,078,697.14
Rexam Beverage Can Company112021,078,670.80
Northern Natural Gas Company151021,078,030.75
El Paso Plant142601,076,900.19
Hermiston Generating Company, L.P. And P21441,076,293.27
Hunt Forest Products,Inc/Natalbany Plywd Mill6231,076,000.00
Gulf South Pipeline Co Lp/Koran 2 Cs6631,076,000.00
Aes Medina Valley Cogen Llc6171,075,600.00
Northern Natural Gas Co7401,075,380.00
Conoco Honolulu Terminal6211,074,987.00
Ozona Gas Plant111291,074,716.39
Penobscot Energy Recovery Co31851,074,075.00
San Clemente Island Range661,074,031.15
Gallo Glass Company15801,073,827.54
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.20451,073,819.78
Compressor Station 80212691,072,860.42
Wellborn Cabinets Inc14811,071,861.51
Georgia-Pacific Fordyce Plywood Facilty19671,071,080.20
Parker'S Charcoal10101,070,000.00
Sidney Sugar Facility6681,070,000.00
Hankins Inc7291,068,786.00
Weyerhaeuser Company8281,068,583.60
Basic American Foods321651,068,441.52
Powersmith Cogeneration Project Lp6171,068,068.00
Sds Lumber Company92381,068,060.00
Conocophillips Co. La Refy. Wilmington Plant20321,067,905.70
Magellan Pipeline Company Llc-Palmyra Station71121,067,145.66
International Paper Company26551,066,660.00
Southwest Ozona Gas Plant61181,066,493.78
Williams Energy Llc/Larose Gas Proc Plnt6911,066,000.00
Tecumseh Products Co-New Holstein Operations14511,065,270.00
Henry Brick Company Inc23481,064,713.04
Oneok Gas Gathering Llc10521,063,814.00
Texas Eastern Trans Lp/Bedford Sta7641,063,180.00
Unocal Steelhead Platform5821,062,980.00
Detroit Diesel Corp412701,062,095.57
Main Base4017931,061,725.08
Owens Brockway Glass Container8561,061,339.79
Solae, L.L.C.72411,061,336.34
General Electric Co61081,061,175.83
Dagger Draw Gas Plant16851,060,100.00
Kingsmill Complex131791,059,894.21
Sterling Energy Co. - Yenter C.S. & G.P.13461,059,535.35
Oneok Field Svc4561,058,860.00
Simkins Industries Inc.23291,058,604.20
Cerro Colorado Landfill35451,058,495.79
Lucas Compressor Station441311,058,481.63
Arco Cqc Kiln191241,058,394.03
Michigan Sugar Company, Croswell Factory39911,058,056.40
San Angelo Power Station39611,057,159.75
Jordan Lumber & Supply Co40831,056,562.22
Sardis Compressor Station14301,055,577.40
Trident Seafoods - Akutan Facility61001,055,320.00
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.7281,054,895.97
Virginia Tech11911,054,895.12
Norbord Industries Inc18481,054,680.80
Lakeland Electric541181,054,657.24
Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America18881,054,319.44
Crystal Tissue Company21361,054,316.53
Interface Fabrics Group South, Inc.291181,052,208.55
Compressor N0 30012691,051,565.61
Bassett Furniture, Inc.303981,051,369.55
Cf Industries, Inc.361,051,201.10
Isg Steelton Llc/Steelton Steel Plt182921,051,092.44
Mayo Medical Center - Rochester6610311,050,828.46
Technical Coating International Inc7421,050,207.40
Duke Energy Fld Srvcs Lp/Springhill Cs6901,050,000.00
Duke Energy Field Services, Lp13401,049,554.45
Purolator Products Inc196821,048,780.63
Pace Construction Co-Chesterfield7351,047,796.74
Frank E Van Lare Wastewater Treatment11161,047,455.49
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation (U.S)171101,046,543.30
Planters Cotton Oil Mill4301,046,219.96
Midwest Feeders111,045,651.25
Willard Airport3121,042,240.00
El Paso Natural Gas Co Bondad Comp Sta9271,041,433.59
Solae Co Llc71271,041,100.00
Cleo, Inc.5151,040,514.00
Ford Motor Company Wixom Assembly Plant461811,038,921.72
Hy-Plains Feedyard111,037,714.60
Source Petroleum Inc/Fausse Pt Cs 211451,037,458.00
General Motors Truck & Bus Group171321,036,702.00
Nome Joint Utility System5301,036,600.03
Jeanerette Sugar Co, Inc6301,036,000.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company7341,035,110.63
Oxy Vinyls, L.P.333691,033,216.49
International Matex Tank/St. Rose193851,032,991.00
Olmsted Waste-To-Energy Facility461541,032,561.99
Exxonmobil Production Co4251,032,432.00
Monsanto Company/Luling Plant155571,032,038.00
Paymaster Facility73271,030,866.00
Southwest Research Instit7441,029,250.01
Elementis Specialties Inc-Elementis Specialties Inc94841,029,002.20
Lsp Energy Llp21791,028,967.31
Weyerhaeuser-Mountain Pine302311,028,941.88
Global Stone Chemstone Corporation9271,026,901.38
Kinder Morgan_douglas Gas Plant14641,026,605.01
General Shale Products46611,026,446.25
Oberlin College741761,026,036.85
Bastrop Clean Energy Ctr17541,024,752.40
Kelsey Compressor Station111101,024,744.99
Boral Bricks, Inc; Atlanta Plant18461,024,377.32
Cryovac-Simpsonville (Sealed Air Corp)241301,023,894.89
Gulf Coast Fractionators132991,023,873.41
Bertch Cabinet Mfg., Inc. - Legacy Division172531,023,786.39
Baytown Plant5317051,023,536.64
Jim Beam Brands Company6241,023,238.73
Merillat Corporation16251,023,226.86
Long Beach City, Serrf Project471401,022,948.93
Mccain Foods Usa Inc - Tatermeal7341,022,842.41
State Industries, Inc.171261,022,608.80
Ameren Energy Generating Meredosia Power Station8101,022,207.80
Harry L. Laws & Co,Inc/Cinclare Central Factory6301,022,000.00
Regency Gas Services, Inc5251,021,949.03
City Of Unalaska - Dutch Harbor Power Plant5351,020,799.99
Menominee Paper Company39951,018,621.50
Slater Lemont Corp39481,017,468.80
Air Products & Chemicals172301,017,463.10
Farr Feeders Inc6101,016,690.20
Jeld-Wen, Inc.551361,016,613.19
Redwood Landfill Inc27811,016,477.18
Tg Missouri-Perryville151891,015,778.62
Pinetree Power - Bethlehem33401,015,649.78
Detroit Public Lighting452041,015,584.25
Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane541271,015,352.81
American Limestone Company6241,015,324.40
Western Sugar Cooperative6631,015,106.00
Epgt Texas Pipeline Lp6261,014,856.00
Potlatch - Cook859111,014,580.25
Milliken Pendleton552761,014,373.97
Mcdonnell Douglas Corp./Boeing Company-Lindbergh Plant544971,014,285.68
Marine Corps Air Station826551,014,110.44
Dominion Transmission Inc471381,013,744.01
Pacific Gas Transmission Co Station 76161,012,806.00
Denton Plant161281,012,468.80
Imerys Deepstep Road Plant81721,011,954.60
Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation39781,011,917.37
Basic American Foods93111,011,382.00
Regency Gas Svc Llc5161,011,220.00
Mitchell Compressor15641,010,789.81
Metal Container Corporation41611,010,348.85
Williston Basin - Saco6661,010,000.00
Nasa Refuse-Fired Steam Generator14221,009,989.31
Genesee Power Station Limited Partnership771,009,937.00
C-E Minerals Plant 16631,009,869.77
Hertiage Graphics, Llc, Mpg, L.P.10401,009,096.80
Tampa Electric Company221,008,651.18
Mont Belvieu Fractionator113311,007,470.20
Grede Foundry221201,007,155.78
Griffin Pipe Products Company142241,007,022.07
Goodyear Dunlop Tires North America Ltd1054661,006,421.99
Asphalt Products Inc-Jefferson City Plant6181,006,405.10
Omega Protein Inc7421,006,253.88
Colorado Interstate Gas Co Latigo C & S10251,005,015.42
Waskom Gas Plant111561,003,870.20
Crown Cork & Seal Company (Usa) Inc.17751,003,828.56
Williams Gas Pipeline, Transco Station 713441,003,400.00
Tyson Foods Inc Harmony601831,002,568.37
California Steel Industries In363351,002,553.38
Trunkline Gas Co191441,001,753.35
Norbord Alabama Inc.14931,001,302.29
Triton Boat Company5411,001,244.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp Chip-N-Saw Div8251,000,834.10
Bridgeport Energy Llc19441,000,744.56
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.7361,000,740.29
Viking Gas Transmission - Frazee67220999,928.81
Norfolk Southern Railway Company East End Shops1051998,851.89
Fmc Soda Ash Facility-Green River Plant1028998,039.98
Lake Investment, L.P.630997,000.02
Johns Manville Corp 11176995,957.33
Timken Us Corp:Tyger32725995,339.00
Freightliner Corporation Cleveland Plant301152995,058.84
Columbia Gas Trans Corp629994,737.14
Enogex Inc413994,160.00
Seadrift Coke L.P.13139993,783.00
Red River Army Depot22795993,092.41
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp974992,940.00
American Drew Plant #1348636992,919.47
Liberal Feeders, Lp11992,078.98
Loparex, Inc.11363991,868.57
General Electric Company, Inc.16271990,684.75
Sabine Pipe Line Co/Henry Hub S Booster Stn554990,000.00
Deer Park Terminal311025988,908.41
Norbord Texas Lp Jefferson Osb1159988,494.63
Trigen - Schuylkill856988,193.73
Illinois Veterans Home - Quincy1818988,144.78
Usg Interiors Inc - Cloquet431541987,652.11
Hercules Inc Aqualon Div1428986,617.60
General Motors Pontiac Site Operations39104986,551.30
Merit Energy - Kalkaska Gas Plant2452985,712.30
Minergy Neenah Llc-Fox Valley Glass Aggregate Plt911984,944.28
Kingman-Municipal Power Plant740984,886.34
Srw Cogeneration Limitedq1746984,414.83
Hanson, Plc1560984,371.14
Dynegy Vermilion Power Station710984,296.30
Vada Compressor Station (No Longer A Gas Plant)15338983,607.09
Robbins Resource Recovery Partner Lp510983,560.00
Lycoming Engines/Oliver St Plt1423981,985.82
Georgia Pacific Resins10286981,758.40
Nucor Steel Decatur Llc20126981,100.00
Duluth Intl57247980,064.16
Anr Pipeline Co/Delhi Comp Station653980,000.00
Rochester International57247979,790.79
United States Gypsum Co. - Sperry9254979,572.25
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co2582979,245.15
Kimball International*52288978,946.32
Essex Group, Inc. Metals Processing #05554147978,407.01
Southern Natural Gas Company, Enterprise2370978,357.00
Scotch Plywood Co1566978,137.00
Nashville Thermal Transfer Corp1771977,967.13
Urschel Booster638977,619.97
Carpenter Company Conover2549976,780.87
Ryegate Associates520976,220.01
Duke Energy Field Services, Lp1347975,800.40
Rhodia Inc1148975,234.40
Sonora Gas Plant No 21161975,130.99
Ahlstrom Filtration Inc1267973,669.18
St Gobain141389973,396.80
Lousiana Pacific (Houlton)1768973,241.51
Denman Tire Corporation1531973,029.31
Rushmore Forest Products Inc68972,720.00
Pactiv Corporation1117972,655.55
Altamont Main Gas Processing Plant962972,512.00
Winnie Spindletop Compr7111972,104.20
Potlatch Corporation Wood Products Division1166971,840.00
Erie Coke Corp/Erie Plt2081970,794.35
Smith Generating Facitly 20100969,592.53
Apache Corp/Lk Salvador Pf1197968,040.00
Heaven Hill Distilleries11967,918.21
Chevron Usa Inc6389967,328.30
Ford Motor Co Rouge Complex44117966,925.62
Merillat Industries Inc2574966,574.47
Cactus Feeders Of Kansas Dba Ulysses Fee11966,265.20
Texas Clay18117966,226.45
Bird Island Stp4562963,899.80
Geismar Vinyls Co, Lp31722963,393.01
Hemphill Power & Light Company3460963,323.55
Hartco Flooring Company887963,101.18
University Of Mi45314962,684.48
Bernhardt Furn Plts 1 3 & 782577962,658.08
Allied Tube & Conduit Corp4358961,843.04
Allied Tube & Corporation975961,599.98
Pg And E Gas Transmission Northwest Station No 3510961,400.00
Bitter Creek Pipelines - Buckboard C.S.1120960,639.46
Huber Engineered Woods, Llc1125960,429.65
United States Gypsum Co. - Fort Dodge14885959,923.98
Imerys Carbonates Llc7198959,780.00
Compressor Station1286959,561.19
Johns Manville Inc14176958,984.32
Midwestern Farms22958,711.20
Union Tank Car Co. - Muscatine26474958,652.80
Doswell Limited Partnership12229958,402.33
Georgia Pacific Resins, Inc3746958,385.07
Dominion - Sweeney Compressor Station1676958,362.12
Missota Paper Co79389957,808.21
Valley Proteins Inc2532956,898.54
Naugatuck Wpcf % Usfilter Ops629956,422.00
Centerpoint Energy Field Svc414955,640.00
Western Mental Health Institute1010955,608.40
Greater Rockford Airport312955,440.00
Lincoln Theresa St. Wwtp55955,318.00
Lafarge North America1333955,275.97
General Chemical Corporation84505955,032.93
Marblehead Lime Co663954,817.46
Saranac Power Partners Cogeneration Fac40186953,750.55
Northern Natural Gas Co. - Waterloo Compressor18146952,362.77
Justin Industries1530951,909.38
Anoka County-Blaine Arpt(Janes Field)3586951,661.81
Gilman Building Products723951,363.82
Imerys Sandersville Calcine Plant8274951,266.41
Styrene Modernization Pr19277950,885.80
Engineered Materials Solutions10147950,864.00
Southern Natural Gas Co. Ocmulgee Compressor Station318950,640.00
Hartson Kennedy Cabinet Top Company Inc611950,258.60
Guardian Automotive Trim, Inc.46275949,651.85
General Electric Aircraft Engines: Peebles Facilit648949,620.00
Onyx-Arbor Hills Landfill613949,298.00
Puckett Compressor Stn610949,155.63
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co/Mercer Sta 2199112949,124.61
Harvard University9198948,517.10
Dominion Trans Inc/Finnefrock Station1271948,091.80
Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant37190947,807.33
Occidental Of Elk Hills, Inc.6146947,108.92
City Of Tampa34132947,013.84
Guardian Fiberglass Inc3476946,981.65
Griffin Industries Of Florida740946,228.40
Chevron Usa Inc./Caillou Island Westside Cs1148946,000.00
Lafarge West, Inc. - Howe Pit228945,473.79
Midway Lane Gas Plant12109945,081.59
Roswell #9 Compressor Station16120944,620.00
Cedar Hill Compressor Station1599944,560.00
Frances Mesa Compressor Station15132944,120.00
Sunoco Chemicals Neal Plant1177943,811.51
Trinidad Gas Plt1173943,207.81
Polyone Corp43153941,661.59
Georgia Pacific Corporation4990940,960.00
Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.849940,320.00
Viking Energy Northumberland/Cogen Plt1621940,287.18
Stone Energy Corp/Clovelly Fld Cf4129940,000.00
Wg Murray Development Center1342939,899.31
Wilshire Plant11110939,580.60
Wheelabrator-Sherman Energy Co731939,266.61
Dupont Dow Elastomers Chambers Works52358938,306.10
30-5 Cdp7110937,976.89
Texas Gas Transmission Llc, Lake Cormora15105937,854.00
Bronx Zoo3886937,313.72
Procter & Gamble Paper Prod.20150937,259.64
Clear Lake Gas Plant11199937,074.80
Northern Natural Gas Company14110936,039.32
Lafarge North America, Presque Isle Quarry220936,013.00
Sea Ray Boats Sea Ray Blvd.1215935,941.00
Islip Mcarthur Resource Recovery Facil2231935,748.90
Smith International Inc231504935,544.20
Vidor Compressor Station19553935,054.40
Duke Energy Fld Srvcs Lp/Ada 1 Cs689934,000.00
Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant65170933,998.17
Afg Industries, Inc. - Blue Ridge Plant1026933,797.20
Westward Seafoods, Inc.535933,080.01
Premcor Refining Group Inc46566933,045.04
Mckenzie Forest Products, Llc59932,720.02
Bfi - Imperial Landfill2044932,619.99
Calpine Pittsburg Llc849932,530.46
Osram Sylvania Products Inc.1330932,524.40
Albemarle Alkyls Unit251371930,599.00
Griffin Pipe Products Co.11127930,348.00
Aurora Municipal Airport39929,380.00
The Ohio State University46322929,292.46
J.R. Simplot Company10163929,249.20
Us Navy Little Creek Amphibious Base1281928,562.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline-Station 52311163928,302.00
Jenkins Brick Company1837928,112.45
Natural Gas Pipeline Co39273927,956.03
Esco Corporation56246927,580.88
Thomasville Furniture Industries - Plant H35138927,553.35
Intermet Foundry Archer Creek1356927,428.20
Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation3978926,604.98
Mueller Casting Company Inc11104924,948.00
Cognis Corp55551924,472.50
Mercedes-Benz Project Inc1438924,025.00
Williams Field Services/Cameron Meadows Gas Plant11134923,945.00
Kingsford Mfg Co774923,376.82
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.14568922,821.60
Exxon Mobil Corporation -Piceance Creek1280922,298.19
Hanford L P56161921,911.19
Mulzer Crushed Stone3146921,785.71
Wise Alloys, L.L.C.899921,440.00
Noveon Hilton Davis Inc.4563921,294.66
Chief Ethanol Fuels Inc1143920,973.19
Christy Minerals Co-High Hill7196920,918.84
Batesville Manufacturing Inc, Batesville1525920,319.60
Evergreen Forests & Tamarack Energy Partnership1434919,640.00
Manscen And Fort Leonard Wood-Manscen And Fort Leonard Wood491130918,539.32
Owens-Brockway Glass Container19113918,494.18
Aztec Compressor Station682918,135.16
Southern Natural Gas/White Castle Cs675918,000.00
Mountain Home Air Force Base6179917,160.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co. Decatur West Plant12916,000.00
Henderson Mun Pow & Light76100915,955.41
Aurora Casket Co Inc2255915,712.50
Moab Compressor Station946915,569.00
Freestone Energy Center769914,820.00
Charlotte Pipe & Foundry25126914,235.83
Southern Cotton Oil Co.883914,127.86
Discovery Producer Svcs, Llc/Paradis Gas Proc Plnt6147914,000.00
Koch Supply And Trading, L.P./St. James Terminal1153913,865.25
Kearny Generating Station46200913,551.39
Stanley Furniture Company - Lexington Mfg68953912,865.22
Georgia - Pacific Corporation - Ahoskie4293912,787.31
Bellingham Cogeneration1862912,786.57
Amfuel - Plant #1938912,740.01
Huntsville Solid Waste Disposal Authority632912,460.00
Orange, Countyof - Sanitation 17272911,174.84
Revere Smelting & Refining Corp39111910,592.14
Reynolds Metals Company Bellwood Printing Plant11112909,884.44
Temple Inland Forest Prod Corp/Sw La Lumber Oper745909,631.00
Resource Authority In Sumner Co.1422909,050.02
Harrigan Lumber Co1151908,991.00
Troy Lumber Co5677908,561.02
Bp Exploration (Alaska), Inc. - Seawater Injection Plant East762908,120.00
Miller Brewing Company Milwaukee Plant746908,040.92
Gerdau Ameristeel Jacksonville Mill Div.2460907,892.99
Lorillard Tobacco Company29391907,524.57
Alcan Aluminum Corporation4186907,485.21
United States Gypsum Company7189907,420.00
Florida Gas Transmission Company630906,830.78
New South Conway Plant3764906,641.11
Crompton Inc/Monochem621906,000.00
American Sugar Ref, Inc/Domino Sugar-Chalmette Ref6116906,000.00
Pasco Cogen Limited(Parent Co: Aquila)938905,179.99
Whitefield Power & Light Company3339904,777.18
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Batesvil14234904,599.80
Texas Eastern Transmission - Gladeville1011904,344.30
Palm Springs Regional624904,229.80
Pine Bluff Entergy Center2236904,155.07
Del-Tin Fiber Llc-El Dorado718904,084.03
Stillwater Mine676904,000.00
Texas Gas Trans Corp/Sharon674904,000.00
Detroit Thermal Llc - Beacon34170903,714.95
Texas City640903,459.98
Shackelford Plant1357902,942.02
Thompson Compressor Station846902,916.79
Houston Olefins Plant47845902,838.21
Frito-Lay, Inc.43190902,600.01
Anadarko Gathering Co939902,454.00
Hartson-Kennedy Cabinet Top Company, Inc56901,166.00
Kincaid Furn Plt 139114900,627.47
Castle Concrete Co Snyder Quarry22900,000.00
Harris - Tarkett, Inc.1026899,674.56
Blalock Booster742899,153.03
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Water Txs1093899,116.01
Southern Illinois Airport312898,820.00
Meadwestvaco Corporation36271898,648.78
St. Marks Powder, Inc. A General Dynamic516898,353.06
Usg Interiors Inc10278898,220.00
Hitch Feeders Ii, Inc.11897,732.18
Buckeye Compressor Station (Formerly Natural Gas 16337897,333.40
Kohler Co-Engine Plant924897,199.97
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.954896,180.00
Quad City Airport312896,000.00
North Central Oil Corp/S Pass Blk 24 Fld, W-1366896,000.00
Trus Joist - A Weyerhaeuser Business82203895,652.73
Ky W Virginia Gas Co Llc1225895,430.72
Magellan Pipeline Company, Llc638894,675.20
U S Foundry Manufacturing Corp.1627894,433.58
Deerfield Feedyard Llc11892,870.97
Winter Feed Yard, Inc.11892,870.97
Chocolate Bayou Polymers1188891,927.59
Duferco Farrell Corp/Farrell Plt1881891,678.49
Carolina Classic Mfg Inc714891,028.03
Joe N. Miles & Sons,Inc/Miles Bogalusa Mill651890,000.00
Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry Llc51276889,846.58
Uncle Bens Inc7129889,710.00
Nrg Mcclain Llc525889,182.00
Columbus Brick Company Inc1857888,874.06
Larson-Glastron Boats Inc555881888,499.57
Robinson Carbon Inc33888,220.00
Nuevo - Lompoc/Pt. Ped361091887,974.66
Ag Processing, Inc. - Mason City8253887,900.02
Southern Star Ctl Gas Pipeline Inc423887,838.00
Aker Plant1177887,544.40
Helco - Shipman Power Plant1238887,309.72
Northern Natural Gas Co748887,300.00
General Shale Products Corporation1836886,970.16
Wilson Storage Station630886,727.99
R.I. Central Power Plant/Contiguous Prop2247886,453.20
Rr Donnelley & Sons Co/Northeastern Div Lancaster East18106886,150.21
Vibores Compressor Station1097885,981.00
Praxair Inc/Geismar9142885,722.00
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals, Llc.11104885,468.50
Missouri River Wastewater Plant1717883,913.00
Santee Print Works37288883,277.83
Gmvm Lansing Plants 2 3 & 6 (Body)1019883,112.50
Am General Corporation48337883,093.62
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.651883,077.31
Montola Growers Inc636883,020.00
Kotzebue Power Plant531882,959.99
Holston Army Ammunition Plant (Hsaap)1171882,600.00
Boral Bricks, Bessemer Plant No. 61839882,356.39
Mitchell Huckabay Gas Pla845882,052.02
Duke Energy Fld Srvcs Lp/Sailes 3 Cs6108882,000.00
Cochrane Furniture Divisions 10 20 35 And 5529122881,433.37
Oil Center Compressor Station1571880,840.00
Bard,Cr Inc3465880,568.99
Mundet-Hermetite Inc617880,505.16
United States Pipe & Foundry C1647880,415.80
Gas Recovery Systems, Inc19133880,354.44
Pioneer Nat Res Usa Inc/Timbalier Bay P.F.6171880,000.00
Starrett City Power Plant37272879,893.84
General Shale Products Llc1854879,825.28
National Starch & Chemical Co-National Starch & Chemical Co8131879,668.76
Anr Pipeline Co. Lagrange Station49132878,852.59
Western Lime Corporation726878,816.67
Bluebell Gas Plant1180878,458.00
Lig Liquids Co Llc/Plaquemine Gas622878,000.00
N Shore Towers Apt Total Energy Plant3989877,992.56
Jasper Lumber Company/Southern Wood Chips50118877,880.00
Smi Steel Spray Forming International23316876,680.51
Weyerhaeuser - Heaters Facility52188876,665.45
Mingo Junction Energy Center, Llc624876,560.00
Elysium Energy Llc/Johnson Bayou Fld/Sch Bd531876,000.00
Newmont Gold Company8133875,754.30
Johns Manville International Inc77875,400.00
Waste Management Inc. Of Florida46874,631.97
Cargill Ferilizer Inc224874,540.00
Armstrong Gas Plant689874,539.59
Bartlett Cattle Company, L.P. (Bartlett11874,418.40
Mont Belvieu Plastics Plt11621874,335.00
Northern Natural Gas Company1178874,268.84
Magellan Pipeline Company-Carthage Terminal1281874,195.77
Carbone Amer/Benzinger Twp Plt1544874,137.87
Lafourche Sugars Llc/Leighton535874,000.00
Olin Corporation1363873,822.40
Dominion Trans Inc/Ellisburg Station13144872,513.00
Santee Cooper Rainey26111872,207.90
Usgen New England Inc1515871,168.20
Dan River Inc Brookneal Plant1153871,010.38
Benavides Station844870,723.82
Dsm Copolymer/Br Plant16140870,687.79
Hanson Aggregates Midwest, Inc-Stone372870,263.87
Monaco Coach Corporation - Wakarusa4482870,189.96
Mobil Chem Co2061870,172.00
Oneok Field Svc859870,116.00
Co-Gen Co. Llc7684870,105.01
Coffeyville Resources Crude Transport.48869,980.00
Little Rapids Corp - Shawano Specialty Papers638869,517.64
General Shale Products Corp.1836869,087.77
Delaware Cnty Reg Wa/Delcora Western Reg Trmt Plt1325868,999.99
Exide Technologies-Canon Hollow2871868,783.68
Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Dept643868,751.94
Covanta Stanislaus, Inc3570868,751.67
Woonsocket Wwtf4051868,686.03
Efco Corporation-Efco Corporation1493868,225.64
Reid/Green/Hmp&L Station Ii1313867,864.50
Great Lakes Tissue3949867,416.95
Archer Daniels Midland - Keokuk8383867,107.40
Cargill, Inc. - Soybean East Plant7153866,946.04
Enterprise Gas Processing Llc/Calumet Gas Plnt1296866,907.00
Portland General Electric Company56106866,109.87
Sabine Pipe Line Co/Henry Hub N Booster Stn526866,000.00
Anadarko E & P/Cl & F No 1 Pf497866,000.00
Printpack Inc.215865,660.00
Lear Corporation20869865,296.00
Federal Mogul Powertrain517865,234.00
Ford Motor Co.-Lima45254864,553.06
Conroe Gas Plant12198864,109.81
H. C. Spinks Clay Co., Inc.911864,044.80
Poky Feeders, Inc.11863,485.78
Kerr-Mcgee Rocky Mountain Corp. - Dougan1013862,281.85
De Solid Waste Authority Southern2932861,284.28
Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire, Llc - Warren Plant14156861,244.60
Rhodia Inc39309861,179.98
Hudson Booster638860,900.00
American Furniture Co Inc1349860,705.76
Mmsd-Southshore Wastewater Treatment Plant2382860,194.62
Fairleigh Feed Yard, Inc.11859,616.58
Boral Bricks, Bessemer Plant No. 51838859,583.68
Tyson Foods, Incorporated853859,440.81
Chevron Usa Inc48973858,986.04
Humboldt Flakeboard Panels2036858,497.91
Air Liquide America Corp/Geismar644858,000.00
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation2070856,595.00
Canyon Gas Resources - N. Douglas Creek938856,462.08
Phifer Wire Products729856,340.00
Polypropylene Plant781856,316.00
3m Co50453855,880.38
Trus Joist A Weyerhaeuser Business1145855,398.79
Scott Air Force Base33854,240.00
Bridgewater Power Company3366853,282.92
Wadham Energy Ltd Partnership1640853,226.42
Hoxie Feedyard, Inc.11853,187.99
Sunray Compressor Station735853,150.40
Southwire Company10140853,083.34
Sweetwater Generating Plant1868852,296.24
Trigeant Ltd19105852,243.28
Dudley Lumber Co Inc1951851,756.01
Easton Utilities - Airport Park666850,750.00
Brinkman Corporation, The1244850,726.00
Encana Oil & Gas (Usa), Inc-W Douglas Cr1240850,353.71
Western Gas_hilight (Md_124)538850,281.00
Ag Processing Inc A Cooperative - Manning9226849,179.61
Northwest Ozona Plant1173848,524.39
Meco - Miki Basin Power Plant13121848,206.82
Western Lime Corp - Eden Plant745848,037.64
St. Mary Sugar Cooperative, Inc.642848,000.00
Lamesa Cotton Oil Mill780845,920.02
Chaparral Boats, Inc.328845,379.64
Kiefer Landfill45132845,033.24
Perdue Farms Inc - Lewiston31177844,694.51
3m Tonawanda3663844,612.65
Sterling Sugars, Inc.530844,000.00
El Paso Corp/Sng - Bienville Stn 94036107844,000.00
Yale University Sterling Power Plant24120843,770.00
Dtr Tennessee, Inc.10139843,712.00
Alcan Aluminum Corporation2055843,509.13
La Co., Sanitation District 43248843,478.53
Acme Brick Co -- Perla Plant1744843,233.81
Western Feed Yard, Inc.11841,878.17
Sasol North America, Inc.1755841,765.11
Ogden Martin Systems Of Bristl3468841,718.78
Sunray Gas Plant996840,480.01
Saint-Gobain Containers Inc818840,477.20
Dart Container Corp663840,196.29
Carpenter Co 1236840,192.57
Allegheny Ludlum Corporation44199840,011.10
Hilcorp Energy Co/S Florence Fld5267840,000.00
Northwest Asphalt Products Inc2446839,779.98
Holt Station1053839,480.02
Duke Energy Field Services - Lucerne1157839,232.49
Riley Booster739838,540.01
Chevron Usa Inc/Lk Barre Cs 1679838,000.00
Afco Industries714837,576.00
Riverbay Corp-Co-Op City35102837,507.86
T.H. Wharton Station38120837,288.72
Resource Technology Corp-Paxton613836,480.00
Gato Corporation24603836,284.52
Lexington Furniture Plant 12 ** Inactive **83669836,032.48
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America980835,400.00
Keokuk Steel Casting, Inc. - Hawkeye Facility19320835,084.94
Meadwestvaco Virginia Specialty Chemicals Div13130834,940.30
Mueller Copper Tube Company1579834,794.00
Neville Chemical Company331111834,131.79
Agrium Inc1079834,086.19
Roosevelt Regional Landfill763834,000.00
Square Lake Compressor Station1469833,980.00
Encontrado Booster Station776833,943.99
Lane County Feeders11833,346.37
Keystone #2-Herndon Processing Company1933833,171.32
Metal Container Corp1074833,145.28
Plastene Supply Company-Div Siegel-Robert Inc1674833,023.00
Waste To Energy3768832,170.17
Graymont Facility781832,002.20
Midland Gas Plt1065831,750.99
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp1159831,224.00
Cargill Juice North America, Inc.722830,638.00
Usaf Robins Afb1693830,485.54
Weyerhaeuser Company-Emerson Division2191830,177.12
Rayonier - Eatonton Sawmill810829,866.58
J Paul Levesque & Sons Inc - Ashland68829,720.22
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals51173829,679.89
Wasson "Co2" Well Injection728829,060.00
Wallboard Plant1868828,800.00
Solite Corp33133828,711.51
American Packaging Corp1116826,451.17
Carbo Ceramics1079826,381.13
Ampi Falls Dairy Divis2745826,312.41
Tallahassee City Purdom Generating Sta.5190826,235.48
Blue Mountain Production Company1225825,959.60
Silsbee Osb Mill11189825,223.20
Howard Industries, Ellisville Manufactur1111825,123.00
Bassett Table/Superior411825,093.62
Kimberly-Clark Corporation-Mobile Operations3145824,980.00
Cataphote Inc1742824,866.20
Northwest Pipeline Corp.49118824,763.61
Tosco Refining Co-Amorco Termi2035824,458.33
Ethyl Petroleum Additives Inc47209824,079.98
Robstown Utility Systems1366823,646.81
Lincoln Developmental Center1326823,595.03
32-8 #3 Cdp C.S.1092823,419.26
Honeywell Nylon Clemson36181822,917.06
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp414822,540.00
Ethan Allen Inc. (Orleans Div.)1681822,299.21
Dominion - Deep Valley Compressor Statin1329822,106.40
Colorado Lime Company Dba Calco640821,642.02
Jm Huber Corporation-Commerce, Ga1341821,587.00
Northern States Pwr Co French Island Gen Plt1538821,403.64
Sun Studs Llc94161821,366.52
Pfc 20 Panhandle Field741821,074.00
Tillotson Rubber Corporation39154820,893.88
Vaughan Furniture Company - Empire Division13165819,938.20
Morgans Point16216819,467.74
Gregory Plant1584818,600.01
Marfork Plant - Marfork Coal Company315817,772.60
Quebecor World - Clarksville1345817,368.72
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company1450816,751.74
Lexington Furniture Plant 1721628816,573.46
Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Co57633816,420.00
C & T Refinery, Llc2161816,204.60
Anadarko Gathering Co.521816,006.51
Omaha Papillion Creek Waste1339815,853.70
Ak Steel Rockport Works42270815,848.94
Oneok Gas Gathering Llc653815,496.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp515815,456.00
Benedum Gas Plant14239815,320.00
Anderson Tully Lumber Company, Waltersvi4074815,025.60
Westlake Polymers Lp/Poly I & Ii6186814,251.00
Deltech Corporation14271813,963.00
Peters Revington Furniture45813,948.81
City Of Key West816813,855.60
Ucar Carbon Company Incorporated20405812,931.60
M.R.X. Facility--Brownwood Plant341145812,895.30
Gilman Building Products - Blackshear Mill620812,640.00
Repauno Products, Llc845811,850.00
Thomasville Furniture Industries Inc - Lenoir Plt44124811,464.75
Central Plant - 251 Mercer St3994811,274.45
Chesterfield Lumber3778810,494.41
Gulf South Pipeline Co Lp/Hall Summit Cs638810,000.00
Matagorda Plant12116809,298.61
Wharton Gas Plant838808,599.79
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation823807,996.48
Carson Booster640807,879.99
Anheuser-Busch Incorporated9165807,873.27
Oil Dri Production Company745807,800.00
Georgia - Pacific Roxboro44138807,339.83
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District-Lemay Waste Water Treatment Plant3466807,037.11
Chaparral Petroleum Inc.-West7298806,816.91
El Toro66806,748.18
Pa Dept Of Corr/Graterford Sci1854806,607.00
Armstrong World Industries Inc.44121805,675.56
Texas Gas Transmission550804,728.07
Regional Waste Systems Inc827804,591.88
Apac Missouri-Central Missouri Division Plant 03617804,433.86
Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc.- Marathon Avenue832804,156.05
Acme Brick Bridgeport Plt18121804,115.03
Waste Energy Partners1632804,080.00
Plantation Pipeline Company, Collins Ter858803,480.60
Duke Energy Hidalgo Lp1759802,914.49
Emerald Forest Products, Inc.7583802,365.19
Dynegy Midstream Svcs Lp/Lowry Gas5149802,000.00
East Chico Compressor Station1349800,941.20
Public Service Co Baxter Station1030800,939.20
Duke Energy Field Services, Lp1341800,097.07
Ge Co/Grove City1139799,512.00
Southern Natural Gas1957799,220.00
Crompton Manufacturing Co Inc17256798,904.00
Rialto Muni612798,864.69
Duke Energy Field Services1335798,531.70
Alabama Power Company6981798,446.78
Magnet Withers Comp Sta1150798,167.60
Sivyer Steel16830797,880.38
Crown Cork & Seal Co (Usa)1010797,643.15
Florida Power & Light (Pcu)3979797,601.18
Indeck West Enfield Energy Center730797,056.43
Masterbrand Cabinets Inc5156796,943.52
Wilson Sporting Goods Company1341796,723.00
Coffeyville Resources Nitrogen Fert.645796,673.32
Walhalla Booster Station638796,640.00
Wheelabrator Hudson E.C.I.2323796,336.77
U.S. Gsa Central Heating Plant1086796,142.90
Martco Partnership/Chopin757796,056.00
Source Petroleum, Inc./30 Header Prod Pltfrm547796,000.00
Allied Waste Industries (Kelle1819795,914.07
Moffat County Road Department22795,637.94
Yates Field Tract 75 Plant745795,604.02
Magellan Pipeline Co., Llc. - Milford11107795,398.00
Turnkey Recycling & Environmental Enterp27320794,421.46
Jenkins Brick Company1838793,960.80
Seaswirl Boats, Inc.512793,960.60
Ingalls Feedyard, Inc.11793,663.21
Pioneer, Inc.11793,663.21
Brookover Feed Yard11793,663.21
Grayburg Compressor Station15150793,220.00
Ic Corporation1652792,966.01
Kissimmee Utility Authority1861792,338.27
Maxwell House Division6584791,976.60
Sartomer Co Inc726791,968.00
Precoat Metals47226791,768.66
Marvin Windows & Doors84789791,612.08
Kaiser Trentwood27225791,582.21
Ethanol 2000 Llp43315791,573.37
Holly Sugar Co 324104791,317.38
Norlite Corp27115791,170.88
Fort Carson Usarmy (Decam)14123791,055.92
Merdian Rail Products Corp42120790,938.37
Ppg Industries, Inc. Springdale2289790,440.88
Exxonmobil Production Co419789,900.00
Shintech Incorporated9488789,835.99
Delta Terminal Inc1425789,780.00
Honeywell/Baton Rouge Plnt21160789,706.00
Ipc Corinth Division Inc16145789,611.20
Standard Gypsum Llc.10124788,748.00
Gilman Building Products - Fitzgerald Mill528788,671.52
Central Compressor Station770788,270.00
Mcp Foods Inc 738787,988.06
Attala Generating Company, Llc3869787,873.20
Better Way Products, Inc.68787,570.40
Staten Island Landfill78212786,918.99
Centerpoint Energy-Twelve Mile Compressor Station647786,715.96
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, Bay St L1374786,680.60
Northern Natural Gas Company1477786,638.13
Sierra Pacific Industries3243786,353.16
Welch Co2 Plant1149786,101.99
Natl Fuel Gas Supply/Ellisburg Sta1266785,907.00
Hartsville Oil Mill33115785,812.55
Riley Energy Sys-Lisbon Corp2871785,658.98
Elgin Plant18135785,484.02
Questar Gas Management - E Hiawatha C.S.1134785,413.78
Rauch Industries - South York Road Plant1537784,635.05
U. S. Pipe - Valve Plant2399784,273.90
Cummins, Inc. (Columbus Engine Plant)4065784,100.46
Haywood Company11516784,034.11
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co.1167783,867.08
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp920783,680.00
Columbus Pulp & Paper Complex1218783,215.00
Avondale Mills Woodhead28111783,153.00
County Landfill & Energy Recovery Facility (Dcerf)3265782,742.47
Delphi Chassis Systems - Sandusky Operations67210782,341.52
Hilcorp Energy Co/Duck Lake Comp St #110172781,430.00
Williams Field Services1246780,320.00
A. Duda & Sons, Inc. / Citrus Belle623779,974.42
Gilbert Generating Station9149779,917.60
Adm - Red Wing4977779,893.78
Tomkins Industries Inc-Lasco P724778,963.67
Lorencito Coal Co226778,871.51
So Cal Gas Co (Eis Use) 15308778,629.32
Ameron Kapaa Quarry8165778,457.65
Southern California Gas Co44461778,367.98
Potlatch - Grand Rapids86600778,172.65
Mounds Production Co Llc425778,120.00
Pa State Sys Of Higher Ed/Slippery Rock Univ Pa1845778,005.80
Ottawa County Farms Landfill614777,996.00
Cms Antrim Gas L.L.C.1533777,094.72
Dynea Overlays, Inc.69161776,663.06
Citrus World, Inc.620776,521.15
Atofina Chemicals, Inc.16183776,420.00
Quebecor World - Effingham Div4150776,370.92
Specialty Minerals111486776,261.15
Cahaba Pressure Treated Forest Products45119776,000.00
Rol. C. Dansby Power Plt.4188775,884.48
Lyondell Chemical Bayport13777775,872.21
Edison Generating Station7211775,380.00
Warrenton Chip-N-Saw (Georgia-Pacific Corp.)59774,784.20
Allegany Ballistics Laboratory35415774,748.13
Bay State Paper Co10188774,739.07
Boral Bricks Of Texas Lp2026774,723.63
Sonoma County Department Of Pu20115774,616.19
Southern California Gas Co44177774,032.67
Winnebago Industries, Inc. - Forest City25713773,778.63
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp941773,710.00
El Dorado Chemical Company717773,641.00
Delta Air Lines, Inc. Toc333773,386.00
Capital Airport312773,200.00
Cotter Corp Canon City Mill7113772,823.48
Arkansas Lime Company521772,600.63
Koppel Steel Corp/Koppel1242772,202.58
Griffin Wheel Company11111771,509.20
Bemis Co Inc/Hazleton211771,399.98
Weyerhaeuser Company Wood Products - Plymouth954771,328.60
Altamont South Compressor Station833771,067.00
Granite Cons. Inc/ Littlerock627770,570.42
Oneok Inc13124770,424.00
General Shale Products Llc1853770,217.96
Taunton Municipal Light - Cleary Flood49278770,127.82
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. Plant 20740769,719.91
North Cross Comp Station4721769,500.00
Linden Lumber Co18144769,104.30
Martek Biosciences Corp857768,567.65
Schafer Facility1285768,367.40
Griffin Wheel Company644768,082.00
Texas Ind (Txi) Operations Dba Western A636768,030.29
Mueller Company1035766,820.01
Midwest Energy Resources Co.218766,187.04
Racol Booster733766,116.00
Pratt & Whitney Div Utc10188765,876.00
Teck Cominco De Long Mountain Regional Transportation System Port Facility6192764,940.00
Glen Gery Corp/York Division3394764,898.69
Dominion - Groveport Compressor Station4797764,797.86
Arteva Specialities Kosa - Salisbury Pl69924763,647.92
Durand Glass Manufacturing Company, Inc.7440763,120.00
Sante Fe Pacific Gold Corporation659763,060.58
Florida Gas Transmission1442762,668.00
Crane Gas Plant7118762,492.00
Boral Bricks Inc1851762,468.44
Thiele Kaolin Company, Reedy Creek Plant673762,399.18
Roseburg Forest Products619762,360.00
Covanta Marion, Inc.1627761,785.97
Ponderosa Pine Energy1725761,511.97
Royal Beef, Division Of Irsik & Doll11760,726.20
Richard M Flynn Power Plant3072760,689.43
Nueces Compress Stat1562760,386.60
Burlington Generating Station9192760,174.20
Pro-Corn Llc46462760,120.89
Tri-State Generation & Trans.-Rifle Stat632760,068.94
Hazlehurst Lumber Company824759,332.10
Vulcraft Company765759,200.40
Robert Bosch Corporation Chassis Division51243758,853.27
Muskegon River Compressor Station21142758,569.12
Kettle Cooked Foods7114758,459.98
Ceco Building Systems11244758,252.99
Nucor Steel Auburn Inc1013758,144.10
Clemson University28103757,917.95
Chem-Tech Finishers779757,628.68
Southernmost Wte1422757,492.00
Drew Foam Companies, Incorporated16757,379.99
K/D/S Promix Llc (Enterprise Pdts)-K/D/S Promix Fractionation Plant1165757,253.00
Flagstaff Compressor Station#2439756,060.00
Foamex Lp/Corry814755,983.40
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporati13119755,797.80
Acme Foundry, Inc.1888755,567.52
Ridgewood Providence Power Partners L.P.1414755,537.60
Sea Ray Boats, Inc.344755,215.00
Fort Detrick12226754,911.18
Cf Processing, Llc884754,845.38
Wellcraft Marine Plant #666754,646.99
Kentucky Solite Corp536754,367.57
Colorado Interstate Gas Co Flank Sta1240754,037.92
Texas Eastern Transmission, Lp/St Francisville Cs530754,000.00
Decatur County Feedyard11753,979.98
Duane Weerts Farm11753,940.00
Pittsburgh-Corning Corp-Pittsburgh-Corning Corp8161753,856.28
Adm Processing617753,833.00
Valley Co-Op Oil Mill7147753,520.01
Us Department Of The Army56752,939.59
Flat River Glass Co-Park Hills676752,715.14
Sterling Gas Plant977752,694.60
Encana Oil & Gas - Hunter Mesa1145752,574.09
Cpfilms Inc. Plant 2612752,498.00
El Monte612752,139.95
Pq Corporation (The)-St. Louis773751,723.76
Owens Corning - Atlanta758751,675.40
Cincinnati Specialties, Inc.50153750,990.07
Kn Interstate Gas Transmission Co.1641750,457.19
Helco - Keahole Power Plant1397750,375.44
Northwest Pipeline Corp Sumas14125750,187.00
Pg&E Delevan Compressor Statio822750,040.63
Pinetree Power Fitch829750,000.00
Cattle Empire, Llc #111749,336.98
South Dakota Soybean Processors751749,089.76
Motiva Enterprises Llc - Sewaren Terminal1481748,751.40
La Porte Plant331444748,312.20
Crompton Corporation9151748,174.19
Gillette Company The9156748,140.00
Hart Canyon Compressor Station1456748,120.00
The Interflex Group - Carolina Plant1072747,898.68
Sonoco Products Company4553747,675.80
Temple Inland Forest/Mt Jewett Complex (Fka Alleghe961747,301.06
Northwest Pipeline Mtn Home618746,400.00
March Point Cogeneration1060746,312.00
Ppg Industries Paint Plant1736746,096.46
Waukegan Regional Airport312745,900.00
Sea Ray Boats Island River Drive1316745,389.00
Salt River Landfill3752745,098.53
Red Star Yeast880745,060.70
3m Company35383744,514.00
Broyhill Furniture Conover Plant57875744,382.58
Trigen-Biopower Inc3762744,294.29
Gilman Building Products - Dudley Mill629744,273.00
Conroe Facility17665744,244.00
Weil Mclain, A United Dominion Company48270744,205.97
Mountain Vista Power Generation, Llc41200744,022.25
Ocean Energy, Inc/Ship Shoal #64638744,000.00
Caprock Compressor Station1544743,640.00
Weyerhaeuser Co/Louisiana Particleboard14176743,200.00
Bae Systems425742,390.02
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp412742,320.00
Meadwestvaco Corporation/Deridder Plant28480742,299.00
Northwest Pipeline Mt Vernon1255742,274.00
Pioneer Nat Res Usa Inc/Grand Bay Cs Tb 126119742,000.00
Anheuser-Busch Inc - Cartersville Brewery9120741,653.55
Korn Industries Sumter Cabinet79600741,465.90
Georgia Gulf Chemicals And Vinyls Llc,1469741,340.00
Northern Natural Gas Company1145741,259.41
Holly Power Plant40171741,248.53
Ford Motor Company Edison Assembly Plant18432741,024.33
Eastern Correctional Institution7206740,953.00
Atofina Chemicals Inc26202740,782.99
Hanson Brick East, Llc, Dba Hanson Brick - Roseboro3954740,241.85
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp422740,140.00
Texas Gas Trans Corp/Columbia565740,000.00
Dtr Industries Incorporated8100739,960.00
Aera Energy Llc 6231739,758.31
Kingsford Manufacturing Co-Briquetting Plant886739,751.43
Oneok Field Services Company1229739,456.22
Ordway Feedyard Llc614739,265.48
Wilsonart International Inc28295738,915.75
Texas Eastern Transmission Lp - Athens2392738,786.93
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc - St L Pk42132738,534.68
Kingman No.1 Compressor Station429738,060.00
Conocophillips Co/Acadia Gas Plant652738,000.00
Burnell Station1135737,852.59
Graphic Packaging International Inc.24136737,769.00
Oneok Field Services Company1236737,682.95
Adm Decatur Corn Processing Plant1825737,433.20
Colorado Springs Utilities-Birdsall Plt732737,362.69
Kms Morris Power Inc66737,240.00
Wis Electric Power Co - Paris648736,741.37
Nederland Marine Terminal16938736,350.80
Southeast Missouri State University-Facilities Management779736,155.12
South Dakota State University660736,060.00
Oneok Field Svc635736,050.00
Smv East24586735,814.08
Ppg Industries Inc.17117735,523.19
Ltv Steel Company, Inc.616735,420.01
Dominion Trans Inc/Leidy Station11159735,309.40
Kyrene Generating Station43127735,165.45
Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation3978734,498.58
Solae L.L.C.12734,343.00
Webb Furniture Enterprises1050734,256.76
Murphy Plywood Co.78154734,103.20
Apache Corp/Sw Bayou Penchant Pf488734,000.00
Trunkline Gas Co/Longvile Comp Stan570734,000.00
Bruce Hardwood Flooring11101733,724.36
Day International512733,597.00
Unocal Monopod Platform6108733,460.01
Hanson Brick:Ninety-Six37111733,174.09
Rgv-Thompsonville Station618733,170.60
Little Knife Gas Plant515732,800.00
Joint Meeting Of Essex And Union Counties7138732,720.00
Liberty Elec Power Llc/Eddystone Plt1844732,702.28
Stimson Lumber Company77231732,518.86
Abbott Laboratories53557731,942.79
Pulaski Furniture Corp Pulaski1035730,625.29
Trigen - Edison857729,626.62
Bitter Lake Compressor Station17172729,593.80
Ppl Martins Creek Steam Electric Station79729,498.00
Heritage Feeders Sublette11728,682.01
Burnham Foundry11105728,002.00
Texaco E & P Inc/Cb Dog Lake515728,000.00
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co46160727,791.66
Anchor Stone Co2106727,718.00
Erving Paper Mills8193727,682.00
Parks Booster Station1147727,502.39
Hovensa L.L.C.2337727,155.00
Silgan Containers Corp-Silgan Containers22104727,109.15
Trunk N Compressor Station6100726,464.07
Osram Sylvania Prod /Wellsboro Plt1482726,123.19
Mid Continent Cabinetry1111725,759.60
West Texas - Piceance Creek Gp1144725,433.14
Thomasville Furniture Plant A/X/Old V931259725,210.92
San Arroyo Plant1465725,038.86
Dominion - Craig Compressor Station1538724,661.58
Farmland Inds. Inc.1218724,527.71
Unocal/Caillou Island Fac6142724,000.00
Lamar Utilities Board713723,948.80
Howard Booster Treater736723,480.99
Bremen Glass Inc.28722,866.40
Bp America Production Co448722,864.00
Central Heating & Utiliti630722,659.40
Resolution Performance Products Llc4558722,431.63
Union County Resource Recovery Facility36109722,170.00
Chevron Usa Inc/Mound Point Platform A656722,000.00
Johns Manville41171721,934.91
Mercruiser Div Of Brunswick15132721,542.00
Ludlow Corporation1031720,920.00
Weir Booster760719,997.00
Chase Terminal Company1062719,843.04
Lake Pasture Lp Lease16170719,658.39
Ball Metal Beverage Container11145719,497.12
Fox River Paper Company8218718,954.00
Agp Corn Processing Inc658718,459.99
Three Rivers Plant9113717,966.81
Delta Energy Center1769717,965.66
Abbott Health Prods. Inc.47717,927.00
Wheelabrator Concord Company Lp3880717,735.08
Cabot Corp1023717,634.80
Southern Natural Gas19198717,540.00
U S Oil & Refining Co1398717,516.00
Star Lake Compressor Station15216717,422.00
Alcoa Inc/Lebanon Works14134717,103.20
Keystone Recovery Inc/Keystone Recovery Inc1414716,900.01
Novean Kalama, Inc.17221716,475.05
Public Works Commission Butler-Warner Generation Plant36182716,274.15
James B Beam Distill Co11716,268.37
Centerpoint Energy Fld Svcs Corp/Foxskin Cs541716,000.00
W G Helis Co Llc/Black Bay Comp Stn6112716,000.00
Nipsco - Dean H. Mitchell Station95503715,981.67
Conroe Compressor Station11175715,442.00
International Paper, Morton Lumber Mill1010715,340.00
Pq Corporation1084715,214.07
U.S. Gypsum Co Plaster City Pt14125715,110.69
Harbison-Walker Refractories-Harbison-Walker Refractories12170714,944.51
United Brick & Tile2495714,376.32
Magnox Pulaski Inc962714,044.49
Bitter Creek Pipelines - Beecher Island1239714,019.00
La Perla Station1172713,859.98
Hiland Partners, Llc_hiland Gas Plant924713,629.02
Kykenkee Inc26100713,520.00
Henderson Mill1062712,810.61
Sierra Pacific Ind. Standard2441712,633.38
El Paso Field Services/Dubach Plant10241712,526.00
Williams Conway Fractionator1079712,285.60
Menve Inc - Menagha11712,219.97
Procter & Gamble Mfg Co/Alexandria Plant8155712,000.28
Caterpillar Inc.44247711,653.55
Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc - Owatonna43258711,518.34
M.T.B.E. Production Facility885711,219.01
Star Building Systems13105710,710.11
Benchcraft, Ripley Facilities1337710,472.00
Linde Gas Llc8109710,231.20
Child Craft Industries, Inc.52201710,072.69
Kenyon Industries, Inc.1422709,956.00
Us Gypsum Co/Aliquippa1034709,746.30
Georgia Pacific - Fort Dodge11701709,627.17
Makers Mark Distillery515709,468.58
Nichols Aluminum - Golden1569709,285.02
Pruet Production Company435708,680.00
Kemnitz Compressor Station1491708,640.00
Bp America Prod Co/Bayou Sale Central Pf585708,000.00
Silgan Containers Mfr. Corp.18185707,969.31
Toyota Motor Corporate Services-Bodine Aluminum Inc13257707,611.66
Williams Field Svcs_opal Plant1848707,279.99
Neleh Gas Plant1059707,238.81
Mitchell Plant16104706,640.02
Lewis University Airport33706,420.00
Pacific Gas & Electric2346706,413.65
Baptist Medical Center27174706,214.51
George Gray Plant741705,864.20
Kellogg Company4489705,838.84
Irving Tanning Co.1056705,529.29
C. B. Asphalt Inc-Huntington Plant (Plant #4)618705,197.10
Wheelabrator Gloucester Company, L.P.747705,180.00
Nomaco Inc68704,708.47
Danville Compressor Station30157704,601.96
Medical College Of Ohio At Toledo74355704,150.20
Canyon Gas Resources-Foundation Creek1032704,132.82
Duke Energy Fld Srvcs Lp/Ada 2 Cs648704,000.00
Northern Natural Gas Co721703,920.00
Rock-Tenn Company, Mill Division, Inc.6775703,829.83
Carbon Limestone Landfill Gas Power Station333703,120.03
Congoleum Corp/Trainer Plt1481702,479.41
Archer Daniels Midland Company446702,150.01
Nan Ya Plastics29682701,528.02
Dominion Trans Inc/Beaver1143701,185.59
Polyone Engineered Films, Inc.1490701,155.74
Pasadena Plant16129701,002.60
Lafarge West, Inc. - Fountain Pit212701,000.50
Camden Casting Center, Inc.1174699,764.08
Koppers Ind/Cogen Plt55699,620.00
Anadarko Gathering Co.812698,673.41
Post Oak Booster Station638698,200.01
Kantus Corporation1048698,061.70
Mirant Potrero, Llc3991697,758.51
Bearden Lumber Company537697,599.99
Geneva Terminal637697,431.99
Bremner Inc672697,159.15
Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Inc.14503696,896.20
Archer-Daniels Midland3392696,733.18
Goldsmith Landreth Water529696,719.98
Freeport Hyco Plant1355696,622.79
Entergy Mississippi Inc, Delta Plant49133696,207.32
Bridgeline Holdings Lp/Grand Chenier Cs432696,000.00
Norbord South Carolina71125695,674.06
Big Lake Plant1196695,655.20
North Word Plant12107695,526.99
Titan Tire Corporation352092695,415.49
Cherokee Brick & Tile Co1560695,099.30
City Of Pascagoula, Pascagoula Energy Re1321695,052.98
Seattle Steam Co, Western533694,575.00
Great Bend Feeding, Inc.11694,455.38
Brookover Ranch Feedyard, Llc (Brookove11694,455.38
Reeve Cattle Company, Inc.11694,455.38
Kearny County Feeders, Inc.11694,455.38
Bayport Hdpe Plant11393694,305.40
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp932694,020.00
Refined Sugars Inc42171693,384.03
Timber Charcoal-Plant #1635693,080.04
Texas Eastern Transmission630692,819.31
International Playing Card & Label Company, Inc.1026692,658.20
Hrsd Virginia Initiative Plant3957692,552.04
Columbia Gas-Glady Cs1367692,260.00
Glen-Gery Corp. Iberia Plant3651691,327.28
Day International, Inc.3755691,275.69
Certainteed Corporation1364690,955.66
Grace - Davison Chemical11137690,835.40
Lasco Bathware318690,290.00
Twin Bridges Recycling & Disposal Facil4162690,181.14
International Disposal Corpora1821690,165.78
Market Hub Partners Lp/Egan La #1 Project595690,000.00
Northern Natural Gas Company1545689,246.96
Anadarko Gathering Company36689,156.67
Shale Processing962689,058.00
East Sherman Booster1333688,759.99
Wastewater Treatment Plant754688,554.65
Bathcraft Inc.26688,540.00
Schweitzer Mauduit9267688,537.00
Chiles Works Llc-Fulton216688,448.82
Cogentrix Energy Inc735688,200.00
Plastic Omnium2860688,058.41
Hanson Aggregates Wrp, Inc.644687,771.12
General Electric Co.714687,765.00
University Of Mn - Twin Cities1031104687,284.02
Metal Container Corporation-Arnold10223687,132.10
Atlas Door Clopay Building Products1616687,084.00
Gdx Automotive45121686,520.00
Wabash Alloys1652685,913.90
Pharmacia & Upjohn Company39115685,369.33
Kurdziel Iron Of Rothbury4668685,330.44
Fraser Papers Inc.19150683,885.21
E. Line Booster739683,826.59
Gunderson, Inc.4367683,807.66
Southern Lumber Company Inc832683,700.00
Northern Natural Gas Co725683,120.00
Olton Pump Station1034682,892.00
Lufkin Foundry13217682,650.41
Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Mfg.48133682,185.70
Oneok Field Svc738682,078.00
Central Moloney, Inc., An Arkansas Co.13315681,894.67
Virginia Industries Inc722681,628.41
Robinson Brick Co2439681,367.27
Std Steel/Burnham13322681,243.90
University Of New Hampshire28348680,771.43
Conger Sales Facility12106680,728.00
Coffeyville Resources Crude Transport.432680,205.40
Johnston Tombigbee Furniture Company1646679,723.00
3m Company21132679,690.00
Atchison Steel Casting & Machining19137679,411.00
Quad/Graphics Inc - Lomira10140679,369.38
Pilkington North America Inc40173679,091.64
Irion Plant952678,862.00
Antelope Ridge Gas Plant14221678,860.00
Maui Pineapple Co.12133678,815.42
Corpus Christi Energy Center 2040678,366.95
Easton Utilities6110678,187.00
Corydon Stone & Asphalt1465678,150.13
Silgan Containers Mfg. Corp. - Fort Madison958678,032.47
Natural Gas Pipeline Co/Stn 342541678,000.00
Pg And E Gas Transmission Northwest Station No 5510676,800.00
International Paper Company20106676,800.00
Lagrange Plant679676,440.00
Kerr-Mcgee Rocky Mountain Corp. -Hambert918676,140.28
Stockton Cogen Company1553675,972.83
Madera Power, Llc69675,971.33
Crompton Corp/Petrolia18132675,706.61
Merit Energy Company. - Mayfield 23612675,688.58
La Generating Llc/Big Cajun 1 Pwr Plnt43110675,614.09
Inland Paperboard And Packagin1579675,498.69
Gas Transmission Northwest Corporation3978675,134.77
Pratt Feeders, Llc.11674,613.77
Great Lakes Gas Transmission Station #92324674,352.85
Koch Expl Co/Cutoff Fld637674,000.00
Kimberly-Clark Corporation976673,921.07
Gilmore Gas Plant1182673,663.59
Colormasters L.L.C. (Facility #2)12673,360.00
Lon C Hill Power Station38172673,328.79
Formosa Plastics Corporation53270673,114.03
University Of Maine Orono861672,989.77
Intermet Decatur Foundry47327672,981.01
Kingsford Manufacturing Company957672,565.54
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Co - Trailridge413672,240.01
Halltown Paperboard Company2327672,223.33
Hrsd Boat Harbor Sewage Treatment Plant3670672,133.55
Bayonne Generating Station866672,057.00
Dynegy Midstream Svcs Lp/Stingray648672,000.00
Oneok Field Svc945671,860.00
Lexington Furniture Industries Plant 287916671,819.90
Northeast Products Company313670,880.00
Rocklick Preparation Plant - Eacc315670,824.30
Sublette Feeders11670,387.39
Masterbrand Plant #34960670,216.38
Ocean Energy, Inc /Main Pass 69 G641670,000.00
Sewerage & Water Bd Of N.O./E Bank Treatment Plnt535670,000.00
Northwest Pipeline Corporation64125669,024.57
Anadarko Gathering Co.36668,597.21
Consolidation Coal Co - Amonate932668,347.65
St Cloud Regional57221668,043.18
Brookeland Gas Plant11167668,040.00
Bass Enterprises Prod Co/Pt Hache541668,000.00
Imperial Sugar Company671667,448.00
Chestnut Ridge Landfill3890667,426.68
Delphi Interior & Lighting Systems, Columbus Opera67206667,400.15
Nrg Energy Ctr Paxton Llc/Nrg Energy Ctr Harrisburg2399667,170.00
Orlando Cogen Limited, L.P.2836666,898.46
Bayport Plant231899666,770.41
Northern Natural Gas Company1246666,728.12
Mountain Gas Resources_granger Gas Plant532666,726.00
Mbci - Masterbrand Cabinets Inc2479666,629.17
G. A. Wintzer & Company4186666,521.34
Kinder Morgan Interstate Gas Trans1724666,463.02
Exelon Generation Co/Croydon Gen Sta11172666,401.21
Duke Energy Fld Srvcs Lp/Master'S Creek Gas Plnt 1644666,000.00
Pioneer Plastics Corporation1867665,780.67
Nichols Aluminum Casting14181665,600.00
Assoc Elec Coop Inc1135664,420.00
Mcallen Ranch Central Facility13103664,358.39
Cranston Print Works8323664,337.00
Cryovac Rigid Packaging Cryovac, Inc.412664,199.65
Case Corporation - Racine Foundry Plant14131664,133.48
Weyerhaeuser Company79146664,130.07
Kerr-Mcgee Oil & Gas Corp/Breton Sound Blk 20-21 Cf6204664,000.00
Wheatland Tube Co Di/Wheatland Tube Div2177663,750.40
Grayson Lumber Corporation5071663,660.00
Goodman Veneer & Lumber Co.719663,589.56
East Ohio Gas - Robinson Station1690663,424.85
Horse Canyon Compressor Station699662,780.28
Acme Brick Co1828662,461.04
Nissequogue Cogen Partners Plant2552662,308.91
Exxonmobil Prod Co/Main Pass 72a Prod Pltfrm667662,000.00
Component Concepts Inc57356661,995.33
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp432661,700.00
Western Farmers Elec Coop38117661,479.50
Shell Oil Products Company 66661,340.62
Bridger Lake Plant19121661,324.55
Tama Paperboard13239661,185.20
Johns Manville960661,163.66
Fleetguard, Inc.870660,808.00
Trelleborg Automotive46276660,807.21
Grede Foundries, Inc.4783660,790.83
South Decatur Compressor Station7122660,664.39
Pd Glycol12183660,578.59
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline-Station 185581660,568.11
Payson City Power1343660,296.26
El Paso Corp/Sng - Logansport Stn643660,000.00
International Paper Company, Houston77659,640.00
Jeld-Wen, Inc.,Dba Jeld-Wen - Dubuque5240659,382.15
Wis Doa / Mendota Health Institute1836659,261.58
Port Arthur Gas Plant774659,055.59
Western Sugar Co714659,010.99
Anderson Tully Veneers Lp, Vicksburg3878658,821.40
Exxonmobil Production Co421658,780.00
Universal Compression, Inc.31140658,340.00
Triangle Brick Company - Merry Oaks40120658,264.28
Ranger Boats/Woods Manufacturing Company15495657,548.19
Northern Natural Gas Co. - Redfield Compressor19391657,379.83
Burgess Pigment Company759657,140.00
The Okonite Company1646657,105.26
Duke Energy442656,900.00
Magellan Pipeline Company, Llc9245656,466.96
Crystal Springs Print Works, Inc.875656,262.00
Border Steel, Inc.12103656,248.71
Archer Daniels Midland Co39148656,188.72
Aquila Inc-Greenwood Energy Center642656,174.80
Denbury Resources Inc/Lockhart Cross Wilcox Cf3590656,000.00
So Cal Gas Co 14196655,289.40
Lorain Tubular Company Llc986654,876.20
Brownwood Facility11562654,630.60
Eagle Window & Door, Inc.13304654,457.08
Columbia Gas - Coco Cs1175653,880.00
Auto Alliance Intl45117653,765.82
Mountain Coal Co. Llc (West Elk Mine)214653,400.00
Dominion - Wilsonburg Compressor Station1236653,377.00
City Of Chattanooga Summitt Landfill55652,920.01
Teledyne Continental Motors820652,631.00
Los Mestenios (Tribal Land)612652,500.00
Anheuser-Busch Inc32211652,297.16
Vealmoor Compressor Stn1192652,228.60
Sessions Company Inc1758652,220.00
E J Stoneman Station72152652,182.03
Agrilectric Power Partners Ltd/Plant 1615652,000.00
Pecos Diamond Gas Plant1556651,920.00
Oilseeds International1739651,770.94
Memphis Hardwood Flooring Company845651,616.00
Jennie-O Turkey Store - Wilcox Lake Farm11651,539.98
Transcontinental Gas/Station 1951044651,477.59
Adorn, L.L.C.3959651,015.73
St. Louis Regional Airport312650,900.00
Bessmay Sawmill1566650,120.00
Avondale Mills Gregg24174649,881.21
Sprague Paperboard Inc6156649,618.00
Wingate Fractionation Plant16213649,571.40
Millenium Petrochemical17247648,679.63
Simpson Timber Company1618647,332.78
Aquila, Inc. - Airport Industrial Site78647,303.42
Monarch Ceramic Tile969647,240.00
Metal Technologies, Inc.-West Allis Ductile Iron10104647,129.34
Hrsd Williamsburg Sewage Treatment Plant3559646,948.39
Alcan Aluminum Corp1037646,701.58
American Chrome & Chemicals Lp12364646,512.00
Tbg Cogen Facility3678646,320.48
Solvay Advanced Polymers Llc47346645,959.65
Bluestem Solid Waste Agency Sanitary Landfill #143121645,797.05
Onan Corp50169645,629.96
Fannie Heard Lease1057645,021.61
Kellogg Usa, Inc.88645,020.00
Carlisle Power Transmission Products Inc-Springfield18161644,322.76
Magellan Pipeline Co., Llc. - Waterloo12115644,173.40
Anr Pipeline Co1036644,142.00
Pud No. 1 Of Klickitat County735644,000.00
Broward County725643,914.61
Henredon Furniture Ind Inc49575643,891.65
Ak Steel-Coshocton Works1285643,674.13
Brown University3257643,648.29
Embridge Energy Teague Pl12207643,576.41
Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc.17117643,016.27
Pittsburg Plant1175642,501.80
Darlington Brick & Clay/Darlington2760642,493.41
Resource Technology Corp612642,160.00
Regency Gas Services, Llc525642,027.37
Anadarko Gathering Co.39641,936.67
Florida Gas Transmission Company618641,833.80
Elysium Energy Llc41159641,701.43
Safety-Kleen Oil Recovery Co.44301641,602.66
Ctna Manufacturing Limited Partnership980641,328.78
Anadarko Gathering Co.39640,984.98
Columbia Forest Products, Inc.80219640,970.02
Brillion Iron Works Inc28272640,940.52
New South Inc1135640,900.00
Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center Faa4173640,650.77
Northern Natural Gas Co729640,560.00
Rahr Malting Co - Shakopee461273640,335.35
Baytown Cogeneration1253639,800.41
Pueblo Plant12134639,517.60
Consolidation Coal Co - Buchanan Mine #11134639,459.77
Trinity Marine Products Inc-Caruthersville Plant #73712639,320.00
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.950638,741.18
Public Service Co White River Dome Sta1028638,735.00
J Paul Levesque & Sons Inc - Masardis615638,733.66
Sauder Woodworking1098638,448.70
Calumet Lubricants Co/Cotton Valley Plant12144638,381.00
Kinder Morgan_gopher Station1318638,068.99
Doublecote Llc2525637,738.20
Temple-Inland Forest Products Corp.633637,419.99
Isp Minerals Inc.692637,234.48
Petroleum Products Refining18394637,134.62
Bunge Foods Corp39147636,692.96
Middle Mesa Compressor Station1482636,660.00
Duke Energy Hinds Llc3068636,540.00
Laminate Facility9207636,374.20
Tolleson Lumber Company, Inc.- Preston Mill514636,280.00
Salt Lake Valley Landfill & Transfer Station23103636,186.30
Centerpoint Energy Gas Trans Co/Delhi Cs314636,000.00
Drexel Heritage Furniture Industries Inc - Plt 259156635,896.75
Cabot Supermetals/Boyertown23101635,777.21
Michigan Cogeneration Systems Inc612635,180.00
Scotch Lumber Company1535635,140.00
Ford Motor Co51210635,102.60
Dupont Teijin Films15204634,963.10
Carleton Farms Landfill613634,806.00
Countrymark Cooperative, Inc.729634,425.12
Nyc-Dep North River Wpcp48147634,387.80
Odessa Pump Station15117634,307.20
Alaska Power & Telephone - Tok Power Generating Station530634,300.00
Centerpoint Energy Gas Trans Co/Ruston Storage C S1047634,290.00
Aeroquip Inoac Company1363634,028.60
City Of Chanute Elec. Dept., Plant #3525633,897.10
Ford Motor Company - Romeo Engine Plant1052633,751.61
Natl Fuel Gas Supply/Roystone Compressor Station560633,601.20
Belen Compressor Station1440633,600.00
32-9 Cdp784633,587.88
Praxis Industries, Inc.34633,376.00
Republic Svc Group O/Modern Ldfl628633,240.00
Baytown Plate Mill7135633,223.98
Anadarko E&P Co. Lp - Mt. Pearl Gas Plan960633,155.86
Aurora Hardwoods, Inc.1076633,058.60
Batesville Manufacturing Inc, Vicksburg853632,882.60
Unimin Corporation, Aberdeen Facility77632,700.00
Climax Mine / Mill741632,479.90
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp418632,120.00
Laguna Park1873632,100.86
Rio Pecos Power Station3880631,867.44
Polyone Corp.16255631,704.23
Anheuser-Busch Inc., (La Brewe31655631,489.40
Sierrapine Ltd - Rocklin1748631,443.41
3m - Cottage Grove - Tape Manufacturing63133631,309.05
Lorain County Lfg Power Station318631,080.01
Arch Chemicals Inc34346631,024.45
Elkem Carbon - Keokuk171183630,819.52
U. S. Silica Company-Pacific650630,714.46
Hurley Smelter/Concentrator18227630,672.26
Gilroy Energy Center, Llc844630,556.14
Mettiki Coal Corporation1330630,339.46
Santee Cooper Hilton Head1339630,195.74
Pq Corp/Chester934630,172.59
Ogden Power Pacific, Inc 23125629,996.30
Scissortail Energy Llc937629,954.00
Temple Plant252063629,737.20
Texas Eastern Trans /Holbrook Station7112629,540.00
Potlatch Corp - Southern & Bradley Units1933629,460.00
Great Lakes Chemical18149629,409.83
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp18210629,101.14
Baytown Plant832629,045.59
Ag Processing, Inc. - Emmetsburg8214628,943.08
Gmc-Mfd Grand Blanc Metal Plant2164628,639.80
Watsontown Brick Co/Watsontown Plt3896628,558.22
Electric Services1836628,526.14
Larimer County Landfill1111628,523.00
Dominion - Law Compressor Station924627,895.80
American Limestone Company66627,732.00
Buckeye Egg Farm L. P. Marseilles Layer11627,702.00
Marathon Oil Co _ Oregon Basin Gas Plant37627,600.01
Ceramic Tile Mfg. Facility7139627,284.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp428626,790.00
Kennecott Greens Creek Mining Company937626,756.90
Louisiana Land & Gravel Co - Angie Pit22626,417.08
Clinton Labs.2243626,245.00
Central Mn Ethanol Cooperative47209626,221.99
Rexam Beverage Can Company16249625,792.40
Mayfield Processing Llc413625,080.00
Sfpp Lp5103625,058.52
Occidental Chem Corp/Pottstown22178624,898.59
Ketchikan Public Utilities - Bailey Powerhouse520624,860.02
Pactiv Corporation724624,597.01
North Safety Products:Charleston Plant126169624,571.54
Centerpoint Energy Gas Transmission Co415624,420.00
Kmigt Huntsman Station 011357624,221.39
Schwans Food Manufacturing, Inc.750623,847.17
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co32120623,453.00
A.O.Smith Electrical Products Co.518623,380.00
Ethan Allen - Pine Valley Div64106623,056.42
Willow Springs Plant1161623,054.40
Boralex Athens Energy55622,996.96
Babylon Resource Recovery Facility3978622,990.34
Nucor Vulcraft Group Norfolk1448622,918.57
Paper Company19389622,758.40
Seneca Energy Lfgte Facility47622,750.00
Bayport Plant22567622,403.80
Jack Batte And Sons Inc735622,240.00
Cleveland Chair Company1030622,116.00
Weyerhaeuser Company - Vanceboro Saw Mill44173621,833.37
Hooker Furniture Corporation,2339621,803.69
Texas City13311621,800.40
Tranter Inc1644621,479.26
Virginia Union University21252621,204.88
Rexam Beverage Can Co793621,053.00
Colonial Pipeline Company15144621,017.87
Equistar Chemicals Lp2262620,742.17
Callon Offshore Prod/Main Pass Blk. 35,T.B. #1532620,000.00
Outokumpu Heatcraft Llc16331619,966.00
Pfc 211569619,930.00
Carry On Trailer Corp1015619,715.77
Shamrock Corporation Tipping Division728619,706.84
Dominion - Orma Compressor Station1329619,363.80
Salt River Sand & Rock - Beeline Facility9212619,362.94
Western Gas Resources Westana Inc1034619,020.00
Anr Pipeline Co36135618,765.08
Covel Gardens Rpd Facility2141618,703.61
Redstone Arsenal39270618,660.00
Southern Star Ctl Gas Pipeline Inc415618,422.00
3m Company-Springfield Itsd/Tmd21137618,261.54
Field Container Co Lp4150617,662.63
Electrolux Home Products1537617,599.99
Huntwood Industries1744617,540.00
Unilin Flooring N.V.62135617,504.68
Al-Corn Clean Fuel47427617,490.05
Pete Lien & Sons Owl Canyon Complex631616,950.26
Miami Dade Solid Waste Mgmt/55616,861.99
Hobart Ranch Gas Plant11157616,851.80
Memc Electronic Materials Inc-St. Peters Plant13106616,552.00
De Solid Waste Authority Sandtown2528616,477.84
U.S. Dept Of Energy - Rfets736616,396.35
Boral Industries, Inc1530616,344.20
Trus Joist A Weyerhaeuser Business1154616,261.52
City Of Chattanooga Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant35616,199.98
Coats American Inc D/B/A Coats North America20193615,854.84
Cresent Manufacturing Company12139615,800.07
Cherokee Sanford Group Llc - Sanford Plant No. 2234204615,666.14
Trigen-Biopower, Inc.612615,460.00
Encana Gaterhering Services (Usa) Inc.1199615,320.01
Tabc, Inc1543615,046.68
East Kcl Compaction870615,040.00
Anadarko Gathering Co.36614,907.54
Mfd Marion Plant4580614,862.81
Encana Oil & Gas (Usa), Inc.-W Dragon Tr1136614,780.67
Edgewater Plant4376614,644.96
Bennington Paperboard Co2729614,584.93
Rosa #1 Compressor Station1078614,546.52
Batesville Manufacturing, Inc.756614,406.00
U.S. Amines (Bucks) Llc732614,400.00
New Ngc, Inc.7111614,205.83
Stone Energy Corp/Clovelly #2 Tank Bat.577614,000.00
Hartwell Energy Facility2040613,944.52
Crown Cork & Seal Co Inc8219613,840.00
Sonora Gas Plant680613,551.40
Four Winns Boats, L.L.C. - Sport And Engineering315613,292.00
Slaughter Pump Station1034612,572.01
Loving Booster528612,540.01
Nepera Inc42198612,330.12
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co5180611,945.30
Centerpoint Energy Field Svc927611,840.00
Texas Tech Cogeneration55611,771.60
Putney Paper Co., Inc.616611,760.61
Magee Rieter Auto Sys/Bloomsburg Plt1965611,711.40
Guardian Fiberglass, Inc.1177611,120.06
East Alabama Lumber Inc46101610,540.00
Monitor Sugar Company36127610,215.47
Steelcase Inc.- Kentwood Complex41231610,209.76
Central Illinois Regional Airport312610,200.00
Creanova Inc.27346610,100.00
Salt Creek Field Wis. No. 8626609,982.19
Home-Crest Corporation57104609,920.47
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp420609,640.00
Atoka No2 Compressor Station760609,460.00
S-R Of Arkansas1470609,163.39
G.F. Office Furniture, Ltd.1040609,117.40
Arizona Public Service Yucca Power Plant4141608,916.16
Pa House/Lewisburg (East Buffalo) Furni1682608,859.20
Rio Bravo Poso952608,818.07
Fullerton Muni612608,692.13
Vulcan Materials630608,358.00
Questar E & P -Cutthroat A943608,341.14
Cabot Oil & Gas Corp/Belle Isle Bat #11096608,339.00
Armstrong World Industries Inc52118608,068.39
Polaris Industries Inc - Roseau46322607,554.22
Dyno Nobel Inc/Donora1244607,505.39
Kinder Morgan Co3157607,444.61
Simkins Industries1044607,397.70
Portside Energy Corporation46136607,385.64
Carolina By-Products Fayetteville Division28256607,359.35
Jackson Paper Manufacturing Co81187607,020.14
Ameristeel Corporation, Cartersville, Ga Facility1029606,990.03
Sud-Chemie, South Plant1220606,970.00
Trinidad Steam Elec Stn3947606,897.62
United States Gypsum Co.23195606,610.76
Maljamar Booster Station1452606,340.00
R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co.36606,080.00
Shelby Williams, Inc.11138606,046.40
Duke Energy Fld Srvcs Lp/W Teal Cs636606,000.00
Atascocita Recy & Disp1666605,925.80
Guide Corporation4587605,401.06
North Crandall Compressor Station1028605,185.89
Rolls-Royce Corporation. Plant 5 & 853387604,972.60
Williston Basin Ipc_worland Comp Stn825604,960.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp430604,876.00
Oneok Field Services Company734604,830.83
Rexam Beverage Can Co - St Paul (Eva)44609604,699.14
Anadarko Gathering Co.39604,667.40
Crystal Crk Ceramic Tile890604,036.00
Mercury Marine - Plant 36 (Hi-Peformance Engines)1526603,874.76
El Dorado Energy1632603,603.10
Pacific Custom Materials Inc738603,256.09
S.C. Johnson & Son-Waxdale/Polymer1297602,975.57
Monmouth Energy, Inc776602,760.00
Thyssenkrupp Budd Company - Kendallville611602,542.32
Carolina Lumber Llc4262602,469.59
Metro Methane Recovery Facility771602,400.00
Aarrowcast, Inc.2685602,302.15
Texwood Industries Lp864602,294.83
Archer Daniels Midland Co-Mexico Plant860602,238.60
Temple Inland Forest/Mt Jewett Complex11102602,009.89
Santa Susana Field Laboratory26258601,943.34
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard1161601,598.82
Ulysses Feedyard East11601,219.79
Cherryhomes Cmprssr. Stn.1246600,957.01
Anthony Forest Products1056600,909.20
Honeywell Intl Inc/Geismar Wrks10214600,765.00
Chaco Compressor Station524600,744.39
Harris - Tarkett, Inc.964600,579.33
Imco Recycling Inc.29108600,064.53
Seneca Coal Company212599,949.49
Seminole Transp & Gathering132599,916.00
Formosa Plastics Corporation54223599,825.38
Owens Corning - Trumbull Plant41153598,997.72
Georgia Pacific Corporation, Leaf River1553598,813.10
Tiara Yachts Inc. A Div. Of S2 Yachts Inc.22598,413.00
Stinnett Station 1701392598,259.20
Groveton Paper Board, Inc35197598,208.12
Gm Powertrain - Massena Plant38165597,065.80
Kern Oil & Refining Company50491596,794.94
National Starch & Chemical Corporation39658596,661.62
Huntsman Expandable Polymer Co Llc47229596,153.31
Dominion Trans Inc/South Oakford Sta1141596,030.60
Arkansas Steel Associates757595,980.02
Plantation Pipe Line Company - Bremen132595,800.00
Profile Products, Llc738595,480.00
Traverse City Light And Power Bayside Power Plant3984595,410.42
Gmc Scg Lordstown Assembly1325595,368.33
Northern Natural Gas Co - Farmington54282595,367.60
Beef Land, Inc.11595,247.38
Heritage Feeders Larned11595,247.38
Cowtown Feeders-Bear Creek Fac.11595,247.38
Gray County Feed Yard11595,247.38
Sunbelt Feeders, Inc.11595,247.38
Finney County Feedyard, Inc.11595,247.38
Hays Feeders, Llc11595,247.38
Cattlemen'S, Inc.11595,247.38
Golden Belt Feeders11595,247.38
U S Agri-Chemicals Corp.712594,929.10
National Lime & Stone Company29130594,565.11
South Hat Mesa Compressor Station14136594,500.00
Vaagen Brothers Lumber Inc1124594,382.54
Texas Eastern Transmission, Lp/Opelousas Cs554594,000.00
Vulcraft Inc813593,890.10
Paramount Petroleum Corp 19289593,884.26
Southern Natural Gas Co. Ellerslie Compressor Station321593,880.00
University Of California, Berk1788593,445.78
White Pigeon Paper Company38105593,247.83
Venture Western Michigann538593,235.56
Ajinomoto Heartland Llc.1050593,103.00
Cps Corporation1037592,964.76
Alcoa Extrusions Inc/Cressona Opr21138592,817.82
Exxonmobil Prod Co/Grand Isl Gas Plnt13119592,675.00
Spongex Corporation756592,652.00
Maple Creek Farms, Llc - S W Pork Site11592,263.18
Brookhaven Landfill & Recycling Area2974592,094.43
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.614591,963.81
West Lorain Plant32278591,704.84
Central Expressway Site33965591,678.01
Essex Group Inc4252591,649.21
Robbins Lumber Inc723591,523.14
Hinkle Comp Sta647591,428.00
Jackson 20140591,363.79
Certainteed Corp52221590,479.59
Burlington Industries Llc - Raeford Plant4062590,436.33
Naval Air Depot732978589,950.74
Jw Aluminum26464589,593.22
Wheeling Corrugating Company17157589,519.37
Producers Coop Oil Mill654589,406.00
Trident Sand Point Seafood Facility651589,380.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co.760588,952.70
Orange Plant7707588,573.41
Freightliner Llc4962588,461.33
Old Ocean Facilities11159588,300.00
Dyno Nobel Inc627587,731.89
Production Plant789587,390.00
Agri-Energy Llc44389587,311.58
Mcalister Compressor Stat645586,969.80
Sony Electronics Inc/New Stanton19188586,869.81
Pa Dpw/Polk Ctr728586,628.00
Basic American Foods Inc6150586,580.00
Dominion - Pepper Compressor Station919586,460.00
Masterbrand Cabinets Plant #2 & #3a4351586,167.93
Williams Production Rmt - Wasatch Yard953586,066.18
John Deere - Ottumwa Works27215585,780.57
Holmes Compressor Station1881585,767.59
Solid Waste Disposal3974585,561.17
Kimberly Clark Corp554585,346.00
Williams Production Rmt, Co - Roan Cliff1148585,250.06
Collins & Aikman, Inc. - Evart Operations44135585,239.67
Gulf Terra Alabama Intrastate, L.L.C.1260585,120.00
Posdef Power Company, L.P.31141585,018.22
Genpak Llc339584,385.79
Coastal Compressor Stn1155584,338.40
Nexen Petroleum Usa Inc/Eugene Isl Blk 18 Fld14165584,018.00
Main Campus15101583,651.14
Louisiana Pacific Corp Northeastern Div Tomahawk954583,356.02
Hormel Foods Corp - Austin49866583,342.82
Mustang Gas Prod Llc1130583,198.00
Refugio Station820583,168.40
National Starch And Chemical Co45286583,120.62
International Paper Company716583,119.11
Trigen-St. Louis Energy Corp-Ashley Street Station2093582,916.44
Nicor Gas30170582,836.41
Lake Creek Plant1097582,789.20
Kelly Compressor Site821582,715.01
City Of Vero Beach56188582,548.89
Nicor Gas45116582,546.91
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.1015582,539.52
Huntsman Llc930582,453.81
Calgon Carbon Corporation759582,452.00
Monadnock Paper Mills Inc29101582,229.20
Rexam Beverage Can Co1217581,896.00
Northern Border Pipeline Co - Cs10612581,720.00
Edenton Dyeing And Finishing, Llc63120581,349.82
Compressor Station 2542646581,089.86
Sony Magnetic Products844581,000.00
Bp America Production Company-Pascagoula1455580,980.00
Atofina Chemicals, Inc.526580,959.60
Reed City Compressor Station638580,871.06
Mutual Redevelopment Houses3866580,761.90
Vertis, Inc.926580,654.80
Gas Recovery Systems, Inc2080580,573.38
Pete Lien And Sons Inc628580,480.60
Power Plant510580,200.00
Jj Converting, Llc1155580,190.75
J M Huber Corp. - Wrens Plant6100579,748.42
Dana Corporation - Sanford Street Facility65113579,194.21
Vaughan Furniture Co Inc-T G Vaughan1246578,851.27
Michigan Sugar Company - Carrollton Factory37100578,690.36
East Rhome Compressor Station651578,437.40
Rexam Beverage Can Company41234578,257.72
Conley Plant638578,180.00
Nomaco Inc - Tarboro510578,014.83
Schenectady International/Rott Jct Fac50269577,995.94
Kinder Morgan Port Sutton Terminal, Llc743577,934.02
Northern Border Pipeline Co - Cs9612577,640.00
Lasco Bathware Inc.12577,491.00
Daimler Chrysler Corporation Foundry27103577,428.87
American Laboratories Inc.99577,427.00
Exxon Mobil Sarita Compre11125577,426.20
Blackhawk Foundry & Machine21169576,731.66
Oneok Field Svc754576,554.00
Hamlin Gas Plant1492576,353.80
Calpine Pryor Inc951576,320.00
Athol Corporation13102575,975.26
Williams Alaska Petroleum North Pole13160575,967.50
Borg Warner Transmission Systems4378575,961.37
Giles & Kendall, Inc.51259575,660.00
Skelly Compressor Station1468575,580.00
Santee Cooper Myrtle Beach1585575,206.48
Linpac Plastics, Inc.412575,120.00
Thomasville Furniture Plant B80986574,402.79
Waste Management Of Mississippi Inc, Pec3743574,384.40
National Steel Corp42111574,244.75
Kinross Correctional Facility1442574,045.96
Grief Brothers Corporation1969574,042.00
Quantegy Inc841574,010.00
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.1233573,750.32
Northern Border Pipeline Co - Cs1166573,740.00
Weyerhaeuser Co/Natchitoches9151573,702.00
Enogex Gas Gathering Llc934573,622.00
Washington Ranch Compressor Station1595573,620.00
Spectrum Field Svc Inc737573,540.00
Canyon Gas Resources - Greasewood726573,513.01
Xerxes Corporation918573,495.30
Tri-Cities Landfill910573,267.89
Ppg Industries Fiber Glass Products, Inc.32507573,262.57
Augusta Newsprint Co.412573,260.00
Deer Park Plant--Houston17221573,069.21
Metcalf Lumber Co., Inc612572,990.00
Lefors Red River Compressor Station1128572,932.60
Bunge North America, Inc.635572,729.90
Al Turi Lfgte Facility17159572,669.19
Tomkins Industries Lasco Bathware824572,614.85
Mitsubishi Motor Mfg. Of America Inc.1014572,519.00
Durango-Georgia Paper Co.2031572,363.14
Indian Springs Gas Trtmnt11128572,316.00
Frank Lumber Co. Inc.7690572,110.21
Source Petroleum, Inc/Fordoche Cs 1 Cf8 Tb 18647572,000.00
Shelly Materials, Inc.1938571,802.99
Altamont East Compressor Station938571,753.00
Donnelley,Rr & Sons2426571,708.19
Henredon Furniture Ind Inc67173571,566.28
Buckeye Egg Farm L.P. Mt. Victory Layer11571,545.00
Delta Mill1475571,494.85
Mandalay Power Generation45118570,937.83
Prairie View Recycling4181570,695.77
Ethan Allen - Spruce Pine Div57117570,626.60
Super Dry Industries Inc77570,440.00
Ncdpw - Cedar Creek Wpcp (Stp)41291570,361.79
Trunkline Gas Co/Patterson Cs1061570,351.00
Unocal/Sweet Lake678570,000.00
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.613569,982.09
White Rock1649569,500.00
I/N Tek -Comb41342569,226.78
Imperial Compressor Stn.658569,080.01
Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.1015569,034.25
Ironrock Capital, Inc.36189569,009.13
Louisville Gas & Electric1051568,892.27
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.45568,660.00
Babcock And Wilcox Company88568,620.00
Pacific Gas Transmission Co Station 8518568,608.00
Owens Corning Kearny Plant42422568,430.37
Plant Number 2--Channelview31903568,338.80
Central Disposal Systems, Inc.3445568,242.40
Barton Chapel Plant1045568,136.80
United Technologies Corporation779568,095.94
El Paso Fld Srvcs/Sabine Pass Gas Plnt633568,000.00
Cummins Engine Co4058567,777.75
C&C Landfill614567,451.00
Warwink Compressor Stn.626567,440.01
Schenectady International10568567,357.40
Georgia - Pacific Chip-N-Saw - Goldsboro4383567,262.13
Marshfield Door Systems32116567,102.77
Tw Phillips Gas & Oil Co/Kinter Sta530567,029.40
Homa Booster Station734566,742.01
Dominion Trans Inc/Harrison Station1686566,392.60
Pennsauken Sanitary Landfill730566,140.00
Grasslands Plant515566,000.00
Ormet Corp/Burnside Bulk Marine Terminal611566,000.00
Dsm Pharmaceuticals, Inc.48522565,882.10
U.S. Air Force - Buckley Air Force Base880565,851.36
Sun Graphic, Inc.718565,726.01
Alabama Bulk Terminal Co1136565,720.00
Columbia Gas - Adaline Cs1381564,980.00
Rock-Tenn Company, Mill Division, Inc.1326564,875.60
Twin Rivers Technology8201564,371.00
Deer Park V C M Plant40116564,312.56
Manatee County Utility Operations Depart3463563,959.61
Occidental Chemical Corporation848563,780.00
Carolina Soya Llc70171563,188.81
Atlas Roofing Corporation11102563,168.38
Hofstra University40349562,894.65
General Shale Products Corporation1836562,874.69
Tobacco Processors Inc ** Inactive **19154562,696.83
Cytec Industries, Inc.19118562,400.14
Boston Whaler, Inc.34562,400.01
Broad River Energy Llc26111562,351.87
Great Lakes Corporation--South Plant2387562,304.10
Baxter Healthcare Corporation910562,116.00
Stora Enso No. Amer.-Stevens Point Mill1083562,028.13
Natick Paperboard937561,776.50
Burton Flats Compressor Station14125561,660.00
Thompsonville Extraction643561,288.60
Dak Resins, Llc2440561,192.47
Ormet Aluminum Mill Products Corporation471069560,877.67
Thomas B Fitzhugh Generating Station4983560,734.02
Rinker Boat Company, Inc.827560,664.05
Decatur Airport312560,340.00
Glen Gery Corp/Hanley Division3250560,180.97
Wallace Compressor Sta442560,095.01
David P Burkel Jr Farm 4 - Norman11560,039.98
Boyd Compressor Station14124559,980.00
French Valley612559,931.01
City Of South Bend-Wastewater Treatment64171559,506.86
Columbia Gas - Terra Alta Cs882559,500.00
Frito-Lay, Incorporated21152559,466.70
Lasco Composites Lp1123559,406.94
Boeing Rotocraft Management Center/Ridley18156559,391.20
Levelland Gasoline Plant732559,360.01
Lincoln Compressor Station15267559,200.00
Resource Authority Landfill11559,100.00
Trigen Tulsa Energy Corp998558,648.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp416558,640.00
Dark Canyon Compr Stat1136558,316.19
Sierra Pacific Industries2026558,285.41
American Proteins Inc./Cumming Division964558,260.38
United States Gypsum Company633557,628.60
Pickens Brothers Lumber Company Inc, Flo66557,400.00
Anadarko Gathering Company36557,383.35
Arizona Chemical Company440557,294.33
Amfels, Inc.857557,291.99
First Chemical Corporation36119557,232.90
Bitter Creek Pipelines - Republican C.S.1134557,092.10
Clark Booster1565556,920.01
Fiberglass Eng. Inc.Dba Cobalt Boats17169556,837.43
Rachal Station629556,835.19
St Johns University Order Of St Benedict676556,798.41
Stateline Compressor Sta