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Column information
Polluters in Richmond city, Virginia
Altadis Usa184529,771.68
Apac-Virginia Inc Rchmd Plt #41261661,768.28
Aqua Clean Environmental Of Virginia9972,208.94
Blue Ridge Paper Products Dairypak Paperboard81778,469.62
Bp Products North America-Rchmd1316948,645.71
C. F. Sauer Co.11108.00
Carpenter Company, Richmond Plant1347106,689.02
Carter Printing61433,017.04
Citgo Petroleum Corporation839123,277.90
Cogentrix Of Richmond152267,740,165.86
Dominion - Bellemeade865382,328.16
Ethyl Corp61174149,833.63
Fergusson, J W And Sons, Inc.1410294,599.72
Flint Hills Resources Lp298962,743.02
Interbake Foods Inc192851,283.22
Interstate Construction Corp612154,338.00
Kinder Morgan Operating Lp "A"-Deepwater Terminal28154103,476.07
Kinder Morgan Southeast Terminals-Rchmd Terminals19296154,163.32
Liphart Steel Company Inc1324,860.00
Mead Westvaco Corporation Headquarters972268,953.84
Miller Manufacturing Company156173,601.84
Motiva Enterprises Llc83677,159.00
Packaging Corporation Of America134230,127.11
Philip Morris Usa Inc - Blended Leaf (Bl) Plant181531,584,637.61
Philip Morris Usa Inc Leaf Processing Facility24141211,877.66
Philip Morris Usa Manufacturing Center614852,467,712.91
Reynolds Metals Company Richmond Foil Plant8863,771,661.95
Richmond Barrel & Box Co Inc82033,844.62
Richmond Paperboard2796126,859.39
Sampson Coatings Inc Hull St Office2570110,949.29
Sonoco Products Co1136126,275.36
Tcs Materials - Deepwater Terminal Rd193962,560.22
Transmontaigne Terminaling Inc Richmond Atlantic812053,424.55
University Of Richmond877347,383.12
Us Courthouse225068,427.19
Vcu East Plant28147113,594.90
Venetian Marble Inc.1111,162.00
Virginia Union University21252621,204.88
Wako Chemicals Usa Inc.4821,100.00
Worthen Ind. Inc. Upaco Adhesives Div.22500.00
Wythe Park Power Inc Richmond Plant111763,997.69