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Polluters in Florence County, South Carolina
Apac Atlantic Inc Florence Plt#4185546,630.00
Apac Carolina:#69014651.40
Apac Carolina:Plant 422 Florence6719,280.02
Apac Carolina:Plant 692 Timmonsville111,603.15
Crenlo Llc2830118,575.55
Delta Mills:Pamplico/Cypress71428,220.11
Dupont:Teijin Films404296,142,118.07
Evans Ready Mix249,607.80
Florence County Landfill28282,754.71
Ge Medical Sys.3315.00
Honda Of South Carolina Mfg. Inc.4420.00
Ingram Lumber Co511158,359.51
Interstate Brands Corp22112169,941.73
Irix Pharmaceuticals Inc.5106,900.00
Koppers Inc Florence3843368,027.46
Marsh Lumber Co3570182,979.35
Maytag Florence Ops.3630.00
Mccall Farms7768,549.16
Mcleod Medical Center72021,976.52
Nan Ya Plastics29682701,528.02
Palmetto Paving:Florence285027,124.44
Roche Carolina121833,343.18
Stone Container Florence6699930,574,273.33
The Lane Construction:Plant #24181925,264.15
Vulcraft Division Of Nucor271041,201,783.40
Wellman Inc:Main Plant & Recycling44800329,800.41