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Polluters in Utah County, Utah
Aircraft Components Manufacturing5263,767.60
American Fork Hospital5707,948.00
Animal Rendering Plant7129,506.80
Asphalt Plant #Adm 277-935117,884.00
Auto Parts Remanufacturing107393,970.36
Banta Book Group61615,200.00
Bayview Landfill133547,162.03
Brick Manufacturing - Lehi Plant56379,858.80
C & C Cast Polymers125,684.00
Chemical Manufacturing Facility62533,763.87
Dyno Nobel Inc. Lehi Site B11250.00
Ekins East Gravel Pit51898,474.00
Elberta Compressor Station612109,021.07
Geneva Nitrogen Plant739306,072.00
Geneva Pipe Coating Facility2246,930.00
Highland Aggregate Pit22734,873.80
Ironton Coal Tar Refinery119316,610.00
Lehi Manufacturing Facility6123,776.60
Lehi-Peck Pit62692,625.20
Limestone Quarry - Crushing Plant & Grinding Plant32129,042.00
Main Campus15101583,651.14
Mity-Lite Inc.117,500.00
North Orem Landfill28287,140.86
Orem Asphalt Plant F3 & Batch Plants2497177,512.95
Payson City Power1343660,296.26
Payson Facility51362,200.00
Pipe Casting Plant13633,183,379.18
Plastic Film Printing Facility178162,730.40
Pleasant Grove Batch Plant5166,366.00
Point West Operations23346,488.00
Powder River Livestock Handling Equipment521107,778.01
Power Plant1647115,924.26
Prepared Foods Processing103089,870.18
Printing Press & Dryer112122,746.70
Rt Manufacturing - Orem Facility815176,377.00
Safe Manufacturing Facility656110,425.90
Salem Pit641108,976.00
Santaquin Pit523170,960.00
Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant68230,996.27
Spanish Fork Box And Bag Plant102330,602.00
Spanish Fork Pit21923,180.00
Steel Coating Application Facility124169,456.02
Steel Manufacturing Facility20297498,931.89
Steel Plate Manufacturing168630,518.00
Steel Tool Box Manufacturing Plant55521,638.60
Trojan Explosives Manufacturing83580,997.34
Unrecycled Aluminum Scrap Production116462,465.21
Utility Trailer Assembly Facility68268,048.60
Valmont Coatings Intermountain Galvanizing1180.00
Western Pipe Coaters And Engineers6924,418.00
Whitehead Power Plant1070543,580.30