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Polluters in Rutland County, Vermont
Carris Reels, Inc.33152.31
Ge Co.45373.00
General Electric Co. (Rutland - Columbian Av.)1212542.44
General Electric Co. (Rutland - Windcrest Rd.)11111,238.55
Newbury Waste Management Inc Landfill28285,500.64
Nexus Custom Electronics Inc.121.34
Pike Industries C613, P815 (Danby)17172.58
Pike Industries Plant P-707 (Clarendon)17175.22
Rutland Plywood Corporation225,414.00
Skyline Corporation771,063.60
Stanley Tools, Pittsfield Plant123285,972.66
Town Of Pawlet Landfill2828147.73
Town Of Rutland Landfill2828352.46
Us Samica Corporation224,889.00
Vermont Plating Inc.110.00
Vermont Store Fixture775,814.33
Vermont Tubbs771,120.28
Vermont Tubbs (Brandon)1333127,757.36