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Column information
Polluters in Chesterfield County, Virginia
Alsco Metals Corporation10120162,909.35
Apac - Virginia, Inc. (Chesterfield Plant)93662,364.16
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation Chester12100268,024.47
Chesterfield County / Paper Site28283,957.55
Defense Supply Center Richmond36887131,399.57
Dominion - Chesterfield Power Station81455189,877,277.89
Dupont De Nemours E I & Company Inc James River Pl8132,301,035.55
Dupont Teijin Films15204634,963.10
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Co-Spruance Plt261461,221,188.26
Honeywell International Inc-Technical Center1568275,850.49
Honeywell Nylon Incorporated9229455,352.13
Kaiser Bellwood Corporation995387,083.33
Martin Marietta Aggregates Midlothian Quarry28958,409.25
Maruchan Virginia Inc81688,091.57
Philip Morris Usa Inc - Park 500622917,084,959.74
Qualla Road Demolition Landfill28288,455.02
Rehrig International Inc133654,716.26
Reynolds Metals Company Bellwood Printing Plant11112909,884.44
Safety-Kleen Sys. (315401)113.00
Shoosmith Brothers Inc523389,476.88
Super Radiator Coils101460,811.80
The Hon Company1352304,763.17
Univar Usa Incorporated - Chester315083,211.10
Wabash Aluminum Alloys Llc1010160,985.23
Weidmuller Usa Richmond Virginia110.50