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Polluters in Norfolk city, Virginia
American Waste Industries, Incorporated112388,022.05
Bock Drum Company, Incorporated5734,299.12
Colonnas Shipyard Pescara Creek To Railway 472290,785.90
Custom Marble Concepts111,969.00
Flowers Baking Company Of Norfolk5646,193.60
Ford Motor Company Norfolk Plant18341,756,336.15
Hrsd Army Base Sewage Treatment Plant3969347,146.16
Hrsd Virginia Initiative Plant3957692,552.04
J H Miles & Company Incorporated82851,152.12
Metro Machine Corporation84860,833.75
Norfolk Shipbuilding And Drydock - Berkley1082491,206.47
Norfolk Shiprepair And Drydock72043,760.05
Norfolk Southern63041,471.92
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital747226,249.41
Sorrentino Mariani & Company Incorporated2336,120.00
Thrasher Debris Landfill282823,544.46
U S Gypsum Co8157282,406.74
U.S. Navy Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek11118.24
Us Navy Norfolk Naval Base-Sewells Point104472,005,951.43