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Polluters in Henry County, Virginia
American Furniture Co Inc1349860,705.76
Bassett Chair Co1142117,872.00
Bassett Fiberboard1129222,948.30
Bassett Furniture Industries Inc59392,200.86
Bassett Table Company936125,852.20
Bassett Table/Superior411825,093.62
Blue Ridge Solvents And Coatings Incorporated171963,298.53
Compton Wood Products717125,559.09
Cpfilms Inc23282,000.00
Cpfilms Inc.9331,749,643.39
Cpfilms Inc. Plant 2612752,498.00
Fieldcrest Cannon Inc Sub Of Pillowtex85991,602.75
Fieldcrest Cannon Inc. Dumaine Towel Mill1110,707.50
Gs Industries Of Bassett Inc61453,326.15
Henry County Landfill28289,262.10
Hooker Furniture Corporation Martinsville1171426,657.79
Martinsville Thermal, Llc - Frith Drive1016430,686.39
Mehler Engineered Prods.24755.00
Patrick Henry Asphalt6932,010.01
Pine Products Incorporated712319,355.57
Ridgeway Clock Co1123333,573.06
Southeastern Adhesives Co.241,466.00
Stanley Furniture Co Inc12331,740,153.67
Stanley Furniture Company, Inc.1426350,392.24
Tri State Foam Products Inc12209,800.00