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Polluters in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
A C Furniture Co66181,596.00
Burlington Industries Incorporated Hurt Fin. Plant11581,836,508.29
Capps Shoe Co5541,400.00
Chatham Slf2828238.71
Columbia Flooring1013119,433.60
Columbia Forest Products717156,468.39
Commodore Corp2231,280.00
Cook Composites (Freeman Chemical Co.)233029,971.21
Danchem Technologies Inc1660164,881.71
Goodyear Tire And Rubber Company Danville15831,589,432.14
Masonite Corp10951,120,739.98
Multitrade Of Pittsylvania Co Lp9281,505,542.93
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc7381,116,274.33
Pittsylvania County Landfill28286,359.06
Sartomer Co. Inc.485,360.00
Solite Corp, Virginia Solite Division321321,628,999.24
Southside Manufacturing Inc6636,739.39
Times Fiber Communications Inc81356,262.19
Transco Gas Pipe Line Corp Station 1657894,714,418.64